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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 23, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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new emails reveal ties between clinton state department and the family charity and that has donald trump calling for a special prosecutor on the case. >> hillary clinton has totally forgotten the first rule of public service. the job of an elected official is to serve the citizens of the united states and if you don't understand that, then you are not fit to run for the office of president of the united states. we are not working for somebody else. we are not working for another country. sandra: hillary clinton making light of e-mail scandal with jimmy kimmel last night. >> the state department -- i actually added it up today and the state department said that they have to release 15,000 emai befe th date. >>ou ccern abo tha
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>> i would be terrified if my emails were released. >> jimmy, my emails are so boring. >> boring sandra: we have the latest on the recovery. more insurance companies pull back. plus and illegal border crossing in canada. more than one thousand americann border. stanford university banning hard liquor on campus. details on why the school made this controversial decision that has students in an uproar.
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in markets this morning here is a look at u.s. futures right now. you're looking at dow futures up 54, nasdaq futures up 17. later this morning we will get the latest reading on new home sales plus a few companies reporting sales this morning including best buy. oversupply concerns are weighing on the market there. you can see it trading below $47 a barrel. in europe we are looking gains across the board, there some strength particularly in the dax, the german stock market is up more than 1%. in asia markets were little changed. with me this morning, wake up, everybody, fox business network dagen mcdowell and trading partners michael block and radio talk show david webb. i wonder if you sleep.
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you were tweeting on midnight, i'm going to be at mornings with maria. go to bed. dagen: i got up at 2:00. >> different places. hardest working team in news right here. sandra: former whitewater independent council robert ray and lamar smith. you don't want to miss the line-upcoming up. the e-mail con trough -- con trough controversial are front and center.
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donald trump called for a special prosecutor into the appearance of play. >> the amount is done, the favor is done and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately. sandra: let's bring republican strategist and jessica a democratic strategist. all right. first up, if these 15,000 emails just -- i feel like i'm going to go to you on this. >> that's shocking. [laughter] sandra: if they were so boring as she joked on kimmel, why didn't she put them out to begin with? >> the entire private server from the star trying to pin on collin powell, i think it's a
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huge mistake, not releasing all of them and if there's nothing there and i believe that there is no there here. -- sandra: come on. >> what do you think it says? dagen: emails that were released by judicial watch. by the way, why did judicial watch -- there's an exchanging, one particular exchanging in there that's different between doug at the foundation about the crown prince who by the way, $32 million scholarship done through the global initiative. first time interaction with donor and mrs. clinton. there's a real connection that's
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being made and it raises the issue of why the foundation exists and was it paid to play. >> we know why the foundation existed. >> i have a list. you mentioned the crown prince and $32 million, daniel abram, donations from 25,000, 75,000. here is a point that matters, in a response to a court order, in a response of court order for judicial watch, clinton declared under penalty of perjury, and i quote, that she had directed all my emails on clinton in my custody that were federal records be provided to the department of state and information and belief this has been done. now, if we impeached her husband for perjury lying under oath and this is to a federal judge and we -- by the
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way, the no there there, the sap emails, 113 emails didn't exist that deleted that contained classified markings -- let's be clear about something. she's the highest classification authority in the state department. sandra: i want to get your reaction to this. a fox news investigation cheryl mills received 150 calls over a two-year period from 2010 to 2012. does this -- what are the optics of that? >> from illinois, when -- we can argue and debate. [laughter] >> i'm going to use it again when i debate you, jessica. this situation here, we are going to be honest about it, it's not a matter of us
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debating, there was three fbi offices in agreement to actually investigate the clinton foundation and you see the obama administration prevented that. that in and of itself is a problem and i think donald trump is right when he says we need a special prosecutor because we see even when we it came over 60 companies donated money that had businesses before the state department, northeast politicians would say that -- not illegal or unethical. >> it is a -- >> because i worked under the executive branch code of ethics, i went back to the book that i was given to read and it is a violation to do that. sandra: hillary clinton took it was funny. she took a break from fundraising to appear in jimmy kimmel live and this is what she said about her emails. >> jimmy, my emails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. [laughter]
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>> so we have released i don't know 30,000 plus, so what's a few more. sandra: she has a trust deficit with the american people. >> that's really what we are doing. it's an election, on november 18 they will go out an vote. today 60% of americans don't care about emails and 80% of democrats and independents. republicans they care. i hear donald trump talk about it. the benghazi investigation -- sandra: go back to congressman chaffetz. >> republicans spend a lot of time digging for things -- listen, i understand but i'm saying everyone is putting in the context of the election. donald trump is making an election issue and i'm telling you that the american public is not going to vote against hillary clinton when it's donald trump because of it.
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>> that's a big deal. dagen: when you start digging in the foundation and more and more information is coming out about what was going on and how that foundation was used to basically to empower the clintons in terms of -- sandra: donald trump won't release taxes and democrats have it he has something horrible. the state department issued an updated travel warning for iran even after the nuclear deal and 400 million-dollar payment to release prisoners. seems like we are on the losing end with our deal with iran. it's unbelievable. >> we are back to the point when it comes to how the democrats and the left operate when they're in power, they get to do whatever they want and drive moral equivalency like the american people don't care. no one has identified that a lot of american people care about these issues. we pay $400 million, we have
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sailers who frankly -- i don't know why they were there but i can tell you one thing their actions were a disgrace the way they acted when they gave up passwords. this administration has paid money to iran to further their goals. we are $1.3 billion on top of that, how it was transferred, we have no relationship with them but we give them money which is equivalent of handing back, not ransom money but to fund terrorism. >> completely agree with your assessment. it's even more problematic to say it was it wasn't for a ransom payment. >> the timeline matters here in that they had to wait to release the prisoners on the people that were being returned, the others held in iran. waited for the release until the other plane hit the tarmac.
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i'm sorry, that's a movie script. sandra: thank you. coming up president obama head to go louisiana today in the wake of this devastating flooding that left thousands homeless. latest on the efforts to rebuild and singer britney spears is helping her home state next. and amazon could be making it cheaper for you to stream your favorite music, more on reported plans for its echo player next
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another students of miami florida returning to florida despite zika outbreak. purchasing extra bug spray and training teachers how to teach students to protect themselves from bites, students are going to be allow today wear long sleeves and pants even if they don't match the uniform at school. the total number of locally transmitted cases to 36. and in business this morning, there are reports that amazon is working on two new subscription music service that is could launch as early as next month. the first service would be similar to apple music offering users unlimited ad-free for $10 a month free. the second service will cost limit music to echo device.
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you have to have the echo device. that's got limited music catalog. this will be competing with pandora, i just was giving apple music a try and i like it. sandra: for the record. amazon's plans, what does that mean for the other guys? >> well, let's look at this. [laughter] >> amazon echo, everyone is loving it. you have to buy the devices. i have a laptop, computer at work, a product i know. i like it, people like their i tunes, it's up to amazon to break into that. they're good on doing things like that but good luck, skeptical. >> if you think about it, i've seen this devices, they have the sound share, the other devices, i have device at home but it
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doesn't work everywhere else but takes input from a the bluetooth devices, the question is can they break into that. sandra: great question to ask. amazon shares are up slightly in the premarket. coming up, are investors waiting on thesideline ahead from janet yellen potential rate hike, what you need to know and what's happening, straight ahead. ryan lochte left in the deep end as he loses major endorsement deals. all from the fallout of his tall tale. next what powers the digital world. communication.
