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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 19, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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is friday, august 19th, donald trump have its following a campaign shakeup, expressing remorse, regret for some of the things he said on the campaign trail. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues you don't choose the right words, or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and i do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. maria: where the campaign goes straight ahead. outrage over the $400 million sent to iran. the administration refuses tot e of american prisoners. escalating tensions in rio as police indicts swimmer ryan lochte for falsely reporting robberies. two of the accused are allowed to leave brazil. devastating floods rock louisiana killing 13 people, president obama on the golf course, we will take you there. j johnson visiting damaged
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areas, cares greatly about the people of louisiana. >> i will be briefing the president on the situation i see here at some point very soon. he is getting briefings on the situation and cares greatly about the people of louisiana and on behalf of the president and myself i want everyone here to know that the federal government is here, devoting lots of resources, people to this effort. >> firefighters battle the wildfire raging in southern california, the latest to struggle and contain this blaze. hillary clinton says she was doing what she was told when she told the fbi she was advised to use a private email by a former secretary of state. the struggle to contain zika, new concerns that have florida officials scrambling. call it the summer of netflix a big win for the streaming service and markets point to a
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lower open after two days of games, investors keeping an eye on the nasdaq on track for the longest winning streak in 6 years. stocks trade lower unclos the board, fractional losses, the cac quarante in paris down two quarters of 1%. in asia mixed performances, rough week for the nikkei average in japan posting the weekly decline despite a fractional move upwards overnight. all those stories coming up, foxbusiness's dagan mcdowell, ceo and founder with us, arkansas governor and former presidential candidate mike huckabee. good to see you, welcome. this is my favorite cover of the morning. dagen: you were tweeting it out last night. about 3 hours ago.
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maria: you know this stuff does go out in brazil. i made an assumption they got robbed. >> when you win gold metals, silver medals you got to come up with a gun caught to your head to make an impact on the world. >> your mother always said nothing good happens after midnight. didn't she tell us that? listen to your mother. dagen: don't start dating until 30 because he will bait someone like that. >> if you are going to get busted for something, could it be something more exotic than that? i broke a sandwich sign. maria: they handled it well, allowing them to go home. a lot to talk about and the $400 million payment to iran. fox news strategic analyst ralph
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peters with us, our laugher is with us, house speaker newt gingrich will join us and retired nasa astronaut eileen collins. >> i am really excited to meet an astronaut. maria: stay with us. the moment many have been waiting for donald trump shifting his tone at a rally in north carolina possibly marking a new phase for this campaign. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that and i do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues. maria: this as new pure
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research, national poll shows the race is tightening in a four way race, hillary clinton leads donald trump by four points with 41% support, donald trump with 37% support, followed by gary johnson with 10% and jill stein with 4%. let's talk about these numbers. is this what republicans have been waiting for? >> it is a new donald trump. i think it is the same donald trump. he is filled with bravado but we saw a very honest side of a man who said some things that were intemperate. maria: a brutal primary season. >> tell me about it but thanks for reminding me. that is why i am sitting here. it was a brutal primary season. the tone he took last night, the apology and ever thought would happen but shows he was looking forward to the election.
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i still think he will win. people are going to say has hillary clinton ever told the truth ever? can we trust her? do we want to put her in the white house? this race comes down to simple things that when people focus on that they like donald trump. >> so the polls even though we have a tightening race based on the pole we saw you think the polls are too early? >> i don't think the polls accurately reflect what people say because people don't tell a pollster they are voting for donald trump. they will say to me don't tell anybody i am voting for trump because they don't want to be called a bigot or racist or homophobic is enough of or the label of the day. the second thing, a lot of people only hear what the media has told them. wait until the debates, more people will watch that than the olympics. that will be epic. dagen: at the debates, i can't
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wait, waiting with baited breath, every pollster on the right, conservative a, and on the left, democrat, told me to not start looking at the polls until labor day because people are away, they are on vacation but after labor day they start hunkering down and focusing on who is the right candidate. what was interesting, this is a scripted speech, and admission, how he has acted during the campaign, people assumed he was going to be full on trump, trump tnt and this is different. maybe the gut busting is done by the surrogates, and trump rises above. maybe this is a shift. >> on the campaign trail, you need a gun squad that does the
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heavy outfitting. in a good political campaign you go after your opponents but you don't do it all personally, you let other people do it. take out some people that are good and love taking baseball bats. dagen: you are seeing that. the issue of hillary clinton's health, some people talking about that is dirty or hitting below the belt but it is early politics and the clintons wrote the rulebook. if you want to get tough and play nasty let your surrogates do it. >> does wall street focus on this as we approach the election? is this something the stock market reacts to? >> probably. wall street hasn't reacted yet but investors are. when i talk with investors the number one question is what will happen in the election, i don't know. >> if markets are figuring out that 15% corporate tax rate will materialize that would be a
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positive. >> i don't think we should assume that. there is too much baggage associated with either candidate to make a clear distinction. the market is always as you know, is necessarily going to go up. the question is what economic policies after whoever is inaugurated. that is why the stock market reacts, not just an automatic uptick. >> you said it would be an adolescent reaction. if people in business vote for hillary clinton they are not adolescents, they are infants. they are still sucking the bottle. this is crazy. why vote for someone who will raise taxes, increase the inheritance tax, make it more difficult to do business? if you're in the investment community is not as painful but if you are a small business operator she will gut punch you. >> i am a small business operator and no matter who is
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elected there will be enough divided legislative body that we are not living in a dictatorship, in the end i don't think of you vote for one candidate it means all their policies will be put in place, they are silly proposals. do we really think if hillary clinton is elected we are going to have massive tax increases automatically? we will have folks like you screaming all day long as a counterbalance. maria: in president obama's second term even though you had a divided government he was able to institute a lot of regulations and went around congress, dagan mcdowell said yesterday all the regulations he is coming out with, record numbers. dagen: more than 600 regulations handed down during his presidency and that is a record. we are talking economic impact well north of 3 quarters of $1
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trillion. >> he wants to build on president obama's policies. the worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy, donald trump addressed last night, listen to this. >> we are one nation. when one state hurts we all hurt. we must all work together to lift each other up, working, building, restoring together. our prayers are with the families who lost loved ones and we send them our deepest condolences. maria: donald trump and his running mate mike pence will be there today. president obama is on vacation in martha's vineyard. mike huckabee, we are not seeing outrage in the mainstream media but when you look at those pictures and see what is going on you would expect some
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leadership, president obama to go there. >> outraged for my neighbors to the south in louisiana. this is a devastating flood, floods are horrible, of all natural disasters they are some of the worst because it take so long to get over it. the fact that he has remained playing golf is a disgrace to the office of the presidency. there is a reason president and governors go to areas that are devastated by natural disasters, not that they can fix it, they can't pick up the splinter the tornado or receive the waters even though obama all the promised he could do that. here is why they go. when they go the cameras go. when the cameras go people know. it mobilizes resources and when that president or governor or mayor shows up, they see how devastating it is, they take those resources and marshaling, he has not shown up and it is disgraceful, it is dereliction of duty. bill clinton, this isn't about
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politics, bill clinton was the best at showing up for things like this, he showed a level of compassion, he represents the heart of america. maria: do you think a little clinton will show up? >> i doubt it. now the donald trump has got it would look like me too. dagen: president obama preached the words matter. what matters more than words his actions. take a look at this tornado caught on camera. wildfires ripping through southern california. you could be hitching a ride from a robot if you are taking over from one us city, details on the driverless fleet coming up. back in a moment on "mornings with maria". ♪
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your blood donation is critical and can help save lives. please schedule an appointment today. download the blood donor app, visit, or call 1-800-red cross today. you can make a difference. maria: flooding in louisiana the worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy. maria: the red cross, catastrophic flooding will cost $30 million, tens of thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes, 13 people have died. some residents of started returning to their homes only to find their homes and belongings gone. jay johnson visited the affected areas yesterday.
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as of now there are no plans for president obama to go to louisiana. turning to southern california where images of destruction continue to appear, 1000 firefighters continue to fight the blue wildfire southeast of los angeles, 56 mi. of land already burned, another fire begins near santa barbara though much smaller in scale. california in the midst of a 5 year drought leaving dry leaves and brush easily lit. in business this morning huber rolling out self driving cars, the company plans to go driverless in pittsburgh using specially equipped volvo suvs, first ever self driving fleet made available to consumers, they won't say how many will be on the road but and uber employee will be in the car as a
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human copilot at least so a person will be with you. know word who to rate after the ride is over. would you drive in a drivers of the less car? >> for your show, sure. >> everyone on the panel -- >> i would. it might as well be driverless. dagen: no need to worry about a male driver who doesn't put his seatbelt on until the car is in gear. >> don't worry about someone doing this. >> nobody on earth puts their seatbelt on -- >> i resemble it. we will take a short break, health officials warning the threat of zika could be worse than they thought.
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the spread of the disease in miami and ryan lochte's tall tale of an armed robbery could cost millions of dollars. the update on the drama straightahead, back in a moment. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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maria: chaos in real. swimmers ryan lochte and james egan have been indicted by police, they falsely reported being robbed at gunpoint. the athletes vandalize the gas station, two other teammates being held in country but have
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now been allowed to leave. joining us is criminal defense attorney misty mayer and sports agent and founder and partner of dle agency doug eldridge. what can we expect based on whether the judge expects these indictments? >> ryan lochte is back in the united states. it would be symbolic if anything because he won't get extradited back to brazil. there is a treaty in placing overrating specific crimes like rape, murder, won't happen. as far as the other swimmer in brazil, what we will probably see is some type of negotiation with prosecutors to pay a fine to get them out of the country. maria: pretty incredible that ryan lochte was the ringleader in all this but he got out sooner than anybody else. >> when you get back to the united states how do you see it?
