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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 7, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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crest [hd]. step 1 cleans, step 2 whitens. it's the whole package. no one's done this. crest - healthy, beautiful smiles for life. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the battle between hillary clinton and the mainstream media against donald trump and our middle class is escalating. tonight it's clearer than ever that the republican nominee is caught in a bitter battle against not only hillary but the establishment, the mainstream liberal media, the radical left, the globalist establishment, foreign gofs and radical islamists as well. nearly all of them however are in a panic about the possibility donald trump will become president of the united states. so president obama chose to become a campaign attack dog and
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mr. obama actually declared donald trump is unfit to be president. >> the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week and he keeps on proving it. he's woefully unprepared to do this job. >> woefully unprepared. resonates doesn't it. trump responded with a tweet that reads, quote, president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states, end quote. trump's running mate governor mike pence also hitting back at the president in a twucson town hall. >> really is amazing i got up here this morning in tucson and i saw the president of the united states on television. the president actually said that our nominee was quote unfit to
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serve as president. he said, and i'm quoting, the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge about critical issues in europe, in the middle east, in asia means that he's woefully unprepared to do this job. well, allowing for the fact that barack obama knows a lot about being woefully unprepared to be president of the united states, why don't we look at the record. okay? >> and look at the record is what we do here. and we'll do so tonight. president obama vowing today to push his so-called free trade agenda, no matter that a majority of americans oppose it, opposition in congress is rising, six house republicans who last year supported tpp are now opposing it. that makes ratification of the transpacific partnership very
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difficult if not impossible. i'll take that up in moments with senior advisers of the trump campaign, and republican strategist. well the trump campaign lining up family members of the benghazi to speak on behalf of president obama. charles woods who is the father of tyrone woods addressed the controversy. >> there are two options, one is either mrs. clinton is lying or else she has a bad memory because of her age or her head injury that she suffered. >> joining us now, senior adviser, kelly ann conway, tony sag. great to have you both with us. i have to say mr. woods handled
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that, considering she was the one with the injury, rath than the con da skending response she gave my colleague. >> in the cnn poll she went from a 30% honest trustworthy to a whopping 34%. 48% say that her convention acceptance speech made her more like loi to vote for her. she's below the last six democratic nominees. gave a tenth most exciting speech at her own convention and i'm glad someone is pushing back on this woman. >> that's a little rough right there. >> okay, eight. but is it not true? >> absolutely true. i was just admiring the techniq technique. >> i learned from the best, lou. it's good these parents are pushing back. i don't know why their grief
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would be any different than mr. khan's grief. a loss is a loss. i don't want to think about what it's like to be in their shoe. pat smith who spoke out at the republican national committee, sean smith's mother, she was rid kuld if not ignored by most of the media as if her grief doesn't matter. >> i think we have to be clear, once a person puts themselves up in a political -- for a political purpose, whether it is pat smith because she obviously was at the republican convention, whether it is mr. khan at the democratic convention, things become very difficult. and the fact is, to ignore them probably would be the worst response. by the way, that's exactly what the national liberal media did with pat smith >> all gold star families deserve our ad ration and
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respect. they can connect culpability to hillary clinton's connections to the death of their children. there's no connection to the death of mr. khan and donald trump's comments. he wasn't even in office. >> islamic terrorists killed his son and that was not stated i thought clearly at all. >> you know what also wasn't stated? hillary clinton referred to what you called the radical islamic terrorists as determined enemies. that's the other team you're playing in lacrosse. it's very disturbing. >> determined enemies, they appear to be mons otheamongst o paul ryan, john mccain, lindsey graham, what in the world are they doing and to what end. mccain is fighting for his political life. paul ryan has an able challenger
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who right now we've seen some dissipation in his favorability ratings. what do you make of it? >> donald trump was very effective in the cleveland convention in positioning this entire election of us against them. all of the men you just named. many of them whom i have very much respect for are the them in that discussion. i'm all for the big ten, i work for jack kemp and i love my party. we need to evolve to a populous party to reflect the will of the people, not just the elites of the party. >> but they have having in common. they've all attacked donald trump. find me somebody who attacked him first. i mean who -- where he attacked them first. these folks who you just mentioned have attacked donald trump at some point and he feels like he has a right to defend himself. the other thing is donald trump
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has taken his case directly to the people lou over the donors, the consultants and the publicly elected officials and he'll continue to do that. >> i will tell you the response on social media from the people who watch this broadcast has been overwhelming. they recognize that donald trump right now is standing against an onslaught. and it is purposeful, it is strategic and it is an effort for people to try to make us all forget a couple minor items. that president obama is the least transparent president in recorded presidential history. he is not the most transparent nor the most forthcoming or honest. he's the inverse. >> how about effective in. >> then there's a separate issue. >> well the indictment of the president eight years is in every poll. >> wrong track.
