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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 25, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that's about it for us, mornings with maria. another good show. nice to have you all, and that does it for us. it's time for stuart varney and "varney & company," that's up next, stuart, you're there, take it away. stuart: yes, i am here and i'll take it, thank you very much indeed. hillary clinton demands campaign finance reform, get the big money right out of politics. however, her foundation has $2 billion and bill clinton says he feels good about that. good morning, everyone. the money is rolling in. visit the richest enclaves in the nation and collect campaign cash from the elites. beverly hills, newport beach, silicon valley, on tap from them all. under pressure to respond to the scandals, she did take time out from fund raising to answer softball questions from cnn. she's not holding a press conference, she's coasting to
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what she thinks is a certain victory. however, wikileaks is offering an october surprise. some polls are tightening. donald trump is in attack mode and he meets leaders in trump tower in new york, he says jump through some hoops and some illegals can stay. don't worry, everyone, we have your news on your money covered. epi pen and all, the politics is red-hot and we're on it. 74 days to the election. "varney & company" is about to beg begin. ♪ >> on the day of the vote itself, that morning, they put us 10 points behind. and actually, they were all wrong and they were wrong because what the brexit campaign did is we reached those people who have been let down by multi-global corporatism.
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we reached those people who have never voted in their lives, but believed by going out and voting for brexit they could take back control of their country, control of their borders and get back their pride and self-respect. stuart: and the guy with the british accent. he he didn't endorse donald trump, but do not vote for hillary. well, he chose sides and nigel joins us 10:00 eastern, he'll be with us. i have to go to italy. right now, you're looking at drone video of the earthquake devastation. you can see the extent of the damage when you look at it from on high. nearly 250 people are dead, that's the new death toll as of this morning. the quake struck very early yesterday morning. most people were asleep. that's the damage.
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to afghanistan, at least 12 people were killed, 36 others wounded. a gunman attacked right in the heart of kabul, afghanistan's capital. they went right into the american university. there were no immediate claims of responsibility for the attack, but 12 people, maybe more, are dead. politics, listen to bill clinton talking about the clinton foundation. roll tape. >> we try to do good things. there's something wrong with creating jobs and saving lives, i don't know what it is. for meeting with-- [inaudible] i feel good about it. stuart: no conflict of interest, no pay to play. joining us now, senator jeff sessions republican from alabama and a member of the trump team. mr. senator, welcome to the show. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> forget what mr. clinton said
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about this, what's your take on the foundation? >> this foundation is nowhere near where a good foundation should be. first of all. secondly, there is no doubt. you look at data that foreign people who had no interest in giving to that foundation, had no charitable impulse whatsoever, giving millions of dollars to get access to the secretary of state. >> the appearance of conflict of interest? >> yes, and maybe even is a conflict of interest. the secretary of state can know the use the office, this government official of highest order, to extort and ask for and receive gifts to her foundation. they hired a group of people who did too little charitable work and spent out too much money on travel and salary that kind of thing. stuart: is it penetrating to voters? or do the details or legal ifk charges go over somebody's head.
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>> a lot is happening. she deserves to have to answer the questions so it puts them on offensive and it does impact her ability to get elected and negative in that regard. the american people are seeing further evidence of a corruption on the lack of commitment of pure and proper government. i don't think she'll ever hold a press conference on it. i don't know, but i'm saying. >> you mentioned the fund raising, 21 fundraisers set, no press conferences, no public speeches. stuart: and with anderson cooper on cnn, she phoned it in, it was softball stuff. it was hardball questioning for sure. hold on a second i've got to turn to donald trump for a moment. he meets black and hispanic leaders today at trump tower, actually a couple of hours from now. he was on hannity last night clarifying his stance on illegals. watch this.
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>> go a step further, they'll pay back taxes, they have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty as such. there's no amnesty. >> right. stuart: as we said, jump through some hoops and you can stay. senator sessions is still with us this morning and i think you're going to the meeting later on. >> i hope to, to schedule work today, but first and foremost, donald trump raised this issue up. he made it an issue in the campaign. the american people will have a chance to either create a lawful system of immigration or even go more open borders with hillary clinton. the gap between those two are huge. wait a minute, let's talk about this pulling back. the most important thing that everybody that i've been working with for over a decade about dealing with immigration, knows that you have to stop the illegal flow. so, that's what the wall, he remains committed to that, border patrol support, everything needed to end the illegal flow into the country.
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and what he's suggesting is, and he's not laid out a plan, what he's suggesting is once that's accomplished, then we can begin to wrestle or consider what we might do for the people who have been here a long time, haven't had any problems. it's a tough thing because you've got to be careful. you start saying, if you break into the country unlawfully, in for a few years, you get to come and demand amnesty, demand to be able to be planted here ahead of people who waited in line? so that's a dangerous policy, but there's a human cost here, too. stuart: yes, there is. >> so, i think he's trying to balance that right thing. stuart: can he hold onto his core support as he withdraws and draws away from this idea of a deporrtation force? he played that heavily in the primary, his supporters loved it and nows' backed away from that deportation force. >> he mentioned a deportation force a long time ago, he's not been talking about it since and
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so, i think he's wrestling with, first and foremost, his commitment to end the illegality, to building a wall, to tightening up and fixing this visa overstay problem almost as large as the border and that's got to be done. and then after that, he's not announced what he'll do, but he's indicated he's going to be compassionate and consider in a decent way how to handle people who have been here a long time. stuart: mr. sessions, i'm sorry, senator sessions, i'm sorry. should be coming out there. and thank you for joining you gos, appreciate it. >> thank you. mr. farage in jackson, mississippi was a star. with that accent. stuart: that's right. [laughter] . >> i know you'll enjoy having him on this morning. stuart: senator sessions. >> thank you. stuart: and summer doldrums for stocks, that's the truth and where we are. fairly flat to slightly lower at the opening bell today. i should tell you two things about tomorrow that could shake
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this lassitude. janet yellen speaks and we'll d on the economy. both could move the market. we'll have more on that when the opening bell rings 20-odd minutes from now. oil, $46 a barrel this morning, there's a lot more in storage than we previously thought. there's no letup in the supply glut. 46 for oil. sears the same old story, sales are down, it's losing money. the stock will come down a little built more, 14 of the opening bell. now to mylan. they are cutting the cost of the epi pen for some patients. this is in response to accusations that they've been price gouging. the stock will be up a little today. ashley: yeah, they're on the hot seat. they say if you use a savings card you're offering, you can cut the cost of the epi pens by some 50%. it will cover up to $300 for a two pack of the epi pens that are used to fight allergic reactions which can be lethal,
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although i don't think that's $50. i don't think that's 50%. we know some people have been paying 800 and problem with congress. stuart: they have a pr problem. ashley: they do. stuart: tornados rip through indiana, check this out, a starbucks in kokomo, indiana. it was flattened. how about that video. that's indiana. this is singapore, the first to launch a self-driving taxi service. there it is. the cars can be hailed using a smart phone app, it covers a four-mile area of the city. here we go. self-driving cars we're off and running. new video of iranian ships buzzing u.s. navy vessels in the straits of who ahormuz on t say that we paid 1.3 billion a couple of days after we paid the 400 million cash, i'm going to call it a ransom payment.
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>> the clothing retailer, gaps-- i'm sorry, guess, they're making money and opening bell significantly. and that looks like a 20% gain. these closing retailers are all over the place. ashley: and the gas-- >> don't rub it in. sears, sales down, profits down, sears-- i'm sorry, hewlett-packard their sales are down and profits are down and they will be down on the opening bell. that's a work in progress at hewlett-packard. now this, iranian destroyer came within 300 yards, performing i guess you could call it a dangerous maneuver. listen to this. >> and 300 yards and no
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response, weapons uncovered, manned patrol, appears on scene-- >> now you saw that, and this came just very, very quickly after it was revealed that we had indeed paid iran $1.3 billion. and essentially, that was part of the ransom payment, that's what i'll call it. and up next is ambassador john bolton with the american end pri enterprise. it seems like president obama has hung his hat on the iranian nuke deal and it's falling to pieces. >> in american interests in the middle east and first to get the deal and not to fall to pieces. iran sees it an opportunity to continuously up the ante and get more out of it. the deal was signed a year ago in vienna is a pitstop.
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stuart: it seems like they're waiting for us to fire on them or them to fire on us. what's going on with this? >> this is in the strait of hormuz through which a lot of the middle east oil goes, they've threatened to blockade with mines if they're provoked. the rules of engagement with november ships, if they discern hostile intent by enemy ships and planes, they can defend themselves. they don't have to be hit first and i'm just wondering how the rules of engagement have been affected by the deal. they were saying the iranian conduct was unsafe and unprofessional, that's close to demonstrating hostile intent. stuart: should we have blown them out of the water? >> i don't think we know that much about it. but some demonstration of an american administration that we will not accept everything that iran does, it should be business of the next president to change this policy on the nuclear deal and more broadly.
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stuart: is there a parallel between the 1970's and now, the parallel being that president carter's administration was really badly affected by the conflict with iran and the hostages and that didn't end until ronald reagan walked into the white house, literally. is there a parallel between then and now? >> yeah, except i think we can look back at at carter administration as the good old days compared to the obama administration. i think he consciously believes that a strong america is a controversy and-- what a commentary. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be here. stuart: nigel farag e.on stage with donald trump, urging americans don't vote for hillary clinton. he'll be with us at the top of the hour.
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a fund raising blitz for hillary clinton. millions raised from hollywood and silicon valley and the cash rolling in even though she's demanding campaign finance reform. we have some stunning numbers for you next.
