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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 17, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> welcome back. i want to thank my panel. jerry baker, lee carter, same time, same place. have a great day, "varney & company" starts now. stuart, over to you. stuart: a shift on the campaign trail. trump tries for a comeback, shuffling his campaign team. hillary, new scandals and now she's playing defense. what a shift. good morning, everyone. trump took on the milwaukee rioters last night. the war on police is war on all peaceful citizens. that was his message. it was on prompter and he stuck to it. he has now delivered three measured, more presidential speeches on the economy, foreign policy, and law and order and he's got a new campaign chief executive and
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manager. and he starts running ads in key states on friday and add it up and it looks like he's trying for a new start, a shift in the campaign. hillary clinton trying to hold her lead. now on defense, fox news has unearthed a new scandal surrounding the clinton foundation. the pro clinton boston globe, they critical says the foundation's an ongoing conflict of interest. and there's also the ongoing charge that she lied to congress under oath. 82 days to the election, trump tries to rally and hillary tries to hold onto her lead and that's politics, we've got a whole lot more for you, watch out. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> law and order must be restored. the war on our police must end and it must end now.
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i believe all americans, not just the powerful, are entitled to security. we will once again be a country of law and order. stuart: that was donald trump from last night talking law and order and by the way, he stuck to the script. it was an effective speech and many people saw it that way. this may sound sarcastic, but it's not meant to be. we're halfway through the week and we've not yet had to ask a republican strategist or a member of his campaign team, what was he thinking? more on that in a moment. now, for the second time in two months, he is shaking up his campaign team, naming former brig brightbart executive as ceo and kelly conway, she's the campaign manager. paul manafort stays on as chair. and joining us from florida, ed, is this new? i've heard conflicting reports
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here, some say this new team favors the top trump, the old free-wheeling trump off prompter. others say they're going to work hard to keep him nailed down, which is it? >> they're looking to strike a balance of letting trump be trump and a more robust campaign organization and sticking to an and focusing in on the issues. your observation on last night was really, really important for the trump campaign. they've laid out a series of policy statements and continue to do so, ultimately, that's going to help the campaign draw more people in and change the polls. stuart: is it a shift? look, i'm maybe going out on a limb here, i'm saying that it's been down, down, down for donald trump for at least a couple of weeks. now maybe with a new campaign team and more focus, more on prompter delivery of major speeches, maybe that's the start of a shift. i mean, am i going too far here?
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>> no, i think you're right. we saw the start of the shift when he started to talk about the economy in more direct-- look, even when i was at the rally last week in florida where he had the boards. the boards, as funny as they were, were serious in that it showed a real decline in things like, you know, the percentage of americans owning homes. and the influx of syrian refugees and all of those things. what that did from a structure standpoint, it kept donald trump on at least some script and keep messaging those key messages which the democrats really have no answer for. stuart: but, he will never convert the media. it's still the most hostile media that i've ever seen toward a single presidential candidate. he can't change that, can he? >> no, he can't. but what i would say, so that speech in wisconsin that he gave last night. i'd like to see him give a speech in miami to talk through
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exactly what he means by legal and illegal immigration and the discussion around why his presidency would offer people more freedom. because in south florida, remember, the transplant-- the transplant folks like cubans and venezuelans, they ran from government oppression and what we're looking at in hillary clinton is not only a corrupt person, but a bigger and bigger growing government. that should be a fear for every south floridaen. stuart: ed, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: fox news, the state department sought a land deal with a nigerian firm tied to the clinton foundation. ashley, can you explain this? >> it gets in the weeds a little bit. this was just after hillary left the state department as secretary of state. the state department, according to the letters obtained by fox news, took steps to buy real estate in nigeria. they were bought from a firm or
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the offer was from a firm whose parent company, stick with me here, whose parent company is owned by a major donor to the clinton foundation. this lebanese nigerian billionaire, his brother owns the property that the state department was looking at to buy and the letters show that listen, we need to explore this. the deal never went through, but it was raising serious eyebrows. and the state department said we're always looking for property for new embassies. but bill clinton himself was seen shaking hands and smiling arm in arm with the brother of the man who donated up to $5 million for the clinton foundation. it does not smell good. stuart: liz peek is with us. this is another scandal as you detailed it right there. there are others as well. all scandals previously have gone over the heads of voters because they are somewhat complicated. will this one is it i can? >> i think it's just going to be another example of how being a donor to the clinton
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foundation secures special favors from the clintons and from the state department. it is a little in the weeds, as ashley said. so it isn't any one of these transactions if you want to call them that, that will tilt the needle. we already know, voters know that hillary clinton is dishonest. this kind of steady drum beat of examples of dishonesty and corruption, i think, just make that more evident all the time. stuart: it's ammunition for donald trump. >> for sure, if he stays on it, great. i totally agree. stuart: if he could detail this scandal in a way that everybody could understand it, and the implications thereof, he's got ammunition liz: and there are others, not just nigeria, multiple. ashley: this is the one highlighted right now. we're talking about a piece of land, very remote off the coast of nigeria where bill clinton pictured, all the way out there, joining the dots between big time donations of the clinton foundation.
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pay to play theory, what does the person get out of it. >> and operating above the law. i'm quite sure the state department has rules and regulations about getting bids from different people and having other competitors in the mix, et cetera, it seems like they steam rolled through that basically to get to a clinton-- >> and the other story, too, boston globe says the clinton foundation needs to stop accepting donations right now. stuart: shut the foundation down if hillary wins the presidency, but right now stop taking money because it's a conflict for interest. >> food for donald trump. >> and stocks are near record highs. and it looks like a slightly lower opening for the dow, no change for the s&p, slight gain for the nasdaq. not much stock price movement. look at amazon making a play at video games, it's by curse, a company described as the skype for the gaming world.
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video gaming is a $100 billion a year business and amazon getting right further into it. target, sales down, forecast for the rest of the year lower. that is going to be down 4 or $5 for the opening bell. how about lowe's. the home improvement retailers. that will open lower as well. talk about a retail ice age, not quite, but it's going to be down. >> cisco laying off 14,000 employees, that's about 20% of the work force. just look at this, a tragic dreadful story. flood waters causing huge problems in louisiana. 11 people confirmed dead. the numbers are staggering here. 40,000 homes damaged. 60,000 have requested federal disaster aid from the government. we're going to bring you some of the stories from that area throughout today's program. it is a huge tragedy. we're also talking olympics and you may have seen this picture of an australian badminton player, he was about to george
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on that mcdonald's stuff after he lost his match. he's not the om one apparently. the mcdonald's at the olympic village is now limiting orders for athletes to 20 items. big orders. >> 20 items? >> you can have more, but you have to get to the back of the line. >> i love it. stuart: free food, the athletes were walking in there with massive orders and the line that they created was so long. >> an hour long. >> reports were the chinese players were having big macs for breakfast. loving it. stuart: that's your olympic coverage. >> what a time to be alive. stuart: much more on this big speech from donald trump. he's billing himself as the law and order candidate. he says that democrats are take minorities for granted. we have he a -- we've only got started. three hours to go.
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>> are you familiar with the teen retailer american eagle, better profits, better sales,
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but wall street is not happy with that, the stock will be down. we'll get into tha staples lost money, a billion dollars worth of charges because of its failed plan to merge with office depot and that thing will be down, but not that much. despite a billion in charges. look at aetna, it warned the justice department about leaving the obamacare exchanges if the deal with humana was blocked and the deal was blocked liz: the ceo sent a letter two weeks before the deal was blocked to the justice department saying we will likely need to lead the public exchanges since we can't do this merger. and saying we're losing a lot of money and we need to do the merger. senator elizabeth warren says, actually, aetna is leaving the exchange as a retaliation because the merger was blocked. stuart: bottom line, aetna is leaving most of the exchanges that it was in now and the stock is going up liz: right, the losses have doubled.
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200 million, half in the second quarter. stuart: obamacare is-- >> it's in collapse. stuart: donald trump pointed the finger at democrats last night. he said, look, they're exploiting african-american voters. roll tape. >> my opponent, hillary, would rather protect the offender than the victim. big problem in our society. hillary clinton backed policies are responsible for the problems in the inner cities today and a vote for her is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime, and lost opportunities. stuart: joining us now is one of the foremost experts on urban policy, that would be heather mcdonald with the manhattan institute. welcome to the program. good to have you. you're a star, good to have you with us today. >> i appreciate it. you're a star, stuart. i'm glad to be with you. >> oh. stuart: now, seriously, seriously. okay? donald trump made a remarkable
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charge last night. he said, look, the democrats and hillary clinton are responsible for the troubles in our inner cities. this is your subject. has he got a point? >> he's definitely got a point. this is a very radical and profound speech. i think the most important g inthat he said was that the false naative about the police is leading not just to the violent crime surge in the inner cities, but also to the milwaukee riots and hillary clinton has been a form of proponent of the false idea that the police are racist, as a result cops are backing off in inner city neighborhoods and lives are being taken, above all black lives. stuart: he's taken a completely opposite point of view from the policies that have been in place for what, two generations. it is-- you say it's a radical presentation, really? >> well, yes, because we now are living in the world created by black lives matter.
