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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 18, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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democratic rule in largely black intercities and poverty and tension between police can community. >> leave it there, great stuff, i appreciate it, we appreciate you at home. lou dobbs, keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, a shocking admission from obama administration, and the state department. today state department confirming that administration broke decade of tradition by payinpay ransom to iran, saying they $400 million cash payment to the iranian government in january was contingent on the release of american prisoners. >> payment was contingent on their release. >> i'm saying is -- right? >> i'm saying is, because we
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had concerns that iran may reneg on the prisoner release, given delays, we were regarding persons in iran and mutual mistrust, we naturally sought to retain maximum leverage until after the americans were released. >> basic english, you say you would not give them the $400 million in cash until prisoners were released, correct? >> that is correct. lou: that is not what president obama secretary of state john carry and john kirby state department spokesman have been saying listen to kerry and mr. obama. >> we announced the payments in january. many months ago. there was not a secret, we
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announced them. to all of you. josh did a briefing on them. this was not some nefarious deal. >> first of all, the united states of america does not pay ra ransom and does not negotiate ransoms, it is not our policy, that is number one. lou: straight forward, you have seen and heard president of the united states and one of the highest ranking members of this government lie to the american people. now, because of this doing ed dogged and diligent reports of "wall street journal," they have admitted it was tied to release of prisoners. and since january, 3 citizens have been detained in iran. we talk up this consequences with citizens united president
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david fosse, and governor mike huckabee joining us, a lot to discuss, including donald trump. once again casting himself as the law and order candidate. the republican nominee, tonight campaigning in north carolina. he held a round table discussion with law enforcement officials to same day that hillary clinton met with police leaders in new york. trump up stages hillary by heading to a shooting range, he reportedly shot a m-4 ar-15, cameras were not allowed but trump did stalk about the outs and his great respect for police. >> we went to the range, we had some shooting practices. i would say last 6 months to a year it has come out more the danger of being a police man than it has. i have always been aware but never seen st like it is, i have great respect for you, i am with you 100%.
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lou: north carolina is one of 5, battle on ground states where trump is airing his first television ads of this general elect, they begin running tomorrow, trump is holding a rally in charlotte, north carolina later this hour, we'll bring it to you when mr. trump does take the stage. and authorities in rio de janeiro, tonight, have indicted, olympic swimmers, james feigen and ryan lochte on charges of falsely reporting a crime, brazilian police say, they and two other swimmers lied when they say they were held up at gun point. >> we'll have latest details for you tonight here. our top story, only 81 days to the election, and there are encouraging new poll numbers for donald trump. trump now only one point behind clinton in a usc los angeles times tracking poll.
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clinton's lead over trump is down to 4.s according to a new pew research center survey, clinton at one time with a 9 point advance think tha advantage in late june, and sean hannity town hall, donald trump accused government and mainstream media of protecting the democratic nominee. >> she is being protected by the government. how she got away with e-mails is beyond anything that i have seen in justice. i have to say, she is being protected and protect by the media, i say something about her, i speak for an hour, and talk about her for a half hour or 45 minute, nothing gets on television, they put something else on. lou: first guest tonight say that trump campaign is a, electrified by hiring of breitbart steven bannon and polster kelly ann conway.
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david is also the president of citizens united, have you a full plate my friend, good to have you with us. >> thank you, i do. lou: let's start with the new leadership, and start with kellyann conway, first woman to lead a presidential campaign in republican party, and what have we heard from national liberal media? i have not even found a mention of it, how about you? >> no, i have not, i was going to mention that to you, i am grateful, kellyann conway is an incredibly smart, dedicated campaign manager for donald trump now. and it is -- as the first woman it really a special time, and it shows, once again donald trump's hiring practices that are well documented within trump inc is
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now in the campaign, kellyann, is my polster, and has been for years, i think she is just a tremendous talent, and brings a wide array of talents to his campaign. lou: she has been for numerous presidential candidates, a leading republicans, throughout. you work with steve bannon for years. here is a man who is a former navy officer, harvard mba . give us your sense of him, and what we can expect at ceo of don presidential campaign? >> you know, steve is an incredible talent, and it really passionate individual, i had a chance to work with steve, i guess about 8 or 9or 10 years on and off, we produced many documentaries
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together. steve and i have a film comes out next month, together with duck dynasty's phil rop ite robertson. we've been working it for many years. lou: we down do, that we don't just gloss over this, if you have wears to hock let's hear the name. >> torch bearer, we're excited about that and we'll visit about that next month, here is the issue of steve bannon, this guy is all about action. he is a very passionate, smart as you said, harvard mba naval service warfare officer, a guy who wants to be inside of the act, and he dedicated and one of the best strategists out there today. lou: if it were seeing some u
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improvement in numbers already, issues that donald trump has put before the american people, over the past now, 14 months. time is flying to november 8, it is a big challenge, and wanted to get your sense of where he was. tonight i want to ask you, quickly, your reaction to the fact that we have now just had state department confirm what everyone knew, we reported on this from outset $400 million that was ra ransom. kirby admits and president and secretary of state just lying to the american people. >> that is not shocking, president lies to the american people routinely. let me say, one thing i want to point out that clinton foundation, announces at same time, that this news breaks, they will no longer be taking
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foreign donations into clinton foundation, because, the next several days will be bad for the clinton founding a -- foundation. lou: before anyone gets too excited, they agreed with obama administration. that they would also seek his approval or that of the administration, and avoid those conflicts, that does not seem to be an issue with mr. obama but it is a violation of their agreement, like so many violations seem to consider. david bossie great to you have with us. >> thank you. lou: we're comes right back. >> the story of the olympic games that everyone is talking about. nothing to do with the performance of the athletes, everything to do with the conduct of the american athletes we talk about converse we ebony williams and chris plant, they join me next. >> and the swing suter's
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lou: president of the united statey and his administration has been lying to us from almost the very beginning of the administration.
