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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  August 5, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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connell: stocks having a nice rally with the dow up after the jobs report. on monday the big donald trump economic speech as the campaign is calling it beginning as the show is at noon eastern. stay tuned for trish reagan. trish: presidentbama is defending the iran deal saying it is not random despite what appears to be overwhelming evidence that in fact it was. welcome to "the intelligence report". the interview you saw here first on "the intelligence report," one of the four freed american hostages describing the night of his release. >> the plane was there, pilot was there, waiting for another plane, until that plane doesn't come he doesn't let us go.
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trish: waiting for another plane. could that other plane have been the unmarked cargo plane carrying $400 million secretly in cash to iran? when fox news's chief washington correspondent james rosen grilled the state department spokesman about the timing of that, that spokesperson gave an entirely different narrative than what we heard from one of the hostages. james rosen joins us in a minute. hillary clinton taking questions from the media. last time she had an official press conference, 245 days ago. wasting no time doubling down on her email scandal saying she was honest all along, watch. i will bring that to you in a few moments. the fed arresting a north carolina man for trying to
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create an isis sleeper cell in the united states just days after a dc transit cop was busted for allegedly trying to assist isis but listen to what president obama was saying. >> the homeland is significantly safer than it otherwise would be. trish: which is a? are we making progress against isis, jack keane has analysis, the economy adding 250,000 jobs last month above estimates but the labor force participation rate still stuck at a real ugly level showing the actual number of people, we have not seen numbers like this since the 70s so a lot to celebrate in this jobs report? probably not. let's get to our top story, the white house flabbergasted to be challenged on that payment, how dare anyone ask if it is ransom
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but one of the four hostages released after that told me in an exclusive interview that he and the other passengers were told they need to wait for another plan and >> on a 2016 i asked one of the police that was with us that is why we are not going to this, and we are waiting for another plane and if the plane's takeoff we will let you go. and they told us are you going to be there for 20 minutes, it took hours and hours and i asked why you don't let us go. the plane was there, the pilot was there, they said we are waiting for another plane, until that plane doesn't come we are
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not going to let you go. trish: a lawyer for the second hostage on board telling "the intelligence report" exclusively just minutes ago, quote, having negotiated with iran they maximized leverage and negotiations go to the final second and beyond, they are very skilled. what was in the other plane that the hostages were waiting for? they couldn't take off until it landed. joining the is kt mcfarland and rick grinnell. starting with you, what is your gut reaction on this? you heard that hostage saying we couldn't leave until the other plane landed. what is the other plane? >> a plane full of money, you are pushing this story, i am proud to be on this program because you are breaking this
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news. the fact is when another hostage, another detainee has to sleep at the airport and literally tells you we cannot leave until this other plane arrives, they didn't know what the other plane was, what we know from the president's own words was an unmarked plane full of cash with landing. the iranians were waiting for the plane to land before they would release the detainees which is why our americans had to sleep in the airport while they waited for a plane. this is unbelievable. the ambassador, saying i am not surprised, i have been dealing with the iranians and this is exactly there mo. trish: is this how they operate? >> absolutely. think about why this is important, you broke this story, the one person to find a causal link between a ransom payment and hostages being released but why is it so important?
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there is a reason we don't pay ransom for hostages because more hostages get taken and that is what happened. second reason is what is iran doing with that money? they are not building roads and hospitals, they are using that money to get back to their defense budget and defense of democracy shows the budget item in their 2017 budget and the question i have is why just getting relief now? the iranians releasing it, if it is, why are they doing it? they want bragging rights, they have shown how clever they are in negotiating and using video to humiliate the united states, whether it is american sailors or this. trish: i want to get to all your points. let's start with the administration saying no ransom here, what is everybody talking about? what is the expression? if it looks like a duck and
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walks like a duck maybe it is a duck. i don't know how they explain away this one, but they are certainly trying. >> the rub is president obama was clear when he said we briefed about this in january. this should be a surprise to no one. i looked at the transcript, exactly what the president's spokesman said. they did talk about this settlement 30 some odd years ago and that it would be $400 million. what they failed to tell us that was an immediate payment. what they literally say in the press conference is by settling this dispute we are going to have a diplomatic opening. they didn't have a diplomatic opening, they had a diplomatic pay off because it all happened immediately, we were waiting for the plane to arrive before the
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diplomatic opening continued. the time level here just showed that it was a payoff. trish: if it was a payoff, for them to use taxpayer dollars to have a payoff is a big problem if they didn't have congressional oversight, they would probably argue this is money iran was owed anyway sitting in a private account waiting for them but even if that is the case the fact that this money is cash, unmarked bills, getting delivered there, the fact that it is not specifically designated for infrastructure projects as they promised it would be that seems to be really a massive violation because that money can right back in terror. >> what was that money being used for?
