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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i have been there. a giant panda hiding a tiny secret. an extra cub! it wasn't hard for the little one to hide, the birth and bonding time monitored by baby panda cameras and measured a few inches at birth. so cute! "risk & reward." >> "risk & reward" take it away. deirdre: the fbi handing over hillary clinton's interview notes to congress. it happened just moments ago. this is "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton.fbi gave from three hour interview with former secretary of state. republicans requests the notes, they are classified as secret so not expected to be made public. my colleague catherine herridge is with me now. so catherine, what does this mean for hillary clinton? what does it mean for her campaign? >> thanks, deirdre, this afternoon, fox news confirming that portion of the fbi investigative file provided to the house government oversight committee, the materials can
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not be released without fbi per commission is contain classified and sensitive information. the fbi letter read to the committee reads in part -- some of the files from the fbi investigation are so highly classified that they were not provided to the oversight committee, they were only provided to the house and senate intelligence committee, because those lawmakers have the highest level of clearance. republicans on the oversight and judiciary committees are asking the u.s. attorney here in washington to investigate whether clinton perjured herself during congressional testimony in 2015. the republicans released a video highlighting the apparent discrepancies between the fbi director and clinton. >> so there's only one server, that's what you're telling me in the server the fbi has?
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>> the fbi has the server that was used during the tenure of my state department service. >> secretary clinton used several different servers and administrators of the servers during her four years at the state department. >> reporter: in this brief letter, the justice department confirmed it has the perjury referral but has no commitment to act on the allegations or provide a time frame for lawmakers as to when the decision will be reached, disorder? deirdre: thank you as always. >> you're welcome. deirdre: with more on the implications, i'd like to bring in former gop candidate former governor mike huckabee. governor, always glad to see you. what do the notes signify to you and the fact that some congress people have them? >> let me pay tribute to catherine herridge. her reporting on this is so stellar. deirdre: she is amazing xerox to say. >> pulitzer, absolutely. she gets stuff nobody else is getting, and i just am in awe
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of her absolute tenacity when it comes to reporting. here's what we basically now can say without any doubt. george washington was known for saying i cannot tell a lie. hillary is going to be known for saying i cannot tell the truth, because we see once again where she tells congress one thing under oath, turns out not to be true. i think it's problematic for her. the only thing that may help her get away with what nobody else -- you, me or any other typical american get away with -- is the fact that she may be protected by the obama justice department and given a scholarship. and if so, shame on our country for not holding everybody to the same standard. deirdre: so governor, house republicans on that note claim that hillary clinton perjured herself when she testified about her handling of classified e-mails on the personal server. do you think the justice department will file these charges i just heard you say,
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maybe, maybe not, but julian assange made the point that you are making. he's the founder of wikileaks. he asked why the d.o.j., the department of justice investigation is still ongoing while hillary clinton got cleared. he's comparing his situation to hers and we have his comment that he recently made to a dutch tv station, but, in fact, it makes your point. so i guess this proves to you that there are rules for the clintons and rules for everybody else. >> and what makes this worse is that julian assange is not a government official. he has no oath that he's taken to uphold the constitution of the united states. he hasn't testified under oath before congress. but if there is going to be a upon dropping of the investigation against hillary, i got to tell you, julian assange is exactly right. why would they continue to persecute and prosecute him and let hillary walk when she was
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under a great deal of responsibility to tell the truth and keep the government secrets than he ever was. he's a private citizen. he can do whatever he can get away with. deirdre: she was secretary of state and whatever we think of him. he is a tech now known as a hacker, whistle-blower, whatever label you want to put on. that is the in the same as secretary of state. want to ask you about this, there is a really british cleric found guilty in the uk of inviting others to support isis. called a recruiter. donald trump said yesterday he is going to be screening for people like this. here is donald trump's comment. >> in addition to screening out all members of the sympathizers of terrorist groups, we must also screen out any hostile attitudes toward our country or principles or who believe that sharia law should supplant
