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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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deirdre: markets closed mixed. my colleague charles payne has more on that with "making money." that show starts now. charles: i'm charles payne, you are watching making money *. the f.b.i. finding 15,000 more documents in the investigation of hillary clinton. the justice department has ordered an expediated review by september 23. they intended to release the documents starting october 14, ending november 4. but the judge wants the emails out sooner. all this coming on lawsuits being brought against the
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department by judicial watch. the emails showing a conflict of interest between the clinton foundation and the state department under hillary clinton. here to discuss, lauren, the email saga never ends. i'm not sure where 15,000 emails came from. >> it's bad news for hillary clinton it's a constant drip, drip, drip. when are we going to stop hearing about another scandal and another pay for play scandal. innocent people don't need scapegoats such as general powell. charles: we talked about the october surprise. apparently the clinton camp was trying to make a november surprise. we'll get an idea of what these emails were about. this could have devastating
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consequences come november. >> particularly if it involves the state department and the clinton foundation. but she makes a great point about general colin powell saying don't scapegoat me over this email situation. you are trying to pin this on me a year you have a did all this stuff. you set up an entire server. all i had was an email. hillary clinton and her team used a disturbing pattern of serial dishonesty. charles: over the weekend colin powell give an interview to "people" magazine saying the clinton camp has been trying to pin the seem scandal on her. and he said the exchange he can recall happened more than a year after she set up her private server. he has nothing to do with this
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and he hopes his name stops coming up. hillary clinton has offered a lukewarm i messed up kind of thing. but out of 15,000 emails, there might be a couple bombshells in there. >> there may be and like there may be in trump's taxes. we'll see the emails like we should see trump's taxes. hillary trying to blame colin powell, i was personally upset about that. char there are were you surprised hillary tried to throw someone under the bus? >> of course not. hillary -- these emails that will be released. hopefully there is nothing in them that will harm her campaign and she'll win in november professor.
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charles: the deception part of this, even if there is no time bomb it's hard to believe we won't see something that malls major implications that need to be further explained. but the saga continues over and over again. all this was laid out on the table initially. it makes people wonder about her ability to be commander-in-chief and her integrity. >> 70% of americans are saying they have a difficult time trusting hillary clinton. we are missing the forest for the trees. her spin team deserves a gold medal for the linguistic gymnastics they have the perform every time something comes out in the emails. there is a forest of skullduggery and it's burning down. there is smoke everywhere
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leading to fire. pay for play is another word for bribery. she is not being prosecuted. she is being investigated. and whether it's politically speed yenlt for those in power. comey lamb basd her for -- lambasted her. general powell, the reason he used his own personal email at the state department, the reason he said, that it made things easier was because an email system did not exist at the state department at the time colin powell was there to allow him to send emails to his staff. he warned hillary clinton that he needed to send emails on state department servers. colin powell and madeleine albright and secretary rice
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would somehow scheme to keep the american public from being able to see what because going on is impossible. charles: warren threw one out. a fort of skullduggery, you will have a hard time beating that one tonight. >> she makes a great point. but understand something about the clinton team. they will try to run out the clock. they have don't with two device, then she had multiple devices. understand the clinton team will try to run this clock out. it's up to the trump team to make the case. this is not about his personality. but a question about hillary clinton and whether she has the integrity to be the next commander-in-chief. charles: we have the clinton foundation, bill might step aside. even that is getting murky and odd. why couldn't they be smart
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enough to step away from this stuff. maybe it was used as a platform to make money. but they seem so reluctant to hold on to it, mare maybe they are not sure about november. >> on the trump side he has issues as well with manafort being paid by russia. charles: manafort is not the candidate. donald trump has surrounded himself with people who are not upstanding people and this will be an issue. [all talking at once] >> we want clinton to explain about the global initiative. but we need to see in trump is doing his fair thing with paying his taxes on time.
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charles: it was great work by the people at judicial watch. it's apples and oranges to compare the president of the united states to a campaign manager for a couple weeks. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> we are working with a lot of people in the hispanic community to come up with an answer. >> so you are not flip snropg. >> nop no, i'm not flip flopping. we want to couple with something fair.
