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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 29, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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off to the final week of summer time, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. election days 70 days away now. donald trump gearing up for largest ad campaign so far. hillary clinton faces nor questions of pay to play concerns at the clinton foundation. >> we don't want a straight line between clinton bank account, state department, the clinton foundation and it shows americans how she will do business if in the white house. maria: terminals were cleared last night after reports of gunfire. we will have the latest on false alarms that caused delay into the early morning in lax. the gulf and east coast gear up for severe weather, expect today bring heavy rainfall this week. we will take a look at the past
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coming up. we've got the model for you that are affected. markets this morning look like this. futures showing direction. all expect today open lower this morning but just by a fraction. this is off of the worst levels of the morning. coming up we are taking a look at the ipo market, shows signs of life n. europe this morning mixed actions. the cac quarante in paris down almost 1% and germany down three quarters of one percent. nikkei average in japan up, better than 2%. japanese yen fell against the dollar and that certainly moved money into equities. jersey burning after 49ers quarterback kaepernick refuse today stand for the anthem.
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[music] maria: feeling the show with 16-minute performance and controversial tribute. we've got it for you, all the highlights there and low lights coming up on the mtv music video awards. recon capital kevin kelly, democratic strategist harlan hill. gentlemen, good to see you. [laughter] maria: i like that. thank you so much. look, this is it. final week ahead of what's going to be an incredible election season. once we get back here next week it's all system. big week for economic data. kevin: specially friday actually and reaffirmed what janet yellen is thinking. we will see. everything is leading to a rate hike rand yowp are seeing it play out in the markets right now. maria: the job numbers we are looking at and political side,
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people right now wait to go see how they strategize ahead of the debate. harlan: this is crunch time. maria: trump economic adviser bethanny mccoy. stay with us. you don't want to miss a moment right now. we kick it off with top stories. donald trump making huge advertising, campaign will spend $10 million in nine states, include ohio, florida, pennsylvania and iowa, of course, the swing states. these are ads, he's expect to go move the needle and help close the gap he has with hillary clinton in the polls, but will they? i want to bring kelly, thank you so much for being with us.
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>> thank you, maria. maria: a lot of ads, negative ads because she's got the money to do so. >> yeah, by the end of july $600 million worth of television ads to donald trump's $4.8 million. so he's definitely behind the 8 ball when it comes to getting out there on tv and showing a different side of him which is the most important thing. we don't want to let hillary clinton define him and his message, so to get message in swing states and counterbalance what she's doing. he has a lot of money and sitting on it. what is he actually going to do with his money? ads are number one but he needs to build a ground game and infrastructure out there so when november knows where he's at and something we haven't seen yet. maria: does he need to do ads knocking hillary clinton or ads talking about his strength and leadership when it comes to the issues that are important,
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national security and the economy? harlan: does he go positive at this point and leave the negative stuff, the negative ads, negative media to the pacs, the pacs are starting to put significant money. i would like for them to go negative. maria: he should take the high road. kevin: basically hillary clinton has staff about 800 people, he's got 70 or so, is that the money you had mentioned he's raised. is that where it's going to go? is it going to go towards the ground effort in getting staff in key battleground states? >> on a traditional year with traditional candidate that's exactly where it would go. you have rnc doing their part and running ground game and separate ground game teams like florida, pennsylvania, ohio where you're going to need the extra voter turnout to perhaps
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swing the election. so far we haven't seen him do this. we know that she is doing this. in an election cycle it's really -- you need to get these people out there. even if they hold their nose, you to identify them and get them out to the ballot box in november. maria: there's a group of white republican retirees moving to florida giving donald trump a boost in the sunshine state. the latest poll shows that hillary clinton has only a 2-point advantage there. who do you think about these white gop retirees? is that going to be enough to help donald trump take florida? >> well, certain move the needle and needs the needle moved. the nra is doing a lot on the ground to help get the vote out but the trump campaign needs to
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build an infrastructure there and i think they are working on it. the latest fec reports will be telling. so far we haven't seen much going on infrastructure. harlan: harlan hill here, one thing that i thought was amazing about the obama's campaign in 2008, 2012, they spent a lot of time on data determining when and where to place barack obama. the valuable resource is candidate. i see donald trump all over the place. he's doing a lot of different media appearances. sometimes he does events in states that i don't think he can win. not wasting time on events in media here in new york or new jersey which he's not going to win to be honest and spending it in ohio, pennsylvania, florida, states that he can win. >> i think kellyanne conway is a greatest addition.
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he also cambridge analytics data. they're used in the brexit vote in europe in terms of identifying voters who might want to vote leave and getting them to the polls. he is slowly kind of getting this, getting ground game up and running and if they have time left. maria: you have the other side of the story, citizens united, they are receiving a new batch of clinton emails during tenure at state department. some emails reveal that executives contacted aids receiving special treatment from donors. cokman jason chaffetz is calling on the fbi to act. listen to this. >> i think the public has the right to know we certainly have been asking for these documents since 2012 and if hillary clinton wants to come clean and she hasn't yet.
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she should provide calendar, associated press has been fighting for years to get her calendar. she has more than one calendar. she had press conference about this and the fbi should provide congress and consequently the public an unclassified version of the report that they had. maria: calendar, why is the calendar important? we know last week we learned that away from heads of state and comparable positions, 50% of her meetings were with donors from the clinton foundation, that's why everyone wants to see calendars, why was she spending too much time with donors as secretary of state, will the fbi act on this request, what do you think? >> i definitely think it's going act on the request but you had the state department come out over the weekend and there's no way to release calendars in time for the november election which is so unfortunate because we
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will never get a complete picture of exactly who she is meeting with and special interest groups with with and it's unfair to the american people. maria: it's a good point. what a tight moment in time. kelly, good to talk to you. >> thank you, maria. maria: los angeles international airport overnight a false alarm after a shooter prompted evacuations. it was a false alarm, though, but there were shots heard. more of what caused that scare next. more trouble for gm. latest on recall of 380,000 of suv's and police vehicles, back in a moment
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maria: welcome back, there are reports of an active shooter overnight in lax. that led to the evacuation of the los angeles international airport. turned out to be a false alarm. nicole pallides th the details and rest of the headlines. nicole: all terminals at lax are now open after report of a gunman opening fire causing panic and evacuations sunday night after search police say there were no shots fired or no injuries, the report was caused by loud noises. one person wearing a zorro
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costume was arrested but later released. residents in north carolina and along florida's gulf coast are preparing for two tropical depression that could make fall this week. it's heading toward the gulf of mexico, the heavy storms the system brought to cuba and bahamas are now moving slowly to the favorable warm waters of the gulf of mexico. sandbags are being stockpiled and people head to the store for food, water, emergency supplies. the tropical storm watch has been issued for parts of north carolina coast which could see heavy rain earlier this week. tropical depression is expected to be a tropical storm by tonight. general motors is recalling more than 383,000 cars, suv's and police vehicles in two separate recalls over 367,000,
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2013equinox suv's windshield wipers not working correctly. chevrolet caprice and tables that can wear out and break. broken cable will leave the driver more likely to be injured during a crash. maria, back to you. maria: you never neglect how the recall will affect companies. kevin, two separate recalls for gm now. is this going to affect confidence in the brand? kevin: this certainly is going to impact the markets for consumer name, gm, ford, all across the board, we are seeing that because we may have hit peak auto sales. you saw in most recent earnings they talked about that consistently where they are
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using more and more incentives, fleet sales were driving and consumers are driving less of suv's, she just mentioned the chevy equinox and consumers are looking at this and it's not good because they are picking and choosing more. maria: we will get another look this week when we get the job's number out, harlan, certainly when you look at the gdp number last week, doesn't feel like anything broadly speaking has become so intuf -- euphoric. harlan: are we going to see a long-term decline in the auto industry because people don't purchase cars anymore. kevin: we are seeing subprime auto loans at peak levels, the consumer is taking on a lot more debt so that's going to be impacting not only the car companies but also other consumer brand companies and we
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saw that play out in earnings most recently when retails came out last week. worst economic recovery since the crisis. this business cycle is long so a lot of head winds coming against the automotive sect o right now. maria: job's number, housing stats, meanwhile it's going to be a pretty good market for ipo's right after labor day. top story in the wall street journal, a number of companies expected to go public right after labor day but the momentum could be short lived. beyonce takes the spotlight last night. it's not just her lemonade performance that was the talk of the night. we will tell you about it. back in a moment hey dad.
