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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the incident are a series of incidents of all too close encounters including iranian rocket launches be drones flying over u.s. vessels, and the capture of u.s. sailors in january. charles: editor yool board at the almost a. times and the "new york times" calling for the clinton foundation to be shut down and shut down now. but we are beginning with hillary clinton who returned to the campaign trail. she used her rally to accuse donald trump of endorsing the alt right idea. >> they are anti-muslim,
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anti-women making up the racist terminology phone as alt-right. >> don't accuse descent americans who -- ded -- don't ae decent americans who support this campaign as being racist. they are not. it's the oldest play in the democratic playbook. charles: did she reach some independent and moderate republicans? joining me by phone, congressman steve king. this alt-right speech, hillary clinton went deep into trying to explain her version of who they are. understanding the majority of
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americans haven't heard of them. i think it was interesting she evoked a lot of republican names. paul ryan, ted cruz, george bush, separating alt-right from traditional conservatism. >> i hope she didn't leave me out. well, here what's come to me when i listen to that. these are almost all the divisions barack obama has exacerbated, and a lot of that under the watch of hillary clinton as secretary of state. i made a national issue out of it when barack obama sided with professor gates against officer crowley and ended up with a beer summit. shortly after that we had trayvon martin. then you had the arizona immigration law where president obama made a racial issue out of that. so it's curious to me hillary
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clinton is trying to lay this on republicans when i think that's what we need to put behind us, is this focus on race, ethnicity, and grievance groups and victimology. that tired old dog-eared race card that doesn't seem they can say a paragraph without using that word. that's the most discredited word in our language these days. charles: there is no doubt in my mind no mat hotter gop nominee would have been, we would have heard about racism. so many thing she talked about is some of the treats she called out -- some of the tweets she called out, is that something we should be alarmed about? >> this is a free countryand ono preserve is freedom of speech,
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thought and expression. and that's under assault by the left and people like hillary clinton. but their assault on the american experience, the american culture and civilization and way of of life and their assault on western civilization itself. anything that sustained our american values is an anathema to hillary clinton and the democrats. the alt-right is revisiting what made america great, the built of right, free enterprise, western civilization. the core of judeo-christian values that built this country. if you see a democrat convention, they are organizing against americanism. charles: she tied this in with immigration and talked about
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immigrants. but from eastern countries, the middle east, far east and others. is there room for those people in this country? and how tough do we have to be with immigration knowing this is a nation built of immigrants? >> he nation was built by immigrants. i have checked that out historically. we need to be cautious about bringing in significant numbers of people out of the terrorist producing nations. donald trump is right. not just lock muslims out, but keep bringing in people from the countries producing terrorists until we can get a handle on this. if we are bringing in big numbers of people who don't have a record or history of asimulating into any other culture or civilization and they adhere to sharia law. in a naturalization ceremony we
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require that they reject any foreign prince or potentate, i would like to see them reject sharia law, as well, because it's incompatible with our constitution. charles: i want to bring in a panel to discuss this further. kelly, let me start with you. hillary clinton, her alt-right speech, what do you think she was trying to achieve? >> i think it's clear hillary clinton doesn't have a record to run on unless you want to count her clinton family crime foundation. so she is attacking donald trump for being a racist. but more than that, she is attacking the millions of people who voted for him as being racist as well. this isn't true. gallup did a poll of 87,000
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people. and they tracked donald trump supporters. they found his supporters are in the rural areas, they are living outside the suburbs. but these are people who haven't lost their jobs. they are doing economic all. they are concerned their children will not have the same experiences or the same amount of wealth and do better than they have. when donald trump says he wants to make america great again, this is something they are latching on to. they are not racist, bigots or xenophobes. charles: 99% of the country i don't think heard of alt-right. many of them will be introduced to it because of hillary clinton. >> i think a lot of people have been introduced to this movement through the rhetoric of donald
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trump. he has since the beginning of this campaign engaged in divisive and at times hateful rhetoric from banning muslims from entering the united states to declaring all african-americans live in poverty. that's why this movement, alt movement, fringe movement, this white nationalist movement is flocking to donald trump and we have to take that seriously. i think hillary clinton took that seriously today which is why she gave a speech about it. charles: it sounds like she thinks she can reach some moderate republicans. bob dole who is an ardent trump supporter. saying this movement is not republican and it's not conservative i am. >> and it's not donald trump it factually is not. if she thought he was so
