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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 15, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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and thank you for being with us. among our guests tomorrow, edrollinses and charlie spies. goodf f f f f f f f f f f f f f. now the man himself lou dobbs is here. keep it on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump today called for a shift in america's foreign policy, the republican presidential candidate delivered a well received speech in ohio. there he vowed in nation building and to destroy the islamic state. >> if i become president, the era of nation building will be brought to a very swift and decisive end. [cheers and applause] a new approach, which must be shared by both parties in america, by allies overseas, and about our friends in the middle east, must be to hold
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the spread of radical islam. [cheers and applause] lou: and trump insists he is the only candidate who has the guts and the commitment to stop the spread of radical islamist terrorism. >> hillary clinton's policies launched isis onto the world stage. incident after incident proves again and again, hillary clinton lacks the judgment, as said by bernie sanders, stability, and temperament and the moral character to lead our nation. [applause] lou: we'll be taking that up here tonight. i'll take it up first. but former un ambassador john bolton. and a lot to discuss tonight, including milwaukee. now imposing a curfew for teenagers after that city was rocked by a second night of street violence and rioting. rioters taking to the streets after a black police officer
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fatally shot a black man who was armed with a semiautomatic pistol and who aimed that pistol at the police officer. neither the city mayor nor police chief sto up for that officer in the hours immediately following the incident. the question tonight is why not? milwaukee county sheriff, david clark explains the anarchy in milwaukee on failed progressive policies in that city. he is our guest tonight. and another day of records on wall street, the dow, the s&p, and nasdaq all at new record highs for a second time in less than a week. and trump economics adviser tom barack joins me tonight as we discuss what a trump presidency will mean to job creation and economic growth and prosperity for all. our top story tonight, new details concerning hillary clinton's ever worsening e-mail scandal. notes taken during clinton's interview with the fbi last
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month now set to be turned over the house oversight committee. clinton'sinterview lasted about three and a half hours, despite the file charges, the fbi found that 113 classified e-mails were sent and received by clinton on that private server as well as 2,000 that were classified after the fact. fbi director james comey said investigators found at least three e-mails that contained classified markings, adding that clint quote was extremely careless. trying to rewrite the fbi findings says it's all simply too complicated for average americans to understand. >> first of all, the fbi director said when he testified before congress he had to amend his previous day's statement that she never received any e-mails marked classified.
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they saw two little notes with a c on it. this is the biggest load of bull i ever heard. the state department and the security agencies have different classification systems. these things were never resolved. now, it's too complicated to explain to people. charles: too complicated to explain to people. isn't it nice that we have such learned public officials with such great integrity that they're concerned of our ability to bring in information to analyze it, digest it, and then make something of it all. and we just learned the head of the judiciary for the district of columbia. outlining a case for a perjury prosecution against hillary clinton at issue her testimony before the benghazi select committee. apparently not so complicated that the chairs of those committees did not understand what she had done.
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joining me now, former reagan white house political director, great america pac strategist ed rollins and member of the rnc rules committee, former senior adviser for the newt gingrich campaign in 2012. gentlemen, great to have you both with us. >> thanks for having us. charles: as you might have guessed, randy, i'm aggravated hearing the former president acting as a current president acting as if the rest of us are a bunch of damn fools who don't understand what's going on. what do you make of that condescending patronizing attitude taken on by the counselor to the former secretary that is president bill clinton? >> well, my comment is this. that it's complicated only truth is an obscure concept. that's really the bottom line. i thought congressman trey gowdy in south carolina made it about as abundantly clear as possible when he posed question after question after question to the fbi director and each time the answer was "that was not true.
