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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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donald trump is in florida but his family does maintain a residence on the top floor of that tower. my col seeing charles payne will have much more coverage on this. "making money" starts right now. charles: we have breaking news straight out of new york city. just when you think you have seen it all. a man climbing the side of trump tower. he's using suction cups. he's 20 stories up. he seems determined. new york city police broke through an air vent in hopes of trying to reel him in. but you can see he's making his way fully up, maybe to the top. dan, let me ask you first. we saw a couple stories where a
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glass is broken -- this is an interesting situation. his family lives here. his headquarters. he's out of town. but this adds to the intrigue of a compelling story. >> he's a secret service protected person. we don't know what he has in the backpack. but when you are a new york city police officer asigned to this incident, you don't have the luxury of saying this. this could a potentially dangerous situation. i got a text from a police friend on the scene. they say they are worried about this guy climbing because he's climbing oh haphazardly.
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>> what do you make of this, and what should the police do? how gingerly should they go after this. >> it seems to me they are using proper protocol in terms of not brushing this guy off the building. they did try to break through a vent to intercept the guy to talk to him. that did not work. they also put out some nets below the guy in case he were to fall. but he started out on the fifth floor. there is an area where you can walk to the ledge, then he used the suction cup to climb up to the 16th floor, and then as i understand it he's on the 20th floor. they are going to try to coerce the guy off the building. but they will have to be careful
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because he could fail and they don't know what's in the back of his backpack. charles: the higher he gets, the more difficult to make an aggressive move. do we have to make some sort of aggressive move? >> i don't think so. i think the passive approach will work. trying to arrest people with two feet on the ground who don't want to be i cannen and don't want to be handcuffed is difficult. iseen 12 and 13-year-old girls give two s.w.a.t. cops a run for their money. trying to do that with the guy hanging off a building, the chance of that ending badly is strong.
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charles: i'm no climbing enthusiast. but look at way he has got this. one of the suction cups is serving as his safety harness. that's the one he keeps his foot in. he's moving up so gingerly. at this particular rate it's going to take a long time to get to the very, very top. it look so precarious. then the question marks. what's in that bag. what are his intentions and how sane -- maybe that's a rhetorical question. let me ask, do they make at least one more attempt? charles: the guy could get exhausted. >> i think this guy is experienced. if you look at the way he's climbing up and the tools he's using. obviously this isn't the first
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time this guy has climbed up the side of a structure. that's one of the things they are trying to find out, who is this guy. what could his motivation be? what is he trying to do? where is he trying to go? i believe looking at that building, they are only going to give this guy so much time on the building. then they will come out of a window and grab him. charles: the new york police department tweeted out airbags have been deployed. maybe we'll get a shot to see how large they are. perhaps if he did fall from there he wouldn't saw much physical damage. as we watch this, i want to segue.
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donald trump's comment over the second amendment and maybe he made a veiled threat or suggested someone crazy make an attack on a president hillary clinton. walk us through the rationale you were trying to explain yesterday when you had a brouhaha on a different network that made it clear-cut he was horsing around. >> exactly. if donald trump had to go back and say it again, he probably would have said it differently himself. there is a big difference between saying something and not so delicately wording it. then the left wing media suggesting this was some kind of a call to violence or violent overthrow of the government. it was absurd. when i read the comments, it was clear to me, having done this for 12 years my life that he was clearly talking about some form of get out the vote evident for people who vote on the second
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amendment issue. he didn't say it as if it was kind of rallying cry call to arms. i'm not a surrogate for donald trump. i'm just getting fed up with this left wing media junk where they give the story first, then they build the facts afterward. that's not how this stuff is supposed to work. and it only seems to happen to republicans. charles: they may pile on so many they make donald trump a sympathetic figure. charles: i thought the guy fell, but he hasn't. we have him on a didn't screen. if case you were worried like i was. he's still there working his purple and yellow. they are preparing for him. they are take out a huge window. the new york city police department will make at least
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one more attempt to stop him. it seems like the climber is somewhat confused with what he's doing. >> i knew that was what they were going to do. they were making sure if this guy did have a bomb, they wanted to make sure there wouldn't be anybody who could be harmed by it. but they will grab this guy eventually. you can see one privilege, two police officers look at him. at some point they will see him. if he work his way toward that window, hopefully it will be some form of unconditional surrender. whatever the ploy, he got the attend he wanted. he said he wanted to deliver papers to donald trump. stick around and we'll continue to watch this. we have some other news we want to report on tonight.
