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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 10, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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lou: not only the best positions in the country but -- thanks for being with us. tomorrow newt gingrich among my guests. thanks for joining us. good night from new york. kennedy: thanks lou. i like you. it calls for a solution to the trump troubles become indefinite. 50 republican security officials from several passive passive frustrations are so mad that could spread so they turned their anger into action and penned a strongly worded letter. former governor tom ridge, security chief michael chertoff and former cia and nsa director michael hayden are a few of the four dozen plus aides and cabinet members to say donald trump would be quote the most reckless president in u.s. history.
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and then they broke into song. can 50 establishments hot single-handedly unseat the populist candidacy of the material madman? trump responded in resounding fashion ta'rhonda maria bartiromo. >> they would have loved to been involved with the campaign but i had no interest in using them. these are the people that have been longtime washington establishment people. prayed look at the terrible job they have done. kennedy: they would have loved it argues that rejects a bunch of jilted rejects who didn't get arose from the republican? susan collins is also joining the pit pile. she pounded her lobster claw on the table and proudly declared i will not be voting for donald trump for president but who will she be voting for? this week's david french, there's a new sheriff.
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he's a former cia agent who is single and ready to flamingo. he he is mormon, he is mad and he looks like a bald mr. bean. his name is evan mcmullen and is hoping to run for president and also hoping for something beyond the miracle. he has are to shut out the ballots on 26 states and he is taken to the tv with this bold declaration. >> it's never too late to do the right thing. kennedy: sit down spike lee, yes it is too late. people are so interested in not voting for donald trump they have three viable options. they can vote for the least of all evils hillary clinton disgruntled sanders can go with jill stein or swing for the fences with two former republican governors on the libertarian ticket who will be on all 50 state ballots gary johnson and windy well are my new favorite candidate america silver medalist diver steele johnson who also has a spine of
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steel. mourn him later but on the show tonight jill stein reacts to john's economic plans into a judges decision on the presidential debates. the parents of two benghazi victims are suing hillary clinton the k.t. mcfarland is there with direction plus great right sharks, they are swarming to hurt the spread i'll ask a shark expert at the beach lover should be concerned if they are about to be appetizers. i'm kennedy. kennedy: donald trump he faces a new round of versus and from his own party with the latest movie movie -- will the latest movements succeed? last asked my party pan out abby hunton at "fox news" reporter and the daughter of a former governor. that's okay but michael malice also the daughter of a former utah governor.
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chris barron is back, lgbt for trump. >> i told you i'm not questioning. i'm. sold on this. i have committed -- kennedy: finally a bold approach. abyei will start with you. these 50 former cabinet members, will they have any impact on the election click. >> i don't think immediately because if you think about who's on they come interestingly no one that is a former secretary of state is on the list. they were asked to sign a then obviously they said no. kennedy: a lot of condoleezza rice's aides. >> a lot of folks but these are insiders and this is the reason donald trump is running to say i am not these people. on the opposite. i'm an outsider here said he saying this is a compliment to me. the question is he is going to need some of these folks if he
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wins because you need people around you on foreign policy. are they going to be of a change their minds? kennedy: he said they are not the smartest. you guys have created all the problems in the world. >> do you think that these people would be writing these letters if it were rand paul? they are mad because donald trump is not playing field t-2 there approach. i don't think this hurts donald trump at all in the help and trump is elected us and give these people a job because he will surround himself with the best and brightest in the spokes or not it. kennedy: hillary is plotting a legacy. >> if romney and mccain 50 nobody's who have no concurrency , these people's foreign policy were such a
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disaster we had a the way for elections in 06. kennedy:. >> all of the kids that are being killed by drugs every single day. you would have obamacare and 60% of the senate in the house. kennedy: so you really blame them. you sound like you're in the trump than reagan. >> i'm on the anarchy bandwagon in the chaos bandwagon. i'm giddy here. kennedy: are you going to vote for them? >> i don't believe in voting morally. that day ever for the cia is the day you find my body and my house in a serious way. give me a break. kennedy: evan mcmullen, what do you make of this? >> is like this is when you jump the shark doesn't do justice to what never trump has done he appeared originally was going to