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american law. those who do not believe in our constitution or support bigotry or hatred should not be supported for immigration into our country. those who are guests in our country that are preaching hate will be asked to return home immediately and if they don't do it, we will return them home. deirdre: so governor, in the uk, for people who don't know, they were trying to bring this guy in for 20 years and caught on a technicality. so how can we have stronger uldt somebody like that from functioning for two decades? >> i think that's what donald trump was trying to say, there needs to be a thorough vetting. he called it extreme, nothing extreme about it. it's the normal process we've always practiced up until a few years ago when we decided to get stupid as a country and have open borders. and the results have been devastating. but let's go back to ellis island. my gosh, when people came
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through ellis island, they were checked for medical conditions and if they were not physically fit, if they had a communicable disease, they were sent back, they didn't stay, and if a person couldn't be verified to have strong moral character and really vouched for by two different independent witnesses, they were sent back. this is not something that is so unbelievable. here's another question, deirdre, that i'd love to pose to this administration. you as an administration under obama have gone after people for not making a wedding cake for a same-sex couple in places like washington state. if, in fact, you're going to go after someone for not making a cake, why are you going to let somebody come into this country who believes that a person who happens to be gay shouldn't be deprived a cake but should be deprived of their very lives? this makes no sense whatsoever. and the inconsistencies of the politically correct left are stunning.
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deirdre: it is inconsistent at best, governor, thank you very much for your time, for your insights on all the matters. governor mike huckabee with me there. the state department has agreed to provide the watchdog group judicial watch with recovered e-mails from hillary clinton's private server. more conflicts of interest may be found, 44 unreleased prior to this point e-mails showing stunning pay-for-play revelations including how wealthy contributors seeking influence or prestigious government jobs could give cash to get access to clinton's inner circumstantial. judicial watch director center chris ferrell is with me. great to see. >> you good to be with you. deirdre: congratulations by suing the government under the freedom of information act are actually giving all citizens the same information. if you weren't here, what would happen? everybody would spin their side? >> folks wouldn't know about it in the first place.
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our litigation is what uncovered the e-mails, the state department came to us and sheepishly admitted about a year after we had a dismissed case, we discovered a new universe of documents. what do you mean? universe? we have the e-mails. we had a case reopened which is extraordinary, never happens in the freedom of information act litigation. it was done that way. the state department admitted they engaged in fraud and misrepresentation to the court. deirdre: it got the crowbar in the door. >> it does, it produced all the records. shy of the lawsuit, no one knows anything about hillary clinton's e-mails. deirdre: so what do you think could be found in them? >> yeah, well, we've already found damning stuff. we have doug band, the clinton foundation director telling huma abedin, i have the
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lebanese person, you can smell the corruption, it's horrific. we have a few hundred e-mails where those popped up. now given thousands of e-mails forensically recovered by the fbi because when mrs. clinton absconded with the records and she did, and only years later produced them, she destroyed more than 30,000 according to her representations. thousands of things she didn't want you to see that we're going to get access to. deirdre: we were talking about with the governor and also with my colleague catherine herridge, the idea that the fbi has turned over the notes. >> right. deirdre: from the three hour interview to certain members of congress. do you think there is any overlap in the e-mails? what do you think you're going to see in the notes? we don't know if anybody in the public is going to see the notes? >> the notes are referred to as 302's investigative memoranda
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for record. it's the agencies's impression and recollection of what transpired. there was no recording and she wasn't under oath. but those records, will they ever leak out of congress? who knows. maybe, maybe not. but what we get in our documents produced to us by court order will form an index or almost sort of reverse engineering of what was in the 302's, we will see the forensically recovered e-mails and i think there will be a lot of interesting information in there. deirdre: so who is speaking with you? are any members of congress who will see the notes also speaking with you? >> no, we don't do that sort of thing. we sue to get the records, we get them and make them public on our website. it's a transparency issue. deirdre: it's a service. >> for us it's principles over politics. we are committed to open government and to educating the public about the operations of government, and the best way to do that for us is get the
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records, make them public, let people read it for themselves, you know? when they read doug band telling huma abedin to set up a special meeting for a high-dollar donor, you can draw your own conclusions. deirdre: chris farrell, thank you so much. many citizens grateful to you, no doubt, from judicial watch. deirdre: john mclaughlin the host of mclaughlin group passed away, age 89. the political commentator's passing comes days after he missed the first taping of his show in more than 34 years. rest in peace. u.s. stocks did close lower ahead of tomorrow's fed release. liberal hedge fund billionaire george soros doubling down on bet against u.s. stocks, specifically the s&p 500. markets panel, money manager with me now, thank you, both for being here.
