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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 25, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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sandra smith and maria bartiromo is off today, it is thursday august 25th, top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. i'm -- on the minority vote, donald trump to lead with hispanic leaders and african-american leaders and he stepped on why he would be the better president on minorities. >> we will renegotiate our horrible trade deals to bring back jobs and opportunities and the african-american community and the hispanic community will be our biggest beneficiary of that. we will lower taxes and unleash job creation and we will tap into trillions of dollars in new energy wealth. sandra: the clinton campaign braising for new e-mail leak. warning for the democratic nominee ahead. plus the election and the social media factor.
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facebook thinks it knows who you'll be voting for in november. details on that ahead. turning to the devastating earthquake in italy, the death poll rise to go 250 people. it's a race against the clock as rescuers search for su survivorring. wild weather in the u.s. tornadoes ripping through indiana and tearing down buildings in the path. scare in the air, two separate flights suffering bird strikes at new york's jfk airports. officials force to shut runways. criminals are using netflix to get your bank information. oh, oh, futures pointing another loss on wall street. s&p futures off 2, nasdaq off 6 pointing to a lower open in a few hours from now, investors
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around the world are waiting comments on fed chair janet yellen. those will be coming tomorrow. as we are in the wait and see here, after a disappointing reading on german business confidence. looking at markets in asia, overnight, mixed action there with the hang seng posting the only gain, the rest of the markets down. with me this morning fox business dagen mcdowell, the king's college professor bryan and conservative commentator here. good to have you. sorry about the phone slip as we start it had morning there. i guess they got me talking about the dog. dagen: this is why it's so epic, it's named wisky. he is. he's a hunting dog that you actually bird hunt with in the photo that you posted you look spectacular. sandra: that's how we started off the week.
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we have a busy day to get to. the presidential nominees waisting no time to finding each other's record with minority communities. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. she's going to do nothing for african americans, she's going to do nothing for the hispanics, she's only going to take care of herself, her husband, her consultants, her donors. >> someone who has questioned the citizenship of the first african-american president who has courted the quite supremacist, who has been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color is someone who is, you know, very much peddling bigotry and
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paranoia. sandra: this comes after donald trump is meeting with african american and latino activists today. donald trump trailing hillary clinton by 46 points. she has 66% support to his 20% among registered latino voters. so can donald trump turn things around with lat notion and african-americans? let's bring david. david, answer the question first off, can he, is there time to turn things out and reach out to those voters? >> yeah, i don't know that i really have a good idea that those polls are accurate, sandra. i have to tell you and when donald trump talks about bigotry on hillary clinton's behalf, he's talking political bigotry. the unemployment rate is doubled that of whites, 9.5% in home state of illinois it's 15%, the incarceration rate of blacks is five times more than of whites,
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one in every 15 black men is incarcerated one of six men are incarcerated and hillary clinton is saying, i'm going to give you four more years of the very same factual scenario, the same thing that barack obama has brought you but vote for me because i'm a democrat and you traditionally voted for democrats and that's good enough. i'm not offering anything new, no change but that's form of bigotry and mr. trump is absolutely correct. sandra: when you look at his lead and strategy of calling hillary clinton a bigot, holding a meeting today, is that going to go anywhere? what are the strategies beyond the personal attacks. >> the gop has been saying we need to reach out to minority voters, black voters. the question here is donald trump a credible messager to
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those voter. it's just the reality of that, you're not going to turn around that significantly enough to win the election, a lot of criticism saying this is a message from white voters, hey, i'm not the racist guy that you think i am. maybe will help show that it's not racist rhetoric that he's trying to combat. dagen: newt gingrich pointed out that columbus, ohio has one of the largest somali population. you can talk about the rust belt and noncollege educated white working class voter but you need to expand your base and to david, to your point, when trump supporters dismiss polls and say, the poll is wrong, you're doing mr. trump a disservice and you're doing trump supporters a disservice because it fails to
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acknowledge weaknesses that he needs to fix and just outright dismiss if a poll isn't in your favor it's somehow crooked and false or not done right, i hear that a lot. >> dagen, i'm not saying all the polls are inaccurate, i'm saying however, you recently heard himself call mr. brexit, we all know what happened with the good brexit poll. it'll never pass, no way, the next day the earth splits in two. i'm just saying a lot of these polls are initiated by media organizations that absolutely have it in 100% and anything they can do from top to bottom from the minute they start off in the morning to the end of the news day in the evening they go after seen. the media energizes the polls. i have to tell you, it is an issue.
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sandra: one of the big questions is whether or not they'll be an october surprise, wikileaks cofounder announced for e-mail dump for hillary clinton, let's listen. >> we have a lot of pages of materials, thousands of pages of materials, i don't want to give the game away but it's a variety of different types of documents from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles that are quite interesting, some even entertaining. sandra: david, would another e-mail dump, would that have any effect on voter and change the outcome of this election or is that going to blend in with all the other ones? >> he doesn't tend to mess around, i expect when he does
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this in october, it'll be the october surprise it'll hit like a sledge hammer, we know the scandal that's going on. we know the meetings that took place and 55% of those meetings were people that donated hundreds of millions of dollars and guess what, promises were made, statements were made, were threats made, we don't know any of that. that's why the special prosecutor habit been appointed because you couple everything together, this scandal has the potential to make watergate look like a parking ticket. sandra: republicans keep saying they have so much there and they keep showing that there is there when she's saying it does not but doesn't feel like republicans are selling it. >> well, look, that's good to be done, no question about it. but republicans can sell it, that's one thing, that's on the political level, it has to be taken care at the legal level. loretta lynch is in the tank for hillary clinton. she's not going to make nothing.
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when we get a probation reporter that's truly independent i expect charges filed and potentially under the ric statute. sandra: all right, thank you, david. good to join us this morning. thank you. 247 people have been killed in the devastating earthquake in italy, update on the efforts to rescue those who are still trapped next. and multiple tornadoes ripping through indiana leveling buildings, governor pence returning to his state to assess the damage. machine on that straight ahead. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill?
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sandra: we are following the latest development out of italy as the death toll has climbed in the aftermath of the earthquake yesterday. searchers are going through piles of rock and sand that were once buildings looking for surviving in some of these towns that have been leveled. fox news amy kellogg is live on the ground in one of them. the images coming out of there, amy, are just unbelievable. >> there's so much activity here as the search and rescue operation continues pace. 247 dead, 368 injured and one of the problems, sandra, is that
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rescue crews don't know exactly how many people they are looking for. they still hold out hope for survivors, however, of course, the chances of finding more people alive is rapidly diminishing but in that earthquake in 2009 not far from here they found someone who survived 60 hours, hope is alive but it's a grim scene because pretty much 90% of people extracted from the rebel at this point have already died. there was, though, sandra one incredibly moving moment caught on video yesterday, a little girl name julia, ten year's old was pulled from the rubble, unfortunately her little sister we understand did not survive and we don't know about her participants but we can see rescuers, you could hear the applause, come on julia, come on, watch your head. she had an operation overnight and apparently is doing okay. but back to the fact that we don't know how many people may
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be trapped in some of these buildings is that there was supposed to be important food festival here over the weekend. obviously that's not going to happen, but a lot of oh of people have said to me that they would have invited lots of friends on a weekend like this to come stay with them to get out of cities such as rome which are blistering hot in the summer, there may be guests here that nobody knows are here and that maybe adds to all the drama and the sniffer dogs are getting confused with so many workers and so many smells here. sandra: thanks to bring it to us. the university of afghanistan -- cheryl casone with the hadlines. cheryl: 700 students have been
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rescued from the university compound. at least 12 people were killed and 36 others wounded when gunmen from the campus of the university, the gunmen entered the university despite tight security measures which tornadoes touched down in indiana yesterday. take a look at the pictures, guys. indiana state police say no injuries have been reported as of wednesday night despite preliminary reports that ef3 tornado touched down. the republican vice presidential candidate governor mike pence canceled campaign events and returned to indiana.
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pence says he will remain in indiana as long as necessary to ensure residents receive the support that they need. there'sx and i tunes users, a new scam, potential victim clicks the refund or manage subscription links they are direct today a fake i tunes page and asked to enter account information including credit card information. security experts say check the sender's e-mail address, if it doesn't look correct it probably isn't and always check the web address to make sure you're directed and that will always give you a clue. sandra: it's not always that easy, some of the emails and websites look legitimate. >> you get caught in the moment and you click something and you
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shouldn't have done that. one second too late. dagen: particularly if you're in the middle of something and doing something and really not laser focused on exactly what it's about to happen. sandra: every once in a while i fall for it. i failed the test. >> you have to be super careful. [laughter] sandra: give me a little credit. a lot of netflix users or i tune users, tensions with iran after vessels come close to u.s. destroyer in spite of of repeated warnings, the threats posed by the close call next.