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>> you know, it's confirmed, we're swimming in oil. that's why the price is down a
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bit more at $46 a barrel. how about williams-sonoma, high end kitchen stuff. weak outlook. that will be down, but about flat at opening bell. they've got a weak outlook and normally takes you down, not in this case. hillary clinton calling for campaign financing reform. yes, she has raised millions and millions of dollars just in the past few days, serious big money. how about all of those hollywood a-listers, stu. eight fundraisers in three days in california. some of the more notable ones. justin timberlake, jennifer aniston, raising $3 million. tim cook event, the ticket prices there, by the way, the low end $2700. the high end, $50 grand. they can afford that in the silicon valley and magic johnson, and denzel washington was there, samuel jackson, in the back yard. >> it's an enormous amount of
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money, show up at a cocktail party. ashley: a lot of actors and actresses can afford that. stuart: wait until they talk about overpaid news anchors. ashley: i wouldn't know. stuart: look who is here, the former democrat currently trump supporter harlan, that's accurate? >> it is. stuart: that's an enormous amount of money raised by hillary clinton. the l.a. times says she's pushing the envelope how much you can legally get from any one person or group. how does that look, do you think? >> it doesn't look good at all. meanwhile, she's decrying money in politics and says we want to get it out, but she's raising record amounts. she's raising more than any other presidential candidate ever has. and she's, as you said, pushing the bounds of what's legal and the reason she's able to do that because the sec doesn't have the resources, the entities to pass money through and what's described in the
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democratic primary as the money laundering, how the sanders' campaign described it. she's doing that to this day. stuart: and look at this, the photo booth strange shots with timberlake and biel. and if i see that on my screen versus the complications of the legalisms of her foundation and i'm going to watch that. she's with justin timberlake. >> pretty cool. stuart: it goes over everybody's head. >> it's circus, they're trying to make her opening a pickle jar on jimmy kimmel's show and trying to make her relatable. she's not talking about the fundamentals at all. she's trying to make this as a referendum on donald trump and not the economic policies and terrorism policies of barack obama which she's going to continue. stuart: it's working. a smart move to stay quiet, don't talk about the scandals,
9:25 am
don't talk about the foundation, get out there and make money with your hollywood friends and get on television. that's what it is. >> yes. stuart: he think we agree on this one. see you again soon. members of the british parliament say google, facebook, twitter, they've become platforms for terror and the company is not doing enough about it. we'll have details on that. mylan taking a hit after raising the price of the epi pen, and they have a changed their tune somewhat. they're cutting the cost of the drug to some people. but that's an ugly one. i don't want it to be a bad story. but iphone 6 users, a fatal flaw that could break the phone beyond repair. we promise to explain it. apple will be down to 107 at opening bell. better buckle up.
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>> all right. now, we've got 40 seconds to go before this market opens this thursday morningment-- morning. i've got to tell you we're deep in the summer doldrums. you don't see that in the everall market that's fairly flat for some time. you see individual stocks moving significantly, but overall, it's the summer doldrums. everyone is at the beach, are they not? and they will be next week.
9:30 am
>> we're not. >> we're going to open probably a little lower, 30, 40 points down. we'll be watching the price of oil to see what happens there and really, the big story comes tomorrow when we get a read on the economy and when janet yellen speaks, that could move the market. 9:30, here we go. we're off and running and where are we going? we're going down a little at the open. 12 points lower and when you look at the dow 30, you can't make out individual stocks there in the 30, but the red is down, the black is unchanged. the green is up. not much green right there. how about the s&p 500? we're not going to show you all the 500 stocks. we're going to tell you it's down about the same percentage as of dow, .1%. the nasdaq, where that's going. a high recently and the same about .17%. there's a glut and let's get to the knitty gritty, mylan is cutting the cost of the epi pen
9:31 am
for some patients and it's rebounded by 4% this morning. but it's had a terrible run. it's been down, down, down, and that's a modest rebound compared to the losses. sears. losing money, sales down, 3% lower at 14. very different story with the discounty retailer. raising its forecast, wall street likes that. a 5% rally in burlington stores. however, we have the high end kitchen retailer, williams-sonoma going nowhere despite giving a weak outlook. that's williams-sonoma. how about signet jewelers, tiffany, both said lower sales. that's important for tiffany. is that report, tiffany reported lower sales? producer, tell me, is that correct? tiffany reported lower sales, but they're up 4%. that's quite a jump there. ashley: must be something there, that the investors like. stuart: we'll have to dig into that one. what's that all about? who is here?
9:32 am
ashley webster, dr barton, larry levin, it's thursday morning. now, big read on the economy tomorrow and janet yellen speaks. which is the biggest deal for the overall market? dr, is it the fed or the new government figures on the economy? dr. >> well, i think what janet yellen is saying, what dr. yellen will say will be a much bigger, longer term impact. the gdp number will have a quick blip. do we like it, do we not like it? that will come and go. he think that yellen has the chance to put out new going forward projections for us that could give us some guidance and relieve some uncertainty around whether the fed can do their job properly or not. so far, people are voting no to that last one, by the way. >> heaven forbid we're back to tea leaf reading at the fed. and larry levin, which is the bigger economy market mover.
9:33 am
>> janet yellen is a much bigger thing. the market wants to know when she's going to raise interest rates. it doesn't seem like it's soon. it's certainly not the case in september if that's the message she's going to put out there, the market will go up higher. down a few points today, but i think we'll recover those and after janet yellen talks, we'll go higher. stuart: that's interesting you say that. later on the show today, a market watcher says that we're going to get to 20,000 by the end of this year. larry, does it all depend on the fed, 20,000 depends on what janet yellen says today and in the future? >> it does. i don't think there's any question that we get to 20,000 unless janet yellen and the fed raise interest rates. if they do, i don't think that we get to 20,000, if we get to 20,000 and then they raise rates, we'll fall back off. that's what it's dependent on. ashley: stuart, i think the story on the economy continues to show improvement, janet yellen signals improvement and that perhaps a september rate
9:34 am
hike is on the table. i don't think before the election, but in december. stuart: it's the second look at the second quarter economy, the first look was 1% growth. ashley: which is not-- >> that's awful. if it keeps being awful then janet is not going to raise interest rates soon. i would imagine. ashley: she may point to other things. stuart: and there's a big story for individual stocks and that's mylan. they're going to cut the cost for epi pen for some patients. if you look at the chart it's been down, down, down. what's the new prices? >> if you use a savings card, they're under tremendous pressure, you can save for those paying that 50% savings. however, there are people who say they're paying $800. $300 is not a 50% cut. i think they have to explain why they're charging so much.
9:35 am
stuart: it's clearly a profitable area, and they're making money. so would you buy it at 44? >> i think this storm is going to last a while, stuart. i don't think it's time yet to buy the stock. i think that it's interesting that we've gotten some free market movement and pressure that has caused mylan to change things as opposed to a regulator coming to tell them. that's an interesting part of the story, but i don't put new money to work in mylan here, stuart. stuart: got it. the dow industrials have opened in the first five minutes, down 37 points puts the dow at 18, 444, a couple hundred points now away from the all-time high. you know, i think the people at amazon sit around every day and figure out how do we get a story on the air on "varney & company." ashley: they're doing a good job. we do it every day. stuart: the story today is they're donating kindles and tablets around the world and they want more people to use the amazon kindle and the tablet. the stock is in the news, but it's at 756.
9:36 am
the high is about $20 higher than that. how about better profit, better sales at guess, another one of the retailers. look what that does for your stock. a 20% gain just like that, not bad. sales and profit down at hewlett-packard, that's a work in progress. it's down 5%. that's quite a drop. the arts and crafts people, michael's, they've lowered their outlook again. wall street hates it when you lower the outlook. the parent of calvin klein and tommy hilfiger, pbh. a look at the future, things are rosier, that's good for a 50 cent gain on a $109 stock. now, soft sales at dollar storin stores. i want to know more about this. >> let's look at both dollar general and dollar tree, whoa, look at the moves.
9:37 am
dollar general down 12% today. and dollar tree not much better, about 7%. they came out with quarterly numbers and sales, that missed the analyst season. going forward they see weakness and they say there are lower food prices was one reason. growing competition from the likes of wal-mart and lower income-based customer had fewer food stamps to spend at the stores. and you remember they tried to merge, and they're getting hit. stuart: that's a fascinating story, nicole. when dollar general and the company goes down in sales because of cheaper food, you've got yourself a headline. that's a very good deal, what an indicator that is. nicole, thank you very much indeed. good story. look at social media stocks. british politicians say facebook, twitter, google, they are deliberately failing to stop terrorists from using their sites because the
9:38 am
companies believe it will damage their brands. what do you say to that? >> it's interesting, this report for the british government says that terrorists are using social media as a vehicle of choice to spread their propaganda. they say, for example, twitter and youtube refuse to take down posts from the hate preacher in the u.k. who was just convicted last week for his support of isis. they refuse to take down his postings and he has been accused of trying to radicalize people to isis. stuart: i don't think it will ever affect the underlying stock price. ashley: probably not. stuart: facebook, alphabet. i don't think that they respond to this kind of political pressure from foreign governments. ashley: this happens on a fairly frequent basis and yet to impact their stock price. stuart: that's correct. how about this, the deficit, how much we're overspending. $590 billion this fiscal year, look at that. that's a huge number, 590 billion. the white house says the
9:39 am
deficits are now the next president's problem. you know a thing or two about deficits, larry, i mean, you trade bonds, don't you? what's the story here? >> sure. i don't know. i mean, this president's job, i guess is now pass the buck to the next guy, whether it's hillary or donald trump. it'd be nice if he took responsibility. what are we going to see tomorrow with gdp, right? no growth. there's no growth at all in this country and hasn't been, really, for this entire president's term and it's not changing soon so i guess the next guy's problem. stuart: i have to ask you this question, everybody asks it of me. so what? what does it mean to me? 590 billion for the red ink in one year, so what? what does it mean to me? can you answer that question? >> yeah, we need growth. if means everything for this country to get back on its feet and have growth and entrepreneurs want to be able to afford to start businesses and that's what we need. hopefully donald trump will come in and do it, certainly, president obama didn't do
9:40 am
anything like that. stuart: same question to you, dr. what does it mean to me, $590 billion deficit? >> as the deficit expands, stuart, we need to take more national resources, more of our gdp and apply it to interest rate payments so we can do less for infrastructure and for other programs here that would get the economy moving. as larry just said. and i think from the president's perspective, if he says, look, the deficit is bad 'cause i just inherited it back in 2009, that's one thing. to say it's somebody else's problem means he didn't take care of business for the eight years he's been there. stuart: a good point on interest. we're paying over a billion dollars a day in interest and a lot of it goes overseas. all right. dr, larry, both of you thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. we're 10 minutes into the session and down only 23 points. soldier doldrums, the overall market not going that far, we're at 18,457. a u.s. warship harassed by an
9:41 am
iranian patrol boat in the persian gulf. we'll cover that for up. also just revealed, the obama administration paid iran $1.3 billion, we'll call it ransom for our four hostages. they paid it and donald trump meeting with latinos and african-americans at trump tower in new york city. we'll make his case why minorities should not vote. he'll make his case. he'll make his case why they should not vote for hillary. have that next hour.
