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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 12, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. howie kurtz and tammy bruce will be with us tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: oh, mercy, welcome to it. thank you very much, lou. tonight i'm watching hillary clinton and donald trump duke it out over the future of your wallet. and we'll dive into madame secretaries questionable economics shortly. if you love this show, you love freedom, and sometimes loving freedom means defending people's rights even when you don't engage in what you are defending. marijuana will not be rescheduled from the very harsh category where it now sits. despite reaching critical mass
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in 25 states where some marijuana growth and possession is legal, they will not reschedule. it seems some of the alphabet agencies are still suffering from the madness. marijuana, the burning weed with its roots in hell. kennedy: if someone tells you pot is dangerous, they are pretty much running on anecdotal his area. there is almost zero research done on the actual medical benefits. that's because there is only one facility in the u.s. where the feds allow cultivation and possession of weed.
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although because it many relegated -- because it's well good it that dungeon, you can't do research to prove it has value. you can't reschedule it without proving medical benefits, and you can't do research until it's rescheduled. but there is some hope here. the drug enforcement administration which appears to have a vested interest in prohibition. they keep getting bigger budgets and cool stuff has agreed to allow more facilities to conduct marijuana research. there is an embarrassing research at a lab run by the national agency on drug abuse which is opposed to marijuana. it considers it to be a dangerous drug. no conflict of interest there.
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more states have the issue on the ballot as people document reality that what you put in your body is your choice. it's obvious the government's arbitrary prohibition does almost nothing to keep you safe and free. hillary clinton gives a speech on her economic platform. i'm joined by congressman scott ridgel who will endorse gary johnson for president. we'll broadcast a preview directly to your tongue. technology. i love it. i'm kennedy. today in michigan, hoik portrayed herself as the champion of the middle class,
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outlining her economic he general today while attacking donald trump. >> trump would roll back the tough rules we have imposed on the financial industry. i'll do the opposite. i think we should strengthen those rules so wall street can never wreck main street again. kennedy: we should choke the living heck out of the economy. is hillary the white knight or trojan horse in a pant suit. deirdre bolton. host of risk and reward, gavin mcinnis, charles cook, national review online. i was re-reading some of it today. welcome, everyone. thank you, gavin tore thanking me for your existence and theirs as well. deirdre, give me a quick
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overview of her speech. deirdre: if you make a million or more you will get taxed more. if you make $5 million or more you will get taxed even more. but it was gutsy, i'm just a small town girl from a suburb in chicago, meanwhile every other day we are talking about the clinton foundation and millions of dollars. i thought it was an odd word choice. kennedy: it's interesting how she is trying to push his americana narrative. she talks about her dad and brother playing football at penn state. deirdre: it reminds me of bill clinton starting at the democratic convention with "i met a girl." it's tax the touch to pay for the stuff she wants to do. >> she'll end up taxing ebb regardless of how she is
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painting it with her maple syrup tone. so there is way too much pending in her plan. way too much in her taxes. and she talks about cutting red tape. but there is too' regulation as well. she talks about adding to regulation in the clip you just saw. >> the problem is aside from he detail. it's philosophical. hillary clinton seems to believe that the problem with the economy is that hillary clinton isn't in charge of it. every single thing she said was effectively i am going to do this, i'm going to move money here, i'm going to set up a bank so it's taken out of the private sector. that's not what's wrong with the economy. kennedy: there is nothing more dangerous for the country and the economy than a busy body. >> she is kept cal about uber and bnb because she can't
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control it. kennedy: it's the one aspect that has grown and is more intrigue. can government do what she wants it to do? >> i'm a socialist. i'm from venezuela, it's great there. i listened to her speech and it sounds like someone is smearing her. she says the government needs to crow eigh --needs to create an . hillary wants to create an economy. hillary wants to tax the rich. then she says competition leaves a lot of people hanging. you go wait a minute, whose sid? deirdre: there are a lot of voters who think she is doing this to get elected. and at the end of the day not too much is going to change. kennedy: i don't know where she stand because she'll turn and pivot and say whatever she
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thinks the person is anticipating. yesterday at a campaign in florida, donald trump levied some heavy charges against president obama and his former secretary of state. >> isis is honorinpresident obama. the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis. i wouldn't say the -- i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. kennedy: they love that. earlier today in the face of intense criticism proclaiming the president is the founder of isis. trump respond by surprise, doubling down on his assertion. >> the government unleashed isis. i call the * and hillary clinton the founders of isis.