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that was not true." it's not a complicated concept. the fact of the matter is, it's called perjury. when you put your hand on the bible, and you swear to tell the truth, and you don't, you have committed a federal crime, which is perjury. which some suggest -- and i don't -- i'm one of them who believe it does, renders you ineligible for the office -- any federal office, including the office of the presidency. lou: yeah, i think many of us would think there's no way in the world that anyone should seriously consider hillary clinton for the presidency because of the scandals in which she has been in which she has dragging along with her and the dust from which she keeps kicking up. >> well, the clintons have been handicap by integrity or convictions. so for the former president of the united states who was in field office eight years and say, well, you know, classified documents are really confusing and not everybody understands it. you understand it very, very well. i handle classified documents when i was in the white house. john bolton handled documents a little bit earlier on your show. we knew what the classified
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documents were. we knew how to handle them. they're very clearly laid out. lou: does the prosecution that the congress is seeking, does it go forward? >> i think they're going to have a hard time getting it to go forward. i think they're going to argue it's politics. i think it should go forward, and i think they will certainly try. but the democrats will obviously be unanimous in trying to oppose it, and i think it gets very confusing in a political cycle. >> yeah. and i think that director comey's very, very reluctant to actually decide the outcome of a presidential election. i think he understands the historical proportions. but there also has to be some reliance on the judgment of the american people. i said this earlier. i was -- attended an interesting conference where i was at a different conference but cosmetic salesman there. lou: you were peeking in on a superior conference to the one you were attending. >> that's true. anything superior to a bunch of lawyers meeting. but i thought you would find
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this interesting, lou. they had people when they signed in put their name down and who would you vote for today if the election were today? and hillary clinton won 53 to 43. lou: uh-huh. >> at the end of the program, they had everybody vote by secret ballot. and when the secret ballots were counted, donald trump won 51 to 41. lou: that's great. >> and it just told me something. it told me something. which is politically incorrect today and this -- in august of 2016 to be openly for donald trump, even though he is the ruthless truth teller as opposed to the politically correct dishonest one. and i think we're starting to see that anger of the american people kind of bubble up. and it's -- and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in september and october as we move forward. lou: paul manafort talking about it. his candidate talking about it day in and day out as it seems about political correctness. and i wish everyone would attach one word to the front
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of that because it's leftist political correctness that's at issue here. it is that is the definition of political correctness. it is from the left. it is mind control. it's language control, it's spot control, it is nothing less than authoritarian in nature and purpose. >> it's also for the ultimate game is fighting for the power of the country, and i think that's what they're all about today. the left media, the left democrats or what have you want to continue to take this country on a path that is not what the majority of americans want. but i think at the end of the day this is still a very troubled election -- lou: let's be honest. both candidates want the power to represent their interest, which just so happens that the outside candidate is donald trump, and he wants to restore people to the people. that seems to me like a noble purpose. >> it is a noble purpose. it's a difficult purpose when you have all the people there fighting the power every single day. lou: what you know?
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this is -- as the saying goes, this is a big boy deal. >> that's what democracies are all about. and i think the key thing -- lou: i don't get the feeling that there's i fight. i mean i hear complaints about the damn media. i hear complaints about money. i hear all of this. why in the world aren't we hearing more about the original themes here, randy? which is antiestablishment, antistatus quo, power to the people, build the middle class, don't tear it down. restore living wages to working men and women and their families, and let's get this country moving again? >> i don't think you're giving donald trump adequate credit for the idea that he has systematically building the case for the debate. i think there will come a moment after having given a series of these cases that he's making out on national security, on the economy, on trustworthiness, where you get to the end of the day, and you're standing on the stage right next to hillary clinton, and you look square in the eye, and you say "how could you lie to the parents of a
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fallen soldier in benghazi about the cause of their death? how could you in good conscious do that? how could you systematically sit after taking the oath front of the united states congressnd say things that you knew were not true?" lou: let me assure you. i'm giving him all the credit in the world. what i am also giving him credit for is having the judgment and the passion and the opportunity to take that battle every day to her in every, every meaningful issue. and those are the issues which he has done best, earliest, and has throughout. >> but the problem is you and randy are making a much better case against hillary and a case for him than he is himself. he made a great speech today. he has 12 weeks to go, he has to kick this into gear. he's behind in this race. a lot of problems if had his campaign. a lot of problems with him as a candidate. got 12 more weeks, and you have to win every single week from here out if you want to be the president. lou: i'm getting the
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impression, and ed rollins and i are great friends, and we go back a long ways. but i've got to say to you, i'm tired of him being the only flawed human being in the united states of america. i mean everybody says he has problems, i don't agree with him about everything. he's a little different. i want him a lot different. i'm happy about that, aren't you, randy? >> i am. and the question is would you rather have somebody tell you the hard truth straight up look at you square in the eye and tell you like it is? or would you rather have somebody who is very politically correct leftist politically correct lie to your face? lou: we've got two candidates who represent both ends of that question. >> i'm going to tell you both the hard truth. lou: oh, no. >> we've got a ways to go here, and we've got to get this campaign on track. and as i said the two of you articulate the message very, very well. he has to do it every single day, and he can't get sidetracked. he gets sidetracked on his economic speech a few weeks ago, if he gets sidetracked battling the islamic state or what have you, we'll have another week of bad news.
