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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 16, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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and thank you for being with us. among our guests tomorrow, edrollinses and charlie spies. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: happy monday. a brand-new week and we have lots to talk about. donald trump gave a foreign policy speech today. the isis and how our partners around the world fit in. we'll explore that in just a moment. but first i would like to talk about america's favorite power couple. the clintons. former president bill is her ultimateliability as entitlement and dementia collude to tank his best efforts to remain mentally stable and politically relevant. he issues this report by phone.
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>> he looked asian. and was speaking another language. i am pretty sure he was. reporter: very emotional. a little harsh, bill. the music began to tire his hiney. but one more question happened to be mr. president, why should we trust your wife when she lies so much about her emails? this set him off but good. reporter: the f.b.i. director said when he testified before congress, he had to amended his previous statement that she never received any emails classified. they saw two little knows with a "c" on it. kennedy: they weren't interlocking "c"'s.
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nothing was marked classified, and he knows that. judge napolitano points out on many occasion, the markings are confidential, secret and top secret. the double secret secret that even f.b.i. agents investigating her server didn't have the clearance to read on the server she once claimed was saved because there were secret service agents who snipped to wires. because that's what hacking is, right? bill went on to categorize the misperception of his wife's trouble. >> this is the biggest bull i ever heard. kennedy: bill, you have heard bigger bull. >> but bill had an answer about the tricky classification
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system. >> it's to come reply kateed to explain to people. kennedy: this is not about mana having a tough time figuring out her dvr. this is about deadly and real consequences for the four american benghazi victims and the iranian nuclear scientist all of whom may have had locations and information compromised to their ultimate detriment. ask them if the lingering questions about the former secretaries fitness and trustworthiness is the biggest load of bull you have ever heard. oh, you can't, because they are dead. on the show tonight, chris stirewalt joins me with a surprising strategy as trump slumps in the polls. i'll talk to an infamous hacker.
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and dr. kaku tells me about 20-like planets just like us. i'm "kennedy." bill clinton is getting defensive about hillary's email debacle. lisa booth, washington examiner, washington contributor. lisa booth, i'll start with you. do you believe the former president has never seen a bicker load in his life?
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>> a load of bull. >> i'm sure sometime when bill clinton said trust me before and we shouldn't have. >> he was parsing the meaning of the word "is." scandal is his expertise. but there is something to see here. she faced 8 f.b.i. investigations. there is an investigation into the clinton foundation. she spent $140,000 out of her own pocket to manage three servers and director comey said she deleted them in such a way that they couldn't recover them from their forensic efforts. we also know she had information about the iranian scientists. she had special access programs. it's reported by the associated press that because of the markings on her emails.
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kennedy: there is no way of quantifying exactly what was hacked. hackerring is tricky. she pops up like a thinkian -- a trilian flower every 7 years. >> the former president is getting played off the stage like he's a guy who won the oscar for the best foreign film score. coming up next, you know it's possible. we are giving him, he might be turning that old man corner though. if you don't find their story interesting they throw something else in. kennedy: i'm glad you brought
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that up. he remind me of a neighbor we had in los angeles. in l.a. by the beach, you have gray may and june gloom where it's overcast the first part of the day. instead of saying when the warm air meets the cold ocean and fog develops, he says it's because they were burning so much cement at the cement factories in el segundo that it's poisoning the clouds. has something happened to him? >> i don't think so. other than the slowing cadence and the shrinking physical stature. the fit of peak from both clintons has been going on for 25 years. whenever they are nailed on the facts, they roll their eyes. but he does it with a smile. where hillary would say vast right-wing conspiracy, we say now it's a bunch of bull.
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it's just a pivot, a signal and it's affective. you are -- it's effective. they are saying you are all just being mean. kennedy: the trump campaign is a dumber fire. no one has the nards and the backbone. and the responsibility to resolve. how dare you? donald trump is lashing out against the media, blaming it for holding back in the polls. yesterday he tweeted it's a disgusting and corrupt media covered me and didn't put false meaning into the words i say, i would be beating hillary by 20%. i don't want to hear either hillary clinton or donald trump complain about skewed media coverage.