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terrible and a part of this movement what was she doing in the third row of his wedding. donald trump said it is a typical page out of the democratic playbook. something that the democrats are actually doing. if there wasn't anything more fear mongering and divisive than this speech, i don't know what it was. there is nothing racist, there is nothing that's not inclusionary about protecting americans. while his language has not always been perfect or exactly on the mark. i think those who support donald trump do believe he wants to protect americans. i don't think she did herself a lot of service with these remarks today. charles: are we getting to the point where -- i would like to get back to the issues. i have always believed that the
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same tide lifts all boats. everyone no matter what color, religion or no religion, you should benefit from it. >> i agree with you 100%. this speech was supposed to talk about her small business plan. and instead she decided to take it down, this divisive path. and i think she did us all a disservice. charles: maybe she endeared herself to people who already believe. we have breaking news coming out on the clinton email scandal. those 15,000 emails about the again ghazi attack? we have the man who is responsible for this breaking news. we have a lot to discuss. we'll be right back. ♪
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charles: the state department admitting benghazi-related documents have been found among the 15,000 emails about to be turned over some judicial watch. court order has been issued and the emails must be turned over to the group by september 15. the timing is perfect. there is a lot of things i'm looking at in this press release. judicial watch released that the
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state department has been ordered to turn them over by september 13. sight won't be all emails. it will be a request we filed for a citizen in florida. the justice department or state department has been ordered by the court to look at the new emails they have as rawflt our other litigation that the f.b.i. was able to recover from mrs. clintons emails. on top of that we have another request for benghazi materials from the clinton system and clinton office, and the state department responded just recently and get some hits when they did some searches. benghazi in related terms. so they will be turning over the results of that research by september 30. we don't know how many they found.
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and the court in that case wants to know and ordered a hearing for next tuesday. they are breaking fast. charles: wasn't there already a formal request within the government? it's so murky. this thing goes on longer than the "game of thrones." do you think -- did anyone request this information before, during any of the investigation? >> lord, yes. benghazi-related emails should have been turned over by mrs. clinton and the state department years ago. the fact that they have been found among emails mrs. clinton deleted or didn't turn over to the state department and the american people is simply astonishing. charles: it is astonishing. we were talking about recipes, yoga and boring email stuff.
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do you think it could be just an accident because there were so many of them? >> no. charles: i like that straight and direct answer. walk us through the time lines if you can. we have a lot of different moving parts. the thing we are most concerned about is getting to the truth before the election. >> there are a bunch of deleted emails. mrs. clinton only turned over half of the emails. so next month emails and those emails will begin to be turned over to judicial watch as they relate specifically to benghazi, and generally speaking. so we could be getting these emails as early as september 13 per court order. september 30 for other courts. and in the meantime, there is a third court who wants to know when are all these emails going
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to be released. they will come fast and furious the next few weeks. charles: you put out a tweet and caught a lot of flack. talking about amnesty causes a lot of problems. thanks obama, thanks clinton, i take it you are not happy with the fact that trump is going to tweet his immigration policy. >> we uncovered during the bush administration when george bush administration was promoting his amnesty plan, he found that the talk of amnesty was causing them to cross the border. talking about giving someone the benefit of their law breaking shouldn't be too controversial that you will get more law breaking as a result.
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charles: donald trump says this is not amnesty. and we do not have his official policy. donald trump talks about immigration and we'll go further into that and some other things donald trump pounding away at. we'll be right back.
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is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. charles: donald trump miewtion aloud about softening his approach to illegal immigrants living in the united states. >> to take a person that's been here for 15 or -- or 20 years and throw the family out it's a very, very hard thing.
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charles: at a meeting today with conservative leaders donald trump offered more clarity. >> we have no choice. we either have a country or we don't. we have border or we don't. the wall is very important. but so i'll be making a speech over the next week. charles: let's bring in our panel. a lot of donald trump core supporters frustrated with the way the media is putting this out. donald trump has not officially changed his position. but it feels like he's grappling with so many of the elements of this. including the human element.
