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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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for after the show. >> the after show. good morning. violence erupting on the street of milwaukee. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. welcome to sunday morning futures. the mayhem coming after police shot and killed a suspect reportedly running away from a traffic stop with a gun.
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he called ain't all out effort to restore order. >> if you love your daughter. if you love them, call them, pull them by the ears and get them home right now before more damage is done. we do not want to see anymore loss of life. we don't want to see anymore injuries and we'll stay on this. our police presence will be very strong. >> at least three people have been arrested so far. local officials planning to meet with church and community leaders. for more on this i want to bring in u.s. attorney general. thanks for joining us. >> your reaction to how we arrived at this place.
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in a western count facts examined and that determines outcomes. in the middle east it is the narratives and we seem to be moving in that direction. that's not a good direction to be moving in. >> how do you reverse the direction? i know it starts with leadership but from a practical basis what do you think needs to be done? >> the first thing is to have this behavior stopped and condemned. those people need to be prosecuted and that behavior needs to stop. that's the first step that has to happen. after that your report included meeting with community leaders, church leaders, that's a
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corrective way to deal with this. family break down and other economic issues are no excuse for this and we can't start getting into that as excusing this or explaning it because it doesn't. >> we are learns more as the shooting is being investigated is this what we need to go to? more technology or is it becoming everybody has a camera on and more pronounced because we see things taking place on video? >> well, the camera is sifrp lay neutral tool. when it's on a policeman that's one thing. many times people who come upon
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these turn cameras onto swat the reaction. body cameras are a help but that's not the answer. the problem won't be solved no matter how many cameras you. >> has relations become worse over the last decade? >> i think they have. look at the range of distance and what precipitates. >> so the answers to fall to poe poe poe to fa-- >> i would like to see full
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stop, no if, no buts, no qualifiers, full stop. >> we know from this video police were saying drop your weapon. hold your weapon. he did not. that sifr. >> he was also a of that neighborhood. those are the people who were really tretenned. he was told to drop hiss gun hp he didn't didn't. >> it wasn't helpful to hear some commentary who saying if we
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don't listen the you're day way way from violence. what should be for the economic are so. >> a statement shoul condemn the behavior of the tigs. that becomes a self prophesy. >> they are at a traffic stop. the guy is holding a gun.
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he is told drop your weapon. he doesn't drop his weapon and he keeps on running with it. this is not about race and that's what people are talking about this morning, judge. >> that is an indication of where it is we are in this k country. it's no glio. i know. it's not good. >> and what do you hope to see? >> that they will look boo the behavior of the hull week we are the incident started withing there is so the justice reaction
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should be at this point, silence. it's the president who sets the tone for the country and should be heard. >> and as a result of what went down in ferguson police are now not going their job, afraid to engage because of this public response. thanks for weighing in this morning. >> thank you. we'll continue to follow the developments throughout the morning. meanwhile, stepping up the prison on donald trump. presence plans to rees -- we are
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stepping up pressure on trump to release tax returns. mike pence telling a radio station that he will publicly release his tax returns. >> what you're having of clintons is an extremely prosperous family that's made tens of millions of dollars related to and der r-- my tax rs will be a quick read. the pences have not become more
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wealthy as 16 years in public service. >> i want to get more now from bart. so what is the answer? why won't donald trump release his tax returns? >> they are under a did. they are leading well on tax policy, on tax law. it says that you should not release your tax returns if you're under audit. donald trump has been saying consistency now. he released 104 pages, much more complete than any tax return would be. nothing has come out of it. the media is grasping for the tax returns. >> so you're saying that 104 pages should sufficsuffice? >> absolutely. >> it is sort of a blueprint about his taxes? >> absolutely.