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let's talk about the loss of money. you have to believe ryan lochte would be poised to get millions in terms of the endorsement deal. is that dead? >> it is similar to when a fishing boat goes missing. over a time it transitions to an undercover mission. that is where we are. in terms of where it relates to sponsors and brand there is going to be damage because sponsors and brands on two levels, number one his performance and number 2 is perception, performance is how the athlete does on the course. perception is their reputation within the community which for the brand is a consumer base and that is where ryan lochte runs into problems. maria: one of the sponsors statement from speedoh,
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following the situation, has a policy not to comment on ongoing legal investigations. contact the team for additional information. ryan lochte is endorsed by ralph lauren. how do you see this? sponsors have to speak out. dagen: you kind of knew you were getting a doofus who behaves badly. he has been busted for urinating in public, disorderly conduct, anyone who has watched 5 minutes of that horrific reality show he did knew what they were getting into. the people of brazil, an apology. all americans, for this oaf, this jerk. maria: we know this kind of stuff has gone on in brazil so we made the assumption they were telling the truth they were robbed. dagen: one of the security
6:26 am
guards, pulled a gun, according to some of the reports. they are acting like a stone cold moron. >> you could've taken an innocuous incident taking responsible for the vandalism and changed it to an international incident. this has gone far beyond what it needed to be but repercussions won't be strong on ryan lochte but we will see problems for him in the marketplace. he has had issues before, this is just another mark on that charge. >> he bleached more than his hair, he bleached his brain but he could get a deal with clorox out of this. here is what bleach did for me. there is a possibility. it felt horrible. i almost stopped watching the olympics because i didn't want
6:27 am
to see these kind of updates. everything was going well. gold metal, silver medals, bronze medals, gas station, urinating on the sideline. >> i would interject we have to put this in context. it is sentimental to paint with an overly broad brush. we are talking the us team of 550 athlete representing a country of 330 flag-waving americans, i count myself among them. i was fortunate to be in real with 7 clients are presenting our country and brought home a bronze. this might be a pr black eye for the time being but let's not let it overshadow the proud a compliment of this delegation. it is important to point out good people make bad decisions, that does not make you a bad person. i couldn't defend the actions of ryan lochte in this situation, i don't want to overly incriminate the likes of young guys like the one from washington dc, good
6:28 am
athlete, good student. maria: great point, you are right. dagen: simon manual, first black woman to win a swimming medal for the united states, delilah mohammed, let's just name all the ones with one goal for is, did with respect and honor. maria: good to see you both, thank you. hillary clinton playing the blame game, reports say she told the fbi, another secretary of state told her to keep her emails on a private server. more on that next. the fastest man in the world making history in rio, highlights from the track and field event in the real epic coming up, back in a moment. ♪ music
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for some of the things he said over the primary season, republican candidate also making headlines announcing he travel to louisiana devastated by flooding. >> we are one nation.
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when one state hurts, we all hurt. >> and we must all work together to lift each other up. working building restoring together. our prayers are with the families who have lost the loved ones, and we send them our deepest condolences. >> move from trump coming as president obama, is under fire to viest the community instead of remaining on golf course during martha's vineyard vacation. >> tensions in rio police indict swimmer lochte for falsely reporting robbery the latest as two kud are now allowed to leave brazil. hillary clinton says she was just doing what she was told to do why she blames former secretary of state colin powell for her e-mail scandalized, co-host season -- netflix streaming service juiced repeated box office bombs to win summer it did
6:33 am
speaking of winning bolt again historic night this rio this morning, a retirement package the finds that has one group of retirees celebrating markets this morning, lower opening after two gas of gains keeping eye on nasdaq on track for the longest winning streak more than six years, in europe this morning, stocks are trading lower across the board fractional movers but negative, right now. in a asia overnight markets mixed rough for japan nikkei average we saw gain overnight nikkei is down, over 2%, on the week. donald trump takes to campaign trail and holds hillary clinton accountable for use of private e-mail server. >> and -- as hillary ever apologized for lying about her illegal e-mail server deleting 33,000 e-mails? she never tells the truth.
6:34 am
one lie after another, and getting worse with each passing day. >> this coming as "new york times" is reporting that hillary clinton told the fbi that colin powell revived her to maintain a private e-mail server details from fbi notes handed to congress this week joining me fred, he is a former cia analyst center for security policy, is under fellow good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be here. maria: your takeaway an latest from you hillary she blames colin powell? >> i find it very unlikely secretary powell made such a recommendation, this e-mail server is one of the biggest aspects of the scandal it was an effort by hillary clinton to evaded federal record laws and put her work related e-mails beyond reach of congress and courts i don't think powell recommended that even if he did, she is an attorney she saw similar scandal when in senate, knew this was wrong. >> extraordinary when you look
6:35 am
how this has come out fbi, investigation, into this, they didn't record the interview with hillary clinton. i mean you being formerly cia, is that customary we've got. this is what she told fbi wasn't record it had interview that they did with hillary clinton. and there was no transcript. >> i think the whole investigation stinks, it looks like rules weren't followed looks like there are special rules when it comes to the investigation of a clinton. >> governor people are working on if some agencies are have become completely politicized. >> very obviously politicized i think with a fred was alluding to hillary is an attorney the fact a lot of people need to realize this when you are given a top security clearance fbi sits you down because i have had this prap when governor they sit you down put fear of god in you about what you can and cannot do with information that you receive. i know darned well she got that briefing probably had it
6:36 am
whether she was first lady foreheaven's sakes certain secretary of state how does she justify in any way just didn't know any better? that is not -- that is not plausible. >> that is right not plausible, and i mean, i got to -- just i mentioned a moment ago there was a scandal during bush years, of advisories evading federal record laws use private e-mail she was in senate remembers that scandal, she is probably one of the senators bashed the bush administration for doing that. maria: that is good point glad you you brought that up. >> and there is also the story the top story in the "the wall street journal" today clinton family is going to scale back the foundation, if she wins the election. and i just see the deep irony in that, that if it was a conflict of interest why used as a slush fund in a money laundering operation while secretary of state? and, she took an ethics pledge
6:37 am
secretary of state about how foundation was going to be handled when she was serving american people we saw how it was handled. >> -- not taking any more money my gosh they have shaken down every country on planet who is left to go after? >> they pretty much taken the kirby vacuum cleaner to pockets of ever donr that exists hundreds of millions of dollars given out all favors they can what is left. >> they could -- not going to accept from corporates not going to accept money from o foreign government, about michael, but the question remains if it was all fine, then why make the change now? >> what else are they going to do they are in a position right now they have huge criticism about what they have done in the past with governor just said, and certainly concerns about that, i mean at this point we can say, yes, of course, it should not have happened. maria: it happened the question what are you going to do forward the statement is not going to do it you going forward as good as pure from
6:38 am
the start? >> obviously not. >> voters -- >> the voters will oi will go down in history will -- in fact write this legacy. fred how do you see it. >> my question why is foundation taking donations now? what o foreign kinds what foreign companies are contributing money to a presidential candidate to this foundation? right now? to influence her future administration, the foundation shut down immediately. >> donald trump expressed doubts over intelligence community and you agree, and newly published op-ed warn trouble ahead for donald trump if he wins tell us about that op-ed what challenges trump faces. >> well, i said in a "national review" piece yesterday that mr. trump basically has processed concerns about intelligent community a number said he should not get a briefing because he can't be trusted, but they said nothing about hillary clinton who
6:39 am
actually violated security laws regulations. but i also wrote about that within intelligence community goes back many years during bush administration, it was so bad in 2004, that the wrooej ran an editorial cia insurgency efforts to undermine mr. bush's campaign. >> you can't call out donald trump question whether or not he is going to keep this information secure, and not mentioned what hillary clinton has already done. >> itching that is right, and, you know, trump is a duly elected candidate of a major political party not the place of intelligence officers say i am not going to brief him. they are second guessing people who elected him he might be president, the purpose of this briefing to prepare him in case he wins the election. >> fred great to see you thanks so much weighing in, coming um up next a shipwreck
6:40 am
in the great lakes we take a look the treasure that one group of retirees -- >> overwhelming odds i must only one option i am going to have to science the hell out of this. >> my god. >> [laughter] >> mt. whitney is still alive. >> in your face, neil armstrong. >> going to space all the remaining from the screen to outer space, astronauts taking a real life space walk in two hours, we will bring you that live, back in a minute.
