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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 23, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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mike gallagher. nice to have you with us. that's it for us. we thank you for being with us. we'll have general jack keane. we hope you join us tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: hillary clinton released her plan to help the nation's small businesses. but will it actually work? economist brian brenberg break it down. should the fed be footing the bill for natural disasters? you may not have heard of the deejay aoki, but he's made a million dollars. sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes emails are much more than emails. the clintons are mired in a growing controversy.
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despite allegations it's just a right wing conspiracy, this won't go away. she has no problem going on comedy kowps. >> my emails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. so we have already released, i don't know, 0,000 plus, so what's a few more. kennedy: i don't know, person are you? so boring. they may hold answers as to how hillary used foggy bottom as an extension of the clinton foundation. they weren't just sister organizations, they were conjoined twins. clinton's state department condemned cesspools of home homophobia and mis misogyny in e
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middle east. aides from both enterprises were arranging meetings and placing a guy with no security experience on a sensitive panel from which he quickly resigned and scurried away like a cockroach once the media glare he can posed the oddity. how did the hillary clinton minions know when to scoot into action? they would use codes. the crown prince of bahrain. band wrote, good friend of ours. >> i'm going to say this is a friend of mine, that means you will connect the guy. now if i said it's a friend of ours, capiche? kennedy: even bono wanted a special handout from his friend
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in low places to get the international space station to pipe in u2s tired music during their 2010 tour. >> when i met bono, he walked into the oval office and i thought it was a member of his own road crew. if you are charitable, redirect your donors to actual share the. plus, if hillary loses in november that foundation will houston as useful as. should we all donate money to
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the clinton foundation while we still legally can buy influence? let's ask our fire retardant party panel. katherinkatherine timph *. and tonight julie roginsky. julie, you are not necessarily outnumbered. >> i'm a little offended. kennedy: that's why so many per were mad. wide awake. >> some people like dinosaur rock. kennedy: how hard are the clintons scrambling to get those foreign donations before the election. >> they will say give us the money now. and also the whole okay when
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hillary is president we won't do that anymore, that would be a conflict of interest. isn't that saying it was a conflict of interest while she was secretary of state? kennedy: or united states senator? >> i don't understand how people are getting away with saying we'll. kennedy: if this is a good charity and they are doing the lord's work, why not have someone step down. >> people forget the clinton impeachment of the 90s started with the investigation of chinese money and influence under bill clinton's campaign and presidency. this has been going on for decade and they have never had to answer for it. kennedy: if she for some reason -- and we agree she is going to win. i think she is a horrible
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person, and it would make me sad if she became president. probably going to be a little sniffly. but if she loses, no one is going to care about the foundation anymore. the home thing will fall apart. there is no more favor to curry if she is not going to be president. >> the foundation started when she was a senator. >> i have said and i agree with you from day one, the minute she became secretary of state, bill clinton should have put in a blind trust and have other people run it it's clearly conflict. >> it's always been their staff going back and forth. the same people, the same cronies. there is no blind trust it's going to be people who have been working with them for decades. >> day one hillary clinton got the travel office bipartisan
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people fired to quote get their people in. susan thompson went to jail because she wouldn't testify against hillary. they used to call her the lady macbeth of little rock. kennedy: that's how they sewed up those superdelegates as well. >> also shewon more votes. kennedy: there is no doubt about that. >> she lost the superdelegates in '08. kennedy: she had to go back to the old children tonian -- >> i'm -- the old clintonian will be. >> i'm scared of the clintons. she said before she was secretary of state. she promised to conduct business with the clinton foundation to
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there wouldn't be an appearance of conflict. she doesn't feel accountable to anybody. not even standard she sets for herself. >> here is the problem for donald trump and republicans in general. by the way, i don't disagree with you on anything you said. but if this is what you are voting on, you are not voting for her. kennedy: her poll numbers seem to be tied to not only the investigation and the case he laid out, but the unfavorability is so high because there is more emails, no answers, and instead of addressing it, they just get defensive. >> let's talk about donald trump a little bit. he's hammering at hillary about the alleged pay to play policies at the clinton foundation. >> the amounts involved, the favors done, and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited
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investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. kennedy: donald trump says if he's elected he will appoint that special prosecutor to go after the clintons. will that make any difference? >> it won't make a difference. ken starr was a government employee doing an investigation given to him by congress, and every single day the clinton goons were going after him. s. say he he was sex obsessed. it's not sex obsessed if the issue is did this person commit perjury about these acts. kennedy: it's like the kinsey
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report. we'll are deciding they are voting for her or against her. nothing seems to stick. could she smother a baby. >> she could put a big bag full of puppies in the river and people wouldn't care. >> you have got this moron who can't stay on message, and the problem for him is, the problem is because he can't stay on message, because you just delivered a much better message than the republican nominee can. kennedy: the party panel returns a little later to answer whether homework is hurting or helping kids. one teacher canceling homework for the entire school year. we'll explain why.