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he is following laws and rules and regulations. the clintons should be releasing her e-mails and we all want to know what's going on with the clinton town dags. they are picking kof certain money. zbli i want to hear this. will we see them before the election? >> that's up to him and his attorney. his answer is once the audit is done he'll release them. if it is done then potentially. >> tomorrow donald trump is expected to give a speech. what are we going to learn? >> it is on policy, and anti terrorism. 50% of folks feel less safe than
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eight years ago. you can see our life, an deron dean know. folks came in and see what happened in nice, what happened in paris. that will be the key to tomorrow's address? >> what is he going to give us in trerms so that the enmy knows what we are doing but people are getting specifics. so unwith making sure they do not enter sw the yits and good enoughing it to him all over the world. >> you do you think he will have relationships terms with a oh
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government cleeders? he. >> when you have to do overseas it is more difficult to jump over hurdles. look what's happening under the clinton-obama administration. isis was born under hillary clinton. >> we know that trump has lost some ground in the polls the last couple of weeks. do you think he could still win this? >> absolutely. he app salutely failed. everything from d.c. bar she failed that american people are
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worse off. he has braug real new ideasen the and makiining your life bet and safe. >> you have to notice that republic republican the spaer clearly still fractured. zb >> is party is 14 million voters behind. some writing statements. maybe they want to get on tv and that's their per ogtive. >> and we'll have more coming up in the program but you mentioned the clinton town you know, it seems to be an incompetentive
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information. >> he is talking about the fact that three fbi field officers won legal activity. the media will pick up a ten second spnipit. there were pertinent why it is about those who ho our cam proposals for maing you are a.
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>> some said the most difficult is seeing russia send hundreds of thousands of dollars to the clinton foundation. >> it has been a ridiculous narrative. they pulled m into it because i was born there when i was 11. because of clinton's time in office russians own 90% of the uranium. while the media are grasping at straw. the. >> and she did try to do the reset. >> he feel. a house kmun community on i
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didn't say. we are look ahead on that with sunday morning newspaper. back with a d
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fay found spithey tanded to di t t the terrorist groop. gooding. if tow dead this p? bid hi dt wul butted to di bal deba debated. >> they faked intelligence. they were demanding that the folks who work for them, the professional and cysts tell a story that's different from that and it means the resources wall kaded for the fight and they understood what was going on.
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it was manipulated lo to make i look like the u.s. is more in line with isis. >> so you went through a lot there. i want to get into that, the implications of this. onically usety do zb they were doing their job. they were using all of the resources but when it got to the most senior leaders they were manipulating it, changing it. they could do that as best we can tell. as best we can tell that's what the administrated wanted.
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the leaders understood what was expected from them, to tell a sto story despite of what's on the gunshot wound. >> when you have that narrative it will approach impact the way you a ploe you approach. >> just a handful of aib air strikes and a few folks in the reasons. when the when they tell you we have this under control and isis runs you don't do the thing you
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need to do. you don't position your troops. all of the things that it takes you wouldn't under apstake. >> who is accountable? what might we see in the coming months? first, our toks pors had to answer dock p are the are this t -- it will hold them accountable. >> that is extraordinary and outrageous. thanks so much. >> thank you. healthcare illary clinton
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welcome back. hillary clinton and donald trump laying out their economic plans
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this past week spending plenty of time in attack mode. >> right now when a corporation outsources jobs and production it can write off the cost. we must make them pay back for any tax break they received from any sefl in our country. >> our tax code is so burdensome we waste $9 billion a year in tax code compliance. my plan will reduce the number of brackets from 7 to 3 and dramatically streamline the process. >> let's talk about it right now with steve moore. he is a fox news contributor. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> he reduced the number of
6:33 pm
brackets from 7 to 3. i want you to take us through this plan and tell us what's more important. so we have three bracketbracket. that is 12%, 25% and 33%. the corporate tax rate he wants to cut down to 15%. why do you think it will move economic growth? >> let's start with the business taxes. this is the biggest contrast between hilla and donald trump. every poll for the last four years for american voters. we believe, and donald trump old this so little time you have to have businesses. we talked to so many men and women around the country. there are 25 billion around the country. what's killing them is taxes
6:34 pm
imposed by washington. we'll cut the business tax for all 25 billion companies, big companies and small companies to 15 pock 15%. hillary is nearly 15% in her small business tax. when she mentioned in that sound bite that you just played about all of the companies that are leaving, they are leaving. you talk about this all of the times, burger king and they are leaving. we know why they are leaving. because we have the highest corporate tax in the world. you kcut that to 15% we'll see magnet. >> yeah, i think it would definitely move the needle on economic growth. the question on trump's plan is how do you pay for it?
