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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  August 15, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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and they have to go through another six months of training before they get out there. they have the new group of cadets in milwaukee swearing themselves in and they will be on the street in january next year. charles payne, take it away. charles: the campaign of full throttle pitching their fixes. the dow, nasdaq and s&p with new lifetime highs. welcome to "cavuto: coast-to-coast." i'm charles and anne for neil cavuto. vice president joe biden and pennsylvania this hour. meanwhile, donald trump switching its focus from the economy to a face. he's about to give the majors each at 2:00 p.m. eastern on how to combat the terror group. come is expected to lay out the following. to identify the thread ideology that problems are terrorists, not muslims to call moderate arabs to form a coalition.
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if trump is on the right track with this speech. a lot of fine tuning from the original message here. >> the original message was based at least temporarily from the united states. this is doing something that we wanted to see and did not leave room for bush or obama administration holding men on the ideology that the debate are enemies. the one that trump focuses. that is radical islam focusing on an ideological war. undermining the tyrannical ideology rather than the nationbuilding prolonged invasion and occupation people have grown wary of. charles: isn't one of the big problems and i think we learned the hard way with iraq is defeating the enemy but the part about keeping the peace, if we go in there, and an overwhelming force, wipe them out quickly, decisively and get out of there. in the aftermath, and how do we
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make sure it doesn't descend back into pure again? >> part of it is in fact choosing which side you want to win. that is something hillary clinton was never able to do. we were bombing a country trying to defeat gadhafi and which backs in which side we wanted to win. if you have a global strategy to assure opposed to political islam that makes the task easier, you can want the secularist to win. they may not be boy scouts. they may not hold elections over look like american democracy but will go and if necessary, help the jihadist, islam is a more secular leaning forests. >> notion that any country that wants to work with should be called an ally. of course that's murky waters. de facto or not the fact you will actually become an official ally in the area and also an official ally of america.
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>> i think this fits with trump has been saying all along which is our traditional line is an ally serbia different by the american people and by others. we've given iraq a free pass which they've taken. they expect us to do way too much. the enemy is a friend and a long tried-and-true days that i i think and have some applicability here. if russia is truly willing to fight the islamists, why not cooperate with them and let them take some burden while keeping ice by doping. charles: u.s. official ally means scrap all the other nato staff. i know over the weekend, for instance, the serious rival with the victory in aleppo which i thought they were losing badly. how do we actually apply to real-life battles in circumstances where the parties get next? >> yeah, part of this is
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hindsight. it is seen in syria that elizabeth's day to call for a solid -- someone to go. in fact, saying that we should towards secularism and be opposed to the islamists rather than just sort of focusing on who you want to go. we've never answered the question in the area of open wanted to look like, what we want to access and the answer should censored or secular list. maybe tribal arab leaders like what was there before europe and other countries started getting involved. >> sometimes it's a lot easier to get rid of the strongman than it is to have a government ready to replace them immediately. we see over and over these is a lot worse. thanks for your expertise. hillary clinton trying to keep
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the focus on the economy. they are not letting go the e-mail issue. the fbi to release the note an interview this week at republican congressman demanding answers. congressmen, obviously we know that this is just a nose. there were no official transcripts and though i'm not sure this is a little bit of mixed anticipation with this yield. do you think it's enough to give the american public the answers we so desperately want? >> i think it would be helpful for the american public to know what those details are. more questions than answers after the fbi made a recommendation not to recommend the days prosecute her. we are hearing all across this country not just from republicans, but from democrats as well who are greatly
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concerned that hillary clinton broke the law and while today we are having this conversation right now on air, there are defendants all across this country walking into courtrooms for a lot less. the entire integrity of the justices in his eyes date for the future of our country. it is etched in dome of the department of justice building in washington d.c. when the law and tyranny begins. right now people are greatly questioning the integrity of not just of our highly classified information, leadership in the state department that process but also the justices then. charles: representative sullivan, what would you be looking for? would it be contradictions between the nose and comey's official assessment or maybe even avid inside certain things might have been out of the commentary. maybe inadvertently or whatever. >> well, there may be
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substantiation. hillary clinton did in fact lied to congress, lie to the american public. as far as that piece of it goes, director comey's testimony indicated they haven't yet investigated that part of this case. with regards to what has been investigated, there may be substantiation that hillary clinton did in fact violate statute. i already believe that hillary clinton did violate certain statutes where people are talking about intent, that there isn't intent britain into the elements of the crime. you may see some substantiation on what the fbi says she didn't violate as well as the initiation with regard to what the fbi hasn't yet investigated. >> you've got to wonder if democrats are worried because bill clinton not doing hillary any favors smacking down the
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investigation. take a listen of this. >> the fbi director said when he testified before congress, he had to omit the previous day statement because he never received any e-mails that are classified. they saw two little no-space e. on it. this is the biggest load of role i've ever heard. trade to congress, would you make make of bill clinton's assessment of it all? >> obviously he is spinning reality to help his wife candidacy for president of the united states. we were just talking last week about a nuclear scientist who was executed by the iranian off of e-mails on hillary's private e-mail server, e-mail that were marked unclassified. the process goes beyond just the classification of the e-mails. obviously that is a hugely important part of days. while hillary clinton is running to be the next president of the united states, the fact she
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can't get a job working in the file room of the fbi may concern a whole lot of other people, even if it not former president bill clinton. charles: before i let you go, essentially for the american public is he issue that the clintons have always somewhat above the law or able to ignore standard rules that apply to everyone else. would you save a certain type of arrogance and carelessness is equivalent to committing a deliberate act of espionage or doing something with criminal intent? >> i don't know if i would say it is the same thing. they are both hugely significant, hugely important. the clintons have for decades operated above the law in many ways. we've seen it on the criminal side and the civilians died. we have seen limits tested whether it is clinton's time in the white house or the relationship after that and
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becoming filthy rich off of milking donors all across the globe while hillary clinton was the secretary of state. they do find themselves to be above the law and it something that causes a lot of it when people are in court this morning because they got caught making a right on red and got caught by some cameras and video. charles: representative cummings thank you very much. appreciate it. donald trump still down in the polls. translating the main stream media. the main reason for all of this former 41 campaign says donald trump is right to blame the media. thanks for joining the show. donald trump earned on the goblin on the media commerce is typically pointing out in the new york times, but often everyone gets a little bit of the scattershot if you will. but has he made it easier? listen, we note the mainstream media has never been a friend of the republican party but he
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hasn't made it easier to target him. >> well, you can make the argument i guess because he is controversial some of his remarks. if you take a look at what donald trump says, his actual words, for in 10 there was no controversy. it was stoked up by the news media. the news media journalists are 90% registered democrats that we are asked on trainees to that. here's what's extraordinarily different. the unbelievable and balance in news coverage and the deception. case in point is the news story or "the new york times" front page on saturday. inside the machine to detain donald trump's time. this is supposed to be journalism, objective fact-based writing. an article with 24 sources, all of whom were unnamed. 24 insiders they didn't name one of them. this is pure junk journalism
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that they are parading around as an editorial as a news story. it is junk journalism in "the new york times" is a junkyard dog of the clinton campaign. >> t. think donald trump should go as far as banning these organizations? new york times" list. >> i think absolutely. when they are practicing not crack this in journalism, absolutely. they are supposed to report object delay. what they are doing is hiding the editorial content behind news story headlines. that is complete now part this. it is corrupt. i think it's got every right to pull their credentials. they will scream and cry about the first amendment, but his aides even offended by him. he can pull for a private function anytime it is absolutely to do so.
