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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 19, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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and now a special treat for you because trish regan is in for lo lou dobbs. >> good evening, everybody, i am trish regan in for lou dobbs tonight. donald trump runs his first television ads of the general election. the campaign hopes the ads will reinvigorate his fight against hillary clinton and lift trump's poll numbers. the message in the first ad is the cornerstone of his campaign. watch. >> change that makes america safe again. donald trump for president. >> i'm donald trump, and i approve thissage. >> also, there's another campaign reboot for trump. two key members of his inner circle including paul manafort are out. trump today acted more presidential than the president himself who apparently would rather be
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golfing. trump and his running mate helped in louisiana. trump has shamed president obama into going obama. obama is now going next tuesday. and at least the folks from louisiana got a phone call as a result from hillary clinton as well. here is trump a short time ago in michigan. >> i just got back from a tour of the suffering and devastation in louisiana. but the spirit of the people is incredible. and honestly obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. [cheers and applause] trish: guy benson are going to be joining me here tonight. we are going to exam the trump campaign changes and why hillary clinton has taken so much time off. also tonight, russia fires cruise missiles from the mediterranean sea striking targets in syria. it's a show of force by russian president vladimir putin and a dramatic
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escalation of the fighting in the region. general jack keane is going to be here to assess putin's attentions and what they mean for american forces also fighting in the area. our top story tonight, the trump's campaign latest shake up and a more focused message from the republican nominee. donald trump's first order of business today was to visit the flood damage in louisiana telling one homeowner we are going to rebuild. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron has our report. >> another intense day on the campaign trail for donald trump. his campaign chairman resigns as he scrambles his schedule to head to louisiana to take a look at the flood devastation. >> give me a good, strong guy here. >> trump has pushed a hispanic roundtable until tomorrow to go over louisiana's devastation to thank volunteers. >> they need a lot of help. nobody understands how bad it is. i'm just here to help. >> he visited several
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communities hit by what some call the worst natural disaster since super storm sandy and upstaged president obama who has been on martha's vineyard. >> you're not playing golf in martha's vineyard. >> somebody is that shouldn't be. >> trump in north carolina announced the trip last night. >> when one state hurts, we all hurt. and we must all work together to lift each other up. >> but in new york, he let go campaign chairman paul manafort after several days of democratic criticism and onslaught of media reports about manafort's past dealings with a pro russian political party in ukraine and crime figures. eric trump suggested on monday morning features with maria bartiromo. >> my father didn't want to have the distraction looming over the campaign. >> trump has maintained for years he does not apology and is not politically correct but last night in north carolina for a rhetorical pivot.
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>> sometimes in the heat felt debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words, or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. and i do regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> while he did not apologize to any specific group of person, they were in part aimed to the family whose son was killed in iraq and trump insulted after the convention. >> i certainly hope that america heard him last night because of all the people, david, who have been saying, hey, let's get trump to pivot. let's get him to be more presidential, that is presidential. >> conway and the trump camp's new chief executive were brought in this week, a move signal that was time for manafort to go. a rapid revamp of his team and rhetoric this week using teleprompters and sticking to a script has included repeals
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to african-american voters to turn away from liberals who says have betrayed them. >> they have been playing with you for 60, 70, 80 years, many, many decades. you have nothing to lose. i will do a great job. >> trump's first ad of the general election is now on the air, contrasting himself to hillary clinton. >> the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flood in. illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay. our open border it's more of the worse. donald trump's america is secure. the border secure, our families safe. >> trump wrapped the day with a rally in michigan where he praise the spirit of the people of louisiana and said president obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. he plans to visit on tuesday. trish. trish: all right. thank you so much, carl cameron. the flooding in louisiana causing a housing crisis for thousands of families. at least 40,000 homes are badly damaged or destroyed. officials right now saying
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most people are staying with their family and friends while others have returned to their homes to repair them as the floodwaters recede. fox news casey is in baton rouge with our report. >> the rain started falling here in louisiana one week ago today. but little did anyone know what was to follow. seven days later and nearly 4,000 people remain in shelters tonight. some 90,000 have signed up for federal disaster assistance and 13 have lost their lives. tonight officials with the louisiana state fire marshals office tells us there are still people unaccounted for. they won't give us a number, but that agency says it's working alongside special canine units with louisiana's task force one to conduct secondary sweeps of the flood ravaged neighborhoods looking for any additional people who could not escape in time.