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. futures lower opening pulling back after two days of gains dow jones industrial average expected down 40 points couple names on move, we are watching shares of gap in line with expectations, revenue down, year over year company instrumentals with turnaround lowering guidance stock down nearly 25%, over
6:44 am
the last year. also watching alphabet, today 12th anniversary of google's ipo the is offering company was valued 1.66 billion dollars, wow, shears jumped 1500% since the debut now 802. and change. monster google. >> officials in florida investigating possible zika cases in miami beach the headlines good morning. cheryl: good morning claufrt zika cases most likely by mosquitoes reportedly found in miami beach would mean they have spread beyond wynnwood previously label a zeke avenue cluster officials considering whether to advise pregnant women would i traveling to more parts south florida 557 people have contracted zika in it state 33 are local transmission cases desire us can cause serious birth
6:45 am
defects when contracted bike pregnant. >> bolt first to have a third consecutivesweep in olympics 200 meter race last nightlong shot, could win another gold in 4 by 100 relay would match most career gold in track and field, said likely last olympics back to tokyo in 2020 says he is too old, 29. finally this a team of underwater explores discovering second oldest confirmed shipwreck in the great lakes american built canadian owned vessel a simpling in lake ontario more than 200 years ago this can help l construction of that type of ship the oldest vessel in great lakes is hmsontario british warship sank 1780 get your gear on. >> fascinating thanks before a
6:46 am
break top moments from "mornings with maria" this week. >> what we know irrain apps will do because they have been doing it 36 years they will cheat. and we will catch them -- >> donald trump has morale credibility to be face of that to convince people that american ideals western ideals are better. >> if he doesn't he has to develop those, if he gets to the elected as president. >> this is a -- i think both to write the ship to make sure that mistakes are in the past that he gets back on message. >> we look at it as expansion, we are growing the team we have there is more and more responsibility out there, and i think that -- what we're doing is we're expanding the operation i think it is a very positive move. >> never been a crazier campaign season, how crazy you know i might be next president. >> you said that shifts -- history is brutal to were those don't is for what it does this mean for ted cruz.
6:47 am
>> cruise in a little bit of trouble i wouldn't apply his stuff. >> -- after advice to donald trump right now. >> much take your message to the people and focus on what you are going to do that is why the lord put eyes in front of your head rather than back. >> you could see a rate hike emotionally in september. >> i think, we are edging closer towards you know the -- point in time where it will be appropriate i think to raise interest rates further. >> you are not allowed to put any flags on anything on the truck -- >> right now. >> -- it is there was a physical flag on the back that have apparatus the pictures there they wanting down cited liability that is all we were told nothing more. >> a conversation about this today? and tomorrow and day after, and so we. >> keep fighting. >> get flag back. >> autonomous tractor trailers may hit o highway first. >> yes this technology, can serve as enabler might bring more drivers into the industry making them more -- productive, as well as -- you know enhancing skill sets
6:48 am
could be an uptick for employment. >> we are about going to double our workforce to probably 300 professionals by end of next year. >> robotists. >> engineers. >> sort of, rookie is a 2002 artist from ottawa conditioned, 22 on his body now this one, this is on his calf. >> why -- >> why? >> why? >> we have -- you and i in britain we got used to not a lot of success unfortunately, you know a lot of people in britain would swap all of that for a soccer team could actually win a game against -- >> what is the secret to winning? >> the secret to winning is don't make good choices protect the football that is that football was so important, maria do you realize they made the game after so if you have it,
6:49 am
protect it don't put it on the ground. >> there you go. >> -- no one screenshot this -- >> go for it. >> the whopperito. >> why are you eating it del kooet refined. >> ginger really good? >> -- broccoli, too. >> go for broccoli. >> well it contains a powerful antiinflammatory nutrient. >> i am telling you my notes on skin care i really pressu appreciate having that on. >> i am glad it resonated sam. >> a big man -- >> the defender.
6:50 am
across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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. maria: cool a clip from new
6:53 am
remake of the classic film ben-hur expected to swamp at box office michael with me right now joining me, wow. >> good morning. >> big budget. >> big budget. >> flopping. >> critics panning it 27% rot oen tomato awful, not the big clamor for remake of this movie we saw last year with remake of the 10 commandments terrible at the box office starting to see a little bit as well, there is no real nostalgia for it who is the audience for in movie at this point they are hoping. >> a good question. >> i mean tracking, in about hoping pull in 20 million dollars, and very lucky tracking 10 to 15 dreadful they hope untapped audience that will go to this christians 100 screenings tonight including big one in
6:54 am
saddleba bacback reverend warre church. >> 1 hundred million dollars bringing insofar 15 million, that is not a good. >> not good but on top of what we have seen all summer long box office down, hollywood is up 3% year a strong spring "deadpool" jungle book. >> we have seen 15 summer film bombs. >> yes. >> this summer, so what should we watch what do you like what with he stranger things. >> that is it that is the viewing experience of the summer, so fabulous i can't say enough about this we started last week saturday night 7:00 finished sunday 2:00 pm. >> -- a total -- homage to spielberg lucas between goonies and stvn king's it. that is all i will say experience of summer best story telling taking place,
6:55 am
here we go. >> there is a lot of you know, big old -- twists and turns in the show a lot of surprises a really imaginative show i don't think there is anything out there like it. >> check out on netflix. >> you saw that one. tomorrow national radio day. >> national. >> headed to theatre to see "ben-hur" how about fox with host elvis. >> a preview of that. >> how was it or not. >> 30 years ago i had no idea radio would turn into this digital modernize just now becoming, there are still a ton of people, tens of mltz listen to our show -- >> i grew up listening to that team, on the radio now my cousins listen the 10 million a week, 80 markets number one
6:56 am
syndicated show incredible. >> incredible to see the kind of penetration that radio still has. >> evolving dealing with platforms like capable television trying to do, different platforms social media digit that sort of thing doing really, really well. >> check outs fox business dom interview online have a great weekend. >> thank you so much, watch the full interview before we go to break take a look at etf report. dagen: shout-out to willy, in terms of radio, but energy big winner oil up 3 weeks in a row trading highest level since july 1, thanks to a surprise drop, in u.s. supplies, that brings us to the oil services etf ticker oih up 1 more than 5% stocks leading oih higher, transocean national oil well and more and more "mornings
6:57 am
with maria" when we come back. ♪
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7:00 am
took some time, and a new tone in his attack on hillary clinton as well president obama. >> i apool jooid for putting iran on path to nuclear weapons? has she apologized for iraq? or libya for syria for unleashing he isis across the world? she and barack obama unleashed isis whether you like it or don't like it, whether you want to hear it or don't, that is what happened. >> outrage over four hundred million dollars sent to iran why the administration is refusing to call it ransom, despite finally admitting the payment was contingent on release of the american prisoners. >> basic english you are saying that you wouldn't give them 400 million in crash until the prisoners were released correct? >> that is correct.
7:01 am
maria: escalating tensions in rio police indict swimmer ryan lochte for falsely reporting robbery latest two accused of are now allowed to leave brazil. outrage over devastating floods rocking louisiana at the very least 13 people have been killed because of this flooding despite the catastrophic situation, president obama says -- is remaining on the golf course in martha's vineyard. firefighters, continuing to battle the wildfire raimgdz in southern california, the latest on the struggling to contain that blaze, another day another cyberattack to report eddy bauer customers need to be concerned history continues in rio american crowned world's gravest athletic once again we take you there markets this morning indicating a lower opening for the broader averages he investors watching nasdaq composite on track for longest winning streak more than six years having said that markets pulling back from two days of gains dow jones industrial average crumpled to open down 50 points tone sent in europe cac quarante in paris worst performer down about 1% stocks lower across the board right
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:02 am
now in europe in asia overnight mixed performances rush for japan's nikkei average up overnight down 2% on the week, stories coming up joining me to break it down fixing business network dagen mcdowell destination management ceo michael with us former arkansas governor presidential candidate mike huckabee thank you for being here. dagen: great to see. maria: every day coming up fox news strategic analyst will not colonel ralph peters here former real estating economic advisory art laffer with us newt gingrich joins us are eileen collins stay with us a big show, and big hour right now, we kick it off donald trump first added hitting air in key swing states. >> hillary clinton's america stays rigged against americans syrian refugees -- illegal immigrants committed of crimes
7:03 am
get to stay collecting social security benefits skipping line our broader open more of the same but worse. >> donald trump's america, is secure. terrorists dangerous criminals kept out boards secure our families safe. change that makes america safe again, donald trump for president. maria: this coming as new poll shows a tighter race than many believe repudiate research has trump down only 4 points bring in rachel duffy national spokesman for the lieber project good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. maria: your take on this new add ad i think a good ad i think effective, i think that you know the speech last night let me tell you i wish that was the peaspeech at convention should have been speech he gave because it was very effective for somebody looking to pivot. >> i think people want to see humility. and the fact that he could
7:04 am
come out say look it was a brutal season -- i insulted people sometimes you say things you don't mean, but i regret it, it was an apology even though saying never apologize for anything probably is resonating. >> yeah, i think so it clearly has a woman's touch on there i think kellyanne conway must be a very good advisor he must be listening to her something people said he couldn't do listen, to his advisors has fingerprints all over it is that what it dagen? kellyanne conway. >> probably some cooks in there, other than kellyanne i get the sensation that is where they are going with this, where trump has got to kind of elevate himself, and then as we were talking about, you are going to have to let the tough stuff happen with surrogates. >> what an interesting day of
7:05 am