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>> instead change. the world is evolve. donald trump is a social media supers are. they're certain online conservative media outlets that have gone extraordinarily well. could there be a change that could pressure the more liberal mainstream media to be a little bit more honest or do you think they are tied to a certain way of reporting and that's the way they're going to say. >> you take a look and you would assail that would have an impact on your new story decisions. their headlines, the balance of coverage. it is hard to fathom but it doesn't have that effect. even though we see tremendous online, for instance come a billion views every month. 1.8 billion views. these news outlets are going further last. >> i think it's probably going
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to be billionaires who don't mind if they make money or lose money. really appreciate it. president obama declared a state of emergency in louisiana. deadly flooding continues to ravage the state. lauren simonetti administered. reporter: we saw at least two feet of rain in parts of louisiana and the southeast part of the state with epic flooding. this has cost at least six people to lose their thighs bigger than 20,000 residents evacuated. the evacuation still ongoing care parts of the louisiana in the past three days have seen 31 inches of rain. then they put that in there. that is more rain in three days than los angeles, california has seen in three years. really it's devastating. there is one part of the river down there which crested at 59 feet. all of this causing patients in the local hospitals to be
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evacuated. at&t wireless center has flooding with some of the cell service in nearby areas. amtrak in some parts of the state. they couldn't operate the trains. right now the good news is the rain is holding off for now to receive and search crews are able to go out looking for resident and trying to take them for their safety. the pictures on the screen are devastating. unfortunately this is yet another event in the past couple months in this part of the u.s. at a seen this rising floodwaters epic reign. charles: lauren, tough to look at. really appreciate it. wisconsin governor scott walker declared a state of emergency. writes a rap to after an armed black man was shot by police. protesters burning business is down. by pastor mark or insist these protests are getting more problems. these are next.
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charles: violence erupting for a second straight night in milwaukee a great place officer shot and killed an armed suspect on saturday. hussein 14 arrested in wisconsin governor scott walker declared a state of emergency is businesses destroyed and damaged. pastor mark irwin says anger erupted. we've seen this over and over again. it is happening. you go all the way back to the 60s when we saw the annihilation of newark and the lingering economic damage of it all. this is the playbook and it always plays out that way. the mac it does it is very sad. i'm calling out once again an
12:20 pm
american tragedy taking place in our communities across this country. this has to stop. it has to stop. i'm calling on the altars of the milwaukee community is to write the together, blacks and whites hand-in-hand to raise up and say we will no longer allow this to take place, similarly but to place at the black man bonded together to protect the stores and to protect the businesses that they want to allow them to cross that line. i think that is what should be taking place. you have people who have lived there for their entire life. i think the u.s. today reported a gentleman who has been married his whole life says he is contributing the fire is rising to a lot of who don't have jobs
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they don't want jobs and this is what they are doing to their own communities, destroyed their own homes, their areas, but yet they are mad at the government for not coming in there and changing and making it better when they are they hands or cause of the destruction. charles: i want you to listen -- >> the economic state of malacca yeerday wasn't like this and i was growing up as a kid. when of opportunities. the schools were good. people were employed. this has been under their watch pushing the welfare state and now in milwaukee we have a growing underclass than what you saw it this weekend were those underclass behavior is on display. true to what you make of that? >> at 100% agree. this is what the democratic
12:22 pm
party has been pushing onto the urban community. they have been pushing social where fair programs, getting more and more free things love receiving free social programs, welfare. there putting them in chains, locking them up where they are missing out on the opportunities to make them better. i don't want to politicize this because it made 23 of oxfam is dead, but he was shot, to my understanding, a black officer. because nothing to do with black versus white. this has everything to do with it to economic different placement of the disenfranchised communities which hillary clinton as the democratic party will continue to push down the miles of black people in this country and they're going to have more and more things like this that take place because black people are not progressing
12:23 pm
academically and economically. we are suffering. we need to put a black face on the democratic party and yet the system is so against urban people in the community. what you said took place in milwaukee is a product of a president obama at the democratic arty or consistently pushing on black communities across this country. train to you wonder when we look at this general epiphany. pastor burns, thank you read much. appreciate it. in the meantime, the dow, nasdaq advance in me. the big question, what is driving this after this? there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ]
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charles: at the market on autopilot. that makes a lot of people nervous. specific reasons including the stocks be consistent. the top lead less than impressive in there a lot more negative items and positive
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they. i continue to acknowledge that life is overvalued based on earnings ratio. that in no way meant that i had to stop many times in. historically the market got a lot higher and a lot more expensive. beyond earnings, to give the rally were credibility, the dow jones transportation index not only has it been for you to stand, but is well off its all-time high. i would feel better to feel better to track better to attract attention and sympathy and asked better to track patients could this be a next or 8400 crude oil to continue to rebound. while there is supply issues, there's no doubt that oil after about $50 starts at the market. i obviously would love autopilot to have more octane. the market by its obviously to the upside. of course it has been remarkable with respect to the recent leg.
12:28 pm
there's been no celebration, not even a lot of public awareness. most observers think it is down or in a crash. the biggest news come from the york state manufacturing good to have my number consensus, the overall trend bloatware and lower has been this way for 14 years. that's my assessment of where we are. the doldrums have been anything but as the market moves to new highs it was your feeling? >> my feeling is there's no powerful driver in your analysis that the revenue numbers were not what is driving, hanging and on profitability but revenue numbers are looking way. i tend to think about the new site is for the power and the economy comes from and i don't think it is there right now. people are doing more and more not surprisingly with technology , more and more on the prophesied on the prophesied with less and less on the people side.
