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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 24, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, i'm sandra smith, it's august 24th, 6:00 a.m. eastern. less than 100-miles from roam, dozens of people have died as historic towns have been leveled. we will give you an update from italy. straight ahead. the latest from the campaign trail, the associated press that many people who met with clinton later met donations to the foundation and donald trump ramps us his attacks last night. >> if you trace it and you see the people that came in and what happened, they were representing a country or themselves, these are sophisticated people, they have a lot, they wanted a lot.
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they contributed a lot in order to get this kind of access. sandra: trump acknowledging a shift in immigration policy, why he says he's softening his stance. why some companies are saying bye-bye to annual pay raise. a judge throwing cold water on a lawsuit claiming the coffee giant cheats customers by adding too much ice to its drinks, how dare they? gain on the open right now. still several hours away but small gains on the dow, s&p and nasdaq futures as we look over in europe for direction there.
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ftse and a lot of wait and see. a lot of fed action happening later in the week. here with me fox business network dagen mcdowell. recon capital ceo kevin kelly and julie is here. good to have all of you this morning. good to politics day. a lot of market action as far as expectations but not a lot of market movement yet. kevin: everybody is focused on the fed later this week so that's why it's quiet out there's in the market. sandra: you've been really looking at the numbers there and as far as poll tillty is concern, what we might see lathe in the day. dagen: it is his birthday. happy birthday, kevin kelly.
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sandra: is that why you have the blue flower in. kevin: yeah. sandra: trump economic adviser wilber ross, former fema director michael brown and candidate dr. ben carson will be joining us. lot to talk about there. you don't want to miss any of that. to our breaking news this morning, the powerful earth scwaik striking? central italy overnight. dozens of people have been killed in 6.2 magnitude earthquake. do we have somebody on the phone right now? we have been trying to get somebody from the area to speak with? christopher is there. christopher, what can you tell us about the earthquake that
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happened as many of us know rome, so close to rome? shall we discuss at the desk? dagen, you have been following the story as we look at images. devastation situation there. dagen: to be hitting with this in the middle of the night or anybody who traveled around any parts of italy knows that even though some of the areas might not get a lot of tourist traffic that they still have valuable an tiquieties in terms of how much the italian people cherish home places and where they live is heartbreaking this morning.
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>> if i think you know anything about italy everybody goes to vacation. north of rome so probably affecting the tourist, as you pointed out the tourist areas in august in italy but nevertheless as you pointed out every part of italy is such a treasure in terms of history and culture. sandra: he's racing to the scene right now. this is breaking news. we are trying to get any word out of their as soon as possible. he's racing to the scene. we will get him on the phone and bring that to you live when he is able. meanwhile we are moving to the political news of the morning and get back to that in a few minutes. the clinton campaign axing the associateed press for media bias
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. this raises flags of pay to play. republican nominee donald trump saying clinton is making a mockery of the u.s. >> it's disgusting, it shouldn't be allowed, what's going on with hillary clinton, there is no justice in this country. there is no justice in this country. [cheers and applause] >> for her to have the privilege or the right and deleting emails, i can't imagine what was on the emails. it is so sad and the world is looking and the whole world is laughing at the united states. sandra: is the clinton's campaign claim valid?
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is there something to it? >> no, this is classic clinton dodge ball. their game, everybody gets hit but her. you know, they've been dodging the ethics issue of the clinton. their teams argument is, ap is not playing fair. in reality, even the huffington post said they should shut down the clinton foundation and the clintons don't want to give up $2 billion. >> you can, i have no idea what the reality is with the clinton campaign is pointing out which was omitted, the fact that the ap report never pointed out that she or tallied any of the foreign dignitary. i don't know what the reality is but it would have been helpful
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to look at the full picture and come to the conclusion. kevin: are you talking about the schedule because she destroyed it and we never got it? >> her public schedule, any meeting she may have had would have been on her schedule. i would love to see all of it, what her schedule entailed and draw conclusions, maybe the ap analysis is correct or maybe not but if you're only looking at a certain sub subpoena set you will find what you want to find. sandra: this story relies on data. it omits meetings with leaders.
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how can it play with voters? >> it does matter with voters. we checked back in may, abc and nbc had done less than five minutes of the clinton foundation by comparison donald trump a decade's old allegation of donald trump pretending to be his own pr guy got eight times the coverage. now close to the election clinton should have to answer all of the allegations of pay for play because if she doesn't, then, you know, basically we don't get any ans for the fact that they ran a foundation while she was secretary of state, giving $2 billion including at least $25 million from nations that either lock up or execute gay people.
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dagen: julie, i want to point out something and you heard me say this before, you can't look at these -- like this ap story which was a great reporting on their report could it have been broader, absolutely. you can look at them and isolation if you're looking at it in terms of politics, that it's this and the revelation of the emails that judicial watch just released that for the first time showed a direct link between the clinton foundation and secretary of state clinton meeting with a donor and the foundation essentially helping arrange that, that -- that sit-down with her. so again, it's the pile on, if you're a political strategist it's one step and another and another. >> no question. dagen: at one point does it hurt her? >> i said they should have shut down the foundation, they never should have started because she had the ability to vote to donors on issues that could have been affected. sandra: all right.
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>> what i am defending, however, the ap report needs to be much broader and let's take a look and draw conclusions and right now i don't see any conclusions that's being drawn based on inference on limited subset of data. sandra: one in particular with former ge chairman and billionaire investor mark cuban over the clinton foundation. hey to see having to defend illegal pay to play of clinton state department foundation on at megan kelly. mark cuban chimed in. you know what it's like to be falsely accused shouldn't you back up accusations with fact. who dare i go to with this one, what's your take on this twitter
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feud? >> mark cuban is one of the attack dogs for clinton foundation and presidency. the reality here is their side gets upset any time there's negative coverage and so little it's ridiculous. to give you an example ryan from abc the other day he was doing a story from the new york yankees he had to out himself as a yankee fan. he gave 75 grand to the clinton foundation. sandra: thank you so much for weighing in on that. it's a busy morning. president obama vow to go support efforts of louisiana floods, his visit came too late. the highlights from the president's trip straight ahead. a lawsuit against starbucks
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sandra: deadly stabbing of a british woman in australia tie today terrorism.
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cheryl casone has that story and other headlines. cheryl: whether or not attacker has been radicalized by extremist, northeast part of australia that occurred in front about 30 witnesses. the attackers comments could be construed of being extremist nature but not ruling out any motivation at this early stage whether they be criminal or political. that's a quote from them. there's no ongoing threat to the community as of this morning. president obama touring the flood damage streets of baton rouge tuesday. the president telling that the nation is heart broken and vow the country would help them to rebuild. politics has no place.