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>> nobody who ever worked a day in washington ever thought donald trump if he became president was going to activate the national guard to round up 11 to 14 million illegal people and march them out of the country. what people do believe is donald trump is willing to do some up popular things in order to protect the american people and put them first. what this shows is not a change. i think it shows an evolution, a growth. this is a man when running for president was not a politician, didn't know how policy was made. this is showing an understanding he does now. he understands it will be bipartisan and he understands he will need to be able to find some compromise in the solution. i think that's real growth. >> mario, what are your thoughts? >> there i no details yet. he does have a detailed plan for
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a few months now on his website on immigration. until there is a little bit more substance, it's hard to tell what to make of this latest pivot or whatever you want to call it. one of the interesting things, he's understanding that his previous plan, the popularity of it will only take him so far. it's extremely unpopular. the things we would have to do to forcefully remove 11 million people i think would be -- do tremendous harm to the economy and american citizens. not even talking about immigrants. charles: you are saying there would be retaliation and people would be harmed? >> absolutely. the economic upheaval that citizens would have to submit to to weed out people who are here illegally would be tremendously onerous and would require a
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massive buildup of government intrusion into our lives. charles: he's called for a massive increase of i.c.e. patrol. i.c.e. has 5,000 people to do the job with 11 million illegals. again we are not 100% sure what this will look like. but if he amends it in such a way that it makes sense. if those laws are enhanced. we shut down sanctuary cities and build a wall, why would that be unpopular? i think those are common sense approaches. >> this is probably the most astonishing flip-flop in the history of modern american politics. you have donald trump who began his campaign fueled by immigration activists.
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charles: do you like where he is now? sanctuary city, hundreds of sanctuary cities where people literally get away with murder. isn't it about time we do something about that? >> i think where you and i can both agree, certainly something needs to be done about that. where we'll disagree is we don't know what donald trump is going to do. today it's one thing and tomorrow it will be the next. what we have to come back to is what has donald trump said and how truthful has he been? we are talking about -- charles: hillary clinton has evolved on things like tpp, maybe putting a finger in the wind. i think we can give both candidates the benefit of the doubt as they go through this process and crisscross the country, they are allowed to make changes.
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>> the democrat nominee shook
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off allegations of pay for play between the state department and her family's foundation. >> what we did when i was secretary of state, went above and beyond anything that was required. anything that any charitable organization has to do. i know there is a lot of smoke and there is no fire. charles: there may not have been fire, but clinton allies are concerned about the smoke. editorial boards calling for the foundation to be shut down now if hillary clinton has any hope of being president. let me start with you on this. the interview was astonishing. the hubris and arrogance the clintons wear on their sleeves always on full display. >> trying to take care of a problem by calling in on an extraordinary interview. most people understand where there is smoke there will be is
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fire. the foundation may do some good work. but there is no doubt the rules she promised would be followed were broken. there was no wall of separation between the foundation and the state department. she made specific promises she did not keep, and still has not kept. she wasn't stroird disclose that, but she promised she would as a condition of becoming secretary of state. now we know there were ethics rules probably violated in the connection between the private entity allowing donors to get special access to the state department. foreign donors. charles: this will be a major study in ethics at university. she went on national tv and sounded like a lawyer. she should have sounded like
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someone who can hear the american public rather than trying to come around the rebuttals with legal gobbledegook that i think only made her situation worse. >> i heard the interview and i thought there was a big success what she said about the email issue. she says every time i say something it sounds like i'm making an excuse. charles: she didn't put down the shovel. >> we saw today, chelsea clinton may stay on. the health initiative may continue to take those donations. it's problematic. i think the editorial boards are right and i am glad we are getting liberals who are tough on this. "the washington post" pretty liberal. but they need to take swift action and i'm hopeful they will. charles: the same liberals are
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saying why don't you hand it off to someone like a bill gates. people wonder why. are you concerned if you do hand this off someone will comb through the records? what are you so afraid of that you can't walk away from this organization you say will do great work with or without you? >> it's just the clinton way. they have been this way since the early 1990s with their pay-to-play scandal. this is something that's bred into them. they have this foundation to keep their political operatives paid and well taken care of so when they get into the white house they can bring them back into the political circles in washington, d.c. why should they shut it down? there are millions of lives that have been helped.