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kennedy: hillary clinton released her plan to aid small
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businesses based on a standard tax deduction, and occupational licenses. is there more to it? let's ask brian brenberg, professor of economics at the king's college. welcome back. my pen matches your tie. it sounds like as small business owner that there is some glimmering lights. >> look at the good things first. one of the things i like that she is talking about is occupational licensing. this is something that gets in the way particularly of lower income individuals from cracking into the marketplace and finding a job. whether her tax incentives will help is the question. she is tied to the unions and unions tend to push the occupational licensing. kennedy: force someone to go to
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cosmetology school that costs $8,000. >> i'm glad she is talking about that. i would like to see us do more about that. kennedy: i don't think she is being authentic about this. >> all of this is coming later in the campaign. it's not a priority for her, i don't think. what i don't like is this idea of walking purchase calling yourself the small business president. that's not how the economy works. it's not a silo where small businesses can thrive and we can stick it to large businesses. if you look at the span of her policies, on the one hand she is talking about higher tax, investors, she is talking about exit taxes for multi-nationals. all sorts of penalties for businesses not paying their fair
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share, but then saying i want to be the small business president. who do you think small businesses sell to? so she -- you don't get to be the small business president. you get to be the president of the united states and you get to try to create an economic policy environment that's good for everybody who wants to do business, not just a particular size business. kennedy: she and other progressives want people to become more dependent on government. i wonder if this will get small businesses involved in government programs they will be tethered to for far too long. it's a smorgasbord of tax credit off tax credit and subjects does and new regulations. it becomes much more complex than the system we have right now. trump whether you believe him or
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not says i want to simplify the tax code. clinton clearly doesn't want to do that. that will be hard for small businesses who can't pay the army of actants. kennedy: i want my money to make money, it's a positive sum game. brian brenberg. very good. donald trump says some of america's understander cities are war zones. worse than countries in the middle of wars. char think joins me in a little bit. dr. ron paul told me how the federal government should respond to disasters. your dentures seem to fit fine when you first put them on.
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kennedy: donald trump has been polling poorly with black and hispanic voters, perhaps prompting him to paints a bleak picture of america's inner cities and himself as the candidate to turn them around. you can go to war zones in countries we are fighting and it's safer than some of our inner cities that are run by the democrats. kennedy: authorities in milwaukee will not release two body cam videos until after their investigation is complete. charlie leduff hit the streets to talk to residents about the state of the city they are in. >> i have got to tell you, people are first. the news 24 hours. now, they say come up here.
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you never have anybody. you have a cop killer. you never had this. you have got kids who never graduated high school and never had a job tore 10 years. they want to be seen, want to be heard. why this is going on. but the real fact is take responsibility. there are jobs, go find them. >> day it's just more than black versus white says the bear on barley street. he says the real problem is greed. money. money. and there is none here. reporter: charlie leduff joins me now. welcome back, charlie. this is a heavy situation. i appreciated the conversations you had with people. it's amazing how you get people to open up and talk about things
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you don't hear in a lot of other places. and the politicians in milwaukee don't hear about them. no politician goes and visits that part of the city. >> no, everybody is on their own. if you know one thing about the poor areas people feel alone. when it burns down, who has got the balls to show up. explain to the people what's going on. where we are going. what the investigation is. instead of leaving it to the community to couple with conspiracy theories. the mayor wasn't there for a week, the big-talking sheriff hasn't shown up. not the governor, not trump, no nobody. kennedy: this is a disaster zone in its own right and it's been years in the making. what do you think caused this? i look at these things and wonder how has the war on drugs
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and incars rating so many people for consensual transactions resulted in places like milwaukee. >> this is huge, kennedy. the kid's dad apologized because he wasn't more of a role model. he did six years, 10 grams of cocaine. that's like three 8-balls. that's like a cocktail hour on wall street. he's doing six years for trying to distribute cocaine. so everybody has got a record. then milwaukee can't afford itself because the jobs are gone. then you go across town in the summers and you get a ticket and you don't way the ticket and
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they start to add to it. you add in the fact there is no work in the hood. the fact that the gas station owners are immigrant who lit off a gun because people were shoplifting. there is no leadership and like the guy said, there is no money. kennedy: we'll see if donald trump can reach out to these people when he makes the case. a lot of these cities have crumbled because they have been recorded over by democrats. and he can get 10% more people to vote for him, i'll be surprised. >> that's not going to work. the war in iraq wasn't a democratic construct. we all did this. stop with it already. show up and give us a plant. i told him almost a year ago, you better start wrapping your arms around black working america it's too late to stand from a stain and say the