contrasts hillary clinton was blaming colin powell forestes the contrast one says it i me the other one says it has never been me it has never been my fault. let's hope it stays that way, if you are a donald trump supporter. >> this is really important, because hillary clinton did say, that colin powell told her use private e-mail the fact is not about having a private e-mail it is about having a private over very so you control who see what those with people's information. . rachel so that is number one, number two is she had said, that this started her that -- she had this dinner with colin powell at the beginning of her tenure as secretary of state. we know huma abedin told us she set up private server before she was secretary of state. >> rachel. >> i mean listen she lies about her lies that is one of the reasons she wouvent have a press conference if you are off-the-cuff speaking, and having to keep track of all lies every time in front of a camera she trips herself up
7:06 am
more and more and more we get highlights, i am sure will come out more ads from the donald trump campaign. and his -- and his -- the superpacks showing how she lies again and again we see this, the situation, i am a mom i look at this situation, with swimmers, in -- in brazil and i go, gosh we have a lying problem in our country. and i think people are tired of it. they want somebody that says i may not be politically correct but i tell the truth if she wants her campaign on track has to take a page out of what donald trump did yesterday leveling with people. >> i think a good point we have been talking a long time about donald trump having to do so-called reset or pivot whatever you might want to say. i don't know -- it seems to me and i don't -- exactly recall
7:07 am
it seems to me some point hillary said -- secretary clinton had said, that she reregretted at it private e-mail server it doesn't really sound familiar to me when i say it out allowed seems to me there has to be that recognition for sense of being genuine i think as you put it being humble i was talking off camera both my kids bernie supporters the thing they liked about bernie was he -- he felt or they felt he was a genuine person. >> honest felt he was honest. >> i think authenticity more important than any other quality in a political candidate people don't have to agree with you, they just like you to agree with yourself like for you to have some sense what comes out of your mouth is what really is there, rather than something that has been carefully programmed by a whole room full of consultants embedded into your headed. >> rachel can speak to this hillary clinton theme of her candidacy her campaign, is i am an advocate of women and
7:08 am
children, this goes back to thank you know, the 70s if you will, and the more we find out she is advocate for herself person enrich plenty. >> i think one of the most effective lines he had look i've got skin in the game i put my own money -- and i don't owe anyone anything, and on the other hand, you have another candidate by contrast complains that you know, they had no money when they came out of the white house every time they get another job, in government come out richer richer, so i think, i think that he made some really good points and i tell you, the way he spoke to he african-americans last night if he starts speaking as -- in the same way, i think he may have an opportunity here to turn some things around he may not be able to get, you know, the high marks that george
7:09 am
bush had winning 40% but he could make -- gain ground at real all-time low 20% with hispanics. >> you can't win without hispanics going to meet with leaders in new york trying to garner support from crucial voting bloc needs voting block -- latinos eligible to vote in enforce according to pew roche, he is trailing hillary clinton among registered latino voters according to latest fox news latino poll shows hillary clinton with 66% support compared to 20% support for donald trump. >> rachel how do you reconcile the comments of donald trump has made during the campaign including talking about jeb bush's wife how do you skri reconcile that doesn't some point the words don't words actually matter you might say a lot of things during the campaign but don't they resonate talking about being
7:10 am
genuine isn't that may be a reflection of a genuine sense towards latino community? >> you know, i think some of the things that he said are going to be really hard for him to back attract on, and to change people's minds on people deep hurt by some things said repeatedly played over and over again earnings per share hispanic media has a lot of work to do you are sitting next to a governor, by the way, who had been very effective speaking to minority communities about things they really care about which are communicates entrepreneurship jobs school choice governor huckabee can tell you things that resonate with african-americans and also hispanics if i was advising i would say caulk about economy jobs use the fact that you were a very successful bury
7:11 am
you interrupter highly he intrerl care about starting businesses care about regulation, taxes, talk about school choice this is something hillary really is -- has a -- a problem talking about, because she is -- shutting down charter schools vouches opportunities for hispanic families african-american families at the same time sent her own child to a very chi-chi privity school hypocrisy to talk about i would talk religious liberty hillary clinton went into ut ae wrote op-ed claiming she was a choon for religious liberty when we know that nothing could be further from the truth there has been a war on, on, christians a war on catholic church in this administration this is something that he could talk about. >> good to see you you got it rachel, governor she mentioned
7:12 am
you do you think he can do it. >> quick four things two e's two f's key to hispanic community two e's entrepreneurship and educations two f's faith and family focus on those that is a message that resonates because, these are hardworking people that want to live the american dream terrific part of our country donald trump has the ability to touch them and reach them. maria: see if he does. >> let's hope so -- >> speaking to them today up next scary pictures of a horrific accident two buses collided in new jersey we bring the details on that straight ahead, wild weather across the country from devastating flooding in ladd scorching wildfires in california the latest on the other side of the break a parents's worst nightmare medication resistant supers lice in 48 states what you need to know as back-to-school season kicks into full gear, back in a minute. ♪ ♪
7:13 am
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get set! ♪you're rolled out at the dawning of the day♪ (sfx:starter pistol shot) ♪heart racin' as you made your little get away ♪but there's always scars, when you fall back far♪ ♪we lose our way, we get back up again♪ ♪it's never too late to get back up again♪ ♪one day, you're gonna shine again,♪ ♪you may be knocked down but not out forever♪ ♪we lose our way, we get back up again♪ ♪it's never too late to get back up again♪ ♪and one day.... floodwaters in louisiana recedeing the worst national disaster hurricane sandy about has residents afraid for more maria with the latest. >> good morning. we are still tracking some showers out of portions of
7:16 am
louisiana all associated with that same frontier boundary continuing to me ander out here producing showers tapping into gulf moist moisture out there showers heavier bachelor of science of rain through on and off across the say it eep keep a close watch there going to take some time, for those floodwaters to recede across many areas, but as we head slightly farther towards north we are going to be tracking the potential for some severe weather across portions of oklahoma and also extending into iowa parts of upper midwest threat damaging winds large a hill a big whet story ongoing wildfires out west not only across california but even across portions of the rockies, and extendeding into the pacific northwest the problem out here is that we have had drought conditions, very low humidity gust wiptdz keeps that danger he will vaitsdz forecast today for that to continue in place, we have a number of red flag warnings in effect fire weather watches is from
7:17 am
southern california, all the way up, to washington state over the next few days we're not expecting any rain out here, so dry conditions, continuing even into early next week, and temperatures very hot potentially record-setting out there, in temperature to reach 95 today. maria: thank you, maria molina latest breaking news out of new jersey this morning, a terrible bus trash during height of rush hour. cheryl: that is right getting pictures, and two buses colliding in newark new jersey one drive has been killed we just looking at o shot from wnyw fox affiliate in new york one bus appears to have t-boned the other bus officials say at least seven people injured not clear at this point what caused this accident, wanted to bring breaking news story out of newark new jersey this morning, following key business headlines for you right now, a meeting of the
7:18 am
viacom board reportedly has ended last night with rose negates of chief executive. sources telling "the wall street journal" delmond would receive pay out 72 million dollars ending battle for control over redstone's 40-billion-dollar empire, just in time for back to school, a new study warning superlice spread to 48 states the majority of states have grown resistant to over the currenter medications doctors say lice are not worse than average lice survived feeding human blood i know early but this is news a what can i say, cheryl. maria: thank you, up next bombshell admission from object administration four hundred million dollars cash drop to iran release of four merge you hostages represented
7:19 am
from rio one pay up or left behind brand new videos investigators say approves proib claims were a lie back in a minute. ♪ ♪ when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include
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7:22 am
built for business. maria: welcome back state department admitting for the first time that the 400-million-dollar payment to iran, was held until hostages were released spokesman john kirby still held firm that doesn't mean it was a hostage payment. >> we returned to -- four hundred million dollars in
7:23 am
that same time period, as part evident settlement agreement concerns that iran may renege, on the prisoner release given upness delays regarding person in iran could not be located as well as to be quite honest mutual mistrust between iran and united states we, of course, sought to retain maximum leverage until after american citizens were released our top priority. >> back on august 4 president obama, stated that this was not ransom. >> this wasn't some -- uh -- nefarious deal. >> we do not pay ransom we didn't hear won't in the future. >> joining us right now fox news strategic analyst lengthen colonel ralph peters thanks for joining us. >> hi. >> the president when he speaks about this, he acts like we're just so stupid to even come up with this idea, that it is that it is ransom in fact, his spokesperson just told us straight out what is your reaction to all of this?
7:24 am
>> well, someone makes their living with words, on paper, you know, i am fascinated by word games they try to play, now john kirby saying it wasn't ransom it was leverage, ransom money is leverage plain, maria you can see you can hear and see spin doctors at white house say oh, my gosh what do we say now can you magic -- imagine worried leverage man banks use that sounds cool on the ground if wasn't rans op was leverage prepositives rows it was ransom just say it. >> tell us the implications about this, because, when most people here, this debate what those it ransom not ransom, we don't go into complications where important that it was ransom? >> well it is important because when maria bartiromo takes next vacation, in a country burma where niner angola grappled by kidnappers
7:25 am
price tag is fixed 100 million dollars per american i mean this was so tragic we are glad americans came home, but the reason you don't pay ransom is because it encourages more whos taming taking more dmend for rans oment iran has already got more americans. >> three people holding right now after they got money took three other people put them in jail. >> maria, i got to say, you are one way or the other more than 100 million. >> thank you. thank you. >> i mean you don't want to joke about something like this but when -- like that, wow this is scary stuff thank you very much. >> colonel doesn't this go to the heart of something bigger that is that united states has surrendered to iran on nuke detail surrender on this we got our hostages back we paid a bunch of money to do it we set a terrible precedent reminded world how weak we are under this president. that is what i read from all of this. >> this wasn't already money we owed, though right.