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i want to turn to what is really important here if i may . that is 4 swimmers who are well, just b besmirching u.s. and olympic games, they have sparked a diplomatic incident and their country. police in rio de janeiro charging two with a crime, gold medal swimmers, ryan lochte and jimmy feigen, charged with falsely reporting a robbery. that is enough to be sent to prison in brazil. lochte is in u.s. feigen is in rio. two other swimmers were pulled off a plane last night, here
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is what started it, security video. at a gas station, they hav they havthey -- vandalized the restroom. they reportedly paid $20 and allowed to go, by a security guard, one true a gun, after that, lochte and his teammates, concocted a story about being rob at gun point. joining me now chris plant and ebony williams, this is a high peak in season of lies, these 4 aelement pick athletes -- olympic athletes, what are they thinking. and what an embarrassment. >> it is sad, no one is talking about 3 women who swept hurdles last night, this is what is crazy, we would not
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be talking about this, but for conversation, ryan lochte had with his mother. remember these guys did not go to police, they did not file a report. but he had a conversation, he made story up to his mother, she talked about it in the press there, goes the investigation. lou: and so, i don't think we'll probably focus on the mother as the culprit. >> not at all, because, my mother would do this by the way, i tell her something, and he would run with it. you have to put that caveat, mom, between me and you. lou: this is -- >> well. lou: this is such embarrassing conduct it appalling. >> let me defend them for a moment. lou: you can it is america. >> we heard the prosecution side from the brazililians, i would like to give our guys afternoon opportunity to
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explain the differences between their versions, we do understand that they were held at gun point, by someone in uniform who forced them to turnover money, there is a bit of gray area. secondly, this is so, what is the difference sort of negotiable, the clinton administration would litigate this into the ground, maybe they are looking for a planeload of cash from president obama because he has established they are holding our guys. >> 400 million. >> maybe a plane load of euros and swiss franks, they are getting a bad reputation for a crime ridden city, they wanted to get back to being known at banana republic, if they thought green swimming pool of the bad relations for them, just wait until this hits the
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press. lou: following on ebony's suggestion of this, be o obambe on -- obscuring true meaning of rio game it has everyone ignoring fact that one of the british athletes was in fact robbed at gun point. >> right. lou: turning to thisly, since we're on that subject of lies, and that is by president obama, and secretary kerry. this country is inured to a president who lies, a secretary of state who lies, spokesman who lies, national security people who lie, and secretary of states are in tan dejtandem lying, this is appalling, it is just another day at the office for president obama, i would hold this is his legacy. >> i am not making excuses for that, this unsurprising, and unfortunate this is no longer
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surprising, i have to say, i am disappointed in the lie, i am more disappointed that president obama is not. >> louisiana right now, i think that is crazy. it just sad, looking at the legacy you have to think with just a few months left in offers, wha office, what does he want lasting impressions to be? lou: it's too late. one newspaper begging for him to come visit in louisiana. that is in itself ember ages asking this cun -- embarrassing, this is a country that needs to stand up if he does not want to do the right thing as president and go to milwaukee and calm that situation, or send hi attorney general and others, this map ha man has checked out. >> george p. bush throw flying
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over the wreckage of katrina. president obama should sene shot out of it flying over empty. if a republican were golfing while this was going to and race riots in milwaukee, and white people attacked, not being widely reported because of the color of their skin, 80,000 people of california evacuated because of fires, and president obama is out golfing, where is michael moore when you need him? lou: let's note summon spirits that we don't necessarily want. >> watch this drive. >> come on lou. lou: thank you both. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. lou: vote in our poll, do you believe president obama's lies, and those of his administration, will be his
