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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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not running out the door to grab one. >> we have our own, a cheeseburger. ashley: it has pickles in it, i am deadly afraid of pickles, they are the devil devil's food, they ruined it. melissa: it pretty good. >> a new approach which must be share by both parties in america. by our allies overseas, and by our friends in the middle east. must be to hold the spread of radical islam. we cannot always choose our friends but we can never fail to recognize our enemies. deirdre: donald trump making a key speech on national security, a big part of it fighting radical islamic terrorist and isis. this is "risk & reward," i am deirdre bolton, arguing that tighter immigration standards are needed to keep citizens safe.
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with same fervor he said that u.s. fought the cold war. what stood out most. >> donald trump started off by trying to portray, president obama and hillary clinton as those responsible for a destabilized for the crises in the middle east. he floated new ideas on how he sees fit to defeat isis, he said he would work closely with nato, isis' internet capabilities should be cut off, his speech was more about what the terror group is trying to spread abroad, connectioning it to issue of immigration and defending homeland, continues t to. trump proposed temporarily suspending immigration from regions that export terrorism.
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and who might support things like sharia law, bigotry or hatred, and who does not believe this the u.s. constitution. >> i call it extreme vetting, extreme, extreme vetting, our country has enough problems. we don't need more. reporter: trump said one of his first acts should he become president, of the united states, would to be set up a commission on radical islam. deirdre: we heard that great blake buhrmann thank you. >> thank you. deirdre: hillary clinton also spoke she criticized donald trump's plan to combat isis. >> sometimes, hes is a he won't tell anyone what he'll do because he wants to keep his plan, quote secret, then the secret is, he has no plan.
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that was very clear when he saidi know more about isis than the generals, no. no donald, you don't. deirdre: with me now trump campaign senior advisor welcome tana ga glad to have you here, what did you make of hillary clinton a comments, how much of a disadvantage does she face. the obama administration, has admitted it made big mistakes in libya. >> exactly. when hillary said he does not have a plan, i disagree, he just laid his plan out for the american voters to understand and clearly, hear what he plans to do and how he plans to defeat isis. i think st was a big loss on her case say he has none. metropolitans are opt -- americans of optimistic that a
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presidency with donald trump as commander and chief will keep us safe, that is what we want to be able to be safe. deirdre: when donald trump spoke in youngs town, ohio he had a lot of applause, one moment you did have some people in the room, a little bit quiet. is that donald trump made a comment about bringing together nations that could be our allies, he specifically included russia, and china. he had gotten applause for a lot of line that one people were quiet, why do you think that is? >> you know, i didn't notice, that i wish i had. but response was good, i loved see mr. trump this way, this is what you get with a president like donald trump, you get a sere you matter -- serious matter, he takes it seriously, this is not a laughing matter, he was very focused and very serious, he is a leader, most politicians run from these topics and
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subjects, mr. trump is a man of action, we needed to hear how desperate of a situation we're in and yo -- how unsafe our world. is so, i'm not sure why it was quiet, i didn't catch that -- >> oh, even with russia just this idea that goes sort of weather democrat or independent or republican, or libertarian that russia is a country that can't be trusted? >> maybe under all other presidents that we had, obama definitely, you don't let people know what you are going to do. people respect mr. trump as do a lot of other governments and people in high positions, other people are fearful of russia, mr. trump is not, he is the best negotiator you will find. he knows what he is doing, he will get the job done so, i have not one bit of a concern that mr. trump cannot hole his
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own -- hold his own and have a wonderful rape with tha wonder rape with tha 1 -- relationship with other countries and politicians you name it. deirdre: state department is granding conservative watch dog group judicial watch, copies of their recover able e-mail that fbi found during hillary clinton's investigation, to be fbi director james comey saying they found thousands of work related e-mails from clinton a server, one that had not been delete or turned or to state department, not yet clear whether e-mails will be realized to public. but to whatti extent is this going on hurt hillary clinton in november and help donald trump even if they are not released to the public. but ju do exist that were not turned
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over. >> we could not be turn more excited. 33,000 e-mails have been missing, the american people have a right to know, we want to know what was in the e-mail, what were they talking about. we know it was not yoga pants and grand charge. children, i knew it would come. i am thrilled. this will be devastating for the hillary clinton campaign. the cream always rises to the top. and the truth always prevails, i patiently have been waiting for this day. and this is great breaking news. deirdre: you have been working very hard for the trump campaign, he is lucky to have you, thank you tana. deirdre: thank you. deirdre: also proposing a new more precise ide idealogical
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for those who want to enter u.s. >> in the cold war we had an idea logical screening test, the time is overdue to develop a new creapin screen screening test, those who do not believe in our constitution or support bigotry are hatred will not be admitted for immigration. we will temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most volatile regions the year that have a history of exports terrorism. deirdre: my next guest said this is what he has been calling for, for years, with nme now. dr. jasser. how do you think this test will work, what if people just lie? >> you know deirdre, lying is -- right no we're doing
