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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 18, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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[♪] nned tha youlou. t uselebte t dayf th hump trp rhymes with hump. and he's shuffling his campaign. it seems as though donald trump does need a new game plan. he and hillary clinton are the least likeable, most untrustworthy people to run for president. in poll after poll, amerins' love for the two candidates run somewhere between bedbugs and jerry sandusky. 29.8%.
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he's vastly more popular than a root canal. that's more money in august than raised in 2012. the biggest problem is, no one knows who he is. gary, what's the solution. >> please google gary johnson. google gary johnson. google me. kennedy: gary johnson. oh, technology, what a miracle. maybe americans are trusting in googling johnson more because he trusts americans. he said make your own choices, create your own wealth and fulfill your destiny and get government out of the way. hillary clinton doesn't trust you with your money or healthcare or that you will properly educate yourself. she thinks you are an idiot.
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she also hates uber. and that makes her suspect. donald trump wants to lower taxes but he doesn't trust america's ability to function in a free market. that may be why republicans like jeb bush and the boast of barry goldwater are flirting with johnson. start a new company, donate to a church. splurge on marijuana or eat a gay wedding cake. johnson and his running mate, former massachusetts governor william weld describe themselves as sane, responsible and adult. so we are getting down to the wire on qualifying for the presidential debite next month. johnson has to climb up to 15% to make it to the adult table. if he gets to that magical 15, millions of americans will see
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the election for what it is. coming up on the show tonight, a landmark store might buckle under minimum wage laws. insurance companies are dropping obamacare like a bad cold. and the zika virus is spreading. dr. manny alvarez will coat you with bug spray. i'm kennedy. is gary johnson going to make a big splash in an october surprise in 2016? let's ask my high voltage party panel. harris faulkner. and host of part of the problem and tom shillue, the host of
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"red eye." still with the beard and i think it looks fantastic. >> i went to blink and my eyelashes got caught. thank you for being here. gary johnson, does he have a shot to get in these presidential debates? he's almost at 10%. things are getting more interesting. i think support for the two main party candidates is eroding. >> i think trump is looking past november. we'll talk about his choice of bannon. but it's consolidating into a right-wing party. then you have democrats who have gone full progressive. once this coalesces. once it happens, it will be 30-30-30 and it will be a contest once again.
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people think libertarians will split the right and the democrats will have a majority party. there are more right wingers in this country than progressives. if it splits into three parties the democrats start in third place. kenned been losing voters for quite a while. the republican party is eroding and maybe that's because they are trying to come to terms with who they are. the libertarian party has always known, i think, who they are and they have had a strict litmus test. gary johnson doesn't necessarily fall that neatly into the column. but at least he's doing something right. he wrote an op-ed for "time" magazine. he said he trusts americans to trust themselves. >> he's right about freedom, he's right about government being way too big. from my perspective gary johnson is by far the best candidate running. the question is could he be up
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higher in the polls right now? is there a strategy he could be using that would be more effective? and what will he do if he does get in the debates. he was in one fox news debate in 2012. anyone remember? it me neither. he has 0 go out there and do something impactful. a lot of people have come up against donald trump in these debates and been successful. >> the father you get out the less it -- the farther you get out, the less it make a dips. he didn't start from a zero playing field. why hasn't he gained more. i think two word. jill stein. when you look at the polling out there, real clear politic shows hillary clinton is widening her lead over donald trump.
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until you put gary johnson and jill stein. i like that full progressive. i do that in yoga. the 0-30-30 is a fantasy because she is not going away. she has the thing that bernie sanders had. she has this thing called a movement. she is female. she does a lot of damage to hillary clinton when you factor her in. it isn't just going to be a three-way split. it will be 3 1/2, and the half may be gary johnson. kennedy: they are both running as anti-establishment. i think they want him to draw votes from trump. he does end up drawing more from hillary clinton. but they are not focusing on her. she is a progressive running for president with the same platform as bernie sanders.
