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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 11, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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is thursday august 11. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast hillary clinton set to unveil her economic policy michigan later today. candidates are the clashing over who will be the best to spur economic growth in the u.s.. >> i have this old-fashioned idea that the middle class of america is what keeps america's economy working. >> we are cutting taxes. hillary clinton is raising taxes. that's going to bring jobs and, that's going to bring companies and that's going to keep companies here. the middle class who have been treated so badly. maria: new questions being on the clinton private e-mail scandal. the outrage after reports say the justice department tonight an fbi request to investigate the clinton foundation. a young man under arrest this morning after scaling the site of trump towers in new york city yesterday. he was looking he says to meet
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donald trump and explain why in a video posted on line. >> the reason i climbed her tower was to get your attention. if i use conventional means i would less be -- be less likely to have success. maria: there you go the details coming up. a dramatic race in canada thwarting potential terrorist attack a suspect killed by police after detonating an explosive device. breaking overnight an explosion at an apartment complex in maryland. dozens and injured in looting firefighters. millions of americans left out of the house and recovery look at what's driving the decline in in homeownership coming appeared marcus's morning indicating fractional moves. what else -- a quarter% higher on the dow industrial. we will get the retail sales
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number tomorrow. dax index in germany up and the s&p 100 in london is lower by a third of a% in asia overnight nicks markets they are hanging saying on the upside shanghai in china the nikkei in japan lower. planning a celebration? you may want to stock up on bubbly now. why champagne producers a major shortage. all those stories coming up and joining us to talk about us cheryl cason he. good morning everybody. >> at morning. maria: we have so much to talk about this morning.
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coming up retired four-star general and "fox news" military analyst jacking us with this former house speaker contributor newt gingrich and chairman in chief strategy officer wilbur ross stops by. kicking off at the battle of the economic plans in the state of michigan hillary clinton will present their plans today. donald trump presents his plan in detroit this week. clinton pattern for structure plan on the campaign trail. trouble a slender legislative record, take a listen. >> in the first 100 days of my administration we will make the biggest investment in new jobs, good-paying jobs since world war ii. now how are we going to do that coax? we will. >> she promised the world and went like this.
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it went down and she got virtually no legislation passed. >> she couldn't get anything passed. was unbelievable. maria: i want to bring in jobs surrogate aaron and leopard we heard down this week. had he think it differs from what we will hear from hillary clinton? >> the difference is clinton is going to do is create a humongous deficit. donald trump is trying to help america and make changes and get away from the norm of brock about were hillary clinton pushes us further into debt. maria: she will be raising revenue that issues raising taxes. >> yes and if you look at a host of independent groups trump's tax plan in trump's infrastructure spending is expected to add to enjoy in dollars to the federal deficit not too chilly in dollars. i think because he lowered it to three brackets and took the highest trade to 33% which was a nuance it does take it down from
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10 trillion. >> if we are going to talk about the deficit, republicans slammed democrats for adding to the deficit. why don't they care about donald trump's mouth? >> i don't think it's about the mathematical regard. all hillary clinton wants to do is increase the minimum wage. that does nothing for country. it doesn't create jobs. there's no possible way these numbers are adding up. >> we have forked from this thing for the last three months and no plan is perfect. here's what the plan does. number one it simplifies the tax code and number two we will reduce a moratorium on regulation which is super important to get the small business is growing again and last peace of this is super important for everybody. if you can get the revenue mix right you will ultimately reduce the deficit in the way you do
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that is exactly what though clinton did. we think about where the democratic party is today. they have moved so far to the left with such aggressive governmental controls they are slowing down the growth of the economy. if we get the trump plan in place and we can grow it 4.5%, and grow as a nation we will solve a lot of problems. it's. maria: when you look at how far left the party has gone because of barack obama and bernie sanders. >> we are running a budget surplus at the end of this term. >> hillary clinton's plan is completely different from anything bill clinton did when he was in the white house through some of the things he's announcing today look a lot like bernie sanders plans for expanding social security. >> childcare for instance she talked about that sketch factor costa 10%. that's going to be a job killer.
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she wants to take instead of what donald trump as saying which is give taxpayers a credit on childcare for the year that's economic growth she is saying let's have the government take care of it and that's worse in my opinion. >> trump does want to put the money in the hands of business owners. and the individual. hillary doesn't seem to be catching up to that. >> one of the points in hillary's plan and cheryl a. buno this issue wants to help small business. and understand how she's helping small businesses in his plan. have you seen anything that moves small-business? >> not unless you are preschool and you are running a universal preschool plan. >> it depends on the business. where she is talking about is more regulations and that is where donald trump has come out.
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>> his pledge to stand by and defend obama regulations. >> she as i mentioned changing the corporate tax rates. >> president obama has given us an infrastructure plan that did not work. >> let's talk about what exit does work. we studied this and this is a bipartisan thing. you go over 20% of the gdp of the national budget level you have almost an octopus controlling the private sector and it constrains the growth in the private sector. we are at 24% right now for the federal government to guess what's happening? people were getting little to no grocer with the trump plan will do is get us back down to the 20% number and you will see explosive growth as a result of that and that will solve a lot of problems were talking about on this program and other programs which are particularly the global problem. if you get the united states to grow again and capacity which
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the trump plan puts you in the will solve a lot of the worlds problems. >> i was struck to the number of people is that there is not a rough aspect of the hillary clinton plan. he was really striking because economic growth is the most important thing we are talking about right now in terms of creating jobs. >> maintaining the status quo something you don't see relate to growth. maria: the controversial jesse that the rallies, yesterday we talked about hillary clinton having the father the orlando shooting are right behind her and incredibly prominent place. now trump apparently is one of his rallies mark foley was there disgraced congressman. let's watch. >> and i know how many people, family members, loved ones and friends are still grieving and i want to -- i want them to know that we will be with you. we will be with you as you rebuild your lives, as you
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rebuild hope for the future because we can't ever let that kind of hatred and violence to break the spirit, break the sole of anyplace in america. >> it's terrible when the father of the animal that killed the wonderful people in orlando sitting with a big smile on his face right behind hillary clinton. maria: i'm still scratching my head over what the strategy was in terms of having mr. mateen behind hillary and what is the response to the congressmen being behind all-time? >> hillary penton, no trouble. mr. foley was exonerated of any crimes. seddique mateen son murdered 49 people and said should be punished. a little difference.
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>> i'm thinking of a saturday night live skit. see that this doesn't happen by accident. when you have such a prominent seat you have to get that prominent seat. it's not happenstance that you are sitting in front of the cameras so this is strategy that they said let me reach out to the muslim community and then they realize it's a horrible strategy? >> i don't know if they knew who he was. >> i just don't believe it. if you go to a clinton event they are very staged. there's a reason for every single person binder. maybe the strategy was this is a muslim man and we want to look diverse. >> there's no way she would have done that. >> what i don't like about the whole thing is it's distracting from what the issues are.
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what's happening here is because you buhman street and secretary clinton have a failed national security policy and a failed economic policy we have to focus on personalities and issues like this. maria: she prides herself on her record as secretary of state and not everybody is as proud as she uses her record but it could be something there as well. a massive explosion at a maryland apartment building the left dozens injured including firefighters. more on the out by thread a climber captivating the nation as he scaled 21 stories at trump tower new york city yesterday. more on the climber and why he did it straight ahead. back in a minute. ♪ music
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maria: welcome back. people injured at the explosion of a maryland. here's sure with the details. >> good morning fire officials said up to seven people are unaccounted for following apparent exclusion of the apartment complex in silver spring maryland. emergency officials arriving on the scene of the three lime blaze after midnight. officials say natural gas that the place is at her and at least
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two buildings and caused the building collapse. 90 people have been displaced from 28 apartments. in ontario canada the mounted police have killed a terror suspect. police opening fire after the suspect detonated a device that injures himself omar the person per the suspect later than if i'd had 24-year-old aaron driver. driver was arrested last year by the way for openly supporting the islamic state on social media. police told drivers family the suspect had another device implanted detonated. a police official told the canadian press the driver allegedly planned to use a bomb to carry out a suicide mission in a public area. you probably couldn't take your eyes off of this yesterday. a 20-year-old virginia man has been arrested by the nypd after attempting to scale the 58 story trump towers in midtown manhattan. this was yesterday unfolding life.
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officers smashed windows and broke through a ventilation duct in the building and attempt to block its progress. take a police captured the suspect after -- at the 21st for trump tower after three hours of climbing. we all watch live police confirmed the suspect posted this video a minute day before his climb. >> i'm an independent researcher seeking a private audience with you to discuss an important matter. i guarantee it's within your interest to honor this request. believe me my purpose is not significant. i would not risk my life for suing it. >> the nypd saying the man has been taken to bellevue. he's being a value-added right now. trump tower headquarters business empire mr. trump was on a building at the time. finally we are watching delta airlines this morning. they attempted to try to get back to normal operations yesterday. didn't happen. they canceled more than 300 flights.
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they are still trying to recover from monday systemwide grounding. the airline's most delays and cancellations as a result of flight crews. they had maximum allowed work hours but the company now extending free ticketing for travelers who have booked a flight at least through today. delta extending the deadline for retreating to travel. no cost to any of you through august 21. again this morning we are monitoring, will try to figure what's going to happen but they keep telling us things will be normal maria. not happening. i'm happy i'm not the ceo of delta airlines for that poor man. he came out again apologize yesterday. maria: cheryl thank you. housing rebound leaving one crucial group, the middle class. later average over the doj reporting states with millions in grants for shielding illegal immigrants.