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principle legacy, cast your vote, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. links on >> please roll the video, and here we go. a wing suter performing a new impossible stunt in arizona, he dives out of a helicopter flying through the canyon, a narrow canyon. the flight comes off without a hitch, he made it without so much as a scuffing his wing suit. a safe landing and an amazing beautiful, beautiful flight. up next, president obama set to close out his 8 years in office, with a legacy of shame. that is the subject of my commentary. next. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: i think any american tonight could be disgusted with the government that is led by president obama. so i have got more than a few thoughts on the administration and its record of deceit, deception and outright lies. the state department today did almost the unthinkable after almost 8 years of almost never yielding to truth and creating an overall pattern of dishonorable conduct. the state department admitted it lied applied throughout from its first statement in january on iran's release of american hostages in the third of this month. the "wall street journal" broke the story of the $400 million in european currencies for the contemporaneous elis he releasef
7:28 pm
american hostages. on that day i said, that's big natured of the state department spokeman to acrossen that some mighsome -- might be forgiven fr calling a random payment a ransom payment. the ransom payment puts americans at risk wherever the iranians have influence and reach. the payment of the $400 million in currencies to iran was contingent on the release those four americans. that it was what any reasonable and honest person knew it was. it was ransom. yet two week ago the president pretended to be hurt, aggrieved at even the suggestion that it was ransom. >> we do not pay ransom for hostages.
7:29 pm
we have got a number of americans being held all around the world. and i meet with their families. and it's heartbreaking. but those families know we have a policy that we don't pay ransom. lou: they know. he was heartbroken. he lied. the obama legacy has become one of shame. lies have become routine in this administration. lies are expected. it's lies about iran are numerous. the state department faces a lawsuit after admitting it cut part of a 2013 video posted to its website about the secret nuclear talks with iran. it confessed it was deliberately edited and removed. all of this, only part of what is a vast pattern in this administration. a pattern of lying, distortion, deceit.
7:30 pm
a house investigation revealed the obama administration manipulated military intelligence about the islamic state. the president referred to the islamic state as the jv team back in 2014. he claimed he quote wasn't specifically referring to the islamic state when he was and he obviously was. in 2013, the president claimed he quote didn't set a red line in syria, and course he did. here he is doing just that. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons being moved around or being utilized. that's a red line for us and there would be enormous consequences. lou: another lie, and to what effect? the administration's lies about the 2012 benghazi attack continue to this day. they would have humiliated a
7:31 pm
less coarsened group of government leaders and policy makers with the president not on blaming an online video two weeks after that terrorist attack. but doing so at the united nations. bald faced lying together general assembly. >> the crude and disgusting video sparked outrange throughout the muslim world. there is no video that justifies the attack on an embassy. lou: no, there isn't. and there is no justification for a president who would up season wait, and lie. and utter disrespect for the american people as the president and his advisors lied, lied and lied some more in order to pass the president's signature law obamacare. >> i intend to keep this promise. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor.
7:32 pm
if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. lou: mr. obama repeated that lie for four years. his legacy is one of shame. mr. obama seeming reply willing to lie to the american people and encouraged members of his administration to do so as pell. obamacare is head towards collapse as insurance company after insurance company withdraws from the program and the premiums rise even higher. the member of his administration chosen to carry out the third term of his presidency has no higher sense of obligation to the truth or apparently to the american people. our quotation for the evening. for those who try to control public perception rather than do the hard work of building a better reality of all citizens.
