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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 13, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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they are tied up in this kind of economy. the problem is for african americans and african-americans and for latinos. lou dobbs. nearly two weeks into august and it looks as if hillary clinton is losing her post convention bounce in the polls. a new bloomberg politics poll shows clinton still leading trump 50 to 44%, but the 6-point lead is cut in half from the 12 point clinton lead in june. as for donald trump, to his credit, he is not backing down from the manufactured outrage in the liberal mainstream media over his comments on second amendment people trying to stop hillary clinton. the republican nominee told sean hannity he's talking about the political movement that would mobilize and vote against
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hillary. >> hillary wants to take your guns away, she wants to leave you unprotected in your home. this is a tremendous political movement. there can be no other interpretation. even reporters have told me, i mean, give me a break, but they're dishonest people. what it is is there is a tremendous power behind the second amendment. it's a political power, and there are few things so powerful. i have to say, in terms of politics. >> trump holding a campaign rally this hour in florida where hillary clinton has a two-point lead in the latest real clear politics polling. when trump goes on the stage in sunrise florida we will be taking you to him. sunrise, florida, by the way, a suburb northwest of fort lauderdale. among our guests here tonight former house speaker newt gingrich, former white house political director ed rollins. a lot to cover including new fallout from hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, a newly released
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batch of e-mails from her time at secretary of state suggests more scandal including a pay to play relationship between the clinton foundation and the justice department and the justice department that blocked the fbi's investigation of the clinton foundation. in one instance doug band lobbied hillary clinton aides for a job on behalf of a foundation associate, in another e-mail babd asked for someone in the state department to contact a billionaire philanthropist who was one of the clinton foundation's top donors. judicial watch obtained those e-mails which were not in the original 30 some odd thousand e-mails that hillary handed over to the state department. and growing speculation tonight that the mysterious murder of a democratic national committee staffer last month was linked to the corruption scandal at the democratic national committee. wikileaks founder julian assange
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implied to steph rich's death was part of a larger conspiracy. we will have that important emerging story for you here tonight. a fran zeed liberal mainstream media pouncing on donald trump's remarks concerning the second amendment, but where were they back in 2008 when joe biden issued this warning to then senator obama during the 2008 presidential campaign? >> i guaranteed you barack obama ain't taking my shotguns so don't buy that malarkey. don't buy that malarkey. they're going to start peddling that to you. i've got two. if he tries to pull out my brett at that he's got a problem. i like that over and under. you know, i'm not bad with >> clinton herself was accused of inciting mr. obama's assassination in comments she made during the 2008 primary, responding to calls to exit the race during the month of may. clinton told the editorial board
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of a south dakota paper, quote, my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the california primary somewhere in the middle of june. right? we all remember bobby kennedy was assassinated in june in california. i don't understand it. it was john f. kennedy who in in a 1961 speech detailed the importance of the second amendment and why it must not be subverted in any way. in part he said this, today we need a nation of minute men, citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as a basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom. the cause of liberty, the cause of america cannot succeed with any lesser effort. where were they then? joining me now former reagan white house political director great america pact strategist ed roll linls. great to sigh. >> you thank you very much. >> i just have to get your reaction to this.