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maria: allows generation of homeowners "the wall street journal" taking a closer look at why millions of america's a wreatg instead of owning. the chief economic correspondent , john good to see you. this morning's story homebuyer shortage threatens recovery. the market has been strong with the exception of the
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middle-class buying homes. >> this is particularly the case for millennials. the young people burdened by a student debt and getting married later and what we are seeing is the homeownership. is we reported the story today is fallen to a 51 year low around 63%. some saying it could fall below 60%. let's remember homeownership 10 years ago was the american dream. right now about 200,000 to 300,000 fewer homes are being bought every year mostly by middle-class americans. maria: the peace also said home prices rose 83% at s1 hundred and 78 real estate market so prices are getting away from some folks. >> traces are getting away from some folks in the reason is builders are building. we had a boom in construction of apartments and condos but not
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single-family homes and then the other part of this that we have to talk about is now its bring about the federal reserve interest-rate or very low and that ought to be spurring a lot of homebuying but a lot of the houses are cut out of the market because banks are reluctant to lend to anyone with any kind of scuffing on their credit record. if you look like you don't have a good track record and credit it's very hard to get a mortgage these days even though interest rates are very low. that hits the middle-class. maria: john if you look at the millennial fire because that seems to be a big problem. you need that younger buyer to basically spur sales and not the young person who's not coming into the market. they don't have a clear answer as to why. >> so there's this barbell effect is weighing on the market on one end you have the millennials who are coming out of college and one of the worst job market in the history of the country and burdened by a lot of
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student debt getting married later so they are not going out and buying a home home and then you have the huge population of baby boomers which is downsizing into smaller places and condos so that's weighing on the market as well. maria: anthony do think this will impact the broader economy? >> at the end of the day housing ties everything together. john knows this from working with the fed predicted on get the housing market right you don't get the small business 60% of small businesses are tied to housing. think of our main streets, we have this sort of middle-class lowdown and housing very better economic growth. >> maria u. as of this will hurt the recovery i would say it r&d has. at typical recovery what happens is the fed lowers interest rates and you see a lot of interest sensitive ears moving forward so you see housing in d.c. car sales all going forward. what's happened is we have had a
6:26 am
boom in car sales but we have not had a boom in housing which is a bigger peace of this economy. not only in addition to everything that anthony mentioned a lot of people expect equity from their homes. the better tax till the neck or card so you don't have that going on. maria: that's a great point. john what are the ripple effects because as we talk about millennials so many burdens and feels like a weight on the shoulders is getting impossible to buy a home. they have student debt than they can find great jobs but homeownership is the key component of retirement saving so what does this to our economy years down the road? >> well you know i think that's certainly the case. you make a really good point about retirement savings. a lot of people have paid their mortgage every month and eventually they are paying, taking out equity in their home and building up wealth so you
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don't have that form of wealth creation which again ways on consumer spending. the home-equity ways on consumer spending so this is a fundamental ingredient in american life is being transformed and then you know i think it's also affecting this election cycle. it's one of those factors, there are a lot of factors out there among the middle-class that are forming anger and resentment in the electorate and it has led to people getting behind people like don trump and bernie sanders you want a change. the disappointment in the housing market is part of that. maria: in fact one of hillary clinton's themes to recommend the plans i understand his free tuition. you mentioned the connection to the election. genre quickly before you go, tomorrow is going to be retail sales that will set the tone and we know the consumer has been one of the bright spots in the earnings in the sector have been been -- what do you expect in
6:28 am
retail sales tomorrow? >> the retail sales numbers had better be strong for you so many other sectors as we talked about housing. maria: corporations are not spending. >> is this investment has been a weak part of economy and stuff exports so when we are counting on consumer spending to keep this expansion going if we see it slowing down then that is a reason to worry. the fact that the stock market is making new highs and affect the employment. has come down leads me to believe we will see growth but don't expect consumers to be going gangbusters in this environment. maria: we will see with the numbers and that will set the tone for markets more. john thank you so much. later this morning quiet buyers looking to get into the market in terms of the housing market. at next a new survey shows two-thirds of americans felt threatened by isis. what the current administration can do to keep the country safe
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are those of you who enjoy mmo set a weekend brunch listen up. there's a champagne shortage brewing in france. we have the details and they are sober. stay with us.
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♪my wish for you ♪is that this life becomes all that you want it to♪ ♪your dreams stay big, your worries stay small♪ ♪you never need to carry more than you can hold♪ ♪and while you're out there gettin where you're gettin to♪ ♪i hope you know somebody loves you♪ ♪and wants the same things too♪ ♪yeah, this is my wish ♪may all your dreams stay big maria: welcome back, happy thursday. i'm maria bartiromo and it is
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august 11th, top stories at 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. hillary clinton has highlighted infrastructure spending and raising minimum wage. we will compare her plan to what we heard from donald trump this week in detroit. the nominees focusing on other key issue for voters, fighting terrorism. >> in many respects, you know, they honor president obama. isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. >> every single one of these incidents shows us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states. so the stakes have never been higher. maria: all this as startling new polls show way of life is under threat. one is islamic terrorism.
6:33 am
we are taking a look at threat today. outrage over the price tag that the justice department dolled out to the country. we continue to see the market near record high as the dow, s&p all looking higher today. in europe mixed earnings that drive the action. the cac quarante in paris showing gains of three quarters and one percent. in asia mix there. champagne produceers with shortage will raise price of le. poor guy, we will bring you that story coming up.
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donald trump slamming hillary clinton and foreign policy. >> in many respects, you know, they honor president obama. isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he founded isis, and i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. cofounder. crooked hillary clinton. maria: donald trump's comments coming as a university poll show 47% of registered voters feel the american way of life is under a great deal of threat. according to that same poll 61% of voters say the threat is from the islamic state. joining me right now is general, retired four-star general and fox news military analyst. general, good to see you.
6:35 am
the idea that so many people are feeling under threat because of the islamic state, this has truly hit home, what's your take away? >> well, i can certainly appreciate that and sympathize with it. frankly, i think what the american people see is an isis threat that is growing and a lot -- they get a lot of information coming out of them every day. the president of the united states and all the european presidents say we are going to destroy isis, we are going to defeat them, bring them to the justice system but what they actually see is isis has conducted this year alone in the last 12 months over 100 attacks outside of iraq and syria. they've expanded from nine countries last year, this is just isis to 24 countries this year. the american people get a sense that this is a growing threat and thfer, it may impact them. maria: general, what should be done? it has been a while now since we
6:36 am
started to talk about that threat? it's only gotten worse, what do you think the best course of action is for the u.s.? >> well, i think that's the other ping that's in the america's people scept mix, they don't see a strategy to defeat isis. we have to crush their safe haven. they have a safe haifn in syria, that should have been crushed last year. that would have taken away finance and economic sustainability, the ability to control operations, the ability to motivate and inspire others around the world to kill fellow people. think about that. here we are. they've been in the safe ha venn for four years and we have no plans to destroy it. none. maria: the plan should include the international community, but was know, general, that our middle eastern allies have told folks like john mccain, senator lindsey graham, we want to be part of the fight to take down isis but we can't do it with
6:37 am
assad in power in syria but russia is protecting him but the u.s. is not doing anything. is that critical to take care to take assad out? >> the arab coalition came to the united states said, we are going to deal with this but you have to lead. they have huge issues with this administration. i don't think they would ever trust this administration, even to see through a plan to destroy isis. it's going to take a new administration to deal with the arabs but they could be dealt with effectively to destroy isis. maria: what do you make of this report, general, the u.s. air force struggling to fill shortage of 700 fighter pilots by tend of the year. we have the u.s. involved in
6:38 am
three air wars and we are looking at shortage of fighter pilots. >> well, this thing is eposadic in terms of shortage of pilots. fire pilots is part of that story. we go all the way back to cosova in terms of air wars that these guys are dealing with, the other thing the nature of the war themselves, particularly war against isis, they spend more time flying circumstance unless the sky than bombing runs because of bureaucracy and nature of the fight itself. they're not going after facilities, they are going after fighters on the ground which is a tough tactor. we are flying more drones. flying drone is not like strapping on an f-22.
6:39 am
maria: right. i want to switch gears and russia and the u.s., and i know you do too a couple of years ago when the world we wanted to copy silicon valley, among those countries was russia, they created the kokovov and as a result of that peter is saying that the clinton camp -- the clinton camp and the clinton initiative basically created opportunities for companies to go in and -- and invest in this russian silicon valley but in doing so, they created an espionage window and basically they help moscow develop a silicon valley and drew american technology companies due to espionage. what do you think about that?
6:40 am
>> well, the fbi -- >> listen, putin is a thug and he's created -- he's the richest man in the world by literally robbing russia with billions of dollars and any -- any activity with russia we have to be very careful about what that is and certainly bring companies like google and microsoft and general electric, itself to work with them would certainly expose those companies and i think the companies themselves understand that. number two, we have the fbi's warning, number three putin is going to use his offensive cyber capability which is second only to the united states to exploit espionage information and also criminal activity. maria: yeah. >> half of russia's offensive cyber capability is criminal. maria: it's pretty extraordinary because the partnership itself
6:41 am
stems from president obama and the reset that secretary -- then secretary clinton wanted to do with russia. she was calling it a reset. the fbi issues extraordinary warning back in 2014 to the companies doing business with the koskovov foundation, the silicon valley of russia, could deal into espionage, crucial part to modernize russia's military. this fbi warning and they are calling an extraordinary warning back in 2014 is worth noting general. >> yeah, absolutely. putin takes this very seriously and the reality is he will continue to use that cyber offensive capability to exploit us. they are doing it on a daily basis and if we gave them something like that, i mean, it would be ridiculous because they would take so much advantage of it. >> that's really incredible. >> working with putin was well
6:42 am
intention, he has seduced two presidents, president bush and president obama, this guy is dead serious about expanding russia's influence in the world, he's interested in eastern europe, he's dead serious about advancing russia as a global power. maria: you're absolutely right. >> it was misguided to be frank about it. maria: gary, he was the richest man in the world because any transaction done in russia putin takes his take first and he's built up this massive war chess of money. good to see you, thank you so much. >> good talking to you, maria. maria: coming up a man who survived dramatic plane crash wins a million dollars in the lottery. the cost for baseball souvenir, a plate full of nachos to your face. back in a minute ♪
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maria: welcome back, the momentum continues for stocks, take a look. futures indicating a higher opening this morning. dow industrial expected to open up 50 points as you see there. a couple of names on the move. we are focused on macy's, we will likely see more weakness for department stores. earnings per share expected to be down 30% at macy's, the stock still right now is indicated fractionally higher. khol's reporting before july report due tomorrow morning. taxpayer money is being given to
6:47 am
cities and states a reward for shielding illegal immigrant. here is which he recalls with the story. cheryl: yeah, maria, this is incredible. the justice gave more than 340 million in grant money to so-called sanctuary cities, shield illegal immigrant, even violent ones from deportation by not cooperating with federal officials. california topping the lost with 132 million in doj grants. we will continue to follow that story for you. okay, maria, you mentioned this earlier. champagne lovers not going to lover this. according to to the magazine, champagne makers are bracing for shortage and potentially next year due to bad weather, rot and mildew. the lowest yield since the 80's and this growing season has been the toughest in 60 years in the champagne region of france. get out your cava or perseco.