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maria: welcome back, labor day marks unofficial end of summer. things about to heat up for ipo market. a rough year for offerings. worst year for ipo's since the final crisis, you wonder kevin kelly if we are going to see more deals and indicate a positive for the stock market or when you have more stock is that too much supply and that's going to suck up all the dollars out there? what's the impact on the market? kevin: certainly interesting i ipo. there's an election season as well. volatility is low. up on the year. but what's actually big take
6:22 am
away from this ipo season you can say is that we've seen the lowest amount of deals since the crisis so we are starting to see basically -- we are starting to see 25% shares going public, it's up about 25%, one of the silicon valley companies. the biggest ipo to come out this season, though, is valvoline, a spin-off and investors have excited about that. maria: that's a name from the past. kevin: it's a spin-off right now. that's pretty interesting. 5% of ipo's have priced above initial range. a very disciplined season. the buyers of ipo's have been really strict on pricing so that's going to dictate a lot of market action going into ipo's on september and october. maria: you make a good point.
6:23 am
even though we are going to see a huge boost after labor day the window is short lived. six weeks into it, well, who is going to be president, going into the election. you mention val voo -- valvonie. that's a big one. kevin: yes. maria: the week of labor day. kevin: retail company, there's industrial company. a retail company and industrial company, you've got a software company. anything that the buyers want -- they're going out there and selling different companies to different buyers. harlan: i'm curious. that doesn't seem to match with the reality day-to-day. we are growing at 1% or less depending on who you ask, median household income is down. when you talk to americans, they're not feeling.
6:24 am
what you see on the markets don't jibe with the reality that americans are living. what's the disconnect and why? kevin: monetary policy push markets higher, what has happened it hasn't trickled into the earnings of companies. 60% of the gains since 2009 have been from multiple expansion. what i mean by that is pe multiples have gone 14 to 15 and 16. that's why you are seeing the ipo market starting to open up. if you look at the market now it's expensive relative to history. so that's where the disconnect. it hasn't really gone down. the federal reserve's monetary policy have led to a wealth effect. maria: let me shift gears because we have breaking news. mylan released it's going to
6:25 am
announce a generic brand of epipen. releasing a new version of epipen because it's under so much pressure because the price of epipen has gone up 400% and the ceo's in the corner basically trying to explain why the price has gone up so much. kevin: this is a hot-bed issue. i'm not really sure about the management of this company. that has been in the headlines since last september and they continue to raise the price of this drug and we can see what happens to shareholders when management is disconnected from reality and you're seeing in the stock price. it's down from over 49 to 43 now. it's not going to go away. they have a bad optics issue. they should have never raised the price again. you see what's happening, a complex system in the healthcare space. maria: let me tell you what she told me yesterday, heather, ceo of mylan who basically is
6:26 am
blaming the system because there are a lot of mouths to feed, if you will. she says the price is $609. this is for a two-pack of epipen. out of $609 mylan gets $274 because pharmacy benefit managers, insurers, whole sailers, retails, pharmacy all take their take and that's why the customer is paying $609. you could believe it or not, bottom line is there are a lot of mouths to feed when it comes to drugs. this is an ongoing issue in terms of price of drugs and we know what hillary clinton says she's going to do. harlan: yeah, what's so frustrating about this that health care in this country, it's not about health care, it's about getting as many people in the system as possible. it's about raw numbers and not about outcomes. the ceo perfectly illustrates it. she's totally tone-death to that. can she survive as the leader of this company.
6:27 am
it seems like they are in a death spiral here. her interviews were terrible. maria: she did sell some stock. it's not related probably, you know, but it's just -- exactly. it's just one more thing to say, wait, she got the bonus and i'm paying for this epipen. doesn't look good. kevin: she's blaming everybody else. mylan prenegotiates with managers and everybody else and health insurers are getting blamed but they are not setting the price. health care is up 6% this year. you think about everybody has gotten tax break because oil has been low, where is it going, directly into health care. maria: i want to say if you're an investor and want to invest in life-savingrugs, you have to believe that you're going to make money on it. to put a cap on prices, that
6:28 am
will shut off a lot of funding. i'm not defending the price of this. this is ridiculous and the price of drug in general, there has to be a balance here. you can't always say that drugs should be -- kevin: look at companies like johnson and johnson. they actually did very well this earning season. the stock is at an all-time high. they are doing it the right way. maria: we will watch that one. more insurers ditch obamacare. plus outrainl over kaepren contribution k's refusal to stand over national anthem. football fans are not taking defiance moves sitting down. we have the details next.
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train to the war of words heating up in the campaign trail. it was clinton to release medical records about the clinton campaign is pushing for donald trump to release his tax return. the key issue in the trail, health care. americans are not signing up to now there are new concerns over monopolies. former obama campaign manager says he's hopeful.
6:32 am
>> he said millions and millions of americans and families on health care coverage. a lot of innovation around payments. what will happen after the election and still have the space to say what's working well and almost all of it is. maria: a close look at the signature legislation coming up. a devastating accident in louisiana to report. to flood volunteers killed after a bus with an unlicensed driver crashes. we will bring you the story. neutral rules go into effect today. what you need to know if you need to use devices for your business. practice this morning flat on this kickoff. the end of summer. the markets are looking at it. it's a big week for economic data including the jobs numbers, home prices and a pretty good ipo market right after labor day. seeing some signs of life there. in europe this morning take a
6:33 am
look at where we stand in europe. the ft 120 points. other major averages negative. cac than 1% pay dax and germany down 1%. in asia overnight the nikkei average in japan are better than 2% did japanese yen was down versus the dollar and that triggered by the equities. jersey burning average after 49ers quarterback: kaepernick refused to stand for the national and then pick the box office including keo columnist. we will tell you about it. written a spears return to stage after a decade better performance paled in comparison to queen bed in her controversial trivia. the low lights and highlights at the words meant last night. a new study finds the affordable care exchanges will only offer one coverage option to 31% of the united states counties next year. 31% may only have two options.
6:34 am
joining me now a strong supporter of the decoy. good to see you. >> thank you. that's what we see happening around the country. big insurance pulling out. three majors are pulling out. what does that mean? >> is a flawed plan. in fact as it tries to force healthy people to pay the same amount for health insurance is chronically ill people. we know 5% of the people in the country's 50% of health care. this is trying to fit each a whe in a great dane on the same budget. and won't work. hope you people say i'm not paying enough to type in. the people to sign up for insurance are all sick. there isn't enough money for the insurance companies to cover their costs and over the last three years, every year these big insurers have lost together $3 billion. they're profitable with the rest of their business but they lose
6:35 am
so much money on the affordable care act to pull out of exchanges. maria: what gets me is how expensive it is. you talk about what is happening terms of people being insured among insurance companies are stepping out. the average family's costs have skyrocketed. >> is here come the november 1st is an open enrollment begins for 2017. the average premium according to the apartment administration is going to be up 25%. in some states 50%. here in new york the biggest plants are up at least 20% and for that became fewer options for choice of doctor in hospitals in the past, less coverage of medication and worst of all, deductibles through the roof. $7000 per person and the browns play in. >> i'm glad you brought that up. maria prided up to. it's more expensive, worst coverage. it's just terrible.
6:36 am
it is now part and peer the administration says philip k. people in its plans. we are going to double or triple. that's not what she do. you don't hold a gun to their head. >> what's the solution? the republicans out there talking about repealing and replacing. >> i would recommend he announced that when he becomes president on day one, the penalties for not having insurance are suspended. we can't force people to buy plants in the counties where there is only one choice. does somebody have to buy a car and there's only one on the block. >> democrat so you need to repeal and replace. and so this has become a mainstream issue in the democratic side even though hilly clinton is trying to save the double down on the period before you look at the factors,
6:37 am
the data tuples are higher than ever. you can keep your doctor. competition has been obliterated. just removing the mandate that you pay for coverage is not going to solve these problems on day one. >> if there are 11 million people in this insurance exchanges, out of a nation of 320 million, we can't let detailed at the doubt. all the people who have covered general, care and expansion of medicaid and only 2 million people in this exchange in this exchanges who got newly covered. we should treat the people in the exchanges who are very ill, subsidize it is a high-risk pool and then let americans who are healthy go out and buy what they want. trade to volvo, donald trump said he would repeal and replace. people want more substance. they also want more substance ups more substance jobs report will be released on friday. 180,000 new jobs will be
6:38 am
created. a good number were leaked to the federal reserve case. the talk about the tax plan because that is one of donald trump's big selling points. you just never hear them talking about it. here it is. americans have a choice. on one hand, racial demagoguery and class warfare or in the other hand with economic growth. for% growth in higher is in god is love. a corporate tax rate,/rate, slashing it to 15% will do. you're hillary clinton telling everybody, attacking her finger roommate corporations pay their fair share. maria: we've got it all laid out right here. if you have the ordinary income, the federal level. an ordinary income of $91,000 to 190,000. describing one in the middle. and ordinary income tax rate of 20%. on state tax and that takes you
6:39 am
to 38%. obamacare tax and city tax takes up 7%. just talking about income. so now you are up 45%. >> i want to ask you something, maria. >> which you get 45% of your happiness from government? no. >> they know how to spend your money better than you know how to spend it. when we go back to the corporate tax ratewh globally, with the highest level of corporate tax. the largest 28 to develop the economy. all the other countries are going down. they're not going up in raids. >> you can hear that giant sound. trained to not allow the same versions because some people don't know what it means that the company will require the company overseas so they can take their head orders overseas.