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be and tom coburn and some mixed your guy. and we trotted out the guy that no one who has ever heard of these to be a congressional staffer. are you running for president? if your name doesn't appear on the ballot are you actually running for president? kennedy: i didn't know he was mormon by the way. we could be related. >> that we say the moderate candidates and they never returned the favor. they are traitors. kennedy: k.t. mcfarland is coming on the show and she said something interesting. we have a lot to see from wikileaks and i think it could hurt both sides and like i said before we are two scandals away from the gary johnson presidency. donald trump protested the debate schedule pointing out that two of the three debates
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are in the same night as anna fell games. darn you fall. last night hillary clinton said she will challenge trump to join her and of course today trump accepted the challenge with the caveat that he wants to see the conditions and still saying isn't happy with two of them coming opposite football but it's impossible not to be opposite football. he is going to participate. it's kind of funny that hillary jumped on the goblet first. >> she does want to debate him. her whole strategy is to have few debates as possible and hold the mamba nights that nobody's watching. she doesn't want the whole country to see her and donald trump on the stage together. she doesn't know what she's going to get out of donald trump. kennedy: she is really good with the alosi specifics. she's a born librarian and she's a busy body and she will needle him to death with facts but all he has to do is, let's say libya
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comes up, how did that go for you? if you see the poll numbers in the past week he has nothing to lose by doing that. they know each other personally. >> he knows what's going to come out of her mouth. she's not quick on her feet and she is not fit on her feet as we have seen this last week. kennedy: that was a 6-month-old picture. >> is she better? this is why the republicans lose. let's not been mean. the republicans are going to be than not mean party? since when? she had a stroke and she had a blood clot in her brain. kennedy: this race has become so personal. they want to hear her policy.
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>> trump's the nominee. >> he can divulge her -- his tax returns and she can divulge her medical records. kennedy: the party panel returns in moments. hillary is whipping donald trump's economic plan but do her ideas working better? clinton's reckless handling of her private server directly led
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kennedy: welcome back back. hillary clinton blasted donald trump sure a lot of his economic plan yesterday saying his proposals are recycled filler republican policies that will give the big tax cuts to large corporations and rich people. hillary clinton is scheduled to give a speech of her own on thursday. she is going to tout job creation. the problem is her efforts fell flat in new york when she was injured there. my party panelist are back. 200,000 jobs, that's which you promise for upstate new york when she ran for senate in 2000 yet by the end of her term there is a 20 port -- 24% dip in manufacturing jobs. >> this woman has written to
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autobiographies anderson a career is falling down the memory hole. when you ask her what her accomplishments are she says that's in the past may want to talk about saugus reputational stuff but she can point to a single thing she's done besides skoropowski or so badly that republicans took over congress in 2004. kennedy: she does gloss over her senate campaign. when people say she's the most qualified person rivera presents a, what has she done? something that no one has a satisfactory answer to render plenty of other people and one or led not run at all who are more qualified than her. donald trump has lost her before so he doesn't have anything to speak of to say you have to trust what i'm saying here. with hillary clinton no matter what she says he keeps going back to either benghazi or the female controversy. she wants to get away from so badly that we are back talking about benghazi again. you can drop the company
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message. kennedy: she keeps trying to tie a donald trump to russia when her relationships with russia are so curious and a very strange way of deflecting. the father the orlando nightclub killer omar mateen that filthy terrorist, but dad was spotted in the audience right behind hillary clinton at a rally in orlando monday night. seddique mateen claims he was invited to the clinton campaign officials said they were not aware that he was in the crowd. what kind of oversight is this? that is just utterly bizarre. they know that this guy is a total attention freak. he has a screw loose and he is the word out. who knows what he knew about his son's involvement in the shooting before he killed all those people to land a? >> i'm going to try not to have an aneurysm on tv. infuriates me the double standard that they use in this. the attacks trump her entire week over not mark frost david dukes endorsement.
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his father was there standing behind her on stage. an admitted taliban supporter. reporter: you don't get those by accident. you are within striking distance of a former secretary of state presidential candidate. >> at one point she started talking about the orlando shooting. kudos to over whoever founded the crowd. >> this guide is an out and out taliban supporter and by the way hillary clinton's campaign did not disavow his support. they came out and said we didn't know he was there. tens of millions of dollars from countries that kill people. kennedy: we will see if it gets any traction in those polls of chaos just as you wish michael
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malice. party panel returns later. there's no shortage of people who question donald trump sanity but one former owners missed his calling him crazy is an insult to people with real mental health issues. good lord. first appearance at two benghazi victims suing hillary clinton for their wrongful death to k.t. mcfarland is here to weigh in. mcfarland is here to weigh in. stay with us.