12:29 pm
that is a good thing for corporate profits. not a powerful thing in the long run. >> quarter to quarter will be down for the fifth straight quarter. this hasn't happened for a very long time. go back to 2008 into 2009 and a market in the exact opposite direction. how much is the street assuming the top line will reverse here? people believe this is the current quarter to see topline improvement. >> i'm guessing that's what they're thinking. i'm also inking as you and i've talked about several times that where else are you going to go? if you listen to fox business news as i do on satellite radio, the advertising is largely for real estate and and offering the general public you can't get yelled anywhere else. let's try some alternatives. it is where else are you going to go in the zero interest rate
12:30 pm
environment? charles: bonds have done pretty well. to your point, silver has been gangbusters. you are right. a lot of money is sitting on the sideline kind of concerned and camped out there. >> yeah, you make the point about oil prices to restart. it is interesting, it is hard to see. i've just come back from two weeks in canada on vacation. the whole comment is trying to aggressively shift hard away from a carbon side. whether it's doable or not, a country that is hugely reliant on oil exports is sort of saying we really don't want to be an oil based economy anymore. i'm not sure that factor is coming into place. to me there's a lot of sideways movement treading water. >> they just elected a serious aggressive who believes in solar panels and all of that. that is a dangerous financial
12:31 pm
gamble if they force the issue because i'm not sure the world is ready yet. your biggest concerns about the market and we think they may be the next couple months. >> my biggest concerns i raised this employment kind of rice's anna ball? you pointed out the manufacturing thing not positive. i'm not sure where the employment drivers will come from across the great rooted plane. charles: thank you very much. next time you go to canada, send me some. talk to you soon. to "the wall street journal" give donald trump account down to turn things around? the editorial board has strong backers raising eyebrows after this. ♪
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charles: "the wall street journal" telling donald trump is that a chance to change his change his act in a scathing editorial today. even with more than 80 days (-left-paren and mr. trump's window for turning around is closing. if they can get his hand to change his act by labor day they'll have no choice but to ride out the candidate is hopeless. what the republican nominee needs to do to turn things around. do you think he has to change? >> units to put down is found, charles grebeck and a 13-year-old who's misbehaving on twitter, take it away. charles: have you tried to get a 13 run to put down their phone?
12:36 pm
they don't put it down. anything in the world. no food. pride -- pray for my dad. aside from that, here's what i've seen. i've seen when donald trump gets one-on-one interviews with aggressive mainstream interviewers, particularly well-known. it feels like is feels like his inner defense mechanisms, and he wants to hit back. like water off of a ducks back. >> george w. bush would melt in really tough interviews sometimes. charles: he does on all t. says when he hit me, i'm going to hit back. the iraqi pushes away too far. i want trump continued to be trump. i liquidy seen on trade. the american people like someone sticking up for the country for the first time in eight years.
12:37 pm
but he can't be country be making unforced errors. the multiple touchdowns. >> during the camp and there's all kinds of conflict and report that come out of there. did you push back really hard on donald trump and where do you find that sweet middleground where they got into this position despite all the experts but also sabotage the efforts between now and november. >> 80% of his eggs come from hand typing on its own. he delivers gold more times than not when it means beaches at rallies, what have you. he has the best brand sr is 100% name i.d. people actually like it better than hillary. right for america. keep on pushing out there. >> is high on the key issues with the economy, terrorism, those kinds of things.
12:38 pm
i happen to believe the temperament to pull so badly on that overshadows everything else. that is the overarching a brawl that holds obviously in this world. >> he can set an agenda unlike anyone else. if he wants to switch it to the economy or where america stands in the world, he has the ability of the communications ability to do that. right now if i temperament. hillary is winning because of it. charles: "the wall street journal" for mr. trump needs to stop blaming everyone else and decide if he wants to behave like someone you want to be president or attorney nomination over to mike pence. is not over-the-top? >> its way over-the-top. this guy earns the nomination fair and square. he beats the deepest field i've seen in my lifetime. he has the right to play this thing out. i hope he stops making unforced errors. i hope he shows a muscular strong america. if he does that, he has a great
12:39 pm
shot at winning. good luck with the phone. only going to get harder. hurting american businesses, jeff flock in chicago. truck might be onto something with this trade thing. reporter: alltel you, this is why "the wall street journal" says anybody but trot. this is the winning potential but it's been squandered. if he sticks to trade, for example, i've got to ask you a question. what percentage of the furniture we buy in this country is made not in the u.s. that is to say imported. charles: 71%. >> ding, ding, ding. you are so close. 73.5%. you may have cheated but that's okay. it's an amazing number. to me that's an amazing number. if you look at how much from china imports have grown in the last 15 years. take a look at the numbers. $4.4 billion.
12:40 pm
$20.4 billion is part of the bigger picture. when i look at these numbers, i was shocked. if you look back to 1990, $15 billion in chinese imports across a wide range. nowadays $483 billion. that's an amazing number. donald trump has to his credit tried to hit this issue. this talk about nafta as he did in his detroit economic club speech. listen to what he said there. >> donors will make sure they vote for hillary clinton is a vote for tpp and it's also a vote for not. hillary clinton will never withdraw from tpp. she is controlled and paid for by her donors and special interests. 100%. she has been a disaster. obama has been a disaster. reporter: charles, "the wall
12:41 pm
street journal" found of the 100 counties most affected by job loss, donald trump 189 of them in the primaries. maybe you ought to stick to that. >> i know you are doing a segment so i did a little research over the weekend. reporter: you researched the very smart and as always. charles: appreciated. hillary clinton and joe biden about to appear. raising questions about proposals. we've got the details for you after this.
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12:43 pm
>> live on the floor at the new york stock exchange. the gold-medal winning stock market to the benchmark averages are the best bubbles up there at the moment he is speaking of the olympics. the analyst found that since 1900 the summer olympic games saw the dow jones industrial average rise on average 4% in the opening ceremonies. we thought that was interesting for you. also interesting, the volatility index despite the fact that stocks are scoring. they fear gauge the holiday market commission like this. this is raising questions on whether or not wall street has a lot of confidence in this latest rally. one of the factors driving the
12:44 pm
market today is the price of oil which is that better than 2%, 2.5% highest in a month. they agree to an output. let's get back now to "cavuto: coast-to-coast."
12:45 pm
charles: donald trump addressing suggested that he had freedom of speech coming into question. a missouri woman was arrested for retreating ice's supporters to risk and reward those deirdre bolton on how social media could be seen as a natural drive.
12:46 pm
>> she's been posting a lot, charles had not only has she been posting on twitter and facebook, she created numerous accounts. she's really posting a lot of threatening messages and on top of that come the u.s. army, navy, air force and state department somehow got information about some of the employees of those divisions and began to pose personal information about them on her facebook page and also on her twitter page. she also made a threat and comment about the president. she also referred to a female news anchor saying a person would be better off without her head. this goes a little bit beyond free speech and she has been arrested. 38 years old living in missouri. charles: dean of the charge? >> of those arrested for the moment. it is clear from a pr if she is clearly on the side of the terrorists. charles: why she flagged by twitter or by some sort --
12:47 pm
>> law enforcement began to pick out. charles: take a look at this%. >> they did notify twitter. as we have talked about all of these tech and media companies are really at a crossroads between saying we are just the pipes, we are disappointing. we cannot help how people use us. she was on the radar screens of authorities for quite a while. in this particular case, both twitter and facebook but the authorities were ahead on her profile. charles: hillary clinton the meantime promising broadband for all by 2020. google's parent company rethinking the mass broadband rollout because of the cost implemented. deirdre, is this proof that the government has to be involved? >> if you are the cfo of google, the answer is yes. you don't want to pay for it anymore. 60 years ago -- six years ago,
12:48 pm
it cost them a lot of money to dig up all the roads, lay the fiber lines. and we are all going wireless anyway. even if we are kind to google's management and say it was a bit of a miscalculation on their part in this world of wireless, maybe it's better to put up towers and headed dig up roads and latest cable. now for that is trying to say you want the faster broadband. you either have to subsidize us are out for a paid for it yourself. the cfo who came from morgan stanley by many people as account was an excellent hire from off about google. she's the one saying hold on, a second. this is costing an awful lot of money. we are still trying to compete with verizon and at&t. if you look at the stock, at least this particular concern not hurting too much. charles: what about the idea we were all going to have drones and planes that never came back to earth. i thought they were going to
12:49 pm
cover the world with internet access. >> even the lone balloon of facebook as well. these companies are still working towards that. believe it or not the technology is expensive. at the end of the day that would be cheaper if they can figure out how to do that. the world as widely the world is wired lists and emerging markets in particular, something like 66%. there's no infrastructure. it's all wireless. charles: we've got to wait for the government to do it. thanks a lot. appreciate it. stocks that are all-time highs. what could turn this rally around. ♪
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vice president to help up other big-ticket government giveaway. both parties hanging over our market. larry, there was a time when it was the number one issue out there. what happened? >> who wants to talk about something ugly like the debt and deficit. we want to talk about all the free stuff we can get. that is why people have given up talking about the debt and deficit. charles: we are looking on both sides where there's going to be a whole lot of government spending. there's a lack of the revenue side to pay for it all. >> is acting as again what i just said that most people don't even understand the difference between the debt and deficit. when you have 43% of americans to spend more money than they earn, they frankly don't care about the government spending more money than it takes in.
