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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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melissa: i love that idea. what's wrong with snoop dogg and martha? that would be hysterical. it's either going to be really funny and it all is in the editing. david: that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now.. >> he wants to roll back regulations on wall street. i want to tighten them and make them cover more people so that we don't ever end up in the ditch we were in with the great recession! >> hillary clinton is going to be four more years of obama but maybe worse. [booing] maybe worse. going to be four more years. four more years of isis. four more years of high taxes. >> she's not a leader, not a leader, and she is a liar. [cheers] hey.
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>> donald and hillary going at it over who's better to handle our economy. billionaire investing legend turned trump supporter carl icahn is here to weigh in. this is "risk & reward." i'm adam shapiro filling in for deirdre bolton. billionaire carl icahn moments away. first also in the show today, whats oft orlando shooter's radical father doing a few feet away from hillary clinton during a rally? we're going to get answers. also a tumultuous summer in urban politics, but almost half of america's mayors fear their own police officers doing harm to others. more on the war against those hired to save us coming up. and amusement parks are they death traps for children? >> little kids, you know? they just screamed a little bit and hit the ground and laying there. >> a child beheaded, three others hospitalized after
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tragic accidents, should the federal government do more? that's coming up. but first our top story of the day, donald trump announcing economic plan for the country and next guest says it is the key to saving america's businesses and workers. joining us on the telephone is billionaire investor and trump supporter carl icahn. thank you for joining us, mr. icahn. >> thank you. >> got to read to the people watching what you put out on a statement and, quote, capitalistic system cannot exist if government is at war with business. you believe that donald trump would end that war on business, why? >> yeah, absolutely. because donald has come out publicly and said, look, we're going to put an end to all this regulation. not all of it. look, there is good regulation. you really have to make sure that factories are safe and all that, but what's happened now is regulation has run amok, and i don't think they're bad
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people, the regulators but i think they look at their mandates, the epa or you care about the environment. if epa today is putting out as we speak regulations that are irrational where they put refineries out of business at the expense of giving a windfall profit to big oil. it will take a while to get the details so i don't think -- >> let me ask you this, you brought this up in your statement. the men and women who drive this economy, the small business owners, they have to deal with regulation, and you pointed out in your statement talking about this, you said, we cannot blame even mediocre ceo's for not investing in their businesses when they have to face regulators that are scaring the hell out of them. that's the climate that business owners face today, isn't it? >> yeah, it's a terrible climate. and it's the reason that you don't have capital spending. capital spending is really in a terrible shape.
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if you really analyze it, in a country that's supposed to grow and have hegemony, have you 4% decline unless you have a deep recession. also capital spending, you are not building machinery or factories, productivity is really fallen off a cliff. the growth of productivity is at an all-time low. so you can't blame the worker today. the worker works with wornout tools so as a result, we're not competitive and we build in mexico, because our workers who used to be the greatest in the world and great machinery to work with really now have to work with wornout tools and don't have good jobs. we're in a major problem. >> i have a very close friend, worked his whole life, still does, in a steel mill in cleveland, ohio. it went bankrupt, came out of bankruptcy. you hit this on the head. you say the democrats don't get
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it, you wrote democratic pundits say it is okay not to manufacture because we are a, quote, service economy. all we will be producing in the near future are more text messages and tweets to send to each other. and i think what you're getting at there is our political leadership for years ignored people like my pal in the steel mill saying look, you're shipping my job to china, why are you doing that? >> absolutely. but it's much worse than that, because as your friend at steel mill is not earning or even if he has a job, she completely frightened, and by the way, the ceo of the steel mill says to himself, look, i have a choice, i'm the ceo, you know i've been the critic of ceos so i'm not the friend generally, many of them. look, i think many are mediocre, the mediocre ceos i say are correct in saying, look, why the hell should i invest in machinery in my steel
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mill when i got the epa, i got the ftc breathing down my neck? so i got a choice. it doesn't have to be a genius to make the choice. i've got a lot of options, i want to retire, invest in a year or two. what i'm going to do with all the money, here's the reason our economy is really bad, because you look today at earnings and you say, well, they're okay, they're not really good. and we're paying 19, 20 times earnings, but you say, what the hell? they're earning, they are earning because they have zero interest rates and going in and continuously buy back stock. >> pumping up the value of the companies -- not fraudulently but not accurately, based on revenue and sales. >> they buy it back and then they go in, cash in options, cash in invested stock and go to the golf course for the rest of their lives. >> i got ask you because you bring up ceos and ask you about, you've known donald trump since the 1980s.