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sandra: looking at futures this morning. looks like we might see a higher opening. s&p futures up 5, nasdaq up 14 points. investors waiting on data, economic data this morning. we've got earnings coming out. a speech from janet yellen later this week. on the earnings front we heard from toll brothers, better than expected revenues. sign of steady growth in the house market. michael, as i catch my brace eat, what's your take? micheal: they are lowering margins so we will see if that's a lot of noise or excuse for something else is going on. we are taking housing strength for granted here. you look at some of the other economic data and i want to
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focus on nonperformed productivity and say this is a problem because that become weak, that's going to affect profitability, wages are going to have trouble rising, that means that disposable income is going to have trouble, retail sales and housing can get hit, maybe adjustment in the job's market where we are seeing -- maybe we are hitting a wall here which is a structural issue and not economic issue and housing suddenly hits a crash, we are taking it for granted, maybe it's in for dagen: i want to know what you think about the front page story of the wall street journal that the extremely low level of volatility suggest to some that a market storm is brewing out there and i will quote this, in the past 30 days we've had the least amount of volatility of any 30-day period in more than two decades. so it's the lowest level of volatility in the last 20 years
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but what does it mean, is that the federal reserve pulls the trigger and they aren't expecting it? is it something else. >> over weekend we heard from stanley fisher and he pointed out how the economy is looking good, how we are almost to our goals which implies we are ready to raise rates. the issue here is that everyone else is listening to janet yellen and after happened early this year, forget lockhart, janet is going to sound note of caution, last year she did that and she was forced, painted into a corner and had to have rates in december and talking to fed insiders, she's becoming a lot more passive agreses sieve the term i've heard used. sandra: you will enjoy this
6:25 am
question. i had this conversation with stuart varney on varney&company. has the market priced in the next president? micheal: i feel like the market -- they like hillary because hillary is the devil they know as oppose to the devi lyrics they don't know. dagen: i heart that from everyone. micheal: look at me i'm like bernie, a socialist. no you're not. come on. sandra: if donald trump catches stride and there's movement there and he's able to narrow the margins between him and hillary clinton you would see movement in the market? micheal: how does he catch his stride, does he get more
6:26 am
populist, protectionist? dagen: does he catch a strike if the stock market tanks? micheal: actually, yes. dagen: stable obama and president obama's policies, if it tanks does that hurt hillary? micheal: that's not going higher any time soon. >> tieing a little bit together, we are talking about the market but the average american doesn't vote on the market. literally 24 hours ago give or take. when you look at earnings, when you look at income, wages that don't rise, those are people who need to have an earnings track to go to a mortgage that affects mortgage, you can't demonstrate
6:27 am
a track of years of rising, consistent rising to qualify. dagen: people did vote on the market in 2008 because the bottom fell off. >> how did those people survive this? micheal: housing market and structural issues, regulators have put the clamp down on the banks and lenders and potential home owners and really stifled that. it's going to be a problem, you're right, david. sandra: one u.s. company left stranded as companies ditching obamacare. we will tell you how they wound up on the other side of the border. that's next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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sandra: welcome back, i'm sandra smith, it is tuesday august 23rd, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. hillary clinton facing questions over her family's foundation. and donald trump dealing with criticism over possible changes to his immigration policy including from democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine. >> he had a close-door meeting with some activists and said,
6:31 am
well, you know, people came out of the meeting and said maybe trump is not as bad as we thought but please note as soon as they said what went on inside the meeting, his team said no, he's not changing his position, he's still going to have the deportations. sandra: facing the feelings of obamacare as families look to protect bottom lines it's americans that are left behind without the options that they were promised and then there's this, stanford university is banning hard liquor on campus. details on why the school has made this controversial decision, plus david, he's shaking his head. [laughter] >> banning liquor on campus. sandra: illegal border crossing
6:32 am
happening in canada. over the michigan-canada border. how much ryan lochte is down after losing all of his sponsorship? well, the highlight for the night a red sox rooky stealing a home run from the tampa bay ray pushing to first place. i hear cheers on the set. market futures showing looks like a higher opening on wall street. dow futures up 47. all right, later this morning latest reading on new home sales plus a few more companies reporting earnings as well. best buy will be out with the latest quarter. a muifer to watch this -- mover to watch is oil. goldman sachs saying the rally in august might be overdone.
6:33 am
in europe we are seeing gains across the board as well as we look at international markets, the ftse and london up half a percent and the dax in germany leading up almost 1%. in asia markets were little changed and you're looking at some mixed market action there with the kospi leading four tenths of a percent. here we go. getting extra crispy, kfc is giving away sunscreen in its latest marketing pitch. you need to know the details of this just ahead. those looking to get cover through obamacare may be on their way to slim pickings. next year it could jump to as much as 17%, nine states will potentially have areas that only offer one carrier with plans through the affordable care act and joining us now director of healthcare policies studies at the cato institute, michael, how does this affect obamacare moving forward?
6:34 am
>> well, the main problem is how obamacare is affecting the sick, everyone seems concerned about whether or not is viable but what's happening here is obamacare is literally punishing the insurance companies that provide company that's attract i have to the sick, that's why they are driven out of the marketplace, the ones that remain are unattractive to the sick and even in arizona, there's going to be in obamacare insurers, you can't be discriminated against under obamacare but even if the exchanges are viable, obamacare still discriminates people against preexisting conditions. sandra: i have david webb onset, where is all this going, david? david: when you talk about the net effect of obamacare if it's gone from the county it's not
6:35 am
delivering what it claims. once again the president has told the american people something that didn't come through. read that any way you want but the defined idea here by the left and the obama progress individualism -- progressivism and you can't maintain it and the taxpayer, we can't have -- we can't have more people taking out of the system using government run health care than paying into it and have it survived. it's much like social security or any other entitlement. dagen: it's exactly like medicare michael and that's going broke in 12 years and we haven't fixed that. >> and the president's solution here is to throw more good money after bad. he promised that never again would we see premium increases like the 39% increase in california that happened around 2010 but we are seeing that sort of thing under obamacare and his
6:36 am
solution provide public option that they can subsidize the heck out of so they can just pay those rises costs under obamacare by pushing the cost under taxpayers. we were getting getting that innovation before obamacare, obamacare destroyed it. micheal: it's michael block, michael. let's say obamacare is here to stay. >> i would never assume such a thing. micheal: i'm making that assumption because here is my question, what can the government do, what can regulators do to help incentivize private carriers to come back and provide more choice s there a middle grounds here in. >> there's really nothing that can be done to make health insurance more secure for the sick as long as obamacare is still under the books.
6:37 am
in the meantime patients are going to suffer as a result of this. dagen: one idea from the insurance companies is you increased the penalty for the healthy to buy the insurance, that's the essential problem is they're not getting enough young and healthy people under these insurance contracts, that they're being forced to ensure people who are extremely sick and costly to ensure, that's not an option, that's not something that they're going to do, enforce the law and make people buy the insurance? >> the insurance company lobbyist always give more money to insurance companies. that's what the idea of increasing the individual mandate penalties would do. either you pay more money to the insurance companies or you pay more money to the government so they can give to insurance companies, that's just throwing good money after that. we should make the insurance companies compete for the money that they get from consumers, not go to washington to get more of pit.
6:38 am
>> what we are talking about is predictable failure as i see it. everything that dagen brought up is shifting the dollars around into failure. but the obamacare plan could never account for the market decisions made by insurance companies made by the healthcare delivery system so therefore it was never going to be design today work effectively and you said it, it's to push people towards the single payer, it's predictable failure. we saw it with the national institute of health in great britain and we have seen in sweden where they privatize today get away from it and yet somehow they think it's going to make it work here. it's economically unsustainable over time. >> i think that's correct and the people -- we need to keep our eye on the ball here. people who are suffering under obamacare are the people who develop preexisting conditions, who could have had secure access to health care through the
6:39 am
guarantied renewable plan that is were available on the market before obamacare, through new innovation that is were being developed as congress are debating and passing obamacare and obamacare destroyed and the only we we can make it more secure is ensure who control the $3 trillion. sandra: let me take this finally to the election at hand and we have heard president -- sorry, donald trump more than willing to share his opinion on all of this and he says he's going repeal it, replace it and get something great. what do you make of the conversation on the campaign trail about what to do? >> well, you know donald trump says he wants to repeal obamacare and i think that's the right approach both he and hillary clinton have a credibility problem. that was reflected in a recent poll that majority of the public -- majority of the public believed that either donald trump nor hillary clinton are going to make health care better.
6:40 am
i think that's a huge vote of no confidence on both candidates on health care. dagen: nobody wants to fix medicare. neither hillary clinton nor donald trump talk about tackling entitlement, period. sandra: michael, thank you for joining us. good to have you. >> thanks for having you. sandra: sc fc allows you to tan without burn to go a crisp. yes, we just said that. family vacations could be causing risks. summer vacations maybe causing people to get away from their spouses altogether. that's kind of sad. depressing. i don't want to live with
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sandra: welcome back on tuesday morning. right now stock index futures with dow 41 points. we have shocks pointing higher. it's working on a turnaround plan but analysts are concerned about future growth specially on weak economic backdrop, both earnings and revenue are expected to decline from a year ago. shares rising ahead of the open, the agriculture company is nearing a deal with buyer and it could come in the next two weeks. two companies are negotiating details including a purchase price. last month monsanto rejected 64 billion-dollar offer. sanford university now banning hard liquor on campus parties, "good day
6:45 am
cheryl casone with the headlines. cheryl: hey, after recent sexual assault that made headlines only beer and wine will be on campus. you may recall brock turner who was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman, turner could have faced up to 14 years behind bars. canada, come to the rescue, nearly 1500 u.s. citizens over the weekend, the americans were taking part in unsanctioned raft race which separates canada and the u.s., well, they ran into trouble after the rafts, boats and inner tubes were blown into shore of winds of 35 miles an hour. didn't finish their trip. if you don't want to get fried by the sun but still want to
6:46 am
smell fried, kfc is offering sunscreen that smells like fried chicken, spf-30, the only skin that should be crispy is your chicken. 3,000 free bottles, they all went within 3 hours. they are trying to promote their crispy fried chicken. a lot of people on twitter say it doesn't smell so great. finally this, ever find yourself arguing with significant other while on vacation, new research from the university of washington the amount of divorce filings is higher in periods following winter and summer holiday specially august and march. many could you please decide to file for divorce in august, that follows the family vacation, before the kids start school and why march and not january,
6:47 am
researchers say that basically they're trying to get their finance in order and hiring legal counsel so they're filing in march and not january. getting it all together and saying good-bye. sandra: i believe it, though. it's a lot of money going out the door and high expectations, you're going to have the best time ever and then it can be stressful. >> yeah who recollects needed a study to figure this one out. [laughter] >> you go on vacation. come on. on. micheal: we are having stress here but at least my spouse smells like fried chicken. dagen: i still fall back on vacation with a bottle of bourbon. [applause]
6:48 am
>> by the way, on a serious note, most ridiculous thing i ever heard you're going to ban liquor because beer and wine can't lead to drunkenness. what's more prevalent on campuses, keg parties, not drinking good scotch and good bourbon. sandra: no hard alcohol for track and field athletes. >> i play football. [laughter] dagen: sandra was the bomb, she still is. in college i was just a nerd -- never mind. sandra: go big or go home. one high school in dallas has multimillionair stadium.