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we are living a lie that says that the police are the biggest threat facing young black men today. that is not the case. the police have saved tens of thousands of minority lives, as trump said last night. but as long as the cops continue to be demeaned by president obama and by hillary clinton and by large segments of the media, they're not going to be engaged in the type of proactive policing that saves lives. stuart: do you think it's going to get anywhere? >> it's very hard to change minds. you can put the facts out there, you can put the facts out there that actually a higher proportion of whites and hispanics are killed by the police than blacks, and that proactive policing saves lives, not takes them. and it doesn't change the narrative. there's too much investment in it. yes, it's a political investment on the part of democrats. but there's also a profound ideological investment on the
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part of the elites to believe that we're living in a racist society and that's not the case. stuart: heather come back and see us. you're a star. >> thank you. stuart: thanks so much, heather. i've got news for you from ford. they're planning to have totally self-driving cars on the roads in five years. by totally self-driving, there will be no steering wheel, no pedals. >> no driver. stuart: you don't drive it, you sit in it. and another night for simone biles in the olympics. another american athlete's time. >> and ellen degeneres and a picture of usain bolt. another pc nonsense, we'll deal with that.
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>> simone biles choses out her games in dominant fashion. she took her fourth gold medal. she won the floor exercise, seem made ali raismon took silver. hold it, hold it:
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and there was a shocking result in volleyball. kerry walsh jennings lost in straight sets to team brazil. the first loss at the olympics ever. kerry and partner april ross will play for the bronze and that game will be tonight. team usa still dominating rio, 84 medals and lead with 28 golds. and look at the medal counts. i'd like to add the brits may have their best olympics ever, look at that, astonishing. >> it should be a second place. and they base it on gold. we should be second. >> yes, we are. >> you're in america. stuart: they're telling me to get on with it. the producers in my ear. look at this, please, this is ellen degeneres taking heat on social media called a racist
9:24 am
for this, she's on usain bolt's back. >> it's ridiculous, let's face it, if you call someone a racist in our society today you get on television, you get attention. whether or not it makes sense at all. this is really an appalling reminder of how political correctness is dumping down our discourse and by the way, squashing humor. if you love humor, which i did. ashley: usain bolt thought it was hilarious and retweeted it. >> so, it suggests that he thought it was okay. stuart: if you constantly use that charge racist, racist, racist, it loses its meaning. >> it also exposes you as-- >> you demain yourself when you always attack people that way. ashley: it does damage to actual racism. >> because of-- >> ellen degeneres is not racist. stuart: i think we've all had our say. lowe's, the home improvement people, lower sales, lower
9:25 am
profits and a weak outlook. don't do that, down she goes, 77 bucks, closes. and remember the led color lights for dashboards, they go down as well. amazon is making another play into the $100 billion a year video game business, they're buying a company that's being called the skype of gamers. the stock will be unchanged, but that's a new development for amazon. they buy everything, don't they? moments away from the opening bell. we're still near record highs and here is the question, so why are some big name billionaires betting against stocks? we will deal with that on the opening bell next. i have asthma...
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i want to get back to the olympics very briefly and report yesterday maria schell and today on the show. the prints are doing so well bear in second place because they diverted a lot of gambling money to trading. ashley: 20 years ago they were awful and the one won gold
9:30 am
medals that they've got all the money. stuart: we can explain the great success and 15 seconds p.m. a second. seven seconds ago ps wednesday morning expecting adest loss now. 9:30 precisely. we are down 14 points at the very early going. stocks in green on that board are out. the stocks and rhetoric down. ill assorted health. it even split at the moment. the dow was down 14-point. the s&p 500 of fractional law standpoint you're 3%. i will call that flat. the nasdaq we are expecting to go well. has it gone up in the first couple minutes? point euros 2%. here is the latest on oil. forty-six dollars a barrel. that could change in an hour when they get the latest read on how much we've got in storage.
9:31 am
individual stocks. start with amazon making a play into the gaming business by something called curves that allows gamers to talk to each other. amazon's open a tiny fraction higher. retailers in the news. i will start wh target. look into the future is saying it not so bright out there in down it goes 6%, a huge loss for that stock. lowe's reported lower sales, lower profits, a rotten outlook to reduce scale outlook. better sales, better profits and urban outfitters. 15% up at $35 a share for urban outfitters. staples lost money. a cost of a billion dollars in charges because of the failed merger with office depot down $9 a share. higher profit in males as a teen retailer american eagle. must be something wrong with that because it is down 5%.
9:32 am
maybe they disappointed the all-knowing analysts. the dow was down 21. ashley webster, sharply on me. i want to talk about the federal reserve because they think this is going to be a go nowhere market today until this afternoon when we get news to the fad. everybody's waiting for that. tired of all this navelgazing. are you a fed watcher? >> always have been. the economic policy as part of the reason we are not doing so well. they've been indicating the market is not anticipating a rate hike. i look in the market making new highs of market is saying it doesn't believe the fed will raise. if it does raise in september, which they should do because satisfies a great time to raise. there is no harm. if you're going to do it, do it now. they telegraph that a high
9:33 am
possibility. stuart: breaking news right there. >> the credibility is a little bit of state. investors say no we won't and they will have to up the signal they are still serious about it. stuart: you've got to be a fed watcher if you are down there trading commodities. why don't you tell us, what to expect from the federal reserve at 2:00 eastern time this afternoon. >> i expect them to walk the fence i have at every pass meeting in the last few years. the fed has no reason right now to tighten they may be made to gain credibility. i don't buy that argument. the economy is strong enough is enough love, so why would you tighten. don't than lockhart indicate they are going to have to have some good growth in the next few months to see it happen.
9:34 am
stuart: this fed watching drives me nuts. i'm the one hand they might do this. and the other hand they probably won't do that. what kind of analysis is that? they have to get the buzzer in a talk about the central bank. big-name billionaire. you can't does these guys. i suppose you could. big-name billionaire's are betting against stocks, both of them big time. get out of stocks. what do they know that we don't know? >> a lot of big hedge fund guys in huge position betting that the market is going down. specifically as far as the exact same thing as they are buying options on the s&p 500 which is
9:35 am
representative. that is what they're doing. i have only are your audience to do the exact same traits cheaper. the inverse s&p 500 goes out if the s&p goes down. they can actually buy that. it's a lot cheaper. they can do the exact same thing the hedge fund is doing. stuart: and five by sh and the s&p goes down, i win. it's a great position. it's exactly that cheaper to do it that way. trade to keep it simple. >> another story in the journal not making money, losing some investors to lay off workers. the best he's got to do this to problems. he doesn't know when the markets going to crash. these are chronically overpriced. if cap to buyers and sellers make make the money on these.
9:36 am
i see it is not terribly inspiring. stuart: you can't turn the market. >> pic to names and stick with it. i'm getting exhausted. train to dance to sh. what do you make of the idea that touted by a lot of billionaires get out of stocks. just get out of it and get out of it now. what do you make of that? >> if you look at the price action, we are ever agreed levels basically. how much more can we collaborate now. if you put this into lot is a two or three chance it will go down and maybe go up a little bit but it's not going to kill you. i'm sure that is what they are anticipating right now. stuart: we hear you. viewers want to know why don't we get out of it all now. check the bake board down 30 points. at the suspected 18,513. approximately 100 points away
9:37 am
from the all-time record high we met a couple days ago. barnes & noble have ousted their ceo. they say he was not a good fit. for once, and ousted ceo does not help the stock down 10%. the light bulbs for displays. weak output. that gets them all the time. down it goes 10%. top ice chick in a weak outlook. 6%. these outlooks come from the company by the way. the kids clothing retailer, children's place raised their outlook and reported better profits and sales that because 4%. cisco laying off thousands of workers and it's down 2%. adam shapiro at the new york stock exchange. new york stock exchange. if the 14,000 workers? >> they employ 70,000 people. the company has to confirm this, but the tech website is quoting
9:38 am
people close to the company saved 14,000 will be laid off. this follows other tech companies have done in the past. microsoft windows 18,000. hp announced in 2015 and they were going to lift 33,000 people over the next three years. an april intel said they were laying off 12,000. cisco according to the article will lay a 14,000 people and they will concentrate on data analytics and cloud-based data. stuart: 20% of the workforce at cisco. amazon buying curse. i am told that is basically skype for gamers, let's gamers talk to each other. ashley: it does. amazon has twitched. if you're in the gaming world that's huge. chris allows players to teract, share information, contact. so this is like a good fit.
9:39 am
but the snakes sense. very few details. we don't know how much they are paid. for those of no-space which generates hundreds of millions of dollars and makes good sense to amazon. stuart: amazon owns twitch which is youtube for gamers. now they've got curse which is the skype for gamers. >> this is a really excellent marriage. we don't know anything about the deal but in general terms it's a very good deal. drinking amazon is an extraordinary company. they get older areas can buy their way in. >> see if they want to be in. dream to look at wind, please. lunch in a lavish new $4 billion casino. shares are up 40% this calendar year. >> they are bouncing back after getting killed. it's not like the outlook is suddenly rosy.
9:40 am
they did not have many tables as they hoped. one of two things is going on. the chinese government doesn't think demand will support it that they don't want to be as supportive as gambling going forward. one is bad, the other is worse. stuart: adelson opens the parisian and about a month's time. would you buy win a $100,000 to share? >> absolutely not. the two casinos love five dozen rooms to macau. it will open later in the early part of 2017. getting very overcrowded there. stuart: big-name retailers reporting financial results. i will start with target. staples, american eagle, some movement especially jcpenney down 2% now. would you buy any of them? >> no. their old-school
9:41 am
>> the one has done very well lately, not today's american eagle. it called area, a chain of underthings. stuart: is this all yourself. consumer just not opening the wallet and spending. >> a lot of it for the apparel companies getting squeezed by fast fashion causing closing deflation could amazon under index to closing and they want in. stuart: we've got to wrap it up. we are down 44 points. thank you for being on the show this morning. on a life and a period china launching the first other quantum satellite. they say it for 100 hack proof. details on that.