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so jason, what is your take? we've seen market record after market record but then you have a big heavyweight like george soros saying it's not going to last. what is your opinion? >> right. obviously george soros has been right many a time. however, i think he's very early right now. i don't think that the market is due for a drop any time soon. technically speaking, which a lot of big traders and investors look at, fundamentals aside, we are in major upside breakout territory. russell 2000, the small cap index is not close to all-time highs, there's a lot of cash on the sidelines, the brexit is out of the way, et cetera. have you this almost imperfect environment, fairly low inflation, decent jobs growth where there is no reason to sell. deirdre: jared, you're our bear, get in there, why is jason so wrong? >> you can't just look at p/e. bears say the p/es are as high as they were in the dot com bubble, and yet that is true,
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you got to think for just a second. i agree there is a little technical boost. i wouldn't call it exceptional breakout, 2, 3% of upside. i think there is a lot of risk to the downside and george soros, i'm trading along with him. the reason is there are no catalysts. in the dot com boom, hut internet. this life, game changing thing that would create companies out of nothing. you have the brick countries on the cusp of exploding to the upside. three of the four brick countries are falling apart right now. one of them china, dramatic slowing and growth, and not just george soros betting on the downside. friends of mine who track the vix, i used to be a trade or the floor, we're seeing tons of upside call buying. in other words, traders are betting on major disaster. i think for me, a 5-7% correction by the end of september which statistically, august and september bearish months is realistic.
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deirdre: buying calls, is that what you said? >> buying calls in the vix. deirdre: for volatility. let me bring you this comment from federal reserve president of new york, bill dudley. i want to ask you both about it. here it is. >> stronger than the first half so, some acceleration in the growth outlook. labor market continues to generate reasonable job gains. 190,000 the last three months. i think we're edging closer towards the point in time where it will be appropriate, i think, to raise interest rates further. deirdre: that was a fox business exclusive, and there's the headline, right? the u.s. economy looks pretty good. second half looks better than the first half and september 20, 21, we could increase rates. jason if that happens does, that change the direction you think the markets will go in? >> i don't. 25 basis points is almost -- deirdre: a drop in the bucket? okay. >> not a big deal. on the other side of the coin,
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it's actually a good thing. there's the movie how i stopped worrying and learned to lot of atomic bomb. this is how i stopped worrying and learned to love a 25-basis-point hike. banks earn more money than they loan. a 25-basis-point hike irngs the fed understands that is a good thing and they're inching towards it. deirdre: jared, last word goes to you? >> a lot bigger than 25-basis-point rate hike. the fed is doing a great job at it, social engineering. i would say that 90% of market participants have no idea what the ramifications of 25 or 50-basis-point hike even means. all they want to hear is things are sort of okay, things aren't falling apart and the back and forth balance. frankly i agree with jason. i think 25-basis-point hike would be a good thing. deirdre: what a world, our bull and bear agree. thank you, both, glad to have the conversation, jason and jared. thank you. president obama, not the
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only one on vacation, a new report says hillary clinton has taken more vacation days in august so far than donald trump. my next guest says donald trump's accusations about her are right in that hillary clinton lacks stamina for the highest office in the land. ♪
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. >> hillary clinton lacks the judgment, as said by bernie sanders, stability and temperament, and the moral character to lead our nation. she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many
