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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 29, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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there and thank tracy austin joining us ahead of the u.s. open. and my guests, harlan hill and and have a great day everything, hope it's successful and over to stuart with "varney & company." over to you. stuart: i want to see you serve again. maria: up together down together. stuart: you do it very well. maria: i did it in high heels though, so, that's --. stuart: no wonder it didn't show up. thank you indeed. good morning, everyone. breakout week in politics? maybe. trump's going on the attack, $10 million worth of new tv ads. a policy statement on illegals coming this week and a speech a the a black church in detroit. hillary doing nothing, spending today and tomorrow fund raising and new e-mails show foundation donors wanted to play for the payment they had made.
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there is, however, ladies and gentlemen, another headline and this has set the world in politics and sports on fire. colin kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback who will not stand up are to the national anthem. without getting into the argument, the uproar this created, kaepernick's sit-down is a commentary on eight years of the president's hope and change. surely america elected a black president with the hope that race relations would turn positive. they have not. and the president must take some of the blame. he's come out as a supporter of black lives matter, so has kaepernick. we have note been united, we have been further divided, and now, a big name sports star refuses to respect the flag on the grounds that people of color are oppressed. that may be brought into the election. hillary clinton has not addressed black lives matter, she called donald trump a racist. we did hope better than that, didn't we?
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"varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ we were opening that market ever so slightly higher long before the holiday weekend. in the background. the world central bankers are asking government officials for help. they are out of ammunition and maybe a tax cut is the next step forward, we shall see. maybe that's wishful thinking. take a look at oil. iraq's producing a lot more of it. conoco phillips glut goes into next year and prices are lower. we're back down to 46 a barrel. strong dollar not helping either. gasoline, 2.21. that's the national average for regular and now only three states below two bucks a gallon and that number keeps on shrinking. i paid a buck 85, however, in new jersey. >> still pretty good. >> now, this, serious stuff.
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politics come to perform. san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick will continue to sit through the national anthem because he stands with the oppressed. roll tape. >> i'll continue to sit and i'm going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me, this is something that has to change and when there's significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way that it's supposed to, i'll stand. >> okay. and my esteemed colleague is here, david. welcome to the program. i want you to take this further. we know what he did, what he's going to do in the future. where is this whole situation going in your opinion? >> well, let me tie a couple of things together. we can talk about the free market response because of course, the jerseys and the sales. colin kaepernick doesn't stand for the matter and brings black lives matter on the stage.
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dwyane wade's cousin is shot by two men in chicago. colin kaepernick, beyonce, the black lives matter on stage at the vma's, are they going to nakia's aldridge's funeral and what will they say. >> kaepernick won't stand for the anthem. and beyonce, black lives matter. >> and the shooting-- >> a tragic killing of a woman with her stroller, happens to be dwyane wade-- >> you're speculating that-- >> i'm speculating they won't. my point is what is the action they take. he has a right not to stand. americans have raised their right hands and given him that right to defend the constitution and beyonce can say whatever she wants.
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she'll sell music and she'll go back to the mansion and the black lives matter will go back to their neighborhoods and black lives matter will go to broken neighborhoods in cities. not all of them, but what do they stand for when you have a mother murdered in chicago. stuart: fair question. by two black men. the tragedy, you have two black men having a shootout. a mother walking her child is killed, happens to be dwyane wade's cousin. that makes news. how many other mothers or children or fathers or sons or daughters or otherwise didn't make the news that were shot in chicago? this is the failure of action, rather than just political ploys and selling music. stuart: what about hillary clinton? will she be asked about this? of what occasion could anybody ask? this is the video music awards you're looking at now. the lights go from white to red as the people are theoretically shot on the stage. where is hillary-- i mean, we know what trump's
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doing. trump is going to a black church in detroit come saturday the end of this week. what's hillary doing? is she going to say absolutely nothing? nothing at all? >> no, she doesn't have to because she has the backing of the leftist establishment and that simply want her to get elected and she plays ftse with the black lives matter movement and so does the president who endorses them and the congressional black caucus. >> the end result there, only a little time here. is the end result that 90% of the black vote still goes to hillary clinton and the democrats? >> yes, i think a large amount does, i think, that trump has started to break the narrative and he's going to a black church in detroit. barack obama went to reverend wright's church look at the difference in the two churches and what came out of those pulpits. trump is engaging the community and i know many who work for him from all ethnicities.
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and the head of the trump foundation is a black woman. who is running the clinton foundation, people like mccauliffe. the disparity is in how the action comes out of these people. stuart: and david webb, thank you. and week three, headed to detroit on-- and the pastor of the first baptist church in dallas, a fox news contributor. donald trump has nothing to lose by doing this, does he? >> no, he doesn't and he has lots to gain and the real story here, stuart, is the inroads trump is making with the african-american community. the latest polls i saw today has him at 8% of the african-american vote. but that doesn't sound like much, but it's more than mccain or romney had. i think the democrat party is apoplectic over this because they consider african-americans
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their exclusive demographic and it's just not proven to be that way. stuart: i take issue with that, robert. that's only 8%. and you're ten weeks away from the election. that's not a significant proportion of the vote going to, black vote going to donald trump. >>, but, stuart, he could triple that amount and the african-american is still just 13% of the electorate. so even if he triples that amount it's not going to move the needle much, but i think it's symbolic how trump is appealing not just to one group of americans, but all americans. stuart: the real thing is david webb's point my colleague here with us a moment ago, will trump with this move change the narrative? he's started, what have you got to lose. and look what happens after the years of democrat rule. and donald trump could change the narrative between the republican party and black america? >> i think that's true. i think it changes the narrative and look, it's not just white americans that are concerned about national
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security and the economy. i think all americans are concerned about the issues that donald trump is addressing, they're tired of the status quo. they're ready for a change and i feel very optimistic about what donald trump is doing. stuart: all right. pastor. thank you very much for joining us as always on a monday morning. thanks. >> thank you. stuart: two new scandals linked to the clinton foundation. a hezbollah supporter gave money to the foundation and three other donors gave tens of millions of dollars. they wanted to sit next to the chinese premier. i wonder if they got their wish. meanwhile, another texting scandal involving anthony weiner, he's married to hillary's top aide, huma abedin. we have the latest on the scandal. and a county muslim woman wants a ban on the burkini. that's the outfit some women use to cover up on the beach. she says the burkini has nothing to do with islam or faith. she's on our show this hour.
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and over the top of this, a helicopter rescue in the mountains. a 44-year-old tourist stuck in a crevice, and the pilot has to go backward and pick up the tourist in about a minute and fly her off to safety. wonder if we could hold the video, have we got the time before the commercial break. it's about to leave, about to leave. and have they got her? >> i can't look. ashley: right now. stuart: all right now. [laughter] well, the video-- we've got it, we've got it. let's go to the break and make some money. here we go. [laughter] . ♪
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>> the rights will reach its goal of taking in 10,000 syrian refugees.
