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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i wouldn't have worked out, hung out in the front lobby. >> eating pizza. i think you would pay to be there. to them, that would be fine. smart business. that's right. that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we do not pay ransom for hostages. we've got a number of americans being held all around the world, and i meet with their families, and it is heart breaking and we have stood up an entire section of interagency experts who devote all their time to working with the families to get the americans out. but those families than we have a policy that we don't pay ransom. deirdre: president obama says it was not ransom payment. the state department made a comment that many say closely fits the definition of that very word. this is "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton.
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the state department says the $400 million payment to iran was contingent upon the release of american prisoners. >> we felt that it would be imprudent not to consider that some leverage in trying to make sure our americans got out. >> so, getting away from the word leverage which in basic english, you're saying that you wouldn't give them the 400 million in cash until the prisoners were released, correct? >> that's correct. deirdre: my colleague, doug mckelway has more. so downgrade, when you hear these facts, that is to say including the state department's comments, what is your take? >> well, my take is these things are exquisitely connected. that was conveyed in the "wall street journal" piece today. there's lots of evidence they were connected. it's circumstantial evidence but it is pretty much
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overwhelming. keep in mind, the president said in his press conference at the pentagon before departing for martha's vineyard, that the administration laid out advanced notice of this payment. they said they did so in january. reporters were briefed about the payment in january. so that is all there, but today's fox news' james rosen asked admiral john kirby at the state department if anything in the "wall street journal" article was inaccurate. listen to what kirby had to say about that. apparently, i'm told we don't have the sound bite after all. congress has long suspected this was indeed a ransom payment. they said they're going to be holding hearings on this. we just did an interview a little while ago with ed royce, the chairman of the house foreign relations committee. he said the hearings will commence in september as soon as the august recess is over. back to you. deirdre: i want to ask you if you don't mind about the comment that came from the
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administration, and i'm just reading my notes here, that this payment was for a longstanding dispute, failed arms deals in the 1970s? >> this was an arms deal that had been worked out with the shah of iran in 1979 when the islamic resolution happened. because the islamic revolution happened in 1979, iran had paid a portion of that money. the deal was severed, obviously, but the money was outstanding, still owed to iran, and the administration maintains they were in the process of repaying that loan. all of that loan has now since been repaid, and the administration has not told publicly how the rest of that 1.3 billion, i believe it was, has been repaid. we know how the 400 million, the first installment was repaid in cash. euros and also in swiss franks, whether the rest was repaid
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similarly, we have not been told. deirdre: colleagues in the "wall street journal" had this person quoted as saying our top priority was getting the americans home. doug, we're going to take a quick breather. you're back in a few minutes. i thank you for putting the facts in a larger story for us. trump campaign senior adviser tanna gerts with me now. what is your opinion on my colleague, doug mckelway said exquisite coincidence was his term, those facts versus what we are hearing from the state department? >> wow, well what we all suspected has finally been confirmed. we were lied to. the state department lied about not negotiating with iran, and it's very, very disappointing. we broke our tradition of never giving in and caving to terrorists' attacks and ransom, and now we put a price on every american's head who travels
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abroad. this is a significant moment. this definitely is going to help mr. trump's case and campaign, and this will definitely tarnish hillary clinton once again because seems like there's been so many glitches with president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton, you know, missing e-mails, we've got edited videos. american people realize they can't trust her. and nor should they be able to, and i'm glad this story broke and that the american voter now can decide would we want someone like that who's not once, but twice lied, blatantly lied to the american voter. deirdre: this seems like an issue of transparency. >> definitely.een, this has been a significant moment is the best way i can describe what has occurred. it's very disappointing that we trust, we trusted people to stand on the white house podium and share this knowledge and we've been lied to, and this is not the first time, nor will