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>> house by house, block by block, going in and out of each house where neighbors were unsure if they had heard from others. so i wouldn't say it was difficult. it's worth it. >> the federal emergency management agency or fema says it has 1,100 personnel on the ground working to establish temporary housing and walk victims through the process of starting over. more than 17,000 national flood insurance policy holders have filed claims, and they are the minority because state leaders say nearly 90% of those affected do not have that type of coverage. louisiana's governor asking for folks to remain patient, saying that the road to recovery is going to be a long and difficult one. that's the latest from the ground in louisiana, trish, back to you. trish: all right. thank you, casey steagall. turning back to the race of the white house. new problems for hillary clinton on her e-mail
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scandal. after another secretary of state denied the story, she reportedly told the fbi. clinton today in an effort to distract from her latest controversy attempting to keep the pressure on trump. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin has our report. >> leaks about hillary clinton's fbi interview in which she apparently told investigators that former secretary of state powell told her during a party to use a private e-mail account at the state department, spokesman forced palpal to respond today. quote powell has no recollection of the dinner conversation. he did write former secretary clinton an e-mail memo describing his use of his personal aol e-mail account for unclassified messages and how it vastly improved communications within the state department. powell went on to say at the time, there was not an unclassified e-mail system in the state department. there was by the time clinton was secretary of state.
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a day earlier, the clinton foundation, which the justice department has declined to investigate for so-called pay to play arrangements announced if secretary clinton is elected president, bill clinton will step down from the foundation and no longer give paid speeches. the foundation will also stop accepting donations from foreign governments and corporations. in an effort not to be distracted by e-mail and foundation questions, the clinton campaign pressed forward today, criticizing donald trump for his expression of regret for insulting people. >> you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. >> moments later in the same speech, trump added. >> hillary clinton has proven to be one of the greatest liars of all time. >> the clinton campaign response quote donald trump literally started his campaign by insulting people. he has continued to do so through each of the 428 days
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from then until now without shame or regret. the campaign provided a few examples. >> he's a war hero. >> he's a with a hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> his wife if you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say she probably -- maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. you tell me. >> trump has not apologized to senator john mccain, nor the cons. >> no, i don't regret anything. >> in an unsuspected move, lawyers for judicial watch can question hillary clinton under oath about her private e-mail server. and that clinton must answer written questions from the group in the coming weeks. the judge overseeing the freedom of information act lawsuit gave the group until october 14th to give her questions. but i've just spoken to judicial watch, and they expect to submit their request he's in the coming days. she then has 30 days to answer them, meaning clinton will have to submit her answers before the election. but judicial watch will not be
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able to ask any follow-up questions. trish? trish: thank you so much, jennifer griffin. we are coming right back with much more. stay with us. >> donald trump sharpening his campaign message with a new tv ad blitz and more scripted messages, reminding voters why hillary clinton should never be president. >> she never tells the truth. one lie after another and getting worse with each passing day. >> tammy bruce and guy benson are here next on trump's latest reboot and why hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail. and these kayakers are about to witness a surprise spectacle, thanks to some friendly sea creatures. we have remarkable video plus
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. trish: donald trump's new campaign manager kellyanne conway today taking aim at hillary clinton challenging the democratic nominee on policy. watch. >> hillary clinton routinely including just yesterday insults donald trump every time she's asked a question about a policy division of her own, she takes an opportunity to insult donald trump. she's going to insult donald
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trump, we're going to talk directly to the voters. and i hope -- i is absolutely hope that this campaign pivots to substance because we want to challenge her on issues. trish: joining me right now town political editor guy benson and washington times columnist and radio host tammy bruce. both fox news contributors. good to see you guys. >> hi. trish: you know, kellyanne has a really good point. because when you look at the policy side of the equation -- i don't think hillary clinton really has a whole lot there both on the economic front and on the national security front. she keeps trying to say trump's got nothing, and i'm, like, but what do you have? is this going to be a game changer if he goes back to his roots and just focuses on policy, tammy? >> i think so and this is the reason she keeps going back to him is because she knows she can't win in that regard. she has to make people realize that had can only vote for her because she's trying to make him unpalatable; right? trish: uh-huh. >> she'll fail and that's her problem. it's a problem for her because
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even if she had to shift, she won't be able to do it. so you're seeing this as that's their main plan i think that they're oversubmitting her, undersubmitting him. and the shift that you've seen him make, isn't because somebody told him he needed to do it. i think there's a realization that earlier does want this and that he's going to do it his way and yet he also brought people around him who knows things that he doesn't. that's how he operates the business. you can't operate a business like that unless you've got a variety of talent around you. and we're going to see the benefits of that. it's already manifesting, the numbers are going to change dramatically. and you're going to see in the hillary clinton campaign a little bit more of a panic because they're going to realize that their plan isn't going to work. trish: well, so many people were saying the minute she saw steve's name there. oh, well, this is just going to mean trump's going back to his extraordinarily aggressive comments, et cetera, et cetera. and i thought i don't think so. i think steve is smarter than that, i think donald trump is smarter than that.