7:26 am
>> you know i don't think we owe them a doggone thing. >> didn't have to pay that. >> we owe them nothing we owe them -- >> -- never to get nuclear weapons -- >> even if world court. >> i don't give a hoot what world court says in this rr iranians consistently lied sponsored terrorism through hose l.a., through hamas they murdered americans kidnapped americans we owe them nothing but a kick in the butt, i don't think we owe them at a dime. >> diet to america after they -- >> two billion dollars sproement ruled does not go back to iran goes to victims of state-sponsored terrorism a settlement the government brokered, by the way, big arching story on this we would not know about this if not for two reporters at "the wall street journal", we would not know, and the fact that. >> iran -- >> the fact president dismissed this as ransom the question is why, why is because he doesn't want to
7:27 am
tarnish this deal with iran it is crowning achievement a disaster, a disaster yet to come. >> and obamacare his two crowning achievements last night donald trump used new language colonel to go after hillary clinton and president obama, the war on isis watch like to get reaction. >> should as she apologized for lying to the families who lost the body of ones at benghazi? has she apologized for putting iran on path to nuclear weapons has she apoll degenerativ jooid for iraq for unleashing isis across the world she and barack obama unleashed isis whether you like it or don't like it. . >> is this a shift for trump? >> colonel? >> well, i think he again is trying to dig his way out from under his claim that they
7:28 am
found isis i am a great believe in specificity of language in military orders, you must use precise language or a lot of people get killed, in this case, it is absolutely fair to say that president obama created the environment for uslamist terror to sirj for us almost aic state for isis to bloom if you would only go with that kind of specific language, we could nod heads say that is absolutely right. >> yeah. >> colonel great to have you on show thanks so much. >> twist in story of u.s. swimmers alleged robbed at gunpoint in rio now we know that wasn't true a video may crack the case wide open that is next then the cost of saving your child's life has gotten expensive outrageous hike that has parents scrambling ahead of the school year back in a moment. ♪
7:29 am
7:30 am
. .
7:31 am
maria: tgif, happy friday, everybody and good morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it's friday august 19th, top stories at 7:30 a.m. in the east coast. the clinton campaign is on the
7:32 am
attack. [inaudible] >> i think in terms of myself it was a world of hatred but not like right now. >> we have to be clear-eyed. maria: police indict swimmer ryan lochte for falsely reporting robbery. a fourth swimmer remains in the country. devastating floods rocking louisiana killing at least 13 people. president obama, though, has opt today stay on vacation, why is he staying on martha's vineyard on the golf course? the latest on the struggle to contain the blaze and hillary clinton says she was going what
7:33 am
she was told, she blames former secretary of state colin powell for her e-mail scandal. astronauts are taking massive steps to embrace flights. amazing images from one lighting storm in arizona. check that out. markets this morning are showing we are going to see a lower opening this morning. dow industrial expected to be down 50 points pull bag back -- -- pulling back from two days of gains. in europe, stocks trading lower. ftse in london down a quarter of percent. a rough week of japan. posted a weekly decline of almost 2% even though it was up a third last night. we are following the latest
7:34 am
developments of the ryan lochte drama. jack and gunner were allow today leave after speaking to police on robbery investigation. the fourth swimmer is still in brazil but reports says he will make an 11,000-dollar donation to brazilian charity as commission and then he can leave. we will tell you more about that. this is coming as new evidence shows ryan lochte lied about the robbie at gunpoint. judge, good to see you, your thoughts on this? >> if this were any other frat frat-boy case, make sure the kids got some kind of treatment or therapy and it would be dismissed. unfortunately this is now an international incident and yet there are so many layers to this maria.
7:35 am
it all starts with lochte telling his mother and the mother told the press. these guys never reported it to the police. after the mother tell it is press, they go to them and say, what happened, why didn't you report it? well, we thought we would get in trouble. darn right you're going to get in trouble. you were drunk as a skunk, the four of you u, you go in and vandalize a bathroom at a gas station and just all hell broke lose. shame on them. now, listen, if i'm the da i have a case like this i'm going to dismiss it at tend of the day. i don't know what's going to happen here. but what i can tell you that lochte will not be extradited. every legal expert, we are going to kick their butt and apologize, the usa swim asking going to punish these guys and
7:36 am
they're going to lose some endorsements and that's going to be the end of it. but let this be a lesson to these guys, you act like frat boys, you're going to get in trouble. maria: did they overreach taking the guys off the plane in anyway, do you think? >> no, it's their country, their laws. brazil has the end of criticism that it's a dangerous violent claims and we have the americans making up lies about whether or not rio was a place that you should visit so they're taking it seriously, it's about tourism. he's not ugly. [laughter] maria: he was in this situation ugly. dagen: i don't know what a friend of mine would call someone like that.
7:37 am
a flend of mine said he's a shrimp because he's good looking from the neck down so you pop the head and keep the body. [laughter] dagen: he's useless. >> the stress, discipline, they went out and got drunk. unfortunately they did it in the wrong place and they said the wrong thing. it all started unfortunately with the mother. i'm sorry. that's what i go back to. did they lie, they did but they never reported it to the police. >> simple punishment, make them swim in the green water for one hour and then let them go home. that's the end of it. dagen: these are well-known celebrity athletes and this has drawn a lot of attention but if you act like this in brazil and
7:38 am
you're a nobody you're in deep trouble. don't act like a jerk when you're visiting somebody else's country. >> there's another piece to it and you're right about that, dagen, since security guards take guns out and delete three minutes, they conveniently leave out three minutes where they point weapons at american kids and force them to hand over money. as far as i'm concerned that is something that rio should apologize to us for. you don't settle crimes at a scene of an alleged crime. maria: yeah. it's hard to get mad at rio when
7:39 am
you see what these kids did. >> if you vandalize in the united states, you handcuff and bring them before a judge and you don't put a gun to their heads which is what they did. give us the cash and we will let you go. that's what happened. >> that's a very fair point. [laughter] >> good job. maria: you have us all fired up here. major retailers hit with mall-ware why you need to keep an eye on bank accounts, which retailer next time is the target. team usa with more medals, as we take a break look at the medal count with just a few days left to the closing ceremony in rio. ♪ ♪
7:40 am
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i wodon't know where i'd be without itre so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two one, never give your medicare number to get a free offer or gift two, always check your medicare statements for errors these crooks think we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, protect it see more ways to fight fraud at
7:43 am
maria: welcome back, now it's eddy bower stores hit. cheryl: systems were targeted and attack possibly gave access to customers' debit card information. eddie bower is going to offer one-year protection, online sales not affected by the malware. many parents of children with severe allergies are upset for price. pharmaceutical has hyped the prices for $100 in 2008 to $500 and up. the current price range.
7:44 am
this is a huge jump. the prices for the product have, quote, changed over time and the value of the product provides, but it really hasn't changed, maria, the device contains a needle. basically a life-threatening reaction specially for kids but there was a recall and the company has a monopoly. anyway, i wanted to bring that to you. let's go to olympic today. eaton has title of gatest athlete. bob mathias to repeat gold medalist. love to see the flag. finally this, we always get a lot of cool pictures every year. take a look at this. a park ranger at the forest
7:45 am
national park captured this lighting burst. obviously a lot of it think it looks like the, t-rex. on the facebook page it says, what do you think it looks like, somebody said a snake, godzilla, a cougar stalking its pray. maria: remember this block buster? [laughter] maria: from the box office to the real world.
7:46 am
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maria: welcome back, one of
7:50 am
america's top chains introducing concept to millions of loyal patrons. new wood-fire grills and offering freshly butchered steaks on their menus. we visited applebees in time square which takes us through the exciting new grilling process and costs associated with running a business under the obama administration. >> this grill and more importantly this hood to allow the building department and the board of health has to suck out a lot more exhaust because we are smootherring wood underneath the grill to give it the flavor. it's about $7,500. it's over 2,000 to put this hood to exhaust all of the additional fumes that come or smoke, rather
7:51 am
that comes from the wood, so this -- this right here, maria, is about 10-$12,000 and then there's a ton of kinds of things, small ware so we have to have scales to measure the stakes, knife sharpeners. maria: this is all the cost to operate. the wood down here. it's been soaking in water and you put it there. >> to give oak-wood flavor to the steak. ribs or what have you. maria: no people realize the idea. when you're a small business owner is small but the cost of operating the business is one thing and then you have minimum wage, going up, things like obamacare.
7:52 am
>> exactly. we were building restaurants every single year from the day we started and hiring hundreds of people, we haven't built a restaurant since obamacare. two years since we haven't build a restaurant. number one, i don't call it minimum wage to starting wainl. it should be the starting point. what the government has made it minimum wage if you made 7.15 to $15, that's a 100% income. maria: what are the kinds of things you're doing to offset the costs. all this equipment that costs a lot to operate, you have 38 applebee store that is you have to fill out and this is before the minimum wage discussion. >> we are working on the model. we used to have five managers per unit on a model with 40 restaurants, 38 restaurants, go back to one manager, that's 38
7:53 am
managers. a manager in our system makes a minimum of $50,000 a year. so if i use 40 restaurants, one manager per restaurant is $2 million. unfortunately, unfortunately the first of this year the government in wisdom also said that all of our servers which is two-thirds of labor force. 5-0. minimum wage went from $5 to $7 and 50 cents. 5,000 an hour it costs us. an hour. and so what are we doing? we are looking at managers. we are looking at technology, i always say the government is technology's best friend because it pushes every industry. not just ourselves, every industry towards technology because what can you do that technology doesn't get vacation, technology doesn't take time off
7:54 am
so we are putting tablets on the tables and trying to orient our consumer to order. not a clue. not a clue. they have no concept whatsoever of -- how would they, maria? none of them ever worked. they are professional politicians. that's their job. maria: you can put tablet in some places, you can't get a computer to do what your guys are doing right here. >> we will always need the human element and thank god because we don't want to eliminate all jobs, thank god we will always need the human element. maria: you're going to cut corners as much as you can cut. >> we look at utilities, garbage pick-up. maria: do you think the minimum
7:55 am
wage is going to go up to $15? >> it's viral, it gets you elected. apple metro chairman and ceo. really interested to see the challenges he faces. new video out of miami, two american swimmers have arrived in the united states, there they are. the fourth swimmer is still in brazil, but there are reports that he will make an 11,000-dollar donation to brazilian charity and then he will be able to leave. still to come, it wasn't her fault. hillary clinton blaming former secretary of state collin powell for her e-mail scandal. outrageous details next
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
maria: welcome back, good friday morning, everybody. it is friday august 19th. top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump pivot following a shake-up, expressing remorse for some things he said in the campaign trail. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing and believe it or not, i regret it and i do regret it particularly where it may have caused personal pain.