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record amount of debt to counteract low oil prices, what it can mean for the energy industry straight ahead.
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sandra: all right, oil prices every day this week they have been on the move but this morning searching for direction after crude fell more than 2% yesterday on supply data. fox business contributor phil flynn is with us in the cme room this morning. flynn: good morning.
6:23 am
sandra: what do we make of the oil market here? phil: if you look at the inventory numbers yesterday we saw bigger stan expected crude supply at a year when supplies go down, we also saw supply gasoline in the gulf coast of the united states are in an all-time high. some of the data was probably secured a little bit because of storms in louisiana and we probably got supply tied up but still a huge number. really, if you look at the other side of the argument, the demand side of the equation has been very strong, we did see a drop in demand last week that was due to the storms, overall gasoline demand in the united states has been in all-time high. and that continues to be the story. in global demand continues to be an all-time high as well. sandra: phil we are also keeping
6:24 am
an eye on the storm from the wall street journal debt levels hitting record high for the world largest energy companies, we are talking about exxon mobile, bp, shell all struggling with low crude prices where they are today. they have a combined net debt of $184 billion, how big of a concern is this for the sector? phil: it's a huge concern and a very bollish concern down the road. we have never seen levels like that. we are talking about companies that a few years ago were getting criticized for obscene profits and now obscene losses. this is going to do severe damage to the long-term production of oil at a time when demand is going to rise. i think it's a major problem for the future of the market. dagen: where's the political outrage when american companies
6:25 am
that have basically made us virtually energy independent are virtually flat on their back? phil: i agree, if you look at a few years ago and i was warning people back then, listen, you're on these guys, you're complaining about record profits, they need record profits to meet demand. the investment in energy is intensive. we are not talking millions of dollars, we are talking billions of dollars and they serve such a vital function to the global economy. oil prices effect every business across this land and when they're struggling and we enjoy the low prices now but we will pay the price down the road, real threat to the economy. sandra: i want to bring you in for some perspective. this month alone crude oil prices up 12%, year to date up 26%. i will remind you of that 26-dollar level that we saw earlier this year. >> we started from allow point so that rise is not quite as big
6:26 am
but the long-term picture is really troubling here because you still have significant capacity in u.s. shell, you have problems in china actually with smaller incompetent refineries and so i don't really see that price coming back significant in long-term, that's a problem with companies with big debts and phil is right, they are cutting back on capital expenditures to deal with the fact that they have so much debt. that's a problem with the u.s. economy. sandra: you start out by staying in the short-term, what are you talking can happen in the near term? phil: you know, i don't think it looks at bearish as a year ago. i think, you know, we could get maybe to the mid-40's to low 40's but then the seasonal demand picture is going to kick back again. i do think there's a probability that we will get a production freeze out of opec that will give the market some back-door support.
6:27 am
i think the market -- we keep talking about record supplies, record supplies, nobody is talking about record demand. you know, next year we are going to be consuming globally 94 million-barrels of oil a day. that's the number that ten years ago said we could never produce. we talk about this record supply but when you compare it to the demand, it's really not as big as people are saying. sandra: fair point. going back to the debt that the energy companies are sitting on, that's his next big bet he's actually looking at that as investing opportunity. so, phil, thank you for being here. phil: thank you, sandra. sandra: coming up another payment to iran raising flags, the u.s. paid to iran more than a billion dollars just days after the 400-dollar cash payment to free american prisonersers in we have new details on that. facebook may know who you're voting for in november, how the essential media platform
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sandra: welcome back, i'm sandra smith, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. the money behind the candidates,
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donald trump and hillary clinton raising big bucks but you may be surprise who had the defense industry is backing, on the campaign trail donald trump ramping up attacks on hillary clinton over the war on terror. >> and isis is on the loose. isis has spread to the middle east and into the west at the same time isis is trying to infiltrate refugee flows into europe and definitely, folks, definitely, definitely i've been very good at predicting definitely into the united states. sandra: this comes amid new tensions against u.s. and iran. iranian vessels harassed a u.s. destroyer near the persian gulf. the details on how facebook can tell who you are likely to vote for in november. a scare in the sky twice, a pair of planes suffering bird strikes
6:32 am
within hours of each other at the very same airport. we will have that story straight ahead. warning to new students tat campus of the university of chicago, the school says there will be no paddling here. we will talk about that too. why the company is doubling down on pooled rides. futures right now are showing likely a lower opening on wall street, several hours from now. a lot can change till then. a lot of wait and see going on, fed chair janet yellen will be speaking tomorrow. a lot of fed speak can change the direction of the markets. in europe weakness across the board after disappointing read. in asia overnight markets mostly trading to the downside, hang seng posting only gain. american destroyer was harassed
6:33 am
by four ships that belonged to iran islamic gulf core. this comes after news that the u.s. paid $1.3 billion to iran two days after that $400 million in cash was sent over in crates. joining us right now retired general and best-selling authors, general, thanks for being here this morning. first of all, what are your thoughts on these recent dealings with iran? >> great to be with you sandra. first of all, this iranian nuclear deal just keeps getting better and better doesn't it? this is all under the umbrella of that because actually what's happening is iran is thumbing its nose at us with three detentions or firings upon navy ships in the last nine months, the truman last december and you had the iranian, u.s. navy personnel taken hostage by the iranian navy in january and now
6:34 am
this. and so that continues a pace and then just like week iran revealed a nuclear defense shield and in the face of, you know, international pressure they continued to do this. they have 100,000 troops in iraq and now we pay them $1.7 billion, think of what that money can do for the veterans administration, iran put a lot of our veterans in the hospitals and we are giving iran $1.7 billion for nothing, for a deal that went bad 40 years ago almost and our veterans need that and the iran was the number one manufacturer of the foreign penetrators, ied's that killed so many of our people, let's give that money to the va to we can take care of our wounded and not state-sponsor of terror. sandra: i want to talk about the most recent incident, the four
6:35 am
ships that belonged to iran islamic revolutionary gulf core. >> right. >> they harassed, but they stated that these iranian ships carried out a high-speed intercept within 300 yards of this destroyer. the navy called it unsafe and unprofessional. what are we to make of the way the iranians view us, the fact we are looking at these images, what does this tell us about the way they see americans and the way they see this country? >> yeah, i think that's part of what i was talking about sandra, they see us as weak, they see us as having given them a deal of a lifetime in this nuclear deal and provocations are -- are normal for them and they continue to do this in the face
6:36 am
of us trying to bend over and be nice to them and president obama absolutely believes that a weaker america makes for a stronger world and continues on that path and that's just part of this. they are going to continue to pressure our navy in the straits and everywhere else in iraq. dagen: a wall street journal who has been in the story and has a book out, the reason we didn't enforce red line in syria is because of iran and the negotiations went to the white house, we are going to back away if you enforce the red line, we are are own our knees in front of them. sandra: general, i want to get to this news as well, the parents of u.s. hostage that the doctors without borders group will not help their daughter, the group helped set seven staff members free but she was not employee.
6:37 am
the u.s. does not pay ransom. general, what are we suppose today make of that? >> we just paid 400 million in ransom but doctors without borders, you have to look at it in two ways, they have great doctors there that are volunteering and doing great work, they have bureaucrats that are extremely liberal and protective of themselves and perhaps not on location with the doctors and so it's -- it's a miracle that these seven doctors without borders individuals were released and kayla was not. doctors without borders withheld information that could have led to kayla's safe return and it's just atrocious what they -- what the bureaucrats did at doctors without borders. they could have given information to the united states to the parents that could have led to her safe return, instead they left her to die on the battlefield. in the army we have a motto,
6:38 am
leave no soldier behind and doctors without borders clearly left kayla behind. sandra: we definite i will have to follow the money here. after supporting the republicans in eight of the past ten election cycles, the defense industry has flipped the script and are now backing hillary clinton, supporting her with donations in the last three months alone, donations to clinton, doubled the amount that were given to trump. so based on everything that we talked about why has the defense industry decided to support the democrat nominee hillary clinton? >> well, i think the individuals within the defense industry and these individuals have been working now with the obama administration for eight years, they're probably well connected, they're probably getting their palms greased so they want to continue with the same administration, it's very clear that she's for sale and that's part of it and a senate can look
6:39 am
at it and said, she has risked our national security greater than any person in the government in recent history with the emails, you have iranian nuclear scientist executed in iran shortly after emails released naming him so hillary clinton is bad for national security, which is good for the defense industry and so there maybe, you know, senate can look at it from that regard as well. sandra: i feel like you want to get the word in here. you're shaking your head. >> i totally agree with him. it's very sad but i wonder what this legacy mission for president obama has done to our long-standing place in the world as well as our relationship and how the next president is going to deal with that because we have a really with iran that is so completely messed up right now that it's just a wonder to see how it's going to get back on track. sandra: thank you for joining us this morning. >> great to be here. sandra: uber taking a page out
6:40 am
of amazon's book with a new trial run, details on loyalty program that can save you money on your ride, next. one top university giving incoming freshmen a taste of the real world. we will tell you what the university of chicago is telling students not to expect on its campus, straight ahead ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature?