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it drives me bananas. >> donald trump owed the fact that he has run a shoe string budge tote media corn. to nonstop media coverage. to everyone of his inane campaign rallies where he mouths off, people say insane things. and that is worth $2 billion. now the republican nominee because of it. kennedy: you and i have the same idea. i call it the manafort in shock collar. every time donald trump starts to talk about the kahn family. or the second amendment, people knowing what to do about hillary's scotus picks. she is a continuation of both things. but when? if you could keep him on mess and, you want to be maul -- you
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want to be paul manafort's bartender. you can't get through to the guy. kennedy: lisa, this was something a lot of of republicans were saying after he clinched the nomination. you have got to switch gears and have got to start spending money. the media is not in your court. you are no longer in charge. did he make a foolish mistake by not listening to that simple advice? >> this is the problem. no only are voters at home hearing the clinton narrative from the main real media. and donald trump has spent zero. his campaign has not spent any money on ads. the coverage is not equally applied. you will get, for instance with the terrorist's father attending
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the clinton rally and endorsing her. david duke's endorsement got six times the attention that that did. the fact that a terrorist's far it attended -- kennedy: is it more reason for him to create his own ads and shift the emphasis? >> he's not doing anything about it. i think it's fair to say that it's not equal. kennedy: much more with the party panel. they return with trump's plan to fight isis. later pundits are saying trump has a make or break date for the election. chris stirewalt joins me to chris stirewalt joins me to explain the timeline. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
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>> donald trump laid out his plan to combat isis including independentscation much an ideological litmus test for immigrants entering the country. >> one of my first acts as president will be to establish a commission on radical islam which will include reformist voices in the muslim community who will hopefully work with us. kennedy: the party panel is back. let's get right into it. how do you create this litmus test? >> i think he will get the best people who will ask the right questions, and they will create
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a religious litmus test by determines whether you are gay friendly or whether you believe in women's rights. you have to hate sharia, it's not just enough to reject it. kennedy: ways new in this speech that we haven't -- what is new in this speech that we haven't heard? >> you have got the withdrawal in iraq that created the rise of isis. you have got failure in libya, the failed russia reset. the nuclear deal with iran that everyone rejects even just two weeks after they put our u.s. sailors on their knees and put guns to their heads and filmed it for propaganda purposes. what donald trump has to do is convince americans, you can trust me, you can trust me as commander in chief to take control of our nuclear weapons
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and exercise the discretion and judgment. >> i think there is a lot to be said when he says we are no longer going to even gang in nation building, which is something that's a big failure of this administration and the bush administration. same with the iraq war. sure you can say that the surge was working and pulling out failed, but we weren't there to that degree in the first place. it's almost impossible to go back that far in time and pinpoint the one thing that created isis. but i like the idea that he's got somewhat of a vision for a more pragmatic foreign policy which is sometimes depending on the mood and depending on the speech, non-interventionist. >> animated is a good word to use. this should be a 6-minute speech, but he turns it into a
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20-minute workout. we'll have a trump workout video, sweat together isis. >> even if you are not engaging in nation building. when you are promising to commit war crimes and promising you will make the military commit torture, it's not going to engender goodwill among muslim allies. kennedy: that's what's difficult for a lot of people to embrace his message it's i different message depending on who he's talking to. when he's shooting from the hips saying we are going to kill the family members of terrorists. you actually can't do that. what if generals pushed back and say no we are not going to do that. >> he said i will make them do that. it's fair game to criticize the
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administration. but you can't say i need congress to go drop tbhoms any country i want to. kennedy: we need more than platitudes and lip service from both sides now. i don't think there is anyone on who has a good handle on how to defeat isis. i think there are a lot of good intentions. republicans get upset with this president and say he doesn't a good grasp of military strategy. but the alternatives are dangerous and do amount to nation building. >> i think hillary has the better plan. she'll bankrupt isis by taking speaking fees. kennedy: we have got nothing left. and we'll be off the oil. filthy, dirty oil. the party panel returns a little later. civil unrest has erupted in milwaukee over the weekend.
