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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  August 13, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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it's coming up pretty quickly. that's it for tonight. thanks for joining us. ed rollins and ambassador john >> the next vice president, my friend senator tim kaine. >> the next vice president of the united states, governor mike pence. john: mike pence and tim kaine will soon be a heartbeat away from the presidency. who are these people? and are they our only choice? fortunately not, there is the libertarian option. though the media rarely acknowledges that. how important is a vice president? all these became president.
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>> dick cheney was what some call a shadow president. john: other vice presidents don't do much. but even if they don't do much, the vp is a heartbeat away. so who are these men? that's our show tonight. [applause] john: all the coverage this campaign season focused on donald versus hillary. as it should. they are the presidential candidates. and trump is entertaining. and hillary, her scandals are entertaining. but the vice presidential candidates, they are mostly boring. i have been rinsing to speeches by pence and kaine. these two are unusually dull.
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what does a vice president do anyway? fdr's vice president said the job is not worth a bucket of warm spit. we'll do a full hour on vice presidential candidates. silence. one of these men will be only a heartbeat away from the presidency. so it matters. since 1900. 15% of vice presidents have become presidents. donald and hillary will be 70 years old next year. vice presidents do matter. let's start with donald trump's vp pick, mike pence. >> i accept your up have i takes to run and serve as vice president of the united states of america. john: so who is mike pence? as governor and a congressman he got a lot of things right. he doesn't want government to
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squander your money. >> bills like no child left behind and the medicare prescription drug bill i helped lead the fights against them. john: he oppose his fellow republicans who said let's bail out gm and chrysler. he lost those battles, but at least he fought them. john: . george w. bush's spending. sadly the democrats spent even more. mike pence oppose all these programs. obamacare, bush's medicare expansion, no child left behind, the wall street bailout, obama's stimulus. that kind of fiscal responsibility is something we don't hear from the guy he's running with, donald trump hardly ever talks about restraining spending.
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he just came out with a half a trillion dollar infrastructure plan. but opinions also different from trump in a bad way. he wants to regulate our personal lives. he opposes gay marriage and civil unions. and gambling. that's just dumb. legal betting markets provide the best way to predict the future. internet gambling has thrived overseas. this website alerts all of you despite the pass * hype, hillary clinton was always the big favorites. and all those betters were late to bet on trump, the betting odds beat most pundits' predictions. i can see why hillary picked kaine. he sucks up to hillary.
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>> you can go on and finds out how she'll make the biggest investment in jobs in a generation. john: he made spending cuts when he was governor of virginia, but he was forced to make those cuts because virginia requires a balanced budget. kaine tried to raise the taxes, but the republican legislature refused. i'm not inspired, but the cato institute's david boaz says they are both better than clinton. really? that's a low bar. >> one is a pretty good fiscal conservative who supported the walk war and' libya bombing before he opposed. and he signed a law to make it
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illegal to apply for a marriage license in indiana if you are a gay couple. but neither of them is as corrupt as the other candidates. neither of them is as sociopath i can as other candidates. only four got a's including pence. tim kaine when he was governor got a d. here is pence bragging about how responsible he's been. >> while the nation suffers under the weight of $19 trillion in national debt we in indiana have a $2 billion surplus, the highest kret rating in the nation even though we have cut taxes he year since i became governor. >> to be fair he came in after a pretty responsible governor, mitch daniels. he has been a pretty good governor in fiscal policy.
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you supported a guest worker program. but the social issues. in the house he said societal collapse was always brought about following the deterioration of marriage and family. he temperatures been very anti-gay, anti-gambling. he said to refuels to go to events where alcohol is served without his wife. apparently he's tempted by many things. john: in an indianapolis * newspaper. he says build a zone around your marriage. he never diens alone with a woman who is not his wife and i never attend an event where alcohol is served unless karen is there. >> it shows the way he looks at the world. the world is a dangerous place full of snares and temptations.