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charles: donald trump responding to news that broke over the weekend, he may reverse course on his plan to deport 11 million illegal immigrants. he told buzzfeed that the need to deal with illegal aliens in a quote humane fashion. trump is scheduled to give an immigration speech in denver. we learned it's been postponed for fine tuning. joining me to discuss, enrique, you are the founder of xl line. a marketing firm, you are in touch with the community. what do you think of donald trump softening his stance on deportation? >> i think when it comes to
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hispanics, donald trump has a branding issue. immigration is important. but the very first hello that he gave to the hispanic community was one of generalizing and stereotyping a whole community. hispanics are not single issue voters. immigration is important and what he is doing will heal some of the challenges he has. charles: is there a top issue? >> jobs, economy, healthcare. charles: if donald trump says i'm a businessman, we'll cut taxes, create jobs, we'll get rid of obamacare, it's not helping anyone who works. >> exactly. when he started he was a very small 14% positive sentiment. it grew to 37% as of june. in the last few months it went
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back down to 13%. when he was talking and focusing about jobs and the economy, he was starting to resonate a positive trend. then he went back to these antics. and the stereotyping of the community is causing them to unite. charles: i read where hispanic voter registration is huge in florida. thinking is an important constituent. to enrique's point, donald trump made up big ground in a short period of time. if he changes his tune here and he's fair but firm, how do you think that impacts the election? >> i think that's what he wants to do. he wants to tweak his position so it's more palpable to a larger iewn officers of voters. it's a lot like what happened with the quote-unquote muslim
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ban where he said i'm in for halting visas and strict vetting. if he can make him palpable to a larger swath of voters, he can win this. that's where he's going. it's not just hispanic voters. he wants people to understand he's not alone. he's not a bigot. and his heart is in the right place when it comes to putting america back on the road to prosperity. charles: this is also an overture for the voters who went big time for mitt romney. >> he has labeling problems. donald trump has insulted so many groups across the board, women, people with physical handy caps and illnesses. the conspiracy theories against hillary clinton, he cannot stay
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on message. he's talking about her health. she is sick. those conspiracy theories, this is not the place for him to do that. he needs to stick to the issues. charles: are you worried that if he softens the tone on the deportation on thing you say he's incapable of, it guys him a shot in november? >> i'm not worried, because he's not going to do it. he's supposed to stick to the issues, he does for one teleprompter speech. >> if this ceases being about donald trump's personality, it starts being about the issues. he could very welcome out of this game as the 45th president of the united states.
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donald trump has been revamping him sell. and last week it worked very, very well. even apologizing for some thing he said in the past. it didn't take have long for the republican nominee to get on twitter, lashing out at the media. there are some pros to it, but there are some cons as well. we'll be right back. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> by nearly all accounts, donald trump had his best week in his election campaign. kellyanne conway talked about his pivot and it included the fact that personal insults were not on the agenda. >> i don't like when people hurl
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personal insults. that's not my my style. i'm the mother of four small children. he just this week look what he talked about? he's bringing the case to community of color in michigan and he's speaking to all americans when he does that. charles: this morning some people pointing out donald trump didn't get the memo. he had a tweet storm, try watching a low rate "morning joe," unwatchable. you can give donald trump a message with teleprompters, but there is some anxiety about him staying that way. joining us to discuss now, adriana cohen and blake rutherford. a lot of the mainstream media pointing out the name calling
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and tweeting at morning joe which it seems like he has a love-hate relationship with. is this the sort of thing that can overshadow all the good work donald trump put in last week? >> i think there is a risk of that. donald trump need to stay on message. he did that last week successfully. we saw his poll numbers go up. he needs to stay focused on bringing an indictment against hillary clinton. there is enough there. he should talk about the important policies americans care about. when he goes into the twitter wars with other people, it's a distraction. that being said, donald trump is a counter puncher. when people attack him and counter punch him it's hard for him to stand by and take it. one of the hosts described him like a drunk the way he was speaking at a rally.