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what is such a transparent and obviously manufactured outrage on the part of some of the silly give dills in the mainstream liberal media. >> they are made this the story, it's not anything that he said. the irony is that gun ownership in this country has increased immeasurably under obama, people are frightened by isis, they want to protect themselves. the nra has been a very strong advocate of gun rights, it's also one of the biggest contributors to this campaign, the trump campaign has probably put more money on the air than anybody else. my sense is that mainstream media always against him, always has been against them but they win the campaigns because they have the support of a significant number of voters. >> to put that in some context the past 15 months have been 15 consecutive months of record, record sales of guns in this country. i mean, that's amazing. >> people don't feel safe and the more these stories as we saw
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earlier of the justice department going into baltimore and basically coming up with agreements of what they can do and can't do sitting in baltimore knowing all the crime and what happens there, i'd certainly want to have a gun under my bed, i wouldn't necessarily use it unless someone broke in, but you are not going to take people's guns away today, they think they need them and they do need them. >> my view on it is very simple. that is a political mark of stupidity to even engage in this, even at the margin with this nonsense of manufactured outrage. >> trump in coal country, saying this is the last shot for miners considering the coal industry. it will be nonexistent if mrs. clinton were to win. >> there is no question environmentalists have been anti-coal for a long period of time. we have tons of coal in this country if we're going to be self-sufficient it's a very important part of it. >> what weakness it is, i mean, because this is one of the most technologically used to be i can say without equivocation the
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most technologically advand nation on earth. why not bring that innovation and that technological advantage to clean coal and drive our resources and exploit them? >> they worked very hard, the industry itself has worked very, very hard to make sure it is clean coal. >> they have cleaned up coal. >> better than anybody. >> 95% cleaner today than 20 years ago. >> and i think they deserve great credit for that and there is a lot of people particularly in southwest virginia where he is today that is an important part of the industry and our energy independence. >> clinton to make annual energy speech tomorrow. this ought to be good -- job speech, rather. >> economic speech. >> it's a job speech. it's going to be fascinating to see how she talks about creating jobs as she's destroying those in so many sectors. by the way, i don't think you should really get an a plus for creating more government jobs, do you? >> they've done an effective job of creating government jobs so
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that's what they want credit for. the interesting thing will be to see how she plays this. now, the mistake as i said last night, trump gave a good speech i thought and he needs to fill in some details but he has backed away from that. i predict she will take this speech and drive it all weekend, it will be part of her thing and it's up to him to pick it apart. he thought to take governor christy and former mayor guiliani and the fact that the justice department turned down the fbi look at the clinton foundation, how would you put this case together as prosecutors and that's very important. >> and as you say, the fbi goes to the justice department, the obama justice department, asks to open the case. asks to open the case that in itself says there is sufficient reason to be investigating and justice, loretta lynch, putting the chi born on it. >> no one heard anything about this when it happened. everyone who knows anything
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about the clinton foundation knows this is the place where the money has exchanged hands. >> pay for play. if that isn't probable cause just to sniff around the structure and dealings and events surrounding the foundation and hillary clinton's time as secretary of state, i don't know what would be. how do you feel about bloomberg? >> what's occurring there is obviously most of these polls are now starting to look at likely voters as opposed to registered voters at large, it's closing the gap. the big issue is women voters he has to close that gap. now to the deepening mystery surrounding the murder of national democratic staffer seth rich. julian assange is suggesting that rich was murdered for leaking damaging dnc e-mails. this is assange on a dutch television program. >> whistleblower has gone to
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significant efforts to get us materials and significant risks. the 27-year-old works for the dnc was shot in the back, murdered just two weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in washington. >> that was just a robbery, i believe, wasn't it? >> no, there is no finding. >> are you suggesting -- what are you suggesting? >> i'm suggesting that our sources take risks. >> but was he one of your sources, then? i mean -- >> we don't comment on who our sources are. >> assange followed up on his comments with a $20,000 reward for information in the murder of seth rich and to that point, however, assange is entirely correct. it was not a robbery because his jewelry, his money, his wallet all -- and phone -- all were still with his body after his murder. d.c. police are shooting down,
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however, the theory about it having anything to do with his job at the democratic national committee. how they know that is an open question, but this is their statement, quote, at this time there is no indication that seth rich's death is connected to his employment at the dnc, however, we welcome information that could potentially lead to the identification of the individuals responsible for his death and are pleased when any outside contributors help us generate new leads. one would expect any police department to be -- well, a little more than thrilled with any help or any clues that might come their way. a striking conclusion that in my opinion is more -- well, it appears to me to be more of a public relations statement than one based on police forensics and investigation. we're coming right back. there is much more to discuss. a lot happening in this country right now. stay with us as we cover it.
