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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 26, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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tomorrow. until then i'll say good night from new york. [♪] >> the clinton foundation mess is stuck to hillary like a bad rash. is there anything we can do to scrape it off in the feds want to release mosquitoes to help stop zika. but one famous tourist stop says heck no. end the kids to bed. it's time to get going. remember when brexit was all the rage. back in june when the u.k. vetted to leave the european union, a lot of analysts and
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pundits drew easy comparisons between the vote to leave and donald trump's campaign. trump backed the brexit mainly because barack obama and hillary clinton wanted britain to stay in the eu. one of the biggest brexit backers was with him on stage at a mississippi rally. nigel farage feels rule at home in the trumpian spotlight. >> if you want changes in this country you better get your slogging boots on. if i were an american citizen i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton if you paid me. i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton if she paid me. kennedy: that's not the way it works with her. you have to pony up the cash.
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donald trump is hoping nigel's success is contagious. trump has tweeted they will soon calling me mr. brexit. while there is no doubt our countries and continents are going through a strong trend of nationalism and isolation with a touch of anti-immigration thrown in. there is no doubt the lure of anti-establishment change is a huge driving force behind his election, the same one that divided great britain and thrust her into freer trade and less red tape. but is donald trump too much change for people to handle right now. stuart varney made the case, if hillary is the alternative, all you have dwell it the establishment. >> she represents that big corporate media club that had
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their own wait last 20-30 years. if people want to rid america of the two-party system, they should vote for gary johnson. america's real brexit. let's get to it. welcome to the show officially. donald trump is trying to keep the brexit momentum going and ride it all the way to the white house. but can he pull it off? let's ask my pearl handled party panel. meghan mccain is here, a fox news contributor. welcome, everyone. chris, i'll start with you because you have an affiliation with the trump campaign. what do you think of your friend and comrade donald trump tying
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himself to the brexit movement? >> i think it's smart. trump is not alone in this anti-globalist movement. we are seeing it all over the world. we are seeing it in the u.k. al throughout continental europe, problems with immigration, with job growth, with destruction of manufacturing base. he's not something that's just unique to the u.s. i think it makes a lot of sense to have nigel farage out there. hillary clinton six it sounds like every other leader in the free world don't like donald trump and that's not true. there will be a lot of leaders throughout the globe who do like trump. like the netherlands. and nigel farage. kennedy: immigration is one of
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the centerpieces. >> you have seen what radical islam has done in places like the netherlands, and their open borders policy has been a leading driver behind it. kennedy: do you think this is wishful thinking on the trump campaign? a lot of people said it was a warning cry after the brexit vote, be careful what you wish for, america, this could happen to you. >> there are a lot of parallels with brexit that people weren't taking it seriously until it passes. donald trump's rise people weren't taking seriously until it happened. the average swing state voter, do you think they know what brexit is and do they know who nigel farage is? i have a radio show and trying to explain brexit to an average american was more come bring kateed than i would have anticipated?
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because you have to pay attention to international politics and it's a lot more nuancenuanced than what you cann a stump speech. kennedy: i was resentful. i'm not even british. i was resentful our president went over there and lectured people how to vote as to whether they should leave the eu. i don't think that was his place. should we be hesitant to have a member of parliament come over here and tell us not to vote for hillary? >> i think we should take him for his word. americans know how to vote. brexit always reminds me of something i used to do with my friends at i hop when we left without paying the bill. i think of nigel as something
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from the rocky horror show. and trump steals the stage. it looks like he might have had a lobotomy at some point but that's okay. the u.s. brexit was 234 years ago. but it's a symbolic gesture of donald trump exiting from the establishment. kennedy: i think it's an interesting parallel. i don't think it translates to voters over here. if donald trump wins, i don't think people will say it's because the u.k. decided to leave the eu. >> but it was a boost foretrump when england decided to leave the eu. kennedy: more proof of access to the state department through the clinton foundation.
