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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 15, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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good show, everybody. maria bartiromo has the day off. it's monday august 15th, top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. race to the white house heating up. a rough week of headlines saying the campaign is moving forward. >> the campaign is moving forward and is very strong. we've raised over $132 million in the last two months. we are convinced that contrary to the stories of "the new york times" which are not correct and contrary to interview of trump unplugged, that trump is very plugged in. he's very connected and you are seeing crowds attending appearance that are -- sandra: hillary clinton welcomes vice president joe biden and what we can expect as he stumps for hillary for the first time. protests there continue for a
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second straight night following a deadly police shooting. tragedy in louisiana, flood waters leave thousands homeless. chaos in one of the nation's busiest airports. plus demanding answers from dc from your smartphone. the new app that makes it easier to contact your congressman and history in rio, the race ended up in another golden moment for track star usain bolt. turns to the markets this morning. we will have more on that coming up. hopefully you didn't stay up too late for that. dow futures up 31 points, s&p futures up 3, nasdaq futures up 9. in europe stocks have kicked off the week slightly higher. as you can see the dax in germany leading the gains there with the gain about 36 points.
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turning to markets this morning in asia, overnight the major averages there seeing some mixed action. japan's nikkei was lower after the country's gdp report missed estimate. and here with me to break down all this morning dagen mcdowell is here, recon capital ceo kevin kelly and democratic strategist harlan hill. dagen: kevin was watching women's volleyball. kevin: they are dominating. dagen: i can see you playing beach volleyball. the height and the focus. kevin: the fierceness. sandra: i stuck to track and field. that was my money maker. [laughter] sandra: coming up this morning london center for policy research tony chaffer, scott
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brown, former member john brown and trump campaign national spokesperson katrina pearson will be here. trouble on the trail, governor mike pence defending running mate while hillary clinton used fiery words to describe the trump campaign. let's listen. >> we have different styles but as i told that little boy, we have exactly the same convictions. we both believe we can make america great again and return to those honored principles of standing tall in the world spaij, unleashing the full potential of the american economy and letting the american people stand tall again. >> frankly, this is a distraction for the trump campaign which is a dumpster fire at this point. i think they are anxious to try to, you know, people look over here and over here. if you look at what donald trump is saying and doing, it is in
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many ways frightening. sandra: donald trump tried to get campaign back on track. let's bring in angela, republican strategist and fox news contributor and hank, democratic strategist and former adviser to bill clinton. angela, i will start with you first. where is all this going, the campaign rhetoric? it seems to be heating up the closer we get to november. >> sandra, what are we august, we don't have september, october, we don't have october surprise yet. doctoral, masters' and bachelors' degrees might come out with something hillary clinton might be in trouble. the bottom line is this, what republicans need to do is actually talk about policy and what donald trump wants to do is make america great again. tell us donald trump what you want to do. you came out with a great economic plan, stay on point and that's what he needs to do. sandra: let's talk about the actual polling rank.
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clinton extending lead in florida, she's up 5 points over trump. that's a big deal and she's got 45% to trump's 40% right now. is this race moving in favor of hillary clinton? >> florida is very important as is ohio, those states and combination will decide who is the next president of the united states, donald trump i would be quiet because every time he opens his mouth he gets into more trouble. headlines are worse and the coverage is worse and attacking the media is a no-win strategy. sandra: he says he's going to do that. make foreign policy speech in ohio. >> right. sandra: do you expect much to change after that? will that be a big moment? >> if he says on policy, when you make statements like he's made dealing with obama and isis and hillary and isis that does not help us. bottom line is this, sandra f he talks about the fact that he wants to create a more prosperous america.
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money is power and the more money the government has it's more power over you. he believes that people can make a better decision than big brother government. if he comes out with those republican ideals would be better off. >> this is not a campaign advertisement right now. he's doing terribly among elites, states that he ought to be doing better and the things he's saying are not doing better . there's a compendium. if this continues, he would be impossible to turn around. sandra: more evidence points to russia hacking the democratic national committee. let's listen to that. >> i think it's outrageous that russia would try to interfere with american politics in that fashion. and thought it was outrageous that donald trump was urging the
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russians to conduct that kind of espionage and try to take a position with regards to our election. there are appropriate ways to send a message to the russians that we will not tolerate that kind of behavior. sandra: this comes after the wall street journal that the democrats are bracing for many more emails to be released. will these emails stop momentum? enough already with the emails. can we move on? they've made their point? harlan: first of all, we haven't had enough with the emails. we should litigate this. stuff that has come out of wikileaks the american people want to see this. you know, for instance, looking at the relationship between politico and dnc was concerning,
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submitting stories before send to go editors, there's real concerns about whether or not the system is rigged and more and more that it is and i'm not going to stop talking about it. sandra: go ahead. wikileaks, he said he has more and he's going to release it very timely. do you think there will be more? >> he actually said too that he wasn't after donald trump so it seems like he's after the democrats and what's going on with the kid that was killed the 27-year-old that worked for the dnc, that could be an october surprise but the american people really don't care about the emails. the american people care about those bread and butter issues, how am i going to pay my mortgage, how am i going to pay my bills, that's what they care about. day-to-day things. dagen: angela, it seems like every republican strategist and
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leader who we have on these shows every day, they articulate a better message for trump than he often does himself, how do you fix that? >> he has to have surrogates out there. whenever you have to explain what your candidate meant and come back, that wastes time. that's on the world of defeat. also donald trump said he is going lose pennsylvania, donald trump, don't you like winnerses? why are you talking about defeat? we haven't run the true race yet. sandra: wow. what do you think of this? kevin: he needs to get ground game going in the contentious states and he's not doing that. hank, you can talk about how the democrats have a ground game on that. trump can get close to winning the popular vote but lose electoral college. sandra: i want to point out that
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new hampshire has 45% and trump has 36% there. the bright spot that we are looking at this morning for donald trump in florida. he's got a huge edge there. 66% going for trump, 37%. dagen: the real clear politics has her slightly ahead. even when you do an average of polls in florida and she's winning by 4 percentage points in georgia. the republicans have won every presidential race in georgia since '96, i think. >> these are very troubling numbers for the republicans, there's no question. the real game is whether they will lose the senate. no matter what donald trump, if he continues he won't be able to stem the tide. he has to stop this today. sandra: women a huge issue for trump. that's really where he is getting crush. 29% for trump. angela, thank you this morning and hank, good to
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have you both. coming up protests in milwaukee turning violent with at least one person shot. more on the ground from milwaukee next. and thousands of californians force today flee as flames threaten their homes. details to contain the blaze in northern california after the break.
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sandra: mayhem in milwaukee. the unrest began after a deadly police shooting of a black man saturday. fox news rich is with the latest. hey, rich. >> good morning, sandra. last night was an evening of car firing, gunshots, one police officer was injured when he was hit by some debris after riders throwing bricks and things like that at police officers and police cars. one man was shot. a police armored vehicle took him to the hospital. now it's quiet down here significantly. the street cleaners are coming through so you're not hearing or seeing all that much in milwaukee right now. when things get started here is later in the evening and right now there really aren't too many folks out. this as the investigation into that shooting continues, police
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officers and the mayor say that they have reviewed the videotape of the incident, the police say essentially that it was a -- a shooting that was within lawful bounds. the mayor says he saw a still-shot, a photograph essentially of that video shooting and says the man was raising his arm and had a gun. there are plenty of folks, protestors who say they want to see the video. police say they continue to the investigation, they're not going to release that video. police chief here also noted that the police officer who shot the suspect, they were both the same race. >> normally, i would like to think that doesn't matter, i know it does and i also know that there's been a lot of work on social media trying to identify them so that there are a number of people who do want to do that officer harm. he happens to be african american and he has several
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years of experience and is a very active officer. and we are concern for his safety. >> the national guard is on standby, they are yet to be called in this and right now it's very quiet here in milwaukee given what was going on just a few hours ago. it's interesting to note that there really is no indication of much going on in this neighborhood, of course, for the bp gas station that was burning saturday evening just hours after the police officers shot the suspect. sandra, thank you. sandra: thank you for bringing that to us. dagen mcdowell has other headlines including a false alarm at jfk that had people scrambling. dagen: terminals were shut down and one was evacuated over reports of shots being fired. it was a scary situation for travelers as police work today secure the area. [shouting] >> everybody down!
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show me your hands. dagen: after searching the terminals, authorities determined there was no gun shire and they think cheering and clapping from people watching the olympics might have been misinterpreted. there was a ground last night, normal operations were expected this morning. we are following the latest development after attack on a swift train. one woman killed an several others injured after a man went on a stabbing spree and set fire to the train. three victims remain in the hospital including two girls who are in serious condition. the 27-year-old suspect died from the wounds. more wild fires in california, a blaze in the northern part of the state destroying ten s so far and forcing at least 4,000 people to flee their homes. since the first was ignited on saturday, it has consumed 3,000 acres and is only 5% contained so far. this is not the first time residents in this area have been affected by wild fires.
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a massive fire just last year hit about 15-miles south of this current fire. sandra. sandra: all right, dagen, thank you. coming up deadly floods in louisiana claiming the lives of at least four people as more than 20,000 others had to be rescued. many are filling shelters down in the area there. more on the state's efforts to cope with this next. fighting back against the fight for small business owners to appeal to local congress representatives to protest minimum wage hike. details on that straight ahead ♪ guys, what's happening here?
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sandra: protecting small business against rise of minimum wage. how businesses fight against the fight for 15-dollar minimum wage. the creator of that app, wage engage, michael, how does this app actually help businesses in this whole minimum wage battle going on right now? >> yeah, what it does is level the playing field. i think what we have seen is labor unions are able to devote their entire days advocating for higher minimum wage. if you're a business owner, you're more busy selling books and burgers to think about something like this. it alerts you when there's a fight in the area and if you don't have time to go in the hearing to testify. sandra: are people using it? >> we've got over 60 messages sent.