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i think we'll give hillary clinton if you are a sport team, most valuable player, mvp. you get the mvp award. isis will hand her the most valuable player award. her only com -- her only competn is barack obama. kennedy: so this in comparison to the second amendment comment he made, this is actually so absurditi' not as bad. can i tell you what i think is happening? i think he knows that he's lost the race and at this point he just doesn't care. he's going to pull the pin and lob grenades, if he wins great, he's not going to, so why bother to clean it up. >> he said i'm going to keep going like this. if i loss, i'm pretty rich. have a nice life. the problem with donald trump and you see it with the second amendment comment.
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he doesn't understand what conservatives think. so he take every argument. and he either dials it up to 11 or gives it to somebody criticizing conservatives. saying maybe a second amendment people will kill a judge. you know who allowed isis to thrive? people on the left might say american foreign policy. he says president obama is the actual founder. look at the document of incorporation. >> people on the left don't infer that. people on the left actually say that. when the right says it they all have a heart attack. they were saying george w. bush all the time started isis. we have been jeering george w. bush started isis and everyone just nods. but the right has to purks ssy
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foot around. >> but not everybody nod when the left said that. >> i'm talking like everyone else talks. kennedy: i don't think he's sab towing his campaign. i think he knows his campaign is done. >> we have to say the undocumented lesbians of color who might have done this. kennedy: charles, is saying trump is confusing republicans because he's talking like a democrat and republicans don't know what to do. deirdre: i think he's going to guarantee the next -- >> when he gets elected in november, i want to see that go down. kennedy: do you want to make a wager. >> not on the will i bet you $100. i'll eat the $100 bill on your
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show. kennedy: and you are eat it. very good. i don't want hillary clinton to be president, but can't miss that. hi, november, am i cold yet? coming up, the party panel returns. americans say they feel their way of life is under threat. brian brenberg will compare hillary's economic plan to donald trump's. he does the work for you. please stay with me.
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kennedy: a new monmouth university poll says a majority of people feel the american way of life is under a great deal of threat while only 7% feel there is no threat at all. with most answering islamic terrorism following by the presidencies of donald trump or hillary clinton. and illegal immigrants. luckily we have two on the pant. our party panel is back. so charles, you are not american, right? >> next summer. >> he snuck in over the border. are you going to self-deport. >> and i will come book in and immediately become a citizen.
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kennedy: you came to this country, you adore this country, you love freedom. what is the american way of life from an outsider's perspective. >> america is different with the way the constitution is set up. people's expectations. the koftions surrounding politics is should the government do that. that's gone from england. individual liberty is much more protected here. speech, second amendment rights and warrants. its many fair to say a lot of that is under threat. but for me i look at both candidates, by especially look at her, and she is especially hostile to the idea there should be any checks on government at all. that's the british government. kennedy: she is going to make it more powerful and she is a do as i say, not as i do kind of person. is the american way of life under threat?
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>> people say you are scared of islam? >> look at your beard. you are clearly not. kennedy: measuring the beard. >> i'm playing my father in a film. that's why i have to look this ridiculous. it's one symptom of a big problem. we have lack of american pride. we have mike phelps go out there. he looks like mr. t when he wears his medals. we say we need that pathetic fencer. he's pushing for her to wave the flag. i don't kier tha -- i don't ware that sh -- don'tcare that she i. it's that we have to be ashamed of ourselves.
