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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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mike gallagher. nice to have you with us. that's it for us. we thank you for being with us. we'll have general jack keane. course, we love that you keep watching. thank you very much. now here's lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. we begin tonight with a displaying revelation of the shocking level of clinton corruption. a new report shows more than half of all outsiders she met with when she was secretary of state gave money to the clinton foundation, more than half suggesting clearly mrs. clinton was basically selling her office, pay for play, and the dollar amounts were huge. the revelations validate what donald trump has been charging for months now, that mrs. clinton, her foundation and the state department she led were all corrupted by the clinton cartel.
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clinton has all but left the campaign trail over the last few days, out of sight most of the time, away from reporters. but she's fundraising energetically in hollywood, and while it's been 263 days since she held a news conference, she eagerly sat down with jimmy kimmel, and she tried to laugh off her worsening scandals. >> jimmy, my e-mails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. we've already released, i don't know, 30,000 plus, so what's a but more? lou: what are a few more? well, just how long can hillary clinton slap federal judges and the fbi director upside their heads and get away with it? we'll take up the growing clinton scandals and the latest evidence of pay-for-play corruption with randy evans and charlie spees. also tonight, donald trump
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insists he's not softening on illegal immigration. he's set to renew his call for tough border security and to deport people in the country illegally. >> the first thing we're going to do, be and when i win -- if and when i win, is we're going to get rid of all of the bad ones. we have gang members, we have killers, we have a lot of bad people that have to get out of this country. we're going to get them out. >> i'll be picking up the latest from the trump campaign trail with mike gallagher. also vice president biden lou: our top story tonight, new evidence of corruption at the highest levels of government
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perpetrated by the woman who would be the next president of the united states. a review of hillary clinton's just released schedules finds 85 of 154 people outside government who met with clinton while she was the secretary of state had given first money to the clinton foundation. combined, those 85 donors contribute as much as 1 -- as mh as $156 million to the clinton foundation. according to the associated press. 40 donors gave $100,000 each and 20 them gave more than a million dollars. joining me the form or senior advisor for the newt gingrich
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campaign. randy let me begin with you. at what point does the cumulative weight of hillary clinton's scandals, her failures of judgment and outright corruption overwhelm her ability to run for the highest office in the land? >> i call it the blagojevich problem. the only giives between him and hillary is he went to jail and she is a walking around scott fry. donald trump is correct. you need a special prosecutor. there is no way anyone else would get away with this type of failure. lou: this doesn't even include
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foreign governments using the clinton foundation ostensibly 0 influence our presidential election. >> if you weren't selling access, what were you selling? that's the scary part about some of the deals we are going to start to see as we match the dollars to the activities of the secretary. lou: one of the things she was selling was her office. is there any question in your mind? >> no, there is not. but this shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. anybody who watched the clintons in the 80s in arkansas, in the 90s with the chinese money scandal and selling the lincoln bedroom. the scary thing is she set this up for pay to play going forward, too. last week she named the head of her super pac who runs correct
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the record which is the super pac. she named grandholm as the head of the souper pack. give money to the super pac and you have access to the new administration. lou: donald trump calling for a special prosecutor. calling her throughout, crooked hillary. there seems to be such a fire wall between clinton, her obvious misconduct. her obvious -- if you were to be the kindest person possible, her failure to meet the high standards one would expect anyone running for the highest office in the land between her, this fire wall, and the national liberal media which refuses to hold her accountable for a single breach of the public trust, randy. >> i agree with you. i have some of my democrat
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friends say why don't you just fess up. everybody on the planet knows exactly what you were getting. if you are 85 of these people and pay $156 million, you and i are in the wrong line of work. if you can get 85 people to give $156 million. if she is not selling access, what are you selling? it turns out she was selling access. i said why don't you just fess up. state the obvious. state what everybody else knows is true. she would have to admit she lied. what's the big deal there? it would just be another one. lou: it wouldn't be just another one. it would be another one into all of the lies certified before the f.b.i. and before congress and his public statements. this is a woman who is an f.b.i. certified liar. >> that's true, but the reason