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let me ask you about hillary clinton, does she not get that? is she beholden to interests that would have her ignore my friends in cleveland? >> no, i think she -- what i said at the beginning, she's an intelligent woman understand ands what the democratic party, what obama wanted. look, obama is certainly a nice guys, i guess, but i don't think he understands business, nor does hillary clinton. neither of them ever really created a job, and so i don't think they understand the business climate, and what they're looking at is bernie sanders for that matter, they look at this, the socialist event by the way. that's why communism never worked because people worked for incentives, that's human nature, right? you go in, we'll let the government run this, let the government run that. when the government runs it, you look at education, it doesn't work. so the whole concept doesn't work what they're talking
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about. >> you bring up communism. the communists have endorsed hillary clinton, but let me come back to donald trump because you have a relationship with this man. in the 80s you bested this guys, doubled your investment when you bought bonds regarding trump taj mahal because he was in trouble. you said a year ago the reason you were backing donald trump, this is a quote, because you want someone not beholden to an establishment. we need a president that can move congress and i think donald trump can do it. do you still think he's got the wherewithal to move congress? and second part, you said you don't want to be his treasury secretary. why not, if he can do this? >> to begin with, i have 10, 15 companies. i've word hard all my life, building some companies up, and i enjoy doing what i do. i think it's late in the day for me to go washington and start working for somebody. that's not the issue. the issue really is i'd be happy to be in a kitchen cabinet, i would never join a
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cabinet or anything like that. but what i will say is you look at things simply, the reason i made a lot of money, sometimes it hits you over the head this is a great deal or this is a simple truth, and it takes time to understand a simple truth, it's a simple truth today that we are in major trouble in our economy. now, sometimes it takes years for that to come to fruition, but i will tell you if you look at numbers today, with zero interest rates out there, we still can't really make profits in our companies. profits are manufactured by buybacks, therefore, sooner or later, zero interest rates are causing all the bubbles, and when i say bubbles, you have retirees out there that planned on make 8% on money, they're going to retire, go out to florida, go into the sun set, it's beautiful. we worked all our lives, we have a half a million dollars,
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three million bucks. >> not if the market tanks. >> they can't get returns from bonds, obviously zero interest rates or do they have to take the risk? go into the bubble and they buy junk bonds or buy stocks. and one day, it's going to be really terrible for them. and i see it happening, and i've seen it happen before. and with trump he's saying look, we've got the rip the regulatory agencies out by the roots, give businesses a chance to invest. repatriate. that's another crazy thing we've done for four years, you have 2.6 trillion dollars sitting abroad that could come back here. >> this is a two-part or three-part question. that friend of mine in cleveland is a guy by the name of pat, people know him. if he can't fix it, it's not broken. this goes to the issue that not only confronts pat, but 3,000 people who work at steel mill where he's working. how do you get jobs to come back from china.
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pat worked for ltv steel, the mill got sent to china. how do you get jobs back? i hear people saying the jobs would never come back or will they? >> i think trump is telling you, and that is an area i defer to trump. i'm not an expert on tariffs. he's telling you i'm going to make it more difficult for china to export to us so i'm going to help the steel mills. i will tell you what i've just said to you, if you stop these crazy regulations that we have, and that means i'm telling you they're bad, and i'm going to spend time on it, that's one of the reasons i didn't go on the economic committee because i can't start a pact. i think the good of this country, we are just completely, totally overregulated. we have thousands of workers, bureaucrats in washington that just regulate. they're not bad people. their mandate is to regulate. and you know what? that keeps -- it's simple, it keeps companies from investing so.