6:40 am
>> nonpartisan. the federal reserve of washington d.c. issued a report in december. it says raising corporate tax rates will mean lower wages. listen, america. you don't want less take-home pay. you want more. maria: that's a big issue that resonates with people. betsy, thank you for joining us this morning. business drones ready to take off. the faa's rules for unmanned commercial flights going into effect today. plus, beyoncé uses the dna rock carpet to make a controversial statement. the outrage next. back in a minute. ♪
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maria: welcome back. opening this morning. take a look.
6:44 am
dow industrial to open down five points. pretty big week for economic data this week aired a couple names to watch the morgan stanley, the journal this morning reporting how the bank is reinventing itself along with goldman sachs, both financial giant focusing on once again basic banking as well as investment banking. morgan stanley has shifted to resolve management. down 2% this year. oil prices tumbling better than 1%. at some point this year will see what the jobs numbers that on friday. september, possibly december for an increase in raids. a deadly bus crash involving an illegal anagram. here is the call the headlines. >> police say a big two people were killed and dozens injured after an out-of-control us to live an illegal immigrant had a fire truck and three other vehicles on the louisiana interstate yesterday.
6:45 am
the bus was carrying flood recovery workers from new orleans to baton rouge. firefighters responded to an earlier crash. the people killed were fire chief and passenger in one of the cars. new roles for drones take effect today. the detailed guidelines for small commercial drug and the roles include nationwide licensing requirement for pilots and a ban on nighttime operations. they specified drugs must be fallen below 400 feet and at least five miles away from any airport. newbridge relations from the federal aviation administration apply to commercial drone operators. sony still break takes the number one spot at the box office this weekend with $26.1 million. >> is out. >> called the millionaire.
6:46 am
-- he saw the way and manner. >> scary. the teeth chattering film follows a delinquent grow, her boyfriend and their friend whose attempt to rob a blind man's house takes a terrifying turn. the horror film bumped suicide squad to the number two spot after a three-week winning streak. still earning a little over $12 million at the box office. he comes in third with $7.9 million followed by the raunchy animated film sausage party with $7.7 million. advance at the top five can earning 7.5 million. meanwhile, southside with humor showcases president obama and michelle obama's first earned about $3 million. finally, the 2016th mtv video music awards kicked off in high gear last night and beyoncé stole the show. she has to use dna center on political stage.
6:47 am
the singers dancers shot down one by one on this stage which was a representation of police brutality. this comes after the singer walked the red carpet with mothers of high-profile names involved in police shooting, in voting michael brown entry by martin. one of the most anticipated performances was to return to brittany spears. the pop princess returned to the stage after nearly a decade. ♪ are big winners of the network with harmony, drag. we are. maria: thanks so much, nicole.
6:48 am
i did watch a little bit last night. using her performance of the super bowl to have a political views as well. had he feel about that? is it appropriate for her to bring up the victims of police shootings on stage? >> they gave me an icky feeling. khan and also used his time on stage to this awareness to just islands -- general violence in chicago. i think there was a little bit of both ways. that may be balanced out. to answer your question, if she brings the show draw attention to -- >> she was using her position to bring light to the situation. now that there is like being put on there needs to be an honest discussion about solutions. maria: she is taking a stance. >> here's the problem. we also have police officers coming under attack and he used
6:49 am
in -- and it's not justified, but tasty role models like beyoncé faced a end up for your rights or being under attack. that's the issue we have to take in stride. maria: typically as a viewer, as a person who loves music, i would rather not hear political views, but that's just me. >> it's become mainstream. everyone at these events, even the super bowl, people feel like they have to make a political statement. train to the movement we are in. the controversial move of colin kaepernick when he refused to stand for the national income. back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back. record price money on the line at the u.s. open gets under way new york city. 20 for seven days fox headline reporter jerrod max on the story. good morning to you. >> big money goes around the world. the meadows queens begins this morning. or to $6.3 million in overall from many including $3.5 million to women's and men's singles champions. if serena williams wins the u.s. open, she was surpassed steffi graf for the most grand plan singles titles at 23. serena is not going to have to face have to face it this year's tournament, which by the way we see the new covering at arthur ashe stadium. serena won't be playing maria
6:54 am
shara pose. the doping suspension recently in new york, forget this, an internship with the nba. here is a shot waiting for an elevator at the nba offices. she just spent a three-day internship working with the weekend closely with commissioner adam silver. busy summer. also attending the class at harvard business school and internship at an ad agency as well as with nike. san francisco 49ers quarterback is taking a stand by remaining to say. in case you missed it. friday's nfl expedition, and colin kaepernick refuse to join his teammates on the sideline during the singing of the national anthem. he sat on the bench. yesterday he spent 18 minutes of reporters explaining why he did what he did. colin kaepernick, biracial was adapted by white parents. the 28-year-old that i will continue to stand with people that are being oppressed by
6:55 am
their significant change and i feel the flag represents what is supposed to represent, people love the way that is supposed to have a stand. the nfl said lawyers are encouraged but not required to stand for the nth time. rivera shines made giants made it very clear saturday night. united by the flag in a perfectly straight line, and star wide receiver victor cruz had this message for colin kaepernick pinprick rather pay feel about the things going on in america today and across the world with gun violence in things like that, you've got to respect the flag and stand up with your teammates. it's bigger than just stealing my opinion. some fans that the 49ers respond to their teams went for the quarterback by burning his jersey like this stand. oliver social media. the topic everybody is talking about. but mark cuban had to say. dallas cowboy fans burning on twitter.
6:56 am
the player who took down cowboys quarterback tony romo. they broke a bone and the most vertebrae. he will miss up to 10 weeks. the cowboys to have been sending hate mail. i don't pay too much attention to it. check out today's new york post. all is well that ends well. congratulations to the little leaguers yesterday. they scored a two to one victory over south korea in the championship. first title for new york since 1964. the united states since 2011. congratulations. maria: i love the little late. >> we had last year that awesome female pitcher who just did so well last year.
6:57 am
so many inspiring stories that it's great to follow. maria: meanwhile, how about that colin kaepernick story. refuses to stand up for the national anthem. >> he says they may not understand his purse active or agree with them for colin kaepernick taught us we can still disagree peacefully. he says i'll get bullied for anything which make my point even more. is this about freedom of speech? i'm not quite sure. colin kaepernick has replaced brianne lochte is the most vilified athlete. train do you know anything? he's young. we want to get your perspective.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
7:01 am
7:02 am
7:03 am
7:04 am
and then we also do focused on what do you do with the 11 million. he's talking about a snapback program. i think he is dead on about his immigration plan now we
7:05 am
are arguing over semantics and how we talk about it. >> you don't think he has flip-flopped or changed his plans in any way. people are saying if you are now stepping back fom deporting it sounds a lot like the president has doing already so the people are just wanting to know what exactly is a plan? >> that's true. but he's been talking about snapback during the whole campaign. i don't particularly agree with. if you want to deport to the 11 million people. we here in texas would love for the federal government to decide who gets to come in from mexico and work in texas in the best interest of the united states and the u.s.
7:06 am
workers. but to be honest with you he's trying to reach out and make hispanics feel better about it. a lot of hispanics in texas don't like hillary's plan don't like illegals because they come in and compete for jobs with our own citizens. donald trump is on the right track. he needs to figure out a way to talk about it. >> i think you just brought up a great point. talking about the national security. ask people in the low ends. how does he start to talk about the economic consequences so that people start hearing that and they will understand that. when will we hear that from donald trump.