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she can't fess up like randy would like is because this department of justice against repu aggressive in prosecuting something called access government fraud. i think she could have liability if she admitted the pay to play scheme going on with her foundation. lou: randy's fantasy of her fessing up. this would be a breach of 30 years of conduct and reasonable expectation. >> but there have been no consequences to her so far. look what congressman trey gowdy got. confirmation of lie after lie and there have been no consequences. lou: the man giving that information and certifying those lives himself despite what he must have known what we all have known now, there were 14,900
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emails. she lied about the context, scope and the contents of those emails and the director of the f.b.i. who looked absolutely to me like he was bamboozled, buffaloed and intimidated by the clintons not to prosecute. talk about reasonable consequences to actions and interpretation and analysis of those actions. what are we dealing with here. >> i think that you are going to be happy to hear, i agree with donald trump. his call for an independent prosecutor is the on the route here for there could be if somebody trusted is able to look at this without coming to criminal conclusion, fine. but somebody should be appointed and appointed quickly. lou: i'm not going to infer from what you said that you have
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decided to join me in voting for donald trump. but i think this is a reasonable bridge toward a brighter future for the nation. appreciate it. we are coming right back with much more. stay with us. there is a lot more to cover tonight. vice president biden attacks trump in front of our nato allies. here is trump's response. >> we are going to rebuild our depleted military, avoid needless foreign wars, build new friendships overseas and remember those three famous words. peace through strength. lou: steven coven says trump is right on the use of american power and he joins me here next. this couple taking their love to extraordinary heights. we'll show you have the video of their incredible climb here
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in latvia, telling leaders not to take trump seriously whatsoever at all. >> despite what you hear in this heated political season. there is a wide, deep, bipartisan commitment to nato in my country. don't listen to that other fellow. he knows not what he speaks. with russia once more take aggressive action and threatening the sovereignty of its neighbors, nato remains as important today as it ever has been. lou: joining me is steven cohen, professor at princeton university. it's always stunning to hear a politician of either party criticizing folks back home,
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particularly being so dismissive as was vice president biden. that was a bit much, don't you think? >> considering the foreign policy problems biden brought us and the fact he doesn't want us to hear trump's alternative policies, i say that not as a supporter of donald trump, but as a patriot of american national security. our relationship with russia is worse than it was when i was a young man. and it's getting more dangerous. trump seems to understand this and says he wants to get out of this new cold war to what we used to call a detante with russia. but instead of engage him, they call him names. lou: the democrats in this race
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are marginalizing, trying to trif yaleize trump, mocking him at every opportunity. but when he said he would like to see a rebalancing of nato, an articulation of a rational policy and strategy for the united states, i.e., one that alines our interests with the mission of nato, a lot of scholars and foreign policy experts lined up with him. i don't quite understand where the national media is operating as if none of that occurred in putting context in what trump said. >> let's have a little memory here. since the end of the soviet union almost exactly 25 years ago. policy wonks have been saying what's the mission of nato. the only mission we have observed is expanding to
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russia's borders? he says why has it done that? why isn't it fighting terrorism. maybe he's wrong. but why not debate that. it's been a galaxy of republican former national security advisers who also denounced trump saying they won't support him. my guess is because he's not going to give them a job. but this is a bipartisan boycott of discussing what trump has to say. let's challenge him with an argument instead of calling him mccarthyite names. lou: it's mccarthy-like. and the man is running for
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president against the establishment. the more we get into this campaign. i think people are realizing there is such an orthodoxy that is ossified around behavior by our nation, it's a good thing he is providing the service because much, much it is irrational. our policy in europe doesn't make a lot of sense right now. and the behavior of our allies within nato is not necessarily rational and it doesn't done particularly well in forestalling vladimir putin. >> consider something else he said for which he was denounced. he said he favored an alliance against russia against the islamic state in syria. but the reality is obama has been trying to negotiate that with putin for about two months. and they had a deem. and the opposition in washington seems to have broken it.