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technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. sandra: welcome back, there's u look at stockics looks like we might start with the downside, futures off 36 points. here are a few stocks on the move. ford will be one to watch. the company recalling nearly one hundred thousand vehicles for fuel pump issues that can cause cars to stall, models affected the taurus, flex, mks all 2015
6:44 am
models years, so far no accidents or injuries reported. we are watching sears, retailer posting quarterly lost due to weak sales of home appliance and clothing. it has received interest for potential partners for some of its best known brands. sears shares are down nearly 30% just this year alone. all right, two flights hit by birds at jfk international airport. cheryl casone has that story and other headlines that we are watching for you, good morning, cheryl, unbelievable. cheryl: yeah, sandra, as you know what happened in the hudson river a few years ago with captain sully, birds can be dangerous to aircraft. federal aviation administration reported striking a small bird after landing at jfw and then get this a singapore air light
6:45 am
hit several birds. a big flock of birds went into the right two engines, that's the singapore flight, two runways were closed after the incident. likely no injuries reported on either aircraft and as far as we know there's not much damage to the aircraft as well. lucky moments there. in business headlines this morning, uber taking a page from amazon prime, a new uber plan offers riders to pay in advance for a month of low price rise, starting this week uber began uber plus program in six cities, san francisco, seattle, san diego, miami, boston and washington, d.c. the cost differs depending on what the city is but the up front payment can be low as 20 bucks for package of 20 to 30 trips for the month of september. we will see how this goes. only select usest are going to have access for uber plus and going to go for the next month and obviously from uber they
6:46 am
might take it further. finally this, you know the university of chicago, sandra being a chicago girl, right? you heard the stories, telling incoming students that want trigger warnings or safe spaces, they should attend a different school. we do not support so-called trigger warnings, we do not cancel invited speakers because topics might prove controversial. so many people are saying, this is the reaction that the warning stands in sharp contrast of the university, they try to protect students from ideas that they might find offense i have or disturbing but that school is very tough to get into. sandra: and very expensive. [laughter] sandra: they want them to experience and be prepared for the real world. dagen: if you go to the university of chicago, you're there to learn. the message is get over
6:47 am
yourself. you're here to learn. sandra: bravo. dagen: we will give you the best education of the country. you're at the wrong place. sandra: we have been covering story after story of safe spaces that the universities and kids getting coddled. >> following with the trend, after shocking incident went viral -- >> all they did was write trump. just the name was so offensive and the president came out and said we embrace free speech in this university. >> most popular, the other articles on there, princeon hr
6:48 am
department don't use the word man, they are ruling out -- >> that was a recent story as well. >> i said, yeah, i always thought frosty the snowman was a real jerk. sandra: all right, we can go on and on about this. a facebook feature can help candidates, social media form knows who you are likely to vote for whether you think so or not, next
6:49 am
6:50 am
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6:52 am
sandra: be very careful what you like and what you post on facebook because it says a lot about you, the world east largest social media is tracking and categorizing including political campaign, target key demographics, can you favorite band impact the political ads you see and how you will vote in november. let's bring in conservative commentator, really? >> yeah, yeah, this is fascinating, right, because facebook's whole business is about advertising, right, and how they categorize people is a big way to say we can target this demographic for you, if you go to facebook and ad preferences you will see all of your interest there, you go to culture and lifestyle and click on that, you can see the top 10 and tops 2, top 50 interests. u.s. politics is one of those interests and then you'll see how they've categorized you. this is based on your post like,
6:53 am
like what pages you've liked and political preference that you have put for yourself on facebook. sandra: can you give me an example that someone might post that would be an indication of how they vote? >> if they like a page for political candidate, political movements, certain topic areas related to social justice, if you're more liberal or if you have lots of friends that have liberal posts or you have lots of friends that have conservative posts, those are the most obvious and they clump people together. it's not necessarily saying, if you like cold play you're a liberal or if you like -- i don't know, the duck people. duck dynasty. okay, you're probably conservative. sandra: the duck people come on this program. >> the duck people are great. they're so identified by that. that was the first thought that popped into my head.
6:54 am
sandra: let's get the new report from the uk parliament affairs committee slamming facebook and google, are these tech giants doing enough to rig networks of extremist views, we have been watching this question for so long? are they doing enough considering recruitment that's occurring on these websites, are they doing enough to monitor police and track? >> absolutely not. and, you know, the uk in europe has a consistently been much more aggressive about this with media companies in europe and now americans are starting to get on board as well. but the bottom line is google and facebook all of the time are not respecting free speech and that's usually the argument against kind of heavier policing of social media threats. they are ready mixed with how search results come up, they don't necessarily put what is the topmost recurring photo or link. it's all jiggered around by
6:55 am
them. so the fact that they would say, free speech in regarding -- going after the terrorist threats, it's just not an argument that holds up. they need to do more. as companies they need to do more and there's really no excuse. dagen: twitter has been worst. twitter has been used more aggressively. but they were very late and they only started really cracking down on it about two years ago when they were called out on it by the media because there were photos all over twitter of atrocities committed by the islamic state. >> they just don't want to because it's not in the business. they want to focus on innovation and other things that they are doing. they're not interested in policing. dagen: by law they are required to police child pornography. sandra: fair enough. still to come on mornings with
6:56 am
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>> good morning everyone. i am sandra smith. it's thursday august 25. the war of words over pay to
6:59 am
play at the clinton foundation. donald trump ramps up his attack. hillary clinton defense the charities record. >> she ran the state department like a third world country. she sold favors and access. >> neither my husband or i have ever drawn a salary from it. you know more about the foundation then you know about anything concerning donald trump his business, his tax returns. >> the latest poll shows a tightening race in key battleground states. we have the numbers ahead. they blame obama care for the rising costs. we will talk to one mom needs to buy the device every year.
7:00 am
a new study said millennial is barred against their home. a disappointing rating on german business confidence. it was up 1%. mixed moves in here with me this morning foxbusiness
7:01 am
network the kings college professor of business and economics. and conservative commentator kristin haglund. it's only 7:00 in the morning. >> i can't wait to talk about the ap's aps response at the clinton foundation and their lousy reporting. they have to file a lawsuit to get access to her calendar because they didn't hand t over. if you want them to do all the reporting that hand everything over. on that note let's turn right to politics this morning. >> she wants to sell out american security for a big
7:02 am
fat pile of cash. it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. >> what trump said is ridiculous. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep americans safe and protect u.s. interests abroad nothing by donald trump is gonna change that. there is nothing wrong with creating a jobs. let's bring an former michigan congressman peter hall's extra. seam equity make of this back and forth. it's really heating up.
7:03 am
>> i think the important thing is it's not necessarily heating up between donald trump and hillary clinton is heating up between hillary clinton in the press. newspapers across the country are taking a look at this insane this st doesn't look very good. there's something here in the pay for play and it may actually have might actually have some substance to it. >> the gop had put out a press release yesterday calling on hillary clinton to hold a press conference over all of these outstanding questions over that sensitivity with the foundation enter time as secretary of state. she has held one. that being said, where is all this going to go politically? i think republicans are having a hard time making their case. >> i don't and i think they are having a hard time at all. it's clear that the wheels are
7:04 am
starting to get very loose on the clinton campaign. if the e-mails 15,000 new e-mails after they said hey we turned over all of the e-mails and the stuff that's coming out on the clinton foundation. what you're seeing internationally in terms of what's happening with radical islam clearly the strategy that president obama and hillary clinton put in place seven and half years ago is not working. and all of this is coming home. it's what's happening with obama care. there's really not a success story that hillary clinton can point to in the last seven and a half years that says based on what we did here it really leads us to believe that we should have another four years of an obama term. you are a former house intelligence committee chairman. she set to receive her first security briefing this
7:05 am
weekend. they have said she should not be given classified information in light of her ongoing e-mail scandal do you believe with that. >> she should get it she's a candidate she's the nominee for president of the united states but it is clear that if she were any other person in america is she entitled to this. she would not have a security clearance. >> you referenced that earlier. we have seen hillary clinton with a decent lead on donald trump.