6:49 am
the price tag on one that school team spirit next
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6:52 am
sandra: ryan lochte is still in hotter as sponsors separate themselves from medalist.
6:53 am
jared max has more on the story that everyone is talking about. jared: so hard to eastern and yet so easily burned. ryan lochte yesterday saw garden of endorsements wilt. first it was speedo, lochte had relationship since 2006, expire 2016, speedo yesterday to pull the plug and after the bathing suit came off the next line of apparel as well. ralph lauren announcing that it is cutting ties with ryan lochte, six-time gold medal winner. air weav, another company that lochte was with. this is all gone just in the matter of hours for ryan lochte. forbes estimated he would lose 5 to $10 million in endorsements because of his overexaggerations
6:54 am
as he put it in rio. boston red sox are flying high. last night, check out catch by red sox rooky. left fielder is going to make his way to the wall. look, goes over the wall to make the grab. boston ties the toronto blue jays for first place in the american league east division. 38 games to go. reaching the top of the stretch. that's when it gets exciting. we were talking about a football stadium in texas, mckenney, texas, $70 million to build this unbelievable high school football stadium in texas. 70million bucks high school football. sandra: shocker, it's texas after all. jared: what do you do when it's the nba off season, he goes
6:55 am
fishing, he reeled in a 350-pound grooper while friends were in rio. dagen: i don't think it's that big of a deal because these -- like speedo contract was in its last year. he only had a million dollars i don't want to poopoo that but the deals were set to go away anyway. the ralph lauren was related specifically to the to olympics and he didn't have the kind of money flowing in like he did back in -- jared: 2012. dagen: he was sponsored by gillette, nissan. jared: ralph lauren released a statement yesterday on why they
6:56 am
parted ways with it. sandra: as far as future sponsorships i don't think companies want to sponsor him anywhere he goes. dagen: michael vic went to prison and nike gave him another sponsorship. if ryan lochte can get a reality show -- >> if it makes you money for the sponsor, you find a way to manage it, do crisis management and do it again. if ryan lochte doesn't come up with something he will fade away. let's see if he comes back to another olympics. >> that would be a good fit for him. jared: who wants to get behind him right now? i think it's the embarrassment factor. sandra: jared max always good to have you. could be your last chance to book a summer vacation, we will
6:57 am
tell you how you can make the best of cheap flight day in the next hour sandra: good morning, i'm
6:58 am
6:59 am
sandra smith, it is tuesday august 23rd, here are your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. new emails reveal ties between clinton state department and the family charity. in the meantime donald trump focusing on the economy during a
7:00 am
rally in the key state of ohio last night. we are looking at which candidate is best for the economy ahead. it's the start of the school year, the cost of one life-saving device, epipen, how much this tinny thing is costing. it's really important too. at&t making it easy to make calls in cuba, coming up. it's cheap flight day if you're thinking about going anywhere. we have all the deals that you need to know so you can plan the last-minute, end-of-summer trip. maybe with your spouse you should think about that. markets are indicating a higher open on wall street led by nasdaq futures up two tenths of one percent. later this morning we will get the latest reading on home sales plus a few companies reporting earnings this morning including best buy, we have the fed and
7:01 am
still busy week. oversupply concerns have been weighing on the market. also goldman sachs talk about the rally was overdone and you have the 1% selloff in oil. in europe we are seeing gain as cross the board there. the ftse in london, cac quarante all higher. in asia markets higher. with me dagen mcdowell, rhino trading partners michael block and david webb. i was joking about the whole study that you poopooed. david david who needed a study. sandra: unbelievable. david: i solved it, give me the
7:02 am
million dollars or whatever. i will cut to half. [laughter] dagen: i don't think it was funded by the government. david: i want the money because i solved the president. sandra: we have robert joining us, trump supporter and texas congressman former louisiana senator mary, the economy front and center on the campaign trail, donald trump pledge to go create millions of jobs while speaking at a rally in ohio yesterday. >> my economic plan is going to grow this economy, raise your wages which in many cases haven't gone up in real wage for over 18 years, we are going to create millions and millions of new jobs, here are a few of the things that we are going to do.
7:03 am
this you will like, a massive tax cut for working americans and 15% tax rate for small businesses. we are going to eliminate regulations that kill american jobs. we are going to repeal and replace obamacare saving another 2 million jobs over the next decade alone. sandra: all right. on the other side of the aisle hillary clinton releasing a plan to jump-start small businesses and promote job creation. her proposals aim at making tax filing simpler and helping employers provide health insurance. who is the better candidate for the economy? let's bring forbes media chairman and former republican presidential candidate steve forbes. let me start with that simple question. who is the better candidate for the u.s. economy? >> right now obviously donald trump. she wants to raise taxes, he wants to cut taxes, he wants to reduce regulation, she wants to increase regulation. everything for her is
7:04 am
government. government does not create resources. they figure as donald trump would put it crooked hillary is not telling the truth that she'll be more like bill clinton. i don't think there's an inner bill in hillary clinton. she's far left. she gave us hillary care back in 1994. she wanted nationalized health care back in 1994, she is more hard left. wall street will be in for a very unpleasant surprised. they are going to get a hard lefty. sandra: interesting. as far as the markets are concerned right now, have they been pricing in a victory for either candidate? >> no, i don't think you're going to see that happening when the markets can get a feel of who might actually win this. right now she's in deep trouble and on friday he did it when he had a great run and fires david -- paul manafort on the day he's
7:05 am
getting great story from louisiana. he has to have -- we all know it, he has to have more discipline. stop stepping on your own story and when she's in a fall, let her fall. dagen: do you think it's a mistake -- >> it's all about timing. if he had done it over the weekend, when the story wasn't going to get underway of her own troubles. she's alienated colin powell. that takes work. he goes to louisiana, he lets manafort. it's about timing. not about the move but about timing. micheal: steve, this nab survey show it is business economist are favoring hillary here. she's not going to shift to the center here, how does donald
7:06 am
trump win that crowd back, what's the credible plan here? you said cutting taxes, how do you get a moral hazard issue with that? how does that go to work and win over the economist and the american people? >> you don't have a good economy unless you start to reduce the burden on the economy, the tax code gets more and more horrific, so you have to reduce rates, simplify a little bit. i wish he had gone to flat tax. in regulations it's killing businesses. so when you have the epa after you, you have healthcare costs going up, you're getting strangled. every government agent, barack obama is turning internet into a deadweight utility. she should give special speech in silicon valley saying they are trying to kill the internet and i want to liberate it. dagen: they answer to the
7:07 am
government first and foremost. so if you're mad about getting the mortgage, blame the administration and blame the next one if hillary clinton gets elected. >> when you turn industry to utility and higher education which is becoming utility, you don't have to do a regulation, you can just send a letter of suggestions and they know that's an offer you can't refuse. micheal: it sounds like the tax cut part is out there as part of economic plan, it sounds like what you're saying mr. trump needs to focus on deregulation, freedom, is that -- >> hammer home the tax issue. every speech, i want to cut them, she wants to raise them and list some crazy taxes. she's now for soda tax. dagen: there's a six-year holding period. you want to talk about complicating a situation particularly for anyone who owns stock, those rates go back to jimmy carter era level. >> exactly. when he goes to silicon valley, say how many of you in venture
7:08 am
capital can survive with a 45% capital gain's tax rate? hammer those issues. the one issue he will reassure is not blow up the world trading system. he should say the tools are at hand, i have the tools to deal with abuses instead of implying that he's going to have a trade war and hit obama for not enforcing trade agreements. david: going back to the small business, the growth, how does he get a real progrowth message out to the people who are trying to build businesses, grow businesses, trying to survive because there the majority of the people that are going to vote out there? >> yes, that's where visuals count. there's a wonderful -- you can find it on youtube of a woman who owns a franchise in seattle had to lay somebody off and now she may go out of business because she can't survive the 15-dollar minimum wage, she's a minority. go to people like that and say, these things are killing us.
7:09 am
sandra: u.s. stock market, for example, we've got fed coming up later this week, are you bullish? >> no, until we get earnings this week, revenues growing and more business investment it's going to trade water. that's where the market tries to anticipate the future. when the market gets better future of what lies ahead you can see changes. sandra: thank you. white house denied ever offering iran a ransom. an urgent travel warning coming in issued for americans going overseas, is this a coincidence? we will have that next. taking the internet by storm. we have the details on that straight ahead. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
7:10 am
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7:12 am
sandra: fed reporting earnings, best beau stock is soaring in premarket trading. you seem excited about the report. micheal: earnings per share look better. strongest part of this
7:13 am
was the online sales which once again for second quarter in a row were up 24%. they are getting something right. expectations were low here. electronic sales have not been a strong part of the advance retail sales numbers so the bar was low here and they have it nicely. it's like i cleared over the bar and let's go lower. best buy seems to have covered it and people manipulating stock markets. sandra: tv are seller at at best buy? micheal: tvs, everything else. sandra: up $5 premarket. a couple of hours till opening bell. the state department has issued
7:14 am
a warning. cheryl casone has the latest. cheryl: that's right, sandra. risk of arrest and detention of u.s. citizens specially those with dual iranian-american citizenship. since the u.s. government does not have relations, they have limit ability in an emergency there. the warning comes after the u.s. had nuclear deal and had 400 million-dollar cash payment that was contingent on the release of four american prisoners. get this, a teacher's new homework policy went viral. second grader in texas, there will be no formally assigned homework this year, yeah, i ask that you spend your evening that are proven to correlate with student success.