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how do you ask for four more years of that. hillary has all of the king's horses, all of the king's men. many are not pretending to cover this race fairly. there was a margin of error in the swing state polls. all of the advantage that she has, why isn't she at 65% with women, why isn't she winning everywhere that obama won over romney/mccain. >> who is winning over independents? >> he is and it's consistent. >> who is winning among men in. >> big time. the gender gap in this race is her problem with men. >> i know that she is winning among women, but i do know this, men watch football and the two conflicts with the nfl, i really happen to -- i can't imagine trump agreeing to those two conflicts because that's his
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audience, not hers. >> in large part those are nonpartisan audiences. these are men who have been blue collar workers, people suffering at the hands of the basically rigged system as donald trump talks about in the ruling class of washington, d.c., southern michigan where donald trump changes the electoral map in a way that a lot of the democrats simply cannot believe. look at where hillary clinton and tim kaine are traveling. they're following trump's strength because they're scared of what he's been able to do. >> with that we have to say thanks for being here. thank you both so much. we're coming right back. there's a lot to cover tonight. there's a lot going skulduggery. stay with us. this ticket is really split, trump's running mate mike pence endorsing paul ryan. trump says he's not quite ready to do that. >> i strongly endorse his
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election, he's a long time friend, i believe we need paul ryan in leadership in the congress of the united states. randy evans joins us next on what pence's endorsement means randy evans joins us next on what pence's endorsement means for the elec♪i ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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the mainstream liberal media today reporting the trump campaign in turmoil with establishment republican members considering the national liberal media replacing him. but trump himself assuring voters that he's still in charge. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. we started on june 16th. i would say right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. >> there we are. joining me now, randy evans, a member of the republican national rules committee, a former senior adviser for the newt gingrich presidential campaign 2012, former white house political director ed rollins back with us as well. randy, good to see you. >> thank you. >> at this point, this looks like a broadside from all directions against donald trump.
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it looks orchestrated as it can possibly be. the narratives are the same whether they're coming from the hillary camp or left wing liberal media outlets or whether it's from the koch brothers or whom ever you throw into the mix, the globalists, the left wing, if it ends in an ist it's against donald trump. >> that's what happened when they try to stop the change agent. notice how they completely ignore the fact that president obama said that basically hillary clinton would be a continuation of his term, whereas bill clinton said she would be a change maker. which is it? is she a change maker or a continuation. >> she's available for discussion of options, i believe, is the point. >> that's right. and what we learned from last night is they can deliver cash. $400 million overnight.
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i kept waiting for somebody to say, mel gibson or danny glover come out with dib mattic immunity when you see that amount of cash in an unmarked cargo plane flying overnight. >> there are all sorts of people looking at unmarked cargo planes today. that's an incredible deal. >> the arms deal is with the shaw. >> right. been tied up in the international court for decades but suddenly it has to be resolved. >> it's the idea -- $400 million. i have great sympathy for anybody that's held a hostage. but they're paid $100 million per hostage. you think about that. and what they -- >> well if you're a hostage, $100 million seems reasonable. >> it's taxpayer dollars. >> but the point ofis, and then i'll come straight to you, the point that ed is making is that this country's policy has never been to pay ransom because what it does is put a price
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automatically on every american's head whenever vulnerable and within the reach of terrorists and kidnappers. >> that's absolutely true unless you're in benghazi in which case we don't have the time or effort to send somebody to try. the two worst facts that the democrats will have to face is that hillary clinton could look into the face of a mother and lie to her about the cause of death of her son. and the second one was that we didn't even try. i cannot imagine an america where forget whether or not we could or could not have gotten there in time, but to not make the effort. then simultaneously you're willing to send $400 million because you want your deals to go through. >> a bad deal, too. >> as trump says, the worst deal in american history. and to that end, donald trump has hillary clinton on the run. she is not able to keep up with