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>> but, ed, i will remind you of this. you made this point, and i thought you made it brilliantly earlier in the year. every week people thought he was going to lose in the primaries. every week they blamed him for being brash. every week he was too bold, too uncooked, and every week he won week after week. i think there's something here about the secret ballot that is going to shock the world. >> i expect you and your colleagues to make sure the secret ballots all get counted. lou: and that you raise another issue, randy and that is the electoral integrity of this country right now. it's in question. randy evans, we'll take up that question in our next meeting. thanks for being with us tonight. ed rollins, appreciate it, sir. appreciate it. randy, you and i got taken to school tonight by mr. rollins. but we'll forgive him. >> i'm just older and been around longer. [laughter] lou: we're coming right back. much more. stay with us. >> milwaukee for two straight nights in the grip of violence
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and ignorance, two nights of rioting. >> i feel for these individuals, and they need help. but they're not getting it from this democrat liberal class of politicians who have rained off this thing for decades. lou: sheriff david clark joins us here next. and this hero is springing into action to save this woman from louisiana's deadly floodwaters. we'll show you what happens in the dramatic rescue video up next. we're coming right back. a lot more right after these
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♪ awesome internet that's super whoa... ♪ ♪ everything is awesome xfinity. the future of awesome. >> part of what we do in this broadcast is to try to keep the events that we cover, the issues that we cover for you in some context and perspective. for example, 52 people were shot and nine of them fatally in another horrific weekend of violence. but the violence wasn't this violence in milwaukee, it was in chicago. and very few news organizations in the country are reporting that reality. chicago is now on track to see some 700 murders this year. if that is the eventual death toll, a 62% increase over the past two years. to milwaukee now, where authorities are bracing for a
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third night of violence and more rioting after a black police officer shot a black man who was pointing a semiautomatic pistol at him saturday night. a curfew has been established ght. the mayor of milwaukee putting that curfew into effect for 10:00 for teenagers. milwaukee sheriff david clark also ordered near the center of the violence to be closed at 6:00 p.m. not the usual 10:00 p.m. and he is one of the foremost law enforcement officers in this country, in my opinion. and we join him now. milwaukee county sheriff david clark, great to have you with us. i have just got to ask you. three nights this week a curfew put in the city of milwaukee. it's the only thing we've heard by the mayor of
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milwaukee to stem this, the rioting and the violence. >> right. and it's misleading because the curfew for people under 18 is already at 11:00. so he moves it back an hour. he just did that for show. that's going to be ineffective. we have a problem with rowdy juveniles as nightfall comes. i asked him on sunday. i talked to the mayor, and i said "what would be your red line where you would impose a curfew?" and he said he didn't know. i think an effective one would be for under 18, i think it would be minimum 6:00, 7:00. not 10:00. you're well into dark. you can't see what's going on. we're having a big problem with the rowdy juveniles. but between him and chief taking a very soft approach. i'm engaged in this operation. i have a lot of sheriffs deputies involved. it's a joint operation. but they want to take, let around by the crowds. i believe that we should use
11:21 pm
