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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  August 7, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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getting more free publicity than donald trump is and that's good for spectrum brands up 20% in the year because they own that sucker. >> john, you look like you need bug spray. >> need a jonas spray. look, unless they get [ inaudible ] to endorse it i'm not buying it. >> bye, guys. isis ramping up because we're taking them down? >> the decline of isil in syria d iraq appears to be causing it to shift to tactics that we've seen before. even greater emphasis on encouraging high-profile terrorist attacks including in the united states. >> the president says we're seeing isis act out because we're taking them out on the battlefield, but now it shows isis is expanding its reach beyond the battlefield. is the president right or wrong? hello, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. charlie, jonathan, scott, and julie. dagen mcdowell subhosting "bulls and bears" and adam on his new
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book. charlie, is isis on the decline? are we in denial? >> i think we're in a contradiction of terms here. i mean the obama administration, if you listen to the defense secretary ash carter, on one hand, and some other people, they say well isis is growing, still a huge threat, every day we wake up worrying about this and we're not really doing -- while we are making gains it's not enough. i'm pair a ra phrasing but i've been listening for these guys the last six months saying that. hillary clinton and the president, president obama, saying, you know, the jv team is almost fun ishds. they're going to lose. and i can tell you when administrations talk out of both sides of their mouth as do, you a problem. >> scott, here's the thing. this is a two-prong approach, fighting them in a traditional war-like setting, we have taken land but they have spread so far across this country and we've seen their attacks on our way of life, their attacks on our
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economy. the true nature of terror is to scare people into doing things they don't want to do and they're starting to have a big impact. >> yes. while it may be true to the president's point, charles, they have lost some of their grip in syria, especially the smaller cities outside raqqah, the reality is they are having success because they're spreading and don't forget not just the attacks, that are linked to direct isis fighters, how about all the sympathizers going out and trying to mimic the terror that isis is trying to spread because in the message. that is a whole other fight we have on our hands that the president doesn't want to address because he's worried about the popularity of his polls, worried about the american people, being worried about terrorism because he's not taking care of it. >> you've written a book on this and studied this from an economic angle? >> yeah. what the president did not address also is the home hl grown terrorism. what people don't understand is that isis is recruiting from the inside out and "new york times" ran a piece on a former isis operative who is german who is
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now jailed within one year of solitary confinement, only spending three years in jail and talking about how they are not only recruiting in the country he was in, but also in france, also in the united states, and also in canada and targeting the young men who feel that they have no sort of vision in life, maybe feel upset they don't have jobs and going out and joining this, you know, isis so that they have a home base. >> it's not just the recruiting too. we're rushing in to meet that goal, remember 10,000 syrian refugees by the end of the fiscal year. florida congressman buchanan calling for an immediate freeze. so julie, who's right here? should we put a pause on all of this stuff and start fighting back in different ways? >> my concern is not so much the syrian refugees because they are going to be more vetted than us have been vetted. >> can you honestly vet them? >> they come -- >> primarily first of all they came with birth certificates. i was a refugee, how did you vet me? >> refugee from russia. >> back then --
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>> huge difference. >> back then -- >> back then no way. >> huge difference between syrian refugees. >> you forget. >> and russian -- >> one second. >> let julie answer the question and then pile on. >> how do you know what my family was doing -- >> honestly, though, we're talking about a place where we see -- >> we see pictures of rubble pictures of places in syria with rubble. it's easy, it's hard to believe that the records have been intact. >> i don't have a birth certificate. no evidence of who i am. >> not worried. >> what i'm more worried about. i'm worried about the second -- first, second generation french kid, who's been radicalized even though born in france. i'm worried about what we saw in san bernardino that this is an american born guy -- >> and that's the best example. julie is making the point. >> no no no. >> no no no. >> let jonathan in. >> julie is making the point the best example. i don't know, you have to be either a master evader on mushrooms or just in complete
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denial, charles, to think we're winning the war against militant islam. the president can crow about taking territory but julie to your point, it's the ideas. it's the ideology. >> exactly right. >> that's not been challenged. >> more strong than it was -- >> let's be clear here, julie. how many russian jews came here and blew themselves up and shot people -- >> it's not a matter of coming. >> it is! >> you're telling me in the ' -- >> i remember this so well. can i answer your question? >> it has to be a no. >> can i answer your question? >> blew themselves up and shot people. >> in the 1980s, no one wants to -- in the 1980s there was no fear of soviet sleeper agents coming and infiltrating the country? >> all the time. >> really? >> yes. >> really? >> all right. >> scott, i want to bring it back to what we're doing right now and seeing around the world. we are fighting a two-pronged battle. president obama, of course, he harps on what is happening on the battlefield, but i think it's easy to say most people in
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the west feel like we're losing this war because busses, trucks are driving into crowds of people, people are blowing themselves up at soccer stadiums and in night clubs? >> yeah. the attacks are more perverse and more daring and i want to continue jonathan's theme. i think julie is smoking her breakfast at some degree here to think that we can transport tens of thousands of refugees into this country who we know monk amongst them are isis fighters, people radicalized. >> it's been proven. in germany. >> the ones coming here, no no. stay on point. germany they're able to literally walk from turkey to europe. >> you feel they're 100% vetted? >> i do. >> to scott's point, is there is a vetting. >> yeah. >> a vetting process and isis has admitted they've embedded and their goal is to embed suicide bombers among refugees including america. go ahead. >> the united states i have to be honest i'm not so certain
