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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 9, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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the economy in focus. donald trump and hillary clinton sparred over their plans to jumpstart her up in the u.s. >> my plan will reduce the current number of brackets from seven to three and dramatically streamline the process. for many american workers, their tax rate will be zero. >> he wants to roll back regulations on wall street. i want to tighten them and make them cover more people. he hasn't offered any plans about infrastructure except building the ball and having mexico pay for it. maria: donald trump still facing questions over his temperament. 60 republican national security experts wrote a letter saying trump would be the most reckless president in american history. reaction when donald trump during smith later this morning right here live. do follow for hillary clinton or private in the scandal.
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families the tubing as a victim suing the nominee for wrongful death. clinton's reckless behavior with her e-mails. mark pafford delta travelers today. details on the latest delays after the global computer outage triggered 1000 flight cancellations. we've got the very latest. tsa of making it easy to sign-up for pre-check. find a surprising places where you can now enroll for the program. the cyberthreat nearly 1 billion entry devices or brisket or security firms uncovered the smartphone and tablet. what you need to know coming out. nearly 50 feet from a carnival ride in tennessee. the latest on the conditions. markets this morning covered in the platform. okay not fractionally. a busy week of earnings and economic data column in its been a retail sales number to set the tone. we are edging higher.
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up a third of a percent. markets mostly higher. the markets in asia mostly higher as you can see there. all those stories coming up. with me to talk about it, sandra smith, the wall street journals john huston that jimmy carter. good to see you. take mrs. donald trumps economic plan. we will speak with donald trump this morning and i want everybody stick on what you heard yesterday. nominate donald trump will join me at 7:00 p.m. eastern live together safe standpoint and ideas in terms of moving the needle and economic growth. that interview at 7:00 a.m. donald trump and hillary clinton taking jabs at each other and economic policies on the campaign trail yesterday. >> hillary clinton short-circuited again to use a
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now famous term when she accidentally told the truth and said that she wanted to raise taxes on the middle class. >> here's the other thing i want you to know. tell your friends, don't let a friend vote trump. economists, left, right, in the middle all say the same thing. he would undermine the growth we've had since the great recession. maria: donald trump and billing changes to proposals in his policy speech. these are the key to this economic plan. trump says he will simplify the tax code to three tax brackets. that is a shift from the four brackets he initially proposed any big change to the current seven brackets in place. the plan is fine for an increase to be paid by the highest bracket. let's talk about this being compared to hillary clinton's tax plan. >> in some ways they are similar.
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they both while corporate tax reform. the big question for trump is it going to add. he's also talking about infrastructure spending and cutting the dead. you can't cut taxes, raise spending and cut the debt at the same time. maria: the committee for responsible budget has says the plan would cost $10 trillion. however, it's going to be partly paid for by moving the needle. >> this is the problem with economic growth. you can't order growth to go faster. pathetic to see faster economic growth. the more important part of this plan is regulatory agenda. that certainly would be a big switch for hillary clinton. how is he going to get that done? it takes years to put in place.
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the 33% obviously coming off of the original for he had proposed. i think it changed the conversation from the blunders everyone was talking about. at least the news coverage and headlines have change for donald trump and that has to have been a big goal. >> that's a good point. the issues and missteps and now we are talking about policy. >> back to the things most important to voters. the economy, jobs, growth. all the things people want to hear about. you had to get back on message. in many ways whether we agree with policies, they give the voters what they want to hear. it was a strong solid performance by hand and it also shows he's willing to compromise. >> the city of detroit we've all witnessed the downfall of their using it as an example of what
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happens when you don't put america first. i thought it was an eloquent message. the city of detroit is a living, breathing example of the failed economic agenda. he was a very good way to show how detroit was the result of bad policies implemented in this country. maria: one of the most important parts of this plan is the corporate tax rate. the second key to understand is to cut a friend currently 35% to 15%. he is also unveiling the repatriation tax of 10% with corporate assets held overseas back to america. but that proposal encourage companies to keep cash in the united states ahead of overseas. what do you think? >> we will have to see the american voter. hillary clinton will hammer him on days with tax breaks to millionaimillionai res and billionaires than big companies. as i said earlier, it could help
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the economy. >> that is one of the issues we talk about and have for a lot of years for companies like apple and a lot of technology companies have all this money overseas. >> the other piece of this is a book of breaks for companies because that's the way you get something like this paid for. sandra: it just sounded business friendly. i go back and say whatever candidate is able to paint a picture of the most business friendly because businesses have felt under attack. a 15% with business friendly and they said i want jobs and wealth the state in america. >> i wonder if the cells with his base. his base is a lot of alienated people made up of big businesses who don't trust big business any more than big government.
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>> he's got a huge task in a huge challenge because he does have that image coming from big business. >> i also think he's tying it to jobs. there is a huge impact which hillary is trying to tap into. if you keep businesses here, then the voters responded well to that. as long as he keeps tying those things together. >> that's a really good point. but he needs to do is changes can't hang from make america great again to make america competitive again. talking about cutting taxes and regulation is a way to get. sandra: we did mention the 18 times in this interactive paperwork carrying the flag on my new show. what a different way he responded to that. speeches before this. he would say something, and was that a big moment to just be
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silent and by the way, as i reporter up whenever fox news producers in the room said was primarily women. >> he was disciplined for a day. maria: hit a laser focus on the policy in the plan. another component is introducing a childcare tax credit. this would allow parents to get back childcare from their taxable income that eliminates the caps-on qualifying expenses. how would this affect the government's income from taxes? >> this is something hillary could go after because that is the potential to benefit wealthy people and it's not like race and inequality. that is not necessarily part of the population that he needs to focus on. it also makes the tax code more complex.
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making it more simple. >> this is one that he wants to make sure to emphasize. >> one of the biggest costs for middle-class women as health care. do i go to work. this allows more women to make more decisions sandra: this is a huge point to be making. maria: he needs to reach out to women and resonate with women good will this do it? sandra: i don't know if that's enough. he asked identify how his plan is different. all hillary clinton has to offer is more of the same. you heard him reiterate that several times. >> if you don't like the way you feel now. maria: alice donald trump about economic policies and more right here live on "mornings with
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maria." don't miss our interview with donald trump with more of these policy proposals coming up in the program. hundreds of millions of entry devices that risk of being hacked. more vulnerabilities in what you need to know right now. delta passengers stranded for a second day. an update on delays and cancellations after the airline canceled 1000 flights yesterday. more right after this break. stay with us. back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back. delta passengers dealing with delays nationwide after yesterday's big outage. here is dagen mcdowell with the latest. reporter: good morning. delta cancer nearly 255 this morning and expecting delays for 200 more as the airline struggled to recover from yesterday's global computer outage. delta says a power outage in atlanta this plan for the computer problems in the delta ceo apologized to customers in a video released yesterday. >> i apologize for the challenge this has created with you. the delta team is working hard to restore and get the systems back as quickly as possible. >> delta shares took a slight tear. the refund today and offering a
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$200 voucher to passengers whose flights were canceled or delayed for more than three hours. 905 were canceled due to this outage. the tsa is making it easier to enroll in the trusted programs that include pre-checking global entry. after a successful trial run at h&r block locations last year, the tsa expanding sign-ups to several new locations. travelers will sign up for pre-check a dmv locations around virginia and concert like the watershed country music festival in washington state. five years of the clearance for personal information and 85-dollar fee. the tsa hopes to about 25 billion travelers by 2019. if you're using an entry device, you might want to update our software. security firm check point has found for vulnerabilities
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putting as many as 900 million devices at risk. almost a billion devices. they use chipsets from qualcomm chat client telling fox news that there is no evidence that the security vulnerability was used in any cyberattack that did warn. the four flaws have been patched so far. maria. maria: still to come, 50 republican leaders not get in on the trump trained, warning voters and a letter about his temperament. more on that coming up next. hulu wants you to pay out. the transitioning to a subscription model is not the only details next. back in a moment. ♪
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maria: apparently to think of the victims have filed against hillary clinton. the cases filed on behalf of patricia smith, the the mother shots at the child's words father taiwan but alleging that clinton's reckless handling of classified information contributed to their deaths in the september 2012 attack in benghazi. from u.s. ambassador to the united nations come at aei fellow and fox news contributor john bolton. good to see you. thanks for joining us. let's talk about this suit first by pat smith. >> i understand the feeling that the families of the people murdered in benghazi. i made reflecting days at the department of justice. i don't think public officials
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should be sued in their private capacity because people disagree with the outcome of the policy they've been pursuing. there may be more of a claim here on the case that they've brought hillary clinton effectively giving the back of the hand of the families when they came back to andrews air force base that the attack was caused by the video. they had a different recollection of what hillary said. they were overcome by emotion. i wish them good that because i found the conduct reprehensible. maria: sounds like you don't think the suit will go anywhere. >> search by not on the allegation of her official duties. it shouldn't go anywhere. i just don't think public officials should be endlessly dragged in their personal capacity. we can't get much done. if that were allowed with never get anything done.