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adversaries we face. deirdre: president obama taking vacation time, so is hillary clinton. in fact, she's using more time in august so far than donald trump. gateway pundit released a statistic that hillary clinton has taken seven days in august. donald trump has taken two. my political power panel is here. strategist ford o'connell, democratic strategist jim green and gop communications strategist lee carter. three big brains in the room. jim, do you read anything different into varying vacation times so far in august for either candidate? >> absolutely not. and clearly when you read the gateway pundit article, it is their way of sneaking into this conspiracy theory about hillary clinton's health, and it is disgusting. the fact that she has released a very thorough and i think proper assessment of her health
5:22 pm
and gotten signed off from a real doctor when donald trump has the letter floating around that seems like it's not written by a real doctor. what doctor says huge or tremendously healthy, i've never seen anything like that. but this is clearly a sign that these people are so des prashths so desperate to win. not on the merits, not on the issues, not on the experience, that they are going to come after her with the disgusting attack and it's completely unacceptable. deirdre: dr. ben carson was on my show a few days ago, last week, and he said that letter from the doctor is dated may 2015. she should have released a more recent one. but lee, tonight get to a different take on this, and this is intravert versus extrovert. if there were critics of president obama he failed as a leader in part because he wasn't wired as a politician, he is an intravert not an
5:23 pm
extrovert. do you see that hillary clinton for or against or donald trump for or against. >> that plays against her, no question she's not charismatic as her husband was, she doesn't enjoy the constant attention the way her husband did. but it doesn't mean she's an introvert. i think that this kind of a thing, people want somebody charismatic that they can relate to. donald trump has something that people are attracted, to but then he also repels a lot of people. we have two candidates here, the most divisive candidates we've had. we've had the most unlikable numbers we've seen on the republican and democrat side. most untrustworthy numbers on both sides. i think that's really a bigger issue than whether they are introverts or extroverts. deirdre: well said, ford, if you are introverted you need more downtime, if you are xro
5:24 pm
-- extroverted, you can have three, four fund-raising events. high negativity for both of the candidates? >> i have to push back on jehmu here, hillary clinton had a fall in december that took one to six months to recover from. if she refused to release medical records and you add in the travel it's fair and questionable that her medical and physical -- deirdre: that was used as a reason why she couldn't go before congress and answer questions at one point? >> exactly right. and further, democrats tried to call ronald reagan feeble, questioned john mccain's health. i don't know if we're paying attention, theshow circuit call trump a sociopath. given the situation there, the vacation days, whether it's her personality or not, the fall, it's fair to open up the question, and not only that, a recent "rasmussen poll" said
5:25 pm
that 59% of americans said she should release medical records up from 38% -- >> shame on you, ford. i love you to death, we're texans, come on, that's shameful. she spent almost 12 hours testifying to members of congress after that fall. she has been cleared. guess what? people fall, they knock their head, they get a concussion, they get over it. her doctor has cleared her. this is desperation. >> jehmu -- >> i haven't said donald trump was a sociopath. i would say he needs ritalin or adderal to keep his focus. deirdre: all right, none of us went to med school. we're not going to weigh too deeply into the waters. ford, second to last word to you and lee very last. ford, go ahead. >> the bottom line is there's a lot of questions surrounding hillary clinton. and let's remember, hillary clinton and donald trump are 70 years old now.