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the ap analysis, more than half those who met clinton as cabinet secretary gave money to her foundation. if there is smoke, and hillary clinton says there is smoke but no fire. what's causing the smoke? >> evidence, in the email leak. you can call up the a.p. and say remove a story about me. they are literally the wire. i didn't know that was something i was allowed to do. i would like a lot of things taken off the internet if i had the option. she had bono, sean penn, the prince of bahrain. if you give enough money to the clinton organization you will get easy access to the clintons. kennedy: it's the opposite of what she maintains she is doing in this presidential cycle. if you are an everyday american, i'm working for you.
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that is nonsense and you say the campaign is shameless, chris barrett? >> completely shameless. instead of confronting the evidence of pay for play, they like to spin and play word games. actually they only looked at some of the emails. it is back to bill clinton, it depends on what the defend significance of is is. she has been involved in a pay for play scam that the children tons have gotten filthy rich off of. kennedy: it's not just gaining access it's the favor they sell and how they amended things in people's favor and change the global landscape. but also the enrichment. that is so questionable. >> it's not just that they gave money to the clinton foundation. a lot of donors brought bill clinton in for $1 million, $2
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million as secretary of state. they personally profited. >> the questionable bang in gives bill clinton a $500,000 speaking fee. >> he's very good at that. i didn't. doing something like that. it's just another example of how she is a complete elitist detached from regular every day americans. going with that story how she doesn't fly commercial. >> chelsea clinton was in a 10.5 million apartment in a hip area of town. it's ridiculous. i would love to live in a $10.5 million apartment. i want to find out, chelsea, give it to me. is donald trump embracing amnesty in all but name?
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i'll talk to juan williams about that. she was thanking the lord for ryan lochte, but now she is
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>> donald trump entered the presidential race as the immigration hardliner prop ising to deport 11 million illegal
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aliens. earlier this week he said he might soften his position. later this week he further clarified. >> they will pay back taxes. they have to pay taxes. there is no amnesty. there i no amnesty. but we work with them. kennedy: has trump backed down from his central immigration position in and how will his diehard followers take it if he does. i think a reversal? i this a person who has essentially gone back on his word and espousing the opposite of what he up isly said. >> think is beyond flip-flop. if you think about why donald trump did so well in the republican primary caucuses. it was largely on the basis of build a wall and we are going to throw them out. he says i'm still going to build a wall.
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but to most audiences he's saying you can't deport everyone. we don't want to hurt families. but we are going to pick the bad ones out and have some kind depore take commission. is this what jeb bush, marco rubio? wait a minute. what about president obama. kennedy: this is the same thing donald trump went after jeb bush and marco rubio so hard on. and they were not talking about citizenship, and he says this is not amnesty. my question is, and i'm a pro immigration person. what is the definition of that and how is this not that. >> this goes back to '06. if you cop into this country illegally, you have broken the law, and you should be subject
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to penalty under law including deportation. anything less amnesty. kennedy: amnesty in his mind is sit accept ship. i don't believe because you come here you are automatically a u.s. citizen. i think we need a lot more pieces. that's not a popular position. >> i think what is realistic is to say that if you come into the country on a visa which is the way most illegal aliens get here, they are flying in, they are not running across the border. somehow we should enforce that law. i have no problem with that. the given the fact that we need immigrants in this country. something that doesn't couple in donald trump's conversation. for economic activity, economic growth, we need immigrants. >> immigration is a net benefit for this country.
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ted cruz is walking around saying i told you so. he said his communications director said everything trump promises comes with an expiration date. he duped his most loyal supporters. >> according to the newspaper reports his loyal supporters said we didn't take him that seriously. kennedy: the ones i would think would have a problem with this, they really don't. >> they trust that donald trump will do what's right. i find this rationalization oh puzzling. in politic what we know is a person's experience, whether they keep their promises and whether there is a history of their keeping those promises. here is donald trump saying right out of the box, i'm not going to keep my promise. kennedy: at some point you have
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to ask, what can i trust him on? what is one position he will not change, soften, evolve, modify, of what you want to call it. >> he's telling some audiences, i'm going to keep the wall, other audiences he doesn't mention the wall. it's like he's talking 0u9 of two sides of his mouth. so far, so good. >> not just with people who are hard-core anti-immigration. what about hispanics where he's polling poorly. come on now. >> rape its, thief. remember judge curiel, he's mexican and therefore he can't be fair. i could go on. there is such a lack of a reservoir and trust between trump and the hispanic community.
