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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 10, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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usa! . maria: thanks, everybody, thanks so much for being here. mornings with maria 6 a.m. eastern, "varney & company" begins right now, stuart, over to you. stuart: yes, it does. thank you very much indeed. he can't take his foot out of his mouth and see can't escape her past. what an electoral mess. good morning, everyone. in front of a packed house, donald trump said this. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets the pick-- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know, but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day if -- if hillary gets to put her judges. right now we're tied. stuart: well, was that
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encouragement to violence against hillary clinton? many people took it that way, predictably, the media just piled on. and senator elizabeth warren called it a death threat. or was it encouragement to gun owners to get out there and vote? that's how trump himself explained it, but look, either way, it has become a media firestorm this morning. it's a distraction from trump's economic growth plan and it allows his opponents to say he is not fit for the presidency. what a mess. and then there's hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. newly released e-mails show influence peddling at the highest level. what a mess. headline in usa today, i think it's apro poe, are they both trying to lose the white house? let's change the subject. pure gold from american athletes. the gymnastics team is so good.
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could you do that? they won hands down, team gold in gymnastics, fantastic. how do they do that kind of thing? michael phelps out added his 20th and 21st gold medal. the 200 meter butterfly, there he also, that's revenge against the south african swimmer to beat him in london. he won. 20th and 21st golds. katie ledecky she won in the free style and she's what, 19 years old. she's just getting started. don't you love it? what a night. no, what a day it's going to be. stocks making all-time highs. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> this is a strong, powerful
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moment, the second moment. hillary wants to take your gps gps-- guns away and leave you unprotected in your home. and the n.r.a., they've tweeted out basically they agree 100% with what i said. stuart: now, that was donald trump on hannity last night trying to clarify his second amendment comments. joining us now david malpass, he's a trump economic advisor in the studio. >> hello, good to be here. stuart: i'm picking up a sense of exasperation from all sides. he came out with what i thought was a winning economic growth plan and now this. you're economic advisor and you must be exasperated, too. >> i listened to the whole tape, in context, how do you win the election. you know, the system really is lopsided, the states you have it win a certain number of states and he was talking about the political power of the--
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of people that are into the second amendment. stuart: what the devil is he doing, suggesting even the possibility of violence against hillary clinton? what is he doing? >> well, so the phrases, you know, he's not a career politicians, he's being watched every single moment. one. things going on is hillary clinton hasn't done press conferences where she's really under the spotlight on why, why her mistakes are being done. she's making mistakes all the time and they don't get scrutinized to the degree of this. stuart: this is true. he gave the media an excuse to pile on. let's talk about the growth plan. >> good. stuart: i don't want it to be overshadowed because it's the basis of his campaign, essentially, restoring prosperity. >> that's right, from the beginning, it's been to transform the country and to keep the primary part of that is economically, bring more people into the labor force. people that have been left out. that's young people, that's minorities, people that are-- don't believe that america is working for them.
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and that means you have to change policies. so on monday, he proposed changes in tax, tax reform, trade reform, regulatory reform, energy reform, all the things that will create millions of of jobs and hillary clinton is going the other way. she wants to raise taxes. that's going to hurt small businesses and you're going to get less jobs, not more. stuart: i asked donald trump yesterday morning what kind of growth rate are we going to get if your plan is put into effect. he said 4% or better. do you think it could be better than that? if he gets all he wants, deregulation and lower taxes, gets what, 5%? >> yes, reagan hit and george w 7% after the tax cuts. and is it sustainable? we know we've had seven years now of 2% average growth so i think 3 1/2 is easily achievable with better policy and 4% is likely, and you can go, it depends on the details
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of what can be worked out with congress, but if you get a better policy, you get more growth and you can sustain it. no reason why that can't happen. stuart: see, to me, the whole ball of wax is growth. you can't return to prosperity unless you grow this economy. you can't afford the goodies we wish to hand out without the growth in the economy. is that the center piece of it? how to grow this thing? >> it works hand in glove with the safety on the international front. you can't be a safe, secure nation if you're weak economically, that's got to be turned around. stuart: david malpass, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: let's not be distracted by these little outbursts. >> go forward with better policies. stuart: well said in a nutshell. thank you very much indeed. to the other side of the coin. let's go to the clinton foundation, developing scandal there. you are looking and seeing in fact a lebanese person a
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friend. and the state department says put that billionaire in touch with our ambassador in lebanon. liz peek is here. and that seems to be a clear case of pay to play. >> it appears to be while secretary of state, secretary clinton did favors for people who were hiring her husband to give very expensive speeches around the world and also donating to the clinton foundation. many of these allegations were summarized in clinton cash, the very explosive book that came out last year, which has now been made into a movie, a thriller. but the truth is, we have not got the kind of evidence that judicial watch has been eliciting from the state department. now, some of these e-mails came out and the names are redacted. i think that someone should ask, names are redacted.
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and what's so secret about who wants a favor from secretary clinton. the story is yet to be told and a lot of republicans are waiting to be hold. stuart: you've written extensively recently about the extraordinary media bias against trump. >> of course. stuart: now, look at the two events, we're commenting on this morning. trump on the second amendment, media is all over him. pay to play with clinton, hillary clinton's state department, i don't see that much ink in the newspapers or the broadcast media. i don't think that that story is going to be told? >> no, if at all, it will turn up on a saturday morning newspaper where no one will be reading it the middle of august. but the truth is people know this is out there and the fbi is presumably investigating the linkage between the foundation and the state department. it's an appalling story, so many incidents helping ubs resolve a tax issue or this one, the my nigerian story,
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and boca haram, why they never put it on the list. stuart: that's called burying the lead. right upfront. >> it's not out there, that's why. stuart: look, everybody, thank you very much indeed, one and all. i've got to get to the market. it's a slightly higher open for the dow. up 10, 20 points, maybe. look at the levels that the stocks have reached. we're close to an all-time high. despite the stuff going on in the background, stocks are close to all-time highs. how about the price of oil this morning, around $43 a barrel. remember that at 10:30 eastern. we've got a story how much that number could change and so could stocks. g gas, now 13 states under $2. there is hope.
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hold on, ashley has word from the government. ashley: i do. stuart: that gas will be under $2. ashley: i have a secret source high up-- i don't, gas will go below $2 a gallon at the fourth quarter, a buck 95 by october of this year. too much oil out there. we had a surprise buildup in the inventories and we get inventories today. stuart: it's the government saying that. ashley: it's the government. stuart: not ashley: and eia, that's my source. >> take a look at disney, moving lower at the opening bell, yeah, about a buck down. they're betting big on something i don't understand. streaming baseball. this is all about espn? >> it is, you know, look, this is a reaction to cord cutting, people not wanting cable, getting 300 channels when they want a few. espn is the cash cow for walt disney, but suffering because of a lack of subscribersment where the millennials and
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others are going is streaming. they bought stake in ban tech onned by the mainly league baseball franchise and what they'll be able to do eventually is stream espn over the stand alone service and they believe it will make up for the cord cutters. stuart: the stock will be down a little. chipotle is out with a new plan to win new customers, half price on beer and margaritas, is that enough to get you back in the stock? flat, get it? more flight delays, cancellations, delta at least 150 flights will be canceled today. it does not expect to resume normal service until maybe this afternoon. new controversy for hillary clinton, the father of the terrorist who killed 48 people in orlando silting right behind hillary clinton at a campaign event. he was cheering her on. what the clinton campaign is saying about this one.
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we'll tell you coming up. and russia and turkey hoping to mend fences. in fact, they are mending fences. the old international order is cracking.
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>> well, check out that nasdaq. hit an all-time high yesterday. big tech, you use every day, leading the way. look at this, all of the names we're about to show you are at or near record highs. amazon coming up to 769 today. facebook, let's look at facebook. they're what, about 125, very close to the high. microsoft is at the highest level this century. i love that. and alphabet, otherwise known as google, $808 a share. all of those, the big names in tech, very close to all-time highs. how about in? russia's putin, turkey'ser
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president, isn't this the worsest thing, a nato member and our adversary russia? >> if it goes that far. i think it's very significant th that he picked putin the first meeting with a foreign leader after the foiled coup. i think he had some specific objectives to try and stabilize relations with russia, but sending a signal to the west, to the united states in particular, that turkey really can't be counted on as a nato member and he coupled that with a threat to the europeans to unleash perhaps 3 million more refugees to come into europe through turkey. stuart: that's a threat which he could fulfill. >> it's a very credible threat and backed by the reality that over the past year, the turkish
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government just didn't wink and nod as hundreds of thousands of people moved across turkey into the aegean sea and greece and the balkans, they had to have help from the turkish government. they couldn't have traveled those distances on foot without help so i think he's unleashed the threat before i obviously adds credibility to doing it again. stuart: i presume that russia's vladimir putin would love to see the turks release 3 million more migrants to wreak havoc across europe, and in russia's interest to do that and put pressure. >> plus, it would remove-- the assad regime. and he crushes the opposition in turkey and establishes himself as the undisputed ruler, could well-being saying to putin, i'm out of the
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anti-assad business and let's find a way of living with that score and of the millions of refugees who fled syria into turkey, into jordan have departed for europe and the europeans are happy to have them, you don't have to worry about resettling nthem inside syria. there's a lot at play, all of it bad for the west. stuart: i feel the whole thing is a very big deal. i don't think it's covered properly in north america, in europe, i don't know. but here in america we're ignoring something extremely important. things are falling apart in europe, russia, middle east, bad news all around. ten seconds, mr. ambassador. >> it's a reflection of the decline of american power under barack obama. he's letting it happen. he's not concerned about it, it's the rise of russia, the rise of turkey, we're in trouble. stuart: mr. ambassador, thank you for joining us. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: look at the man in the
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spot shadow, that's the father of isis-inspired orlando gunman omar mateen. he was cheering her on and waving the american flag in the background. walk me through all of this, ash. ashley: it's interesting, this was actually spotted by a local tv station in kissimmee, florida and went up to the father and said what are you doing here? >> he said look, it's a democratic party and everyone can join. ashley: the next day it blew up on social media and the clinton campaign said he wasn't invited and we were unaware of his presence. ashley: and donald trump and mike pence, why isn't the media covering this? and we're with the victims of the shooting that this guy's s son, the rally was a 3000 person open-door event for the public. this individual wasn't invited as a guest and the campaign was
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unaware of his attendance until after the event. stuart: the media will accept that explanation. ashley: yes, and move on. stuart: had he been behind donald trump they would not accept that explanation, that's the way it goes. a couple of individual stocks to watch, first of all, disney, they say they're going to be launching the espn streaming service most probably with baseball streaming and the stock will be down a little today. and then there's this. the chicago police department, a high alert there. reports that gangs in that city teaming up to make plans to shoot cops. can you believe this? details are coming up. and this image from the olympics, michael phelps staring down his south african rival, a guy who beat him four years ago, and phelps finally got his revenge, let's call it what it is. the revenge, take a look at that face. we'll be back.