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military budget and paying for terrorists. we know that iran two years ago started cutting off the funds it was paying to hezbollah and hamas, they were cutting back, now we know those funds have been increased to hezbollah and hamas, iran is using our money, we put it on the plane, that money to go spend on terrorists not only killing our allies but potentially killing americans. how is that the right thing to do whether it is legal or not? the fact they are using money to kill americans and our allies should have been a deal stopper, we don't know what we are going to do with it and we assume the worst and that is what happened. trish: a lot of questions need to be answered, the administration cannot sweep it under the rug. i will see you guys later on the show. we heard from american hostages being held in iran telling me he
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was not allowed to go. the plane he was in was not allowed to take off, they were not allowed to be freed until a separate plane arrived, a plane that maybe was carrying that $400 million ransom payment, why were they waiting for another plane? the obama administration denying any correlation between the cash payment and hostages being freed. i want to go to james rosen who tried to pin down state department spokesman asking if he could simply say the hostages were in the process of being freed before the unmarked plane touched down, stay with me, play for the viewer your exchange. >> i can't answer conclusively that the detainees were on a plane before the money arrives. i might get you an answer to that but what i can say categorically is there was not
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any kind of understanding on the part of the iranians or us that these two were linked, that one had to happen before the other would. trish: it doesn't sound that way when you talk to the hostage that was waiting to come back to america? >> i join in the forces that are congratulating you for this interview because you spoke to an actual eyewitness, and he makes it very clear that from the iranian point of view there was an understanding that one had to happen before the other, the state department, no one has suggested what other plane might be necessary to land other than the one carrying $400 million in foreign currency. it is important to note the disruption of the individual, he talked about him as an intelligence head. my understandings there will be further disclosure from the pastor along these lines as to
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the rank and duties of the individual who had this discussion with him, that this was understood among those being held captive and had access to this individual that this intelligence official, a high-ranking person in the iranian infrastructure, seems to me the burden remains for the obama administration to show how this wasn't a ransom payment. trish: which is why it is important that you and me and others are asking these questions because the fear now is this is typical politics as usual, this isn't ransom, how could you say that, the timing of this looked pretty bad. >> the wall street journal reported as a follow-on report to its initial scoop with this story that the department of justice officials objected to the time, place and manner of this payment, that it would look
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like ransom and future kidnapping and they were overruled in the process, the department has not confirmed that but they support the ultimate outcome of dealings with iran which means this payment but instructive to watch president obama handle this story. he couldn't understand why this was news, the only new details were the manner of payment. at another point he adopted an incredulous tone smirking at the time, the president -- maybe it looked like something out of a spy novel or a crime novel and i am sure his own communication aids were wincing when he went off message but that is the problem with this. it does reek of something out of clandestine literature or detective fiction. as we know, things that take place in those realms are not always culture. trish: i keep going back, how do
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you account for that? and where all the money went, it was owed to the iranians anyway. >> there is an actual fund from which the united states draws money to draw out claims other countries have against us, we agree or make a settlement, the state department explained which fund was used, it is the timing and the secrecy and state department acknowledged they were aware the, quote, optics look bad. they were forced to, quote, get creative in dealing with a hostile foreign government, the united states maintains no diplomatic relations. trish: james rosen, good to have you here. there has been another isis related arrest in america. the feds taking a north carolina
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man into custody for allegedly trying to join in isis sleeper cell the president says we are making progress and america is safer than ever before. four star general jack keane will join me next. [hip hop beat]
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trish: president obama touting our progress against isis saying the homeland is safer than ever before. >> one of the reasons we don't have networks of cells as active here as they are in certain parts of europe is the muslim
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american community is extraordinarily patriotic and largely successful. the homeland is significantly safer than it otherwise would be. trish: safer than we otherwise would be. can we say that right now? there were two isis related arrests in the us, the fed, this north carolina man into custody for allegedly trying to create an isis sleeper cell in america and allegedly claimed to have brothers in texas and mexico interested in doing the same. are we really making progress when it comes to fighting isis. joining me, general jack keane. good to see you. when the president says we are making progress, what does he mean by that? >> the president has had a tendency for almost eight years to minimize the enemy threat and