7:15 am
the letter has received more than 4,000 comments, most of them have been positive and supportive of the teacher. okay, listen to this about 700 items that once belong today president reagan and nancy reagan are going to be auctioned off and some of the items have a special meeting for fans of the former president. >> tear down this wall. [cheers and applause] cheryl: the eighth and final leader of the former soviet union at the time. the reagan items include a chunk of the berlin wall, a reference of the sound bite there, you can see there, the personal items being sold by the family trust to benefit the ronald reagan foundation and library out in california. auction is going to be held in new york september september 21st and 22nd. items expected to bring maybe
7:16 am
$2 million or maybe more. back to you. sandra: all right, i think that the reagan cocktail napkins, those would be very cool on your home bar. micheal: i'm already on it. [laughter] david: take it. i know it's late at night for you. sandra: i want to get to the news of the iran travel warning, though. dagen, david, you have it on your phone, you've been reading it. it's pretty unbelievable considering this is all coming down after the iran deal and ransom payment, 400 million-dollar cash payment, your take on this. david: first of all, the warning has been issued before. this comes from smart traveler which i recommend the federal government. i did a panel on national security and global security this weekend in miami and in that panel we had an expert on
7:17 am
none combating soldiers overseas, what happens if you're taken, how do you get help. iran has been obvious for years, you don't go there, what you do by existences as a nonmuslim or even a dual citizen as the minister, makes you a target for a government that doesn't abide by our rules. people have to make smarter choices, don't go to countries where you become a political tool. dagen: here is the issue 400 million-dollar ransom payment clearly for these prisoners, we don't pay ransom because it encourages bad actors to take more hostages which iran has done with three individual americans. so now the u.s. government is saying, don't go to iran, you might get taken prisoner or captive or hostage because we just paid a ransom payment to a state sponsor of terrorism. that's the hideousness of this. david: we've actually done the biggest harm of putting a price on an american head.
7:18 am
that's what this administration has done, dagen. they've made it so you have a value to the government not just for propaganda but you'll get money. >> let's give it a name. good job. sandra: the cost of saving your child's life has gotten a lot more expensive. the outrageous price hike for epipe, in that has parents scrambling ahead of the school year. donald trump say it is clinton foundation controversy is anything but funny, why he's calling for a special prosecutor to investigate next. ♪
7:19 am
7:20 am
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sandra: pharmaceutical making headline for the skyrocketing price of epipen protect, more than 400% since acquisition of the device in 2007. it's a life-saving emergency drug and being sold -- it was sold for $57 back in '07. that same device now cost consumers more than 500 and $600 in some cases. parents are outraged including jeffrey, parent of user. >> it's outrageous. with this drug there's been no technological advancement, there's been no advancement in any area -- >> they haven't had to invest.
7:23 am
>> there's no justification. i would be the first person to say that it's exertive advantage exists but i believe that this is pure greed. sandra: joining me now with this is pain medicine dr. devy, what do we need to know about this because it's very scary for parents who won't be able to afford that, the kids need it? >> sure. you have a deadly condition, a drug that's safe and effective. the ideal situation where you can save someone's life but the parents have to fork over so much money to ensure that their child is going to be okay. adults too. anybody can have fatal allergic reaction. the issue is that a lot of people don't know how to use the generic version, it's slightly different in terms of how the device works. your worry is what if the people
7:24 am
around you don't know how to use it. you don't want gamble where your life is in danger and the people around can't do it. if you're in the hospital doctors can inject you with a needle. there are a couple of things to be careful about. you can only inject in the fat and not the blood vessel. sandra: they've got a monopoly on this product. do you see anything wrong with the way they're handling that? >> do i. it's not like they are spending more money on device or drug, the drug itself is probably less than a dollar. the device is fair to say they have a great product but it's not that they developed nit a vacuum, other patients, the people have helped develop the device in terms of medical trials and volunteers.
7:25 am
sandra: the device holds a dollar of the actual medicine and charging $600? dagen: your average patient would have insurance coverage, they wouldn't pay $600, they would pay some where below that amount of money, right? the numbers i saw it might be $400 which is still a lot of money, but nevertheless -- this is not something to point out, it's not something that you have to take daily, it's to have in case of an emergency. it's not a recurring cost potentially if you're careful. >> well, it is a recurring cost because the device only lasts a year. you have to rechaur it every year and it's filled in a two-pack. [inaudible] >> you have to have it at home and at school. >> if you have insurance coverage it wouldn't be $600. >> it depends. wholesale versus retail is
7:26 am
different prices. with certain insurances you might have coverage. what happens, let's say you're generally healthy and your kids are healthy, this is a practical thing you might buy a high deductible insurance plan because otherwise you are doing pretty well, you might see higher costs than if you were very sick. sandra: the company has issued a statement to fox business, with changes in the insurance landscape increasing number of people and families are enrolled in high deductible health plans and deductible amounts continue to rise, this shift has presented new challenges for consumers and they are baring more of the costs. okay. so they just kind of spelled it out there for us. >> that's true. still the price hike like you mentioned from 57 to above 400 or something in that range, that's a huge change which is actually, you know, not necessarily based on developing -- it's their cost. sandra: is this going to encourage more exerts or to come
7:27 am
in. >> they had competitor which voluntarily recalled its product. hopefully other exerts competitors will jump in. sandra: why are there so allergies now? >> there are a lot of factors that affects people's immune system, we are seeing autoimmune disease, it's not totally clear why that's happening. >> that's a study worth doing. [laughter] >> when i went to high school we didn't have kids with peanut allergies. sandra: no, you probably did. david: nobody died in my high school because they ate peanuts. >> the best solution is to figure out the cause and treat that and not necessarily the medication. [laughter] sandra: very scary thing for the
7:28 am
parents who have kids that have this. thank you very much. up next scandal, what scandal? hillary clinton laughing off the brand new document dump with jimmy kimmel last night. >> jimmy, my emails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. we have released i don't know 30,000 plus, what's a few more. sandra: should the clinton foundation be shut down? we discuss that straight ahead. plus talk about a long distance call between at&t's new plan to take over cuba, straight ahead. .
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
sandra: i am sandra smith it is tuesday, august 23 here are top stories 7:30 a.m. eastern, the clinton foundation under fire, renewed allegations over pay-to-play as ooementz reveal ties between state department and faerm chaerment the state department is pushing back. >> this -- i can answer that. >> with these callon can you assure the american people the clinic state department maintained at all points, an appropriate distance from the clinton foundation? >> again, we have seen no evidence of any behavior, any
7:32 am
relations with clinic foundation that weren't completely above board. >> bongino facing questions over changing stance on emphasizing canceled events details on that ahead. >> a muslim group in arizona condemning isis on a billboard why the group paid for the ad coming up that ad at&t making it cheap tore make calls in cuba what to know if you are heading to the island soon it is cheap flight day we have all the deals you need to know about, as you make your plans for i don't know next summer trip, formally winter in markets futures showing that we might be higher open on wall street a couple hours from now dow up 46 s&p up 5 nasdaq futures up 13 later this morning the latest reed on new home sales more companies reporting earnings we got out best buy blew away expectations right michael block stock soaring in
7:33 am
premarket trading session, and mover to watch oil oversupply concerns weighing on the market you see down 8/10 of 1%, 47 dollars barrel goldman sachs saying the rally has been overdone, we're seeing selling there in europe we have seen gains across the board there, they continue dax in germany up 8/10 of a percent in asia overnight markets little changed mixed action abroad donald trump taking on clinic foundation last night trump heads to texas the to face questions over his immigration plan good morning john. reporter: good morning to you latest controversy surrounding hillary clinton 15,000 new e-mails clinton foundation, has donald trump completely changing his schedule, completely changing his strategy for this week he was set to give a big speech on immigration policy in denver thursday then this happened surrounding the clinton foundation the trump campaign
7:34 am
said wow what with a gift let's sit back and watch that drive the news cycle donald trump throwing wood on the fire as well last night in akron, ohio insisting a special prosecutor needs to look into hillary clinton's dealings because the department of justice cannot be trusted to do it here is trump from last night. >> the clintons made the state department into the same kind of pay-for-play operation as the arkansas government was. >> the justice department is required to appoint an independent special prosecutor because it has proven itself to be really sadly a political arm of the white house. >> donald trump will get back around immigration perhaps next week, kellyanne conway campaign manager sig a few minutes ago that you can't detail this all in one sound bite one speech but it will be coming, in looks like donald
7:35 am
trump is beginning to modify hard-line position a little bit what to do about 11 million people in this country illegally first said deport all as quick as possible listen to what he told bill o'reilly. >> get rid of the bad ones gang members killers a lot of bad people that have to get out of this country going to be out of this country so fast your head will spin. as far as everybody else we are going through the process what people don't know that obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country. i am going to do same thing i just said that. >> okay. >> here is what everybody wants to know, this is a very humane. >> okay we want to do it a very humane manner. >> that is a a little bit of a change donald trump about initially sandra said deport everybody as quickly as possible now get rid of the brad ones the rest we will deal with through the existing process, he says they will get strong laws right now in the books just need to be enforced. sandra: very good thank you so much live from trump tower for us this morning, as we
7:36 am
count you down to election day number of clinton e-mail trovrz appears o growing fbi investigation into hillary clinton use of private e-mail server at state department uncovered nearly 15,000 emphasize e-mails not did is closed now donald trump and running mate mike pence slammed clinton on the appearance of pay-to-play at the clinton foundation. listen. >> the amounts involved the favors done, and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately! . >> the clinton foundation just announced they will no longer accept corporate and foreign donations if hillary clinton is elected in november. >> apparently, she will have a conflict of interest with the clinton foundation if she
7:37 am
becomes president but i guess she didn't have a conflict of interest taking foreign donations when she was secretary of state of the united states of america. >> let's bring in robert ray former whitewater independent council good to have you this morning first of all, just seems like, it seems like democrats keep saying enough already, with the e-mail thing but yet, more documents more e-mails, after we were told charity put them out there, nothing else to see. >> enough already would be fine if they had disclosed all e-mails to begin with now here we are not a far away from election another batch 15,000, and indications that there may still be more before we get to the end of this. >> she keeps saying as an jimmy kimmel those boring e-mails, indicating there is nothing in them. >> that is what they say the other side is an effort to run up the clock before election hope nobody does anything about it. >> but the critical thing is
7:38 am