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maria: 50 prominent republican foreign-policy and national security experts in this open letter. they write from a foreign policy, donald trump trump is not qualified to be president and commander-in-chief. we are convinced he would be a dangerous president ever put at risk our country's national security and well-being. donald trump responded to the letter as well. he says they are nothing more than the failed washington in late looking to hold onto power and the stand they are held accountable for actions. insiders allow what hillary clinton are the owners of the disastrous decision to invade iraq, allow americans to die in benghazi and the ones who allowed the rise of isis. what do you make of all of this? >> i've looked at the list of 50 signatories and there are people on there that i know for whom i have the highest respect. there are a large number of people i've never heard a end there is a significant number of people that i would not
6:23 am
recommend for a job at a future republican administration if my life depended on it. i am not sure that the letter makes that much decision on trent difference that the choice is between another obama term in national security for a change policy and a third obama term domestically as well as internationally while we're on the subject would be a catastrophe for the country. >> lee carter community good points in the letter they tried to do in this letter. >> i can imagine what they are trying to accomplish. what do you think it was? maria: ambassador. >> some of them have said very clearly another statement that got info for hillary clinton. do what you want to do. the unavoidable fact is in november we will elect president. you can like that are not like that, but that's going to happen and it's going to be one of two people. if you are not voting for donald trump, implicitly you are
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supporting hillary clinton even by abstaining. i will vote for trump did i support of miniatures is pretty clear. >> ambassador, mr. trump tried to turn the conversation back to the economy. we negotiating trade deals like nafta. what do you think about that at some event is doable and renegotiate deals like nafta and also china's place cracking down on china to help the economy. >> i can tell you my position is free trade. let's be clear. not every international agreement that is called a free-trade deal is in fact a free-trade deal. a lot of it are provisions that are essentially manage trade. i would be certainly happy to renegotiate out. the second point is our foreign policy establishment is chronically unable to confront violators of our international agreements of other trade agreements or arms control
6:25 am
agreements. you name it. the president who's willing to say to a foreign country, here's what she say you're going to do and if you'd are not going to do that there will be consequences will be a good thing across the board whether trade or arms control. >> can you be more specific about what you would renegotiate? >> i would get rid of delivering them to environmental side agreements the clinton administration negotiated. if you believe in free trade can you believe in free trade come free trade, not free trade does manage trade on the site. that's why you think this debate is not a grand philosophical divide. it is a difference between degrees and personally i would take a look at for an international agreements including the wto and see if you believe in free trade, let's have it and let's not pretend that it's free-trade when it's not. >> ambassador bolton, sandra smith.
6:26 am
good morning. do you think at this point as a supporter of donald trump, is donald trump doing a good job telling his supporters and potential supporters why hillary clinton is that the best person for national security and foreign policy for this country? >> is a better job that could be bad because he's so far behind in the polls. focusing on their hillary really is and what her actual record has been as critical. her campaign argument is her resume. a resume can contain the blood of entries. that doesn't prove you are confident on trent competent for that that's what the world needs. excluding hillary's performance as secretary of state would do the same for trump. maria: do think that trump should amount to he's considering for some of these important posts as they relate to foreign policy? with that resonate with voters?
6:27 am
what is he going to do to take the conversation back? do you think yesterday was a star? >> sure. seasoned observers have looked at that speech. john hatcher has combat high praise. others have as well. i don't know what personalities do for anybody. there's only two people running for president. that's what voters will fundamentally decide on. talking about policies of the opposition you really want four more years of obama policies. that's the way to go about it. maria: ambassador, great to have you. thanks so much. in the next hour i will talk with donald trump life here on "mornings with maria" 7:00 a.m. eastern. donald trump responded to the letter in the statement as you know it will talk more about that. lee carter, your take after this short break of napoleon on what you see out there given the fact we know hillary clinton has made
6:28 am
a big run in the last two weeks. primary day in minnesota and wisconsin had a big day for speaker paul ryan. what it means for unity of the republican party. breakfast on the go could be a thing of the past. coming up, new jersey's distracted driving crackdown could hurt drive-through chains. coming back in a minute. [vacuum cleaner]
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maria: good tuesday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo, it is tuesday, august 9 here are top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump and hillary clinton focusing on the economy, in the latest round of attacks on the campaign trail. >> now let's look what the the obama policies -- have done nationally. their policies produced 1.2% growth, the weakest so called recovery since the great depression has created a silent nation of jobless americans. wants to basically j repackage trickle down economics. maria: new poll shows clinton widening lead coming up. >> prential race not only one watching voters in wisconsin are headed for the
6:32 am
polls as paul ryan faces a heated primary a battle we bring the latest volunteering to fight isis outside of the military? >> find out how many americans want to take on error in militias free-fall from ferris wheel 3 children plummet nearly a 50 feet from carnival ride in ten seize the a list on conditions what went wrong coming up. houla wants you to paper ending free content to a subscription o snooeld move coffee especially as you drive to work one state maybe trying to stop that, find out where coming up. markets this morning, hovering flat line you will see markets fractionally better investors gearing up for by these week arranges economic data the dow jones industrial average to open up 10 points in, europe stocks are edging higher take a look where we stand ff 100 up a third of a percent dax up 60 points in, asia, markets
6:33 am
mostly higher, as you can see, with exception of hang seng in hong kong, 2016 presidential nominees clashing on economy hillary clinton strongly criticizing donald trump's economic proposals, trump meanwhile to wilmington north carolina today where we find fox news john roberts the very latest good morning rn coliseum university of comlk wilmington good morning to you donald trump will be, stick abouting the economy after big speech yesterday reaching out to working-class voters in and around detroit same sunset of vote, different people that helped pro pep rose parade ron to the white house, back in 1980, donald trump putting out plan talking about job growth, as a result of cutting taxes, regulation a couple items he talked about reducing corporate tax rate to 15% from 35% a lot of aring corporations very happy about that outlining three new you personal income tax brackets
6:34 am
1225 and 33% that is different than what he originally proposed 10, 20, 25% new trubs crack closelyly with what republicans in general had been proposing he reached out hit hillary clinton pretty hard want to go pursue policies the obama administration has trump claimed are the result of the reason why, we have seen such anemic economic growth here is trump. >> she supports the high taxes, and radical regulation that forthwithced jobs out of y community the crime policies have made far, far less safe the immigration policies that have strained local budgets -- >> hillary clinton didn't wait about 3 1/2 seconds before responding to donald trump's speech calling it a bunch of warmed over republican ideas have done nothing in the past to help growth also aim at team making fun of this listen for this.
6:35 am
>> you've got three wall street money administration oil baron, a former chief economist one of the booiths banks at heart of financial crisis, you've got 6 men named steve. . >> hillary clinton referring to people like steve, and miller three members of the team steve miller, also chief speechwriter wanted three on campaign with last name miller sometimes tough to keep people straight bad heedlines that letter by national security experts, a lot of them from bush administration, saying not fit to be president, senator susan collins of maine came out late yesterday said she will not vote for donald trump, we will see what he has to say about all of that you have got them coming up i imagine a lot. >> we do going to talk to him 25 minutes hit on all that thank you so much watching reporting today john roberts less than 90 days from election day hillary clinton
6:36 am
has double-digit lead in the latest monmouth university pol clinton support of 46% registered voters compared to 34% for donald trump, coming as even mcmillan former cia operative s enters as a candidate spoke to kelley file last night. >> donald trump the same terrible things that he he he a alienates the a population not a conservative the idea donald trump is a conservative is a complete farcdestiny can i didn't go gop help turn things around a political analyst and lisa a republican strategy good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> hi. >> ellis your takeaway now we've got this independent calling donald trump dangerous. >> i think going to -- between 6 and 7 votes across america not a huge factor in the race,
6:37 am
but he does reflect the something an awful lot of segments what was traditional the republican political coalition is thumbing its nose at donald trump republican congress people business leaders, people in the intelligence community a lot of people say no, i am republican but i don't want that guy. >> lisa may be that is helping him as he stated yesterday, this is the establishment this is the elite, and people's minds they are the problem. >> some people's minds you -- >> exactly, and i think he should continue to cast them aside i don't think they are going to have any bearing in this general election if you look at polls tracking polls "l.a. times" reuters they have race statistical tie i think donald trump chg -- here the best thing that could happen to his campaign when you have a suborn candidate like donald trump sometimes getting teeth knocked in is best to force changes that need to happen
6:38 am
look at changes, at the are identifying first time voters turning those voters out, he beat hillary clinton, and direct contributions 59 -- 69% increase and small dollar donations needed to happen should be a sweet spot for his campaign, and, after not having been up on television hillary clinton and allies spent 235 million dollars collectively looking into prices potential going up into 17 different states alibis i think directional changes needed to happen for campaign to win a general election. >> a good point we've got to talk [primaries in wisconsin few other states high ooh house speaker paul ryan vying for 10th term against paul mellon, with donald trump endorsement impact results your maybing away on this in wisconsin, paul ryan is in a no offense to the donald i
6:39 am
don't think his o endorsement moves needle paul ryan up 66 points in a pol i think going to be fine has not taken eye off the district like eric cantor did when he lost. >> paul ryan will not be -- say that right now. >> -- you think he will win the primary alieeasily. >> will -- toor -- >> i think sensational the way this has been handled to say pale paul at risk whole republican party in disarray this is not a practice of point of that i think paul ryan will be fine so far ahead in polls you can't imagine why there was a story. >> so interesting about this and others not what it says about paul ryan what it says about trumpism, so trump is getting a lot of attention are we seeing a lot of other minime mini mes i don't see it in -- >> that is not true, because we saw even, yesterday when the release of donald trump
6:40 am
economic plan you have people like senator purdue, members of congress that put out statements, endorsing the economic plan, saying that this is the only pro growth plan any candidates have offered this economy that has seen 1.2 economic growth, and president obama going to go down as one of the pores presidents for economic growth, in our history of this great nation, so there was endorsements of ecic policies -- >> can you name a candidate who has embraced trumpism, his attacks on trade, and his other policies. >> you are saying a candidate, that -- >> a candidate a candidate who is -- you know who is trying to ride the donald trump coattails into a seat name a person out there doing. >> have a. >> everyone is going to be specific to the congressional district of the state that would be poor form for any candidate running in a state that is ask geographically different than various other parts of the country so a campaign that mimics donald
6:41 am
trump, paul ryan hold on hold on hold on. no. but even president obama didn't have that, please, but look you look at paul ryan has even resilientiterated some of d trump rhetoric in trade policies you are seeing candidate embrace some rhetoric. >> that is untrue. >> we are in a unique position with number of republicans, low have tried to create clear distance between themselves and party this is not normal, this is a sign of a nominee that a lot of people in the party, have strong reservations about. >> you do have that division within the democratic party do the convention all bernie sanders supporters out there. >> singing together now pretty much. >> i think that was very well orchestrated to see that way, when you were there people with signs taken away er proerts number say still not voting for hillary clinton
6:42 am
that are bernie sanders supporters i think a lot of division there. wondered what your comment trend with independents right now monmouth university pol has hillary clinton among registering voters with a 12-point lead right now, independents 32% supporting trump, 30%, supporting hillary clinton. trump had larger lead there not long ago. is that -- is that trouble for trump? >> no, i mean we are so far out from election day that anyone that is saying this race is over either you know getting -- if in media or dangerous for democratically party to view this race -- we aa test to this as well so far out if you look at tracking from l.a. times reuters they have a statistical tie right now a unique election, every day there is some sort of breaking news going to shape voters, opinion for that at a you also work at rise of independents in this country
6:43 am
as well people considering ask thelz independents donald trump has been about typically doing well with those people so early -- >> keep doing what you are doing that is all we can ask. >> stay tuned. >> -- thank you so much, thank you, do you think donald trump can take this back. >> absolutely i think we have seen this change, that is moment in election polls changing so rapidly he lost within a week that number of points can gain it right back. >> less than 30 minutes i will talk with doctnald trump right here, first military veterans taking on isis the fight against a isis getting a helping hand from former american soldiers making up one-third of the fighters more on efforts coming up, investors hoping box office victories make up the least quarters earnings what is about if expect we will preview in a minute.