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nobody gives a hoot whether you're democrat or republican, what they care is making sure they're getting the drywall out and the carpet out and there's not any mold building and they get some contractors in here and start rebuilding as soon as possible. that's what they care about. cheryl: republican nominee donald trump and mike pence visited the region five days ahead of the president but hillary clinton does not have any plans to visit at this time. finally this in california big victory for starbucks, anderson through out a lawsuit about iced to products ratio of cold beverage. the lawsuit filed in lawsuit says that there was only 14 fluid ounces from the cup. this is coming from the lawsuit. the 24-ounces is stated at the drink size. there's a difference. judge anderson slammed the
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plaintiff and child could be deceived by the labeling. you can see what you're getting, you see the ice and beverage. [laughter] dagen: what lawyers takes the suit, what lawyer signs onto represent these dufus in this case. >> the kind that wants publicity. kevin: this is start to go become the norm if you look at the judicial system. dagen: spend money to defend this. kevin: the guy was hoping for settlement. >> why not just ask for a grande
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empty cup and then you put the ice yourself. kevin: ask for less ice. sandra: we can no go anywhere else with this. this. [laughter] sandra: coming up annual pay raises could soon be a thing of the past, why some companies are ditching the age-old practice next. guess who has been getting raises, executives were paying millions of more dollars while hikeing price on epipen, straight ahead a cancer diagnosis can
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sandra: we are following market action for you. there's not that much like right now but we are looking at futures edging higher and the nasdaq and s&p 500 closed near record highs yesterday but one thing we are watching is the volatility in these markets or maybe the story is the lack thereof. kevin, why are you concerned of the lack of volatility? kevin: a couple of reasons one because it's been suppressed by the federal reserve when they've done monetary policy like quantitative easing and some viewers may know and what happens is when it gets this low for a long time it spring-coils and comes back violently and that could lead to another
6:24 am
downward contraction in the market and there's a couple of symptoms to that. one you see correlateses go to one, oil, goes up, stock market goes up and it's going up in one and it's in the good in markets as well as historical evaluations. once volatility comes back it can spring-coil. with volatility being so low it's good time to hedge. sandra: so simply the volatility index which we kept showing a perspective this week, this month, this year, there it is, we are seeing the lowest level that it's been this year that can indicate complacency and can that be a contrary indicator for the stock market, maybe signaling a sell-off in the market? kevin: last august when everybody thought there was
6:25 am
going to be a rate hike in september you see the chinese devalue the currency. we went from low volatility on the year to high volatility of the year in month of august alone and august and september, 33% of all market moves 5% happens in those months. sandra: quickly existing home sales, numbers coming out in just a little bit. numbers on new home sales, home builders have been benefiting for that. kevin: we do expect good numbers because there's been lack of capacity in the markets, you're seeing new come out, one of the reasons you see is the recession a bunch of -- financial firms bought up a bunch of houses so there's a lack of capacity. the housing numbers have been good and showing in home depot, lowes so you have having those retailers. >> all this related, come
6:26 am
complacency there and not just short-term interest rates and larger short-term interest rates with ten-year treasury. if you're buying treasuries at this level and i'm paraphrasing, of course, you better look out if interest rates go out even slightly on longer-term bonds you have capital losses in those instruments and i think that there's a sense of real like ignorance when it comes to the potential for losses and fixed income. >> and the big issue there is you look across the globe, there's negative interest rates on $13 trillion of debt and that's in japan, that's in europe so they have to come to get that yield, you're seeing that is what happens. the market is in the -- sandra: it really stuck out, some companies are getting rid of annual pay raise.
6:27 am
what do you make of this move? dagen, what do you make of that? dagen: reward people for how well they do. i've worked with many bosses that don't do this. sandra: maybe it was just you. dagen: don't expect something for sitting there -- >> productivity keeps getting higher and higher -- kevin: productivity is going down and it goes back to what every company is doing, cutting costs because growth is so scarce not only here in the u.s. but globally. >> as employees. sandra: average raises 3% for the past five years and that is as we have been reporting this, you know, the labor market has been improving so much that it's
6:28 am
not much of an improvement. >> 3% annually. sandra: 3%, yes. dagen: better than inflation. you're making more money than inflation, so if you look at that, look at the past few years and how many years people that received social security have not gotten cost of living increases. kevin: people talking about deflation environment. you have larry saying stagnation so to get a 3% raise year to year is very nice. sandra: right now we have been enjoying the low gas prices, vi have been saving americans billions of dollars, how long you can expect the good news to last. next and donald trump signaling a change in tough stance on immigration while promising to build a wall more after the break ♪
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sandra: welcome back, i'm sandra smith, wednesday august 24th, top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. an earthquake rocking central italy. 6.2 magnitude earthquake at least 37 people have died and many remain trap as historic
6:32 am
towns have been leveled. the earthquake was felt in roam and florence. trump is softening stance on immigration. in the meantime tim kaine launching an attack on trump's business records. >> we are facing a guy who has not been a friend of small businesses. donald trump has a track record and frankly stiffing small businesses, has perfected the strategy that small businesses can't afford the big lawyers and some have actually gone out of business or bankrupt because they believe donald trump. we ought to do things that make it harder for big businesses to use that kind of a strategy. sandra: the latest from the campaign trail straight ahead. into the growing fears over the zika virus, cases of the disease found in northern florida. what that means for residents and travelers. new outrage over the price hikes of epipen as the cost of the
6:33 am
device soared, so did the salaries of executives. how much one of them got just ahead, tesla competing with high-end sports including ferrari. you should enjoy them while they last just ahead. taking a look at futures this morning, not a whole lot movement but coming off of record closes s&p and nasdaq yesterday, more gains this morning. new home sales gave a boost to the market this week, we are getting existing home sales out. a little bit later this morning and looking for leadership from europe as we do look at trading there. we have been seeing some mix action as the ftse in london is lower, markets in france and germany currently are higher by one half of a percent. in asia overnight mixed action as well, the shanghai composite and kospi all down.
6:34 am
donald trump changing his position on immigration but also ramping up attacks on rival hillary clinton. fox news' john roberts has the latest from tampa, florida. good morning, john. >> sandra, good morning to you, in front of fair growntsdz where donald trump will be speaking in a big rally this afternoon and trump tipping his hat in a town hall with sean hannity on border security that maybe he's dialing back on what to do with the millions upon millions of people who have entered this country illegally over the decades. donald trump said initially he we wanted to kick them all out of the country and now saying they are bad people that have to go but acknowledging there are a lot of good people in the country as well and maybe, just maybe some of them will get a chance to stay. here is what trump told hannity last night. >> there certainly can be a softening because we are not looking to hurt people, we want people -- we have some great people in this country.
6:35 am
[applause] >> we are going to follow the laws of the country. >> what people don't realize is we have very, very strong laws. i've had very strong people come up to me, really great, great people come up to me and they've said, mr. trump, i love you but to take a person that's been here for 15 or 20 years and throw them and the family out, it's so tough. i mean, i have it all of the time. >> at the same time donald trump pledge to go get tough on illegal immigration at a rally in austin following the town hall last night bringing on stage mothers whose children were killed by illegal immigrant and donald trump doubling down over hillary clinton and ties to the state department highlighting an associated press article that found that more than 50% of the people from outside government that hillary clinton met with while she was secretary of state were donors to the clinton foundation. listen to what he said in austin last night.
6:36 am
>> it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. it is now abundantly clear that the clintons set up a business to profit from public office. they sold access and specific actions by and really for, i guess, the making of large amounts of money. >> you can bet that donald trump is going to continue to hammer those points home at this rally in tampa this afternoon, florida, he trails hillary clinton in the politics by 4 and a half percent but the latest of those polls was taken before the pivot that donald trump made last week and his campaign is saying, insisting that those polls are going to tighten. sandra: things could be a change, john roberts, thank you. before the sun even comes up,
6:37 am
it's still dark there. big money at the gas pump to the tune of $38.4 billion and they are driving more, a new national safety council report shows traffic fatalities rose 9% but the days of cheap gas numbered as we approach the labor day holiday. list bring in tom. tom, should we enjoy gas prices where they are now r they going higher? >> they're not going higher this year. i think in subsequent year, will probably trend higher. whether he go back to the numbers we saw from 2011 to 2014, that glut doesn't ask forever. sandra: what's going to change? >> what's going to change is supply going to tightened.
6:38 am
you have a lot of projects, you might have a five-year term for a project that's $20 billion in west africa and those projects aren't getting funded and each deplete at a rate of 5% each year so you need to keep finding new oil plus we are seeing demand increases in emerging countries some where on the order of 1.2 million-barrels a day. united states -- we are close to saturation point but if you live in china, india, vietnam, southeast asia -- sandra: 2.19 a gallon. everybody is kind of wondering where did all of this extra money go? americans save $40 billion from the gas prices but we can't figure out -- >> that is the 150 billion-dollar question, absolutely the question. we don't know where it's going. dagen: answer tom, you know more about gas prices than anybody. >> a lot of restaurants,
6:39 am
restaurants have done really well, the retail segment has done very well. kevin: health care has gone up and infidelity said it went 6% and everybody keep saving up as baby boomers start to retire. >> like airlines, airlines are paying a dollar 80 for jet fuel than three summers ago and yet when i'm traveled, they advertise the gymnast on the olympics and i need to be a gymnast. sandra: let's talk about the price of oil, do you like oil at these prices, we have been hovering between 40 to $50 a barrel? >> i like 12 months from nowment i don't like nit the next three months because we are going to cut refinery and use less crude and it's the triumph and hope of a reason in terms of opec and
6:40 am
nonopec countries. dagen: can i just ask you about there's a story in the wall street journal the show producers because oil had moved up to close to $50 they were looking to increase production, is that going to -- as soon as you get a tick up in prices supply comes online, is that going to keep prices muted? >> that'll help. we will probably export more crude oil. that's mostly west texas. if you're north dakota, deep border of gulf of mexico, not so much. it's tough to find it and make money at $50. you can make money at $35 in some other places. sandra: 2.19 for a gallon of gasoline, where would we be labor day weekend? >> it'll be about the same. election day will be $2 or less and then next year we go higher. sandra: two bucks, that could be
6:41 am
fun. >> come to new jersey. we have a dollar 75 right now. dagen: until they hike taxes. [laughter] >> i disagree. i don't think he wants to be responsible for any tax hike. >> he might not. dagen: particularly one that hits lower-income people. >> he doesn't care about that. [laughter] sandra: thank you very much, sir. coming up zika spreading in florida as new cases emerge. milon ceo coming under after epipen raise, we will tell you how much she took homecoming upt
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higher open, dow futures up 4, s&p up 1 and nasdaq up 2. even though these are slight gains, remember this is the s&p and nasdaq building on the record close from yesterday. so some follow-through. stocks on the move this morning. mcdonalds recalling activity wristbands, after the fast-food giant got 70 complaints of skin irritation and burns, roughly 29 million units have been affected. well, we have some deal news in the pharmaceutical feeser -- pfizer acquiring astrazeneca. a powerful earthquake striking central italy. cheryl casone with the details. earthquake that was felt in rome.