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and what they've figured out is that they don't need to go off the cuff so much. he can stick to a teleprompter to communicate his message over and over and over again with some consistency because let's face it, the media is out to get him. >> well, the media is out to get any republican nominee always. so that comes with the territory. you have to be ready for it. now, the names you just mention were bannon, trump, i think it's very important to mention kellyanne conway. she has impressed me immensely and my theory of how this has gone on. she's a pollster. she's spent decades studying the american people, and i think she may have sat down with donald trump and said, sir, i'm a professional, i do this for a living, i'm an expert. you are losing right now. you have to change, and here are my recommendations. please listen. there may be other people out there reinforcing that message as well. and what i saw in north carolina was such a departure from previous trumps, can he stick with it? that's an open question.
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but that was his best speech of the campaign so far. >> i think he can. interestingly months ago he said he viewed the beginning of the campaign in late august or early september. and everyone said are you crazy? it's too late. and almost right on the mark when you talk about the attitude about when this matters, he delivers in this regard. now, people who know him personally are not surprised man that evebody said i'm shocked at is north carolina. man describe all the time. the reason it works so well is because it was his natural state. but conveying ideas that he normally doesn't convey in business -- and this is where it has taken a year. he understood the landscape. earlier wants it. he knows he can do it as well. and i think that's encouraging him. it's inspiring him and the people that are around. trish: let me ask you, guy, when he said, look, i regret some of the comments i made. i really do regret them. how significant -- i mean i saw that, and i immediately said wow. i mean that's --
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>> believe me, believe me. it's -- yeah, it was. i think a lot of people were waiting and expecting something like that. some sort of contrition. there have been so many controversies and flare-ups that have been massive distractions that frankly have benefited hillary clinton along the way. if he can say i've done some wrong things, i think some specific apologies might be coming. kellyanne conway has suggested that they might. but then the next line in the speech was "i was wrong." but there's too much at stake to fixate too much on it. so he can sort of apologize -- trish: good points to make. it's, like, okay. well, let's put that behind us. let's move forward. >> flash of humility, which was good. >> let me suggest at the same time. this has been such a boone for him, of people seeing a different side without his approach in the beginning that the ability to make the shift and show that other dynamic wouldn't have been needed, and
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we wouldn't have had such a powerful impact on the american voter so late in the season. 80 days in and suddenly you're seeing we know the trump from early onnd n suddenly now there's a man wh in fact, you can trust when the hard decisions have to be made. it's brilliant. it's going to work. and he's going to win. >> he's built himself a 63% unapproval generating. trish: he says he can do it. we're watching. thank you very much. >> thank you. trish: breaking news right now there's now a travel warning for miami beach after five new cases of the zika virus were found. the new zone of active zika transmission by mosquitoes covers 1.5 square miles, florida 25 billion-dollar a year tourism industry. the c.d.c. is now advising pregnant women to avoid the area. former governor rick scott said officials are ramping up
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efforts to kill the mosquitoes. >> the county has already begun an aggressive mosquito ireradication plan that includes additional spraying in miami beach. i've also directed the department health to contract with private companies to assist the county in this effort. we will continue to work with the county's mosquito control district and the department of agricultural and consumer services to ensure we are utilizing all resources for mosquito. trish: nationally there are more than 2,000 confirmed zika cases. the miami area is so far the only region in the continental u.s. where zika is being transmitted by mosquitoes. all right. roll the video. a group of kayakers off the coast of british columbia treated to an amazing show. the sights here were up close with three humpback whales. isn't that incredible? it's just incredible. two adults and a calf. the kayakers said they thought the show was over after all