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deirdre: while worried about hillary clinton, donald trump, and terrorism. it's understandable. it hasn't been an intense news year. there have been bombings everywhere. i do understand terrorism on top. every time i fly, i think about these things. so i get that. but i like that our politicians are a close second. kennedy: unfortunately we are just about out of time. i look at a poll like this and say this is tailor made for donald trump's candidates i. but he's so the got in the way of himself and his message that we are not even talking about this in context with donald trump and how he might make america great again if our way of life is under threat. and i think that is -- he's failed in that regard. >> but you are allowed to be scared at this time of year.
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it's like the chilean miners choosing a guy to lead them. it's a particularly phobic time. in december i will have eaten a $100 bill and i will feel great. kennedy: the pant returns in just a little bit to discuss what the dea was smoking on its poor marijuana decision. brian brenberg joins us with a surprising revelation about donald trump and hillary
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kennedy: hillary clinton presented her economic agenda while criticizing donald trump's perceived lack of an economic agenda. >> he doesn't have solutions for the real economic challenges we face. kennedy: let's throw more government eight and see what happens. how do hillary's plans stack up against the donald? with us is brian brenberg from king's college. you have been summering in minnesota. now you are free of the 10,000 lakes. >> great metaphors. let's talk about raising taxes on the highest earners. what does that do to the economy. >> it's this idea if you raise taxes on the wealthy there is no effect at all. please have my money. it's not going to change my
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investment patterns. this idea you get a free lunch. absolutely not true. she combined high taxes on the wealthy with massive new regulations across the economy. it's like she wants to put government at the center of the economy saying i have got a government solution. childcare, energy, i have got it. kennedy: on her queenly throne. but we can't handle any more deficit spending, can we? >> she says i have got a regulation or policy to solve every problem in the economy. but she says by the way we'll cut red tape for entrepreneurs. kennedy: what does that mean? >> entrepreneurs are sitting in the corner tied up in red tape. there is no way that is going to happen. there is total inconsistency in what she is talking about. as a result you won't get any economic growth. if you want to put people back to work.
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you want wages to rise. nothing else will work if you do not grow the economy. kennedy: you cannot grow the economy, if you have got so much spending and regulation. my worry is that both of our presidential candidates in the major parties don't understand that. there is so much new spending going around for both of them. >> on the infrastructure spending clinton is talking about $2.5 billion. trump says i want to double that. he has the biggest problem already when it comes to deficits and debt. so both of them are talking about sort of an unrealistic plan and kinds of a pie in the sky plan. infrastructure spending, that's great. we need roads and bridges, but you need those roads and bridge to the carry people, ideas and products, and that only happens when you have entrepreneurship. clinton's plan is an entrepreneurship killing plan. kennedy: you have much spending and you cannot
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lower taxes and increase spending. >> you have got long-term problems. trump is betting voters will care more about short-term job growth than long-term debt. by 2026 we'll spends more on interest on the national debt. people care about that. kennedy: they don't care about debt service. that looming debt service is going to couple and bites in the keister. they are not talking about cutting entitlement spending. they are talking about growing entitlements. she is talking about free college. how are we going to service $19 trillion in debt? >> it will be $29 trillion. i don't think people understand the tradeoffs. you can tell them it will go off and they say that sounds bad. but they don't understand what
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they will have to sacrifice that are valuable that we are spending money on today. i don't think people understand the tradeoffs and the mess and doesn't resonate. we need to it resonate because we are talking about fundamentally irresponsible plans. kennedy: we are on the train to austerityville. can't wait to see you more and more. coming up, you will want a line of dramamine. a mood lobster changes colors
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kennedy: when it's hot as a sauna and your face is turning purple. come to me and i'll cool you off with my cryogenic news. this is the "topical storm." topic number one.