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maria: welcome back expecting a he higher opening from broader averages take a look where we stand futures indicating a fractional move upside this morning, we've got earnings economic data on the docket, investors eyeing earnings from disney happening later at a a couple names on move this morning, disney is a dow component set to report after closing bell a thaird quarter earnings revenue expected up from a year early analysts top concern espn subscriber growth there, report first look at data from disney's park in shanghai opened in june, watching retail this morning gas wider than expected decline in july same-store sales sales down 4% in july compared to a year earlier, 14% dlain a dragging down overall sales for the most part gas retail nonfor the month of you july friday more than 100 americans reportedly fighting isis in irangry or syria here is the
6:48 am
story, good morning. >> good morning, maria new report says americans account for more than one-third of all western volunteer fighters many u.s. military veterans most serving in kurdish militias, iraq or syria u.s. state department strong owe discourages from traveling to that randomlying. >> girz pel from a fris we'll in eastern tennessee last night in a bats content dfrmd them out from a height of 35 to 45 feet photos on twitter show at least one ride basket nearly upside down police say the girls are alert, and talking to hospital staff pchanges to hulu the company is moving to all subscription model dropping, the free tv episodes that users have enjoyed since it launched nine years ago hulu announcing a deal to license it free content to yahoo!, which is
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maria: in 2014 more than 3,000 crashes about tributed to distracted driving, a new bill in new jersey, is proposing to cut down on
6:53 am
distracted driving, by not allowing to you drink coffee on the road, here is what the proposed bill states -- operator on moving mote vehicle shall not engage in any activity that interferes with safe operation of a vehicle on public road or highway joining us is attorney emily campano thanks for joining us. >> what is your take on this bill this will be enough to lower the amount of distracted driving dens, and what about that banning drink coffee on the road? >> well, i think this might have a he discernibility did he tierent affect we have yet to sea vote on it the be veryman that. >> terms of he did he tier he isn't a test to this i will bill would work that it can said we need a step back the coffee drinking is not specified as you just said
6:54 am
simply bars any type of activity that interferes with safe operation of the vehicle. and corollary to what is occurring in many other states with just distracted driving, opponents of the bill say well look, cops pull me over for seeing me do thinking this o could be open door to erode application, in terms of of the top's pursuance that potential yes, do i see it that is more of a catchall to make up for the advances not seeing a bill saying no snapchat meant to say focus on the road. >> o slippery slope. >> lvr one good thing not going to say whether or not this should happen or become law you are talking about steep fines, the first offense between 200 and 400 for taking a bite of a sandwich or sip of coffee this isn't doing anything that might detract you driving but good thing that it is doing, raising
6:55 am
awareness i am quite convinced based on eye contact before i cross a street there are a lot of distracted drivers whether people texting on cell phone doing make up in mirror whatever it may be is an issue causes a lot of deaths as far as imperceptiblying a law i don't know that i can agree. >> people need responsibility for actions. >> no makeup? >> well i think that -- distressed a lot of people. >> a traffic light thing. >> the other thing i think we know that texting and being on phone is one of the leading causes of accidents right now, we are not even able to enforce that, so you know, what are we going to do? every -- i think what we need to do is focus on awareness of that get people off phones, because stherth an example for children, and you know when kids first start driving, they are not they are not able there is so much simulation. >> referencing children there is no bigger detraction than two crying babies in backseat. >> can we go back to the
6:56 am
coffee thing that sounds like one of the dumbest ideas i heard. >> it is anything that is go, going to be a detraction. >> anybody cracks down on coffee, like that is what keeps a lot of us from running into people, keeps us awake. >> emily what is your take catches everything, but including something taking a sip of your drink. >> right, well a few things, so this really isn't targeting the person that is just drinking coffee driving along the road this is targeting that person that weaved over line to content copp spilled everywhere trying nope it up, in terms of the he seriousness this is campaign equivalent as such similar to fines levied when seat belt wearing was passed as law protested should i be able to do what i want the issue here that is this is as serious, this is the new jersey assemblyman saying 3,000 people died last year of 300,000 distracted driving accidents so this is just as
6:57 am
serious as wearing seat belt want fines to reflect the that, remember not a moving violation so won't affect insurance if you are caught detractored driving. >> good point thank you see you soon emily campana. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump will join me live on "mornings with maria". we'll be right back. stay with us for interview top of the hour. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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6:59 am
maria: welcome back it is tuesday, august 9 i am maria
7:00 am
bartiromo, here top stories 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. the economy, in focus, donald trump and hillary clinton sparring over their plans to jump startle economic growth in the u.s. >> all of you her policies should be geared for keeping jobs and wealth inside of the united states. >> under my plan no american company will pay more than 15% of their business income in taxes. >> he's got i don't know -- dozen or so economic he advisors hedge fund billionaire guys six di. >> guys, 6 named steve. >> stay with us for more on his economic plan more pain this morning for delta travelers hundreds of flights are delayed once again, after yesterday's global computer outage triggered 1,000 flight cancellation it is details
7:01 am
coming up a scary scene in scotland to report, oil rig runs aground traveling warned to stwai we bring thank you, mr. merger madness acquired by walmart walmart making a big bid to compete more effectively with alp horizon, with this deal markets in flat line fractionally better on the session, dow jones industrial average expected to open up 20 points this morning nasdaq s&p 500, fractionally in positive territory. investors gearing up for by these week of earnings economic data, set the phone for markets, in europe stocks are edging higher as you can see cac quarante up 2/3 of one per dax up almost 1% in asia markets he mostly higher as you can see, the standout there, the shanghai composite up 3e quarters of a percent fractional moves resiliency in for worries drivers in america, mississippi seconders
7:02 am
would in the country we tell you who is number one historical night in baseball consan francisco giant player message toing seven hits in one game we bring highlights, we've got top stories this morning, a look at markets, as well as the economy, as the candidates are sparring, on what it will take, to move economic greeting jon hilsenrath chief economic o correspondent for woej with us what is the most important item in terms of those of moving the kneeled on economic growth. >> i think the area where trump and hillary maight get things going corporate tax he reform boat agree corporate tax rate too high how do you do it what deductions do you get rid of we're ceasing movement from trump on that. >> we mother the business section, of the economy that has been really pressured why tax rate so important top story three months until
7:03 am
general election anti-trump rhetoric escalating, 15 national security officials cabinet nebraskas from george w. bush and richard nixon administration signed letter declaring not voting for donald trump here is the quote mr. trump lacks character values experience to be president. and that he would put at risk our country's national security and well being, here to respond to the letter is republican nominee donald trump himself joining me right now on the phone, thanks for spending the time joining us this morning. on the phone: good morning, maria. maria: i want to get your take off this 50 national security experts' letter how do you respond to this that they are saying, calling you dangerous that you are going to put the country at risk? on the phone: well i responded by saying that i wasn't using any of them they would have loved to have been involved with the campaign i wasn't juchg i had no interest using look where country is now national policy look what we
7:04 am
are in look where we are the mess we are in whetherly maine or anyone else these were people been there a long time washington establishment people that have been there a long time look at terrible job they've done i had planned that using any of these people i guess for the most part i haven't spoken to people i like to speak to a new group told group was not doing it take a look at maine mae take a look -- middle east take a look at problems that we have people doing it long period of time, so we and you know they don't feel relevant because of that form a group go out and try to get publishes for themselves, they hope that somebody else other than trump wins because that way they can get a job. >> i think you make a really good point it was that exactly what the people fighting against this elitism something that you have squarely put on front of the table here, let me get your --. on the phone: this is the way i won primaries i won primaries by fighting all of these insiders and people are rejecting insiders, you know i
7:05 am
got 14 million votes people are -- the most ever in the history of the primary system the republicans, and frankly, the people are fighting exactly what these people are doing. maria: yep, and congratulations, by the way, we were at convention watching you, and the bump that you government after the convention but here we are two, 1/2 weeks later and you have drooped in the polls mr. trump what is your plan to take control of this get back to where were you. >> i think just steadyness doing what i am doing getting massive crowds, in o detroit yesterday you know thought may be 100 people, you know with economic speech, so it was a he closed speech called could we have another 100 more another 500 more close to 2000 people a lot of people outside trying to get in, that is standard that is just a that is just sort of an speech standard the crowds getting are tremendous. so i don't know what that indicates but got to indicate something every arena sold
7:06 am
out, we are having 50, 18 -- 15, 18, 20,000 people not baked something going on out there we will find out november 8. >> one crux is 15% corporate tax rate you have to believe besides are going to start investing in their companies and in people. with that kind of a lure 15% let's talk about how you pay for your tax cuts mr. trump you know the committee are more responsible o budget saying it will cost 10 trillion dollars how much economic are getting do you think you could actually affect with this low tax rate. >> stlajs white now we have no growth the country is stagnant the worst in many years 19489 or 19 -- 1949 or 1947 many, many years no growth whatsoever. if china goes to 1%, you see well, i don't think they are capable going down to 13%, we are at 1% level china goes