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that the united states has a solid vetting process that they can go ahead and bring in all these immigrant refugees although i do agree we need to have some sort of safe haven for them. we also need to look at how the united states vets everyone. i have to be honest, i just got on a flight to los angeles without a state i.d. and they let me on the flight. they did have to frisk me, but i was let on to that flight. >> [ inaudible ]. >> charles? >> that's what we have a serious problem. >> understand this about letting in refs. these are from countries that want to destroy us, letting them in and comparing that to the sort of acceptance of soviet jews -- >> no, we're not. charlie that's not the topic. not the topic. >> that is. >> this is the topic. >> no no that's not the topic. >> let me be clear -- >> one second, guys. i don't want to go to the soviet thing. stick with right now stick with 2016. here's the thing. what is the vetting process? i've heard the obama
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administration say it takes between 18 to 24 months. i have no clue and the american public has no clue what it is and another reason we feel so unsafe? >> you want them to tell you how they're investigate vetting refugees so if you're isis you can circumvent that process? >> i'm an american and feel more comfortable. >> most refugees that come here including me but most refugees historically -- >> two different things. >> not talking about that. >> i'm just making the point v come here without proper documentation, without the records you all want to show these people. they don't exist. >> julie -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> stay right there -- >> final word to -- >> one second. jonathan final word. the bottom line is people have come here from all over the world for a long time and they were fleeing a situation where they were -- never a situation like this where we had isis and al qaeda wanting to kill us and do the most things possible to make it happen. final word to you?
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>> charles, this isn't immigration. it's importation and give me your tired your huddle masses yearning to breathe free doesn't mean u.s. taxpayers have to subsidize people from very questionable parts of the world. like world war ii, private individuals and organizations want to sponsor refugees let them do that. mass importation, no way. >> when you say master evader i got nervous on that. last word to jonathan. master evader. florida's governor is hitting the president and hitting congress, so is the dysfunction in d.c. putting all americans in danger? >> today on "forbes on fox" pants on fire and four pin noekcos how "the washington post" rated hillary clinton's claim fbi director comey said she was being truthful about the e-mails. why is she doubling down. see you at the t ♪
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the government hasn't been a good partner. congress went on recess doing nothing knowing that we were coming into rainy and hurricane season. the president and congress have to figure out how to work together to provide funding. >> florida governor rick scott blasting the administration's response to the zika outbreak with emergency fronts running out, congress is staying out not returning for another month. he says the disfunk in d.c. is putting -- dysfunction in d.c. is putting everyone in danger. >> i'm going to quote my friend from twitter our congress, our system, our democracy is so broken we have to see the president go on television and ask people to make phone calls to congress to have them put through these funds. there's something very, very wrong with that. when congress can't even vote to make sure that we have funding available so that this zika virus can have something, some sort of like movement can happen before they go on recess. and i don't think, you know, as a woman, as a feminist, i don't
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think the answer is congress tells me and my -- the rest of my female counterparts not to get pregnant and i think what's going to save us is not going to be nih, but the privatization of these -- this whole way to go ahead and find the antidote for this, merck, glaxosmithkline that will give us the vaccination. >> in the meantime jonathan, is this one of the things -- you rail against big government all the time and the inherent dysfunction that comes with it? >> well, indeed, i think to her point a lot of the big government what is prevents us from getting these types of vaccines. mentioned merck. merck, charles, came up with a vaccine for mumps, the scientist's daughter contracted the disease so he came up through innovation. if you want to hasten and get better vaccines to market get the fda out of the way, it takes $2 billion to bring any new drug to market and if it gets approved. >> a sense of urgency with the cases in florida of the actual
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mosquito in florida and now even in california. i don't know that we want to sleep on this potential epidemic. >> well, i mean, speaking of sleeping, i think they've recommended to residents in florida not to sleep together so they didn't contract zika or spread it. to jonathan's point, we're kind of consistently caught flat footed here. it has to do with the fda and congress. one of the things in this bill on both sides of the problem this thing was loaded with pork. you had spending cuts thrown in there, things totally unrelated to the zika issues that made this thing not go through and now we're going to wait weeks until we come back to the floor and try to get something passed which doesn't look promising. >> that's a great point, julie. always laden these things with pork and gamesmanship, one upmanship and embarrassing each other. this thing is starting to spread. >> need to come back into session right now, paul ryan needs to call his people back into session and mitch mcconnell and vote on this up or down vote. you're right. always do put this in some sort of horrible pork package and this case, vote it up or down. heath is right, there are women
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out there terrified of getting pregnant whether be choice or accident, because of the fact that they could have children with severe severe illnesses for the rest of their lives which is inexcusable. you cannot tell women don't get pregnant. an entire generation of women not supposed to get pregnant. >> spread like wildfire in puerto rico. >> how many zika cases are there in iowa. >> so you want to wait until it gets to iowa? >> florida should take care of florida's problem. a point where states have to take care of their own problem. i'm not saying the federal government doesn't have a role. don't put me in that category. worried about stuff being weighed down with pork and the federal government takes forever florida governor scott should take matters in his hands. why do we need a national infrastructure bank to build roads and bridges when states determine how they need to spend -- >> when it's going to go to iowa when a guy from iowa sleeps with a woman from florida and gets to
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iowa. >> if rick scott doesn't take the steps -- >> rick scott is not capable of managing his state and managing a national epidemic. >> president obama thinks that isis is a jv team. how will he get rid of zika in florida. >> don't want to give the nih funding for zika. >> i will say the problems -- >> it's a mandate -- >> the problem is we send so much tax money to d.c. and then we have to beg for it back whether it's for education or emergencies. let's leave it there. we have 7 million americans with student debt loans and not paying. get ready because taxpayers are going to have to bail them out real soon.