9:42 am
donald trump shaking up the campaign hiring a new chief executive in a new campaign manager. is this a new start for trump? one of the guys who trump goes two for economic advice joins us in just one moment. ♪
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stuart: now we are down 50-yard line so i got below 18,500. let's get back to politics. a shakeup in the trump campaign. goldman sachs investment banker is now the campaign ceo. kelley ann conway found a campaign manager. i'm getting mixed reviews here.
9:46 am
i've got one side of the argument said that the new people in power in the campaign want the old trump, the unleash trump, the unscripted drum. set me free trump. i have heard the other side of the coin as well that they will press him to stay on message. you're on the side of the campaign. who are these new people and what are they going to advise him to do question mark >> opponents of trump, the mainstream media will make this look as though it is some desperation move within the campaign. we are increasing staff as we have been steadily. added some incredibly talented people. when you talk to people on the antiestablishment crowd, his website is their holy bible. he's got an incredible -- he made a pro and a con.
9:47 am
i think donald trump did a wonderful job last night in making a case for trump on how he can make us grow again. the biggest con is the fact that she is a config con and no one has told that story more can be made to c-span and via clinton's cash. stuart: he is trying for a bounce back. he's gunned down in the polls. it looks like he's trying for a bounce back. you agree with that? >> yes. we've got an uphill battle right now. we are going to be running by november and convince the clearly we have our work cut out for us. convince the american people we have the growth message that america so desperately needs that we have security message in terms of domestic security, places like milwaukee and international security. i'm confident adding these people is helpful. the turning point will be the
9:48 am
debates. once we see these two people impromptu on their feet talking directly to the american people about the mainstream media and an astonishing donald trump says, that's an people say we cannot have a third term of the obama administration. we need a new way. we need growth. stuart: i'm going back to the 1980 presidential campaign. in october 1980, ronald reagan was behind in the polls. he won the election in november. one month later it was a landslide win. are you going to go that far? that may be wishful thinking on your part. >> all take a win. i'll take 270 on far as electoral vote. the analogy is c to break in. people forget because reagan is such a revered figure now. in 1980 he scared the be jesus out of the political
9:49 am
establishment. we couldn't trust him at the codes. all the things we hear right now. a similar antiestablishment movement to change the direction of washington d.c. stuart: at a time. thanks for joining us. steve cortez. appreciate it. stabilizing the market around 18,500. about two thirds of the dow 30 are down. how about this? russia is now using air bases in iran to airstrikes into syria. have we been run out of the middle east?
9:50 am
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: apple's chief tim cook has been on a visit to china. is just that he's going to open an r&d lab over there in china. why is he doing that? >> china has been the biggest drag in the last two quarters. this is the second time in four months he has been there. china wants to apples proprietary software code. it wants access to it. it wants access to google. the tech companies saying we are not going to give it to you. they cracked down on itunes, censor books, gave apple a hard time. coaxing we will invest in a new
9:54 am
senate is very ambiguous, don't know what it's for. don't know the dollar amount they will invest there. he's saying it is services for products. stuart: that is the news of the day on apple in the stock is down. very troubling news. first, maybe as many as 100,000 iranian backed fighters in iraq. iranian bases are being used by russian aircraft to bomb targets in syria. there is also turkey and russia. the institute for the study of war. if i look at the big picture here, is aims to me america has been pushed, shoved right out of the middle east. >> it didn't take much shoving. it looks like the united states abdicated our position roles and responsibilities. it's not as if the russians can bigfoot out of there. we walked away. we are not going to do this anymore. it's a very loose, but a
9:55 am
friendship and russia and turkey at least a friendship, maybe an alliance. what does that all mean for us? >> the anti-american coalition in the middle east between russia and iran where they've had a transactional relationship with the russian military sold a lot of equipment right now they are exporting the advance air missile. that transaction relationship is going into a strategic alliance with one specific place where russia and iran are on the same page, completely dedicated to the survival of the regime. really they are there to crush the moderate opposition to us and keep them in power. stuart: do they dominate the oil patch? >> you still got the cooperation qatar, bahrain, united arab emirates, those are turned. they are not really anti-russian. they understand russia is a
9:56 am
strategic competitor with cooperation council from at least a transactional dead. they are not going to fall in anytime soon. they see that we have abdicated our responsibility is already minimum significantly reduced commitment. now they look for different partners. they are finding in eastern europe in time and influence -- influence. >> they understand the picture here, but i don't understand what it means for me and ordinary everyday american. what does it mean for us? >> further instability and we are as far as we can see. i work for the institute for the study of war. the safest way to prevent wars to be prepared for is so you're not pushed around. right now the united states is transmitting weakness in encouraging democracy. russia, iran will continue to
9:57 am
arm the assad regime and continue indefinitely until we stand up and say he must lay before there's a solution. politics but i've got a out of question. ira trump guy? 's been absolutely not. on a personal basis is an existential threat and much smarter people than i have made the case. they are voting against john because we don't trust him at the military nuclear watch goes. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. new problems really clean. fox news investigation made a deal to nigerian firm that has close ties to the foundation. will this or any other scandal stick? billionaire george soros closed eyes could not do support groups that oppose some israeli policies. details on that coming out. our two is two hours away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
stuart: good morning, everyone. you think we can get through the week without people saying what was he thinking. a week without wet as he said now. for some time donald trump has suffered good wins. now what looks like a new start will lead to try on one. he's made a big shift in his campaign staff. kelley ann conway now the show. a conservative constant from breitbart. paul manafort days it is influence unsure. item two. trump has now made three major speeches and he stayed on script for all of them. last night he was a forceful but measure of law and order speech and he delivered it just a few miles from the riots. item three, trump lived hillary and failed democrat policies for those riots. that is an attack on a strong challenge to the party that is on the block over generations. added up it looks like the
10:01 am
campaign are shifting. trump trying to rebound. clinton playing defense tried to hold her lead. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. breaking news for you. a large ship carrying hundreds of people is on fire. is this a puerto rico? ashley: about a mile outside san juan, puerto rico. it's actually a very carried over 500 people with cars on board. it travels between puerto rico and the dominican republic. a big fire has broken out looking at the coast guard tweets on this, they are definily abandoning ship in trying to get the passengers. no reports of any injuries and many bug now circling this very. pictures of it on fire. hopefully ipad gets out there
10:02 am
safely. stuart: thank you, ashby and we will get to the political issues of the day. the dow industrial half-hour into the trading session. we drop below 18,500. big names moving. start with a weaker outlook from target and lows and american eagle appeared their numbers were okay, but wall street is not happy where they see the future. all of them -- and significant percentage terms. not all red arrows for retailers. at her process, better sales allows the stock to go up 16% to a 52 week high. we never forget about oil because it dictates to some degree the price of stocks. forty-six dollars a barrel right now hopes for a production freeze have faded. oil prices down a little. the rebound supply a half-hour from now. the number $46 ago could change. to politics in the headline we woke up to.
10:03 am
the shakeup inside the trump campaign. steve brennan are bright partners is the chief executive officer. kellyanne conway has been promoted to campaign manager. paul manafort keeps his role as chairman for now. this is the start of an attempted turnaround, and a refocusing, new staff in a say in not robbed her. if i was a trump supporter -- >> this is not a surprise. mr. trump said he would begin with a big push in september. he's bought television ads for september 1st. this is not a shakeout. this is an expansion of them you'd expect for some getting ready for the fall major campaign. people have been added. people say he needs to do more and have more people around and more influence. it's a shakeout. i contend this is that they've intended to do all along.
10:04 am
kellyanne conway is well-liked. steve bannon has and history. smart man who knows what's going on in the country. these are people who know what they're doing but not quite within the complete value of the establishment. stuart: is it a new start? ronald reagan fired his campaign chief shortly before the presidential election. is there like that? >> now, manafort isn't going anywhere. his influence remains the same. >> there's two more new people with fancy titles. >> this is the plan all along. all of these people have and who want to get the country back on her feet. >> is he going to stay on
10:05 am
message or are these new people going to say be yourself. >> it was unusual yesterday. he did use the telecom are. you will see much more of it focused rammer cannot because he's adjusting to it the media is demanding. he is going to be in the band the way he intends to have a successful man of business and now a successful politician. stuart: more for you later. trump is getting his first intelligence briefing today at the fbi field office in manhattan. secret service agent is with us. you know about this test. what kind of intelligence is he going to get? is it going to get into debt fear around the world? >> is going to be a birds eye
10:06 am
view. for example it and the service when we went through specifically the lead advance and in asia, you get a briefing by intelligence officials said they are not telling you the names of our assets on the ground per se, but they are giving you today terrorist players are and how it's influencing geopolitics, the local economy. more of a birds eye view of what's going on. stuart: you can't repeat anything for use on the campaign trail. he can't say it looks like this to me in this area of the world and harassment policy. he can't do that, can he? >> is critical you mention that. you want to make sure you almost create a silo of information you heard site doesn't accidentally creep out and sacrifice official use only or classified information. >> why is he taking chris
10:07 am
christie, governor of new jersey michael flynn. >> i think he wants to see a three-member different lenses. christy from the political side and general flynn for an intelligent and military side. information on c-span and finance and geopolitics. information is only good as the interpretation and they can interpret it differently. it matters to have the two different views. >> chris christie is having mr. trump's transition team. michael flynn, they want to make sure they are getting the important briefing on development of the nature what they are told. general flynn will know that. sean hannity's townhall interview with mr. trumpeters tonight on the fox news channel. we have a preview of it. listen to this.