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>> well, i stayed up late and made my heart sing. big night for team usa, the signature event 200 meter butterfly. on monday night after african swimmer taunted phelps. he was dancing in front of him and that kind of thing and set up a rivalry.
9:25 am
bad idea-- he didn't make the podium, he was fourth. phelps got his revenge because he had beat phelps in london. >> michael phelps is coming back as the hero of these games. ashley: i came back from retirement. he's got a great-- >> his life is together and this is setting up unbelievable physical achievement for him. stuart: i love it. but the gymnasts. >> gorgeous. those young ladies are absolutely-- >> such poise and confidence. stuart: and 16? >> i totally agree. stuart: love it. next case. ashley: feel good.
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ashley: i feel good. stuart: and tech names, hitting close to new highs, these are the games of the big names this year. amazon 13, facebook 10, microsoft 5, google 3%, all of them up, all of them very close to record highs, if not actually there. watch them go higher still in a couple of minutes when the opening bell rings. we'll be back.
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>> we have five seconds to go. american kristin armstrong gets gold in cycling. and it's 9:30 on this wednesday morning, we're off and running. do you like that? slip in a little gold in there, why not? check that big board, we're up, but only just. the dow shows most of them in the green in the early going. s&p 500, where are we? dead flat, i think, yeah, up.05. how about the nasdaq, record high yesterday 5227 this morning, i think that's another record high. extremely close to it. where is gold in all of this? well, we're not paying much attention to it. it's up $11 today. there's got to be a reason for that. we shall find it. how about oil-- i'm sorry, walt disney, opening at 96.84.
9:31 am
it's up a fraction. now, they're going to get big, we believe, on baseball streaming through their espn operation. and the stock is up just 12 cents. that's walt disney this morning. all right, solar city losing more money. they got higher expenses and nonetheless, it's flat. the accessory people, fossil, they're accessories, watches. the investors think it could have been worse. it's up 7%. yelp making money, raised its forecast, that stock near a high, a 10% gain on yelp. drug maker eli lilly, a breast cancer treatment failed to meet goals. and ashley webster, liz peek, shah galani. i wanted to start with the economy, central bank stimulus,
9:32 am
zero percent interest rates and no one do we see growth. scott shellady, this is for you. why don't you give your opinion on what's going on around the world. >> as we go down this rat hole of negative interest rates we are going to find that capitalism doesn't work in that environment. so what we have now is no growth with stimulus, what does that mean? i know some folks are calling the highened of the the stock market. i've never seen so many respected individuals, soros, miller, have come out and said, we're getting to the point here where good news doesn't rally the market anymore, stimulus doesn't rally the market? what's going to rally the market? probably nothing. at the end of the day we are going to set new all-record highs, but is anybody at home having an all-time high with their economic situation? absolutely not. 14 million for people out of the work force in the last seven years, 13 million more people on welfare the last
9:33 am
seven years, 51-year low rate of housing with zero percent interest rates. no good news, we're in trouble and i don't want to be chicken little, but i sound like chicken little. am some day we'll pay the piper. stuart: you've said it time after time after time and i don't think that many people disagree with your analysisments no, he hit the salient points. this is frightening what's happening with the central banks globally, this experiment on low interest rates to quantitative evening an experiment run amok and it's going to end badly. stuart: where is the growth? >> that's what donald trump was talking about in detroit. we need somebody to come forward and say these policies are not working. and four more years of the same thing is not going to grow the economy. that's the plan that donald trump laid out. ashley: why not cutting taxes and getting more money in people's pockets and stimulate the economy.
9:34 am
stuart: scott shellady, all over the world they've printed money and nowhere have people really cut taxes to give us really growth. what do you say to that, scott? >> you know what? i'm incredulous. i don't understand how you can go through what we went through in '07, '08, and the first thing out of the president's mouth. let's raise taxes. raise taxes? after '07, '08, you would have slashed taxes to out of this. and you've got one candidate who wants to raise taxes over a 10-year plan and another candidate we're not quite sure, but it's a 50-50 bet for me. continue on the path we're going now. or he could make it better. i'm not going to vote on that with her as president. i'm not going to do it. stuart: we're all exasperated, stocks almost at an all-time high. >> the public have forgotten,
9:35 am
and the analysts have forgotten, was to save the banks, inflate the banks profitability and that's why you don't vo in i economic growth globally. stuart: donald trump told me yesterday on the fox news channel, i would not be putting my money into the stock market right now. that's what donald trump told me for what it's worth. let's check the big techs that we check on every day. amazon, and facebook 125. alphabet 808. all of them, shah, too expensive for you to buy? >> they are expensive except i do own microsoft, i love microsoft and have a 60 call on that and i'll hedge it. i don't think i'll sell any because i have a dividend yield on it and buy some puts for protection. stuart: does this remind you of the dot-com bubble of 1990? these are genuine companies.
9:36 am
>> they're genuine companies and they're growing and this is a sector people can still get excited about and few have a yield and that's an exception. stuart: one of the few in the groups. part of the reason i own it. the price of oil, where is it today? we're getting a read on the supply of oil in storage at 10:30. 42.87 not much movement. gas 2.12 is the national average. there are now just 13 states where a gallon of regular is $2 or less. scott shellady, the government, i repeat the government now says it's $2 a gallon nationwide by october. are you going to spoil the fun and say they're wrong? >> well, i mean, a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again, and every now and again they're going to get it right by the odds, but i wouldn't bank on what the government says about anything. we could make a run on it.
9:37 am
as i got in the car, we can't complain, 42, $41, give us $45 a barrel. so much better than it was so many years ago or two years ago and we haven't seen that big savings trickle down into the economy and i want to say it's about the tech sector you mentioned. we are going to have to support those guys, that's where we're going to create the wealth and upper 1% that inno evaluates and brings us new robots because we have to keep them healthy. the upper 1% is paying 40% of our taxes. you can't kill the golden goose. stuart: do you think i would forget that, scott shellady? how can i possibly forget that, please. check the big boards, seven and a half minutes into the trading session and we're down two points, i call that dead flat, but close to all time record highs. how about tesla, an autopilot crash in china. the first time we've seen that there. tesla not responding, 228. down beat sales and a down beat
9:38 am
outlook from michael kors not affecting the stock much, down 43 cents. that's all. how about ralph loren, the apparel company, they're making more money. whoa. nicole, give us the details. that's a 9% gain there. >> and that's a good move for ralph lauren, a loser year to date through yesterday's close. what's different? the new ceo came on board in november and profit beat the street with their numbers and the revenue and profit. larson came on, took over for ralph lauren himself larson used to be in the gap, the old navy unit, the one unit that continues to do well and hns. and brings in his experience and working hard on a turn around plan and leadership team. a lot of team building is helping ralph lauren along and cost cutting as well. stuart: okay. the stock is up so%. thanks, nicole. disney, solid numbers overall,
9:39 am
the stock is down about 50 cents. what happened? >> well, overall, the film studios and the theme parks did a nice job offsetting the slowing growth in the tv network. the big announcement was 33% stake in ban tech, a video company owned by the baseball advanced media and stream espn over the service, in other words, trying to offset the losses it's seen from the drop in subscribers for espn. those who don't want 300 channels and they only watch 4. would you bought those at 96. >> 95 and probably get to 110. stuart: scott, you've had a huge role in our show, do you want to play in role with walt disney. >> the only stocky comment on and the only thing i can understand is finding nemo. at the end of the day. i do like it, but after what i
9:40 am
said i think you'll get it for a better price ultimately. i'm not going to be a buy-in right now. stuart: scott, thank you. look at delta, more flights canceled today and i believe another 150 today. >> yeah. stuart: they're trying to get back to normal by mid day or this afternoon. $36 a share on delta. shah. you're buying it, are you? >> no, i don't like any of the airline stocks, specifically delta. ashley: yeah. stuart: i don't get it. jet fuel prices are falling through the floor. the planes i get on are jammed pack full and the prices haven't come down. >> it's a terrible business since the airplane was invented, am i right? seriously, the airline stocks are trading vehicle, trade on fuel prices, mainly. don't trade on-- it's because it's a fungible product. no advantage one carrier has over the other. stuart: i lost my shirt on boston market, remember that stock? the restaurant. and i lost my shirt on people
9:41 am
express. lost a lot. invested in it, lost a lot. >> still hurts. stuart: i've never invested in a restaurant and never invested in an airline. >> that's a good-- >> and all right. thanks very much indeed, shah, liz, scott, one and all, appreciate you being here. fine performance. we're 11 minutes into the session, this is a dead flat market up .52 on 18,500 index. can't get much flatter than that. here is what's coming up for you. new york times admits to journalists being biased against donald trump. they say he's too dangerous to be our president. that's the new york times. new problems for hillary and the foundation, the clinton foundation, it's pay to play allegations. judge napolitano on that one coming up next. ♪
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>> all right. it's a go nowhere market thus far on a wednesday morning. we're up three points and that's it. higher on-line sales at a china on line retailer, that gives alibaba a boost. that's a 52-week high. alibaba is the stock is watch. new e-mails released from hillary clinton's aide huma abedin finding the top tier donors were given preferential treatment and access to the state department. napolitano is here. go ahead. >> there's a couple of issues here. one is a very well-grounded belief, substantiated by anecdotal information and hints by fbi officials, that the fbi is investigating mrs. clinton yet again. this time for public
9:46 am
corruption. the allegation, or the question is, did she make official decisions as secretary of state using a power given to her by law, to enhance the wealth of her husband's foundation? these e-mails would fit into that pattern. stuart: okay. the people we just had on the screen, hillary clinton of course in the center there, left-hand side of the screen was the lebanese nigerian billionaire who was contacted, he wanted something, he gave money to the foundation and he got access to america's ambassador to lebanon. pay to play. >> that's the allegation. yes, the more typical case is the secretary of state is authorized to exempt a foreign person from complying with certain regulations. that person makes a contribution to the clinton foundation, she grants the exemption and then that person makes another contribution to the clinton foundation, that's the more common case. all of this is part of a larger
