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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 15, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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something that gets unwanted attention and proper respect for the excellent game. sandra: and fox news channel at noon i'll be there. i think that greg gutfeld is our guy. thank you for joining us this morning. it's time for "varney & company," i understand it's mr. ashley webster this morning. ashley: varney doesn't do mondays. [laughter] god bless everyone. stuart is back here tomorrow. riots in milwaukee for a second night in a row. the national guard on the scene, several businesses destroyed all over a police-involved shooting. the suspect, according to police, was pointing a loaded gun at them. the sheriff from milwaukee county will be joining us later in the program with the latest from milwaukee. to politics. donald trump calls himself the law and order candidate. will he pounce on the story in milwaukee.
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he has a foreign policy speech, can he stay on message? if he does, could he gain ground on hillary who has some potential liabilities ahead. congress about to get its hands on her fbi testimony. the dnc hack could reveal some damaging information, and her husband, the former president, is he a liability on the trail? well, to the markets, green arrows, what else, to start the week. the dow, s&p and nasdaq all in record territory. big day for your money and we are all over it. of course, "varney & company" about to begin. ♪ >> trying to insight chaos, threatening institutions we have, police are a government institution.
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we stand on the front lines of order and liberty. they want to attack order and liberty and after the chaos last night-- trying to incite chaos. that was milwaukee county sheriff david clark talking about the two nights of violence in the city of milwaukee. he will be joining us again next hour, but e-mack, what exactly happened to trigger all of this liz: so sylville smith had lengthy record, he's black, refused to drop a loaded gun that had 24 rounds in it according to the milwaukee sheriff. he was stopped at a traffic stop, told him to drop the gun, he didn't drop it. it was a semi automatic gun, the police are saying, the suspect, mr. smith, had gotten in a burglary. ashley: the gun was stolen is what they said liz: it was stolen. so he was ordered to drop the gun. he didn't, he turned and apparently was with the gun, the police fired--
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the cops who has six years of service, also black, shot him. so, sylville is 23 and the officer is-- >> and the officer had a body camera working and that video has been reviewed. >> that's a good point because the mayor is saying that the officer acted lawfully. but this sparked a number of nights of rioting and the national guard has been called in. ashley: tammy bruce is here, happy monday morning to you. what are your thoughts on this. >> that video is key, this is where the body cams matter. it's obvious he had a firearm, that's no question. this is a matter of self-defense secretaeffectively what we're seeing with the riots, no matter the situation, it's not about an unarmed murderer or horrible actions by the police, it's now become effectively accepted to be able to do this, that there have been benefits to rioting, to destroying a city. you get invited to the white house sometimes when you do this.
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i think it's a message where the culture is going. the fact that there has been no law and order. locals police departments go out every single day to defend the community and yet there's been a federal message, a national message, elevating this kind of activity, romanticizing it and this is what the american people-- presumption of guilt versus innocence when a black person is shot and killed. >> this is an example where none of that is at play. you have two african-americans, video of a problem, what police face every day and this has now turned into an excuse with no legitimate argument, when it comes to civil rights or anything else. this is what the problem is liz: and sylville smith, the 23-year-old fatally shot had an arrest record dating back to 2011 involving shootings, robbings, heroin, cocaine, possession. ashley: a long rap sheet. >> none resulted in charges, many of them were dismissed. >> but it tells you that it's
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the black community, the communities of color that are impacted by criminals like this that the police are trying to save effectively the inner cities. ashley: right. >> we're going to argue against this and have riots against the people trying to defend the community, yes. ashley: tammy, thank you. let's bring in trump campaign is yosurrogat surrogate, steve cortez. i think this plays into your candidates' law and order candidate. >> not that we look at coo destruction, that's die-- despicable. i think this is the most divided our society is. i think that plays into donald trump's hand because he's charting a new path. i think a couple of points are relevant for politics. one is that donald trump is a law and order candidate and going to have the backs of police officers, whatever their color, creed, their sex.
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he's going to stand behind our men and women in blue. they've been disrespected and put into dangerous situations and he's going to do everything he can to change that. the second thing, i'm not excusing the rioters by any means, they have no right to be violent. but their anger, why are they angry? they've had little share of the american dream, since the great recession, white incomes have been roughly unchanged and that's too bad, they should be rising, but black male incomes are down 9% since the end of the great recession, so that's a tragedy. there is a whole large swath of american society that's not participating in or participating in the american dream. the policies of big government and of dependency are simply not working for people of color. we need a different path. we need growth. ashley: we do, indeed. steve, stay right there. more for you, just a little while. from trump to the hillary
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e-mail scandal. now, bill clinton chiming in and taking aim at the fbi. take a listen. >> the fbi director said when he testified before congress he had to amend his previous day's statement since he had never received any e-mails marked classified. they saw two little notes with a c on it this is the big egest load of bull i've ever heard. ashley: biggest load of bull i've ever heard. tammy, congress about to see the testimony of hillary to the fbi, should bill be out there sounding off like this? >> i think the american people need to see what the team is going to be. he's from a different era. he clearly seems to be at sea. he's trying to defend her. getting her into the weeds and people aren't going to buy it. he clearly doesn't not sound well. he hasn't sounded well for quite some time and when it comes to congress seeing anything, you know, testimony or e-mails, i don't faith in
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congress to do anything, they have hearings, but nothing much happens. what we've seen from the federal government, nobody faces charges, nobody gets indicted, everybody goes off with their pensions and everyone is fine. it's more of a dog and pony show. ashley: let us not forget before that testimony there was bill clinton himself walking across the tarmac on an airport in phoenix and getting onto the plane of loretta lynn, the attorney general. >> that was just before the announcement. there's more of a consideration now that we've learned in fact that loretta lynch in fact did refuse to investigate the clinton foundation, and there's some question now what at that conversation was really about. did they not really think that comey was going to indict her and the messaging was how she was going to approach the foundation, which she has refused to investigate. but the fbi is now, this is may be what they may be upset about is going around loretta lynch through a u.s. attorney here in
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new york liz: couldn't bill clinton now that he's stepped in this, why the e-mail server in the basement of the home. >> you knew what was going on. that's your home, too. >> that's the team for you. ashley: well, let's get back to your money. stocks, record territory for the dow, s&p and nasdaq, take a look at that. looking higher. oil, by the way, could be another big story by the way, higher again on renewed hopes for a production freeze. the russians saying, yeah, we've been on the phone with the saudis. of course they'll say that because they're talking up the price of oil. and steve cortez with us, you're a money guy, you're an everything guy, i think. >> trying. ashley: listen, stocks, we hear, from some of our experts onset and through the last, certainly, month or so, believe that the market may be a little toppy, a little top heavy. nowhere else to go, but up though, right? >> right, well, it seems the
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path of least resistance right now is still higher. i think the main reason for that is market participants are increasingly confident the fed is not going to raise rates in september. they've got enough weak data, weak gdp reports, bad retail sales, that it will allow them to take a pass on hiking rates. so i think that's mostly what the rally is about, rather than an accelerating economy. from my perch, i have to say the chasm between the stock market making all-time highs pre market and the real economy, which is very, very sluggish and languishing along, to me the divide is too wide. i can't buy that the market. ashley: i understand that. but are we creating a bubble thanks to the fed if this isn't based on fundamentals? >> we could very well be. one thing that the federal reserve has shown it's good at is creating bubbles, whether it was in 2000 or right before the great recession and it very well could be again now. i don't think we're in bubble territory, i will say right now.
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the main reason there's not the leverage that we saw in the housing crisis or the tech bubble around 2000. i don't think we're in bubble territory, no, i don't see an imminent crash, but at the same time do i think the levels are sustainable or higher prices back in? unfortunately, no, i have to be cautious here. ashley: cautious, probably not a bad thing to be when you're talking about the market. steve, stay here, once you're in you're not getting out, believe me. sad video from louisiana, major flooding after a huge storm brought up to ten inches of rain to some parts of the gulf coast, southern louisiana, baton rouge again, 20 people had to be rescued. some or roofs and four people killed and some places 24 inches of rain. back to politics, donald trump making a big foreign policy speech today laying out his plans to fight islamic terror. ambassador john boulton, the maen who may be trump's pick for secretary of state. he'll come up on that.
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and apple, tim cook, says they'll have millions parked overseas until there's a fair tax rate at home. he sounds republican, doesn't he. more on the riots in milwaukee, businesses destroyed. our next guest says that black lives matter is costing african-americans a chance at good jobs.