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three whales breached. and then this happened. >> oh. please tell me you got that, julie. >> oh. trish: wow. >> they don't have to deal with the politics of the united states of america. trish: that's pretty incredible. >> wow. trish: one of the kayakers said seeing the biggest mammal on the planet jumping all around you, you can't top that. good stuff. all right. coming up next, everyone, the obama administration today defending its 400 million-dollar ransom payment to iran. >> we took advantage of the timing to converge these all within a 24-hour period, and we used -- and i make no apologies for the fact that at the end game in the very final hours, we use the leverage of having that money. trish: the obama administration now putting americans at greater risk. we'll discuss that and a whole
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lot more with retired four star general jack keane. he's here. next
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trish: the pentagon today downplaying the bill that the forces, u.s. officials say they're not characterizing recent troop movements assist massive, adding that the build up has occurred over periods of time. but ukrainian officials warn that some 40,000 russian troops are stationed along the border. president vladimir putin also raising concerns with a troop of crimea today. his fifth visit since the pinellas was annexed two years ago. joining me right now general jack keane, a retired four star general and a fox news military analyst. general keen, welcome. >> good to be here, trish. >> what's putin up to here? >> psychological warfare, he's
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a master at it, ukraine conducting terrorist operations there, wit what he's seeking here is a couple of things. one he wants to get back to the negotiating tables so that he can get sanctions removed and number two he has elections coming up of the regional elections, his party's on the table. he wants to do well. he wants to appear to be on the world stage strong and in control. so these are some of the motivations that have taken place. and he's had a number of them for some time and plays us around like a ping-pong ball. trish: yeah, he's been able to live it up for the last eight years, and he may be thinking to had himself he might as well do it as long as he can because you don't know what's coming next. in terms of of the ability of him to have leverage in order to get rid of the sanctions, is that what it is? or do you fear that he has something bigger? does he want to take over all of ukraine? >> i think what he really wants to do is undermight be the western support for ukraine, the european support, the united states sop.
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earlier doesn't want to own that country and all of its economic and corruption challenges that that would be an absolute burden to him. he has already gained a lot by occupying crimea and also eastern ukraine because he's undermind the kiev government quite a bit. so i think that's really his strategic objective. he wants a weak government in kiev, he doesn't want to align with the west, and that's what a lot of this is about. trish: and, general, you would have to think that he must be sort of sitting back and, you know, maybe smiling a bit at the disaster europe is in. both from an economic perspective from the debt crisis, et cetera, but also, general, as a result of the immigration tragedy that is happening there with more than a million migrants moving into germany and all of the chaos that has thus ensued. how do you think he is seeing europe through his prism as a result of the immigration
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struggles. >> yeah. they're all positives from his perspective. whatase strategic objective is russia has always looked at eastern europe as a buffett to protect the mother land itself. they had a frenchman in the 19th century burn moscow and a german in the 20th century get within 20 miles it of. that is serious to them. it may not be to us or europeans, but it is dead serious to them. their strategic objective is at some point to begin influence and control those eastern european countries. he has to break up the european union to do that. he has to break up nato to do that, and those are objectives that he keeps moving slowly towards. trish: and let's face it. europe isn't doing itself any favors. in some ways, putin doesn't have to do a whole lot. the breakup may, in fact, be coming as a result of all the immigration struggles and security concerns they have there. general keen, always good to see you. thank you, sir. >> good talking to you, trish. trish: we're coming right back
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with much more. stay with us. donald trump is back on message and promising to give voice to the millions of americans who feel their elected official and business leaders have betrayed them. >> i am running to be the voice for every forgotten part of this country that has been waiting and hoping for a better future. trish: we'll take up trump's new rallying call with fred barns here next. and this golfer is taking the traditional t shot to a whole new level. we'll show you the video of his amazing skills up next. you won't want to miss any of it.