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for trump to be flip-flopping like this so it's not directed at that community. it's direct at kennedy. i think he wants you to say trump is not a racist. he's not an anti-immigrant person. maybe i misunderstood him. coming up. john stossel joins was a peek at his town hall with gary johnson and bill weld. there is a new show on the there is a new show on the
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kennedy: a national survey asked which presidential candidate will manage the nation's economy best. hillary clinton came in first, gary johnson came in second and donald trump came in third. john stossel hosts a town hall. here is a taste of what's to come. >> what would you do to create jobs? >> the government doesn't create jobs, the private sector does. john: certainty will bring jobs? >> small businesses don't need big tax cuts. they just need to now it's a one-way reacht and tax are going down. if they internalize that they will build that second factory and employ another 15 people. kennedy: john stossel is here with me now and i have got a
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preview of the show. how is your town hall going to be different than the ones we have seen so far? john: i hope they are a little better and clearer about making these points. i equitable with the survey you mentioned in your intro, yeah, gary johnson beat trump but most of the economists probably don't know who gary johnson is yet. so through things like this town hall people will at least see there is an alternative to the person who wants to micromanage life. >> a lot of people who see william weld for the first time, they are impressed with what he has to say. this is a well-round, well balanced ticket. it may not appease hard-core libertarians, but it's a better option than hillary clinton or donald trump. usually the vice president is over here but johnson likes weld
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and feels he gets better when he's with weld. kennedy: johnson has almost got in the way of his candidacy. i think he would have higher poll numbers -- there is just something missing from the governor when you are talking -- not just about libertarians. but when you are talking about an audience hungry for a third-party candidate. dose have enough to satisfy the hunger? >> people want an her to tearian, a strong person. that's why trump does well. we libertarians don't want government to do all those things. he comes across like a stoner. and he isn't smoking anymore. but people want strength. i don't want strength. i don't want to be led. i want to live my own life.
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he is a two-term governor in a democratic state. and he did a good job and would do a good job as president. kennedy: some never trump people are going to sit out this election. i asked what's holding them back from voting for gary johnson. they talk about the pot. for some reason these socially conservative with that drug warrior mentality. there is something about his admission that he's used marijuana for various medical and recreational purposes. john: he doesn't want to legalize other drugs. so he's not a hard-core libertarian. he points out alcohol does so much more damage. the law doesn't stop anybody from using weed, and it's time to get rid of it. kennedy: and open up more pre-research so we can see what marijuana is capable of.
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after watching the libertarian debate on your program, you will have a completely different set of questions and a different lens for these gentlemen. i can't wait. you always succeed. thank you so as much for being here. make sure you watch gary johnson and his running mate. tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox business network. coming up, how many tennis players did this dog have to kill. we swap these children's families with premium mountain grown families that are
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>> when your blimp is low on helium come to me and i'll inflate it with mighty surge of news. this is the "topical storm."
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topic number one. it's not how many times you fall, it's how many times you get back up. one little girl learned that lesson as illustrated by her joyful loping count lawn. >> you okay, riley? you okay? >> you okay? okay, okay. kennedy: that one might hurt a little bit. you okay, riley? no? do you have a screw loose. you can do it, riley. eat your grass. we'll smoke it with gary johnson later. some day you may become a gold
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medalist in the 500 yard dash or survive a bear attack by outrunning slowpoke friends who can't keep up. summer is drawing to a close. is there anything as wholesome or fun as playing around in your backyard with the family? here are my friends enjoying a lazy sunday afternoon. >> get him, boo! kennedy: after that sasquatch won't be appropriating anytime soon. boone is hungry for tic-tacs. the wildlife society asked people to donate apples for the bear enclosure for the cubs. you can seat bounty of
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generosity. not just because they are cute animals. despite the darkness in the world it's still full of human beings who are kind and they make the planet better each day. i encourage everyone to donate to charity and be the change you want to see in your life. that's why i adopted a bear. i know, i'm a pretty good person. through the national earth foundation. he's very healthy and i think adorable. can we show a clip? [♪] he loves swedish death metal. his name is dr. pepper. he's not a doctor yet.