9:47 am
picture i'd like to describe to you. mrs. clinton has said three times under oath, once in writing to a federal judge, quote under penalty of perjury is in the statement. and twice underoath before the benghazi committee that she surrendered all of her work related e-mails to the state department pursuant to the state department's request for them. the fbi found, according to director comey, thousands of of work related e-mails still on the server, not surrendered, some of which she tried to destroy. this morning we have another 240 in the possession of huma abedin, her aide, which had not been surrendered. so we have three clear-cut instances of lying to tribunals. a federal judge, a congressional committee all three times under oath. do you think, dear stuart, that she will be prosecuted for perjury? these are slam-dunk cases, any of us, ashley, you or me, would
9:48 am
be prosecuted had we done this. stuart: it's not even news, it's nowhere on the front page. look, it may be on the front page here and there, but it's not a huge news story, it's been completely overshadowed by the media firestorm over what donald trump said about the second amendment. >> i'm happy to discuss later in the show. but is she so corrupt, so deceptive that when evidence supporting it comes out, we don't even consider it anymore? >> yes, yes. >> and this woman wants to be president of the united states? >> that's where we are. that's exactly where we are. >> it's a dreadful state of affairs when evidence of her corruption fails to shock and fails to make the front page. stuart: i opened up the show this morning looking at donald trump's problem and then we went to hillary clinton's problem and then i said enough of this, i can't take it anymore. >> to the markets. stuart: no, let's go to the olympics. >> then you were trying to
9:49 am
analyze michael phelps' facial expressions and i heard you sounding like a body language expert. [laughter] >> i just said it was a death stare. >> he's very intense. stuart: yes, we will see you in the 11:00 hour and his second amendment comments. >> and his free speech. stuart: i want to go on to another important subject depressing in the extreme. cops in chicago are on high alert. gang members there may be teaming up to kill police officers. ashley: a disturbing story. leaders from three major gangs in chicago reportedly met last week, they're discussing plans, as you say, stuart, to kill a police officer. this following the shooting death of a 18-year-old man who was shot by police after he allegedly stole a car. apparently the gangs are accumulate lating guns and set up what they call a sniper point. now, automotives, you know the chicago cops say they're on
9:50 am
high alert and have not found a so-called sniper point, but certainly are very concerned, as you can imagine, because these gangs are normally shooting each other and they are allegedly getting together to kill police officers, essentially is what they're aim. stuart: what an extraordinary story. ashley: very sad. stuart: thank you for bringing it to us.ment of-- to us. firefighters are trying to contain a fire, and we bring you the story of wildfires because there's so many of themment donald trump put his foot in his mouth, i'll say. and it over shadows his big economic growth plan. isn't that extraordinary? more varney in a moment. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands,
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9:55 am
all right, let's get to politics, donald trump's economic plan announced monday and completely overshadowed by trump's comments on the second amendment and hillary clinton. he gave the media an excuse to pile on him and say you're not fit to be the president. and they piled on and that's exactly what they're saying. can he recover from this one? >> i think he could, but only if he gets out of his own way. frankly, he deserves it. stuart: how many times have we said this, you've got to stop this, mr. trump. got to stop it. >> we've been saying this since he's the nominee. she's the worst candidate in democrat history, but he's proving to be worse. if this race becomes about hillary clinton he has a chance to win, but he continues to make it about himself and generally in a bad way. stuart: is it too late? look, i know senior republicans are peeling away from the man, they're peeling away, they're exasperated.
9:56 am
they want him to be president and love the economic growth plan, but he keeps doing these things. >> it's close to this. it's unfavorable numbers are so bad, but the debates out there will be must-watch tv. he'll say something to her that someone's probably never said to his face. his numbers are bad. she's been winning in 19 straight polls and he needs to do something and probably the debates are a chance to do it. if the gap is so wide. he might be seen as desperate and he'll be disappointed and make another mistake. stuart: i'm reading between the lines and looking at you right in the eye. you seem to be saying, you know, i've had enough, i'm exasperated, it's too late? >> it's frustrated. i wouldn't say it's two la-- i wouldn't say it's too late. he had a good day on monday and bad on tuesday. he would have to say the same thing over and over again, an economic speech. if he said that that five days in a row, but instead he stepped on it on tuesday.
9:57 am
stuart: if trump is asked about immigration, he should be saying i have a great economic growth plan. if someone asks him about russia, he should say i've got a great economic plan. >> that's what politicians do. this is a guy who's never been in a campaign and he's showing it. stuart: i'm sorry i put you on the spot. it's momentous times. appreciate it. and another check on the market, we're almost a half hour into the show and into the trading session. we are up 18 points for the dow. donald trump, clearly put his foot in his mouth and i must say in the clinton campaign, see that guy on the right there, the man in the circle, okay, that's the father of the orlando terrorist right behind hillary in the campaign rally, smiling away. how does that happen? we will be back.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> good morning everyone, there's a headline in usa
10:00 am
today, are they both trying to lose the white house? when you see what's happening on the campaign trail, that's a fair question. item one, donald trump less than 24 hours after announcing an economic growth plan, goes off script and gives the media a golden opportunity to go after him. what second amendment people should do about hillary. was that encouraging violence or encouraging a vote? the media is having a field day and so are democrats. senator elizabeth warren calls it a death threat. item two, the orlando killer's father sits right behind hillary clinton at a rally. what would the media say if he sat behind donald trump? item three a foreign billionaire gives money to the clinton foundation and gets help with his business from the secretary of state, hillary clinton. a glaring conflict of interest. pay to play. step back a moment. surely the main issue in this election should be the economy.
10:01 am
how do we return to prosperity. instead, donald trump gives the media an excuse to question his fitness for the presidency. and hillary clinton hides behind the media that rarely questions her honesty. there's a mood of exaspiration and it's arrived at the worst possible time. at home shall the economy is not doing well. abroad, america retreats as the storm clouds gather. i will repeat that headline, are though both trying to lose the white house? we'll try to get to grips with that. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> 31 minutes into the trading session, we're up all of two points, but the dow is close to an all-time high 18, 536. how about oil? we're at 42.87, not much movement thus far this morning. that could change at 10:30, a half hour from now when we get
10:02 am
the latest numbers on storage. how about walt disney, one of the biggest dow gainers at this moment up 1 1/2%. they're talking about streaming baseball on their espn munt. >> yes, they are. stuart: we've got that right. ashley: trying to battle the cord cutters. stuart: maybe the market likes that. yelp, a 13-month high. better profits, raised their forecast for the future and that works wonders for a stock. up 11%. here are the big names in technology. facebook, amazon, microsoft, google, apple. a mixed bag this morning, but all of them are very, very close to record all-time highs. as for the nasdaq. which is home to all of those technology companies, it's down 10 points this morning, but still, again, very close to a record high. now, here is the comments from donald trump that's causing all the outrage this morning. roll tape. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment.
10:03 am
by the way and if she gets to pick-- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know, but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day if -- if hillary gets to put her judges. right now we're tied. stuart: next time we roll that tape, check out the gentleman in the red shirt on the right-hand side of the screen who appeared to understand exactly what he thought donald trump was all about at that meeting. okay? look at the expression on his face next time we roll it. mr. trump then tried to clarify his comments, he was appearing on handy last night. watch this. >> this is a strong, powerful movement the second amendment. hillary wants to take your guns away and leave you unprotected in your moment. this is a political movement, the n.r.a. endorsed me, wayne
10:04 am
and chris, and they've tweeted out basically they agree 100% with what i said. stuart: hillary clinton was quick to get on twitter with this. a person seeking to be president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way. joining us now, republican from new york, chris collins, the first guy in congress to get behind donald trump. are you exaggerated by what donald trump keeps doing? >> well, i think, certainly a lot of us are wishing we could talk more about to secure the borders, bring our jobs back, defeat isis, those are the three top line issues you should be answering every question, if somebody says, it's raining out today, what do you think. just like our economy has been, but when i'm president, it's going to be a sunny day. it's easy to pivot what i think are the three key issues. it's shameful to hear people say he was suggesting any kind of violence. i was at a meeting, scope
10:05 am
meeting, they goat the vote out and everyone in that room was saying to me, this is about the strength behind the voter turnout. the ground game the n.r.a. and scope folks nationwide. there wasn't a suggestion of violence, that's absurd. but the clinton campaign jumped on it and the liberal press ran with it. and we need to be on message, economy, the economy, the economy. stuart: the candidate knows that he's got a very hostile media. he knows that anything he says will be interpreted the way the hostile media wants to interpret it and that will dominate the headlines. if you're going to be a good candidate, you want to be elected, you've got to stay on message. really? >> it goes back. mr. trump is not a career politician, mr. trump is new to this. he speaks very directly, and the discipline will be needed, there's no question. the next 94 days or whatever it
10:06 am
is left. we're still going to win this, i mean, really, people start paying attention after labor day, the debates will be must-watch tv. i feel bad for the nfl when they have a game the same night. no one is going to be watching. stuart: good one. >> it's a long time to go, but it's true, mr. trump needs to be on message, secure our borders, bring jobs back, defeat isis and that's it. i've got to bring hillary clinton into this. i think there's another story which is really not received that much coverage and it's about hillary clinton. your district, new york, the buffalo area, i believe. >> yes, devastated. stuart: when hillary clinton was a new york senator, she promised to add 200,000 jobs to upstate new york. by the time she left office manufacturing jobs were down 24%, that story is not out there much.