7:06 am
napoleon and i were looking at right now indicating as you mentioned a tightening race and in some key battleground states the congressman should hillary clinton be worried about trumpet catching up with her. i think we had like 75 days to go i think we had like 75 days to go their record does not instill confidence in the american people number one for their agenda and number two for the ethics. all of the money that she's raising for her campaign there is can be a lot of questions raised. the entry price to the fundraiser is $50,000 just to have a cocktail with
7:07 am
mrs. clinton. they think they're gonna win the campaign because of all of the money that they're raising. donald trump will win this election. he's actually connecting with the american people. it is nice to see you i want to ask about this issue of transparency. all of this keeps coming out about her. but at least she has made the attempt with being transparent. why doesn't trump follow that lead. i feel like that would show a lot of people that yes he is willing to be transparent as well? >> he's under audit he is going to wait until the audit is complete before he releases his tax returns.
7:08 am
i'm not sure i would want to release my tax returns. she has not been transparent. and then the fbi found 15,000 more it took the ap three years and a lawsuit to get access to her schedule at the state department. now coming out that a lot of the reporting that was supposed to be in place for the clinton foundation. those silly boring e-mails who wants to see those.
7:09 am
every time they get their opportunities there seems to be a stumble. over the last number of weeks that's exactly the kind of discipline that this campaign has been displaying. he is serious about learning these issues. in depth to make sure that the policies that he is proposing what actually get the kind of results that he is looking for. his very focused. he's can get this right over the last 75 days.
7:10 am
he has a lot of work to do. and we are prime for the task. there is something new every day congressman good to have you this morning. thank you. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ]
7:11 am
but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. >> breaking news coming in on the epipen price scandal. mylan the company that produces those devices is taking action to lower the price and make them more accessible. it will cover up to $300 of out-of-pocket expenses and double eligibility. the story that has been national news for days now as the price is exposed. in the fast rise that we have
7:14 am
seen. it is a way of injecting adrenaline for people who had allergic reactions to things. it's been going up since about 2008. after the insurance discounts and other coupons. hillary clinton piling on. i think it happened yesterday they're gonna can move on they want the government off their back but i would argue that the government is a reason the reason this is happening anyway it has been in the food and drug administration. it's got in the way of the alternative. if you want to scream at somebody you scream at that person is trying to make this a political issue.
7:15 am
there's a different way to use it. that's why it's not a direct competitor. it's harder for them to get in the market. they actually know there are competitors out there. there are other ways that this could be done. it makes a bad reputation. and also the pay an executive. the price of this epipen has gone up on that just in moments we are going to speak with the mother enter child who depend on the epipen. we are going to get to get their reaction to that breaking news.
7:16 am
i will go over some of the generic competitors and try to come out. they gave them a very hard time. remember the apple a once a mom she's in the story again. her son was a texas teenager who used a defense after he killed four people in drunken driving crash. i witness said she has returned to the bar where she previously worked. the judge said she didn't have to be under house arrest any longer. she's serving nearly two years in jail. the photo shows her at the bar
7:17 am
she's not supposed to consume alcohol anyway. >> another headline this morning. a woman plummeting to her death after falling. this happened in delaware. the victim's name was being withheld until the family could be notified. they try to figure that out exactly. their similar there are similar sites across the country. old navy dominates the back-to-school shopping market. 45 percent of those surveys is said that they intend to shop at old navy. 41 percent of millenials had planned to use old navy. they say they will shop there as well. if you like the angry birds
7:18 am
movie you're gonna love this. they plan a sequel. it's the finish maker of the angry birds mobile game. it's live release back in may. for the third year in a row. maybe the movie will turn things around for them. i haven't caught that one yet. it's the number one kids trending movie. >> is a lifesaver for millions of kids. the skyrocketing cost has them going have of the new year. they're just taking action. the announcement comes in just moments ago to lower the cost. straight ahead we have a mother and daughter coming on who depend on that life-saving drug. we will get that reaction.
7:19 am
can he win over minority voters. will discuss straight ahead.
7:21 am
7:22 am
breaking news on the epipen scandal. it is now taking action to lower the price and big the more accessible. i will it will cover up to $300 of out-of-pocket. it is good to have both of you here. it's a brave of you to come on and speak with us. they tt skyrocketing cost.
7:23 am
this has been an issue for a lot of time now. a few years ago the copayments were about $25 each and that was very reasonable. $600. with anybody but food allergies. she has dairy, egg and net allergies. so the nurse holds onto on to it in elementary school. he hope she never has to use it. one can malfunction. you might get another.
7:24 am
do you have any thoughts on all of this is going on. you probably heard a little bit about how the price is going high. do you have any thoughts. people that don't have insurance as can be really expensive. if you don't have it you just get really sick. what do you make of the idea. there are competitors. that is my question. when it started confronting this. i think that's really when that price started to go up. my allergist wasn't comfortable with us using this and because it was a new
7:25 am
product. it's not a luxury product. if it doesn't work the child could die. if the trust of the product. i only heard about a generic option last week when this all started coming out but i even asked my allergist he said he wouldn't trust it either. because of the mechanics of it. that's part of the frustration. we've an explanation and the started coming in last night. basically saying that the reason the price has gone up is because of obama care what did you make of that explanation? >> i don't know anything about it. i can only really speak for our instance it's a big issue.
7:26 am
also a point of controversy is her pay. she is receiving a substantial bonus last year alone she may $19 million to have feelings about that. >> that is so frustrating to see. it's unconscionable that someone would try to benefit from someone that has no choice. we have good insurance. in our prices are so high. there are people carried around expired epipen's. the daughter of the thing she will testify before congress regarding these price hikes.
7:27 am
it be a really interesting testimony if she did. they don't want us to be a big piece our issue. i think they can help forestall that a little bit. we should've used it one time when i was four. it was undiagnosed at that point and that's exactly the reality of food allergies. you don't know when they develop. then i have a really bad reaction. i didn't think i needed it. do you feel like you know how to use if you have to. thank you so much for coming out and talking to us about this.
7:28 am
it's good to hear from the people that actually had to pay the price and next to have to use it thank you so much. will they or won't they. investors around the world waiting for that. is it still on the table.
7:29 am
7:30 am
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>> welcome back everybody. the top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern. a war of words heating up in the race for the white house. telling voters why he is best for americans. the problem is with the administration rigging the system to protect the real jury is going to be the american voter hillary clinton think she's above the law. the american people are going to prove that she is not. gearing up with a meeting for
7:32 am
majority leaders. an act of kindness. those who were treated at two hospitals will not be billed for their medical care. finding vacations with debt and not from a credit card. a new study said they are borrowing against their homes. the unbelievable numbers just ahead. our your sheets really an egyptian cotton. they are raising some serious questions. forbes out with its list of the most innovated companies in 2016. there are some surprises near the top. you are looking at a lower open. across the board as we head towards the opening bell. tomorrow in jackson hole that could be a market mover. weakness across the board there after a disappointing reading.
7:33 am
the leader nearly up 1%. markets are mostly lower. it's up just a fraction of a%. it begins today officials will be debating on the next policy move and that's where we find our very own peer barnes. he is living in the beautiful jackson hole even breaking news at left and right here. what do you head for us today. more on that later. it's the host of the sears conference once again. she is a hawk on the committee and she said that if her outlook continues to unfold she will vote once again to the raise interest rates.
7:34 am
she has been the lone voice on that. all of those meetings. she thinks the economy as reaching full employment and she sees inflation heading towards the feds 2% target. listen. >> i still suspect we will see inflation moving up. and friendly we head over the last few months began to see and buy other metrics it looks like inflation is beginning to stir. i again i don't think this is an issue of inflation being too high i think it's an opportunity to begin to normalize interest rates. she is also worried about low interest rates and how they might cost financial stability. listen to that part of the interview.
7:35 am
>> the goal is to make sure we had sustained growth for the long-term. and rates that are the slope have the potential to create imbalances they can cause marcus to miss price. i think to avoid those kind of incentives again not tightening policy to the detriment of the economy would be appropriate. we have her entire interview being posted to our website. you can see all of the comments there. as you mentioned the big headliner here is janet yelling. her speech tomorrow morning well have all of the headlines and break those for you as soon as we get them. and once again the question is will it raise rates this year as soon as it is meeting next month.