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>> like we said, summer doldrums for the stock market kind of go nowhere, down ten
9:45 am
points and there you have it. how about this? who needs uber, who needs google? the first self-driving taxies will pick up passengers in singapore and start today. >> there are only six of them operated by a company called nu nu nut nutonney. there will be a driver d-swdz someone in the back. and they're going to operate in a small area in the financial or business district of singapore, but, they are the first. and the first of what an i pierce to be a some peed -- stampede of the cars. stuart: there's already a start with the time difference. much more serious stuff, four iranian ships harass an american destroyer in the strait of hormuz.
9:46 am
we turned over to iran, 1.3 billion after we gave them $400 million in cash, that was a ransom payment. our partners in peace at it again. general, should we have blown those boats out of the water? >> here is what i think we should do. their to humiliate us and send a loud message to the sunni arabs, the gloves are off since the deal was made july 2015, the nuclear deal, that iran is back doing whatever it has been, attempting to dominate the region and telling everybody, we're the dominant power. we've got rules of engagement to drive that thing, but to stop it, fire a couple of rounds over there, make them turn away at our invitation to turn away as opposed to their own, so, it becomes an absolute threat to the ship, then the captain of that ship has full authority to sink those vessels. stuart: it just seems like we're being constantly humiliated and provoked by
9:47 am
iran, the ransom payment 1.3 billion. 100,000 iran backed fighters, taking over. and launching from iran into syria, the gun boats. it's endless, isn't it? >> it is and what's driving with that some justification is perception that our adversaries believe the united states leadership is weak and we will not respond and that's been a pattern now for almost eight years. paying of the $1.3 debt which occurred in the time of the shah prior to 1980 is outrageous because it ignores the horrific behavior of the iranian regime for 35 years. they directed the u.s. embassy in lebanon, the marine annex and barricks to be blown up and directed the embassy in kuwait to be blownup. and the u.s. barricks to be blown up and directed the iraqi shia militia to be trained in
9:48 am
advanced ied's to be used against our soldiers. minimum 500 and sources say 1500, we're talking thousands of americans dead as a result of this rogue regime since 1980 and we're going to pay them a debt from the 1970's? that is ludicrous on the surface of it. stuart: it's outrageous. general, hold on a second. i've got breaking news from vice-president joe biden saying that gitmo will be fully closed before president obama leaves the white house in late january and biden says it's going to be shut down by then. general, your response to that. >> look it, when we got to number 200 and below 200 now, they were admitted by everybody to be hard core. we have been turning back out into the world the radical islam, hard core terrorists that are committed to the beliefs and ideology of radical islam. yes, this has been a huge mistake to empty out gitmo and certainly now to bring it to a
9:49 am
clo close. stuart: all the president is doing is fulfilling a political promise eight years ago, regardless of the military impact on our soldiers and the military people. i mean, he's ignoring people like you? >> well, he knows exactly how the military feels about this because we know-- i believe the recitivism rate they're saying is around 30%, i actually believe anecdotally it's much higher than that in terms of their returning to the fight. it's been bad policy in the beginning to get below 200. it's not surprising he's closing, but very disappointing. stuart: general jack keane. check that market, i'm going to repeat that the summer doldrums, we're down 15, that's it. brand new discovery show begins tomorrow. blue collar backers, entrepreneurs invest in a start-up, giving the money, but they also work inside the new start-up, sweat equity. we have one of the stars of the
9:50 am
show on with us today. and donald trump, he calls himself now, mr. brexit, the anti-establishment candidate. at the top of the hour, we have the man who led the brexit movement, nigel farage. his reaction to this coming up. >> it's changing, the world is changing, we're seeing brexit and seeing this in the united states. >> well, i think i will be called mr. brexitment brexit. ♪
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9:54 am
>> now this, this is making me smile already. i think it's a great idea. the star of a new show. this show is part shark tank, part bar rescue. alfred invests his money into food truck startups and then comes in and actually works on the food truck to get it rolling. roll some tape, please. >> i'm going to have a discount 25% and 10% of the total sales, average 400,000 a year, 80,000 for a couple of months of work. if the truck does not make money, i'll lose about $25,000 in labor and construction costs. stuart: and that's too complicated for us. [laughter]
9:55 am
>> bring in the man himself, cameron davis. what's that all about? and come on, what are you talking about? >> it's backing budding entrepreneurs that unfortunately don't have the funds to start their dream business. stuart: so you come along, you've got the cash, you put the money in and help them buy the truck and organize things. then you actually work on the food truck? >> we actually put our sweat equity in the build and then operational side we help them develop a plan to be successful. stuart: so you don't flip the burgers on the side of it? >> if it takes that, i'll do it. stuart: okay. what's that? steak and shake? tell me about it. >> steak and shake is a big burger franchise world known and we've built six trucks for them. it's corporate america coming to us and knocking down our door. >> you build the truck? >> we build the truck. stuart: then you take a piece of the action for a couple of years thereafter? >> in some cases. in some cases we discount the build for the exposure on a nation-wide level. stuart: this is a new show?
9:56 am
>> it's a new show. stuart: on discovery channel? >> we're coming back 9 p.m. central. stuart: i promise you a good promo. where do you get your money from in the first place? >> my wife and i were dead broke seven years ago and started building food trucks and fortunately for the grace of god, now we're the largest manufacturer of custom kitchen trucks? >> it's not a fake story. what you see on the show is us. stuart: that's where you made your money, building the truck as opposed to the business, building the trucks. >> i started with building a truck, i'd start building kitchen trucks. stuart: it's an exploding business. i've seen it on the streets of new york and cities i go to and the quality of of food and range of choice is astonishing. >> you can't have a bad product. we're building all over the world. chili's to kuwait and it's not just kitchens, it's barber
9:57 am
shops, if it can be a business on wheels, we'll build it. stuart: you're the largest builder of food trucks in the world barnum. >> custom trucks, we never build the same one twice. stuart: it's not enough for you, now a tv show that will compete with hee in my marketplace. cameron, shake my hand, i think it's a great idea, a great show, glad to have you on today. >> glad to be here. stuart: come back. >> i will. stuart: now then, donald trump, talk about a showman, on stage the -- on stage with the man who led the brexit vote, who will be on. and pay to play with the clinton foundation, oh, nothing to see her, says bill clinton. he laughs it off. hour two is about to begin.
9:58 am
. . ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. that inactive satellite radio of yours is ready to roll. because the siriusxm free listening event is on right now! just hit the sat button in your car and listen free thru sept 6. that's right, two glorious weeks of commercial-free music,
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plus talk, sports, comedy, news, and more. your ride has never, ever, rocked like this. oh yeah, siriusxm is on for free right now. so tune in and let's ride! a grwas seeing theing the different it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. stuart: the biggest audience in history of this program, came on morning of june 24th this
10:00 am
year. it was the day after the brits voted to leave the european union. that was a bombshell and you watched it unfold. the "brexit" vote, as it was called, was a stunning rejection of the establishment. it was a worldwide shock. media, government, the universities, the corporate elite, they all lined up to say the brits must stay. they voted to leave. we said at the time there were parallels with our vote here in america, and it is still true. it is trump versus the establishment, shaping our destiny is at the heart of this election. the same threats are being made. elect trump and whole world we know it falls to pieces. those are the threats, you hear them now. we'll see if the parallel holds in the election result. stay there, please, you are about to meet nigel farage who led britain out of europe. he appeared with donald trump who is now calling himself, mr. "brexit." ♪
10:01 am
>> if i was an american citizen, i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton if you paid me. in fact, i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton if she paid me. folks, the message is clear, the parallels are there, millions of ordinary americans who have been let down who feel so many of their representatives are politically correct parts of that liberal media elite. they feel people are not standing up for them, they have actually in many cases given up on the whole electoral process. stuart: there you have it. that was nigel farage last night and he joins us now from jackson, miss sip. anyone gell, -- nigel, i'm told the crowd didn't know who you were in mississippi but by the time you were speaking they loved you. am i correct? >> i don't know.
10:02 am
it may well be there were lots of people turned up in the rally that haven't studied "brexit" very much, they heard of it, they haven't studied it. what we did in the uk on 20 third of june was to strike the first really big blow against the professional political class working hand-in-glove with the giant multinationals and big wall street banks. i think, hopefully i explained that yesterday. stuart: they're all against you. i mean the establishment was lined upen mass without breaking any ranks at all. they were opposed to you. >> yeah. stuart: i'm told on the morning of the vote, the vote to leave was down in the polls, substantially down in the polls. yet you pulled off a remarkable victory. is that accurate, you were down in the polls the morning of the vote? >> the morning of the vote was quite remarkable. there was an opinion polish issued by what was a representative puttable polling
10:03 am
company -- reputable polling company showing remain side 10 points in the lead. i genuinely think what went on end of campaign deliberate media and establishment attempt to say to voters, "brexit" isn't going to win, why bother to go out to vote for it. what i was saying to trump supporters last night, whatever gets said in next 73 days in this campaign, even if they tell you that donald can't win, don't believe them, what we saw the deliberate attempt to fiddle the figures. luckily we ignored it and we beat them. stuart: now president obama went to britain before the "brexit" vote and he said, you got to stay. i unders resented by british people who didn't like an american politician telling them how to vote. couldn't you say the same thing about you? you come to america, and you have told american voters don't vote for hillary clinton? i mean you could say there is a
10:04 am
parallel there and that what you said last night could be resented in some quarters in america? >> well, obama said we should vote remain. obama said the terrible things would happen to us if we didn't vote remain. and he told us if we voted to leave, that basically america would just drop us at our relationship with the united states of america. i didn't tell, i didn't tell anyone how to vote. i wouldn't dare do such a thing. i did suggest if i was an american citizen i wouldn't vote for hillary because nothing will change if that woman wins. she represents that big corporate media club. you know that have had their own way over the last 20 or 30 years that led us into endless series of wars, led us into a world where rich get richer and poor get poorer. i personally wouldn't vote for hillary, no, i'm not telling people how they should vote. stuart: you did not directly endorse donald trump last night. >> no.