6:23 am
we anticipate that this fall the popularity is going to increase dramatically as a lot of states start introducing minimum wage legislation for the following year. sandra: you have experience with this, mr. hill. harlan: yeah, i've been in a couple of start-ups. it's interesting. you're facing a lot of challenges but it's an important thing. have you founded members of congress are receptive to the messages from constituents? >> what happened is those studies are drowned out by a couple of compelling anecdotes. personal businesses need to talk about this and what we want to do is use this app to facilitate that, to enable that sort of story telling. kevin: what's the main message trying to get across? is that $15 in california is different than $15 in tax, which is $15 different in utah,
6:24 am
different states or a message about how this could actually hurt the people it's meant to help or is it hurting the small business owners and they are going to have to fire people? what's the main message trying get across to the actual congress? >> you nailed it of unintended consequences specially when you go to a 15-dollar minimum wage that if businesses can't offset through higher prices and there's human cost to that, it's not just a matter of profit margins, economics, young and inexperienced employers that are locked and might not have options. those are the stories we want to tell with this app. dagen: there's a study, the wall street journal writes an editorial and looks at minimum wage increase in seattle and the research found that the hours worked and the employment particularly for low --
6:25 am
lower-wage workers, it goes down when you increasingly hike a minimum wage particularly when you're entering the 13 to 15-dollar range. >> yeah, that's awkwarder study. i think that's what people are finding out, is that there's not necessarily any such thing of a free lunch, you may get a boost in pay but may be working as much as you were before. sandra: donald trump setting sights on the fight against isis today. coming up we are going to take a look at what to expect on the foreign policy speech. we will have a preview. american athletes win home the gold but nbc could be coming short on the ratings. coming up how the viewership stacks up against london ♪
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president obama founded isis. >> well, i think he is very serious, and he was making a point that needs to be made. that there is no question that the failed policies of president barack obama and secretary of state hillary clinton in wider middle east created a volume within iraq in which isis was able to arise there is simply no question. >> you can say trump and his friends -- friend putin founder of isis probably more accurate than calling out the commander in chief that way. >> trump set to deliver a major policy speech to fight radical islamic terrorists this afternoon tragedy in lose residents strategy to get to safety. >> could uk exit come much later than first thought voters may have to wait until at least 2019 to have voices heard. thanks but no thanks, why ride sharing service lyft
6:30 am
reportedly put brakes on acquisition officer from gm? rio race ended up in another golden moment, for that man right there track star. turning to the markets, futures are pointing to a higher open this morning, you can see dow up 33 s&p up 3 nasdaq futures up nine as we head towards the opening bell over in europe stocks there kicked off the week, on a slightly higher in order to by dax in germany up 4/10 of 1% turning markets in asia overnight major averages mixed nikkei lower after the latest gdp report missed estimates, donald trump set to double down on hard line approach to fighting isis in a foreign policy speech today this coming as trump' running mate defends the republican nominee's recent remarks holding president obama responsible for the rise of isis although trump claimed he was being sarcastic. >> he was making a very serious point.
6:31 am
and look if -- >> say he was being sarcastic making a very serious point donald trump has a way of talking to get attention strong attention to a very important issue there was a time the democrat president knew where the buck stopped in the white house. the responsibility for the failed policies in the middle east that created the environment where isis developed, belongings to president barack obama, and secretary of state hillary clinton. sandra: let's bring in london center for policy research senior fellow lieutenant colonel tony schaeffer here what do you expect out of donald trump today? >> well i think going to don't with his team let me be honest with your audience he is factually correct president obama working with members of the intelligence community put together essentially an armed deal, to help harm precursor elements of isis what he otherwise saying is factually correct i think people have to understand that what the added
6:32 am
withdrawal of u.s. forces from iraq has mick pence said created conditions for this, i think he is factually correct i think he has to be more clear how he presents facts, but i think moving forward with this theme is one going to be affected by the fact that what he has to do is draw a bright line between what he would he do, with the people he would bring in what president obama and hillary clinton has done, to create the chaos we now see. >> colonel we know a mystery foreign policy team is will be do you think it important that he reveals it. >> i think one of the things he must do as i mentioned he has to draw a very bright line between what had happened what we see happening what he would project forward i think that the clearest way to do that bring in foreign policy experts first off he can trust and secondly have been affected, one of the things i keep talking about boat publicly and privately in washington with people i advise look how we won not how we lost them we have to look at note go with losing team
6:33 am
right for you that we see in place, let's find those people who would come in with fresh ideas, who had prevailed in the days in government, and do something different i think very critical he remove forward with this, and this i wouldn't do. >> i think we should be this is ron here i think be clear wrack created a power you volume in iraq armed fighters that became isis fighters underestimated relies of isis once clear there were a threat killing a them jv team threats of international activism similar to slip and falls in bathtub under staimentdz athlete of international terrorism quite a long time what do we need to see out of hillary clinton or donald trump at this point to signal we are changing zmurz one of the things you are going to see, a friend of mine he advising donald trump a book field of fight, we talked about terrorism policies
6:34 am
reviving donald trump an some of this my friend has been observing some failings of both sides vofrd as obama official during a time that things went off the rails, so i think the idea here is to look at the components went wrong look at individual collective failures of this administration, and come up with a clear plan how you are going to do that would i like to see donald trump come out with with k quick path forward in his speech. sandra: donald trump is also expected to expand his immigration proposal calling for u.s. stop issuing visas where it cannot adequately vet applicants what do you make of this. >> i think reasonable again, the two jobs of the -- federal government is provide for the common defense common good not for us to help the world find places for i am immigrants whos explosived i think we should in our nature to do so but i think the first job is to protect american people and if you look at the lesson of europe what has happened with
6:35 am
germany, other places where unmitigated people just came walking in all sordz of second and third order effects some tragedy people were killed i think it is in our interests to take a step back, look at how the european k counterterror policies faileds immigration poll failed correct here of about we have same problems i think the most prudent thing to do. >> tony, colonel it is dagen mcdowell one thing we have not even mentioned that that is the roll of iran, and the deal that we have cut with iran and i guess the precarious position that leaves the united states in, so a much pour and money to a state-sponsored terrorist. >> right, two problems with that saudi allies not defending saudi arabia angst feel they are being left out i think we have done damage allied ourselves with secondly paying all this monday to them they have reinvigorated not necessarily their nuclear program iranian program but
6:36 am
north korean program we know how crazy they are we have to look at again, the second, he third order effects of our action, of course, the most important iranians now are trying to increase their influence in the region creating all sorts of havoc hezbollah rigc, again we have a deal in place which is done absolute nothing to help subscribe security stability for us or our allies again what is the benefit of entering into a deal which is all baddive one of those things president obama more word i about legacy a detail on table rather than long term consequences of very bad decision one which i think we are going to pay a lot of costs for down the road. sandra: new report out colonel that says isis is constructing franchises to kill christians, what should be done to protect christians, and do you see trump's approach as helping this at all? >> i think being on the
6:37 am
offensive getting isis off its game is first thing to do right now military terms, isis maintains initiative we have to stop that, and then the harder we can go back at them more we can probing everyone to include krinz i read the article on this i have no doubt targeting christians especially in africa, i think what we have to understand, is that we have to educate the christian community i have been trying to one of the -- cnn networks had me on talking about this several times the fact missionaries others are very much at a risk oversees we much do more to go after isis as global intent white house yet to authorize dod go after isis globally we are doing kind of a patch work thing all over we have to recognize isis a globally he threat you point out giving directs to franchises globally accept that is what we are going after them hard try to detonate them. >> always good to get your perspective thank you. >> thank you. thank you for having me.
6:38 am
>> stung rescue plain landed in sea in air slow in uk coming up a look at spectateors jumping into action to save the pilot, and sitting in traffic could be costing you almost 1,000 dollars every year, the shocking number of his or you waist on your commute to and from work. that is why a train is so lovely.
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. . . sandra: welcome back futures right now pointing to a higher open on wall street looking at few stocks in the move this morning with big name a also trairlz to report earnings this week eye on shares of home depot, this morning, the to report strong results before owning bell to benefit as consumers spend more on their homes, and home many improvement, also watching home depot rival lowe's released its results on wednesday, is also likely to rest the same trend.
6:42 am
finally alphabet a name to watch as wall street reports the company is rethinking high speed service google fiber said to be exploring options as yurnt yoouj of about fiberoptic cables costly. >> devastating floods in southern louisiana dagen i have been hearing from some friends, and are former classmates down there in baton rouge no cell phone service an absolute tragedy. >> i know, i was thinking about you over weekend knowing this would be permanent but i think personal for everybody seeing this footage, coming out of louisiana. so about 18,000 people have now been rescued from where homes in east baton rouge, and livingston parishes officials using helicopters high water vehicles boats to rescue residents, the water came on these people, like they couldn't even imagine, the
6:43 am
federal government has declared a imagine a deficdisasn the state a endangering of more flooding swollen rivers drain toward the gulf of mexico. and there are reports that general motors interested in lyft, they will raise a new round of funding gm invested 5 hundred million dollars in lyft in january said it spans is to spland with ride-sharing company, the report also said that lyfi.t. solicited other potential alliances before opting for new round of funding commuters in the united states, wasted an average of 42 hours in traffic last year. that is according to study done by auto insurance center, and insurance information web site, drivers in washington, d.c.,, lost average of 82 hours, 74 hours in new york, los angeles was worse than new
6:44 am
york, 78 hours there. average commuter in america had to spend 960 dollars because of traffic last year. and frightening moments at british air show yesterday after a plane taking part in the event lost control and was forced to ditch into the sea. the plane flipping over, on impact briefly trapping the pilot. you can see there spectators rushing to help getting the plane the pilot to shore. air show spokesman says he felt the pilot suffered only minor injuries incredible photos. >> amazing. >> i can't -- swimsuit from the beach back out -- swim -- we are happy to hear pilot survived that, thank you olympic swimmer lochte held at gunpoint in rio the shocking mugging chances for other athletes at the olympic
6:45 am
village more on that next the fastest man alive winning gold in three-peat olympic domination happened late last night we have headlighighlights that. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts.