10:08 am
>> we can be nice about it say it's never going to happen again. by allowing thousands and thousands, tens of thousands we just don't know anything about. it's going to happen again because there's something wrong. until we figure it out, have to stop it. stuart: a terror attack likely in the u.s. your thoughts on that. i don't know what it will take to get through the 65-inch thick skulls of the modern american liberal. the fbi director jim comey testified we cannot bet these refugees are not liberals continue to parrot the talking point that the process is safe and secure. we are not sending people to the syrian department of motor vehicles. there is no database to that these people against. it's really a disgrace that they put our national security at risk and the talking point the left keeps very now. there is no process. wake up.
10:09 am
stuart: we hear you. thanks for joining us. you can watch the complete trump interview on hannity tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. to the louisiana come at tremendous downfall of intruding disastrous flooding. ashley: is hard to get your head around the spirit so far the death toll is at 11. 40,000 homes have been damaged. i was talking to fema director michael brown last night and he was saying was the floodwaters go a lot of these homes are damaged beyond repair because the water seeps into the foundation, especially the wooden homes. flooding gets into everything, ruins everything. they've had 6000 applications for help from people affect you by the flood. many don't have flood insurance. those that do its inadequate and will cover what is needed. hearing these stories, i want to point out a story about animals having to be left behind.
10:10 am
pats. i don't know if you can see the picture here. we need that bush is a dog that is barely keeping his head or her head above the water and someone going i then saw the bushes rustling and manage to wrest the dog come and save its life. it was almost unable to keep its head above the water. those are the types of things we are saying that people don't normally hear about. liz: it wasn't a hurricane. record rainfall. stuart: 40,000 homes. thank you indeed. china launching a new powerful satellite. the first of its kind. they call it an affable. what does that mean for us in the united states? we will tell you. another scandal for hillary clinton. the state department making a deal talking with a nigerian businessmen who had paid millions to the clinton foundation.
10:11 am
more "varney" in a moment. ♪ ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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stuart: i have breaking news for you. u.s. swimmers ryan lockley are being barred from live in brazil. >> they gave comfort and accounts about the robbery is allegedly hopping on sunday. four u.s. swimmers are broad. initially he told the olympic initials that there was a robbery and then backpedaled and said there was a robbery. he may be ordered to return to brazil to testify about what happened with this robbery. stuart: the guys are still there and check it out. transfer the guys are still
10:15 am
there. ashley: they have been unable to clobber it one single piece of evidence to go with their story. they can't find anything to suggest what they said have been actually happened. liz: man masquerading as police officers popped a gun to their head and robbed them. stuart: okay. dow industrials down 55 points. check the big or didn't say most of the dow 30 are in the red. we have apple. they will open an r&d center in the research and development in china. the stock is down a fraction. google coming up with google duo. video phone calls will be a direct rival to apple's face time. more on that coming up, do you do national security agency's website, the mfa website. the offline for almost all day yesterday. ashley: some top-secret code appeared on a website.
10:16 am
the kind of code that is used by the nsa to crack foreign government espionage target. it was by a group called shadow brokers. people said this is en masse for the nsa would suggest they are being hacked. nothing at this point. stuart: meanwhile, china has launched the first-ever quantum satellite. this is all true secured a hack proof your day global communications satellite. gordon chang is with us. is america behind china in this particular technology? >> yes it is. the chinese and at times more on this than we are. they got an experiment -- a two-year fixed airmen. we don't know if that will work but they have the other thing
10:17 am
that although beijing is ahead we will catch up because everyone soon will have quantum communications. stuart: so it's not that big a deal? >> it is a big deal. the chinese are good at big science. they are working. they are applying technology and theoretical concepts that have been developed by others. this is not some technological breakthrough. this is taking what we are doing out and doing it better. they are ahead and kudos to them. it's not as big a deal as some people think. >> there is an intense technological rivalry between the united states. until now i thought that we were miles ahead. we didn't care much about it. this area china is ahead. >> there are some other areas better than we are. in general we are well ahead of
10:18 am
the chinese and science for commercial applications. our companies do much better. nonetheless, the chinese because he has such an emphasis in the big science area they will have recurs and we've got to recognize that. the big story as they are further ahead than most people think. in some areas. stuart: just trying to push us around question or >> of course they push us around. he talked about how groove communications. cybertheft of u.s. companies did we have disagreement with the chinese president and president obama in the rose garden last september with thehinese that they wouldn't have her come in it for commercial purposes. they continue to do so would we do nothing. we are leaving the door open while the chinese are installing the best security system on the planet with this communications.
10:19 am
stuart: thanks for joining us. always appreciated. another scandal like the clinton foundation. meanwhile, trump says economic policies backed by clinton had damaged america's inner cities. watch this. >> hillary clinton backed policies are responsible for the problems in the inner cities today and they vote for her is a vote for another geration of poverty, high crime and lost opportunities. you both have a
10:20 am
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ stuart: obviously that is the beatles. i don't know the official name.
10:23 am
playing it because that's when day. look at this. i think that instead. for self driving car coming years from now. those hearing wheels, no pedals. there you go. was this all about. >> ford envisions a future where cities across the country have the zones where you hail a taxi or by sharing and a would-be robotic cars would pick you up in the zones. they are the first company to put a date on it. 2021. they see a future where they joined gm, tesla. even google is pushing for it. the mac in my going to do that? >> that's the question. stuart: we used to do that in
10:24 am
england. serious a check. the state department survey land deal with a nigerian firm tied to a donor to the clinton foundation. this round robin state department hillary clinton foundation. movement of money and influence between the three. tammy bruce, it is another scandal. is this going to go the way of all the others because it's complicated, technical. nobody knows what it's all about. no impact. >> the selling of america or american. i would argue it has had an influence. there are corruption in general. the latest poll has 11% of the american people think she's honest and trustworthy. when you go into the voting booth and all the things start to file an after slightly ambivalent the aspect against a
10:25 am
matter. we remember the exhaustion of the clinton scandals because it won't end. you begin to think this is too much already. we have enough to deal with americans. i wouldn't want want to add this in. while they may think it won't matter because it comes than overload, in the end we see the numbers have an impact on what americans think of her. mr. clinton was involved in this dynamic. "the boston globe" is calling for them to shut down the clinton foundation because the them. of impropriety. on their site they realize that 32 match. >> the trustworthiness, those polls that deal with honesty she trustworthy. in that particular part of polling. in the general sense, will you vote for hillary clinton or donald trump. there's no impact was the lever. trump is murdering himself. the mac i disagree. there's a big difference between
10:26 am
an argument about someone's attitude and the words they might use an aisle versus actions a person has taken that exposes a level of corruption that infects everything they do. americans are smart. we are also romantic to in the end are romances are love for the country and that's how we'll make that decision and that decision will go towards trump. stuart: very interesting. you think it's going to win? 82 days to the election. >> my column today looks at the fact at this point mccain and palin were 10 points ahead. at this point dukakis' 17 points ahead. the polls have been between one and two-point. the bums from the conventions are over. everything on her side, the media, republican establishment and democrats can't get away from him. she can't leave. stuart: ronald reagan was behind in early october of 1980 and one in later no plans by.
10:27 am
>> is not done in dell had stored trump. oil, the latest reading on how much was done in storage. that could move the price of oil. down 59 cents at the moment. let's see what happens when they get the storage numbers. a debate whether to ban bikinis on beaches in france. that debate continues. more development in a moment. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients...
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stuart: we are about to receive the latest numbers on oil, how
10:31 am
much we get in storage, is it more or less? more supply or less? take a look at a couple stocks as we wait for the numbers. we have the numbers down 2.5 million, we were expecting half 1 million so a big miss. the soil inventory levels are all over the place. we are down to million more barrels than expected, we used more plus with all this talk of cooperation, i don't believe it but that is pushing oil prices higher by all accounts, it is not always the way it should be but should be a boost oil prices. we will keep an eye on that. >> it is not moving much, 4641, coming back up a little more. you might be right. we may be seeing a slight rise.