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if you think you are going to catch a foul ball, remember to put down your beer and nach nachos first. otherwise you will end up a cheese soaked fan. >> he did it to himself. >> wow! kennedy: he's got no one to blame. and was wearing a light-colored shirt. that's not going to come out. that's too bad, but still, it could be a lot worse. how about that. >> it was a terrible game. i lost $18 betting on the mariners. topic number three. topic number two. lobsters are red sea crickets
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that live under rocks and eat garbage. but for many they are a delicacy for which people pay princely sums. one man recently found the rarest of lobsters, a blue one. look at that. blue as a bonnet. only one out of every million lobsters is blue. it's an interesting inadvertent evolutionary strategy. because it turns out humans are fascinated by the blue coloring. and when we find them, we put them in aquariums instead of boiling them so that lobster just won the darwin game. it looks fake. it looks shellacked. but a blue lobster is impressive. you know what would be more impressive? a lobster who can play basketball.
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look at that. he can even honk a horn with his piggy toes. chinese authority are looking for this limb were lipped vigilante. i'll bet his steering wheel smells gross. topic number four. life is a precious gift so treat it with care and cherish every moment. unless you are a russian dare develop, then you can d a russian daredevil. you can play fast and loose. it's my guess that he got so frustrated trying to pronounce his own name that he decided to go buck wild on top of a skyscraper.
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or if you decide to ingest narcotic before putting it together. >> that was step one. >> i love it. kennedy: those are people who smoke the marijuana before putting their ikea furniture together. but, you know, they were suppose to be making a couch. this is why you should be sober as a judge when you are assembling furniture. that remind me, my office chair broke, and i asked my producer marty to purchase some with grant money. he is not only a responsible adult.
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kennedy: the dea reaffirmed marijuana as a schedule one narcotic, the same as heroin, and lsd. what drug is the dea taking to arrive at that decision. let me ask my party panel. gavin, i'll start with you. you are the original hipster. but you now hate hair juana. >> i'm a realist. marijuana changed. it is green lsd now. i tried it the other day. i did a bong hit. ' my lip was human hair and my torso was a dog.
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i would have called 911. it's really intense now. when they called it a section one in 1970. that was when you had a garbage bag. i'm old. kennedy: i understand there can be some bad side effects, and marijuana is one of those drugs that doesn't effect everyone the same. for some people it makes them more focused. >> more focused than communicating with outer space. >> let's recognize -- kennedy: i don't have a problem admitting some people become addicted to marijuana. for some people it's toxic and can ruin their lives. i feel that way about a lot of things. i feel that way about scientology, but that doesn't mean it should be illegal. >> give what the drug war does, i think even some regulation of medical marijuana production
12:43 am
would be better. so i agree with you with what you say with weed and where it's gone. but if the government were to say, all right. you can do your medical marijuana thing. but we'll have some oversight. even though that's not ideal, that's better than where we are now. kennedy: they are creating black markets. that's why you have mexican cartels thriving and killing people. that's why you have the crime rates you do. because we don't properly address the drug problem. >> prohibition of any sort never works. the fact that the dea is making this decision and not congress is what's wrong. deirdre: in 25 states we do allow it. and some for recreational. by the many still in a harsher category rate than a lot of the pain killers that people have develops a serious epidemic.
12:44 am
pills marijuana that much more harmful? kennedy: whatever bad you can say, whatever harmful thing you can say about marijuana, and we don't test it enough because we can't. but the point is the schedule two drugs which are the less harsh drugs. that's where oxycontin and all your narcotics lie. those are the ones that created this epidemic this country, and i think we should do more research so those questions can be answered so people are not grasping at straws. >> more places, more universities will be allowed to do research. not just one. >> it's ridiculous. the more you learn by the, the more you know. oreo has unveiled new flavor. swedish fish oreos. it's the same week that in honor
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of national s'mores week girl scouts have released two new times of cookies. gavin, you are from canada. >> when i immigrated here, i remember america is saying that's not sugary enough. you have got to put it in a chocolate sandwich. kennedy: now they make gluten-free graham crackers which are delicious because i can have s'mores again. british people eat biscuits that are dry and blonds as toast. >> but you dip them before dish. >> what's with tea. >> the general cultural coping. kennedy: we have that with bourbon.