7:07 am
>> i don't know who is advising them on this. may be maybe a senator from alabama. he ought to talk to the senators from the border states. because they understand they are not in favor of illegal immigration. rather than be very straightforward as trumpet can do. in the border states. and most importantly talk to those people that are here that are american citizens rather than playing this game that anyone from all over the world to has the right to come to america. i think you're being -- bringing up a great point.
7:08 am
there is actually more in line with the republican ideals. and we are seeing that he's getting paid right now because he's changing his position. do you think he can be sincere in the debate come september when he's talking about these issues can eat stand up and standup toe to toe against hillary and actually appeal to the hispanic community? >> anytime he opens his mouth he needs to start with hillary's plan. most americans do not want open borders. they don't want these sanctuary cities.
7:09 am
and taking advantage of our welfare system. it is how you presented and he needs to do a better job of that. we know that terrorists are trying to infiltrate. it's the ongoing civil war. about the u.s. is policy for accepting refugees. today the ambassador to jordan. they will reach the united states this week. we are at 10,000. will this growing number become a larger campaign issue do you think as you learn more about how trump is going to approach it. hillary wants 50,000 and right now the word refugee who could all of the welfare benefits
7:10 am
automatically. they're coming here and taking advantage of our generosity. these refugees ought to be in refugee camps it is a middle east problem. and they ought to be going to refugee camps protected by the united states and others rather than shipped all over the world. >> how do you balance the idea that we have to protect our borders clearly they are infiltrating that. this is america this is open arms. we have a country of immigrants. how do you balance those two and narratives? >> we are a company country that welcomes those that can
7:11 am
produce in america that can be a part of america that become americans. it was reported in texas just this morning that 700 terrorist type have been caught just across the border and just in the last few days. this is extremely dangerous for the united states. i think you're bringing up a great point. they are going to use this to infiltrate america. they're doing and germany as ll as france. we will bring our fighters over. you're absolutely right.
7:12 am
we are not obligated. we will leave it there. we will talk to you soon. will be able to wake up from the pr disaster. back in a moment.
7:13 am
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welcome back. they say reports of a bombing in brussels are false. here we are with the stories now. the explosions heard by residents may have been materials consumed by a fire at the criminal institute. it was much more likely an arson attack. five people have been arrested. two brothers are under arrest in chicago in connection with the shooting death of the coven --dash cousin of dwayne wade.
7:16 am
they're both charged with first-degree murder in friday's shoe need of nikki eldridge. he was on his daily break from an electronic monitoring bracelet at the time of the murder. she was gunned down as she attempted to register her child for school. a driver have .-dot dropped off passengers in that neighborhood. >> these two offenders are the prime example of the challenge we face here in chicago with repeat gun offenders that don't care who they shoot don't care whose life they take and clearly don't feel the consequences of their actions. two pilots are due in court today in scotland after reportedly being taken off of a plane drug on saturday. the plane was about to fly
7:17 am
with 141 passengers aboard. there were two pilots that were removed from the service. they were arrested the plane eventually it made the trip with two new pilots ten hours late. new research shows that they favor liquid soaps. bar soap are covered in germs after they are used. research firm said that they felt 2.2%. it rose 2.7% last year. it's interesting that they would attribute to the millenials. maybe it is just more convenient to use us
7:18 am
talking about it. digging down a date. the price you pay for profit. where looking at the epipen story. prices are up 400 percent. we are back in a minute. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at
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prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13® is us in adults 18 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you've had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, vomiting, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today.
7:21 am
>> we had breaking news this morning. mylan labs is going to release
7:22 am
a generic version of the epipen. the ceo has been under fire for price gouging. the question now becomes where do you draw the line. is she just a smart business person or does she have a social responsibility to do more about the situation. the news this morning not necessarily moving at the stock but people really focused on that price. there was a firestorm of criticism. that's what they're doing now. they are reducing the patient cost through the use of a savings card which they say will cover up to $300. retail for 600 $90. one of the main issues that has happened going back to this whole generic situations. there is a bunch of lawyers and lobbyists to present a
7:23 am
generic version coming up. this is a huge issue and then there is their chance to get cute. that's what you can do if you want to save face apologize it just shows how tone deaf the ceo is because the drug pricing situation has been while over a year. they came under scrutiny last september for the same situation and then they raise it again. i spoke with have their brush yesterday and she sent me this chart. she is saying basically everybody wants their cake and that's why the price of this is so high. out of the $609 that the two pen pack sell for look who to us to get a take care. as you can see you have pharmacy retailers, benefit managers ensures wholesalers and then at the end of the day
7:24 am
all of those groups are taking a piece of it. the only net $264. she is blaming everybody else but mylan negotiates with everybody else. here is what we want lets a package it together and that's what we get to the insurers. she is deflecting. and blaming everybody else when she has got to be the one to be held accountable. there is no justifiable reason. i have not seen a good reason why they keep raising the price and that is the issue. part of the reason is there is any competition. when you're talking about this particular product this is not a syringe it's not an oral tablet it's called an auto injector. it has to be exactly the same in order to go by the same
7:25 am
tracking rules in order to get the same tracking for approval. and they haven't been able to get a comparable auto injector. this is just one isolated incident. we need an administration and washington in washington that wants us to fix this. second help american families at large. she was a cap on all drug charges. a people are can have the risk. we cannot set that artificially. this drug has been around since 1901 we are the underlying basis for it. they did not innovate it. they acquired it in 2007. they acquired it directly to
7:26 am
raise the price. that's where she has made $2 million back when it started. that's why their stock has gone up because of it. they're hinging all of it on this one drug. they continued to do it. there is also a story about the ceo of apple scoring major payday. this coincides with his five year anniversary. they were previously restricted. he was able to sell that. $36million. not a bad payday. this was part of his initial package and he came on. there is a five-year plan there is a lot of reasons why people sell a stock. i'm neck not can hold them against him. it's one of those things that apple is a stock where it's trading at a below market multiple because right now were seen the commoditized business and we are seen there
7:27 am
margin nice business. he has done while managing the company but should we continue paying him at this rate. especially since the growth is muted. is he going to face any scrutiny that it's a major payday because i feel like it if they were a financial services company selling stock and pocketing $36 million it would be all the rage. there hasn't been government intervention. what he can do is the low tax rates. they're trying to avoid corporate taxes here in the u.s. because they are so high. they head over $200 million sitting overseas and that they can't bring back because there's a penalty of 30% or more on those funds. why is he so vocal against
7:28 am
donald trump. wouldn't it behoove him to repatriate a lot of these things. he is not giving the credit. he's at a fundraiser for hillary. there's a lot of immigrants in silicon valley that are against truck. they do want cheap labor. one of the issues is you are seeing that is not in vogue for tim cook to come out and really support donald trump. he is not supporting hillary clinton either. it's been noted. think about this donald trump attacked apple. they did it unlock the iphone during the attack in san bernardino.
7:29 am
you know who is great at the republican national convention was peter teal. big brother watching in baltimore. but legally is this a lot. ♪ there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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welcome back. good monday morning everyone. we are happy you are here. here are your top stories. new questions this morning about pay to play. brush brushed off of the concerns. this notion that someone who is a supporter and activist saint i want access i want to come into a room and i want to meet people we all think that has to be normal.
7:33 am
protection versus privacy. they are using airplanes to monitor activity on the street. now it's raising trust issues with residents. a victory for american heroes. they will return to the back of fire trucks after officials once called them a liability. we heard from the have of the union who claim to -- complained about it. checking markets this morning. we are searching for this direction. it's expected open down about four points. consumer confidence on tuesday. you have the fd 100 ft 100 up one third of a%. in asia overnight japan was the start performer. japanese yen was down against the dollar. there is an app for that as well.
7:34 am
all of that coming up. they are using airplanes fitted with cameras in the pilot program to monitor activity on the streets to help them catch criminals since january of this year. residents in civil rights groups are left outrage over the big brother style program. good to see you. the are walking and doing whatever they need to do on the streets. >> but it also coordinates with the cameras that are on the ground it's not like a hundred miles above could see the activity. does that mean it's a less of a privacy concern for you because the cameras are
7:35 am
there. that is nothing different. you don't have a privacy. there is no a privacy concern. if you're outside doing in your business the only ones concerned are the ones doing things they shouldn't do. 472 crimes happen in baltimore versus --dash per square mile than the entire state of maryland. right now it may not be a lead situation because it's correlated with cameras on the ground. it goes back to the resistance. it's kind of a 1984 what are
7:36 am
the ramifications of this type of surveillance. these cameras are zooming in on my back yard. maybe they could go around it. i've a privacy right there. why is it now creating the surveillancef the backyard. there are some boundaries. that they can go in. the airplanes are going to be in the air so obviously they have cameras. maybe they can get to the bedroom. so many of the residents are concerned about the crime. it's good to be safer. the citizens of the concern. you can come to my friend or necessarily in coming to my house. it's why these are overhead.