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conservative group judicial watch releasing 300 emails from hillary clinton's private server that show phase between the state department and the clinton foundation. doug van told two clinton state department aides it was quote important to take care of someone -- the name was redacted from the document. the response, he's on our radar. the clinton campaign said neither of these emails relate to the secretary or the foundation's work. they are between her aides and the the president obama clinton's aides. the big question is will it ever be seen by the public? whether we'll see them before election day remains to be seen.
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we want to bring in ford o'connell, and kathy taylor. more email bad news for hillary clinton. >> just when you thought crooked hillary couldn't get any sleazier the american public learns, yes, she can. these emails are evidence of a pay for play scheme. donors to the clinton foundation got special access. the question is whether donald trump can pick up the ball and make this count against hillary. charles: jessica, how far are you going to go to defend this one? >> it's not appropriate. doug van was serving as the clinton's personal aide. charles: he was wearing multiple hats at the time. >> and huma abedin wore multiple
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hats which is not appropriate either. but trying to make this a recurring theme, it affected her honesty and trustworthiness numbers. but she is still ahead. >> i'm sorry. it's not based on the numbers. we don't know how far this is. every day it goes on, it could get worse and worse. when you say it's baked in the numbers and it's tied to the emails, it's reverse psychology. when you see a greater link age between the clinton foundation and hillary clinton, it's evidence of corruption. >> you are making it out as if it's a clear quid pro quo. peter schweizer, the author of clinton cash said you don't have the magic bullet to prove anything. it's baked into the numbers and it does continue to get worse. james comey's testimony money
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hurt her. but this is not what it's going to take to take hillary clinton down. >> it smells like pay to play. i will alert the audience, our trump tower climber appears to have adjusts his route. it looks like he's having serious difficulty switching to another side of the building. it's difficult to watch considering how high up he is. it feels like turkey jerky an don't know what he wants to do. speaking of haphazard, these emails continue to mounted. and deflecting from them is getting harder and harder for hillary. >> there is no doubt there are more connections between the clinton foundation than
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connections made on charles: indonesian billionaire looking for a hookup. er ethics are outrageous, negligent and probably likely illegal. but she is running against the candidate who made outray just -- outrageousness the hallmark of his campaign. i'm not sure it's going to be the thing that makes a difference. it should be the case. i don't think it's going to happen. i think it's been baked into the numbers. charles: coming up, paul ryan won last night by a landslide. his victory speech however is making big-time news. we'll discuss that next as we follow the trump tower climber.
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we'll be right back.
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charles: paul ryan defeated his challenger by a 70-point margin. the biggest surprise came during the victory speech. >> it's easy to resort to division it's simple to prey on people's fears. that stuff sells, but it doesn't stick. it doesn't last. most of all, it doesn't work. charles: paul ryan to a degree representing his opponents paul nehlen. but many think it's a veiled shot at donald trump.
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many people are saying if it's all about republican unity, then they are in a lot of trouble. hillary clinton has been actively courting gop support, middle east recently getting the mgm's ceo harry sloan. kevin. on one handoff yulsly hillary clinton must be thrilled with the infighting within the republican party. on the other hands this is the year of the anti-establishment candidate. often these big-time ceos almost proves the points of what's worrying main street america. >> you know, it's funny, watching that clip with paul ryan, i can't help but think
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about dancing with the stars. he and donald trump have done so many dance moves they should sign up for that show. people are struck between this notion of who scares them the most. i think obviously people have some challenges with hillary clinton. a lot of long-time conservative republicans have major concerns about hillary clinton. but the inflammatory rhetoric and the lack of temperance we have seen from done there are scares people even more. i think kathy mentioned this earlier. i think the standard has been lowered so much that even things in any other election would draw attention. people are trying to figure out how do we pick the person we can dumb count least? charles: here is the thing. bloomberg, the most recent poll shows donald trump with 87% gop support and hillary clinton 90% democratic support.