10:32 am
most of our viewers do not invest in barrels of oil but they do invest in stocks and the higher the price of oil the better it is for stock prices. cheryl: for oil majors in the dow. stuart: and stock prices overall. we are down a fraction. look at staples forecasting its 15th straight quarter of declining sales, closing stores, feeling the heat from its rivals, that is the biggest loser in the s&p 500 and it is down 7%, donald trump says hillary clinton is responsible for many problems in the inner cities today. watch this. >> my opponent hillary would rather protect the offender than the victim. big problem in our society. hillary clinton backed policies are responsible for the problems
10:33 am
in the inner cities today and a vote for her is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime and lost opportunity. >> blame the democrats, blame hillary clinton for what is going on in our inner cities. steve moore joins us now. is trump right? >> hooray! i have been waiting so long for a republican to make this point and a conservative to say who has been in america's inner cities, detroit or milwaukee or the city i am in, chicago, cleveland, democrats and liberalism were destroyed our inner cities. i think trump is spot on taking it to hillary, you support policies that created an economic and security mess in these cities and the one point i would like him to stress more
10:34 am
because i think it is at the heart of the problem of our inner cities today is the school system. what trump was getting at when he said she supports the people behind these policies, the teachers unions are destroying our inner cities and trump is for school choice, hillary is a captive of the teachers union. stuart: it is all about charter schools, voucher systems, not allowed in democrat-controlled inner cities, the teachers union rules supreme but you maintain you could change education in the inner cities if we had school choice. >> i have seen it work. i have interviewed a lot of parents washington dc, we have a small voucher program entirely for african-americans, 10,000 students have gone through the program, the only program in the federal budget that barack obama wants to get rid of is a school choice program that is working for african-american parents and kids and here is what i would
10:35 am
love donald trump to hillary on and obama. barack obama sent his daughters to the same private schools these voucher kids go to and now he wants to take away the opportunity for those kids to go to those schools. he is saying only rich kids should go to good schools, poor kids have to go to the larger schools and that isn't fair. the other thing is the crime and corruption of it or cities that city bosses -- these cities spend huge amounts of money as if none of the money gets to the people it is supposed to. stuart: looks like he is trying to rebound from the lows in the polls he has had in the last couple weeks, he has a new campaign staff. he is staying on message and you think he could rebound if he
10:36 am
stays on that message and concentrates on what you are talking about, inner cities, schools, corruption and crime. >> the answer is absolutely yes. the last three or four days he has done much better, slight rebound in the polls. i predict he will be up 3 or 4 points, just look to those inner-city folks, blacks and hispanics he is doing poorly with and say what have the democrats done for you. you have lousy schools, and safe streets and no jobs. i will bring jobs back. stuart: steve moore, got you, see you soon. hillary clinton does continue to lead in the polls, this is the latest clear politics average of national polls, 47 clinton, 41 trump, this is despite being accused of lying under oath and other scandals ongoing. katie fang is with us, do you think any of these scandals
10:37 am
matter? does it look like it is going over the heads of most investors? >> i call the clintons the teflon clintons but for hillary clinton she needs to get a board-certified plastic surgeon, her nose is going to grow because all she does is lie and the perjury statute, 1621, that is part of the letter sent from congress to the united states in dc, basically says you meet the elements, she lied under oath in 2015 to the house benghazi proceedings laying out four specific areas where she lied and director comey said she lied. she should be prosecuted. stuart: but it is technical, very legalistic and there will be no resolution before the election. we are 82 days from the
10:38 am
election, no way we will get a full-scale investigation and/or an indictment for the 82 days is up. that is why i say it doesn't stick. it goes over everybody's head. >> does it stick or does it not? the polls may suggest otherwise but you are speaking to a public that does not want to elect someone who is going to be a liar and with you a trump surrogate or not, the reality is under the law she made materially false statements when she testified and because of that she should have to suffer some type of recourse but you are right, the timing is suspect and it is a problem with how incestuous the investigation has been. the reality that loretta lynch who controls this is never going to take her to task for what she has done. stuart: you think you could make the charge of lying stick?
10:39 am
>> absolutely. it has to be material and made under oath and has to influence the decision made and that is what she has done. stuart: thanks for joining us, we appreciated and see you again soon. aetna, the latest obama casualty, lost a lot of money in the company stopped offering affordable care policies in 11 of the 15 states where it was operating. united health, blue cross blue shield, they have dropped out so what happens if all of these insurers just walk away? >> you can try to get insurance from another company, may not cover the doctors are drugs you wanted, you could try to get medicaid or you could buy catastrophic inherence or pay the penalty. this is from the federal government, those are the choices.
10:40 am
arizona, 400,000 people, no inshore in the state exchange they have now. lots of people are seeing what happened to them and this is an election year issue, and obamacarolyn starts november 1st, the fact we have gotten hundreds of thousands of people many in rural areas with no insurance and no choices they have to pay a penalty even though they may be willing and wanting insurance they have to pay a penalty if they can't get the coverage. >> we are into august. a lot of people in this country still paying their medical bills out of their own pocket and consumer spending is going and they are paying the premium. liz: senior citizens not ready to retire, a lot of social security money is going to these deductibles. charles: thank you. a woman in a gas station in jacksonville, florida went on a rampage, that is the result of a rampage, trashed the store for
10:41 am
10 minutes straight, $11 of candy, workers watched her, she flew into a rage, the police are trying to track her down. guess they don't have her. she is not happy. and this. a muslim born lawmaker in italy telling the government shutdown mosques. he says they are a breeding ground for terror. we are on that, back in a moment. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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♪ ashley: "varney and company" start at 9 am eastern. trump advisor steve cortez on the latest polls. >> we have an uphill battle. we are not winning, we are going to be winning by november but o. we need to convince the american people that we have the growth message america so desperately needs, we have the security message america need in terms of domestic security, places like milwaukee and international security. i'm confident the turning point, the turning point in my opinion will be the debate.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> you support the idea that women can drive? >> women can drive. >> muslims that leave the
10:46 am
religion apostate should be killed, gays and lesbians, the penalty of death? >> if they do that publicly it does carry capital punishment. stuart: do you remember that guy? he was on fox news, radical islamist cleric and hate preacher who has been found guilty in britain of helping isis. ashley: the authorities have been on him for 20 years, he was finally arrested in 2014, 49 years old, accused of radicalizing young men and women, they got him when he signed an oath to isis, his link to 15 terrorist plots, 300 of his supporters, a conservative estimate, have gone to syria to fight for isis. he was convicted and faces 10 years in a british prison. charles: stuart: egyptian member of the european parliament born in
10:47 am
egypt is born a muslim, converted to christianity. he said mosques are terror factories that need to be eliminated. joining us from london katie hopkins. do you think there is a chance any european country would actually do that? close the mosques? >> not sure about closing them. there is enough thrust to stop more from being built, there's an application for a magar mosque, in 2015, that is banned, not allowed to be built, a particular sector of muslims think muslims should not integrate into society so this guy is on to something. i have had ask imams tell me they won't send their children to the mosques because they are frightened about what they might learn. stuart: it seems this is a new stage.
10:48 am
we have gone from welcoming people into europe and then say enough, we can't handle the problems. now we are in a new more proactive stage saying maybe we better close those mosques, send this guy to prison. a new stage, more hostile stage. >> it is also a reaction, the fact that we were behind the curve, people were supposed to buy into multiculturalism. we see what happened thanks to multiculturalism which i don't think of her existed and there is a reaction to try to push against the tide and i think it is too late. it is too little too late and you just referred to chowdhury, we have managed to convict him but now we don't know where to put him. we can't put him in a prison
10:49 am
because he will convert the whole prison. we don't know where to put him now that we have convicted him. stuart: i want to give our viewers more on this bikini ban in france. there is that development. connell: three resorts of imposed this than an ten women have been escorted off of the beach for defying that ban and wearing bikinis, four have been find. the ruling xs is than to anyone who does not have bathing apparel that respect to good customs and secularism. >> three more towns, the prime minister of france says this is about the enslavement of women, he supports the ban. stuart: what do you say? you're in london, the french saying you can't have that on a french beach? >> the people of britain outside this little liberal bubble here, they love what france is doing.
10:50 am
here we have muslims swimming, they are shutting the pools, men only, muslim men only at peak times and women are allowed to swim in bikinis, christian women are not allowed in at all. craziness over here. i say band them from the beach. stuart: is that why there was a brexit vote? >> a lot of things contribute. a lot of people rather i wore a bikini on the beach. and he will than pictures of women in bikinis from subways because he thinks that is not appropriate so you can feel this creeping crushing of christian culture and this surge towards muslim overthrow of a culture we used to know so we say go
10:51 am
france, get those off of the beaches. stuart: younef our more popular guests. thank you for joining us and we have this, donald trump bike on message, and shuffled his campaign team, new people in charge. more varney in a moment. you both have a
10:52 am
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ashley: checking the dow, the 30 dow stocks, more red than green, the dow stock 50 points, looking at oil, the latest read on oil supply, supply goes down, the price finally going up on oil. take a look target, sales down and a lower forecast, it is down 6.5%. let's take a look at this. our producer, christine is filling stuart in on what is coming up at the top of the hour and here's what we're looking at, steve forbes, a big hedge fund guy betting against the market and ed rawlins who runs a
10:56 am
proton superback, we are talking about trump blaming hillary clinton the democrats for the failed policies that created problems in the inner cities. >> we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton which talk down to communities of color and sees them only as votes, not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. they have taken advantage. she doesn't care at all about the hurting people of this country or the suffering she has caused them and she had her party officials there has been tremendous suffering because of what they have wrought. the african-american community has been taken for granted for decades and look how they are doing.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
of course no school choice. youngsters with no fathers around, mass unemployment, and a endless series of government programs that consistently fail. on this issue, hillary clinton looks like the status quo candidate. what change will she bring if elected? more government help? more programs? pile on the police? no change there. just pandering for the black vote. now, with 82 days until the election and new campaign management, trump is starting
11:01 am
to make his case, the economy, foreign postal, law and order, all new trump as the change candidate. a shift in the campaign appears to be beginning. and the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ stuart: 91 into the trading session and we are down 50 points. we've got a read on the supply, it went down i think -- ashley: 2.5 million barrels. stuart: so less in storage. more being used. the price is up 12 cents, but it's at 46.70. big name retailers. very much in the stock market news. they're reporting their profits and some of them are way, way down. target lows, american eagle, all down in large percentage terms. how big urban outfitters? what's the story there?