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introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. kennedy: the parents of two americans killed in the benghazi attacker suing hillary clinton. john smith's mother patricia their member her from the rnc and his father filed a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court
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claiming the 2012th attack in part on secretary of state clinton's use of her private e-mail server. here's pat smith of veterans he lets on. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son, personally. kennedy: clinton's campaign is response and lawsuit saying they can imagine the family's pain nine different investigations found no evidence of any wrongdoing by clinton. here to discuss fox's national security analyst just -- analysts k.t. mcfarland. you can only imagine the grief that these families have. they want answers. they watch secretary clinton on capitol hill more than once testify about benghazi. they read some of the reports from fbi director james comey about her server and what might have been in there including u.s. ambassador chris stevens whereabouts.
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>> i am a mother and now mother-in-law's naval officers and i just can't imagine what these families are going through and the loss and the anger and bitterness the bitterness and the doubts and the questions and all that. i must say i am hillary clinton's biggest critic on libya, on isis in the way she handled benghazi before, during and after but i'm going to break with most conservatives and say i don't think it's a good idea to have a lawsuit. the lawsuit is foreign-policy malpractice. i don't think hillary clinton is evil and out think these people were plotting and to to take after-the-fact and have a legal case against them is a bad decision, rigorously bad decision that resulted in loss of life. i think it's bad precedent because what it means is in the future and the foreign-policy leader present secretary of state secretary defense are they going to be held responsible under the crummy liable? kennedy: ehrsam people as they yeah is there's no recourse.
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they look at these families and what they been through. what does it take for any of this to stick to hillary clinton? what is it take for her to have accountability other than the superficial lipservice saying the buck stops with me and not my watch? there is no accountability. it feels like there is no justice the world today turn? >> i think they turn to the political process. kennedy: she's going to be the next president of united states. >> look the people who are complaining about her foreign-policy malfeasance go out there and make the case to the american people and those parents have and they should continue to do so. the only way is to make her pay a political price for this. otherwise we are always going to be like the banana republic indicting the previous administration for whatever mistakes they made. while i sympathize or them in while my heart breaks with him and while i am hillary clinton's visit -- biggest critic i think
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it's a mistake to go in this direction sing them personally. it just happens again and again. kennedy: you see that some of the president's immigration executive orders have made their way to the courts and the decisions have gone against the president. you know sometimes the legislature, sometimes the ballot box is just not enough. i understand you don't want the person that you support who might be in power one day to be subject to the same process. there has to be justice and there just isn't any grade i really fear that she's going to be the next president she will pay any political price. >> i else might have anon most mystical faith in the political process and the american people to do the right thing. dennedy make you think ingrassi is enough to get donald trump elected? >> i don't think it's enough but it's one of many things. the majority of the american
12:25 am
people think she's a crook and a liar and their others who think she is crazy. he can dispel the notion and show like reagan did in 1980 that he is in fact a legitimate candidate. kennedy: is running out of time. >> is why we are going to keep tuned into your show. kennedy: i always love your insight. coming up a battle royale. we attempt to answer the age-old i worked years to get my medicare don't know where i'd be without it so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two one, never give your medicare number to get a free offer or gift two, always check your medicare statements for errors these crooks think we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, protect it see more ways to fight fraud at
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today women can do anything men can do. and there's one thing we're even better at... kennedy: don't let the hot winds of august lull you into cranky town. let's lock it up and cool down with some news. this is the topical storm. topic number one. there are two great things in life, bowling and dogs and dogs
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love bowling alleys because there's lots of wood and rolling. one border collie is repeatedly terrified and confused. that poor puppy is just addicted to it. you know what we need for for cheating bowlers kwak shot callers and cables. you know why bowlers world airballs? as they can. topic number two, but you know when you're too busy thumbing through magazines and munching cinnabon at the airport? he almost missed boarding your plain? don't let a thing like logic and
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safety stop you from making that flight like this tardy traveler in madrid. what a. he jumps off the jetway made a run for it. look at him looking it over to the air flight. with all the flights that have been canceled lately, there he goes. they are lucky he didn't blow out his niece. i applaud his commitment and we eventually caught up with the plane but then he had other obstacles to tackle. don't worry he did make the flight only to encounter. sam jackson with a take on that claim. why why do it have to be snakes? on a plane. topic number three, buster posey
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is a [bleep] american treasure. that's what he is. the san francisco giant slid into third against the marlins. they were all tied up. it was 11th inning and the san francisco treat used an unorthodox approach to man the bag. he gives new meaning to the term facial disgrace. >> use in their with a slide. >> that's a bad slide. oh boy. >> ring around the posy. buster was fading stars. look at that, just being himself in the face. or the silver tea kettle. that's what they call it in the industry but don't worry he's more than okay. he's a super hero. topic number four.