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since the days of the mobile cavemen, families have gathered around each evening to forget about the stresses of the everyday world and tune each other out with the comfort of ipads. then some australian pepper company comes along and ruins everything. look at the way they tricked these kids who are fully immersed in this technological tradition. >> a vicing puts a picture on the wall. look at this. lovely. man comes in with a rubber tree. and your sister arrives, brother leaves, and in comes a massive new brother. we need something radical to get this brother back. boom. there is something these kids will never forget. family time is important.
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please don't ruin anything, tech. kennedy: let's not right with your propaganda. a wi-fi hearing and a pepper grinder? don't put your robotics in your appliances. leave it in the brains of children where it belongs. what is your happy place? is it flying over the grand canyon, eating your weight in dark chocolate? for this dating' quivering in a bowl of balls. tennis balls. if only we could reach this level of contentment at least once in our lives. [♪] he's so happy he's shake or he's suffering from heatstroke. so why does that dog soak in
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tennis balls? because he can. topic number 5. for a lot of kid, school sucks. they want summer to extend until halloween and for the school year to be over by valentine's day. but for this whipper snapper school is the greatest invention since the button up to lo -- poo shirt. my mom thick i'm a baby and she thick i need protective gear when i need to ride a bike. but also have good luck when you enter 4th great tore 5th grade. kennedy: but notth grade. i hope he has as' enthusiasm when he files bankruptcy over his unpaid calendar debt.
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if we could go back to 4th grade, you can get away are shoplifting so much easier at that able. coming up, the government reports it wants to pass genetically modified mosquitoes. sticks and stones may break your bones, but making fun of swedes just got someone booted from the
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kennedy: the fda is prepared to start testing genetically modified mosquitoes in the florida keys. flielts brazil and panama have reduced the bug's population by
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90%. the resident of key haven, florida are opposed. let's ask our returning party panel. how do you like those gmos now, lefties? >> we are in dumb future. genetically modified mosquitoes? this is so exciting. it will be wonderful. like the great movie called bees. with a shotgun. kennedy: with the bird shot. >> that peppers your best friend in the face and you laugh and laugh and laugh. >> i was thinking about going to the florida keys.
12:42 am
it's a beautiful area of the country. but this freaks me out. i am of child birthing age. it's something i have to think about in the next five years. it is something -- i'm 31. it's something you have to think about. i have changed three vacation plans because of the zika virus. i don't want to get that. that's scary. that's also something out of a horror movie. i don't understand why you wouldn't want these mosquitoes there to lessen this. kennedy: we have been genetically modifying things. >> the left pretend to be big advocates of science. kennedy: hillary clinton said in more dnc speech, i love science. >> they are flat earthers. we could have a cataclysmic
12:43 am
event and the left will be worried about is the antidote organic or gmo. >> i can't take this because there is lactose in the gmo. >> i'm so pro gmos. kennedy: these insane lefties -- i understand if you don't want to eat it, don't. but don't keep places like poor african-american countries from fast-growing wheat that could lift them out of poverty. there are so many genetically modified things that could make this a better place. check out sleeper, woody allen. kennedy: you know who is not
12:44 am
having a wonderful time is hope solo. but after calling swedish rivals a bunch of of cowards. the u.s. national team kicked her off the squad. her days in all of s. jersey are probably over. she appears to be a big pain in the easter. kiester. the swedish team has talked so much crap on the u.s. women's team on the world cup it's maybe unsportsman like. >> i kind of liked it. maybe you and i are the only ones who didn't have a problem
12:45 am
with it. i think of that football player, aaron andrews when she was interviews him on the sidelines. he was talking crap about a fellow opponent. i don't think he was suspended. kennedy: it was a seattle seahawk. i remember that exchange very well. but it's more than just words. isn't it? >> i think for solo it's not just this one incident. kennedy: do you think she is such a pain -- they have been waiting to get rid of her? >> the fact is, if she had been a choir girl up until this point, i don't think saying something like this would get her kicked off the women's soccer team. given everything that's already out there, they were looking for
12:46 am
the straw. we are done. this is ridiculous. if you wanted to crucify her, wouldn't you do it for the assault charges? she just called a soccer team cowards. >> she manhandled a couple family members. >> they don't punish for what they should punish, and then they drop the hammer to make up what for what they didn't do the first time. kennedy: coming up. cameron davies tells me about the business decisions that changed his life. please stay here.