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is it making a difference with core voters, the infighting between the establishment and donald trump? and does it in many ways help donald trump? >> >> there is no more infighting at the gop than we saw at the dnc. hillary clinton has more cabinet members from gop administrations than. charles: bernie was the threshold, he gave hillary his support and bought this third house, a $600,000 summer home. almost every day there is some huge donor, a republican saying
6:21 pm
i don't want any part of this. >> to kevin's point. donald trump -- charles: but does it help donald trump snpt elites -- does it help donald trump? the he athletes don't want him. >> there is a points of national security and economy and keeping the wheels of america turning. and people get scared. when you are so inconsistent about it. it scares people. paul ryan is not establishment. he's 46 years old. he has walked a narrow tightrope throughout this election and i think he has done a pretty darn good job. if all of our sons and daughters in america grew up with the prized country and values of paul ryan -- charles: people will tweet out
6:22 pm
paul ryan is the hands-picked poster boy of the establishment. coming up, the national rifle association announcing $3 million they are going to spend on the donald in the swing states. donald trump has not spent a nickel yet. but it's time to pony up the cash. what it means for this race when we come back.
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charles: you can see the trump tower climber has moved over. he peeked around the corner of the building thinking perhaps that would be the route to go. but the window washer apparatus was over there. there was someone on it. he seems indecisive at this moment. it's apparent the police officers are talking to him at this point perhaps trying to get
6:26 pm
him to come up and give himself up. you can see he's stuck. he's very indecisive, and that's making the situation even more dangerous. look at that haphazard safety apparatus he put together. on one side you have the window wiper equipment. he peeked around the corner. now he has a narrow alley where the window was not taken out. can you kinds of give us an idea where you think this goes from now? >> he's not paying attention to what police are telling him. he they are using a procedure to box this guy in the corner. on the side of the building,
6:27 pm
those are police officers in that scaffolding equipment. those were police officers. and they were ready to take that guy until he saw them. he can either continue to go up and they will grab him or he can go back down. if he tries to go back down he will probably trip and fall. charles: you said this is a known police procedure, boxing him in? >> that's the way most us would have handled that situation. we want to cut him off from going up any higher. he can't go to the front of building because we have officers in the scaffolding. the only place for this guy to go is down unless he wants to turn himself in.
6:28 pm
>> he ignores their overture to grab the harness, the rope. do they let him skirt by? >> no. they are going to grab him. that windowpane. there is a smaller pane on the officer's right hand guy. if this guy doesn't grab that rope, they will come through that window and grab him. he won't go any higher, i can guarantee you that. charles: what's the role of secret service? if this guy were to skirt past new york city officers at this juncture would they take a more active role? >> it's being handled by the new york city police department. we have an office in brooklyn and we have an intelligence
6:29 pm
squad. they are presidential and when they hear a threat they responds. i'm sure they are out now getting subpoenas for his internet records, whatever they can do, phonewise, just to make sure this is some kind of an advocacy thing and not a violent threat. you want to see travel history. these are exhaustive cases. these cases are managed out of headquarters. charles: secret service had to springen to action and take a protester down. i don't remember a campaign with this sort of edginess to it with this sort of. it feels like an aura of danger, do you?
6:30 pm
>> i'm so glad you brought this up. after having spent 12 years in the secret service. i spent my time where the advent of social media happened. seeing this on the inside, you are right. you are seeing a lot of this silly behavior and jumping the stage. i think it's because people get temporary notoriety. they see it on twitter and it starts trending. they say if i store the day i'll -- storm the stable people will clap for me. charles: it's obvious the climber is rejecting this rope. do they bring in somebody who is a trained negotiator to lure him?
6:31 pm
or do you think the person trying to hand him the rope has the skill sets. >> i think the person trying to hand him the roips a negotiator. he's trying to reason with this guy. at the same time as we can see on the screen, the guy continues to climb. in about 3-5 minute that big burly guy will grab him and pull him in. when he grabs him they will pull his butt up through that window. charles: he's got a big backpack on. there was scuttlebutt that he had papers he wanted to deliver to donald trump. it looks like he has more than papers in there. if he makes a move for that, do they react any differently? >> they will. they probably already asked him
6:32 pm
what's in the backpack. if he was honest he probably told them he had equipment. if they pull him in they will use he precaution they possibly can in case there is a bomb or device in there that can harm them. charles: one of the stories will be how this guy was able to do this. he mouseys up to up to the fifth floor and hops out on the building. enema teen. i'm not sure, even mateen, i'm not sure what degree of culpability the secret service had and what degree of culpability hillary clinton had. >> the secret service does not choose who comes in or out of an event. within reason.