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>> this is politifact. 85% of their charitable donations they receive go into something other than charities. >> it makes it very clear -- >> they go for their own personal use and operation. charles: i think we all agree it doesn't look right and it's not doing hillary any favors. >> you need to look at charity watch. charles: the essential issue is hoik has dug herself in an even deeper hole. but maybe she'll do more interviews and get better at it. investors show some anxiety. we saw this last summer. my market commentary is coming next. we'll be right back.
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charles: is i rate hike coming in september? if it does, will the wheels come off everything? janet yellen will give it to us from jackson hole. tment. tment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements.
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tomorrow. not a lot of resistance until 75. emailing me for ideas? you got tiffany last week and a double digit gain in two weeks. a warning about lower income consumers in question, are they out of money? consumers cannot keep dipping into savings and increasing the credit card debt forever. this mean wages have to move, paint has to move in a way of it hasn't moved in a long time. meanwhile, the action in the market, if it feels familiar, there were headlines in june and july about how narrow the trading range was. the source of that hesitation and anxiety with the federal reserve. the source of that hesitation
6:42 pm
and anxiety not you federal reserve. in the meantime the dow, since it broke out to all-time highs. it traded a grand total of 101 points. here is the challenge for the federal reserve chairman. how does she push the rate hikes out to december in a way that potentially doesn't interfere with the outcome of the presidential election. just a small amount. you know, because, i can tell you she can continue reaching for those arrows, but the quiver is empty. it's going to pop, i don't know if it will pop to the up side or down side. by the way, i'm work on a presidential report that will feature stocks that will go up no matter which candidate wins in november. go to my website
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i'll have two big grand slams in there. and you don't want to miss fox's us in show "wall street week." gabrielle santos. >> are you worried deflation will affect the united states? >> no be i am not. we are look at an inflationary scenario in the u.s. the reason inflation has been low is due in part to the fall in energy prices. charles: members of the federal reserve are talking about policy changes that could change the market and maybe even the election. we have the details next. whether it's bringing cutting-edge wifi to 35,000 fans...
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>> officials gathering to discuss policy changes and possibly giving us a lint on the next rate hike. the policy meeting, a month away. investors have come to expect a lot from these meetings. the market is in the may ohest training rang the has been in decades. there is so much anxiety you can cut it with a knife. what do you expect from the feds? >> i don't think you will see much in the way of significant moves. certainly not interest rates.
6:48 pm
we know the fed is in this unusual situation where they are like michael jordan but they have no jump shot. that's what's happening. you have got a fed that is weak and they know it. the way to save this economy in the future is it requires framework from congress. you have got to be able to invest in infrastructure which both candidates on the presidential side are talking about. that will help this economy. charles: i know you probably feel the same way, like the fed lost its jump shot and can't make a lay-up anymore. but somehow missing in the economic equation is a trillion dollars in business investments. >> i think the fed is will purdue without a jump shot. i think the fed officials are ecstatic we are giving this entity so much attention. we are talking about an institution that tries to
6:49 pm
influence the u.s. economy through the banking sector. why do we think the fed is so influential boggles the mind. ignore these people. charles: ignore the fed and see if it's beneficial. charles: all they keep doing is pulling worthless money. what do you have to say for yourself? >> i was fighting against the wave. i was pushing back. charles: can they do anything to affect society anymore? >> i don't think they can. i think it's disturbing public places have as much faith in them that they do and takes their eye off the fact that the rest of the political world has done nothing. what people do not appreciate about the federal reserve is they have enabled congress's misfeasance.
6:50 pm
congress' ability to do nothing and pass expensive legislation with low borrowing. charles: i don't know how much they are muzzled. but i heard this argument from the fed. we can only do monetary policy. we are not in charge of fiscal policy. >> if you continue to sit on the street corner and gift heroin addict heroin. charles: what do you think about the notion they have created a trillion dollars out of thin air. hasn't that created a sort of tinder box, if you will? >> whenever you print money to this extent and you continue to do it. the underlying fundamentals don't match. you have got a situation that could go boom. you are saying the market could go up or down in a significant way.