6:48 am
a story of a lucky guy, a survivor of dubai's plane crash won a million dollar lottery. one of 300 people who nearly escaped after an emirates landed and exploded in dubai. there's the video. he was returning to the city after visiting family in india. he purchased the winning lottery ticket before he boarded a flight to india. so there you go. you survive a crash and you get a million dollars. maria: i love that story, cheryl. coming up one of the hottest gigs of musicians is the football half-time show. later your tax money wasted, how many fugitives are living on taxpayer funding public housing. keep it right here. mornings with maria will be right back
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maria: welcome back, the gold keeps oncoming. the u.s. holds to the top spot thanks for 19-year-old singer. jared max with the story. jared, good morning. jared: good morning, this young lady can swim. united states now has 11 gold medals and that's one more than china for the most in summer olympics thanks to the other swimmer. michael phelps will go for more
6:53 am
gold tonight. now, the united states was trailing in the race, they were behind australia but katie ledecky jumped into the pool and then the united states overtook the lead and they swim to gold, that is three gold medals in rio for katie ledecky. as for michael phelps advance to the nal as did his teammate. phelps will swim for straight gold. the second most decorated olympic swimmer. we've had mysteries in the world like where is jimmy, who shot jr, who framed roger rabbit.
6:54 am
why have the pools turned green in pool? algea, lack of heat and wind is one scientific explanation, chemical tests have been performed, the pools will be blue again soon, so they say. i heard one report that a chemical pump broke, who knows, there's also story that a water tanks ran out of chemicals. it's the mystery uninvolved. rumor has it, rumor has it a british singer adele to perform at super bowl 51. organizers are doing everything they can, everyone wants a piece of her. it's adele's nerves that are the issue, it has not been an easy sale. do you feel like you need an extra hand.
6:55 am
watch what happened to a baseball fan. there goes the fly ball. whoa. [laughter] jared: the only thing i can say about this it was not showed -- nacho day to catch the ball. >> we don't know if he caught the ball. he was cleaning himself off. they were bringing different -- cheryl: was it worth it? i don't know. jared: carrying bags and i have hot coffee on the other hand. anthony: 100%. doesn't matter. cheryl: i'm disgusted about the olympic pool, green color. i'm so confused. jared: the pool is green. cheryl: algea.
6:56 am
anthony: i actually think it was ryan's hair, the peroxide. >> lack of heat and wind at a pool? jared: i think back to when i was a little kid and played with playdo that green as a result of green and yellow. who let the kids in the pool? everybody is thinking that, come on. cheryl: we weren't. maria: that's what they said. no, i would not. [laughter] maria: i wouldn't do it. coming up next economic showdown in mo-town. highlights coming up, stay was from long island to buffalo,
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from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo, it is august 11th, your top stories right now, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. hillary clinton unveiling her economic plan today. we will learn more about her plan for taxes, free college, corporate profit sharing among other proposals. >> that's why i rolled out specific plans about how to create more jobs, to get incomes rising, in the first hundred days of my administration, we
7:00 am
will make the biggest investment in new jobs, good-paying jobs since world war ii. >> she was a senator from new york and she made tremendous promises of what she was going to do for new york when she became senator and she won the race, she was a disaster. we lost jobs. maria: we will have the latest from the campaign trail coming up. a legal victory for twitter to report. battle over isis propaganda, why a judge says why the technology giant is not responsible for giving a voice to isis. we will follow the latest developments out of arkansas where one police officer was killed during traffic stop. what they're doing around the country to protect police officers. valient facing a criminal investigation, stock sinking 10% this morning. stock has lost value around
7:01 am
controversy with the company and now facing criminal investigation. we've got the details. the dow jones industrial looking up about 50 points right now, s&p 500 also stronger trading around record highs, in fact. in europe ftse under selling pressure in london but cac quarante and dax in germany up right now. they have not finished too far from where they began the session. talk about an odd couple, swedish fish and oreos, details on the new flavor of this iconic cookie, not so sure about this, all the stories coming up. with me cheryl casone, wall street week anthony scaramucci and the wall street journal video reporter shelby holiday. great show so far, you guys. we have marketing rallying. [laughter]
7:02 am
>> creamy or gummy in the middle. cheryl: nonl -- only in kroger if you dare to eat one. >> i will try one. maria: newt gringrich is with us and the host of varney&company, stuart. donald trump is in florida today campaigning for the battleground state, ouron blake berman. blake, good morning to you. blake: a beautiful summer morning in michigan. we are habit half an hour from downtown detroit, many suburbs here in detroit. hillary clinton will use the manufacturing company today as the backdrop to roll out her many economic proposals. the clinton campaign is telling
7:03 am
us this morning that this will be somewhat of a rehash from what she rolled out earlier this summer in kentucky in june. however, this will be be a defacto rebuttal to donald trump. here is what we can expect hillary clinton to talk about according to campaign this morning. a handful of topics among them. need for investments in job creation. plan for debt-free college for all. fair share initiatives as well, notably the buffet rule. millionaires to pay at least 30% effective tax rate. this, however, will also focus a whole lot of it this speech on donald trump. you can expect hillary clinton to try to portray trump in his economic speech from earlier this week as more trickled down economics that -- as they see
7:04 am
it. trump and his corporation and his friends' corporations as well. you also can expect hillary clinton to unveil a new term, that being the trump loophole, clinton will try to make the argument today in this speech that trump's tax plan gives him and his companies a back door tax break as she sees it through pass-through entities. we also can expect hillary clinton to focus on the flint water crisis from just down the road here trying to use trump's tough talk against regulations against him. as for trump, we have seen him out on the campaign trail in the last couple of days since his economic rollout. he has tried to make the argument, maria, that hillary clinton had the very chance as the united states senator to introduce and try to get through some of the policies that she's pushing now and as he puts it, she failed to do so then and will fail now. maria: i want to welcome a
7:05 am
fellow steve moore, steve, good to see you. >> hi, maria. maria: we talked about trump's plan. i want to talk about hillary's plan. she's talking about investing in good paying jobs and helping small business. do you think that's what we are going to hear today? >> i think she's going to say that. i don't know if she's going to be able to accomplish it. i love it. by the way, i love donald trump's attacks against hillary about what he said she was going to do to new york and we looked at the evidence after she became senator, specially up state new york devastated by manufacturing jobs. let's not make hillary make all of america like up state new york. i'm going to do all the things in the first hundred days. wait a minute, they have been in charge of the last 3,000 days, why haven't they put the job programs in place.
7:06 am
we have seen flat incomes. no pay raise for workers for ten years, job growth, if you look at the unemployment rate, 10 to 12%. i just think those have difficult hurdles for hillary to get over. she is the status quo. she was part of the obama administration and the results have been lousy. maria: anthony scaramucci we are looking at the tax foundation fiscal and we know that she wants to raise taxes on individuals and businesses but what she's trying to do is raise money, i guess, not to impact the deficit too significant. she's going to raise tax revenue by almost $500 billion. anthony: steve would also tell you that on a dynamic tax analysis because of slowdown in growth, she will only takes 91 billion, is that fair, stief? >> you got it. our plan when you look at the growth aspect, this is where we are going hit her. if we are growing at 1%, maria, if we get from 1% to 4% growth,
7:07 am
that 3% additional growth because you have so many people working, so much more corporate profits and fewer people on welfare, you reduce the deficit by about $5 trillion, growth is the way to, you know, balance this budget and one other quick thing, maria. she is in her plan, her tax rate on small businesses, we figure is very close to 50% for a lot of small businesses. maria: wow. >> the other 50, we are going hammer and say, we are going to create more jobs with the 15% than you are with the 50% tax. cheryl: what she's going to do is that the infrastructure plan is going to offset the particular tax rate on small businesses. $275billion, that's something that she's going to expect to really hammer on today. >> that sort of sounds like the shovel-ready projects that barack obama -- almost everything in that plan as i see
7:08 am
it, anthony, almost everything in there is what obama promised. tax increase for the rich. obama did that. minimum wage increases, we had three of those. infrastructure programs, we spent 8$00 billion under obama and infrastructure and where are the jobs? anthony: one thing that's missing is the transaction tax that she wants to put as relation of capital in the united states. every time a stock trade goes down, she wants that tax as well, that will further constrict the flow of capital and another negative impact on the economy. what's your reaction to that? >> i agree entirely with what you're saying, we want america to be the financial capital of the world. we want cities like new york city to be the place where business gets done and financial transactions happen. if we have this financial transaction tax, those transactions will move to london or tokyo or -- or beijing and other places. you're in that industry, you
7:09 am
know the devastating that tax would have. maria: the way they are marketing this is we are going to invest in good-paying jobs and help small business. it sounds great but then when you look at the details, it's raising taxes significantly on individuals as well as corporations and small businesses not going to see a break at all. i don't understand how this plan helps small business. >> i think one big question, though, is we have seen specially through primaries, voters, particularly democratic voters want redistribution of wealth. they want an economy that works for everyone. how does trump go out and explain that the policies don't work for voters. >> that's not a tough sell, actually. whatever voters are telling u. look at every poll, what are they concerned, their paychecks are not rising, they are worried about what's happening to their jobs and seeing jobs overseas,
7:10 am
it doesn't matter how many times we rescued the economy, most americans don't believe it. the labor department did revision and found wage growth has been slower, slower than they originally thought. maria: do you cut taxes on the -- the -- you know, lower end and -- or do you make it an environment where business has a favorable environment where they are encouraged to create jobs? cheryl: 15% which has gotten positive reaction from the business community. so she's going polar opposite, that's the rebuttal that we are going to hear from her today. the other thing that she's proposing, i can't wait to hear this afternoon, ensuring that workers are able to participate in company profits. what does that mean, steve? >> liberal bernie sanders voters. cheryl: i don't think she's -- i don't know.