6:46 am
cheryl: here is what with we know. we have a death count of 37 people confirmed death since the magnitude hit the region about 3:00 a.m. local time is when it hit. northeast of rome, rescue crews are trying to dig survivors of for rubble. we are trying to get more details out of italy this morning. we will bring to it, of course, florida governor rick scott saying that the state has confirmed five new nontravel related cases of zika including one in the tampa bay area. this is new for that part of the state. four new cases were connected to mosquitoes in miami's wynwood art district and fifth to pinellas who has not traveled internationally. >> just because we have one case here doesn't mean we have local transmission.
6:47 am
the next step is the department of health with the local department of health working with mosquito control effort, they will start doing aggressive mosquito control and aggressive test to go see if we have local transmission. cheryl: the government has called officials to send more resources. the head of the pharmaceutical that raised the price of epipen has been given a huge raise, ceo received a raise of 670%. she and others have been criticizing for increasing the price, the price as you know, sandra, went from 100 bucks for a pair in 2007 to more than $500 today. epipen reportedly make up 40% of the company's operating profits. lot of outrage, sandra. sandra: a lot of people talking about that story, social media has been packed with people talking about it. we had a doctor yesterday. thank you.
6:48 am
for people with allergies, epipen is a necessity. imagine how parents must feel knowing that they have to pay to keep their children safe and hearing executives are getting these kinds of raises. what do you make of all of that? dagen: you know, the price hike of epipen is a little egregious and i usually differ to private businesses being able to operate because a lot of the prices that we quote is not what people pay because it's covered by insurance so it's not $600 for two shots. this is not something that you need to have every day or every week of your life. it lasts about a year, you have to replenish after a year if you do not use the pens, it's just bad business, i think, ultimately because when you do something like this you're asking for regulators to come
6:49 am
back. you're asking for lawmakers to have hearings about drug increases. i boot epipen shot generically and i didn't pay that much. sandra: ceo reportedly made $2.5 million in 2007. the year of the epipen acquisition, okay, that's the year that they bowght the company in 2015 last year the total compensation was $18.9 million. and it could have been slightly more than that and it appears that it has been even more than that. dagen: what was the stock -- how was the company performing? kevin: here is the thing, this is such bad optics, everybody knows that this has been under the scope not only of the political candidates but also congress who are looking at these drug prices being raised
6:50 am
as well as a thing like the epipen, as management why would you do this? >> shareholders are getting screwed essentially. dagen: if you're unhappy with it then don't own the stock. kevin: people are dumping it. sandra: more news on tesla, unveiling a new product that will make its model the fastest-production car. more on the speedy plans and how it compares to like a ferrari, next
6:52 am
6:53 am
sandra: big news from tesla, ceo
6:54 am
elon musk revealed they're the maker of the world-fastest car and revealed a new battery. joining me right now ceo brad, brad, do you think this announcement is going to be for the company long-term and the stocks? >> first of all, it's an in-line expectation. elon musk isn't talking about efficienties, increasing 5% per year on the battery. we got better than 5% increase, is it positive for the stock long-term, it's certainly psychological positive. now if you look at the range, over 300-mile that is you can get without a charge which is certainly more negative cases on electric cars as how far you can drive them before you can charge them. it's a positive development. it is a positive in the right direction. sandra: is it a cool car? dagen: yes, it's very cool. so they're bragging about this being the fastest-production car
6:55 am
that's going to be manufactured. guess what, traffic fatalities rose and the faster the normal cars get, the more dangerous it is for the roads. i love cars. i know -- i love cars but a lot of -- a lot of the cars on the road they simply go too fast. >> tesla used to be a client of mine so i got to drive once or twice. i can't begin to tell you, it's like taking a rotary phone. it's not the same product. they're so awesome and cool and i wish i had an extra 150 grand to buy one. kevin: it's got the cool factor to it. it's going to be a very expensive car and he's -- it's not for the masses. sandra: that'll extend the
6:56 am
driving range without stop to go charge it. extended by quite a bit beyond the 300 miles and pumps up acceleration which is why we are talking about it. what kind of demand does tesla want to see from customers to make the product successful? are people going to want it? >> well, all good questions and first of all, i'm fortunate that i do own a model s, it is ridiculously fast but, you know, i'm surprised with all the autopilot talks, i works better than i thought it would. there's concerns about the accidents. going to your question on the 100-kilowatt, it's important, the cost with 100-kilowatt is certainly not cheap. the other thing that you don't realize that you can upgrade, you can upgrade to 100-kilowatt, i think tesla will charge 20,000 to upgrade the battery that you currently have. obviously they lose money right
6:57 am
now but trajectory is incredibly impressive. sandra: the world's fastest accelerating car in production, quantify that for us before we leave. >> 2.5 seconds is the p100. my only goes 2.8 seconds. faster than anybody needs. dagen: exactly. they will throw your butt in jail if you get busted. sandra: thank you very much. still to come health warnings are targeted the alcohol industry, more as competitors are coming are [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here.
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>> good morning. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. breaking his overnight and earthquake rocking southern italy. at least 37 people have died and many remained trapped as the historic towns there have been leveled. to the latest from the campaign trail. there's concerns over pay to play. they report that many people have met with clinton while she served as secretary of state later made donations to the foundations. and donald trump wrapping up his attacks last night. >> hillary clinton is totally
7:01 am
unfit to hold public office. it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends as the state department begins. >> hillary clinton out with her own attacks. releasing a new ad targeting his business record this morning. you know donald trump said he will make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off of our backs. >> with the latest from the campaign trail it just ahead. president obama is touring the flood ravaged area in louisiana. this trip the strip is not about politics. the details on one city's controve how competitors are fighting
7:02 am
back. and checking in on markets this morning. futures are near the flatline but pretty much even as we start off the day a couple hours from the opening bell. they close right about their record highs yesterday. it has been trending lower while the markets in france and germany our trending slightly higher. the only one finishing higher. forb is t wi itsewes list melia mcrthyominin a nuer t. >> i know who's number one but i'm making a set because realists tell you who's on the list coming up.