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so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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. sandra: let's look at market this morning, looks like we will see a higher open several hours from now, dow futures up 36 s&p futures up 3 nasdaq futures up 10 quick look at oil markets, as well. a lot of talk about the outlook for demand, for oil. right now, you see oil up a half percent back up to nearly 45 dollars a barrel, committ committee. >> oil down over 13% in july
6:49 am
that is telling you when you look across the globe you look at some other markets, you look at the praise of copper the 10 jeer treasury to europe, germany main bench mark up 20%, showing that investors have not had a lot of concern when it came to britain leaving eu even though may take longer everybody knew that not impacting so people can stick to core and find areas for growth. actually germany is providing a lot of that growth because they actually top two trading partners u.s. china health academies. >> consumer looking at homes homes lowe's this week expectations should do well based on the fact people have been renovating houses, increasing home improvement projects. >> exactly, people are reinvesting in themselves as well as a lot more money is being spent on health care so a lot of sales numbers have o not done very well people not going into lulu --
6:50 am
>> last week majretail new all-time highs online numbers in retail sales report still strong. >> everybody shift together online amazon is but dreamt of a lot of department stores, macy's closing over 100. >> did you see that pop in stock macy's made announcement not as afl as expected one day double-digit gain in placey's. >> us that back to lots of companies focused on margins cost-cutting that is top a of environment we are in so competitive, in fighting the likes of amazon. >> all right, thank you very much. there are still plenty of concerns about the water in rio. the pictures coming out of there oh, so difficult to look at there are some safety concerns that athletes are dealing with group of u.s. swimmers had a scare sunday morning 24-7 fox news headlined sports reporter jared max more on green story
6:51 am
is we are the still green? . reporter: who knows these days they had to empty the pools to refill them we thought green pools, was major problem in rio yesterday, american gold medal swimmer lochte with three team mates said robbed at gunpoint sunday morning pie people posing as police officers lochte said riding in taxi they were pulled over by apparent police, he said men showed badges told the swimmers get down on the ground, lochte refused at first he said he hadn't done anything wrong he said a gun was cocked and pointed at his head he followed orders, lochte says wallets taken money belongings no olympic mode alz lot of, jack conger feigen, bents isn't first security issue a security officer was fatally shot last week took a wrong turn into a dangerous neighborhood, education ministers from
6:52 am
portugal held at knifepoint on street busy, stray bullets landed out of he questions korean venue twice two windows shaertdz on media bus what else two awes acean rolling coaches roped attacked. >> spokesman said the host city has a responsibility to protect all athletes and officials they need to lift their game athletes from ace awes have a 9 pm curfew advised to stay in he groups at least three we have watched olympics right? wrong, ratings are down 15 1/2% from last summer olympics in london four years ago, advertisers spent more than 1.2 billion dollars on advertising. >> google told me a lightning bolt travels to 200,000 miles per hour, 220,000, how fast does bolt run 8 years since fastest in the world one gold 100 meter dash in beijing four
6:53 am
years sincelon bolt struck last night tight race justin gatlin greatest threat but in final 30 meters bolt took control won by 8/100 of a second first to win gold in 100, three olympic games anybody want to guess how fast he ran miles per hour. >> love to hear it. >> tell me i don't know. >> 22.8 millions per hoes per h. >> faster than amtrak train went last week. >> more about pickup the most impressive. >> torque. >> able to to excel is fabulous. >> makes it look easy like nothing. >> fun with it. >> unbelievable also great or from great britain andy measure air first tennis player win gold two separate athletes, in straight sets for the gold for great britain,
6:54 am
british golfer justin rose hole-in-one closed things out birdie from 3 feet won first gold in olympics in 112 years second-place finisher stenson won british open coming in in third was american matt kucher filled in last second because spieth public defender out. >> simmon won third gold how long since she -- >> first to win -- three. >> it was in individuals event vault going to compete -- >> size and what she is going to win a gold -- more than likely. >> bouncing. >> women's beach voluntarily softball win quarterfinals that was good basketball. >> good tv great tv. >> basketball into single elimination games u.s. men they won yesterday by 3 points last few wins average of 5,
6:55 am
the women are actually killing it, but the security stuff, you know, international olympic committee i think has a major responsibility here, and this is where will shown a light on what city is getting olympics not just who he may be gave most money whatever takes place however olympic cities get awarded i am not suggesting that but is in a in and off field, security council and highlight look at algae in pools, doesn't take a lot to maintain pools if you get at the proper people maintaining them so i don't understand, do we blame rio. >> i don't, you know, say you see a kid acting up really poorly, am i blaming kid or blaming the parent for mot teaching right way for me on ioc giving rio games one inventory took place in the united states, would it be like joke of the world green pools would be made fun of all the security issues i think it is a problem. >> still fascinated with
6:56 am
athletic wear he have feel players if i am in a suit that small which is never i wouldn't move around i would sit there, very, very still. >> extremely impressive extremely impressive. >> i just know. >> a mom to three young kids. >> can you believe that looks great. >> thank you very much, sir, good to have you mared max you look great, too, by the way. >> all right coming up, summer travel under pressure how global terror fears the zika virus can be grounding tourists, "mornings with maria" will be right back. ♪ ♪ milwaukee.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
. . sandra: good morning. i'm sand ara rith maria bartiromo has morning off monday august 15 top stories at k67 a.m. eastern, things heating up, in the race for the white house, gop vice presidential nominee mick pence vowing to shake off recent rough headlines for the trump campaign. >> very early in this campaign this coming monday you are going to invitation for confronting terrorism last week a brings leaning patriarch to having a growing economy.
7:00 am
>> you are saying don't give up, i am saying stay tuned it is still early in this campaign i just very confident. >> very early in this xaib we will talk about that hillary clinton wemgz vice president joe biden what you can expect assess stomped for hillary for the very first time not all fun for the clinton campaign latest on e-mail skaen fbi preparation to send interview notes to congress, unrest in milwaukee breaking news out of city leaders urngdz for calm as protesters continue, for a second straight night following a deadly police shooting, and tragedy in louisiana, residents scrambling to get to safety as rising floodwaters leave thousands homeless warnings a lot worse could uk exit come later than first thought voters may have to wait until at least 2019 to have their voices highered move over
7:01 am
chipolte burger king betting big on s sandwich the sparks futures pointing to a higher open in europe stocks kicked off the week slightly higher, and looking at markets in asia as well, some mixed trading there, as the major averages react to news that japan nikkei was lower after the gdp report, missed estimates, otherwise other markets higher here to break it down this morning, fox business dagen mcdowell, recon capital ci-- kevin kelley democratic strategist harlan hill as you might have heard me leading into 7:00 hour i told guys bring your a game. dagen: i love how you call hey kelley. >> refers to him fired up isn't that correct, sir everybody walked in watching
7:02 am
the volleyball players, being athletic your entire life i am sure people call you smith. >> i get where you are coming from. >> i respond to a lot of things. all right. coming up in former member he have parliament john brown joining us trump campaign national spokesperson katrina person will be here, donald trump adding another nem access besides hillary clinton taking on mainstream media here is one of his most recent tweets, it is the disgusting media covered me honestly did not putt you false meaning into words i say would i be bathe hillary by 20% does he have a legitimate gripe scott brown trump supporter fox news contributor regular good to see you senator is in a good to see you -- >> is unfair treatment by media is it hurting donald trump?