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john: he's a hawk who voted for the riewk war. >> he did reverse himself on that. that went sour fast. but what matters with getting us into war is what your initial instinct is and he did support the iraq war and the libyan intervention. hillary is bad on free speech, houck i shallness and she is a big spendser. john: let's talk about tim kaine. at the democratic convention he lavished praise on hillary's position. >> you can see how she'll protect roe versus wade, guarantee equal pay for women and make paid family leave a reality. john: spends money, do something that's impossible. the first one threw me, protect roe versus wade. but kaine was anti-abortion at one point. >> kaine is personally
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anti-abortion. but he never tried to limit it as public policy. john: you supported the the hyde amendment which supported government funding. >> he voted to boon smoking in bars and campuses. near me in arlington,v, there is a restaurants called the liberty tavern. he had the owner of the liberty tavern say we don't support smoking at our tavern and it should be band everywhere. john: he doesn't support medical marijuana. he understands virginia is a trading state. he supported tpp. the very week he was named vice president, he was endorsing the tpp. the other thing he has been good
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on is insisting it's congress' right and responsibility to decide whether we go to war. he's been critical of the democratic president for engaging in war in iraq and syria without getting authorization from congress. hillary did the say in 2007, she, obama and biden answered a questionnaire and said the president cannot start wars without congressional authorization. but then they got elected. john: we are about to get to the third guy, bill weld. i asked on social media, what do you think about the vp pick. >> he voted not just for the patriot act in the heat of war, but to renew the patriot act
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even when some republicans were saying let's stop and think about this. john: another one on facebook, i'm puzzled by the weld pick. >> as a republican go was quite libertarian at least in his rhetoric. he went to the republican national convention and said i want to get the government out of your pocketbook and out of your bedroom. john: on facebook weld is a constitutionalist. what i like is they aren't intimidating bullies or shrill liars. >> i don't know if he's comparing them to previous candidates. they are not another lib tears as i -- they are not as libertarian as i would like. but they meet a bar other candidates can't meet.
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>> the taxing and spending habits remind me of that old definition of a baby. a huge appetite on one end and no responsibility on the other. john: do they have any chance of winning? >> winning would be difficult for a third-party candidate. if they win three states it goes to the congress. and maybe the republicans and democrats say not these guys, we have an alternative. sensible, decent, honest. i was sure the public looking at these clinton and trump would say what else is out there. >> hillary has a by dollars to spend, and donald trump gets free media connell 24 hours a day. so how do you break into that that's why we haven't had a
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third party candidate elected since 1860. john: coming up. vice presidents saying stupid thing like this to a man in a wheelchair. >> stand up, chuck, glad the see you. oh, god love you, what am i talking about? john: more on the social conservative who is donald trump's running mate. >> it's time to deny any and all funding to planned the funding to planned the sfx: loud poorly played electric guitar that sounds awful
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. >> i accept your up have i take to run and serve. john: trump picking mike pence as his vice presidential candidate made social conservatives happy. he doesn't want to legalize even medical mayor washa use. i'm not happy with your guy. you want to police my life. >> it does make me happy. we'll talk about each these issues. but mike pence is a reagan conservative. and reagan conservatism was
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famously built on the three legs of the stool. economic conservative i am. social issues, pro family be pro-life. and national defendant, a strong national defense with america in the world. john: you say pence will hold hip to good people like that. >> i thought theley was incredibly encouraging. a lot of what has gone wrong in the country is a bunch of unelected junes telling us what we can do in our businesses and what rules we have to follow and amending the constitution. john: pen is known as one of the strongest anti-abortion politicians. he signed a bill in indiana banning abortion due to gender and disability. a lot americans say this goes too far. >> what goes too far is the law
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as it stand today. roe versus wade allows abortion for any reason and all reasons, all months of the pregnancy. mike pence like myself believes all of our children should be welcomed into the world and protected by the law. i want to get back to what you raised your eyebrows about. even in the case of disability. a down's syndrome child has dignity and value and worth. just like a 90-year-old with i i90-year-old senilitydoes. wanting a child to be you -- te aborted because they are handicapped -- john: these are the trump supporters applauding. governor pence says row v wade i law. but let's not force taxpayers to pay for abortions that some