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his physical pace on the campaign trail apparently because she's doing one organizing event today, he's doing two campaign events and a rally and a speech. there is -- he has, it seems, begun to take advantage of his, of his physical stamina. >> stamina. >> his positions and her failures as a candidate would here. what does he have to do next to make that result in a move in the polls. first, ed. >> i think the key thing is to get on message, here are the four or five things i want to be running against her, she can't duck and deny them, they're truthful statements. stay right on her. i have a plan for the week and every single day i measure against that plan and that plan is all against her, not about anything about me. >> and randy, this narrative that was spun up from -- was it spun up from the left or was it spun up from some of the
7:20 pm
disgruntled republican establishment that there may be some discomfort with the nominee as if somebody was going to do something about it? i mean that was picked up, i will tell you, by several networks that i was listening to today. i mean it was incredible, even by left wing liberal standards, the degree to which they took that bait and then just ripped the line right off the reel heading out toward wherever they could take it. give us your sense of what happened. >> my sense is they're so desperate to avoid donald trump making real change in america that they will grasp at any straw, any theme, any possible scenario. they'll do whatever it takes because they realize that if he's the president, the gig is up. now, what he -- i agree with ed. for donald trump it's one word focus. he's got to focus, focus, focus. because as long as this election is about hillary clinton's record and barack obama's record, it's not going to be
7:21 pm
close. the only way, the only way in which they can win is to demonize donald trump and he's not to stop giving them ammo to do that. he's got to stop being a businessman and be a politician for 90 days. and it's really hard to do because businessmen want to focus on fix every problem. he hears everything and wants to respond to everything. you've got to let it be water off a duck's back, pick the four or five things and that's all you go with for the next 90 days. >> when someone attacks you, you go so and move on. don't spend five seconds thinking about their attack on you. >> i'm thinking about the difference between a politician and a businessman. >> politicians don't make money. >> don't tell that to the clintons. the reality is that people used to say, if somebody is running for office. i think right now we're watching, when it comes to certain politicians, they're
7:22 pm
slithering for the office, not running for office. and that seems to be the hallmark of the time in which we live and that's unfortunate. it would be nice to see that changed very quickly. >> the hardest part is businessmen focus on results. they want to deliver jobs, they want to deliver payroll, they want to deliver product. and the method really isn't important. whereas politicians want to focus on process, they want to kiss babies, walk in parades and make everybody feel better but the results don't matter. it's a hard crossover for donald trump because he expects to perform at the highest level and deliver the best results. and at the end of the day it's going to be whether or not america is about amir took kracy for results or whether we want process that keeps the same old plans in action. >> this is the ultimate donald in power for this world. >> whether it's charld and david
7:23 pm
koch, whether it is hillary clinton, whether it is paul ryan, whom ever, they are working on the same side of a divide and that is a divide between globalists and americans and everybody better understand that as we move forward from this point. ed rollins, thank you sir. appreciate it. randy evans, thank you. up next, donald trump blasting the obama administration over that $400 million payment to iran that he says is a ransom for hostages. >> i see $400 million being shipped in cash and they didn't want dollars. it's being shipped in different currencies and it's being shipped overnight to iran. $400 million. you know, we have a president
7:24 pm
who frankly is inkoch tent. >> that's the subject of my commentary coming up next. we have a great deal more to cover. please stay with us. i had that dream again --
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a few thoughts now on the latest bombshell report involving the 0 obama administration and it's iran deal. the administration is under fire for air lifting some $400 million to iran back in january. at the very same moment that four detained americans were released by tehran. detained. they were hostages. "the wall street journal" reporting talents stacks with euros, swiss franks and other currencies were flown into iran on an unmarked cargo plane because you see american law forbids financial transactions with iran in any currency.