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>> let's take a look at oil for you. this could be a story of the day. russia saying, oh, yeah, we're talking with the saudis about production caps and that's pushing oil up, 45 a barrel and down a percent and a quarter. amazon near an all-time high. we'll get a lot of news from bricks and mortar retailers this week and if it's not good news for them, of course, it's good news for amazon, who will open up slightly lower when we get going in 15 minutes. google near an all-time high even though it's having problems getting its fiber optic cable up and running and
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they're ditching those plans and looking a the wireless instead. more on that story coming you. the riots in milwaukee started with a police-involved shooting, the suspect allegedly pointing a loaded gun at them and refusing to drop it. joining us now kevin jackson, a fox news contributor. kevin, those facts were apparently ignored when it comes to the protesters? >> yeah, they always are ignored and you know, once the story broke, everybody knew immediately that it was a black person shot by a police officer. the sad part about it was nobody seemed to-- and we've come to this point in the country where nobody seems to care that the guy was a criminal and essentially aimed his weapon at a police officer and got himself shot. that's no longer the narrative. ashley: well, and the suspect's sister coming out in front of the media saying it's terrible. he should have been tased. >> well, i will tell you most people i know would not want to play--
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take a taser to a gun fight, but here again, the narrative is that we shouldn't be addressing criminality in the black community, we should be looking at ways to, you know, to appease the criminals. the fact of the matter is, these police officers put their lives on the line and it's not their responsibility, you know, to try to mitigate a situation like that when their lives are on the line. they want to go home to their families as well. we've come to this point in america where people are justifying this type of thing and it's unfortunate because it's not just -- this is not just a societal problem. this problem permeates itself into every aspect of what we are and one of the things i talked to the producer about was this was also a business problem. when you take a problem like this and i allow it to combroe -- grow and not put the became on the perpetrators or try to make the police officers the victims. you'll do the same thing with corporations. everybody in america is held hostage in a situation like
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this when you can't recognize right as right and wrong as wrong. that's essentially what's happening here. ashley: so you say, the black lives matter, the movement, is bad for african-american jobs because of that, right? >> absolutely. it's horrible because of that. i was-- when ferguson erupted a few years back and i was talking to a young black guy and he said to me, kevin, i can't get a job and i'm frustrated by all of this and his contention was, the problems in ferguson were-- i mean, that was the reason for the problems in ferguson and i said you've got it backwards. the reason you don't have a job is because of what happened in ferguson. companies build risk portfolios based on the least disruptive to them doing their jobs. imagine if you had black employees and every time something like this comes up, as opposed to having a reasonable measured response to it, you're concerned that there's going to be an eruption within your company.
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no, no hr person is going to say that, there's no board of directors that would approve anything that would say, don't hire blacks, there are rules against that. don't think it's not factored into the risk factor of the company if somebody gets an e-mail that quote might be offensive and we might have a lawsuit and somebody might hear a conversation erroneous and and suddenly you're in a lawsuit. and corporations look at this and they say, look, this situation is happening with the police officers where the false narrative of criminality trumping the police doing their jobs is potentially could happen to us. look at all of the different leftist issues that occur when, for example, i believe target donated money to some sort of a pro marriage group or something, and the outcry is so loud that they essentially adjust corporate policy.
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these are the things that are affecting why blacks are unemployed in mass numbers. in the 1950's blacks were overemployed because we were the best employees and we went to work and we did our jobs and we didn't care. and had we continued in that vein, we'd have an exorbitant number of fortune 500 leaders being black leaders, black ceo's and black executives. but because of those, the mentality that is now pervasive, unfortunately, we're underemployed, very much underemployed. ashley: all right, kevin jackson, very well put. we appreciate your time. thank you. >> my pleasure. ashley: all right, let's check the dow futures for you. market set to open up in a little. 47 points, new records could be set, what's new? another exciting night at the olympics, the fastest man on earth and the gymnast, simone
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biles. and swimmers robbed at gun point in rio. we'll tell you how it went down next. you both have a
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our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> to the olympics. the star athletes continuing their dominance. gymnast simone biles became the
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first american woman to win three gold medals at the same olympics with the vault. >> and usain bolt, he pulled away and going across and smiling. the greatest sprinter ever, he's the favorite to win the 200 meter race on tuesday. another story from rio. ryan lochte and three other u.s. swimmers were robbed at gun point while out in ray io. one reportedly put a gun to his forehead. >> the fact that we've allowed a goad medallist to be out there. can you imagine if these guys had been kidnapped by terrorists. ashley: which isn't out of the question. >> kidnapping, murder, drug running and we've allowed them to do that is kind of heartbreaking. >> the thing is, the cabdriver
9:26 am
may have been in on it. ashley: all right. moments away from the market open, let's get back to your money. check the futures one last time. dow, s&p and nasdaq could be starting in the green and record territory again and just look at your 401(k). we're back with the opening bell next.
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>> opening bell ringing 12 seconds from now. we're the only game in town. where else can you find. oily big story today. reagan's america does well. we're off to the races. features up about 40 points. already at 16, down 30 yes you can see the bucs have filled in. there we go. can i hear 30. no. here's the s&p 500, close to a record as well. but nearly three points at 2187. a look at the tech heavy nasdaq at nearly nine points. 5241. the price of oil. and russian energy minister telling people been on the road secretly, perhaps not so
9:31 am
secretly. 1.5% of 4516. now some individuals taxed the big tech names near all-time highs could relate to keep track of it. amazon down slightly down 68. google on the upside just barely at 807. meanwhile, a look at stewart's favorite facebook gotten a little bit down 22 cents at 124. microsoft on the way up a lot beloved friends. here is apple up slightly. ceo to are not happy about the u.s. corporate tax rate. added just a minute here joining us, let's make him a common. shellady, stuart bruce. stocks just want to go up enough. keith fitzgerald, to you first.
9:32 am
>> central bankers have made it clear that's one thing they want to have happen. because they've gone up they can come down. but that's carefully to capitalize on the chaos. >> all-time highs for the nasdaq and s&p. one minute and 55 seconds. another record for scott. is this a bubble? >> well, i don't know if it's quite a bubble appeared approaching territory where we buy stocks for a lot of the wrong reasons. we'll probably go higher because of what the other basal doing. you'll also notice when we do get oldish news, it seems like we run out of options as we get higher. a couple hundred points only doing 30 to 40-point. liz: you're making a good point. the three major indices in fair territory. a lot of talk right now that
9:33 am
investors over the past year. stuart: if you haven't jumped on this rally and you kick yourself every day, is it too late to jump in. >> i don't want to sound like a ground on monday morning, we are alread anrer ti highs. typically an earnings recession leads to an actual recession in the underlying economy. buying at these prices is too aggressive. ashley: you missed the train. a production freeze if you believe it. russia talked in the saudi arabia. are you buying it, scott? >> you will be good for the
9:34 am
market in the short term. we can't stop talking about the supply issue number one. number two i don't see any economies around the globe as far as doing well. we can get a little bit of a bump out of it. it's a supply issue that not going away. we can see his son 35. we are in that range. ashley: still some in-stat. >> when i saw the oil go down the issue with iran and the last money i ran hands. now that they've had their $1.6 billion with $400 million, as they still are fighting iran in yemen through the who the rebels come in there has to be extent that iran is getting money, saudi arabia has to make extra money as well. that could be a reason why they would maybe increase a little
9:35 am
bit. you've got to consider the geopolitical framework. the war with iran and its proxy war in russia's support for iran. ashley: do you believe anything opec says? >> i don't think philly. now philly. now that we are saudi america, becoming less and less relevant to the world and it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys. thankfully the group of gangsters and rarely agree on much of anything that's a good thing and ultimately because the u.s. is going to become an energy exporter it won't matter very much to our children's future thank goodness. ashley: november -- >> november will accept that. stuart: let's check the big word. i've been told to move it along. alibaba could give amazon's cloud business they run for money down the road. alibaba paid 9869.
9:36 am
$3 billion steel makes software to manage supply chains. honeywell unchanged. investors say okay. cisco the food distributor. stocks opening at a new high. lori rothman at the stock exchange to tell us exactly why. >> lifetime high here was not the tech company. this company delivered food to hospitals. many view it as a broader economic weather. fourth-quarter profits, fiscal 2016 as well. a fantastic report. overall volumes rose 2% citing a slowdown as we've been watching in the restaurant sector as the company was successful in its cost-cutting measures. this is adding to the bigger bullish sentiment across wall street this morning. ashley: very good read thank you very much.
9:37 am
tim cook says he won't be bringing back cash from overseas anytime soon without a fair tax rate. all the details. liz: apple is paying 40%. we are not ringing back our 200 yen majority of which is overseas until there's a race. it doesn't go the more you pay the more patriotic you are. tim cook has yet to weigh in on government spending. the argument about a tax holiday, even steve jobs to talk about it when he was alive. silicon valley would like it. they would say yes. we are overtaxed. highest in the developed world. ashley: dialogue is unpatriotic. they have 200 bucks and two chairs. >> here's the thing. if they had 200 you've got to hit the money overseas. reality of the situation as they do exactly what congress put in
9:38 am
place for direct investment banks, tax incentives. hundreds of billions of dollars in cenobites and people like apple. so i think tim cook is right on this one. ashley: scott shellady, you sound like a republican destiny? >> almost. congress has counted that money come in over a tight tax rates and put in the books already. they don't want to let that money come in because it will really hurt their books. that's another thing i've been hearing about. >> umass lowell leader in the magic uniform. >> ugly the magic uniform. big-name retailers supporting profits this week. target, wal-mart, gap, you name it. are you bullish on any retailer in particular? >> no, i will say away from a sector because i don't like it. i think the data is being highly manipulated.
9:39 am
i'm not sure how but i would rather stay with companies like amazon or google because those are the tech laced that tower the retail guys. >> good point. last quarter we were talking about a retail down and the latest reading. you buy all that, steve? >> i worried about consumer as well. july retail sales are quite weak. two months and are a very disappointing august sales. the data increasingly points to a consumer that is weakening. in addition to that you have the amazon effect that impacts so many retailers. but i'm also very anxious to see >> one of the reasons they don't have any money is perhaps more sticker shock from obamacare. now we are in year four. 49 states ranging from price hikes on insurance.