7:11 am
>> that's kind of an interesting idea, actually. i would like to see a kind of worker capitalism. let's get workers invested in the companies they work for. i would like to see the details of that. i'm a big believer in this. back 10, 15 years ago when we try today allow individual workers to put social security money into owning companies, you can't possibly do that, it's too risky. maria: maybe she's referring to employees getting more by just raising their wages. >> i don't know. but i'm going to go back to the main point. the tax issue is so important -- it's not just taxes, maria, it's also regulations, you talk about this every week on the show. regulatory burden is more difficult for businesses. if you -- maria: yeah. >> you get businesses to be healthy and our line healthy businesses create healthy jobs and let's face it, hillary -- remember just about a year or two ago she said businesses don't create jobs, remember that
7:12 am
one? maria: don't let anybody tell you business creates jobs. at a campaign stop monday, steve, hillary slammed the make-up of trump's economic advisory council. listen to this. [laughter] >> he announced a few days ago that he's got a dozen economic advisers, let's see, he's got three wall street money managers and oil baron, a former chief economist, one to have big banks at the heart of the financial crisis, he's got six men named steves. [laughter] >> and, you know, they all care about the same thing he does, about, you know, how to avoid paying their fair share. maria: hey, i guess you're one of those steves. you got a shout-out. >> funny, we were going on a plane putting last-minute details, hey, steve -- we all turned around.
7:13 am
there were three steves on the plane. look, i am guilty of wanting to reduce my tax liability. i'm like most americans, do i whatever i can to pay as little tax as i can, so i'm guilty of that charge. maria: well, people want to see taxes go lower and they feel if they have more money in their pockets, they would actually spend it. that's the argument. do you give the power to the people or do you give the power to the governments. that's the argument here. good to see you. >> okay, thanks, maria. maria: big technology names are not responsible for raining in the spread. plus, paying for fugitives as million americans struggle, escaped fell ons live for free. the stunning report next ♪
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(don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. maria: welcome back, twitter has been granted a request to dismiss a lawsuit that accused of giving platform for isis. here is cheryl with the headlines. cheryl: the suit was brought by the widow who was -- of a man that was killed in jordan. she says that twitter knowingly let isis spread propaganda, raise money and attract recruits. twitter cannot be held liable
7:17 am
for isis rhetoric but he did give the florida woman to file an amended lawsuit. there's a tinny bit of the gain for twitter. it closed 19.04 last night. i also want to show you the stocks, shares of valient stocks plunging. federal prosecutors are investigating where the company defraud. the drug maker is accused of hiding close relationship with male-order pharmacy that boosted sales of the drugs. valeant is cooperating with investigation but the stock higher but definitely a stock to watch when the markets open at 9:30 a.m. eastern time. and finally, what do you think about swedish fish oreos. this is a little different. it's a limited edition cookie, it's the chocolate waffers,
7:18 am
cream in the middle like the swedish fish, twitter hates this. here a -- are a couple. they are definitely the worst invention food known to man. she says swedish fish favored oreos, no, thanks, you can keep them. [laughter] cheryl: marketing genius. we own both of them, let's put them together. it's like the worst backlash. maria: don't mess with the iconic oreo. then commotion on a vegas flight
7:19 am
, what they had to deal with on the way to sin city, back in a e when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
7:20 am
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maria: welcome back, an arkansas sheriff's deputy was killed, a police chief injured yesterday both responding to a disturbing call, the suspect taken to custody. july was the deadliest month for law enforcement in 2016. gunfire claiming 12 of the 20 officers killed in the line of duty last month. this is according to officers down memorial page. the figure includes the officers killed in dallas, baton rouge,
7:23 am
tragedies prompted the frisco, texas police department to spend over a million dollars on tactical gear and equipment to protect officers. i want to bring john bruce of frisco department. >> glad to be here. maria: why the numbers, what do you attribute downturn in terms of impact on police officers? >> well, i think a lot of it has to do with society in itself as just are upset, their tempers are flaring and they just are taking it out on us finally. maria: so your thoughts on the latest officer being killed on theline of duty, you're saying because people are upset and things have flaired up and so they just, you know, hit back at police? >> mental health is a big issue with all of this. it ties it together. i don't know the circumstances
7:24 am
of the case in arkansas, whether or not the subject had any type of previous ptsd or other mental health issues. maria: what kind of gear are you buying, tell us where the investment is going to better or best protect your officers? >> what we are buying are external wear heavy armor as it's called. extra steel plates that go outside of the uniform in addition tactical helmets that are ballistic, hopefully stop a rifle round and both of these are design today stop rifle rounds. additionally we are looking at upgrading our patrol rifle program and where we are issuing the rifles as opposed to officers buying their own equipment. maria: where does this money come from in investing new things? >> several items, fiscal year,
7:25 am
seizure funds and the rest of it we have asked in our budget. maria: here is shelby holiday from the journal. >> good morning, chief bruce. it struck me when i was covering the rnc and dnc that police didn't want to use body armor unless they had to. sometimes it helps escalate violence. are these things that you just outlined, will that be worn all of the time or only should be worn when necessary? >> no it's not absolutely not going to be worn all of the time. it is strictly when officers come under fire or they know they are going into a tactical situation. cheryl: one of the things we saw -- really began in ferguson, particularly in baltimore took not combating to protestors, trying to calm nerves.
7:26 am
if something were to happen in frisco, do you have that kind of plan in place where your officers know how to combat violent protests because it's happening around the country? >> i believe we are prepared. we do a lot of deescalation training in order to talk to folks. maria: a lot of training in terms of new training for your police officers? >> we have increased that training but we have been doing training all along for years. maria: thank you. chief john bruce there. why over a thousand wanted convicts were living for free on your new dime. the new girl scout flavors you could be ordering next year. back in a minute.
7:27 am
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igoing to clean betteran electthan a manual. was he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. >>. . > . maria: welcome gabbing good thursday morning everybody i amma massive thanks for being with us it is thursday, august 112, here are top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, the candidates focused on issue number one, the economy. hillary clinton and donald trump unveiling her plans to boos growth in the united states that we can, and race coming down to a few key
7:30 am
states, the independents' vote. >> just the polls you over the last day or two have really tightened up a lot, we want a great victory. >> we may not agree on everything but this is not a normal election. >> and i will work hard for the next three months to earn the support of anyone willing to put our country first. >> breaking it down, paying for fugitives escaped felons live for free the details on this stung report coming up another bailout for fannie mae and freddie mac one regulatory says tax payers could be on the hook more than 100 billion dollars, yeah, that is the big number we will tell you about, markets this morning are indicated higher we are expecting a higher opening for the broader averages the are dow jones industrial average expected to open about 60 points right now. in europe, mixed performance actually -- the eurozone germany, paris, they are looking higher off about
7:31 am
two-thirds of one percent a pediatrician but lon ft 100 lower by a fraction, in a arab overnight market mixed as well take a look fractional moves there, one of the america's favorite sweet treats girl kout cookies the organization getting inspiration for a new flavor from the campgrounds we tell you what it is coming up less than 3 months until general election as some states are beginning to some of it in the polls, joining me right now is director of the center for politics, university of virginia, larry, good to see you . >> good morning, maria. maria: you've got new information for us on the way things are looking for november, correct? we want to look at some swing states. >> all right. let's do it. maria: okay, because just recently, i guess some of the swing states have changed direction solets first look at colorado, that changed from people leaning dplat to likely democrat since july 22 right. >> that is right the that is
7:32 am
-- what changed is that -- the percentage of hispanics increased not just the population but at the registered voter pool, that donald trump is receiving the lowest percentage of the hispanic vote every recorded for a republican sings hispanics became important not zblust colorado but elsewhere. maria: wow, all right. let's move over west on the map and go to pennsylvania, because there is a story there as well, that changed from likely democratic to leaning democratic, what happened there? >> there was a period of time, when it was possibly, possible that donald trump was going to put rust belt states like pebs in play. because of his strong appeal to blue collar working class noncollege whites. and then believe me it is whites not minorities. well that is over. while he still has an appeal to that group, it is being overwhelm by white college
7:33 am
educated voters and literally every category of minority voters and they k comprise 30% american voters this november. >> to virginia, also a change here, because after tim kaine was add to the democratic ticket virginia shifting from leans democratically to likely democratics what does that tell us. >> good research in that field shows a strong particular advice presidential candidate tim kaine very well liked in virginia adds about 3 points to hillary clinton, lead had a lead now has a lead that is beyond what donald trump can overcome. maria: wow, okay. so arizona and georgia also worth looking at they moved to likely republican, to leaning republican. another negative there. >> yes, and i wouldn't bet more than 10 cents either one would end up in trump's camp in the end, right now we left
7:34 am
them, with trump, as a jerk republican candidate but arizona in particular, because of the large hispanic population modified really to tossup status we don't use tossups on map very strict about that why we have hillary clinton 347 electoral votes you need 207 to win. >> georgia is going to path of virginia and north carolina fundamental georgia will vote democratic. >> utah here a similar happening in utah we saw in coloradoing change as well utah from state republican to likely republican what caused that? >> maria it is bizarre that is 70% republican state also mitt romney's state of greatest influence, and frankly, mormon in those utah elsewhere are
7:35 am