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>> 10,000 today. the latest group coming to california and virginia from jordan. authorities say despite critics, police, there could be terrorists involved there, they go through the most exhaustive screening, and hundreds have been denied entry based on rigorous security checks. however, you know, there are those-- 4.8 million syrian refugees at the u.n. supporters of the u.s. stepping up like this is that they say it's just a fraction of the number of refugees out there. but 10,000 was the goal. president obama one year ago and we reached that mark today. stuart: dare i ask how many of the 10,000 are christians who are true. ashley: a very small percentage. stuart: precisely. 70 days to the election and donald trump will give a big speech on illegal immigration and he'll do that on wednesday in arizona. this is trump from saturday. roll tape. >> my goal is to provide good
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jobs and even great jobs. good schools and say to every hispanic community, african-american community in the country. but really, what is it? it's to every community. every single community. we can't do that if we don't secure our border. on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. stuart: okay, you heard it, swiftly removing. walid phares joins us now. they'll say that he's flip-flopping because he's not going to get and organize in deportation force he spoke of some time ago. that's what they'll say and you say what? >> well, those who would say that basically are his opponents and of course they're going to say that, whatever he says they're going to say he's flip-flopping, not going to make it. beyond that, the major difference between mr. trump's platform and his opponent is
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the principle and the principle is, as you just mentioned and he will be addressing this, this week. illegal immigration. first, the other side is talking about, you know, undocumented immigrants. so, that part of the problem of not just this wave of the 10, 11 million which we need to address and find solutions to, but what about the next wave? if we don't find a structural, strategic resolution for this group we're faced with the other group and the third group and it's not any more an issue of immigrants, it's an issue of international borders. stuart: i think this is your answer, is to create safe zones in what you used to be syria, iraq, and maybe parts of jordan, safe zones for these refugees where they're free from intimidation of islamist forces. i know that mr. trump is not going to propose that, that's the line of thinking, isn't it? >> well, of course, when it
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comes to immigrants or refugees coming from overseas specifically from syria and those areas, well, of course, this should have been the case, even before this candidacy, these were the ideas that should he been applied by the obama administration since 2012. and they were and are areas in syria that could accommodate millions of refugees and huge budgets in europe ready to fund them and support them, but what does not exist is the political decision making process here in washington d.c. stuart: can you give us any hint of any surprises that we might hear from mr. trump on wednesday in his illegal immigration speech? >> i can give hints, but the logic of the speech is about what the american public needs to hear from his first about the negative elements in the immigration population, around the world. we will have immediate steps with regard to criminal elements. at the same time the humane dimension how to deal with the community you'll hear about this week.
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stuart: walid phares, always a pleasure, thank you so much. >> thank you. stuart: and now, two tropical depressions, one heads from the carolinas, one to the gulf coast. they are not tropical storms yet, but obviously, everybody is thinking and watching and worrying, a lot of rain. and chaos at lax, reports of shots being fired. 23 flights diverted. cops going through the terminals and guns drawn. people running away. eventually they got all of an individual in a costume wielding a plastic sword. ashley: like that jfk chaos. stuart: a guy with a plastic sword. hillary is in the new york area raising money from the rich, that's today and tomorrow. two new scandals linked to the clinton foundation which we will reveal in a moment. when you have something you love,
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>> hillary clinton thinks she's entitled to be president. she is thinks she's above the law. so far she's proven that. but the truth is is just the opposite. her criminal conduct at home and her failed interventions overseas simply make her unfit, she's unfit to serve in the oval office. stuart: we would really like to put hillary clinton and what she's had to say on the issues on your screen, but she doesn't
9:23 am
say anything. that's why it's all sound bites from trump. meanwhile, hillary is fund raising some more today in the new york area. she's said to have raised millions just over the weekend in the hamptons playground for the rich. meanwhile, two new scandals are linked to the clinton foundation. two of them and e-mack's got details liz: it's a nigerian descent. he grew up in lebanon and made millions in construction and oil deals in nigeria. he gave one million dollars up to, to the global initiative. up to 5 million to the clinton foundation. two problems he's in political alliances with hezbollah and lebanon, that's what the l.a. times accuses him of. secondly the nigerian government forced him to give back $65 million that was stolen out of nigeria and ended up in his bank accounts. so he's expected to cleptochats
9:24 am
in nigeria. stuart: scandal number one. >> and huma abedin top aide to clinton and does work for the clinton foundation. and got the xi state dinner with the white house, and top executive at the rockefeller foundation and western union, they gave upwards of $31-- those companies, $31 million to the clinton foundation. stuart: and then they wanted to go through huma to get near from china-- >> anthony weiner another sexting scandal. he's married to hillary's top aide, huma abedin. ashley: this is the third final for anthony weiner. forced to resign as a congressman when the first scandal broke. then he made a run for new york
9:25 am
mayor and had to bail out under another sexting scandal and number three, explicit photos to a woman multiple times and admitted that he and the woman had quote, been friends, but never met in person though the post has reported that he's invited her multiple times to come to new york. it's the long suffering huma abedin, who she is $. stuart: she is mrs. weiner. ashley: mrs. weiner. stuart: and she's the top aide, who may be the future president of the united states of america liz: this is dangerous what anthony weiner-- >> he sent one of the pictures with him. stuart: we've got to go because we've got to tell you that the market is going to open and virtually flat this morning. tim cook cashing in 36 million of apple stock. the new iphone comes out in a couple of weeks. how about that? and meanwhile, nfl great joe
9:26 am
theisman on the show, his thoughts on kaepernick there all in a few minutes. ♪ ♪ good, good vibration
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>> all right. this is a monday morning, right before long holiday weekend. loads of people on vacation, but you know what? we're going to dig up some excitement for you. and the stocks will take on a move and you're going to be glued to-- it's 9:30 exactly. off bee -- we go. we're flat-- no, up 28 points, 26 points, okay, we'll take it. the dow 30 shows mostly in the green. s&p 500 down a fraction, .1%. nasdaq broke an eight-week winning streak. back off and running and some point 1%. gold continues its retreat. i'm surprised about that. more later. how about oil? definitely in retreat. $46 per barrel. who is with us on a monday morning before a long holiday weekend? ashley is here, liz is here, scott shellady and you can't keep that guy away and keith fitz. all of them joining us on a monday morning.
9:31 am
all right, the world's central bankers are asking elected officials for help. that's what they're doing this monday. i say, the help the economy needs really is a tax cut. shot shellady, i could get you fired up about that surely. they're starting to realize if the monetary policy-- we're not going to do anything about it, are we until sometime next year after the election and that's the problem. so wait until the big central banks realize that quantitative easing doesn't work and the markets are immune to it, that's what we have to worry about. stuart: keith, am i right, if a tax cut program, wherever, is the next option available? because as scott says, you know, they've printed a ton of money, zero interest rates, negative interest rates, none of it's worked and i say that tax cuts are the only option
9:32 am
left. what say you? >> oh, i agree. here is the thing. if you're getting into the point of free markets, you know, to scott's point, you've got to shut down, get out of the way, it's a fiscal issue. tax incentives are very real because now, finally you're not talking about money in the government's pocket, but in individual's pockets. in company's pockets, that's where you're going to see the traction. stuart: i'm fired up about this, we've got 70 days before the election, ten weeks. i want something to do something about the tax we all face, the lethargy of economies around the world. what the devil, what are they doing? buy corporate bonds and-- >> that's what the federal reserve is discussing, buying more bonds. stuart: yes, they are. what is-- >> picking winners and losers there, yes. stuart: they will do anything, but cut taxes. ashley: yes. stuart: that would only benefit the wicked rich. i'm fired up, it's monday morning. i don't care if it's the summer doldrums, i'm not.
9:33 am
the dow industrials are up 41 points. and i almost stuck an adjective in there. [laughter] calm me down, scott, please calm me down. try harder. and 25 of the dow 30 are in the green, that means they're up. let me see the big tech stocks. apple is the laggard on the dow. will you look at the list, one of them is up liz: microsoft. stuart: microsoft. and i would get the trumpets, but not going to get them. . ashley: press the button, and no. [trumpets playing] >> the musicians are unionized and wouldn't play on prompt. united, two pilots suspected of being drunk. no impact on the stock, but you should see the travelers. >> that's in scottland liz: nearly a ten hour delay.