7:37 am
when you pair this with the meta- data that we saw coming out that they were doing math spine on the entire american population to piece together what people are doing. they may not see with high fidelity what people are doing whether it's making phone calls are walking around the streets of baltimore but it's really concerning because i think this is a slippery slope. we saw this with wiretaps and at some point abel said that was just can be used for national security and now it's for basic crimes in every major police department across the country. what are the risks going forward. where does it stop. if you can start with these planes and they are going over areas that they can't necessarily pick up the cameras on the ground. it will continue to go deeper. what if it does start to peer
7:38 am
into your bedroom. in my come to that. we started tracking the person we had identified and now we've use this camera where we are now in the backyard. we've seen the cause to do it. it's a way to skirt the laws. >> there is a search and seizure law. if they're able to do this and violate our federal laws where will it stop. frankly the overwhelming we are under siege here. it sounds like you could argue both sides but you are leaning towards the alone the crime is the bigger problem. the way you deal with it is criminal justice. i think that's the way to address it. as a survey our every move.
7:39 am
thank you so much. the stars and stripes coming back. we are calling the american flag a liability. the details are next.
7:40 am
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>> welcome back. the fda said all blood donations should be tested for the zika virus. we have your story and headlights.
7:43 am
they said all blood donations should be tested for the zika virus and the fda spokesman said there is so much uncertainty regarding the nature and extent of the transmission. it can spread invisibly so officials say it's safest to test all blood donations for the virus. testing of donated blood is already underway in florida and puerto rico. testing of the blood has shown to be beneficial in identifying donations infected with the zika virus. they ask scored at corded him to the school. there was competitions from on-duty crash. the 4-year-old started pre- k this week. u.s. flags will be allowed to fly once again.
7:44 am
the district they ordered large flags to move from three fire engines. over concerns about possible violations and in risk at the firefighter and motorist. but there was a public outcry they are now back on those trucks. >> when we spoke with a have of the union he was so emotional about it it was really nice to see the community coming together. when he joined us why are you being forced. it was one small anonymous complaint from someone. and then the entire unit have to take down all of their flags. calling the american flag a liability. why is he out saying i will
7:45 am
not stand and pledge the allegiance to the american flag. it is a lack of patriotism. >> i think it's really sad these people used to be heroes here you head with the firefighters as well as the policemen putting their lives on the line every day to protect the citizens of this country and they have such a pride doing it so it displaying the flag as a badge of honor for them. it is unfortunate but if people don't like it they can go anywhere else they want. they can leave. they just raised millions. where to talk about that next. we will break down the neck and neck race.
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
jump the line and find. announcing a landmark 22 and half million dollars raised. it is one of the largest ever financial backings. joy to me right now is a cofounder and the co- ceo of velocity. thanks so much for joining us. this is a huge raise that you just did. what are you going to use the
7:50 am
money for. we think this is an enormous opportunity it is a three .5 trillion dollar market. we are gonna move into 29 cities over the next three years. it's really good to be about building the brand and market. how does the app work. the leading discovery in the instant booking platform. in london, new york la and seven cisco. with the best dining experience. a list of the best restaurants with teams on the ground in each of the cities. there are some restaurants that want to be exclusive and so they limit who they let in. one of the things that we've
7:51 am
really found now with the 90 michelin stars. we work with restaurants that they have never done reservations at all. the reason my we put them on international marketplace. that has really been the message that has resonated it with these restaurants. i could go on the and know right away the best restaurants in italy or new york all around the world how to do that. we have teams in every city. i think there's a really important point.
7:52 am
the brands and the products had really come to change. they are truly global. almost any city you might think of. today you have velocity and seven great cities around the world. to have those teams of insiders curate those instances. he founded the company in 2014. and then you grew over a hundred percent. and just looking at the amount of money that you been able to raise it tells us that this is a great success and a lot of people have confidence in it. but you also had means out there already that are doing something like this. i think they are trying to solve a different problem. they are focused on quantity rather than quality and you'll
7:53 am
often find you often find after you go through a very link the -- lengthy process they don't have the right table or the right time. to have the 6:00 p.m. or the 11:00 p.m. but it's difficult to get access to prime time reservations. this is where we think we specialize. one of the unique features is that you can pay for the mail. you pay for with the actual app. that is very convenient. we think time as probably is probably the most important asset in people's lives. we solve that problem. you can instantly pay from the palm of your hand and just get up and leave are you trying to reach. we're looking to reach anybody that enjoys dining and great restaurants. the experiences and every
7:54 am
great brand in the world can see one of the great maladies of this 21st century we live in is it so time poor and then it's really about making sure that we enable our customers and empower them to get the most out of their time and we deliver on that in some and some new ways not just about the cure ration but taking care of the check as well. it's really about democratizing the things that were previously elite. if a dine at a great restaurants they are going down. i get at the convenience of it for the user but how do you monetize this. how are you guys going to make money on this. >> our restaurant partners see a great deal of value that the diners that we deliver on a great basis. we for example are live in the hamptons. they are arriving for the
7:55 am
first time and we are putting these amazing restaurants in front of those diners. they pay us for delivering them customers and we also provide a multitude software services which help streamline the rest of the service as well. they can go anywhere in the world and they know they're trusting this app to leave them to the restaurant they want to be in. >> that is terrific. in terms of the broad market what can reception had even seen quacks. >> we've have a great reception. we quickly brought the product ahead to the u.s. last year. and launch it initially in new york. and are now looking to expand it to further cities over here. one of the main uses will be focusing on consolidating the u.s. market and continuing to build consumer presents out here. great stuff.
7:56 am
check it out. velocity app. we will see you soon gentleman. >> the races on the latest number on the primary. seventy days before the presidential election we are back in a moment. hey dad. hey sweetie, how was your first week? long. it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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. maria: welcome back good morning morning i am maria bartiromo, it is monday, august 29 your top stories
7:59 am
right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. the countdown to november 8 on the trump campaign gearing up for the largest advertising bye of the campaign so far hillary clinton facing new questions over pay-to-play at it clinton foundation. >> we know that hillary clinton shouldn't be trusted with national secrets and -- and with the most precioushe most precious information that our country has in their hands, we know she can't be trusted. maria: presidential race not only one watching this morning we are breaking down important primary races for senators marco rubio and john mccain that is coming up, the engulf east coast gearing up for severe weather this week a pair of tropical depressions to bring heavy rainfall this week we look at the path jetblue pressing for flight to cuba what you need to know booking your tickets to havana sift tips you probably ignore traveling visa you should not we've got the list, plus
8:00 am
drawing in customers kfc has chicken sunscreen, chicken scented sunscreen carls, jr., racy ads look at fast food marketing markets showing no direction, as you can see, markets flat to fractionally lower investors waiting on key economic numbers this week including the jobs' report on friday, consumer confidence tuesday factor orders in europe this morning mixed pojs take a look youthful ft 100 up 20 points inlon the major afternoons down. >> japan winner nikkei average up better than 2 paris japanese yen fell against the dollar the other major globally markets under selling pressure game set match new york u.s. open so are we putting my swing to the test, later this hour. ; meanwhile, queen bee
8:01 am
currenting to vma age stealing who with 16 minute performance very controversial attribute all those coming up recon capital veef investment officer kevin kelly, and democratic strategists harlan hill. >> great to have you back. >> a quite week until friday because that is going to give all the indications, whether the fed will raise rates and can i have gave hints friday, may be coming in september, may be if jobs numbers good enough. >> 180,000 jobs expecting on friday we will see about that. >> i never count on a quiet week with hillary and donald who knows what is going to happen. maria: you are right. >> he -- you got to get in all the craziness you can. >> can't-miss lineup stay with us coming up this morning, cke restaurant ceo trump victory committee member with us, host of vanney and company will
8:02 am
join is as we kick off this hour right now, with the trump campaign spending 10 million dollars in advertising anyway battleground states blake burman in washington right now with the very latest. good morning to you. reporter: hi maria good morning to you as well donald trump will try to bridge some gap as relates to tv ad spending the campaign planning a 10-million-dollar swing state ad bye as mentioned biggest purchasing covers those nine different states, trump newest ad shows how he might attack hillary clinton on airwaves portrays a country under clinton taxes and spending go up, whereas trump says he would provide tax relief. meantime kwoefrz weekend regarding the clinton foundation has new e-mails reportedly show, foundation headed doug and clinic state department aide huma abedin e-mailing with seats for