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donald trump disappointing a few stubborn republicans who still refuse to support him. >> they are helping hillary and it's -- you know, sad to see and in some ways i might be better off without someone's support. >> what impact will these few rhinos have on trump's campaign. newt gingrich joins me here next. and this surfer is taking her board for a steamy ride you don't want to miss. we'll show you the amazing video up next here. we're coming right back after these messages. stay with us. sfors you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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well, joining us now trump campaign adviser former speaker of the house, 2012 presidential candidate newt gingrich. newt, great to have you with us. >> great to be with you. >> donald trump getting high marks on his speech before the detroit economics club and doing very well in my opinion certainly with his taxation proposals, particularly on three brackets, reducing corporate business taxes to 15% and then he is hit with all of this nonsense because he made an aside about the second
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amendment. i have never seen the national media, the liberal media, make such a transparent and aggressive attack on any candidate which they knew was pure balder dash. >> i think you have to expect this for the next 90 days. >> right. >> the elite media understands that if they allow donald trump to communicate directly with the american people he's just plain going to beat them and he's going to win and hillary is going to lose and the elite media in newsroom after newsroom is dedicated to defeating trump and i think that every chance they get to try to get him off message they will. this was a totally phoney story and i think that trump is doing the right thing to just, you know, plow right through it. i hope that trump will take as his model harry truman's campaign in 1948 where the entire elite media had written truman off and he came, you know -- he came back, he pounded away and he won the presidency
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despite every expectation of the national establishment. i think trump has the same opportunity this year. >> you are a historian. this has been styled as a contest this year between populism and globalism, americanism and globalism. do you concur? >> yeah, i think part of the reason you're seeing, for example, so many people who are nominally republican decide that they are going to be for hillary is that they are, in fact, globalists who believe in a complicated world in which the u.s. has a secondary role and i also think that they are not able to come to grips with the failure of the last 15 years. we have been at war at a minimum for 15 years, going back to 9/11. if you count the original iranian attack on us with the siege of the embassy in 1979 we've been at war for 37 years. we have not won the war and trump represents an enormous threat to the national security
7:19 pm
foreign policy establishment. so i fully expect a lot of republicans to be more establishment than they are conservative and that's all you're seeing in the shakeout that's going on. >> and with that shakeout occurring we're also watching this divide. i mean, again, mitt romney, the mormon church sort of seems to be taking a splinter, a niche position, if you will, putting forward an independent candidate, at least a mormon. mitt romney looking everywhere for allies for whatever reason. no one seems to be able to reach out to the man and say calmly, make some sense, and stay within the tent. why is that? >> well, i think that there are a number of people who represent a different world and i think that they represent a world of deals and a world of international trade and a world of the united nations and the world trade organization and the paris agreement on climate and you go down the list. and so along comes donald trump
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who represents a resurgent commitment to american interests, to the american economy, to american jobs, to american safety and he is a direct threat to the good ole boy network and giving hillary the good ole girl network that has historically run this country. what the news media is trying to do is avoid a serious gate about fundamental issues. we have been at war for a minimum of 15 years, we are not winning the war, the process is corrupting our military, we now have a huge scandal at the central command where people were instructed to lie and underestimate the power of isis. that should be a national scandal and it should frighten all of us if our military is being politicized and becoming as dishonest and corrupt as hillary clinton is. >> it's been troubling from the first reports and there has been no contravention of the accuracy of those early reports
7:21 pm