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what brings the steel mill back is, hey, you incentivize that ceo they just talked about and say you're going to get rich. this is what people care about. they care about incentive. it's a game. >> they care about incentives but care about livelihoods and standard of liveings and children will do better than they will. >> that's right. >> let me ask you, we're watching republicans disavow trump, move away from trump. you said you disagree with him on certain issues, this is a quote, and you could talk to him more, but what the country needs is somebody to wake it up. even though you disagree with donald trump on others, you will work with him, whereas republicans are cutting and running from him? >> that's a little unfair. to say i disagree, there are certain trade policies that i frankly don't quite comprehend what he's saying, that's not the big issue here. the big issue is the republicans going away from him are in two camps, i think.
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one camp worried about last week or the week before, and you know he's an outspoken guy, he's a bright guy, says what he thinks, but sometime, when you're running for president of the united states, you got 40 million audience, you can't say what you say in a bar. you can't say i believe this, i believe that. donald trump is a very smart guy, and i think if he reins that in and focuses on the economy, there's just two schools. one you do what i say and incentivize business, or two, you go the hillary clinton, democratic way where you build up more and more bureaucracies, more and more regulation and eventually that is going to keep businesses from investing. so you have big government. if you have big government, it doesn't work, it's going to be an inflationary spiral, it's not going to work. that happened in history, too. >> you said you have too many businesses to run. no, you don't want to be -- >> well, i'm not a young guy.
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>> no, but you're healthy and spry and you could do this at your age, what 80? >> i got 10 companies, never worked for anybody in my life, too late in the day for me to work for anybody. you don't need me to work there. you need me to talk to donald, give him advice. you don't need a guy. we're off the issue. the issue to me is what can do i to change this country right now? and you need change, and donald said it completely correct. >> you talk about the pact you want to set up to deal with the regulations, fox business looked seriously at coal regulation, it was a strategy to not only -- we're shifting from coal to natural gas, but a strategy to speed that up by the regulation, and what people don't realize, they're moving against natural gas, which is going to raise the electric costs throughout the country. can you slow down the government intrusion that's
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going to drive up prices? >> absolutely. to bring back what the epa is doing now is basically irrational. what they're doing is actually penalizing refineries, if you build a refinery in this country and you're making gasoline, they're doing what the ftc went against big oil. in other words, big oil has not been able to get rid of competition in the refinery business until the epa has come in and made it happen. it's a little bit difficult to explain what i'm saying to you. through different mechanisms. and so just to your point, if that happens, you're going to have an oligopoly, huge gasoline prices, what you're saying about natural gas. look, i'm not here to say don't clean the air, don't have a good environment, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. and they're doing things that make no sense at the ftc and the epa and the nlrb.