9:34 am
stuart: the stock just goes up. general motors recalls 368,000 suv's, yes, and to fix the windshield. help me, okay? >> there was that adjective. [laughter] >> you're going to get me in serious trouble. i've got one for you, gold, deutsche bank says it's going to $1700 an ounce and now it's 1324. get me out of this and what do you say, scott shellady? >> well, i'm always a little skeptical when the big investment banks give their ideas. goldman sachs has been very good at this, wanting everybody to rally up to 1700 so deutsche bank can sell their gold at 1700. however, i don't think we'll see inflation, i don't think we're seeing armageddon. because we will be very volatile the next eight to 12 months it's going to be gold. so i think $40, and flirt with 1300 and okay and put is bottom
9:35 am
in there. stuart: how about the health insurers. two headlines on obamacare, enrollments are way lower than expected and about a third of all the counties will be left with one plan available, a choice there. ashley: a couple of things, the number of people signing up are less than half of what's forecast and those health insurers in the exchanges are losing money hand over fist so they're bailing out. united health, humana, aetna, all bailing out. as you said, stu, by next year expected 31% of counties by next year will have just one option, a monopoly. >> i have a question. stuart: go ahead, scott. >> you know, i have a house in scottsville, arizona. the county has no more insurers, are they going to get fined? are you going to get fined? >> we've got an answer liz: if you don't have the insurance you have to pay the mandate tax. stuart: even if there's no insurance in your county.
9:36 am
ashley: low income people have to have a plan and now they're going to pay much shall much more in premiums and in deductibles. it's unaffordable. stuart: i noticed the health care stocks almost all of them were up because they're withdrawing from obamacare. keith, do you like-- is a health insurer the kind of stock that you would put money into now? >> i've got to tell you, stuart, no, it's not because the litigiousness of this thing stinks to high heaven. and it may be a broad decision whether to participate or not. from an investment decision, it constitutes risk and i don't like that stock. stuart: let's look at mylan. they have come out, i think, with a generic version of the epi pen at lower costs. some recovery there of about 2% this morning. they've had a brutal six months as i recall. how about glaxo, they're hoping to shake up hiv treatment. they've got a new pill. if they can treat hiv with a
9:37 am
two-drug regiment instead of a three-drug combination, some wall street analysts say it's a game changer. and the stock is up 5 cents. how about prada. a rosie outlook for stocks moving up 14%. a rosie outlook, up you go. ceasar's entertainment plunges to a 52-week low. it will have a lot of lawsuits because of bankruptcy fears. 20% down for caesar's entertainment. apple, tim cook selling shares, less than two weeks before the big apple iphone 7 event. do you read anything into the timing there, liz? >> well, it's a pre-set ceo plan. he made $36 million, but here is the thing. he's going to basically work 140 million just on shares alone. he got the money basically because he met performance goals. so, the stock is up nearly 70% over the last three years, but
9:38 am
off a fifth over the last year. stuart: i've got the front pages of the newspapers in front of me including the financial times and none of them are saying anything about the $36 million he's taken away. i propose if it was pa banker who was walking away with $36 million worth of stock that he'd sold, presumably-- liz: there might be fat cat banker pay hearings in washington. stuart: yes, there would be banker fat cat hearings. >> yes, there would. stuart: i'm hearing keith chiming in. get into it. >> absolutely. here is the thing, stuart, what tim cook is doing to liz's point is a carefully orchestrated plan lined up with shareholders over years. the banks were different. the banks had a make it now, take it now phenomenon and why there would be a perp walk, hearings, all kinds of things, and they'd be cashing out instantly leaving everybody else in the dust. stuart: well said. amazon is testing a 30-hour work week. what are they up to? >> well, they're going to of
9:39 am
actual teams on a 10 to 2 schedule. not bad, monday through thursday. if you think it's because they don't want to pay them full-time benefits, not the story because they pay full benefits to part-timers as well as full-timers. they say it's part of an effort to attract tech talent. they're under pressure from start-up companies and big tech companies and look it, a full-time schedule is not one size fits all and they're experimenting with a 30-hour week to see if that would appeal to some of of the folks there, saying i could work with that. stuart: they want to retain staff. that's what it's for, okay. and the stock is at 770 this morning. barron's says its cost cutting and growth could left semantic shares. they're the norton people. nicole: we're looking at tech security, specifically, growing at a speedy pace, so much is to
9:40 am
be invested on this group, area, rather than 84 last year. and this stock could grow 25%. here is why, cost cutting and growth in the business, malware according to piper jaffray, that's changing every 12 hours. they think that the norton anti-virus software they have is among the leading product and they talked about a few things here. acquisitions, leadership, advanced systems, and they say barron barron's symantec is a winner. stuart: got it. take a look at gun stocks, a surprising extraordinary number for you, gun ownership rises to 44% of all homes. now, look, the stocks are mixed this morning, not smith & wesson, that's niceliment all of the gun stocks have done extremely well in the obama years, especially in the last couple of years, but what's the-- 44% of homes have a gun
9:41 am
liz: yeah, that comes from pew research. reputable research. we've been talking about gun ownership in the mid 30 range. a jump to 44% we haven't seen that in this country. for than four out of ten households have a gun. stuart: that's extraordinary. that statistics. thank you for livening up a monday morning before a holiday weekend. look at this, 11 minutes into the session up 80 points. what are you talking about, stuart, doldrums? get out of here. [laughter] and now this, donald trump out front in the media-- outfront of the media, i should say. he's giving policy speeches. hillary clinton no formal press conference since december 2015, i wonder why. and a new york team beating
9:42 am
south korea, and the tournament started in early june and with 7500 teams. one team left standing, the u.s. team by the way, an american team has not won this since 2011. let them celebrate. ♪ (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at
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>> look who is at the vatican today. do you know who it is without his hoody, mark zuckerberg and wife priscilla. ashley: we're told it's an informal meeting. it was in where the pope lives and they sat down and chatted and the meeting was how to use technologies to alleviate
9:46 am
poverty and make a message of hope arrive. stuart: he's dressed up for the pope liz: a model of the drone that's going to put the internet around the world. stuart: and donald trump is giving a policy speech. he's out in front. hillary clinton is fund raising over the weekend and today and tomorrow and silent on the issues. she hasn't given a formal press conference since december of 2014, i think it was liz: 15. stuart: 2015. no liz: a news conference, press conference. stuart: since 2014. 260 days way back to 2014. anyti anytie-- anyway it's been a long time. byron york. long time. here is my theory, hillary clinton will not give a press conference certainly not before the election, whichhe gives too much risk.
9:47 am
wii gives advantage to donald trump. >> it's a good theory, why should she give a press conference. she's leading and doing well in the polls. trump has confused himself and stepped over himself in a variety of appearances him and top aides in the last week. all hillary clinton has done is laid back and gone to fundraisers. more seriously, i think perhaps the clinton campaign is looking at the traditional press conference is a vestige of the past, the president comes out and calls on them one by one, we don't need to do that, we're fine without it. stuart: but it gives an opportunity to donald trump in the debates. he can press the issues and press the questions and september 26th, what less than a month away basically. do you share this-- i've got another opinion to chuck at you. i think obamacare and its failures offer a golden
9:48 am
opportunity to donald trump and its a vulnerability for hillary clinton. obamacare is winding down. >> you're totally right on this. i just wrote about it today, kind of baffling about the trump campaign because obamacare is in deep trouble. a lot of the this nation's top insurers are pulling out of the exchanges. the number of people purchasing coverage through the exchanges is far, millions and millions less than anticipated. not only are premiums going up but as we've talked about before, deductibles have gone up. some people are almost self-insuring. this is something really, really bad and i went back and i looked at the last ten speeches donald trump gave and some of them he mentioned it not at all and most of them he said five or six words, we're going to repeal obamacare, this is a huge for republicans not only is president clinton's signature initiative failing,
9:49 am
but democrats own it 100% and it baffles me that donald trump isn't making more about obamacare's failures. stuart: i think he will. a speech about obamacare that could ring some bells. at your prompting, byron, i'm sure that's what he'll do. >> maybe they're listening. stuart: maybe, i think they are. byron york, thanks for being with us at always. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: the dow 30, we're up 77 points for the dow and expect most of the 30 stocks to be in the green and yes, indeed, they are, that's a fine looking chart for a monday morning. >> yes, it is. stuart: nigel farage the guy who led the u.k. out of europe, says that donald trump will be the in you ronald reagan. and this lady was banned by facebook, why she wants a complete ban on the burkini. how about that. i have asthma...