these e-mails that were disclosed as part of jurnl watch lawsuit freedom of information act request regarding the clinton foundation because this new -- this new information we got lace out how the clinton foundation donors got access to her aides at the state department and potentially her, because there -- there is one difference in this exchanges with crown prince of bahrain there is a significant notable interaction discussed between a donor to clinton foundation and her as secretary of state. >> donald trump and governor pence are right, it i raises clearly pay-to-play issues. and that means, conflicts of interest you want to know what else did they get besides meetings, of having an investigation. donald trump is questioning whether the justice department given the conflict of interest vovg volcano investigating one
7:39 am
of its own secretary of state kwhoornt would be fair independent investigation calling for special counsel not unreasonable frankly he is right. >> right we need independent council look at process i talked to tom if itten last night an in-depth conversation about this first of all you don't pay 32 3200,000 unless yo want something there is consideration, in that. but congress and the republicans control congress. >> 32 million you are talking about it was scholarship fund by the crown prince through clinton -- to be clear. >> i have a list here of payments, i called them payments because that is what they are, 10 ,000, 75,000 specific statements made by these folks about access, others congress can actually do this we talked about what obama and loretta lynch or the ag's can do congress according
7:40 am
to tom can also act on this getting independent prosecutor but to your point the clintons are running out the clock, because they are back 3, 4 weeks won't do anything. >> that is the -- >> congress could pass statute reenact the independent counsel statute frankly not time for that i don't think that is going to happen built there are existing regulations in the department of justice, when cool you for the appointment, of a regulatory special counsel in event of a conflict of interest involving an investigation criminal investigation of somebody in the administration or a former administration official that is really what is in play i think at the moment, look. giving money to buy access as the supreme court has made clear in mcdonald case not in and of itself a violation of law meanings a invitations of a criminal statute a crime, but it raises enough questions when as you suggest there are large payments, access, meetings what else did they see people get if something else they got decision-making, by the secretary of state by
7:41 am
the administration, that raises questions whether or not bribes are involved whether at least there maybe a violation of the federal gratuity statute there would have to be linkage between gifts and decision making power of the government if that would satisfy result of of investigation there may well have been a crime collected. >> in quick form has clock reason i out. >> there is not much time left as you can tell donald trump came for quote/unquote expedited investigation it would have to be expedited we don't have much time left. >> thanks for being here good to have you still to come one muslim group has a few things to say to isis, with the help of this giant billboard behind the bench that has taken the internet by storm! , plus, some are having a blast indiaa state troopers haveing fun with golf cart karaoke more on this hilarious greet tribute coming up ♪ don't you want me baby, don't
7:42 am
you want me now? ♪ ♪ don't you want me baby? don't you want me now? ♪ .
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7:45 am
sandra: isis you suck the bill borrowed visible along i-10 eastbound in phoenix paid for by a national muslim american nonprofit, with help from muslim community the area muslims want to condemn the organization in a very public way as seems they probably accomplished. >> at&t looking to cut costs for customers visiting cuba company signed a deal with cuba state on telecom companies to offer direct rooming services in that country, they have follow similar geements with sprint verizon t-mobile after obama administration eased some
7:46 am
sanctions on cuba. >> and take a look, at this. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ i met a girl crazy for me ♪ they sing state troopers sell berateing last day of state fair with golf cart karaoke there you go only 40 seconds long i wish longer they lip-synch summer tonight from musical grease played more than 15,000 times sandra, they worked hard -- decided to have fun at the end of the state zbrier glad them not me, karaoke -- >> all dudes. grease lightning. >> not summer loving grease
7:47 am
lightning. >> like getting ribbed in the locker room, the rest of your life! labor day around the corner good looking for fun getaway our next guest had last minute travel gems for your family coming up is it too late to say sorry in ryan lochte reeling in aftermath of his olympic robbery feedback as cowhat big corporations may never get back in the water with this olympican. ♪ ♪ ♪ with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class.
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♪ so hard for the money ♪ ♪ she works hard for the money ♪ sandra: all right, so it is august i haven't gotten away this summer looking for last minute getaway on a would imagine budget today august 23 is cheap flight day, joining me expedia travel expert courtney scott why the day to book travel. >> august 23 end of the peak summer travel season kids heading to school airlines switching from geoffs us the opportunity to save up to 20% on fleets today. >> so this sounds enticing to one listening this isn't just cheap carriers like spirit or southwest i think we are spleening right now, all majorcars. >> across the board, today is also tuesday for many years was the best day to find cheapest flights tuesday not
7:52 am
only day anymore, expedia he respectful indicates weekends are best time to shop, the bottom line tuesdays weekends great times to book flights i say if you are going to book on weekends saturday better over sunday, in general. >> kwauf best time am i booking too far out how many days out for flights in the u.s. and international flights. >> if you are looking for fly domestically 57 days best about 10%. >> two months in in advance. >> much larger if you are traveling internationally frequency north america, pacific -- 160, europe 176 days out if you are looking for spring break 2017 travel should you start booking flights end of september this year. >> so sell me on this going to book last minute get away where are we going. >> there are some great last minute deals london paris have
7:53 am
been on your radar for a while might be best time to do it about a 13ion savings on packages to both cities bundling flight hotel together great way to save hawaii 1200 dollar to maui 1100 packages to oahu for families, mexico a great destination, looking about 1500 dollars savings. >> i don't know savings from how much how much is it going to -- >> to mexico rivera a favorite destination great deal. >> okay as far as overall spending is concerned, are we looking at people spending more now than they have been or less? >> yeah people are spending more now on travel getting out exploring and so but today is the day to spend less. cheap flight day all day august 23, mark that date in calendar for next year as well. >> you must with expedia you
7:54 am
see personal travel, but business travel had been taking a hit what are you seeing as far as the percent of travelers out there traveling for leisure or business. >> four out of five people traveling are travel for leisure. yes. >> so i haven't seen uptick. >> yeah. >> good as far as snaifgs best places for money right now. >> well mexico, caribbean, and europe, we are about to enter the season between high season and low season after labor day one favorite time in europe. >> are you hearing concerns about zika virus. >> use common sense there are tips out there for pregnant women but yes a real concern not something would prevent me from traveling. >> courtney scott thank you very much book labor day travel deals and today is the day for cheap flight day. >> hillary clinton telling jim. >> kimmel she is not worded
7:55 am
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. sandra: good mornings i am sandra smith maria bartiromo has morning off tuesday, august 23, your top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern clinton foundation, under fire, renewed questions over
7:58 am
pay-to-play as new e-mails reveal tie he is between:'s state department and farmer charity republican presidential nominee donald trump calling for a special prosecutor and his where you think mate mike pence launched his own attack. >> hillary clinton should shut down the clinton foundation right now. how in the world how in the world can how in the world can they say that the that they will shut down the clinton foundation if she is elected president of the united states? and allow foreign contributors and major corporations to make down payments on access to the clinton administration? i mean let me tell you something folks. it is time that hillary clinton came clean. >> latest on the race for the white house ahead. president obama, heads to baton rouge, louisiana the latest on recovery in that
7:59 am
city kids in miami area going back to school but just not just worried about homework how zika is affecting their start to the school year. fresh back from miami has comments on that, millennials in retirement details on the new study, on what young people need to do to save for their futures, plus the cost of lying, find out how much ryan lochte is down after losing all of his sponsorships. and who really won the medal count europe says it took the top spot? what? question math ahead, in markets futures showing, that we may see higher opening on wall street an hour and half froo now dow futures up 45 points at quarter percent gain across the board, there, later this morning we will glatest reading new sales a mover oil, that relationship to the stock market oil has been dipping this morning, down to about 47 dollars a barrel, over supply concerns weighing on that
8:00 am
market, and in europe, we've been seeing gains across the board there, led by dax in germany up 3/4 of a percent in asia markets little changed but finishing mixed, all that coming up with me this morning, fox business network dagen mcdowell, rino trading partner michael bloc radio talk being who host david webb here good morning, everybody. . >> wow -- >> all right -- >> zika -- >> david going to brag about being in miami a little bit more. >> look at my -- look at this tan. >> one day. >> you are looking good david weber a can't-miss lineup in addition to wonderful people texas congressman trump supporter lamar smith former louisiana senator mary landrieu host of varney & company, you don't want to miss it. >> state department ordered to release 15,000 hillary clinton e-mails exclusive dominates show an executive at the
8:01 am
clinic foundation left almost 150 phone messages, for hillary clinton's top aide at state department blake burman has details from our washington bureau good morning blake. reporter: sandra good morning to you then there was also the conservative advocacy group judicial watch calls latest e-mails it contained proof of play forplay while this clinton campaign called that dump a false attack from a right wing group those e-mails show that in early months of hillary clinton's state department clinton permission to founder and bill clinton aide doug, emiling to hillary clinton aides special requests involving donors according to lists on clinton foundation web site that release came hours before fox james rosen reported, that call logs for top aides cheryl mills shows the least 148 telephone messages in a two-year period from clinton foundation chief operating officer lauren graham, separately monday
8:02 am
ensdid is closure fbi covered 15,000 additional unknown e-mails from hillary clinton personal e-mail system clinton appears on jimmy kimmel's late night show last night, and shrugd that off. >> jimmy my e-mails are so boring. >> i know. >> i am embarrassed about that it is so he boring, so we have already released i don't know 30,000 plus, so what is a few more? >> back to the clinton foundation for a second, because clinton opponent donald trump has called for a special prosecutor to look into pay-for-play accusations for the foundation to be disband. >> blake burman thank you. >> thanks. >> well, sitting here reacting to this humor on that at jimmy kimmel last night. >> word is hubris. >> bring a in a lamar smith congressman your thoughts on, well first hillary clinton reaction last night on jimmy
8:03 am
kimmel. >> that was quite amazing because what she did not tell the truth about 15,000 e-mails, i don't know whether one big in truth or 15,000 untruthths she had said she turned over all of her work related e-mails to the fbi, the fbi discovered there were 15,000 e-mailswork related e-mails she deleted not turned over to fbi so this is more than just her you laughing off these are a few more boring e-mails she did not tell the truth to the american people, or the fbi. >> let's talk about this pay-to-play renewed questions over pay-to-play with release of new e-mails she sort of joked off there in ties between the clinton state department, and the family foundation. >> well, clearly there were either illegal or unethical or conflict of interest when it came to individuals paying the clinton foundation, and then expecting mrs. clinton to do them favors as secretary of state.