9:40 am
18% to 23% in the exchanges. this is a great shot. we see as the middle class and funds are dwindling for a flat landing, people are feeling it. they wait until they have a severe injury to go in, buy insurance and dump it. a quarter of u.s. counties next year will have one insurer serving them. that's a monopoly. that's an obamacare created a monopoly. >> at this point, people react to just notice is that their insurance is go up 23% effectively when the assessment would go up 8% to 10%. as americans are anticipating, they then withdraw. nothing happening will change that. it's going to get worse and worse. ashley: it feels like a money we save on cheaper gas go straight to these premiums for obamacare. >> 100%. there's been a lot of collateral damage. i'm going to be interested to hear how they asked lane this
9:41 am
one away. it's just common sense to me. they've created a monopoly and they will only raise prices. let's see how they could turn this into something that the private sector stalled. >> i was to member nancy pelosi. affordable, affordable, not affordable. running that later. tammy, scott, keith, thank you for being here this sunday morning. a look at the big word for you. 70 points on the dow. ho hum. we should spend the next recording the record highs. let's move on. two nights of rioting in milwaukee after police officer shot and killed a black man. cops say he was pointing a loaded gun. the milwaukee county sheriff is coming up in the next hour. we will talk to him. donald trump laid on his foreign
9:42 am
policy. ambassador john bolton. what does he want to hear from trump today? ♪
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ashley: let's take a look at the dow for you. lifetime high with the nasdaq and s&p 500. what else is new? the.74 points. oil up nicely today.
9:46 am
that's a big reason. american naval race to buy from deutsche bank. the stock as a result hitting a 52 week high of 1920. donald trump will be outlining his foreign policy leader graham young's town, ohio. we have some of those details. >> reach out to muslim reformers. a problem with terrorists, not muslims. essentially since 2013 there's been more than 26,000 isis related deaths. he's basically also going to say we need a policy of destroying, not containing isis because the obama approach has failed in hillary clinton's approach would fail, too. isis targets women,, nonbelievers. we need to restrict visas for citizens coming from countries where they come to perform accurate screening. possible test of how people want to come into the united states to consider american values and
9:47 am
the constitution bill of rights. coming out. >> ambassador john holton is here by the way. let's pose a not so far-fetched hypothetical for you. if you were mr. trump secretary of state, what would you like to hear from him today? >> i think i would like to see a copy of the speech occurs, which i haven't. lives knows more about it than i do. i think it is important that trump layout the fact that we are in a war with the terrorists that this radical islamic jihad is and isn't ideology, that opposes the fundamental western civilization as we know it and that any effect his strategy against the ideology has to be comprehensive, not a clutch raises the obama policy over the
9:48 am
last eight years worked to my knowledge characterizes hillary clinton who have stuck this close to obama on the terrorism issue as she could. if they can layout by understanding this is an ideological threat and therefore require a global solution, a global approach to the problem would go a long way towards getting the debate under way. ashley: mr. ambassador, can he stay on message? he has a message, but he kind of closet over by going off on a tangent. can he do it? >> i don't see why not. anyone who's a successful businessman has been able to pursue a train of thought from a-z and come to successful conclusion if he were to do that in the campaign against the weak, and trusted dishonest candidate like hillary clinton he can win this election. train to the problem as president obama founded cases. hillary clinton was the cofounder.
9:49 am
sometimes the details get lost. as that's something he needs to be wary of? >> i think any would be president, they have to understand that his or her words are going to be parsed very carefully and you have to be precise, especially national security. under the rubric, the press, the media, and the opposition are focused on one word rather than a central point which is an obamaisastrous mistake in pulling americance fors out of iraq in 2007 was a fundamental gift and those serious and iraq. failed policy has caused that in many other problems caused the region emblematic of a declining american influence. trained to do at that point he was making but it got taken to
9:50 am
another level. massacre bolton, thank you for joining us on this day. >> glad to be with you. ashley: that's agreeing on the board today. only four stocks in the rad and bow in the been the way my if my eyes don't deceive me followed a home depot. outvote going along very nicely indeed. hillary clinton detailing her economic plan right at the center. free college for families making less than $125,000 a year sounds great. here's the question. who is paying for it all? more "varney" after this. ♪
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> taking a look at oil. oil at 2% on renewed hopes for a production freeze. true or not it's enough to push the markets higher and in turn chesapeake and transocean leading the s&p 500 getting a nice pop from the rising oil prices. hillary clinton detailing her economic plan, including free college for families making less than 125,000 per year. sounds wonderful. brian bremner, the business advisory joining us now. sounds great, doesn't it? who pays for this and how much
9:55 am
is it going to cost? >> clinton's original plan was slated to cost $350 billion for 10 years. her new plan is probably north of 500 billion over 10 years. that's a problem because she's also talking about infrastructure spending of $275 billion. she says she wants to tax the rich to pay for this, but at some point they say were not going to pay for this. we're going to opt-out, quit investing. we will change the way we are working. you can always go to the well so often. it looks like she's going to boston. ashley: should people have the right to free higher education? education is an important opportunity. you've got to have the chance to do it if it's right for you. pushing everyone into higher education the way this plan does. her speech a week ago she talked about the importance of on-the-job training and apprenticeships. she's right about that.
9:56 am
the problem is her plan undercuts that because this gives people a huge incentive to go to college in large part. >> how do we get to the point where so many students have so much student debt. who's to blame for that? the colleges that are pushing people into something? >> everybody has a role to play in ms. spears didn't have to think hard about what they want to do in the future. parents do the same thing. colleges have to be held accountable. right now i would do a shovel money at colleges and educate all these students. and we are not getting the results. >> but then they get out and can't find a job. >> i don't blame them. education is an investment. you are owed nothing. we have to treat it like an investment, not like an entitlement. we are going entirely the wrong direction. >> a lot of talk about why don't we forget the student data. a massive weight around
9:57 am
everyone's neck. that's just forget it all. >> there's a good investment lesson. now you have no consequences. if you want people to run businesses they have are learning what it means to make investment deal. it's entirely the wrong direction. >> learned a lesson from the professor. do it 10:00, trouble for hillary. congress will soon have details of the fbi's interview with hillary clinton this week. plus more on the rights of milwaukee. two nights of violence after not circular cement allegedly pointing a loaded gun at the lockheed sheriff david clarke joins us in for more "varney" two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> wakeup, california and take your 401(k). all starting to leak at all-time highs. it just goes up in.
10:00 am
ashley webster in today for stuart. much more coming up in just a few seconds. two nights of riots in milwaukee after police shoot them in who according to police pointed a loaded gun and refusing to drop it. businesses burned to the ground. at least one person shot in the second protest. the national guard has been activated. in just a few minutes, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke will be joining us with his first tv interview since the riots broke out. his perspective of what's going on in milwaukee. donald trump delivering a foreign policy speech today. defeat isis, extinguish radical islam and suspend immigration from terror hotspot. hour two of "varney" starts right now. ♪ ashley: let's begin with your money.