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so in that sense trump on this one issue has allied himself with obama. but you don't know that because we are not permitted to discuss it. the same is true with the accusation that at the republican convention he took out of the party platform something that was favorable to russia. maybe that's so. but we did was adopt obama's position of not sending more weapons to kiev which has been obama's position for two years. if you are going to denounce trump, they should be denouncing obama, too. this is something where you and i would have a discussion, but we can't get the discussion going. >> it was only a matter of days after donald trump had been talking about aligning nato against the threat of radical islamic terror that some of the obama administration national security folks started talking
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about the same thing. so he is having an impact across the board. steven cohen, it's great to have you with us. lou: national security forces telling fox news russian hackers are behind the company hack into the accounts of several "new york times" reporters. guccifer claiming responsibility for the cyber attacks on computers at the democratic national committee and releasing the contents to wikileaks. among those documents, the top donors to the clinton foundation and the top three officers of the democratic national committee. because the hacks revealed the betrayal of bernie sanders and his 13 million voters.
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and it revealed much about the way hillary clinton operates including her collusion with the dnc to preempt and prevent bernie sanders's emergence as the leader of the democratic party. be sure to vote in our poll. is there anything clinton couldn't get away with so long as the liberal national media continues to prop her up? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook and instagram. "lou dobbs tonight." please roll the video. some say the couple that plays together stays together. watch as this thrill-seeking duo -- i think one of them should have been more restrained in all of this. the thrill-seeking duo climbing 2,000 feet up a crane in china
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after they successfully climbed the world's tallest construction site. they celebrated their feat overlook the bustling city. you are watching a drone memorialize it all. what an incredible thing to do, and a happy couple. can you imagine saying to your spouse, let's climb a 2,000-foot crane. i love you. up next. bill clinton rented out the lincoln bedroom. but now hillary clinton selling out the entire state department. the new developments sowing the department of greed and corruption and the death of that corruption. that's the subject of my commentary next. stay with us. we are coming right back.
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lou: a few thoughts on how much corruption should a great constitutional republican beacon of liberty to the world stand for. why is the democratic party tolerating such conduct from its nominee. the associated press reported that nearly half of the meetings then secretary of state hillary clinton took from people outside the government were donors from the clinton foundation. is there any clearer evidence of pay to play or disregard for the standard of conduct of public trust. it's clear to most of us that the children tons don't give a damn about the law, regulations or appearance.
11:29 pm
at least 8 of the people she met with were contributes of $156 million. 2 off oat least 20 of them dona1 million each. and that doesn't include foreign leaders and foreign interest. she met with representees of the police and 1 foreigngovernments that donated up to $170 million. it is no wonder mrs. clinton hasn't held a press conference in 263 days. even the liberal national media may have to ask a question or two about her extraordinary conflict of interests and took extraordinary measures to conceal from the public. this latest bombshell from the associated press follows a report that a top executive at
11:30 pm
the clinton foundation left 150 telephone mess ands for clinton's top aide at the state department cheryl mills over a 2-year period. those mess ands for mills came from laura graham. the chief operating officer of the clinton foundation during that period who referred to clinton as our boss in one message. mills, along with huma abedin, already under fire over emails exchanged with other foundation officials exchange, and revealed donors granted special access. the clinton foundation claims it will stop accepting donations from corporations and foreign governments if mrs. clinton wins
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in november. now, that's awfully big them but beside the point. the clinton cartel controls far too' of our federal government. we'll leave it up to them which laws, which standard they will be so so kind as to follow and meet. american voters will hold her accountable in my view, even if the democratic party and the obama administration couldn't. even if the left wing national media will not. i think the american people faced with the irrefutable and mounting evidence of the scale of the clinton cartel corruption and hold on many of our public officials, they will now reject hillary clinton as their choice for president. any other decision, any other outcome would mean in my opinion the end decency and integrity in public service. and the end of our way of life.
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our quotation of the evening, this one from president dwight d. eisenhower who said, quote, without god, there could be no american form of government. nor an american way of life. recognition of the supreme being is the first, the most basic expression of americanism. thus the founding fathers of america sought and thus with god's help it will continue to be. we are coming right back. stay with us. donald trump tomorrow campaigns in the swing state, the important swing state of florida where military and veteran support will be crucial. >> the obama-clinton administration has betrayed our veterans and it betrayed them very badly. >> gold star mother karen vaughn joins me next. this drone flying just a little
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lou: donald trump is set to hold a rally in florida tomorrow. florida voted democrat the last two presidential elections. trump wants to change that. and largely with the help of veterans in the state of florida.