12:54 pm
charles: there was a time i guess in the aftermath of the great recession where people did have to come up with the right could mean you are talking about. if this happened to me i don't want it to happen to my country. we are detached from all of that. we are much more in touch with the daily benefit than the daily cost of government. people are more interested on what they can take instead of what they can earn and give back. that is a sad place for our country and society. i wish we would get back to the place where we have common sense where we spend my family and learned to pay off her debt. i'm all for everyone having anything they want and we are not seen both sides right now talk about a plan where we can afford what they are proposing. train to the flipside of this is for a longtime republican thought we would either fall off the cliff under barack obama.
12:55 pm
while we have a sluggish economy we didn't necessarily fall off the cliff. it took a long time before it did. do you think we would get to the point of no return soon? >> we will reach the tipping point where there are more takers than makers. right now what we have to remember in the political season is it's never as bad as some of them say ended never going to be as good as most of them promise. charles: is there such a thing as good debt versus bad debt? if we doubled the size of the military, if not a debt worth having? >> in order to protect their borders and country, there still has to be a way to pay for good debt. a lot of people consider their mortgage and they bought more than they can afford and could make the payments and it didn't turn out to be good debt. regardless of what we spend the money on, whether it makes sense, we still have the ability
12:56 pm
to pay for it. charles: are you talking higher taxes or a supply sider. i had the economic activity double fill government. >> that makes the most sense. i love when we put people back to work on the lower the taxes on businesses. we put them to work and earn a buck by money. that's how the government gets to take in more money through the taxes of working people. words of wisdom as usual. thank you are a match. >> things, charles. charles: by the way, youngstown, ohio where donald trump will lay out his strategy to defeat basis. we've got some new details on this beach, so stick around. -- on the speech, so stick around.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
charles: a push for his economic plan, donald trump set to deliver a major address on terror. can he stay on message? this is cavuto coast to coast,
1:00 pm
i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. he's expected to call for an end to nation-building, call on moderate arabs to fight and form coalitions and outline a new immigration policy. while trump looks to stay on message, some in the gop are worried he's too focused on the media and not enough on hillary clinton. to senator rick santorum on what he's looking to hear from donald trump today. thanks for joining us. >> you bet, charles. great to be with you. charles: donald trump last monday was advertised as a reset, the monday before that as a reset, the monday before that as a reset. it's a great opportunity for him to lay it all out there. >> it is, and i'm hopeful he'll do just that and, hopefully, be able to stay focused on it throughout the course of the week. i mean, this is -- i always say i've run for president a couple times now. when i talk to people, i say don't try this at home. this is not an easy thing to do. anytime, particularly if you're a conservative, if you say anything that is off-color, you
1:01 pm
know, anything out of what the liberal media would expect a liberal to say, you're going to get hammered for it. and in his case, obviously, he's taken that to a new level. he needs to just be, understand that the media is not going to treat him fairly. they don't treat any of us fairly. they never will treat us fairly. but you have to, you know, you have to change your tune in order to make sure that you get your message out through that media. charles: one thing that we have seen throughout this process is that donald trump sets the narrative. and, you know, today if he talks about this program and, obviously, he's made a lot of tweaks to his original proposals, this could be the theme of the week. and, you know, last week a lot of people thought after monday's speechal he had to do was -- all he had to do was coast on it and bang it home every single day. >> obviously, the issue of immigration is so important and, obviously, that's a very important part of a national security plan when it comes to the question of, you know, what muslims do we take into this
1:02 pm
country and from where. the policy that he has now articulated and has been for quite some time is a policy that i articulated and i think just about every republican running, all of those who understand the problem of immigration i should say, also talked about how we have to look at certain countries, and we shouldn't be taking people -- i would argue -- from any religious persuasion from countries where you can't do adequate background checks. and most of those are countries in the middle east -- charles: sure. >> -- where there's a lot of islamic terrorism. so it's a very defensible position. he just needs to go out and make it and stay on it. charles: yeah. i mean, when you put it that way, you could always mark it under common sense. >> it is. charles: we've got some breaking news, senator, and i need your thoughts on this. ups ceo just now saying his company will lobby members of congress to vote for tpp passage, saying china could benefit the deal the most be this deal is blocked.
1:03 pm
donald trump has been hitting these trade policies hard, hillary clinton even says she's against it. what are you thoughts? >> look, i have grave concerns about the tpp and, hook, anytime we are in -- look, anytime we are in an agreement where we're a bit player in a larger trade scheme, we're one of, what, 16 or 17 countries in this scheme, and this international body, newly-created, is going to dictate trade policy among those countries. that's just not a good deal for us. we -- i'm for trade, and i think donald trump is for trade. but trump has said, and i agree with him, we need to do bilateral deals. turning over our sovereignty on trade to multi-national bodies is not going to be in the best interests of the united states. it mate be in the best -- may by in the best interests of ups, but not in the best interests of working men and women many this country. charles: senator rick santorum, always great seeing you. >> thank you. charles: donald trump is expected to double down on his
1:04 pm
claims that barack obama and hillary clinton led to the foundation of isis, but senator claire mccaskill is flipping table. take a listen to this. >> assad, by what he did in his country, allowed isis to move into what was then al-qaeda in iraq into syria and get stronghold and recruit. that was the work many support of putin who is trump's best buddy. so you can say trump and his friend putin are the founder of isis. charles: to former intelligence officer andrew peak. andrew, it's kind of crazy, we're debating who founded isis. [laughter] what do you make of senator mccaskill's claim that it was actually vladimir putin and the missteps in syria? >> i think it's absurd. nobody's been a bigger enabler of russia than barack obama. the greatest enabler since jimmy carter, you know? he has given russia carte blanche in eastern europe by pulling away missile defense
1:05 pm
sites in the czech republic and poland, and for the first time in history he's allowed russian military forces to run wild in the middle east unopposed. by the way, back in '09 the people who were going to syria to meet with assad were people like nancy pelosi and john kerry and members of the obama administration. it wasn't donald trump: and that was right before assad started gassing his own people. i don't know where she's coming from. i hope trump will get on twitter and deal with that, you know, pretty sad. [laughter] charles: maybe he will. it is interesting considering what assad's father did to his own people that, you know, we never had at least a certain degree of mistrust about him. but having said that, and donald trump's speech in about an hour, we may hear something along the lines that any country that wants to work with us to defeat radical islamic terrorism is an ally of america. where would that put russia? where would that put assad? >> yeah. so trump's making a pretty sophisticated argument here x he's saying, look, we are okay
1:06 pm
working with regimes that are not morally perfect. particularly in the middle east. but who also hate islamic terrorists. and that is a more realistic foreign policy than trying to get them to change their internal processes which, frankly, hasn't helped us that much in the last 15 years. charles: right. so are we saying then that isis is the worst evil, a worser evil -- i'm not sure if that's grammatically correct or not -- than someone like an assad or the strongman types that rule throughout the middle east? >> isis is the evillist, yeah, that is essentially what he's saying. it's the top american priority. i don't think that's right actually. i think the combined, the combined forces of russia and chinese influence over the long run are a greater threat than isis. but it's certainly a legitimate argument to make that at this moment isis is our biggest concern. charles: yeah. well, you know what? throughout history we've been able to do that from time to time. andrew peek, thanks a lot. >> thanks so much, charles.