disturbingly as you pointed out. at the same time hillary clinton is short-circuiting as she described herself. you can almost imagine those global interests recoiling in horror and looking at the reality that, my god, it is possible that she will not -- given perhaps failing health -- even be able to complete the campaign let alone be seriously able to carry out the duties of a commander in chief. >> you know, mitt romney's father george romney once said that the military had brainwashed him when he was in vietnam and that killed his presidential campaign. and i watched the other day as shil ri explained that she had short-circuited when she was on with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" and i thought to myself that's a phrase which is going to come back over and over to haunt her and did she short-circuit we be she lied to the mothers about benghazi, did she short-circuit about the e-mails, did she short-circuit about corruption with the
7:22 pm
clinton foundation? you know, it lends itself to repetitive use and makes you question what exactly is she saying? did they short-circuit when they put an anti-american terrorist father sitting behind her in orlando? i mean, these things are all kind of weird and maybe it's just a short-circuit campaign. >> it is one that is continuing and with her in the lead and work for donald trump to do with your help, newt. thanks for being with us tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> newt gingrich. roll the video, if you will, and watch as a daredevil surfs around the base of an erupting volcano in hawaii. this is amazing to me. she paddles on her board as moulton lava is rolling down into the ocean all around her. the thrill seeker -- and she was that certainly -- loving every second of it. undaunted, fearless and i will add no more adjectives to the
7:23 pm
list. amazing. up next, donald trump earlier today in virginia, there he accused hillary clinton of engaging in pay for play practices with the clinton foundation. >> a couple of very bad ones came out and it's called pay for play and some of these were really, really bad and illegal, if it's true it's illegal. you're paying and you're getting things. >> the ever expanding e-mail scandal and, well, just about everything the clintons touch when it comes to that foundation is the subject of my commentary
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incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks a few thoughts now on the growing scandals hitting hillary clinton's campaign. newly released testimony reveals clinton aides were concerned -- concerned, mind you -- that her private server might be compromised after confidant sydney bloom that you will was
7:28 pm
hacked, that according to clinton's former chief of staff cheryl mills last month. it's part of what is coming from all of these e-mails that have been released, new e-mails revealing that mills was alerted by a state department official to a request from a watchdog group back in december of 2012 seeking records describing all of clinton's e-mail accounts. at the time the group was told no records could be found. yet in her deposition mills claims she didn't have a, quote, specific recollection of that request. all of this comes as new e-mails raise big and bigger questions about ties between the clinton foundation and the state department. the foundation now mired in scandal, donor rash fernando was appointed to a state department advisory board back in 2011 despite the fact he had no experience in the area. the foundation received tens of millions of dollars from investors in a canadian urine
7:29 pm
yum firm that was seeking government approval for a deal with russia. the urinian one deal was approved, in fact, in 2010. and has never been investigated. the foundation arranged for a grant to go to a private company owned by friends of bill clinton and the clinton foundation accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments while hillary was secretary of state. yet clinton claimed this less than two weeks ago. >> there is absolutely no connection between anything that i did as secretary of state and the clinton foundation. so people can say that, but i'm proud of our flan tlop pick work, our personal family flan tlop pick work, the work of the clinton foundation. >> she may be crowd of it. the justice department tonight declining to comment on whether or not the fbi had requested an investigation into the clinton foundation and that loretta lynch had declined the fbi
7:30 pm
request to open an investigative file. at some point, and i believe at some point soon, the cumulative weight of all the mounting evidence against hillary clinton, her unethical conduct, and certainly her disregard for law and conflicts of law and interest will overwhelm her and all who try to block public knowledge of the squall lor of entanglements between hillary clinton's government roles and the self interest of donors to the clinton family foundation, self-interest that was rewarded while the national interest was at best ignored or set aside all together. the thought of hillary clinton in the oval office should leave anyone in this country shuttering in dread and fear for this country. our quotation of the evening, this one from thomas jefferson. he said this, our country is now taking so steady a course as to
7:31 pm
show by what road it will pass to destruction. to with, by consolidation of power first and then corruption it's necessary consequence. >> we're coming right back. stay with us. millions more refugees are set to flood into europe and hillary clinton isn't taking any of it seriously. donald trump is. >> look at what's going on with germany. look at what's happening with germany. look at the crime. look at the problems. we have enough problems. this could be the great trojan horse. this could be. we don't know who these people are. now they're coming in through obama. >> former u.s. ambassador john bolton joins me next. and this little dolphin at sea world is certainly cute, but it has a new trick for tourists hoping to get a close upshot. we'll show you what happens when they do, next in the video. you don't want to miss this