10:05 am
stuart: why not? >> because i criticized obama for telling us how we should vote, and i'm not going to fall into that same trap myself. i don't think it is very difficult to read between the lines way was saying last night. stuart: we were told that if the brits voted to leave europe, the "brexit," if it was successful vote, that the whole country would fall to pieces. it would be a catastrophe, the stock market would plunge, economy would go into recession, depression. bring us up to speed. the vote is june 23rd. it is two months later. what's happened in those two months in britain? >> what happened the ftse 100 index, our main share index has gone through the roof. it is over 25% higher than it was in february this year. we had the largest house building company, who we were told would virtually go bankrupt if we vote "brexit," they reported record orders on their
10:06 am
books. we've seen standard & poor's completely revise their growth prospects for britain over the next two or three years. we now see that the british economy, while it is not perfect but forecast to do better than france and germany and the rest of the european union. frankly what we were sold was a complete pack of scaremongering lies. it was called project fear. i said to the audience last night, you will hear the same thing. you will hear if trump wins, we'll play into the hands of president putin. we'll bring the world closer to war, and there will be terrible economic ruin come to america. we were promised all of the same things and i'm pleased to say none of them have happened. and now what we have, all over the world, are countries saying, well you're freed of this ridiculous european club. can we come to talk to you? can we be friends again? i think that really matters. i very much hope because you know, i have always been huge
10:07 am
fan of the usa, i very much hope that we can resume our proper special relationship as partners and friends now that we're going to be free again. stuart: a lot of people in america love you. why don't you stay, get a green card, stay? you want to? >> well you did, didn't you? stuart: yeah. >> i mean you have been here forever but look, i worked for an american company in the late '90s, so i traveled the length and breadth of this country in business when i say i had a proper job. now i'm doing a bit of politics. all i can say in the course over next few weeks i will be back. stuart: good. nigel farage, thanks for being here. >> thank you very, sir. stuart: let's take a break from politics, why not, to look at
10:08 am
the dole doledrum market. the politics are hot, market is not. we're virtually dead flat. look at hewlett-packard, i will say it again, that company is a work in progress, down 5% today. got a problem with sales. got it. mylan, the epipen people, they're cutting the cost of the epipen for some patients, that is a very tiny rebound for the stock which has come way down in recent months as the epipen problem developed. mixed bag for retailers today, what a mixed bag it is. good numbers at guess and burlington, weak numbers at dollar stores and jewelers. you see what happens to the stock when you do that latest read on mortgage rates. >> 30 year fixed-rate is at 3.43%. almost bottom you very excited. 3.43%, which by the way is unchanged from last week. so it hasn't gone up. stuart: extraordinary. ashley: i looked that up, end of
10:09 am
1981, beginning of 1982, the interest rate was 18.2. stuart: '81? ashley: my parents got a deal, 16%. they were delighted. they thought they had stolen the bank. 3.43%. stuart: i bottom my first home san francisco, whatever it was, '78, it was, 12 1/2% i you thought it was great. i assumed those loans. everybody wanted one. 3.43 today. ashley: ain't bad. stuart: donald trump is still trying to widen his support. petitioning latino and black activists at trump tower. he is doing it right now. fox news political analyst, eboni williams is with us this morning. will he be successful? i hear i mixed results. black community are saying get out of here.
10:10 am
hispanic community saying something more rude. >> lots of skepticism. here is why. stuart: i don't mean to interrupt you. >> go ahead. stuart: as i define success for donald trump, with the black or latino community it is 20% of the vote. if he gets 20% of the black vote, hispanics, that is success. >> i do you one better, 10%, 15% would be successful to him. here's why. not because that is good and glowing for him. that is denying enough of the black vote to hillary clinton. hillary clinton is reliant on that. that is significant part of the democratic base. she absolutely needs it. i question whether he can get there because of intentions. stuart: will blacks and hispanics turn out in record numbers that we've seen in the past for hillary clinton? >> i doubt they will do what they did for barack obama. some might stay at home. again trump should continue to be proactive. i think meeting today is a good first step. as my colleague monica crowley said on "the o'reilly factor" last night.
10:11 am
he can't do a hit-and-run. he gave a good speech last week. it was in front of a predominantly white audience. if leaves it there he won't connect with black or latino voters. he has to continue dialogue. stuart: every single speech he made this week, he said, made a direct appeal to black voters. he softened his stance on this deportation force. softened his stance on immigration. he said that every day this week. he will say it again today with a meeting. >> the meeting is more important. the speeches are good. the speeches are in front of white audiences. a lot of people in the black and latino community legitimately talking is he talking to us or talking about us to white people in effort to calm the fears of some white voters to think they might be supporting a bigot, right? he is talking to blacks and latinos. that is very important. i'm happy to see that. in the past we've seen donald trump decline in speak in front of community like this. stuart: is your mom supporting trump. >> she is.
10:12 am
she watches every thursday morning. stuart: excellent. stay there. >> sure. stuart: the big board is going nowhere. we're down six points, that's it. in the next hour, however, we have a guest who says we will hit dow 20,000 by end of the year. he is sure of it. he is on to explain why it is going to happen. to this, starbucks, kokomo, indiana, flattened by a tornado. this is indiana? a man was filming this footage across the street. the starbucks slumps on its side. look at that. miraculously no one was hurt. that tornado left a trail of destruction, thousands of homes without power. governor mike pence leaving campaign trail to oversee the cleanup in his state. in italy, more people dead because of that devastating earthquake. we have footage of a girl being pulled from the rubble. we'll run that for you. it is dramatic stuff. this footage from the strait of hormuz, iranian vessels
10:13 am
harassing a u.s. navy destroyer. our next guest says sooner or later someone will make a big mistake and open fire. more "varney" in a moment. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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10:16 am
stuart: frantic search for survivors after that devastating earthquake that hit central italy. we now have a death toll of nearly 250 people, nearly there. what is the latest? ashley: 241. they expect many more missing. dozens believed to be still buried under the rubble. we're getting remarkable stories of miracle escape. stuart: look at that. ashley: little girl being pulled from under the rubble, under there 30 hours, somehow surviving. there was a strong aftershock that caused more panic. there were 70 tourists say -- staying at the hotel roma at amatrice. it is terrible timing.
10:17 am
people flock to the because they have second house here. it is popular. has a big food festival scheduled for this weekend. in other words the population was much greater when the quake hit than normally be. stuart: can we go back to the video of the young girl pulled out. i want to explain something here. that earthquake struck 3:30 yesterday morning local time. ashley: 9:30 p.m. eastern time. stuart: that is 3:30 in the morning over there. she was pulled out as you say, 30 hours later. no wonder there is joy on the faces. that lady looks like she is okay. ashley: petrified. stuart: that is one of the better stories. we brought it to you. now this. iranian vessels come real close to a u.s. destroyer within the strait of hormuz. actually 300 yards. watch this. >> relative at 300 yards. no response. weapons uncovered.
10:18 am
conducting routine security patrol. appears to be unsafe, unprofessional. stuart: okay. very, very close indeed. chris harmer with us. he is with the institute for study of war. chris, why didn't we just open fire? that was provocative act. surely within our rights to blow them out of the water? >> we always have inherent right of self-defense but depends how you define self-defense. what is causing this, two things. islamic republic of iran has 30-year history of provoking united states. they want to be the hegemonic power in the region. they do not want to be a power in the middle east. they want to be the power. in order to do that they have to confront us. the other part, united states showing weakness to the iranian nuclear deal. clear to the islamic republic leadership and iranian navy that united states will endure any provocation or humiliation to
10:19 am
protect nuclear deal. we need to draw a line in the sand. tell them if you approach within 500 meters, we'll start shooting warning shots across the bow, using 25 mill meet cannon and 50-caliber machine guns. if you approach 300 yards we'll target you for destruction. we have to set a stance and provocations will continue and inadvertent escalation into shooting war. stuart: do you think we'll do that. >> no. stuart: president obama looks like he retreats from any flashpoint of any kind with the iranians to protect the nuclear deal. you don't think we will do that? >> no i told you what we should do. what we'll continue to do so accommodate finance foreign terrorists organizations. we're allowing iranian misbehavior around the world to protect the facade of nuclear deal. i don't think iranians will comply wit. they're not complying on the ballistic missile research and development. intelligence reports that they
10:20 am
are buying missile components from germany and nato countries using front companies to do that. iranians are not complying that part of the deal. using cash flow from sanctions relief to finance hezbollah, assad regime, rocket dispersal to hamas and other terrorist organizations. i think this nuclear deal is extremely countier productive to american national security. the fact we signed on to the nuclear deal, gives iran essentially a green light to do anything they want. we'll allow them to do that, just in order to protect the nuclear deal. stuart: 74 days to the election. chris harmer, thanks very much for joining us. appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. stuart: and this. this is new shot of this. this is the largest aircraft in the world. the brits call it the flying bum. it crash-landed in britain days after taking off the maiden voyage. this is the moment it came down-to-earth. it collided with a telephone poll, okay? the cockpit was damaged. it didn't do a hindenburg, it didn't burst into flames. that is the news.