7:59 am
too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues. maria: meanwhile outrage over the $400 million sent to iran. why the administration refuses to cause it ransom. the payment was, in fact, contingent on the release of american prisoners. police indict swimmer ryan lochte for falsely reporting robbery. two of the accused landing in the states. there they are moments ago. a fourth swimmer remains in the country. hillary clinton says she was just doing what she was told to do, why she is blaming former secretary of state colin powell for her e-mail scandal. shocking new video this morning, the scary moment after a bullet nearly hit the bus passenger in oregon. we will bring you this story. and good news from best buy customers, the mega deals the --
8:00 am
to customers. markets this morning pointing to lower opening. down about 60 points. this is low of the morning right here. dow down 16. nasdaq down 15. we are watching the nasdaq this morning as it is on track for the long e winning streak if more than six years. streak may snap today. take a look at oil prices. crude oil getting close to $50 an hour. oil now up 20% from the lows. that's called 48.12 a barrel. all stories and here to break it up dagen mcdowell and michael and former arkansas governor, former presidential candidate mike huckabee. i'm learning a lot these guys, thank you so much for joining us.
8:01 am
dagen: as always. >> i learned about shrimp from dagen. dagen: you're a preacher, i'm glad i didn't offend you. >> you were funny. maria: funny, interesting. donald trump is reaffirming his plan to overhaul american trade agreements as part of economic agenda. he said it in his speech last night. watch. >> on trade we are going renegotiate nafta to make it better and if they don't agree, we will withdraw. stand up to china on our terrible trade agreements and protect every last american job. hillary clinton has supported all of the major trade deals that have stripped this country of its jobs and its wealth. maria: joining me right now to
8:02 am
weigh in on the economic trail is former reagan economic adviser art. >> thank you, maria. maria: you and i have spoken about the tax plan and you know how i feel about the 15% plan that donald trump is talking about, it's a big deal and the markets are going to react if, in fact, they believe it. i want to talk about trade here. this is one area that's controversial. if donald trump redoes nafta, the deals with china, all the trade deals isn't that going to be a disruption than, in fact, a movement toward economic growth? >> well, it depends on how he does them, maria. if he gets all the protectionist measures, no, it could be very, very good. if he's done and withdraws and makes it more perfectionism, it will be good for the world. free trade is the answer. unfortunately japan and china and other countries have put in into those agreement that is should be removed. if that's what he's going to do,
8:03 am
it's great. if he's not, if he's going to go towards protectionism, that's a big mistake. remember, trade has nothing to do with the jobs. trade has to do with consumption and increasing the value of income. maria: trade has nothing to do with jobs? >> nothing. maria: it's okay to be poopooing on nafta? >> of course, we want to do that. if you want to use this as excuse to put protection measures, that's a killer. >> what's wrong with increasing the tax rate for individuals making more than $5 million? >> because they won't work. >> why not? >> you're going to spend 50% of your time reducing taxes, it's as simple as that. that's where the efforts go and that's where the profits go. that's not what you want these people to do. you want them to pay allow tax.
8:04 am
>> if we go to a 15% corporate tax rate, let's say they go down, great news, right. >> wonderful. >> if they go down, can't you then have people making more than a certain threshold 5 million, whatever number you happen to choose unless they are not middle class, wouldn't that be a reasonable sort of offset? >> what we know from the data is whenever we raised taxes on the highest income easterners, revenues and shares of gdp go down and the economy does poorly. that's what we know. every time we low tax rates on the top 1% income earners, top from that 1%, shares of gdp goes up and the economy does well. that's just the simple fact. maria: you're talking about 61%. you're okay with that -- 5 million. >> which part? >> 61% of your income is going to the government. 44% on a federal level and
8:05 am
another 10% state, that's 61%. >> nobody pays 61%. >> that's what i'm saying. maria: that's not true. look at hillary clinton. she has eight brackets. you're paying federal level, you will pay another 10% on state and another 7% on city and obama. i don't understand. you're saying hedge fund managers. >> if you're making $10 million and you pay 5% you will try to get tax rate, you are going to have business expenditures, you're going to invest in business and have fantastic corporate tax rate of 15%. maria: all the loopholes are going away, michael. >> i don't think the loopholes are going away. you made a comment here that's really important and i actually kind of surprised maria if i read her body language
8:06 am
correctly, the trade is not a job's killer. so this is being said on the campaign trail all of the time. so it's going to be said somewhere today on the campaign trail so tell us what you mean by that. >> it allows people to trade with goods and services, that's called the consumption gains from trade. what it also does is allow to redirect the composition of our production such that we get more efficient worldwide production. we produce some things better than foreigners and some things foreigners produce better than we do. they and we will be foolish if we didn't sell those products that make better than they do and it's a win-win situation for everyone. it's not about jobs. it's about allocating income and consumption. maria: governor. >> one of the things people
8:07 am
don't understand that we are spending $500 billion a year on tax compliance, doesn't produce a darn thing, a bunch of paperwork, isn't that why -- isn't that why it's so important to get a simplified tax code? >> exactly. john childs and i did a paper together and four years ago or so which we looked at the actual out out-of-pocket compliance costs, 82 cents from every dollar you pay, that's an enormous wedge driven from the taxpayer pays and what the government actually receives and doesn't account for all of the insufficiencies like changing portfolio. dagen: donald trump's tax code is simpler. >> could be. dagen: let's just clean it up
8:08 am
altogether. >> 13% across the board from the first dollar to the last dollar in both personal and in business taxes. you can match all federal revenues of full employment with 12% and this economy will go through -- no other taxes, no debt taxes, capital gain tax, no personal income, no payroll income taxes, no medicare, medicaid, no tariffs, all of that stuff gone with two-flat rates with taxes and this economy will be selling cars in central china. maria: that's not what we are talking about. this is the only deduction? dagen: keep mortgage interest reduction and keeps them -- so some -- >> i believe so. we should have the least amount of deductions possible including child care and all of the other deductions. you get to lower the rate where
8:09 am
it comes to creating jobs and employment. maria: 15% corporate tax rate, isn't this one of the areas that you really don't see a lot of renew going to treasury, right, because that's where you see businesses actually taking advantage and trying to get the best -- not take advantage but capitalizing on what they can and getting the best -- the business tax is the lowest amount of revenue going to treasury. >> we have the highest corporate tax in the world, for sure, we have the fourth lowest revenues out of 32 countries. maria: exactly. >> there's a curve that shows that relationship and it's just silly. germany is the same way. they have low revenues and high taxes. if we lower tax rate to 15%, revenues will increase dramatically from the corporate tax. maria: the question keeps coming up, how do you pay for it? how do you pay for it, art? how are you going to pay for cutting taxes to everybody? >> the pay he's going to pay for it honestly is bring so many jobs back and so much investment
8:10 am
back to the u.s. that they'll be so much economic activity, less lawyers, less accountants that will have much larger revenues as a result of lower corporate tax rate, period. >> don't you think it's lost in a lot of people that the reason that this is powerful is that if you create a job it's not only that people who have a job spend money but they also aren't on the government -- >> exactly. >> they're not having to put in that. it's a double-double whammy. >> all the lawyer costs, all the 32 cents. maria: putting aside the fairness that 61% is not fair, i'm just wondering what this is going to mean for job creation. let's put the fairness to a side for a moment, if you see small businesses coming under that 61% tax rate, what is that going to do in terms of job creation and economic growth?
8:11 am
>> it's going to kill it. maria: yeah. >> we tax people who smoke to get them to stop smoking. we tax speeders in order to get them to stop speeding. why would you want to raise taxes on income who eastern income or why would you want to raise taxes on businesses that make wonderful products at low cost and have lots of profits. this doesn't make any sense, maria. maria: business leaders tell us all of the time. we spoke with, he's going to be on wall street this weekend. >> for the last couple of years when you had gridlock we are struggling get the 2% gross, if you put it in contrast with the rest of the world, that's pretty good. if we had a little less handcuffs on us, we could see the economy growing 4% and that's without any great change
8:12 am
in fiscal policies. maria: michael it's not just the tax system but the regulatory issues when it comes to economic plans that we were looking at. >> i'm a small business owner, i'm crossing over the 50 employee threshold. maria: get ready for obama. >> provide medical care, always have, dental, vision, hsa, the whole thing, but -- but for small businesses it's really problematic. the regulation is really a huge, huge deal. and i'm from california, you think it's bad in the united states, you should come to california. it's a whole other country. maria: what regulation needs to be reversed? >> you're talking to me, maria? maria: yes. >> obamacare. i was talking with george yesterday and his idea of health
8:13 am
savings account replacing obamacare makes all the sense in the world to use free market solutions. what we are going -- doing now is reduction in taxes. maria: is obamacare -- dagen: a train that has left the station, art. i don't know how you throw it in reverse at this point because the train keeps rolling. it's just going to be more and more tweaks out of washington trying to somehow fix it like raising how much the penalty on people who don't buy insurance or trying to crack down on them. i don't see -- i just see it's a train head to go single payer. >> 76 and having been in the the game for a long time trains have been stopped an put back in stations. they really can. this obamacare is a serious
8:14 am
problem that will cause a lot of damage the u.s. economy over a lot of years if we don't stop it. maria: we are looking at 1 and a half 2% growth in this economy, we will see how much more and what happens next. always a great pleasure. >> thank you very much, maria. maria more check out the shocking moment, a bullet inches away from a teenager's face. astronauts taking a walk in space this morning. we are watching that live at the international space station and we are bringing it to you, back in a minute.