8:04 am
that is clearly wrong that land any number of instances, and millions and millions of dollars were given to the clinic foundation, clearly with the expectation that they were going to get a favor from the secretary of state that is not the way government should run it is not the way a public he servant should act. >> congressman, david web here, i spoke to tom fitten last night we had robert ray former whitewater investigator here, i have a question for you. . why hasn't congress done this before why are they doing it now you have the ability to appoint a special prosecutor, tom said last night on my show robert ray talked about it why hasn't congress acted on this? >> the republicans are this control. >> right republicans we have had two committees having investigations, they have had oversight hearings looking into it, there is clearly a sense in congress that mrs.
8:05 am
clinton committed perjury. >> what about special prosecutor can only be pointed by justice department. >> robert ray that congress has ability to bring back put laws in place that exist and appoint a special prosecutor. >> oh if we could pass a new law would require approval of senate the signature of a president no doubt he would veto any bill we might pass get to the senate which is no easy thing to do but as of right now the doj department justice can set up pressure prosecutor you can guess the odds that will happen. >> congressman this is michael bloc with all due respect i am hearing a lot of judicial process a lot of red tape new laws need to be passed what is goal to process acute hillary clinton or get people like her you are who abuse power, out of the power? >> that is the goal? it should be shining a light on all these things the fact she uses state department as can so conconcierge service to get people abusing power out of
8:06 am
office, can that be goal rather than process accusation your thoughts on that can that be done to me the goal to get american people the facts let them make up their minds as to what pls clinton did wrong or illegal, or unethical or regrettable we have to get those facts that is the problem, the -- administration and mrs. clinton have not been forthcoming they have not been truthful not given us information that we need but quite frankly that is one of the reasons why i think donald trump is getting more and more popular he wants to shake things up in washington, clearly there is not many people that like the way things are going, washington american people i think country doing the wrong direction that is why we need a is change of leadership in washington. >> even though congressman polls have been tightening, hillary clinton leading, and in swing states leading in national polls why doesn't this resonate. >> her reactions on jimmy kimmel last night is like, because slow a knows people are not going to read the e-mails, she knows that bill
8:07 am
clinton and hillary clinton created a situation between the state department and the clinton foundation, that is such a morass that people can't get their hands around it. >> right, i do think the american people are paying more attention you have seen last 24 hours i think there were two national polls mr. trump has gone up 3 points so he is on the rebound i think will continuing to up, but we do need to get that navigation, to the american people, and i thank you all for being willing to do that. >> i want to give update from you congressman you recently subpoenaed three tech companies declined to handle her difficulties about private invest server she was using while secretary of state whether where is that station. >> i am chairmanman we have jurisdiction over national institute of standards and technology that sets the standards for government officials how they should use servers we want to find out if in fact pls clinton perhaps othersed a headed to the standards that we have set fi
8:08 am
for individuals how they use servers given 15,000 e-mails mrs. clinton tried to delete, but fbi discovered i am not sure she maintained those government standards and that is what we want to find out. >> all right, i want to get to immigration you are a sportr he is under fire that he is flip-flopping he denied those claims we had kellyanne conway new campaign manager on she denied that assist stance is softening he is going to speak in texas tonight, as a supporter of donald trump what are your thoughts on that. >> i think mr. trump is one hundred percent right and so do most american people we need to secure the board fird over half a million people coming into country illegal every year 10 million people in the country illegally a facing is not a nation without laws and without secure boards i agree with there trump secure board first that is what he said is going to be first odd of business quite
8:09 am
frankly the administration policies are encouraging more illegal immigration a president wants to give amnesty to millions mrs. clinic osteopathics give amnesty even more millions of people than president obama all that does is encourage pier people come into country illegally if they think they are rewarded with amnesty we need to look out for american taxpayers american workers do not need mills of people coming in to compete with unemployed americans for sckai. rce jobs. >> president obama expected to travel to louisiana today is the visit too little too late schools -- the zika threat could keep some kids out the growing concern for students in florida, ryan lochte no longer swimming in sponsorships latest fallout from the controversy surrounding the olympian.
8:10 am
♪ p?p?h.
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8:12 am
sandra: firefighters battling wildfires, in washington state cheryl casone has more on that and other headlines now good morning. cheryl: good morning sandra at least 16 homes destroyed as a series of wildfires continue to grow near spokain
8:13 am
washington forcinging evacuations. the fire started sunday afternoon high winds temperatures in 90s. one fire spokane near davenport burned at least 6 who else scorched more than nine square mieltz. >> fight against zika continues in south florida schools in miami area extra bug sprays, teachers receiving training how to teach students to protect themselves from mosquito bytes students also allowed to wear long sleeves and pants even if it doesn't go with dress code governor rick scott said florida department of health is sending another 5 million dollars to miami-dade county for zika preparedness and mosquito control. >> well in sports, ofrp ryan lochte lost major sponsors caution of drunk driveren incident at olympics speedo, usa clothing kahn rafael rafael japanese mattress maker
8:14 am
airweave, and syneron candela worth about a million dollars a year lochte issued a statement thanking speedo usa for long support but did not mention the other companies. the u.s. olympic committee and usa swimming have indicated lochte will in some way, shape or form be punished. >> finally for a second there is outrage in great britain over a tweet posted by the european parliament the proud of record breaking total 67 metals third place if you look at it among the nations, u.s. number one china number two great britain, but -- get this, the official european parliament twitter account sent quote two congratulations to thank you european winners at 2016 rio games, tweet shows an eu olympian on top of the podium combining all 325 medals combined totally of all
8:15 am
eu nations if you include the 67 from great britain, who, of course, has voted to leave the eu some people reminding eu would o not have benefit offed me altz in 2020 game one user on twitter says nice to see eu trying to cash in on the -- >> maybing tke the most of it. >> explain a hair removal, shave -- >> hair removal -- dagen -- >> hung out? >> body hair they don't need it i guess not. >> all right shall we move on, thank you. >> one thing, read this attribute medal cut on even with britain's help. >> britain was second in gold, by the way,, all right, moving on to this story, we sent them
8:16 am
400 million dollars in cash! , but you can't go there why the state department is now telling americans stay out of iran, plus the only people criticized more than donald trump his supporters are critics missing the bigger picture here? what voters need to know next. ♪ i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for ness. . sandra: president obama will visit louisiana today as difficult clean efforts under way after the state historic flooding more than 60,000 homes have been damaged, the devastation described worst
8:20 am
since sandy in 2012 our jeff flock has been on the ground in baker louisiana, now with the latest, jeff what are you seeing? . reporter: sandra the parachute east you baton rouge, louisiana where president obama will be later today i don't know if you remember what we showed you yesterday but we are now 20 miles or so away from a where we were yesterday. the same scene, and a lot of the area in between that has played out the same way, every house with did he debris on street will greet the president a talking about the president's visit, some, of course, criticized him for having been on vacation not here sooner most people though i tell if you you have your house inundated by flood you care most what the response is to that fema has gotten a pretty good report from most of the residents here as you can see places guts out the process has begun, they feel
8:21 am
like being responded to so i think that is the bottom line. despite potential to theo ops from candidates presidents what people mainly care about is just the bottom line, the bottom line is how is the government going to help them get through what clearly is a pretty major disaster. >> thank you so difficult to see joining us former louisiana senator sr., policy he advisor mary landrieu joins us how are people of your home state doing this morning? >> well it is tough as you can see from the excellent report that jeff did hit the nail on the head that is exactly what people want to hear what federal government can do state and local governments can do they recognize they have got to do for themselves as well, of course, nonprofits churches charities will step up but a real partnership, between the individuals, community and the government to get this fixed and done. and to get people back in
8:22 am
their homes i think the other thing sandra this is so widespread, i mean it had goes from ascension parish basically all the way to the west, to lafayette vermilion parish new iberia not just one city it is persuade over many counties we call them parishes i hope the president will get a sense of the scale of the disaster today when he visits. sandra: of course, your referencing that visit he will make in louisiana day the timing has been questioned senator his visit coming 10 days after the flooding, actually happened, and five days after donald trump the republican nominee put himself throwing in baton rouge. what do you make of the fact donald trump on the ground before the president is that important? >> well, first of all, the flooding wasn't one-day event the water is actually just went down, day or two ago flooding happened all last
8:23 am
week, i know because i was there for part of it. and so you don't want to have a presidential visit for sure in the middle of water rising, and rescue operations so i think governor edwards was right, to reach out ask the president to come, this is a good time with the water going down you can access a lot of areas, i thank donald trump for coming and anything that can bring you know, attention to our state. but you need to do more than come he made a contribution wonderful, and most importantly, people want to hear from him from the president, and from secretary clinton what they can do to make the situation even better i left a much best fema than one we inherit forced katrina part might have legacy building a better fema i think that accomplished that with a lot of help. but, still, it is not enough a lot of people don't have insurance. >> yeah -- flooded -- >> huge issue. >> i think the actually count. sandra: flood zone.