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this probably be the last. once again, the american voter will decide who they're going to put into the white house in november, and i am very, very confident and faithful that it will be donald trump. deirdre: so tana, hold tha thought, stay with me. i'm just going to bring in right now as a result of the state department investigation, now completed into a mysterious 2013 iran briefing edit. we want to show it to you. stay with us. >> here's the bottom line, we are confident the video that press briefing was deliberately edited. the white flash that many of you noted yourself is evidence enough of human involvement. indeed a technician came forward, recalled making the edit and inserting that flash. what we were not able to determine was why the edit was made in the first place. there's no evidence to suggest it was made with the intent to conceal information from the public, and while the technician recalls receiving a
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phone call requesting the edit, there is no evidence requesting who placed that call or why. throughout the process, we learned additional information that could call into question any suggestion of nefarious activity. deirdre: so there was a deliberate edit. no one knows who ordered it and why. also still not sure of intent taken out of final version, quoting here, the white house spokeswoman giving credence to the idea the government lied about when nuclear talk began with iran. here is the video that started the controversy. >> as you all are familiar with, whether it's their involvement in support of the regime in syria or humanitarian issues, and so that has not changed that. deirdre: my colleague doug mckelway back with me now. doug, thanks for staying with me. this is the video that you shared with me, remarkable admission by the state department today. is this just the government
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getting caught? what's going on? >> getting caught and admitting they were caught. it was a remarkable admission as you said by admiral john kirby that the state department, somebody in the state department, a manager, high-ranking official, deliberately and intentionally asked are in eight minute deletion of the tape. a tape from 2013 which james rosen asked then state department spokesperson jen psaki about the government's attempt to mislead reporters about the iran deal. spokesman john kirby told reporters there was a deliberate attempt to delete the footage, it was not a technical glitch. still unable to identify the manager in question. it raises the broader question, deirdre, whether there was an attempt to deliberately destroy official government records. that's something that would be subject to criminal penalties. i want you to listen to the exchange now between fox news' james rosen and admiral kirby
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which happened about two hours ago. >> the videotape in question was shot with a state department camera, correct? >> yes. >> it was uploaded to the state department website by a state department technician, correct? >> yes. >> the state department website is maintained by state department employees, correct? >> yes. >> this video on the state department website is in a separate place on the website from the transcript, correct? >> yes. >> one has to push a different button to access the video from the button that one pushes to access the transcript, correct? >> that's my understanding. >> i have no further questions. >> fine cross-examination there by james rosen. it all seems to indicate that was an official government record. keep in mind, there are separate transcripts of this. the official written transcript which remained intact and separate video recording put together by the department of defense which remains intact. kirby promised the records of the investigation done by the
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office of legal record will be turned over to state department's inspector general and also to congress. deirdre, back to you. deirdre: doug, thank you very much. busy day for you, appreciative of the help. doug mckelway with me there. trump campaign senior adviser tiana goertz. he says the video is deliberately edited, not determined who deliberately ordered that or why. if you were a crystal ball, what do you think we're going to find out three to four months from now? >> unfortunately, look what the fbi did with hillary's 33,000+ e-mails that just disappeared. they let her off, scot-free. you know what i mean? i love to say, i want to know, we should be able to know in five minutes who made the call? why was the call made? once again this isain irresponsible, improper handling under obama and hillary clinton administration.