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trish: eric trump today praising his father after the nominee expressed regret for sometimes saying the wrong thing. the trump in an interview with my colleague stuart varney saying what's the humbly trump or is rather the humble trump that he knows. >> and he came out, and i was so proud of him. he came out and says, listen, i've made mistakes in the campaign. that was new. we have not heard that before. >> he's a politically incorrect guy; right? he's not run as a politician, that's not who he is. and i thought that was so cool. that's a humble trump and, by the way, that's the father i know. trish: joining me right now executive editor for the weekly standard fred barns. good to see you.
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>> good to see you, trish. trish: we have a humble trump now, and i would also point out a more presidential trump in that he's down there in louisiana talking to the people. it is a very powerful picture. he's down there while hillary clinton's quite literally phoning it in. gives him a phone call after she sees trump and president obama stuck in martha's vineyard playing golf. is this a new donald trump? >> i think it is a new donald trump. now, it's going to have to last more than a day or two. but he's off to a good start. and the optics really him going down to baton rouge and louisiana where they had this on horrible flood going and talking to people. not trying to exploit them but inspecting the area and seems to be a lot more comfortable down there. i don't know if he's ever been down there before. but, boy, this was a smart move, and you use the right word, and that is presidential. he looked presidential. trish: one of his big messages was of course i will be there for you.
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i will make sure that in times of need, i am doing what i need to do to make sure that you are taken care of. is this perhaps him trying to exemplify that? in lifetime today? >> yeah. absolutely, look, i think that's a great political thing to talk about. but then he has to do things to sort of really give examples of what it would look like. and this was one of them today, you know? i mean, look, the people in louisiana are not only in horrible condition, at least in that part of louisiana, but they feel that the country has forgotten them. the president hasn't come, they haven't gotten the great news coverage that they got when hurricane katrina hit new orleans. now, that was a bigger problem. but those is a pretty big one too. and who was there -- was trump, and who wasn't there were hillary clinton and president obama. trish: yeah, she's taking time off. doing a little fundraising, and you're asking. let me ask you, speaking of hillary clinton about this whole clinton foundation issue.
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now, basically she and her husband are saying, well, look, if she were to become president, he wouldn't take anymore speaking fees, and they will basically not be involved with this foundation anymore. and i guess my question to you, fred, is really? i mean why doesn't it just stop right now? and, by the way, why does it stop when she was secretary of state? >> well, those are both good questions, and they didn't stop when she was secretary of state because the family was still making all kinds of money, particularly with $700,000 speeches that bill clinton gave and so on. and there was -- as we know now, there was a lot of activity going on between the state department and hillary's aides there and people at the clinton foundation. these are steps that they're even promising to take after -- after hillary's elected if she is. so -- and what they're really trying to do, trish, is really clear. they know that there are real scandals and real problems with the clinton foundation that trump hasn't even started talking about much yet.
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and they're trying to just shove the clinton foundation under the rug and say, oh, it's going to be all right. we're going to really let somebody else take it over, and it won't really exist. at least in our hands later. trish: one thing i keep going back to, fred, is, you know, look, i'm not saying she did anything wrong. but what she certainly did wrong was offer the appearance of doing something wrong. in other words, you think about federal judges; right? they have recould you say themselves from cases if they have in a company at they are then making a decision on. why? not because they would necessarily vote the way that their stock portfolio would benefit from. but because there's a perception of that, fred. and i think that we as americans deserve even the appearance of being squeaky clean from our leaders, do we not? >> yeah. and i think that's more than a appearance, trish. there was an issue where hillary clinton was secretary
11:41 pm
of state and the company involved was hiring bill clinton, her husband for a speech that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. there's a real conflict of interest. not just an appearance of one. a real one, and there were a number of those. trish: all right. well, looks like we will need to get some more information and stay on that because i think you're right too. it's awfully fishy. fred barns, thank you so much. >> you're welcome, trish. trish: roll the video on this one. one golfer taking his game to the next level. watch as this trick shot artist flips his club in the air like a baton while using it to juggle a golf ball. the ball bounces off the board before he hits it midair across the green with pinpoint accuracy. pretty nice. all right. coming up next, everyone, donald trump feeling directly to african-american voters. trump says democrats have failed, and they have betrayed millions of americans in this country.