very anti-trump for lots of reasons, and he simply is drawing the lowest percentage for a republican since barry goldwater in 1964. maria: that is extraordinary larry sounds like you think certainly if the election were tomorrow hillary clinton wins but the swing states have really changed the game in terms of any lead that he has is that what you are saying? >> yes, he had trump had an uphill climb to the presidency. in my view, from the very beginning we have always had hillary clinton the favorite the difference is, that the uphill climb is now on mount everest. >> i see does this change the electoral map long term there are some people out there say look it doesn't matter people don't admit who 240er going to vote for. you know at this stage of the game, is to does this do you think this is long-lasting and change the electoral map i have been around a long time i remember the very same thing said in 1946 about barry goldwater there was enormous army of people ready to come
7:36 am
out to barry goldwater continue tell poll strz he got 7 million votes, problem is lyndon johnson got 43 million. >> you think these changes are going to stick? >> i think most of them will stick, i am not saying in a there can be no changes we got a long way to go. of the but for donald trump to be elected somebodying giant has to happen a major recession nobody saw coming or god forbid some amaze domestic terrorist act. >> boat talking about economy, and pushing their plans this week, would that be something that would sway voters and change the makeup of this map? >> no. >> no? >> this is this is an election where people whether they are admitting it or not have already made the choice, believe me, you couldn't have two better defined zsdz better known in advance this is not a jimmy carter running. right somebody in know-- un9/11
7:37 am
these two very well-known basically made their choice. >> great to see you thanks so much. >> thanks. >> larry sabato next from white house to your house what each candidate's plans means for those buying a new home everybody love this her to girl scout cookies a brand-new flavor will leave with yyearnin. >> stay with us ♪ i got my mind-set on you, about i got my mind set on you ♪ p?p?h ♪
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(hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. maria: many fugitives living in taxpayer funded public housing the story and headlines. cheryl: this is something 100 found living in a federally funded homes in 2012, and this is just one region of the country, thedale caller says this is according to unpublished department of housing urban development
7:41 am
inspector general's report. now for you years polarity hud don't know what happened to fugitives how many are still living, in taxpayer funded public housing but raised a lot of questions about the use of taxpayer money we will keep you posted. >> well another headlined this morning passengers flying to las vegas earlier this week got a little bit more than they wanted, officials at frontier needed help, after a passenger was spotted stowing a monkey in his shirt flying from columbus, ohio to vegas a spokesman said he violated policy not saying he was bringing a monkey on border he said it was a service animal on top of this didn't want to show paperwork that proved monkey where as a certified service animal he was, the no point no word if he is going to face charges but a monkey on airplane -- finally, forget swedish fish orioles grossed out about that right how about a cookie guide girl souts
7:42 am
going to celebrate 100 years of caloric loveness two varieties boat smoors versions one chocolate coated this is from web site crispy graham tooky. >> cream icing dumped in k chocolate vegan they say a cookie two crunchy graham chocolate marshmallowy filling the spechz out comes out next year, by the way,, useless information for you i have a lot today, they were famous by girl scouts in 1920s. maria: we didn't know that getting my thumbs-up. >> sounds good, what time is it 7:00 -- >> swedish fish still. >> you are i will take girl scout cookie check markets expecting higher opening for broader averages today dow jones industrial average expected to be up 50 points,
7:43 am
take a look, nasdaq s&p higher, s&p, in record territory, watching swlu of corporate earnings including macy's kohl's nordstrom anthony scaramucci looking at earnings dictateing the story. >> how are they. >> about earnings we're going to be down 3 1/2% year he over year will be 5th quarter earnings down year over year basically in earning recession, you think that would show up in the stock market, but it is not showing up in the stock market because of where interest rates are where market thinks interest rates are going obviously lower that is what is going on earnings recession i just want american corporations ceos returning cash, right now, at a time when the cost of capital as it is lowest it has been 55 years, so we got to think they don't think great opportunity to invest, so rt give money back to the shareholders. maria: he fundamentals not
7:44 am
great earnings down, yet there are very fie alternatives for money because rates are so cheap. >> so viewers buy high district off dividend yield. >> what happens when rates good up you get flexibility on the stocks because as rates are going up, that means that there is more opportunity out there, for investments, so those -- those markets should and an but you get crushed in the bonded market. >> i snow earnings are going to be down alibaba is up, 5r up 5% premarket earnings better. >> good report on yesterday -- yes. >> stock did well that pockets of brightness but in general we're in earnings recession. >> by the way, shake shack down 120% right now valiant down 9% movers we are looking at a break when we come back 200 billion dollars it wasn't
7:45 am
enough you from a fannie and freddie could eye more taxpayer money a materialistic struggles to recover from 2100 flights canceled back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ ?c+sv
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7:48 am
. e battled news for economy good for home buyers second quarter gdp well below expectations since that report he mortgage activity has spiked, mortgage applications up he more than 7% last week, as the 30 year fixed rate
7:49 am
mortgage fell for the second week in a row, joining us rightly now former fannie mae executive tim serving as chairman colin wood group thanks for joining us. >> rock about whom interest rates had so many being kwliksz housing just talking about the markets, and is where few alternatives what is the most important implication of fed policy talk with. >> fed policy is a saver for housing you can't argue changes 8 or 9 years helped how big market harder more expensive to find bummedble lots costs to originate a mortgage up 3x, it takes less labor to build f-150 than it does to build manufacturer a morning credit tight so, yeah, certainly a, interest rates have saverior driving the recovery a long time. >> i am not so sure about that tim if you block with a what happened after the british
7:50 am
vote, we had mortgage rates fall to 3 1/2% that is incredible again. and you didn't see any boost in housing you didn't see any bees boost in applications seems fed is kind of stuck. >> you can only pull off a drivers on so many holes that is the only tool that they really have, the only lever to be puddle i think a bit of fatigue on side of refinances but there is it is -- undeniable the low interest rates caused the affordability in terms of owning virus renting the best it has been in history. >> some states, some states. for sure, i mean yeah you can everything, housing is certainly a lot exercise but when you can't argue is rents going up for the last 8 years, and while you have seen home price appreciation going up last 3 relative base.
7:51 am
>> focuses fannie and fred to return capital to treasury do you think that is a bad policy in the event we get a calamity there will be another big political about/economic crisis on capitol hill? >> the issue with fannie mae, and freddie mac seems government kind of like, austerity engineering a crisis, to compel congress to act, you know, the fannie mae and freddie mac were really taken to task for dual purpose served leading up to housing crisis they had a public charter serving public purpose but private sector he enterprises thor private enterprise returning benefits to taxpayers serving this public purpose now a completely different scenario only in difference that they are providing a public purpose instruments of public policy for the government, but now instead of the shareholders, still a shareholder owned company mind you, instead of them getting the windfall profits it is going to treasury department to the
7:52 am
tune so far 70 billion dollars above what was invested in those enterprises. maria: wow what stress does that represent because you've got new stress test results showing mortgage giants could be in line to request another 126 billion in bailout funds? >> if there the economic crisis? i mean, the public is certainly not -- happy about these companies needing more bailout. >> yeah, that is absolutely sure if you talk to joe luncheon bucket on street what is your position fannie mae and freddie mac he reform would say those guys are worse than wall street guys took government subsidy mis appropriated it lined pockets makes sense, sure let me take you through how when we would reform xoenz how we are going to spend your 200 dollars a a month you are going to pay extra, let's tell you how, the shared sacrifice of that 5 or 10 portrays of value your property is going down, look we are all in this together for a greater cause
7:53 am
people get religion pick talking real numbers not just abstract z philosophies snooz the idea splitting away from government creating -- mortgage giants that are truly private sector i recognize very difficult given size of companies will it become reality at some point. >> it has to, i mean unfortunately, washington as you know maria only time you had legislation when is one of two things happened, there is a crisis, the government is certainly working hard, to engineer a crisis, so that again congress is compelled to act are going to take on pass legislation when it really is so -- it doesn't even matter anymore so we might find ourselves 3, 4 years from now momentum ownership rates back up you have the private sector crowding back into the mortgage market where less relevant, until then i don't think you are go with to see much because, this way no one is getting elected based on housing reform proposal heads
7:54 am
are going to roll first time legislation is antacid disrupts the that market. >> good point. >> shelby. at this point, are there any government incentives to allow fred and fannie to operate privately very easy to controllable profitable does government want to allow them to operate independently? >> it doesn't appear so i mean it is a polarizing topic one of these issues that energies boat parties' base like tough talking in a mirror guys love to talk harsh talk about resolution g.o.p., freddie mac and fannie mae when it comes down to it no urgency no benefit to the federal government making as i mentioned 70 billion dollars thus far, in clipping coupons about 10 to 15 billion dollars a year, from the dividends they pay, so great up to polarizing no urgency to fix it. >> i what about rolling back regulations you look at donald trump for example promising to
7:55 am
roll back regulations repeal dodd-frank, what ripple effects do you expect from that, would that affect the housing market? because the regulatory environment is one of the issues. >> um-hmm, well i mean we to me that hillary unapologetically is orange county o he status us would whatever your point of view housing market recovered because or despite existing policies. i can tell you firsthand that as a small business owner somebody until the housing finance sector less regulation would be a welcome thing right now as i mentioned, the cost was 8,000 dollars to originate a mortgage, beyond the cost and all costs manifest in higher costs to borrowers, higher interest rates worse service whatnot these organizations are also under ab incredible amount of scrutiny from administration in terms of o he enforcement actions civil penalties if you had friendlier he regime administration not looking for litigation but more
7:56 am
partnership i can assure you you would have more fushl a credit more being a access to credit. >> hasn't lending vooirm gotten better last two to three years with regards to fannie and freddie mac i say that because that has been good you up until now this year we seem to be seeing cracks not a housing market, and that is a very new phenomena can you tell us what is going on? >> well, housing market you know obviously we mentioned certainly a local -- event, anything happening is going to be local we learned our lesson, that home prices don't increase or decrease on a national level leading up to housing crisis, so there is avariety of different sources at play what you are seeing certainly on the mortgage side, is that you are seeing that definitely seeing a little bit of on the margins credit easing when they juice government problems fannie mae freddie mac, fha hard lesson