10:01 am
the doubt macy's 70 points at 18649. the record territory from the same story with the s&p 500 becoming ho-hum. s&p 2189. nasdaq up 5254 and 21 points. big stories oil topping out the markets. renewed hopes of a production freeze. only a lot about 45 bucks a barrel. another green arrow. >> 1999. about half of the s&p 500 has been an correction territory over the past year. fed fund futures market just 45%. that's a downgrade. what is happening here is the retail numbers coming in. some weakness there. you probably won't be a raid type before the november election. maybe not one in december. ashley: oil going up in the
10:02 am
markets. >> 2017 may not be such a great year. already we see oil prices trading up by next year. ashley: thank you very much. back to the story. back to the riots in milwaukee. what is the latest today? >> good morning, ashley. this is a calm, residential neighborhood was little indication that much when on last evening. however, today they are just finishing cleaning up from the rioting that transpired last evening where protesters and rioters clashed with the least officers. one officer was taken to the hospital. another man was shot. police say he was taking in an armored vehicle appeared police took him to the hospital after he was shot. this is after they were car fires and more destruction in the neighborhood last evening. authorities on guard for this evening and governor scott walker is urging protesters to
10:03 am
remain peaceful. >> the bottom line is there are good come at decent people who live in a specific neighborhood and it's imperative we do all we can to keep them safe. part of keeping them safe means holding respect for the enforcement and allowing them to do their job. there is legitimate process by which to do that and we need to do more of that. doing what happened last night doesn't do any good. >> police officials and city officials describing video from the body camera worn by the officer who shot the suspect. essentially what the video shows is the man was clearly holding a gun when he was shot, a handgun. city officials say that means the police officer acted within bounds. police are not releasing the video of demonstrators are demanding that he got to you, ashley. ashley: thank you for the latest on earth milwaukee. just a few minutes from now,
10:04 am
david clarke will be joining "varney & company." his first tv interview of the day right here on this very program. we will talk to sheriff clark. donald trump says he wants to lower taxes but the message doesn't seem to be getting through. joining us now, trump senior economic advisor, steve cork. you are one of the six steeds? >> i am indeed. well said. i am indeed. ashley: normally tax cuts is a big part of mr. trump's pinch if you like. maybe money put back in the pockets of businesses, corporations and so on posting that the economy. we are not getting that in the media. why is that? >> there's a lot of distractions. when you look at the effects of increasing jobs, helping grow the overall economy, get more people back to work, you will see things that violence in milwaukee go away when people
10:05 am
don't have any jobs, don't have anything to do. when you combine that with youth and lack of education, you'll get violence. we need to implement these new plans, get entrepreneurialism, reignited in america. get more jobs, more money back in the hands of people who want to grow businesses and address the problem. ashley: all of that makes perfect sense to me. unfortunately donald trump makes comments about the second amendment, isis and all back its is it restrain india questioned her >> imagine just for a minute if everything you said 24/7, 365 was analyzed and parsed and regurgitated in a manner that is just beyond human comprehension. ashley: that comes with the territory. >> it may indeed. but don't get away from the key issues. let's get focused back on the issues. what i mean straight guys like
10:06 am
me doing and how are we going to take those policies that mr. trump is talking about and get people back to work on the son of a schoolteacher. my father was sales. i'm a self-made guy. i started my business to $60,000 that i put on a credit card and there are hundreds of thousands of other people don't want to to do the same thing. we've got to put the money back in their pockets, not given to the government in hopes they will parse it out to us. let's get focused on the issues at hand. the important ideas advanced by mr. trump so we can get into work and get america back to work. ashley: is that it's your thoughts. the markets right now and again hitting highs across the board. the dow, s&p and not die. is this for real or is this all created by the fed? >> i think it is for real. people are in a search for yield. you want to see markets and businesses grow, look what happens when we start giving
10:07 am
those companies their own money and less taxes and jobs they are creating. i think it could go higher. ashley: we will be that there are not be no. appreciate it. meanwhile, the asian american journalists association was done here in bill clinton but he wouldn't take the hint. watch this. ♪ >> yeah, go ahead. ♪ >> you've got other speakers. they want me to quit. ♪ i can't hear you. let me answer him real quick and then i'll go. they want me to go. ashley: the black eyed peas played in the background trying to serenade him off this page. bill clinton said i'm not going anywhere. you can't wrap me up. joining me now, sasha burns. thank you so much for being
10:08 am
here. first off, kind of a funny moment. he wasn't going to move. fair enough. they went on to say in answer to the final question that the whole scandal over the hillary e-mails and the server, her home server and all the classified materials is a bunch of bull. does that hurt hillary? is bill becoming a liability? >> no. here are two things about bill. he started in the most important thing you can do to the campaign. he convinced trump to run. he convinced trump to run. he talked to him on the phone before he started to run. ashley: heat that it be going up his life and that hillary could beat him. >> so far it's working. ill talks too much. it's original material. ashley: do you think hillary bill at some point after that
10:09 am
took him aside and said appreciated. you're a liability. don't forget he's the one that got out on the tarmac in phoenix, got onto the red alleges plan, surprised everyone from the secret service thinking it is bill clinton, what do we do? that was really bad timing given the investigation into hillary's e-mail and quite possibly into the clinton foundation. again, liability. >> speaking of conspiracy theories, it turned out pretty well. ashley: you pointed out she is very suspect judgment and the fbi of a data plan for indictment. but at the very end refuse to pull the trigger. i would say this is why. those job right now is to appeal to the base. for the rest of the people, it is old news. authority have been. people already think all
10:10 am
liars. ashley: they certainly do in hillary's place. >> they are choosing to pick the liar he is not of an attack. >> with all the dnc worried about another clinton foundation which could, we are led to believe, be quite devastating. the hack denouncing what they are showing. debbie wasserman schultz, her position running the dnc. are you worried that if something like in the near future prior to the election? >> i certainly don't like it. nobody likes a surprise. actually, it all goes back to shroud. at this point trying to lose the election you have issues for it being talked about. all the segments about that the media is unfair. if you blab your mouth every minute to the media, it's not
10:11 am
like he doesn't talk to them all the time. it is the words he's using. ashley: that's true. she just had a press conference for the first time in 240 a days. bella.trump? >> if he accused ted cruz father, how can you accuse the media of being unfair? ashley: we will leave it there. thanks so much. moving on, angela merkel has a plan to fix the migrant crisis could she wants big business is to hire refugees. remeer, 1 million migrants flooded into germany just last year. the dnc more worried about another clinton foundation e-mailed me. this is congress will finally get to hear the fbi testimony this week. up next, violent protesters and businesses, rights and david clark up next.
10:12 am
>> trying to incite chaos, threat and to shame. we stand on the front lines. we want to attack liberty and the chaos you saw last night. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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ashley: let's keep an eye on the big board as we continue to dabble in record territory again. the dow up at 646 up 70 points at this hour. let's move on. we will keep an eye on oil, too. after spending hundreds of millions of dollars laying down cables, google's high speed web plan kind of hit a snag in the road i guess. what's going on? liz: every other challenges faced in the last 24 years, the last mile into consumer homes.
10:16 am
google was laying down fiber-optic cable and not suspending them in cities like san jose, california because it's really expensive. local towns, utilities. google is now saved we are going to go cheaper and do wi-fi, wireless and get people on the internet. >> plus it doesn't take a good roads and dams. >> the negotiations of cities and towns in utilities. >> the next big thing. >> other companies have tried to do what google is tryi to do and they've also hit roadblocks. the province to his local town and city officials. they will just be had. after the police shooting of a black man, a second night of tenants rights in milwaukee last night. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke is with us. i know this has been a very tough to her three days.
10:17 am
we appreciate you taking time to talk to us. how did this happen? talk us through what happened. >> well, first of all, the social order in milwaukee totally collapsed on saturday night. when the social order collapse, tribal behavior takes over. when tribal behavior takes over, the law of the jungle replaces the rule of law and that's why you end up with what you saw last night. not good enough for me. i won't be satisfied until these creeps crawl back into their holes so the good law abiding people can return to at least a calm quality of life. ashley: sheriff, we understand the video recorded on the officer's body camera quite clearly shows that have been. is that rate? >> i haven't seen the video, but i did talk to the mayor yesterday and he said he saw the video and it's clear that the
10:18 am
suspect that the officer confronted was armed with a firearm. i noce people are leaving that out when they say police shot a man. they shot an armed individual this time. it doesn't give the cop haters the high ground on this thing. that is not what causes right anyway. what causes riots or failed urban policies in these ghettos like milwaukee. milwaukee has inescapable poverty, like the sixth poorest city in america. they have failing public schools. the k-12 public school system is only two school systems worse, cleveland and detroit. massive black unemployment. the black unemployment rate is 32%. you have dysfunctional families, questionable lifestyle choices. those are the ingredients for a riot. a police shooting comes along and just acts as an igniter to an already volatile situation.
10:19 am
between friday night and saturday, four people were murdered in ninth after a shooting in the same creeps didn't hear a peep, but all of a sudden it fun for us than officer is confronted by an armed individual and the people exploit these things. this is just a situation of opportunity for people to steal, to loot and rabble rouse. ashley: is interesting while realistic about stuff that's going on, i do know their are people that came out chanting for peace carrying trash bags with brooms and shovels. they wanted to clean up. they must be a sick of this as you are in line for men. >> those are the folks i'm talking about. the overwhelming majority willing to pitch in. they feel helpless at a time like this because like i said this tribal behavior takes over
10:20 am
and then you have this ip vote in this chaos. i am from the city, been here my whole life. they might be poor. they may be uneducated, undereducated. they might be unemployed if they are good law abiding people and they need help but they are not getting that from this democrat liberal class of politicians who have reigned over this thing for decades. like i said, the economic state of milwaukee was the mike this when i was growing up as a kid. plenty of opportunities, schools were good. this happened over time under their watch. now in milwaukee we have a growing underclass and what you saw this weekend with those underclass behavior is on display. >> sheriff, we hope things are a lot quieter and call her tonight. we thank you for taking the time not on what is a difficult time to speak with us. we wish you the best of luck. thank you very much.
10:21 am
>> my pleasure. ashley: sheriff clark right on point and very forceful with this point. china is cheating when it comes to trade. up next a business that had to close its doors because of cheap chinese goods. >> what china has done to our country is the biggest factor in the greatest theft in the history of the world. >> give me china. >> china. china. china. we don't win anymore don't win anymore. the missile assembly one question or we lose to china. ♪
10:22 am
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(don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring ta the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ashley: what a way to start the new weight. often running again. having asked up 80 points up
10:25 am
18,660 for the dow up half a percent. retailer american eagle race to buy by deutsche bank and a 52 week high of about eight tenths of a percent. cheap imports from china taken their toll on the economy. case in point, jeff flock furniture shopping in chicago. i love the fact that you are shopping. it is an industry certainly that has been hit hard by these cheap imports, isn't it? >> you said it. that's the one industry that's not appeared furniture made in the u.s. dg nova 73% of all the furniture we buy in this country is made in some other country, not here in the u.s.? bad news to places like thomasville, north carolina. this is the show room in chicago which recently shut down. i don't know if we can come over and stick our camera in the window, but you see what a close
10:26 am
business looks like.this is juse national trend. when i looked at the numbers, it just amazed me. obviously china imports iraq. if you look back to 1990, we imported all good, $15 billion worth from china. if you look at 2015 last year, that number rose to or hundred 83 billion. pretty amazing. consequently it seems like this. furniture shutting down and many of them like thomas bell, for example making its product overseas as opposed to the u.s. those jobs have gone away. that is why somebody like donald trump gets some traction on the trade issue because the jobs have been lost to foreign competition. i'm not sure that's the reality. >> be impacting reality is just that. thank you very much.