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tensions rising between turkey and the west over last month's could you please attempt. turn i wish president erdogan praised putin, vladimir putin, as his dear friend, meeting with the russian president for the first time since turkey shot down a russian jet fighter last
7:36 pm
november. erdogan warning european leaders that his country could allow millions of illegal immigrants and refugees to cross into the european union if turkey's demand for visa-free travel isn't met. >> joining me now former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton. fox news contributor as well. good to see you. what's the difference between visa-free travel and simply releasing refugees and illegal immigrants into europe because it sounds like the same thing. >> it is the same thing and, in fact, the crisis that europe has been going through over the past year with literally millions of people transiting turkey, going into greece, going into the balkans and then throughout europe, germany, france, the nordic countries and beyond i think erdogan has directly responsible for. those people couldn't get from refugees camps in syria or afghanistan across turkey unless
7:37 pm
erdogan and his authorities were giving them not just a wink and a nod but facilitating their travel. so erdogan was used refugees already as a weapon against europe and he is just threatening to do it again and his cozying up to putin is a very clearly signal to the europeans that he thinks he can go in a different direction if they don't accommodate him. >> this is a delicate play on erdogan's part, however, syria, assad, russia, then to introduce turkey as part of the multi-polar spear of influence for russia in the middle east and southern europe and southern asia. i mean, this is getting very complicated, a delicate act for even putin. >> i think erdogan was a clear agenda here. as you mentioned he wants to eliminate the tension with russia caused by the shooting down of that russian plane, he wants to stabilize the russian threat to him and the black sea. i think he's prepared to deal now on keeping assad in power and i think he's basically
7:38 pm
saying to putin, look, i'm prepared to deal with you against the europeans if i don't get what i want on getting these people out of turkey. so there is a lot at stake here and i think in the wake of the coupe and the clear repression by erdogan, clear against the political opposition across the board, moving in an islamist direction, turkey is moving away from the west even more rapidly than before. a very serious point for nato and the united states. >> i want to show you a tape that's now becoming very important to this presidential campaign. this is hillary clinton on august 4th in las vegas and she has just had trouble there and i want -- let's roll that again with the sound if we may. >> okay. here we are. okay. we'll keep talking and we'll -- and apparently -- >> i want to ask your opinion
7:39 pm
about what just happened because the man ostensibly a secret service agent. we have found out subsequently that he is a medical doctor who was there. apparently attending to the democratic nominee. your reaction to what you saw and whether or not it suggests that we need to know far more about her medical condition. >> well, i have never seen anything like it before. i mean, presidential candidates are confronted with hecklers and demonstrators in their audiences all the time and quite properly we ask the secret service to do what's necessary to protect them, but i have never seen a stage manager come on to a stage like that directing agents around if he wasn't secret service who was he could tell these people, agents clearly, to move away and let the speech continue. there's something here we don't know about and as i say we have never seen it before to protect hillary clinton from some hecklers, there's something here
7:40 pm
we are not being told. >> as usual it seems quite a bit we are not being told, but hopefully we will find out. ambassador, thanks so much. john bolton joining us, as always, john, thanks for your insight. >> thank you, lou. please roll the video and watch as a -- well, a cheeky dolphin, look at that, an ipad jumping out of the water snatching the hichipad at sea w orlando. a park goer taking a photo of the dolphin, the animal reached over the side of the viewing tank with its snout and the woman fishes the ipad out of the water. the dolphin gleefully sweeping away. we are told by highly knowledgeable experts that it is highly unlikely that any video other than the one you're watching survived. ipads not taking well to
7:41 pm
dolphins and water. up next, former new york mayor rudy guiliani says trump is right to be worried and worried a lot about mainstream liberal media bias. >> i know the media always discounts this because you don't like to get criticized, but you don't treatise the same way that you treat democrats. hillary, bill, obama, they get the benefit of the doubt. >> rudy guiliani joins me here next. stay with us.