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this is what any vote for hillary clinton, obama's third term, would be like again for the american people. i can promise you this, deirdre, anyone who votes for donald trump and gets him in the white house, you will never have to experience anything like this for as long as he is the president of the united states. mr. trump does not mistake mishandle, he's not irresponsible. he doesn't have improper handling of anything, in any of his businesses, anyway, shape or form, you can get millions of people who have worked with mr. trump and not one person will ever say irresponsible or improper handling of anything. trust me on that. it's a disgrace, it's an embarrassment to be an american voter, it's very unfortunate. however, the truth always prevails. the story came out just in time for people to start wrapping their brain around who they're going to vote for, and it's a significant moment in the trump campaign. i can tell you that. deirdre: well, a state department press briefing video
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being edited. eight minutes gone, certainly surprising, even to cynics, tanna, thank you for the time. tana with me there, trump senior campaign adviser. speaking of donald trump, he yesterday did what hillary clinton is doing today. that is to say meeting with security officials in new york city. so donald trump is campaigning as the law and order candidate. some have questioned hillary clinton's views on the police. >> there needs to be a concerted effort to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system, and that requires a very clear -- [applause] -- agenda for retraining police officers, looking at ways to end racial profiling. >> we have seen in the last day, the bravery of police officers running toward danger and being shot down. at the same time, we've got to do criminal justice reform and we need national guidelines
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about the use of force, particularly lethal force, so routine traffic stops, don't escalate into killings. >> we need to make reforms to policing and criminal justice. [applause] how we cannot rest until we root out implicit bias and stop the killings of african-americans. deirdre: trump foreign policy adviser walid phares with me now. great to see you. >> thank you. deirdre: do you think that hillary clinton will in any way be able to sway some of these independent voters her way? >> look, what she's concentrating on are issues that could be considered as by product offshoots of the rea issues that she and her campaign and adviser are not addressing. example, they did with the issue of guantanamo, they don't deal with the issue of jihadist
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threat that led to guantanamo. they deal with the issue of racial or ethnic profiling. they don't deal with the issue of why the migrants and exiles are coming from syria. so independent voters i guess, and especially those who have not voted before, nowadays they don't watch tv and us, they have their own little devices. they can go much deeper. the debate is to the advantage of mr. trump, if he raises the issue, educates more. it seems he's delivers more than one speech in this direction. deirdre: chicago has had a tough year, judged to be one of the deadliest cities of america. we want to show video of a car chase where chicago's officers had shots fired at them. we're going to show the video, and hopefully you'll be right back with me. [sirens] . >> shots fired? . >> i'm hit, i'm hit.
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[ bleep ]. >> where you at? deirdre: the wounded officer is expected to recover fully. from a federal level, the larger question is this, how can any president, even if donald trump wants to be the law and order president, from that position, how can somebody change attitudes for the better toward local police units? >> you know, deirdre, when you watch these videos, this is troubling, these are urban tensions, this is urban violence. police is involved. a president and candidate needs to focus. they have the podium, the microphone, they need to focus on the issue, and then have the public understand that we are in an unusual situation that needs unusual address. unusual address means explain exactly what is happening and proposing policies, not just doing slogans that we are facing a major problem and we have to address and vote for me, no. what is it you are going to do
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about it is the most important part, in my view. deirdre: thank you as always. walid phares. >> thank you. deirdre: there is new video out of team usa's ryan lochte shortly after he claims to have been robbed by gun point. brazilian authorities releasing a press conference saying there was no robbery. 100 back stroke world record holder ryan murphy is my next guest. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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. >> who saw our city by a fantastical version. we know it's a fantastical version, we know what really happened, so i think it would
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be noble of them to apologize to the citizens of rio. deirdre: brazilian authorities want an apology from the u.s. swimmers in rio. authorities held a press conference and say ryan lochte and three team members made up a robbery story to cover light vandalism. surveillance video was leaked, then they were confronted by an unarmed guard, again this is just from the video. several of lochte's team members were pulled off u.s.--bound plane, they are now headed home. they were pulled off the plane and held for questioning. with me now, a member of the u.s. olympic men's swim team, ryan murphy. ryan, first and foremost, congratulations on your success in rio. we watched the performances, you were amazing, i don't want that to get lost in the shuffle, congratulations. >> thank you! thanks a lot. deirdre: so when you hear of