7:57 am
learned was they are not selling risk to government organizations it felt more like renting them. >> good to see you thank so much, yeah. >> thank you. >> thanks so much for joining us, next hour hillary clinton after trump does she need to take lesson from her play beek former speaker one of the house newt gingrich weighs in on the war of words next. from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at i wodon't know where i'd be without itre so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two one, never give your medicare number to get a free offer or gift
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. . . maria: good theirs moneying i am maria bartiromo it is thursday, august 11 top stories right now 8:00 aem on the east coast, hillary clinton unveiling economic
8:00 am
plan today, we will learn more about her plans for taxes free college corporate profit-sharing among other -- proposals. >> clinton and trump are ramping up attacks as they fight for votes. >> i am humbled and moved by the republicans who are willing to stand up and say that donald trump doesn't represent their values. not only as republicans, but as americans. >> hillary your lobbyist will say hillary you can't do that that man gave you two million dollars to your campaign. a. >> two million. >> she said you know you are right i really can't all right let the company move to mexico. >> we have very latest from campaign trail coming up, breaking news overnight explosion apartment complex in maryland dozens injured latest coming up walmart ending price matching program hundreds of stores across the country standing down against the competition. and retail earnings in high
8:01 am
gear a bifurcated market macy's he kohl's nordstrom reporting what we learn about the consumer, no humble for shake shack tumbling hooded of open weaker-than-expected growth take a look it will open lower, turning to markets, the broader markets strength higher opening for stocks dow jones industrial average to open up 50 points in europe mixed, he mostly higher the ft 100 down 20 points, in asia markets mixed there as well, as you can see irk fractional moves pretty much across the board. all stories coming up this morning on this hour and joining me to talk about it fox business network cheryl casone wall street weak hottest anthony scaramucci wall street video reporter shelby holladay thanks for being here. >> jamming we got can't-miss us host of ting and wilbur varnishy and company coming
8:02 am
up, first we go book to the campaign trail, hillary clinton taking on donald trump second amendment comments, during an inventory if he had the democratic nominee warning his opponent to watch what he says. >> a words matter my friends. >> and if you are running to be president or you are president of the united states, words can have tremendous consequences. >> clinton refusing criticism for comments as critics could it be out infamous instance where she told senate committee in benghazi hearing what was said didn't matter. >> the fact is we have four dead americans, was it because of a previous to or because of guys out for a walk decide they would kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> joining me former house speaker fox news distributor newt gingrich good to see you mr. speaker thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you.
8:03 am
>> so what do you think, the status of this race is right now we are looking at the polls earlier, newt, and some swing states, are showing that donald trump has lost ground after a couple tough weeks how would you characterize things. >> i think true probably a week ago i think in the last week uven for example, there was one point now i think in florida, four points in ohio -- and remember, she has spent i think 90 million dollars, in advertising, attacking trump he basically sent zero. so what you are seeing is a similar effort by jeed deeply on it trump and clinton campaign to try to drive him down far enough he can't recovery i think really going to fail, he is going to go into september as a very real contender, and i think the more that he finds his footing the more he focuses on message
8:04 am
more likely to beat hillary i think in end you see in all different papers that are reporting on corruption of the state department, that is vivid and clear, and unequivocal you are learning that the obama justice department turned down fbi request to investigate corruption just compounds the parole problem hillary talks about people ought to know words matter a woman lies about lying, and then the idea that she is going to try to tell the rest of us, the words matter, which she want be honest about any aspect of what she has done in the last five or six years, i think is astonishing. >> interesting that you mentioned fbi saying no, you koobt invest -- clinton you know investigate rather the clinic foundation the irs targeting conservatives you've got state department, pushing back own releasing information e-mails you've got the justice department loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton on plane privately yet is it resonating? you said all that money that
8:05 am
hillary clinton spent, it is working for her right? >> i mean -- >> it would be if election were august 10 or august 15 the problem she has got election is in -- starts in late september minnesota earliest voting runs through october, but in the end, the question is, when we get to labor day does knee not trump out the answer i think know trump is a very viable candidate he is so much better than she is, on media so much more aggressive as a candidate, that i think he he will permanently be in the race have a very realistic chancerin through september and october. >> does he need to be careful about quote casual comments what clinton campaign is using effectively you talk about every paper across the country this morning, they are breaking up the facts that making off the cuff comments does he seed to stop with
8:06 am
because yu rhetoric that might be hurting him in the general? >> look, he would be a better candidate if he were about 10% less spontaneous in areas that get him in trouble the truth is you know i look carefully what he said in that second amendment the other day such a total lie, to take that translate it as the elite media did four hours he immediately after it is plain a lie, what trump has to learn is if you are the conservative mrnl insurgent trying to change the media your mortal enemy if you give an opening they will lie but put you on defense eat up clock want to rope-a-dope they want to make sure that that campaign is not serious. if the campaign gets to be about serious issues hillary is going to lose very badly on the realities so bad. >> what about republican pleerdz abandoning him newt? this is an issue, because they are not doing anymore favors you got leaders coming out
8:07 am
saying they are not going to superdonald trump clinic campaign lached on to it launched together for america a group that aims to embrace gop defectors, she is moving on it. u. >> she should be that is smoornt her party on the other hand i would describe i want to as together for the corrupt establishment, the fact is, you saw this other day with national security people, trump is challenging the last 30 years of how we approached for example dealing byes almost a almost aic supremism a mud the point at war 15 years not winning the people ran that war for bush and people who ran that war for obama, are united in not wanting to have that debate so what they are going to say it is all trump's he he terrorismment nine killed won over 3400 dead in chicago since obama sworn in
8:08 am
more killed in chicago than you afghanistan and iraq combined, during the obama years, the democrats do nothing about it and you look item after item like this, and then, what they want to do is yell he temperament because they can't debate any series issues. >> shelby from the journal. >> hey newt i got a question for you we are talking about polls one of the reasons clinton up in swing states incredibly organized, she has the ability to advertise attack donald trump when he makes a comment people misinterpret, does donald trump show any signs of want to go advertise in swing states or have a ground game come november? >> sure, look first of all the republican national committee under chairman reince priebus has biggest ground game in republican history huge number field people across the country i think you are seeing an effort advent republican national committee and trump you're corrects trump i raised 82 million dollars last month.
8:09 am
he is putting money in the bank, for the post labor day campaign, she is public sector money on television right now. the election ain't right now watched friends running for election in senate as you pressed spent, for week after week, then sometime around september 15 all washed out, i think she is going to find the same thing here. >> you think he can come back you think he can come back then. >> oh, i think he will come back i tell everybody i think that the correct analogy to this year is harry truman in 1948 people thought he was so far behind at labor day gallup quit polling thought election was over, truman understood that if he was very aggressive and very vigorous told his version of the truth that he could beat dewey he couldn't beat him doing with a new york establishment doing but could beat doing what missouri wanted trump represents a pronounced you you insurgency in this country against
8:10 am
corrupt washington establishment you have more examples of corruption this morning, phenomenal democrats would unemployment a person this corrupt and try to get us to make her president. mr. speaker, given what you just said about the corruption, and what we know about the smain stream media mow would you a advise trump campaign to get out to average he voter. >> i would advise them make it bigger not smaller this isn't just about hillary clinton this is about entire system of corruption. we are at a point this system is so disserved the country lowest home ownership over 50 years the service so bad 3400 people killed in chicago. the system is so bad you know tell levels of crony corruption, and we're seeing day after day not just hillary clinton, it is an entire system of corruption, she is the personification of it frankly a number of the republicans who are siding with her are insiders who say life would be claengs if donald trump became president a, i happen to think it is
8:11 am
good for america to break up the washington system, and to get back to being a a much more open country. maria: yeah something not cliektdz he had economic speech earlier this week i would think that you you know as a supporter you want him to ride that economic speech and instead you are talking about he is talking about lots of different subjects instead of riding that economic speech trying to make it resonate with somebody who is worried about economic growth worried about their job, how is he going to do that. >> what he has to learn to do take one theme for a week stay on it do it every single rally, figure out a different angle every day you guys wouldn't cover the same speech five days in a row. >> you can do different angle economics five straight as the reagan people lad the problem had to pull off trail in august 1980 two days in sr., leadership meeting trying to get reorganized because is they had a terrible start
8:12 am
after convention figured out one, don't give the media something that to attack you for, even if they are going to lie about it to do it, two, figure out what the key big themes are drive them into the ground say them so even our bored to death average american is starting to hear them got very good at that by mid september, reagan had a very, very powerful rhythm. >> a big fall for sure a newt good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> newt gingrich there watch out for falling prices not matching why mall mart stores no longer chasing competitors. >>f fe winning big time in rio may the to answer to uncle sam at home true cost next. ♪ ♪ you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town.