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the trump campaign sputtering, can the donald turn it around? i'll ask chris stirewalt if the i'll ask chris stirewalt if the republican nominee is running
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kennedy: an editorial effort to weekend. the "wall street journal" said donald trump has sail night his party and isn't running a competent campaign. an editorial board predicted if trump can't turn his campaign around by labor dade the good may have to write him off and focus on saving house and senate seats. let us ask chris stirewalt. he's fox news and "digital politics" editor.
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boy, dose have answers. welcome back to the show, chris. i want to know about this turn around. what kinds of turn around are they envisioning. is the window closing? >> this is essentially a foolish argument that republicans -- it's not just squall street journal, but that conservative republicans are making. they endorsed donald trump when he was exactly the same as he is now. and saying unless you become a totally different person. this would be if a clydesdale won the kentucky derby and they said we'll balk for the preakness and belmont, but you have to become a different horse. trump can't run as a thoroughbred or racehorse. he has to run in his own way which is to stomp all the ponies down with his giant hooves. this is foolishness.
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kennedy: there has to be a middle grounds. he definitely hits the sweet spot where he appeals to people's fears and hopes. the fear is their lives will continue down a path that is not sustainable for them. the fear is they get better jobs and make more money. they can do that by pinning their hopes on the donkey that is hillary. he has the tools as his disposal but he's not working with drizzle and buzz saws. he's working with sledgehammers and backhoes. >> we have a clydesdale operating backhoe. i like the imagery there. but the problem for trump is in a recent bloomberg poll they found out a lot more people agreed with donald trump's view of america as a place that is teetering at the brink.
12:25 am
people have real concerns about the future of the country. f all of those things are true. but hillary clinton takes the view things are getting bert. in large part people agree with donald trump's dim view of the country. unfortunately they don't trust him and think he's the person -- they agree with the world view but don't want to put him in the job. kennedy: part of the problem is he's addicted to the rallies and adulation. the problem is that's not the best interest kateor of the rest of the country and the type of voter he needs to seal that cite cool deal with. >> it's no indication of how those voters may feel. the rally may be a turnoff for voters. the reality for trump is his partnership with the republican party is so far a failure. he gave them power to talk to the press about what he said. what trump got out of the deal
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is far, far less than it's been worth. in reality trump needs to tell the republican party thanks for nothing and move on and be his own person who talks about the issues that matter to him and matter to blue collar workers around the country. put together a coalition like ross perot did in 1992. kennedy: it's a combination make the quilt of the ross perot people. the reagan democrats. and these newly disgruntled. and he might be able to do it. only time will tell, the selection keeps getting stranger. thanks for you and your expertise to bring it all together. i appreciate you, my friend. very good. coming up, we may have found a way to purge justin bieber from social media. this flaming tornado have fire insurance?
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kennedy: when your hang nails have gotten the best of you and you hide in a cave, step back out into the sunlight and cut up cuticles with a healthy dosage of the "topical storm." topic number one. the olympics are a worldwide event that cultivate triumph. the trails of heated competition that will echo for all time, time, time. michael phelps winning 23 olympic gold medals is merely a footnote. and he was doomed to be wiped away into object security until he made this face. there he is. staring down his rival.
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as if a few sports prize weren't enough. this game face glower has now become a a too. ricky fung at the tattoo shop in toronto. has the face on his calf. when fung dies his leg will be amputated, lamb night and put in the olympic museum. wonderful. topic number two. i don't know if it brings us any closer to justin bieber's ultimate deportation. but the pathologically annoying singer is threatening to make his instagram private if people don't stop posting mean things about his 17-year-old
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girlfriend, sophia ritchie. she is lionel ritchie's daughter who had the ay singer at hello. the two have been dancing on the ceiling ever since. but believers think she is a nasty ho and jail bait. bieber threatened, i'm going to make my instagram private if you don't stop the hate. if you were really fans you wouldn't be so mean to people i like. to which his ex-girlfriend wrote -- she admonished the biebs, if he can't handle the hate. stop posting pictures. don't be mad at your fans. to which beesh responds. it's funny to see people who use me for attention and point the
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attention this way. kennedy: you practically ruined her hive. i hope there are i.c.e. agents circling your perimeter as we speak, you diseased and kablging poo hole. mr. beesh. how dare you. shut it down. topic number 3. this cat doesn't like donald trump. watch. >> i will do well in new york. and some of the state i will be at next. kennedy: i don't think it was trump that offended the feline. it was cnn. by the way. you stingy cat lovers with the rationalizations on twitter, stop telling me cats are natural libertarians and dogs are statists. you are the same ones who thought hitler was a great leader. what's wrong with you people?