7:36 am
and looks like an appropriate time to do so. we will see what happens tomorrow. thank you very much for that. even though economic indicators are in line with the fed's feds expectations are markets prepared for this. i don't think you will see a big move here. the question is how does do they start to signal that. they arty did that with bill dudley's interview. they want investors about complacency being this close to one half percent about look out below while the economy might not be meeting your are my expectations apparently it is meeting the feds lobar expectations. >> these are chrysler --
7:37 am
crisis level rates. we are talking a quarter of a point. i do agree there are issues there they need to be addressed. antsy anything happening. and if there is that economic instability due to a rate raise which will cause a little bit of disruption like it always does it won't affect the election and all. we know how it's perceived to be doing it's an indicator if they're going to vote for it. i think september is not the time to do it as he clarified his position on how to deal with undocumented immigrantsin l event last night. a big meeting is about to take place.
7:38 am
peter, good morning. >> if there has been one constant at these big rallies we've we been going to from the primaries until now it has been excitement about the border wall. he will then call out to the crowd and say who's gonna pay for it and everybody that goes to these things screams in unison. mexico. it is still the centerpiece of his immigration policy but we are getting what he describes as a softening of his policy when it comes to people who came to the country illegally but haven't broken any laws since they been here. the family is great everyone is great do we throw them out or do we work with them. or do we go a step further. they have to pay taxes.
7:39 am
but we work with them. something that has not changed is his plan to support illegal immigrants it is also now trying to figure out a way to get african-american voters to give him a chance. he has likened to a war zone before. we expect that to happen sometime in the next few weeks. is going to it is going to be a meeting with some young rnc recruited people who were mostly and minorities and millenials. that it will be off to new hampshire.
7:40 am
it's scheduled to take place. it will be interesting to see how it goes. it's good to have you. i want to remind you when they made the very specific appeal what you have to lose. trump is not necessarily going after can he really make serious and rose. if he saw that. even republican voters.
7:41 am
about his change or softening. remember resembles many of the other positions which he differentiated himself so much from. it's an interesting kind of tech . at the same time his base that he rallies so fervently at the beginning of his campaign is looking to take the whole campaign on. even ann coulter who is a huge supporter of him was like what's going on. i don't know if it's too late for the whole measure. long term long-term for the republican party i'd love it. i say the gop has great ways to attract these minority voters especially from an economic perspective. he has not said that word but it's starting to smell like that.
7:42 am
you can hear the bacon cooking and the other room. it's can be really interesting to see what's happened to the base of support. those southerners have a way with words. coming up inside a creative away system oasis you will soon be able to get a glimpse into princess paisley park estate. plus a forbes is out with a list of the most innovative companies in 2016. they didn't even crack the top ten some that did it may surprise you. we will tell you who's in the late coming up.
7:43 am
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7:46 am
survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting will not had to pay any bills for their medical care. we have more on this story. orlando regional hospital said they will not pursue reimbursement from patients. forty-four patients were taken to orlando regional. it may top $5 million. the gunman killed 49 people. one of the most popular lgbt venues. some of the nation's biggest retailers have been involved in the controversy over fake egyptian cotton sheets. walmart and target are among the stores that want to know if one of the biggest textile companies has been supplying the start with phony sheets.
7:47 am
targets at an investigation determined that it had used non- egyptian cotton for about two years walmart, jc penny's bed bath and the aunt are investigating. it's found in everything from the sheets to dress shirts. forbes releasing the annual list of the most innovative companies and tesla motors tops the list for the second consecutive year. for the second year in a row as well. they round out the top five. insight in lexington on pharmaceuticals. they occupy half of the top ten spots on the list this year. you will soon be able to get a glimpse inside paisley park estate.
7:48 am
the private estate is can be turned into a museum. fans are to get the chance to to her the complex in minnesota at something that prince always said that he wanted. i guess his family is honoring his wishes. and a lot of people will go. a brand-new way to get cash. millenials are borrowing against their homes to pay for a vacation. more on this disturbing findings ahead.
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millenials are shunning credit cards up for a new way to borrow. a new survey showing more than half of homeowners who have also owned a home for three years or more and take it out a home equity loan why are they turning towards this kind of risky borrowing what are they spending their money on. >> they are taking out home equity loans to go on vacations and i've been sitting here that's the number one thing. no other age group does that.
7:53 am
they feel entitled to that vacation. there to do whatever it it takes. no one would advise you to borrow against your home for a vacation. this is why people got in trouble in the last rising -- housing crisis. they take it out these home equity loans. and not a great move of course. it's also interesting what they value. former generations saw their car may be a huge big house and material things millenials value experiences so it makes sense the vacation thing. they value vacations.
7:54 am
you charge a trip on your card. have i just don't spend money you don't head. and by the way we did a study earlier in the week of that said that they are more likely to forgo taking vacations as they want to be martyrs at work. there more likely to take a vacation time than i millenials because they are worried about losing their jobs and they want to appear like they're working harder than everyone else. it's still not good option. i'm confused. of the story yesterday was that they're not using their vacation time.
7:55 am
they do it in a risky way. not a good idea. go to belize and do the zip line . you throw your back out don't borrow against your home. my dad is in his early dinner -- early 70s. that's what they consider these experiences to be. i actually think it's good for
7:56 am
them to be able to have these experiences. they have to bail them out later. any of these guys i'm borrowing against your home to take a vacation. do voters by his message. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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sandra: good morning, i'm sandra smith. maria bartiromo has the morning off. it is thursday, august 25th. here are the top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern. war of words heating up in the race for the white house. hillary clinton heads back on the campaign trail where she is expected to target donald trump's business record. last night trump said voters should take a cue from brit taken's vote to leave the european union. >> they voted to reclaim control over immigration, over their economy, over their government. working people, hillary wants to
8:00 am
surrender america to globalism, just what we don't want. [booing] she wants a country without borders. she wants a government that ignores of the will of the people. sandra: latest on the campaign trail just ahead. meanwhile mylan backtracks on the epipen pricing that has caught national attention. the company taking action after the uproar over recent price hikes and the stock is surging in premarket trading. admission of obamacare failures. remember the signature obamacare catchphrase, you can keep your doctor? that line has now mysteriously disappeared from it has. details on that. returning to devastating earthquake in italy. the death toll rises to nearly 250 people. latest search for survivors coming up.
8:01 am
in louisiana, brave locals using their own boats and supplies to flood victims. they call themselves the cajun navy. lawmakers are trying to regulate these groups. we'll hear from one of the good samaritans what he thinks about that just ahead. futures reporting to another day of losses potentially. dow futures off 35. nasdaq futures leading to the downside down 10 points as we are 1 1/2 hours away from the opening bell. investors are waiting latest comments coming from the fed. fed chair janet yellen will be speaking from jackson hole as the meeting there kicks off today. she will be speaking tomorrow. in europe, weakness across the board after disappointing reading on german business confidence. asia markets mostly lower, with the exception of the hang seng posting slight gain. katie ledecky comebacks from rio with a major medal haul. where did the golds go when she
8:02 am
threw out the first pitch at the nationals game last night? we'll tell you. we have brian benburg and conservative commentator kirsten haglund. it has been a big morning. >> breaking knew this morning. hot political discussion. we got one more hour. sandra: got kirsten all jazzed. cool. there is a lot going on the campaign trail. let's get started. donald trump pushing agenda on the economy as hillary clinton gears up for her own attacks on trump's business record. blake burman with the latest from washington. reporter: hi, there, sandra. good importanting to you. donald trump continues apparent softening of his immigration stanes. he could see a way where some illegal immigrants to be allowed to stay if they pay back taxes. trump made two stops on the campaign trail in swing state of florida and solidly red mississippi he continued to
8:03 am
hammer hillary clinton on her family's foundation while focusing on the economy. >> we are going to create jobs, jobs, jobs. i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. believe me. reporter: bill clinton defended the foundation wednesday saying it does good things and saves lives. hillary clinton ripped the ap's much talked about report when she called in to cnn. >> i know there is a lot of smoke and there is no fire. this ap report, put it in context. reporter: also, sandra, in a speech later today clinton will try to attach trump to the alt-right political philosophy which trump is taking a hate movement mainstream. sandra? sandra: blake, thanks so much. joining us trump economic advisor and uc-irvine business professor peter navarro.