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ maria: welcome back at least 30 people injured after avr explosion in maryland cheryl with details there and headlines. cheryl: good morning i tell you what pictures are incredible that we got in of this fire officials say up to seven people still ununaccounted for silver spring maryland officials on scene three alarm blaze after midnight natural gas fed the blaze that burned at the very least two builds caused
8:16 am
another building to collapse, firefighters among those injured 90 people displaced from these 28 apartments, that caught fire. >> well, a 0-year-old virginia man has been arrested by nypd after he attempted to scale trump tower 58 stories midtown manhattan yesterday, on your television likely officers smashed windows broke through vebtlation to attempt to block the progress, it was a tough block police got him on 21st flr spent nearly 3 hours trying to get this guy off the building confirming suspect posted provide online a day before his climb, listen. >> i am an inept researcher seeking prooit audience with you to discuss important matter i guarantee in your interest to honor this request. believe me, my purpose is not significant i would not risk my life pursuing.
8:17 am
>> so according to nypd -- >> evaluated by medical professionals trump tower where donald trump presidential campaign business empire is, mr. trump was not home at the time. even though he wanted to talk to donald trump. >> okay, delta airlines continuing today to restore normal operations haft computer systems knocked off-line monday delta canceled 29 flights today, looking at this tracked service telling us not even delta, 2000 flights scrubbed between monday panned yesterday. delta extending offer off fee reticketing for travels booked to fly at the very least through today airline says says it used private jet subsubsidy to get 40 from atlanta to destinations yesterday. the rest of you you are just out of luck, sorry. anyway. finally this one walmart ending the in store ad mask
8:18 am
program at another 300 stores this program, promised to match prices that were advertised by could competitors if you see ad in local paper get same deal at walmart walmart end that had 500 stores in june now, consumer experts say walmart is encouraging more customers to use savings catcher app compares prices they paid at walmart to prices to advertised elsewhere, eh, if a lower price walmart issues a gift card in amount of different -- >> look the bottom line walmart, guys, this in store o promising price matching wasn't working amazon is killing them. >> that is why you saw that deal,, right. >> to compete better with amazon short break searching for consumers what you need to know is a major retail names report we talk earnings where is beef burger kachains looking too rare for
8:19 am
investors, back in a moment. ♪ [ hip hop beat throughout ] [ fans cheering ]
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♪ olympics 2016, let me get you on my level. ♪ ♪ so you never miss a moment, ♪ ♪ miss a minute, miss a medal. ♪ why settle when you can have it all? ♪ ♪ soccer to wrestling. track and field to basketball. ♪ ♪ fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪
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♪ all you have to say is, ♪ "show me," and boom it's on the screen. ♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ "show me the latest medal count?" ♪ ♪ xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. is the highs of the morning retail really driving the action we are watching trailers this morning because we had a string of companies reporting earnings macy's topped expectations also announcing its closing 100 stores, shares expected higher this morning, take a look that is going to be a move kohl's that stock is soaring in the premarket, report a surprise increase in proifkt anthony scaramucci with us until today ralph lauren you pointed out
8:23 am
good yesterday, but the retail sector has been so bifurcated look at surprises. >> this is about rationalization, maria not any longer about growth at least on bricks-and-mortar companies macy's cutting 100 stores getting a stock up 10%, and doing a very, very good job of going away -- delivering what people want in their stores, versus going to bring on amazon, so there apparel going up still struggling in general retail is going to struggling dramatically relative to amazons of the world. >> margins have come down. >> macy's can be done k consumer to expect a deal discount one day sale at macy's was every day sale at macy's you wonder if consumer is coming back willing to pay for anything, that is probably why -- margins --
8:24 am
>> are companies positions themselves for that are just consumers want deals from here on out. >> they want deals i think. >> i think it is a constant deal cycle have to deal with rising cost of labor particularly 15 dollars minimum wage, shake shack not doing well the cost of profits delivering food is going up, and time you can go to grocery store you can buy a food there, cheaper price that is putting pressure on fast food outlets. >> shake shack down about 10% right now take a look where shake shack is 9% wendy's reports he go earnings shake shack beat earnings missed same-store sales under pressure, wendy's ceo warning lower commodity prices keeping consumers at homing you've got margins collapsing you've got this inability to keep up with only situation you look at department stores.
8:25 am
>> yeah, again, it is a combination of different factors but the reason why retail stocks are getting a bump today, is that the stock pieshgz are looking at saying okay ceos are rationalizing businesses better kofrpdz in 17 food companies have a problem, 15 dollars an hour for minimum wage, you are going to cause a major capital restructuring there very expensive for companies in coming year, so that is why stocks are -- >> is that why investing in technology trying to get rid of 15 dollar worker bringing in a computer. >> a consequence of policies that are not dictated by market basis. >> alibaba up 5% company reported first quarter earnings in revenue that was actually better than expected one to watch today as well -- >> what is more impressive about alibaba a big head wind in terms of macroenvironment in china seem delivering on expectations. >> expanded alibaba has not
8:26 am
just hands are not just -- they expand. >> amazon model there. >> broadly speaks earnings are going to be down 3%, year over year. >> that is right. >> when do you expect earnings to start coming back. >> a really good question i actually think related to the interest rates, so this is a little -- counterintuitive but as interest rates rise that means real demanded for the money. >> might not happen until 17, 18. >> you are likely going to see 6 to 12 months of positive market activity, until all of the juice is so we haved out of the orange all share repurchases dividend increases unwillingness a change in governmental policy, less regulation more simplified tax code. >> that would happen in election. >> pocketbook or you can get more of the same it is a binary choice.
8:27 am
>> a short break tale of two plans coming up from free college to mortgage rates how each candidate plans to impact your money is it time how major league clubs respond to requests. back in a moment.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back. happy thursday, i'm maria bartiromo. it's thursday, august 11th. 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the candidates are focusing on issue number one, the economy. hillary clinton and donald trump wasted no time attacking one another's records. >> i am someone who believes that if we do infrastructure and we do clean we newable energy jobs we are going to be on the way to a 21st century economy. we can be the clean energy super power of the 21st century. >> hillary clinton will be worse than obama. you know it. she'll be worse. don't forget when she made the statement she's going to essentially put the mines and miners out of business, going to put them out of business and i guess she forgot about west virginia. maria: we're looking at that
8:31 am
and fund raising efforts. new trouble for valeant, making a criminal investigation. the stock is down 10% already in the premarket. stock has gotten crushed of the checking the broader markets, meanwhile, expecting a higher average, dow expected to open up 30 points and this morning, it's more about the retail sector than others and it's better than expected news, largely. in news, strength in france, cac quarante up, and dax in germany off of the highs, but none of the less higher by a third of a percent. and in asia, not major moves by any means. unone market under pressure. the international energy agency loge the demand for oil last year as saudi oil production hits a new record. tim tebow looking to maybe the jump from the gridiron to the diamond. do major league teams want to
8:32 am
put him on the roster? turning back for the race to the white house. donald trump on the attack and slamming hillary clinton's economic record. as she's set to unveil his tax plan in warren, michigan today. >> that's why i rolled out specific plans about how to create more jobs, to get incomes rising, in the first 100 days of my administration, we will make the biggest investment in new jobs, good paying jobs since world war ii. >> she's going to make a jobs speech or something tomorrow, a speech on the economy. look at what she did during her term as senator. she promised the world and it went like this. it went down. and she got virtually no legislation passed. maria: let's get to business now. wl roth and company chairman and strategy, wilbur roth. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. maria: from a business
8:33 am
standpoint, you've got to, obviously, create jobs and do a balance sheet. what plan do you think is better? >> well, i think hillary's plan, according to the nonpartisan tax foundation, would shrink the economy and cost 311,000 jobs. that's not from the trump campaign, that's from the tax foundation. second, she isn't dealing at all with the problem of bad imports that directly take jobs from america. she's not dealing with that. she hasn't met a trade deal that she didn't like and they've all been job destructive. so, what she's really trying to do is invent the fiction of infrastructure to patch up this broken system. the problem with infrastructure is, number one, there are no shovel-ready jobs. remember, obama giant infrastructure plan, shovel-ready jobs. did you ever see one of those shovel-ready jobs materialize. maria: no. i didn't. what will happen, the money
8:34 am
will get sucked up into other things. as to becoming a clean energy super power, that's an objection more-- oxymoronic term. it will maze the cost of energy and will cost the average american family $5,000 a year. what does she think that's going to do to consumer spending. maria: and the other thing is taxes. so she's raising taxes. i'm trying to figure out, anthony, scaramucci, where it is that the clinton plans helps small business. she wants to help small business and at the same time raising taxes on individual and business income. how does that help small business? >> it will make big businesses smaller, that's how she'll help small businesses. [laughter] >> and to wilbur's point, the smaller businesses are going to be taxed at around 50% because at the end of the day, it flows through the individual, maria and those taxes are just going up ridiculously. my question of wilbur, you and
8:35 am
i have studied these plans and you've been in business half a century. what are we missing communication as fellow republicans we should be winning this race 60-40 in my mind. what is it that we're missing? >> one of the things that we're missing is the fact is there's only one segment that will really pay more tax under the trump plan and that's people like me, who have carried interest because we're going to be taxed at the 33%. then, that's higher than the tax rate we have now. so, it's an interesting contrast that here you have the republican, who's going to effectively raise taxes to people like me, which is fine because i think that donald will spend the money wisely, i don't mind paying a little more in tax. whereas hillary is not dealing with that issue at all, except
8:36 am
by raising everybody's taxes. maria: right. shelby, what about that? >> i have a question about trade. trade is a flash point. we saw people with tpp signs at rn krchc and dnc, but trump sca fiscal republicans when he talks about taxes china, and tariffs. does he specifically know what he wants to renegotiate when it comes to nafta, does he have a backup plan for tpp? >> first of all, let's talk about the tpp and let's talk about the fact that there's already $2 trillion trade deficit with those countries that are in tpp without them getting the new tax advantage. >> third, there are plenty of loopholes in the tpp. for example, in automotive, the majority of the content of the car could come from outside the tpp countries, notably china, which is not the signatory, and
8:37 am
yet, be imported into mexico, assembled there, come into the u.s. free of mexican tax, free of u.s. tax. that's a weird idea of building a trade block when you have it so pourous you can let third parties benefit from it. >> look, i think that redoing trade deals is fine if america can get a better situation, but i think people are nervous about doing everything over from scratch all at once. whether that be a disruptive force in the economy if you redo nafta, if you redo china, redo the deal with mexico all at ounce or is he not proposing to do all of this. >> let's see what he says. the quote reports 40% tariff on china. maria: and he won't back from that, he never said that-- >> here is what he said in the trade speech, if it turns out that the chinese are found to have been manipulating their
8:38 am
currency by at much as 45% and aren't willing to negotiate, we may have to go as far as to impose a 45% tariff as a negotiating measure. maria: yeah. >> now is that a wild thing? no. it's simply explaining the kind of negotiating posture he'd begin to take. maria: i think that's smart, a smart idea. let's talk about infrastructure for a second. you said there are no shovel-ready jobs and you mentioned this is going to be the crux of the plan. >> i think we'll hear i'm going to stimulate the economy and shovel-ready projects. and we've heard this before and heard it from president obama and seems like more of the same. >> and taxes like the buffett rule, anyone with more than 5 million in income. >> a couple of things, there are no shovel-ready projects, never have been and never will be. with the new rules and regulations that obama has
8:39 am
included in hundreds of executive orders and such, it will take years before any shovel gets into the ground anyway. so, that's the number one problem. the number two problem, if you build a bridge to nowhere, you get the one-time shot of the jobs and then you get stuck with the cost of maintaining it for the rest of its life. so, again, it's an illusion. what's wrong with america is that the only thing that she's really been effectively importing is favors to foreigners in return for contributions to the clinton foundation. maria: do you think that's going to resonate with voters? because we talk about this a lot. i'm not-- i don't know if it's actually having an impact. it was having an impact. >> well, i think especially with these new revelations about e-mails and late night phone calls to people in the state department, how do you explain that? do normal citizens get to make a late night call to a high official in the state
8:40 am
department? no. >> or possibly the president of the united states? if she wins this election? i mean, it's an ongoing issue. it's know the something that's going away. maria: and there is an investigation underway, but you have to wonder when you get the results of it, a fbi investigation. >> how many investigations does it take before people conclude where there's smoke there's fire? is it 10, 20, 100 investigations? how many does it take before people catch onto the joke that there's something wrong going on there? she's the most investigated public official in the history of the united states. maria: it's quite extraordinary, actually. >> it's a wonder that she has the strength to do anything else. maria: well, it's good to see you. thanks for weighing in, important points you brought up. wilbur ross joining us. and is u.s. headed the way of europe? stuart varney on what voters need to know before they head to the polls.