6:35 pm
let's put uphill ri hillary's b. if you make between 37,091,000 it is 25% plus 10% state tax and another for city and obama care. anybody making 37,000 to 91,000 it takes you up to 42% for your tax rate. that is huge for somebody in that tax bracket. if you make 190,000 to 413 you're up 33% and add on state tax and then another 7% city tax and obama care. that takes you to 60% of your income. >> it is a lot of toks.
6:36 pm
-- tax. >> it is a lot of tax. >> she said the way we will turn around this economy is to have massive new tax increases. we fell for that seven and a half years ago. it didn't work. if you compare to an average middle class family making 60, $70,000 under the trump plan they will save about $2,000 under our plan their hillarys. for those that have not had a pay raise in ten years, $2,000 is a huge deal. >> they do look like high numbers. hillary is pushing infrastructure. she says that's where you're going to get the job criuation.
6:37 pm
the way to spend on it is to raise everybody's. >> because almost eight years ago barack obama tried to sell the american people on all of the projects. i live in virginia. we spent $750 billion on infrastructure over the last eight years under barack obama. that's three times what eisenhower spent to build the infrastructure. >> real quick because i have to jump, how do you pay for trump's plan? they say trump's plan will cost
6:38 pm
2 trillion. >> three ways, we'll get rid of a lot of loopholes and most of the loopholes mostly go to rich people. they will lose those deductions. number two, we'll grow the economy. it is growing 1% right now. if we grow it to 4% we get an extra 5 trillion and we haven't started talking about this, but government spending. >> and we can certainly save. i think the american people will agree. >> thank you. >> let's get a look at what's coming up at the top of the hour. hi, howard. >> hi. we'll take a look of making up
6:39 pm
spours. look at whether there is a lot of media comments. is health care healthcare receiving anything approaching the same amount of scrutiny? i don't think so. >> all right. we will liven it up for you talking about donald trump. we'll see you in about 20 minutes. we jump we'll is thr. we are looking at sunday morning futur futures. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment.
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we have a newspaper that will be out of business very soon, the new york times. they have a couple of reporters that have so bad, i mean lack of talent, but it's going to hell. i think what we'll do, maybe we'll start talking about taking their press credentials from them. >> donald trump firing back. he went after the new york times after the paper sited unknown sources that his staff's efforts are not working to get him back on track. ed is part of a trump super pack. richard fouler and jerry baker, the managing editor of the wall street journal. thank you is much for joining us. skbr. >> thank you. >> does he have a point about the media?
6:44 pm
>> nobody likes it when you have negative stories about you. now he is being treated like any other candidate. you don't like what they write about you? go buy it. do whatever he wants with it. >> is he getting treated like any other candidate or is there bias hear? how do you see it? >> any time anybody wants to reveal the truth about the new york times i'm always willing to support that and sign up. of course 90% of ser urveys hav been -- we know it is establi established whether or not it helps trump now, i mean one of
6:45 pm
the frustrations is he ends up going down these blind allies to be honest with you, whether it's getting into the second amendment people or whether or not president obama was the founder of gist or attacking him new york times. there a lot that but the right thing to be doing is to be making his case. >> yeah, that's true. at the same time, when you read the way things are written it doesn't just say it straight. there are a lot of things about hillary clinton that people do not trust her, that there's a ton of issues. that's why it is being investigated and you don't hear donald trump focused on that! that's part of the campaign's problem.
6:46 pm
you have to have a counter narrative. what this campaign lacks, i didn't lack was a clear concise message. you hear him. he goes up on these things whether it is the second amendment or a hispanic judge or over and over again. he really changed a republican he has a big problem -- donald trump is not even registered. they aren't even finding numbers for donald trump. >> just to repeat, this new media that the media is treating donald trump differently than hillary clinton, you can see whether it's on other television
6:47 pm
n networks and even in the captions they put on the screens the whole time or campaigning against donald trump, you do see that. there's no question about that. the question is -- >> well, you basically run paid media and go. you are to take the best stories. he refused to have paid immediate yach media. >> does he have the money and structure? >> he has the money to do some. she doing zero. it is a question of does he want to do it? he candidn't do it in the prima. i would argue it's not over yet but hs had three bad weeks and
6:48 pm
itself inflicted. you don't ramble on. you have a tight mess aage. >> here is hillary's -- >> you would. >> we just saw the tax breakdown. >> before we take a break show that tweet that donald trump tweeted out. it's a disgusting and core rut media covered me honestly i would be beating hillary by 20% right now. >> with the fraud he is going to claim in pennsylvania and the media coverage he would be further ahead. >> people are worried about voter fraud. >> of course. it does happen. we know in every election you have 110% turnout.