6:33 pm
what the secret service does is they secure the people who do come in. >> are they doing any kind profiling? they are -- do they say this guy looks suspicious. let's pull him out of the crowd? >> i don't mean to sell that short. they are going to stop him. there is all kind of methods we can't disclose on the air that would eliminate people from an event. where that guy was located. that's within an arm's reach inner bubble. that's an extra degree of scrutiny. there i no way he slipped through. it look like he's going to put it down now. this is a moment of truth. they are being nonchalant about this giving the climber
6:34 pm
confidence that he can go through unimpeded. the police are going to make their move real soon. >> the big police officer. they put a harness on him. he's going to go out that window. he won't fall because he has a harness. he's going to go out that window and grab that guy and there will be no place for him to go. charles: oh, my goodness. if you want social media fame. this is better than the angry dog. here we go. they got his arm. they got him. perfect. there you go. perfect. they got him. rod, you are 100% right. they got him.
6:35 pm
this is absolutely amazing. they got him in the building. it went down exactly the way you said it would there he talked to him. got any degree of confidence they could. he was able to mosey on by, but they were not going to let that happen. a big shout-out to the new york city police department and the secret service. that's the trump tower we are looking at. the world famous trump tower. donald trump making news even when he's not trying to make news. that's for sure. we are going to watch this a little close to make sure they secured him. there is one harness still ties to the suction cup. maybe it wasn't the worst security apparatus after all. this amazing.
6:36 pm
>> he wasn't going to go past that window. the new york city police officers were going to grab him. he was going to go through that window. charles: thank you very much. guys, in the meantime. from that exciting moment to a lackluster summer day in the stock market down with crude oil. i have got my market commentary coming up. you don't want to miss it.
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charles: you saw it moments ago. the nypd dramatically grabbing a climber who scaled the side of trump tower it was a nail biter. it was riveting and very, very scary. and just another day on the trail it was another day on the market. actually we started out a little higher.
6:40 pm
but it was the weakness of the dollar that helped the market. everything went down on that petroleum report. you have got demand but overcoming supply is very, very tough. some investors moved back into that winning 2016 script. you park your money in0 utilities and staples. on the new york stock exchange. the stocks hit new 52-week highs. by the way, there were more advancers and decliners on both changes. there is nothing special on the docket. some economic data but nothing big time. even corporate earnings won't be used. they beat on revenue, they beat on earnings, and management increased full-year guidance. then look at this.
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charles: vladimir putin's name has come up more than a few times in this campaign. he may have insures he becomes dominant. the biggest escalation of tensions since russia some would say invaded cry me yeah two years ago. what is russia up to. let me ask you, vladimir putin watched our elections very closely. he understands the sort of tensions building here. for him to make this move under the guise of retaliation. what do you make of it all? >> it was 8 years ago this week in august that russians invade and occupied 20% of the territory in georgia.
6:46 pm
august is a strange month in russian history. world war i started in august. they know we are distracted. it's the summer. people are on vacation. president obama is on martha's vineyard. president putin knows he has four months left and wouldn't want to deal with a major crisis at the ends of this presidency. if i were vladimir putin and wanted to stage a military incursion into ukraine, now might be a good time to pull it off. charles: what does he get out of this and how would that influence the election? do you think he would believe there would be no response from america? >> it's possible, because if you take a look at europe, europe is totally incapable of defending itself.
6:47 pm
we have nato. back when i was active duty we used to joke that's nato stood for no action, talk only. you look at the money they are putting into their defense. lower and lower percentages of gdp. something donald trump started talking about early in his campaign, how europe is not standing up. they continues even do libya without us bailing them out, and they ran out of bombs in the first two weeks. they are a paper tiger. putin is looking strong. he now has president erdogan from turkey to bolster it. it's the perm nants annexation of the crimea. as your other guest said. august is a good time to do it. by the time anybody gets around to doing anything, it will be winter, and everybody knows the russian winter.
6:48 pm
charles: james, with respect to nato, trump argues that it's antiquated, maybe its core mission is still relevant as well? >> i think nato's mission has never been more relevant since the ends of the cold war. you have russia annexing territory for the first time since the end of world war ii. i would argue contrary to what donald trump said, nato is the most important they have been since 1989. nato is doing a lot in the countries which are nato members. in the baltic states we are seeing an increase of nato troops and supplies to reassure those members they will be defended from think sort of russian attack.