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it's actually killing business, so now you're going to get more and more big government. look at education, government takes over education, i do charter schools, i give a lot of money to charity. we build a lot of charter schools, they cost less money per kid than the board of education in the bronx. worst area. the board of education will say the kids can't read because of the terrible criminality and all that, we're down the block, the kids read as well as the kids in scarsdale because it's privatized. you can't have the big government running the damn thing. russia proved it. >> venezuela, look at that. >> venezuela, cuba. you can't change human nature. >> on that note, mr. icahn, when you talk, people and money listen. pleasure to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> the father of orlando
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terrorist shooter omar mateen spotted at hillary clinton rally. my next guest is not surprised that the liberal media is ignoring that. we'll have more after this. >> and i know how many people, family members, loved ones and friends are still grieving. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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. adam: you got to ask the question, what was the father of orlando terrorist and mass murderer omar mateen doing at a hillary clinton rally? directly behind the candidate at the event in kissimmee last night. not far from the club where his son shot and killed 49 innocent people. but the question was he invited
5:21 pm
to the rally by democrats? here's what he said about that. >> i'm a member. so as a member, i get the invitation, so it's nothing particular about it. adam: we reached out to the clinton campaign and the campaign is distancing itself saying the rally was a 3,000-person open-door event for the public. this individual was not invited as a guest and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event. joining me retired lieutenant general tom mcinerney. i guess the world, i mean a lot of people were shocked to see him at that rally. i've been to the clinton events covering them for fox business, and yes, it is a very large, open area, but do you think that this was coincidence, or do you think somebody on the campaign might have known? >> oh, adam, i'm not about to buy the brooklyn bridge from you, and i don't think that was a coincidence. the fact is you don't get that
5:22 pm
seat in that location with such a small number unless they knew what they were doing, and why they wanted him near the place is beyond me that the clinton team would want to be associated with a shaheed, a martyr who killed 49 people and wounded 53 or 54. i see no value to it except that's how this democratic party works now. >> you talk about politics, and they do, the politicians on both sides position who's behind the candidates because they know the cameras are tuned in on the candidates so those seats are prime seats, but this man, the elder mateen made videos on youtube, he praised the taliban, you think that hillary clinton's team needs to screen participants or do you think they don't even care? >> oh, they screen participants, no question in my mind about it.
5:23 pm
you just don't get that seat. so they apparently are trying to send a signal out to the muslim population in the country. you know, he did support the taliban. the fact is, and his son becomes a shahid. must be in the genes of that family. the fact is this republican party certainly exhibited for the last 7+ years they have a predilection for the muslim brotherhood, for radical islam, they supported morsi in egypt, they supported others, cair, the council for islamic republic and all the groups that are on the border line with the muslim brotherhood that is a radical islamic group. why they have done that, why they supported things that went on in benghazi? i don't know. adam: i think a lot of people are questioning it. just to see him sitting in that crowd behind hillary clinton, a
5:24 pm
lot of people were shaking their heads. lieutenant general tom mcinerney, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, adam. adam: parents of two americans killed in benghazi are now suing hillary clinton for wrongful death and defamation. hillary clinton's response and a soldier who escaped benghazi react right after this. >> question us, make them call me, hillary, i'm waiting for what you promised me. all i heard was you getting on tv, calling me a liar! that's not true, hillary. i am not the liar, you are the liar. (announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey!
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(announcer vo) you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. . >> the parents of two americans killed in benghazi are taking action against the person they hold responsible for the deaths of their children, hillary clinton. their lawsuit for wrongful death and defamation reads and this is a quote --
5:28 pm
joining me now, one of the survivors of the attack in benghazi, kris paronto, u.s. army ranger. i got to ask your take on this lawsuit, what do you think? >> i feel sorry for pat smith and charles woods. i know pat personally, i know how much turmoil she's been through. i support it. they haven't got the justice they expect from the department of justice and now taking it in their own hands and i think they should. again, they need closure and they haven't got it yet. >> i think all of us want them to have closure, i can't imagine anything as awful as what they've gone through losing people they love. they were guests on fox news channel and fox business, lawyers, who guess the lawsuit might not go forward, they might not have grounds to bring it, what do you think?