8:15 am
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maria: welcome back, the damage from flooding in louisiana continues. cheryl: the catastrophic is the worst natural disaster to strike the united states since hurricane sandy four years ago. thousands of people have lost everything that they own and need immediate help. the flooding is expect today cost at least $30 million so far 14,000 residents and 13,000 pets have been rescued. that fire has burned 56 square miles and 30% contained. 82,000 people were evacuated for this. a new fire broke out in santa barbara county. two campgrounds were evacuated. >> we are going to leave as soon
8:18 am
as possible, we are throwing all the stuff in the rv not packing up the tent just bringing it down stuffing it in the car and hit the road. cheryl: in some areas firefighters are dealing with fire tornadoes. they can be up to 500 feet in diameter. california in the middle of a five-year drought. a bullet flying right in front of a teenager's face. she's trying to get off a bus. it happened in public bus in oregon. she's about she's about to stand the bullet goes through the window. the bullet was shot from two blocks away. and finally best beau celebrating its 50th anniversary by hosting a special sales event called 50 deals for 50 hours begin at 11:00 p.m. eastern time last night. huge discounts being offered on
8:19 am
several products. some of them being a one dollar iphone and $400 on samsung televisions. if you need 65-inch tv, hop on that. maria: of course i do. thank you, cheryl. two american swimmers who made up a story with ryan lochte arriving moments ago. the drama out of rio coming up. you will not believe how much the stock has soared since the ipo back in a minute
8:20 am
across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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8:23 am
xfinity. the future of awesome. maria: police are recommend to go indict u.s. swimmers ryan lochte and james, authorities say they falsely report being robbed after they vandalized the gas station where they were at. jared: criminal justice, we always ask, did the punishment fit the crime? james was released after he paid 35,000 reals. nearly 11 grand. it's not payment for a fine but rather a donation. under brazilian law a donation can be made to avoid criminal prosecution for minor offenses.
8:24 am
he's free to return to the united states which is exactly where fellow swimmers where they are this morning. both bence landed in american soil. a news conference yesterday afternoon brazilian police say this ryan and three other men had not been held at gunpoint, despite images from surveillance video that may suggest the four men did have the sight of a weapon pointed in their direction. now the police said the man vandalized the bathroom at the gas station and they were questioned by armed guards before they paid for the damage and left. again, jimmy payment of nearly $11,000 was a donation. we don't know what he avoided being charged with. we also don't know what this means for ryan lochte who avoided being questioned. the ugly american, liar, liar,
8:25 am
speedo on fire. could ryan lochte's endorsement go up in flames. speedo is a sponsor of ryan, speedo is following the situation and has a policy not to comment on ongoing legal investigations. we suggest you contact his team for additional information. and you know speedo is not the only one that endorses ryan, he was always endorsed by air weeve as well as polo ralph lauren. the ugly american, this is today, the ugly american. this was monday's new york post. lochte unloaded, oo impic swimmer ryan robbed at gunpoint. a lot of the americans, i think, are booing this guy because he made us look bad. maria: earlier dagen and apologized to brazil basically
8:26 am
saying, okay, we fell for it, we did. it wasn't true and so, you know, liar, liar, speedo on fire. dagen: i thought i was under the assumption -- he has a history of being a duffus, urinating in public. maria: the tv show. dagen: i thought that he had been robbed in some way. i didn't think -- >> we still don't know. they are down there and they are drunk. they say that they are drunk. we all have been around drunk guys around that age. if someone points gun at you and says, give me money, you can make the case that's robbed. dagen: they did pull a gun to constrain and restrain the athletes because lochte was angry but a gun was involved.
8:27 am
>> his excuse is skimpier than his speedo. the fact that he did wrong, he needs to fess up, it's an embarrassment to the u.s. after a wonderful performance for all the u.s. teams with a record-breaking gold medal count. it's a sad way for us -- >> 100 medals now. >> we don't need a pivot, we need him to say sorry and move on. maria: humility, guys. >> would you go to rio today after everything we have seen and if your kid came home and said, hey, mom and dad we are thinking about going to rio for the spring break, what do you say? >> don't stop in a gas station to go to the bedroom and don't break mirrors and sandwich signs and behave yourself, nothing good happens after midnight. dagen: our medal count just topped 100, by the way. a shout-out to simone biles.
8:28 am
>> that's the bigger story. dagen: they didn't want to let black people swim in them. all the incredible women. this is a story of the ladies, i think, the american ladies coming out of rio. maria: they are super stars, the headlines have hijacked. >> exactly. maria: the twists and turns to in the race to the white house. one giant leap for the future of space travel. we are watching the space walk this morning that's paving the way. stay with us
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪music ♪you fill up my senses ♪like a night in a forest ♪like the mountains in springtime♪ ♪like a sleepy blue ocean ♪you fill up my senses ♪come fill me again ♪come let me love you
8:31 am
♪let me always be with you ♪come let me love you ♪come love me again >> welcome back to friday morning, i'm maria bartiromo. it's friday, august 19th. your top stories right now, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. thanks for joining us. things are heating up. donald trump admits he regrets some things he said on the campaign trail. the republican nominee doubled down on his threat against terrorists. >> i have a message for the terrorists trying to kill our citizens. we will find you. we will destroy you, and we
8:32 am
will absolutely win and we will win soon. maria: outrage over the $400 million in cash sent to iran. why the administration is finally admitting the payment was contingent on the release of american prisoners. back on august 4th, president obama certainly denied the payments were ransom. >> this wasn't some nefarious deal. we do not pay ransom, we didn't here and we won't in the future. maria: the president also underfire this morning over his response to the devastating floods in louisiana. why he has remained on vacation in martha's vineyard despite at least 13 people being killed by that devastation. hillary clinton says she was just doing what she was told. why she blames secretary of state colin powell for her e-mail scandal. happy and university, google ipo. the search giant's amount at 85
8:33 am
a share. why astronauts are embracing space flight. a lower opening for the dow jones industrial average after two days of gain and the nasdaq composite. crude is closer to $50 a barrel and brent is near 51. oil is up 20% since the lows. the latest from the campaign trail, the moment many have been waiting for the donald trump shifting his tone in north carolina, possibly marking a new phase for his campaign. watch. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that and i do regret it, particularly where
8:34 am
it may have caused personal pain. too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues. maria: is it too little too late or will the latest pivot bring donald trump new supporters. house speaker and fox contributor, newt gingrich. mr. speaker, good to see you. is it a pivot for donald trump. is it your advice? >> i don't know about that, but he's been pivoting all week. if you look the a the tone of his terrorism speech, and inner city law and order speech on tuesday, the speech wednesday, the speech thursday, his tone all week has been reassuring, it's been calmer, it's working off of teleprompters. and i think that this is a very smart guy and he clearly was doing some things that weren't working. he took a deep breath and i think we're now seeing sort of
8:35 am
a new plateau of how trump operates. est of hink that he'll probably the campaign. and frankly, bringing in kelly anne conway and steve ban nonare huge assets in moving to this kind of campaign. so i feel pretty good where he's at right now. maria: we know that later today he'll be speaking with the hispanic community in new york. what does he need to say to some of the groups, the hispanic community, black community, women, important that he needs their vote. what you r speaking from his speech to the hispanic community? >> in one sense, in every case the message has to be the same, which is i care about you, i understand your lives, i know what you're worried about, i want to be helpful to you. people need to know that you care before they care that you know. that's part of it. in the case of the african-american community, his speech in milwaukee was historic.
8:36 am
it's the first republican in modern times going straight at liberal bureaucracies and liberal unions have ruined lives for millions of poor people and trapped them in places of tremendous danger and i think trump continues that, he's going to get a surprising share of the african-american vote by election day. i think with the latino community he has to emphasize, one, if you're here legally i'm totally for you, you have every right to be here, i hire legal immigrants, i'm married to a legal immigrant, my mother was a legal immigrant. i'm for immigrants here legally. i'm for your having a better job and your child an education and more take home pay and you being safe. those are powerful and once they accept that he's not anti-hispanic, he is an anti-illegality. and some will give him a second look. maria: dagen. dagen: newt, it's dagen. >> how are you.
