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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 9, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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>> wait until the debates. lou: that's it for us. thanks for joining us. we thank you for being with us tonight. see you then. good night from new york. kennedy: thank you to lou. i saw him on the "outnumbered" couch earlier today and now i'm giving him a virtual hug. last week hillary clinton gave donald trump a gift to the baby angels when she tide herself to the sluggish economy. today he got out of his own way and tried to respond in front of hecklers. >> at its lowest rate in 51
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years. i will say the bernie sanders people had far more energy and spirit. kennedy: our job-killing money suckers, she still tried to kneecap donald trump on the one issue where he can win. his heart is in the right place when he talks about a temporary moratorium on business it's too much regulations and business-choking regulations that have hurt the economy. >> all policies should be geared towards keeping jobs and wealth inside the united states. under my plan, no american company will pay more than 15% of their business income in taxes. kennedy: lowering taxes
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correlates to economic growth, but you also have to reduce spending. >> we'll allow parents to fully deduct the average cost of childcare spending from their taxes. kennedy: limited government types squealed when he promised to rid us of that morbid death tax. american workers pay tax all their life. they should not be taxed again at death. death. kennedy: with the sky high death tax everyone was trying to live forever. now with everyone resting peace we'll see reduced medicare costs.
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fighting zika should be icy for trump to knock out of the park. he had a malaise in his speech at the factory. ohio and pennsylvania have yet to see solid job growth. rich people made her rich. she didn't build that. but now for her it's more important to be corrupt than powerful. but since she is already rich, no one else gets to be. if donald trump gets out of her way and keeps pointing out the flaws of her mad plans, she doesn't lose. republicans are worried trump won't take the swing states. chris stirewalt weighs in
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responsible ohio and more. black lives matter accuse. the economy will be a big issue, particularly in the all-important swing states. let's ask author of "in the arena." meghan mccain and, the writer for the "washington freebie con." cutting taxes and the moratorium on regulation. this all sounds good. who was satisfied by trump's speech today. >> i think it was aimed at
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republicans who might be on the fence. these are very generic republican positions. i agree with most of the positions as far as they go. but i don't think they speak to the core of trump's support. the idea of cutting corporate taxes, most voters don't see that to their own benefit. and i don't think you can put much stock in these or any other proposals trump makes. he turns on a dive when it suits his interest. whether it's 15%, 35%. kennedy: it seems like this is the kinds of thing that was written for him, pete. this is the kinds of speech steven moore the economist had in the speech. it seems he has been talking to paul ryan about limiting the
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number of brackets. >> well if somebody else wrote it for him. his rationale has been i'll surround myself with quality people. so far if you look at his supreme court nominees he has sought the input of quality people. kennedy: something he said he was going to do. >> freezing regulations, easing our energy economy, even childcare deductions. i get why people wouldn't like that. this speaks to you. it did speak to trade which a lot of us take issue. he did hit where the working middle class are feeling and this will appeal to a lot of conservatives. you don't bring back this economy without addressing our morbid tax code. kennedy: he has hit a reset over the weekend. he had a disastrous week last
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week. you have veterans in each generation in your family. he and paul manafort knew he had to redirect his campaign. >> around 75% of the american public didn't approve of the way he handled that. he has to talk about rebuilding detroit. there are a lot of notes in here that peg at your heart. you want america to be great again in different ways. whether he can stay on message. if you go by past, i don't know. is this on going to last this week? he has six different stances on abortion. i want to believe it. but some of us are i have been scorned before, let's wait.
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kennedy: maybe it's because we are in the middle of the olympics. and it always has this flourish of patriotism which is something i love about it. how great would it be if detroit had a resurgence. if someone was capable of unleashing the power of the midwest once again and the american dream was able to revive itself. there is something so optimistic about that. but is optimism enough? >> not for hillary clinton's campaign. they are airing ads which are not american at all. they portray trump as a winning agent of russia. take a look. >> putin is a strong leader for russia. >> he killed journalists who don't agree with him. >> at least he's a leader. >> putin did call me a genius. he said very nice things about >> trump always seems to up-end
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american policy position in a way that benefit vladimir putin. kennedy: he's a spy. the ad comes a week after reports that secretary of state hillary clinton helped facilitate billions of american dollars to create a russian silicon valley which has created cruise missile technology. i think it's laughable that her campaign is trying to tie loosely through conspiracy theories to when she has got actual ties to russia not only with the uranium one deal, but also this russian silicon valley where clinton donor to the tune of tens of millions of dollars were encouraged to invest in intellectual property and money in that part of russia.