11:42 pm
watch. >> tonight i'm asking for the vote of every single african-american citizen in this country who wants to see a better future. trish: will trump's new appeal work? and will it give him the margin of victory in the general election? pastor james david is joining us here next. see you
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trish: donald trump making a pitch to african-american voters last night in cleveland accusing democrats of failing to help communities. >> look how badly things are going under decades of democratic leadership. look at the schools. look at the poverty. look at the 58% of young african-americans not working. they have been playing with you for 60, 70, 80 years. many, many decades. you have nothing to lose. i will do a great job. trish: my next guest agrees with trump and says the african-american community has been heart economically under president obama. joining me right now pastor james davis of the new spirit revival center in cleveland, ohio. pastor davis, welcome.
11:47 pm
>> how are you doing, trish? trish: pretty good. it amazes me in some ways that many in the african-american community continue to vote for liberal economic programs that frankly have done nothing to help their own communities. why do they keep doing it? >> it's unrequired loyalty. i made a joke earlier this morning, those of us who live in northeastern ohio, clevelanders, we're all browns something, and it's 50 years of failure. and nothing but emotion that o something like that. again, 50 years promises and nothing that's come back in the way of real economic growth, and even in these last eight years or seven and a half i should say, these are some of the worst times that we've endured under this current administration with poverty at an all-time high, food stamp usage exploding from 7 million to 11 million. and these are things that once again affect us, you know?
11:48 pm
they affect the entire population. but they affect us, and we just keep going along with it. so mr. trump is right. we have nothing -- absolutely nothing to lose as african-americans by going over the to the other side and voting. i've been a conservative most of my life but the around me are the throw in vote for the democratic party, and this is why we have what we have right now. trish: pastor, hillary clinton will continue to hammer this idea that donald trump is going to be bad for these communities. she says he's going to be bad for the economy that his economics proposal is only going to help the rich. and it is going to do nothing to help these disenfranchised communities. what do you say to that in return? >> so i would question ms. clinton. like, what's going to help us? because a term with her is barack obama's third term. so if the numbers are what they are with him, they're going to be the same with her. i haven't seen anything except we're going to tax the rich, you know? we've heard that same ol' moniker over and over and over.
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but in taxing the rich, you're going to affect the little guy because those people that run the corporations and get people jobs are going to pass the cost of their services and the products on to the little guy, so it's going to wind up harming all of those that participate in those economies. trish: yeah. >> at the end of the day, his tax plans are going to affect those that are in the middle class and in the working class and this people will find themselves in a better economic state underneath a trump organization. trish: and we look at his tax plan -- by the way, her tax plan is extremely confusing. we have seven brackets right now. she's going to up it to eight. but she hasn't told us what all eight brackets are. he's been pretty straight forward, and everyone would be looking at a tax cut under a dollar trump program, pastor. >> correct and even some would wind up paying no tax at all. the lower working class folks wind up paying no tax. trish: yeah. >> and, again, if you take the top rate, a corporate rate i should say to 15, it's going to expand. jobs are going to be created by the people that are right now sitting on cash, they're
11:50 pm
washed in cash. d instead of them sitting on that money, they know their tax rate is going to be once again we believe that they will begin to expand, give jobs, and that's going to affect people that look like me just as much as the grand population. trish: coming up on a break. but what do people in your community saying? are you saying to them, hey, why not? nothing to lose. what kind of response do you get, pastor davis? >> you know what? the real story is there's an underground. there are those people that say in private say i intend to vote positive for one minute mr. trump but i can't say it in public because i get beat up. trish: i keep hearing that over and over and over again. it's amazing and one would think maybe that would have an affect on the poll numbers. anyway thank you so much, pastor. >> thank you so much. trish: on wall street, everyone, stocks closing lower, the dow falling 45 points, the s&p off 3 and the nasdaq off 3 points. oil up for the seventh straight session. that's the longest stress of gains since 2012. crude settling above $48 a
11:51 pm
barrel. up next, donald trump more presidential than the man who is the president and the woman who wants to be president. sarah lynch and brad blake man join us here on that next. new clients? let's go meet them soon. in person, we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good. for fast rewards, let's book on choice. this trip could really help us grow. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's time to go for business, book on for instant rewards like gift cards and points towds free nights. book direct at
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trish: joining me republican strategist and former aide to condoleezza rice, sarah lenti and former member of president george w. bush's senior staff
11:55 pm
brad blakeman. we were talking to pastor davis and he said something interesting which anecdotally i'm i'm hearing a lot of that's a people are afraid because there's there is so much pressure in part coming from the last and -- the left and also the media they are afraid to say i plan to vote for donald trump. my question to you is do you think that is having an effect on the polls like. >> i do and i think there's a huge silent majority out there of people who refuse to be identified at this time and that's why i think donald trump's greatest strength as we see in the primaries is the fact that he's always up been underestimated and i think the polling is underestimating the breadth, scope and gap of his support nationwide. trish: and i would say hillary clinton is underestimating him too because liz and if you think about donald trump handing out supplies, speaking to them in talking to ipads alongside him and that seems like a very presidential moments.