reasonable force and set a tone, make more arrests, police department doesn't make an arrest, that's fine. we're going to do it our way. but it kind of helps if we were working in concert here, because we would be more effective against these crowds. i made the decision to close the park because the park was being used to mobilize. last night around 6:00, 7:00, there were 200 of these individuals that mobilize in the park. so i thought i'm not going to give them a place to mobilize. we're going to keep them on their heels. we're going to make them adjust their tactics, these riot starters. lou: and what role -- is black lives matter, are they involved in what is happening on the streets in milwaukee? >> below the surface. you know, they try to operate clandestinely. they're providing some of the resources and some of the resources have been shipped up from the city of chicago. that's how this model works. they share resources, they ship people in to be agitators and to try to take over the streets at night. but, look, i made it clear
11:22 pm
after the first night of rioting. i said we will not have a repeat of that. i will not allow this city to burn down like ferguson, missouri or baltimore, maryland. they did not call the national guard in baltimore. mayor rawlings-blake wanted to give the rioters room to riot. and ferguson, they did make the call for the national guard. that call or that order was never filled, and you saw what happened. lou: right. >> not going to happen in my county. but i think we need to, the third night as you indicated. it's now time for us to adjust our tactics. but ed flynn and mayor tom, they want to do the nice guy, the soft approach. and that's just going to prolong this thing. lou: and let me be very clear for everyone listening to us talking right now. it was sheriff clark who called governor scott walker and asked for the national guard to be sent in to milwaukee. it was him.
11:23 pm
and governor walker, under the request and the judgment of the sheriff. and, sheriff, where are we headed tonight? >> well, you know, last night was a little better, but not good enough for me. it was better than the first night. we didn't have any firebombing, we didn't have any cars torched, so that's why i say it was a little better. but these things are tenuous. you never know from night to night. but the thing is we have resources in place. we have a good plan. and like job one is to preserve light and property and to use all reasonable resources, which is why i reached out to governor walker for the national guard. they've been mobilized -- they have not been deployed, but a redundancy. look, we only have so many personnel. if they show up with 6- 7- 800 people, we don't have 6- 7- 800 cops to match that thing. so you have that redundancy.
11:24 pm
what happened in baltimore was failure to plan. i said that's not going to happen to me. so i like our plan, it's a good plan. at some point, though, we have to use enough force to discourage these people in engaging in this sort of under class behavior. lou: sheriff david clark, as always great to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thanks, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll. question tonight is do you think it's unintentional or accidental that president obama has opened our borders to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and muslim refugees each year? do you think that's on accident? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram, lou dobbs tonight and links to everything well, please roll the video. look at this. watch this emotional rescue from the deadly waters of louisiana. the car from which the rescuer pulled that woman completely
11:25 pm
submerged, now look what he has. she asked him to go back to bring her dog to safety. he jumped into the water and pulled the woman to safety and then had the guts to go after the dog and the death toll, by the way, from the louisiana flooding has risen to six people. 20,000 more have been rescued. more than 10,000 people tonight are in shelters in louisiana. up next, hillary clinton trying to get out the vote and guess who she's turning to? that's right illegal immigrants. just as we were told years ago. but some say she's encouraging so-called dreamers to break the law. that's a subject of my commentary here next. we've got a lot to cover tonight. stay with us.