8:37 am
dagen: what is he going to do winning the critical republican vote? he needs to get to 90% or more of the republican vote. >> that will happen. dagen: tell me why then? and focusing on, to, that path to victory would be through the rust belt, michigan, wisconsin, ohio and pennsylvania, focusing on securing and even building that vote. >> well, remember, first of all, that the tone he set this week, i've got a close friend, very, very smart former congressman write me and say he had listened to the north carolina speech in the car and that frankly, it was the first time donald trump really resonated with him. i think as people realize that trump is getting more disciplined, more focused, more issue oriented, a lot of republicans are going to come home very rapidly. second, remember, you talk about the rust belt, but remember, the second largest somali american population in the united states is in columbus, ohio. there's a very substantial african-american community in
8:38 am
cincinnati and latinos across the state of ohio. if you're competitive in the rust belt it's more than organizing white males, it's bringing together a larger coalition, and the general election donald trump who understands has one of the greatest marketers of our generation, he has to reach out to millions of americans who would not normally be republican and he's not asking them to be republican. he's asking them to be trump americans and his first most powerful pitch frankly is in the black community where the problems are so enormous, obama has failed so miserably and people are physically threatened. you realize in chicago about 3500 americans have been killed since barack obama became president. more than died in iraq and in afghanistan combined. maria: wow. >> that's a community who needs to leader with the guts to say let's do things differently and i think he'll get a surprisingly large share of the black vote by election. >> mr. speaker, donald trump proved he could get a lot of
8:39 am
folks that republicans don't typically and people coming over voting republican for the first time. how does he go back and get back some of the never-trump republicans. they make me mad. i can't believe anyone who says they're republican would think it's okay to help hillary clinton be president. how do we get those folks back, including the ones who personally signed an agreement when they ran for president and said that they would support the nominee. >> like you did. >> like i did? >> well, governor, i have to call you mike, to heck with this stuff. we're such good friends. listen, you know that there are two different things going on here. one is, i think, legitimate. if you're bill crystal and you've been for every losing war that we've fought and losing more would be good you ought to be for hillary clinton and donald trump is not your candidate. i don't object to that, these are people with honest ideological differences because
8:40 am
they see the world differently. but folks out here looking for a perfection test, it's donald trump or perfection, particularly if they're house and senate members, you don't wonder if they need their heads examined for this reason. if hillary clinton wins, they've got four more years of being the opposition party, four more years of executive orders, four more years of a president who constantly outmaneuvers them. with trump they'll get 60, 70, 80% of what they want in a problem solving way. no republican in the house and senate should be confused about the future. a future with hillary clinton is not only unacceptable to guys like you and me because she's so radical and corrupt and so dishonest, but also, it ought to be unacceptable to them because it puts them in permanent opposition and they get four more frustrating years. maria: do you think he's going to be able to roll back the iran deal? here we are all morning talking about the fact that now the obama administration is admitting, yes, the $400 million was contingent on the american hostages coming home.
8:41 am
>> the fact is the president lied because the president lies a lot. this president's spokesperson lies and secretary of state lies, and explains why hillary clinton lies so much, and. >> i want to point out quickly something you pointed out, maria, remaining 1.3 billion has been paid to iran. it was paid. and they confirmed that they had paid it, but they won't say how. maria: newt, the question is-- >> remember, remember there's still another $150 billion. maria: do people understand when the next tranche is due to iran. >> no. maria: because congress was surprised with the $400 million. nobody knew that this cash was going there when it was going there. >> this is-- the obama-clinton model of the world spends your money propping up our enemies while undermining our allies, it's the weirdest foreign policy in
8:42 am
american history and we just saw, again, they cannot sustain it honestly in public so they have to lie about it over and over and over. maria: newt, good to see you. >> good to be with you. maria: newt gingrich there. donald trump is headed to louisiana and one notable person is absent. and stuart varney has that. and what is in the retailers future. back in a moment.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> welcome back. we're 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a friday. we're expecting a lower opening for the broader averages. take a look, the dow jones industrials expected to open down. and the gap, the company's reported in line. they're struggling with the planned turn around and gap lowering the earnings guidance for the rest of the year.
8:46 am
we're watching alphabet, the parent company of google. the 12th anniversary of google's ipo. at the offering, 1.66 billion dollars. they went public at $85 a share. the stock has jumped 1500% since that debut and had a stock split. if you bought in on that ipo you're a happy person today. what a happy person. do you own google? >> we do, we're happy. dagen: remember the talk going public, it's going to be a disaster. >> these are the companies that do really, really well or they blow up. this did well. maria: and a couple of spaces within the space have done well, facebook. >> it's done pretty well. maria: devastating floods in louisiana marking the biggest national disaster since sandy. where is president obama? he's on the golf course. stuart is with us.
8:47 am
and headed to louisiana, donald trump is going while the president is on vacation. not good optics. stuart: donald trump is on the way to louisiana and speak to the families of those people flooded out. no cameras, by the way. when is the last time a politician walked away from a photo op like that? meanwhile, president obama, he's not going down there. despite the editor of the-- of a newspaper in baton rouge saying come on down, mr. president, we're hurting down here. he's not going, he's still golfing. and hillary clinton, i've been told that she is resting today and resting tomorrow. now, i think this is turnaround week in the trump campaign and what's going on in louisiana typifies this whole turn around. what say you? don: well, i think that that speech last night certainly looked like he is beginning to-- i mean, people want to see that humility, stuart, do you think it resonated? >> yes, i do. i talked to people most of them are conservative and most are trump supporters and the speech last night is exactly what they wanted to see.
8:48 am
on message, on point, no outrageous comments. a slightly different tone and an apology. we're hearing today that maybe mr. trump will reach out to the khan family, the goldstar family, maybe he'll reach out to them. this is a very different trump. and i notice, maria, that the hillary's lead in the three-most recent polls is narrowing quite sharply so. i think this is turnaround week. maria: it's turnaround week and it's been a tough couple weeks for trump, we'll see how it plays out. we'll see you in 12 minutes. stuart: you got it. maria: "varney & company" follows mornings with maria in ten minutes. these astronauts are putting us one step closer to vacation in space. how this could change the future of space travel. back in a moment.
8:49 am
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♪ this is ground control to major tom ♪ ♪ >> welcome back, you're looking at pictures of a space walk happening outside the international space station moments ago. astronaut rubens and williams are installing a docking adapter that will allow bowing and spacex for a crew to the station. ilene collins, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for asking me to be here. maria: you were the first woman ever to command a space shuttle mission. what do you think today means for the future of space travel? >> i'm excited about today. this docking adapter is going to allow us to go from the
8:53 am
shuttle era to commercial crew era. it's similar to where the space shuttle was, we'll come up in smaller spacecraft and nasa will launch from the united states and we won't have to go to russia to get our astronauts to the space station, but this'll be launching out of florida on spacex's spacecraft and boeing spacecraft. we think a year and a half to two years. we don't have the exact dates, but it will be a huge step from our space program, going from everything operated from nasa to now operating with the commercial space industry. so it's a big deal. maria: we've got one of your biggest fans here in the studio, governor mike huckabee. >> colonel, i've met a lot of politicians, come a dime a dozen. astronauts are a rare breed and a special hero. i'm delighted we're not going to be hiking on russian space ships. tell me, how do we get americans to understand one of
8:54 am
the best returns on investments the united states government ever made was our space program and all the things that came from that were incredibly valuable? are we ever going to be able to go back to where we have not just private sector space exploration, but a serious endeavor on the part of the united states government? >> well, i think you hit the strategic part of space flight there. there are so many things to gain, measurable, technology, for example, but things that are not that measurable, more strategic, like inspiring young people to choose careers in math, science and engineers. space flight, that's like "star wars," we want to go to space, explore, and go to places we haven't been before. we want to be innovative and create and these are things that get us excited and motivated and go to space and do these things. i believe that the united states is the leader in the world in space because we are really an innovative culture and we want to keep it that way.
8:55 am
so, you know, i go out and i talk to schools and i talk to all kinds of groups of people, children as well as adults and they're all excited about space and learn more about the things that we're doing. you can actually look at the research that we're doing on the space station, on the human body. so we're learning a lot more about us as humans, we're also learning about planet earth as we look back and we study the earth and space and we look out to the universe. >> this is really interesting, what you're raising here. and governor, you make a great point, what the benefits have been of space travel because people don't really understand, they don't connect the dots on that. so, ilene, talk to us about that. what do you think are the most important take aways from space travel is this what did we-- what are the most important things that we've learned over these years? >> the most important thing i believe, again, is strategic. it's exploration. countries that lead in the world are countries that explore. and if you look at the history of the world, countries that explore are the leaders, they're the innovators,
8:56 am
discoverers. the first is intangible, but when you get to the things that can be measured, we like to study the human body in space, the number one mission of the space station is to learn what happens to the human body in space over long periods of time. so, we have seen what happened to astronauts are similar to osteoporosis. we lose strengths in our bones for being in space a long period of time. we lose the strength in our cardiovascular system. we notice a change in the shape of the eyeball. there's many other things that happen to astronauts. there's a long duration study of astronaut health. so, i think we're learning about ourselves as humans, as kind of a-- maybe one of the benefits of being explorers, and we're developing vaccine on the space station, growing protein crystals use today develop better medicines. the space station, you don't hear a lot about this, but the
8:57 am
space station is like a closed loop life support system. all the water is recycled and air is recycled. so we learn about how to do these type of life support systems and the technology can be used back here on earth. the space shuttle had fuel cells and now there's talk of fuel cell powered cars so these are some of the technology things that we're learning from space and we make mistakes sometimes because we're doing things that haven't been done before. maria: great stuff. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. maria: congratulations to you. we'll be right back. marie, you have prediabetes.
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>> it's been a great show. dagen mcdowell, mike huckabee, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. dagen: sunday morning futures fox news. maria: "varney & company" begins next, stuart, take it away. stuart: we've got it. thank you maria and all. we were not expecting this, an apology from donald trump, humility from donald trump. what was he thinking? good morning, everyone, he was thinking, new look, new style, new beginning. last night he said, sometimes you say the wrong thing, i've done that and i regret it. that speech was his best yet. and today he goes to where the president will not to louisiana and disasterous floods and begins a tv ad campaign in new states.


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