5:26 pm
this is a young man and woman's game, and we have to find out whether or not that's the case. and hillary clinton has a lot of questions to ask. remember that testimony, during the testimony she wore coke bottle glasses. >> glasses? that's how you are, glasses? she needs to see the records. >> there are plenty of substantive issues. you want to criticize hillary clinton, plenty of things to go after. is that the one thing? i'm not sure this has to be on the list. deirdre: ford, lee, thank you. louisiana governor john edwards announcing a total of 20 parishes declared a major disaster by the federal government. almost double the previous qualification put out by fema. a record number of detainees just released from the prison in guantanamo bay. they're heading to the uae, lieutenant general thomas
5:27 pm
mcinerney says releasing the prisoners will put american lives at stake. he's with me after this. >> sir, what i can tell you is unfortunately there have been americans that have died because of gitmo detainees. >> how many americans have to die? how many people in brussels or paris have to die? you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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. deirdre: closing the guantanamo bay prison and releasing prisoners, one of the most controversial decisions made in the obama administration. today, the pentagon is releasing 15 more detainees. biggest release yet under president obama. so prisoners are transferred to the uae. the number in custody down to 61 from 242 seven years ago. a recent report shows a dozen former detainees may have returned to militant groups. with me now, lieutenant colonel thomas mcinerney says this
5:31 pm
decision is putting american lives at stake. this decision has always been blocked by congress, and as a result these releases have to be coordinated with another country. what does that mean logistically and for our safety? >> well, deirdre, we are putting known radical islamists back in the battlefield that are endangering our future women and children because 30% of them have gotten back into the fight. of these 15, for instance, 56 them will get back into the fight and potentially killing our sons and daughters. now this is aiding and abetting the enemy. i have a huge problem with it. it is not the right thing to do, and i do not know why this president and this administration continues to want to do that. that's a very serious charge, aiding and abetting the enemy, and it makes no sense. deirdre: well, with amnesty
5:32 pm
international, that put out a release saying that it was against human rights, but general, when you see these incidents whether it's orlando or san bernardino or nice, france, you wonder about those citizen's rights when they did absolutely nothing to provoke any attack whatsoever, but on that note, donald trump made a speech as we know about national security, here was his plan for guantanamo bay? >> we will also keep open guantanamo bay and place a renewed emphasis on human intelligence. deirdre: so i take it that you believe guantanamo bay should remain open? >> absolutely. it is clearly a symbol that we mean business. when we are doing what president obama is doing now, it means we are not serious, we don't mean business, radical islamists continue what you're doing, raping women, beheading
5:33 pm
people, burning people alive. just continue it. we are, by closing it and trying to close it, based on political knowledge that he had before he became president, and at the end of his term trying to fulfill a political promise means he never really understand all along the fight against radical islam. and trump gets it. deirdre: general, quickly, before i let you go, there are 61 detainees still there. are they too dangerous to be sent overseas? what happens to them? >> well, i would keep guantanamo open, and they should be kept there, like these 15 should be kept there, and the amic people and the congress ought to demand it, deirdre. i do not know why the congress has not taken more aggressive action against it. this is a violation of the constitution. deirdre: lieutenant general thomas mcinerney, insightful and clear as always. thank you, sir? >> thanks, deirdre. deirdre: coming up, amazing and inspirational investment story.
5:34 pm
my next guest invested $18,000 and according to low estimates turned it into at least $10 million in less than a year. he is going to be joining me to tell me how he did it. some say senator sanders pushed hillary clinton to the left on the campaign trail. debt free college, free health care, universal preschool. my next guest wonders what else is free? next. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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. >> we will fight to make college tuition free for the
5:38 pm
middle class and debt free for everyone. [ applause ] >> free education, free health care, at least two free promises from democrats this election cycle. trump economic adviser betsy is here. wonderful to see. >> you thank you. deirdre: so when we say free, the translation is taxpayer-funded. >> yes. >> in this election, the democratic party is turning democracy into legal plunder. how much can we force taxpayers to pay for? but there's another side of it that's even greater demagoguery, more frightful from my point of view. in this election, voters have a choice. economic growth or class warfare. when you see the television ads that mrs. clinton is running on all the networks saying she is going to force corporations to pay their fair share, right? of course, corporations in the united states already paid the highest -- deirdre: yeah, 35%. ireland is 13%.