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exaggerate the progress we are making. isis has expanded to 24 countries with 30 affiliations and five are aspirational, eventually become part of the organization. that is up from early last year, 9 countries, 15 affiliations, we have isis expanding worldwide, hardly making progress. talking to us in a german prison, and isis fighter has told us there is an external terrorist organization controlled by isis in their safe haven in syria, and there is --
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conducting attacks around the world. those attacks are spreading. we see them in europe, a dozen attacks in europe against five nato nations to include the united states as part of that. those are the facts. we have made progress taking territory, 40% to 50% of territory in iraq, and 20% of the territory, the safe haven in syriis where everything originates and that is still in place and we have no near-term plans to destroy the safe haven which must take place. trish: you need to destroy the caliphate to destroy the base of operations, you got to destroy
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that on social media, and radicalizing people all over the globe. >> we have been attempting to do some of that. the sheer explosion of social media we are aware of but we have people working on that, really tough work to get done. the physical destruction of the organization, to kill and capture. trish: hopefully we get it at some point but the risks, general keane, thank you, good to have you here. trish: hillary clinton taking questions from the media moment ago yet last time she had an official press conference was 245 days ago, clinton wastes no
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time doubling on the email scandal insisting she has been telling the american people all along, the fbi director is discrediting that claim. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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trish: hillary clinton doubling down on her statements about the private email server saying she has been nothing but honest and truthful to the american public. >> director comey said my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that is the bottom line here. and i have said during the interview and many other occasions in the past month that what i told the fbi which he said was truthful is consistent with what i said publicly. trish: clinton said she has been truthful all along, the story doesn't quite check out and all you have to do is ask james
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comey to figure that one out. >> nothing was marked classified at the time i sent or received it. >> investigation down there was classified information sent. >> there was nothing mark classified on my emails and received. >> there was classified material emailed. >> it would be easier to carry one device for my work and personal email. >> used multiple devices during the four years of her term as secretary of state. trish: what do you think? hillary clinton lying to the american people? at some point can she stop? joining me is chris on and rick burnell. he is saying one thing, she is saying another, what do you think? >> you got to totally defend reality to believer.
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there is a problem with hillary, she literally cannot accept the truth. she is unwilling to embrace the truth, she can't get past this because she is not honest about what happened. besides what fbi director comey said, she told jake sullivan to cut off the marking for an unclassified computer and send the classified information through a system, she is instructing people to cut off the marking and violate the law. trish: people do what she is asking them to do. if your boss is telling me to do that. >> jake is with her at the state department and now on the campaign and think he is going to go to the white house, this is jake sullivan. >> is it possible it shouldn't have been classified to begin
2:29 pm
with? as for multiple devices -- trish: before -- say again what you said, is it possible it shouldn't have been classified? she is making that determination on her own? >> what she is saying is nothing was marked classified, the fbi director said things were improperly marked and not marked the way they should have been marked. is it totally truthful, are we parsing words? politicians get in trouble when they do that. trish: did she do that in the beginning? >> it is the drip drip drip that kills you which -- you got to say i made a few mistakes with the server, i am sorry, won't happen again, it goes away, instead -- trish: politicians hang on for dear life, hillary clinton, could have come out -- there you go.
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the drip drip drip, why can't she just they are screwed up, i am sorry? >> i don't know. i don't think she did anything horribly wrong and the fbi director confirmed that. it may not have been illegal or improper but made a mistake. trish: i want to go to you on this. it seems common sense, if you are an investment banker working on a deal on wall street and start messageing back and forth on your private email account on that deal you are gone. it doesn't happen in the rest of america, wall street, business, you have to be careful, why would it be happening with state secrets from the secretary of state. >> i want to ask have you ever had a top secret security clearance? >> i love this question from
2:31 pm
conservatives. i love to point out that i don't have top-secret -- good for you. trish: let me hear it. >> let me be honest. it is true. if you haven't had one and didn't check your classified information every single day and pull the guts of your computer out and know the severity of it which i had to do everything they and i didn't put it in, my enclosed locked safe every night, i would get recommended, they would -- the safeguards that have to happen. you may not like the question but it was more than reprimand but let's not go into it now. i know a long list of people who got in trouble for not securing classified information at a much lower level than hillary clinton. too many people talk about this as an email problem. it is a problem not securing classified information.