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that is patently false. donald trump doesn't even drink. everybody knows that. and it's certainly insulting. he has every right to defend himself. charles: i'm a new yorker, i understand the conundrum he's in. as a democratic strategist, you guys must be thrilled the media has a way of thrusting a tweet storm and have it level off and push aside 15,000 emails from hillary clinton. for whatever reason, whenever donald trump has any kind of gaffe or miscue, it becomes headline knews. >> donald trump is the most undisciplined candidate in the history of politics. he spends all orange tweeting and not focused on issues in this campaign that would differentiate him from hillary clinton. the democrats look at trump and
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think wow, what's next from this guy and what's going to happen this morning? he will get in his own way time and time again. he will use twitter to do it. i think it reality is what donald trump ought to focus on is getting twitter off his noble phone and get focused on the issues in this campaign. charles: there is no doubt what he just said. but it's up to the newspapers and the media to decide what the story will be. it's interesting to me that one of these flubs is more important than something that threatens national security. >> it shows you the type of reality culture we are living in. they play into it because that's the headline they run with all day versus talking about hillary clinton's emails that show -- gave a strong appearance of pay to play operation which is very
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serious. charles: donald trump is not a professional politician. his overall point that democratic policies are keeping poor people down is getting lost in the mix. should it?
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charles: make a pitch to the black community, and some in the media saying his all overture was offensive. take a listen. >> i say it again. what do you have to lose? what do you have to lose? you are living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? charles: some are saying it's manufactured outrage. democrats have been in charge where a majority of blacks live and they have not done very well not just recently but over a period of time, multiple decades. there is a lot from both parties talking about welfare. but the bottom line is, are donald trump's overtures going
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to work? today known, let me start with you. when barack obama came into office february 2009, there were 528,000 working. today there are 518,000 working. overall 17.7 million working, now 17.9. but a lot have dropped out of the job market and that skews the participation rate. >> barack obama's policies have fundamentally changed america and the black american family. you look at the number on food stops. 53% are black families. 1.6 million black americans are below the poverty line. obama's policies have harmed the economy.
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what we need is pro-growth solutions. charles: do you like the way the message is being thrown out there. people saying he should go before black audiences. even if $one is fat you don't keep telling them they are fat. >> i think this is the beginning of the bill. we saw we did in wisconsin. i thought it was a good speech. i received it well. and i think what he's doing, especially saturday, he talked about it saturday. he wants the african-american vote to be part of the party of lincoln which i appreciate. not all black people in poverty. i agree with that. but he's tailoring his speech and making the appropriate outreach. what he's also doing is talking about what hillary clinton's policies will do to the african-american community.
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he mentioned 2.6 million black businesses will be impacted by hillary clinton's plans. plans. >> obamacare is hurting small businesses such as mine. but donald trump is not the savor any community, especially the black community. when you have a candidate who says vote for me because you have nothing to does will be that is a candidate who has no plans for the people. charles: what have democrats -- how have blacked benefited from giving their votes for five decades to democrats? the turn on investment. >> the gop has failed. this is the year the gop could have take and lot of african-american votes. but with trump and all of his hateful followers and those
6:33 pm
people. charles: they are part of the conversation. you are talking about policy. [all talking at once] >> you said the black community and the gop. i'm telling you why they will not get the votes this year. >> this is the propaganda we mare from the left. it's name calling and not talking about the issues and the policies. in these urban community young children are harmed. donald trump wants to do something about that. energy policy, everyone is affected by energy. obama wanted electricity prices to skyrocket. charles: this is not about a name calling contest. we are talking about policies that will help us. the community obviously has not
6:34 pm
been helped. >> i'm from the south side of chicago and i can tell you the democratic party has not afforded us any new freedoms to pull ourselves out of poverty. if. [all talking at once] >> they failed in the african-american community as a whole. >> but the gop has as well. charles: hold on one second. got has never gotten the black vote to fail at. maybe they haven't gone for it, and in many ways you have got to admit donald trump is making an overture. the stock market was open today. it was mixed. also the feds back in the conversation. my market commentary is next. there is a good silver lining i want to talk about as well. you don't want to miss it. whether it's bringing cutting-edge wifi to 35,000 fans...
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many men aren't aware their health insurance may cover cialis. contact your health plan for the latest information. charles: hubs of cases of zik -- hundreds of cases of zika diagnosed in the united states. i wodon't know where i'd be without itre so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two
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one, never give your medicare number to get a free offer or gift two, always check your medicare statements for errors these crooks think we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, protect it see more ways to fight fraud at charles: you are getting older, you are working harder, you are make less. not going to happen. we are going to create millions and millions of new jobs. here are a few of the things that we are going to do. -this you will like. a massive tax cut for working americans and a 15% tax rate for
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small businesses. charles: donald trump in akron, ohio saying what people want to hear. lower taxes. the market opening lower today after the fed telegraphing information to aswainl the street. fisher is make the assumption gdp growth will pick up this quarter because businesses will start to invest again. stanley fisher who is the most highly regarded central banker in the world took a direct shot at the white house admitting monetary policy isn't meant to boost revenue.