7:03 am
what do they call that when they give away something. >> she was the highest paid last year as well. hwo luck finding work. >> we do have a lot coming up this morning. and the trump campaign. and former fema director
7:04 am
michael brown will be here. a powerful earthquake striking in central italy overnight. dozens of people have been killed in this 6.2 magnitude quake. the urgent search that's going on right now for any survivors. amy kellogg joins us right now by phone what is the latest on the ground there. >> we are not getting great reception. were trying our hardest to get a report from the ground. this is a situation you are looking at. it's very difficult right now. we will try to get her back on the phone for you but an absolutely devastating a situation that happened just 80 miles outside of rome. there is a separate earthquake
7:05 am
in myanmar. this is the continued fallout of this earthquake that was felt in both of rome and florence. dozens killed there. we are going to continue to try to get a life report there from the ground. it's obviously a chaotic and tragic situation there. it makes it that much more devastating. we will turn to politics right now. more trouble brewing for the campaign. they reveal that more than half of the people who met with hillary clinton during her tenure donated to the clinton foundation. the camp responding by accusing the associated press of media bias. he was quick to jump in with his take. they were given special access
7:06 am
to hillary. listen. what happened to those people what do they get. they got a lot they wanted a lot. >> let's bring in the trumpet campaign economic advisor. good morning to you. what did you make of that back and forth in the attacks wax. >> i think the idea of the associated press ganging up on hillary clinton is absurd. also the donors giving the secrecy that she put on her donors they must be the shyest donors in the world. normally big donors want their name on the building or in the paper or they want a board seat. everything was on the up and up why did they launder it
7:07 am
through this canadian secret foundation that didn't disclose the donors. that continues to be the question. why would they have to announce it they will no longer accept foreign donations. i'm not defending her involvement when a defendant. obviously this has an opportunity for a conflict of interest as we see. her judgment is her judgment on this. i would love to hear from you you have that the national association for business economists economist over 400 people pulled and they said his economic plan would be a disaster. they're worried about his immigration stance will he
7:08 am
prevent any immigration. he didn't say he would prevent any immigration from coming. he sent his neck and let people come in if we can't do that them properly in a reassurance that they're not here to do harm. >> he has said he would prevent people from coming here from countries that had experienced terrorism until we have a proper assistant --dash a system for vetting. >> let's talk about the economic plan. there has been some criticism of donald trump's plan and here we are looking at this dismal growth situation in the united states right now. and someone who is advising donald trump he said he's get a lower taxes he will adjust regulations. what kind of growth what his plan actually stimulate in this country. one of the lynch pins of his plans is to improve the
7:09 am
balance of trade. we head about three percentage points taken off our gross domestic product because of our trade deficit. all he has to do is get half of that back and you had doubled the rate of growth in the economy. >> when we do have these trade agreements there would be a look back to see if the deal is working out there isn't a single trade agreement enforced. none of the ones that hillary clinton supported and interestingly in her speech in syracuse yesterday she claimed that she's always been against nafta. in her book living history she said the thing that is great about nafta's it is it gives us the benefits of globalization and not the burden. she must've been talking about unemployment benefits. that's the only thing. she spoke positively about that very trade deal based on
7:10 am
the wall street journals account. i want to ask about that tariff. i will put a tariff on imported chinese goods has he backed away from that. he said if it turns out that the chinese have been manipulating their currency by as much is 45% and if they don't want to negotiate it may become necessary to threaten them with as much as a 45% tariff. the same associated press that hillary now claims is attacking her misquoted him. >> we know the e-mail situation is still a problem. they are failing to turn over thousands of work-related e-mails let's listen in and get your response. >> and provided all my e-mails that could possibly be work related. i turned over everything i was
7:11 am
obligated to turn over and then i moved on. this morning there 15,000 new unreleased e-mails and now they have everything that they could have. >> they told us we have everything that she turned over everything and then there's a new batch of e-mails. what people want to hear from both of these candidates is how there could affect your life. as a voter. if you think she's a crook and a liar and you think she's misleading the american public you're not voting for her. she's been around for 30 years. what this ad does is it speaks of echo chamber. they haven't decided who they are voting for. and how their lives are to be improved by donald trump or hillary clinton. >> her campaign is out with an attack ad of its own featuring a small business owner and
7:12 am
slamming him for his outsourcing practices. >> this factory has been here since 1883. we head over 60 people here making shirts labels made in america. his brand of shirts come from china. >> that is certainly true and what has force that to happen is the terrible trade agreements that we have. anybody in business has to find a cheap source of material that should not surprise anyone what's wrong is having trade agreements that force that can do behavior because the american companies had no alternatives. >> i want two-point something out i've discussed these ads with people they do it to bait him. they know that doesn't really resonate with voters.
7:13 am
is he not can it take that bait. hillary clinton has outsourced getting money to overseas people from the people in the ukraine which is better. the secretary of state foundation taking money from dicey countries. the difference is what the ad does is talk about how real people are affected by donald trump what it doesn't do them care what you think that she keeps gaining on him in the polls. she spending an awful lot of money on tv ads. that certainly helps. i don't know how much she spent he have some self-inflicted winds by not sticking to the message.
7:14 am
we will be right back.
7:15 am
7:16 am
>> the turkish military and u.s. backed coalitions have tried to get out of the syria border town. we have more on the other story. could morning.
7:17 am
>> and said that syrian rebels have captured a village for misys. from isis. the town of jar bus. they are going into that syrian town. he arrived in turkey this morning. he is the first senior white house official to meet with him since last month failed coup. >> back here at home. the san francisco sub erred -- suburb of richmond. they called's advance peace is to pay people not to commit crimes. the 18 month fellowship hires convicted felons to seek out troubled views. there offered cash and vacations if they change the raise. they can earn then up to a thousand dollars.
7:18 am
and finally in california in business. facebook launching a new app called life stage in an effort to keep youngers users. it will look similar to snap chat. it increased its popularity among young users. more than 60% of smart phone users between the ages of 13 and 34 are using snap chat. lifestages only available for ios devices. they're really targeting teenagers because that teenage group anyone from 13 to 17 facebook 82 -- ain't cool. i think that will eventually disappear. it's all about getting the
7:19 am
daily active users. this is facebook's response to that. that's exactly why there on snap chat. also get off my lawn. they are coming up with their own filters. it's actually a very big business we may dismiss it but it is huge. we will tell you who that is. the highest paid actress it's all straight ahead.
7:20 am
7:21 am
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new studies are working to modify the conventional wisdom that drinking in moderation has health benefits. they link even moderate drinking to cancer. major beer makers are putting their rivalry aside to contribute more than $55 million to access --dash mac assess the effects. i want to start with you first to bonnie as far as the health benefits or lack thereof of alcohol where you stand on
7:24 am
that? >> most of us are not drinking alcohol for its health benefits. mine can have some benefits i think the key is going to be the boring word moderation. there's nothing wrong with living a little. but you need to know yourself of course and also alcohol could be different for everyone depending on your age, your weight or your height. you need to know yourself. laura, the industry is fighting back against any reports or studies that are coming back saying this is bad for you how are they doing that? >> they have to face the reality they enjoyed for decades this health halo. the reality is the party is over. the idea that lots of alcohol
7:25 am
is good for you it goes against what your health expert dissent. and so what they do now had to do is pivot. they won't pivot by trying to fight back and saying it's good for you i think they need to do is with moderation. it is moderation. anything in excess is gonna kill you and give you cancer. we've seen many studies go back and forth on lots of things. i think they have to get in with that. we can't legislate this thing. it has to be moderation. they have to make the decision on how much and what they do consume. people enjoy their wine and beer. they're constantly being. a drink is supposed to be a 12-ounce beer a 5-ounce glass of wine there are five 5-ounce
7:26 am
glasses of wine and in a bottle. it's also a shock. for some people a drink like that could be a lot. but there are other people that say i don't drink every day however there downing shots that could be like a weeks worth of drinks in one day. i think you have to think about a lot of other things. here is where size matters. if you have a glass of wine that's filled to the brim and sometimes we go to restaurants and they give you this is a huge glass that you're drinking. you have to look at the size that you are drinking and also
7:27 am
the span of time a good thing to do alcohol actually can be very dehydrating a way to make yourself feel more full huge pores of wine at outback steakhouse. when scientists try to figure this out. higher taxes that shrunk the industry could they face a similar fate. i think they're extremely worried about that. what they have to be careful is it's very clear that there is severe and serious self help risks with smoking. they want to distance themselves and go against look what happened sugar.
7:28 am
there are a lot of things. i don't think anyone food should be demonized i think we didn't have that incident today. unless you're chewing on a stock of wheat in the morning i think there is a realm for all of this. >> let me break this down that's all you have going for you is alcohol. maybe don't drink. that wasn't me.
7:29 am
thank you so much for joining us this morning. every time i'm more confused. i more confused. they just change. president obama finally visiting louisiana. he has been on the ground there was some question about whether he arrived and is it too little too late. we discussed it straight ahead. leading competitors fuming in the process. they keep it right here on train one. -- "mornings with maria" whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
7:30 am
or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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-- "mornings with maria" an earthquake rocking central italy. the 6.2 magnitude quake is less than 100 miles from rome. at least 38 people have died and many remain trapped. historic towns have been leveled. a second quake hitting in myanmar is 6.8 magnitude quake has hit. this just happened. we will continue visiting the
7:33 am
area isn't about politics. one of the benefits of being five months short of leaving here i don't give a hoot. they want to make sure they are getting the drywall out the carpet out. they start rebuilding as quick as possible. with the latest on the rebuilding efforts coming up. they now had the right to unionize and what that could mean for the skyhigh college cost. dunkin' donuts is looking ahead to fall. they're cutting the summer vacation short. let's take a look at market
7:34 am
this morning. it was near record highs they are building on those gains again this morning. they are higher. they have turned negative. read about the flat line there. we been looking at next action in europe as well. they are still hired higher by about one half of a%. some mixed action in asia over night as well with most of that the major averages trading to the upside. melissa mccarthy bringing it $33 million this year. so comes in second in top paid actresses. the minnesota wild are doing to honor the hometown hero. residents in louisiana continue to do that.