10:27 am
getting to see them died. still seeing jeff flock with his microphone. amazing. thank you very much. donald trump will be laying out his plan not to defeat china, but he will also call for immigration ban. can he stay on message? europe's migrant crisis and there's big companies that employ just 54 refugees.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> take a look at the bike board the 30 stocks town on the left only four of them in the red. everyone else moving higher. dow itself up 86 points now at a
10:31 am
18663 and we're on 19k watch any day now. i don't to get carried away. s&p 500 also up in record territory at 2192 taking a look at the nasdaq and tech heavy stocks in that indebs up 31 points at 5264 become routine and your day and new record. take a look at oil all of this based on russia intimating it's been on the phone with saudi arabia to talk about caps enough to push oil up 4545 that also giving the market a lift. individual stocks big tech names all time highs begin with amazon not joining in the party today down half a percent at 768. tick a look at grade school/alphabet. also moving just slightly lower 805. facebook, fb is the symbol down also so big tech people today all moving lower who would have thunk down half a percent.
10:32 am
microsoft, stuart somewhere is smiling. u up half a percent, yes as he says he owns microsoft 5825, and thyme inc.s "sports illustrated" and "time" hedge fund partners disclosed a fake in time. five and a half percent on upside up to 1441 for time. nonow this donald trump outlinig speech on foreign policy. what can we expect to hear? >> reach out to muslim reformers, and basically he's going to say that we have a problem with terrorists not muslims. he's going to call for the annihilation of isis not containment ingoing it say obama strategy has ill fad that hillary clinton strategy will fail too. also going to be basically saying wemght to restrict visas for citizens who live in countries where there's terrorist afnght because the security is inaccurate security screen isings are inac rat there you can't let people in if you
10:33 am
can't scream for them. so possibly going to introduce a test for how immigrants coming into this country consider american values and in the constitution bill of rights. >> all right thank you for the preview this afternoon in iowa joining me right now, who joins us tony as always we with seem to say this every week is how do we keep donald trump on message? i want us to try to consider this conversation from a different perspective. >> okay. >> donald trump has gotten this far being one of the most authentic and projocktive nominees in the history and modern history of our elections. for him to all of a sudden become restrictive to the same talking points framework would really undermine that character, right, so when donald trump tacks about for example, issues like isis, you see a very typical, similar pattern from him. he does start off the conversation with some provocative statement and then
10:34 am
as the attention comes to the topic and comes to him and he's very good at getting earned media attention and discussed often he fills in blanks and gets more specifickive and does more traditional messaging that's what i expect you'll see. >> there's a line tony yes you can o be who you are and let's face it he bet out one of 17 candidates. he beat 16 candidates to become the nominee. by doing just that. by being authentic i get that. but at some point we're in different race now. he's up against hillary clinton, and his message is lost en he crosses the line he'll mention something about seconds amendment and then isis founded by -- president obama and cofounded by hillary clinton. i get that. but then everything else he says is ignored because the media mainstream media will hone in on comments or whatever comment of the everything else is loss. so authentic but wiping out rest ofever message that's got to hurt. >> as a first too many candidate you're going to see him have to
10:35 am
adapt to reality when you are particularly a republican, conservative candidate the the establish interest particularly in media is going to be squarely against you, for example let's considerate fact that not even four months ago both the president of the united states and hillary clinton called donald trump isis top recruiter. u did you see any media outrage over that? no. the second donald trump makes based on facts a very valid point that the president and secretary clinton have a lot to do with the creation of isis it becomes a feeding friend city. you're right in that he has to learn to adapt to these rules you dent get to write the rules. maybe that's something he has to begin to understand a lot better. because it does to your point conflict with the communications strait ji. but i do think he has ample time which is why i really laugh when i see these cat clizzic day about polls an too late and one report was that he was at the
10:36 am
zero hour according to pollsters and can't come back -- >> we have three national debates coming up too. i mean aiment time for him to make a point. how do you think he'll do in that debate with hillary clinton? a lot of people are tuned in. >> absolutely. i think where donald trump thrives is when he understands that all of the attention is on him. he has met and exceeded expectations every single step of this campaign cycle. and i expect to see thaturing a lot of these debate performances. >> i can't wait for the first one. tony thank you so much as always. appreciate it. let's move over to europe german chancellor angela merkel urging german ceos to hire refugees. fox news strategic analyst i'm sure you have lots, you've lived in germany too i should say colonel haven't you? what do you make of this german companies lining up to hire refugees? >> no. because it's economically not viable. sure when all started with
10:37 am
merkel opening borders and allowing a million in, some of the people in government and some in industry thought well, you know, we need -- we have an aging population. skill workers retiring. we need to replace them. but the problem is what i just said skilled workers are rerting. and the influx of refugees have been unskilled largely unmotivated. people looking for handout semiliteral in their own language and you have to understand german economy are such that we know big names, seaman, sapp, bmw but germany's economy really runs on mid-level, mid-size businesses. middle, and that -- they make precision tools, man machine interface, very advance optic it is takes great skill to do this and germany has something we with need in this country. it has a brilliant vocational training program. takes years and includeses
10:38 am
apprenticeship private public partnerships, and you can't suddenly replace people thafn trained for three, four, five, six years, with somebody who is literally just off the boat. and so it's just failing and instead of replacing the skill workers retiring germany is creating a permanent underclass. >> i want to move over to france who just last week, i believe it was housing said that the french should really open up up their home it is to refugees because the welcome centers they have 147 of them in france they're all overfilled and there's no more room for the refugees. so french people are asked to open up their homes. given what we've seen going on in france and elsewhere in europe, i mean, really who is going to do that? >> well, they're not. this is one more elite fantasy where globalization is great, all immigration is good. all men are brothers, blah blah, but people tell me all men are brothers i remind them of cain and abel about govern policies
10:39 am
that blame native born citizen for immigrations problems, are only playing to the hands of the extreme right in u europe the party in france, for instance. andty warn american conservatives those extreme right parties in yiewrm europe are not our friends but putin funded. >> thanks for joining us on this monday as always we appreciate it. thank you. if you board into the president's health care plan, get ready for some major rate hikes. lori, insurance companies have seen big losses from these obama campaigns as well. haven't they? >> hey, ash so right now you're looking at some of the major health insurers and performance today all down. modestly, but important an interesting considering we see bench mark averages that i have loo time highs, at the moment. so "the wall street journal" this morning put out a piece very critical of the four years since obamacare was rolled out and basically warned consumers
10:40 am
about what they're calling rate shock 2017. that insures they have submitted requests to regulator and that increase is anywhere between 18% and 23%. what it's wot congressional ons predicted only 8% increase in premium rates. so it's going to cost a lot more prices are rising a lot quicker for insurance than they are for health care costs. let's take a look back at some of these insurers and how they've performed really since obamacare was initiated four years ago and they are up considerably etna up 250% cigna similar performance over last couple of years. humana as well and really have to point to the fact that yeah it's consumers but with rising rates, shareholders from companies may not be all that disappointed with that when you look at the bottom line ashley. >> good point affordable care
10:41 am
and that was what it was called. [laughter] thank you lauri. congress gets hillary clinton fbi testimony this week. question should she be worried? we will discuss. and we're just a few hours away now from donald trump big speech on foreign policy. we will find out how he plans to defeat radical islam. full varney next. ♪
10:42 am
♪ ♪ >> remember "varney & company" starts at 9 a.m. eastern time.
10:43 am
here's what you missed last hour ambassador john bolton own donald trump foreign policy plan. >> radical islamic jihaddism is ideology that opposes the fundamental tenants of the west, western civilization as we know it. and that any effective strategy against that ideology has to be comprehensive. none of which characterizes the obama policy over the last eight years nor to my knowledge characterizes hillary clinton who has stuck as close to obama on the tri. terrorism issue as shexd if she can weigh out why understanding this as an ideological threat.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> really only one word for it catastrophic that's the throeding in louisiana. what's going on is this finally stop raining? >> at least now six dead possibly seven and catastrophic flooding. the federal government is declared southeastern louisiana and southern mississippi a major disaster area. 20,000 people have been rescued from vehicles and houses and both states are in under a state of emergency right now. >> all right move on to the next story thank you.
10:46 am
take a look at share of twitter company in talks to begin live streaming their stock up 5 nearly 6% at 2070 and live streaming nfl games? >> in talks with apple to bring twitter apple to apple version of tv guide and basically this is a big push for twitter to revitalize itself and stock has beening drag below ipo price so could it let users watch the streaming nfl games? maybe -- starting with a mid-september thursday night game in theory yes. question is major league baseball and nba and nhl wimbledon, will those viewers also be able because twitter has the deal to live stream those events as well. >> interesting. because we know that -- this is where the future is. the coal cutters they don't want a big cable bundle and pay for 400 channel when is they watch six or search and are crazy about sports kind of makes sense. >> advertising money with twitter as well. >> thank you.