10:21 am
hillary politicizing epipen price hike. she says it is outrage just and would not happen if she was president. wikileaks founder julian assange promising a disruption to the hillary campaign. thousands of new documents he says, very possible october surprise. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. that inactive satellite radio of yours
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this saving applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ stuart: wait, wait. i know this. well i know the tune. who sings it? ashley: peter gabriel. stuart: really? what is the name of the song? ashley: sledgehammer. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, i announce that is sledgehammer from peter gabriel. soft sales at dollar stores. they're biggest losers on s&p 500 and boy, are they down. that's soft. hillary clinton released a
10:25 am
statement on the epipen price hike, it reads in part as follows: , it is wrong when drug companies put profits ahead of patients raising prices would you justifying prices behind them. i'm calling on mylan to reduce immediately the price of epipens. that is exactly what they have done. they have cut the price. is that accurate, ashley? ashley: $300 of savings card off the price. if you pay of -- 600. you have to pay 300. i have reports of people paying 800. stuart: i will say that gives capitalism a bad name, to put price up of a life saving piece of equipment, if you want to put it like that. because you can and because you're a monopoly. i'm sorry, i'm not the buying that are you? >> no. such a horrible reputation for capitalism. people don't necessarily believe in free market doing its own thing and respecting price cuts and tax cuts and trusting they
10:26 am
will trickle down to the consumer? this is perfect example why lack of trust exists for some in the country. >> you know you're in trouble when martin shkreli is defending you. he says important medicine should be expensive because they're valuable. >> you got to be kidding me. stuart: there is not just the epipen. that shkreli on his way into capitol hill. that is not just epipen. there are other products. ashley: a medicine that treats gallstones, that drug has gone up 542%. we have metro, that treats acid reflux. that is up 144%. diaclmine, treating irritable bowel syndrome, up 400%. not just the epipen. across the board. stuart: you got it right, but
10:27 am
the ceo of mylan is a young lady who is the daughter of senator manchin democrat being west virginia. >> greed knows no party, stuart. while we see hillary clinton speaking out about this, she is definitely struggling to seem authentic in pleas for the middle class. running so far to the left she can barely go fast enough this is opportunity to participate in this narrative. stuart: very smart move and mylan has dropped the price. ashley: yes they have. stuart: partly on her urging. staying on medical stuff. breaking news from hong kong. what is this, the first case of zika in hong kong? ashley: calling first case of imported zika. government saying infected person was a foreign woman in her '30s believed to have caught the virus in the caribbean. this is first reported importation of hong kong. stuart: you got it wrong. not caribbean. it is caribbean. got that? ashley: tomato. tomato.
10:28 am
stuart: how long have you been here? longer than me. ashley: i called it caribbean. why is it caribbean? stuart: that is how they do it. watch this, ash. olympic british time. went back to britain. faced with absolute chaos. why? all the olympians had matching red luggage. everybody got the same thing. took them hours and hours and hours to match up the tags. >> don't give them a medal for organization. stuart: more studio response to that than any of the stories today. clinton foundation, just shrugging off the scandal. allegations of pay to play. shrug it off. bill clinton says he is feeling pretty good about things. watch this. >> hillary meeting with mohamed yunis of the, nobel prize winners? i just think, you know it is election season but i still feel good about it.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
♪ stuart: i know that song. heartache tonight. ashley: eagles. stuart: thank you very much. i don't know why we're playing it. heartache tonight. we're only down four points for dow jones industrial average. come on, boys, get real. how about tesla? they won the antitrust approval. they will buy solarcity. not affecting stocks very much. tesla still around 220. let's get to donald trump, shall we? making continuing appeal to minorities, meeting with black and hispanic activists in new york city. last night in mississippi he called hillary clinton a bigot. watch this. >> hillary clinton is a bigot
10:33 am
who sees people of color -- [cheering] -- only as votes. not as human beings worthy of a better future. she is going to do nothing for african-americans. she is going to do nothing for the hispanics. she is only going to take care of herself, her husband, her consultants, her donors. these are the people she cares b she doesn't care what her policies have done to your communities. stuart: well he hasn't softened his tone, has he? siriusxm patriot host david webb is with us. he hasn't softened his tone. >> why soften your tone? democrats and hillary clinton type democrats are the race and poverty pimps that have soft bigotry of no expectations if you're black and hard big gottry of bad outcomes. i was in detroit. what a tragedy it is to be in
10:34 am
detroit, woodward dream cruise. i'm on mustang alley. i drive out to neighborhoods with beautiful homes, now boarded up, neighborhoods completely blighted. buildings closed. what is the common denominator in that and many other cities? democrat, liberal progressive policies, predictable failure economically which affects and destroys communities. hillary clinton sees you as a vote. stuart: okay, look, donald trump is the first republican that i can remember to bring it to everybody's attention, make it a focal point of his campaign. look what they have done to you. why don't you change course? is the message getting through to the black and hispanic communities? >> it actually is. it is actual is. stuart: how do you know? >> i talk to many of them. on my radio show. people call in. i gotten such a increase, you can't change the entire country. anecdotally, people call up, i'm a democrat, black, young, middle-aged, i'm a boomer, i'm
10:35 am
looking at this. the thing, stu, if you give your support, no matter who you are to any group, unyielding to any party, what do they owe you, nothing? they know they have you. charlie wrangle, district 15, 42 years, 15 to 16% of the district keep him in office. he got it from his father in the 27. his wife debbie gets from him. 100 years, turns out average lifespan in congress there will be representation by the dingells, look at district part of detroit, failure. stuart: okay. i got to ask you this one question here, do you think that the black folks are embarassed to come out to say i'm with trump? when they get into the secret ballot booth they will vote for trump? >> it's a possibility. stuart: you don't know. suggesting. >> it's a possibility because of peer pressure from anybody, you work, you live, you talk to people, your own family members.
10:36 am
what they do in the booth, let me say this to them. forget about whether somebody gives you pressure or not. think about whether you can survive four more years of liberal progressive policies when you see the black community split in those that are making it because they're working hard and buying into fiscal conservatism, and the republican way, the suburban blacks, those come back in gentrified areas like harlem where blacks are coming back to buy it in and made it out and coming back, you're still living there in generational poverty. stuart: stay there, david. i have more for you in a moment. let me go to this, hillary clinton campaign, mounting troubles with the foundation. the foundation is accused selling access to hillary while she was serving as secretary of state. prosecutor katie fang is with us. i want to bring you in because you are a prosecutor. i want to know, is there evidence that you have seen would let you or any other prosecutor take hillary to court and prosecute and get it done legally? is the evidence there?
10:37 am
>> absolutely, stuart. but you know, i came with my money. can i pay to play? oh, no, it is not enough money for hillary rodham clinton. it is only $20. as a prosecutor, there is enough evidence, circumstantial evidence to build a case. maybe the fbi needs to take notes from the associated press. they looked at hillary clinton's schedule, her calendar and they were able to see 85 private interest donors who gave $156 million got access to hillary clinton. there is a united states code statute, stuart, section 201, called bribery of a public official. and if you you take money directly or indirectly as a public official in return for having an influence upon your, your job, if it affects your ability to do your job, then you have committed bribery, you have accepted a bribe. i think i could build that case against hillary clinton. stuart: yeah but not going to be built before the election by you
10:38 am
or anybody else, it is not going to happen now? >> it is not and it is so unfortunate because reality ap had to sue back in 2015 to get her calendar, to get her schedules. they asked for it three years ago. do you think the american public would love to see what she was up to during that time? stuart: it took three years to get the schedule. you're particularly outraged about this particular story but i will bring it to your attention and viewers. state university of new york, cuny binghamton, offering a stop white people course right there on the screens. what do you make of that, katie? >> when i first saw it, i said what? stop white people 2016. you're taking resident assistants getting free room and board to influence young minds of 18, 19-year-old kids, you're telling them we'll introduce you to a intellectual discourse about being aware of privilege and race issues but you're going to call it stop white people 2016? as taxpayer in new york i would
10:39 am
be pretty darn pissed off that my money is being used to fund a class like that. stuart: don't hold back, katie. don't hold back. hold on a second. david webb, you're still hire. what do you make of that? >> i love katie, by the way, point about taxpayer, taxpayer dollars, there are title ix and all other parts of codes to take on state university. frankly the president of that university and those deans should be in meeting right now with lawyers. this is a violation of many including possible civil rights violations. stuart: jump on it, katie. you i know your heart is there. katie fang. david webb. >> thank you. stuart. stuart: good news for elon musk this morning. tesla won approval to buy solarcity. nicole not making difference to the stock at all. >> it did, it did. the news broke stock went up a
10:40 am
dollar still highs of the session. one article actually said tesla wants to be the apple store for electricity across the board. elon musk chairman of botholarc. they got the quick pass in getting approval of the federal trade commission said because the companies had few or no overlaps. this 2.$6 billion deal, that whisked right through and gets the okay. stuart: all right, nicole. we hear it. tesla 222. got it. thank you. check this out. self-driving taxis are on the road in singapore as more electric cars. they're equipped with sensors, lasers, cameras. they are fully self-driving but there is human being in the front seat, or behind the wheel. behind the wheel. researcher in the back. if you jump into one of these things in singapore, you get a free ride. how about this one too? wikileaks julian assange warns
10:41 am
hillary he will release significant and unexpected material from her campaign. is this the october surprise we've been hearing about? watch this. >> we have a lot of pages of material, thousands of pages of material. i don't want to give the game away but it is variety of different types of documents from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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10:43 am
stuart: remember -- ashley: remember, "varney & company" starts 9:00 a.m. eastern. a big guest on the show today, nigel farage, the man who led britain out of europe. watch this. >> i genuinely think what went on at the end of the campaign was a deliberate media and establishment attempt to say to voters, look, "brexit" isn't going to win, so why bother to go out to vote for it. what i was saying to trump supporters last night, whatever gets said in next 73 days in this campaign, even if they tell you that donald can't win, don't believe them because what we saw was a deliberate attempt to fiddle the figures. luckily we ignored it and we beat them. ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
♪ stuart: i know this one. i do know this one. don't go breaking my heart, by elton john. ashley: and kiki dee. stuart: number one song 40 years
10:46 am
ago as i was landing, at ellis island. ashley: yes. stuart: we're down 11 points now. by the mortgage rate, 30-year fixed, look at bottom of your screen, 3.43%. very different from 40 years ago, let me tell you that. nigel farage appeared with donald trump last night and earlier this hour i spoke to him. he is the leader of the british exit movement. watch this. >> what we were sold was complete pack of scaremongering lies. it was called project fear. i said to the audience last night. you will hear the same thing, you will hear if trump wins we'll play into hands of president putin. we'll bring the world closer to war and there will be terrible economic ruin come to america. we were promised all the same things and i'm pleased to say that none of them have happened. stuart: "washington times" political columnist charles hurt is here. he was listening to what nigel farage had to say.