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♪ i think so i recognize that, isn't that stevie winwood? "higher love", that's what the prompter says. the dow is up and that's what
9:54 am
the prompter says as well. caesar's one year entertainment, a low because of bondholders. because of the lawsuits they're worried about a bankruptcy, it's down 16%. look at this, please, a church in philadelphia, landsdown street if you know the area, we'll keep an eye on it for you. that was a church. france high ees highest adminis rules the burkini's, you can't ban them. join us is a conservative who wants the burkini banned. good to have you with us. >> thank you, thanks for having me. stuart: you're an american muslim and you're described as a conservative. would you ban the burkini in america? if so, why? >> absolutely. the burkini has nothing to do with religion. it has nothing to do with islam. so france's ruling that it should-- the ban should be reversed is actually based on a false
9:55 am
premise and that is that it's religious discrimination. the burkini piggybacks off the burqa, there's nothing that says that we should have our hair covered in extremes or a uniform to wear in order to appear to our face-- >> it's a matter of individual freedom, shouldn't be he we be allowed to wear the clothing we wish to wear at the beach? >> of could,women should be able to wear what they want, but the idea that it's part of islamic law or faith is a false premise. nothing in the koran that says we should be covered to this extreme. it's a false premise. stuart: you're got to be popular with conservative muslims here or overseas, i'm sure you're getting feedback. >> yeah. stuart: i believe you were banned from facebook for five days. >> yes. stuart: because you exposed the harassment of a prominent leader. explain what's going on, please?
9:56 am
>> yeah, so of course there's always pushback, but i find that, you know, the people who push back the most are the so-called moderates in america. the glorified progressives. they're what i call the faux progressives in that they appear americanized and dress americanized their minds are back in the century. and the views on reform, it got me banned on facebook and i had to fight and rally around my right to be heard and this is in america. in america, there's more contentious battle in terms of, do we have a right to be critical thinkers? we do. i get hundreds of messages from around the world and middle east and in south asia and those people want voices for freedom. that's why trump's radical spislam ch is so prominent voices-- >> zuhdi jaffer on the program,
9:57 am
he's a voice and more people are urging that your voice being heard more because we want to hear more of it. >> that's the plan and i think with a president trump we can have that and finally get a seat at the table. if obama and hillary it's impossible to get reformers at the table. we've had absolutely no coverage or support whatsoever. if we want to hear voices from islam reformers, we need a president trump. stuart: thank you. that's an interesting point. you want a seat at the table. and you think that donald trump will give it to you. >> absolutely. stuart: thank you. liz: good point of view. stuart: yes, indeed. the do you have industrials monday morning, we're almost a half hour into the session and we're up 77 points. we will take it. and next hour we'll take joe theisman's opinion on joe kaepernick and hear from him on
9:58 am
donald trump. hour two is next.
9:59 am
10:00 am
tree and to you now, it seems like rule reversal appeared a year ago, donald trump is vigorously attacking his political opponents. all about trying to brace personality. that was a year ago. hillary clinton is all about policy. she didn't stoop to name-calling. fast-forward to today and the candidates basically looks like change places. sticking to a policy script. he's out making speeches about the economy, taxes than this week on illegal immigration. saturday he goes to a black church in detroit. he is reigning in the name-calling and abrasive personalities. hillary, staying silent on policy, never holding a press conference i'm doing a lot of name calling herself.
10:01 am
what a switch. trump clearly believes that to win the presidency he must change his approach. hillary believes that to stay ahead she must attack trump personally, rarely mentioned policy and never hold a press conference. this weekend i was driving around suburban new jersey in rural upstate new york. what struck me was the absence of upper stickers and yard signs. i know it's early, but in most elections for political signs went up right after the conventions. i did a lot of driving. one trump bumper sticker. one trump yard sign. not a single hillary sticker or sign. this is not a scientific survey. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ 198 --
10:02 am
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stuart: 34 minutes into the trading session.
10:05 am
80 points. the price of oil down this morning, swimming in the stuff. goes down to 46. why is the stock market up? liz: positiveness coming out of wall street that the markets could digest of a tie for 50-point rate hike at the concert december. it's not that big of a deal. there's no corporate earnings coming out right now. some economic indicators show more positive signs. translate that information. consumer spending, wage growth is. the chance of a september rate hike up to 42% did in you know, you think that would be bad news because it's going to get more expensive to borrow, but the market reacting this way. as for oil, out the window because there is growing skepticism and there should have been in the first place some
10:06 am
sort of organized production next month. ashley: -- train to the big powerbroker saying it will handle more percentage point rise in september. ip go. stuart: i change my voicemail. i've got a serious story here. this is breaking news. the fbi investigating the hacking of two state election databases. liz: illinois and arizona. in july the state election system was shut down for 10 days. 200,000 voters had their person information stolen. in the coterie of alleged hacker is, it could a russia. this is dangerous because what is happening is the number of swing states in putting pennsylvania had no paper voting touchscreens in their computerized. the fbi is saying now and all hands on deck called skull state
10:07 am
election system, see if you've been hyped primacy of your voter information has been doling. train to back it up to with the result here that is the problem. the integrity of the system. political headlines. the latest real clear politics average of national polls shows donald trump still treating hillary clinton six-point .2 has been that way for a couple of weeks. lee carter focus groups. he hasn't moved the needle into, going on three weeks of the new trump. what do you make of that? >> a couple things. he has lived in florida, pennsylvania and ohio any suppose the gap because those are the most important states. train to the polls have moved more towards him. >> yes and if you look at the overall trend, 538 min felber combines, take a look. hillary is having to try and just a little bit down.
10:08 am
i'm not going to sugarcoat it and say he's doing really, really well. that said, he was diving and a stabilized. right now he took the last week. he was quiet in trying to let the news about hillary clinton absorbed into the people, and into the butter and electorate in the media is able to cover a more. and now he's going to make it appear that this week and talk about immigration, an issue very important to americans. we will start to see some impact in the polls after labor day. i'm not sure how much, but anything can happen right now. stuart: you do focus groups. i know you focus on the independence, the yellow line on your charts. how are the independence trending? >> that is what it's been so interesting is his last independence right after because hillary clinton's convention finish. 10 days for the independence would not respond to anything donald trump was saying. recently when he was talking
10:09 am
about the economy and getting back to the message of making america great, economy, jobs, they started to pull within an resume. he has to keep his foot out of his mouth, continue to talk about policies and in many ways, allowed the media cycle to cover things happening with hillary clinton. she has real likability enlisting hillary clinton declined just a day. stuart: misguided. i want to see sundials from yours on the movement. >> later this week. stuart: donald trump decide the legal immigration this one day in arizona. joining us now from steve cortez that the hispanic advisory. steve, so far i have not seen any suggestion that his outreach to hispanics is working. as far as i can see, he is still getting killed in the hispanic vote. >> way. we don't see evidence he had.