5:21 pm
all these side of the story from your teammates and the side of the story from the brazilian public, is there any way you can piece together based on knowledge have you of security in brazil or of your teammates of what truly happens? >> you know, it's a little bit confusing, as everyone has seen, there's a lot of different stories circulating around. so i'm sure it's all going to piece together pretty soon, and we're going to figure out the truth here coming up. deirdre: so the speeches that sometime ryan lochte is a partier, did you go out on the town? it's also normal to celebrate so many victories? >> yeah, i personally only went out one of the nights, and you know, it was like -- there's controlled parties there and
5:22 pm
more public parties there, so you just have to be a little bit more selective in that type of setting. deirdre: because based on the context, we understood he went to one of the houses for the french olympic team. in theory that would have been a controlled one, but perhaps they left one is what you're saying is possible? >> yeah, because the controlled parties usually had, you know, arranged transportation coming back, so you know, that was, i think, the party they went to was more of a public one. deirdre: so let me ask you this, the uk team, one of great britain team members was robbed at gunpoint in rio, but that team said they were warned by authorities not to leave the olympic village. did anybody make the same kind of warnings or suggestions to team usa? >> you know, we were given a
5:23 pm
set of security protocols to follow. deirdre: before you even got there? >> before we got there, and when we got there, and then they had undercover agents there scattered around just to make sure that -- and try to prevent things like this from happening. but you know guidelines were clearly set out and, you know, i think overall the u.s. team did a really good job of preparing us for the situation. deirdre: let me ask you this, ryan, i want to get back to the swimming. this was your first olympics, you won three medals. how does it feel? >> yeah, i mean, this is what i've been working for my whole life. you know, it's crazy to think about when i started out at the age of 4, just as a summer leaguer, to see the progression and all the hard work and all of the sacrifices from the people around me and just to have it to come to this point,
5:24 pm
you know, it's crazy, i have to tell you it really hasn't sunk in yet, you know, just that whole path i've gone on. deirdre: and you also set a world record? >> yes, yeah. and you know, i'm sure you guys have seen the little pictures of the book i made when i was younger. deirdre: yes! >> so just seeing that, too. i don't remember making that when i was younger. deirdre: but your mom saved it. go mom. >> my mom saved it and showed me it last summer and she started crying. it is cool to see the similar type of drive and personality that i have now. deirdre: yeah, because you put in that book, right thank you, wanted to get on olympics and win? >> yeah, so it's cool they just had a dream in mind from a young age, and it's been kind of -- just been kind of been a fire under me my whole life, to achieve that goal. deirdre: ryan, a big congratulations, and thank you.
5:25 pm
pride of the u.s. thank you very much, ryan murphy, joining us there. >> thanks a lot for having me. deirdre: gold medalist, congratulations. board certified medical specialist and tv personality dr. drew is gravely concerned about hillary clinton's health care, he says it comes from the 1950s. my next guest is a doctor who agrees, his reason next. >> it seems she's getting care from somebody she met in arkansas when she was a kid. you got to wonder. you got to wonder. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered
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. >> both of us concluded if we were providing the care she was receiving, we'd be ashamed to show up in a doctor's lounge, laughedout. she's receiving 1950 level sort of care by our evaluation. she had two episodes of deep
5:29 pm
venous thrombosis and also has hyperthroidism. it is very unconventional and something we used to use in the 60s and both he and i went, that's weird. and falls, hits her head, and as a complication of that has a transverse sinus thrombosis. this is an exceedingly rare clot. i've only seen one of these in my career. seems like she's getting care from somebody she met in arkansas when she was a kid. you got to wonder. got to wonder. not so much her health is a grave concern is that's the care she's getting could make it a concern. deirdre: tv personality dr. drew pinsky is concerned about hillary clinton's health and health care. in february, there were photographs that surfaced of hillary clinton being assisted going upstairs at a campaign stop. dr. drew also referred to clinton's fainting and falling in late 2012, and referred to the type of enhanced eye glasses she was wearing in other photos. the chairman of medicine vice
5:30 pm
president of newark beth israel medicine is with me now. doctor, welcome back, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> do you agree with dr. drew on all of the points? >> not on all of the points. i do agree with dr. drew that this is a very unusual story with hillary. two blood clots. she's had this stroke which is in 2012, where she has a transverse sinus, very, very rare condition. she hit her head, and they're attributing it to the fact she hit her head. then had a post concussive syndrome, you remember she was wearing a sunglass in one of the conferences before the senate where she had double vision and couldn't see properly. the fact she's had the clots and o bouts of thrombosis is concerning to say the least. deirdre: you're saying the concerns about her stamina and health are justified. you have a lot in the liberal media saying this is a