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why aren't they doing more stories on her. >> they don't do stories on her because she is a threat to hillary. >> the same reason they don't do stories about people protesting at the dnc. they don't want to make hillary look bad. kennedy: we were the only network to show the protests outside the -- inch c in philly as they were happening. they were vicious in that they weren't violent, necessarily. there were anarchists messing with police. people there have so much passion and vitriol against the system. let's turn to donald trump. he's fighting for his political life, shuffling the campaign staff. his names stephen bannon, the president of breitbart news.
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he's releasing a wave of television ads friday. is this a sign of desperation for a good sign? >> i think this is anance back from the critics from inside and outside the tent who are saying hillary clinton is not just outspending you, she is spending millions of dollars in places where thee didn't think she would have to spend money. we are seeing campaign ad in new york. and we are not a swing state. you have got donald trump and he has strong ties here. when you look across the aisle saying if my opponent is spending money, if i spend a little money i could maybe even the playing field. kennedy: donald trump says i just want to be me. >> he be be if the ads are running. kennedy: he can't counter her inner mess and. if i donated money to his
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campaign, i would be offended by this. he said i have a lot of money in the bank. i haven't spent any of it. i guess i will spend a little on ads now. >> i can't figure out what trump is doing. i never could. it was baffling me that he wasn't spending money. he thinks he can do something with the huge cash pile he built up the last few months. but this pick with bannon and kellyanne conway -- i said he was looking beyond november, he's trying to start a movement and he want to start essentially a new party. but i don't think he's entirely looking beyond november. i think he's thinking, he can take his money attack hillary, bring her down a little bit. if he can get his numbers out, and if he gets the turnout, it's a little bit of a fantasy. but he thinks he can do it, and he might. kennedy: youer in know what scandal is going to hit her
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next. she is not doing herself any favors. >> i don't know where all this talk that trump doesn't want to be president comes from. you would have thought the last two weeks listening to the mainstream media that hillary clinton was up 35 points. she is up 6 points. kennedy: zogby had her up by 2. a lot will depend on the swing states. i think they could go back and forth and be very, very close. if he stays on message and uses that advertising to his advantage and redirects the narrative and redirects the story he has a chance. don't count him out yet. donald trump accuses hillary clinton of betraying a huge democratic voting bloc. mails why ivoting -- voting
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kennedy: donald trump is polling horribly with african-americans, but yesterday he tried to turn the tables on hillary clinton. >> we reject bigotry of hillary clinton which panders to and talks down to community of color and sees them only as votes. that's all they care about.
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kennedy: is hillary using the black community for votes? is trump trying to? let's talk to the party panel. let's talk about this. i think he has an excellent case here. i think that's what she does and the democratic party does in general. and it's the basis of identity politics. is there any way he can move the needle or is it too far gone. >> everybody is going to play it. if he gets in there with the right message that has what i call stickiness, it could work, particularly among the blacks who understand that the wedge issues are for yesterday. and now we have had a black police officer kill a black suspect. and that's the latest one in all of this. so the narrative is change. what are you going to hashtag that with. if that's true, does the message have stickiness? there was a senator in louisiana, an older go, gilroy.
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a couple years ago he ran an ad about why the democrats have let blacks down. the audience trump started with was predominantly white. if he grows it out for him, that was a good first step for his message. whatever group he decides to court, and he sees that that message resonates, if it gains traction, i think he's on to something. he's talking to people of a different color through a different color. green. kennedy: people i talk to who aren't interested in politics have said, here is a guy, we thought he would be a great businessman and tackle the economy. and sometimes he gets distracted from that. if you can make that ultimate message that your life will be more prosperous, not because of government, but i'll do waste takes to get the economy going again. >> conservatives are trying to make this point.
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a lot of areas have been destroyed by democratic policy san diego. whether it's minimum wage laws, overregulation. however, here is problem conservatives have. the biggest policy that destroyed these community is the war and drugs. we had the highest murder rate in american history under prohibition. we have a huge gang problem and violence problem in chicago. we can get rid of it. all we have to do is repeal the war on drugs. kennedy: people talk about richard nixon and ronald reagan being the drug dealers. the crime bill was road in fighting -- was rooted in the fighting of the war on drugs.