7:03 am
>> well, of course, it is, you all know what is going on, and i think the american people do as well. certainly a double standard, when it comes to covering democrats versus republicans shg and it is what it is unfortunately he needs to ignore it continue to drive on, and as i said on your show and other shows, there has been unforced errors things that he said that he shouldn't have said or taken out of context trying to crack a joke not a good joke teller no offense skiff blew up in his face has to move on i think it helps with the speech he is giving today. >> what is going on with state of donald trump campaign, you have senators saying she is not voting for trump, or clinton now. she says the libertarian ticket looks good two republican governors successful your thoughts. >> i love susan collins very close with her, and she is in reelection battle going to into wafer she has to do to get reelected i think very important, don't forget maine,
7:04 am
i think that you can pick up two electoral college votes there she needs to walk a tight line i think libertarian vote she looks like going to give doesn't necessarily hurt, with regard to to other members of congress republican supportering trump dmaths s spog obviously hillary giving tremendous amount of money fighting against inside baseball mentality earn a people against members of congress. >> senator collins explaining why libertarian ticket is more atrackive to her. >> i unfortunately cannot support either major party candidate and i am taking a look at the libertarian ticket because headed by two former republican governors whor very successful governors,bill weld the head of that ticket an
7:05 am
easier choice for me i know him well respect him a great deal. so i may go that route or i may end up writing in the name of the person that i think is best qualified to be our next president. >> harlan hill i bring in you what do you think. >> i think senator brown made a good point has to win, but third party votes don't make sense to me at this level he he neither can win i don't understand why you support them. >> get in debates 15%, 10%, its is -- governor johnson has a higher rating from aclu than barack obama you look at two republican governors in blue states, they ran those well so you can ins how you can see that they are getting the support and that is why they are polling well but you know i mean it is ladder because
7:06 am
donald trump has only himself to blame, all he needs say i release tax returns if she releases transcripts to wall street he can make it about her pin it on her. >> senator that is a vote-getter though? you get into back-and-forth about tax returns, versus, her goldman sachs speech transcript it gets -- again this -- this goes against with a we say about trey focus on the issues focus on pocketbook he focus on economy focus on what -- you know makes people's lives better. >> sure kind of inside baseball stuff those things. goes to you know credibility and trustworthiness to very small disappoint but what people are really talking about obviously national security making sure when they go out them and families they come home safely dealing with isis twlet getting our economy moving, deficit taxes spending national security immigration big items i was in omaha for
7:07 am
the weekend, at triathlon pooechl people saying i am voting for trump looking around make sure no one sees them there is under current very supportive of him and efforts. >> do you know exactly how fast you were running how many miles per hour? talking about -- you are as fast as he is how did you do, by the way? >> i did pretty well, probably going .8 miles an hour. >> okay. >> it was honor to be there, even he is amazing i am wondering whether he is coming back again, you know, kind of -- >> never know i do want to talk about money, at this point in the game, because paul manafort says trump's campaign brought in 100 million dollars in donations, but new numbers show not getting much he help from congressional republicans, when you dial that down, he is only received two donations totaling over 3,000 dollars from congress, as of june 30th this is -- all numbers coming from open center for responsive politics. >> so as i tell you tell you that he is not part of the
7:08 am
establishment that is why he is doing so well, people don't want an inspired s summon wick hillary clinton continuing on with failed policies people don't trust people in washington there is great people there, but the majority of them the chuck schumers harry reads tr partisan interests not the for country's interests people are fighting against that doesn't bother me at all. >> governor pens the top of the hour with governor pence saying still early, he said it twice. is it still early? we are in middle of august here -- >> you are in middle of august that is write a people really don't start and politics especially, in the northeast parts of the country till once kids get back to school start he focusing okay here we go get cracking so, yeah, obviously i think you are going to muddle through things pick up heavily. >> all right, kevin kelleyfying foreign policy speech by donald trump
7:09 am
expected today, and could be a big moment for his campaign. >> this is where he can separate himself, and, finally, overtake all this concerns about traditional media, and so i think he really needs to focus on, hillary clinton, and what she has done as secretary of state. she he actually has great opportunity here, to do that, so senator brown what do you think he is going to highlight in this speech today kwhit comes to that topic? >> that is easy going to idenfy who our enemy is try to rally like mined allies throughout the world in the region to try to join forces and zero in on the threat, hillary clinton didn't accident boco haron took john kerry to do that i agree with donald trump he said it differently than i said it i have said on this show many times because barack obama didn't leave a transition force quick reaction force in iraq that left that vacuum
7:10 am
kooum criminal terrorist elements reestablished in iraq isis is al-qaida of iraq morphed into a battle a brigade larger than new england where it starting syria that line did nothing emboldened putin chinese terror threats the deal with iran has done a terrible job she is so made to with those failures absolutely right he has a chance to distinguish himself why people like him a better. >> got to follow through, though you will admit, because he gives a good speech, again, not just how he comes out of the block he has got to have momentum and stay on point. not tomorrow -- the rest of the week and the rest of the election season. >> dagen you are right he has to let the speech speak for its let surrogates talk about it national security world security why people want something differenthan hillary clinton failure. >> out of the box running fast, you probably don't even
7:11 am
remember this or notice but i ran behind you for a congressional three mile along the potomac river once i told you you this once the guy fox news told me sandra to win we need you to run sub8 minute miles you will win, and but i ran well under that thank you, but senator brown ahead of me i saw him in the back i was like wow you are really fast though i hope you have a good weekend a good try athwlon. >> a lot of great people congratulations for doing a great job. >> as far as my compliments go this morning senator thank you very much good to have you. >> ask me how fast a mile i ran on treadmill? how fast like 7 1/2 minute mile on treadmill. >> casual i do 7 1/2. >> she does a casual 7 1/2, do you know how fast that is on treadmill? >> all right. we are going running sometime. >> no, we're not sandra smith. sandra: new questions over uk
7:12 am
exit from european union british er voters police to wait much longer to break away fre.u burger king's latest taking the nation by storm you are looking at it taking a look at the whopper ito hitting ara stwnrestaurants soo don't miss this. ♪
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7:15 am
. sandra: questions over britain exit from european union new report says the uk may not leave until the end of 2019. because the government just isn't ready but a spokesman for prime minister may restating the government's commitment to the process of leaving, joining us now john brown former british parliament member, capital economist how do you see this playing out. >> i think you are quite right, i mean, brexit was a big surprise, for the government and the civil service would have never loud he referendum to take place if it knew it were going to lose a very serious complex issue, evolving unwinding of 50% of britain's distorted trade towards the european union, and it will require very lengthy negotiations and a lot of time so i think, about
7:16 am
those theresa may is quite correct to play long, and to -- allow time for cool heads to prevail instead of revenge you have in leaders in france and italy at the moment to allow european union to make internal changes it has to make ices as a result of brexit you've got tleksz coming up in vary countries in europe a lot of them against european union trying to roll it back also, of course,, allowing for the new european leadership to emerge tleksz in may of 17 for france september for germany after immigration problems even people great people like merkel the leader of the european union may have a difficult time in getting back and so i think she is quite right to play a long game. >> i want to bring in kevin kelley here you watched closely the market reaction to
7:17 am
this closely, but bubd scenes reportedly there is a lot of talk about this two year time period this being away too short for negotiations. >> that is a really ambitious time period everybody expecting it we have seen the precedent set switzerland norway had to become judged to a lot of immigration policies as well as some of the policies on trade, that -- that even though they wouldn't he.u membership would have to be subjected to but i think highlighting what is going on with the uk leaving eu, they are able to set new trade partnerships that will benefit their economy, because as you highlighted early they are disadvantaged think they have to buy there is tariffs on french sugar bring in french sugar where they get it cheaper elsewhere can you talk how it can benefit economy in the uk? as well as other excess
7:18 am
through new trade deals? >> absolutely right. i mean the britain has to negotiate within european union of when 1/28 of a vote, in other words, one in 28 nations now under brexit britain is free to negotiating with places like the united states, japan, china, three of the largest economies in the world, in which european union does not have a trade agreement yet. so it is going to be greatly to the benefit of britain, over and above democrat, freedom, and common law which are three fundamentals reasons why britain broke from europe. >> this is harlan hill here what are the reasons for dlieg uk exit at this point we have a timeline working against, why delay? feels like it could introduce turmoil for the markets if other unexpected delays there are expectations that things were go together happen in a relatively timely manner what are the reasons for delays at
7:19 am
this point? >> well, i tried to say, i mean a, i don't believe -- i think markets going to be much happier with a slow gradual movement than sudden shocks, the sudden shocks would be greatly to the disadvantage both uk and european union the moment italians french out for revenge trying to squeeze britain hard in everything, unrealistic eric meole is much more realistic and says look we've got to negotiate a deal, a win-win for both side we both have am accountable deal with angloan revenge stirred up one has to allow that to die down, as a i tried to say prime minister may is trying to allow time for cool leads to come, and for cool heads and internal -- european union has got to do a lot of changes now within itself brexit is created a major potential changes within european uber.
7:20 am
>> this is deep-rooted animosity, deep-rooted animosity between nations, individuals that goes back years if not decades. >> well, i am not so sure about the animosity between people i always found will traveling in france, get on very well it is leaders that are competing for power. that is where the animosity is the french president italian prime kroiment caprime minister it is leaders that go to war the people themselves -- all of great christmas 1914, soldiers weren't at each other just odeed to shoot this is the leadership it is it is grab for power, the european union was one of the great globalists progressive globalists moves for power it is a severe step back britain voted no, we want freedom we want democracy doesn't exist in europe and we want common law, the same as united
7:21 am
states, not the code nap ol i know all political judges -- >> thank you so much for weighing in on that, this morning so much going on we covered it for you we will be right back, "mornings with maria". when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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. sandra: we are following very latest developments coming out of the louisiana this morning, at least five people killed in thousands evacuated after devastating flooding hit that state particularly baton rouge fox news is standing by, with the very latest there, and i am very familiar with the area, and i am reading in the advocate now that they opened up the field house, on the lsu campus, for special needs are sheltering people home bound
7:25 am
need help basically, everything is turned into a shelter, what is at a latest you are hearing on the ground there? >> yeah absolutely sandra 10,000 residents in shelters this morning hotels across this area. sold out, two major thorough farz 10 and 12 shut down this morning comes more bad weather is on the way more people are waiting to be rescued from their homes, we went out with, search crews last night on military vehicles to get through flood water take a look what we saw. >> police department is going illustrate by street block by block, in east baton rouge looking for any refreshments wlof not left their homes or their cars so far you can see, about right here homes like this, several feet of water going up, you have water going halfway up the cars, where the driveway used to being here over the past couple days, thousands of residents rescued
7:26 am
by boat vehicles some by helicopter we spoke to one take a listen. >> i am heartbroken. heartbroken. my home is -- my grandmother and grandfather aunt lived in that house. trying to cope with it, disbelief, shock, that you know it can happen anywhere but you never think it is going to happen in your neighborhood i know everyone says that, but it is happening. . reporter: to help president obama issued a disaster declaration so many lot of having i spoke to one woman yesterday fighting tears said only message that she has for the country right now simply for as everybody continues to battle through this.