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consider murder. >> the largest abortion provider in america should not also be the largest recipient of federal funding under title 10. the type has come to deny any and all funding to planned parenthood of america. john: he failed at that. he denied half the funding. the republicans in indiana resisted him. >> the republican party has no short and of cowards at the state level and elsewhere. john: why are they cowards? >> i think a lot of them are afraid of the backlash from the media, and to have a private organize that make profits on aboarding babies stick their hand into taxpayers pockets to subsidize plan the parenthood, it's one of the best examples of
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how much government out of control. john: planned parenthood does other work as well. >> none that isn't done by other groups who don't make a leg by destroying human life. john: indiana passed a religious freedom restoration act not forcing people to do thing that conflict with their religious beliefs. once that law passed media spun it as hostile to gays. >> was it a mistake to sign this law? >> shutly not. john: pence reminded us that bill clinton signed a national version of the law 20 years before. all the law did was allow for -- >> insuring a high level of scrutiny is given any time government action impinges on the religious liberty of any american. this avalanche of intolerance that's been poured on our state
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is outrageous. john: outrageous is what he said and he got punished for that. all these businesses came that him. the basketball tournament, the nc tax a. apple ceo. businesses saying we are not going to hold conferences in indiana so he back-pedaled. >> that whole movement ony-lefta libertarian argument. live and let live. whatever someone wants to do in the privacy of their home is up to them, and quickly it has become a movement that survivors and thrives with the iron fist of government. they won the marriage battle. i'm sad about that. john: i'm happy about it. >> i know you are. i'm old-fashioned enough to believe that children need mothers and fathers. back to the main point. as you pointed out, the
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avalanche of opposition in indiana between both the radical left and big business to force the governor under the threat of taking jobs out of indiana, to amended that law was extraordinary and something that ought to worry libertarians as much as social conservatives and others. john: coming up. the vice presidential candidate who thick more gun laws will
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you make me wear my bike helmet. you taught me to never run with scissors. you tell me to stay away from drugs. to always buckle my seat belt. and to follow the swimming rules. you're always looking out for me, and trying to keep me safe. so why do you keep a loaded gun in your drawer? here in the garage? closet? shoebox under the bed? where anyone can get to it? how safe is that? [repeated] you ask them to follow some safety rules... now they're asking you. in fact, they're counting on you. never let your gun get into the wrong hands.
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>> i'm sick to getting to the end of it and not doing anything about it and seeing it happen again and again and again. john: that was vice presidential
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candidate tim kaine demanding more gun control laws. both want assault weapons bands. a ban on selling guns to people on the no-fly list. all good ideas according to democratic consultant matt bennett. >> there is no one thing you can do to solve the problem. but there are thing you can do to try to keep the guns out of the wrong hands. remember that the reason they are not allowed now, back in 2004. john: cities were trying to put them out of business like they tried to do with the to b tobaco company. >> some vaccine and general aviation companies cannot be sued if they do something negligent.
4:29 am
this is a serious problem. john: do we sue the makers of knives if people stab each other? or cars? >> we sue car manufacturers all the time. john: for defective cars. >> your point is right. you can't sue gun makers for ordinary imun crime. it's not their fault it's only for gross negligence in the sale of guns to dirty gun dealers and traffickers and people who shouldn't have guns. john: we need new gun rules because the shootings are up? >> there is more of a sandy hook number of murders every day. most of those are the garden variety. >> the crisis is getting worse. we have to pass laws to stop it. >> you have to pass the laws you can to stop it. john: can we put the fall in gun homicide rate up?
4:30 am
>> the graph begins with the pass and of the brady act in 1993. john: why is it a crisis now? >> i don't think it's a new crisis. it's an ongoing crisis. but it's in public consciousness because there has been a string of horrific mass shootings. that's the way people think about it. >> if you are on a no-fly list you are too dangerous to fly in an airplane, you should be prohibited from buying a weapon. john: that includes ted kennedy, cat stevens, the no fly lists are government bureaucracies that get people on there unfairly. >> you can buy a gun in 90 seconds or less.
4:31 am
john: aren't a million people on the no-fly list? >> it's about 800,000. but only 2% of them are american citizens or permanent residents who buy guns anyway. john: criticism of your candidate. he's for free trade. the pacific trade deal. i see much in the deal that i like. he at least told the clinton campaign. pick me, i'll oppose it. sure enough he's picked. he says i oppose the trade deal. this is just prostitution. >> that's not a word i would use. look, when you join a ticket, you join the whole ticket. john: why don't you say i don't agree on this one thing but i love her otherwise. >> the trade deal, there was one division he was uncomfortable with.