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>> he said the blacks would be brought to heel. i can roll the video if you wanted. kennedy: she called black people super predators and saying she had hot sauce in her bag. >> i never got the racial implications on that. kennedy: republicans always blow it on race. >> you have to ask. you have to go to the black community on say what have they done for you lately? what have the democrats done for you lately? repeat that over and over and say yeah, not much. kennedy: has your life improved over the last 8 years? are schools better? is your community stronger? look what happened in milwaukee. look what's happening all over the country with law enforcement alone. look at that inflection point.
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>> senator gilroy at the time, my southern gentleman cut these political ads an said, we are still as boor as we have ever been. i'm switch together gop. that was one lawmaker. but you saw commonalities in the speech from donor from runs with that you would be surprised how he could scoop people up. kennedy: we have more with the party panel. they will return a little later. ellen degeneres catching flack online for posting a controversial picture. it's being called racist. that's malarkey. brian brenberg will tell us about the victory tax awaiting
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kennedy: macy's, not only do they have the big parade. they arer closing 14% of their stores as they struggle to turn around a razor-thin profit margin. macy's made less than two cents. what happens if hillary clinton wins the federal election and spikes the minimum wage to $15 an hour. let's ask brian brenberg from king's college in manhattan. should we feel bad for macy's? >> it's a world increasingly dominated by amazon. people like it. they don't have to stands in the store and feel the handbag. they are happy to buy sit
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online. macy's lives in that world. they are trying to move in that direction. they are investing in their online business. they are struggling because guys like amazon and walmart do it better. kennedy: a place like macy's has too few people working on their sales floors. it's easier to go home and open up on your laptop and sit in bed and buy what you need. but they have wonderful coupons. but if they are forced to pay a $15 minimum wage, what will happen? >> technology is making it tough on macy's. but a higher minimum wage will make it worse. macy's can't provide the kind of service they want to provide. they will have to try to move to this other model. proponents of the minimum wage cannot connect these dots. they don't see they will make it harder for exactly the companies
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who employ low-wage workers to employ them. when the $15 minimum wage people see news like this, they only double down. kennedy: if you think it' hard for a giants corporation like this. imagine how heard it will be for the smaller businesses struggling to keep in business. >> macy's can adapt because they have the people to move to a technological platform. but the smaller companies don't. kennedy: jeff bezos and his robots. bad news for our athletes who won gold medals. uncle sam is about to tax your bling. michael phelps will pony up $55,000 to the irs. we tax the actual market value
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of the medal as the well. it's interesting, all this hard work, you do it for your country, and it brings us together. but i don't think you need government intervention here to say that medals should be tax exempt. >> people look at this and they think it's fundamentally unfair that you will do something, achieve great results for your country and get taxed. nobody should be surprised by this. the fundamental logic of our tax system is tax people who are high achievers. that's why we have a progressive tax system. the better you do, the higher rate you pay. it's punitive, just like this feels punitive for somebody who wins a gold medal. i wish people would look at this case and say i see an injustice. but let's go beyond that. there are entrepreneurs all over our country who are the gold medal winners of value creation.
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we should care about them just as we mate care about michael phelps. kennedy: it is incredibly heroic. you create a business and employ other people. but you are right. that mentality is punished in this country. what i think we should do. there are so many corporate sponsors who support these athletic teams, they should just step in. coca-cola or tide should step why and say here is a couple million dollars. we'll offset the tax. >> i love that in the u.s. the government is less involved in our olympic process relative to countries like china. there is something good about the olympics being organic. local companies supporting their local athletes. that works and create a level of spirit you don't get in other places. you don't need government intervention. but this is a bad example of how messed up our tax system is.
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kennedy: i have got the cure for boredom, apathy and a ang ina. if you know any good doctors, hopefully they regaild you with stories of things getting left
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in people's bodies. this boy anthony inhaled his dog's squeaky toy. >> why are you in the emergency room? >> because i inhaled a doggy toy. >> how sure? >>er time i breathe, that ain't right. no curiosity. topic number two. meet batman. he's a cat with four ears and six toes. he sounds worse than ben affleck playing a moody superhero of the same name. someone dropped him at the animal society because he's a mutant freak. but they decided to rebrand him as a superhero and was adopted
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by a family with a daughter who loves super heroes and has poor eyesight. topic number three. i bet at some point you asked, i wonder what country has the coolest security guard? it's is stone yeah. -- it's estonia. wow! quite a talented young man with their aerial 360 saying to
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kennedy: the politically correct wings of the internet are calling ellen degeneres racist for a picture she tweeted. ellen modified this photo of hussein bolt with a caption, this is how i'm running errands
12:40 am
from now on. critics say it's inappropriate to portray a white woman riding on the back of a black man due to america's history. ellen said race did not factor into her gag. there is real racism out there. there really is. you can go on twitter and the things people say now when they think they are hiding behind the guys -- >> you think you have to tell me this? kennedy: you tell me some of the stuff you get on "outnumbered" and it's shocking. >> ellen degeneres would not do this to be mean spirited. i don't know anybody who honestly thinks that.