10:07 am
>> well, and it goes back to, she focus groups every question, she picked that number as a good number. she said what she said as a career politician, and i think whether she really knew she doesn't achieve it or not, who knows, but she certainly didn't come close and we lost jobs. just like the other scandals, with the foundation and others, she runs away from it. she's pretty good actually at going to one of her happy places, you call it and trying to deflect the answers, she is a very skilled politician, that's where she's spent her career. western new york was devastated during her tenure as a new york senator and right now, she's not being held accountable, but the people in western new york know it and that's why my district's going to go over welcomingly for trump. stuart: real fast, congressman, only 20 seconds. do you think that new york state is in play on november 8th? >> you know, i'll have to admit it will be very tough with after had an our population, 10
10:08 am
million people living in the boroughs of new york city, but what i will tell you, donald trump will win upstate new york and when he is president of the united states, he'll remember that he won upstate new york outside of the five boroughs and i think that will be good for western new york. that's why i'm encouraging everyone, you've got to get out and vote. new york's a tough state to win, but donald trump will remember when he wins upstate new york with over 50% that this is friendly territory. stuart: chris collins, congressman chris collins. thank you. >> good to be with you. stuart: i'm staying with hillary clinton, two negatives today with her, more pay to play scandal at the clinton foundation and sa deke mateen, father of the orlando killer at the clinton rally. you're on the left, a democrat, and i'm sure you want to take every opportunity possible to
10:09 am
go after donald trump and go after-- >> i think he's doing a good job on his own, stuart. every time he opens his mouth. it's just a gift. stuart: i knew you were going to say that and i let you say it. okay. but you know, the media really is avoiding, just not covering what is an enormous negative, pay to play at the clinton foundation. you know this. >> i knew you were going to ask me that so i took a look and just two examples, three examples, really, the new york times, wall street journal, washington post all have articles in the past 24 hours about this. and-- >> new york times in this matter. >> and many would say the left leaning paper-- >> they're not saying this is a disgrace. this makes her unfit to hold-- they're not saying anything like that. >> i don't agree that it makes her unfit to hold public office. if that does, donald trump definitestuart: a federal offen. >> if in fact, when you look at the e-mails, when you read the
10:10 am
e-mails, the 22 from judicial watch, which is a very conservative think tank, when you look at these e-mails, what i see is a former president clinton associate speaking to huma abedin, her associate. i don't see mrs. clinton saying hey, get this person a job. in addition, when we look back reagan's diary he says george h bush says this is my son george w, can i help him out and give him a job. is that quid pro quo or is that what hans when you're at a high level and somebody says, hey, can you introduce me to somebody whether money exchanged hands or not. i don't think there's evidence that the clinton foundation had in any way had influence over the state department and i think it's very normal in and outside of workout for people to say, hey, this is my son hire him. stuart: a $2 billion slush fund, very normal. i know, i know, okay. i've got 30 seconds left. what's your judgment on donald trump's economic growth plan?
10:11 am
>> well, i'm not an economist like you and many others or an expert in the economy, but all of the people that i have seen left and right seem to say it just doesn't add up. you can't give that number of tax breaks and not add to the deficit. and what i'm seeing is extreme percentages, even as high as 87% over 10 or 20 years added to our national deficit. added to our debt. in addition, even his own people republicans like newt gingrich saying preposterous. stuart: you're not an economist. >> that's true. stuart: and you fail to look at what comes into the treasury with 4 or 5%. >> if you're doing away with federal income tax, federal taxes on a certain level, who is going to pay for these things, talking stronger military-- >> wait a second, it's true in the immediate aftermath of a tax rate cut you do bring in less money to the treasury, over the term four or five years you bring in an enormous amount extra.
10:12 am
and by the way, when ronald reagan did that in the 1980 a he is, he doubled the revenue coming into the treasury in that 1980 period. >> ronald reagan was a man and a president who could work with both republicans and democrats in congress, i don't see that with donald trump. stuart: he got a fight. donald trump couldn't work with the republican congress? on cutting taxes? on cutting taxes, you don't think he would work with republicans? >> donald trump plan doesn't benefit the working class. stuart: and-- >> benefits the rich just like most republican economic plans to. stuart: just like obama's plan. that's another story, leslie. thank you very much for coming by. more with you later, as a matter of fact. now, mainstream media, the new york times says journalists are biased against donald trump. they say that trump is a special case, that the normal rules do not apply. that's what the new york times is saying. right? details in a moment.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> well, the dow is ever so slightly higher. slightly more stocks are down within the dow 30, but we'll take it. we've got a gain of what, 11 points as we speak. individual stocks, look at michael kors. they've got a down beat sales outlook and that's taken them down 2%. 49 there. look at ralph lauren. making more money and give a rather positive outlook and a nice bounceback from polo, ralph lauren. now this, the father of the orlando nightclub shooter was spotted right behind hillary clinton at a rally monday night. clinton was asked about it. she dodged the question. roll tape. >> secretary clinton, should your campaign have known that omar mateen's father was at
10:17 am
your campaign's rally? secretary clinton, can you answer my question? >> thank you all very much. stuart: response, thank you all very much. it took her until late last night for a clinton spokesperson to finally disavow mateen's presence. the quote, this individual wasn't invited as a guest and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event. in addition to that, i'd say that she disagrees with his views and disavows his support. zuhdi jasser is with us, from the american islam ic-- who is this guy? does he have a connection with islam? >> and there's something to learn from his absence of response. "time" magazine, the liberal media after the orlando massacre put out reports about his delusional disorders, putting out youtube videos,
10:18 am
quotes talking about our brothers in waziristan, the taliban brothers he wants to unite. this is a whacky islamist who clearly was responsible for some of the radicalization of omar mateen and now even after his son committed this horrific act, he's out seeking publicity, trying to campaign. he's nuts and the bottom line is that the clinton campaign could have easily said, oh, my gosh, we don't know how he got through secret service detail. he's a radical, clearly might have been radicalizing his son and we want to find out how he made it through secret service. number, stuart, how did he get through secret service? tells us our homeland security apparatus does not counter radicals, and this is a guy is why we keep--
10:19 am
>> why would he support hillary clinton? we saw him with a big yellow sign. why hillary clinton? what's the reasoning behind that? >> it's hard to exactly know the workings of a due -- delusional man. hillary has shown an affinity for the muslim brotherhood, jihadist, nonviolent islamists, if you will, and i'm sure he sees a little more affinity for her in which she doesn't speak to jihad or islamism and thought he would carry a sign for her. stuart: extraordinary. what a mess. zuhdi jasser, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, appreciate it. stuart: keep shaking your head. ashley: can't make it up. stuart: what a bizarre election it's been. and making news, tesla autopilot feature on their car,
10:20 am
responsible for another crash. this time in beijing, china. now, the driver says the car veered off the road, hit a parked vehicle. tesla blames the driver and says his hands should have been on the steering wheel the whole time. no impact on the stock, still around 227. meanwhile, donald trump is in damage control over his second amendment comment. when will he get back to promoting economic growth, pure and simple? when will he do that? back in a moment. [ hip hop beat throughout ] [ fans cheering ]
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
♪ olympics 2016, let me get you on my level. ♪ ♪ so you never miss a moment, ♪ ♪ miss a minute, miss a medal. ♪ why settle when you can have it all? ♪ ♪ soccer to wrestling. track and field to basketball. ♪ ♪ fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪ ♪ all you have to say is, ♪ "show me," and boom it's on the screen. ♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ "show me the latest medal count?" ♪ ♪ xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. >> well, how about this? the new york times admits to intentional media bias against donald trump. they say, oh, he's just too dangerous. explain it. ashley: well, the media
10:24 am
columnist for new york times, if you view a trump presidency as something potentially dangerous, then your reporting is going to reflect that. the presumption here is that hillary clinton is qualified, so coverage focuses on trump and all of his shortcomings, that from the-- you know, unbiased, fair-reporting, mainstream media. at least the new york times coming out saying, we don't like him, we think he's dangerous and we're going to reflect that in our reporting. stuart: leslie marshall, a glutton for punishment. i think that hillary clinton is dangerous and i can make the case. if you go out there and spend a ton more government money you're not going to give more prosperity, you're going to add to the debt exponentially. we have a problem in america and i think she's dangerous and i think my reporting should be biased against hillary clinton and justifies that she's
10:25 am
dangerous. >> i have a masters in broadcast journalism and 101, journalism 101, you as a journalist and some people say you're giving your opinion. i'm paid to opine. i'm not a journalist, i'm a talk show host and an analyst and contributor. as a journalist, you're to report the fact. stuart: what is the new york times doing? >> the new york times is wrong in what they're doing, any media outlet not reporting the facts, if they are just reporters and journalists, that's what they should be doing. stuart: there is a difference and this is very true, there's a difference between an opinion program. >> absolutely. stuart: you're on talk radio and have your own radio show. >> absolutely. stuart: you have every right to express an opinion, clearly what it is. what i object to is journalistic operations who say they're middle of the road and they're not. >> i don't think that the new york times has. i think they've been very clear they're not being so, yet they should be. stuart: can we expect the headlines to change? >> they should be.