7:07 am
down 207% they have a problem. >> right -- to 7% they have a problem once you get over that you have to do something what we have done is a very, very large and really cutting tax cut and for the businesses and for people for everybody businesses in particular, and the middle class in particular, and i think it is going to really push -- push the economy forward, i think going to push it forward big league trillions of dollars that is right now, at least 2 1/2 trillion could be five is outside of the country they can't get their money in, that money is going to come in a 10% tax to pay that money will come roaring in, too. >> you have been talking about that overseas for a while the primary season let me ask you about unveiling some names of people that you are thinking about, considering this -- mr. trump a lot of people believe that would really resonate to anybody who is skeptical of you today not sure they like what you are talking about in terms of immigration they like that a what you are talking about in
7:08 am
terms of taxes certainly business side radiate they are just not sure yet. would it by helpful to you to w of the names that you are going to surround yourselves request would that be helpful or something planning after labor day. >> we are waiting till september we've got graeth in times you know some. these are people current people not freedom the paust mentioned of about on the list. >> so you will the reveal that after september. >> i am going to veal economically, you know so we are instrumental helping what we did reviewed very, very strongly by a lot of people maria a lot of people are liking it a lot we have to do something, taxes are too high, we are one of the most highly taxed nations in the world we have to do something so going to be revealing aless probably september. >> hillary clinton went right on offensive going to detroit this week her tax plan wants
7:09 am
to raise taxes said in response to your plan mr. trump, that trickle down economics do not work, she says making an environment better for business is just not going to work. on the phone: well that is why we are so different we are different in many waze more ways than people understand i say not only will it work it will create tremendous amounts of jobs we are coupleing with other things smart cuts that will make it as good or better than it is right now for a lot mess money talking about other things having to do with military we do have to build up our military that is one thing we have to build it up. we need a military so badly, we have to build that up but we're talking about we defend nations, we defend many people, we defend many nations, and they don't pay us what they should be paying us for defense we have many things that we can do to strengthen what we have to strengthen. >> you do want to expand when it comes to military.
7:10 am
but in terms of raising rn elsewhere, where would you be cutting back? >> we are cutting back whether it is a penny plan is as simply as it is i sort of liked a penny dollar you do it for -- five years all of a sudden, out of expenses all of a sudden you are in a position where you know you've got down to a low number only thing i would do, we will negotiate tougher deals but got to spend on the military. >> lemon ask you about changes you played to the campaign mr. trump are we looking at a different mentality going into these final three months headed up to election? how are you going to change things, in terms of your own ground game on the -- on the ground, and in terms of of the people that you have with you, are you changing your own temperaturementing changes to get back where you are in polls. >> i think my temperature prement got me here a lot of
7:11 am
people in primaries, now, we have one person left, and we're actually doings pretty well there but we will see how it comes out we have, good state information we have good -- actually very good polling information we will see how it comes out you know you can't you don't want to i certainly don't think it is appropriate to start changing all of a sudden when you have been winning, many people now we are down to one, and we will see how it works out but i think it is going to work out well. maria: in terms of of the regulatory part of this yesterday you said you want to roll back regulations you also said you want to tap into energy story in the united states, when you say roll back regulations are you going to tell agencies to stop doing what they are doing in terms of enforcing these rules or are you going to rewrite them all because rewriting all these things like dodd-frank, obamacare i guess would be longer take more time. >> in some ways longer many ways -- obamacare is adisaster
7:12 am
the rates going through the roof premiums you can't use it don't get to use it look at what is going on, it is it is just -- it is going through the roof! , you take a look at -- a numbers the kind of numbers that people areing forced to pay, in texas almost a 50% increase. nobody has ever seen anything like it 16, 17, 18% is like routine. of the and now getting worse for next year going to be much worse next year so i really think you are better off doing a plan that works, that is much less expensive not even a good plan one thing to pay a lot of more than it is not even a good plan and costing the country a lot of money so we will see. >> how worried are you about the other races i mean a lot of people are concerned that gop will lose the senate, then, of course, we've got wisconsin voters today for the primary for paul ryan. you did endorse him, but we know that there has been an
7:13 am
icyness between two of you has what is your wake on the wise primary. >> i don't think icii in g, may be race reports that but released a good relationship i endorsed paul we have primaries it will be interesting to see how it comes out i would think paul would be in good shape. >> seeing, that the -- three the three rates you are going to do for tax plan 12, 25, 32% higher than some wanting in terms of of the top rate, but it is very much the same three rates house republicans proposed should we look at that, as -- as unity within party as people coming together, and getting behind. >> you well we are looking another rate zero for a lot of people that are not make have gone much money in big league, you have a zero for people that are not making very much money, and you know i think i think the rates are now at a legislatively that they are much lower, the business rate
7:14 am
fantastic a lot of business jobs plan got very good you reviews. >> mr. trump good to as you can with you thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate wait watching donald trump joining us right now, presidential nominee going to take short break and then, take a look at his proposals when we come right back, stay with us.
7:15 am
7:16 am
. >> welcome back more cancellation to say report delta working to restore
7:17 am
probations following a crippling power failure yesterday. >> good morning, delta says that it canceled nearly 250 flights today after the failure atlanta headquarters yesterday crashed many computers systems worldwide, about 1,000 flights canceled yesterday the airline is scrambling to find seats for 10s of thousand dollars whose flights were scrubbed yesterday delta handing out refunds ceo apologized to customers take a look how stock has done rough ride last year, former iranian president mahmoud, asking president obama to fix a u.s. supreme court ruling. in april high court here allowed families of americans killed if attacks linked to iran iranian sponsored
7:18 am
terrorism to collect. >> the name is a possible challenge to the iran election in may, officials in scotland warned sight series not to go near a rig ran abrowned in a storm teams are examining the platform under tow play on shore western scotland coast gawd blocked access to beach, 280 tons he diesel fuel the 17,000 top drilling rig detached from that augutugboat city founded american southeast contains some of the worse driers the study by financial technology firm smart asset looked at thing ditch ui, tickets percentage of people do not have car insurance.
7:19 am
the worst drivers are in florida, mississippi, oklahoma new jersey, and delaware, study found best drivers are in maine, i figured don't drive much because it smells all the time that is my logic. >> thank you merger madness walmart acquires we will look at the biggest m&a trends next, then dodoppy l on goofy in a disney show. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes?
7:20 am
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7:23 am
. >> more skonsolidation mall wart acquisition of later in string of deals in business according to s&p global market intejs 38 billion dollars announced deals will this keep up joining you attribute ventures general partner good to see you -- >> good morning. >> we know tech sector has cash perhaps one reason behind the deal, what would you attribute this spike in activity in tech? >> yeah maria you mentioned tesla bought solar city, and then now walmart buying jet 3.3 billion dollars, two-year-old company, what we see what connects two dots as well as microsoft buying linked in 26 billion all companies moving from information age to intel jen's
7:24 am
age. >> what do you have about walmart acquisition ofjetcom i have gone saying a direct result of the strengthen of amazon as walmart tries to fight back become competitive in the space isn't that right. >> you are zl right, a and as we view the landscape adjusting how this will affect other industries, is that walmart feels, hypothesis they need respond to amazon fast growth, last year amazon grew on its online retail by 13 billion dollars, according to some estimates, walmart online business is only 14 billion dollars. so you could think of amazon growing at the same size every jeer of the -- walmart, walmart bringing additional he expertise two-time e-commerce expert, and particular what he
7:25 am
is bringing to the table in this team is analytic technology that is the trend going on. >> you say moving from information age to an. >> where should they put money higher level over the last decade or two decades we have been in what has been called the information age. where we have been able to complement a lot more items collect more information particularly, online, so that we can now understand, behavior understand interest much better, the current way that is going on is result of he go amazing computing power lose to us bring knowledge to the information as zpl to think about prosecuting iphone 6s has ten seems computing
7:26 am
power of deep blue machine had in chess a couple days ago all technology aggregated to cloud much more thought, and targeting for what customers may want as well as what businesses may want. >> is that going all this intelligence is it going to kill the need for human beings to do things we expect them to do. >> yeah, that is awesome, question to ask, i disagree with the belief that will kill jobs i am probably more in camp of a gentleman kevin kelley founder editor of wire manager would argue in recent book this wave enables a different type of job the best performance of companies in this stemmings age matching a person with algorithm -- increased insight i am in that camp.