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no grandmas they are not just for your hair on an international flight. they are a merry band of pranksters who love you unconditionally and they make sure you hurt yourself when no one is looking because they have a delicious evil streak that here's a sweet innocent girl helping in the garden with a hose and the plastic watering can. she is such a good helper. just putting that water right in there and then she holds the hose to her face. squeeze hard. >> do you have enough water? that's not going to be a good idea appeared i'm just telling you it's not a good idea. i should stop you. kennedy: i should stop you but i'm evil and data ruptures or
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ursinus and grandma just cackles, the knowing laugh of someone who is just harmed their grandchild. i should stop you. topic number five. gold medal news. olympics is that special time when olympics gather to compete with each other. mosquitoes and floating body parts of let's take a moment to reflect upon a simpler time when people played sports in the olympics just like in the movie cool runnings and to help us out a group called the gregory brothers have taken the john candy film to auto tuning created this catchy olympic anthem. ♪ ♪
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kennedy: that's a song that anyone can get amped up to. it's almost as good as steele johnson getting himself themselves in the right frame of mind last night. ♪ i told you he had a second song. if you want to see news stories on the topical storm tweet me @kennedy nation by man instagram and use use the hashtag topical storm could coming up the party panel returns because american olympic swimmer tells her doping counterpart you can tweet all you want but i will win the right way, sister. green party presidential nominee green party presidential nominee jill stein joins me with trumps
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kennedy: welcome back. donald trump candidacy has inspired quite a bit of name-calling this election season much of it coming from the donald himself but former rhode island democratic oxman patrick kennedy son of the late ted kennedy takes issue with the word crazy. he says it's very harmful to those with real psychological issues. in op-ed for the "washington post" kennedy writes we ought to stop cash lay throwing around the term my craziness campaign. with all the damaging rhetoric floating round it's no wonder that people remain silent in the suffering continues. kennedy himself has dealt with mental almost an addiction in the past. i believe he popped a bunch of
12:39 am
ambien and try to fly a plane or something like that. the party panel is back. this is very odd coming from a democrat that he is trying to shield donald trump somehow from the. >> word. >> what's amazing about this cycle as we have all these words using to describe people pretty much you're talking about donald trump or trump supporters you can call them anything under the sun. i was actually surprised that he said that. kennedy: he doesn't want to be tied to the hillary server story. his name kept popping up. is there any effect on the mentally ill when people constantly called donald trump crazy? when we use that term i don't think we are taking about the mentally mentally ill. oftentimes talk about people we disagree with her think you're asus early as smart or whatever it is. kennedy: people truly think that
12:40 am
he is unhinged and has mental problems. when people say donald trump is crazy they are saying like bill bellamy is to say girl you are crazy. kennedy: he wasn't saying mentally unstable. >> frankly am in favor of the more name-calling and politics the better. and you hallucinate teen and a sniper fire as first lady? kennedy: brian williams school of journalism. >> this is not something you should be -- kennedy: it is the cold war olympic style peers last night american lilly kaine defeated the russian to capture the gold in the 100-meter restaurant. look at that celebration. she was initially banned from rio in the big russian dragging scandal but was reinstated just before they gain.
12:41 am
she has been vocal about her distaste for her rifle and look at this. perfection. taking home olympic medals and synchronize diving. can anyone on the chinese team top and name like steele johnson? is so much fun to hate the russians. it's so easy too. it's so easy. >> this is what we be and grow stronger from coming your hatred we be it like corn. >> is that why you have to dope? >> it's a choice and as a libertarian you have to expect my rights to be whatever i want. kennedy: speaking of steele johnson what he name and what a performance.