1:07 pm
charles: hillary clinton taking the stage with vice president joe bind, trying to focus on the economy but questions over her e-mails not going away. governor pence is urging a pay-to-play probe into the clinton foundation. >> certainly, officials at the fbi we also found out this week believe there should be an investigation, and obama's department of justice apparently has shut that down. the public has a right to know because this, really and truly, this is exactly the kind of pay-to-play politics the american people are sick and tired of. charles: all right. the question is, is this issue going to plague hillary with the voters? to charlie gasparino, ebony williams and sarah lindsay. sarah, let me start with you. we know hillary's got enormous issues with respect to trustworthiness, and the e-mail scandals haven't helped. >> not at all. you know, it's interesting, charles, you go back to her confirmation hearing to secretary of state, and she pledged to keep her family's
1:08 pm
clinton foundation separate from the state department. back in 2008 there was a memo from valerie jarrett, special assistant to the president and the ceo of the clinton foundation saying they were going to keep business separate. and then you have these e-mails coming out showing there are ties between major donors to the clinton foundation and speeches that bill clinton gave to direct access to the state department. i mean, this calls into line trustworthiness, credibility. she knew it was an issue when she entered as secretary of state, so how do you just excuse that? charles: right. ebony, we follow this stuff for a living, we drink it, love it, eat it. the average person on the street, do you think they understand this whole thing with the clinton foundation and the e-mails? i remember when sanders said enough with the e-mails already, and that was a long time ago in the debates. >> yeah. and i think bernie sanders lived to regret that moment immensely, charles. i don't know if general public knows the nuance, but i do think they ask questions which are
1:09 pm
problematic. when you're running for office and you allow questions to go unanswered, people will draw conclusions that might not be favorable to you, and that's what hillary needs to worry about. charles: charlie, i want you to listen to something leon panetta, who came to clinton's defense on the e-mail controversy. >> you know, it's been investigated, no action has been taken by the justice department, and i really do think it's time for the candidates and for the american people to move on and talk about the real issues that are going to affect us as we face the future. charles: all right, charlie. so let's move on. >> i mean, i have the utmost respect for leon panetta, i covered him when he was on the board of the new york stock exchange, but unfortunately for him, this issue's going to keep dogging hillary clinton. listen, they may not, as ebony said, people may not understand every nuance, but there's a reason why donald trump still could win this thing. as horrible of a campaign that he's running, just the most pathetic, you know, all over the place campaign, you know? he shoots himself in the foot
1:10 pm
once a day, yet hillary clinton e. particularly in battleground states. why is that? because people don't trust her. i've done a lot of reporting on this, i've gotten pretty good leaks coming from people that know what the fbi believes. fbi agents on the ground have said that there's credible evidence to indict her both on the e-mail stuff, the national security, how she handled that with the private server and in terms of connections with the clinton foundation. now, the chief of the fbi said, no, because of technical reasons. the doj shut it down. but that doesn't mean those e-mails and those thoughts are not going to leak between now and november 7th. and i bet they will. charles: all right. by the way, also don't forget, guys, congressional members will get the notes from those fbi agents. there wasn't any official transcript, but they will get the notes this week, and i think we'll learn more. charlie, you've got breaking news from the trump camp about donald trump's tax returns. what are you hearing? >> what we're getting from the
1:11 pm
campaign because, as you know, pressure is mounting for him to release them. they would be required reading for every reporter out there, i guess -- [laughter] it would be orgasmic for me to see his tax returns -- charles: ebony, move over. [laughter] >> whoa! >> but i'm hearing from his senior advisers there's no amount of pressure to be put on donald trump to ever get him to release those things which i'm telling you, if you're not into -- look, i'm a financial journalist. i love seeing things that that no one else has, how people get out from paying taxes. this would be an incredible road map. we should point out, though, in his defense hillary clinton's not releasing her transcripts of the goldman sachs speeches, and in his defense, real estate people in general pay very little taxes. you know that. there's so many loopholes that you can, that are afforded to you. charles: by the same token, this is also something that's weighing on donald trump as well. his favorability numbers have been drifting of late, and this doesn't help, ebony. >> no, it doesn't. i actually agree with charlie on this.