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nothing. at bottom line at least we can only vet against ideology of those whdo not believe in sursystem, and right now, studies have shop shown 14% of the refugees have sympathy for isis. if we can find that out by just polling certainly we can find this out with vetting. it of the great to hear mr. trump use the word reformers, we're having a conversation we should have had in the primaries it should have been going on for years rather than a bland ban of muslims but, the bans of the ideology, and then of country leaders he say are allies that should be working with us, i would think that king of saudi arabia, and king of qatar and
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membership of their military apparatuses would not be allowed to come here, this good to hear him taking about vetting. deirdre: jordan and egypt and israel and he stopped there. >> as you mentioned this question about russia, i think domestically he on target. we have to protect and stop the influx of those who don't share ideals, but globally we have to have a strategy in staying current allies are brewing the militants, i was sasaddened not to hear him mention assad. you can't allow that cancer to flourish by ending it by bombing, you know old paradigm, i heard 20th century paradigm of picking not doing go regime change any more nation building. the oppote is is happening now as obama sends hundreds of millions of billions to iran that is regine develop that is what
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russia is doing, we need too marry those two have a policy discussion that does same thing with our for foreign policy. deirdre: how can you question. in a room, i know in holland for example, they show films that are western films, if you like they try to gauge behind a double mirror. whether people are upset by them or not, they determine at least one metric that goes into the determination is this person coming here ewho believes in sharia law or not, how long does tw -- does a process like that take. >> it can't be that subtle, it has to be direct, israelis have been doing this for a long time, a lot have, do they believe in any idealize the
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caliphate, if they give an aol jettic -- apoll jettic a-- apology, well, it is like democracy that is not going to cut it. deirdre: where donald trump said we have to fight this extremist ideology with the fervor of the cold war? >> yes, we muslims who are working within the community, that quickly within 30 minutes can tell someone is here just working you know with the majority, but, if they had a majority would want an islamic state and not use u.s. constitution, we can tell that by the way they view sharia playing a role in government, you can vet that if you have the right muslim reformers working with you in the government, right now security clearances, nothing is vetted
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for those again who share our ideas that is why we had so many security lapses within police, and homeland security and et cetera. deirdre: dr. jasser thank you, appreciate your up sites and exper teat. >> earlier, donald trump plans announce to block imtbrap immigrants from country who cannot properly screen their immigrants. former homeland security committee member, and trump supporter senator scott brown said that u.s. should strongly review its policy. >> and embrace a tol tolerant american society, should the issue be this
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>> i call it extreme vetting, extreme vetting. those who do not believe in our constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred will not be admitted for immigration into our country. deirdre: donald trump making a speech about national security, including his ideas about immigration, on that note, washington examiner published this. accepting 6,000 refugees less than they pledged but u.s. is outpacing how many people, have actually been accepted, 8,000. so far this year. europe has been plagued by numerous violence incidents involving terrorists posing as
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a syrian refugees and immigrants. senator scott brown with me now. great to see you. many european states are backing off the original pledge of 160,000. some see this size a sign of common sense following a number of attacks localy. ha iwhat is your view on how the u.s. should adjust? >> europe is reacto re-- reactore-- readjusting because their citizens are beatin getting raped and killed. and here in the u.s. we're just bring them in. all of a sudden you wake up you have syrians living next door, i think it wrong, it is on president obama and hillary
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clinton a hands and john kerry's hands if this continues, if something happens it on them. >> talk about political consequence, german chancellor angela merkel had been popular for about 10 years, many people say this one issue may change her fate, not to mention the people of the people who were attacked in their home country and/or lost their lives. some say hillary clinton in a different context is trying to appeal to undocumented workers to gain support from the rest of the community, these conversations assume to be about latino community, is this going to work for her in november or backfire? >> they are trying everything, it is not unusual to bring people in here who den liv he don't live here and get people
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to feel sympathetic and vote for a certain demographic. that is it. divide everyone to vin -- have infights all of the time that give you more power, i am hopeful those who are here legally the recognize the folks that are coming in illegally will affect their opportunities to fulfill the american dream. deirdre: apple ceo tim cook repeating his outrage about fbi's request, to unlock the san bernardino terrorist iphone. here is a quote from washington post. this is from tim cook. honestly i was shocked that they, would even ask for this. that this wase is disappointing, everyone got a little bit lost in the whole thing, there are 200 us there therplus other countries in
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the word, zero have asked for this. but do the other governments ask or do they take. >> many of them as you know take. but, the big difference, i am aan apple stock holder, i was wrestling when he came out with that, do i sell it or not, i am still, he is a citizen of this country, outrage is the fact that you had someone come over and kill our citizens, that is the outrage, there is no outrage what the federal government, who trying to protect us is asking a company for help to see if there any are more plots or who is involved in future killing, to me that is common sense. you have to strike a balance, but down be all holier than thou. oh, my god i can't believe they asked, of course, they did ask. i would be upset if they didn't ask.