5:31 pm
conspiracy to disqualify her somehow? >> i don't think it's a conspiracy. you go back to the history of our presidents and we've had many presidents up until lyndon johnson who concealed their health during their campaigns, and it had dire effects for our country going from kennedy to roosevelt to woodrow wilson whose wife ran the white house for some time. we have issues here and i think both candidates should be very forthcoming and have perhaps an impartial panel of physicians review the data and make that kind of a decision before the americans go to the polls. deirdre: so donald trump, we know, did release a letter from his personal physician and hillary clinton did the same recently but it was from 2015. and dr. ben carson was on my show about a week and a half ago and said we should have a more current letter. >> we should, and should be able to see the laboratory results ourselves. the letter doesn't go into summary. she is hypothroid, and there
5:32 pm
are conditions where clotting and hypothyroid go together. that would be interesting. >> what is acceptable, because of privacy laws, for both candidates, if you were to have this independent panel of physicians, what would ethicists say on either account? >> the ethics is pretty clear. we cannot or the doctor cannot divulge her results without the permission. the same thing with donald trump. nobody can divulge his medical history without the patient's permission. we owe it to the country and the voters, not only for the presidential candidates but the vice presidential candidates, particularly in this election. deirdre: indeed, dr. bob lahita, thank you for lending your expertise. today is the five-year anniversary of president obama's speech during which he declared a red line for syria. my next guest says that line all but gone. >> a red line for us is we
5:33 pm
start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> the world is watching, if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. >> i have made clear that the use of chemical weapons is a game-changer. [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke.
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i wodon't know where i'd be without itre so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two one, never give your medicare number to get a free offer or gift two, always check your medicare statements for errors these crooks think we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, protect it see more ways to fight fraud at . deirdre: five years ago today, president obama made this strong statement about the syrian president. quoting here, we have consistently said that
5:37 pm
president assad must lead a democratic transition or get out of the way. he has not led, for the sake of the syrian people, the time has come for president assad to step aside. secretary of state hillary clinton made a comment on a similar theme. here it is. >> the transition to democracy in syria has begun and it's time for assad to get out of the way. deirdre: five years later, the so-called red line has completely disappeared by most experts' estimation. president obama repeatedly said assad's days are numbered but the syrian president remained in power for 1825 days since that red comment line was made. retired lieutenant general tom mcinerney is with me now. thank you as always for the time. back in may, secretary of state john kerry issued an ultimatum due august 1st for assad and warned of repercussions, but to an onlooker nothing has changed. do you see it differently from
5:38 pm
the point of view as a military expert? >> not at all, deirdre. nothing has changed. as a matter of fact, it's just gotten worse. president said in your lead up here that there would be consequences. well, i haven't seen any consequences to assad. he's in a much stronger position. he now has enabled russia to come in and reassert themselves in the middle east after 40 years. raqaa is still the capital of isis, so we have got a very convoluted situation over there, and because of our leadership's appeasement in the region, when we drew the red line and didn't execute, we have humpty-dumpty has fallen off the wall, and i don't see how we're going to put it back together again. deirdre: part of the complication is there's lots of moving parts including russia's participation, but the idea is that assad came back and said well, i'm actually fighting against isis.
5:39 pm
is that the biggest wrinkle as you see it? >> well, he is fighting against isis, but he's also fighting against a free syrian army and other elements that we're supporting, and that's the convolut part that is difficult to understand. the russians are fighting both isis and the forces, the revolutionary forces, the free syrian army forces that we're backing, so that's what makes it so convoluted. russia makes it extremely difficult because they are coming back to be a great power. clearly they've got a lot more influence in the middle east than they had for the last 40 years, so that's why it's so complicated and we have not led. deirdre: general, do you think we for a proxy war or getting into a proxy war? >> boy, that is really a great question. we're sure getting close, deirdre, and what's worrisome is what's going on in the
5:40 pm
ukraine right now. all the soviet russian forces that are training and building up that technically, they could seize the ukraine in a week, and we couldn't do anything about it, plus what we've got going down in syria, russian bombers flying out of iran, they have a base there now, so when you see what's going on, the next president is going to have their hands full. deirdre: and perhaps even be tackling another cold war. general thomas mcinerney, thank you as always. talking about the subject as we go, no doubt. one louisiana paper is calling for president obama to cut his vacation short from martha's vineyard and get to louisiana. more on that in a minute.