10:47 am
he rings a bell there, doesn't he? the establishment was saying, oh, you vote to leave europe and all hell breaks loose, we're going to die, we're going to die. somewhat similar here if trump wins. there is a parallel, isn't there? >> undeniable, stuart, there is a parallel. you've been talking about this for months now. the entire establishment as mr. farage said, entire establishedment and media, both parties of entire establishment are dead-set against donald trump. only people who are supporting donald trump are very, very enthusiastic supporters. and they, they, they will not dessert him for anything it appears. i think we could be looking at a big surprise. stuart: that is what i was looking at. you think there could be a big surprise? you're not counting out donald trump at this point? because just everybody else is, charles. >> well, i mean the big question here is, the ground game. actually mr. farage actually mentioned that the issue of,
10:48 am
whether he has the apparatus in place to actually make sure that his voters get out to the polls when they need to get there. but, that aside, that is a big question, something i pray that the trump campaign is working very hard on but in terms of enthusiasm, i have never seen enthusiasm like this for a candidate -- we saw it with president obama, but other than that, i haven't seen this kind of enthusiasm for a candidate in a very long time. hillary clinton, on other hand, where is the enthusiasm for her? democrats are just, they're dread having to go out to vote for her. stuart: i really like to run sound bites from hillary clinton in the same way we've run sound bites from donald trump. he is all over our show. i would love to be balanced here. >> good luck. stuart: i don't see her on camera. i doesn't see her answering questions. >> you would like to run a, run shots of her answering questions from the media. stuart: yes. >> which will never happen. honestly for her part, it is probably a smart strategy.
10:49 am
there are a lot of terrible, terrible questions that need to be asked of her. so much what we're learning about her interaction between the state department and clinton foundation it is inexcusable. stuart: yeah. >> and there is no way to spin it for her. stuart: hold on a second, charles. i will run a sound bite from the "kelly file" last night where julian assange was interviewed about the possibility of a october surprise. roll the tape. >> people involved in the election have the right to understand -- we have a lot of pages of material, thousands of pages of material. i don't want to give the game away but it's a variety of different types of documents from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign. some quite unexpected angles that, you know, quite interesting. some, some even entertaining.
10:50 am
stuart: well, you know, i think it may be another case of so what? it goes right over everybody's heads. it is technical, sort of thing. i mean that is what it could be, no impact, what do you say? >> 25 years of clinton scandals could, can sort of bring about some fatigue no doubt but what i think is interesting here, hillary clinton spends all of her time attacking messenger. she attacks tom fitton at judicial watch. attacks republicans, attacking everybody presenting evidence against her but the interesting thing about emails, you can't refute the emails and the emails are, and think you're right, they do go over a lot of peoples heads. her supporters do not care. she could go down madison avenue and shoot somebody in the head, her supporters will not leave her for anything but let's face it, this is really damning evidence. no matter how much she attacks julian assange or whatever
10:51 am
foreign actors, russians, whoever it is that is behind all of this, the bottom line that the emails speak for themselves. the can is out of the bag -- cat is out of the bag and they're devastating. does that change anything in terms of elections? some days i'm depressed about it. some days i'm hopeful about it. stuart: charles hurt, you're welcome on this program. thank you very much, charles. >> see you, stuart. stuart: cathy barros in the golf course in the olympics. capybaras. they look like big rats, they are rodents. biologist abouts warn they could become invasive species in florida. nobody knows how they got there. maybe arrived there. maybe exotic pet. that ladies and gentlemen, is the capybara. ashley: alligators are excited about that. lunch. stuart: lunch. check out the big board. going nowhere. we'll have more in a moment. ♪
10:52 am
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stuart: take a look at big board for you. 30 dow stocks on the left, stuck between green and red. the dow off by about nine points. top of the hour, we'll have someone who says it will hit 20,000 by the end of the year. the dow at 20,000. he will be making his case. see if you agree with him. look at this. producer christine filling in stuart what is coming up at top of the hour. here is what we have. donald trump calling himself mr. "brexit." the head of the uk "brexit" movement, nigel farage campaigning with him. we'll talk to one of margaret thatcher's former advisors about the parallels. we'll talk to a mother whose son was killed by illegal immigrant about donald trump's softening stance on immigration. we're all over the clinton foundation scandal.
10:57 am
here is senator jeff sessions on that from our last hour. >> foreign people who had no interest giving to that foundation, had no charitable impulse whatsoever, giving millions of dollars to get access to the secretary of state. stuart: it is appearance of conflict of interest? >> yes. maybe even.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: good morning, everyone. it's replayed this, shall we? iran is humiliating america, provoking america. iran has outmaneuvered america. strong statement. but here is the evidence. propagation. iranian governments come within a few hundred yards of u.s. navy ships in the narrow channel that carries mideast oil to world markets. that is a challenge. humiliation, iran received $400 million cash for four american hostages had also come the administration wired 13 separate payments totaling 1.3 billion just after the ransom was paid.
11:01 am
president obama said we don't pay ransom and we couldn't wire money. and now, an allegation backed up the redline threat to serious because iran threatened to end nuke talks. in other words, president obama gathered his entire foreign policy in iran. the humiliation, provocation continues. stay there, please appeared the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. well, you just iranian vessels become a u.s. naval vessel that came within 300 yards. that is the provocation that i'm talking about. brett dare is here with us now. you are breaking all of this news last night. in particular, the allegation that president obama was forced to back off his redline
11:02 am
statement because the iranians threatened to withdraw from the nuclear talks. am i going a bit far? am i to strong and what i said about america? >> now, a lot of say they would love to iran and has done everything to make sure iran and this deal is protected no matter what. we are seeing the evidence of that. great reporting by "the wall street journal" that was tied to syria. however, are reporting about this payment to iran. you know, after the $400 million cash payment that women on the plane to tehran and we learned that there was a tie to the hostages before they were released. despite all the pushback about no ransom. two days after that engineering 19, the u.s. buyers 13 payment each of 99 million --
11:03 am
$99,999,000.99. or can separate wire payments that make their way to iran despite the fact you had the pentagon, august 4th in which he said the reason we had to give them cash is because we couldn't wire the money here at the whole thing is not sitting well and if we weren't in the middle of this con didn't election cycle, i think this would be a huge focus of foreign-policy appeared stuart: has president obama hung his hat on the nuke deal which is now not exactly disintegrating, but it's, but is under a great deal of pressure treated >> yes. all of these stories is to get them incrementally show how far this president has done to protect what i think he considers a legacy deal. the question is whether in the long term that this move is somehow going to change the face of the middle east. we do have this soundbite from the president talking at the pentagon that they did what i
11:04 am
was referenced in before about not wiring. take a listen to this. >> the only bit of news that is relevant on this is the fact that we paid cash. the reason that we had to give them cash is precisely because we are so strict in maintaining sanctions and we do not have a banking relationship with iran that we couldn't send them a check. and we could not wire the money. >> the state department admitted that they wired the money two days after they brought the cash. we try to get mentors in the white house today. stuart: essentially come the next president has to deal about this. >> they do. they have to change or decide to stay the same on the relation with iraq. what it is doing in the middle east is changing the dynamic with the state and how we are dealing with all of the issues in particular.
11:05 am
russia, syria, iran. stuart: thank you are making it very clear. we will be watching tonight. special report. new video coming in tonight show's confrontation at trump tower a couple hundred miles up the road in new york city. this is an undocumented immigrant. one of about 20 protesters outside trump tower confronting mark burns. you might recognize pastor burns from his appearance on this program. he's also in the republican convention, but he's going to join me tonight on the fox news channel or clock this afternoon. competition a couple hundred yards down the road. right there at trump tower. that is in fact a meeting. 20 protesters outside. inside you look at that now. mr. trump as many with african-american and hispanic leaders, making a pitch their. he wants those people on his side. he's making a direct pitch as we
11:06 am
speak. now it's your money. that's always important. we better get to that. check the big board. there is a go nowhere market against summer doldrums. tomorrow morning we got a big raid on the economy at 8:30 eastern. later, jimmy gallant speaks with gallant speaks that the fed of course. two big events which could move the markets. and now this. our guest says we are going to hate 20,000 by the end of the year. it's not a good indicator? theory yes. managing direct your bizarre capital of the united states. welcome to the program. let me get this clear. 20,000 on the doubt by the end of this calendar year. why? >> i'm making the case that we are starting a bull market from the beginning of july. major averages have mass a lot of carnage underneath the surface for the first year, meaning there is a search for
11:07 am
yield a lot of risk-averse people with happy for 3% to 4% in the bank if they could get it, that they can't so they are forced into dividend stocks because they need income like at&t and so forth. so those heavily weighted stock have mass to the dow and s&p, the carnage service meaning energy corrected in the last year 50%. it took 40%. and small no-caps 25%. after this event, where we launched it technically with a lot of strong technicals, that is leading me to believe that it's the start of a potentially new market. >> so we hollered everything out here the financials, they all went down. do you think the beginning of a new rice started in july? that surely means that these companies will be making more money. the profits will improve. >> fundamentally the market
11:08 am
tends to discount was going on now and trade but is going to have going to happen six to nine months from now. the last few times it had consecutive month of year over year earnings was march of 09 and october of 02. the market is discounting the slow growth and anticipating six to nine months from now i recovery. stuart: a lot of people are smiling right now. you make a good case. about the federal reserve? if they raise interest rates even once this year, your 20,000 on the dow. >> my backdrop is the fed will not be raising rates this year. they're not going to mess with the election. they raised a quarter last year and thought the disaster saw the disaster the beginning of january to 10% correction. the commodities and so forth. take a little bit of leverage out of the system had my basis behind that is the fed is not going to be raising rates and there will be a lot of liquidity out there. it's a globally coordinated effort to keep interest rates low.