8:04 am
thanks for being here this morning. your candidate said he will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. he said jobs, jobs, jobs. what do you make of his plan? >> it's a great plan. comprehensive, regulatory, energy, change taxes create many jobs. we need to double growth rate up to historic 3 1/2% and 4% we used to hit, and the biggest drain, sandra on the jobs base is really all of the bad trade deals that hillary clinton signed off on. let me run them for you. job destroyer hillary. 1993 nafta. promised us 200,000 new jobs. we wind up losing 850,000 jobs. the clintons get us china into the world trade organization in 2001. we have lost over five million manufacturing jobs because of that. 70,000 factories shut. my favorite deal, sandra that
8:05 am
hillary clinton cut, in terms of disaster, is this south korean one in 2012. 70,000 jobs hillary promised. we have lost 75,000. the biggest hit was the auto industry in michigan. so job creator in donald trump, no question. hillary clinton has got a proven record in destroying jobs. sandra: clearly has a case against her, professor. former uk independence leader nigel farage he appeared with donald trump at a mississippi rally last night. farage took a chance to go after hillary clinton like this. >> if i was an american citizen i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton if you paid me. [cheering] in fact, i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton if she paid me. [cheering] if you want change in this country, you better get your walking boots, you better get out there campaigning and remember, anything is possible if enough decent people are
8:06 am
prepared to stand up against the establishment. sandra: professor, that was a very energic, persuasive message. do you think that resonated with voters? >> everybody loves a british accent. >> that is all it was. >> what is interesting to me, with this whole clinton foundation thing, everybody has been focusing on kind of the favors dispenser at state department with things like visas and meetings, running it like a private country club if you want a meeting but for me as an economist the bigger deal with the clinton corruption machine has been the trade deals. if you look at string of chinese money, for example, going back to 199and china gave, you can see the direct line with the trade deals we surrender manufacturing base and influence pedaling. virginia governor terry mcauliffe, clinton foundation member, he raked in millions and millions of dollars
8:07 am
from chinese interests. next thing we know, he is telling everybody that hillary is going to support the trans-pacific partnership when she gets elected. it's a web of corruption and lies. as an economist, good trade deals from donald trump's the answer. sandra: professor, we have to get to this as well. hillary clinton on a fund-raising bonanza this week, appearing at an event hosted by apple ceo tim cook. >> ah, tim. sandra: after attending another event hosted by justin timberlake as you he see there in those images with his wife in jessica biel in l.a. on tuesday. is this helping her get a leg up on trump? because on the flip side, the optics of her appearing out at that fund-raiser in l.a. while she still hasn't even visited flood victims in louisiana, it's been tough but meanwhile she is out there raising money. >> i thought justin timberlake would do a press conference with her. we're all disappointed about that.
8:08 am
tim cook is kind of interesting, the head of apple. this is a company that has made a billion dollars offshoring our production to china. you know, i kind of wonder what tim cook is thinking when he supporting her. it is like making sure that the, everything that that company makes is made outside of these borders. so there is a reason why these big executives give her money, and it has a lot to do with the offshoring of our production to places like china, to places like mexico. we're all about keeping those jobs here. >> peter, as a representative or a of a presidential candidate, donald trump, i would be careful about bashing business leaders and bashing, apple is still a major job creator in this country. quite frankly people love their i phones. i don't know how far that goes. >> i think it goes a long way when you think about, like general motors and ford. it is not really about bashing these corporations.
8:09 am
it is about, donald trump is all about realigning incentives. let me give awe very specific example. he wants to cut the corporate tax rate which is highest in the world from 35% down to 15%. why does he want to do that? he doesn't want to enrich corporations. he wants to encourage gm and ford to stay in michigan with billions of dollars and new investment rather than go to mexico like they have done the last couple years. that is not bashing the corporations. that is giving them proper incentives. cracking down on unfair trade practices much china, currency manipulation. that is changing incentives of corporations to stay here instead of going there. so that is what it is all about. come on, people in america know these multinational corporations have been saluting the flag of profits, not america. >> they actually feel better about corporations than they do politicians, just so you know recent survey about that. they feel more fondly for corporations. >> yeah.
8:10 am
you know, i mean hillary, the way she is going with all her corruption money will get politicians below lawyers in terms of the trust factor. you know, there it is. >> sandra, no presidential loud at any hillary clinton fund-raisers. donald trump doesn't allow the press at his either, but hillary clinton hasn't had press conference, more than certainly this year. sandra: 207 days. >> but all these celebrities rubbing elbows with each other, no press on site. sandra: professor, peter navarro joining us this morning. good to have you. >> thanks so much. take care. sandra: come up president obama under fire for not visiting louisiana soon as he did following devastating flooding. possible government regulations could delay rescue efforts themselves. this stunning proposal. plus the question whether we're alone closer to be answered. the new earth-like planet that may be close enough to travel to.
8:11 am
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sandra: we want to bring you an update on the epipen price scandal. mylan, the company that produces these devices, just has come out and it is taking action to lower the price of them to make them more accessible to those that need them. it will cover up to $300 out of out-of-pocket expenses and double he will fact for patient assistance. we just had a mom and her daughter on there saying how difficult it has become to afford those pens that do expire. even if you don't use them, you have to regularly purchase them. is it too little too late? will this help those who need it.
8:15 am
dagen: they need to do something, mylan needs to do something to get bureaucrats off its back and calm the public outrage. people are rightfully outraged. these price hikes were egregious, 10, 15% a year starting in 2008. but i want to point out this is the a product, and it is not the epinephrine, not the adrenaline in the shot, it is the actual drug delivery device, it has been around since the 1970s. time and again the fda has gotten in the way of generic competitors coming on the market or staying on the market. sanofi had a problem with a little more than two dozen of its pens, of its devices. there was voluntary recall, there was pressure from the fda. there was a generic epipen application from teva, rejected. fda required another company in san diego to expand patient trials and reliability studies for another rival to the epipen.
8:16 am
so time and again if these bureaucrats and politicians want to throw their hands up, show outrage, show outrage at government. i find it ironic, every time something this happens, government is part of the problem, not the solution. quit saying otherwise. >> the reason this has gene, failures of affordable care aff. deductibles are so high. sandra: what the ceo blamed on. >> consumers feel the cost now more than ever they are. fascinating how failure of that law, this is just the first case of some price-gouging you believe. dagen: if you believe price controls are the answer, which hillary clinton proposed, get ready for less, less in terms of drug development. get ready for the government to decide what you get and what you don't get in terms of your health care, because that is the road we're headed down. >> mylan's move shouldn't take our focus on this. something to look at with the fda.
8:17 am
something to look at with obamacare. we shouldn't let that go. sandra: we want to move on to breaking news. the search for survivors is still on after the devastating earthquake in central italy which happened yesterday. cheryl casone has the story and other headlines. what a recovery effort still going on there, cheryl. >> it is going on today, sandra, thank you. the death toll has been revised down to 241. three cities reduced to rubble following that powerful earthquake and strong aftershocks that hit them. rescue crews going through piles of rock an sand that were once buildings looking for survivors. a 12-year-old girl was one of the lucky ones to be pulled from the debris. 264 people were hospitalized with wounds from the quake. that number is expected to rise. the earthquake was felt across much of central italy including rome and florence. a man from wisconsin who had family in the area where the quake hit, he hasn't heard from his cousins. >> you hope from the region that
8:18 am
it is communications issues. you're not thinking it is the worst, where you see texts of pictures of area where the home was and it was destroyed. >> tony saw video of his cousin's dog was rescued. he is hoping that his cousins are alive. latest version of the obamacare website no longer says if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. it was president obama's signature catchphrase when i was trying to sell the affordable care act to the american people, but now no longer even addresses the issue. same link take users to a section, how to pick a health insurance plan. there is either of-like planet -- early-like plan head head -- earth-like planet next to us.
8:19 am
the planet is 1.3 times the size of the earth. scientists believe the temperature on proxima-b where liquid water could stay on the surface without evaporating. the planet also could potentially support life. new song of the summer has been crowned. ♪ cold water, by major laser featuring justin bieber is top summer song by twitter. they tracked top-rated charter songs -- are you disagreeing with twitter. sandra: not my favorite. >> songs from may 27th through august 19th. other contenders. in to you by ari anna grande. sandra: none of them made my favorite lift.
8:20 am
>> you didn't like the britney spears. dagen: i want to stab myself in the neck. sandra: on that note. still to come, bridging the gender pay gap. how one company takes the matter into its own hands. from the pool to the mound, olympic champion katie ledecky throwing out the first pitch in d.c. last night. who held all the medals? we'll show you next. ♪ a great part of using the usaa car buying service
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order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. sandra: one technology company is innovating to bridge the gender pay gap. sap, a multinational company provides software to businesses,
8:24 am
is working to level the playing field in the technology sector by taking steps to close the gender wage gap. sap's u.s. division conducted an internal study of more than 13,000 employees to make sure that female and male employees are paid equally and eliminate any discrepancies by adjusting salaries. joining us is president of sap north america, jennifer morgan. so, how did this all turn out? >> well, we were pretty pleased. we have a very broad culture around diversity inclusion. it goes further than talking, you have to walk the talk. this is important to everybody. it's a big topic in the tech community. we looked at all our employees across the united states and we found discrepancies but what we found 99% of our employees were paid equally and fairly for the same work. sandra: where you found the discrepancy you made up for that? >> we did. upward adjustments.