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joining us now former new york city mayor rudy guiliani now a top adviser to the trump campaign. rudy, it's great to have you here. >> great to be with you, lou. >> i have to say at the beginning, donald trump in his address at the detroit economics club, he was absolutely disciplined, straightforward, great ideas. >> that's donald trump. that's donald trump. this is an extraordinarily intelligent man. what you saw today is the reason why he is so successful. he has analyzed the economy better than anyone, his proposals are exciting. this is like a reagan
7:46 pm
revolution. >> right. >> if he can do two-thirds of what he's talking about, which is always what ronald reagan always expected, i will do about two-thirds of what i -- we'll turn this economy around so fast, within one year we will be growing. just the way we did, by the way, when kennedy reduced taxes, just the way we did when reagan reduced taxes and by the way just the way we did in new york city when i reduced taxes. >> you know, the idea of reducing taxes and getting -- and the necessary consequence of that is the government is going to have to be disciplined as well. >> that's right. shrink it. >> and with that idea in front of the american people i can't help but believe it's going to be very attractive because it is going to mean -- there's a fight going on right now. there is a fight between those who think that we ought to be able to give away all of our jobs, do anything, and then their rationalization is simply, well, the prices are cheaper if we send this to romania or to china for a cheap labor market.
7:47 pm
>> absolutely right. >> instead of, do you know what, our middle class is going to grow, we are going to raise wages, men and women who work for a living will have an opportunity to create better lives for their children. >> so on a small scale this is what i faced when i took over new york city. i had 1.1 million people on welfare, i had a $2.5 billion deficit, i had crime happening on every street corner everywhere and i was given a report by my predecessor that said i should raise taxes. >> right. >> i took the report and threw it in the garbage can and i said we're going to go a different way. we're going to follow kennedy and reagan, we're going to reduce taxes, reduce regulations and reduce the size of government. i cut the workforce by 12% the first year and i said you're going to spend money, meaning the people, better and more intelligently than the government will spend it and it all worked and not only did it work, but we turned a $2.5
7:48 pm
billion deficit into a $3.4 billion surplus, we took 600,000 people off welfare and we ended up with a 5.5% unemployment rate instead of 10. >> and as a result of what the mayor is describing -- and i can attest to this because i was here -- people were proud to be in new york city, proud to be a new yorker once again. >> it was based on not my ideas, on the ideas of ronald reagan and john f. kennedy. put the money back in people's pockets. and the most important tax reduction i believe is the corporate reduction, the 35 to 15%. that is going to be an unbelievable job creator. you think about all that money that's going to bring back to the united states. >> the trick there is to turn around incentives that are going to cause those corporations or that $2.5 trillion to start investing here. >> of course. >> who are going to take that extra 20 points and invest it
7:49 pm
here. and that's going to be the real trick. but to have the opportunity means, like you said, if you only get two-thirds that's still a lot of money. >> do you know what also counts a lot, having a pro business president. >> absolutely. >> i used to say as mayor, i'm a pro business mayor because i'm a pro jobs mayor. and donald trump is a pro business mayor. that means people will feel more confidence in investing in this country, unlike barack obama and hillary clinton who basically want to create a european social democracy. >> and they bring this dower even oppressive mood to the cameras every time they talk about business or extending government and raising taxes they get excited. i don't like the way that works in their personalities. >> and i think that's what's going to turn this election around. i think what's going to turn this election around is that donald trump is bringing us back to what made america great, free
7:50 pm
enterprise system, a system in which if you work hard you can get ahead and we're going to bring jobs back to the united states. he's also going to renegotiate, believe me, he's going to renegotiate those treaties. he loves to negotiate and he will renegotiate those treaties and they will be fair treaties. we are not going to be isolationists, but we are going to have fair traitees. >> that's an old trick, isn't it? if you talk about having a rational sensible trade relationship you are immediately jumped by the chamber of commerce as being isolationist and protectionist, it's pure nonsense. >> exactly. up next, growing concerns about hillary clinton's health after those photos emerge showing clinton requiring assistance to cloo i'm a flight of stairs. doctors marc siegel and david samadi join me to take that up and what is happening in the fight against the zika virus. we're coming right back. stay with us, all of that ahead.