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
. deirdre: the deadly flooding in louisiana is getting worse. 13 people killed, 40,000 homes have been damaged. some areas are completely submerged. the flooding is so bad, it
5:44 pm
caused caskets like this one to wash up. fox news casey stegall has the latest. >> reporter: the conditions out here, absolutely unforgiving. a heat index well into the triple digits, and we have watched the good people of louisiana back here just doing back-breaking work, carrying load after load of furniture and their personal belongings to the curb to be trashed. however, the sun is a welcome sight ironically for so many because they're clearly trying to dry out. for context and perspective, look at these before-and-after shots of the community we are in today. denim springs, louisiana. officials here estimate that 90 presidents of the homes and businesses here have been impacted, and that is just in this one city. the floodwaters have mostly receded from denim springs but that's created new problems for people south and living
5:45 pm
downstream as this water, rushes rivers and bayous out into the gulf of mexico. the so-called cajun army -- cajun navy, i should say, a group of volunteers hard at work getting folks to safety. >> i can't see anybody sit home if they could help. you know? it's the amount of people that came here to help is overwhelming, almost to where it was too many boats. >> reporter: today we learned 950 fema inspectors are working with residents on the ground, and secretary jeh johnson says 750 more are on the way. we can tell you nearly 87,000 people so far have signed up for federal disaster aid. however, it's estimated that only about 12% of residents in and around the hardest hit areas of baton rouge and where we are, only 12% or so,
5:46 pm
according to state officials, have flood insurance. back to you. deirdre: casey stegall there in louisiana. well, the largest daily newspaper is calling for president obama to cut his vacation short. the editorial wrote and i'm quoting here it's time for president obama to visit the most anguished state in the union as torrential rains brought death, destruction and misery to louisiana. the president continues vacation in martha's vineyard, a playground for the posh and well connected. my political power panel is here, democratic strategist jessica tarlov, kristen tate and jillian melchior, welcome to you all. jes, starting with you on team democrat, obama looks horrible playing golf, martha's vineyard, as these people are fighting for their lives. >> absolutely. we talked about this before, president obama sometime i
5:47 pm
think takes what he considers to be the high road in not playing politics and says i can't be there for everything, and, you know, i need a vacation, which is not something he formally articulated with this, i imagine is his rationale. after katrina and the fact he criticized george bush for his response that flyover visit, there is a left ward hypocrisy, but we might be having it, i think with a few months left to go when his approval rating is so high, and he's been such a fantastic surrogate for hillary clinton on the trail, i would love for him to show and show donald trump what american values are all about. deirdre: picking up what jessica said, president bush's flyover two days after katrina, that seems like a cautionary tale that president obama could learn from, he referenced that as a mistake? >> this is a story of media bias, jessica mentioned when
5:48 pm
george bush flew over to assess the damage here, got crucify. george bush is the president who only sees the people from a window of a plane. and now louisiana is underwater again, and what is obama's response been? response is golfing, going out to nice dinners and the media is saying nothing, looking on his vacation. >> it's not -- the media bias arguments, this one, it's not the "washington post," it's talking about the "new york times" is talking about it. >> nothing like the criticism that obama is getting. >> i want to point out looking at obama's comments with bush, not only did he criticize his absence but his absence as a whole. there are many places in louisiana that are extraordinarily impoverished. that is the biggest picture here. deirdre: and never quite recouped. >> i want to point to the school choice issue in particular because new orleans, the city where 40% is functionally illiterate, and
5:49 pm