10:10 am
first of all, it doesn't mean it's not worth trying. the right thing to do for america and even with hispanics that will, but even if it does and it's going to signal to other americans that we take seriously the plight of people of color in this country. it's not good at the present time. but i was late to fellow hispanics that politically we care most about right now is economic growth. this has been an incredibly slow growth recovery. if you are an owner of assets, if you're already successful, you can earn well this administration. if you are strieber, down at baby gap. you are struggling in mike in behind in this recovery. hispanics have household wealth one 10th that of white americans. i would say we have to try something new and different. fresh ideas that can make america great again, it can make america grow again.
10:11 am
>> urate hispanic on the counselor. but in on one side. also a money guy. you are in the financial field. i say that central banks and governments all around the world of printed money, and see her interests, negative interest rate. none of it is working. i say the big thing we could do here is skype taxes then that would make an enormous difference to our economy and our morale. >> stuart, i say amen. it's not monday morning. it is sunday morning. you are preaching to the choir. they are good. i was just talking to the lack of growth, slow growth in slow growth and issue a central banks around the world. there is a common factor in a central planning, the failure of central planning. government ever creates growth. i think we have seen for years as your interest rates are negative pictures straight,
10:12 am
that's not what is going to create real underlying growth. with that money and ordinary americans pockets. what is the quickest way to do that? tax-cut. we desperately need tax-cut. stuart: with any kind of tax-cut primarily go go to the top 20% of income earners because they are the one who pay all the income taxes. if you cut taxes to them, how does that money to the pocket of the other 60, 70, 80% of the population? >> those are primarily the folks that employ people. whether it's the entrepreneur who wants to expand at a giant corporation with billions of dollars overseas because our punitive tax and will repatriate that money is given if given the chance with a reasonable 50% tax rate in latin america again. we can make iphones in america. i'm convinced, though we can't
10:13 am
do it under the tax regime. i believe that tax reform, simpler, flatter, lower taxes. donald trump day one has been hammering this point home. >> if the election were held today, what percentage of the hispanic vote cap? >> today we been the only in the lower 20s. if we get anywhere near 40 we win the election. stuart: got it. steve cortez, thank you indeed. it looks as though we see the long anticipated collapse of obamacare. several news items i'm not. could we have on the vegas? >> it's happening in several important electoral states. north carolina, florida, philadelphia seeking one insurer in the obamacare exchange. it's nonpartisan. it's the go to site and the research effort. 31% of u.s. counties will have
10:14 am
one insurer. we've been talking about obamacare creating monopolies and insurers, dominating these markets. price hikes, the fact you have to pay a mandate. you can't get the insurance anyway. this is a serious election issue or hillary clinton. the enrollment starts a week before the election day. stuart: look at this speed on price. they've been losing on obamacare. they are losing money and withdrawing in the stack is. liz: the cbo's 24 million. this less than half. it's not reading a success. hillary clinton has not been saying. the people signing up. look at this.
10:15 am
45 minutes into the trading session and just the slowest week of the year. it could be that if anybody buys anything in a very slow market, i can see that. some broker on the beach calls them for 100,000 microsoft shares and it goes straight. make that call, mr. broker. the price of gold, 1325. outside of god. president obama used an executive order friday to create the world's largest ocean reserve in the hawaii pacific. >> the national monument extending the area being protect dave by 400,000 square miles. basically what it does is to ban all commercial fishing or drilling. opposition to this including many democrats, by the way say they will hike prices for fish
10:16 am
and cause increases to import names because they can't get the fish from the local area around this monument. it is now almost 600,000 square miles. stuart: it cannot be commercially fish. off the top of my head i'm in favor of this kind of thing because i'm an out or cry. they have natural beauty like you wouldn't believe. on the other hand, not so sure i like the idea of the said doing everything. stuart: you've completely ignored all the local residents and the impact it will have with the swipe of a pen that is made it so. stuart: i've got to get to the story, which frank lee -- liz: is not a famous french economist?
10:17 am
train to his name is colin kaepernick. he is sitting down during the national anthem and he says he's going to keep on sitting down during the national anthem. he is protesting police violence, what he says is police violence against minorities. he is protesting people of color. that is what he is saying. the coolest that best to concentrate on this issue? you know this man. attendant colonel ralph peters. i think it's appropriate that you comment on why it colin kaepernick is doing and what it tells us about obama's america appeared go. the floor is yours. >> stuart, and certain that you and every member of the panel this morning would agree with me we need to sympathize and pacific time. a victim of the american venture secret should system.
10:18 am
america is bad. they don't teach you anything about the world. he's a victim of political correctness. refuses to allow to discuss openly. but daniel patrick moynihan raised over half century ago. and so, to be very, very honest, of course i was offended. he does have the legal right and moral right to set up the national anthem. my reaction when i first thought this was that guy needs to get out. he thinks minorities are oppressed in the united states? i've been around the world. i worked in africa, asia, south america, europe. there is no place on merit. the world is never going to be completely fair. but nowhere else will minorities have greater opportunities. we have a black president, to the attorney general's in a row. you had a black chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. black legislators and other
10:19 am
minorities. it is in the democratic party, which keeps blacks down with unsafe streets and terrible schools. the opportunities are there. the jobs that they are, but you can't be a felon. you can't drop out of school. you need skills in the democratic party policies for over half a century of a smiling and saying it's going to be wonderful you have heard america's minorities. >> well, i give you the floor and you took it. you remember hussein bolz, fastest human being on the planet, fantastic guy. he's giving an interview at the olympics after he's won something. here is the background of america's national anthem. he stops the interview. he's a jamaican. the respectful of america's national anthem. i think the two sounded very,
10:20 am
very sharp contrasts. i did research and africa. at the end of the day, i wound up having beers with the tour guides with the two workouts has courted af heritage tours. they were just bewildered. they couldn't understand it. they thought the americans were the lucky ones. i think that all of us, black, white, hispanic, all of us and make chance individuals of all colors of persuasions have here and we are and i'm grateful people no matter the color of our skin. stuart: by the way, a really good looking one day a promise we will give a thorough review of this program. ralph peters, thanks very much.
10:21 am
up 91 points. how about 92 points. donald trump has some problems with minority voters, but he also has trouble with another group to his discuss the board of catholic voters. that is next. [ yes. yes. ] uhhh, you're really getting the hang of this. anncr: want feedback that helps? verified reviews. another reason to join angie's list for free. this new ac guy is not that good.
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coverage compass™ gives you the policy information you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: the backwards importers of herbal life has been going for a year or two. carl icahn said last week did not attempt to sell the shares and instead 2.3 million more shares. the stock slipped 2.3%. look at the headline to the post. donald trump has a massive catholic problem. lee carter is here.
10:25 am
number one, what is this catholic problem? number two, is it a problem for donald trump? >> to say it is a problem, traditionally it would've been a problem because republicans have won the catholic vote five or six times out of the last 11. find within two points of the catholic vote. i think people are allowed to make decisions elsewhere. what i think is donald trump isn't necessarily according cap the voters are the traditional republican voters. is that the crisis? i'm not necessarily sure. he's winning the under educated white male and that is something that traditionally he spent a lot of time courting minorities right now, talking about how he wants to elevate them and give them more jobs and more economic support. he's going after nontraditional voter bloc after nontraditional voter bloc and we haven't seen republican go after in quite some time.