7:29 pm
senior department officials raised objections about the payment but they were overruled by the state department as if using euros and swiss franks instead of american dollars somehow meant the spirit of the law. so let's examine what is obvious and what is straightforward, obviously and straightforwardly a violation of our law. an expedient and highly rationalized reversal of u.s. policy not to pay ransom to terrorists and kidnappers of our citizens. the obama administration today denied that that payment amount is a ransom, say it was part of a $1.7 billion settlement that the united states reached with iran. in a settlement that was reached suddenly without impetus, without obvious motivation to do so, resolving a decade's old legal battle over a weapon's
7:30 pm
agreement. john kirby today of course denied all. denied the $400 million in cash to iran was payment of ransom. kirby with a fairly straight face insisted that a simultaneous payment of money and release of hostages was all just a big old coincidence >> this was not ransom. any suggestion that it had anything to do with ransom is absolutely utterly false. these were two separate processes run by two separate teams. yes with, they were done simultaneously. but it had absolutely nothing to do with ransom. >> did you see that man struggling with his conscience as he spewed those words? that's very big nature to acknowledge that some might be forgiven for calling payment of ransom a payment of ransom. such straightforward talk is awkward in washington, you know. and we understand the spokesperson is uncomfortable with truth. we could also suppose it was mere coincidence that the
7:31 pm
payment came just as the nuclear deal with iran was being formally implemented. just a few days of the iranians released ten of our sailors they captured. never mind that two more americans have been detained now by iran since then as concerns only rise that the ransom payment to iran puts any american at risk, wherever the iranians have influence and reach. yet president obama and hillary clinton during their speeches at the democratic national convention claimed the iranian nuclear deal a great success. a deal in which the united states received nothing while the iranians received $150 billion and the use of the united states government at least for the next seven months for iranian public relations. not a bad trade, right? your quote of the evening, there are things known and there are things unknown, and in between
7:32 pm
are the doors of perception. and with this administration there in between we've been spend a great deal of our time and not always comfortably. we're coming back. stay with us. donald trump is in the fight of his life against hillary clinton, also globalists, lobby is and now a rigged election. >> i am very concerned and i hope the republicans are going to be very watchful and i hope the authorities are going to be watchable. >> pat buchanan joins me here next. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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♪knowing you can always count on me, for sure♪ i'll come with you. donald trump's cam bane chairman, paul manafort denied that he's lost control of the republican presidential nominee. >> the candidate is in control of his campaign. that's number one. and i'm in control of doing the things that he wants me to do in the campaign. the turmoil -- this is another clinton error that she put out there and that the media is picking up on. in the last week we've just announced our 50 state chairman in the states. we've announced a record amount of money that we raised in july. mr. donald trump has appeared to crowds yor flowing in the street. >> joining me now to make sense of this pat buchanan, senior adviser to three president, twice a candidate himself for
7:37 pm
the republican presidential nominee, best selling author. great to have you with us. somehow i have just about as much trouble imagining a campaign chairman being in charge of you as being in charge of donald trump. >> well, my sister bay was my campaign manager. >> i remember that. >> we did take advice from her. and this is what i would think, that look, i think that whoever has put out this word that all of these folks are going to come in and intervene with donald trump are doing him no favors. now the no doubt, lou, i think donald trump has been distracted by this khan diversion that they put on and he stayed too long with it. but look at the basics. you have hillary rodham clinton, 67% of the country doesn't trust her, 75% want change. trump clearly representing change. his crowds are as big as i've ever seen. i think it will get the focus back on what it ought to be on.
7:38 pm
>> easier said than done because the national liberal media, that's about 90% of the media is moving in lock step with their directives from the dnc, from the hillary campaign. and trump is outgunned by lobbyists, by islamists, by globalists, by the national media. he is fighting a full 360-degree campaign and he is, as you say, he does himself no favors when he focuses on what diana west called a sharia supremacist center stage on the dnc. the democrats put him out there. but donald doesn't have to take the bait. >> there's no doubt about it. the national press by and large, the big media, ever since nixon, when we first brought the whole issue to national attention, they're overwhelmingly for
7:39 pm
hillary clinton, for barack obama, new world order folks. what donald trump's campaign threatens is regime change in washington, d.c. he will change everything. but they've almost always had those folks. and look what trump -- i would say, look what you've accomplish mr. trump. you won the republican nomination with a tremendous turn out, bigger than ever, you're running with the establishment candidate, hillary clinton who they're all blind. if you stay focused on the issues, secure the border, stay off unnecessary wars and go after her, you've got a fighting chance to be the president of the united states. stick with it. >> absolutely. and he's put forward on every instance and issue, he's moved it to the top of the agenda. he knows whatever he's going to talk about will be pushed
7:40 pm
forward for a national discussion. and he is the man making those choices. his fate and the fate of so many of his followers and supporters and this nation depend upon him making the correct choice about what he pushes forward. i love thedy ck die cot my that put forward and that is the establishment versus the middle class, globalism versus americaism. america first. make america great again for all americans. i mean, i want to go out and march, you know, to that now. >> well that's what brings these folks out. they have not heard this message before. that's why cha come out, despite all of the things done to him and despite the foot faults or the mistakes, they are still there with him. and i really think this country -- look, take three races, trump who really dominated the republican primary, cruz came in second, bernie sanders, all of them are
7:41 pm
against what is going on in washington. all of them want to overthrow the establishment and with despite all of the forces, all of the king's horses and all of the king's men, they can be overthrown this year if you keep your eyes on the prize. >> great to talk with you. thanks for being here. >> good to see you. donald trump says he's the only candidate who will take on and destroy radical islamic terrorism. >> we have no choice but to bomb them. they've taken over libya. has was another one of hillary clinton's beauties. we have to bomb them. >> former u.s. ambassador john bolton joins me here next.