8:24 am
>> the count on uninsured is going to be tough to callie one i don't think we will have official number on quite sometime we have been asking about officials down there, about the meanwhile, you said you would like to see secretary clinton democratic nominee visit as well. she has not scheduled a visit as of today. to the region. and her campaign released this statement on the flooding quote, i am committed to visiting communities affected by these floods at a time when presence of a political campaign will not disrupt the response to discuss how we can and will rebuild together. senator do you think hillary clinton is making a mistake delaying her visit down there? >> no i think timing is very important i am sure she will come she was a real leader in the rebuilding of super storm sandy i know i served with her in senate she took a front point of the spear kind of position to do that with chuck
8:25 am
schumer gi schumer. >> it is what she does as president can we improve flood insurance get money on the ground sooner, scan we work better with nonprofits. >> senator i think you and i discussed this of about, i know very, very well a graduate of louisiana state university lived in baton rouge many years, touches people down there today, they say the more that we can get these officials to come visit us, the better. and sooner is better. we need attention on us, it increases funding donations, the time is now! , and if hillary clinton wants to do good for that community people down there, don't you this i that she could bring that necessary attention there now i mean later would it be too late as she goes a week from now a month from now? >> well it is not going to be a month it should not be but as you know if you are from louisiana recovery efforts last decades, we hope this didn't last decades we are
8:26 am
recovering from katrina over 10 years ago hopefully this will be quicker it is terrible but not the same scale as katrina but yes, absolutely, but, again, the most important thing is to get fema money to people, get help for them and to organize strategically i think the governor from a what i have heard doing an excellent job from all quarters craig fugate was on the ground secretary homeland security jeh johnson, i spoke with, you know at length is on top of it so and then the congressional delegations steve scalise ranking member on republican side i hope will bring a delegation of leaders from the house as well as from the senate. >> those businesses we think about, 73,000 is the number of employees of businesses located in flooded areas, as you said, this is this is a recovery efforts will take
8:27 am
years if not decades senator mary landrieu thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> good to have you here coming up the case gebz the clintons the latest on the controversy surrounding the power couple's foundation plus millennials may be day late dollar short when it comes to retirement. why the generations finances may already be strained. ♪ ♪
8:28 am
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appointments available now. >> welcome back. i'm sandra smith. it's tuesday, august 23rd. your top stories at 8 a.m. eastern. the clinton foundation under fire. renewed questions over pay to play as new e-mails reveal ties between clinton's state department and the family charity and that has donald trump calling for a special prosecutor in the case. meantime, trump rallying support in ohio last night explaining to voters why he is the best candidate for change. >> you keep voting for the same failed politicians, you will keep getting the same results. but most importantly, i want to talk to you about, really, what you have to gain. those hurting in our country have so much to gain by joining
8:31 am
our campaign for a new and more inclusive american future. sandra: straight ahead, we're taking a closer look at trump supporters and why they are vilified by the mainstream media. a new travel warning for iran. why the u.s. says it will be limited in helping people who head to the country. even after the nuclear deal and the alleged $400 million ransom payment to bring american prisoners back home. millennials and retirement. details on the new study that says the generation is facing its own crisis, even though they are decades away from retirement. and best buy shares, they are up big time ahead of the opening on wall street, up 16% on better than expected earnings. the surprise increase in profit and better than expected on-line sales, right, michael block? that's what you like about it. >> 24%. >> checking on the broader markets.
8:32 am
you you have u.s. futures pointing to a higher opening op wall street. quarter percent gain across the board. and dow, s&p and nasdaq. and oil down nearly 1%, dipping below $47 a barrel right and goldman sachs is note saying the recent oil price rally mainly in august may be overdone. maybe this rally is a little bit fragile so we're seeing some selling this morning. donald trump supporters facing as much scrutiny from the mainstream media and liberals as the candidate himself. trump's campaigning manager kelly anne conway raised concerns over the targeting here on mornings with maria yesterday. >> i think that people are just too stereo typed by the people, and put them in demographic boxes. if you're a woman you can only talk about this. sandra: my next guest says we could be missing what voters
8:33 am
want by stereo typing trump supporters. >> shocker, trump supporters, they're getting targeted. why? >> i think it's extraordinary. it's one thing to attack a candidate when you run for president, you're fair game, a lot of unfair attacks, but so many of the attacks on donald trump has been on his supporters. sandra: why? >> well, they're dismissed as uneducated because they're disproport haven't gone to college, white trash, incredible what they're being called. sandra: why is that happening? >> well, people dislike trump, but they need to sort of feel they're superior to the trump voters. donald trump has his share of obnoxious fans and i've heard from them, but i've heard from people that are college educated and reasonable. and you never hear. sandra: our historian. can you compare this to recent elections where supporters of a
8:34 am
nominee were targeted like this? >> not really. you really can't. i'll use an example for myself when i have to go into a bernie rally, a hillary rally, a leftist, fox has to at times send security with me. i've never had to go to a trump rally or a romney rally or a tea party rally with armed security and when we head to minneapolis, trump supporters are spit on and objects are thrown at them and the media ignores it, we've got to face the reality this is about the leftist in america, the democrats, the progressives, the hillary supporters, and the idea of breaking down the culture and painting anyone who objects to them as somebody to run an i way from. sandra: and maybe it would behoove all of us if we stopped and listen to what they want. >> the people i meet are concerned about their future, future for their children, whether they'll have economic opportunities for them, the same kind of students. you look at the phrase making america great again, that's dismissed by a lot of people in
8:35 am
the media and pundits and so forth, but it's very appealing to a lot of people who feel that they're losing their country in some ways and that the country their children will get won't be the same. sandra: your op-ed in the wall street journal you mentioned the word trumpkin and the fondness pour the media word once to describe and demean his supporters? >> i go further, it's not just the left. there are a lot of conservative critics sneering at trump voters, too. i think it's a big mistake in a democracy if you want to build support for your side, you generally don't insult the people you're trying to persuade to go your way. dagen: sorry, go ahead, mike. >> i made the argument part of what helped trump win the g.o.p. nomination, it galvanized voters who say, you're calling us stupid? this resonates with us. how does that carry over to a general election? >> we don't know. right now, donald trump is doing well among independents and clearly connecting with a
8:36 am
lot of people haven't traditionally voted republican, but he has a harder time getting republicans to support him than mrs. clinton has getting democrats to support her. and some people are, you know, put off by his manner and so forth, but again, and that's fair game, but again, i think to attack the people is extraordinary. sandra: and what impact that's having on the race as far as the accuracy of the polls. so we're asking you the question. what is the stereo typing of his supporters have on the accuracy of the polls that we're seeing that do reflect hillary clinton is in the lead. >> i don't know. the last time people said oh, the polls were wrong about romney and seem to have been right about romney, again, the polls suggest that donald trump's weakness is among traditional republican voters and i think we see that in our various interactions. dagen: i think that the american people are getting a taste of what it's like being a conservative living in new york city and ridiculed by the
8:37 am
liberal elites particularly in your major population centers. going further than new york city. your column today is about the clinton foundation and the e-mails that we found out from the judicial watch. do those connect with the voter? 'cause somebody was tweeting earlier and said i think that people in it country just have corruption fatigue. >> right. dagen: and they've stopped caring despite she used the office of secretary of state. >> and all of these things coming out, showing she didn't tell the truth almost about anything and the thing that sums up these e-mails is, an executive from the clinton foundation writing to people in the state department, hillary's top, asking for favors on behalf of people who have contributed gobs of money to the clinton foundation. it's a massive conflict of interest. and to go further, a lot of the stories say, a lot of the conditions and the people and
8:38 am
institutions paying bill clinton for his speeches were people that had business before the state department. and we act as though this is an accident or a byproduct, but when you put that out there, that connection, where do the clintons selling? they have an expresident, people don't just want to hear bill's opinions. they're selling the influence with possibly a future president and someone who was secretary of state. >> what did bill clinton possibly say now that is worth a quarter million dollars that he didn't say as president. there's a point by which i'm personally offended, i want to go back to the trump voter and the liberal elites and the media talking about the uneducated. first of all, i object to the term on this basis, you're educated at whatever level. if you're a tradesman or a corporate ceo, that's a level of education and i am so sick of being painted, i'm an educated man, i've met many educated trump supporters at all levels of life, and they're being painted as somehow the
8:39 am
uneducated masses in america and i think that people should be pissed off about that. >> also, democracy is based on the idea that everybody is the best judge of his own station, right? not some-- >> uneducated electrician doing electrical work in your house and see how that works out. >> and the recent gallup survey says even that, that trump does poll disproportionately, but even that is misleading. they earn average money and they're not this poor mop looking to get revenge. sandra: thank you for shedding light on a very important subject. thank you. still to come the $400 million ticket to nowhere. why u.s. citizens are told to stay away from iran despite the taxpayer dollars that went to the country. and plus, the best buy for investors may be best buy. we'll bring down the monster quarter for the retail giant. look at the stock up $6 right
8:40 am
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>> all right. we are now 45 minutes away from the opening bell. take a look at stocks on the move this morning. here it is, best buy, the winner of the morning, the stock rising more than 15%, looking to open at its highest level in nearly a year. the retailer reporting a jump in on-line revenue and a surprise rise in second quarter earnings. all right. they're doing a lot better. a turn around story there. we're also watching shares of mobile eye, according to the wall street journal the company is teaming up with delphi on a fully autonomous system for car makers. the two companies are top auto parts suppliers and the journal
8:44 am
says those could be put in cars starting in 2019, all about the self-driving cars all over the news. all right, an urgent travel warning for all americans right now. the state department telling people to avoid driving to iran or risk being illegally thrown in jail after the controversial nuclear deal and the alleged $400 million cash payment in return for american prisoners. and let's bring in the host of "varney & company," stuart varney. stuart: the state department spent eight minutes and before that a couple of hours, trying to define the difference between leverage and ransom. they're desperate to try to say, oh, no, no, no, no, we did not pay $400 million hard cash to get our hostages back. no, it was leverage. fast forward to know and what we have is a travel warning from the state department, don't go to iran because you might be seized and then of course, we would have to pay ransom.