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are you on dope? catnip? topic number 4. do you think we can't mel it when we walk in your house? topic number 4. tornado are whirl winds of death that toss live cows around like they are bean bags. but did you know the tornadoes can catch fire? look at this. look at this, i say. you are looking at a fire tornado in cornelius, oregon. a twister that collided with a wild fire. and the two decided to tango. while that flaming voir tech is definitely dangerous, look at that, just spinning and spinning around, there is a halfway decent chance it might suck up and fully barbeque a cow which would be amazing and delicious.
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keb * violence and protested erupted in milwaukee after a black police officer shot and killed. >> man. anthony, for years you have been talking about and writing about criminal justice reform. when i see things like this happen in milwaukee, i feel all that stuff gets run over by a giant bus and so much of the conversation is squashed and a
12:41 am
lot of police departments say this is why we need militarization. this is why we need armored vehicles and police departments are looking more and more like the military. >> it appears by all rights to be a clean shooting. a guy had a violent history, was armed to the teeth. was committing a crime. the violent response iser in a good thing. and yes it's probably going to be used as an excuse to continue the department of defense's program where they hand out surplus warfare. kennedy: for a while after ferguson when there was a lot of talk about curbing that militarization, the d.o.d. said we are suspending that. >> president obama promised to dial it back an went back on that promise. just like in ferguson where the whole thing "hands up, don't
12:42 am
shoot" didn't really happen, but it did expose the tensions lying underneath. we know in ferguson, cops were as a means of raising money to be used in the public coffers where they are shaking down. >> the shiewn corruption, the scandals. i always turn back to the bell scandal in southern california, where it's a poor town and you have people sitting on the city council making $300,000 to $400,000 a year in pensions and kickbacks. in places like milwaukee, this is a justified shooting. the guy running away with the gun who has been told to drop his weapon, it's a life or death situation. it's a do or die moment. and the 25-year-old three-year veteran of the police force used
12:43 am
lethal force to stop that criminal. and the city goes up in flames. >> in someone turns and points that begun at you or a -- points that gun at a loved one. but we keep grouping the shootings together. that's part of the problem. the president has come out and sided with the mob right away and tried to condemn the cops in the court of public opinion. and there is no walking back the retraction. the hands up, don't shoot, many people believe it happened when it's just a slow goon for this year's olympics. kennedy: but there is a lot going on in milwaukee that's troubling. the city is 40% black. most of the minorities live on the north side of the town. and there are a lot of people who are frustrated.