6:51 pm
i think the fed you be fortunately is not in a place to really do anything. but what they can do is point a camera, point the spotlight more on congress and educate the public about congress' need to get involved here. charles: we said the clintons should give up on the clinton foundation. should the american public give up with the fed? >> it many a terrible became regulator. the fed is super flewous. we just have to get it through to the people that that's the case. charles: i learned two word from danielle, one from don. thank you all very much. coming up. the u.s. is falling behind in terms of education against the rest of the world. as our kid get ready to head back to school, some are
6:52 pm
concerned about who should be saluting the flag and saying the pledge of allegiance.
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. charles: september only weeks away, and that means you got to go back to school, boys and girls! but it's not all about lunch boxes and playgrounds. controversial no homework policies and pledge of allegiance opt-out forms are sparking major debate nationwide. have we lost sight of fundamentals, not only of education but what made this country great in the first place. bob, it's been too long, buddy. >> i know! good to see you. charles: you, too. this pledge of allegiance thing bugged me out. it bothers me because immigration is a huge topic right now, and the idea that you should pledge a patriotism to this country and be thankful for it every morning. the idea you can opt out of that, bothers me. >> right.
6:56 pm
>> look, we are not a soviet-style gulag, if you don't say what you say, you will be pulled away in doctrination camp. charles: why not? >> i'm not going to force someone to say words by penalty of beating them with a stick, if they don't. but what this story is about something different. a school deciding to proactively send the letters home, if you don't want to say this, you don't have to. implying if you hate america, that's okay. sending a letter is a completely different thing than forcing things to say something. charles: what do you think? >> i think this is ridiculous! yes, because the supreme court law and law in florida, you have the right not to say the pledge of allegiance, but let's remember the advice our mothers all gave us when we went back to school each year. if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. can you stand there and not say
6:57 pm
anything. if you think you can be in this country and not participate in upholding the structures with the freedom that make this country an opportunity for everyone, then really you have the freedom to leave. this is a place where everybody participates in upholding what is great about america? charles: i'm going to ask about the homework thing. listen, you looked at trajectory of america, we are 60th in reading when you talk about china, currency manipulation and that stuff. i'm more afraid of the fact that their education system is so far ahead of ours, commitment to education excellence is so far ahead. what do you make, libertarian bob, of the idea of no homework all year long? >> first of all. there are, i believe in school choice, lots of different innovations in educational models and that's great. i wouldn't want to order people to have school a certain way.
6:58 pm
the acton academy in austin is one, they don't have homework at all, and they have crazy, great schools. there are those examples. but that said, yeah, there are studies that are shown, harris cooper is a duke professor who said ten minutes per grade. so the more you go along ten minutes to first-grader, 20 minutes for second-grader. charles: you're a mother, would you be okay with them coming home without homework? >> i believe kids in america are overscheduled, overstressed. charles: take away the violin practice and soccer practice and all that stuff, do you keep that in lieu of homework? >> there's benefits to both. i don't think it's an either or. i respect and very much appreciate what the second-grade teacher is trying to do. we're at a point where homework is so onerous, it causes tension between the children and the parents and the
6:59 pm
pressure. however, and good teachers get it done in the classroom. but there is also benefits of taking that learning and teaching children discipline and responsibility and the process of going to the homework and sharing that and getting perspective from families at home. so obviously, a blend of the two in a manageable way is the best answer. charles: what we hear from the business is americans aren't up to snuff. that's why silicon valley wants all the foreigners to come in and have jobs. they say we're not up to snuff. some say they can hire the folks cheaper. there seems to be a skills gap. no one is concerned about it. >> i'm concerned about the skills gap. >> 33% math proficiency for eighth graders. one out of five kids don't finish high school in america. where people say you need a graduate degree to be competitive. >> our schools are failing. no doubt. thank goodness for republicans, teacher standards should be tougher. the problem is teacher standards and like it or not, no child left behind did pass the first legislation.
7:00 pm
in 40 years, where were the democrats? nobody is perfect. charles: my 19-year-old son is over here. >> he's not doing homework. charles: he's going to have homework. i give him homework whether he has it or not. thank you very much, i appreciate it. now, here's lou dobbs. . lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. hillary clinton already mired in her e-mail and clinton foundation scandals. today plunged her campaign into the dregs of racial politics, facing the rising media attention on the clinton cartel and her growing pay-for-play corruption scandal throughout her campaign and the clinton foundation. she is desperately trying to deflect by calling donald trump and his millions of supporters racist. listen to her pathetic, ugly, invective and indecency.


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