90% of the schools are failing and george bush sabotaged the department that grew out of hurricane katrina and pulling kids out. not just an issue of him not being there throughout the crisis, throughout his presidency aggressively countering something that happened. deirdre: do you think it would look like pandering if hillary clinton or donald trump showed up there? >> yes. but that's what they need to do. >> yes. >> it's swing politics but showing leadership on both hands. this is a community that's hurting, you should at least show up. >> and obama's silence on the issue shows his priorities. he has no problem cutting his vacation short in 2014 to speak out about the mike brown shooting but can't be bothered apparently this time. >> i just think we're going a little too far here. i don't think there's actually anyone on the right or the left who would say president obama is a person who doesn't care about americans. i really don't think that, and i understand the contrast that you're making and he's been particularly supportive of issues when there have been shootings, especially law enforcement shootings in black
5:50 pm
communities but your point is well taken here and i think moving forward hillary clinton and donald trump need to show they are going to be different than previous administrations, george bush included in terms of taking care of disadvantaged communities. deirdre: hold those thoughts. we have more to talk about. we are back with this. clinton foundation saying if hillary clinton is nominated president they'll no longer accept foreign donations. the foundation under heavy criticism for accepting checks coming from regimes that have question records on human rights. we are back in just a minute. ♪
5:51 pm
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. deirdre: breaking news, the clinton foundation says if hillary clinton is elected president, it will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations.
5:54 pm
the power panel is back with me now. thank you all for staying with me. i wanted to get your take. jillian, this has to be done from a pr perspective. does it not? >> absolutely has to be done. but i think it's overdue. if the conflict of interest, clearly when she was secretary of state, it would be conflict of interest when president. the question is why did this continue for so long. they should have foreseen it was a problem. deirdre: kristin, alongside of the e-mails and the private e-mail server, this is the other big albatross around her neck as a candidate. no matter what your politics are, if you're talking about it from a pr standpoint, this is the other big black cloud for her? >> look, it's terrible. she never should have been accepting saudi money in the first place. she's taking money from countries that frankly don't support these views at all, and for the media doesn't make a big deal of it. deirdre: the idea is pay-for-play, the idea there was a lebanese donor told to be
5:55 pm
well taken care of at an event in new york, bad, bad, bad. jessica, what does this mean? do you think this is going to move the needle for independents, swing voters who say i can't stand in my view, she's a liar, now with this, i think i can. does it move the needle for those people? >> it has a lot more do with what's going on with donald trump than hillary clinton. she used to be ten points below him which is astounding to me for the number of pants on fire lies he tells regularly. now tied or ahead of him in the recent polling. it's a good thing, as for the saudi issue, the saudis are one of our allies in the state department and government works with them in that region, and they're as good as we're going to get unfortunately. that's a different point. deirdre: but the pay to play is not. >> the pay to play is not. that hasn't been proven obviously, peter schweizer makes a compelling case and
5:56 pm
hurts her tremendously. bill clinton will be playing a very serious role in the next administration. i don't know if he's the economy czar or what. but this is saying that the clintons are moving into white house mode and we're going to be making sure that we are doing that right and all above board. i think that's fantastic. deirdre: thank you, kristin, did you have something to add? didn't mean to cut you off? >> again, this is back to the media. the media barely reports on. this if you watch cnn or any other outlet. >> that's not fair. >> it's about trump and how they're reporting on this. >> if you looked at iranian deal, that was left leaning "new york times" that broke it. she's gotten scrutiny well deserved on this. deirdre: we have to leave it there. thank you all. come back another day. thank you, my political power panel there. we are going to be right back. t coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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deirdre: this just in from rio.
6:00 pm
brazilian rio police are formally charging ryan lochte and jimmy feigen with fallly reporting a crime. charles: welcome to making money. we have incredible developments on the government's cash payment to iran. the a.p. reporting the clinton foundation stated should hillary clinton become president they will no longer accept foreign and corporate foundations. lisa, a lot of people calling for them to cut off donations ahead of all this.


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