11:56 pm
on the other hand our president was off in martha's vineyard and hillary clinton, she hadn't even thought to do anything to choose how donald trump down there and decided to literally phoning louisiana and singh she's so sorry for what they are going through. if she underestimating him and could this thing be starting to change? >> i think it could be starting to turn. ronald trump is looking incredibly presidential today. showed up with an 18-wheeler full of blankets and school supplies for kids. the devastation there is real. 30,000 people displaced and 13 dead. my sister brother outlet in lafayette and the kids were supposed to go back to school this week. everyone has been let out for the entire week. the fact that donald trump showed up man something in on the other hand you have president obama has even issued a press release or statement hillary clinton remaining silent. i'm sitting in denver today listening to pretty much liberal
11:57 pm
radio and they are talking about how the president is going to show up in baton rouge, no coverage on what i'll trump did today. it's really pathetic. trish: whoa. the media doesn't want him to succeed. we know that, brad. mainstream media is taking every opportunity they can to go after him. there is no fairness there right now. the question is can he power through that? can he resonate beyond what "the new york times" and the "washington post" are saying? >> you certainly can. he got this far doing exactly that and i think the media knows what they have been hillary clinton. they are scared to death that donald trump because donald trump is going to hold them accountable as well something that they are not used to. they are used to covering up the way they see it and want it not necessarily the way it should be so donald trump is their worst nightmare. trish: we heard kellyanne conway to his friends with all of us on fox but she was on abc this
11:58 pm
morning and she basically said look, the key here is to focus on the policies. hillary clinton is not talking about policies. there is a policy there reach you doesn't have that tax policy and she really doesn't have a strategy to deal with isis but instead every time policy comes up she goes after trump in an attack way saying he is bad, he is bad. is this a time where she needs to actually get serious in terms of putting forth ideas that the country can debate in a way that he frankly already has? >> yes, i think you are spot on there. kellyanne conway talked about how every time hillary clinton speaks about donald trump she talks negatively about him and not about policy. the trunk can -- campaign is going to be pivot to substance and you saw that in three different speeches. i think if that continues this campaign and the numbers are going to look very differently in a few weeks.
11:59 pm
in addition all we have heard this week is about or e-mail scandals in the clinton foundation and that is not going to go away so i think we have a lot to look forward to. i think the debates will be particularly interesting especially with the turnaround of management this week. trish: indeed. he has new people helping him out. you mention the clinton foundation and bradley heard today that hillary and bill are going to get rid of this foundation if she gets to the oval office and i sit there and say why was the foundation still going when she was secretary of state? >> if it was not right as president and certainly not right as secretary of state for the clintons should return all foreign money that came into coffers while she was secretary of state. bill needs to return the money he received from foreign sources because they file is one couple. a payment to bill as a payment to hillary so yes they need to return that money. trish: sarah and brad to deceive guys. that's it for us tonight that i want to thank my friend lou
12:00 am
dobbs for letting me sit in for him tonight as well as the whole team. lou is back with you right here on monday and i will see you as they do every day back on the intelligence report on fox 2:00 p.m. eastern. good night from new york have a good weekend everyone. >> the show has never been so right about investments. we have talked about everything that affects people and their money. from fox business headquarters in new york city the new "wall street week." >> welcome to "wall street week" the show for long-term investing. i am anthony scaramucci. >> i'm gary kaminsky. the markets remain at or near all-time highs but some billionaires are making big


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