7:33 pm
the quote is from vladimir lenin. he said quote a lie told often enough becomes the truth. the person who does so remains a liar. i added that part. we are coming right back. donald trump campaigning harder. he's campaigning longer and attracting much bigger crowds than hillary clinton. >> she takes a lot of time off. and, you know, frankly, it's really not fair. lou: is hillary clinton taking a break because she thinks she has got this thing wrapped up? or is she just a little tired of it all. we take that up with former presidential candidate governor mike huckabee next. this thrill seeker's bungee jumping adventure leaves him empty hands. all that's and more coming up
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lou: donald trump campaigning in charlotte, north carolina. he's speak at a rally for the first time since his campaign shakeup or expansion if you prefer. according to the real clear politics polling average, clinton leads trump by 2 points in the battleground state of north carolina. trump is at the charlotte convention center. let's listen in to see what he's
7:38 pm
saying. >> -- are living in pofer difficult. i will not rest until children of every color in this country are fully included in the american dream. [cheers and applause] jobs, safety, opportunity is what we have to have, and it's what we need. fair and equal representation. this is what i promise to african-americans, hispanics, americans, and of all types of all colors, of all religions, this is what we promise. we all promise. never this room promises. this is what we have to do. [cheers and applause] lou: we are going to talk if we
7:39 pm
mawith governor mike huckabee. donald trump making an important, i think, shift in tone here than we have seen the three previous speeches on policy. former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. former presidential candidate. it sounds like a more inclusive speech. it sounds like a tone he adopted and has stayed with, we think. >> i think he's get together point that he realizes the focus has to be on the substantive issues. he has to focus on hillary. he's doing that. he brought in a great team of professionals to do it. people say it just proves donald trump is failing. no it doesn't. it proves he has enough sense that if something isn't work as well as he thought it would be, he has the good sense to change the.
7:40 pm
why hasn't obama who has had failure after failure over 7 years not make changes in personnel and policy. sit would be refreshing to have a president who makes some changes. lou: when somebody like obama persists in the same policies that lead to the same outcomes. you have to believe he understands the consequences of those decisions. >> the obama administration instead of saying this didn't work, i'm going to fire some butts. he says, no, it's a jv team. we are going to put a red line in syria. we have an administration out of both ends. lou: as i said in my earlier commentary. this president's legacy is lying.
7:41 pm
and the lies compounds themselves. he has persisted in deceit. and dishonor. this is a horrible moment in our history. and we have got people walking around. it shows how effective the temperature operation of this white house has been. they have been putting this nonsense out in the national liberal media as if they were political action arms of this administration. it turns out "the washington post" doesn't even have the recanting by kirby and the state department of the lies put out since january. but they have ryan lochte and the swimmers in brazil. >> you won't see the mainstream press do anything less than provide the same quilted covering for hillary that they have for obama. it's been amazing to watch this. the sad thing is a lot of people don't understand that there is not going to be a balance of
7:42 pm
coverage. lou: one man who understands it well and doesn't fear it and is leading the charge against it is the fellow talking in north carolina. let's go back to donald trump. >> -- but is instead living with no security and no protection al at all. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "build that wall"] lou: they want that wall. >> that wall represents a sovereign nation. that wall represents that we are going to take control of our borders which means we'll have a country. without some control of your borders. here is what a lot of people fail to remember. ellis island not far from where we are sitting, was not a place
7:43 pm
where everybody came on in and you betcha. you had a medical test. and if you didn't make it up a flight of stairs, you were sent back home. if you didn't have good northerly character, you were sent back home. lou: there has been a concerted progressive effort for over 10 years to convince americans this country is somebody else's. that we are subservient to those in the united nations and people who want to come here just because they want to come here. trump is the first candidate to say america first and make america great and respect our values and respect our people. >> it's a choice between globalism and americanism. that's the choice people will be faced with in november. lou: up next, donald trump, this
7:44 pm
just in to lou dobbs, he will be visiting flood damaged areas in louisiana. he will be there tomorrow. president obama remains on vacation. we are going to take up how the national liberal media will be handling this responsible act by the republican presidential nominee. i for one cheer him and say, god speed. we'll talk with the washington times charlie hurt on that and much more here next. nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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lou: joining me now charlie hurt. charles, let me turn to your column today in which you said trump, irrespective of whatever flaws and failings he like all mortals will have, even presidential candidates, that he's real why it only choice. i don't understand, as you write your column, i have the same view. how can there be any question? you have got an f.b.i. certified liar in the person of hillary clinton. you have her connection to benghazi and all of the scandals and there is donald trump whose chief offense is that he offends
7:49 pm
the establishment he said he was going after the he athletes who he said have repeatedly failed the american people. where is the choice? >> it's not just current issues that donald trump has built his campaign on. he's running against 25 years or more of polite correctness and government gone awry. you know who has been here for those 25 years? the clintons. he is running -- his entire campaign is against all that the chin tons and people like the clintons have given us and what they have done to the united stat it just so happens the opponent he has drawn is hillary clinton is just a coincidence. and the notion that somehow she is going to offer something different is preposterous. lou: now we learn as the clouds
7:50 pm
part and from mount olympus we hear from the minions of the clinton cartel, don't worry about the global initiative, all its crimes against reason, decency and frankly law, will be amended because they will not continue the same practices if she is somehow elected president of the united states. are you kidding me? >> that's the same promise she made when she became secretary of state. and what good did that do? it did no good. no one will be safe until that place is shut down and the money is given to an actual charity. lou: will give more than 10% of the money that comes in that it you ports to serve. donald trump, bannon, kellyanne conway, she becomes the first
7:51 pm
woman to lead a gop presidential campaign, and the liberal media, where did they go? crickets, crickets. >> it's proof that donald trump has had troubles with messaging, and trouble with going off script. but at the heart of it, the mess and as always been right. he's always been right about the message. bringing people like steve bannon and kellyanne conway, that's doubling down on the good message about stopping illegal immigration, fighting terrorism. getting the economy started again. and tearing down the political correctness. lou: putting america first and making america great again. >> i'm in. i would love to have someone sit down and instead of -- interrogating for give her a lie detector.