12:42 am
>> the name steele johnson. kennedy: you qualify, you are man. >> i'm glad you said that but even if i wasn't still super name. kennedy: i love it so much red ipod tv last night and i said as his name really steele johnson? well done. does not stir up this pride in country? >> i am not interested in amateurs in any context. kennedy: you like your diapers to be pros. >> it makes me want to be really good at something. i am so inspired. i wish it could be that the synchronized diving, that was perfection. that can't be easy. do you want to try at?
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kennedy: thank you so much you guys. michael and abby it's good to have you here coming up a judge has dismissed a lawsuit by presidential nominee johnson and jill stein. where does that leave them?
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kennedy: hello and welcome back. a judge shut down the legal challenge by libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson and green party nominee doctored jill stein did they want to be included in the upcoming presidential debate. the pair said the commission on presidential debates alleging violation of antitrust laws and the first amendment.
12:47 am
meanwhile the commission is directing the venue that will host the debates to drop plans to provide a third podium saying the university should be prepared to get their way they must be joined on stage. joining me is green party presidential nominee doctored jill stein. welcome back to the show dr. stein. how much of a blow wasn't having this lawsuit dismissed? >> i would say it's not a blow at all. this is what the court has been doing for a long time. the american people have been clamoring for a real debate, not just the two parties who control the debate. the commission on presidential debates is actually a private corporation run by democrats and republicans so it's no surprise they control it and this election up of all the american people are absolutely screaming for more voices and more choices. we have the most disliked and contrasted presidential candidates in history and both
12:48 am
gary johnson and i need to be in this debate so the american people can know their choices. kennedy: i agree. what would you say say to hillary clinton if you were on the debate stage with her? >> we have had enough of these policies that favor wall street and take us to war and it's time for us to actually stand up for what the american people need. i'm the only candidate in this race that actually is calling for the emergency jobs program that we need right now to create the jobs to get us out of this economic emergency and we need to solve the climate crisis. when to stop giving it away to the bank says hillary clinton has done. she is still sponsored by the banks, still has her secret speeches. kennedy: she has definitely been abridged by wall street but doesn't want anyone to be rich now that she is. donald trump's economic plan, yet along winding speech
12:49 am
interrupted by protesters yesterday. in alaska and unfortunately are running out of the time, what did you think of his planned? >> unfortunately there's nothing new in his planned and it does not address the crisis that we have, the crisis of economic inequality, growing poverty, a true job creation. i would create an emergency jobs program to put 20 million jobs on the table. he has more giveaways for the super wealthy. he does away with the estate tax which i call the aristocracy tax that prevents a massive accumulation of wealth in the hands of the very few. kennedy: don't you think people in this country have the right to become wealthy? >> absolutely, yes they do but if so much wealth is concentrated into so few hands it's that or all of us. we cannot have an economy because so much of the money is in the hands of very powerful and very few so everyday people
12:50 am
can't go to the store and buy things. they can't support small business. we need an economy that's working for all of us not just a few at the top. kennedy: i agree with you about the small businesses but disagree with you about people not being able to shot. if you go to target and walmart and places like that there plenty of people consuming. lovely piano music or if i have a co-worker here who wants to be a supporter of yours. she considers herself to be a progressive but it is your anti-vaccine stance that has turned her off. you are doctor. surely you know that the science has been settled against the whole anti-facts movement. >> exactly. i know of no evidence linking vaccines to autism which is the big concern. this is a smear campaign. this shows how scared they are. they're trying to divert this agenda, divert the discussion to position i have never taken. kennedy: so you are not
12:51 am
anti-vaccine? >> i have never been anti-vaccine. i bought a. >> in support of getting the pharmaceutical industry out of our regulatory -- dana, it's lobbying went into the pharmaceutical industry power on capitol hill? $700 million in two years alone. between the revolving door and all the lobbyists we need to make sure that our regulatory boards are working for everyday people. kennedy: i understand that but i'm glad you cleared that up because there a lot of people out there and i say that on twitter. a lot of people say she's an anti-facts or and therefore i'm glad you qualified that and i think there is than the media shut out on the left. i think in a big way your campaign has been silent because there a lot of people who were allied with hillary clinton who see you as a threat. what would you like to say about that? >> we know that hillary clinton has an incredible trolling campaign going on so when you
12:52 am
see the stuff on social media which is false which is an attack campaign, that's what he needs to be called. all the backstabbing done to the bernie sanders campaign, we saw that in the leaked e-mails that effort has been redirected against her. kennedy: i agree with you completely. we have to get you and governor johnson on the debate stage. as you say more voices more choices, more than any other election cycle. dr. stein thank you free time. >> great to be with you kennedy. kennedy: coming up great white sharks are congregating on the coast of cape cod.