1:12 pm
i don't think it does any favor for donald trump to release these. i don't think they quell some of the concerns. it's going to put in black and white what people already know, donald trump has been unapolo jet withic about his ability to take advantage of financial things in his favor. >> yeah. but it'll be one hell of a -- charles: well, there are other -- [laughter] other things -- >> maybe we'll learn manager. charles: people are saying there may be other nuggets with respect to who he does business, charities and these kinds of things. listen, he won't release them, he'll be the first major presidential candidate not to. to what degree of impact, how much will this hurt him come november? >> i think it would hurt him a lot. he's running for the people, right? putting america first, and taxes are a huge part of his economic plan. i think he's going to release his taxes. he's on the record several years ago, several times saying that if he ran for office, he was going to release his taxes. it took mitt romney until september 21st of 2012 to release his 20-year overview of his taxes. so i think donald trump has a
1:13 pm
few more weeks, and my gut is he's going to do it. and there'll probably be nuggets in there, like you said, that will raise questions and raise eyebrows, just as hillary's did. ultimately, i think he does it. >> very respectfully to sarah, we see how well that turned out for mitt romney. i think that's what donald trump is trying to say, he's trying to learn from that. >> and let me tell you something, if they were releaseable, semi-controversial, i think he would have done it by now. i know he had people on his staff, campaign advisers, people close to roger stone who were saying release them now, get them out of the way -- charles: a long time ago. >> for now to do it, i mean, i don't know, maybe it's worse not doing it, you know? let me tell you something, real estate investors generally take every single, solitary dtion they can take. they actually show sometimes negative income. charles: sure, sure. >> as making money. that's going to be a hard sell. charles: sure. we'll see. maybe we won't see. [laughter]
1:14 pm
thanks a lot, appreciate it. by the way, we are monitoring that event with hillary clinton and vice president biden, taking a live look at it right now. they're talking about the economy, but do you feel better about your own economic situation? up next, milwaukee in a state of emergency. violence continuing there. how did we get here? dr. al vealed da king is going to join us after the break. ♪ you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. charles: state of emergency in milwaukee, and businesses are unfortunately paying the price for the violent protests. milwaukee county sheriff david clark and pastor mark burns addressing the unrest on fbn just earlier. take a listen. >> between friday night and saturday, four people were murdered in nine separate shootings, and these same creeps
1:18 pm
we didn't hear a peep from them. but all of a sudden a law enforcement, fearing for his life reasonably, is confronted by an armed individual, and these people who exploit be these things, these cop-haters, want to come out and riot. this is a situation of opportunity for people to steal, to loot9 and to rabble rouse. >> and this is what they're doing to their own communities. charles: right. >> destroying their own homes, their own areas of life. but yet they're mad at the government for not coming in there and changing and making it better when they are the, they're the -- charles: sure. >> -- cause of the destruction. charles: to dr. alveda king. dr. king, we obviously saw this when martin luther king jr. was assassinated, and we understood the pain and how angry people were at the time. but over and over again we see this scene, and people wonder why are you burning down your neighborhood? why are you burning down businesses? why is this reaction? and it continues to happen the
1:19 pm
same way, the same script always gets played out. >> charles, thank you so much. i, i lived through those days. i marched and went to jail, marched with my dad, was in rallies with my uncle, reverend a.d. king, my dad, and i would always ask right in the midst of it why were people destroying their own property and their own homes? i remember when martin luther king jr. was assassinated. i remember my father going out begging people, don't burn, don't loot. and yet we had burn, baby, burn and black power. i do want everyone to know, please viewers, understand that this is not worse than it was in the '50s and '60s, and we have not gone back. we've not lost as much ground as we'd like to think we have. and that's why charles and i can talk to you today on this great network with this opportunity. so we've not gone back. don't give up hope. but this ridiculous, violent
1:20 pm
reaction without thinking -- because people, charles, just think about it. if some of the people who have recently been shot and killed had been at work or at school, they probably would not have been shot. so this flawed system needs to be fixed. put america back to work. this is still a great nation. and so people out of frustration, you get angry, and you just hit the thing that's closest to you. charles: yeah. >> this has to stop, charles. it has to stop. charles: you know, dr. king, i'm with you on that, but i will tell you despite this story, there was one in chicago over the weekend that hit me more at home i guess because i have a 19-year-old son, and a 19-year-old boy was killed. he was supposed to go back to college in chicago. well, he went to st. johns in new york. i see these kids come home from college, they're good kids, and somehow they're murdered over the summer recess holidays. often i think they're deliberately picked on. so how do you stop people from destroying themselves over and over again, and do you think that there's been so many excuses whether people blame
1:21 pm
guns or people blame the economic conditions, because when you start to resort to this indiscriminate violence that kills -- almost self-genocide, i just can't explain it or condone it. >> we are in a climate, there is racism,s there is ethnic discrimination. various ethnicities are experiencing various things. the class system, the caste system, all of this is going on. perhaps, charles -- and this is not your case, and prayerfully not mine -- but some of us are doing our best to educate, inform and teach our children how to maneuver in this society. but they don't have enough information as to how to do that. and, you know, we had that other conversation, and i got in a lot of trouble talking about white privilege. so i want to talk about ethnic privilege rather than just narrow it down to one thing. but the bean counting and the forecasting where you take somebody's social security number or the first letters of their social security number or something and say, well, we
1:22 pm
won't land in that area, because they're not going to have the kind of money we need. it may not always be skin color, but to make those kinds of decisions and forgetting that we're all human beings, acts 17:26, we should treat each other equally. all of us should do that, charles. we need to. charles: i think as the pool of people displaced or unfortunate continues to grow and what's been a multi-decade, sluggish economy, i think we're feeling few -- feeling more of the brotherly love, but there are some specific issues we need to fix. dr. king -- >> we need to go back to school and be reeducated. charles: we're not going to do it today, but i'm pitching a one-hour special. and i hope they green light it. if they do, i want you on it. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. charles: all the major averages hitting lifetime highs, but is the fed set to hit the brakes on this rally? stick around, you are watching fox business network. ♪ if you have medicare
1:23 pm
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charles: well, major stock market indices hitting lifetime highs but not alone in these record moves. consumer stocks are keeping pace, hitting records as well. technology stocks hitting new highs, industrials also getting in on the act at new highs, but there are some fears that these valuations are too high. gary says the market overvalued, but jonathan hoenig says there's still room for more buying. [laughter] you know, gary, i think you guys both could be right. listen, the market would be oversaw valued and continue to go higher, but what are your main concerns, gary? >> yeah, look, we're at the historical end of the range as far as valuations except for '99, but look, i think we're going higher. it is pretty simplistic. you have europe, japan, china, us, sweden, i'm just waiting for albania at 0% rates, negative rates, and markets love it. when you have all these negative rates around the globe, they have to go somewhere. as soon as the dow and s&p broke out of range, combined with the
1:27 pm
fact there's 11% cash and mutual funds in pension funds which is gargantuan, you end up with a move like this, and i think there's more to go -- >> i thought i was supposed to be on the bullish side here? [laughter] gary is, i think, pointing out a lot of the big factors here, charles, the first of which is that the market, as you said, is at an all-time high. the best indicator of the market is the market, and when stocks are strong -- and they're undeniably strong despite those fears. today something like 260 new 52-week highs today, so the market's strong. and quickly to gary's point, the fact that people have so much cash on the sidelines is even more of a reason -- charles: jonathan, you hearken back to the old days when you believed the market was a harbinger of ings to come -- things to come as opposed to current situations? >> indeed. i mean, charles, we often look to try to explain the move when we look to the markets and say why is the stock market rising, for example.