7:52 pm
i would force her to say america first. i bet she would never do it unless it turned out she would lose the election if she didn't say it. lou: would that be with a polygraph attached or not. a reminder, secure your valuables when plunging 500 feet off a south african bridge. there we go. this irish thrill seeker, his phone fell out of his pocket. his excitement dangling in the air. but he can recover. please join my colleague maria bartiromo weekdays 6:00 to 9:00. and former reagan advisor,
7:53 pm
dr. arthur laffer. and a great show at hand. up next, pastor mark burns delivering an explosive speech at the republican national committee declaring all lives matter. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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>> in our online poll our question last night whether hillary's email scandal should
7:55 pm
disqualify her from receiving intelligence briefings and 95% of you said absolutely. donald trump is in north carolina. let's take the video there as he's speaking in charlotte, north carolina. he's reaching out to the african-american community. joining me to talk about this new outreach and new energy behind that outreach is pastor mark burns, founder of the harvest praise and worship center as well as a donald trump supporter. it's great to talk to you. i would like to meet you in person one of these days. i'm an admirer. you have got an admirer in donald trump. is he reaching out saying straightforwardly to the democratic party, you are the problem in most of the failures of our inner cities in this country. your thoughts and reactions. >> first of all it's an honor to be here on your show.
7:56 pm
i was just with mr. trump back stable. i said i have got to go on fox. he said who you going on? i sa i'm going to see lou dobbs. he said lou, i love him. he said you tell lou mr. trump loves him. lou: i appreciate that. >> he said louis the greatest. to answer your question, without question, yes. mr. trump understands like anies of african-americans in this country, they understand that the democratic party has failed black people in this country without question. economically, economically be educationally. we are socially, we are still at the bottom of the totem pole, and it's been led by a welfare system that's forcing millions of african-americans to stay locked up in chains and not break free to be all that they want to be which is why donald trump comes on the scene and he is speaking a language that has
7:57 pm
nothing to do with pandering after a particular race, but he's coming up with policies that's going to affect all races,er race. the democratic party know because he's speaking politically incorrect, the on way to combat that is to call him racist. that's the on way they can fight it is to call him race why it. but what saddens me. so many african-americans supporting the democratic party, they are the very reason why we are -- there is a frustration keeping us locked up in welfare. lou: a perfect metaphor is what does donald trump do when his campaign isn't going the way he wants it. he changed leadership twice to make sure it' going to in the correct direction. the inner cities of this country have got to change the way they are thinking. they have got to change their relationship to the political system. the political system has exploded them.
7:58 pm
the democratic party has not delivered meaning any in terms of education, in term of prosperity, in terms of job creation and participating in economic growth. and i happen to agree with you. i think he's the country's -- i think it last, best hope. >> without question. again, he's dealing with issues impacting everyone. the biggest issues in the african-american * community is jobs. and incarcerations. they go hand in hand. but the democratic party is constantly being. they are racially dividing us and it's a divide and conquer system pitting one brother against another. white against black or black against blue. but i don't know about you, lou, i blend allegiance to the united states of america.
7:59 pm
and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indisadvisable with liberty and justice for everyone. black lives, white lives, he race. donald trump is the on person declares we need to fix our inner city and it's not going to be done by tap dancing for your votes and get you off the welfare system so you can support your family the way you are supposed to. lou: i have got time enough to say first amen. a pleasure talking with you. we do have time to say come back again if you will. we appreciate it so much. >> i would love to. thank you, lou. lou: mark burns. that is it for us. tomorrow general jack keane, fred barnes among our guests. thank you for being with us tonight. hope to see you tomorrow.
8:00 pm
good night from new york. kennedy: from the stable, capable hands of lou dobbs, i take you to the best part of your day. we need strong and independent voices to challenge the presidential nominees. the left is still in the throes of a revolution that is going way past growing pains. green party nominee jill stein is finally getting some media play, and she is pulling no punches from going after hillary clinton. here she is from last night'
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