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>> you would be too drunk to fight the germans after dinner. >> then you have dish and you are stuffed. i have 40 shortbreads. kennedy: if you want a delicious treat, forget the cookies. knelt chocolate chips in the microwave. dip swedish treats in them and put them on waxed paper. and if you get sour patch kids, oh, mercy. coming up. congressman scott ridgel is here to tell me why he's voting for gary johnson over fellow republican donald trump. you won't believe his rationale.
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kennedy: congressman scott ridgel from virginia is a marine corps veteran and lifelong republican but he has refused to tow the party line in this year's presidential race and has cast his support behind libertarian candidate gary johnson. welcome to the show, congressman. i'm wondering because i'm very familiar with the work of governor johnson and his vice presidential pick, but is this about gary johnson, is this about liberty, or is it just a reaction to donald trump being icky? >> that's a good question.
12:51 am
it did start out, kennedy, in full candor with a repudiation of the republican candidate. this decision on my part was sobering. i'm 56 years old. i never envisioned i would move away from my party's nominee. but the sum of all things donald trump has said and done, has made it clear to me that i really believe he would be a serious risk to our country. i'm not a public servant prone to hyperbole. but i have come to that sobering conclusion. then you say let's look at our alternatives. the alternative on the democratic side was just offensive in the sense of not being forthright and honest. and the character side. and also all the way down on spending. she has promised to spend on everything. and i give some credit to my wife and also to a young in turn. one night he said you can't vote
12:52 am
for trump, and you are not going to vote for clinton. have you considered gary john on the libertarian candidate? i mention this because the future of our country is our young people. kennedy: there are no young conservatives. they are called libertarians. it's no surprise a member of your staff had done some investigative work on this libertarian ticket. what is it about gary johnson that resonates with you? >> i had a nice conversation with governor johnson. if i look back at my public service. this is my first elected office. i'm not seeking reelection. so much of of what i have done fan what i believe in overlaps with the -- with the litterral platt -- of the literal platform of the libertarian party.
12:53 am
a limited view. i have got myself partnering with dennis kucinich in my first term trying to stop the operation odyssey dawn, our massive attack on libya. kennedy: are there other republicans, you are not seeking reelection. no political harm will come to you from this. are there other republicans confiding in you that they also wants to vote for gary johnson? >> yes, i can say that with absolute certainty firsthand. others are wrestling with it. each and every american at the end of the day has to vote his or her conscience. but i'm encouraging subtly, i'm encouraging everyone to consider, look at the platform, look at our nominee, governor johnson and his running mate governor weld. these are high-caliber two-term
12:54 am
republican governors. they are worthy of consideration. they are war think our vote. kennedy: thank you very much. a ringing endorsement from a sitting republican congressman. thank you very much for being here. coming up. a handful of viewer mail. inform your family i offer a golden many ski for your hand. once they see the monkey ride the goat into battle. you will see mine. you will see mine. i'm intrigued. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start
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and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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kennedy: it's that time of week where i roll up my one good sleeve to rifle through the mail bag to pull out some of your glorious messages for viewer mail. we have sweet ones this week.
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ellen says i do not care much for this kennedy person. i have seen her say stupid stuff over the years. if you have been watching for years, you must love me. jesus writes i cringe when you say kennedalia. angela says i need to blowk, kennedy. you are a sad example for your girls. >> block me all you want. i wasn't following you in the first place.
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stoner reason why i tweets i like to smoke a blunt when i watch your show. i'm assuming that the innocence and not marijuana. steve says i just laughed more in the last four minutes @kennedynation than in the last four seasons of "saturday night live." i don't know if that's a compliment to knee or a criticism to them. we'll close with this. kennedy, you are a brain dead legalling. who am i following. you, obviously. email it's friday for me. so your weekend can officially start now. "stossel" is on tomorrow night along with "wall street week."
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