8:25 am
70% of the adjustments were for women and 30% were for men. dagen: what is the breakdown between men and women in terms of employees you have? and if you look at more management level jobs? is it still in the tech industry even in the case of your company, is it still more significantly more men than women? >> we still have work to do in north america. about 34% of our employees are female and about 30% women in leadership roles which i think is little bit higher than the average. >> wonderful to see you here in leadership role. that's wonderful. i'm wondering what is being done, i'm sure you have insight into this, to help recruit younger women from universities, some of that top talent? those numbers are increasing into companies like sap and other tech companies eventually we see more women filter up into leadership positions? >> this is important. what we've done, number one it motivates existing employees, makes them feel great about the career where they can go. that is important as we recruit and go fet the new talent out there today.
8:26 am
for us it is really important that culture is really important. today it is a war on talent, especially in our industry. having a culture people want to be part of. sandra: drives competition and makes you more competitive in the work place. a lot of tech companies as you mentioned facing scrutiny over number of women in the workforce. as female executives in technology, we showed a image of a lot of them including meg whitman, are there, are you seeing that difference? when we look at who is leading fortune 500 companies, you're still not seeing the number of female ceo's that you would think at this point based on what you guys are doing and a lot of other companies. why is that? >> you know, it is interesting, hear the term sometimes unconscious bias and when you look at your employee base or look at maybe promoting somebody to the next level, a lot of times people might think about the job having a lot of travel, a lot of demands. unconsciously when you're considering people for the job, you might think, gosh they still
8:27 am
have kids who are in school. it will be a little bit harder for them. it is unconscious bias. dagen: there is definitely a psychological gender bias in silicon valley in particular. when people are in meetings i heard stories, women come in, and people automatically assume they're in marketing, not a technical role. it is just the assumption but takes a long time to break that. >> what is interesting, we're seeing technology being helpful to actually identify that. for us we actually have some algorithms, machine-learning algorithms that point out where you might have areas of unconscious bias. putting together a job description, certain words you might use for example, might focus on a job assumed to be for a woman versus a man. it is about creating awareness. sandra: do you think what you guys did could equally and fairly apply to other industries? >> absolutely, absolutely. you hear about it so much in the tech industry because the numbers show there aren't as many women. i think there is important and
8:28 am
obviously there is a lot of work to do. sandra: thank you, jennifer morgan, thanks for being here. coming up the outrage over epipen price hikes, the outrage continues but some changes happening. as of this morning some breaking news, mylan says it will do something about the customer demands of high prices. look at the stock ahead of the opening bell this morning, it is up more than a buck. plus the u.s. dropping the hammer on hope solo. the punishment for the superstar's bad sportsmanship? i don't know, was it that bad for a six-month suspension? >> not compared to what she has done in the past it's not. sandra: we'll have the story coming up in the past incomes. ♪ if you have medicare
8:29 am
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sandra: welcome back. i'm sandra smith. it is august 25th. it is 8:30. donald trump attacking the clinton foundation skying for the minority vote as clinton targets trump's record. >> everybody in this country are being tired of being used by the
8:32 am
phony politicians. >> we need to look at the entire contest. changes his positions three times in one day. it sends a message that it is just a desperate effort to try to land somewhere that isn't as you know devastating to his campaign as his comments and his positions. sandra: ahead we're looking at impact of the british vote to leave the european union on our election coming up. in louisiana, brave using their own boats and supplies to rescue flood victims. they call themselves the cajun navy. but now lawmakers are trying to regulate these groups. we'll hear from one of the good samaritans just ahead. mylan backtracks on epipen pricing. the company taking action just moments ago after the uproar over recent price hikes. the stock is now up ahead of the opening bell. futures right now are pointing to another down day on wall street.
8:33 am
at least for now dow futures off 30 points, s&p down about four. opening bell is just about one hour from now. investors around the world are waiting on those comments from federal reserve chairwoman janet yellen. she will be speaking from jackson hole tomorrow. in europe weakness across the board after disappointing reading on german business confidence. markets there are down. dax in germany leading the way, down nearly 1%. in asia overnight the markets mostly to the downside with the exception of the hang seng posting just a slight gain. kate at this ledecky, she came back from rio with a major medal haul. we were so proud of her but where did all the golds go when she threw out the first pitch at the nationals game last night? we'll tell you just ahead. residents across the state of louisiana they're continuing to try to clean up the city of bat an toerag and parishes surrounding from historic flooding that took 13 lives. one highlight of the floods was the good samaritan group, the
8:34 am
cajun navy, who voluntary rescued fellow citizens in need. one state senator wants to pass regulation that could slow down future rescue efforts. are new regulations needed for rescue efforts? let's bring in a member of the cajun navy. rob, thank you for being here. thank you for what you have done and thank you for what you are doing. >> thank you for having me on your show. sandra: how would you describe the recovery efforts today? >> there are so much to do. the recovery efforts will require thousands and thousands volunteers from around the region to come help. they're getting amountped up and we need a lot of attention on that. sandra: rob what you did is amazing. you're a hero. you helped coordinate rescue efforts between volunteer boaters and those that needed help. how did you find those that were in need? again these were purely good samaritan efforts on your part. >> let me say, i don't want to
8:35 am
be important but the good samaritans are the real heroes. we used technology to do this we used a mobile app to connect with the boaters. we use ad gps app to see where they were. we literally had people dispatching from the kitchen tables off facebook. which would get requests to send out a boater to pick up a dog out of a house. we would call that request, vet it, call them and say, you know, is this still active? if it is, give us the address. and we would dispatch a boater to the location. sandra: wow. and the cajun navy rescued hundreds in this flooding. >> thousands. sandra: how important was the coordination specifically between the cajun navy and authorities? what can other communities learn from what you guys did to save people and animals and houses and cars? >> we within work with authorities. we weren't successful in early stages of this on monday. we were frustrated getting into the water.
8:36 am
we stepped back, reevaluated, read what the authorities were telling us, have a deputy in your boat. we regrouped. we met with the deputies at their stages area at cabela's where they were staging. we brought a box of doughnuts and coffee, made friends with the deputies. we had huge success. that is when the cajun navy was born. we worked directly with authorities. we didn't need to be licensed to do that. we did the right thing. we went to work with the authorities. dagen: rob, you briefly you touched on this. of course human life in saving those residents of southern louisiana is the most important thing but you guys did incredible work rescuing animals and dogs throughout that region. >> that's right. i was actually contacted by the louisiana small animal rescue team which is a fantastic group. they save thousands of animals and there were many times they would call us and say, can you help us, you know, pull these horses to safety, pull the cows to safety? rescue cats, dogs animals of every kind. dagen: thank you for that.
8:37 am
sandra: so what do we need to know? about they are trying to do to regulate these rescue efforts? rob, are you worried that when the government gets involved that could slow down rescue efforts and future disasters? >> i think there is a little confusion who the cajun navy is. it is basically definitely grass root citizen voters who got in the water but group i'm with we looked what we needed to do to operate within the law, what was already stashed. as long as we do that, there is not a need for a new law. there were certainly boaters that just put their boat directly in the water, when they could. they were being pushed back. they didn't have the authority. they didn't have a fire department or deputy with them. sandra: what laws do you say you were following? what guidelines are already set in place? >> we went to the parish sheriff's department website read what we needed to to do to participate. they said basically have a deputy in your boat. that was the directive that we followed that made us successful.