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veterans make up at least 8% of the electorate. the support of the military and veterans critical for a trump victory in november. joining us now, a gold star mother, the mother of fallen navy seal aaron vaughn. she is senior advisor of foreign veterans for america. we didn't have time last time we talked to talk about your view of the support of veterans for trump. how broad is it, how energetic is it? >> you mention i'm a senior military families advisor for cva. i have spoken in rallies across this country, 109 rallies on a large scale and dozen if not a hundred or so more. and i have never met a veteran
11:38 pm
on a personal basis i never met a veteran that would support a hillary clinton white house. that's what i do know. i think -- i just never have. i do think that donald trump is projecting the right idea for veterans. one thing that we struggle at at cva. we work for va reform. hillary clinton was extremely dismissive of va reform and called it something that was blown out of proportion while people stand on the steps of va hospitals across the country and take their own lives because they are so desperate for care. a lot of things about donald trump on a personal level are extraordinarily appealing. when a young man or young woman signs up to be a war fighter, they believe with all their
11:39 pm
heart as my son did, that they are fighting for a nation. they are fighting for the united states of america. when the lines begin to get blurred and you feel like you are fighting for a global society or something other than the greatest nation on earth. i can see it could become a large problem for people continuing to sign up to fight for america. my son died for this nation and the american way of life. the two candidates are polar opposite on that. not to mention the scandal that surrounds hillary clinton and the reasons i think she could never lead an army, never. lou: it's deeply troubling. but first i want to -- you made me think back to a commercial that was running for the navy. and the navy put this thing up. beautiful pictures of jet fighters flying from the decks
11:40 pm
of aircraft carriers and said the u.s. navy, a global force for good. it was the strangest ad i have ever seen. they have since taken it down. they had it for at least a year or two. it's about the united states of america. >> that's right. you make such an important point. i think every american should be listening to and thinking about. you mentioned hillary clinton. i mean at one point we say that a person has disqualified themselves. is this clinton foundation, this clinton cartel corruption seems to get more different many been there all along, but we are learning so much more about how it worked, now pervasive it is, how it included foreign governments. there seems no end to it. >> can you possibly imagine
11:41 pm
being led into war by a woman who traded u.s. diplomacy for donations to her foundation? can you imagine being led into war by a woman who still blows off this email, this unimaginable email scandal as something like what do you mean, did i clean my server with a rag. that just dismisses. i would like to ask your audience to look up major jason bredler and ask him if he thinks it's funny. he lost his career for ending one email on an unsecured server. the email was meant to save the lives of the men on the base he just left in afghanistan and he lost his entire career. ask someone in the military that understands the serious nature of national security and top secret documents. if they think this is funny or anything to be mocked, i have
11:42 pm
not met one person in the military that would tell me out loud they would be happy to serve under a hillary clinton presidency. lou: we are out of time. i appreciate you spending time with us as always. i would like to ask you back so we can talk about the major's case and its impact on the military and the contrast in the way in which a former secretary of state has been treated by our justice department. karen, great to have you with us. >> thank you so much. lou: this drone getting too close -- there it is. a 16-foot -- a big ole crocodile going after a tiny drone. leaping out of the water snapping its jaws at the drone.