7:27 am
>> a thank you for bringing that story governor says 10,000 people as will mentioneded in shelters more than 20,000 people there have been rescued from their homes, that mission continues this morning, we are grateful for everyone who is helping out down there, all right is there any release in sight maria molina looking at forecast for what you say does that area look like now. >> looks like more showers and more storms out there, over the next couple days so unfortunately, things will remain unsettled, but i want to share with you some reported rainfall totals from the last week, because they have been incredible more than 30 inches reporting across portions of louisiana, parts of florida picking up more than a foot of rain, and in mississippi more than 20 inches reporting, we have this area of low pressure really tapping into a very humid air mass, a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico, and that is why we saw such significant rainfall out here across parts of mississippi also in louisiana, we have a bit of a break right now, some heavier rain coming down across
7:28 am
portions of texas, but as we head into next few days more rain like we mentioned is expected out here we could proportionally be seeing more than 4 to even 6 in which these of rain so that will flooding out there a big concern that we have also ongoing river flooding some rivers forecastered to crest could look at flooding continuing several days force waters to recede a number of warnings remain in effect out there also watches is where widespread across parts of texas, some that have the moisture continuing to stream are notward across midwest and great lakes you are dealing with flooding we have warnings in effect across areas just east of st. louis across parts of missouri, also extending into parts of illinois, in east coast, the big story over the weekend was the excessive heat take a look at forecast heat index later this afternoon going to be another dangerously hot day 100 degrees what it is going to feel like in philadelphia 101 d.c., triple digits as well across parts of virginia, and
7:29 am
the carolinas. >> thank you. maria molina for us president clinton taking aim at fbi for receivering up quote a lowed of bull. >> more on battle over the clinton e-mails straight ahead. >> later mayhem milwaukee violence escalating for a second straight night following a deadly police involved shooting. the brand new video, showing the moment that sparked it all.
7:30 am
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sandra: welcome back. and sandersona. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. to the campaign trail another week. the latest sdf vi prepares to send it interviewed out to congress. former secretary of defense leon panetta telling americans to move on. >> it is important for them to acknowledge the mistakes that have been made and to then move on. but i would frankly hope that the candidates what i'll focus on the issues that are facing the american people as they face another term for president of the united states. that's really what the debate out to be all about. not about e-mails are some of the screwed up statement that trump has made.
7:33 am
sandra: will certainly discuss that. tragedy in louisiana. residents leads housing homeless. a harsh summer travel season has meant for the industry's bottom line. another successful launch for space facts. what it means to did future. have it your way. why burger king is betting big on the whopper readout. food for thought. the new breakfast appliance that helps prepare you for that day's forecast. turning to the index futures to a slightly higher that 38. s&p futures up for. a slightly higher note. the chairman dax have three tenths of 1%. in asia overnight the major averages next day japan's nikkei
7:34 am
is over after the gdp report ms. sassaman. there is those new reports this morning. the fbi ready to hand over official note from the question of how it could never use of a private e-mail servers to handle classified material. the husband took aim at the agency and its later at a campaign stop in las vegas. yours president bill clinton from friday evening. >> the fbi director said for congress he had to amend his statement to see if it never received any e-mails. they sought to little it knows what they see on it. this is the biggest load of bull i've ever heard. sandra: turning to look at the legal ramifications of the interrogation now says mercedes. good morning. first of all, when you make of
7:35 am
that, ?-que?-que stion-mark >> is that unbelievable? you lie to congress it's not a load of bull. bill clinton wants to sweep it under the route. sandra: is this just another female figure could this be more revealing than anything else? >> depending what she said during interrogation to the fbi, she could have contradicted yourself. we already know there were contradictions. it wasn't just one server. she claims these documents are classified. now, they were classified. >> frankly it's just been swept under the rug. when he was speaking about these charges, the way he was talking about these e-mails in what she said, the charges didn't come. >> leon panetta said we should all acknowledge what happens. she lied 14 months about what happened and she still lying.
7:36 am
bill clinton is lying. africa take that route can't acknowledge would have been. unfortunately, maybe you agree, the volume of the malice that the clintons have undertaken with the private e-mail server and trying to stress bernie sanders. it's so much that most people can't process it. >> there's definite overload. frankly, she's going for the highest office in the country. she has to be on asp issue has to be truthful in it somehow -- >> had we get people to pay attention to what happened here? how do we articulate clearly what she's done wrong and why she should be accountable for it. >> these are inconsistencies that i testified before congress. maybe now that there's going to be concrete proof of what she
7:37 am
said, the interrogation go back and they look at what a congress. dagen: it only goes as far as how about this no-space taking. we don't really know the quality and is very no spare to continue glad she's telling on the campaign trail is actually very telling. but it did lie to the fbi because we don't all well know that lying to the federal investigator is a crime. she is saying that i didn't lie to the fbi and that is consistent with what i've told the american people. but there's going to be a difference. >> i was and asked those questions. i was asked this question. there's lots of ways to get the whistle out. >> i plead the fifth.
7:38 am
i plead the fifth order i do not recall. i don't think anything will come not as the years. it's kind of ironic that this is the biggest load is ever had. the week before she actually testified or interfered. he said he just talked about grandkids on the tarmac. he ran across. >> so this comes out to one last question. is bill clinton helping or hurting his wife on the campaign trail? you wonder if the fbi is doing this because of the harsh words. >> that's a great point. he's got such a likability are still good 70% approval rating was still really like him. when he says things that reverberates. sandra: mercedes, thank you for joining us bright and early. coming up, crispy with a chance of showers. the smart toaster prints out the
7:39 am
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to the leading sensitivity toothpaste. i actually really li2 whitens. steps!. stepp it's the whole package. no one's done this. crest - healthy, beautiful smiles for life. sandra: police in milwaukee making multiple arrests after fatal police shooting. dagen mcdowell at the headlines. dagen: hey, sandra. the second night of violent protests. the unrest started after a police search of a a young black man on saturday. community leaders including tom
7:43 am
barron explaining what he saw from a police officer's body camera. >> that's still photo demonstrates without question if he had a gun in his hand. and i want our community to know that. >> something had to be done in milwaukee, wisconsin to address these issues. the black people of milwaukee are tired. they are tired of living under the suppression. this is their existence. this is their life. this is the life of their children. dagen: the officer involved in this case who is also black is day nine of town. at least six businesses were burned on saturday night. scott walker act debating the state's national guard, but he says the troops won't be deployed in milwaukee unless the city's police chief decides to do so. moving onto business news. a deal to buy jda software.
7:44 am
"the wall street journal" said the deal would value around $3 billion including debt. jd makes software that helps businesses manage supply chains. experts say the acquisition would boost honeywell shift into software. the deal expected to be announced as early as today. last sandra smith. elon musk successfully launching a falcon nine rocket early yesterday and brought the booster back to earth. the rocket launched a japanese telecommunications satellite into orbit from cape canaveral. the booster landed on a converted barge floating hundreds of miles offshore in the atlantic ocean to the cheers of space exhibitions. cheering how is the eighth launch for space at this year less than a month after the last one sent cargo to the international space station. this falls into the category of
7:45 am
what will they think of next. a new kick starter project launched last month. if the project is funded, you're right on your toast in the morning. kids would love this. here's how it works. put a slice of bread into your toaster. open your toaster right your toaster radar. choose a preferred graphic or draw your own good that toaster just the heat setting to imprint your design. sandra: just what i want, my kids played with a toaster. >> they are playing with their app. sandra: true, true peer dagen: the possibilities are endless. you can order it on kick starter for 85 bucks. sandra: pretty cool. 85 bucks. thank you. >> consistently happened over the last month.
7:46 am
sandra: who needs terrorists when you have this? where the treat treat for everybody on the side. burger king taken its latest creation nationwide. it is called the whopperito available at many locations. the text max twist was created by a burger king franchisee combining the same ingredients of a traditional whopper sandwich. listen closely. with a creamy sauce for placing the mayo and a flour tortilla replaces the ban. the miniskirt with a blend of spices to give it the authentic text max flavor. who's going to try it for us? i make it a point to never eat. kevin kelley well. >> no one screenshot this. trying to go for it. sandra: how does this smell, how does that look? >> is delicate and refined.
7:47 am
sandra: this thing is packed with me by the way. >> i do like this bias. sandra: i don't know if we are going to get kevin kelley back. by the way, 570 calories. protein 29 grams. >> stay healthy. healthy bones. sandra: he seems to enjoy it. moving on from terror attacks in europe to airline power outage. there's a lot going on. the latest string of events as travelers on edge during this peak vacation season. it is the middle of august. more concerns of summer travel straight ahead. ♪ e
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7:51 am
sandra: jfk back to normal operations after false reports of gunfire at two of its terminals. police left the scene. this is the latest in a string of events this summer but as travelers on edge. everything from terror to stab a threat in the travel industry. but is it that you are seeing? the terror impact on travel. i guess it's pretty big considering the number of attacks we've seen. >> i think summer, which is usually the peak travel time for
7:52 am
the world. a lot of issues happening. terror, zika, elections in general creating a lot of uncertainty in all parts of the world. trained to airline travel, hotel stays, was the biggest impact? >> this has been the biggest and transposed in the past five years in the airline industry. obviously hotels wherever the attack happens, a lot as well. >> power outages. southwest airlines last $54 billion in a power outage that happened july 21st. >> a very complex. this just happened with delta as well. these are systems that it in there for decades. >> is plundering the backdrop. >> that's the point. sandra: how much of an impact, including terrorist attacks,
7:53 am
also zika as well. are people not find are traveling to certain places because of these mosquitoes? >> yeah, the cruise industry has been hit pretty bad because the caribbean cruises are empty at this point. anybody trying to go there because of the olympics have been slightly better. after the olympics will be a big drop as well. sandra: you start to think about the enter time when everybody wants to go away from the curb on sandra: the caribbean. you wonder what we have yet to see as far as the zika impact. >> we already see in the u.s. as well that miami has a bunch of cases as well. miami come a big city with a huge amount of tourist dared his seen a drop. sandra: i wonder hotels are doing anything to reach out to potential customers. >> price drop is happening. the prices are low now.