5:29 pm
>> they're right, i'm not a lawyer, i don't know. i do know when you bring it up in civil, the burden of proof is lessened, so the opportunity is there. they're just trying what they're trying to do is trying to show they've been hurt, and trying to show this is a personal issue and trying to show hillary clinton is at fault. if it doesn't go through, to the american people, they've done all they can to bring her to justice, even though the system hasn't worked for him. adam: fox business reached out to the clinton campaign, there was a general response from the lawsuit and it reads, this is a quote -- now the suit cites her use of private e-mail for classified information specifically which the head of the cia confirmed. you know, i'm going to ask a
5:30 pm
question, do you think she could lose the case? again, we've got lawyers when said it wouldn't proceed. it seems that the situation just is so difficult. >> it is, and for family members it is difficult. i want people to realize too, that eight of those commissions that the investigated, the benghazi debacle which is what it was on the state department side and the department of defense, the majority of people apoint were appointed by hillary clinton. the house committee a subsidiary bidding on contracts with the state department. our benghazi committee report came to say there could have been possibly leaks going on and possibly nefarious actions going on but couldn't confirm because you had a lot of he said/she said people within the mix. my thing is this, listen to the people on the ground, and why would charles woods and pat
5:31 pm
smith be continually doing this? they're not in for a political position and stories have not changed. i believe them, i believe they should move forward, even if it doesn't go anywhere, i admire that. adam: your service to the country is greatly appreciated and thank you for joining us. >> thank you, sir. >> forget neck injury, police are saying the young boy who died in a water slide accident was decapitated. this is newly released test video of the water slide showing the rafts could just fly off the ramp. another tragic ferris wheel accident reported injuring three children. our next guest says obama's 20,000 regulations, president obama and the federal government's 20,000 regulations are hurting business but not stopping children from getting hurt at amusement parks. >> we've had a major incident at the fairgrounds at the ferris wheel. there's been at least three
5:32 pm
fall out of the ferris wheel, one is unresponsive. >> i have three kids fell from the ferris wheel. three kids. raises your rate s... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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. adam: okay, we talk a lot about federal regulation, and there are reportedly over 20,000 new regulations added during president obama's term in office, which impact business. but regarding amusement parks, that's left up to the individual states. police now confirm a 10-year-old boy's neck injury
5:36 pm
was actually a decapitation in a grisly water slide accident which took place in kansas. i want to go to political power panel, democratic strategic er eric schiffer and ford o'connell. we talk about how regulation impacts and can harm business, but then you get an example where we might need regulation, let me start with you, kurt, do we need regulation of theme parks. i covered a story in indianapolis, a kiddie park, old indiana fun park, a grandmother was killed, a child was paralyzed because the state didn't regulate. they didn't inspect the rides and that seems to continue on 20 years later. >> oh, wow. no, of course we don't need federal regulation, we have something called the constitution, and the constitution does not allow the federal government to take on every responsibility the state
5:37 pm
does or doesn't choose to have. you know, why should we somehow imagine that a bunch of unionized bureaucrat hacks in washington, d.c. are going to do a better job regulating our water slides from their vantage point in the district of columbia than kansans and people that the kansan government accountable to kansan people hire and pay. adam: i believe, kurt, i'm going to go to ford now, the ride has been open to 2014 but never inspected by the people that are supposed to regulate. it wouldn't be that the argument that there needs to be a different system? >> i think you'd still have a tough case for that, adam. here's why. the chance of you being seriously injured on amusement park ride is 1 in 16 million. have you 1 in 175,000 chance of being struck by lightning in the united states, there is no evidence that more federal regulation is going to fix this, this is not an epidemic though we hear of instances like this.
5:38 pm
as you know, when it bleeds it leads in the media. we have to take a step back. what i would say to your point, only 44 of the 50 states are regulated. there's about 6 states that could use much tighter regulations when it comes to amusement park rides. adam: we were showing video not of the horrific accident that took the life of the 10-year-old boy, the actual test video of the slide which german name translated into english means insane, and you see the cars which people are supposed to ride flying off of it so there's a metal cage over parts of it and that seems to be what caused part of this accident. i'm no engineer. we had another accident at an amusement park, malfunction with a ferris wheel, who thinks of danger with the ferris wheel. three children fell out of the ferris wheel, one has a serious brain injury right now. i understand ford's comment that the federal government may not do a better job but doesn't sound like the states are doing a good job.