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>> what pete was saying in term of who trump surround himself on. paul manafort was on the former payroll of a putin crony. i think she does have some valid critiques there and it's perfect fodder for attack ads. but the constant with clinton's stance with foreign policy is it inevitably benefit clinton. i don't think either is particularly good. >> pot, kettle black. >> she has known -- but a foolish one at that. she'll look at putin and thought she could hit a reset button she couldn't reset to begin with. this is crony i am on an international stale and international scope she has been
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involved with with putin regardless of the nature of his regime. this is the pot calling the kettle black. i think it many a false narrative. kennedy: let's talk about this. we only have a few seconds. if the clinton foundation is so benevolent and great, why didn't they talk about it at the dnc? >> there will be things about the clinton global initiative that will come out for decade and decade. it's completely corrupt in so many didn't ways. in regard to putin. we have one candidate who has campaign ties to people. he says putin is a great leader. then you have hillary doing deals with russia that look nefarious at best. for all clarification my family is sanctioned from going to russia.
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putin hate my father more than anyone. so i'm not even allowed to visit there. if you paid attend to what happened in ukraine and the protests. it should be at forefront of the debates. kennedy: the party panel-return. the cash to iran scandal gets complicated with the execution of a nuclear scientist. donald trump gains support from
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kennedy: welcome back. tom cotton says regardless of whether the obama administration's $400 million cash deal to iran was ransom money, that's the way people will see it. in the meantime iran's government executed shahram amiri for being an agent and spy for the u.s. amiri was mentioned in hillary clinton's emails. >> i think her judgment is not suited to keep this country safe. kennedy: is shahram amiri the first casualty of hillary clinton's email system. >> it's pretty much impossible to tell.
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the clinton campaign says there is no proof it was ever breached. kennedy: how do we know it was wiped clean. >> that's true, too. senator cotton has a point, there were lives in the balance here and the information that was there could have been used by enemies to root out the people cooperating with the youth on these main initiatives abroad. it underscores why we have these classification rules in the first place and the fact that information was on the server whether it was breached or led to this man's death, it shows a recklessness. kennedy: james comey said she would have been safer and more secure with a basic gmail setup. what's the worst part of this for you. >> they were talking in code. they knew how bad it was. they knew they shouldn't be talking about this. they knew who they were talking
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about. this is happening in real-time in 2010 when he was in a contested status before he had been outed. whether the dots are connected the later and and these discoveries are related to his execution. he won't be the last. god only knows how many people have been outed. but it proves how truly reckless they were. regardless of classifycation, it underscores for convenience or because she was above the law, they were willing to put people at risk. kennedy: it's very troubling. you have what president obama said that they had to do the $400 million transfer because there is no proper banking relationship with iran. but now there is a deal and a bunch of side deals, and you have to wonder, did the united states give up the fact that amiri was working for the cia to
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iran as part of this deal and is that what put his life in jeopardy? >> i hope not. this whole thing is something out of a really bad movie. i didn't not was legal to put unmarked bills on the plane in the middle of the night. i think this poor man suffered his life because of the egregious errors of clinton and her team. people have died because of it. and i think she is in a position and had such a bad week, and she lied about lying. that's why her numbers keep going down as well. that's why people like me can't bring myself to vote for anybody completely void of ethics. kennedy: she tried to say the conversation with chris wallace was a short-circuit. it's as if someone took that kool-aid and poured it over her server and the thing completely short out. the man was welcomed back to
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iran as a hero in 2010. something happened between then and now. time will tell. and we'll never know whether hillary clinton and her server were the cause of that. a democratic facebook says the children tons are using them for votes. chris stirewalt joins us with the latest on some battleground the latest on some battleground states. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find