10:26 am
further, in honesty, some of those outlets are just covering trump, trump, trump because that's how they make more money. let's be honest. when trump holds a press conference more people tune in than when hillary does. stuart: what about the-- i've been in america for who years, never seen a candidate treated with such disdain and dislike as he's-- as trump is treated by "the washington post." >> i don't disagree with that, but he has disdain for the media and even though they should not reflect their anger and getting back at him for that. in addition a lot of things he says are dangerous and i don't think it's wrong as a journalist to report what he is saying and how it's perceived, by former cia directors and reagan aides as dangerous and divisive for the nation. stuart: there's a pattern of bias. >> i think admitted that, and i think that--
10:27 am
>> well, you got the last word by talking over me. to oil, the world is swimming in the stuff. saudi arabia hit an all-time high and in moments from now, we'll find out how much oil is in america and that could make a difference to the price of oil and stocks. quickly to chipotle, selling half priced beer and margaritas, kind of a four-hour happy hour, 4 to 8 p.m. not enough to make you buy the stock. trump supporters are irate. they say the media is out to get their guy. any truth in that. ashley: oh, i think so. [laughter] >> maybe leslie should stick around some more. we'll be back. i have asthma...
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stuart: we've got the number how
10:31 am
much oil we've got in storage. the number had a little bill stew of 1.06 million barrels. expectation was a draw down of the million that's a $2 million difference. had a big uphill last week and again this week so by all accounts we have to check out gasoline numbers too because that held to counteract that bill last week but bioact that should push lower that we've got more than a million dollars -- barrels scott is in chicago and trades this stuff. scott we've got more oil in storage but price of oil u up. >> down 2.8 million and gasoline down. explain what's going on. that was a draw so a bigger draw on thises gasoline that's what shot us up. we were to be fair up about 15 cents of the day and we've powered heated by another 30 to 40 cent ares on the day in the broad scheme of things it is not
10:32 am
doing that much but other two draws are supporting the market right now. >> explain to me again about gasoline, just explain that to me will you, i'm lost. >> we were expecting around a drop around 1.63 in gasoline that came up minus .2807 and expecting bill of .53 and came up minus .509 or 30 to 40 cents basing this market right now. >> all right scot it is a comply kawtsed thing and you plain it well. >> i hope. >> i did. >> does that mean most are driving? to account for that a barrel. that moons we're using a whole lot more of it. >> i'm buying gas in new jersey that is $1.75 as much as i possibly can because that's cheap. we'll explain away here.
10:33 am
>> there you go not much impact on stock market by the way up 15 a points, 13 points we're coming back down to a virtually flat market. so no impact on stock prices from what we saw in oil. okay. however, look at amazon please. it keeps hitting new highs now yesterday we had had above 770 this morning at 768. bottom line here is it's up 45% since last august. that is a gain of over 300 dollars per share -- pretty good. why didn't i see that one coming? the diagnostic testing company myriad genetics into the future doesn't like what it sees looking bad stock is down 31%. that's myriad diagnostic 52 week low. donald trump is much fanfare unveiled monday. hillary clinton waste nod time krit sizing it. watch this.
10:34 am
>> a dozen economic advisor it is let's see, he's got three wall street money managers and oil barren, a former chief economist one was big banks at the heart of financial crisis. we've got 6 men named steve. [cheering] and u you know, that they all care about the same thing he does, how to avoid paying their fair share. >> let's see this guy on parking lot right-hand side of your screen is named steve. he's -- a steve who helped write this plan not an oil birn or hedge or wall street guy but he's a steve which will refer to you as steve -- >> when we had our meeting on plane to go over final details of the tax plan, you know donald trump hey, says steve i have to ask you a question we all turn around.
10:35 am
>> we're all laugh and joking this morning but you guys must be really angry that within one day of that release of that economic growth plan a fine plan, everything overshadowed by off the u cuff remark about second amendment you must be in despair. >> you know, by the way i wanted to say i think two or three weeks ago on your show i said that we were going to kill hillary clinton in the election. i want to be clear i was talking figuratively not literally. but look i think this is personally i think this is -- as had the opposite effect. i think people look at this and they say this is ridiculous and media frenzy that is not allowing us to talk about so i think it's backfired frankly i really do. ina lot of people say why makina big deal out of this. people know what he meant. when had it comes to economic here's why we have a really good week this week because until you know yesterday -- you know, what have people been
10:36 am
focusing on, economy. the last thing that hillary clinton wanting to talk about and debate is the economy, jobs and plan that we put out. she doesn't want to talk about that or and debate that because that's where we have such a better plan. i'll give you within example stuart. on our plan for businesses especially small businesses, we're at a 15% tax rate. 15% you know where she is. she's at 46% so we're three -- she's three times higher now you don't have to have a p ph.d. in exhibition you don't have one stuart but to understand if you tax a business at 50% versus 46% at 15% you get a lot more spending a lot more jobs, a lot more hiring so we love -- we want to talk about nothing but the economy. [laughter] stuart: i want you to talk about growth because exactly same page here. i think growth is most important thing that we've got to deliver for the american people. no i, i ask mr. trump yesterday morning on fox news, i said what kind of growth rate do we get 4%?
10:37 am
he said yes. 4% or better. you would second that? can we do 5%? 6% or -- i really want to hear a growth story here 237. >> so stuart it's easy we have it. u you've said on your show we have 3% growth for what ten years or something like that. there's so much lowening whatting fruit out there. one of the things for example he said in a speech on first day in office. first hours he's in executive oval office he's able to sign maybe give him 40 or 50 executive overedders of these illegal regulations and executive actions that obama is taken that is strangling economy. repeal, repeal when ronnel reagan came into office in 1981 in january of 19 81 repealed energy, oil gas controls an caused immediate spark to economy. can we get 4% growth easily? and here's the thing so we're at one to one and a half percent now if you go to 4% growth, do you have any --
10:38 am
take a wild guess at how much extra revenue you get for the government so go from one and a half% growth to one, take a guess. stuart: tell me. >> all right $5 trillion so over ten years we reduce the deficit by $5 trillion just by getting growth. why? because when you have more businesses come here and more people working, when you have less people on welfare what happens to the tax revenues they go up. what happens to the expenditures they go down. so you need growth. i love the fact that you're focused on growth and we're going to get there. 4% growth. >> that's what i wanted to hear growth thank you very much indeed. steve moore. >> more paying taxes. >> steve moore you're all right thanks for joining us this is steve one of the six. all right. so look at what the media is saying that jumping all over trump's comments on seconds amendment. give you a quick review of all
10:39 am
of them this is the guardian far left a british newspaper. donald trump hints at assassination by gun right supporters. this is from rolling stone, trump assassination dog whistle was scarier than you this. "daily news" new york city trump must go hingting at assassination is too much. even for him. trump tried to defend himself on last night's hannity. watch this. >> it is a political rig deal, and the press is you know -- the press plays right into the hands of these people and they really are an extension in my opinion to press is an extension of hillary clinton and the democrats. >> all right now tammy bruce is here you've been watching this headlines in the newspaper, the broadcast trump himself on hannity. is this whole thing just being completely overblown by a very hostile media? >> yeah, look this is what left always says they go too far it becomes absurd it becomes comical and this is what we've got. at this point,s it's like the
10:40 am
boy who cried wolf. they constantly do this. it's article august. and american people say well wait a minute that's ridiculous and they begin to not hear at all. i'll give you an example of what they've done regarding economy we talked now to steven. abc33 seconds on mr. trump's economic proposal. 33 seconds because it didn't suit them to discuss it. all of the networks now with that comment versus the terrorist father at the hillary rally, the net spent 4 times more time discussing this dog whistle comment of his than the terrorist father at the clinton rally those were elements tharm deliberately working to make sure that hillary is not discussed and it becomes -- it becomes a comic and something that is literally trying to brainwash -- >> do you think it's -- the average american looks at this as being comical. now look what they're saying,
10:41 am
but are they saying you know is this guy fit to sit in the oval office? that's what they're saying. j i think that there's a point remember we're the nerds and looking at it every single day. average person is still dealing with no money, no jobs, fear for the future. war concerns, and they're tuning in and thank goodness they are able to hear comments thesms themselves and this kind of insider dynamic of the media trying to have an impact has less of an impact than people believing that hillary will cause -- more problems that world is on fire because of her and obama and weaving that into their daily understanding. we are getting into the weeds and this becomes internal fight. american people still care about the economy. they still care about the future. they know they're being manipulated and this is part why of reformation is happening. >> interest. i'd love to see the economy and growth as key issue to the election.
10:42 am
the moment is not -- >> we are -- >> but media when had it is discussed as i've said with abc giving 33 seconds to it, president reagan was able to overcome the media, and this is what -- rnl wasn't it hostile back then? >> but if donald trump is going to be able to be president he will be able to overcome. it's unfair that he has to but this is great training because this is going to be something a president trump will have to deal with for four years. we've got to have his back those of us who support him and make it clear as much as we can as to what's happening. stuart: i have more few for you it is wednesday and we are dead flat. now we've come back a little bit because the price of oil is now down. we've dropped back to 4250 on oil. that's why the dow is no lock longer up 25, 30 points. we'll be back in just one moment. please.