11:09 am
i think they don't fit but, good luck fighting all across the world. stuart: he says 20,000 by the end of the year. he's on videotape saying that. thank you very much. look at this. the u.s. budget deficit expected to grow to back. $590 billion. this is this fiscal year. the white house says the deficit is now the next president's problem. ashley: how convenient. take it on down the road. federal deficit schedule despite i sent her to 3% this year, the fiscal year which ends september 30th. josh earnest, the white house press secretary says there's a couple reasons why this is an aging population and republican sponsored tax cut. has nothing to do with the massive spending program of this administration because of the tax cuts not bring in enough revenue. passing the next gazillion dollars.
11:10 am
a whole lot more coming out. wis hour. about 250 from that dreadful earthquake. we also have an update on the active pen pricing controversy. it's taking immediate action to make sure more people can afford to epipen. we will discuss them in detail. the stock is up in detail. bill clinton just laughed it all off. watch this. >> there is something wrong with creating jobs in saving lives. [inaudible] you know, it's election season and i feel good about it.
11:11 am
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>> there's nothing wrong with creating jobs. the people who gave him i knew exactly what they were doing. -- the nobel prize winners. i just think it's election season. but i felt good about it. stuart: bill clinton discussing the clinton foundation. formerly with the state department. you look at the state department. the state department says there's nothing to see here. nothing was wrong. what is your judgment as steve hillary foundation? >> right, state is to protect liberal secretaries of defense and that is what they are doing here. they dragged their feet for years on releasing hillary's beatings and that's a good reason why because now that we have this in the bag, there's a
11:15 am
clear fact pattern that shows pay for play. if you pay to the clinton foundation and participate in the global initiative, your issues get elevated indicate meaning that the secretary of state. stuart: you can connect the dots. i don't know whether you can make a legal case. to you, it is clean-cut, influence peddling. that is what it is you say. >> right. we were trying to do good things and that is the clinton defense. it wasn't completely illegal. clearly it is not going to be fought in courtrooms. it will be in public opinion. voters can say more than half of her meetings with non-word officials at the state department were with people who are donors to the clinton foundation. that is obvious correlation, fact pattern, whatever. even if there isn't a clear smoking gun. stuart: it's very detailed at
11:16 am
this point, counterpoint and it goes on and on. there's nothing clearly resolved here. it goes over the top of everybody. justin timberlake or whatever his name is. there we go. >> grade. at the end of the day, look at what people think about her honesty. the fact that the overwhelming majority of people think she's dishonest. this is not 1992 with the comeback kid. they've been around for decades and people know they are fundamentally dishonest and corrupt. stuartestimates here. how many votes will discuss hillary clinton? if she was going to get 50% without the foundation scandal, how many will she get with the clinton foundation. just a guess. give me a ballpark. >> it's hard to put a specific number. and the key margin of error and the election is a lot closer.
11:17 am
this will have people willing to take another look at donald trump and willing to look past some of his disinterest is because they are fundamentally corrupt. stuart: you just said something about the vote there, the true strength of donald trump is not reflected in the polls. >> i'm not a believer the polls are fundamentally inaccurate. i think you are seeing paul did the liberal media would have you believe that donald trump will lose by 15 points. if you look at that polls were just two points ahead, other places where he's behind but not high enough that cannot be overcome. going into the debates which will be decisive, it is a competitive race with the media says this is over. stuart: you're right about the media. thank you very much for joining us. now, this. hillary clinton calling for campaign finance reform.
11:18 am
however, she has raised millions of dollars in the past two days. in fact, she's kind of stretch the definition of what you're legally allowed to raise. how much did she get? >> up to you what. there is a gold rush out there and there's eight fundraisers in three days for hillary clinton in the golden state and this turned out to be very profitable. let's take a look at the lunch event she attended hosted by justin timberlake, jessica biel, a lot of listers there, all having their picture taken. that body and a nice 3 million bucks. that ticket prices are up to $50,000 each and has raised at least $4 million. he loves hillary clinton, through a barbecue in his backyard. that generated 1.3 million baht. stuart: significant money. you got a cocktail party, hang out for 45 minute essay three
11:19 am
minute. thank you very much. stuart: there it is. i want to show you this video. this year accused men's soccer team getting ready for the start of the season with a tricky header drill. you bounce it off each of the players and off you go. that is soccer training syracuse style. still on soccer, suspended from the women's team because the comment she made about it during the rio game. the national team contract terminated. next, the update on the pricing seems as if the media backlash has made the company rethink its policy. but listen to what robin o'brien had to say. she is the founder of allergy kids foundation, the mother of children who require epipen via >> a mother of five contacted me
11:20 am
this afternoon to do this interview. i resigned. i cannot represent the interests of the company. i have five children and children die because they do not have access to a life-saving device because of the way the company is jacked up the price is. this is a woman who worked for them. it is absolutely taking parents by surprise at their react in such a powerful way. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
11:21 am
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11:23 am
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11:24 am
stuart: mylan been criticized for hiking the price of the abby penned 400%, 500%. they're making it easier for patients to get this at the pen. liz claman with the story. how are they lowering the cost of some patients? >> i'm so glad she said lowering the cost not the price. they are lowering the costs by enabling certain consumers, certain patients to get a coupon for a special discount card that will cut 300% 100 off the price of a two pack. but they are not cutting the price at all. let's be clear about that. stuart: they have given such a black eye to capitalism and b. to the pharmaceutical industry and they can't get out. any company that develops and has a proprietary science to it, why not. you've got a monopoly, which
11:25 am
they have. they didn't develop it. they bought it. it's been around since 1977. in the past nine years they've hiked the price 17 times. at the same time, she commented ceo had been going to d.c. and lobby in washington to require every school, every hospital, every first aid kit of every business to have it because you can give a customer site for a child's life if you have it on hand. however, at the same time they hike the price they must've been rubbing hands together same that we've done. stuart: senator mentions daughter gave money to the clinton foundation. >> the company did. about 105th day, 100 grand. stuart: tommy lee of god. 3:00 this afternoon. >> the woman that ravenel brain just spoke about going into your tease. worked for mylan. she quit yesterday. she was a spokesperson, mother of five. something tells me she's not
11:26 am
dying how there is common to set on another business network, they have a come on with us. without for them to come on and answer our questions. but she said i'm a mom and aunt just as frustrated as anybody. i i wonder she's as frustrated as this mother of five. she was getting paid to she quit yesterday and she's coming on fox business. stuart: we'll see you at 3:00. now, this. the man who led the charge for the u.k. to leave the european union on stage with mr. trump last night urging americans don't vote for hillary. on the program earlier today. we'll tell you what he said.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
>> i come to you from united kingdom with a message of hope and a message of optimism. it is a message that says that the little people, the real people. the ordinary decent people are prepared to stand up and fight for what they believe in. we can overcome the big banks. stuart: you saw it, nigel farage with donald trump on stage. he was on the show earlier today. while some of that day. >> what i'm saying to trump supporters last night is whatever gets sad in the next 73
11:31 am
days, in this campaign, even if they tell you they can't win, don't believe them because what we saw was a deliberate attempt. what we were sold with a complete pack of scaremongering minds. it was called project here. i said to the audience last night. he would hear the same thing. if trump wins, we will play in the hands of president putin. we will bring the world closer to war and there'll be terrible economic ruin in america. stuart: have got to tell you he was well-received in mississippi last night. come on man. former adviser to margaret thatcher. welcome back to the program. come on man. there are parallels between the brexit vote there and vote here in november. antiestablishment vote there an antiestablishment candidate here in the united states.
11:32 am
does the parallel hold -- argue with that? >> of course there are also parallels between the u.s. and u.k. situation, but also significant differences as well. i think that we have to be careful drawing too many comparisons between the brexit campaign on what's going on today. without a doubt, some of the issues are the same. you also have been united kingdom and across europe a growing rejection of assertive political establishment. you've also seen the issue of border control, controlling your own borders front and center in the political debate in the u.k. but also, you do have some significant differences. if you let get the brexit campaign, for example, there's a very strong focus upon free trade. a very optimistic message about outward looking great britain that would once again we a
11:33 am
thriving free trade power globally. also in great written, sovereignty was front and center in the debate. the british people retake control of their own destiny. this was at the very heart of brexit, freeing britain from the shackles of the big government your chronicle the in brussels. so i think there are some distinctly british issues involved, but also as say, there are some parallels as well. you do see widespread disillusionment with political elite and you saw that reflect did in the brexit vote. stuart: he was very popular last night. he spoke in jackson, mississippi. i don't think anybody knew him. by the time he'd finished, he had vowed that crowd. they love the guy.
11:34 am
does that mean anything? he's a very charismatic figure. i think it was the pressure implemented by the u.k., which resulted in david cameron decision to hold the brexit referendum without the pressure from his party. you witnessing a referendum. having said that, during the actual campaign, farage was one of several key figures campaigning for british exit. i would say the very heart of the campaign, about the campaign overwhelmingly dominated by british conservatives who rebelled david cameron. their message was less retake the united kingd and from the european union. that was a message that resonated very widely with u.k.
11:35 am
independence, but also a significant number of labour party, new collar voters also went for brexit is love which is an interesting development. stuart: apparel doesn't quite hold for such strain here in the united states? by the way, i invited him to stay in america and get a green card yet he said he would think about it. thank you very much. we'll see you again soon. now look at this. this is kind of a poll from reuters. not really a poll. if the election were held today, there is a 95% chance that hillary clinton would win. that's a pretty strong probability if you ask me. >> 83% would fail. so much for that. 83% prior to a vote. stuart: by the way, come on in, mercedes, republican strategists.