2:32 pm
>> there were minimal things, 13 emails were improperly sent by someone who should have known better. >> you don't know the classification. >> she has got to take responsibility but it is a minor thing we are talking about that has been blown out of proportion. they should just give it up. >> it is a very serious issue. not an email issue. trish: there are lots of character issues to go around in this election but you don't stand up and say i didn't do it while james comey says you did and we are going to leave it there. take a look at these markets. you get a market storing up 167, we have not seen that in a wild and it is because of the us
2:33 pm
economy added 255,000 jobs last month, it sounds good. i will take it but the labor force participation rate, show the actual number of people working jumped 0.1% and we have not seen a laborforce participation rate like this since the 1970s, let's dig deeper into the jobs report and the market rally.
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trish: the july jobs report stronger than expected, the economy adding 265,000 jobs far more than anybody thought and markets like it, they are rallying, nasdaq and s&p 500 hitting 2016 highs. the dow up 171. investors seem to like the news. what is the impact? if the feds decide the economy looks good, it can hike rates, the market won't like that. cato's dan mitchell and the chief economist, vince reinhardt, starting with you let's get to wages, we got a lot to talk about, if you dig a little deeper there are flaws with it, 255,000 jobs, one concern is a lot of jobs are part-time, summer style jobs and we are looking at wages that
2:38 pm
while they grew year over year they haven't managed to increase 3% and you need that to see any inflation in this economy, what do you make of the report? >> it is a good news bad news situation, we have some more jobs and i like 217,000 private sector jobs but what i want to see is escape velocity, something that will break the trend we have had of stagnant median household income. i want to see good news on laborforce participation because the unemployment rate is low because people have given up looking for work. that is not something we can celebrate. whether the fed reacts one way or another i'm more concerned about the real economy. trish: if you look at the rally going on, up 170 investors are relieved, they want to see
2:39 pm
growth in this economy, a lot of it is good but not yet enough. typically economists say you have got to be adding 150,000 jobs a month just to keep up with population growth and if you want to see substantial overall gdp growth, you need to be in the vicinity of 300,000 summons, we will take 255. we have a long ways to go. >> direction is right, we are adding jobs, 400,000 people came back into laborforce so a labor market that is performing well does attract workers. bad news as noted wage increases were pretty modest, 2.6% on the 12 month change basis but the bad news is the 12 month change in nonfarm payrolls is 1.7%,
2:40 pm
that is what gdp growth is over that period. we are adding workers but they are not adding much additional. output productivity. about at a standstill. productivity growth let's real wages go up. that will get you nominal wages. trish: back to the markets. you care about fundamentals of this economy, to both you and vincent's point doesn't sound very good but do you think markets are reacting positively in part because this is one of those reports that is good enough for people to feel better but not good enough for the fed to move? >> two issues. what is the long-term trend of the economy but there is a lot of guessing going on and i think it is overstated. i don't think keeping interest rates artificially low is great
2:41 pm
for the economy but a lot of people think that is the case. i would rather focus on wages and productivity which determine whether we have higher living standards not only under obama -- trish: there is plenty of blame absolutely. last word to you, when will it change? >> the dirty secret central bankers have is they like raising interest rates because they only raise interest rates when the economy has enough momentum to sustain that. we think it does, economic growth will pick up 2% for the rest of the year and the federal reserve will dip its toe raising funds by the end of the year but -- only slowly. on the year, 1-3/4%.