1:28 pm
that's what we do as speculators, right? we act on incomplete information. so, you know, one of the factors -- and gary talked about the potential for rising interest rates. i actually think for investors now to start to maybe hedge against that. maybe check out a fund like dlbs, this is a fund that goes up when interest rates go i don't own it for me, but always keep your eye on the market and not so much on the headlines. charles: there's going to be a new person in the white house come january. hillary clinton, vice president joe biden right now at this very moment talking up her plan for the economy that they say, quote, works for everybody, not just those at the top. you know, gary k., what do you make of that, that somehow the economy's doing okay, it's just that the distribution of the spoils of our collective effort are just so focused on the top 1%? >> well, the problem with hillary clinton is she wants to take more money out of the economy and put it into the sleazy, slime my, greasy, grimy
1:29 pm
hands of washington, d.c. that are inefficient, ineffective and never do anything good for anybody. the greatness of this country is the workers of this country, the producers of this country, and they just want to take more. the last year of bill clinton's administration government spent $1.8 trillion on a federal basis, it's now nearing $4 trillion, and she wants more. that's the reason why the economy can't get going, and that's why you have central banks around the globe doing what they're doing. charles: you know, jonathan, i know you've been critical of donald trump with respect to traditional conservative fiscal policies, but what plan would be better, donald trump's or hillary clinton's? >> well, i think what's probably most offensive about what hillary clinton's talking about today and just the general theme of her campaign, charles, is exactly as you said, this theme of income inequality, as if that's government's role, to somehow take from those who have produced and give to those who have not. inequality, charles, it's just a metaphysical reality. what's important is equality under the law and the fact that
1:30 pm
successful entrepreneurs like mark zuckerberg have been able to create these values and become multi-billionaires, we all benefit. that's what clinton should be focusing on. charles: you know what? the audience benefited from both of you guys today. i'm so happy every time i see your names in the queue. thanks so much. >> thank you, charles. charles: next, the cyber pro that says the negative effects of the e-mail hack could be never-ending. ♪ ♪ you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgivess, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. of many pieces in my i havlife.hma...
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charles: impact of the hack on the dnc not going away for democrats. they're still addressing the fallout and worried about a new batch of leaks. peter barnes has the details. reporter: hey, charles. house democrats are in full damage control after the latest leak of sensitive party information by alleged russian hackers. democrats scrambling this weekend to replace a mix of government and personal cell phone numbers and email addresses after hackers posing as "gucifer" 2.0 posted this information friday on nearly 200 current and former democratic lawmakers. information on senior staff members was leaked as well. democratic leader nancy pelosi said she changed her cell phone number this weekend after she received scores of mostly obscene, sick calls and voice mails and text messages. "politico" reports democrats are bracing for possible use of embarrassing hacked into information in the future.
1:35 pm
research by opponents in the election campaigns as you mentioned. incumbents in tough races are especially worried democratic officials said the hacks appeared to be an attempt to interfere with u.s. elections. the fbi is investigating. charles. charles: thank you very much, peter. are politicians easy targets for hackers? we have cybersecurity expert paul viola says, yes, they are. i mean the dnc, i don't understand. can they, can i help them? can you volunteer to help these guys? >> you know what, charles? great to join you but three words come to my mind, low-hanging fruit. the arrogance level of our elects officials relates to on any many fronts, communicate electronically never ceases to amaze me, it really doesn't. charles: how do you have your security breached? this should be number one thing within the party and government in general? >> you wouldhink, right?
1:36 pm
it is totally amazing. here's the issue there, charles. it is so easy to do. this is not difficult stuff. this is not rocket science. we're not recreating algorithms. for them to properly secure email and be prudent about it and professional is not a difficult or costly task. it is matter of actually doing it. we talked about the disparity between traditional i.t. and cybersecurity. they have to understand their information is commodity and it is valuable, that metadata can be sold and resold. for them not to protect it, i throw up my hands of the depth of stupidity here is overwell ming. charles: between all the hacks that have gone on so long, we can expect a series of leaks and perhaps even a lot more embarassment for the dnc and hillary clinton? >> absolutely no question about it. the worst is yet to come for the democratic party. especially democratic elected officials. they have this trove of information, right? got this basket of information.
1:37 pm
they will have analysts, their own criminal analysts go through it, to see what will be the most marketable metadata and how they will use it, rest assured they will. i do have to say one thing. i notice we keep talking about the russians to go after hillary. charles, what i don't understand about that from intelligence perspective is, putin would be so far better off if clinton was elected, because we all know she fails violently to protect the country. i don't get that part. from the cyber side makes sense but political side? i don't know. charles: wonder how much do you think nancy pelosi phone number got in the metadata sites? >> you know what? i can't imagine that she actually changed her cell, charles. i guess it was good sound bite. charles: guess so. thanks a lot, paul. >> thanks, charles. charles: donald trump is about to deliver a major address on isis. to blake burman, what we should expect to hear, blake. reporter: hi, there, charles. the campaign source says the
1:38 pm
speech we're about to hear from donald trump will be how to destroy isis and not contain it. anyone who thinks along those lines would be considered an ally. there will be several focuses here to the speech. among them we can tell you that we expect trump to further explain his immigration proposals. for example, he is expected to call for a new screening test that would allow entrance into the united states for those in areas where adequate screening doesn't exist, to show that they support american values. also along those lines, trump will also call, we expect, for the need to work with muslim reformers. that would be quite the evolution, both of them, from his initial muslim ban. trump will also focus heavily on the president's and hillary clinton's foreign policy past. trump's senior foreign policy advisor, dr. walid phares said on "varney & company" early this morning said this speech is going to be a benchmark. >> he will elevate the debate to strategic level, whereby his
1:39 pm
debate with mrs. clinton will not be about little things anymore. she will have, and her camp will have to answer that. reporter: we'll hear it all from the candidate, charles, from himself in about 20 to 30 minutes from now, trump is set to speak then in youngstown, ohio. charles? charles: blake burman, thanks a lot. donald trump addressing terror momentarily. tim cook is addressing the role apple should be in the fight against terror. what the outspoken ceo is saying next. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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reporter: good afternoon, live from tloor of new york stock exchange with lori rothman and your fox business brief. they're on track to close with regards. s&p 500, it would be a 10th record close this year. interesting though, we've got typical dog days of summer with low volume. s&p 500 is not moved 2% up or down last six sessions. that sums up trading session. look at individual movers here. twitter shares are up just more than 7%. "new york times" reporting that twitter is working on launching an app that would let you stream apple tv on the social media website. then you've got retail names. retail way on the rise. supervalu, the grocery wholesaler did a deal with fresh market. shares are up 8 1/2%. hear from a lot of other retail earnings reports this weekend.
1:42 pm
that should be very influential. back to "cavuto: coast to coast."
1:43 pm
charles: more problems with obama care, that both cigna and humana are filing higher premiums in 10 sees's health care exchange. cigna asking for 46% increase. humana, a little more humane, 44% increase. meantime british are exiting -- we all got excited
1:44 pm
about that but here's the thing. the new government dragging its feet on "brexit," the actual "brexit," might not be complete until 2019 or beyond. liz macdonald whether the whole "brexit" drama was overblown. markets swooned afterwards. they came back. opponents say we told you so. proponents say we told you some it hasn't even begun. >> we are hearing 2017 for britain to leave the e.u. by 2019, they don't have personnel in place to handle "brexit." market reacted this time last year to china devaluing its currency more. s&p dipped 10%. vix index went spiraling up five times what it was. charles, tell you something, here's the thing. the fact that with the markets are not reacting to, the fact we've got major players like carl icahn, bill gross, saying
1:45 pm
run for the the exits and vix index, fear gauge is really, almost near record lows, that tells you something ri it's a really complacent market. charles: market is complacent and whole "brexit" thing was from mature. theresa may has her hands full. they wanted to invoke article 50 as soon as the vote was over and not drag her feet. maybe we should be cool using that as some sort of a gauge. this obamacare is so funny, roosters have come home. worst-case scenario are playing out, including massive hikes coming real soon. >> you said this would happen in 2010. a lot of people said, wait a second, giving insurance companies monopoly on markets. what do you see? see nearly a quarter of u.s. counties, one insurer dominating market. now you're seeing, cbo said, 8%, insurance rate increases for exchanges. more than double, even quadruple certain states, in certain states. you see 49 states double-digit price increases.