10:43 am
10:44 am
♪ >> and remember "varney & company" starts at 9 a.m. eastern. here's what you missed last hour. judge napolitano on latest clinton scandal. >> mrs. clinton has said three times under oath once in writing to a federal judge, quote, under penalty of perjury is a statement twice under oath before benghazi committee that she veppeddered her work related e-mails to the state pursuant to
10:45 am
the request for them. the fbi found according to director comey thousands of work related e-mails still on the server not surrendered some of which trieded to destroy. this morning we have another 240e which were in possession of huma abidin her aid which had not been surrendered so we have three clear cut instances of lying --
10:46 am
10:47 am
>> bernie sanders a socialist, spending 600,000 on a new home. it's her summer home. in the houses, tammy so he has three cribs doesn't he taking donations from college students, and now he's moving into this great beach house even the beach is private. he doesn't want to share that. this is what happens when you have socialist like bernie sanders supporters like hillary clinton, they will lie to you and buy additional crib for themselves. chghts not using campaign cash to bite home. >> he was worth certainly not $600,000 before the election. somehow this socialist public servant is now living the high life. >> how much socialist speaking surface. stuart: now debate commission an important detail it here. the debate commission run the
10:48 am
debate they're >>ing debate venues to prepare a third podium for third party candidate like gary johnson may be. johnson needs to poll at 15% to make it to the debate. but latest real clear politics average show him almost 9%. look who's here former congressman rand paul libertarian extraordinary who is smiling this morning. this is gary johnson's moment isn't it, really? >> well, there's certainly an opportunity there for him and libertarianism but remains to be seen and strategy in presenting these polls to undermine other people's campaign. no it's good and certainly the country needs another option. and it would be great if we had more than just the two people in the debate. stuart: see if you agree with me on this if mr. johnson were included in the debate it would really change not just the total
10:49 am
of the debate but political outlook because the man has a good case to make and he's articulate person and he does stand in between two rather unpopular candidates. i think this really could change things. do you agree? >> yeah. he could at least i'm hopeful that it will. and a lot of people are -- assume he'll take votes away from trump. but not necessarily so. you know libertarianism has appeal to progressive democrats as well. so it will be interesting to see what happens. >> well he could poll -- and make the libertarian case very forcefully in front of a very large audience i'm sure that will be good for you guys. now one quick question trying to find something that rapped rand paul would like in the trump economic growth plan and i would like the radical cutting of taxes. would approve of that wouldn't you? >> i would. but certainly you have problems if you've cut a lot of taxes and
10:50 am
you never consider cutting spending. he wants to spend a lot more on military and he wants to double you know amount of money spent on infrastructure than hillary wants to spend so two don't add up and libertarian would say yes. cut all of the tacks you can. but you've got to cut the spending and that is unacceptable in the political climate that we've had for 50 years. unacceptable. >> but good idea for infrastructure rebuilding to have a fund over 500 billion it's don't laugh, our money individuals put money in and infrastructure bond like world war ii victory bonds. that's not government spent or? you don't approve? >> well, about i don't think it will work and nobody will volunteer and buy those bonds. you know. but no, i think it's good politics for him. you know we're going to rebuild the infrastructure and we're going to rebuild the military and we're going to lower taxes. i think the best part i heard
10:51 am
was getting that corporate tax done we have highest corporate tax in the world. that alone would be a tremendous -- >> i'm looking for something that you would like and i think we've found it right at the very end congressman rand paul we like to the very end thanks indeed sir. always appreciate it. >> thank you stuart. big board shows gain of almost 10 points for dow jones industrial. our three of "varney & company" coming up. you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy.
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♪ >> diana ross plays no mountain higher and no price high enough for amazon that keeps on hitting those highs up to 69.62 and looks into the future and says that ain't good. down 30% at a 52-week low and take a look at this right now stuart getting filled in on what's coming up at the top of the hour. there he is a cup of tea in happened and here's what we have for you trump in headlines for awe of the wrong reasons again. the media says trump wants hillary assassinated. his economic plan forgotten. trump campaign responds next. hillary clinton's big mystic in orlando. she talks to a crowd in florida about the orlando massacre. but father of the killer sitting
10:56 am
right behind her. and remember this guest, socialist caroline heldman said stuart should give his money away in taxes because poor people work harder than him well she's back in the next hour but first donald trump's economic advisor had this to say last hour about jobs and growth. >> from the beginning it's been to transform the country to make it better and key part of that and primary part of that is economically bring more people into the labor force and people that have been left out that's young people that's minorities. people that are -- have -- don't believe that america is working for them. and that means you have to change policy so on monday he proposed changes in tax, tax reform trade reform, regular reform an things that will create millions of jobs.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
♪ . stuart: good morning, everyone.
11:00 am
welcome to our third hour. it is 11:00 in the morning in new york. it's 8:00 in the morning in california. welcome, all. we'll get to politics in a moment. first off, the market dead flat for the dow industrials, a two-point gain. that's all we've got at this moment. the latest reading on how much oil we've got in storage. we went up by a million barrels and the price of oil has dropped by eight cents. forty-two dollars a barrel. al baba, chinese amazon i guess you can call it. hit a 52-week high. how big disney? they're making a billion-dollar bet on video streaming, the espn unit. they've added 15 points to the dow industrials because that is a dow stock. up two bucks and 2% this morning. how about ralph lauren making a lot more money. maybe it's because they designed the olympic uniforms, i'm not sure. but the stock is up nearly
11:01 am
10%. now let's go to politics. donald trump made a lot of headlines this week on monday, the economic growth plan. he grabbed a lot of headlines with that one. he was compared to ronald reagan. tuesday, another rally, this time he grabs headlines for his comments on guns. now, roll that tape. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick -- [booing] if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. but i'll tell you what. that will be a horrible day if -- if hillary gets to put her judges, right now we're tied. stuart: did you see the guy in the red shirt on the right-hand side of the screen? he took those comments one particular way and there's no
11:02 am
doubt how he took it. so the gentleman in the red shirt. next time we roll that tape, you'll see his facial expression. now, this morning in reaction to what mr. trump said yesterday about hillary clinton and the guns and the second amendment. just look at this. los angeles times analysis. trump locks another ill time as voters seem to justify their november choice. washington post from trump's words outrage headlines, then denial. katrina pearson is with us. national spokesperson for the trump campaign. katrina, welcome back. >> good morning. thank you. >> it's a firestorm. you can see it. it's all over the place. what's your response? >> well, this is nothing new. this is definitely something that the trump campaign has been dealing with for quite some time now. it is right out of the page of the powerpoint from the democrat playbook that wikileaks released on page number six. any time there's an
11:03 am
opportunity to pick something, anything that mr. trump says, and they can make it out to be violent, that's exactly what they're going to do. and as you mention, some of those headlines are quite hefty, but i'll also note now that it surfaced, hillary clinton's actual implication of violence in 2008 has surfaced, you don't really see much of the media talking about that anymore today. stuart: but, look, mr. trump knows mat that he had is extraordinarily hostile to him. i've never seen anything quite like it before. he knows this. so why does he go off script and give them an opportunity to bring on this firestorm that we're seeing this mornin morning? why does he keep doing this? >> well, it's not intentional, stuart. you know, mr. treasury could sneeze and there would be headlines for weeks on cnn about how trump attacked the environment and bring on a bipartisan epa effort saying he's trying to kill the world. stuart: he knows this. >> he's not going to stop talking about the second amendment. he's not going to stop talking about the supreme court
11:04 am
judges, he's not going to stop talking about national security and border security just because the media is going to always pull words out of context. stuart: doesn't end that you've got to be disciplined. because if you're not, if you've -- does he not understand that? but he keeps doing it. look, i don't want to give offense to donald trump. but, you know, how many times on this program have we said "you've got to be disciplined. you've got to get that message out." he's got a wonderful message on economic growth. why doesn't he get that out? if we ask the question on th second amendment, why doesn't he say i've got a great growth plan? why doesn't he do that? >> well, to answer your question, yes, he does absolutely understand that. and if you're frustrated, imagine how frustrated he is knowing what the media is going to do on a daily basis. but i do want to point out two things, stuart. that i think will be able to get that message out because we have not been running as
11:05 am
yet those ads are coming. we have the debates coming up. there is a crucial opportunity here to highlight the media bias, which is why you see the campaign now constantly every day pushing out that media bias so that people could see what they're actually doing and saying about mr. trump. so when those policies do come out, the absurdity that's going on in the media as you stated on is really going to be highlighted and to point out the difference between the trump administration between more of the same, it's going to be a very, very highlight in the up coming days, considering how we're closing on the election. stuart: when are the ads coming out? >> the ads will be coming out very soon. and just for you, there's going to be a lot more speeches coming out. there's a speech on monday was just a series. one of the series that's going to be coming out. he's going to have a specific discussion on taxes as well as with families. . stuart: okay. just for me? or -- [laughter] >> just for you. stuart: i don't believe it. >> you want to learn more about the economy? i promise you're going to hear more about the economy.
11:06 am
stuart: please i would love to see it. katrina, thank you very much for coming on the show. always appreciated. thank you. >> great to be here. thanks, stuart,. stuart: okay. now, on the other side, hillary clinton is expected to announced her economic plan tomorrow afternoon. earlier on this program today, senior trump economic adviser steve moore commented on hillary's up coming announcement. roll tape. >> and our plan for businesses especially small businesses we're at a 15% tax rate. 15%. you know where she is? she's at 46%. so she's three times higher -- now, you don't have to have a ph.d. in economics, i know you don't understand one, stuart, if you tax a business at 15% versus 46%, you're going to allow a lot more spending, a lot more jobs, and a lot more hiring. stuart: there you heard it. 15% tax rate under mr. trump. 46% corporate tax rate under hillary clinton. now, you're a democrat. >> that's right. stuart: you know you're going to vote for donald trump or at least you will last time i saw
11:07 am
you. >> absolutely. stuart: now, what do you make of that? because that's a huge gap. 15% donald trump, 46% hillary clinton. >> look, every aspect of our economy and our world is getting more efficient because our technology. our government does this well. the idea that we're going to be less competitive on a global scale and have the highest taxes doesn't make any sense to me. the uk is going to 15%. we need to go to 15% to be competitive on a world level. stuart: so why is that message not getting through to democrats? >> i don't understand. i mean we have -- we're experiencing the worst period of economic growth since -- in 67 years. stuart: that's right. >> in 67 years. and, you know, the first quarter we grew by, like, 1% -- or the first half of the year we grew by 1%. things are bad out there. people can't pay for their medical bills, they can't get jobs. so the notion that we're going to make it more difficult, less competitive environment doesn't make sense to me. the idea that hillary clinton is going to raise taxes on the middle class.
11:08 am
she claims that she misspoke but if you look at her track record since 1993, she's wanted tax on carbon dioxide, wanted 25% sales tax on guns. she supported taxes. she was asked by george stephanopoulos would you totally rule out a tax increase on people he didn't less than $250,000 a year? and she said, no, i can't do that right now. so she is very clear on taxes on the middle class on taxes on corporations that she is not competitive at all. she will make us less competitive, less stable, we're not going to experience economic growth. stuart: but trump does not get traction because he's -- he puts his foot in his mouth. >> i know. stuart: you're going to vote for the guy. >> i am. stuart: are you in despair? >> no. i'm not in despair. look, it's still early, and i agree with you totally. we need a different message. we need to discipline donald trump impeccables win on the issues. stuart: how many times have we said this? >> i know. stuart: how many times on this program?