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kennedy: hillary clinton and donald trump have been sparring over who will help small business. tomorrow night on discovery channel it's the debut of blue collar backers. a show where investors help small businesses reach their full potential. but there is a twist and here is a clip. >> i'm in texas but i have got deals all over the world. this is for a couple guys in chicago. >> they can't get a bank loan and they have been trying to get this project going forever. i think this is a great business to back. because right now is an amazing time for food trucks. kennedy: cameron davis is the guy in that clip. this is fascinating.
12:51 am
we need small businesses. it's hard for businesses to start because they can't get capital. the difference between your show and some of the other shows where there are big fancy pants and suits doing business auditions is the people on your show all have businesses. so you are investors, you are backers, but at the same time you have got sweat equity to show these people what it takes to have a success. >> 57% of our clients come to us and don't understand how expensive is to get into a unit they want. so they come to us and we say, you know, your crimes not over yet, let's look at numbers. we judge by how passionate they are. and how hard they are willing to
12:52 am
work and if it lines up we back them. kennedy: did see the movie chef? >> yes, i love that it was good for business, too. kennedy: food trucks are a vital part of the economy, it's like uber. brick and mortar, they are kept california you guys. >> we started mom and pops. but now, you know, 75% of our business is brick and mortar. but the show is good because we build units that help provide for people's families. that's the rewarding part of being able to do it and back somebody who has an idea. kennedy: you don't hear a lot about blue collar investors. you are different than pra traditional investors.
12:53 am
>> i help people couple with a business plan and i help build the units. we take a lot of pride in what we do. the units provides for them, the family and makes a living. kennedy: and you built one with a double smoker. >> and beer. kennedy: can do you that in texas? >> it's answer events driven. drink vodka. kennedy: what's most important they can you tell someone who is starting a small business? is it about their business model or the original idea? what's most important thing? >> it takes a good idea. but you have to be passionate about what you do. if you don't have passion for what you do, don't do it. and it's about how hard you want to work.
12:54 am
when i say how many hours do you want to work? and about they say 40 hours, it's a turnoff. we have had a success with cruising kitchens. but i worked for it. i worked 80-100 hours a week. my wife supports me but it's a good foundation and work ethic. kennedy: you have to have the great idea, the passion and work ethic to drive it home. and that's what puts people over the top. if they can't get cash, all they have to do is roll up to your food truck and put their hand out. good luck with the show. >> thanks. kennedy: coming up, viewer mail like this one. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number.
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kennedy: summer is nearly over. school bells are beginning to clang, and a janitor is clearing out bourbon bottles he stashed. viewer mail, here we go. you are like the cool hip teacher i never had growing up. i never had teachers growing up because i group on a cruise ship under a bridge. thanks. very painful. victor chimes in with how can anyone watch the show without focusing on your big black ugly specs? jim offers this insight. you try to hard to be funny. you are a joke. kennedy: if i'm trying to be funny and i'm a joke, then i succeed. thank you. steve writes, if you don't lay
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off kitties and nickelback i'll put together a youtube video of cats playing nickelback songs. billy tweets, i still think you are the bees knees. maybe they need an orthopedic. producer marty is my favorite character. he better not get killed off in the season finale. jerry writes, when you were on mtv, i didn't care for you much, but you have come a long way. i'm guessing he still doesn't care for me much but i'm still here. katherine said, my god, you are unfunny. but i'm a joke. you can always follow me on
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