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lou: a few thoughts on hillary clinton is why no one should share her sheer awe different for corruption and the clinton's outright intimidation of all who stand, by the way, the fbi and its director. it's amazing to me. hillary clinton is now recruiting illegal immigrants -- are you ready? for her new national voter registration drive. which translates to my dream, your vote. she's expected to talk about it all week at campaign stops all around the country. let me repeat. she's going after illegal immigrants in her voter dry. are you surprised? none of us should be. the clinton initiative comes on the four-year anniversary of president obama's executive orders, blocking the deportation of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants up to five million of them. obama wanted to block the deportation of those millions
11:31 pm
more until the supreme court stopped him. but we think it stopped him, but we're not entirely sure, and no one's following up to make sure he's following the supreme court's orders. either way, for hillary clinton, it's pay back time and now she's banking on the hispanic vote in november. clinton is promised she'll introduce legislation in her first 100 days to expand mr. obama's amnesty programs. she wants comprehensive immigration reform with a full path to citizenship in 100 days. done deal. the democratic national committee also putting the word out that hillary clinton will go much, much further than mr. obama push for that amnesty. the latest polls show clinton doing better with hispanics than trump certainly. and mrs. clinton wants to make that means votes for her in november. clinton's my dream, your vote is nationwide. but will concentrate on the key battleground states of colorado, north carolina, and
11:32 pm
florida. the clinton campaign intends for only legal citizens to vote. and if you believe that as the saying goes, and they say they're also just simply drafting illegal immigrants to help send the word. broadcasts if you will fran illegal base. but hillary clinton has a long history of trying to stuff the ballot box in her favor. she wants automatic voter registration. she wants early voting. she wants as barack obama to actively try to dismantle voter id laws all across the country. so her intentions are clear, folks. absolutely crystal clear. bring in as many illegal immigrants as possible. bring in as many refugees principally muslim as possible. eliminate any requirement possible for registration, and having the right to vote de facto to as many people as possible, irrespective of
11:33 pm
citizenship, residency, or the disenfranchised lawful voters you know american citizens. the democrats are stealing not only this election, they're reducing to enforce laws, reducing to enforce our border, and the integrity of our elections. they're stealing, in fact, the country. and counting on the apathy and the stupidity of republican leaders to aid them in the effort. there are names that may come to your mind. for example, paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, the care o chamber of commerce. and for that matter our fbi and justice department. will they even lift a finger to stop all of this? right now, that finger is obviously for you, me, and our fellow citizens. our quotation of the evening. this one from winston churchill hill who said the dreaded political sort. quote a politician needs the ability to foretell what is
11:34 pm
going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year, and have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen. we've got by that measure some awfully good politicians in washington. we're coming right back. lou: donald trump swears to protect america and americans and to destroy radical islamist terrorism once and for all. >> we will defeat radical islamic terrorism just as we have defeated every threat we faced at every age and before. lou: former u.s. ambassador john bolton joins me here next with reaction to trump's important foreign policy speech today. and this suspect leading police on a wild chase in the lone star state. we'll show you the video of the dramatic ending and much the dramatic ending and much more straight ahead. your business needs a lot of speed. but getting it doesn't have to break the bank. introducing the comcast business summer savings event.
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lou: in a major foreign postal speech today, donald trump proposed to administer a new test for immigrants entering the united states. u.s. visas would not be issued in nations with suspects, security practices, only foreigners who respect u.s. ideology and tough screening to be admitted. >> the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today.
11:39 pm
i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more. and these are problems like we've never had before. [applause] . lou: joining me now former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton also fox news contributor. ambassador, good to have you with us. extreme vetting. give me a sense of what that means. >> well, maybe he was referring to extreme sports. but i think what he's talking about is trying to do better than we do now, both in terms of visa applicants and also applicants for permanent resident status. and this is undoubtedly going to be constitutional. but the fact is that the entire process to review applications to come into the united states is completely overwhelmed at this point. lou: vetting, by the way, -- just to remind people.