12:53 am
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12:55 am
kennedy: there has been an increase in shark sightings off the warm waters of cape cod. dozens of white sharks have been seen and some of them have been caught dining on a scrumptious
12:56 am
whale carcass, delicious time of year but should teach gore's the word? joining me is associate creator in shark expert at the florida aquarium in tampa, florida. welcome to the show with eric. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: that is quite a mustache and i must congratulate you on that. let's talk about sharks. do westerners have something to fear with all these sharks in the water snacking on quayle's? >> i hear what you're saying the only thing that nor'easter mayors have to fiercely expect missing a great white chart. this is good news for the sharks and good news for the folks in the region as well. kennedy: how is a good news for people because obviously everyone is terrified of these predatory beasts who lurk in the oceans just waiting to devour babies. >> that's what the jobs movie franchise would have you believe
12:57 am
kennedy: but that's not true, is that? >> that's not true at all. it's an excellent peace of fiction, great movie that led to a tough time for great white sharks. it began as hunting effort of sharks and vilified them but the truth is really important and it's very important to the seal populations in the wound to tourism for the cape cod area for massachusetts. i'm one of the many people who love to see a great white shark in a while. kennedy: have you seen a great white shark in the wild? >> my fear is that i have not seen one yet so i'm excited to see one and in fact there are votes and tourism where whale watching has been invoked for number of years great great white shark sightings are the next exciting thing. kennedy: it's because of the grey seals they are so populous and there are many more people who can respond to some of the sharks and that's why we are seeing more of them.
12:58 am
>> it's a combination of efforts and we are seeing more great white sharks because they are our more people on the planet every day. folks are getting out to the beach. we have better ways to share social media. we contract these sharks. people are getting excited about seeing the sharks that we go back 40 years to the marine mammal protection act that was what protected the grey seal population and grow it and more recent protection of the great white sharks a combination of the food for the sharks. kennedy: at one point the shark population because of the jaws effect have declined by almost 80%. have they repopulated themselves? >> studies are still taking place to check on the growth of the great white shark populations so let's remember something. these numbers were taken in the 80s shortly after jaws came out in the mid-70s. these are sharks that take 20 or 30 years and maturity and have
12:59 am
their young so we are looking at generations. it takes them a couple of decades to mature and they only have one or two offspring and they take decades to mature so we are seeing some of the positive effects of the protection of the mammals and the sharks. kennedy: i want to harness a shark in ride yet produce at a rational? >> highly not recommended. sharks are in no way animals, let's understand them. they are wild animals so harnessing them and riding them wouldn't be good for you or the sharks, large or small but living with the sharks mutually and sharing their environment with them whether above or below the water that's a positive way to move forward he had. kennedy: eric thank you so much time -- thank you so much for your time. watch the show always in thank you for watching tonight. tomorrow judge andrew napolitano
1:00 am
greg gutfeld and camille foster. kennedy fb and that foxncer: tha paid presentation for luminess air. take a look at this blemish. now you see it. now you don't. >> it is amazing. >> announcer: do you see this age spot? don't blink. it's gone like magic. >> luminess is stupendous. >> announcer: watch this redness disappear at the touch of a button. >> people have said to me, "you look amazing. what have you done?" >> people ask me if i've had a face-lift. >> people asked if i got botox. >> announcer: these women all switched to a new foundation. >> people come up to me and say, "your skin is beautiful." >> announcer: it's not a skin-care lotion or potion. it's not even plastic surgery. >> i will have people say, "what are you doing? you look younger." >> announcer: it's a huge leap


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