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tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. in our online poll last night 54% of you responded to that poll saying establishment republicans are finally realizing that not voting for trump is a vote for hillary. and texas has reported its first zika-related death, a baby girl whose mother traveled to el salvador, died shortly after
7:55 pm
birth at a houston hospital. florida healed officials have identified four more local cases of the zika virus in miami's winwood neighborhood, the only site of active transmission in this country. the cases bring the total number of locally transmitted cases in south florida to 21. the latest cdc numbers show 1,825 zika cases in at least 46 states. joining me now to talk about zika, their growing concerns about hillary clinton's health, dr. marc siegel clinical professor at the nyclangone medical center, dr. ramadi from lenox hill hospital, both fox news contributors. great to have you with us. >> great to see you. >> dr. siegel, let's deal first with the hillary clinton issue. we've looked at a number of images of events that have taken place over the course of past year. there seems to be a real problem there.
7:56 pm
how concerned should people be? how concerned are you? >> i think that we have a right to know and i think that we established the bar with john mccain in 2008 where -- one of the journalist lists looking for a mel inappropriately in a. i thought we changed the bar that now when someone was approaching 70 years old and that it's both candidates, we should be able to look at full health records, especially in her case, someone who has had several falls, someone who had a big concussion where she couldn't see right for a couple months, someone who had a blood clot on the outside of the brain and is now on lifetime blood thinners we have a right to know fully what a neurologist says about this. >> very quickly before i turn to dr. samadi have you seen anything in whether it be the assistance she required to get up the stairs, whether it be her losing her train of thought, speaking before a group, does any of that appear to be the result of a blood clot or some
7:57 pm
other neurological injury? >> well, i can't tell and i can't tell from a video screen, lou. i can tell you that someone that's prone to falling, like the fall in february, or where she was being helped up the stairs, someone on blood thinners i would be concerned that you could hit your head. i have enough to be concerned and want to know more information but i can't make a diagnosis. >> dr. samadi. >> i think, you know, you have to look at the facts and the facts are that in 1998 she had an episode of deep venous thrombosis, she had a blood clot so as a result of her traveling all over the world and she is up in a plane all the time that's where it started. now, there has been multiple falls, 2011, 2012. what we know is that that concussion took her a long time to recover and about 15% of patients they may have some postconcussion syndrome. what does it mean? two, three years after they may have episodes of fall. but, you know, that picture is a little bit of concern. we should be careful about how
7:58 pm
much we dig into that because she may have a chronic fatigue syndrome, she may be sleeping only a couple of hours, she may be dehydrated. so without knowing her medical record, she may have -- lou, she may have even a vertigo, a vertigo is someone who may get dizzy, et cetera. so without knowing all the facts in a medical record we have to be careful about how far we're going to dig into this. >> he mentioned postconcussion syndrome. you know that the 15% can have problems with balance, can have problems with dizziness, can have problems putting thoughts together. so that's clearly a possibility here. >> now, she is on coumadin so that is a blood thinning medication, that's a concern when you take a long time of that medication, but she also has hypothyroid and she has to be on prolonged period of taking medications for that. all of those have their own side effects. >> that medication and additionally there was suggestion that the doctor with her in attendance at that event
7:59 pm
had an injector did sh. >> of valium which you would use if you have a seizure problem. we can't conclude from that that she has a seizure problem but we conclude that we need to see more records. >> let's turn to zika quickly. this is starting to get scary for americans, for all of us. concerned about nearly 1,700 people have contracted it. your thoughts. >> look, we had this segment a few months ago. i think zika is actually a localized problem, i don't think it's going to be to become a major epidemic. i think people need to be concerned and i also said way before cdc came is if you are pregnant don't travel to those areas because of mike self lee. >> don't travel to those area if you're pregnant but people need to know that this virus is not going to spread beyond those areas. we have a big history with this mosquito and if we just spray which we do in south florida and now we're introducing genetically modified mosquitos i
8:00 pm
predict we won't see a huge outbreak. >> no need to panic. >> dr. marc siegel, dr. david samadi not only the best physicians in the country but the most succinct. it's good night from new york. >> this is your war. oliver: hollywood goes to war. amazing drama from real life and the silver screen. that is next. that is "war stories". oliver: that


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