4:32 am
john: abortion, he called himself pro-life. then he gets picked and a clinton official says he will stands with the secretary for a woman's right to choose and repeal the hyde amendment. >> the spokesperson got it wrong. he's a deeply religious catholic. but the fundamental issue on abortion in this campaign is are we going to allow the government to tell women what they can do with their bodies or not? john: you do tell women and men what we can do with our bodies. these candidates oppose even medical marijuana legalization. what good are the democrats if they are social conservatives? >> that's an issue you have seen evolution on both sides of the aisle. >> i do think it's change.
4:33 am
john: thank you, matt bennett. come back later, the audience will get a chance to grill you. the office of vp was thought to be so unimportant, it has been left open for 30 years. >> unchain wall street. they are going to put you all back in chains. john: when we return, stupid things vice presidents say. p?p?h
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>> unchain wall street. they are going to put you all back in chains.
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john: vice president joe biden is known for being gaffe prone. here he gives a shout-out to a politician who is paralyzed from the waist down. chuck graham the state senator is here. stands up. oh, god love you. what am i talking about. you are making everybody else stand, pal. john: the author of the book says joe biden is a punch line. the author is michael malice. he's on tv all the time. we just pick on his moments. john: i just heard him speak at my stuttering group and he was very articulate.
4:39 am
he called obama clean and bright. how did he get away with that? >> the same way the media does. they are telling us hillary clinton is the most qualified person to run for president. you have got first mainstream african-american who is articulate, bright and clean. >> maybe he was talking about the white house. john: one other thing bind is known for doing is getting awkwardly touchy with women he hardly knows. watch what he does to defense secretary ash carter's wife while the secretary speaks. >> thank you, mr. vice president, i think you know how much it means to me to have you. john: the touching went on for a while. then there were intimate whispers. >> we have a lot of thanks to give out, first and foremost to my perfect wife, stephanie.
4:40 am
john: when the secretary touches his wife, it's what's this. >> he just followed suit. did i make a gaffe. am i like a vice president? you can call me mr. vice president if you want, mr. stossel. john: i'll pass on this. dan quayle says some strange things. >> millions of innocent people lost their lives because of the bigotry and hit lahrism that permeated germany and other parts of the world. it was an obscene in our nation's history. not our nation, but in world war ii. we all lived in this century.
4:41 am
i didn't live in this century. >> he made it through that. my thing about dan quayle is he was the brunts of that famous comment. he said i knew thomas jefferson, thomas jefferson was a friends of mine and governor, you are no thomas jefferson. when fdr's second vice president said there are no other two countries as alike as the united states and the so cents union. henry wallace was the worst vice president we ever had. john: he was showned gulags, the
4:42 am
labor camps. >> they put on a show for him and gave him a painting to take home which he hung proudly on his mantel. he ran for the presidency in 1948. john: sarah palin became the brunt of jokes for saying this. john: you can see russia from her lands. so it became part of the caricature of sarah palin. >> i can see russia from my house. john: she never said her house. >> her biggest gaffe came in her book "going rogue."
4:43 am
she said her daughter asked her mother why don't you ever cry. and said if this were a murder mystery, this would be the sociopath. john: al gore once said this. >> during my service in the united states congress i took the initiative in creating the internet. john: thank you, al, enjoying your internet. fewer people know that when gore was given a tour of thomas jefferson's home he didn't recognize some of the more famous founders. john were democrats don't get the dan quayle and sarah palin treatment. >> ronald reagan, dan quayle, there will always be somebody they attack. now we have a presidential candidate no one can say is
4:44 am
dumb, donald trump. john: coming up, more mocking of vice presidents. when president eisenhower was asked as richard nixon's contributions as vice president. he replied. if you give me a week, i might think of one. [applause] ♪rock guitar ♪yeah ♪(rock music) ♪all i know is what i've been sold♪ ♪you can read my life like a fortune told♪ ♪and courage built, man i won't let go♪
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john: when john adams was vice president, he said my country contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever in the invention of man contrived. he was complaining. but to me a politician not doing much is a good thing. calvin coolidge responded i suppose i will have to. today's ambitious politicians are never so reluctant. they are desperate for power and attention. given that, audience, what are your thoughts about this year's vice presidential choices. my guests are eager to take your questions.