6:40 pm
he said governments should improve public infrastructure and have better education and more incentives for private investment. this has been a complaint from the fed for a long time. but they can't go against the president too often. some argue the fed is just making an excuse because it hasn't stoked that virtuous cycle. others agree the fed is the on reason the economy has survived and maybe a more business-friendly environment is the reason for the post-recession recovery. the question is whether it be 25 or 50 basis point. 40% or 25 and more, even 50 basis point hike. either way the street looking
6:41 pm
for something after the elect. those that didn't watch the market, you will think it was a lazy session that barely saw stocks move. but the main -- the major indices. the acquisition by pfizer. tomorrow new homes will set new tones. coming up, donald trump gaining on hillary clinton when it comes to fundraising. but he's not spending a lot. we'll explain. we'll be right back. (announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey!
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charles: donald trump hasn't closed the funding gap between his tam campaign and hillary clinton. he may be spending a lot of money to stay within striking distance. he's still way behind hillary clinton's spending spree. hillary clinton spent $20 million more than hillary clinton did last month. moreover, the clinton machine placed an $80 million new ad buy to pound the battleground states. the clinton super pac said it will pause in strong states citing good poll numbers. blake, let me ask you.
6:46 pm
she didn't go to louisiana, but she hung out with cher for a fundraiser. she is doing a bunch of fundraisers for the next few days. is she putting tonight neutral trying to coast to the white house? >> not at all. this new ad spending $80 million in battleground states comes on top of $70 million that's been spent in battleground states including colorado and virginia. you see a concerted effort on the part of the clinton campaign to engage in effective paid advertising campaign and a grassroots campaign that will win this election in november. charles: donald trump spent $8 million with a continue tall firm. do you think he can go in a place like colorado where real clear politics has him down 8-10 point or virginia by 11 where
6:47 pm
hillary says i don't need to spend cash here anymore. can he go in there and still get those states? >> i think he could. hillary clinton is in the lead and she is playing it safe not to lose. but that's a losing point. in sports what you don't do is be complacent and coast. i think that could be a mistake on her part. but i do think trump could go into that area and make significant ground. >> de la hoya won four rounds, then coast and loss the whole thing. do you think trump doesn't need to raise as much because of his social media presence? a lot of bets would say she'll
6:48 pm
need $135 million to win this thing. >> she is organized in every battleground state, donald trump is not. she is up on the air in every battleground state, trump is not. you are seeing a commitment from the clinton campaign to win this on the ground. ground game will make a very big difference. donald trump is simply not organized there. she is putting resources she raised into the battleground states. twitter is not going to be enough for donald trump to win. >> there is a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to donald trump support percent and when it comes to the debates, hillary is cold and flat. she hasn't come before the press for a number of days and i don't think she'll be up to the task when she goes toe to toe with donald trump with the first debate. charles: the clinton campaign
6:49 pm
said they can't find anyone like trump to debate hillary clinton in the prep. >> she is an excellent debater. i think you will finds her to be very effective. i think we have seen hillary clinton perform very well. donald trump's debate strategy is simple it's insult-based, not substance based. the american public is going to look for a candidate long on substance. charles: some people wondering if she can even and for two hours. 100 cases of the zika virus has been confirmed in florida. we have details for you next.
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6:53 pm
a but it feels like this is starting to spread and people are wondering, does your state have a handle on this? >> let me talk let me talk about
6:54 pm
a local issue first charles. number one it's only 1.5 square mile, small area of miami beach where there is actually five cases right now. if we have any spreading of course the florida department of health as they are doing testing but we can can expect as. as you said it's in certain areas around the country. right now it's an over 40 states but we have come together and we are working with the county and doing all types of preventive measures. reducing water in our streets to make sure there is no breeding ground, making sure people are educated that our residents know that they should cover up in certain areas and once again just to clarify the cdc advisory is only for pregnant women and certain small sections of miami beach as well as in miami so this is not some overall blanket advisory. charles: the point is should there be an abundance of caution and should be square miles radius or the parameters be
6:55 pm
widened out a little bit? would it be smarter to air on the caution of looking a little desperate so you never have to charlie become desperate? >> sure. i can tell you does the number one priority for myself and our tired administration is the health and well-being of our residents and arcturus. we will take direction from the florida partner's health and take direction from the center for disease control. what they say is what we will do but i can tell you there is no sense to panic. the hotels are relatively full and of course we are watching closely. miami beach brand is a hot brand. people are coming from all over the world and they want to keep coming to miami beach. charles: it's been a hot brand for long time to my friend friend jeanette have you seen any slowdown in tourism. we just are we a where a lot of world-class athletes who train for years and years decided to skip acus it is they were too concerned about the potential for contracting the virus. >> i can say this.