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and he may be stalling. >> do you know what you are going to do when you go into the voting booth? kennedy: he added while he will carry the economically depressed parts of ohio *, the other battleground states will be more difficult. i would love to stirewalt with you. does john kasich want donald trump to lose? >> probably. i don't know. maybe. stare into his black heart. >> a notable number of republicans do want donald trump to lose because they want his wing of the party, the populist hard-line immigration, hard line on trade, and hard line on these issues, they want them punished. they want them to get a snootful
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of defeat. after big defeats. in 1964, barry goldwater gets route and nixon wins the nomination. as one wing of the party loses, the other side is emboldened. kennedy: they want that arm to get the flesh-eating bacteria and fall off so the rest of the republican body politics can function. i lost faith in the republican party a long time ago. i want to talk about president george w. bush and george herbert walker bush who have not endorsed trump along with jeb bush. but jeb bush is encouraging fellow republicans to support the party's nominee. >> you make sure sure hillary
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isn't elected. >> here is the issue. donald trump is either -- half of the republicans, 40% of the republicans love him, they think he's great. for most republican's not their cup of tea. but they have to make a decision. is it out beyond the pale? is he not cool? do we aban don't party and do we go with is there a new independent candidate? what do they do? >> there is no independent candidate. they are either going with gary johnson or hillary clinton. >> they could go with the greens. kennedy: i think the big
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question here is how much do we hate hillary? that's wait comes down to. it's the dislike for her is strong enough you can rationalize most of donald trump's faults. am i wrong there? >> this is where you do the rorschach test of a candidate. if abortion is the number one issue and you are concern about the supreme court, you might be willing to overlook. but on the other hand. if you are a libertarian leaning person, i don't know. i don't know whether it's enough that donald trump as he did this week, as he did today, talk about economic issues from an economic freedom point of view, talking about rescinding the estate tax. >> there are parts of his economic speech that are appealing to economic conservatives. but the rest of it sounds like bernie sanders.
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we'll get into that later in the show and break down the speech even more. chris stirewalt, thanks so much for being here. always appreciate. coming up. will the thousand robot army march into "america's got
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ken report week is new, the news is fresh. let's get to to weird stories. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. there is no greater cultural tradition than the blowing post luck bestowed upon the single woman at the wedding who catches the bride's bouquet. she is certain to find the man
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of her drea,s. but what happens when you don't actually catch the bouquet but you are assaulted by it. have a look. oh, i could watch that 16 or 17 times. shall we go? boom in slow mo. if she didn't actually catch the bouquet but got beaned in the head by the. what does that mean for her future nuptials? >> repetitive head trauma. kennedy: topic number 2. this story was sent to us by
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thomas mclachlan using #topicalstorm. how do you know if someone is a liar. you can check for nervous ticks. you can look into their eyes and see if they are a clinton. or take most any items of clothing that might be ablaze like this cautious fellow. he caught his pants on fire. burned up his underwear. this not much worse than being caught with your pants down. just ask a clinton. why light a tire on fire. is he trying to capture that sweet smell of burnt rubber?
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that's the one. topic number 3. we all now it's only a matter of time before robots conquer the world. i'm praying about it. i'm excited about it. they are already mass dering the world of dance. look at that. that is not cg technology. that's over 1,000 row tbhots china performing a synchronized dance. almost all of the delegates simid. look at that. better than a north korean nuclear arsenal parade. i know it's frightening that robots can be organized and rhythmic. but don't lose hope. even as we speak they are infiltrating dance troupes.
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see if you can spot the human hidden in this dance lineup. kennedy: that's our college associate. topic number 4. you go way goliath. get ready to fall in love. watch this tireless puppy try to snatch a piece of fabric from the bored jaws of a larger mouth. he refuses to give up even as his tiny paws glide across the floor. watch. i love that dynamic so much. come on little buddy.