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being a fly girl. maybe that's how jay lo got her start. topic 4. brandon is an outfielder. the guy is 25, and all he want to do is make it to the big leagues. when he's a fancy pants and l.b. player, he can take a limo to the games. but he has to remember not to park too close to the left field wall or this could happen. >> this one is down the line it's a fair ball and a grand slam. >> did you hear that crashing noise? take a look. that's his car that just got hit with that homer. that monster knocked it out of
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kennedy: a second grade teacher in texas has done what every kid has always dreamed of. she dropped homework. she said i ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are prove on correlate with students' success. read together, play outside and get your child to bed early. is she crazy? is she on something or is she on to something? my party panel returns. so julie, homework sucks as the mother of two elementary
8:40 pm
students. >> as the mother of a preschooler i can't wait until my child gets off the ipad. kennedy: you will have two of the most annoying hours of your evening. >> he will come home and i'll put him to bed. let's get to bed early. >> why do you care if second graders like you or 23409, or do she -- like you or not, or does she just not want to grade homework. >> this is that whole thing how corporate america doesn't have boundaries. when i'm done with school my life is my own.
8:41 pm
i resented that when i had a day job and i don't have to deal with that anymore. kennedy: a middle school some of my daughter's friends go to have 3-4 hours of homework a night. i think the brain regenerates when it has some time off from school. i think you should be able to make that differentiation. >> when you are a little kid and you don't have time to do anything because you are doing homework all the time, that sucks. kennedy: then school becomes a big failure and usual forced into college by federal programs. former victoria's secret model tyra banks will teach a class in personal branding at stanford university. she'll talk about how to get rich by harnessing all forms of
8:42 pm
media. i love this. i think it's great. i think branding is so incredibly important. for people getting their mbas. by and large they are millennials. and all they know is personal branding. >> you have to be on brands all the time which is why i shower with these she is pretty scary, though. she was like, we were all rooting for you. i was scared at home when i was watching that. i would feel bad going looking ugly to her class. >> i'm not worried about looking ugly ever. clearly getting your photo taken tore trying to write a paper while naomi campbell is throwing her cell phone at you. >> good for you, tyra.
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kennedy: i'm america's next top model. >> to live in a house that's covered with your picture. that's my dream. coming up, dr. ron paul joins me to discuss the *'s trip to the louisiana flood zone, and what the federal government should and should not do when the doctor strikes. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. i wodon't know where i'd be without itre so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud...
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kennedy: welcome back. president obama visited louisiana today after widespread flooding decimated much of the southern half of the state. the feds tell us the disaster damaged or destroyed more than
8:47 pm
100,000 homes and caused $20 billion in damage. >> when disaster strikes, that's one of the few times where washington tends to not get political. i guarantee you, nobody on this block, none of those first responders, nobody gives a hoot whether you are democrat or republican. what they care about is making sure they are getting the drywall out and the carpet out and there is not any mold building and they get contractors in here and start rebuilding as quick as possible. kennedy: is he too later on too early. let's ask ron paul, host of the ron paul liberty report. welcome back. the president goes to louisiana and he's criticized because he didn't go there a little bit earlier. do you think he should have visited when they were in the throes of the worst flooding? >> i don't think that's too relevant.
8:48 pm
i think that's petty politics on both sides. when you go and what you do and what you pretend you are going to do. the issue is a lot of people are suffering. what's the role of government in floods. has the government made it worse? are they efficient in dealing with these things? most government bureaucracies are inefficient and fema is just as inefficient as the rest of them. that's what she should be talking about. >> they do a lot of grand standing. it is inefficient and the money that should go to people who need it most, it often gets there much later. but let me ask you, should the government be responsible for paying for damages from weather catastrophes like flooding in louisiana or hurricanes in florida or earthquakes and fires in california? >> it many tempting to answer
8:49 pm
that yes when i skit that way. but the question is who is the government? is it a role for the government to force somebody who had insurance, took care of themselves, built their houses in the right places and have full insurance, are they -- is it righ right to force them to y for other people? there is no authority in our constitution for the federal government to allocate funds around the country for the various emergencies that come up. when they try to do this in a preventative sense by forcing people into insurance they encouraged people to build more in the flood areas. my district was in a flood-prone area. i never supported fema and flood insurance. the people knew why and understood it and didn't hold it against me. kennedy: do you think people have a responsibility to live where disasters don't occur with such regularity? >> absolutely.