2:42 pm
trish: doesn't sound like a change to me. we all want to see a more robust growth scenario. thank you very much, let's continue coverage, the jobs report with jeff flock looking at laborforce participation rate, it moved up a 10th of 1% but is still lousy, the worst it has been in 30 years, nobody getting into the workforce, gary, indiana, talking to folks. >> i want to put a picture to these numbers, talk about people giving up, this is a town where a lot of people have given up and i want to put a picture to this. as we walk in here i want to show the numbers on laborforce participation. we are down to the lowest level
2:43 pm
we have been since the 1970s. why do people give up? in places like gary, they give up because there's nothing out there. we talked to people, partly the economy but currently the fault of people looking for jobs. i show you something interesting when we come back. >> it merely bends down, down to almost nothing. it is something. >> the economy is not good but has potential, you don't motivate yourself or produce yourself to be productive you won't have anything. >> reporter: this is the devastation people live around, this just exists, you can walk into this building in gary, indiana, the safety deposit box in this falls, you can see maybe
2:44 pm
it is an apt metaphor for what people go through despite the good job numbers today it is not that true for everyone. trish: thank you for illustrating in that way. we will take a quick break and be right back. ♪
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markets like the july jobs report. still some issues as we were articulating but not enough for wall street to get that scared. oil getting pressured by the stronger dollar after the release of that jobs report, crude closing the weekend ending the session down 3/10 of 1%. the first branded cargo plane amazon one, the company planning to use it over the next two years to speed up its delivery. shares of the online retailer are slightly higher. we will be right back with my intel on how the elites are underestimating how upset and annoyed americans feel about the federal government right now. i will see you here.
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>> he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues. he is woefully unprepared to do this job. trish: that is president obama going off on donald trump as he has repeatedly done, politics aside, forget what side you are on. is it appropriate for the president of the united states to be using a press conference like in this particular case where he is standing alongside a foreign leader, is it fair to use that platform to blast
2:49 pm
republican rival? doesn't the oval office command a little more respect? a little dignity? the president doesn't like donald trump, really doesn't like donald trump but does he have to keep telling us that over and over again? here is what president obama and hillary clinton and mitt romney and the other political elites on both sides keep forgetting, americans no longer trust washington. when the secretary of state can lie about her email server with no repercussions, when the president can secretly send $400 million to a state-sponsored terrorism and be offended that reporters just want to know what happened and whether or not this is ransom, the result is distrust. it is not as though that distrust is exclusive to
2:50 pm
anybody, republicans and democrats alike are seen as working more for themselves than the people. which is why 83% of americans disapprove of the way congress is handling its job. it is pretty obvious americans are upset. we know a lot don't like donald trump, a lot don't like hillary clinton, regardless what happens in this election both parties need to wake up to the anchor out there, the anger being released because if they continue to ignore it and refuse recognizing it this anger is only going to get worse. we will take a quick break and be right back. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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trish: fox news has learned donald trump is expected to endorse house speaker paul ryan in his bid for reelection with two sources telling fox trump is expected to make the announcement later today in wisconsin. the decision would be a 180 from his comments earlier in the week when he refused to offer his support at least at this point, he said he was not there yet. chris on is with me with mark serrano. how do you interpret this? >> donald trump is playing everyone like he usually does. he had the line of the week, i am not quite there yet but he will endorse paul ryan tonight. trish: drag out the story a little longer? >> you won't cozy up to the establishment, he is not going to cozy up to them and give it away but ultimately do the right
2:55 pm
thing and unite the republicans and won't act like establishment elitists like hillary clinton and tim kane and christopher hahn. >> if i had your money i would burn my money. trish: to an extent being that outsider, you heard what i saying on both sides, america doesn't like them so for him to succeed in this election he needs to continue appealing to them while simultaneously -- >> you can't win without your base supporting you know matter how any outsiders you have, he needs to win majority in congress and i am sure someone got to donald trump with a vein popping out of his for head saying why are you doing this? on top of everything else in the last two week you are going to play footsie with paul ryan? trish: didn't paul do it to him? >> republicans like paul ryan, they don't like other things
2:56 pm
going on. gradually over coming days and weeks republicans unite around him largely because of reports that came out yesterday showing hillary clinton will increase taxes by $1.3 trillion and the debt by $2.2 trillion. trish: douglas holds he can -- douglas holtz-eakin wrote that and that is the unifying factor among many republicans, having to pay more in the way of tax dollars and see the money marked send in ways that are not beneficial for the economy. >> the dust is settling after the convention, between news about the taxes and hillary clinton and the supreme court, paul ryan will unite with donald trump, the party will be won and we will build a coalition. >> they will pick a supreme court justice in september.
2:57 pm
trish: we are looking forward to that, see you back here in two.
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>> i will be guest hosting on the kelly file tonight. i cannot wait to see you there. ashley webster is in friendly's today. >> records is set to fall as they rally on the jobs report. up 10053 purport points. there also set to close the all-time high. if you can maintain the momentum much better than objective job growth. the u.s. attorney adding 255,000 jobs as the unemployment rate stays the same. they are sure to play shirt to play a role on the campaign trail. they pivot to the strength.


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