10:26 am
stuart: i said earlier over the weekend i would do about it arriving in suburban new jersey united states new york. i was struck by how few yard signs i saw and how few bumper stickers i saw appeared i only saw one bumper sticker for trump and one yard for trump did nothing for hillary at all. >> i think it's very unusual. what we see right now is there's not a lot of it is yes and for hillary clinton. we wouldn't be seen in this area. i think there's a big enthusiasm gap. the strength of support just isn't there for maturity voters. stuart: nigel for roche, he says donald trump is the new ronald reagan, that he will get the country back to prosperity. nigel farage is blowing his own trumpet a time.
10:27 am
on the other side, hillary clinton, wal-mart, all the news conference. he will keep on fund raising. the mainstream media still very much on her side. back in a moment.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: mylan, the epipen people are coming out of a generic version. not helping this type down again. to the election. i would like to play the sound from hillary clinton. sort of always running donald trump sound. she continues to refuse to hold press conferences or is serious answers reporters questions on the campaign trail.
10:31 am
media host howard kurtz's thickness. howard, i don't think she will ever hold an old-style press conference where they just go at it because it's not in her entries. you wouldn't take the risk. when you say? >> ago that clinton was down in the polls by six, seven, eight points, she might have to rethink that. she did do a couple of phone interviews relatively brief with cable networks because she was pressed on that and she didn't give any. she made pretty clear this is not part of their media strategy analytics that she will go the rest of the campaign without holding a news conference. it's not to make journalists feel good or validated or important. it is to show you can answer these questions. >> bears for journalists that have come out and said we are not fair to donald trump. e.g. write a piece and those people should resign and get out
10:32 am
of the journalism business? >> what i said precisely as when jorge ramos, the univision anchor got on his high horse and set object is a must go out the window when it comes adult japanese made it clear he's opposed to donald trump and for lifting any restrictions on immigration. if jorge sm maker wants to continue to be an advocate of a campaign against donald trump, fine, but he should give up his anchor job. you shouldn't use the cloak of the maker to pretend to be objective because he so clearly has taken sides in the election. stuart: you're a middle-of-the-road guy. i don't think you have ever seen so much bias against donald trump in an election campaign ever before. i think you would agree with that. >> i've never seen such one-sided coverage. i think we should be fair to both candidates. by the way coming yesterday on "meet the press," barack obama's
10:33 am
former campaign manager: donald trump a psychopath. he's a partisan so we know what he's doing. i don't see any stories this morning they did he go too far? let hillary distanced herself or the other way around somebody called hillary clinton anything approaching psychopathic or sociopathic. we have a debate about it. stuart: you certainly would. mrs. anthony weiner, otherwise known as south three, i see it really pointed out that she is married to anthony weiner has just been involved in the third time. i would've thought that is a major story pitches the principal way to the woman who may well be the next president of the united states. kind of a handbag to the relationship we are looking at a screen now. >> first of all, when i saw the link to "the new york post" that
10:34 am
the latest excursions on twitter, i think it's going to be exaggerated. it's not. he's doing it again. i feel sorry for huma abedin because she's been through humiliation in the past. the insiders know but of course she's married to the former congressman. a lot of people may not know and because she is such an ardent person in hillary clinton's inner circle. stuart: i don't think you would nasty towards her by pointing out that her principal agents involved in the situation. i don't think i've bias at all. last word to you. >> she's only about a sense it's fair to say she's the victim of her has been as opposed to be in any kind of accomplice. is that part of the story? branding someone a democrat or republican it is. i'm amazed were going through this again. i thought we were done that. guess he's not going to run for mayor of new york.
10:35 am
stuart: thanks very much indeed. we appreciate you being with us. over the weekend ,-com,-com ma the british at the campaign later, at nigel farage wrote an op-ed in the daily mail and which he donald trump to ronald reagan. i spoke to nigel farage last week about that. watch this. >> what we saw with the complete scare mongering lies. it was called project fear. i said to the audience last night, you'll hear the same thing. if trump wins, we will bring the world closer to war and come to america. we will promise all the same things and i'm pleased to say that none of them have been. stuart: he did actually say that donald trump is the next ronald reagan or reaganesque. trump economic advisors steve morris with us this morning. you helped write donald trump's
10:36 am
economic plan and i think you gave to some degree copy ronald reagan's economic plan. it's right there, isn't it? >> by the way, other ipo, people say you're on the board as i sad on the stuart ernie show. millions of people are watching. 4% growth is like adding another california to the economy. is donald trump a break-in? of course we took a lot of the ideas. it worked. we had quarters of economic growth under reagan. five, six, seven, even 8% growth. you can look that up. i don't even believe that. stuart: i remember it. we were all astonished by. >> so yes, we are borrowing a lot of the ideas. we've moved away from that. an article over the weekend that in a lot of ways barack obama
10:37 am
has been the anti-reagan and we need to restore those ideas come to get government off the back of business, cut the tax rate, restore money. all of those are the pillar of growth. donald trump is not ronald reagan. i don't mean that in any way disparaging. he's a great man. i've come to admire him. he's certainly going to move this country in an amazing direction because he no-space mess. he knows hillary doesn't. stuart: i want to summarize donald trump would have three tax bracket. >> 33% would be the time. 33, 15 and 12. the most important thing is the business tax, which he reports every week on the show is the highest in the world and go from 35% down to 15. some of your viewers have asked me about this. is that for the big corporations like ge, apple and microsoft.
10:38 am
no, every single business. if you're a businessman or woman running a successful con me, you would get the 50% gray. we think when businesses have my money they can keep one of their own money, they will reinvest in their current may. elmar factories and bring in a lot of those companies back to the united states. in that way, remember reagan cut the highest income tax rates. from 70% down to 20%. user economic lesson today. when we did that, we doubled the tax revenues because the economy grew. stuart: you should be known as 4% in each of the next five years. cut the tax rate in half. don't forget that. >> in 2021 you'll be on the show september 1st. we are not getting 4% growth. i promise.
10:39 am
>> steve moore, see you again soon. it's that time. the sector report, please. amazon testing a plan for 30 hour work week. do they still get the same benefits as 40 hour week workers? >> they do. this is a very interesting part of it. they get the full salary, and the opportunities success and career growth. the same benefits, but what they don't get is a full salary. they work 30 hour work weeks to get 75% pay. it's interesting because their success and career paths seem to be fantastic at amazon. a year ago, "the new york times" wrote "the new york times" wrote up about amazon encouraging workers to work upwards of 80 hours. so they will get the full benefit, but they don't get the same pay. stuart: that's interesting. the stock is up almost seven.
10:40 am
i believe so. nicole, good news. we will take it. here's some days the news, especially the run of play. southwest airlines forced to make an emergency landing at one of the engines complete your during the flights. let the engine. how about that. here's the story everybody's talking about. quarterback colin kaepernick sits down during the national anthem. demanding social and racial justice. what does he think about that? all-time great quarterback is on the show talking about the catholic affair after this.