10:47 am
back to the election now, of course congress, they're going to get their hands very soon on the fbi 's interview note from hillary's e-mail investigation. and of course let's not forget hack of the dnc and let's continue to raise questions the possibility of more interesting pieces of information to cool out in those maybe some allegations in new york from washington examiner with us right now in stowed joe no less which is great byron here you are in person. you are real. all right byron let's start with these fbi notes on hillary's interview. what have you been able to find out what's in, interesting that could come to light? >> this is what house republicans want to find out because frank they thought it looked fishy when hillary clinton did that three and a half hour with fbi agents on a saturday 48 hours later -- that's her home. it was indeed in washington. 48 hours later the head had of the fbi is coming out and saying well it's all okay as far as
10:48 am
criminal charges are concerned. and a lot of republicans remember back to thing like remember the cia elite case and carol l interrogated many, many times before grand juries with transcripts, and very close examination of everything they said. turns out in this fbi interview sometimes standard procedure with the fbi there was no transcript. there was no video. there are notes called 302 report. but this supposedly detailed note with the agent take and that's what they've got so that is what congress wants to see. >> anything interesting finding out what is contained in there. but depends on note taker. >> congress look a lot at the public statements that hillary clinton made about why she -- used a personal system for e-mail about whether she had any classified information or information even majored classified they're going to look
10:49 am
at any contrast between what she told american public and fbi because it appears that if she 208d the fbi the truth then she was not telling the truth. to the american public. >> to catch yourself in lie that was the big thing wasn't it? that hillary recently said look, director james comey fbi director told me that i was very is truthful in my answer. >> told congress that we have no evidence that she lied to the fbi. not to the public but to the fbi. >> i wanted to ask you too about the hacking if of the dnc and dncc and all of the democratic and over 100 by the way lawmakers as well. do we expect more information to come from that whoever did hacking, and if you believe it's from russians or whatever. do you expect 234-r juicy details to perhaps come out? >> we do because first of all we know they got in because leaks, that question saw before the democratic convention. remember the chaos it caused
10:50 am
from debbie wasserman schultz and has to resign so it was huge, and so i think we can say that they do have more, and because the stuff came out before the convention when they have a knack for timing these things pretty well might it be before the first debate or other big point in hillary's campaign we don't know. but i do think most people expect there to be more. >> is it the kind of stuff that could derail hillary clinton's campaign? i mean that's the big one. >> hard to -- >> don't know what's in there. >> hard to imagine what could be. most damaging stuff and bunch of e-mails concern the dnc's treatment of the hillary campaign versus the bernie sanders campaign. well i think -- i don't think that's much of an issue into the general election and difficult to see what new ones will be. >> interesting to find out if anything comes out. byron welcome to new york too. there's a lot of new yorks thank you byron. donald trump will lay out his
10:51 am
plan to defeat isis this afternoon. what we know that the focus will be destroying radical and call for limiting immigration from terror hot beds, and all of the realities of socialism episode 15, tens of thousands of work people in venezuela flocking to illegal pines. the result a malaria outbreak and is bill clinton becoming liability on the campaign trail for mil rei. more varney, next. ♪
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>> welcome back let's check the big board. look at that of the dow already in the green dow is trading record territories all three of the major indices in record territory and not seen that since 1 9 let's take a look at oil. oil is basically breaking up to upside 2% of 45 dollars an 50 cents now tack a look at this. right now, ashley webster getting filled in and what's coming in at the want top of thr here's what we have for you up donald trump delivers his plan to defeat radical islam later this afternoon. mr. trump plan to destroy isised a top of the hour and trump policy advisor it is alley ferris will tell us and what else we can expect to hear from donald trump and the realities
10:56 am
of socialism exposed yet again. out of work people in venezuela going to work in illegal gold mines. the result a malaria jots break they haven't seen since 1941 thousands are sick in the country. latest in milwaukee on that police shooting. two nights of riot les businesses burned to the ground. one person shot during protest. the national guard activated. racial tensions running high. hour three of varney three minutes away. >> you have massive black unemployment. i think that black unemployment rate in milwaukee is 32%. you have dysfunctional families. you have father absent homes you have questionable lifestyle choice. those are the ingredients for a roy yacht and then a police shooting comes along and just acts as is innighting to already volatile situation.
10:57 am
. . .
10:58 am
10:59 am
stuart: it is a big day for your money and politician.
11:00 am
hello, everyone, i'm ashley webster. but first in just a few hours from now, donald trump will be detailing his foreign policy plans and how he will defeat radical islamic terror. we have the architects of that plan walle paris to talk more about that. bill clinton on the campaign trail calling e-mail scandal, load of bull, end quote. of course, we are talking about the riots in milwaukee. one person shot. national guard is being called in. david sheriff clark blaming the democrats. ♪ ♪ ♪ [music] ashley: all right, let's check the big board for you. taking a look at the dow, it's up nicely.
11:01 am
88 points. up 21.93 now. up about a half percent. taking a look at nasdaq, 31 points, 52.64 thanks in part to oil which continues to gain ground on perhaps production caps, perhaps russia talking it up a bit, 45.63 now. taking a look at individual stocks. amazon, we like to keep tracks of these. amazon down half a percent. taking a look at facebook, facebook has been down in the up environment. maybe we will get profit-taking. facebook down almost a buck 23.90. and let's take a look at apple, ceo tim cook not too happy about corporate tax rate.
11:02 am
we will have more on this out. liz, seems like stocks, we talked at the opening bell and all of last week and all of last month, stocks just seem to wanting to up up. liz: you're wondering if we are going to have a move to the downside. are we going to ring the bell at the top soon, all of the talk about wall of worry this is the second longest running in history. an aging bull, is it overvalued. probably. [laughter] liz: slightly to the upside. so the question is what is going to knock it down, the fed rate hikes. we keep talking about that. ashley: the chances are going down any time this year and we only say, there's only one game in town, where else are you going to go?
11:03 am
there's a search for yield. aging bull, indeed. thank you very much. two politics, donald trump will lay out his foreign policy plan in about three hours from now including how we will defeat radical islamic terror. waleef, the very person that we should be talking about and he joins us, what is he going to say today in. >> ashley, it's so important that this speech is a benchmark, he's going to elevate a debate to a strategic level. she will have and her camp will have to answer that. definitely, he's going to clarify that are obscure, what are we done with the internal revenue iran deal, what have we done in the fight with isis and obviously what we are going to do if he becomes the president of the united states. ashley: is he going to make his claim that president obama and
11:04 am
hillary clinton basically the founders of isis because when he says stuff like that, all those other details tend to get lost because the media will just focus on the one or two throw-away lines. >> if president obama or senator clinton would have made similar statements about their foes, the media would have ignored them. the media does not want to discuss subject, does not want to discuss libya, syria. ofcourse, they are hanging onto them. this is not cartoon world here. the policies of the administration in libya and syria and in general terms against the jihadists allowed an isis to rise. ashley: can he make that point effectively today and he says he wants to, you know, eradicate,
11:05 am
eliminate both isis and any other terror organization out there. how is he going to do that? >> two things are very important here, we will hear them, we will see him addressing that. he is going to be using the information available. information available in congress, in the agencies even statements made by president obama or secretary clinton, but assemble them in a way that becomes very clear what the big picture is to the american public. that is the difference because the other camp does not want to show the clarity because they have a different agenda. by forcing them to accept these facts, he will have to have him debate him on the facts and not on figuratives issues. ashley: i think mr. trump is going to continue a temporary suspension of visas to those people coming from geographic
11:06 am
areas where they export terror. is it going to be a part of his speech as well? >> the issue that prompted him to start, the concerns that the public has, not just here but across the atlantic, why are we even debating this because obama administration has denied the ability of the bureaucracy to vet. number one by not recognizing that there's an ideology. how would you know that these people are radical jihadists nnls you know what the radical is. ashley: how do you vet someone from a war-torn country? where are the records? who are the people that you can check? any of the details, to me it's nonexistent. >> number one, you start educating your own bureaucrats, your own agencies and i have been doing this myself in a small scale for 20 years, i know that the breach is basically here at home. number two, you work with civil
11:07 am
societies, you work with like minded people, you work with moderates and reformers. they are your vanguards. it has not been done. they prefer to partner with the brotherhood, the regime. they miss the training, actually. ashley: that's a good point to leave it right there, wali, thank you so much. we look forward to donald trump's speech at 2:00 p.m. eastern. >> thank you. ashley: now to the olympics, fun to watch even though there's not too many as nbc would like to watch. simone biles winning volt competition, from volt to usain bolt also making history in the 100-meter there. he's a heavy favorite by the way to win the 200-meter race.
11:08 am
who better than him? liz: that's right. ashley: suspects were actually dressed as police officers, one of the band its reportedly put a gun to lochte's fore head but no injuries. liz: he was force today get on the ground by these people dressed as police officers, they waved the badge at them. was the cab driver in on this. so when they -- when ryan lochte said i'm not getting on the ground, one of the thieves did cock a gun and put it in his -- ashley: he probably thought they were real police officers. liz: here is the thing, they were stopped on the way back to the olympic village. is there a lot of crime happening right now as you have been pointedut, yes, there's a rash of outbreaks of crime
11:09 am
targeting olympic -- ashley: perhaps it wasn't the smartest thing to go outside of the village? liz: they were coming back into the olympic village. they went 22-miles outside of it. ashley: it's a long way. they were out celebrating but shows you what can happen in rio. thanks. liz: sure. ashley: a look at the dow for you, we break a record every day on one of the exchanges and maybe all three today. dow up 85 points at 18,661. continuing the climb maybe 19,000. you never know. google after spending hundreds of millions of dollars laying down streets and cable, they hit a dead-end, they are rethinking after the roll out being it's more expensive than they thought and time-consuming. alphabet moving slower.