7:54 am
but you go to u.k. are some of these other places, prices are low. >> overall come in the consumer in general, the american consumer, what you see as far as spending habits are concerned? >> the numbers came out last week about july retail sales. flat to down. service and travel is up about 9% which means people are spending more on services and experiences than goods. that is a secular change happening. sandra: we mention the southwest one that happened wasn in the do the ceo up apologizing for. what will this mean for people planning on traveling from now until labor day? you wonder is this going to happen to me when i decide to travel? >> who knows. the airlines have to finally figure out how to invest in the back end to make them a lot
7:55 am
better. sandra: sometimes you have a family to think about whether you will pack up the car or suitcase and go on an airplane, with all of this comic terror threats, power outages, so they come you wonder how many people say we are going to pack up the car and road trip. are you seeing more car trouble? >> piously oil is low. we are seeing the biggest summer for road travel than wasting a long time. sandra: very good. oil prices $44. a big change from triple digits for a while. still historically low. thank you very much for bringing that to us. next hour donald trump gearing up to deliver a major speech on national security. will he offers specifics? a lot of people want to know. we are breaking not down next.
7:56 am
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sandra: good morning. i'm senator smith. maria bartiromo has the morning off. top stories at 8:00 a.m.
7:59 am
eastern. things heating up in the campaign trail paid gop vice presidential nominee mike pence time mike pence time to shake off recent headlines for the trump campaign. >> i don't think it's getting old at all. donald trump made his later primary because he spoke not like your typical politician but they may like an everyday american. speaking plainly is that the american people anticipate. they are going to have a president who tells them what's on his mind in the american people would hear him loud and clear. >> milwaukee leaders urging for comment protests continue for a second straight night following a deadly police shooting. tragedy in louisiana. residents scrambling to get to safety as rising floodwaters leave thousands homeless. the situation gets worse there. outbreak in puerto rico. the spread of zika that has caused the u.s. to declare a case emergency. is apple looking to add twitter? the deal that could would
8:00 am
combine the tech giants on the gridiron. the race that ended up in another golden moment for track star hussein bolt. michael phelps came face already an i someone's permanent inspiration. coming up the picture of it. market futures pointed to a higher up in. stocks have kicked off slightly higher. you're looking at u.s. teachers now. tough issues that 39. s&p up for. stocks have kicked off the week on a high note as well. the ftse building on earlier games to a quarter of a percent. the dax in the dax and germany leading the way this morning. in asia overnight the major averages mixed. japan's eight k. after the country's latest gdp report missed estimate. here to make sense of all this morning if fox business now
8:01 am
works dagen mcdowell, kevin kelley and strategist harlan hill is here. you just finished the whopperito. how are you feeling? >> energetic. never felt better. dagen: i'm just thankful for the distance. >> the [speaking in native tongue] 's bid to 29 grams of protein. sandra: republican presidential nominee donald trump set to lay out his plans after trump strongly criticized president obama's middle east policy. click berman has the latest from washington. >> good morning to you as well. last week's economic address donald trump will roll out a speech this afternoon focusing on the iss. according to the associated press, what is being described as foreign-policy realism will be at the center of trump speech. he's expected to spend a
8:02 am
considerable amount of time linking president obama and hillary clinton to the rise of the terror group. vice presidential nominee mike pence defended his comments about the president as the cofounder. watch. >> he's making a point that needs to be made that there is no question that they failed policies of president barack obama and secretary of state hillary clinton in the wider middle east created a vacuum within iraq in which case this was able to arise. there's simply no question. >> 2:00 today trump is expected to propose stopping issuing visas that bad but screening cannot be performed. we will also talk about ideological test for entrance into the country to detect if those seeking entry and support american values. sandra: blake, thank you. click berman. joining us now with the foreign policy address the trump
8:03 am
campaign spokesman katrina pearson. >> good morning. sandra: what are you looking out of the speech today? >> mr. trump will give a detailed speech considering how this is one of the greatest is to our country and that is radical islamic terrorism. mr. trump will talk about how to destroy prices have not simply contain it. there's not going to be a regime change which is shown to have failed. sandra: what new specifics will he offer on how to destroy and defeat isis? >> that speech is coming at 2:00 today. that will put ideology as you're reporting just mentioned. he will talk about who we should be letting into the country and who we shouldn't. that is something that did not happen with regards to be says. it's going to be a great speech and one that all americans will appreciate. sandra: i want to ask want to s.b. for the fun about this
8:04 am
fundraiser that was held in the hamptons for trump over the weekend. the campaign raised $132 million in the last two. are you planning to keep the fundraising momentum and not more donors? what direction is that going in? >> absolutely. despite the media chaos, so many people in this country want a president that supports law and order and want a president i can get corruption of government. we have more donors by the day. pathetic great couple fundraising to make it ready to rent the mad. we are ready for the big debate and four november. sandra: trumps fundraising, will it be enough to match of the clintons war chest? >> it's really not about the war chest. it's about spending smart. that is what mr. trump has been able to preview them back to the primaries. mr. trump wanted against 16 other candidates with about $60 million.
8:05 am
dagen: katrina, really quickly, it is dagen mcdowell. that is the upside of donald chun continuing to complain about the media? "the wall street journal" pointed out the media was against ronald reagan. bush 41, bush 43. it's kind of the history of the mainstream liberal leaning media. i just don't understand how complaining about it helps whenever the people he needs to target, including some republicans. >> you are absolutely right. it is no secret that that may get definitely steer/. people agree it's above and beyond the top when it comes to mr. trump and his campaign. that is mr. trumps way of fighting back. the last two presidential cycles we had republican candidate they took a beating and mr. trump is it going to do that. therefore the voters what i want to fight back because they are tired of seeing left-wing reporters literally beat trump
8:06 am
supporters into submission supporting policies they don't agree with. it shuts them down. this is essentially mr. trump fighting back and making sure his side of the story gets out. >> katrina, harlan hill here. when donald was announcing his plan he debuted the people advising him on how to steer the economy going forward. is he going to do the same thing with his foreign policy speech in the team that led that's helped him craft this plan? >> absolutely. he will debut his team and not areas of government. he has some of the names on the foreign policy team and he will continue to add to that as well as the economic team is extremely important. he understand that helps voters understand who is surrounding him. that's determining decisions he makes in identifying the people is extremely helpful. absolutely he will continue to release people on his team.
8:07 am
i don't know what his plan is for during the speech, but some of those have already been released via foreign-policy advisers, whether or not the new foreign-policy advisers will be released today am not sure. train to the recent polling, anything worry you? clinton in florida, new hampshire, extending the lead as far as the entire electoral map is concerned. is there something you would point to it that the campaign is failing to do right now as to why you had the same momentum a little bit? >> i'm not really concerned about the polls yet again. i think it's really where you're going to start singing this began. as far as the polling, we've seen over the last two weeks but the nbc poll, the one you talk about, they have been waiting democrats in their polls were heavily. they did make them in the methodology.
8:08 am
even on the cnn poll they left out the complete voting demographic. we see some of the polling a little bit skewed, so were really not concerned about that. mr. trump is past the media right now. i'm not giving too much until after we get into the campaign postdebate. and then we'll go from there. we feel really strong about mr. trump's position. he is bringing tens of thousands of people at steer his message were hillary clinton can even fill a high school gym. >> one of the biggest messages he's had this election cycle has been on immigration what they're building a wall of that happy. is he going to outlive plants and give more clarity on immigration policies in his speech? >> absolutely. the wall is a dealbreaker. what you'll see as far as immigration goes as quickly geared towards the says. that's extremely important because we hear a lot about homegrown terrorists and from a second-generation radicalize
8:09 am
family. it's really important that we get people to understand why this is happening and how to prevent it from happening in the future. sandra: as far as the outline of the new immigration policy, is expected to talk about how the u.s. has stopped issuing visas in any case where it cannot perform adequate screening. looking at the latest tweets from donald trump talking about certain republicans who have lost to meet would rather save face by fighting me then see the u.s. supreme court a proper appointment. sad. how we started to your donald trump changes tone at all based on, believe it or not, you just said you don't think the polling is not important right now. we have heard him reference if he didn't win in things like that. what are we to make when he starts talking like that? >> i would just remind you that donald trump is not a career politician.
8:10 am
when he's asked a question, he simply answers like any other person would. if you ask them what happens if you don't win, he will say i'll go on vacation. there isn't a response for that. he's not a politician and that's where a lot of the confusion comes for those of us in the media are inside the beltway who are used to a candidate not saying things like that. donald trump is being honest. sandra: election observers in pennsylvania as he warned that voting might be. listen. >> i hope you people can sort of not just vote, go around and look and watch at their polling places and make sure that it's 100% fine. sandra: is this really something that will help trump's case? >> absolutely. several voters on both sides of the out, including independence for very concerned about election integrity and voter fraud and particularly in
8:11 am
philadelphia there was a report released by the city's commissioner office in 2012 that outlined several discrepancies that occurred in philadelphia for non-registered voters voting for more votes than there are voters in some districts and even illegal aliens voting this voter impersonation. those are very serious issues we need to be aware of. sandra: will be watching for that foreign-policy speech later today where trump is expected to say we can't choose our friends, we must always recognize their enemies. katrina pearson, thank you for joining us this morning. coming up, thousands of californians for soufflé. the effort to contain the blaze in northern california. first the nfl, now twitter guide for apple. details on the partnership in the works straight ahead.