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china today stepping up its provocations holding live fire exercises in the east china sea. china's defense minister calling for a prospect of people's war at sea as its navy fires dozens of missiles and torpedos. this comes weeks after an international court that rejected china's territorial claims in the sea. china is set to hold joint with
7:46 pm
russia. and we only have to wait weeks for that. joining us tonight, senior fellow john bolton, fox news contributor. goods to have you with us. >> glad to be with you. >> i heard not a word about these exercises from this administration. a nonexistent response. your thoughts? >> quite remarkable in that the president was meeting today with the prime minister of singapore who is directly affected by these extraordinary chinese territorial claims in the south china sea and by the military drills as you say that include not only the chinese navy but the russian navy. china is building a blue water naval capability for the first time in 600 years. they're directly threatening what people have long called the first island chain that separates china's territorial waters and the near waters from the pacific ocean itself. and its belligerence is really
7:47 pm
troubling to everybody in that area in east and southeast asia. the united states position is essentially absence. absence physically with our naval capabilities, only rarely there and utterly absent politically as you say with the president. >> and it amount to ak we essence. and that has got to disturb mightily japan, south korea, the philippines, all of our allies in the region. this is truly disturbing pass sievety on the part of what has been a very passive administration throughout the past seven and a half years. >> and i think getting worse and threatening as well. taiwan where much of our semi conductor technology comes from. the nation's of southeast asia, india obviously worried. allowing china to just assert its will like this without any pushback from the united states
7:48 pm
is a self fulfilling prophesy. this's nobody else out there at this point who has the capability of doing it. by the time somebody gets around it to, it will be too late. >> i've got to take up president obama's absolutely stunning, stunning statement saying that trump lacks, quote, basic knowledge around critical issues in europe, the middle east and asia. i mean, you had to be every bit as stunned if not more than me. here's a man talking about the woeful knowledge base of a presidential nominee. we've got a president who's demonstrated he's utterly inept in each of those regions. >> i have been saying for over eight years that barack obama was not qualified to be president of the united states in the national security area when he was elected. he's living proof that on-2-job
7:49 pm
training with fail because she's learned very lit until seven and a half years. he's done more harm to the united states than we can calculate by key elements of our defense budget by withdrawing american influence all over the world. he's permitting the chinas, the russians, the terrorist to advance. >> and for four years his side kick up on that stage was none other than hillary clinton. >> well, precisely. she's still up there. she is running for obama's third term. this notion that she would be tougher on foreign policy, more hawkish is complete nonsince. she's never been in that direction. he's very comfortable with what obama has done. you'll see a lot more of it. fundamentally, she doesn't care about national security either. she wants to finish the transformation of america that he started, beginning with fixing obamacare by making it
7:50 pm
dominate bid the government. >> next you're going to be telling me that she was doing official state department business on an in the clear personal e-mail server. no. >> right. and now she's outrages that the russians may be hacking the dnc. when did she wake up exactly? >> i think when she woke up was probably when she realized the hacked dnc e e-mails revealed a collusion between the dnc and her own campaign to manipulate millions of supporters of one bernie sanders. >> i'm thinking it successfully does, too. >> great to have you with us. thanks so much. always appreciate your insight. >> thank you, lou. up next, trump worried the general election could be rigged. >> i'm telling you november 8th we better be careful. because that election is going to be rigged and i hope the republicans are watching closely or it's going to be taken away from us. if you take multiple medications
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♪it's never too late to get back up again♪ ♪one day, you're gonna shine again,♪ ♪you may be knocked down but not out forever♪ ♪we lose our way, we get back up again♪ ♪it's never too late to get back up again♪ ♪one day, you're gonna shine again,♪ ♪you may be knocked down but not out forever♪ ♪we lose our way, we get back up again♪ ♪so get up, get up ♪you're gonna shine again ♪it's never too late to get back up again♪ ♪you may be knocked down, but not out forever♪ joining us now, nevada day tif reporter sara westwood and american conservative chairman mat slap. trump says it's a rigged election, sara. what do you think? >> well, that's such a powerful message that's carried him this