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it reminds me of when bill o'reilly and i play basketball because he's so much terrell and better at basketball. he's got a much better outside shot. bill o'reilly and i have never played basketball, but i would like to. topic number 5. marie pope celebrated her 100th birthday the same way college students celebrate every thursday night by participating in a beer pong tournament. how did the old lady do? named it. she did the. watch this. that lady is a century old, and so is her liver, and she is til winning at beer pong.
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but that's just a start after beating her entire family. she took on the most difficult opponent. let's see when she is pitted against trieds. marie annihilated that guy. robot passed out. we won. u.s. a.! if you have weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm" i would like to get weird on your news. you can find me on twitter and instagram. use #topicalstorm. michael phelps won a gold medal. why are they scheduling gymnastics in the middle of the night.
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later with trump's speech on the economy earlier today. solid problem solving or just hot air.
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kennedy: i hope you are enjoying the best hour of your day. in a recent interview the co-founder of black lives matter had harsh word about the clinton family. they use clintons for votes but don't do anything for the black community after they are elected. they use us for photo ops. i think that hoik -- she is a total hypocrite on most things. she backed her husband's criminal justice reform in 1994 called the crime bill. it's three strikes you are out.
12:41 am
disparity in cracking cocaine, sentencing within putting an entire generation of black men behind bars. finally there are people behind the black lives matter questioning that and the use of the term "super predators." >> she realized her husbands comments -- kennedy: her comments, not just his record. but her endorsement of his record and the comment that came out of her mouth. >> she was for all intents and purposes a policymaker at the white house. you are turning on cable news and you see david duke say i'll be trump's best ally in the senate. the nazi party came out and said our agenda will be advanced under a trump president i. what she does need to worry
12:42 am
about is turnout. she won't get the turnout of obama but neither would bernie sanders. kennedy: i was talking to a puerto rican man, he said i'm a republican. he said i'm either staying home or voting for a libertarian. he didn't know his name. i'm surprised it has taken this long for someone affiliated with a formal move to the come out and say this. >> i think she'll get a lot of heat. what's the option? is it a david duke support the candidate? there are so many hypocrisies with clinton. the alternative we are getting minorities is a bad one. there is a great frustration the last 10 years of my life. there is such an open invitation for demographic the republican party continues to lose.
12:43 am
but we do not grand brand ourselves the same way the democrats. kennedy: when are you running for office? >> never. but i'm happy to support anyone who want to talk about a big tent party and won't cannibalize us who think that's a good idea. kennedy: the rio olympics roundway and michael phelps claimed his 19th gold medal. she is a 1-time world record holder. i this olympics going to come out a success? so far, pete, it's been good for us. >> once the tv is turned on, then i'm good to go on the olympics. it's interesting that it unifies generations immediately. i'm talking to kid on the phone, my wife brings up cady dedecky.
12:44 am
my wife said she was sick. my-year-old said she is sick? is she okay? she was immediately invested in katie ledecky. kennedy: i had my girls watch the gold medal ceremony where they play "the national anthem." i explained to them what happens and why it's a big deal to hear your country's anthem and i made them promise me they would win a gold medal so i can stand there and somebody. and i had a household of young gymnts seami forimon thanyou muc alwa lovthe scuson. jonathon hone is breaks count details on donald trump's speech from earlier today.
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kennedy: donald trump outlined his economic policy plan in detroit. so what did he get right and what did he get wrong? there is no better person to ask than jonathon hone is, founding member of the capitalist pig helping fund. welcome back. i'll tell you what i like about the speech. i like that he talked about ending the debt tax -- the death tax and the moratorium on regulations.
12:49 am
>> it was kind of pedestrian. for someone who has held himself out as such a revolutionary, this seemed not radical at all. something as basic as a flat tax. there was nothing to be found. the thing that stuck out to me is how anti-free market and jab tie capitalist donald trump is. he's using the same languaging a the kennedy democrats. so this is surprisingly lame in my opinion. kennedy: i agree with you there. it's problematic when you can fake quotes from donald trump's speech and bernie sanders' speeches and they can all sound essentially the same when they talk about trade and infrastructure spending. let's talk about trade. i was on "outnumbered" today, and i said that he is essentially an anti-free trade person, and those who defend
12:50 am
donald trump say he's right on because we have to start talking about fair trade. who has it right? >> trump is explicitly anti-trade. that means he's anti-freedom. trade is how free people act in a free world. trump sees trade as win-lose. he referred to trade as rape before. america versus the world and all we need is america that is donald trump to make a better deal. kennedy: you talk about everyone having their ability to make a pie versus having one pie, and smaller, and smaller pieces to go around. i agree trade is not a zero sum game and it will ultimately hurt this country if you through coercion and force make american companies only make things in this country with american materials. it hurts us all.