8:12 am
you ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
sandra: two police officers have lost their lives in the line of duty. more on that story another headlines. good morning. dagen: 30 girl jesse haines a fugitive from ohio has charged in connection with the fatal
8:15 am
shooting of a cop in new mexico on friday. officer josé seanez was shot through the passenger window of his cruiser after a traffic stop. hans was with the 36 wrote james nelson also a. both men were wanted for a murder last month in ohio. authorities in georgia have arrested 23-year-old rashid deats accused of fatally shooting tinsmith saturday night while responding to a 9-1-1 call. officials say smith was killed when he got out of his patrol car to investigate a suspicious person in georgia about 130 miles southeast georgia. the u.s. government has declared a public health emergency in puerto rico because of the zika epidemic it grants them access emergency funds. it will allow the department to temporarily appoint personnel where needed.
8:16 am
the declaration came right after puerto rico reported almost two dozen new cases last week. that makes the total cases brings it to 10,690 since the first one reported last december. within 4000 people were evacuated yesterday from two northern northern california towns is a wildfire destroyed at least 10 homes. the fire broke out saturday afternoon and grew to nearly five square miles. one homeowner spread very quickly. >> everything was on fire. dagen: one building destroyed with a habitat where humanity office working to raise money to help rebuild homes destroyed by devastating wildfire a year ago. twitter is said toe in talks with apple to bring the path to act tv. if the two can reach an agreement, apple tv users could watch the streaming nfl game. twitter beat out rival to secure
8:17 am
the rights to lifestream if you nfl games on thursday nights this season. twitter agreed to pay the nfl $10 million to stream 10 games. last season niche there is a night game drew an average of 13 million viewers and twitter needs a slice of that. sandra: thank you. striking gold again. the blogger team that has the all-star gymnast spring to her third olympic medal. yeah, baby. the phelps face that rocks the internet is permanent fixture. a look at how one man is keeping the most decorated olympian for good. you have to see it to believe it. ♪ i don't want to live with
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♪ everything is awesome xfinity. the future of awesome. train to paris where it all went down last night. the olympic park in rio de janeiro were usain bolt set another record. jared max is awake this morning after staying up to watch that because it happened fairly late. he is unbelievable to see. >> you don't have to wait too long because it is over like that. he is still a 9640 times slower than a lightning bolt. if you started at the goal line, you think you could run two
8:22 am
together and in under 10 seconds? usain bolt can. the fastest man in the world. 100-meter dash. take a 9.81 seconds last night. showed off its work in the final 30 murders when he turned on his chat over american justin gatlin. three separate olympics. by the way, his recent speech last night 22.8 miles per hour. to get a ticket from school zones. say good monday morning to simone biles, the first american woman to win three gold medals in one olympics. gymnastics competition. the first american also to win gold. she would get a shot at tumor gold medals this week issue compete in the balance beam and floor exercise. united states women's beach volleyball team that did not.
8:23 am
yesterday they had been sent to the semi finals at their next opponent will be one of the brazilian tandems. dagen: the brazilians are more covered up in the american women are. go figure that. >> hello, it's not me. sandra: says no to the nfl. the nfl had reached out to the 10 time grammy and academy awards winner but hope she would follow in the footsteps of bruno mars, it katy perry, even tom petty. saturday night the concert in los angeles, adele told her fans this. >> i'm not doing the super bowl. i mean, come on.
8:24 am
[inaudible] >> the show is not about music and i can't dance. ella fitzgerald was super bowl six. trade do not about music? stand up there, sing a ballad. >> hard to follow katy perry's love shark. dagen: her point is most of these acts lip-synch. most of them lip-synch when they perform at the super bowl. she's too good for the super bowl. >> coldplay wasn't that great. dagen: coldplay is not great anywhere, anytime. >> it was the high school band. we've still, long way. sandra: let's get back to the olympics. >> brickey filed is a tattoo artist from ottawa, candidate with around 22 tattoos on his
8:25 am
latte and now this one. this is on his calf. that is the same as phelps face. sandra: why, why. >> you must to be inspired. is that bill belichick? sandra: i was going to try to do my best accent. i'll never forget the day you walked on the new york stock exchange and what pops in on a cell phone like i standing ovations. dagen: i've interviewed him and he has the personality of a flip-flop. i mean, you guys are used to. >> maybe he was shy. sandra: there's so much going on. the olympics was fine. dagen: the face that helps is making and not, that is what my
8:26 am
face looks like a rest. >> if that is on his lower calf, what does he have on his lower back? what is he doing with all these tattoos? it makes no sense. dagen: i do not criticize tattoos. tree into what is happening this morning? it must be monday. where's the video of the volleyball. we've got to get that. dagen: heidi talk about women's volleyball? sandra: i was talking about the quality of the game. >> bounce back from the tuscan the plate against switzerland -- switzerland. dagen: they've got more tape on them from leslie jones from snl. they have more tape than they
8:27 am
actually have bathing suits. those are amazing athletes right there. it was awesome to watch that. >> imagine having to be a guy. dagen: it's harder for you guys then the women. you all need to stop. it's anatomy. coming up, mayhem and milwaukee. breaking news as violence is escalating overnight following a deadly police involved shooting two nights prior. they look at the video sparking unrest. san francisco's roof that market could be hit in a bit of a speed bump. straight ahead, what companies are trying to do to sweeten the deal for renters. ♪
8:28 am
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>> welcome back, i'm sandra smith, it's monday, august 15th. your top stories at 8:30 a.m. eastern. things heating up in the race for the white house. donald trump set to deliver a major policy speech on his plans to fight islamic terror this afternoon. and as his opponent hillary clinton plans to hit the campaign trail, unrest in
8:31 am
milwaukee following a deadly police shooting for a second night. governor scott walker addressed the tense situation there. >> the bottom line, there are good, decent people who live not only in milwaukee, but this specific neighborhood and it's imperative we do all we can to keep them safe and part of keeping them safe means holding respect for law enforcement, allowing them to do their job. sandra: from the north to the south, tragedy hit louisiana. residents scrambling to get to safety as rising flood waters leaving thousands homeless. the chinese economy, what you need to know before your next big purchase. and google fiber no longer coming to a neighborhood near you. why alphabet is rethinking the heavily touted internet service. and why there are big perks to bring in residents. the market futures are pointing to a higher opening, dow
8:32 am
futures now up 47 points and s&p 4, nasdaq futures up 9. in europe, stocks there have been-- have kicked off the week on a slightly higher note. the ftse in london is now leading the way at 1/2 of a percent. the dax in germany up 4/10 of 1% and asia overnight the major averages there mixed. the latest gdp report missed estimates. mayhem in milwaukee, a second straight night of unrest after a deadly police shooting of a black man on saturday. fox's rich edson is there. >> the burned and destroyed gas station behind me is really the only remnant or sign that anything like rioting happened in this neighborhood. there were street cleaners clearing away the broken glass and stones and bricks on the street early this morning. and now you have a bustling residential neighborhood he
8:33 am
seemingly on the way to work. last night, more rioting, destruction, one police officers after being hit with a brick according to police was taken to the hospital. another man was shot, taken to the hospital according to police. this after the police shooting of a 23-year-old man on saturday. that's when the rioting started and several properties were burned and destroyed, including this gas station behind me. police are now investigating that shooting and they say both the shooter and the suspect are of the same race. >> normally i'd like to think that doesn't matter. i know it does and i also know that there's been a lot of work on social media trying to identify him so there are a number of people that want to do this officer harm. he happens to be african-american and he has several years of experience and is a very active officer and we are concerned for his safety. >> the police chief says he has reviewed the body camera video from that police officers and ys that the shooting was lawful.
8:34 am
the mayor says he viewed a photograph, a still of the moment that that shooting happened and he said that the suspect clearly had a gun in his hand. though there are protesters and demonstrators here who say they want to see that video. they want the police to release it to the public. police say there's still an ongoing investigation so that video is not public yet. meanwhile, the national guard is on stand by and they've not been called out yet, but here ready to go on the third day in case anything happens today. we'll be watching. sandra, back to you. >> all right, rich edson, thank you. sandra: let's bring in former homicide detective ap fox news contributor rod wheeler. thank you for being here this morning. >> good morning, sandra. sandra: as you heard the report from rich edson on the ground there, the unrest continues in the streets of milwaukee, it is a disaster scene. what do you make of the latest there. the tempers in that area and that community seems to remain inflamed and you still have a lot of people that have a lot of aggression towards their
8:35 am
local police department. now, when you look at the facts and circumstances, sandra, in terms of what happened on saturday, with that criminal suspect, now, we're not just talking a 23-year-old guy that was on his way home from bible study. we're talking a 23-year-old guy, the suspect, that had a record a mile long, criminal record a mile long and he was armed with a semi automatic handgun and did you hear this guy had more ammunition than police officers carry on the street. so this is the type of individual that that police officer was faced with on saturday evening when he told the guy to drop the weapon, the guyree -- guy refused to drop the weapon. the police officer did what he's trained to do, what i'm trained to do, he took that suspect down. no one wants anybody to be harmed, but in this particular case the officer had no choice, sandra. sandra: that officer, we're told has left town for his own safety and the police department there is backing up his move, saying it was within
8:36 am
the law. and meanwhile, wisconsin governor scott walker has put the national guard on standby in case of any repeat violence. do you expect that? >> you know, i really don't expect repeat violence. we look what happened last night, there were some pockets of uprising. the problem with that city and withaltimore and with ferguson, you have to look at the elected officials. in wisconsin, in the city of milwaukee, they've elected the same democrats over and over and over again and i don't like to make this political, but it is what it is. and until they have a change of leadership in that city, they're going to continue to endure this. isn't it ironic though when you look at milwaukee, when you look at baltimore, when you look at ferguson, it's all ran by these same old bastion democrats with the same ideas and the people in these communities, sandra, they are the ones suffering so it's time that we start looking at a variety of candidates and not be so fixated on just
8:37 am
democrats. dagen: i'm sorry, it's dagen mcdowell. was this an instance of riot first and ask questions later? the more we'll find out simply because there's an officer wearing a body camera, can we look at it like that? >> well, i think it was, because people started rioting about of they knew the facts and circumstances. they didn't know the race of the police officers and they were rioting. but then again, sandra, i have to say this, megan, we had a city aulderman there in that city that made the statement, he actually said that the city was going to burn down, continue to burn unless their demands are not met. now, this is a leader in that city. what do you expect out of the peoplehat live there. >> harlan hill here. looking at this case, i feel that people riot when they are not being heard or feel like they're not being heard. in dallas, he did amazing job
8:38 am
saying that they are heard and they should come and sign up for the police force. that was a remarkable moment. what can local law enforcement do to assure people we hear your concerns and make sure this case is heard? >> i can tell you, local law enforcement across the country are doing everything they possibly can and i don't say that because i'm in law enforcement, i say that because that's the truth. they're doing everything they can to reach out to communities and again, it's going to take a new wave of elected officials, people with new better ideas to assist the people in the communities. you talk about jobs, you talk about undereducation, you talk about lack of this, lack of that, we need new leadership and that's the answer to these issues, guys. >> thank you for joining us on this issue. >> thank you. sandra: coming up. google's high speed internet plans could be slowing down. details that have the parents company rethinking its fiber optics push.