7:27 am
>> so -- meaning, technology based? >> yeah, it would be technology behaved important skills how you work with computers algorithms programs to bring are initially yain stooit human being would say has also a different point of view i would argue better point of view than any algorithm would come up with how do you use machines as tool to engage in this economy. >> good point thanks for joining us we appreciate it . >> thank you. >> up next latest polls show hillary clinton clinching a double digital lead social media trends shoe a different picture we will look at biggest trends leading up to general election, major layoffs to wounded warrior project more on the plan that could shake up the entire organization. back in a moment. ♪
7:28 am
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maria: welcome back. good morning. and maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, august 9th. republican presidential nominee donald trump detailing policy proposals earlier this hour and that will spur growth in the country. hillary clinton tax trump policy ideas in florida. >> trickle down economics does not help our economy grow. it does not help the vast
7:31 am
majority of americans, but it does really well for people already at the top. we are going to make the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes for a change. maria: a look at how voters feel, but not just in the polls. what americans say in social media coming out. isis now reportedly planning an attack on the miss universe pageant. an overhaul to the wounded warrior project after concerns about the group spending. how many jobs of the effect that coming up good markets have earned him a spot i'm pretty much extend in the recent rally we've seen for u.s. senate. dow industrials open up 20 points. investors direct for earnings and economic data within the retail sector. stocks are edging higher. take a look. the dax up three quarters of 1% and in asia overnight the markets mostly higher with the exception of hang seng in hong kong. it happened in at the happiest
7:32 am
place on earth. dopey to consolidate this at the disney show tuesday. in baseball, one favorite cisco giants player seven hits in one game. all the highlights coming up this morning. another added dimension to the twists and turns of the 2016 election. this social media a better indicator of who will win? we'll bring in my experiment to strategy analytics ceo. good to see you. do you think social media is a strong indicator? >> and not ideological. my numbers tell me that this is donald trump's election to lose. he may lose say, that is dominating the conversation since the convention 77%. 23% about hillary clinton. maria: even if it's positive or negative, does he dominate the conversation.
7:33 am
>> i tell corporate clients you want high satisfaction time you have to start with low. he looks like he is body he is body may not and we will have a major reset these debates. what they hillary's done his it's all about you like trump come you don't like job. every discussion. sandra: a lot of that is due like hillary don't like hillary. that's not the issue. the issue is can they vote for trial. that's a great debate on social media. we have so many organizations doing polling. we are not getting out the true conversation. right now is socially correct answers. that's why it's such an
7:34 am
important period. that's the first debate. that's an everyone will have a reset head-to-head. >> it looks like the people are coming up at the camp because her poll numbers are growing up. whether people are over polling or not, while social media numbers are coming up, his hair going down. how do you reconcile the movement? >> you know that it's happening on election day. we may be seeing the same phenomenon where people can't say on the internet or the interviewer that they are voting for trump. this discussion going on where they are weighing the pros and cons of trump. right now he is dominating him and he cannot go for a traveler can i not here trained to a number of economic acts as i've said many look at the website and policy proposals, there is that one thing that will lead to economic growth.
7:35 am
>> allowed us different things going on. right now they are not on the tax. the poll numbers are consistent. if we look at the sentiment i candidates at the same level of positive, negative, mutual discussion. hillary's numbers are higher and untrustworthy. we have to see what happens. >> you compare dates. how does the political arena affair from the corporate arena. >> the decision-makers code every day. in politics one day which is why it works an advantage because and corporate wealth every day decides they are going to buy this stock. >> don't you think social media is one of those things that is dominating an intensely following this. to see this favoring donald trump, does not mean he's got
7:36 am
stronger advocates? >> i went to be very clear. i am looking up the volume. he is dominating 77 to 23. there is a discussion going on right now. he made those that discussion. at the end of the day, americans decide that is not. we have to look at what the discussion is like in real size he's drowning her out. >> the interesting point is is dominating a discussion and not pay this to economic issues. he got everybody's attention and apathy has a section about economic issues. maria: that's what he needs to do. now he needs to convince them his policies are the ones to make the change. >> august of last year we were having the same discussion. we came in and talked about the wall of trump and said not possible. and then he got the nomination.
7:37 am
we are seeing a similar pattern. this is not following a previous election. we have to watch other conversation goes. the most engaged people are also the voters. we see the politicians, people who have been with the voters? >> as far as social media used by the candidate, game changer as far as presidential election. donald trump has far more twitter followers than hillary clinton. he has changed the game as far as using social media as a tool to run for the biggest office in the land. >> in nice here. the question is will he be successful. if i work in a brooklyn i'm not measuring it yet. maria: social media volume has declined since the convention, right? what is that about? >> there's intense discussion and the republican convention.
7:38 am
it's died down a little bit. i stopped measuring sunday. i stopped measuring sunday so it will pick again this week. what we are seeing is we are having the discussion. it is happening right now. and the challenge will be arguing for that discussion? last week was a rough week for donald trump. this week he did drown her out. again, his challenge is to get to the debate and have a reset. there's three debates three september 26, october 4th, october 9th. americans make decisions on those days. those could be super bowl numbers. sandra: what are they searching for when they search donald trump fill in the blank. >> i was really surprised. one of the most significant hash tags is shea, make america great
7:39 am
again. i googled it to find out what it was. when i look at the top teams coming up, hillary is not part of that discussion. maria: shocker. >> is getting peoples attention. is it negative attention or positive attention? maria: that doesn't matter. >> for another conversation is three to one negative. they have very similar numbers. >> is instead of better strategies to keep their mouth shut. >> they have to be present in every day. my issue is hillary is having a problem breaking her in getting her ideas out. they both made speeches yesterday. this is getting significantly more coverage. will he be able to pull it
7:40 am
together in the republican primaries? we thought he did a similar strategy in august, september, october and then he ranted up and started to win. will that happen again? we don't know yet. trade to interesting stuff. coming up, isis calls for attacks on miss universe pageant in the philippines. more on the alarming thread again. team usa's remaining gold. we'll break down the biggest moments from rio straightahead. stay with us. ♪
7:41 am
across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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♪music ♪music thank you dear, very much
7:43 am
♪music you're welcome ♪music thank you ♪you make me feel so young look who's coming... ♪you make me feel so spring has sprung♪ ♪and every time i see your face♪ ♪i'm such a happy individual you're not fooling anybody, you know ♪the moment that you speak ♪i wanna go play... maria: is now calling on attack in a major event. dagen mcdowell with headlines. >> the terror group urging to
7:44 am
target the miss universe contest in the philippines and a secret jihadist social media site the author encourages isis supporters to launch attacks at the event. the miss universe pageant scheduled for january 2017 in that country. also offering a video on how to make suicide belt. the wounded warriors project plan layoffs after it's been in was called into question. the charity's new chief executive told the florida times union the layoff will follow a restructuring of the group. michael lynne intensin the middt that includes meeting with veterans, donors and other groups that help wounded troops. hired after the group ceo and chief operating officer were fired after questions about their spending practices. these reports say the fire executives are profiting from veterans and spent money for extravagaextravaga nt parties and mass this minute business class air travel. walt disney company to report a
7:45 am
third order results after the closing bell today. investors listening for news on disney's sports network espn facing a decline in subscribers. speaking of disney, scary moments at disney world in florida went to be took a tumble at disney world. it happened during a performance at disney world's hollywood studios. you can see dopey falling under the railing of the top level of the steamboat to the one below on top of the goofy as the other characters continue dancing. the actors were treated at the scene and released. you mean to tell me those are actors in those suits? i'm glad everybody is okay. maria: and dopey. >> it was sent last fall. it's dopey.
7:46 am
up next, san francisco giants and a cap last night the first major leader of wordy one years to get seven hits in a game. more on this date in a straightahead. details on the latest amazed at the airport after yesterday's global commuter outraged triggered the outage triggered outrage. back in a minute. ♪
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maria: welcome back. a golden night for summers in rio. the highlights of last night's olympic action and sports headlines. >> like the song says, all that litters the school. not only as team u.s.a. dominated in basketball, but an equally large splash. last night in the 100-meter breaststroke, willie kings scored the fifth gold. the olympics for the united states she held off brush and by half a second. not long ago she served a 16 month suspension for doping, got busted again this year for the same substance that landed cher poe a two-year suspension. after the race, king said you wave your finger number one and you've been caught cheating. i'm not a fan. congratulations, lilly king. ryan murphy gave his sixth straight home on the 100-meter breaststroke.