7:35 am
they made the first trip to the region. politics should not get in the way of providing assistance to victims. once of the floodwaters pass people's attention spans pass this is not a one off. it's not a photo op issue. this is how to make sure that a month from now three months from now people are still getting the help that they need. i need him all americans to stay focused on this. five days ahead of the president president and slammed the timing of the presidents trip on twitter. he should've gone to louisiana days ago instead of golfing. too little too late. for more on the federal response let's bring an former
7:36 am
femur -- fema director michael brown. >> i think the president was a right and not going initially. the last thing you want to do is have the president and air force one secret service the entire entourage show up while you're in the response phase. i think the president was wrong by not stepping off the golf course while he was on martyrs martha's vineyard and at least making a statement to the american public telling the people of louisiana that help is there they're doing with their supposed to do. and then politically i think the president made a mistake by letting donald trump beat him there in there once the response phase was over and they were in recovery. he made a couple of mistakes. one he should not had gone and he didn't go but he should've gotten off the golf course. but then once the phase it was gone and trump showed up trump trumped him.
7:37 am
this is being compared to previous storms. this week 11 years ago. it was a single most kenneth that -- catastrophic disaster this country has ever seen. >> as i tweeted out before i thought what the state of louisiana was doing in the response phase of this flooding was exactly what estate should be doing. they were coordinating they have their mutual aid agreements in place. the department of wildlife. everybody was doing what they were supposed to do. they have a unified command structure in place that's exactly what governor should be doing in disasters. so compare that to hurricane katrina we have a disaster because we couldn't get a unified command structure in place.
7:38 am
while i never compare disasters i will say this katrina head problems with command structure in this case you didn't have that. you were in charge of the command structures during katrina and i want you to compare how you think that event took place with federal government response. how had they been responding it. they've been responding correctly but here's the difference. in hurricane katrina you have a mayor and a government that failed to evacuate the city. unless the president and myself had just cleared martial law that is the main difference. if for that evacuation failure that causes a huge distinction.
7:39 am
you can evacuate people their ves are lost. i do want to say on the story that is and we note that these know that these people there is devastation down there and louisiana and baton rouge. they have now approved more than a hundred $7 million in grants to help survivors with temporary rental insurance. serious disaster -related needs. we keep looking at the images coming out of there. a woman with her baby and a bottle. that image sticks with me. how does someone like that get access to those grants and that money and what is a timeframe like how soon do they see that money? >> let's be precise about this. there is a federal aid that will come along but there is a misconception that the federal aid is going to make these disaster victims whole. it is temporary assistance. it and doesn't rebuild homes
7:40 am
it doesn't make them right back to where they were. that is where we often forget about this. that's where the the nongovernment organizations and all of these volunteer organizations that's where they come into play because they are absolutely critical to helping those people fill that gap between what government does and what isn't done. $20billion in damages to the homes down there in that region. it's can be a long effort on my best to the good people of louisiana. michael brown, thank you. a frantic search for survivors. a powerful earthquake rocked central italy. we will bring you the latest on the developing news from there. plus a major change coming to
7:41 am
college campuses across the country. graduate students now have the right to unionize. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at
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the death toll continues to rise after powerful a powerful earthquake hit central italy. in other headlines. the toll now has risen to 38 conserved dead. we just head that new number. the magnitude of 6.2 quake struck the region about 3:00 a.m. local time. the hardest hit town are on the tree take region. the report is devastating. entire buildings are gone. there is a strong smell of gas in the area. there have been about 39 aftershocks we are learning.
7:45 am
meanwhile we are just learning about another earthquake. it has hit central mylar. we are monitoring the news agencies out of china to see what we can learn from there. back here from home. a victory for grad students. they are employees with full rights to drawing unions. it could result in tens of thousands of new members to the nations labor unions. the decision also applies to undergraduate students who take on teaching duties. and finally i don't call her anything.
7:46 am
this is the big forbes list. jennifer lawrence 46 million. the second one gave her the money. i'm not cool. not for movies though from endorsements. and finally this. just because we drink a lot of coffee on the show. dunkin' donuts is the first out of the gate for pumpkin flavored coffees. they have a started selling their pumpkin spice latte and locations across the country. it's going to be out there. i could go on and on. they are going to be there by august 29. and then there will be a plant
7:47 am
a brand-new item called the salted caramel coffee. just in time for your sugar buzz in the morning. there you go. i went to walgreens the other day and i like it. keep your tanks giving stuff away for me. they said though that pumpkin is kind of nasty. how much did she make. can i quote her recently when she was on the equal pay for women think she said when i make as much as my mail
7:48 am
costars. she said if donald trump becomes president it will be the end of the world. it will be the end of the world. she can go to all of those countries that donated to hillary clinton. from the football field to the kitchen. he scored with his brand-new food venture. that's coming up.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
brand-new food venture. that's coming up. the minnesota wild pain contribute to a legendary musician. the headline sports reporter has more on that story. >> were gathered here today to get through this thing called hockey. they will pay tribute to the rock legend. when they score goals at home this season they will be
7:53 am
treatedo prces thu. let'go czy. so real life wide receiver does not like how virtual realitynew madden video football game. the overall rating is a score of 90 but he doesn't think he's an a- he wants a. he told the dallas morning news. that the rating is an insult like why would you do that to me. he added that the rating is can a shoot up really quick. you best believe that. ea sports sent a tweet and have some fun with him. your kick rating seems to be when you down over all. it won't be the last time they complain.
7:54 am
tom brady turned chef. he's launching his own line of vegan snacks. and for only $50 a box they will get an assortment of snacks so they can snack like tom brady. it's not his only culinary adventure. are we ready for tivo mania. they made a brief appearance in the nfl. they're all set to show the world he can be the next bo jackson. he also won the heisman and then he joined the kansas city royals in 1986 before he became a two professional sports star. for years he played in malt --dash and both major league baseball. do you remember this guy. john elway he was drafted by
7:55 am
the new york yankees back in 1981. two years later he was selected against his wishes by the baltimore colts. and he actually used his talents as potential leverage to help them find the way up. and who could forget prime time. with the yankees he also played for the braves, the reds and the giants. from 1989 to 2001. so can he become the next football player to make a successful go at baseball. according to espn at least a 20 20 major league baseball teams will attend a workout showing off skills on august 30. can they do it. this is not a publicity stunt.
7:56 am
>> if you can be a professional football player you need to do something else i think you could be pretty good in baseball. a great role model. but going back to the matted situation. the highest score is 99. in the dancing with the stars guy. when i first read about the story i thought about the terms that they said. these guys are really interested. it means a lot to them. >> with a lot more coming up.
7:57 am
just when you thought it couldn't get any worse and i'm not talking about the, about baseball. a bombshell in new report. a parade of donors melts with -- met with hillary clinton at the state department. we will be right back. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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7:59 am
. sandra: i am sandra smith maria bartiromo has the morning off, it is wednesday, august 24 your top stories
8:00 am
8:00 a.m. eastern we have breaking news in earthquake rocking central italy, overnight. a 6.2 magnitude quake striking 80 miles from rome at least 38 people died many trapped as this historic town leveled felt in rome and florence just last hour a second quake hitting in myanmar, a 6.8 magnitude quake shaking the central part of the country. no reports of injuries or damage yet. but that just happened, and recovery efforts under way we bring developments as they come in allocates from campaign trail concerns over pay-to-play at clinton foundation are growing he associated press reporting that many people who met with clinton while she served as secretary of state laid donations to the foundation donald trump ramps up attacks on her last night.