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deirdre: i want too ask but this, because, we have breaking news -- fox is confirming that copies of all recover able e-mail that fbi found during hillary clinton's investigation, james comey says last month that agency found thousands of work related e-mails from clinton's server. ones that either were deleted or not turned over to the state department. so it is not clear, whether or not these e-mails will be released to the public. but how much the just the existence of the e-mails hurt his hil hillary clinton in november. or do you feel that voters already have this in mind. >> there are no additional e-mails, she turned them all over, that is what they told us. if this drip, drip, she says one thing and we found there
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is another thing. i'll be brutaly honest with you and your viewers, the fact that her and her husband and also all of her serogates are trying to make you believe, gosh, if st is not marked classified with big red letters, this is not a big deal. she is the secretary of state, everything she does is classified, every document, every known phone call is classified. the american people are not stupid mrs. clinton and mr. clinton, they understand you are trying to hide to information, to keep it private, you put our country's national security in jeopardy, that is what is happening, you will find more and more of this happening, and it is unfortunate, i think it does affect people trustworthiness, and believe bill tie with her being honest with the american team. deirdre: november will be a true referendum, if you senator scott brown.
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>> thank you. deirdre: sheriff david clark's request, wconsin governor scott walker declared a state of emergency, the nation's guard was called in, protestor throwing rocks, firing shots, 5 police officers were injured, after a officer shot and killed an armed suspect. milwaukee county sheriff david clark has an update on the situation, he with me next. >> anarchist movement. trying to insight chaos. threatening institutions.
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deirdre: violent protest shook
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milwaukee this weekend, protest ors have been throwing rocks, fires shots, a police officer shot and killed, an armed suspect. police say that suspect refused to drop his gun. here is the milwaukee mayor's comments. >> want our community to know that. he had a gun in his hand. police officer did not know it at this time, but there were 23 rounds in that gun. which means he had more bullets in his gun than the police officer had in his gun. deirdre: back with me now, sheriff david clark, i thank you for your time, a lot of people criticizing the milwaukee area for that comment, i think given the riots that we've seen in the streets that was wise. i assume you agree? >> reason why they are
5:29 pm
criticizing him they are antigun people, that tom barrett is, he would like to make it about the gun but he can't. social order collapsed in milwaukee saturday night, social order collapsed. a unique situation occurs when tribal behavior takes over that leads to the rule of law coming under attack, and the law of the jungle takes its place. that is what we saw in display. that is what rioting, milwaukee could be -- that is my hometown, milwaukee could be a case study in how progressive liberal democrat policies create ghettos and destroy cities, looking at pathologies, milwaukee entrenched poverty, we're the 6th poorest city in the country work have a horrible public school system, reading and math scores for black students are near the bottom. achievement gap is widening,
5:30 pm
graduation rate is horrible, and massive unemployment. rate in milwaukee is 32%, you look at questionable life style choices as disfungal family -- disfunctional family. day country that is lead to the rise of an under class you saw those under class values on display. deirdre: you point out a situation which takes some very smart fixes, and long-term fixes. in the meantime, what is the best way you have, a staff to protect and citizens to protect. in the meantime, while hopefully people are working on these longer tell solutions, what can be done now for is the citizen safety. >> in long-term solution, there are nothing but political democrats here. they are not working on anything except expansion of the welfare state, they like the scat us -- status quo, my
5:31 pm
job, preservation of life and property, i made it clear after saturday night, like i said issue these things happen, and in police are at reado that night, we were last night we will be, my job is to get resources in for officers issue we have additional staff in, i call called daffer in governor, i need this extra layer in case this goes to crap, it did in ferguson, it did in baltimore, they did not call out national guard. i made it clear to people of this county, you are not burning this downtown, this is not a repeat of baltimore and ferguson, we had some problems but we did not see looting, torching of cars and firebombing of sunday night, that is the job, we'll get this done. deirdre: sheriff, citizens there are very lucky to have you, sheriff david clark we
5:32 pm
wish you luck and safety. >> thank you. deirdre: there is flooding in louisiana. more rain maybe on the way. at least 6 people are dead, more than 20,000 rescues. we'll get you there. our reporter on the ground, has afternoon update. >> has an update. >> i've never seen this. there is no words to describe what is going on. this is -- you can't tell where the road circumstance i used to drive down this road, and work at the hospital up the road. no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for
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>> i can't. >> give me a knife. >> the dog. >> watch your arm. >> we're coming. >> get my dog. >> deirdre: a dramatic rescue of a woman and her dog seen there, deadly flooding in louisiana, has left at least 6 people dead, called for rescue of more than 20,000. fox news correspondent will carr from baton rouge.