12:41 am
i know people who want to create fire on twitter so they can get responded to. what's sad about this are the people who make thoughtful comments that aren't being talked about because they are not as interesting. what if the same thing had made been an image of with elaine thompson and her being ridden by somebody, and a fabulous runner in the olympics. you wish if it were ellen or somebody, they hit the pause button. it happens to all of us. she is a good person and you don't want to be mississippi --o be misunderstood. kennedy: we are no longer allowed to point out absurdities where everybody has to be so politically correct that they can't make a joke. >> ellen was not being racist.
12:42 am
she was being color blind. this had been a white sprinter. i now it's hard to manage a good white sprinter. but no one would have a problem with it and they would admit that. they only have a problem because he is black. she was treating him the say as she would a white person. >> i retract my statement. kennedy: she is a comic. she is supposed to be pushing the boundaries. >> this was offensive not because it was racist. because let's admit, ellen doesn't run errands. hey doesn't run an errand in 15 years. if this had been a photo shop and ellen's assistant riding piggy back. i don't think she tbhees an -- i
12:43 am
don't think she knows what an errand is. kennedy: this story upsets me. fire trucks in arlington, new york may gebting more safe but less patriotic. monday the board of fire commissioners ordered flags to be removed from the fire trucks to limit liabilities or distractions for other motorists. the fire chief says removing them is assistan -- is tantamoug burning. if you can't have an american flag on a fire truck, you can't have anything. the communists have won. >> this is safety concerns. let's -- anything that involves a board i'm against. i don't like boards.
12:44 am
i can't stand the boards. let them put their flags up and have a good time. kennedy: i'm a deeply patriotic person and i love old glory. i love the flag. i love the star spangled banner. >> conservatives care about these issues. i could care less. but i love watching all of you guys care. like when obama takes his jacket off in the oval office. kennedy: i don't care about lapel pins. i think firefighters have a tough job, and they happen to be deeply patriotic. i know my brother is a former cop and he will disagree with everything i'm saying about glorifying firefighters. and they lost their brothers and sisters. >> it's not a flag. let them have a flag.
12:45 am
i can't stand it when people make people take down flags. >> the reason the flags are down because the firefighters voted -- kennedy: the board. >> maybe there should be some other way to decide it. but i don't care. >> you mean a bunch of people who never saved a life? maybe they are former firefighters, but that's not what i read. kennedy: they are not former firefighters. they are a bunch of damn hippies. they want the collective to decide. >> when a firehouse is part of a municipality that lowers its flag to half-staff in memory of a fallen sole determine, you are bank on that not happening. kennedy: i think if people on the board have fires they should put it out with the garden hose.
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ken report nation's four largest health insurers say they are losing hundreds of millions of dollars on obamacare plans and many are pulling out of the exchanges set up by the affordable care act. that means millions of americans are about to lose their insurance coverage. is obamacare bubbling or is this the next step to a single payer healthcare system.