8:01 am
>> it is now abundantly clear that the clintons set up a business to profit from public office they sold access and specific access by and really for i guess the making of large amounts of money. sandra: trump acknowledged issue of fact in immigration policy says he is softens his stance ahead. >> outrage over price hibernation of epipens, soared so did salary of the ceo big time how much she got paid ahead. >> u.s. facing oversupply of cheese, huh? what the government is doing to help dairy producers and those in need. kfc gimmick oh, boy flavored sunscreen in smells like it right why the company thinks
8:02 am
this was going to help the company, with its turnaround efforts, we are going to talk to the company about that, why they are doing this what did you say more than sunscreen something else too. >> he had i believe nail polish -- >> we will ask them about that stay tuned for that talk about a discount one sells itself for 30 million dollars one valued at nearly one billion dollars what that says the retail and start-ups look at markets an hour and half from opening bell on wall street, dow s&p nasdaq slightly higher. futures up 10 points all this coming after the s&p nasdaq, averages closed near record highs in yesterday's trading session so a little bit can have follow-through this morning we will see if it holds into the opening bell, take a look at oil this morning we are seeing big moves in crude prices this week, another one this morning, look at that. crude now down 2%, it is
8:03 am
nearing 47 dollars a barrel this week goldman sachs said hey this rally in month of august overdone we have seen a lot of selling since then, data showing unexpected rise in stockpiles, though more production, more available prices coming down and here with me this morning dagen mcdowell, is here in rare form recon capital kevin kelly his birthday. >> dagen mcdowell a compliment? >> not rare if every day fair point good to have you here as well. >> nice to be here. >> -- commercial breaks, did you hear consider what she said about baseball --? >> involved in baseball? >> baseball, that is so not true here is my one thing i know that producers want us to move on, golf the crowd in ball completely still follow-up exactly where you
8:04 am
want it baseball flying with you they with more presighings th presighings than golf ball. >> i think a few things but -- >> we've got a can't-miss lineup this morning, we've got more news to get to former republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson is here, and the host of varney & company always look forward to stuart varney on this show don't miss it a powerful quake striking central italy overnight dozens killed 6.2 magnitude quake search for advisors as aftershocks rattle the region, this as a separate earthquake has struck myanmar 6.8 magnitude shaggen central myanmar felt several hundred miles away in thailand capitol bangkok no reports of casualties or damage from that quick any news bring it to
8:05 am
you. >> a scandal surrounding clinton foundation, it continues to grow, the ap report that more than half of the people outside of the government who met with hillary clinton during her ten tenure secretary of state deleted personally or groups to clinic foundation donald trump reacting to the scandal surrounding the foundation on the campaign trail. >> it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends, and the state department begins. it is now abundantly clear that the clintons set up a business to profit from public office. >> joining us he former presidential candidate dr. ben carson here always good to have you sir thanks for joining us. >> thank you standra is in a what do you make of all this it seems like daily there is something breaking, with the
8:06 am
connections between the clinton family foundation and hillary clinton time in the state department. what do you make of the latest news. well, of course, they will say it is all just a coincidence it doesn't mean anything old news my problem it demonstrates incredibly poor judgment, knowing that you are going to be in the political arena that you are going to be running for president, why would you even want to have the appearance of wrongdoing? and this is a pattern. you know we have seen that, with the private server, with the answers with benghazi with so many things over the course of time, that demonstrate incredibly poor judgment and --. >> with a want that mission in and of itself for the hillary clinton campaign to say if she is elected president they won't accept any more foreign donations to the foundation because of that conflict the foundation was accepting
8:07 am
foreign donations when secretary of state. why was it okay then. >> obviously it wasn't oak it isn't orange county at some point we have to bring back common sense seems to be missing, in the real world if somebody has such poor judgment and in executive position, you send them for remedial training did he moet them fire them you don't pro moet them to ceo that is what we seem to be advocating it doesn't make any sense. >> dr. carson let me get to clinton campaign response is to this ap report they are saying in part, quote the story rise on utterly flawed data, it cheery picked lilts sunset of clinton's schedule to gi distorted important retail howh howon she crossed paths with individuals to give donations went on to say missed more than 1700 meetings with world leaders. >> before i get here for a minute i got to ask you why is it when republicans say they
8:08 am
have so much on her why they are not making any ground why -- why is this message not resonating with voters and why is it not helping donald trump in the polls? >> well, that is that is an central question it goes to the heart of what is happening with our country, we have reached a point of moral decay, where we don't care when we see obvious dishonesty what does this say for our future? i don't think it is too late to turn it around if we continue on this pathway much further i think our days are numbered. >> julie, speaking of dishonesty you had one of your colleagues mayor rudy giuliani, say hillary clinton as being sick he one your -- tell me do you think it is appropriate to be diagnosing
8:09 am
anybody based on internet reports. >> certainly no physician is-like to do that we want to see the actually data i suspect rudy giuliani who i know he is a good solid guy, but you know he's speculating as many speculate on both sides about things obviously we need to apply real data that is why i said anybody who is elderly that concludes both major candidates should have their records available for examining this is a very difficult job being president of the united states not 8 hour a day job, it is 24-7 high stress you need to make sure, that you have somebody who is going to be able to handle that both candidates should do that. >> immigration a hot topic for donald trump i want to get to latest on his immigration stance following the nominee's comments, last night, listen. >> there certainly can be a softening, because we're not look to go hurt people we want people we have some great people in this country great,
8:10 am
great people in this country but we are going to follow the laws of this country. >> interesting that actually hear him say that word about immigration policy that he is softening, doctor. >> well, what he is really saying, and i think it actually makes a lot of sense it should make sense to both republicans and democrats, is you know we have not actually tried applying the law that is we have on the books, let's apply the laws and then let's see what is left that needs to be addressed at that point. i think that is a very, very valid day to do things. he is talking to advisors listening to people should giver comfort to everybody including democrats he is not wild man is going to go off with ideas but actually listens to people and he integrates that into what he is going to do. >> dagen i want to get you in as well. dagen: good to see you do you think, again depending on language that he uses in the days to come does he need to
8:11 am
worry about alienating most loyal supporters those very individuals and some of the rust belt states that he has to have, in order to have a path to victory? >> well, i will tell you the 30% of people who are going to vote for him no matter what, 30% of people going to vote for hillary no matter what, you've got people in the middle, that you are going to have to concentrate on they tend to start paying attention 6 weeks before the election, and, of course, he has to appeal to all vrs but i don't think he has to worry about wlofg his base, they know his heart and they know that he is not going to allow illegal immigration to be the problem it has been in the past. >> quick i wanted your take as we continue to watch the -- cleanup efforts down in louisiana, president obama did visit the region, do you really -- hillary rodham clinton needs doing there donald trump first on the ground is that important? >> well, i think it -- it is important to the people who are there.
8:12 am
they need to know that you feel their pain, you know. i was proud of donald trump for going there. i am glad that the president eventually got there too. and it would be wonderful if hillary clinton would go down there too. they see are americans, down there suffering, they are not democrats or republicans they are americans we all need to be highly concerned about what is happening to them. >> dr. ben carson thanks for joining us good to have you. >> always a pleasure thank you sandra. >> still to come they raised prices mylan executives sticking themselves with higher paychecks much higher paychecks latest on the escalating scandal happening there plus kfc betting big on more than chick fast-food giant's plans to bring commerce back don't worry not chang being their fry recipe why the government is using your tax dollars to apply a staggering amount of -- yes, cheese!