11:02 am
that stock is actually going up 16%. better profits, better sales. a big jump for the stock. and big name billionaires like george -- they are betting against stocks saying in many cases just sell them all. forbes media editor steve forbes is with us along with ashley webster and elizabeth macdonald. all right. steve, we've got all of these top guys, billionaires and they're saying get out of stocks. what do you make of that? >> good. it's their money. it's their money. it's not my money. stuart: well, do you agree with it? >> no. i think market timing if they can do it, god bless them or their customers bless them. but they're trying to time these things. now, historically, stuart, the first year of a new president is bad for stocks. always a disappointment after the election. so if they're timing that just on base of history for next year, yeah.
11:03 am
but they also have to say even though it's george soros a little substance on their side. earnings have been flat. business investment is not good. you look around the world, economy's not doing well, productivity here not good. a lot of financial engineering, the fed still misbehaving. so the stocks have done well. stuart: the idea of timing the market, sell at the high on the expectation that it's going to go down, and you will buy back in again. that's a game that's been tried by countless generations of people, largely unsuccessfully. >> well, with viewers especially if you're retirement money. don't try to be george soros. just go back to 2009, world falling apart, down 54%. how many people got back into the market? and a lot of people got out during the bear market. how many people got in march 2009 and missed this big part of this huge rise? even if you get out in time, it doesn't mean that you're going to get back in.
11:04 am
stuart: we should tell everybody -- in march 2009, the dow jones average went down to 6,000. liz: in that range. that's right. ashley: amazing. stuart: fast-forward, 18,500. so if you didn't get back in back in the day, you missed out on a big, big rally. >> every investor's a disciplined investor until the market goes down. stuart: that's right. all right. i want to move on to donald trump. he was speaking about law and order and being the law and order candidate last night. roll that tape. >> law and order must be restored. the war on our police must end, and it must end now. i believe all americans not just the powerful are entitled to security. we will once again be a country of law and order. . stuart: all right. just hours after that, big trump campaign announcement, big staff
11:05 am
shakeup. paul manafort stays his campaign chair, but we don't know what influence he's got. they're adding steve bannon as campaign ceo and republican strategist kellyanne as campaign manager. what do you think of the changes and the timing of the changes? >> well, i think the campaign is recognizing you've got to bulk up if you're going to survive what the democrats already started to do to him. so the key is not who he brings in or promotes or dedemotes or anything like that, but key thing he's willing to accept the restraints of the national campaign. have those surrogates out there. stick to themes. don't go off on tangents. stuart: the two people on the screen moments ago are people who want trump to be the original trump. unleash trump. let him be the man without the teleprompter. some people say that those two characters right there, that's what they're urging. that's not what you're saying he should do.
11:06 am
>> look, this is an election between temperament and third term. he's got to define it as third term for barack obama. 70% of the american people are profoundly unhappy with the direction of this country. and that's why they keep focusing on trump, not the issues. he's goldening her the issue, the economy the issue, security the issue. did last night. do that, and he will win. especially if he keeps to those themes in the first debate. stuart: i sense a shift, literally just in the last 24 hours, a shift in the campaign. trump on the attack and focused and getting a new campaign team. hillary clinton playing defense. am i going too far? >> if that happens, she will be also after november 8th. will be on the lecture circui c. stuart: speaking of hillary clinton, let's move on to that. facing a new scandal. well, furthering a scandal that's already existed. after it was revealed that the state department made a deal
11:07 am
was trying to get the state department interested in a nigerian firm. it's complicated stuff. let's try to simplify it. there's the donor, the state department, the foundation, and hillary clinton. they're all tied in together. the suggestion is influence pedaling. but, steve, she seems immune from all of this list of scandals. she has not fallen in the polls. >> well, trust factor. her trust numbers are horrible. people don't believe she tells the truth. and that's why trump has to make her the issue, the third term the issue, and those things will resound. if the focus goes back on his issue about temperament and all of that, he will lose. that's why he has to get it back on her. this is all from the middle. people don't have to know the details. they know everywhere she goes bad, smelly things happen. stuart: do you approve of his policies? economic policies? do you approve of it? >> trump? . stuart: tax. >> on the tax side, yes. and in terms of the deregulation, i have issues on
11:08 am
the trade. i don't think 45% sales tax are good things. there are deals there to deal with the abuses. we have to have change, stuart. we can't continue with this stuff. stuart: speaking with feeling. [laughter] >> improve your ratings. stuart: keep trying. i'm going to move on to the olympics. i'm a real watcher. a total fan. i've been watching all the time. women's gymnastics wrapped up last night. another gold for this young lady simone biles. she leaves -- already left, by the way. back in the states. the most decorated u.s. >> yes, gymnist in history. there's the lady of the hour. very different story for women's beach vocabulary. led by three time gold medalist theret lost to the
11:09 am
brazilian team in the surmise. despite the vocabulary ups, u.s. leads with 84 medals, china in second -- ashley: number of gold medals. >> that is phenomenal. stuart: yes, it is. it is. we're growing up in england, many, many decades -- >> one medal. >> you're right. 20 years ago. ashley: in atlanta, they've got one gold medal. stuart: and you know how that was turned around? i tell you. they took a lot of money from the british lottery system and put it into athletics training facilities. and now they're second in the medal. third in the medal count. how big that, forbes? [laughter] >> and they didn't dope. stuart: no, they did not. okay. i'm staying on the olympics. look at this. australia after losing his
11:10 am
badminton, and he ate all of that. now, mcdonald's allow athletes to eat as much free foods as you like, but they just capped it at 20. you can have more, but you have to go to the back of the line. liz: if i tried that. stuart: one item. burger, fries, one item. liz: if i tried that, you would have to cue the defibrillator. stuart: they probably did. ashley: you just don't think of olympic athletes forming a line at mcdonald's. but, hey. advertising. stuart: listen to this. here's another news nugget on mcdonald's. instead of toys, as we showed you stock is up # 18. new 4 billion-dollar casino. shares are up more than 40% this year. down a fraction today. and then we have this for you. new images from a developing
11:11 am
story. a ship on fire. it appears to be -- it's a large ferry. hundreds of people onboard. the coast guard is evacuating more than 500 people. no injuries reported. this is about a mile off puerto rico. that is a developing story. got to get them off. back to donald trump staying on message. laying out how he would help african-americans succeed in america. roll that tape again. >> our jop is to make life more comfortable for the african-american parent who wants their kids to be able to safely, safely walk the streets and walk to school. [laughter] (announcer vo) you can go straight home.
11:12 am
(howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. >> our job is to make life more comfortable for the african-american parent who wants their kids to be able to safely, safely walk the streets and walk to school. every voter in milwaukee to
11:15 am
every voter living in the inner city or every forgotten stretch of our society, i'm running to offer you a much better future. a much better job. i am going to allow charter schools to thrive and help young kids get on the american ladder of success, a good education, and a good paying job. that's what they want. stuart: all right. donald trump there last night in milwaukee clearly he blames the democrats and hillary clinton for the plight of black folks in america. rob is with us, fox news contributor. rob, welcome back to the program. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you, stuart,. stuart: now, look, he's squarely laying the blame for the african-american situation in our cities on failed democrat policies of the last two generations. are you with him? do you agree with that analysis? >> you know, stuart, i'll tell you. i do agree with that analysis,
11:16 am
and i think donald trump knocked it out the park last night with that speech. i think he was right on point. the only downside if there is a downside to the speeches, i wish would have had mor african-americans in the audience, meaning i wish he would have taken that speech maybe to a church in the community or something like that. but that's not to say that he still doesn't have time to do that. but when he started talking about the democratic party pandering to african-americans, let me tell you the guy is 100% correct. that is what's been happening. and, stuart, when you and i have had this discussion before. when you look at certain cities around this country, cities that are burning like baltimore, like ferguson, like milwaukee who are the individuals running those cities? it's democrats. so what trump is saying is give me a chance, that's what donald trump is saying, and i think he's right by saying that. stuart: i think we were sitting around listening to that sound byte there and one that thing stood out a mile, he wants to improve charter schools. he wants to introduce educational choice to our inner cities.
11:17 am
it's not really available to many places at the moment. do you agree with that? because i think that's the linchpin of what donald trump could do very quickly if elected president. >> that's right. i think that's one of the things he could do very quickly. and you're exactly right. charter schools, very important. school choice very important. bringing back jobs to these communities, very important. increasing the law and order in these communities, very important. and i think trump is in a very specific and strategic position with his knowledge as a businessman to be able to do these kinds of things. so basically, stuart, what we have here, we have a guy that's not just talking the talk, but trump has walked the walk. and i think he's going to continue to do that. again, if we give him a chance. but, stuart, let me say this. one other thing real quick. i think trump needs to take his tie off, roll up his sleeves, take off the suit jacket and say let's go to work. stuart: okay. we hear you. one more for you. sean town hall interview it's going to air tonight on the fox news channel. we've got a preview. roll tape and listen.