5:37 pm
>> days of rain forcing tens of thousands from their homes, hotel and shelters are filling up. officials saying that the worst may not be over yet. >> we're very thankful for the people out there who are heeding the warnings they are given, to evacuate when that is proper thing to to. reporter: good news is that rain held off monday morning on heels of 20,000 rescues, those effort continuing today with boats, helicopters and high water vehicles. >> as water continue to rise we have to evacuate people to safety, last night, it was two nursing homes. reporter: president obama declared a major disaster in louisiana as they gear up for more rain, for now residents clean up as best they can, coming together to help community recover for weekend, and preparing for more possible flooding later this
5:38 pm
week. >> a lot of people need help. >> get emotional, but this is amazing how everyone is. you feel like, people are watching out for each other. it is good. reporter: some areas water of has started to recede they are well above flood stage with more rain in the forecast. fox news. deirdre: national economy imports from china are taking their toll on industries, furnishings including, donald trump has made reviving manufacturing a key theme to his campaign, my colleague jeff block with me now with more. what is context as far as furniture. reporter: in particular hard hit as a result of trades. you see back there, world market, they specialize in imported furniture, when you look at places like china, a
5:39 pm
lot of imports of furniture really hurt the u.s. manufacturing in that area. in the year 2000 we imported about 4 billion dollars worth of chinese furniture. last year it was 20 billion, you can see where that has gone. a lot of u.s. manufacturers put out of business, we visited one yearing on -- years ago called baker road, they were doing well for a while but now they are out of business, no longer making furniture in the u.s. total percentage of furniture that we buy, we buy 73% of furniture in u.s. from companies that make it overseas, not here at home. reason is it is cheaper. that is where the donald trump piece comes in. suggesting that maybe there should be duties or way to level the playing feel. he thinks.
5:40 pm
but, not just furniture, it is also across the board, looking at way chinese imports have taken off, much more than anything from mexico or japan, 3,000% increase from 1990 to now. something like 15 billion overall. all goods. 25 years ago to now, almost 500 billion dollars. it is amazing when you look at the numbers, sadly. deirdre: jeff flock thank you for that. while in the rain, from chicago. >> my next guest is a conservative in hollywood, he made a speech in support of do donald trump. >> i never consider myself political or spoken out politically before. my belief in this country, my faith in jesus christ, has
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>> donald trump believes in one america. with liberty, and justice for all. having secure borders, protects us citizens, none of this is hateful, this is the responsibility of the government. that is right. it is the right thing to do. donald trump will get it done, and put us back on the right track. deirdre: actor antonio sabato jr. spoke at republic national convention last month, he said he has since been black listed in hollywood, he is with me now, antonio welcome back.