8:45 am
you have to shake your head at this, doesn't you? here we are, we clearly paid ransom and there is now a very large price on the head of every american who travels overseas just about everywhere and iran in particular. i mean, i don't get it. i really don't. sandra: and stuart, the warning says they continue to detain students, business travelers and academics on charges of espionage and imposing a threat to national security. stuart: there's more, did you know the iran foreign minister is in cuba buddying up to our new friends. and after that, off he goes to venezuela, you can't make this up, can you? our brothers in peace are now encircling us as enemies. strange stuff. sandra: i'm sure you'll be covering this on your show 15 minutes from now, stuart varney. a reminder, "varney & company"
8:46 am
starts every day at 9 a.m. eastern. i think you take saturdays and sundays off. monday through friday and you're sitting there reacting and viceral reactions to this discussion and what was your-- >> iran has it right. they figure out like steve martin in the jerk, it's a profit deal. kidnap people, get $400 million from the u.s. government with our friend john kerry, thanks. incredible. >> leverage if they want to call it leverage. leverage gets you something. so what did we actually get out of iran? >> we got our pants pulled down, that's what we got, we got pants 'd, profit deal. sandra: all right. we'll head to break. a look at the market. best buy, there's an optimistic tone in general to this market as dagen has pointed out, pretty complacent. the dow 48 points and we may see a higher opening minutes
8:47 am
from now. and stocks, where the millennials may need to put their money. the concern over the millennial generation's retirement plans or lack thereof next. ♪
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
> >> millennials could have an unwelcome challenge down the line. the generation is headed toward the retirement crisis. 54% of millennial women said their finances were too strained to save for retirement and the majority surveyed
8:51 am
aren't optimistic about their prospects. it may not be too late to change course. here to break is down for us, the personal development advicer larry wingate. the millennials are ill-prepared for retirement? >> i think that everybody is ill-prepared for retirement. let's not just pin that on the millennials. most old folks aren't ready for it either according to most studies. you know what bothers me, sandra, about this the most, it's not the money issue, it's the mindset issue. the study reveals at that so many people say they're not going to be prepared and they're coming up with excuses. there's too much waste, disparate between the genders. the job market is not going be good enough and for most of the people we're talking 40 years down the road, 40 years from now they've already decided they aren't going to have enough money to retire. sandra: what's the real problem? >> it's not the money, it's the mindset. sandra: what's the real problem? they're not working on it right now as far as they should be.
8:52 am
as far as the mindset 54% of them said they will never accumulate a million dollars during their lifetime. 73% of women felt this way so it's women more than men that are worried they won't be able to save enough to retire. >> i know, and again, they're coming up with all the excuses. how can you say 40 years from now you're not going to be ready to retire. sandra: because they're stretched, they say. >> i know it, they say they're stretched too thin. why not stretch yourself so thin? connell: that sounds easy enough. all right. >> no, it is about that simple. adjust your life style. don't spend more than you make. here is a clue, don't do that. >> larry, first of all, i'm a little disappointed. you toned down the shirt this morning so i'm heartbroken when i saw you were on the show, i'm looking for the shirt. but you've got a point here in short, the kind of instant gratification society, the
8:53 am
millennial generation, which is also the other side of long-term thinking, think for your future. so you think it's more about you need it right now and if i can't see it, i can't project 40 years from now? >> yeah, i believe that's part of it and there's also this whole, oh, to hell with it. i don't have enough money now and i'm not going to have enough money then and add the other part of that mindset issue, these people typically have this high deservability, somebody should take care of me. they should take care of my health care, they should take care of my education, and they darn sure ought to take care of my retirement. doesn't have any personal responsibility in there at all. sandra: hey, larry. dagen: in recovery, people talk about you've got to hit rock bottom. you've got to hit rock bottom before you can right yourself and get into a program, but if you hit rock bottom when it comes to saving and retirement, it's too late. >> yeah, it is too late, but again, we're 40 years away from most of those people. it's not too late.
8:54 am
they can start adjusting their life style right now. some of these people are employed, they can participate in company matching funds for retirement. you can get into the 401(k), they can stop spending so much money and start saving more. they still have time. they don't have to hit rock bottom. sandra: i know, they said 43% of americans spend more than they earn. that's going to be an issue, okay? and sam, chatting with him recently in chicago, millennials won't buy starter homes and they'll rent and spend themselves out of the market renting until they can buy a house and until they can buy the house, it's not a start-up home in a start-up neighborhood. they deserve more apparently they feel. so they're spending way more than they should be. >> yeah, we have too many waiting too late on that, to get into the housing market and they saw their parents get burned on that, where their house didn't turn out to be much of an investment and they saw their parents get about burned in the market as well.
8:55 am
they're waiting and some are hanging onto the money, but you can't really make any money by just sitting on it. so you're going to have to get into the market, whether it's the real estate market or the stock market. you're going to have to do something. but i would tell everybody to change their mindset and get your thinking right. the money is going to be there if your thinking is right. but to decide today how it's going to look for you 40 years from now. >> by the way, 40 years-- >> it's ridiculous. >> they're worried about saving million dollars for retirements 40 years from now? i don't know how far that's going to go. you might need more that. >> i'm betting you will, too. sandra: thank you for joining us. >> thank you. sandra: final thoughts from our all-star panel after the break. we'll be right back. [ yes. yes. ] uhhh, you're really getting the hang of this. anncr: want feedback that helps? verified reviews.
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♪ >> there it is, new york city on a tuesday morning. our camera pointing up sixth avenue there. guys, i want your final thoughts as we head off to the rest of our days. dagen. dagen: me first? i'll be brief. are we so immune to corruption in this world that people don't care what was going on with the clinton foundation and the state department. ask yourself, do you really not care that someone abuses the
8:59 am
power of an office when they're meant to serve the american people. sandra: fair question. michael. >> on that note, what i'll say the message from trump, to clinton, she is is not for you, we are. and the market, within a stone's throw of all-time highs and janet yellen speaking. there's credence that she's not going to rock the boat. if she does rock the boat, i see problems. sandra: the futures are up. david webb? >> off something that dagen said, hubris and entitlement, the ruling class and the entitlement we talked about with larry when it comes to millennials. those are two dangerous appointments in our society and hubris and entitlement means a bad connection and lack of connection for your future. you've accepted corruption and you expect something that you don't have to earn or pay for. sandra: on that note, michael
9:00 am
block, dagen mcdowell, david webb, thank you for joining us. that is it for "mornings with maria", stuart varney, you got a preview ten minutes ago, "varney & company." take it away. stuart: i shall. 76 days to go and you get the feeling that this election is beginning to shift a little? good morning, everyone, hillary clinton is now deep, deep into defense mode. no choice. it's one scandal after another. 15,000 new e-mails we're supposed to see them right before the election. more evidence of influence peddling through the clinton foundation and a new up roar about top aide huma abedin. she and her family linked it a radical magazine, her mother is the editor. and hillary clinton went on jimmy kimmel and she laughed it off, she said her e-mails are boring.


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