11:40 pm
the fbi director, ambassador, says that theres no way we can vet them. number two, that means the united nations has no investigated interest in vettinthem, therefore they're not going to be vetted. period. are they? >> well, it's actually worse than that. you know, in the refugee camps along the turkish, syrian border. the people who are -- the real victims of isis genocide, christians and others. lou: uh-huh. >> simply won't go into the un high commissioner for refugees camps because they're afraid that once they come in and identify themselves, they'll be in danger in the camps. lou: yeah, and there's been no action taken by this administration to protect those people who are, you know, at the mercy. and there is no mercy of course by the islamic state. they're eradicating christians from the middle east. and this is a sorted and horrible lie to the american people that's being perpetuated by the democratic party and all of the surrogates of hillary clinton as well as this
11:41 pm
administration. and yet there are very few voices in the republican party standing up and saying what they must. >> well, i think that's one reason why trump's speech really could have an impact. because he has i think very clearly identified who the enemy is here. it's an ideology, it's an ideology based on radical interpretation of islam. it's more than simply using the name radical islamic terrorist. although that would be a good start for barack obama. but it's recognizing what we've got here is a political opponent very similar to kinds of ideologies we faced in the 20th century. and unless you're prepared to understand that, you're never going to be able to amount an effective global strategy against them. lou: yeah, we're watching something unfold here that i don't think most americans are even remotely aware of. and that is this facilitation
11:42 pm
program started under the administration with refugees actually being shipped into cross towns across small cities across the country and establish by the thousands in communities with the help of the chamber of commerce, with the help of community colleges, small colleges. this is an extraordinary operation that's been carried out for the better part of two decades. and n, owe fruit is -- well, is here. and it is -- it is lawlessness, it is a change in culture, and it is an administration. this administration and one can imagine it changing under a -- potentially a clinton administration that means to overthrow the american way of life in communities across the country. >> well, it exposes innocent american civilians to real peril. if we look at what happened to europe already with the flood of refugees coming out of the conflict in syria but really from around the region, the
11:43 pm
minister of lebanon said five or six months ago that he thought 2% of the 1 million people that entered germany in the past year were terrorists. that's 20,000 people. and they're on their way to the united states, the senior intelligence officials have already testified to that effect. lou: i want to point out as we close here. it's terrific reporting on this in particular the connection to one small community. twin falls, idaho, and what has happened in that community as a result of this insidious operation that's been carried out by -- well, by special interests, including apparently the local chambers of commerce across the country. small colleges. and the clinton administration and now the obama administration. it is absolutely gut-wrenching to learn what has happened and what is going on at this very moment. ambassador john bolton, thank you very much. we appreciate it.
11:44 pm
and as i would like to commend to you, any of the articles by ed brightheart of this issue doing an extraordinary job reporting there. please roll the video and watch as this high-speed chase turns violent. a three car crash, the suspect driving the stolen truck lost his two front tires spike strips but keeps going. he eventually ran a red light, was t boned, crashed into a truck, fortunately no major injuries, and he was stopped. there. up next, donald trump says hillary clinton is all talk, no action when it comes to strengthening the economy. trump economic adviser joins us next.
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lou: joining me now, colony capitol member of the trump economic team, tom with us tonight. tom, good to have you with us. and you are with us at an interesting time. foreign policy speech today. well received by donald trump.
11:49 pm
this is -- you know, it becomes tiresome to hear the discussion in the mainstream media about pivots and turns and resistance to adaptation. where is donald trump right now? is he in a happy place? he seemed to be comfortable, as he spoke today about foreignpolicy. >> he is. he is in a happy place, and i think that if he continued to just stay on target and theme like he did today, and did that every day for the next 80 days, he would probably be president of the united states. he's in a very good place. you know, donald is donald. so all the negativism that we're dealing with, which many of us are tired of. tired on both sides. and he's better than that. and what you saw today, and what you saw in his economic speech is the real decision, and you said it earlier in your show. is between status quo, what
11:50 pm
we're dealing with, what we dealt with for the last eight years, last 12 years in disruption. and donald disruption on steroids and hillary who, in my opinion, is very qualified, very competent. we can take all the negatives that really go along with politics. and the bottom line is you're choosing between status quo, which hasn't been very effective in the hope of a disrupt, and somebody who is a little bit unpredictable, which actually is a good thing. it's a good thing in foreign policy. it's a good thing in domestic economy. so to chip away at the aircraft carrier. lou: yeah, it's interesting to me because he is the disruptive force. he brings great energy, he brings great force. he has set the agenda for this national contest from june 16th forward. it wasn't anybody else sort of slipping in little pieces of paper to say, well, why don't you -- candidates talk about this.