8:03 am
foundation donors to speech delivered by chinese president in statement clinic campaign maintained clinton has always acted at state department in the interests of the advancing foreign policy trump campaign manager kellyanne conway appeared on fox news sunday. >> -- a right to be concerned this is our state department this is our public entity, we don't want a straight line between clinton bank account state department clinton foundation, and doesn't -- shows earmodernize how she may o business if elected in the white house. >> former campaign manager added that there would be legitimate questions over how to operate the foundation, in the future, should hillary clinton become president. >>. maria: thanks so much blake burman latest there we turn to the race for control on capitol hill as well kefrl see predictions to take place tomorrow, including tight races for d.c. staples joining meightow foxews gita
8:04 am
liti edir gd toee u. goomorng gohrou per races starting off with marco rubio few months oak he didn't each predict and expect to be running. >> right, he wasn't going to run. he took his drubbing in the republican presidential primary and then he was done with politics. you couldn't proclaim him, but then, the party talked him into running, and it looks like, he should anyway coast into the another nomination he will have a tough fight in the general but all signs indicate a guy florida press refers to as cuban donald trump was not rubio, despite some manful efforts, looks like rubio has this one. >> i want to turn to the race in arizona as you because a lot more questions about this one senator john mccain facing a tough challenge for kelly ward. >> looked like might have been a tough challenge you can sort of tell week rapped up for kelly ward as she was last
8:05 am
week talking about john mccain might die in office that is not a good sign this is not a good sign if you were saying that your argument that your opponent could die, that does not mean you are doing well in the race, and in fact, we have one pol not a lot of polling data in these states not a lot of primary polling data but the stam teed data we have suggests she goesing to get roasted out there that mccain will be returned another nomination but he also has a much tougher than expected general election race in a arizona looks like could be shaping up to be s a swing state this year. maria: right that is the key here, so we that is one challenge that he has got but when it comes to the general what do you expect let's do florida first, because -- a congressman debbie wasserman schultz at risk losing primary how is she going to do distinct. >> almost impalpable to pol a house district like this she better win had better win but she -- there are disconcerting fines she won't hillary clinton was there to stump for
8:06 am
her did show up to show solidarity former a democratic chairwoman has big problems on her hands. >> in general you think? >> well, now wait a minute, i don't know if that is going to be true, this should be very reliablely democratically district, whoever wins democratic primary we and to do fine in general. >> your take on handicapping go is going to go on in general election because you know people are wondering if trump factor changes whether or not republicans hold on to house and senate. >> in history shows whoever losses the presidential race is going to lose the senate, the republicans need the republicans need to hold democratic a we democrats to four if hillary clinton wins general election republicans need to hold the line there, and if they do a, or even let's face it if essentially a tie enough swing votes that you get to sort of in senate republican hope 4 or fewer but
8:07 am
4 or 5 at the most tim kaine that swing voter, now if it switches, the race picks up for donald trump he gets back being in contention if this sucker wins the republicans expect needing to win by to expand their majority at least maintain it. >> interesting how do you see it. >> how important is it that you marco rubio is in this race going to win his primary for donald trump i think marco rubio building a legendary turn out vote operation in florida that without question has to help donald trump down there. >> well, i think that the two men state interretired in florida donald trump not likely to win presidency without florida would want marco rubio to do very well i expect to see high correlation between two. look at rubio versus rob portman ohio the worst trump done in ohio port han mass done better and better an island on to himself. in florida we see rubio
8:08 am
polling indicates rubio trump highly correlated whoever wins on appellee probably win in a senate vice versa. >> question about arizona, so when we are looking at senator john mccain has done very well in the primaries in the past, almost den a landslide for him. now we've seen kelley on the steen starting to inflict damage can hping that repercussions for him into the general election because of what she did in the primary? or is it because arizona is such a swing state right now that she is not having the impact? >> probably helps him in the general. when you have attacks like ones launched on health when you have her attacking him, you know, it is just not done. and people generally won't stand for it so when you do that yeah you are going to be i think today 80th birthday an older american but where she went what she decided probably increases similar thee for him
8:09 am
the problem that conservative insurgents had in a arizona they've not picked great candidates ones they tried two consecutive cycles have not been able to deliver goods mccain is probable help general elaboration differentiate with trump this is going to be a wired there exin zain. >> if debbie wasserman schultz losses her primary to tim -- what does that signal for the democratic establishment i mean we know that bernie sanders, was has been out for tim, and has railed against debbie wasserman schultz what does that mean long term for democratic ebb establishment dnc how does that hurt hillary. >> i would you chalk being that one up to fairly localized to debbie wasserman schultz uneven tenure at dnc hillary clinton trying to get control of dnc get things end of out debbie wasserman schultz had a rough patch and the only reason in fact she kept the job at dnc nobody
8:10 am
else wanted it because the rolls of the parties that we have seen very much in cycle have changed dramatically, her loss i think would be substantially about attributed to her, yeah there is probably some snip factor for hillary clinton mostly i think dws story. >> even people in her party were upset treatment of bernie sanders. >> exactly. she did what she saw her job to be, which was to make sure that bernie sanders -- wasn't the democratic nominee that hillary clinton was so a lot of democrats are probably grateful for that because, bernie sanders couldn't have probably won a general election, so probably grateful for that but now going to pay the price. >> leave there it great as always thanks so much. >> you about either. maria: still to come south bracing for rough weather tracts latest as second storm threatens the region this week, then the new nasa images out of this world! turning pictures from juno he probe mission to jupiter, back in a moment.
8:11 am
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maria: welcome back, gulf coast residents bracing for severe weather here is nicole petallides with the story. nicole: tropical depression in straits moving into gulf of mexico and could become a
8:14 am
tropical storm sandbags stock piled as people head to the stores, for food, water and other emergency supplies. on top of that, the national hurricane center issued tropical storm watch for part of north carolina's coast hurricane gaston has weakened in the atlantic, take a look at these pictures part of the roof of this duck boat tore off driver failed to clear a bridge in boston officials say the first year dwrirtd off the normal tour route because of a road closure, 20 people were onboard that duck boat no one was hurt at that time. >> video music awards kicked off in high gear last night it was beyoncé stole the show she also used the stage as her political stage. ♪ ♪ ♪.
8:15 am
>> singer dancers shot down one by one on the stage, some say was a representation of police brutality. this comes after the singer walked red carpet with mothers who lost sons to police or gun violence including michael brown and trayvon martin's mother. >> one of the anticipated performs return of britney spears returned to stage after nearly a decade. ♪ ♪. >> other big winners drake, dnce for best new artist juno specraft in the vicinity of jupiter since july 4, but now getting into its mission spacecraft a testing mode a few weeks but on saturday came
8:16 am
closer to jupiter than any spacecraft has juno swept over jupiter cloud path close as 2600 miles at the closest, juno will get to jupiter during mission wide angled picture of jupiter take bn jooupt two hours before closest path nasa says going very well 35 more close flybys, scheduled to end in february of 2018. >> fascinating thank you so much it is amazing that we can gather data from jupiter, and pictures so beautiful, kevin, it looks so close. >> it does hard to get wi-fi on subway systems out here wondering how they are able to will get this done, but it is i mean that is great thing for us, i mean to gather data intelligence because we have spacex orbital routes on this is -- excited to see so that i agree i have app on phone
8:17 am
called sky guide you put it in the sky you can actually -- 9% he identifies everything you look the. >> very cool. >> rihanna got lifetime he achievement award performed for you times throughout thing i think contributed very well to the. >> one of the big stars. >> canny great debuted video strange watch it to the end that is all i will say. >> strange playing music. >> i know, right. >> reality. >> gone are days like i want my mtv all music videos. not the case any more. >> talk being transitioning back viacom as well rodestoedst family. >> changes this morning from mylan labs company new remove is to save face following epipen price hike jetblue
8:18 am
takes flight to cuba this week thank you airline's newest destination for business travel safety tips you probably ignore flying internationally you should not we've got the list for you, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
8:19 am
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commodize. ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back 55 year u.s. travel ban to cuba has been lifted this week jeff will be the first commercial u.s.