7:51 am
that's an olympic record. american david palmer won the bronze. ballot tonight team. that affects more than china for the most of the rio olympics tied for the lead and gold. 15 gold medals today up for grabs them and sports including more spending by michael phelps will be going for gold and a 200-meter butterfly. team u.s.a. did not fare so well in men's gymnastics. they finished at an final competition. jamal fell from the horizontal bar appeared women's gymnastics are coming up tonight. major league race fall. brandon crawford did something that no major league player had done in 41 years. that is the seventh head of the game. he went seven for eight against the miami marlins, delivered the game-tying hit in the 14th inning. unbelievable night for brandon crawford. first you do this since 1975. and may seem like the 11th hour, but former quarterback tim
7:52 am
tebow is doing just this apparently in the last half-hour. we saw this from espn adam shafter. tim tebow actively pursuing a career in professional baseball and plans to hold workouts for major league ace ball teams later this month. so he's working on the show with the homes, the home show, doing football now. king tim tebow become a baseball player. >> did he played in college? >> tim tebow baseball reminds me of john elway who assigned to the new york yankees. >> michael jordan try to make a transition. sandra: i saw him play. >> that's a big deal. people can be so successful i didn't think i can do this too. it's very difficult to achieve such a level of success at two sports that people spend their
7:53 am
whole lives trying to get. >> may be of some of show. father tim tebow to baseball. sandra: these are a superior athlete to think they could be good in a couple sports doesn't shock me. i digress. >> the soccer star shining a gigantic deal returning to manchester united so this becomes a new deal. over $131 million in the record contract. maria: how much time is that? what is the length of the contract? >> at about the length of the deal. he's going back to manchester united after some time away. soccer money isn't as big as some of the money we have. he probably would succeed at that. everything he touches turns to gold. i spent some time with him when he was a quarterback and he's
7:54 am
especially human being as the people who really tout him as being so special. he really is. sandra: his philanthropic efforts with kids alone is amazing. he's a good guy. maria: good story. jared max. when they come back, mike huckabee will react to donald trump's response to changes in his campaign strategy. his plan to unify the party. governor huckabee's comments. keep it right here. "mornings with maria" continues. ♪
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
maria: welcome back. i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday august 9th. 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump fires back over in a letter saying trump would be the most reckless president in american history. >> i wasn't using any of them. they would have loved to be involved in the campaign. no interest in using that you look where we are on policy, defense, look at the mess we are in the third the middle east or anyone else. these are the people have been married long time. look at the terrible job they've done. maria: trump went into detail with me on this economic puzzle. hillary clinton attacking
7:58 am
transplant and values. >> this election does come down to what kind of people we are and our country. what kind of values we really cherish. and i am proud to be on the side of those who want to build a positive, optimistic future, want to get the economy working for everybody, not just those on the top. train to the very latest coming up on the race to the white house. travelers and delta airlines. after yesterday's global computer outage triggers wombats and flight cancellations. details coming up. a wildfire devastating california. the police were seen at commack highway to close. top technology ceo facing cyberthreats whether the information is safe if they get hacked. we are talking to one mcdonald's franchise owner whose offering items you won't find anywhere
7:59 am
else including all-you-can-eat price. one mainstay falling to the wayside you will put them in our teaching handbags and what it means for giants like michael quarries and kate spade as they report earnings. mark is looking higher. futures hovering around a flat line of the teams have improved in the last hour. the dow jones industrial average up in my 25 points. in europe, stocks edge higher. take a look. the dax and germany up 4%. cac in paris that two thirds of 1%. mostly better performance as a nation with the exception of the hang seng down a fraction. although stories this hour with me this morning fox business network sandra smith. chief economic correspondent john hilsenrath and beat carter. it's interesting to hear donald trump talk about his economic plan. >> absolutely. there are things that did not. he talks about the ones that plan about cutting government
8:00 am
spending back as a way to get rid of the dead. he wants to increase military spending, infrastructure spending and keep entitlements spending on track. i don't know how you get the one sent plan. sandra: pressed him on what kind of growth over the kidnap. he said what you mean. anything is better than what we have today. we have stagnant wrote today, which is a fair point. i would love to hear how much he thinks this will grow the economy. maria: the road to the bypass of the anti-trump rhetoric rhetoric and the gop escalating sap top republican officials including cabinet members from george w. bush and richard nixon administration have signed an open letter declaring they will not go for donald trump. >> look at the middle east and these are the people that have been there a long time.
8:01 am
book at the terrible job they have done. i hadn't planned on using any of these people. for the most part i haven't spoken to any of these people because i'd like to speak to a new group. take a look at the problems we have been the last people i want to use as a people who have been doing it for the last one. of time. they don't feel relevant because of that and the former group in the garage and get some publicity for themselves. they hope that somebody else other than trump wins because that way they can get a job. maria: former arkansas governor mike huckabee. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, maria. great to be on. maria: it is true many of those people were in positions of power during a moment in time when things did get worse. what do you make of this latest gop lack of unity with the 50 names on this open letter today calling donald trump dangerous
8:02 am
to the contrary. >> well, there is no secret that there's people in the establishment republican elite who just don't like donald trump. they don't like anything about them. the biggest reason they don't like them if they can't control him. i think that's a good thing. we need a disrupted election. we need some disruption in the institutionalism of washington because it has failed us. political ,-com,-com ma financial and media. they are all failures. as a result, americans are feeling they have been the ones who have paid the price, suffered the most and they just look and watch as people and institutions just do fine. there is a real fear in washington not to donald trump will a fear he will wind shake up things that we needed. maria: i talked to him about the economic plan. when it comes to national security, what is he going to do to resonate with voters that
8:03 am
that message. i said to have would've come out with a list of people you're considering. we will do that after labor day. we will, with the names that will be part of my cabinet. would that be enough to turn the tide? we know is that a tough two weeks. >> he has, but he really turned it around with this speech last friday night and a speech in detroit yesterday which i thought was terrific and they got a very, very clear diametrically opposed plans to hillary clinton's denmark, taxed more. hillary is to grow. if you want to get the economy to churn for workers and put them back on jobs that pay a decent salary, but you heard including child care expenses, that is money in the pockets of working people. that is something folks can get their arms around. maria: i moderated one of the debate they had to vent and we
8:04 am
talked about you are protecting 6% growth as a result of your flat tax. what kind of growth are we looking at if see donald trump elect a president and everything he laid out in a speech yesterday. i'm struggling to find that the campaign is putting out areas projected growth. >> well, i'm not an economist which makes me smarter than most people who are communists because they seem to always get it wrong. and economists will say this month they are surprised at the results. sandra: john sullivan of "the wall street journal," don't be offended. >> you is what we can look at. if you cut tax rates, especially proposing cutting the corporate tax rate down to 15% from the start bringing business back elsewhere. let me put it in terms any consumer understands. if you buy a television set in one place is selling the tv for
8:05 am
$700, next or they sell it for $500. where do you buy the exact same television? you buy it at the place sign up for $500. you don't have to be a genius or an economist. why are people moving businesses overseas? we at the highest corporate tax rate in the world. one thing we have to make sure people understand. corporations don't pay tax. they never have. they build attacks in the goods and services and pass it on to the end-user. when people say corporations get a tax cut, they are going to get lower prices on the things they buy that they buy better made and served in america because of the corporations pay the tax cometh a pass on the tax. it is really that simple. maria: i want to retake because i asked him about the economic plan and how much economic growth might be see as a governor business tax. this into this. >> is going to really push the economy forward and i think it
8:06 am
will push it forward in a big way. trillions of dollars outside of the country. that money is going to come in. that money will come in borrowing, too. maria: this is an area of the economy that hasn't had much in the end. they might move the needle on that. >> the only movement we've seen is the money moving out at the u.s. and going to a safer haven where they are not punished for being profitable. that is the simple reality that donald trump has proposed. for people who look at it objectively because i just don't like donald trump and there are those at the 14 people which i thought was a complement to the message. you must not be seen anything of consequence. people with common sense can understand if you cut the tax
8:07 am
rates, but he's also talking about a significant tax reduction for working people and different practice they bring the tax rates down, more money in their pocket, and employers more likely to hire them because they have money to hire them. businesses would like to hire people that they can afford to. there is a double benefit. they start earning money. number two they started back up so they double benefit when people are working rather than a check from the government. >> in addition to his tax plan, he'd say that spending on infrastructure and his platform on trade. basically we know conservatives are opposed to this. how do you think is going to reach them? >> well, i don't nobody ever will. some people are so philosophical
8:08 am
they've never gotten out of their ivory towers and gone down to see concrete. one of the people to work? build roads and bridges. somethings you can't outsource. you cannot outsource construction in the towns across america. you can't do it. you can say to the chinese built as a bridge and ship it over. build us an airport and fly again. the point is infrastructure is important not only to creating an economic skeleton so we can build an economy, but with interest rates near zero, this is a great time to do it. the problem is obama so miserably failed because he was getting a new infrastructure. he passed out funny money to people who wasted it. they didn't build anything. maria: we heard so much about the struggle of any jobs. >> there were shovels already. but they were shoveling the something we can't say on air. >> governor, you are pushing a simpler tax code.
8:09 am
part of trump's plan is productions for childcare. how do you feel about that? does that fit together with the three brackets? >> overall it does. most families today have to win, earners if you have a husband and wife. even if you have a single mom. the cost of childcare is unbelievable. i have five grandkids so i hear this from my children dealing with their children as they try to raise them and make ends meet. the cost of childcare has gone exponentially up for what it was when my wife and i raised their three children. as a result of the, it's very difficult for younger families to take the next step on the economic ladder. but sadly there's not going to solve other problems, but it will certainly help them. why should we make some kind of recognition that is strong, stable families very good thing. not just for our economy.
8:10 am
that's a good thing for civilization and culture. >> doesn't undermine the principle of simplifying the tax code. as a conservative, how do you feel about living in the opposite direction of simplifying the tax code. >> is a conservative guy with amplified the tax code. i was a strong proponent, still am at the fair tax, which is the simplest of all. we are not going to get that right now. if we have an element of the tax code which rates are dramatically lowered and we do simplify it, but we also recognize the value of families and working families than the cost of childcare. i don't have a big problem with that. one thing i learned in government after having hot dog with 90% legislature, you never get anything you want. people who think that will get nothing but make it everyday of their political lives. you go for what they can to make it happen.
8:11 am
this is very doable. this is attractivattractiv attractive to republican family democratic families as well. maria: governor, good to see you. governor mike huckabee, thanks for joining us. a turbulent travel day for a second day in about. the young man struggles to recover from yesterday's massive outage. major technology ceos find it into cyberattacks. is your information safe with you can't even protect themselves? we will tell you what they need to know. back in a moment. stay with us. ♪ if you have medicare
8:12 am
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because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long.