5:45 pm
how do you know that you are being denied work because of your political views? >> well, i was, things have changed. but when i got back from ren republican his jobs lined up they went away, i found out it was because of my association with mr. trump, and the republican party. but they have changed people are coming around, you never know, i right run for office after all this. you never know. deirdre: i was going say, i am sure you will have support, if ha is your chosen path, have you spoken openly about coming here about your process through immigration. you waited lawfully for years. on that note, what is your reaction to this speech that donald trump made earlier on national security. and what ends up about foreign policy? >> i agree with everything mr. trump is talking about. we're in serious types, the
5:46 pm
country is falling apart, we need border protection, and build our military, things have dramatically changed in last 8 years be we need a leader who will make those changes, he is not a politician, but he is a guy who loves this country more than anything, i feel the same way, i feel suprem is up -- country first. i believe in nov november we will win. deirdre: actor will smith criticized trump supporters, your take on his comment. >> as painful as it is to hear donald trump talk and embarrassing to hear him talk, i think its good, we hear it we get to' who people are and cleanse it out. deirdre: cleanse it out of our country. >> wow. deirdre: is that going too far? >> that is too far, cleansing, those are words that actually adolf hitler used, i know the,
5:47 pm
he is a good guy, he has options to say whatever he wants that is fri freedom of speech. but i think that left and democratic party has been more racially, this they have been dividing it country, since day one. but i like will, that is his view. deirdre: he has a view, jon voight defending donald trump over controversial comments he made about second amendment and hillary clinton. here i is angelina jolie's dad. >> do you think that is irresponsible. >> first of all, he did not say that word, don't distort what he said, he -- he is fooling around like you fool around, if you have a sense of humor, you can be in trouble
5:48 pm
if people want to destroy your words, that is what he goes through all of the time. deirdre: jon voight, still telling tmz team to relax, and take a joke. but, is it a generational thing, where there are people still who say what they think? >> you should be able to say -- what comes from your heart, the truth matters, but. with same taken, you should say truth, not make things up, mr. trump is not racist, he has never been racist, i have known him for 20 years, i would be the first to say he was, but he is not, the left is using the racial card, as usual to divide this country. this country has been more divided under the president who a democrat, jon voight a big applaud to him, he is a great guy. that was fun to watch. deirdre: it was fun to watch. thank you, sir. >> antonio sabato jr. with us there from l.a. deirdre: american athlete have
5:49 pm
won most medals in rio. but one 20-year-old nim gis gymnast is being criticized for not covering her heart during a ceremony. >> and in rio, olympic medalist, ryan lochte and 3 other swimmers rob at gun point. sources say that the olympic committee tried to cover it up, we talk about that. >> i put my hands up.
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guns, they told the others to get down on the ground, they got down on the ground, i refused, i said we didn't do anything wrong, i am not get down on the group, a guy pull pulled out his gun, cocked it, put it to my forehead, he said get down, i put my hands expup saiup and said whatever. deirdre: they said crooks posing as police officers pulled them over, took their watt wallet and money. >> what is most important is we're safe and unharmed. my political power panel is her here. >> gina there of initial confusion, at one point commit he not contacted swimmers,
5:54 pm
saying it don didn't happen, but ryan lochte's mother talked about it, calling it horrifying. do you think that legacy of games that maybe someone on the committee wanted to protect that. >> we have been seeing this all along. we have seen as they said they want to have olympics there we knew that water conditions were not good. and the zika virus, a lot of different problem that have been swept under the rug. i think at-this-point, thank god these 4 guys are okay. but there needs to be more transparency, going forward, for olympic committees they will have to consider what is happening in rio. deirdre: fred? >> i think that problem isryo iry vi 7 years ago when -- rio de janeiro is 7 years ago, when they won the olympics,
5:55 pm
brazil was one of the most prosperous countries in world, now it is not, they are in a deep recession. deirdre: you are right a lot has changed. >> all of those, so you have problem like this, in rio, at this time. i have been surprised at how they have done, the olympic committee, why did they have to say anything, i would go with the victim. deirdre: i am with you, i want to ask you, about u.s. gymnast gabby douglas, she is being harassed on-line acoveredding taccording to her mom, with her hand not on her heart during a ceremony, calling
5:56 pm
this a lack of patrio patriotism, she comes from a military family, is this a just excitement of a 20 caree 20-year-old on stage or a code? >> well, the problem is when you get this kind of level of attention, you will have hyper criticism. and one of my businesses actually does works with many different celebrities with these reputation issues, it common, you are going to get really intense verbal violent on-line. and twitter is ruthless, i don't think that the their is -- i think this is blown out of proportion. deirdre: thank you, come back, we're back in just a moment.
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deirdre: another wall street rally.
6:00 pm
hitting new all-time highs. oil up as well almost 3%. in asia chinese stocks shut a 7-week high. charles payne has more and "making money" starts now. charles: it was another day on squall street. all three major averages closing at all-time highs. what must move now to give credibility to the latest le hillary clinton is looking to solidify her lead in pennsylvania. protesters clashing with officers in a city after officers shot an armed man. donald trump is speaking today talking about war with isis and how the u.s. can best fight the terror organization.


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