8:13 am
we'll have that next. of the ♪ ♪
8:14 am
8:15 am
. . . >> pro-life in queensland australia investigating a stabbing in which attacker shouted al allah being a hugh akbar. cheryl: 29-year-old french men did fatally stab
8:16 am
21-year-old british woman wounded two people at a back backer's hotel police said man in australia on valid tourist visa no known links to cad rally grow ups investigators are will no radiology out any motive at this point. >> headlines special tax on soda other sugary drinks in berkeley california k apparently having impact on consumption fell more than 20% low-income neighborhoods, residents switched to water, after the tax took effect march last year acknowledging other factors could have affected consumption increased awareness of impact of drinking sugary drinks if you go to vegas love this story anybody playing the slot machine wants this person penny slot machine win 10 million dollars it happened to a woman from hawaii hit it big
8:17 am
at wynneonatal on sunday, 10.7 million from a single penny slot, she requested that identity be confidential played on a machine takes 3 dollar betts the biggest jack port reported at excalibur march 2003 los angeles resident put 100 dollars into megabucks won 40 million dollars never happened to me federal government, get this, 20 million dollars to buy 11 million pounds of cheese. that is because increased milk inventory higher european exports weak demand overtly a 30-year high in united states foreign buyers looked elsewhere for dairy because of strong dollar but i got to say sandra the department of agriculture going to give cheese to food banks across the country, so actually going to a good scomli. sandra: still to come five years since tim cook took over
8:18 am
seize jobs at ap. >> new product kfc is firing off to bring the customer to the table i think we are going to have these at the table we will be right back. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. sandra: all right kl made way into the spotlight getting extra crispy kentucky fried chicken creating sunblock giving away all 3,000 bottles of the kfc extra -- is it
8:22 am
actually called yes, it is called extra crispy sunscreen, joining us to explain what the strategy is behind this, is kfc chief marketing officer, kevin, why? we can't -- >> by the way, i am going to be a good sport going to put on i love kfc sunglasses are people going to wear this in the sun sunscreen? >> well, why wouldn't you want to -- have extra crispy. >> i can name a few reasons, but go ahead. >> i love tell you customers have been asking for this the answer they haven't been asking for this this is a crazy idea we have come up with, our pr team, ueg came up with this we have had success, with extra crispy pro motioning this is great to continue that momentum. >> you are talking about it like so, so serious, i mean this is not going to be a profitable venture for you
8:23 am
this is the market chicken; right? >>, of course, not this is about creating awareness that we have a second recipe in our restaurants exextra crispy fried chicken a way to get it in the news. >> who is putting it on. >> i smell this vaguely -- >> it do he is. >> like fried chicken i thought about it like if you were at beach eating fried chicken you have got zun screen on face need to rub chicken grease sunscreen that smells like fried chicken. >> kevin. >> what was the question? i'm sorry. >> -- if you it makes you feel better 8:23 i have already enjoyed part of your fried chicken i did right here still it was very crispy, and very greasy. >> comes after you launched a campaign before where you dual had edible nail polish hot and spicy individual. >> i kevin into this.
8:24 am
>> i am fascinated by this do you get reports about people eating trying the nail polish? >> absolutely, that was done out of our kfc office in hong kong, and you know just got viral buzz our challenge as markets how do we create excitement for products in ways unconventional, both worked we have seen this story around the world, the sun cream sold out less than hours, right, we just saw it on ebay reselling for 70 dollars when you can sell a bottle suntan lotion 07 dollars you are probably dog something right in terms of advertising we are pretty excited about it. >> i am trying this on have been very reluctant let me do it. >> i have a question with george hamilton character as extra crispy colonel. >> do people, do people find it a little creepy? just a little?
8:25 am
>> well, i wouldn't say find it creepy the majority of customers love extra crispy colonel our business very strong since we launched that campaign. obviously, any time that you create humor excitement about a brand you are going to have some people on the other end of the it at the end of the day we are back in pop culture people talking about our brand sales quite goad 8 consecutive courts same-store sales growth outpaying the industry couldn't be more excited about results. >> how do people get hands on sunscreen do they have to get in stores. >> they sold out didn't you hear it? >> do they get in stores bot up inventory you sell online. >> it was available online you go online to exextra crispy sunscreen site we gave it away for free. >> 3,000 bottles gone looking at yum brands your stuck this is umbrella company for kfc, enjoyed a really good year,
8:26 am
just over 90 dollars, how have recent changes, you are the marketing guy how is everything that you have been doing how is it helping be ing business. >> we are -- the u.s. -- us getting back to be profoundly growth consistently over time is going to help all the kfc's around the world we are excited about trajectory getting starting 70% restaurants remodel next three years made dramatic improvements in scores and quality scores kentucky fried chicken back in home market. >> his your next colonel tell us. >> we are going to -- we are launching a new -- all new chicken little sandwich a new celebrity colonel for football season look for that september 8. >> now i am going to fried chicken i have to sit on outnumber couch at noon look like --
8:27 am
>>. >> u.s. of a. to the sunscreen that is good. >> donald trump shirts. >> i think it is your birthday why don't you -- this lovely sunscreen, all yours you can have sunglasses, kevin thank you a great sport we've got your chicken and biscuits thank you having a wonderful day thank you. >> all right, what is. >> keep replying in sun as needed. >> thanks mom coming up -- >> it is not such a happy meal anymore the latest mcdonald's fitness brand recall, apple shares jefrd over 100 percent since tim cook took over foresteve jobs five years ago what the company needs to do to keep up success of the cook regime. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:28 am
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. . sandra: i am sandra smith wednesday, august 24 courier top stories at kl a.m. eastern we have breaking news own that quake rocking a central italy overnight 6.2-magnitude quake striking less than 800 miles from rome at least 38 people have died, operations under way right now to search for survivors. you are looking at live pictures of the damage and
8:31 am
rescue efforts there dozens have been killed last hour second quick in myanmar 6.8 magnitude shaking central part of the country no reports of injuries there, or damage yet, but efforts are under way we are bring developments as they come in, and in the race for the white house the attack ramps uphill hill and tim kaine targeting trump's business record while republican vice presidential nominee mike pence focused on pay-to-play foundations at clinton foundation. >> hillary clinton this is no laughing matter, nobody is above the law, the american people are sick and tired of pay-to-play politics, in washington, d.c. . sandra: outrage over cost of epipens,parents paying hundreds of dollars to protect children from life-threatening allergies the company executives are getting a huge payday, a milestone for ap tim cook marks fifth anniversary as ceo of the company today
8:32 am
what he needs to do to keep momentum for the tech giantdeep synchronousities shares of express plunging 0% earnings missing expectations big time a trailer cutting guidance we will have details on that, and other earnings straight ahead plus, a warning sign for billion dollars start-ups one sold 30 million dollars after one valued nearly one billion dollars what that means for other companies eyeing deals. checking markets, futures near the flat line as we head towards the opening bell an hour from now, dow futures currently up 5 points s&p up less than 1, nasdaq up 4, follow-through on yesterday's day with s&p and nasdaq closed near record highs take a look at oil prices this morning, another big day of moves, crude oil selling off, near the 47 dollar mark down another 2% today. data showing unexpected rise
8:33 am
in stockpiles and more analysts going bearish on oil, apple ceo tim cook celebrating important milestone five years since he he took the reins of ceo from steve jobs under his leadership shares of stock have risen more than one hundred percent apple watch made debut in the company sold more than one billion iphones joining me to evaluateh evaluate apple after steve jobs end point technologies associates founder roger kay thank you for coming on this morning, roger, the fried chicken sunscreen on my arms forgive me good to have you what you is future of apple how does tim cook keep things going. >>is we should give tim cook credit for what what he has done to essentially convert the franchise that steve jobs established, into something which is financially stfl, the
8:34 am
company had enormous cash flow, during the five years that he has run it, so he has done a great job of harvestering the value steve set up that nuch credit for the thing that he has a problem with us that he hasn't been able to introduce any new categories one of the things that steve did was repeatedly introduce new krairz accomplished entire new reactors for example in 2007, smartphones weren't a thing, and now they so it would a billion of them, so that is an important market it would be great for apple to have something like that i am not sure what it would be. i looked at this problem for a long time myself end opponent technologies itself is focused on the idea that end point is something that that connects to the intent and at the time when i was established it was only pcs then phones then tablets got to be new thing. sandra: you walk around see something with a broken iphone screen say get that fixed he said i am wait fog new iphone
8:35 am
expected to hit stores the end of september. images of the phone suggested apple may do away with headphone jack use bluetooth headphones plugged into the charging port, all right. so, so steve wozniak said it could tick off a lot of people would that hurt iphone sales? >> wellen i don't know how many people use headphone jacks anymore i do my kids use them for example, i happen to use bluetooth myself i rather like that better because you don't pull on the -- the phone and pull the -- your butt out of ear doing that it is a little better but you know, about apple has always done this has removed legacy systems for various reasons usable things like power consumption or physical space pushed the world into a new paradigm where they are not allowed to use floppy drive anymore they have to use you
8:36 am
exclusively hard drives so on part of dna force people into the future do sort of -- >> to sell more blue you toouth headphones i am sure but we took a sign opportunistic p -- a scientific pol you have to get blue tooth headsets, clearly time to get into the more than world. >> one of steve wozniak's points blue instituting isn't as good as technology is progress would start using. >> it steve wozniak cut ear bugs he can sleep in like i am not going to be able to use them on a new phone if you change the jack. >> you got to sell adjuster. >> as thes a big issue right now that iphone and mobile devices have become a couka.