10:41 am
10:42 am
stuart: look at this. that's ashley. ashley: look at that. stuart: to british accents. two for one you could say. 91 points at 487. we've got so much on a very dull monday morning. ashley: of rate hike if there is a broker on the beach collimated the beach collimated by order and all of a sudden the market went up because the volume is so low. gasoline outcome of oil down. liz: look at that and a bag. stuart: people say this is not
10:43 am
an exciting week for the stock market. the dow was up 90 points. we will maybe explain it. we will also bring you the joe biden that is worth watching. stay there. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
10:44 am
stuart: this is a story that everybody is talking about this
10:45 am
morning. the cisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick sat down at the national anthem friday night and will continue to sit it out. he says he stands -- ironically he stands with the oppressed. this man is a legend. nfl quarterback joe theismann on the show this morning. always good to see you. >> always good to be here. thank you. obviously a total outsider to football, you know what i'm talking about. i know this issue. he's just ended his career. >> i don't believe he has ended his career. one of the things we have to understand a society has changed so dramatically that different individuals in different walks of life whether it be music, sports or politics as you know have had the ability to step up and say the things they want to say and they can continue on with their career. the fact that colin kaepernick can play quarterback will probably be a starter or backup
10:46 am
in san francisco still exists. he has every right in the world to express his opinion as an individual. i personally feel you chose the wrong time to do it. americans in the national anthem deserve respect. it two minutes of your life and in that regard you deserve to respect that because there are a lot of people in this country. a lot of people have freedom in this country to be able to fly that flag. i don't disagree with what he wants to do as far as raising social issues. we have a lot of problems but i don't agree with the way he went about it. stuart: he's going to boot off the field the next time he appears and is going to taint any site that he plays with her for. that is going to happen. >> it becomes a very difficult siation socially. but you have to understand is believed and what he did his 100%. i read some of the sappy sentiment into the things we've talked about. every issue he brings that is a
10:47 am
valid issue. he doesn't talk about the good the police do as well. stuart: i'm sorry to interrupt, colin kaepernick assigned about an thousand dollars for using a racial lawyer during a game of the chicago bears. he denies that he said it, but he was still fined $11,000. furthermore, he's been adopted young man, adopted by white parents. furthermore, he makes something in the order of night tv millions dollars a year. i've got to question the sentiment of a man or not position saying something like this. >> you do have to question that you look at the foreign and his belief in how he's changed. he has changed as an individual quite obviously because he's decided to express himself. stuart: do we want this? do we want major league sports stars to be going out and making
10:48 am
dramatic illegal statements. do we want this? >> whereof individuals are not what you have to understand. we thought at the music awards. people use the forum to express what they have. it is something we will have to look at and listen to. we make assessments going forward. what will happen after this? a lot of issues in different cities. the fact that he brought them up, they were there before and they will probably be there until we finally get together and work out problems that exist. we need leadership in this country that can help us solve some of the problems that he cites. sitting down for the national and the is not the right way to go about it. stuart: speaking of leadership. i have seen donald trump compared to ronald reagan now.
10:49 am
you were the world's best quarterback in the reagan years as i recall. do you think donald trump is a ronald reagan kind of guy? >> is a reagan mask? you have to wait and see. what he wants to do in this country to make this country better, make america great again, he's in the right direction. those people agree or disagree with. we have to understand it cannot be status quo. they exist in this country. there has to be a change in the late every things approach from health care, it needs to change. what scares me is donald trump is the guy to get it done. is it a continuation of the problems that exist? i think donald trump is a guy that can get it done. stuart: i have a feeling that
10:50 am
the word senator has a ring to it. i still want to be the ambassador. some of the greatest golf courses. all you've got to do is make a donation to the clinton foundation. stuart: joe theismann, everyone. good man. more "varney" after this. probably. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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10:54 am
go long™. ♪ stuart: you're an american one. you're described as they can but it. would you ban in america? if so, why? >> absolutely. it has nothing to do with islam. france is ruling that the ban should be reversed and actually pick is based on a false premise that it is religious. but a picky at the idea -- nothing in the koran says we should have our hair covered and such extremes are that we need a strict uniform to wear in order to adhere to our faith. stuart: i believe you are banned from facebook for five days because you expose the harassment of a prominent muslim leader. explain what's going on.
10:55 am
>> of course there's always pushback, but i find the people who push back the most are the so-called moderate in america, the glorified progressive. they are what i call the slow progress has been that they appear, dress americanized, but they are back in the 10th century. a very prominent figure decided to attack me for my views on reform and got me banned from facebook and has to rally around my right to be heard. i find that in america there is more of the contentious battle in terms of do we have a right to be critical thinkers? we absolutely do. i get hundreds of messages around the world in the middle east and south asia and most people want places. that's why the term radical islam is so prominent because it highlights minority places. stuart: we don't hear from you. a frequent guest on this program who is the voice of moderation. he's a big race opponent of political islam.
10:56 am
you are, too. frankly most people in america are urging that your voice be heard more because we want to hear more of that. >> at the plan. with president trump we can have that. we can get a seat at the table. it's been impossible for reformers to get a seat at the table. we've had absolutely no coverage, no support with the weather. if we want our voices from reformers, we need president trump. stuart: that's a very interesting point. we've not heard of before. you want to you want a seat at the table. thank you very much. appreciate it. ashley: that was the last hour. here's what is coming lieutenant colonel allen west has a strong opinion about colin kaepernick sitting down for the national anthem. the company that helped hillary clinton's grab the e-mail software for server, they even bragged about it online.
10:57 am
stuart is back with our three in three minutes. when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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11:00 am
hillary clinton who said she knows nothing about wiping e-mails from paper -- private servers. someone knew a lot about it. someone went out and looked for the total deletion program they can find. for the last few days we are been treated to a crash course. it is a program that somebody used so she cannot be held accountable. it really does delete forever. here is hillary's problem, why seek out us sophisticated program if all you are deleting his yoga e-mails the suspicion of course is that she is hiding more dirt.
11:01 am
it may explain why she never holds a press conference. how would she answer the charges. you will meet the cofounder. he is using the use of the where do you turn. serious questions are we about to elect a president under this kind of suspicion who never answers questions about it the third hour is about to begin. >> you are the official in charge. i am all about new beginnings a new grandchild another new hairstyle another e-mail account .
11:02 am
>> my e-mails are so boring i'm embarrassed about that so we've already released 30,000 plus. what's a few more. i recently launched a snapshot account i love it. those messages disappear all up by themselves. >> she was laughing off the e-mail scandal over the last couple years. they had used this in bleachbit to bleachbit to get rid of and delete forever 30,000 e-mails. guess who is with us now. our guest the creator and cofounder of bleachbit i think you are doing quite well with it. am i right in saying that this
11:03 am
is a software program and it absolutely deletes forever there is no way of getting it back. is that accurate? >> that is accurate. however it is important for the person to use it carefully. there are different ways to using the program. even god can't read these e-mails see you can gba and reengineer through various servers where it may have been launched. that can be done correct? what it can do is delete the data off of the server on which it was run. a challenge for hillary though
11:04 am
will be that e-mail she sent out into other parties that is beyond the scope. if you go wipe it off of one server like he wipe why can't you wipe it off of others. whenever an e-mail is sent from her server to another e-mail address it creates copies i assume that hillary clinton even herself doesn't had control over all of the third-party e-mail servers. they want to get rid of the information on a specific server forever that is the purpose. people use it for different reasons sometimes someone is just trying to clean up their system and make extra space however in hillary clinton's case it would be hard to argue on an e-mail server that
11:05 am
should be trying to make extra space. my understanding of the timeline is she was asked to turn over this information from the fbi. in that situation it's hard to imagine anything else other than trying to permanently lose information and since the story broke since it became almost a household name. i take it business is pretty good for you guys. it's priceless. everybody is talking about it. people are coming to bleachbit and download it.
11:06 am
it is designed specifically for desktops, laptops in it can work on servers also. how much do i pay because a lot of people would really like to get rid of some of the things we've said in messages and stuff . that's an interesting question. if hillary clinton was trying to cover up something she would buy an extensive tool to do this. it is free of charge. anyone can go and anonymously download it. we all had that. i can see how some people would install that permanently to get rid of everything that they could possibly get rid of to leave no trail whatsoever. i guess people do that don't they. some people run it every day.