11:09 am
ashley? ashley: we've lost count. stuart: he's got to get on message. ashley: yeah,. stuart: and stay on message. and he will. he will. i'm told he will, he will, he will. >> if he leaves out his plan to attack isis, to fix jobs in the economy, to reign in taxes and regulation, he will win. stuart: what do you think of my idea? he's asked a question on immigration, says i have a great growth plan. he's asked a question on russia, i've got a terrific economic plan. what's with that? >> that's what politicians do. this notion that he can continue to be an outsider and shoot from the hip is not going to work. you have to work within the bounties of our society and the media, and he has to know that the media is going to spin every word that he says. so he's got to be disciplined. he's got to be. stuart: as always, thank you very much indeed. listen to this one. this is about the state of our economy. new study. 81% of us are worse off now than we were in 2005. what's this all about? ashley: yeah, household income. this is put together by the
11:10 am
mckenzie global institute. neil: . stuart: mckenzie. ashley: mckenzie. stuart: legitimate organization. ashley: absolutely legitimate. they looked at the household income of the top 25% in the world. u.s. are worse off now than they were a decade ago. only one country was worse than that. italy 97%, france at 63%, sweden 23% appear an embarrassing stat for the u.s. 81% of people not since world war ii have we seen a situation that people today are not better off than their parents were. that trend has reversed. stuart: why can't donald trump take that and run with? ashley: it's gold. stuart: it sure is. all right. ashley, thank you. check the markets down three points. that's it. may have to do with the slight drop in the price of oil. stocks down, oil down as we speak. how big disney? they're betting big on streaming baseball. they're launching a new streaming service. it looks like the market kind of likes it.
11:11 am
they're at $98 a share. up a buck 55. and more flight delays. more cancellations as well at delta, at least 90 flights will be canceled today. so that's a little bit of an improvement of what their expectation earlier does not expect to resume normal service throughout until this afternoon. the stock is down 20% this year. down at 36 this morning. turkey's president. meeting with russia's president vladimir putin, leading to fears that the new country may be forming a new alliance. back with more on that ♪
11:12 am
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11:14 am
. stuart: the netherlands report of a another terror incident just learning about it now? ashley: just learning about it. apparently a 35-year-old man running at place waiving a knife. police ended upshooting him in the leg. this happened near a metro
11:15 am
station, obviously a lot of concern with these types of attacks up all over europe. not sure the circumstances here. but it doesn't sound good. stuart: rotterdam. ashley: rotterdam. stuart: turkish president meeting with vladimir putin leading to the idea that the two countries may be forming together. ambassador jeffries is with us. the former ambassador to turkey. mr. ambassador, welcome to the program. >> thank you for having me on. stuart: this must be very worrying to diplomats. turkey is a nato member, russia is our adversary, and the two appear to be getting together with some kind of friendship alliance. what do you make of it? >> well, turkey and russia have for a long time had an ambivalent love hate relationship. turkey is dependent upon russia for 60% of its gas. russia is responsible for turkey's development of nuclear energy, and it goes on
11:16 am
and on. so at times turkey opposes russia for syria and the assad regime and at times turkey has been quite close to russia within the context of the nato state. stuart: this cannot be good news for america or europe. can it? >> that's a really good question. and you're right. it's not good news. i'm just trying to put it in context. it's not something totally new. some of this is a recovery of the very chilled relations after the turks shot down the russian airplane in turkey flying out of syria. so some of that is riviera. but it is also has to be seen as a reaction to the coup attempt in turkey. not only the president who has many trades people don't like, but most turks believe this was sponsored by the islamic organization, which is headquartered in the united states. they think the united states was not sympathetic to their uprising to the coup against
11:17 am
the people. and they're troubled by this. putin on the other hand embraced after the coup. so that's the reason he finds himself better relations with putin. . stuart: so here's you have turkey, which has 3 million migrants within its borders. they're threatening to unleash those migrants, send them to europe to overwhelm the europeans, and that would presumably be in russia's interest too. they would like to poke europe. and that's how they could do it. that's a very dangerous situation, surely. >> exactly and the europeans signed an agreement with turkey that cut that flow. good news. and then the europeans typically added human rights conditions that president found objectionable. so he's threatening to cancel that. that would be playing into putin's hands again. the ultimate reason for these refugees is of course russia's behavior in syria, which is
11:18 am
turks still oppose. that's important. stuart: just seems like things are going downhill all over the place. mr. ambassador, thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: you have to shake your head. how big this one? listen to this. developments in the south china sea islands. ashley: the man made islands as well. satellite photos taken over the last june and july show the building hangers, 80 of them reinforced concrete house fighter jets. china says these islands are primarily there to help fisherman and other causes, quote, unquote. china holding exercises in the south china sea next month. so that's going to be interesting. stuart: you know, we try to make the relevance of this to our viewers. we just had turkey and russia getting together. maybe 3 million more migrants ununleashed europe. now we have the hardening of these hangers in the south
11:19 am
china sea. ashley: russia china. stuart: doesn't it look like everybody is gangs up against very weak america? ashley: disturbing. stuart: yes, it is. it is. in california firefighters struggling to contain a wildfire in the southern part of the state. this is one of several that are burning in california and out west. 7,000 acres in this particular one. only 6% contained. by the way, this is one of 35 major wildfires that have burned half a million acres in 12 states. how big that? and look at this. a dust storm hit phoenix, arizona just before a thunderstorm blew it -- look at that. now, that's frightening. led to flash flooding with one of the worst occurring in the apache junction area. the storm flooding. that's a fun day. let's get back to politics. the controversy for hillary clinton.
11:20 am
sadiq mateen, father of the orlando shooter was seen behind hillary clinton in the campaign. he was cheering her on. we'll tell you how the clinton campaign responded to that in a moment
11:21 am
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11:24 am
a controversy after sadiq mateen the gentleman in the circle there seen right behind her. he is the father of the orlando shooter. ashley: yeah, look, apparently no one knew this except for a local tv crew who said, hey, what are you doing here? he said, hey, listen it's a democrat party, he's in the background as hillary clinton is with the families of the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting that took 49 lives and the father of the shooter standing right behind her. the clinton campaign just said, well, we didn't -- you know, he wasn't invited. he was unaware of his presence but then kind of blew up on social media and then we got eventually this statement from the hillary camp saying this that the rally was a 3,000 person open door event for the public. this individual wasn't invited as a guest. and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event. so, you know, a couple of questions. the biggest one how did he get in there and be so prominently positioned right behind her? .
11:25 am
stuart: if you're a political professor, you position people right behind your candidate to reflect the community that you're trying to get votes from. ashley: uh-huh. stuart: so sure they positioned him right there. ashley: you would think. yeah. stuart: but on the other hand i can't imagine the political professional wanting that particular person behind any candidate for heaven's sake. ashley: not at all. and as we pointed out, if this was donald trump, we would still be talking about it now and this was monday. stuart: you would never hear the end of it. and all the implications of what donald trump would be if you had him in the white house. no such questions of hillary clinton. ashley: no. media has moved on. stuart: i think we chewed on those long enough. ashley: shall we drop it? . stuart: i think we will. a couple of stocks in the news and they're moving. how big chipotle? offering half price and two one beers and margaritas from 4:0 4:00 p.m.
11:26 am
still a low $400 a share despite cut price booze. let's get back to politics. donald trump's economic plan overshadowed by common hillary clinton and guns of the second amendment. judge andrew napolitano will comment on that in a moment. >> hillary wants to abolish essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick -- -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
>> and telling you right now, we are going to write clearer roles for the middle class and we are going to rates is on the middle class. [cheers and applause] stuart: shall i receive that? we are going to raise taxes on the middle class. she will reveal her full economic plan tomorrow afternoon. meanwhile, fox news contributor, you've written a piece saying that yes, hillary clinton will raise taxes on the middle class. you've got to spell this out. in one way will middle class people be taxed more in a hillary clinton -- >> despite that beach where she
11:31 am
said she didn't say what a lot of people including yours truly said. since 1993 she fabricated 25% national sales tax on guns. she was asked in iowa whether she was for oregon a payroll tax increase on all americans fear she said no she wouldn't be opposed to that. in philadelphia -- pennsylvania primary she was in favor of increasing sales taxes on soda. she's in favor of that. her campaign chairman john podesta said they would be open to a carbon tax if congress would pass fast. tree into a carbon tax. that would raise a ton of money, but it would be paid by everybody. consumption tax. >> of your manufacturing company from a year using oil or natural gas. your company will raise your prices to cover your expenses.
11:32 am
rich people, middle-class people, everyone will pay that. and bracer endorser propose all of these taxes. stuart: has she proposed an increase in tax rates come in and tax rates, federal income tax rates? i don't think she has her middle-class people. >> she's certainly not for cutting corporate taxes which we desperately need to do. 1% right now. we've seen median incomes drop. this economy is sitting on his and needs to move forward. cutting corporate taxes would be an important that. stuart: she won't do that. if there's any text you attack him any regulation she might get rid of? >> not really. stuart: that is the judge by the way. [laughter] >> she's not only going to increase regulations, she is
11:33 am
going to unleash the regulatory across federal bureaucracy of basic among american business and will be extremely good. she spent four, eight years of people who propose to her and that will be the main propulsion of her presidency if she select it. >> this is an interesting scenario here laid out for us. carl icahn said yesterday that he's very much in favor of the term plan and is very much opposed to while the other candidates who he says are just making more and business. you can do that. >> you're absolutely right. i'm concerned about never trump hussein donald trump is not a conservative. for almost the entire right of center economic agenda. corporate tax reduction, the death of the death tax. these are things that people in conservative op-ed pages have been screaming for decades. he's not a conservative so let's
11:34 am
put hillary in who will oppose each and every single à la terry being our friend at the heritage foundation, cato institute, et cetera have been calling for since the 1980s. exact opposite of everything folks on the right have been vacant for decades. stuart: clearly not a hillary clinton supporter. i like a guy who spells it out. >> on the one hand -- on the other hand. thank you for joining us. donald trump is facing a new controversy for comments he made regarding hillary clinton and the second amendment. watch this. >> hillary wants to essentially abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick -- she took her judges, nothing new to most folks here in about the second amendment people, maybe there is.