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we love doing math on this shoechlt let's crunch numbers. if you have 43 million americans with $1.3 trillion if student debt and more than seven million have been paid their bill in the last year, what does that add up to? jonathan says just another major taxpayer bill. jonathan, it's crazy. >> yeah. get ready, charles. government has done for housing, they've also done for student loans. just housing gave us a subprime and investment act. the government involvement in education has given us billions and billions of dollars worth of student loans that will go bankrupt. you remember how during the financial crisis they said don't
6:53 am
you care about homeowners in need? that led to the bailouts. we're going to hart same thing about students. it's not just the money gone down the drain, it's the education. these kids are graduating with terrible educations and hundreds of thousands in debt. >> that's a great point. housing, student loans, medical bills to be met, auto loans will be next. when wl does this stop? >> it doesn't according to hillary and bernie. it just keeps going around and around. it's right. predatory lending at the best. since the government got involved in the student loan market and took it over, student loan debt has gone to the moon. so they're totally complice it in this issue. i think going forward, the left wants to get americans dependent. they want control. the way to do it is by promising praybacks of this stuff and take await drive that every american has because the government is going to take care of you. >> you know, hillary agone. all bernie on this thing, right? so we're even talking more about that stuff. over a trillion. it could be a couple trillion. >> i don't know if the solution
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to this is because of the rate we're going. only people that afford college or people that have a lot of money. for my son, i'm planning $100,000 a year about it time he gets to college. that's insane. most people -- not most, 99% people cannot afford. that. >> there is more responsibility. >> you may be right about. that the problem here is government gets out of the way and you have banks lending the way they traditionally lend, they lend at a higher interest rate. >> they won't give someone $100,000 a year loan to get a poetry degree. >> they did before the financial crisis. now they won't because of all the -- here's what i say. the obama administration, federal government should do to the schools what they did to the banks and go after them and charge them with fraud for predatory lending. because here's the thing. the reality is this. banks gave loans to people who couldn't pay it back knowing they probably couldn't pay it back but they knew they were guaranteed by fannie and freddie and the federal government.
6:55 am
my point is that federal government, do you really want to make this work? >> charlie, you want to give more guns and go off to school? the problem is ideology. >> let me finish my point. >> you want to shake them down. we get it. >> i want the schools to be held responsible for giving crappy liberal educations to kids who can't get jobs. >> make the point. >> charlie, you're saying -- hold on one second. i want to get in on. this it will be great to see someone like him with $45 billion maybe fund these educations. great. he's the last word you to, please. >> that's probably the only one on this panel that is still paying back that student loan. by the way, as ach much as i would love the government to pay that, i have to pay that back. the fact that he says we should go after the schools and choose them, listen, i took out that loan for that very expensive education. it's my responsibility. it was up to me to take that loan out. >> and maybe they gave you a
6:56 am
crappy education. >> do you think a journalism is a crappy education? okay. i'm going to go out there. colombia. okay. >>, no we're not talking about -- listen, by the way, you're only paying it because because he want to go the slow route. we know you could write a check tomorrow. thank you very much. stocks that pay off the debt. next.
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stocks to help you pay down your student debt. scott? >> where do you get your pens, pencils and trapper keepers? amazon, obviously. buy it. >> what do you like? >> starting to see interest rates on the long end shoot up. so the rate you may be playing down the line could be higher. dlbs goes up with long term
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interest rates. i own it at capital. >> dlbs. thank you very much. it was a spirited discussion. appreciate it. cost of freedom continues right now on the place for business, the only place, fox. well, despite receiving four pinocios, a pants on fire rating, hillary clinton is sticking to her claim that fbi said she is telling the truth. >> what was in the e-mails? >> it was all personal stuff. as the fbi said, everything i said public has been consistent and truthful for what i told them. >> what i told the fbi which he said was truthful, is consistent. >> that's not what the fbi director jim come said. >> she said there was nothing classified on her e-mails. was that true? >> no. secretary clinton said dlt


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