11:10 am
806. 24-inches. more than 20,000 people had to be rescued. some pulled off of rooftops, maybe six now. liz: possibly seven. ashley: seven people have been killed in catastrophic flooding. in milwaukee two nights of riots after police officer shot a man who allegedly pointed a loaded gun at him. remember, donald trump has called himself the law and order candidate. so could his policies ease the racial tensions in the country (announcer vo) you can go straight home.
11:11 am
(howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy.
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11:13 am
(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. >> failed liberal urban policies in these ghettos like milwaukee. milwaukee has incapable poverty, the sixth poorest city in america.
11:14 am
they have failing public schools. k-12 public school system here is only two school system that is are worst, cleveland and detroit. you have massive black unemployment. i think it's 32%. you have dysfunctional families, you have father-absent homes. you have questionable lifestyle choices. those are the ingredient's for awry yacht. ashley: he's very forthright, isn't he? david clark on this program just last hour. first national interview since the riots in milwaukee broke out, liz, what's the latest from that city? liz: the talk now is about the 23-year-old black gentleman who was shot. he fled a traffic stop about 33:00 p.m. on saturday. he refuse today drop his gun. the question is did he point the gun at police. also milwaukee police are
11:15 am
releasing arrest records for smith. he's been in trouble with the law dating back to 2011. no charges were ever brought against him. he was shot by an african-american police officer. so businesses and cars were set on fire on two nights of protest. reportedly still in handcuff. the mayor says it exonerates the police officer. ashley: but they're not releasing that video? liz: the mayor saying he acted lawfully. ashley: thank you. donald trump has called the law and order candidate, republican strategist joining us now. thank you. so i guess my question to you is could mr. trump improve race relations in this country? >> well, you know, this is a very interesting story here what happened in milwaukee and i think sheriff clark hit on keynotes when it comes to policies specially that the left has been pushing on the
11:16 am
african-american community and in a lot of ways enabling what has occurred here. it's disappointing. as one mention dead live matters. 72% in milwaukee they grow up without their dads, their parents. what the suspect's father just said, he took responsibility for going in and out of prison and showing this to his family. what i think donald trump would need to do in this situation, he needs to show how these liberal policies have led to the destruction and the marginalization like milwaukee, chicago, baltimore which is a democratic help and no african-american development in those cities. i think that's what he has to do and i believe he can do it. ashley: it's coming from the top down. barack obama was the first
11:17 am
african-american president in u.s. history. there was a lot of hope and change was the phrase at the time but how would you describe the race relations in this country in the seven plus years of mr. obama's presidency? >> well, president obama gave us hope and no change, is what it really comes down to. he did a lot of things for minority groups, lgbt community, hispanic community, he proposed policies but when it came to the black community, there was nothing done. and i know often -- more often than not, why would you support someone who has not done anything for our community, oh, he can't really do anything for us. well, that's what the democrats have been doing. doing a lot of proms and haven't done nothing. it's pretty much status quo and when we look at places like my hometown of chicago, 27% of males are unemployed.
11:18 am
it's disgusting quite frank. ashley: every time a situation like this comes up and to sheriff clark talked about this, that's when you get those people, it's just an opportunity, it's an opportunity to create chaos, anarchy, burn buildings and lute and create misery in the community that the police are trying to protect. >> stupidity, why would you burn down gas stations and stores in your neighborhood, where do you go from there? i know there's a lot of folks of despair, this is not the way for your voice to be heard. there's a lot of hurting in not just milwaukee, african-american communities across the nation but we are going things the wrong way. i want to say to the folks in milwaukee, evaluate what's going on because the direction that you're heading in is destruction. we have been given opportunities to correct this.
11:19 am
this is time for self-evaluation, if we continue to go down this path, there will be nothing left. ashley: great stuff as always. >> thank you for having me. ashley: appreciate it. twitter reportedly in talks with appear toll bring the twitter app, seven months higher. more than 7% at 20.95. now, terrifying video out of jfk showing heavily armed police screaming get down. this was around 9:30 last night. very scary. thank goodness it was a false alarm, cheering for usain bolt may have been misinterpreted as gunfire. thankfully no problems in the end. more trouble, though, in venezuela, the economic problems in that socialist country now leading to outbreak of malaria, we will have details on that
11:20 am
next. donald trump will make policy speech in just a few hours, the question is can he stay on message? hmm. more varney next
11:21 am
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11:24 am
ashley: more troubles in venezuela. the economic problems in that socialist country now leading to an outbreak of malaria, a disease which had previously disappeared from the country. liz, how did that happen? liz: you're right, venezuela was thought to completely eradicate in 1961. malaria not seen since 1981. they are coming back into the cities, now more than half of the states in venezuela have malaria in it. ashley: wherever they can get the hands of something of value. liz: that's exactly right.
11:25 am
malaria cases are nearly doubling year over year. ashley: misery upon misery. thank you very much. take a look at market now. a lot more green than red. the dow itself up 85 points leading the way dupont on the other end of the scale. i can't read it. a good morning's worth they say on the dow. not a bad way, in other words, to start the week. i'm going blind. [laughter] ashley: clinton talking about fbi a load of bull. would he be a liable for hillary? >> he had to amend his previous day's statement that she had never received any emails marked classified.
11:26 am
they saw two little notes with the c on it. this is the biggest load of bull i ever heard
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
ashley: all right, back to politics. transcripts of hillary clinton's secret interview with the fbi will be delivered to members of congress. can't wait to get the hands on
11:30 am
it, gorgette joins us now. what does this mean to the investigation? what can come out of thi? >> it's interesting. isn't that over with? i think what they have going to do is take a look at the chief -- she told the fbi and they are going to try to make more noise to play into that. liz: possible perjury. >> they only met for a short amount of time. ashley: there's no recordings. it's just notes. i think this is just, you know, one more shot at it. ashley: keep it alive. gorgette, people don't believe her anymore. you can't add more to the story that people just don't trust hillary clinton.
11:31 am
>> and comey already said he doesn't think she should be indicted. ashley: a lot of people disagree because he seemed to lay out a good case for indictment. >> but the justice department said they're not going to indict her so what difference does it make what's in those notes. ashley: all right, stay there gorgette. denise, i'm sure you're sitting there squirming on your seat probably agreeing with gorgette. what purposeoethis serve and what do you think might be contained within those fbi notes. >> gorgette is right and it won't change the facts. people forget to talk about the facts. there were 30,000 emails. there was small indication by the letter c in two emails out of 30,000.
11:32 am
i worked for the government and had a pretty high security clea reins. i never had to search a document to find out it was classified. it was always clear. that's not a scandal. it's nothing illegal. the fbi director didn't say that they weren't going to indict her because they couldn't, there's absolutely in factual or legal basis for it. it's a politically manufactured scandal when you think about it. ashley: it should have been perhaps the decision of the justice department and not the fbi. james comey layed out a lot of pretty damming things when he kind of recount what had the fbi had found. it was reckless. it was negligent. >> actually he was quite clear on the law and the facts there was no basis for any violation of any law, period. he then went off and it's kind of interesting for a prosecutor
11:33 am
or the head of the fbi -- ashley: he's not a prosecutor. >> fbi director to start making political statements but in the facts of the law he was clear. there was no basis here. think about it, 30,000 emails only two had a small letter on them. by definition, that's not reckless. if it's reckless you would have seen hundreds of emails marked classified or top secret. it's not illegal. ashley: doesn't make it right. >> i think he said it was gross ly reckless. maybe you heard something different than we heard. let me just say this, the point is it wasn't his job to interpret the law in that respect. that goes to the department of justice. it was his job to gather the fact. he gave us the facts and the facts he gave us unless i heard something different from you were pretty damming. >> this is standard operating
11:34 am
procedure, the fbi does the investigation usually with prosecutors and hands over the evidence and the evidence here is 30,000 emails, only two had small indication -- >> no, no. let me back up. 113 emails hillary clinton either sent or received were classified. classified at the time and after the fact 2,000 were marked classified. james comey said that anybody in that position should have known this was secret confidential information. >> first of all, those aren't the numbers that i heard. liz: the numbers that came out of congressional testimony. >> many years at many different levels, i assure you you don't have to search for indications of classification and i also assure you that if you look at emails like somebody of these emails, there's no indication there's classified information. some of the information were classified after the fact were public speeches, for example.