6:49 pm
ukraine is not a member of nato. there is not much nato can do to intervene in this conflict. charles: captain nash, that means we are watching vladimir putin take the whole country? >> i think what's going to happen, he's probably going to annex some of the eastern part of ukraine. just as a ploy, i don't think he wants to take that over and have to deal with that. but by doing this, charles, what he's doing is putting the baltic states, moldova and other places responsible square notice. if he were to move against one of the baltic states, that would place nato squarely in the middle of the whole article 5 neutral self-defense thing. i'll bet there are a lot of people who are nato members in europe that are just praying that that day never comes. >> the good news is some of the baltic states are paid up on their dew dues.
6:50 pm
really appreciate. we have breaking news. the trump organization responding to the man climbing up the side of trump tower. quote, this manner formed a ridiculous and dangerous stunts. there is damage to the building and it cost unnecessary deployment of new york's finest to protect his safety and the safety of everyone in the building. he caused a shutdown of traffic on fifth avenue. '. if there trump were here he would be thanking law enforcement for the job they are doing. the.
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>> we will make the biggest investment in new jobs since world war ii. >> how are we going to do that? we're going to invest in infrastructure. our roads, bridges, tunnels, airports. charles: hillary clinton getting excited. she is giving us a preview of her big economic speech in detroit tomorrow, sharing commonality with donald trump. you heard her talk about infrastructure and child care. the big difference is how we pay for this.
6:55 pm
for some thoughts, liz. this is what i'm thinking. this has gone back to fdr, and think about that. this is last leg of that, once hillary gets in office we don't have to worry about anything. >> not true. hillary clinton mainly we know -- we know what she will say thursday. she has said it, it will be about how unfair the economy is, rich have to pay more, and corporations have to pay for. it is about raising taxes. i have yet to find a state or government that pro as grown and prospered by raising taxes . she talks about
6:56 pm
infrastructure, how is she paying for it? by raising our taxes, this is a bogus plan. it is a different plan from donald trump. which embraces individualism, technology change and et cetera. charles: this does hold nicely with politics that america is ric richest country in the world, and my boss is driving a big car, and my salary has not increased, maybe we need someone like hillary clinton to make this fair. >> hillary clinton, in a way trades on 1990s, because the economy was good in the 1990s, and bill clinton her husband of president then. but hillary clinton pretty much opposes everything that bill clinton did. including the things you can't talk about in front of children, hill clinton signed
6:57 pm
a -- bill clinton sign a crime bill, she is against that. he signed nast ash nafta she is against it. so the idea that somehow adopting policies that are against bill's policies, and against ro ron ronald reagan's policies, that is being against them, somehow that will create prosperity? i don't think so. charles: i never hear her use word prosperity often. >> or growth. charles: ronald reagan, 3.5% average growth, and bill clinton 3.9. but to your point, we had a nice period there. when i look at postmortem, one thing struck me is how many people lost faith in
6:58 pm
capitalism, look at rise of bernie sanders. i think there is an appetite, for someone to sell america that capitalism of great but no longer great we need to tweak it. >> that is the larry kudlow right no. hillary clinton, let's just back up, what ishe promising, 4 more years, does anyone really think that 4 more careers of failure is a good thing. it is really a remarkable failure under obama, and you can you have a vision of a plow horse you know pulling behind him these regulations on energy, huge job creat creator, and banking, it does not work. charles: something to notion that successive presidential
6:59 pm
administrations season a little bit worse. >> look there are people before ronald reagan who said we would never have 2.5% growth. whenalan greenspan testified before congress in 1990s, he said we'll never have growth averaging 2.5%. hillary clinton, is about envy and redistribution, the sort of person that would see a fat person and a skinny person walking down the street, and say that skinny person is skinny because the fat person ate all her food. that is not the way we should work, that is not the way we should look at it. charles: how does it message get to younger people, not a zero sum game, i think more people believe that. >> i agree, one, you need to talk about innovation. hillary is in trouble, she
7:00 pm
does not like the gig economy, because labor unions, are opposed to that. she is about status quo. we do not want that. charles: you are fantastic. thank you. also someone who is fantastic, lou dobbs, he is next. lou: i am lou dobbs. two weeks into august, it looks like hillary clinton is losing her post convention bounce in the polls. a new bloomberg politics poll shows clinton leading trump 50-44% but the 6-point lead is cut in half from 12 point lead in june. and donald trump is not backing down from manufactured outrage in liberal mainstream media over his comments on second amendment people, trying to stop hillary clinton. republican nominee told sean hannity, he is talking about the political movement that would mobilize and


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