12:44 am
if you are frustrated and you want to change things, this is the worst way to do it. because what happens, we see tonight city after city, decade after decade. those towns burned out, businesses are not attracted there. despite the best efforts of a lot of community groups. it's hard to rebuild places to where so many small businesses fall victim to this rioting. >> i think the problem is, there is a lack of common sense in the country when you don't start from a place of common sentence you can't have an honest conversation. when people point to something like ferguson which has been discredited by forensic evidence and forensic accounts, it's hard to have a conversation about what's going on in here. kennedy: that is the problem. >> milwaukee police chief is a
12:45 am
real hard ass. kennedy: the county sheriff. >> there are legitimate issues that are not exclusive to race, they are more about class. but when people buy into false narratives, it hurts reform. >> black lives matter said people should paint black lives matter with a broad brush. but if they apply the same logic to police officers, we would have a much better place to start. kennedy: we tends to simplify things that are much more complex. when we do that. entire racial groups are dismissed out of hands, then we don't get anywhere and we dig ourselves deep into a hole,
12:46 am
where no one who runs this country wants to get out of. coming up. i'm going to ask top hacker turned security consultant. more email leaks like the batch dumped at the democratic dumped at the democratic convention. i wodon't know where i'd be without itre so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two one, never give your medicare number to get a free offer or gift two, always check your medicare statements for errors these crooks think we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, protect it see more ways to fight fraud at
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kennedy: this is going to scare you. friday hacker known as guccifer released the conversations of former house democrats and their staff, including nancy pelosi. some people believe he's tide to
12:50 am
russian intelligence services and appear to be trying to influence the november election. hello, kevin, welcome to the show. do you think either of these presidential candidates has any grasp on the devastation and ease that with which hacking can be perpetrated? >> probably not. probably they rely on their i.t. staff. the i.t. staff should have this knowledge. i don't know if the candidates know how well equipped these nation state attackers are. kennedy: why do we think these hackers whether it's the word press document from giewls for *. why do we think they are tied to russian intelligence? >> that's based on the work of a
12:51 am
company called proud strike. they have a blog on their website. if it's to be believed, they were able to trace the ties to two attack groups, cozy bear and fuzzy bear. that's the names they gave it attacker groups. they have seen these methods before and they believe it's the work of the same group. >> do we have any reason to believe they have infiltrated various republican accounts and could there be a number of republican surprises coming down from wikileaks and guccifer? >> they use a targeting spear spearfish *ing. that's where the attacker creates an email that is a
12:52 am
pretext that gets victim to open up an attachment or hyper link. once they open up that attachment, basically the bad guy takes control. so this is a problem that affects corporations worldwide. in fact when i do security testing, and i use this method, we get in 100% of the time. kennedy: you say that's why social media is playing such a big role. it's easy to get people to give up their passwords. have scientists discovered america's twin planet?
12:53 am
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kennedy: nasa's kepler space telescope has found 400 objects thought to be planets. researchers identified 20 earth-like planets that may be able to sustain water and life. let's turn to the one and only dr. michio kaku. he is a theoretical -- how do we get there. >> one of them looks like a planet earth it's only 10% large than the planet. only 500 light years from the planet earth. by the means they could be twins. we'll have an existential shock
12:57 am
looking at the night sky realizing there are all these twins of the earth. incredible. kennedy: there are 100 billion galaxies in the milky way, and every one of those is a sun that could have planets revolving around it. just in our solar system alone, isn't there a high probability there has got to be something out there kind of like us? >> we can give you a number for that. we have a census of the milky way galaxy. 20 planets have stars sounding them. meaning there are probably a billion earth-like planets. this is astonishing. it may mean life is much more prevalent than we ever suspected. kennedy: how quickly is our technology growing? is it conceivable that within
12:58 am
100 years -- you look forward to 1,000 years, that we could actually traverse that kind of distance in a single human lifetime. >> is there intelligence life on the in the answer to that is obviously no. no chance of intelligent life on this planet. but we think in 100 years time the first star ship will be sent out. stephen hawking has advocated sending postage stop' chips and blast them with laser beams at 20% the speed of light. kennedy: because they are so small they could go much, much farther. >> we could go to mars within a day. just within one day blasting with laser beams on a parachute sending chips to the red planet.
12:59 am
kennedy: how to we find out whether or not there is water? do you have to physically land something on there to analyze the samples? >> no. we identify the fact that they have a certain mass and certain size. then we identify how close they are to the sun. we know we have a doleganger. next will be to identify h20, water and oxygen. we don't know if it super hot or cold or just right. kennedy: dr. kaku, thank you so much. please continue to visit. we love your view of the heavens and beyond. thank you so much for watching the show. tomorrow you can check out independent presidential hopeful evan mcmullen. hail to the chief.
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an grown sabato, jr. *. email >> announcer: next, a paid presentation from perricone md featuring a lively discussion on aging with some of television's favorite faces -- peri gilpin... tracey bregman... gloria reuben... and your host, courtney thorne-smith -- brought to you by trusted guthy renker. ♪ [ indistinct chatter ] >> [ laughs ] >> they're ready for us. come on! >> everybody ready? >> action! >> hi, everybody. i'm thrilled to be here with a group of absolutely gorgeous women. and today, you are going to get an inside peek at one of the most groundbreak


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