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dagen: headlines for you and more cancellations today from delta. delta canceling 250 flights a day after the power failure yesterday at atlanta headquarters. crash computer systems for the air then worldwide. the systems are back up another airline is scrambling to find seats for the tens of thousands of passengers whose flights were scrubbed yesterday. delta has been handing out refunds in travel vouchers and the company ceo has apologized to its customers. thousands of homes may be in danger from a southern california wildfire. the fire burning in the san bernardino mountains across the mojave desert to las vegas, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of homes.
8:15 am
residents of 5000 more words guys that they may want to evacuate as well. the fire that broke out sunday was just 6% contained. shares of waste their time doing near 10% in premarket trading after the company reported a wider than expected loss for its last quarter. revenue for the retailer did manage to top expectations. we will hear from alibaba on thursday before the opening bell. analysts looking for the e-commerce giant compared to a year ago. this song streamed more than 40,000 times after the rio olympics kicked off. ♪ supermodel bunch and walked on stage doing her cap off during the opening ceremonies. after that, spotted via says there is a 1200% increase in the
8:16 am
tracker string for the tracker string for the track at the grammy-winning song was released in 1964 and was actually written about a woman who used to hang out on the beach. she is like a 71-year-old grandmother and she still looks incredible. i just type picture of her. maria: is one of my favorite songs. seeing how gorgeous she looks at what poise, would that make you want to download that song. sandra: that may just ask you, move the bus, what movie is this playing in the elevator? dagen: is actually in a lot of films. i immediately know which one you are talking about because you were a chicago girl.
8:17 am
>> movies for 200. i love movie lines. did everybody see the opening ceremony? >> i saw some of that. dagen: i saw that. >> i wasn't paying attention to this song. maria: you were watching. we will take a short break. is your private information safe? top technology ceos with a cause for concern. one mcdonald's franchisee owner shaken things up that could inspire changes across the country. back in a minute. ♪
8:19 am
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comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. maria: welcome back. we've been hacking attacks used by the top ceos in the technology industry is forcing a change in how this country is that to protect their user base. facebook ceo zuckerberg, jack dorsey already sent targets of hacks. it is stored on the so-called dark web with recent reports that up to 200 million yahoo! user accounts have also been compromised. joining us now is intelligence operated via gabrielle. good to see you. this is a new way of life, right? make sure to get the bad guys online is a different strategy than what you're doing a traditional scenario.
8:22 am
>> we don't have a cyberpolice looking for criminals. this is the new way people commit crimes. not just a cyberbattlefield we deal with when we think about a safe and using cyberto recruit people. we have to protect your own identities because it's so convenient that would make purchases and communicate to our e-mail accounts. now we have to find better ways to protect our security. maria: are we doing that? >> that's a good question. i've been looking into this. when i got my most recent iphone, and the death of thumbprint technology. this seems like a pretty secure way to protect yourself except when you think about it come a password is something i can memorize and write them on a piece of paper and put in a secret location. by thumbprint of february go. a hacker can take the thumbprint off the glass screen for my iphone, take a picture and re-create the thumbprint.
8:23 am
where we are going when it comes to technologies, companies looking to biometrics, facial recognition. mastercard is using a program and you make an online purchase this and sent me to your phone and then you have to take a stealthy. there's things like harpy recognition, voice recognition. where this is going to protect yourself, first of all there's really no way. there's always a way to circumvent it. you want to make it as hard as possible for criminals to get into your account. you want to be somebody who changes passwords regularly. potentially the best future for this is the multiple ways of recognizing someone. for example, a password and something about than your cell phone in one of these other technologies for multiple technologies because hackers are smarter and smarter about how they access information. maria: people are naturally driven to a iris scans because right now they see the average person has 70 passwords written
8:24 am
down, memorized. >> of many show the companies that the force password changes. >> if they concocted by thumbprint, how far away -- sandra: that to me sounds like a much smaller percentage. that's not why cannot i read them. >> ahmed trinh said then becomes, the more susceptible, the more sensible make for hackers to come up with ways to overcome it. if everyone is using thumbprint, hackers will use the technology. it's about using things that are less mainstream. the passwords are really not bad. as much of a pain as it is, you can remember the password, but one of the things i read this if you are writing done a password and you hide it in some location, you have much less chance of someone finding the
8:25 am
password if it's unique and not across multiple accounts. hackers can get into these linked in passwords, et cetera and say she likes to use the word cat or variations of cap. every likes to use 12345. maria: that take the most popular password. >> nobody will think that i have that. maria: startups, like for example tokyo-based liquid and are rolling out fingerprint-based security technology. the military already using to identify people. how prevalent are successful will the hackers be at copying the thumbprint? >> this is military technology. my assessment in my experience in the intelligence industry that once something becomes mainstream, it is practically obsolete. the military is moving onto
8:26 am
bigger and better things. the military just signed a contract to develop surveillance biometrics essentially we're not just being able to recognize someone but essentially from satellites. the military's onto bigger and better things. by the time he gets fingerprint technology, companies come up with voice recognition. facial recognition, behavioral biometrics. what you might take on your computer, that kind of thing. palm recognition and harpy recognition. once it comes to biometrics, once yours are essentially stolen, that's who you are. that's her identity. a lot of people who study this and write about hacking figure biometrics are you wired and make cybercriminals able to target you individually to person. maria: really interesting stuff. coming up next, from theme parks
8:27 am
a cord cutters. the head of disney earnings this afternoon. an impact tomorrow. john hilsenrath, this is one of the import earnings. >> they. >> they are losing the brick-and-mortar race. consumers you will see how they behave. maria: we are going to watch it, too. how one mcdonald's franchisee could be inspiring at a store near you. back in a minute. ♪
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8:30 am
>> welcome back, happy tuesday, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, august 9th. here are your top stories, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the economy in focus. donald trump and hillary clinton spar over their plans to jump start economic growth in the country. >> that's why we're so different. we're different in many ways, more than people understand. not only will it work, it will create tremendous amounts of jobs. we're coupling this with other things, smart budget cuts, budget cuts that will make it just as good or better for a lot less money. >> i believe that we can create more good jobs with rising
8:31 am
income and i intend to work with the republicans as well as the democrats in washington to create more jobs for people willing to work hard than we've had since world war ii. maria: all right, donald trump joined us earlier to take up his economic plan. we've got a closer look at both plans coming up. menu changes at mcdonald's helping win the burger wars. one franchisee owner is taking it to another level. and more women ditching their handbags. and what it means for coach. retail, once again under pressure this morning. disney is going to be one to watch tonight. the p can reporting after the closing bell. what investors are looking for and what it tells about the economy. the broader markets looking higher.
8:32 am
futures indicating a higher opening for the dow jones industrials still. nasdaq and s&p 500 showing fractional gains. a busy week of earnings and at the end of the week retail sales for july is out. and the dax in germany up almost 1% and in asia mostly higher with the exception of the hang-sang in hong kong. i spoke with donald trump in the last hour about making changes to his campaign strategy. here is what he told me. >> you can't and you don't want to, i certainly don't think it's appropriate to start changing all of a sudden when you've been winning. i've beat many people and now we're down to one and we'll see how it works out, but i think it's going to work out well. maria: and here is lee carter, pollster this morning. do you agree with that strategy? >> i do. he's got to be who he is. i think if he goes off strategy, it's going to seem inauthentic and it's one of those things that doesn't resonate with voters. i think the thing he has to do
8:33 am
is almost-- got a shock collar for him, stay who you are and when you go too far, reel it back in. maria: i feel there's a pivot, that he's trying to focus on the issues, the economy, national security and not get distracted by the noise. >> i don't know if i'm ready to declare a pivot because his instinct is to engage in these issues around him. we'll see if he can stay on message. sandra: he resonates with people with straight talk and simple terms. as far as his economic speech yesterday, i didn't see any change in that. there was a change in tone and those who held out. let's see if you can look more presidential in the general election, maybe yesterday was the first try in this. maria: how many days until the election? you said earlier you think he can actually change this and
8:34 am
reverse whatever he lost? >> we've seen the polls go all over the place, we go from him on top and ten days later, he's ten points behind, but i think the one thing that we know is that people's minds keep changing in this election. we've seen voters have changed their minds between hillary clinton and donald trump. we're seeing people that invested and donated money to bush and other republicans are now donating to clinton and you just can't imagine-- the change is just, it's constant, evolving and people are looking at this moment to moment. it's unlike anything that we've seen, these kinds of swings in a day. maria: how damning is the open letter by national security people? >> use that to his advantage. these are old establishment people. maria: a good answer. >> and i think that worked very well for him, it's resonating with the public. >> it reestablishes him as the outsider which is what he needs to do. maria: all right. >> we want to talk about this,
8:35 am
fast food is going high-tech. an mcdonald's of the future recently opened in missouri, customers use interactive kiosks, creating their own drinks and for a limited time, all you can eat french fries. >> great to be here, maria. maria: so tell us what you're trying to do. >> you know, we set out to reimagine what an mcdonald's experience can be. great tasting foods, in a modern and inviting atmosphere and to top it off, endless fries. maria: that works. sandra: chris, how is it working out so far? >> it's been amazing. the demand has just been off the charts. we have lines out the doors. folks are really excited about the new mcdonald's that we've created. you know, when you walk into
8:36 am
the restaurant, you have interactive kiosks, you can design the burger of your dreams and go to the refill station, you can customize your coca-cola with flavor shots and in the party room for kids, rediscover your creativity on mini light board tables and interactive games. we have an interactive experience. >> chris, are you going for a different kind of consumer? in the past, mcdonald's competed on price to get the low cost meals. it looks like you're going high end. why are you going that way? >> i think it's important that we blend the lines between quick service and fast casual. the consumer that we're after. i think that consumers in general are looking for more inviting atmosphere in the experience. maria: earlier this year, ceo ed ramsey was with us.