8:41 am
and superstar swimmer, katie ledecky, claiming her third gold medal. we'll tell you about the real cost of being a winner in rio. ♪ ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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>> welcome back. we are 45 minutes away from the opening bell. we're looking at retail in the news. a couple of names on the move. valeant shares plummeting, face ago criminal investigation. allegations that it defrauded insurers. the company is accused of hiding a relationship. valeant is said to be cooperating with the investigation. >> a company is selling some assets renegotiating the
8:45 am
expensive pipeline contract and both moves expected to save the company nearly $2 billion and a handful of other retailers higher than better than expected earnings. hillary clinton in michigan where she will announce the plan to grow the economy. will it create prosperity in the u.s. or open the door to some socialist policies that we've seen in europe? we want to bring you the host of "varney & company" right now. stuart varney, what's your take? i think i know your take. stuart: i knew that was my introduction, i just knew it. [laughter] . maria: well >> look, i consider myself in a funny sort of way a refugee from european socialism. i know at that sounds strange. i wasn't exactly running for my life when i came here 40 years ago. i thought of myself running to an opportunity that a vigorous and dynamic america offered. what i ran not, not ran away from. it's disappointing for me to see a major political candidate, hillary clinton,
8:46 am
proposing that america become much more like europe. we've had eight years of this drift towards europe. i think hillary clinton will enhance that. we are going to get details today, as you said, maria, of her plan from michigan. we'll hear about her plan for the economy. she's going to tax, she's going to spend. there it is on the screen, debt-free college give a lot of stuff away. this reminds me very much of the way europe is now. i think she wants to make america much more like europe. i don't like it. i want a vigorous, dynamic, growing american economy, that's my reference. i'm staying here. maria: you've seen this before though, stuart. do you think that resonates with younger people? we've got shelby holliday from the journal on the panel today. you're a millennial. stuart: shelby. maria: does what stuart say resonate with you? >> well, you know, debt-free college seems like that promise of recess all day at school when you're running for your middle school presidency.
8:47 am
i don't see how you can do it. that said, this is the number one concern for people who are graduating from college, they enter a weak work force, they can't pay their student loans. so debt-free college is probably one of the most appealing things that come out of this. how can it work. even though we know it can't work. stuart: it's buying votes, here, i'll give you this, vote for me. >> right. stuart: the key constituency, millennials, i'll give you this, vote for me. you can only do that so long. europe is not a sustainable business model, i'll give you everything, just keep voting in socialism, it's not working, they're bankrupt. almost dead stop, an economy in the decline. i don't want to see that in america. >> unfortunately, we need student loan reform. stuart: how are you going to do it. >> we need a plan. stuart: not by free. >> giving away college is not be po. stuart: no, it's not. it's not possible and the results will be, you know, really bad news for so many people. what about the person who's
8:48 am
working their own way through college right now. working, not taking out loans, what about them? they're high and dry after this. maria: stuart, great points. we know we'll see you in ten minutes. see you at the top of the hour. "varney & company" begins at 9 a.m. eastern right after "mornings with maria". the true cost of gold, will winners may see a tax bill rather than a ticker tape read when they get home. he's picking up the bat, but will major league pick up tim tebow. his quest next. ♪ in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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>> well, let's take a live look live at the olympic park.
8:52 am
u.s. dominates, including a 19-year-old swimmer, pulling off a comeback to remember. jared max with more on that. >> what can katie ledecky not do? what is it about the state of maryland producing our greatest swimmers? baltimore claims michael phelps and katie ledecky. the best from the united states. she competed for her third gold of these olympic games, swimming in the women's relay. the united states was trailing behind australia until katie ledecky jumped into the pool and she took over in the relay and overtook the lead and got her third geld medal and fourth overall. check out katie ledecky way back in the day at an autograph signing with michael phelps. 2006, nine years old looking to her further and want to go further back when she was two years old.
8:53 am
that's michael jordan holding katie ledecky as a two-year-old holding her. her uncle used to be a minority owner as well as the washington capital. and michael phelps goes for his fourth gold medal. how many gold medals have they got. they say they've won 1,000 gold medals all time and others say 977, 986. back in the day we didn't have as comprehensive data so results will vary, and who is to say the united states didn't win a gold in barrel jumping as we see in this. barrel jumping. times have changed in the olympics. barrel jumping. >> still have fencing. >> by the way, golf competition began for the first time in 112 years. it's a new car, you were
8:54 am
excited when you won it on the price is right. no different for gold and silver medals. value is gold medal is $546. silver around $305. bronze medals have quote, little intrinsic value. taxable. prize money, bonuses and endorsements. for every gold medal a u.s. olympian wins gets $25,000, $15,000 silver, 10 bronze. and tim tebow is ready to go at another pro career, major league baseball. he plans to hold a workout and all 30 baseball teams will be invited to see his skills. he was an allstate in florida, .494 as a junior. can he be the next two sport star. don't ask the bucs--
8:55 am
buck showalter. and he said i bet he was a good player in high school, i was, too. buck showalter making bigger news than when he was on seinfeld. maria: thanks. we have our all-star panel and we'll have that after the break. stay with us. ♪
8:56 am
8:58 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back, let's get the final thoughts. cheryl casone. >> delta airlines, that company is in crisis. the ceo had to come out twice and apologize and still not confirming they're able to have operations back up and running today. this is very bad for this airline. maria: did you say we have breaking news on the climber, that they are identifying who that is? >> they're identifying him, 19-year-old steven rogata from virginia and he's still in bellview this morning as far as i know. maria: shelby holliday, final thoughts. >> don't climb any towers with suction cups, and jobs, came on, it's a race to see which candidate can convince they're
8:59 am
the best for the economy and polls show they're pretty even. donald trump had a big lead, but we'll see if he can keep it. maria: hillary clinton is going to unveil her plan today in michigan. anthony scaramucci what are you talking about? >> i hope that speech doesn't go too well. i want to talk about the dividend stocks in the market, the safest in the corner right now. stocks that are large capitalized and high yielding will do well the next three to six months. maria: are they still a good value even after the market traded up? now we're talking about the market being up substantially. >> i believe so, because when you look where the 5 and 10-year treasury is you'll pick up stocks, 2 to 300 basis points over the 5 or 10-year treasury. maria: anthony, i'll join you on wall street week? >> yes, a big guest this week, bill miller, some exciting plans we'll talk with him. legendary investor. maria: bill miller announcing
9:00 am
he's buying out the stake from legg mason that he runs. we'll talk with him. and anthony, cheryl, shelby, good to see you. same time, same place tomorrow. we'll handicap it for you. "varney & company" begins right now, stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much indeed. so what do we really want? to be more like democratic socialist europe? or pro growth america? hillary clinton or donald trump? that is a fairly clear choice, good morning, everyone. a few hours from now, hillary clinton will reveal her plan for the economy. the broad outline is clear, taxes will go up. spending will go up. she hopes the number of jobs will go up. you'll probably hear the words fair share. a clinton presidency would be a third term of redistribution, that's europe. we've already heard from donald trump. he's going for growth, economic growth, cut taxes, cut regulation, energy independence, renegotiate trade deals.


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