12:51 am
>> it's not just bad economics. it's bad morally. donald trump didn't make the moral case of why these plans are right. he talks by the from a pragmatic practical view. squeeze this lever and we'll bring back jobs. he doesn't make the case that you have a right to your money. if you want to buy a car or tv set from someone in japan, you can. kennedy: are you for tpp? >> you know me. kennedy: i do know you. i know people say it is an imperfect deal. but opening up trade is certainly better than wall us off in splendid isolation. >> free people the policy should be free trade. for those we are at war with, there shouldn't be free trade. but trump's suggestion that all thanks' separating us from
12:52 am
national prosperity are higher taxes on the wealthy, but control of the economy. it's not just regulation, it's nationalization. that's what i fear with trump. hillary is on the left, but trump i wish he was a real free market alternative and he's not. kennedy: i think neither of these presidential candidates are, and that's why you have a lot of republicans, independents and some liberty-leaning democrats going, who is that gary johnson you talk so much about. >> we have education to help people understand trade is good and trade is productive. the least the government has to do with the economy like calling up ceos and threatening them. kennedy: that's what teddy roosevelt did, and you could argue that was not a good idea. coming up, students want to arm
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themselves on college campuses. themselves on college campuses. you have to listen
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>> i have been told that black women are supposed to support the second amendment. i have been told i shouldn't want to be able to support myself. i shouldn't teach my fellow students about their rights. and i shouldn't speak my mind. thank god i didn't listen. kennedy: that young lady see tiewrd in the ad is a correspondent for campus recently a texas law was passed to allow students and teachers with concealed weapons permits to carry weapons on campus. antonio plans to arm herself
12:57 am
when she attend u.t. dallas in the fall. welcome. >> thank you for having me, kennedy. kennedy: what's most important part of the campus carry law for you? >> for me it's important to have self-defense. we believe self-defense is a human right. that's for all people, all genders and ethnicities. so it's important for me as a woman to be able to protect myself whether it be campus special assault or just someone who wants to harm me. in the end, gun-free zones are what inhibit people from being able to protect themselves. kennedy: that wraps we see the acts of terrorism in these unsafe gun-free zones. you talk in the ad about identity politics and people pigeon holing you. when did you realize you wanted to be free from the box that was
12:58 am
created by someone else that you were stuffed into. >> it started after i voted for president obama in 2012, the second time i voted for him. i was 18 and voted for him then and decided to again in 2012. but i realized i had a lot of policy issues that didn't fit with the party so i decided to switch. after that i became more involved with the liberty movement. criminal justice spree form is something i'm passionate about. $a lot of conservatives don't think that's something that's important. but it's changing now. so i tends to lean more libertarian because of that fact. but i'm still conservative. a constitutional conservative. i voted for rand paul fan supported him in the primary. i hope he runs again it all comes down to liberty and that comes down to having the right to have freedom for all.
12:59 am
kennedy: we only have 30 seconds left. but i want to you talk about how this plays into the limited free speech we are seeing on so many ask college campuses. >> i'm a correspondent for campus reform. i'm able to express the liberal bias on campus. we have seen that a lot in the media. the campuses barring people from saying what they believe in because they don't agree, saying it's hate speech or what have you. with campus reform we are trying to show that it's an epidemic it's something as a millennial that's concerning to me. it makes sure our generation does not understand way it's like to be in the real world. and that will hurt our generation and the ones affected as well. kennedy: that's right. i commend you on your bravery and foresight it's an incredible story. good luck in school and thank you for fighting the good fight.
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