5:39 pm
>> after all the deductions, they pay on average 27%. the key here is we have so much evidence that when you lower corporate taxes, you increase wages, you increase economic growth. you even increase tax revenue. deirdre: and head count. maybe a little more. >> exactly. when businesses make more money, right, they buy more tools, more computers, more trucks, if you buy more trucks, you hire more drivers. workers are more productive, you can give them a raise. that's what the history of our economics shows us, lowering corporate tax rates will mean better wage growth for american workers. when i look what's happened under barack obama. 8 million more people living in poverty than before he took office. we've got to change that. we need growth do it. deirdre: speaking of growth. these are all great points but you are also an expert.
5:40 pm
i'd be remiss if i didn't ask you about health care, and with president obama, obamacare, as many people call the affordable care act, is really squeezing -- >> aetna saying they're going to stop offering the health care choices in 11 of 15 states it's in, losing $400 million since january of 2014. what is the way forward? >> in fact, many of the insurers are pulling out. aetna is not the first and definitely not the last. when people go to their open enrollment which starts november 1st, eight days before the election, they'll find fewer plans available. they're also going to find double digit premium hikes, states are just announcing those now. many of the most popular plans in new york were up 20%. in tennessee, 40%! can you imagine? deirdre: essentially forcing
5:41 pm
people to buy insurance, and sometimes people don't have that in the budget. they'd rather take their chances. >> a couple earning $70,000 a year between the two of them, not eligible for subsidy will have to pay 20% of their income for this insurance, and for that, they're getting a plan with a $12,000 deductible. deirdre: 3% what we talk about for housing, in proportion to somebody's houseing. >> these are the most unaffordable affordable care plans i have ever seen. deirdre: do you think cynically, aetna is saying this in the merger and acquisition health care and partnership, they lost a partner? >> you know, that is something i thought of, right? but the fact is many of the insurers are pulling out because the industry has been losing about $3 billion, with a b, a year, trying to sell the unpopular plans and only getting worse. the bottom line here is there are two reasons that this is
5:42 pm
collapsing. one is the concept of forcing healthy people and sick people to pay the same price for health insurance, it doesn't work. 5% of the people use 50% of the health care. it's like telling you, you can feed a chihuahua and a great dane on the same budget, never going to happen! >> thank you with the dog reference to boot. thank you very much. speaking of luck and skill, my next guest invested in amazon rival walmart bought the company for $3 billion. guess what? eric martin now a multimillionaire. his story is next. speaking of big ones, we will see how eight innocent citizens kept secret identity in jail and what they saw from the inside? >> what the hell is going on
5:43 pm
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5:46 pm
. deirdre: better than the lotto. my next guest made an amazing investment. he spent $18,000 to participate in an online contest, and by estimate and similar situations made anywhere between 10 and $20 million in one year's time. here's how he did it. early 2015, eric martin recruited people to join that's an e-commerce site seen as a rising competitor to amazon. walmart bought for more than $3 billion. since eric martin had already won 100,000 shares of, walmart's purchase allowed eric to cash in big. he's here now. eric, congratuons and welcome. so you had luck. >> thank you so much, deirdre. deirdre: i know you have a digital marketing company, so you knew how some of the things
5:47 pm
work, you bought advertising online to win this referral contest. so basically you got the most people, 8,000 to sign up for, but the luck is that walmart or any company would actually buy within a year of your investment. did you think that was going to happen? >> i did not. it came so much faster than i thought. deirdre: but that said, you did spend $18,000 in marketing costs, so it feels like you knew at some level had potential? >> yeah, yeah, definitely. i was hopeful. deirdre: okay, so i understand the ceo of called you personally to tell you that you had won the prize, which was 100,000 shares in the then-privately held company. what was that conversation like? >> he just said congratulations. thank you very much for supporting the company, and you know, essentially, thanks for winning. deirdre: and many people say
5:48 pm essentially beat at a much smaller scale amazon at its own game. it had cheaper products, therefore slightly narrower margins. they still made a profit but obviously grew the business, your 100,000 stock options privately held worth a lot more than they were when you acquired them. so what are you going to do with the money? are you going to travel? are you investing more of it in your business? what's the future? >> definitely more in my business. i'm not sure yet with a lot of the money, but i did is the new start-up. deirdre: you are connecting people with ideas who can execute them and you're hoping to grow that? >> that's exactly right. doing facebook advertising right now, and it's exciting. deirdre: all right, eric, coratulations. well done. it is an inspirational story. eric martin with us there. >> thank you so much, deirdre.