4:49 am
who is first? >> if you were facing the prospect the election could be thrown to the congress. the 12th amendment says the house can choose the top three, and the senate chooses from the top two to be vice president. what are the prospects of a mixed the party white house? >> if that happened and the democrats took control of the senate and the republicans held on to the house of representatives. and the republican members of congress did not come to their senses and realize they cannot make donald trump president. then you could get people from both parties. >> i'll state tim kaine will not serve as vice president to donald trump. >> we won't have to worry about this because trump will win without it being a tie going anywhere.
4:50 am
>> historically the republicans have been the party of free trade. what do you think about donald trump's high tariffs and how that would affect americans who want to buy cheap products. >> as you know, you are obviously a smart young moon. he hasn't put tariffs on anything. all he said is the trade deals of recent years have not been negotiated in a way that's beneficial to the united states. john: but he's promised 35% tariffs. >> he can't promise 35% tariffs. he said if he can't get better deals, he will have to do what he can to protect american workers. >> with ross perot getting 19 person * in 1992. who do you think it hurt, trump or clinton? >> who will the libertarian hurt? >> con havingal wisdom going
4:51 am
toib the process is serious libertarian ticket would hurt the republican party. the evidence so far in the polls i have seen is that when the libertarian party is added in the mix, that hillary clinton loses more support than donald trump does. john: this brings up a question from social media. mark tweeted what are the changes of gary johnson getting into the debate? >> getting into the debates requires 15%. that's just an arb set by a bipartisan commission whose goal it is to keep alternative party candidate out of the race. so johnson is at 8% in the arms right now. so 15% is a very high bar, nobody has gotten that in my lifetime except ross perot. so i think it is a very tough
4:52 am
thing to get, and unless gary johnson can find a lot more money or a lot more media attend than he has so far. it's a tough road to who. john: point be good to hear from a third choice? >> one the tenets of libertarianism is we should be able to do anything we want as long as we don't do any harp to others. how do they justify that with a baby in the womb. why aren't remember tearians pro-life in defense of that baby in the womb? >> some are. more are pro-choice because they regard it as a woman's right to control her body and the unborn child is not a person, a citizen, how you want to define it. but there are libertarians who are pro-life. >> we talked about the left and right side of the aisle. but there is also the 40su choice.
4:53 am
the jill stein side of the house. john: jill stein is basically bernie sanders plus social i am. >> plus 200. jill stein is so far outside the liberal mainstream i don't think she'll generate the support of johnson. >> if you run into democrat, even curb them to vote for jill stein. she is a solid alternative. john: are vice presidents useless? vice presidents themselves have complained, i'm the most unimportant man in washington. and being vice president is the thing that ever happened to me. but one presidential candidate says his vice president make his better. [applause]
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john: right now the vice presidential pick seemed like a big deal. some people say a well-balanced ticket with the right vp from a swing state can change the outcome of the election. except they can't couple with any type this happened. maybe it's because most of us don't think much about vice presidents and vps don't do much.
4:58 am
one month before john mccain chose sarah palin to be his running mate, she was asked what would you do if mccain asked you to be his vice presidential running mate. >> i can't answer that until someone answers for me, what is it the vp does he every day. john: one of fdrs vps says being vice president wasn't worth a pitcher of warm spit. but 15% of them become president. and 5% become presidential nominees. as much as we mock some of them. vice presidents matter. one vice president says his vice president is critical.
4:59 am
>> beyond my wildest imagine nation, weld is my running mate. john: johnson says weld is my running mate and makes me better. johnson and weld in the oval office would be much better than both trump and clinton. why everyone doesn't realize that, i don't get. maybe voters still don't know who they are. when i asked people in times square, most didn't. >> i never heard of gary johnson. >> have you heard of gary johnson? >> i have not. john: maybe the presidential debate commission will allow the libertarian candidate into the debate, then people will wake up and realize we have a better choice. i keep hoping. that's our show. thanks for watching.
5:00 am
[♪] kennedy: oh, mercy, welcome to it. thank you very much, lou. tonight i'm watching hillary clinton and donald trump duke it out over the future of your wallet. and we'll dive into madame secretaries questionable economics shortly. if you love this show, you love freedom, and sometimes loving freedom means defending people's rights even when you don't engage in what you are defending. marijuana will not be rescheduled from the very harsh category where it now sits. despite reaching critical mass


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