8:37 am
he discussed higher impact on the industry. i want your take on that and get your reaction. listen to this. >> i was at the national restaurant show yesterday. if you look at the robotic devices could manying into the restaurant industry, it's cheaper to buy a $35,000 robot than it is to hire an employee who is inefficient making $15 an hour bagging french fries. it's nonsense and it's destructive and inflationary and cause a job loss across this country like you're not going to believe. maria: chris, how much of this is the fact that technology is a good antidote to higher wages for employees? >> you know, we've integrated technology in the restaurant. i can tell you, i've never met a robot that can do what our amazing staff can do. the kiosks, it's kind of a
8:38 am
misnomer. people think of them as job killers, but it's really for personalization and customization for our customers. we hired over 100 people for this particular restaurant and we're continuing to hire. so there are fantastic opportunities at mcdonald's. it's a great place to have a career and flexible job if you're interested. i don't envision a time anytime soon when we'll replace our wonderful staff. maria: what about $15 minimum wage? >> yeah, you know, i think -- as an entrepreneur, i'm focused on my restaurant and our community. i have a feeling those things will work themselves out. we offer very competitive wages. tremendous opportunities for advancement and frankly, mcdonald's is a great place to work. if you're interested in flexible career or to be a part of our leadership team, it's a great place to work. >> so one of my questions, we're seeing trends toward, not only people wanting healthier
8:39 am
foods, but healthier agreement. and i know it's an effort to meet that trend, but what kind of an impact does that have on you? >> i think it's fantastic. as an entrepreneur, i love to be able to serve food that i feel good about and feels good you can see the campaign that was launched last week with our simple ingredient, simple is better and i think you'll find that that's a trend that continues with being m dondz. maria: chris, great to have you on the program. do you have more technology? >> i have my hands on the future in st. louis. maria: coming up, we've all been there trying to catch a flight. one passenger took it to a whole new level. coming up. ♪
8:40 am
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>> welcome back. we're 45 minutes away from the opening bell on a tuesday. markets are expected to open higher. take a look at names on the move. at disney, the dow component will report quarterly numbers and that's the fiscal third quarter revenue after the close tonight. they are expected to rise from a year ago numbers. analyst's top concerns, spooesp and subscriber growth. and disney's theme park in shanghai. valeant will try to restore investor confidence. earlier this year the company came under fire for business practices, including sharp increases in prices. the clock boy suing irving, texas as well as school officials. dagen: that's right, armand is
8:44 am
accusing the city and school of violating his civil rights. the muslim student was arrested last year for bringing a homemade clock to school after being accused of making a fake bomb. he was later invited to the white house, google world headquarters. a spokesperson for the school district says that attorneys will review the lawsuit and determine a course of action. what do you do if you miss your flight? most people just go to the counter and redevelop another flight, but one passenger at an airport near madrid decided to try and catch the plane, running down the tarmac. he missed his air flight, jumped the jetway onto the tarmac and bolts across the tarmac until he gets to two airport employees standing off to the side of a ryanair jet pushed out for takeoff. it's probably a good assumption that the man did not board the plane. it's not known if he faced charges for his actions. we know that dolphins are smart
8:45 am
if not playful. check this out. tar at t t the dortch reached up to snap her ipad, much to her surprise. incredible, on top of that, watch, the dolphin seems to be celebrating his or her fun as it switches around afternoon ward. another visitor who often goes there, shot the video and never seen anything like it before. no word on the ipad. maria: the ipad with the water-- >> i think he didn't want to be photographed. >> you know what, if you try to take my photo when i have no makeup on, that's exactly what-- . [laughter] >> unbelievable. sandra: the guy on ryanair jet, what did he think was going to happen when he reached the airplane? they're going to drop down the stairs, come on up?
8:46 am
>> how did he get on the runway, did he this close the doors. maria: national security upsets there, that close to the jet. they were going to let him on the plane? >> i did that once actually. dagen: this plane was pulling away, going to my brother's wedding and i ran on the tarmac and i missed it. i got on the flight and the pilot actually drove me home, go uusa. maria: and handbags, we hit the street to find out. a group in china setting a record for the most robots dancing simultaneously. according to the guinness book of world records, nearly doubled 540. they were required to dance in unison for 60 seconds. ♪
8:47 am
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> welcome back, shares of coach down 3% after the luxury brand, beating profit expectations, but missing on sales numbers. they're expecting low single digit sales growth as department stores ditch luxury handbags, going to pressure of consumers. good morning, cheryl. >> good morning, maria. i was looking at the stock premarket, it's falling. it got an initial pop. north american sales were better this time around than in 2015 so you had a 2% gain year over year for sales.
8:51 am
overall, the problem with coach and michael kors and kate spade, you've got a younger consumer who are not as interested in the beautiful bags. they were up 2015. and back in 2012 it was a gain of 16% growth in the market. which is incredible to me. also, if you look at a report from goldman sachs, they said that hand bag sales were falling flat, in particular with teen girls. what we're seeing overall, consumers aren't interested in luxury bags or if they are, they're waiting for them to go on sale. now, you mentioned macy's. we'll be hearing from moist sis obviously by the end of the week, before the bell. michael kors will be before the bell. they're under pressure and the consumer at macy's is so used to getting a deal. they don't want to pay full price and that's hurting the bottom line.
8:52 am
maria: first of all, have you ditched your high end hand bag, cheryl? >> not yet. >> it looks like people are doing that. it is-- >> i'll tell you what's happening. we were talking to folks this morning, women, how are they shopping. let's listen to what they told us about looking for bargains. >> oh, i always try to wait for a discount. >> have a better deal, so-- >> as you can get it on the real and good condition, then it's worth the wait. >> so that's the deal, maria. if i can go to gail's, to the-- remember, coach owns stuart wiseman, my favorite shoes, lost on the rollercoaster. if i can get them for half off i'm going to do it. that's what the ladies were telling us this morning.
8:53 am
maria: it's for value for sure. it's about our changing habits. you mentioned something earlier that, you know, the phone and then the wallet-- >> the wallet, the phone and that's all she wants to go out with. maria: and i love by big bag. >> i carry the turducken of the bags in a bag, in a bag. >> cheryl lost her shoes on the rollercoaster. maria: we had her live on the rollercoaster, and she lost her shoe. sandra: i think it's an excuse-- not cheryl, by the way. when you hear coach, the sales are down, the psychology of the teenage girl is changing. i think that coach, also, if you look at their window right now where cheryl is standing, i went by there and they've changed. you know. maria: a lot of the same stuff. sandra: they have a huge international consumer market. maria: for sure.
8:54 am
sandra: i think they do half their sales oversees, charles payne follows this closely. i would look at the trends happening overseas with coach and look at trend as far as the designs in their stores, see if they're doing the right thing. maria: you make a great point. coach is down on earnings and you want to watch disney, the big story. >> overseas is important for disney because they opened a park in shanghai and the chinese government is counting on chinese consumers to pick up on the manufacturing sectors, where they left off. you get windows into consumers by looking at a company like disney. i look at how they're doing in shanghai and theme parks in the united states. there's focus on espn's subscription, but i think that disney is a good window whether american consumers and chinese consumers are holding up. maria: you've got the theme park business, tells you if the people are going to the park. and screaming business, we're focused on espn. some of the streamers are
8:55 am
trying to do as much as they can in sport so you don't need live espn. >> turn on your phone and you can do it there. another example of that. maria: that's a dow component. take a short break and then our all-star panel. ♪ are you thinking about
8:56 am
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♪ >> welcome back, final thoughts from our all-star panel, lee carter. >> donald trump's speech yesterday, he's clearly back on message and focusing on things that matter most to americans, the economy, jobs, all of that. i think we're going to see a bump in the polls in the next weeks as long as he sticks to the strategy. maria: jon hilsenrath. >> the productivity of american workers contracted again in the second quarter. this is a wakeup call for this election. if either of these candidates wants to get the economy going again and growing faster, you have to get worker productivity growing faster. maria: how do you do it? >> it comes from a lot of things. trump is talking about the regulatory environment.
8:59 am
clinton is talking education, smarter workers and taking the harnesses off. sandra: and oil $42 this morning and opec announcing they'll talk about production levels. but it's interesting to watch it at these levels here. and my eyes are on the election and dagen will be joining us. maria: outnumbered and-- >> today is bernard mcguirk. maria: you make a comment on energy, that was part of trump's plan, the energy plan and rolling back regulations like the epa. sandra: for the keystone pipeline. maria: do you think that resonates? >> i think what it translates to for people is jobs and i think that's important. he's tied everything back to that so, yeah, i think it resonates. >> it resonates, but hard to do as we reported in the paper. it's hard to turn the regulations back after you put them in place.
9:00 am
at the very least, it will take a long time to make that happen. maria: thank you so much and have a great day everybody, same time, same place. "varney & company" starts right now. stuart, take it away. stuart: thank you, maria. trump goes all out for growth. he came out with it, make america grow again. he's zeroing in on the economy. here is the plan. three tax brackets, 12, 25, 33%, that means tax cuts for individuals. no business will pay more than 15%. that would be a big tax cut there. and abolish the estate tax, sometimes called the death tax. regulations, rebuild the nation with infrastructure bonds and that's the plan and it's about growing an economy that's been stuck in the worst recovery since 1949, it's the breakout plan from donald trump. hillary clinton poured scorn all over it immediately, she


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