5:49 pm
deirdre: breaking news, las vegas police responding to a reported armed suspect at a shopping complex. it is in the northwest part of the city nearby roads and hospitals are closed off. police say a s.w.a.t. team is on the way. no immediate reports of injury, but police are urging people to avoid the area. we will continue to monitor the situation for you. when we come back, eight innocent volunteers chose to live in jail for 60 days. they're there and no one knows their secret. not fellow inmates or prison staff. that is the premise of 60 days in, a hit show on a&e, the show's co-creator, sheriff jamie knoll is my next guest. >> felt like we learned a lot. i've decided to send in another group of participants. >> scared i don't know what i am getting myself into. >> i can't just go home.
5:50 pm
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. >> our prison population has doubled. >> you know our prison system is a disaster. >> fixing the criminal justice system. >> ending private prison. >> night raid by the sheriff is part of a new push to clean up the clark county jail. >> i wanted to become a better corrections officer. >> reinforce my own sobriety. >> i'm scared i don't know what i'm getting myself into. >> wouldn't take much to just snap. deirdre: a&e documentary series "60 days in" is a hit. show returns thursday night. the premise is this. innocent volunteers pose as
5:54 pm
inmates at an indiana prison frm the viewers get a first look at the incarceration and see prison corruption for themselves. the co-creator of the show is with me now, sheriff jamie knoll, great to see and you congratulations on the success of the series. what is going to be different in the second season than in the first? >> well, we'll be able, there's a short amount of time, ten days in between season one and two. unfortunately, you're going to see bad inmate behavior and bad officer behavior, we're doing our best to continue this learning process to improve that. deirdre: what gave you the idea? you came on before the launch but it bears repeating. this is an extreme idea, how did you come up with it? >> i came up with it, myself and the producer, we started bouncing off ideas, what if i help you find people. deirdre: reform. that's what you wanted. to clean uwhat you saw, bad
5:55 pm
behavior on staff side and prisoner side? >> absolutely. and to make the sheriff's office a much better place after i am gone. >> i heard you say there is a 10-day lag, i'm assuming there are some tweeks. >> there is drastic undercover of the participants, corrections attorney, mona lisa's daughter is incarcerated. it's a totally different feedback group. deirdre: so we want to show a clip that gives viewers some insight into prison conditions. here it is. actually we don't have it, but i want to ask you about the volunteers. did you think they could all make the 60 days? were you worried about some of them saying even though i am an expert in criminal justice, i can't take this anymore. >> yeah, it's surprising that people you think make it all the way through may or may not, and vice versa. it's important the ones that follow the basic training we
5:56 pm
gave them to stay safe, they did well, and the ones that deviated had a really rough time. deirdre: what is the one thing, if you were to follow one piece of advice, even if you don't listen to anything else that i say. what is it? >> please, when you watch this show, i hope it's an eye-opener for people not to want to go jail or come back to jail. deirdre: here, here, well said indeed, "60 days in" premiering august 18th at 9:00 p.m. on a&e. more on "risk & reward" after this.
5:57 pm
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deirdre: breaking news. las vegas police reportedly responding to a reported armed suspect in southwest las vegas. no immediate reports of injuries. police as a precaution are evacuating the mall. we'll continue to monitor the situation for you. donald trump changing his
6:00 pm
campaign tone in milwaukee, reacting to the recent police shooting of an armed suspect. a special lou dobbs 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight. don't miss it. charles: we have good news from the housing market. housing starts climbed 2% in july. donald trump campaigning in wisconsin as riots and protests continue in the streets. the campaign is calling it a groundbreaker for a republican. a super pac so confident in victory they decided to withdraw some of their ad spending in sort key swing states. is that a mistake. we want toeg


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