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the machine did not become lunch and it all happened in the as you trail yanl outback. and they are awfully nasty critters live in those waters in australia in a perfectly beautiful land with wonderful people. up next, donald trump making a new appeal to african-americans and hispanics. he wants their votes. we'll be right back. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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lou: joining us, the trump campaign senior adviser for sphrim outreach. she appeared on the first season of the "apprentice." as i look at job descriptions, i have got to tell you. you have got it sounds to me, one of the toughest job descriptions i have ever heard. how's it going? >> it's going well. i think as you are seeing, donald trump is make an aggressive full court press towards making sure
11:48 pm
african-americans are going to be, not just taken for granted like the democrats have done. but appreciated. and we'll create program and policies to improve the conditions in the inner city. lou: i love the fact that donald trump is reaching out to the inner cities of this country and being told he can't get the vote. we saw him get 10%, 13% of the vote in southern primaries. it's about 1% he has got responding to him now. but to actually say, what in the hell do you have to lose, we are talking about horrible education, economic conditions, and the democratic party for a half century have been responsible for not changing outcomes here, even though they have 95% of the support of 95%
11:49 pm
of african-americans. it's crazy. >> it's absolutely crazy. what we have to do is stop these promises, these empty promises the democrats have been making to african-americans, and the african-americans have been incredibly loyal to the democrats. unfortunately the democrats have not been loyal to african-americans. lou: this may be politically incorrect. you are talking about fanatically loyal it's i are rationally loyal. >> what have they gone the for the return on their investment. what are we seeing in inner cities? you see 70-8 who murders happening and young black boys and girls being killed on the streets of chicago, democratic mayor with democratic policies, and unemployment at an all-time high. what are they getting for that loyalty. lou: what will donald trump have to do to succeed in bringing more african-americans into the
11:50 pm
republican tent? >> there is an educational level in terms of his policies and plans and how they will positively impact the inner cities. african-americans have always been entrepreneurial. and african-american women like myself. he has to appeal to them in ways that will help improve the con dplitions their jobs, crime, education, as well as seeing what's happening with the unrest between the police and the community. lou: rosa, it's great to have you with us. you well know, you have got a chore in front of you. but we are delighted you are taking it on and as well your candidate, donald trump. thanks so much. come back soon. up next. donald trump speaking in austin, texas tonight. he will talk about border security. trump says he's not flip flopping or softening his position one.
11:51 pm
>> i oata on i am d not one iota on immigration. >> that wall will go up so fast your head with spin. mexico is going to pay for the wall. lou: we'll take that up with tony sayegh and mike gallagher next. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. what powers the digital world? communication. like centurylink's broadband network that gives
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lou: joining us, republican strategist tony sayegh and mike gallagher. great to have you here. people's minds are exploding here at the corruption. >> this is a cat and mouse game. and all you have to know is she
11:56 pm
hasn't had a press conference since december 16. she is going to try to run out the clock and we won't find out until november 9 perhaps. lou: the national liberal media will do egg they can to carry her across the finish line without ever having to account and talk to the american people. >> we should have been having a conversation instead of waiting with bated breath what the f.b.i. was going to rule. by allowing her family foundation to be a lobbying racket and turning those into meetings, access, face time. that's legitimate on k street. but it shouldn't happened on foggy bottom at the state department. she has taken this so far so long she thick she can run out the clock.
11:57 pm
by making the decision to keep the family foundation receiving foreign donations and accessing power, does she disqualify herself from running for president. lou: i think the answer is she is corrupt, the clinton foundation is corrupt, and the way in which she comported herself as secretary of state is a disgrace. >> everybody involved in this knows it. the new york types is busy writing columns about how fair it is to not be fair to trump and try to stop him. it's the 800-pound elephant in the room. they know how corrupt she is. and they will try to push her across the finish line. kelly environment conway and steve bannon seem to be make an
11:58 pm
impact and a positive one. >> as far as understanding mess anding and keeping disciplined and focused. donald trump -- lou: kelly is very, very smart, i notice. >> you are right. and she understands that donald trump is at his best when he focuses on things like the economy, jobs and terrorism. in the case of hillary clinton's corruption. she have been given a gift. lou: it is a gift, the corruption. he's changing his position a bit, adapting if you will on illegal immigration. i said to kellyanne conway last night, i have been writing books on this for a decade and i never called for the deportation of any illegal immigrant what so. he's thinking things through and
11:59 pm
said he's going to enforce the existing law. >> he's also not a poll figure. so to be where he is now in this year. you can modulate a little bit. you can tweak. do you think established politicians don't tweak their message? lou: the real guy here is an intelligent person. he's acting like an intelligent person. he will move toward what is to him a more rational and effective policy. i don't see a thing wrong with it. >> think about the criticism of donald trump. they say he has no appreciation for you i. -- no appreciation f. lou: democrat and paul ryan do the criticizing, tony. thanks so much.
12:00 am
mike gallagher. nice to have you with us. that's it for us. we thank you for being with us. we'll have general jack keane. we hope you join us tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: hillary clinton released her plan to help the nation's small businesses. but will it actually work? economist brian brenberg break it down. should the fed be footing the bill for natural disasters? you may not have heard of the deejay aoki, but he's made a million dollars. sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes emails are much more than emails. the clintons are mired in a growing


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