7:55 pm
far. it extends beyond the electoral process. it's something he's applied to the economy. they feel like the immigration system is rigged so that workers with come in and take american jobs. and if he has the discipline to stick to the message throughout the campaign that the entire system is rigged and it needs to be overhauled from the ground up from washington, that's a winning message. it's proven on both sides. he championed it in the republican party. and if he can continue to double down on it that's something that will take him far. >> matt, president obama goes after donald trump today unfit he said, unprepared and specifically cited europe and asia and the middle east as three areas where trump just doesn't have his acue men. your reaction? >> i'm appalled by these people, including republicans who go after donald trump because they say his language is too harsh and that sometimes he calls people names.
7:56 pm
yeah, the president of the united states not saying he disagrees with donald trump, not saying he won't vote for donald trump but saying he's unfit. somehow there's some kind of constitutional bar to him becoming president. and i think it's repugnant and this hypocrisy that people are tired of from obama. at the end of the day everything is political with him and he's going to do everything he can to help hillary clinton. >> and the dnc losing three top staffers, they look like they've got a mess on their hands in addition to the e-mail, the wikileaks release of the e-mails. what do you make of it? >> well, here's an opportunity for donald trump to appeal to these bernie sanders supporters who field spurned by the democratic party. now ru you have concrete proof that your suspicions were correct all along. and drch if he hammers down the
7:57 pm
message that the system is rigged, makes overtures to those people especially when it comes to the transpacific partnership, in my experience that was one of the most important issue to the bernie sanders supporters. >> no question. >> he can sell it to them that this he's the more effective proponent to tpp, there's a chance he can use the chaos to win over the sanders supporters. >> do you think something has been baked between tim kaine, hillary clinton's vice presidential running mate, the obama administration and hillary. this just is way too smooth. tim kaine who had opposed it is now for it and now he's against it and she who had been for it is now against it and everybody is lining up and the reality is the president of the united states today says he doesn't, in effect, doesn't care that the majority of americans, matt, oppose the tpp and so does the at least presumably the nominee
7:58 pm
of the democratic party in addition to of course donald trump. >> i don't think anybody in this country really believes that hillary clinton is going to do much to fight this agreement. and i think that if she wins this election, which i hope she doesn't, i think she's going to wink at congress, at the senate, and hope that they pass this in a lame duck session. >> and you've got paul ryan at the koch brothers network meeting sucking up to everybody and basically assuring them that free trade, no matter what it costs the middle class will go on. i mean this is ugly stuff for the republican party, isn't it? >> it is. i hate it. i think we would do better if we would form a coalition and try to beat the left and hillary clinton. i think paul ryan showed poor judgment to a certain extent by going in front of these 400 near billionaires to talk about the heart and soul of the republican
7:59 pm
party. i think we got to talk to average americans to have that conversation. >> just because he was absolutely revealing that he had been bought and paid for by doing so? it's unseemly, isn't it, sarah, for the speaker of the house to show up because he's beckoned by charles koch? >> i think that a lot of americans recognize the transpacific partnership is a priority of multinational cooperations and corporations. >> and a middle close whose wages have been stagnant throughout or a 5,000-page agreement that no one has read. it just gets more ludicrous. i've got to leave it right there. matt, thank you so much. sorry for the intrusion of these finite times that we have at the other broadcast. time for a few of your comments real quickly. twitter user, tweeting i'm a former bernie voter who will
8:00 pm
vote trump orstein. never hillary. comment on facebook, these things hillary said she was going to do should have been done when she was secretary of good night from new york. >> this is your war. oliver: hollywood goes to war. amazing drama from real life and the silver screen. that is next. that is "war stories". oliver: that


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