11:51 pm
it was donald trump, and it remained so. his ideas have been fresh, they've been disruptive as you say, and, by the way, i credit him for that early on. it is, it seems to me, a very straight forward issue. this is a man getting the hell beat out of him every day by the national media, and i wonder if friends and surrogates appreciate what that's like. because i can tell you, i've been there. and he's getting it from every possible direction from every quarter. and there is nothing fair. i mean he is exactly right. there's nothing fair about this. but now dual noted, move on, and beat the living tar out of them should be the next phase, don't you think? >> absolutely. and, look, this is the discussion i had with my peers every day; right? it's amazing that wall street, the financial community, the technology community has not rallied around this man for their own interest; right? part of the problem has been that most of us who are out
11:52 pm
participating in the arena have said the way we're going to participate is we're going to write checks to somebody else who has the statue, the guts, the encourage of a man like donald trump to step into the middle of that arena by himself. none of us are going to do it. so the only answer is to step in and participate helping influence that system, which he's doing. lou: i couldn't agree with you more, and, tom, i encourage all of you supporting him. it would be nice to see more than checks flow. how big a little blood too? and i think that's also, you know, it's helpful. but he's the essence of a leader. he's standing tall, standing tall above everyone else moving straight ahead. i happen to respect the hell out of that. tom, i respect you for being here and carrying the case forward. we appreciate it so much. up next, donald trump says unlike hillary clinton, he'll put america first. daniel helper and mike gallagher join us next. stay with us.
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lou: in our online poll, 90% of you say the obama justice department will never hold hillary clinton accountable. joining me is daniel halpert.
11:57 pm
mike gallagher, great to have you here. how are you doing? >> i'm in awe. juj just phage through yesterday's sunday's "new york times," all these guys, it's like they are in this frenzied shark attack. lou: i thought he was a big league, big time thinker. >> they are having the vapors, and there is a little thing called hillary and little scandals that keep happening and the drip, drip, drip, but they don't pay much attention to it. >> have never had a press that was more single anti-candidate than they are about donald trump. there is something about him that drives them nuts. so they are able to overlook
11:58 pm
hillary clinton's failures. there are a lot of good stories to be written about hillary clinton. lou: there is reeking corruption around her. >> take for a moment the potential first husband bill clinton attack, saying it's a load of bull. i know it's a big deal donald trump told a protester to go back to his mommy. but maybe bill clinton taking on comey this way is a big story. tie wouldn't be surprised if everything ever associated decided to show up. he got buffaloed by her and he says she lies, and she doesn't
11:59 pm
do anything about it, daniel. >> there is a lot of trust being he float this just its department and f.b.i. the prime example being the children tons. they are doing enormous damage to trust in the system which is what donald trump is running against. and it's a weird conundrum where we have a lot of the people who aren't convinced people are getting a fair shake. lou: mike, does it get much worse than this? >> the clinton foundation versus the state department? at this point we are number to the craziness. she owns both much them. the justice department still belongs to barack obama or at least they did. daniel halper good to have you with us.
12:00 am
and thank you for being with us. among our guests tomorrow, edrollinses and charlie spies. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: happy monday. a brand-new week and we have lots to talk about. donald trump gave a foreign policy speech today. the isis and how our partners around the world fit in. we'll explore that in just a moment. but first i would like to talk about america's favorite power couple. the clintons. former president bill is her ultimateliability as entitlement and dementia collude to tank his best efforts to remain mentally stable and politically relevant. he


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