5:39 pm
would you put your kid on an amusement park ride? >> i have two girls. to your points, the states are ignoring any type of oversight. i'm against regulation in general, but i think we have a right, i think, in this country and as parents to make sure that our kids are protected. we pay taxes. in these situations there should be some oversight, and i'm saying let's put it on the state side at minimum but where the states are just completely absolved of any type of moral, i think, activity, then i think the federal government should do something because, tell me what the people on the panel have said to the parents of this child who has been decapitated? i recognize the odds are not real high, but when you're a parent whose child has died, they're not thinking about odds, where is the government? where is someone that's going to protect our kids.
5:40 pm
adam: got cut you all off here, we are tight on time. eric, ford, kurt, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. adam: updating you on disney which had its own very highly publicized incident with alligator attacking and killing a young boy. the company announced it is building a wall around the water or lake at the resort area where this took place. the wall will be completed in october. on the earnings front, disney beat earnings expectations coming in at $14.3 billion in revenue. stock closed up by nearly a percent today. it was flat or is trading flat in after-hours. a new poll shows majority of american mayors are afraid of their own police. our next guest is a police officer who says it's actually their fault, next. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would like to make something very clear. blue lives matter in america! [cheers and applause]
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. adam: so this is troubling. there's a new poll that shows more than half of america's mayors are actually afraid of their own police officers. they're afraid they might hurt people who are members of minority groups. people of color who live in our country. citizens of the united states. 51% of mayors say they are worried or very worried. former new york police detective bo dietl joins me now, a fox contributor. they've got mayors worried about this, are the mayors partly responsible for the environment which we find our police officers? >> let's face some of our cities, democratic mayors. adam: chicago. >> let's go right to chicago. i think they're up to 350 murders and they had a shooting just the other day they're
5:45 pm
expecting might erupt very soon. but on that same thing that you're talking about, i believe that the mayors also said they're afraid for their police. we've had 8 officers gunned down in the last month. i think it's more, 10 officers gunned down. we're up to 35 police officers across the country gunned down. what's going on in our inner cities is the communication and then didn't help with our president, what happened in ferguson to come out before the investigation was done and to stop this fireup. we've got to bring people together. and one of the things i really put in my heart and soul sout that people have to realize you know courtesy goes both ways with policemen, if i get pulled over, i say officer, use the courtesy to get it back. you've got bad cops but the majority put the uniforms on adam: a friend of mine was not courteous and has a date in court, actually. that's another issue. i want to ask you about this.
5:46 pm
chicago gangs are targeting police officers in retaliation for -- we've seen the video, a police officer involved in the shooting death of 18-year-old young man, paul o'neal, a meeting took place between three major chicago gangs, the vice lords, black disciples and four corner hustlers to organize hits on police officers, almost as if we're having a breakdown of law and in order chicago. what's going on? >> this is similar to what happened in dallas, when all of a sudden they were there demonstrating black lives matter was demonstrating and a psychopath decides to shoot the cops and assassinate them. now it's moved to chicago. adam: dallas was a psychopath, this is much different. >> right, this is a criminal element. who do you think are killing the kids in chicago? the gang members. now all of a sudden they want to gun cops down. the cops are killing the majority of kids in the community. black on black crime, there's
5:47 pm
4500 african-americans are going to be killed this year by other african-americans. the people being gunned down in chicago are not all being killed by cops. you know there's millions of interactions with policemen and people. you know, are there bad cops? instances that are questionable? are there some that are definitively bad? yes. let's not say there's an all-out war by cops to kill people when. this comes out about them assassinating. that's them jumping on the band wagon. now they're going to assassinate the cops? tired of cops in questionable shootings. how about i'm tired of you killing young black kids, four, five years old. adam: thank you for joining us, i said during commercial break, i did get something wrong. you are a former new york police department officer, detective, not a fox contributor. >> i am a fox contributor. adam: and i appreciate your being with us today. fox business reached out to all
5:48 pm
the candidates, green party candidate jill stein is on fox business tonight. >> he's got more giveaways for the super wealthy. he does away with the estate tax, which i call the airstock -- aristocracy tax. >> don't you think they have the right to be wealthy? >> i do. if so much wealth is concentrating into few hands, it's bad for all of us, we cannot have an economy, so much of the economy is in the hands of the very few. everyday people can't go to the store, can't buy things, they can't support our small businesses. adam: you can catch the rest of kennedy's interview tonight with stein at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. the candidates challenging debbie wasserman schultz for florida house seat claiming she illegally utilized dnc cash in her campaign against him.