12:50 am
what's the good news here? >> there is none really. kennedy: does it show obamacare is failing so people who are opposed to it the whole time, it's evidence the system would never work. >> sit was stage managed from washington, d.c., when states already tried with obamacare was. california had the exchanges and that collapsed. what's interesting here what else we are seeing is the government itself, health and human services is saying if an insurer leaves your exchange, then you have options. one of the options, medicaid, if you are poor enough, catastrophic insurance, high deductibles or you have to pay the penalty. that's really tough. regardless, if you want insurance and you can't get it because the insurer left your exchange. you have to pay the tax penalty, that's under obamacare. >> my worry is hillary clinton
12:51 am
who has a secret arousal for singerle pair healthcare, will use this and a reason to go down the single track. look at the state of the health industry in this country in general. but my worry is she is going to get in and because of whatever trump effect that might have on senate and house races, that she is going to have the full card monty. reporter: the va has turned many of our soldiers into the dmv of healthcare. these exchanges would have collapsed a long time ago it wasn't for the $32 billion in tax subsidies. kennedy: it was a cash grab for the insurance companies. >> ironically the u.s. government, d.o.j. said -- said
12:52 am
to humanna, you can't merge. when they blocked the merger they said we can't afford to be in the exchanges. obama care unwittingly created monopolies. there is one insurer. 400,000 people in one county in arizona have no insurer in their exchange. kennedy: it's scary for people with preexisting conditions. and those who are under served by a system designed to fail. maybe it's because of the ignorance of the american voter. you have to send block grants to the state. one size fits all approach doesn't work. just 37 people were responsible for a quarter of the losses that they experienced. so there are all these lessons. the insurers knew these stories
12:53 am
before obamacare was launched in 2010. kennedy: and they still let it go forward. they shot themselves in the foot and we are the ones bleeding to death. coming up. nearly 500 new yorkers have tested positive for the zika virus. dr. manny is here. he will tell you what precautions you should take whether you are in new york, i worked years to get my medicare don't know where i'd be without it so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two one, never give your medicare number to get a free offer or gift two, always check your medicare statements for errors these crooks think we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, protect it see more ways to fight fraud at
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kennedy: this is not great news. nearly 500 new yorkers have tested positive for the zika virus. including 49 pregnant women. most of those cases contracted the virus while traveling outside the united states. but native outbreaks happened in florida and they are expected to spread elsewhere. here to brief us is dr. manny alvarez. welcome, how you doing, dr. manny. as a parent, how freaked out
12:57 am
should i be about zika in the place that i live? >> i hate to use the word "freak out" baits doesn't apply proper seriousness to the problem. this virus is a real problem and it affects pregnant women. if i'm a male adult or adult female and i'm healthy and you get bitten by zika, you may not have any symptoms. it will go away in a couple of days. nothing major is going to happen to you. but if you happen to be pregnant than you have the probability of injuring an unborn child. that's the significance of this virus we have seen. children -- i delivered the first baby in this country to have had zika in the continental u.s. when you see the reality of what this virus can do to an unborn child, you have to take the zika epidemic seriously. kennedy: is there anything
12:58 am
pregnant women can do if they already contracted it? >> we know zika can be transmitted into the unborn fetus if the baby gets it in the second trimester it can lead to main near long cal deficits. it can affect the brains, the limbs, and we have seen cases of that. so now there is some anecdotal reports that even babies that do not have any deficiencies in the head or limbs can also have seizure disorders in the neonatal period. this is a virus that the unborn child gets it could be problematic. so the protocol keeps changing. we are telling pregnant women don't go to placessa is found to be endemic. we are telling them not to go to the caribbean. and if they go to those places, we have protocols and ultrasound
12:59 am
and testing blood samples to see if they have any exposure. kennedy: does it leave your body? can yo you infect a woman six months to a year later? >> not a year. but we started with self week of that you were not supposed to have intercourse, now we are up to almost sick months. we have seen d to almost six months. there are transmissions through sk --through semen. kennedy: dr. manny alvarez thank you for being here. i'm terribly frightened. but i know not to give in to hysteria. if there is a problem you will solve it thanks for watching.
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tomorrow on the show, dana perino will be here and mike baker. you can always follow me on twitter and instagram. email ken been *. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for the back2life 12-minute back pain solution, brought to you by back in five, llc. pain pills, hot and cold packs, endless doctor visits, injections, even surgery. if you or anyone you know have tried these or any other ways to relieve yourself of back discomfort, only to find you still suffer from debilitating back pain, then stay tuned, because your life is about to change forever. introducing back2life, the 12-minute solution to a lifetime of back pain. back2life has caused a sensation around the world and is now here in the united states. in that short time, over 1 million americans have tried this amazing machine, with


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