8:50 pm
sometimes it's the wealthy people that build rich fancy houses on the beach that they want a subsidy so they pass flood understand to supposedly help the poor. kennedy: always appreciate your perspective. coming up, turntable titan steven aoki tells me about his documentary and his father.
8:51 pm
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8:53 pm
>> i have never seen anyone play as many shows as that guy plays. steve is amachine. >> he's going for the world
8:54 pm
record. by miles flown, he would be the most traveled musician in the world. that was a clip from the document pri "i'll sleep when i'm dead." he's an electronic music superstar. the documentary is available on netflix. you should watch it it's very interesting. welcome back. so the thing that strikes me throughout is your work ethic which you got from your dad. but you had a complicat complicd relationship because he didn't understand what you wanted to do? >> i think it' a pretty common thing. you have a conservative traditional parent, for me he comes from a japanese traditional sense of the work
8:55 pm
ethic, and that's almost like cumbersome. it's too much. and he pushed that on his children. for me it was like -- i have -- i didn't want to necessarily take a traditional route of getting a day job, a desk job, and, you know, having more of a stable future. obviously music is not stable. and the way i looked at it, it was never about how much money can i make, how can i turn this into a business. it was how can i make good music that is relatable and grow a true culture around the music making. kennedy: i imagine your dad had reverse of that. he said you are not making any money. i said i can survive, i can figure it out.
8:56 pm
it's not about how much money i could make. until later on in life when i started making money did i actually have the business of savvy sensibilities. but that wasp later in life. kennedy: a much longer process. for those of you who don't know. steve aoki's dad is the founder of benihana and olympic wrestler. check it out. >> my father didn't really support the idea. he would always say, you need to get a job. you need to do something with your life. i wanted to prove to him that i could be successful with music. kennedy: kid he see that success? >> toward the end, which i was happy. kennedy: did you come to terms with -- >> i did.
8:57 pm
there was definitely an intersection of a lot of culmination of feeling that were brought out. having a father like that that's very non-apologetic. is very strict and there is no room for questioning. it doesn't leave much room for emotional conversation. and it all kind came down at the same time right before he passed away. kennedy: but you had that closure. >> yes, i did. kennedy: when you have a parent with a strong personality, it create someone like you. even if that was a back throosht way you were raised. do you think you could be that successful without that intensity and longing? >> it's a balance with that and my mom who raised me was my rock and stayed with me from the beginning until now.
8:58 pm
and was all source of humility and strength, too. and just tlc. she was a great mom. so having her balancing it out, having both was great. it's one thing to be hardened. and i of course appreciate that. if you don't learn struggle, then you won't survive. i think that's an important lesson. if you say there is no rope to get out, you have to figure it out on your own or just sit down in a dash dungeon until you figure it out. kennedy: even if you were in that dungeon. beautiful music has come from that. a lot of people assume, you are self-made, and forbes says you are one of the five most successful -- js in the world. michael phelps was listening to
8:59 pm
your music before his races. >> i love michael phelps. he's a great guy. i talk about a -- -- i taught him how to -- j and he taught me how to swim. there are some basic swimming lessons i didn't know about that he taught me in a minute. so i thought, oh, you have to be totally level on the surface and you go faster. kennedy: what did you type him about music? >> you want to tell a story. it's not just beat matching. mixing is important. but you want to make sure there is a story you are telling. kennedy: now people can see your story. thank you for being here. it's always an interesting consideration and i love where the road takes you even if you are kind of sleepy. thanks for watching the show tonight. tomorrow on the show i have got chris stirewalt, kt mcfarland and charles cook.
9:00 pm
you can follow me on twitter and instagram. facebook. and email at go make your own music. good night. >> she's raised in daddy's junkyard... >> you would play here? >> this was the best playground any girl could ever ask for. >> ...that he fights city hall to save. >> john was absolutely the "hell, no, i won't go" center of the resistance. >> a one-man wrecking crew -- in mo >> i'd wished him dead so many times 'cause i was so angry with him, but i never wanted that for john, never. >> i honestly still have a scar on my knee from sinking to the ground so quickly. >> he leaves her a mess. can she make it her dream? >> the wedding was here on the junkyard. >> excuse me? >> [ laughs ] [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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