5:49 pm
and he has the leaked e-mails to prove it. will he share them with us? florida congressional candidate speaks out next. your insurance company
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. >> thank you all so much. [booing] . adam: she got ousted from the dnc, florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz fighting to stay in the house of representatives. her challenger, the challenger for the florida seat that she currently holds, tim canova, filed a federal complaint against the congresswoman alleging she illegally utilized dnc resources to fund her campaign largely on the leaked dnc e-mails which cost her the
5:53 pm
job. back in may, the dnc finance director wrote not cool, when he heard of senator sanders' efforts to share fund-raising money with canova. with me to talk about all, this tim canova, the democrat running against wasserman schultz for congress in florida, the primary coming up there. not cool doesn't seem to be the smoking gun in your allegations against her. do you have more e-mails that would support your case? >> plenty of e-mails to support the case. i'm surprised that wasserman schultz wants to rely on two words in one e-mail. if you do a search of the wikileaks dnc file, you'll see that my name comes up dozens and dozens and dozens of times. this wasn't two words that she sent by e-mail. this was a repeated pattern of her campaign using dnc resources to monitor my campaign, and to try to crush
5:54 pm
my campaign. adam: mr. canova, in the e-mails where your name does come up, is it a specific let's do this? for instance the sanders complaint against hillary clinton was the coordination of debates to help hillary clinton. is it that kind of stuff going on in the e-mails? is it one that you can -- i'm not saying you're not telling us the truth, we want to be able to say to debbie wasserman schultz here it is. >> well, sure, again, go to the website, you'll see, my name comes up dozens of times and can you read it for yourself. she was using dnc resources to figure out how to respond to all kinds of events that my campaign was doing. that's not a matter of two words saying uncool or not cool. this was a repeated pattern of trying to use the dnc resources to respond to my campaign. so that's clear violations of federal law. and you know something, the wikileaks disclosure shows this is a pattern of wasserman schultz, saying one thing and doing another, and distracts
5:55 pm
people from the real issues, and i've been trying to get her into a debate for four months to talk about real issues. i think it's a shame that the press pays most attention when i file a federal election commission complaint against her, but you know for four months i've been trying have her debate the issues, she's been dodging it. last week she told a local paper she agreed to debate and negotiates the terms of debates, i've never heard from her office at all. adam: a spokesperson for the congressional office provided a statement -- it sounds to me like you're serious, what would you say to the wasserman schultz campaign spokesperson? >> i would say the spokesperson doesn't have a role to play. she better have lawyers who respond within 15 days to the complaint.
5:56 pm
un, they're the ones trying to spin this stuff, and wasting constituents's resources? last year debbie wasserman schultz had the lowest -- i should say the poorest absentee record of all florida -- excuse me, democrats. out of 27 florida congressional delegation, she had the second worst absentee rate. adam: i got to tell you, it's interesting to watch this. i'm sure we're going to have you back on. i grew up in that part of the country. tim canova, thank you very much. >> thank you. appreciate it. adam: we're going to have more for everybody right after this. on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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adam: the s & p and nasdaq hit new highs today. oil meanwhile fell as renewed worry about global oversupply
6:00 pm
dragged down energy stocks during the trading session. donald trump will speak at a rally in north carolina. it's a pivotal state. "making money" with charles payne is coming up next. charles: breaking news. we are waiting for donald trump's second north carolina rally. this one in fayetteville. he caused another controversy in a rally. we'll keep an eye on this one and bring you news as we have it. donald trump is pushing his economic plan. reinforcing his promise to reduce regulation and grow the economy. i want to get right to my first guest. the trump campaign's national finance campaign chairman. steven, welcome


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