6:49 pm
we know it happens. >> that's outrageous. >> it obviously can matter. >> overall it should make a system. >> overall fast majority. it may be a city council race. at the end of the day most of these elections are pretty well watched. if you put an organization together he could basically do put it together. >> they don't even show thafr i.d. to vote. >> in call of the faces that they have seen. i think it's at best. >> all right. let's take a quick break and we'll talk about the e-mail controversy. bill clinton is weighing in
6:50 pm
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welcome back. hillary clinton's e-mail controversy showing no signs of going away. bill clinton defending his wife and using some very colorful language. watch. >> the fbi director said when he testified before congress he had to amend his previous day's statement that she had never received any e-mails marked classified. they saw two little notes with a c on it. this is the biggest load of bull i ever heard. >> a bunch of bull. let's get back to our panel. ed rollins -- >> first of all, he ran the
6:54 pm
clinton foundation when she was secretary of state. >> first of all, he ran the clinton foundation and now there are 33,000 missing e-mails. let us make our own judgment. they've done everything they can to obscure the truth. basically he's just one more example of the clintons, i'll put the credibility of comey up against bill clinton any day of the week. >> not only that. even with chris wallace coy said i was honest. we know that's not true. >> her e-mails are problematic. you have to look at this in the political landscape we live in. the trustworthy issues, the people don't trust her, those numbers are already baked in. when the e-mail controversy started a year ago around benghazi, people were like, we don't trust her. even today if the clinton global fund releases 50,000 e-mails, will it change things? no. >> i don't know about that. it's not just the e-mails, jerry baker, it's the clinton foundation and the ties to the
6:55 pm
state department. you can't get away from that. >> yeah, that's a continuing issue. that says there are a lot of missing e-mails that may relate to that. the big issue is that while secretary clinton was secretary of state, her husband was running the clinton foundation and that was based on massive donations, many of them from foreign governments or from foreign individuals, who had business with the united states government. that is an inherent conflict of interest right there, just simply there. and we've seen where "the wall street journal" has reported on some of these cases where there were some very questionable things done by the u.s. government immediately after large donations had been given to the clintons to the clinton foundation. >> like the great job the journal did on the iranian deal and russia. >> and one of the swiss banks which got a reasonably favorable deal with regard to two other banks after -- not long after that bank had given money to the clinton foundation. there is -- there just is a lot of these complications. it was inherently a conflict and that is -- and there are many,
6:56 pm
many stories that have come out about it. there will be many, many more. you're absolutely right, that is the deeper issue as well as obviously the fact that, you know, she clearly -- she clearly was not honest in the way she handled her response to the e-mail question. the actual substance is in question. >> this is after she and bill clinton had signed an agreement when she became secretary of state. >> right. >> of procedures they wouldn't do. they violated every one of those procedures. >> right. >> at the end of the day, i think this has always been a more serious issue. i do think there was a play for pay and i think the public has a right to know about it. >> honestly, marie, what else are you going to tell the public that's going to change their mind? >> not going to change the 70% disapproval or dishonesty. >> what will it change, ed? >> i think it reinforces itnk i. they don't think she's honest. to what extent? >> what do you think of hillary and trump's tax plans? >> the big problem for the u.s. economy, it's not growing at a rate enough. that's largely because businesses are not willing to invest in capital equipment.
6:57 pm
the economy is being strangled by regulations, by relatively high taxes. i think putting a tax plan that proposes to put up the tax rate on the wealthiest in this country may score political points but it doesn't ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. lou dobbs. nearly two weeks into august and it looks as if hillary clinton is losing her post convention bounce in the polls. a new bloomberg politics poll shows clinton still leading trump 50 to 44%, but the 6-point lead is cut in half from the 12 point clinton lead in june. as for donald trump, to his credit, he is not backing down from the manufactured outrage in the liberal mainstream media over his comments on second amendment people trying to stop hillary clinton. the republican nominee told sean hannity he's talking about the political movement that would mobilize and vote against


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