6:56 pm
with our cdc and our city government or and county government we are doing so many things at once to eradicate mosquitoes. the last thing i would ever want to be in the world is a mosquito in miami beach beach i can tell you that. and things we have done with sealevel rise to make sure there's nothing on our streets at house quite a bit. >> mayor thank you very much good luck with everything we appreciate you coming. i want to turn to one of our members of our medical aid team doctor mark siegel. thanks for joining us. i don't want to say has he been too cavalier but has he been too cute about the potential danger of us danger of this thing go growing out of control? >> he doesn't want to fear growing out of control because keep in mind recent there is 1.5 square miles and cases in miami is the mosquitoes don't travel beyond a couple square blocks. the only live the couple of weeks and they don't go beyond a square miles of that is why the advisers a square mile.
6:57 pm
we have to take this very seriously because pregnant women are at stake and unborn children are at stake at the truth is that this tends to follow the same pattern is another disease called dengue fever which goes on the same mosquito and we only see sporadic outbreaks even though they are 400 million cases in the year of dengue so in other words there's no reason to believe we will see more than sporadic outbreaks here. even do we see a doctor fauci was talking about louisiana and granted after a flood you get a lot of stillwater and mosquitoes breed but we have a very effective insecticide that wipes it out. the problem is places like puerto rico are afraid to use that insecticide. mosquito control is dr. fauci you said and i would agree is all about -- charles: you mention puerto rico. the cases are in the thousands now. is it only because of this and
6:58 pm
how can we be sure that this doesn't somehow become an outbreak that we are not just to competent right now? >> well that's a great point and maybe we are too confident because in a place like puerto rico it may take over one third of the population and 50 pregnant women today have been coming down with it because they are not spring. we are seeing thousands of cases here because of travelers really don't have the mosquitoes we need here or god forbid we have the number of mosquitoes here to have a massive outbreak here. there will never be a massive outbreak here but to really control this we have to control it in its origin charles, places like puerto rico and the dominican republic. in brazil the number of cases is way down but in the caribbean is a problem. charles: here's the thing to talk about leasing that perhaps texas and pockets of various that people are prepared for. i have been hearing experts say take sure you put on a lot of mosquito repellent.
6:59 pm
is that enough of a warning? actually they were slathered in this stuff and they were getting bitten. >> it's not enough. standing waters the case. you have tires around you, these mosquitoes breed in tiny amounts of water and they bite all day long so as you are saying where like clothing and put on insect race -- repalled but standing water is the key. lar beside a mosquito spraying is the biggest way. charles: is there a notion they are becoming immune to the spring because i have heard they are are the starting to build up some resistance. >> the vast majority of them are not resistant but i want to add by the way these genetically modified mosquitoes where literally the next generation dies off it's the female mosquito that does the biting. if you have a mail mosquito and the pregnant female dies off you can perpetuate this. that's where the greatest ways to get rid of the mosquitoes.
7:00 pm
charles: i have the guy that created that and hopefully he will fast-track him out. doctors siegell thanks a lot rated great to see you as well and we really appreciate you watching every night. you have been asked -- doing extraordinarily well and we will work hard to keep you watching. in the meantime here's the man himself, lou dobbs. lou: good evening i'm lou dobbs in the bombshell revelation today here at hillary clinton's e-mail scandal is worsening. the fbi now says it has an additional 15,000 e-mails from clinton's time as secretary of state, just about 50% more than she ever committed and in those e-mails there is new evidence the clintons did favors for foreign donors. donald trump today said that the whole clinton enterprise is a racket. >> these are very greedy people. these are people that have skirted the law for a long time.


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