8:39 am
and trump getting a helping hand for trade deals, how boosting chinese imports could give the candidate a boost. ♪ across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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8:42 am
>> welcome brack. back. futures pointing up to start the week. s&p futures up 4. we're looking at stocks on the move this morning, including some big name retailers set to report earnings this week, keeping an eye on home depot shares, expecting strong second quarter. the company is expect to benefit as consumers upgrade their homes and improve their homes, and waving --
8:43 am
watching rival lowe's, likely to reflect the same trend. and alphabet is said to be exploring options for the current usage of fiber optic tables has proven costly. republican candidate donald trump is vowing to bring jobs back to the u.s. and jeff flock has the details from chicago. good morning, jeff. >> this, sandra, may be one of the reasons that donald trump has gotten traction on the trade issue, not a lot of traction elsewhere, but that one he has. take a look at the numbers on chinese imports. a lot of people don't realize how much they have boomed. take a look at 1990. about 15 billion dollars worth of imports from china into the u.s. this year or last year, 483 billion dollars, amazing. it's in a lot of industries, but the furniture industry hard
8:44 am
hit. jobs in north carolina and the midwest not making furniture because in 2000 we imported 4 billion worth from china and now 20.4 billion dollars. this is why this has gotten trkz from donald trump. we went to a furniture retailer here outside of chicago, i guess it was about five years ago and they were touting their american-made lines which cost more. that's a company, baker rode furniture, now is out of business. donald trump says more of that will happen if hillary clinton gets elected because he charges that she really supports secretly the tpp. at least that's what he says, listen. >> her donors will make sure a vote for hillary clinton is a vote for tpp and it's also a vote for nafta. hillary clinton will never withdraw from tpp.
8:45 am
she has bought, controlled, and paid for by her donors and special interests 100%. she has been a disaster. obama has been a disaster. >> the wall street journal, sandra, took a look at the 100 most affected counties in the u.s. by losses, job losses as a result of chinese imports. they found that donald trump went 189 of those 100 most feafcted counties. and that's a message not getting out there, perhaps obscured by other stuff. sandra: you'll hear that from paul manafort, his campaign manager himself. jeff flock, thank you for bringing that to us. this is where donald trump is at his best and a lot of his supporters say, please, keep talking about this, put the messages up there, this is how he wins. >> i think he wins on the economy and handling isis and if you look at polling, that
8:46 am
holds true. that's been the case as long as he's won the republican nomination and he has mainstream appeal with that issue, too, he can appeal to bernie sanders supporters and independents with that, there are people that have seen their friends lose their jobs. dagen: she's not going to win on trade, i tell you why, she was for nafta, for favored nation status, to are china when she was first lady. and then when she was running for the presidency, and she talks about it in her memoir, when she was running for the nomination in 2008, she was against nafta. when she was secretary of state, she helped put together the trans-pacific partnership and called it the gold standard and talked favorably about it 45 times and now she's against it as of last year and she's running-- and i mean, she's pushing back against those mccauliffe comments, too, you heard that last week in her economic speech, but this is not her winning issue, it's trump's winning issue. >> i guarantee you, obama is going to try to ram rod this through in the lame duck
8:47 am
session, you know, after the election and before he gives up the white house, so, i still think tpp has a good chance of getting through and i think there are establishment republicans that support it, concerning. sandra: all right, coming up, one of the most expensive real estate markets could now be a renter's paradise. we take a look at the perks san francisco apartment buildings are offering to close the deal. ♪
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>> the san francisco real estate market known for high prices and skyrocketing rents, but new signs that the market may be softening. in june rents rose 5 1/2%, a slowdown from previous months as the market softens, luxury rental companies are offering incentives to representativers to sign long-term leases. these incentives include free on-site storage, okay? and free weekend bicycle sharing. joining us now, i'm sorry i sounded sarcastic because i was thinking whoop-dee! does it work? >> the tag line is six weeks free rent or one month free rent. they're doing what they can to get people to come into the luxurious buildings. sandra: i was thinking a swimming pool with sweeping
8:52 am
views not hey, we've got extra storage in the basement. [laughter] how would you characterize the real estate market there? what is happening? because we know san francisco as this uber expensive city to live in. >> well, it may be that manhattan takes the ranks again for being the most expensive place in the nation to live again. but here in san francisco, there's a lot going on on the ground floor. there's been an exodus of companies kind of leaving the city because it is so expensive for a lot of their employees, to portland or seattle, so, that's why we're seeing-- >> austin. >> yeah, austin as well. very, very important. so there's so much new inventory coming on-line with rentals, they have to find some way to incentivize it and get people to come through the doors. the buildings are amazing. like you said, they have the sweeping views and the bridge views and everything you could think of, but they're so expensive. sandra: okay, so rents. studio--
8:53 am
>> some of the numbers you're looking at. a year ago, rent in the month of june went up 16%. this summer, in the front of june, they went up just 5%. >> exactly. sandra: there's definitely a softening as far as the rentals are concerned. what do people ask for? what do people want in san francisco? >> the city is their playground, really. they're looking for something that's extremely convenient g, cafes, just going out, having some food, meeting friends, being with everyone after getting off work. a lot of people actually that live in the city are doing a reverse commute into silicon valley. either taking the cal-train or using vehicles to get down there so they want the city to be just-- they want to live outside, like outdoors. sandra: and this is clearly some of the buildings want to rent to some of the tech employees because some-- they're offering special discounts to renters who work at apple, facebook, yahoo!.
8:54 am
are you seeing a lot of that? >> exactly, yes. and i think the main reason why is when one of those employees that work at a top company like that get in there and they enjoy it and see it and live it, they're going to tell their friends and everyone else about it which is going to inspoo i remember more people to want to move into that building as well. it's a very good tactic to get a lot more people coming through the door. so, you know, year over year, you mentioned it just a moment ago, it's the best indicator for what's going on in the market. we are seeing a pretty drastic slowdown for what's going on and, you know, job growth has been slowing. the venture capital investments are less 25% this year and not seeing so much seed funding in the startups in the city. so what happens in the future is kind of up in the air right now. my crystal ball is broken right now. i'm interested to see what's going to happen as well as everybody else. >> is it typical?
8:55 am
right now, 399 freemont is $3550 for a 420 square foot studio. is that typical for san francisco? >> that is the truth for that specific building and that unit and apart from that, just like a standard one bedroom, let's be conservative and say it's about 600 square feet, you'd be paying about $3700 a month for that. now, you know, they say with rental affordability for someone being comfortable you're paying about 30% of your monthly wages and rent becoming a burden is when you're paying 50 percent or more. in san francisco a lot of people are rent burdened and there's areas like chinatown and tender loin and the mission, where the average amount of people who live in one unit is about six or seven people and the fire chiefs here in san francisco have mentioned that, you know, this is extremely unsafe for that many people living in one unit. >> fair point. >> it's something to where,
8:56 am
it's not affordable for a lot of people that live here in the city. sandra: all right, how are you doing? how is business for you? >> business is booming, baby, loving it. sandra: it sounds like it's working out in your favor. dagen: and you're the most positive real estate broker in the country. >> and people want to buy, of course he is doing well, rents going up. sandra: top 6%. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks, guys, have a good morning. sandra: final thoughts from our all-star panel after the break. ♪
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♪ >> all right. a lot coming up on the fox business network. i want your thoughts, your final thoughts as we wrap up three hours. what are you looking at? >> i'm looking at retail sales coming out and we touched base on home depot. the market is getting expensive and that's why you've seen some parts of europe actually come up and they perform very well because the market is a little expensive so investors need to be careful. sandra: all right. >> i'm watching trump and his foreign policy speech, it's key. dagen: it's not the speech, it's the follow through. if he stays on message in the days to come rather than saying
9:00 am
something that gets unwanted attention and proper respect for the excellent game. sandra: and fox news channel at noon i'll be there. i think that greg gutfeld is our guy. thank you for joining us this morning. it's time for "varney & company," i understand it's mr. ashley webster this morning. ashley: varney doesn't do mondays. [laughter] god bless everyone. stuart is back here tomorrow. riots in milwaukee for a second night in a row. the national guard on the scene, several businesses destroyed all over a police-involved shooting. the suspect, according to police, was pointing a loaded gun at them. the sheriff from milwaukee county will be joining us later in the program with the latest from milwaukee. to politics. donald trump calls himself the law and order candidate. will he pounce on the story in milwaukee.


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