1:46 pm
health insurance exchanges. hillary clinton and no democrat and no proponent of health reform say this is success. charles: no. >> absolutely, it is a failure. basically handed the insurance industry a monopoly on markets. charles: as soon as we stopped backing their losses, now they want to get out of it. that is why we probably shouldn't have let them write it. >> yeah. charles: apple and taxes, tax as big topic. >> tim cook gave a interview to the "washington post," that is interesting. have $231 billion h and equivalents. some say 80% is parked overseas. that 231 billion is about the size of ireland's gdp they have a lot of money over in ireland. tim cook was asked about corporate taxes. he is saying, you know what? we'll wait for a fair rate. all-in apple pay, tim cook says 40%. 35% u.s., would be the rate and then state and local. so 40% is what he is saying. he is saying that is not fair rate.
1:47 pm
u.s. government officials you have to cut that rate down below 40%. charles: i never knew they paid that i see them pay a lot less. >> effectively because of moves they make. charles: do you trust, even under president obama, who says, all right, repatriation is 10% and overall tax rate is 15%, that enough to woo apple to bring money home? >> i think it is. steve jobs talked about a tax holiday when he was alive. tim cook picked up on the theme. so you know, the fact that tim cook is weighing in here on corporate tax reform as donald trump pointing out, cutting tax rate, really interesting, does tim cook sound more like republican? no. he sounds like somebody pragmatic and realistic. the cheapest stimulus is get 2 trillion in cash corporations have overseas coming home. charles: imagine if we got a frack sun, 400, $500 billion plan no american would have pay for. >> that's right. charles: thanks, emac. donald trump speech in a few moments.
1:48 pm
the question for some, will he stay on message? we'll have more on that right after this. your insurance company
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>> once again in comparison donald has been all over the place on isis. talked about letting syria become a free zone for isis a major country in the middle east that could launch attacks against us and other. he talked about sending ground troops, american ground troops. well that is off the table as far as i am concerned. [cheering] charles: well that was hillary clinton just moments ago saying no boots on the ground. in fact we're moments away from donald trump laying out his plan to defeat isis, to trump backer former navy seal carl higbie and a former homeland security consultant, mustafa aziz.
1:52 pm
hillary clinton trying to get ahead of trump's speech. what is your assessment, that donald trump is focused on getting rid of isis, not necessarily was hillary saying having free rein in syria but putting together a coalition to get rid of them once and for all? >> he would have been taken a lot more seriously when he had last week saying that president obama, hillary clinton, you know, were the founders of isis. look, donald trump is more comfortable being howard stern than being ronald reagan. he fits more like a shock jock than a policy wonk. charles: but, let me ask carl then, that aside, he is resharpened his focus on this. and he is changed quite a few things from a couple of months ago. the idea now is to get rid of isis period and to do it with a broad array quote, unquote allies, might include russia or assad. >> next to economics, this is trump's major talking point.
1:53 pm
he can be strong on isis. he can be as strong as he wants. hillary clinton voted for war but ruling out ground troops most effective weapon. how do you rule that out without knowing what potential future of isis is going to be? hillary clinton is claiming isis, we're beating them, they're shrinking. no, they're going to west africa to run free range. hillary clinton does not have what it takes to defeat isis. donald trump is only strength candidate. charles: i i have breaking news vice president biden saying no less prepared on foreign policy than donald trump. they're attacking ahead of his speech. to carl's point, how do we eradicate isis, pretty obvious air campaigns alone don't work. i don't know that we have enough confidence from the locals there that they would put themselves on the him? >> i disagree with secretary clinton taking ground troops off the table. i don't think we should take anything off the table this is
1:54 pm
multipronged approach. we not only have to hit them on the ground. we have to dominate cyberspace. this is war of ideas. we have to continue to build allies across the middle east. that is comprehensive way of going after isis. our mission should be to go after isis and to end them, more than trying to contain them. charles: to what degree boots on the ground? if we take raqqa, pretty obvious would have to be door-to-door fighting where we get highest casualty count? >> look i think we have been very successful recently in backing up iraqi and other troops in the region. these latest victories that we had on the ground in terms of pushing back isis have come from other troops other than the united states but we provided intelligence. we provided special-ops. we have provided satellite coverage and coverage over the air. that is kind of tactics we continue to succeed on the ground. carl? >> going back to the hillary clinton and joe biden saying that donald trump is the least
1:55 pm
qualified, look, this is about judgment calls. hillary clinton made the wrong judgment call every single time she had the opportunity. donald trump give him the opportunity. his plan is looks more solid. willing to commit everything to defeating isis. going back to isis. we are not winning the war. anybody out there who thinks they are, is fundamentally wrong. we can show geographic call territory is shrinking because they're moving to places like france, gemany, north africa. they are not staying. they don't need a geographical location. their goal is not the middle east. the goal is the take the whole world. charles: what about the notion we should beat them military in areas like raqqa? >> absolutely. charles: is that the main thrust we should focus on? >> we need to pound raqqa into parking lot. leave them naked to their enemies for 500 years. these people only speak force. if we don't they will continue to grow and have influence. charles: carl, we know when it comes to the public, we get riled up.
1:56 pm
once we see body bags and body count, public opinion changes very quickly. >> public opinion changes quickly on backs of media and social media. problem on d-day, we lost more troops on d-day in entire war in iraq an afghanistan. public needs to get behind it, if we don't destroy now to commit resources we'll fight on our front porch. charles: you don't disagree with that, do you? >> we have to commit all resources. this is not conventional war like we fought in world war ii. this is war of ideas. people were inspired by it. charles: donald trump, by the way is saying that as well. he is also admitting that, saying this is also a war of ideas. both you guys were fantastic. thank you very much. donald trump's speech moments away. focused on isis and immigration and fbn will be all over it after this. ) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey!
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charles: very busy day acoast to coast, hillary clinton in the meantime touting her economic plan with vp, vice president biden in the battleground state of pennsylvania. donald trump looking at the podium, he's going to lay out his way to beat isis. and trish regan is going to take you through it. >> we're going to have it. thank you so much, charles. breaking this hour, donald trump will be delivering a major speech on fighting terrorism that's happening any minute from now in youngstown -- forgive me. ohio. you're looking at a live picture there of the podium that he is going to take. i am trish regan, welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. he'll be laying out his plan on how to defeat isis, how to defeat terrorism both here and broad. a campaign official telling us that unlike our current administration, donald trump are name our enemies, radical islam and like president reagan did during the cold war, trump will declare war on a ideology. trump is also if we could to make it very clear that the probms


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