11:18 am
>> we can be nice about it and say it's never going to happen again. and what we're doing by allowing thousands and thousands -- tens of thousands of people in here that we just don't know anything about. it's going to happen again because there's something wrong. and until we figure it out, we have to stop it. stuart: he's talking about a terror attack very likely in the united states. comment on that, rod. >> exactly. i mean he is -- again, 100% correct. look, the only reason isis is isis today as we know them and making headway in the united states because, stuart, they have no fear of our current government. they have no fear at all whatsoever. so what trump is saying -- and we need to listen closely to what he's saying, stuart. he's saying he is going to be the president that's going to stop isis in their tracks. he's also saying give him a chance to show us that. now, maybe he hasn't politically said this correctly over the past few months. but is that what we're concerned about? or are we concerned about somebody in the white house that's going to get the job done. and if you want my opinion right now, and i'm not a trump supporter believe it or not, but i like what the guy is
11:19 am
saying, and i'll tell you. the needle is moving in his direction if you want it, in my opinion, about that. stuart: rob wheeler, we got your opinion, and we like to hear it. thank you on for joining us as always. >> thank you. stuart: now this. i'm going to call this a disaster. 11 people confirmed dead, 40,000 homes damaged. this is louisiana. okay? more than 60,000 have requested federal disaster aid. that is a disaster. you're looking at it. louisiana. in california, wildfire raging through the cajon pass. i think the pronunciation is correct. the cajon pass in california, 80,000 people reportedly evacuated. it's a 30,000 acre fire, it's 60 miles east of los angeles. meanwhile the evacuation orders in northern -- northern california town clear lake that have been lifted, allowing 4,000 people return hoy were forced to flee for a fire that destroyed 175 homes. what a catastrophe that is.
11:20 am
businesses and other structures also damaged. and how big this? bill o'reilly calling out billionaire george soros for investing money in questionable groups and programs and individuals. more varney next. but watch this. >> donated about $13 million to the democrats this election cycle. that includes 7 million to a hillary clinton super pac you both have a
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
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11:24 am
. >> soros has given about $10 million to groups supposed policies to israel. has accused israel of war crimes. has given a variety of grants to people who literally hate the jewish state of israel. in addition, soros has funded investigations of individuals here in usa who are opposed to radical islam. stuart: there you heard it last night talking on soros invested in questionable groups and programs. steve, what is this guy up to? he's a billionaire and investing millions and millions of dollars in this kind of activity. what's he up to? >> who knows and he's involved in so many activities, even a
11:25 am
novelist would have a hard time figuring it out. human nature we think is dot, dot, dot, logic, logic, logic, but the human emotions, who knows. stuart: well, in the past, we've seen him support offshore drilling in brazil and buying stock. ashley: yeah,. stuart: but opposing drilling here. >> maybe that's why he sold i i. stuart: he sold it out pretty fast. i believe he opposes the pipeline, the keystone pipeline but then invested in areas which would benefit from no keystone pipeline. liz: right and he also says brexit is going to create a market crash. help create a market crash. so that's why he's now shorting the s&p 500. stuart: that's a good point. so he's betting on his own forecast and where his money's going. ashley: profiting from his predictions. stuart: to sum it up, we don't approve; is that right, forbes? >> well, sometimes if the government knew what he was doing, he wouldn't be so rich.
11:26 am
we don't have time here but in 1992, the brit government blew it. stuart: he did. he made a billion pounds. >> and he outsmarted them. stuart: thank you very much for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, sir,. stuart: now, let's take a look at market scan. that's where you take a look at all 30 dow stocks together. most of them in the red, down, and the dow off 60 points. much more ahead. donald trump shuffling his campaign staff. he is the law a order candidate, just as new scandal, putting hillary on the defense. but she's still ahead in the polls. more varney next
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
stuart: donald trump announcing he's shaking up his core campaign team. look at this. paul manafort stays his campaign chair, steve bannon, he'll serve as ceo of the campaign, republican strategist kellyanne comes in as manager of the campaign. ed rollins who is a trump supporter is with us this morning. now, i'm getting conflictive
11:31 am
reports about kellyanne. some people say that they want trump to go back to be the way he was. unleashed, unscripted. rough and tough. others say that they are going to press him to stay on message the way he is now. any information on this? will go to has been let me just say this. whatever trumps want to be, trump will be. and you can bring new advisers in. the good thing about kellyanne who i've worked with in the past and is a first rate pollster, she was gingrich's pollster, and jack when ran for president. she has a great touch, great feel for the country. great message. steve has a great reputation as a strong ceo and experience in wall street. but my sense -- and i think manafort's role as time goes on because he may keep the title. but these two people are going to be relying are guilty it. but the critical thing is the three sit down and say here's
11:32 am
what i do, here's what you do, here's what we do each other. stuart: but are they going to lay the law down to donald trump and say stay on the script? >> i don't think they're going to lay the law down to donald trump. i think the reality is many have tried in the past. stuart: does that make him a good candidate? is that a good thing? >> i don't -- stuart: because i can see america wants somebody who knows his own mind and is going to do it. regardless of the opposition to it. >> the reality is if you know your own mind, it doesn't mix with where the countrys, it's not a very good thing. i think the reality is that you've got to have some sense of you going beyond the hard-core republican base, and you're reaching now to democrats. you're reaching now to women. and if you don't, you're going to end up with 39% of the vote. so he has to basically soften the messages some places and toughen the messages in other places. but it's not like there's a whole bunch of men hiding out in bushes and when they have 53% of the population, you have to get some of the women, you have to get some democrats, and hold the independents.
11:33 am
stuart: i've been saying this morning that maybe this is a turning point. he's focused in three key speeches, shuffled his campaign staff, and i believe he's going to start airing ads in five key swing states either friday or this weekend. >> very important. stuart: that's important? >> very important. he never realized the importance of television because he got all the television here that he wanted. he got $2 billion worth of free television. but the difference in presidential campaign and the fall campaign in particular is those are 30 and 60 second spots reinforced, reinforced, reinforced the message. and when i ran reagan's campaign. the slogan was not morning in america. it was leadership you can trust. and i hammered millions of dollars leadership you could trust when i did the post election service why did you vote for reagan? they said he was a leader you can trust. now, what trump needs to be doing is saying i'm a leader, she's not. and give examples of that. every statement, every speech he makes, i'm a leader, i've made decisions all my life, she doesn't make decisions.
11:34 am
stuart: i've got to check this point. you were ronald reagan's campaign manager in 1980? >> 84. stuart: in 1984. can you just go back to it for a second here? am i right in saying early october, 1980, four weeks before the election, ronald reagan was behind jimmy carter in the polls? >> it was close. what had happened is they -- first you had public money in those days. so you didn't have millions of dollars to spend. each side would get the same amount of money. so the reagan campaign spent its money early, ran out of money. stuart: won of? i didn't know that. >> the reagan campaign in '84 both sides went to the treasury department, got a check for 40 million $400,000. we did a national campaign and national advertising on $40 million and won 49 states. stuart: and lasted a week. what happened was that debate was very articulate and people
11:35 am
said, well, he's not everything the carter people said about him, all of a sudden the vote came down. stuart: so could the debate do the same thing about donald trump this year? >> it could in the sense most debates today reinforce your debate a bit. certainly going to be stronger on policy than he is. but he's certainly a guy that will do whatever it takes to win. so i think we've got to wait and watch that. stuart: all right, ed, come back and see us real soon, please, all right. now, to hillary clinton the other side of the coin so to speak. she's playing defense, following another scandal involving her clinton foundation alleges allegations of pay to play all over again. come on in, please. mercedes slap fox news contributor and a republican strategist. i've made the point all day, and let's see if you agree with me. all of these scandals, and there's a long, long line of scandals involving hillary clinton have made no difference to her standing in the polls. they're technical problems, they're very detailed problems, complex. goes right over the head of
11:36 am
most people, including myself to some degree, has no impact on her, the candidate. what say you? >> well, stuart, i think that it has had an impact in terms of the trustworthiness numbers. the fact that a vast majority of americans believe she believe be trusted. i think it has also impacted her favorability numbers. again, one of the more unfavorable candidates that we've seen in the presidential race. the difference here is that hillary clinton -- and i would say many in the mainstream media, have really been able to hone in and focus on any miss steps, any miss calculations that donald trump has had in the past several months. so i think that what has happened is there's been less focus on the scandals -- and you're right. there is a sense of technicality as well and when you're talking about whether an e-mail's classified versus not classified with the complex web of the clinton foundation, that does impact it. but at the end, i think clinton has been able to stay on message in terms of focusing her attacks solely on
11:37 am
donald trump and his temperament. stuart: do you think donald trump has made a fresh start? or is trying to? new campaign staff, he's focusing on the big issues staying on prompt. i'm saying that this may be the start of a shift in the campaign. what do you think? >> well, i have to say i am thrilled about these new announcements. i think kelly anne conway is just masterful when it comes to messaging. i think it's critical, especially to start seeing if we can -- if trump can narrow that gap with women voters, i think that's a key constituency that donald trump has lagged behind. and i think in essence it's an opportunity for the campaign to bring in this energy -- much-needed energy to ensure that they're able to continue working out and building out their coalitions. but i think with kellyanne conway heading the ship right now, it's the fact that i have -- i've seen her in action, stuart. she is impressive, she understands the pulse of america, she understands how women voters think. that is a group -- that the
11:38 am
trump campaign needs to start making inroads. and when i would ivanka trump, keep working the battleground states, i think she reaches a lot of those millennials as well as the working moms that relate to her as well. . stuart: thank you, mercedes-benz for joining us on a very interesting day. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: now, a sidebar here. hillary clinton does indeed to continue to lead in the polls. you're looking at national poll, this is the real 47 hillary clinton, there's a six-point gap. ashley: very close when you listen to the media, it's like donald trump is almost done and out, and he's scrambling. whereas that poll there shows that you know what? if he can get his act together, is speeches to your point, there's plenty of opportunity. stuart: liz if indeed as ashley says, this is a new
11:39 am
start, he's got to see a narrowing in that gap with hillary clinton very, very soon. liz: very, very soon. stuart: otherwise he's left it far too late. liz: yeah, that's exactly right. look at the recent mo poll from florida. they are neck and neck. thank you very much on jobs and security in florida in the polls right now. so, you know, with independence, she's got a 17% point swing versus donald trump. stuart: just in florida. liz: just florida. stuart: florida's must win. liz: yeah,. stuart: okay. six-point gap right now. let's see if it closes. check the big board because we just dropped to the low of the day. now down 78. we were down about 80. most of the dow 30 stocks are in the red, that means they are down. donald trump staying on message calling out hillary clinton. this is just last night. okay? staying on message. he says "hillary's policies and the democrats policies have been the cause of our inner city problems" listen to this.