11:35 am
>> you say you see thousands of these every day -- >> no, no, i didn't say that. >> you see a lot confidential memos and you know just whether they're really secret or confidential just by reading them. >> no, they're stamped. >> why did she know that? >> if you listen to what i say, when you see a classified document, it is stamped in big letters confidential, secret, top secret, et cetera. that's the way this information is sent. that's what the fbi director said. ashley: let's move on to the next subject very quickly. bill clinton on the campaign trail for her, calling it a load of bull. listen to this. >> the fbi director said when he
11:36 am
testified before congress he had to amend his previous day's statement that she never received any emails marked classified. they saw two little notes with a c on it. this is the biggest load of bull i have ever heard. ashley: so gorgette, let me ask, is bill clinton a liability for hillary or is he helping her specially on a comment like that? >> well, that is a liability because that's a lot of bull and people know -- people know bull when they see it. and that was a lot of bull. he can also be an asset for her. he is charming, well liked, but liability asset probably more of a liability now because of his -- he is a party boy, he does like to get out with celebrities, these are things, pictures get out there and she has to explain, et cetera.
11:37 am
so i think it's more of a liability. ashley: denise, would you agree? >> when he stays on message, nobody is better. what he should do is stick to the facts. 32,000 emails and two marked with a c. liz: those are not the facts. i'm sorry, that's not the facts. 110 emails were -- at least 110 emails were sent or received by hillary clinton that were classified. >> you need a -- 30,000 emails? they went through 30,000 emails with magnifying glass to find the handful that are confidential. >> handful of classified material is too many. one too many, first of all. >> she who yell it is loudest doesn't necessarily win the argument. ashley: denise, the fact remains
11:38 am
as we argue over how many, we are going through a private serve ner the basement of a home, the nation's business, how appropriate is that? >> the question is whether or not there are laws broken. liz: you're not answering the question. >> wait a minute. ashley: the question is how appropriate is that? >> whether or not there was violation of the law, there was no violation of the law. if you really want to -- [inaudible] liz: democrats can't answer that and bill clinton likely can't answer that. ashley: let denise talk. go ahead, denise very quickly. >> if you don't let anybody answer, they can't answer. liz: we are allowing you and you're not answering. >> the fbi director when he talked about the facts and the law supported that. when he made political comments, he made political comments. if you look at what he said about the facts and the there was no recklessness here.
11:39 am
you didn't see classified emails being around anywhere. there's no carelessness anywhere. ashley: i couldn't disagree more. the very fact that these emails were put through a private e-mail server which is incredibly questionable at the very outset, now we are questioninhow classified messages were that were going through that server. you're missing the point. >> well, i don't actually think so if you look at the facts. >> you keep saying look at the facts, we are looking at the facts. >> there were 30,000 emails. >> you can repeat it over and over again. it doesn't make your argument. she used poor judgment, she had server in the basement of her house and poor judgment, do we
11:40 am
want poor judgment in our -- >> if you want poor judgment, vote for the candidate that putin is supporting. if you want to talk about a scandal, you can talk about real scandals instead of phoney scandals. liz: cheap shot. ashley: nothing wrong with having a private e-mail with all of the government's business going through it. we will leave it right there. you stood your ground but you were wrong anyway but you stood your ground. [laughter] the dow is up 82 points at 18,658, dupont leading the way. i think it was wal-mart that was dragging -- yeah, the lowest. that's okay. we are still moving nicely higher. let's check the health insurers for you. the sticker shock.
11:41 am
donald trump laying foreign policy today. he wants to defeat isis, extinguish radical islam and, yes, suspend immigration
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> fox business brief, all right. stocks at the best levels ever. this is despite a contracting new manufacturing report released this morning, perhaps investors thinking a september interest rate hike is unlikely. anyway, let's look and see what is powering the dow here. the the big winners, intel, visa. the story is oil, oil up 1% on hope for an output freeze and that, of course, is giving the lift to some of the major names today. retail also on the rise. here is retail, super value almost 9%. let's get you back to
11:44 am
11:45 am
ashley: let's take a look at apple stock for you. tim cook says he won't be bringing cash from overseas any time soon until we get a fair tax rate which makes a fair point. liz, what's all this about? liz: $230 billion in cash, more
11:46 am
than 80% overseas. 230billion is of the size of ireland and apple has a lot of parked in ireland. we will bring back when there's a fair rate. 40% is not federal that's what tim cook is effective i will saying. that's right. he's also saying, it's not patriotic to pay high taxes. it's just not. who knows better what to do -- who knows better what to do with apple's cash file, apple or the government in ashley: yes, it is, it's morally awful. unjust. but that's enough of that. tim cook maybe a republican. by the way, over two hours from donald trump's foreign policy speech. fred barnes joining us now. trump plan to go discuss plan to combat radical islamic terror.
11:47 am
always the question, can he stay on message? >> well, he is going to have to stay on message at least for the speech. i think what you're getting at is he is going to have to do it afterwards. when he goes off on a tangent and blaming hillary clinton and president obama as being the founder of isis. that's not the way presidential work. hi has to hit the message hard today and particularly on isis and stick with it without any -- any interruptions by -- by turning to other really nonrelevant issues. ashley: the problem with that, fred, when he does that a lot very good stuff and a lot of detail, explanation of what he wants to do gets completely lost because the media will focus on that one throw-away sentence or comment. can't he see that? [laughter] ashley: frustrating.
11:48 am
>> he may be able to see it but he can't control himself. this is why -- you're right. when he gives a speech, when he gave the economic speech a week ago, it was an excellent speech and he wanders off into other areas. this one is more important than the economic speech for this reason, ashley, and that is that those who claim that donald trump is unfit to be president really base it on the way he has dealt with foreign and national security issues. you know that group of 50 republicans who worked in the national security area and republican administrations, you know, they said the biggest probles m was lack of self-control. ashley: yeah. >> he needs to show a lot of self-control. ashley: that's a good point. that's very true. fred is spot on. he's not only fighting hillary clinton and the mainstream media but he's fighting those within his own party and to fred's point the 50 or so people that said, this guy is too dangerous.
11:49 am
>> it's quite incredible to me. when something is inevitable you get behind it and do everything you can to make it successful. and it hasn't happened here. donald is not disciplined and this is his problem and it's a key to successful candidacy. but believe it or not even though we have two and a half months left, it is enough time -- ashley: that was my next question. we have three debates. >> yeah, he can. he's got a lot of work to do, can he discipline himself in that amount of time, look, this speech is going to be important. it's something that in on all of our minds because safety there is nothing. ashley: right. >> he has been very good from day one on this subject. so if he can really, really -- ashley: today is his chance to shine. >> bring it home today. ashley: thank you very much.
11:50 am
more sticker shock from obamacare. liz: 8% rate increases you'll see in obamacare exchanges. ashley: a lot more. liz: more than double, quadruple. ashley: look at that. liz: about a quarter of all u.s. counties that people live in, a quarter of those individuals seen just one insurer. so you know, this is coming as middle-class incomes are flat lining. ashley: with cheap gas where is the money going bus -- lots of green on this monday, just a few in the red and the market itself, the dow up 78 points at
11:51 am
18,654. are we getting closer to 19,000? i don't want to jinx it but, maybe. donald trump wants to lower taxes, well, his message might be getting lost. more up next. >> what are mainstream guys like me doing and how are we going to take the policies that mr. trump is talk about and get people back to work i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems.
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11:55 am
ashley: donald trump says he wants to lower taxes, but is his message getting lost? here is what trump senior economic adviser said earlier. >> what are people that are actually generating jobs, what are mainstream guys like me doing and take policies that mr. trump is talking about and get people back to work? look, i'm the sonover a school teacher, my father was in sales. i'm a self-made guy. i started my business with $60,000 that i put on a credit card and hundreds of thousands of people that want to do the same thing but we have to put the money back into their pockets and not give it to the government and hope that they will parse it out back to us. ashley: put the money back into the pockets of the people that could create jobs as steve was talking about, build business,
11:56 am
that's what the american dream is all about and hillary clinton want to raise taxes but we don't hear enough about cutting of the taxes by donald trump. >> i don't know why because entrepreneurialism has been cut between regulations and taxes. donald got the right message about lowering taxes particularly for start-up companies and small businesses. but for some reason the main -- mainline press doesn't want to talk about it. ashley: it's interesting because hillary clinton appears to just sit back and let donald trump trip over himself and seems to have worked over himself. could donald trump do it in reverse, let her know how much in -- tax he wants to raise?
11:57 am
>> free college education to everyone. it's his job to say, how much that's going to cost. it's going to. liz: something happened in 209, the u.s. economic growth model broke. it was broken. it became broken by the administration's policies and went blank on the internet. services, all of it. >> legal fees and accounting fees for all the regulation make it almost impossible to start a business. ashley: we will leave it right there. more of varney right after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
.. >> before we leave you, live pictures out of milwaukee. the milwaukee police department this morning swearing in a new class of recruits. a first class of 2016.
12:00 pm
45 recruits, 36 men, nine women and they have to go through another six months of training before they get out there. they have the new group of cadets in milwaukee swearing themselves in and they will be on the street in january next year. charles payne, take it away. charles: the campaign of full throttle pitching their fixes. the dow, nasdaq and s&p with new lifetime highs. welcome to "cavuto: coast-to-coast." i'm charles and anne for neil cavuto. vice president joe biden and pennsylvania this hour. meanwhile, donald trump switching its focus from the economy to a face. he's about to give the majors each at 2:00 p.m. eastern on how to combat the terror group. come is expected to lay out the following. to identify the thread ideology that problems are terrorists, not muslims to call moderate arabs to form a coati


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