8:22 am
airline to fly into cuba what will this mean for tourism we bring in gabe sr., editor good to see you. >> good morning, maria. >> what are you expecting? >> well, we are expecting prices to actually soften interest has been high obviously last year prices on packages to cuba drop 45 to 50% year over year, on our web site searches for travel to cuba up 00 plus percent interest is there commercial flights jetblue starting wednesday, become daily flights in october american and silver airways start commercial flights in september start to see easing of certainty restrictions overtime and increased interest as prices so son of some jetblue flights, by the way, one way starting 99 dollars all of a sudden, it was way off the radar has become a lot more accessible as of now. maria: yeah now iramerican
8:23 am
airlines to cuba in september there will be 20 daily flights to havana by the end of the year, in terms of what you are seeing, at travel is there a lot of interest here, is there a lot of web traffic about cuba? >> yes as soon as the representations occurred 205% increase in searches, in travel to cuba a lot more players come on border vacation packages some names friendly planet gate one main stream attractively companies offering packages i way that we will see next year is cruise industry pick up speed royal caribbean waiting to get access to cruising around cuba we're seeing i think, as vacation packages, have come on border cruises now starting to pick up, speed as well, so everyone between now and end of 2017, cruising out of florida will pick up and i think prices soften
8:24 am
accordingly. >> sound entire entbuildings up to expand hotel business in cuba talking about this earlier so many of us spend so much time planning this dream vacation, we don't think about travel safety. talk to us about some travel safety tips that so many of us ignore one of the things many of us do not do is register with state department for example, what are the tips that are really important and why. >> well, you know that service in state department called step safe travel enrollment program several years ago reserved for trips to civil war torn areas africa middle east perhaps exotic vacation to climb mountains of nepal would register with state department as safety measure now because of security concerns, because of things like zika, all of a sudden mainstream destinations rjdz
8:25 am
trips with state department good idea free service allows any travel warnings alerts issued to your destination before you take off once out there if there is any civil unrest demonstrations or terror attack that happens it does allow embassy or consulate of destination to get ahold of you much more easily if anything happens home while you are away easier way to get ahold you have traveling abroad particularly a lot of stops in itinerary on overseas trip, couple other things leave itinerary with one you love trust back home, particularly if you have a lot of stops along the way, when i travel to dominican republic with my wife one bar one beach whole week easy to find you the if multiple destinations throughout europe, africa for example, having itinerary with one knows how to find easily piece of mind for one worrying about you -- >> makes sense i don't know why many of us don't do it but
8:26 am
all these things are important, passports they are required for international travel what happens if passport is lost or stolen a lot of people say you should make a paper copy or stronglya electronic copy do people do that. >> i think the idea of carrying paper for a lot of people has become a bit of a hassle i travel to canada last week i actually took fra photographs of passport as i flew you into vancouver having accessible as photographers on phone gave me piece of mind scanned copy of passport not necessarily going to get you tloo i the way actually passport would but extra layer of id makes, recovering your passport getting it reissued that much years easy to do if you don't want to deal with paper get it photograph it have it as extra lear of protection. >> how about using your phone obviously we are guilty of these things our phones to
8:27 am
entertain ourselves, why should not we be doing this traveling abroad? >> well it is a red flag depending where you are some destinations that are very popular also popular with pickpockets, and having your iphone out latest version of favorite android, are a red flag fancy jewelry might be or very fancy you know purse or bag being discreet very cautious carefully how you store some of of these itemize that are very easy to lift out of a pocket is certainly something we probably keep in mind when at home traveling down the street new york city traveling abroad i think an extra layer of protection a lot more eyes on you. >> speaking about lifting you could lift information i was told by a treasury official years ago when they travel to china and russia they are not alloweded to bring blackberry as soon as you enter airspace anyway countries, they have access to all your stuff. so you might want to consider that when using your phone as
8:28 am
well making your content your phone vulnerable. to hacking, great stuff thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, maria. >> still to come it is a battle for donor dollars break down fund-raising battle helping drive rates at white house. >> carls, jr., provocative ads what does man behind them think of other companies' advertising, we will find out. back in a moment. es it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper. i can book 3 or 4 gigs on a good weekend. i'm booked solid for weeks. it takes ingenuity to make it in the big city. if you have medicare i'm booked solid for weeks. parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what?
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maria: welcome back good monday morning thanks for joining us i am maria bartiromo. it is monday august 29, top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the countdown toward election is on, candidates on both sides of the aisle working to raise money as donald trump gets ready for a major speech on immigration policy this wednesday. >> republican vice presidential nominee mike pence focusing on another top issue for voters the economy. >> -- we americans about haven't seen an increase in wages real materials 10 to 15 years we can be strong on world stage we can have an economy that works for every american. maria: the latest on race to the white house mile panther labs announcing changes in the wake of the epipen price hike scandal will offer a generic version of the device mylan shares higher, on the news, breaking this morning. chicken scented sunscreen? edible nail polish racy ads anything to get commerce in store and restaurants take a
8:32 am
look how effective gimmicks are markets flat, we are waiting for direction, here, the markets have turned positive. in just the last 20 minutes, we've got a host of economic data coming out this morning, and he ebb we've been watching weak session for futures just until about 15 minutes ago, now we've got, expectations that market will open higher, this week that jobs' report, for the month of august out friday consumer confidence a lot of august readings this week, coming out we set tony for market, in europe mixed politicians sp 100 high other cac quarante in paris d'anjous in a germany selling presse in asia nikkei average star in japan jumping better than 2% japanese yen fell genesis the dollar, jersey burning outrage after 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick refused to stand up for the national anthem. >> game set match u.s. open under way later this morning as stars warm up so are we, i am testing my own tennis 2009ing coming up in the
8:33 am
program, first though on to battle for the white house we got donald trump announcing a much anticipated immigration address this week john roberts is live outside trump headquarters with details what should is we expect? . reporter: maria good morning to you, this is the space thought going to give last week in colorado looks like it's going to be wednesday, some place in arizona, the actual venue, tbd, likely in the tucson neighbor nogales if they find an adequate venue donald trump talking about a potential softening in approach, at least if not policy, to what to do about the millions upon millions of people enter illegals continue to be here donald trump said he would like to deport the bad ones at least, but some of the rest, may have an opportunity to stay, though he insists this is not amnesty but if they want to become u.s. citizens have to leave and come back again what about this deportation force he talked about, back in november, a force created to round up all these people send
8:34 am
them out of the country listen to this exchange between kellyanne conway campaign manager, and fox news sunday chris wallace yesterday. h>>e said in the campaign he said it the debate stage i was there as one of the moderators, i am gonna set up a deportation force and all 11 million people who have come into this opportune illegally have to go do they or don't they? >> what he is as said now that he will look at that he wants to look softening more approach than policy. >> more approach than policy according to kellyanne conway, now couple other items with donald trump come under a lot of criticism his outreach to he african-americans over the weekend donna brazile interim chair democratic national academy said he talked about help but never made an appearance at black church he will do that this coming saturdays in detroit, he will be at the great faith ministry to answer questions a speech about how he would help revitalize innerez?