8:37 am
>> a version cheaper version se phone where is next wave of growth your banking on china for the next wave of sales i mean it happens -- fruition where can share holders see light at the end of the tunneling. >> right i think there is a problem there, for one thing china is not going to be as hot as it was a couple reasons china is mostly saturated also has a lot of local competitors very strong china has a tendency to favor local competitors has done pretty we'll i wouldn't expect china off the map there is india not as well developed as china doesn't look on a trajectory that looks like china there is some growth there. >> subdivided in countries here we are carrier subsidizing phones. >> let me get to a personal problem, and that is dropping your phone in water, okay? so while samsung has a phone water-resistant i know samsung phone love to get iphone user
8:38 am
-- >> underwater selfie. >> apple has not in availed any such features how big a threat samsung to apple's dominance if they do things like this. >> i think the answer the google camp you know sort of android google all of its partners including samsung, is actually been closing the gab with apple for a long time and arguably ahead of it in some cases. of the but remember, apple also puts out a mix of trailing edge as well as leading edge technology, leading edge usually some sparkle will attracting you trailing edge for cost conditions to get a very well priced phone still make a lot of money, apple still makes more money than anybody in this business but you are pointing to a key deficit because the iphone 7 supposed to be out in a couple weeks the 8, supposed to come later, don't so far look like they have anything really dramatic
8:39 am
but the 8 is supposed to have all led screen high end by that time everybody else has all led screen sum sung makes those screens samsung's apple most important competitor not that great to have most important competitor the supplier of your most important component so there are issues like that coming up as well. >> you sound pretty optimistic about apple's future. >> apple will be able to manage this franchise fairly steadily quite a while may decline growth tailed off apple converted from a growth to a value xhaen that delivering a lot of cash delivering dividend, and pretty okay company still paying all the bills, and quite a bit more than that, so i would say. >> yes or no a car? >> i think apple probably in cars i don't think apple will have it own car there is a lot of logistikes to making cars phone companies don't know how
8:40 am
to do all things apple and tim cook still to come outrage over epipen's price hike as cost of the lifesaving device soared, so do executives cash out on that? much more straight ahead plus, trouble for start you understand the are furniture store for tech companies looking to cash in. ♪ ♪ i ♪
8:41 am
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aware. > . sandra: well we are now about 45 minutes away from the opening bell on wall street take a look at some stocks that are on the move this morning, mcdonald's initially recalling its activity wristbands consumer products safety commission making the announcement, after the fast-food giant got 70 complaints of skin irritation and burns, roughly 29 million units affected watching express shares plunging this morning to open at lowest level in more than a year the he retailer posting disappointing second-quarter earnings, and also, reports of weak store traffic, and cut its guidance again. that stock taking a hit ahead of the opening bell executives art pharmaceutical mylan under fire for increasing price of epipens gave themselves hefty pay raises price from 100 dollars for a pair in 2007 to more than 500 dollars for one, today.
8:45 am
meanwhile, reports say mylan ceo was paid 18.9 million dollars last year alone nine years ago made 2.4 million stuart varney here to weigh in a on this, and -- i don't know what does it looked like to you -- >> i think this is a fair political question to raise, should congress haul these executive director from mile you are you pharmaceuticals go at them i think says is a point of view legitimate function of congress when a company raises prize of a vital piece of equipment if you want to put it like that by 400% this is a political response to that, a we're going to get it had i think perfectly okay for executives to be hauled in front of congress take the oath answer for what they have done in this circumstance, some
8:46 am
conservatives say spriest enterprise none of politicians business i say politicians will get involved when you've got an example like this, by the way,, sandra, we have the mother of a young person, who needs these epipens, she has gone from paying 100 bucks, to 350 bucks now 800 bucks and she needs two of them for her child. >> fair enough as doctor points out on this set yesterday that they expire you keep them in case of emergency but even if you don't use them you still have to keep replenishing supply of them, because like not an expiration date. >> i think a moment in by a kofrpgs gets a very bad black vie bad pr i think in this case he deservedly so he. we will see you 15 minutes
8:47 am
right here every day on fox business network at 9:00 a.m. eastern. all right, coming up from failing to find a buyer to selling for a fraction of the cost start-ups dreaming of being acquired are ring into a few roadblocksing implications straight ahead. ♪ ♪ .
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
sandra: from a billionaire start up to e-commerce after thought home day core online trailer one kings lane selling to bed bath and beyond, for 30 million dollars a fraction of the 900-million-dollar
8:51 am
evaluation held in early 2014 news raising questions about valuations given to start-ups bring in retail analyst what does this tell us overly about start-up situation right now. >> i don't think it is relative of the start-up situation, rather it needs to be addrebasis. in this particular case, i think it is the problem of the web site that became the creates a not all equal this has value presumably because of -- >> unbelievable deference sold less in an 30 million dollars after being valued 9 hundred million dollars. >> guess this has happened a lot in the u.s., is that the web sites have starting up, and they buy the inventory directly from the vendors hold it and process the sale when customers buy it what happened with a lot of these they have excesses inventory no way to
8:52 am
liquidate it a retailer's worst enemy if not selling. >> bed bath and i knowed. >> itching so getting names possibly customers never had before especially that he liesive millennial customers -- to being well 45 dollars a couple of recent deals that to talk about we saw sml gil with guil.d. group, do sales say something about health of our economy? >> no i don't think they do, that is a similar situation. to the one kings lane, they have too much inventory buying from upscale designers let's say a flash sale if it didn't sell they were stuck with inventory in warehouse not like a store to walk through and have customers buy it, and there is no out price because you can't keep discounting it down to 90% off on a web site. >> fair pint other deals we
8:53 am
want to talk about unilever plying men's razor merchant dollar shades club one billion dollars. >> what do you make that have. >> a different business modeled unilevenever had exposure to before direct access to customers versus retail channels the way they normally do business gives more leverage for these future to create other businesses with this concept and to do some spin-off in my opinion. >> sounds smart walmart -- paid to buy, a huge deal has everybody talking in bid to compete with amazon, everybody trying to compete with amazon will this help. >> i think it will help tremendously. because keep in mind, these are two parallel businesses, they both have basically after multiple sales, and lowest price this feeds well into walmart's business dna i think
8:54 am
a big win for them is moving on before everybody had a chance to imitate their algorithms so out earlier than others. >> before i let you go, as a retailer analyst can you answer a question our oil analyst may be tried to answer a little bit but a tough question, right now. where did all savings from looking at over $2 for a gallon of gasoline in this country apparently americans saved upwards 40 billion dollars from lower gasoline costs are we seeing that show up at the retailers are they spending that at the stores we can'tfying out where the that money is going. >> for us what i have been tracking for the past five years there is an increase in the number of experiences that families want they are spending more on vacations and experiences and also the home area look at what has happened with them this is where we have been. >> home improvement and
8:55 am
experiences. >> very good point thank you, thank you so much. >> all right final thoughts from our all-star panel after the break.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
vintage eddie murphy. >> and rick james. >> and birthday in moderation, too. sandra: let's get your thoughts, julie, your final thoughts? >> the drinking moderation thing is for the birds. i don't care, i'm not sticking by medical guidelines. it's the only thing i have less. sandra: i thought she was going political on me. >> i'll go political on you. my favorite thing is that at the clinton camp site.
8:59 am
app is wrong, 50% that donate don't get faves. it's not 50%. it's kind of like, they were kind of like admitting to it. like, get your expectations low if you're going to donate to us, it's not 50%. dagen: the trump campaign has to find a way to craft the message where it resonates with the people, the clintons serve themselves first. >> kelly anne conway is very good and-- >> and clinton's campaign staff has over 700 people and donald trump's has 80. and it's problematic. dagen: the swing state polls are coming out. in missouri, a republican candidate has won the last four presidential elections. >> neck and neck in georgia. dagen: there's a long road. sandra: thank you very much for all of us todayment kevin
9:00 am
kelly, dagen mcdowell and jewel julie. that's it for "mornings with maria", and it's time for "varney & company," you just saw him. stuart. stuart: this is classic clinton. you skate around the law, laugh it off and rake in celebrity gold. good morning, everyone. 85 people who gave big money to the clinton foundation had meetings with the secretary of state, hillary clinton. they paid, they played. it's not he will -- illegal. and also, in classic style, she's raising big money from celebrities, see this? that's hillary in a photo booth snapshot with justin timberlake and jessica biel. today it's apple chief tim cook. he's hosting a fundraiser for her. h


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