8:38 am
sandra: you did that. >> rob, this is kirsten haglund. i want to echo all the thanks from the table for everything you guys have done. talk a little bit about your motivation for doing this. i would think we all hope we would respond the same way in the situation but you said your success would not have been possible without god being behind you. louisiana is in the bible belt. can you talk about what has brought this community together and what really motivated you in these efforts? >> we're obviously proud of the cajun culture. it is a very unique community. my grandmother spoke cajun french, my godet ancestors came to the new world in the 1600s. the french world has been carried along family to family. it is very tight -- tight-knit community that gave us motivation. you don't think twice. if your neighbor needs their life saved or hungry or need a bowl of rice you will give it to them. it is engrained in our community
8:39 am
you know, it's very unique culture. everybody has great cultures spread across the country. there is unique parts of all of them, and just happened the cajun culture is very family-oriented. we're sportsmen. that is important component. sandra: rob, i hear you trying to describe the unique culture. as graduate of louisiana state university, i lived in baton rouge several years, it is hard to describe. i know what you're saying, i said it is most foreign place in the united states. especially anytime everybody took me to cajun's grandmother's house when i couldn't get home for easter. it is amazing for everything you did. >> thanks for being honorary cajun. sandra: thanks so much. i appreciate that. dagen i think my baton rouge accent came back. amazing to hear him. dagen: i feel the bayou calling you. sandra: honorary cajun. dagen: i could see you living -- sandra: i say i left my heart in
8:40 am
louisiana. telling you guys, it's a beautiful place and beautiful people, like that man right there. still to come, will the u.s. go the way of the uk? why u.s. voters could look for exit of their own. plus what would it be like to lose $8 per second. why billionaire investor warren buffett may soon find out next. ♪
8:41 am
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my name is mena... collette jodi vincent stacy our nurse care managers are with you every step of the way so you can focus on your fight. learn more at appointments available now. sandra: we are now about 45 minutes away from the opening bell. look at some of the stocks on the move this morning. mylan shares jumping in premarket trading. the company announces changes in pricing for its epipen price. it will cover up to $300 of out-of-pocket expenses and doubling eligibility for patient assistance. there is an uproar this week over the price hike, forcing
8:44 am
parents to save hundreds of dollars for a device to save their kids from life-threatening allergies. billionaire warren buffett in losing a cash cow. closing at a level cutting off dividends to berkshire hathaway. buffett collects $255 million a year of dividends from dow chem call. frum trump getting a former leader of uk independent party reminding vote that's the situation led to great britain parting ways with european union is not so different from the presidential race here at home. where is he? stuart varney, are you there? >> am i here? yes i am here and nigel farage will be with us later in the program today. yeah, we've got him on the show after his appearance with donald trump last night. look, go back to the "brexit" vote, when the brits decided they would leave the european union. i think there are parallels
8:45 am
between that vote then, late june, and our vote here in november. we have been saying this for a long time. the vote to leave britain was opposed by the entire establishment, virtually worldwide. i mean business, media, government, universities. universally said, oh, please you can not leave europe. don't leave europe. the establishment was dead-set against it. well the brits left. same story to some degree here. the establishment is all against donald trump, whether it is business, whether it is the universities, whether it is government, whether it is academics, you name it, they are opposed establishment to donald trump. i wonder if we're going to get the same result, an anti-establishment vote in november for donald trump? i'm not predicting that. i'm just saying that is a parallel possibility. and farage is on the show today. i will ask him about it. sandra: that's great. we'll tune in for that, stuart. i got to ask you about one story we talked about earlier in the
8:46 am
show and the university of chicago welcome letters to its new students. they're telling their incoming freshmen, don't expect safe spaces or trigger warnings. they're telling parents, your children will not be coddled here. >> oh, i love it. don't you love that? what is a university for other than the exchange of argument and intellect and ideas and opinions? that, look, i spent three years at london university doing nothing but drinking pints of beer and arguing politics. that's what i did, okay? i thought that was a pretty good education. look at me now. sandra: i would love to know that, stuart varney. good stuff. we'll see you in 15 minutes. reminder, "varney & company" starts every day at 9:00 a.m. eastern. thanks to stu coming on. tale of two olympians. how things gone vastly different for hope solo and katie ledecky.
8:47 am
emotions riding high on some of these stories. we'll talk about that next. ♪ ♪
8:48 am
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ sandra: after those remarks towards her swedish opponents in the women's soccer quarter final match at the rio olympics one u.s. goalie is in a bit of hot water. 24/7 fox news headlines sports reporter jared max is here with full s what happened? >> sandra, hope solo was the starting goalkeeper for the united states women's national soccer team since 2005. she has played 200 matches. voted outstanding goalkeeper last two world cups, u.s. goalie last three olympics going forward maybe not.
8:51 am
hope solo has been suspended for six months by the united states soccer federation. this happened yesterday. her contract terminated. not for what she does on the field but the distraction she has been off the field. most recently following the united states olympic loss to sweden when she called the swedish team, quote, a bunch of cowards. two years ago hope solo was arrested on domestic abuse charges for assaulting family members. she received 30-day ban because her husband was arrested for drunken driving while she and her husband were riding in a van borrowed from the soccer team. the u.s. soccer federation released this statement. taken past incidents involving hope and private conversation requiring herself to conduct in a manner benefiting a u.s. national team member, u.s. soccer determined this is appropriate disciplinary action. hope solo will miss two scheduled matches for the u.s. national team before her suspension expires in february.
8:52 am
sandra: real quick, it appears to me there was more to the suspension then. that is not fair to say she was just suspended for calling her opponents cowards, okay? >> that is the most recent. that set this off. if that was punishment, a lot of people say that fit the crime. sandra: thank you for clarification. >> one celebrated u.s. olympian back in her old stomping grounds. four-time medal winner katie ledecky, born in d.c., raised in bethesda, maryland, bryce harper was her favorite national. he god to hold the four medals while she fired the first pitch. his name is big papi, maybe time to call him big grand pappy. he became the oldest player in major league baseball history to hit 30 home runs in one season. >> here is a drive to right field. this is high and deep. back by the fence it goes.
8:53 am
gone, a home run! number 30 for pappy. he has 100 r.b.i.s. red sox lead it. >> why is retiring season's end. he passed ted williams most seasons in sox history with 100 r.b.i.s. fourth player, hank aaron, lou gehrig, albert pujols. 10 seasons with 30 home runs and 100 r.b.i.s. red sox lost in 11 innings to the raise. they are tied for first with a became better than baltimore. you see how many times you can bounce a tennis ball on your racket without falling to the ground? couldn't do what the folks in syracuse did, the men's soccer team, orange using heads like in a way we probably could not. anybody here from syracuse? we are broadcasters. there are always broadcasters from syracuse.
8:54 am
>> one of our stage managers are up state. sandra: that is pretty sweet. >> pretty cool stuff. >> that is amazing. >> ouch. that hurts. [laughter] >> we didn't mention ryan lochte today. dagen: oh, boy, a whole day without ryan lochte. >> what if lochte and hope solo got together on "dancing with the stars"? dagen: don't even. sandra: she would lead. >> he would probably bleed. she would hit them. two of them get into it. >> i don't know if that would be a good combination. >> would be great for higher ratings which is what they're going for. >> i think that will be huge. dagen: she was on already. >> wasn't she on "dancing with the stars"? why do i think that? sandra: no, low low jones was. dagen: discuss amongst yourselves. -- lolo jones. >> will be great for ratings. we'll get great talking points. he gets the one-liners in. he is hilarious.
8:55 am
>> breast stroke is good for dance moves. some of the swim manuevers work well on the dance floor. dagen: hope solo was on "dancing with the stars." >> she was. oh, my gosh. >> she is talented overexaggerated the word he used. dagen: not a word. >> redundant in an interview. it gets old. dagen: he was a dolt after the london olympics. he was a dolt after. he is a dolt now. why is that wake-up call? >> that is nicer word. dagen: this is live television. >> get mirror ball trophy from both. see a comeback story or something. sandra: thank you very much, jared max. good to see you. final thoughts from our all-star panel after the break. ♪
8:56 am
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>> ♪ ♪ bye-bye miss american pie ♪ ♪ drove my chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry ♪ ♪ them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye singing this will be the day that i die ♪ >> i waon every powder puff tournament that i played as quarterback. let's go. >> i don't know anything about powder puff football, but from a perspective, he think that
8:59 am
one thing we've seen this morning, don't ignore th polls. a lot of people come on for both trump and clinton campaign saying you can't trust the polls, but look at the polls if you want your candidate to win. this is going to be a fight to the finish. don't ignore those polls, encourage supporters to get out and vote. every american should be voting this election season, don't take anything for granted. >> nice turn around in the mylan story, we shouldn't let it go if the price comes down, you have problems with the fda and obamacare, we need to fient the right thing. dagen: and to the point i was talking about, fda getting in the way of approving competitors to the epi pen. a great article in wall street journal in editorial page on this very thing and goes through, i used this article for a lot of what i was talking about today. sandra: all right. that's about it for us, mornings with maria. another good show. nice to have you all, and that does it for us.
9:00 am
it's time for stuart varney and "varney & company," that's up next, stuart, you're there, take it away. stuart: yes, i am here and i'll take it, thank you very much indeed. hillary clinton demands campaign finance reform, get the big money right out of politics. however, her foundation has $2 billion and bill clinton says he feels good about that. good morning, everyone. the money is rolling in. visit the richest enclaves in the nation and collect campaign cash from the elites. beverly hills, newport beach, silicon valley, on tap from them all. under pressure to respond to the scandals, she did take time out from fund raising to answer softball questions from cnn. she's not holding a press conference, she's coasting to


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