8:35 am
in term a controversy tweet out after dwayne wade's country of was tragically billed in chicago over weekend said this is what i am talking about abouting this is why african-americans will vote for trump, round criticized for a lot of people said politicizing listen to how mike pence answered that yesterday. >> donald trump is laying out in that tweet in short form what 140 characteristics that we have a voice to make, we can continue with the leadership that is left us with are dangerous streets in our cities, failing schools, no jobs, or we can -- we can go with someone who is committed to educational choice, minority families. >> one point the contrast between his economic plans and hillary clinton with a massive ad buy 10 million dollars over course of the next week, now expanding to 9 battleground states, also include iowa new hampshire colorado nevada also
8:36 am
doing north carolina florida ohio pennsylvania traditional at about ground a lot going on this last week for donald trump. >> sure is john thanks so much john roberts in trump headquarters this morning cke restaurant ceo andy joining us a member of trump's victory committee good to see you again what is your take on all this in terms of immigration, from the business standpoint what do you want to see in terms of immigration policy? >> well, i think what donald trump laid out very effective one we are going to secure the border we need to secure the border, we can be compassionate still protect our sovereignty, number two going to enforce our laws when did we get to the point in political process where a presidential candidate has to has to promote the fact he is going to enforce the law he is going to enforce the law, i assume means he would cut back on visa overstays a big problem. third going to get rid of you sanctuary cities an offense not only to the rule of law but to our federal system, and, lastly, he wants to promote everifier a great
8:37 am
system we use in restaurants, allows employers to know, whether or not they are hiring people that are here illegally because is style people will have forged documents, so those are really good proposals i think a great start a great way to go. maria: i like the fact that you actually are using that program, the restaurants, you are actually seeing an impact, i want to get your take andy on escalating push for campaign money boelth sides both nominees are ramping up efforts to raise money after hillary clinton raifsdz 19 million dollars in single week, following a 3-day high profile of fund-raising blitz does donald trump need more of these closed-door starts stud that hillary has been doing how does he keep up with her on money end of things? >> well, you know, look you always want to have groups of people that are going to contribute large amounts of money so donald trump could use more of those, but really they cut back onnd credibility if you are saying we are going to regulate wall street we are going to tax rich how can you
8:38 am
go to meetings take incredible amounts of money, from the very people that you claim to ordinary americans are going to be punishing donald trump does not want to put himself in that position i think he of a needs to a maintain he credibility raise money the way he has been very effective we need to use dollars to go on air so i -- i would prefer that he not have these little closed-door you know meetings with people that -- that he claims going to try and punish. maria: makes sense kevin. >> andy is it resonating with business community trump's economics plan? given 2 fact that he is talking about, he he lowering taxes -- it seems like there is tends to be a disconnect that is not really sticking with a lot of voters a lot of people in the economy right now. >> well if anybody that this plan not sticking with they are not paying attention he has pro growth tax plan exactly what we need we've had three quarters gdp averaged 1%, you can't see incomes go
8:39 am
up you can't see jobs created you are not going to have prosperity if you try to use tax code to redrnt income instead of promoting growth he wants to cut back an regulations another huge tax on businesses if you are in business, regulation is a problem for you and a problem for everybody that is in business, donald trump should be the guy you vote for he wants to make us energy independent we need to be energy independent for a number of reasons involving national security as well as economics he has a trade policy that may gkes sense immigration policy makes sense if you are in business community not supporting donald trump you havu you are not paying attention. >> very clear choice he said roll back regulation, she sants to ied on things obamacare, add to dodd-frank. >> i hillary clinton planning to double down on policies obama administration 1% growth you know have median household income down, in wants to double down on regulations down the make sense what she
8:40 am
is doing so effective in ads i think fund-raising is so important because she is telling a story about how this impacts normal americans i cannot wait for him to start doing that, too. >> maria one other thing, i should have brought this up when discussing immigration, there is a great youtube video out there not a lot of people have talked about it, bill clinton's 1995 state of the union address people should watch it, he sounds so much like donald trump and so little like hillary clinton, or barack obama, so it is i will put it on twitter account my twitter tweet it when i get back to the office at computerize. >> tweet it out, andy we want to he so a it and now retweet it i want to watch that, see if it actually has similarities to what donald trump is saying, on lighter side of things, kfc launched a fried chicken sunscreen. >> i got it here, you got to explain this to me. gave away ,000 bottles
8:41 am
available again on popular demand similarly kfc hong kong came up with he hedibile nail p unconventional promotion is this most effective way to get commerce in the customers in there. >> problem people are trying to address not just restaurants it is everybody, is the younger generation the millennials say people 18 to may be 30 years old don't watch tv you can't run ads like you used to expect everybody to see them on television you need ads pro motionings people share from millennials for millennials, people you know our ads we get a lot of what's called earned media he impressions previews on yu newborn sharing on internet because of the provocative 2345i67 of the ads you want to do things not only work on tv but work in a viral sense, i think that is what you are seeing.
8:42 am
maria: makes sense i don't know that i really am dying to put on extra crispy chicken flavored sunscreen, kelley ape you love k-- >> oe. my god thank you so much my friend see you soon. >> thank you up next more changes from mylan is it now of to regain trust and confidence the latest surrnding the epipen price scanl then agency u.s. open gets under way i work on my serve i will take the court with tennis star tracey austin next back in a minute. .
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
maria: welcome back san francisco 49 others jerry brown colin kaepernick refused to join teammates surgery national anthem at friday's came kaepernick byracial would continue to stand with people being o previoused kaepernick received backlash joining us
8:46 am
stuart varney with more, i don't know people outraged by it. >> yes they are, after years, of hope and change, from our first black president, we end up with this guy disrespecting america because he says people of color are oppressed during olympics hope called swedish spent goalie for american soccer team said they are kour ardz kicked off team career is over. and kaepernick however insults america, has the right to say it so he is not kicked off the team at all he is still there. two more points, kaepernick a couple years ago was findive 11,000 dollars for using a racial slur during a game against a chicago bears i think it was, and you remember usain bolt greatest speedster in the world ever stopped and interview to pay respect for
8:47 am
the american anthem during olympics from jamaica. what do you make all this stuff. maria: here is a guy been incredibly successful thank you america, for allowing him and empouring him to play football get a lot of money he is saying not going to potentiallying american flag. >> adopted son of two white parents. he is adopted, white people adopted him, now 19 million dollars a year this guy makes? look, for 8 years we thought going to have will improvement in our race relations here in america, great hope for that. along comes president obama, only spores "black lives matter", defying did he providesing us kaepernick disrepublicans america sports "black lives matter" you have to wonder don't you. maria: really do, you know i mean president obama has made
8:48 am
lots of statements, about racial situations before knowing facts about anything, of course, enraged people i know -- we will hear more 10 minutes begins top of the hour right after "mornings with maria" join stu 10 minutes, 45 minutes away from opening bell markets higher now couple nails on the move, mylan shares up ahead of open as we told you the company launching a generic version of its epipen device will be half the price of the original mylan's second step in less than a week to lower prices after widespread criticism over devices high price 400% increase in the price generic version is expected to hit the market in several weeks. we are taking a short break from serena williams to roger federer biggest stars ready to serve up an ace at uopen i am going to head outside work on my serve. back in a minute.
8:49 am
>> world number one into u.s. open not only trying to repeat appreciative triumph about the djokovic serena playing. the world number one returns to new york looking for her 23rd major crown, serna if a 7th time will break tie with everest for the most victories at american majors men's side djokovic can join federer as only man in the open air to win three grand slam titles calendar year 3 times. >> looking to bounce back after going out early at wimbledon and in first round to the olympics in rio -- ♪
8:50 am
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8:53 am
. maria: we are back now live on fox news channel and fox business network, with two-time uas he openly champion tracey austin serving tips before head-to-head with the crew. >> maria bartiromo playing hers. >> thank you very much -- >> doing part time, and thanks for joining us. >> a special guest. >> [laughter] >> number one recruit -- >> your daughter great player 25,th in country. >> wow. >> two children -- >> next one on the way -- >> he hello people. >> yes. >> joining us -- you can't
8:54 am
throw up high enough i like to really get into it. >> and -- how many -- >> here, keep up -- let me do show outside in the summertime barbecue concerts. >> absolutely. >> early in the morning. >> yes. >> i am actually involved in a movie doing my role. >> cool what movie. >> called let there be light kevin sorbo. >> we heard about it over weekend. >> you are involved in the movie consider what does that mean in the movie? >> financing -- >> in a minute -- >> very minor role. >> i think you should take tracey off it. >> we got to have business channel take on fox, fox news, and the college hoop player, sean hannity represent fox
8:55 am
news. >> really -- >> putting my phone down brian who goes first. >> okay. >> tracey -- >> got it down, i got it -- >> take the shot first. >> no maria. >> here we go. >> -- the heck out of it as if mad at somebody. >> whoo-hoo! . >> how one more? >>ma rea wants to go now. >> very focused i like it. >> you know. >> all right i like higher, then i can -- >> the higher. >> like that, hoo higher
8:56 am
netting at the top. >> whoa. >> one more. >> that was not a good one. >> another one. >> there -- all right. >> all right. thank you. >> there you go. >> pop up in any case gently. >> 31 miles an hour. >> all right. >> whoa. >> we're gonna go for -- >> ♪ ♪
8:57 am
♪ ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all
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>> hi, welcome back. it's a gorgeous day outside. and come out and enjoy the day. thanks so much for joining us, we're going to thank our friends at fox and friends.
9:00 am
it was fun to practice my serve there and thank tracy austin joining us ahead of the u.s. open. and my guests, harlan hill and and have a great day everything, hope it's successful and over to stuart with "varney & company." over to you. stuart: i want to see you serve again. maria: up together down together. stuart: you do it very well. maria: i did it in high heels though, so, that's --. stuart: no wonder it didn't show up. thank you indeed. good morning, everyone. breakout week in politics? maybe. trump's going on the attack, $10 million worth of new tv ads. a policy statement on illegals coming this week and a speech a the a black church in detroit. hillary doing nothing, spending today and tomorrow fund raising and new e-mails show foundation donors wanted to play for the payment they had made.


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