11:36 am
it's pretty much universal in the american media to trump is going toulouse and hillary is going to win. total universal, isn't that? >> i would say so. it's clear the narrative from the mainstream media has been pretty much that they would first allow light to to see the destruction of donald trump campaign and secondly see hillary clinton's residency. they don't want handed over to donald trump. with that being said, look at a variety of polls and clinton has been ahead. there is no denying that fact. trump is hope winning to tighten the race. we've seen certain battleground states such as florida and for example, north carolina where he was far behind in terms of these battleground days. do you know, when you look at the electoral map, he's got to do better in states like pennsylvania. that's the thing. he's got to start beating her in the polls. stuart: is the writing on the wall for the never trump people
11:37 am
are republicans warned about donald trump. 74 days to the election. trump is behind in many areas of the country. isn't the writing on the wall, if you don't get on board, its president clinton. isn't that clear? >> it's very clear. the never trump people want to do the victory dance and ensure donald trump doesn't become president as opposed to victory not to the real enemy is, which is hillary clinton. what a shocking to see is that donald trump, one of his biggest issues has been the fact that he's not been able to unify the republican, get over the 70% mark with the republican base. that's been a huge challenge. stuart: in the last two weeks, it is a very different donald trump campaigning. that is a different campaign. >> i would absolutely agree. it is a campaign most republicans have wanted to see for a long time.
11:38 am
i think those are luke warm republicans, those that have been on the fence, i can see them joining the trump campaign. the biggest issue is the never trump who have basically said never is never. that's unfortunate because what they will do is handed over to hillary clinton, knowing what you're talking about about or use at least a democratic rule, which would benefit the republicans. stuart: last question. do you think hillary clinton will get a free ranging conference? >> it doesn't look like she plans to. i think you have seen in the headline that hillary wants to run the clock out until november. i think you see she is focused on these bashing donald trump by negative ads. i think for hillary clinton, the less she has to deal with the press is better for her in the long run. she doesn't need to give them the attention. >> that's true. thanks for joining us. we will see you again.
11:39 am
you know, we have to concentrate on politics because that is where the fire is. there's not much fire in the market. the matter what the numbers tell you. up nine points is always god. however, look at this. tornado ripping through indiana. that is a starbucks flattened on camera. the guy caught it just there. no injuries. none at all. straight over. singapore, the first country in the world to launch itself driving taxi service. there it is. the cards could be hailed using a smartphone app. they come with four square mile area of the inner city of singapore. they've arrived. back to donald trump, meeting with black and hispanic leaders at trump tower. this is going on now. there is another meeting right now at trump tower, black and hispanic leaders and that is going on.
11:40 am
last night, trump was on hannity. i guess you could say he was trying to clarify his dance on illegals. >> let me go a step further. they'll pay back taxes. they have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty. but we work with them. es ordinas es ordinas extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
11:41 am
>> i'm mylan with their fox news brief.
11:42 am
into the green at this time. the s&p 500 up two points. this is a party for st. enjoy. the s&p 500 is less than 1%. light volume in my volatility as well. jackson hall on friday. we will hear from the dow at eight. winners and losers. pfizer agreed to buy. also, wal-mart and united health to the downside. concerns about egyptian cotton and many retailers, not only wal-mart and sears. the debt financing from chief executive hedge fund. stocks to the downside after a loss. the company confirmed it reached it yields to compensate u.s. dealers over the omission scandal. start your day at 5:00 a.m. lawrence simonetti and i will see you there.
11:43 am
11:44 am
>> there certainly can be a softening because we are not looking to hurt people. we have some great people in this country. we have some great, great people in this country. we are going to follow the laws of this country. what people don't realize, we have very, very strong laws. stuart: donald trump further defining his stance on immigration. i want to bring in sabrina durden. her son dominic was killed by an illegal immigrant. i know this is painful for you, but i do thank you for coming on
11:45 am
the program. the status of illegals is very important in the political discussion at the moment. i want you to tell us your story. what happened to your son? >> good morning, stuart. appreciate you having me on again. dominic was 30 years old. the call and german because of his heritage. he would work for that dispatch center in riverside. he was on his way to work early in the morning on july 12, 2012 when an illegal alien without a license, without insurance or anything, with a prior felony and two duis turn in front of him, hit him so hard that it killed him instantly and threw him into a wall and he died a mile away from our home where he and i lived for 10 years sharing the house. the guy received a misdemeanor
11:46 am
with gross negligence, nine months, five years probation and he served 35 days in jail. stuart: i'm sorry to put this on you sabrina. >> i do appreciate you giving them a voice. >> i want to give you a voice and to speak on what happens to you. we have just heard donald trump slightly amend his position on what to do with illegals. he was saying round them all up and take them all away. now he is saying jump through a few hoops, pay taxes, this, that in the other. i can tell you don't approve of that. tell us. >> i believe in donald trump 100%. i know he will protect us. i know he would be the best president for us. his stance on immigration has been changed. i believe it's the media spinning it here and there. he shares his thoughts. he talks about it.
11:47 am
i still believe like he said, he will honor the laws that we have on the book. he will implement those laws. right now he is talking and i love him for keeping the illegal immigration issue in front of them front of bananas and i love him for that. stuart: one last question. the accident that killed your son, is he still in america? >> it took us a year and a half to get him deported. he has family in riverside and i'm 90% sure he's right back where he was. i have a sad, sad feeling that i will see his face on the news again when he kills somebody else. stuart: sabrina, we do appreciate you being with us. i do know it's painful. we feel for you. thank you for sharing with us today. >> thank you for having me. stuart: that's tough. ashley: it's tough, but a story that has to be told.
11:48 am
that happened. stuart: west virginia democrat and senator bob mylan ceo. >> senator joe mention a west virginia saying his daughter who is ceo, as you say, putting up a statement. i'm aware of the questions my colleagues and many parents are asking and frank are you sure there can terms about the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs. today i heard mylan initial response and i'm sure they will have a more comprehensive and formal response to those questions. stuart: had he been a republican senator i would expect a great deal more. thank you. vice president joe biden just saying this morning i believe he expects gitmo will be fully closed before president obama leaves the white house in january. about five minutes away. the nike was asked this very question at a press conference this morning in sweden in
11:49 am
stockholm. he said that is my hope and expectation that gitmo will be closed down. we understand 61 detainees in guantánamo bay right now. earlier this month they released 15 were prisoners to the united arab emirates and the u.s. today had an interesting article that basically said of the 15, six were considered by a review board in unanimously cleared for release. the other nine there was a consensus on whether to leave them. these are the worst of the worst left behind and they're still 61 in there. there wasn't an agreement on the last 15 release. stuart: september, october, november, december. five months. that is fulfilling a political pledge. that is my opinion. again, i've got to go back to the deadly earthquake in italy. at these 250 people killed.
11:50 am
the quake happened early yesterday morning. we are going to take you to it in a moment. you didn't read your car insurance policy.
11:51 am
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stuart: i want to bring in more from the deadly earthquake in central italy. the death toll is now 241.
11:54 am
the latest count that we have. i also want to show you the video of a young girl being pulled out of the rubble. here it is. please remember, the earthquake occurred at 3:30 in the morning yesterday morning. so she's been pulled out about 30 hours after she was buried in the rubble. >> this is interesting. anger wrecking in the italian media. the newspaper said millions of viewers of government money was set aside to earthquake proof buildings in the earthquake prone area, but the problem with the money was never spent. questions are being asked why because these are all stone buildings. stuart: this is a very good view of it. this is true and video. shots taken from a drone. a very good understanding of the extent of the damage. as you can see, devastated. flat out devastated.
11:55 am
241 people had died and there are complaints that they didn't spend the money which they had available. audio prop up the buildings? i visited that part of italy. >> it is very old and very beautiful and a destination for people in rome that want to get out of the heat in the summer. this is their busiest time of the year and fortunately. i do know it's been a couple of strong aftershocks of doctrine that created panic in the area. stuart: would not be terrifying. you live 36.2 quake i believe it was. he tried to people out. they get the young people out and all the time it is shaking. it is still shaking. hold on a sec. we do have any catalog with us. what is the latest, please? >> the latest is that aftershock was very dramatic.
11:56 am
there is than 400 some aftershocks since the earthquake, but this 12 hours ago really caused a lot of rubble like what you see behind me to fall. they had to stop the rescue and recovery operations because it was just too dangerous for the workers over that way because that is where the heart of the town lies and that is where all of those traits have just been covered in rubble from the collapsed as khamenei densely placed buildings. there is a pasco a nine now, but also a real frenzy we thought a lot of emergency vehicles raced over to where the most intense work is going on and of course there was concern that people could have fallen into holes were again been injured by falling debris. in the meantime, the death toll is at 241 and a rescue workers altogether manage to save 215 people. more than 200 remain injured and of course thousands of people
11:57 am
have been left homeless in towns that are no more. they are being launched. those that don't have friends or family to put them up in the cities around this area. it gets very cold at night. all sorts of obstacles here. stuart: just terrifying. amy cow outbreak there. more "varney" after this. anncr.: need a job done right? search top-rated providers on angie's list. join for free.
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. .
11:59 am
stuart: now this. if you put a picture of a police officer enforcing the law against burr kuehnes in france, we have local official sues you for putting it on social media. ashley: deafty mayor of nice. it led to. a woman forced to remove burkini in front of police officers, is just not right. we know how to deal with this. don't put the social medias we
12:00 pm
will sue you because of threats made bense police. stuart: i'm smiling this is not a smiling matter. ashley: this reflects tensions. stuart: our time is up. charles, you have time, go. >> look like they were arresting mrs. santa claus. i don't want to belittle the subject. speaking of belittling a subject, hillary clinton finally breaking her silence, but not silencing critics over pay to play. this is "cavuto coast to coast." i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. holding first campaign event in nevada. she has been raising money. new emails raises questions and firestorm over the clinton foundation continues to grow. >> she is trying to cush the outrage. >> the foundation does life saving work, that is so well-respected here in our country an


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