11:40 am
>> we reject the bi bigotry of hillary clinton which talks down to communities of color and says them only as votes, that's all they care about.
11:41 am
>> with your fox business brief, you can see that the indexes are trading down right now, the dow is off 78 points, s&p 500 down 9 points, nasdaq
11:42 am
off 28 points. a mixed bag of winners and losers, for instance, pfizer is up half a percent, 3m is up half a percent, mcdonald's down almost a full percent. cisco, earnings after the bell from cisco, but early report says they're going to have layoffs of 14,000 people that's roughly 20% of their 70,000 global workforce. taking a look at some of the stocks that are doing well today, urban outfitters, they're up dramatically and part of that has to do with the earnings report that beat expectations. that stock here today is up roughly 58%. so they seem to be turning things around there. we're going to go back to "varney & company" in just a minute on the new york stock exe you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad.
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11:44 am
. >> we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton, which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes. that's all they care about. not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. they have taken advantage. she doesn't care at all about the hurting people of this country or the suffering she has caused them, and she meaning she and her party officials. there are has been tremendous suffering because of what they have brought. the african-american community
11:45 am
has been taken for granted for decades by the democratic party and look how they're doing. stuart: you know, earlier did spell it out in milwaukee last night, didn't he? he says hillary clinton's policies and the democrats policies have hurt our inner cities. look who's here. jason riley is the author of very important book. please stop helping us. also senior fellow at the manhattan institute. that's exactly what your book says. all of these policies have created ruin in the african-american community; right? >> donald trump is absolutely right. that liberal policies, many of them dating to the 1960s have been a disaster. they've been well intentioned but, in fact, they've reverse gains that were made prior to their implementation. blacks, the progress blacks are making the first half of the 20th century, in the second half of the 20th century, largelily because -- largely i should say coincided with the implementation of these policies.
11:46 am
so he's absolutely right there, stuart. but there's another side to this. yes, the democratic party has been taking advantage of black voters. and republican politicians have been saying that for decades. there's nothing new here. the issue, though, is whether the republican party has been ignoring the black community as well. stuart: do you think they have? >> yes. i absolutely think they have. there are some exceptions there. people like jack kemp come to mind. but by in large, republicans have written off this vote. so black voters feel they have two choices. vote democrat or stay home. donald trump needs to do more than announce he's for school choice and announce that he supports the police. he needs to do more than that. he needs to go into these communities and introduce himself. go to the barbershops. is he advertising on radio stations? is he advertising on television shows that black people watch? standing up and giving a
11:47 am
speech in front of a mostly white crowd about school choice is not effective black outreach. that is a republican talking point. stuart: if he did go straight into an african-american community, into an inner city somewhere, if he went right in there, roll up his sleeves and said here i am, would he be shouted down? >> i don't believe so. in fact, donald trump was uniquely quantified to do this. he had a certain standing in black america due to his reality excision show, which was very, very popular with black audiences. i think he had a standing in the black community that most republicans would kill for frankly. he could have gone into these communities with a lot of credibility. and as a developer said you know what? why are all of these stores boarded up in your community? i'll tell you why. why are jobs scarce? why do foreign nationals run all of these businesses? i'm a businessman, i'll tell you why, and i can fix that. he could have gone in there and done that. he's not interested because i don't think his campaign strategy is focused on black
11:48 am
turnout. stuart: if that was the attitude of a lot of black folks toward donald trump before the campaign began, say, a year, year and a half ago, what went wrong? was it just -- >> he hasn't focused -- trump's strategy is to turn out more republican voters. he believes like ted cruz believed that too many republicans stayed home in 2012, and that's why the republican party lt. his strategy wa not the strategy to say marco rubio or george w. bush who said, no, our problem is there aren't enough republicans. not that republicans are turning out. cruz's strategy does not involve expanding in terms of racial and ethnic diversity the base of the party. his strategy is turning out these working class economically distressed voters in rust belt states and elsewhere. his -- black voters are not part of his campaign strategy. this is lip service. i'm glad another republican is saying yet again democrats are
11:49 am
taking you for granted. but, again, that is a talking point that we've been hearing for 20 or 30 years. stuart: we were sitting around listening to what donald trump had to say, and we all picked up on the same thing. support for charter schools because that is one that thing donald trump could do immediately if he were elected president. it's -- i'll bring jobs. that takes a lot of time if you're going to do private enterprise jobs. but you can bring school choice relatively quickly to our inner cities. >> well, there are various to that. i mean education is for the most part state and locally controlled in this country and also controlled by teachers unions at that level. the federal government does do some education spending, but most of it is state and local education. what he could do in places like washington d.c. is support the voucher program there. stuart: right. >> that obama has spent -- stuart: he tried to kill. >> exactly. so there are things that he could do symbolic, and he could use his soapbox to preach school choice and all
11:50 am
of its forms. charter schools, vouchers. so, yeah, the president can play a role there, and it would be nice to have a president in office who did that. stuart: you know, you're pretty good, jason riley. no wonder you're a rising star. that was passionate and great. jason, thank you very much, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: back to the market. why not? looks like we're near the low of the day, about 80 points down and what's that? about 26 of the dow 30 are in the red. look at target down big. lowest sales and the worst thing it did was cut its forecast for the future. down it goes 6%. we have this. banned on some french beaches. several women apprehended, arrested, and fined for wearing them. we'll tell you all about them in a moment you do all this research on a perfect car,
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then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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. stuart: we have news on the burkini ban. now, let's get this clear. worn by muslim women. you're looking at an image. what's the news? ashley: yeah, they put this ban in there for people's personal security because it was creating somewhat of a tension on the beach. a number of muslim ladies wore bikinis tend to be led away from the beach. they were all cautioned and
11:55 am
four of them were imposed with a fine for basically filling out the the ban on burkinis. stuart: this is just one more area where europe is pushing back on the muslim presence in europe. there is another one, an egyptian-born man. liz: yes, an italian member of the european parliament. he's saying "shut mosques down"." stuart: all of them. liz: because they're terror factories. stuart: that is him on the screen? liz: that's him on the screen. he converted from christianity to islam. shut 80 mosques after the attack on the bleaches. stuart: do we have -- ashley: think about this. this all stemmed we had a big brawl on the beach this past weekend between people wearing the burkinis and local french people and it went into a horrible beach brawl and that's why they decided to ban them. too much of a flash point. liz: to ashley's point, the
11:56 am
prime minister of france supports the ban of burkinis. he says they represent the enslavement of women and counter to society. stuart: that's a sharp edge move. i don't think you can do that in the united states. we have a constitution. you can't do that kind of thing. ashley: right. stuart: but that's a real heavy duty push back against what's going on in europe. liz: it seems to be a ground as well to support the ban on burkinis in france. stuart: can you imagine that? control how people look and what they wear on the beach. ashley: it speaks to the tension that is very palpae in europe right now. stuart: this follows the nice attack, doesn't it? liz: they've banned the burqa wearing it in the public places. they basically say this represents the enslavement of women. it is a political statement. bits controlling women's bodies. stuart: you know we've consistently made a big deal about the european migrant muslim problem.
11:57 am
ashley: yes. stuart: we've not been followed. be the many other people are doing this. but i think it's an extraordinary importance to our culture and development going forward. liz: absolutely. stuart: we're going to give you the news on it. all right. we will have more varney for you right after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> two stories today today appeared that one, ford motor co. five years time. liz: they envision cities where zones will be created to have robotic taxis picking up people. >> the other big story and fascinated by his amazon which is described for gamers that can talk to each other. ashley: this is a huge society without the gameplayers using amazons twitches a path or in and they can interact. they can share information.
12:00 pm
this is a huge industry. >> 100 billion a year to gaming. transfer the ncaa, even they cannot tell pm we are at a time. charles payne, it is yours. charles: thank you very much, stuart varney. this is "cavuto: coast-to-coast." and charles payne and four neil cavuto appeared all manafort is taking a step that. bannon join in as campaigns the elp had manafort does keep the title of campaign chairman but his role will be more proof that the campaign is struggling to find its footing. what's really behind them is, let's go to the trump campaign manager. kellyanne conway, congratulations. i've known you for a long time. your great person in the right person at the right tim


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