11:35 am
i will tell you what i fear that will be a to put her judgment, right down the time. stuart: at all by us, please. that's free speech. >> yes, i prefer to talk to this from the legal permanent view. politics and life become a big deal. here is the law constitutionally. if someone makes an utterance, which is arguably incendiary or a call for violence, before that person can be prosecuted for their speech, the courts must exclude all non-violent interpretation of the speech. so if there was another nonviolent interpretation of the speech, the speaker cannot be prosecuted. we just listened to by donald trump said it laid out the left
11:36 am
is saying the left insane the left is saying. he wants people to take their guns and shoot hillary. preposterous, but that's what they're singing. he wants those who believe in the second amendment to organize the vatican delivery. that is a rational interpretation. the courts to be compelled to accept that interpretation because of his speech. on top of that, he's running for days. it does hotly contested races there's ever been. virtually everything goes with the speech in that environment. stuart: this is going to be judged politically, not legally. >> our colleagues in the media who do not want them to win. that is why that has become the issue this morning. they have suggested that he was issuing a dog whistle to violence if you will. stuart: rudy giuliani introduced mr. trump at that rally
11:37 am
yesterday and rode with him in the car after that speech all the way to the airport on the plane. rudy giuliani says when trump was confronted with this story about inciting violence, he said are you crazy? of course not good exactly what you said. it is a political thing. it's not legal. it's not can't did you should all. it is the middle of august. this is going to get a lot worse. a lot more intense before it gets better. the people who don't want mr. trump to window the damage he did to himself when he attacked a judge from indiana who recalled mexican. both of the stories has this thing to last for the week. i don't see that happening but they will keep trying to find those instances where they can deflect the issue for them to want a term of barack obama to is this guy competent to be president.
11:38 am
stuart: keep coming back. >> is a great question. mrs. clinton never met a tax or regulation she wouldn't get rid of. are you kidding? stuart: new details about revolving door policy. this seems to be going on between google and the obama white house. >> it's not a revolving door. some interesting numbers. within 205th dp ball moved from google, youtube and so on to the federal government or vice versa. 22 former white house officials went to work for google. to me that seems like a large number. also dirty when executives from those related firms went to work at the white house. all were appointed to federal eyes to reports by mr. obama. 25 officials and national security. 25 officials and national security intelligence or department of defense had joined
11:39 am
google. >> mr. eric schmidt, honorary chair i believe is the one who organized barack obama's technical and was in the room organizing technicals on the night of the election. >> a lot of correlation between the white house and google. stuart: i want to clear something up. yesterday on this program cannot bare it all there said holly davidson had been acquired by kawasaki. please clarify and american manufacturing company and is not owned. he wanted to concede the error. there you have it. last night's olympics coverage capture the intent rival between michael phelps and south african swimmer before the two faced off in the 200-meter race, phelps gave the death stare. you can see it right there.
11:40 am
he was dancing around him, trying to put them off. phelps went on to win the gold. phelps, the most decorated olympian of all time in his 21st gold medal last night. number one he won the 200-meter butterfly. the race that he was eight in four years ago by that south african. he won again last night. that's a very big deal. the entire competition with 27 medals. hillary clinton's economic been coming out to tomorrow. my great tax debate with a leftist professor is maxed. -- next.
11:41 am
11:42 am
>> van nicole petallides with their fox business brief. we see stocks down about 40 points to the dow jones industrial average. 18,000 or 93. about 139 points away. he seen the averages near the high. the s&p down seven and nasdaq down 28. let's take a look at some of the winners and losers on the dow jones industrial average. it is that today at 9756 a share. wal-mart gaining intel and exxon pullback. we continue to watch inventory for some oil and growth there. looking at the retailers, ralph lauren you can see two of pharaohs there. not as bad on the downside.
11:43 am
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stuart: well, how about this. socialist bernie sanders more than a half million dollars to buy his third home. ashley: a home on lake champlain. $600,000.
11:45 am
of course this is fighting against income inequality candidate. three homes for the men who represents the people. he's planning on keeping his burlington home. the campus he calls it on the island in the champlain islands beauty would just use it on a seasonal basis. thank you for saying that. there you go. stuart: speaking of which, hillary clinton with her economic plan tomorrow. professor from california on frequent occasions. welcome to the program. >> good to see you. stuart: i do want to get your reaction. first of all to bernie sanders, a socialist. democratic socialist with his third home.
11:46 am
he's been in $600,000 on a third beachfront home. you want to ask why not? >> you know, i'm surprised you have an issue with it. i do have an issue with it. it's a little bit of hypocrisy if you care about income inequality. as a fellow american i don't have the right to tell them what to do with his money. he's not a socialist. we believe that when they take a bit of power from corporations and give it to people where socialism wants to give it to government. stuart: where a financial program. this is what we do all the time. almost every central bank around the world has reduced interest rates to zero and printed a ton of money. it really hasn't worked. it has propelled stock markets but there's no growth. similarly, governments all around the world have raised
11:47 am
taxes, pretty much all the way around the world yet we still don't have serious growth anywhere except china. we don't trust their numbers. so here we have hillary tomorrow coming out with a tax economic plan, which will include tax increases. it seems to us like same old, same old, which will produce the same results. no real growth in the economy. i'm trying to be reasonable here. i don't want to get into a shouting match with you. i want to try to have you tell our viewers how we are going to get growth with a plan which is already failed in america. tell us. >> would actually haven't put a plan into place. the way that growth is to raise taxes on the top 1%. the top 1% testing most of the gain in terms of the common masses over the last two years. an effective lower rate than the
11:48 am
rest of americans. if you want to see grow to tax the top 1% by raising the capital gains tax, inheritance tax and offshore investment. trade to explain to me how you raise taxes on the 1% and get more growth in the economy. by the way, caroline, professor, we've done not in the last seven years. >> we have peer stuart: yes, we have. >> no. president obama has not reinstated the tax rates. stuart: you can't reinvent your own facts. the tax rate on the 1%. it's about 42-point -- 43% because of surcharges added on. we have tax the wealthy people. we have done that. >> this is the lowest they've been tacked. stuart: it has gone out. >> i'm talking about --
11:49 am
stuart: just explain it to me. for heavens sake. which regarded dad. go. >> what you do is you take money from folks who can afford to put more into the kitty. not less, which is what they pay now. put that in the social programs, job training programs that help the lower 90% so they can get ahead in life so that they can get an education and job training. it is growth. that and contributes to growth and contributes to higher wages. stuart: why have we only had 2% growth? >> we haven't done this. we have not gotten anywhere near the rates with other people.
11:50 am
stuart: i don't know why we do this. >> we tax the 1%. stuart: okay, i'm done. i'm absolutely done with this. >> you're not looking up facts. for this service report. stuart: thank you, professor. thank you indeed. i'm done. more "varney" after this. siriusxm. road happy.
11:51 am
(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy.
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11:54 am
stuart: with a smile on my face, i'd like to clarify something you just thought if you're watching lefty professor caroline heldman. we had a vigorous discussion, some would say flat out argument about taxes. i believe i was factually correct be at the top rate attacks on the top 1% has gone up over the past eight years. it has been raised. mr. heldman said no, it not been raised. we were talking backwards and forwards about facts. i can allow discussion to go on forever when there's a disagreement about facts. i am right. professor heldman is wrong. it's that simple. the top tax rate has gone up. ashley: deep breaths. what was your blood pressure? 170 over 95. stuart: about that.
11:55 am
you're not doing it any good. >> abide but pressure taken now. let's move on. you want to read this or do you want me to read it? ashley: try and calm you down. stuart: think this will calm you down? "the new york times" admits to intentional media -- the times itself says he is dangerous, therefore it is okay to go after the guy. ashley: get back to the olympics and the gold medals. stuart: jim rutenberg, a media columnist. finally admit, he says if you view a trump presidency is something that is potentially dangerous, your reporting is going to reflect that. in other words, forget being unbiased and reporting the facts. you don't like the candidate and you're going to report the facts
11:56 am
that justify your beliefs, which is absolutely ridiculous. "the new york times" is left-leaning. to say we are biased because we think this guy is dangerous. stuart: "the new york times" admitting bias against donald trump and there was a fire stern this morning with what donald trump said yesterday about the second amendment and hillary clinton. the media went much too far and read much too much into it donald trump had said. ashley: they always do. hillary is qualified, whether you ke ior not dona tru isn an ery lile tng hsaysnd ds co aay o by onne it beegoinon fonth >> he gives them lots of ammunition. stuart: he just told about what we should talk about economic growth in trump's plan. we are talking about but he said about the second amendment. ashley: the unfiltered donald
11:57 am
trump. stuart: let me draw your teiotoheig board down below $42 a barrel. we will have more after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: generally favorable reaction from your wonderful viewers tonight interview with caroline heldman, the lefty professor that i ended rather dramatically. they seem to like it. they like the editing. should we do it again? is that good tv? does it involve the audience or not? ashley: take you to task. stuart: he would do it? would you be the same as me? >> better on pressure. stuart: i don't know about that. mr. relaxation. ashley: i would take it to task. her parents are like zillionaires.
12:00 pm
stuart: we are down 39 points. i think this loss is largely the result of the decline of the price of oil. stuart: more of the pie that was suspected. stuart: $41 a barrel will take the market down 38. my blood pressure is almost back to normal. charles, it yours. >> thanks, charles. >> the economy facing a firestorm of criticism as they try to stay the course. hillary clinton up next to give her economic speech tomorrow. there is still fallout from a recent rally. thanks for joining us. i am charles payne feeling and for neil cavuto. the clinton campaign back to the economy while downplaying this. this is the apparent that is the appearance of your land a shooter's at a rally in florida this week. with me to discuss, julie


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