11:07 am
thanks very much for being on the show. we appreciate it thank you very much. you thought this was the number --dash monday morning. certainly not. almost close to 18,500. down this morning. one and a half percent. that's a lie well not go away. it is can be way into next year. the price. what happened to the ratio? >> occasionally it doesn't work. more after the break. maybe the rate hikes will help. and in four straight months of consumer spending.
11:08 am
the dow is up to hundred two points. that is a nice solid game. even though we are having some good news on consumer spending and the economy the bankers are saying don't worry we can accommodate a small increase in the federal fund rate in september in and the market goes up. they get more new loans. the stock market is going up even though we may get a rate increase. i'm not sure i've got it. donald trump releases a new campaign ad about the economy. roll the tape. in hillary clinton's america the middle class gets crushed spending is up taxes go up. hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear it is more of the same but worse. in donald trump's america they get tax release. we wages go up. small businesses thrive. it's achievable.
11:09 am
right off the bat you saw that what was your response i think it goes to the heart of the economic problems. he makes a very good point. how many people understand it and realize i can do something about this. the thing with the plant we don't know where this hurricane of taxes is really good ahead. i think they're focusing on the middle class. it's part of the new ad campaign launched and it's running this week. or maybe just that. i have to get back to this. another suicide attack near baghdad.
11:10 am
reports say there were five suicide bombers in a town where the wedding was taken place. the security forces managed to get to four of them before they could unleash the explosions but one got through. we understand at least 15 dead now. that is just terrifying. the two tropical depressions were watching them both of course. one is heading for the carolinas and one is heading for the golf coast. obviously everybody's on edge. much more ahead and politics. that is coming this week. it is also giving the speech to the black church in detroit. on the other side hillary clinton is staying silent she seen nothing we will deal with
11:11 am
all of the election is for you. san francisco niner quarterback said he will continue to sit down through the national anthem. listen to this. i will continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. this is something has to change. and when there is significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent in this country that all stand.
11:12 am
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11:14 am
>> i will continue to stand with the people to mean me this is something that has to change and when there is significant change and it represents what it's supposed to represent that i will stand. the quarterback san francisco 49ers he is in a sit down
11:15 am
significant change. allen west is with us. executive director i think you have a strong and harsh opinion about this. go for it. i have to ask if he is going to sit down on the opening day. my father was born in 1920. he served in world war ii when a time when they were not afforded all of the rights and privileges that this multimillionaire enjoys today but my father when he sat me down on the steps in atlanta and inner-city neighborhood he told me there's no greater honor and privilege that to wear the uniform. that's why his first son served as an infantryman i served 22 years my father's grandson serves as a major.
11:16 am
i find the words the two terms of the first black president. he started out with hope and change and i think america hoped i think he makes the whole thing much worse. because he has commanded a lot of attention with this. i think it will ruin his career. >> you're absolutely right. you have the first black president of the united states of america was elected and reelected. we have a black national security advisor we also have a black head of the homeland security. i want to know how does colin kaepernick define oppression. if it means black on black crime that has gone from about
11:17 am
77% two parent household down to 74%. if it means lack of education and opportunities than he has to articulate that. if he's just a timing on donald trump has done the out reach. do you think that he can get, what proportion of black vote do you think donald trump will get? give me an idea. >> i think they show him 8% i think he can get somewhere between ten to 15%. to bring up these issues. for failures of the black community but has to be something that has policy inclusiveness. it has to have constant
11:18 am
conversation. not something that occurs right before the election cycle. i think that something the republican party needs to improve upon. i don't see much enthusiasm for them to vote for hillary. that might be a factor in the election also. it is a huge factor. i think you're starting to see more blacks. my parents were registered democrats. they raise me on conservative principles. individual responsibility it's about a group that quality education. we need to go back to those fundamenl principles and values and realize that you have a president that said we are going to go fundamentally transform the united states united states of america. >> thank you for your honorable service and in your family. we appreciate it. all the best. that would be caesars entertainment. at some 15%.
11:19 am
it faces 11 billion-dollar bond hold lawsuit. >> and now caesar said watch out that kind of lawsuit with a can of money could run us into bankruptcy. it's very interesting. dumb 15%. august the seventh of march 2 years since president obama signed the 16 billion-dollar overhaul of the veterans administration. where are we now? we will have a full report for you. donald trump will make a major speech on wednesday. remember when he said this.
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
it has been two years since president obama signed a bill overhauling the veterans affairs a department. they join us from the white house. what progress that depends on who you ask. a $16.3 billion was spent in this overhaul what kind of improvements have been made. if you ask steve cooper who was diagnosed with stage iv
11:24 am
prostate cancer they took a take -- tape recorder. here is what he captured. >> it is a nightmare. it just irritates me. obviously i can only do what i can do. it's impossible. >> this happens every single day. if this was this type of care and an ability for the government to manage its healthcare is happening constantly throughout the country. in the speech earlier this month huge improvements that
11:25 am
have been made to the va. 97% of employments now completed in 30 days. 91 percent within 14 days. 22% are completed the very same day. they continued to demonstrate huge problems with mismanagement. there are many inspector general reports that have been compiled. has canceled by the patient. they spent four years there. they remain uninstalled with an additional cost. they brought 300 television
11:26 am
sets . they remain in storage. it something you could never get away with the private sector. thank you very much indeed. >> donald trump is on the attack. we will deal with that in a moment. here is another soundbite from a donald trump. i would like to bring you hillary clinton's sound bites but she stays silent. so role that trump tape. >> she thinks she's entitled to be president by the way she is very bad judgment. and very bad judgment. even if she thinks that.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
>> hillary clinton thinks she is entitled to be president by the way she is very bad judgment very bad judgment even if she thinks that she's got bad judgment. she thinks she is above the law. so far she has proven that. the truth is just the opposite. her failed interventions overseas simply make her unfit she is unfit to serve in the
11:31 am
over office. >> i think many of them can ask why are we always bringing soundbite from donald trump and not hillary. the answer is very simple. she does not appear on camera to answer questions about anything. i have a problem here i really would like to be balanced here. but i can't do it. i don't think hillary will ever hold a press conference or seriously answer questions about the scandals between now and the election what you think. >> they reported that very straight last week. she plans to put her head down and run out the clock. they say they think the foundation is a problem but they can grind it out not answer questions you continue on criticizing donald trump and the donald trump will get in the way and help her. he does act from time to
11:32 am
time. and even though the foundational will create more and more smoke she thinks she can run out the 70 days. do you think she can get all of those for ten weeks no answer. i think it makes the debate that much more important. >> she can count on the moderators asking her about it. they will probably handle it about as well. he might not be as effective. she's i can escape it at that debates and she better head answer that she hopes to run out the time on. she would be hammered over and over again with the different settings and it would be harder to escape. do you think donald trump really has turned over a new leaf but it does seem there is a little bit of movement towards the more presidential look and tone.
11:33 am
>> i think donald trump teleprompters every single time. under his old campaign management i do think it has been more affected that he stayed away from interviews he's trying to speak less often expense raised in a. he gets quite aggressive. i think it has worked will in the few weeks. the message that i think we had spoken about a lot here is whether or not that direct appeal to african-american voters is to bring him any new voters from those coalitions are of the just get a calm republicans who are nervous about him. and we will know those numbers soon. but it is certainly banned a bent a more disciplined approach for sarah. then i will get your comment on it.
11:34 am
the former congressman and wife are separating with the scandal involving anthony and another woman. there is a statement out now. said after long and painful consideration i have made the decision to separate from my husband we ask for respect. it has been out for a couple of hours now. it is a hillary clinton problem to have her top aide married to separate from anthony weiner who has done this texting thing again. >> he has been deeply unpopular and a huge problem for a long time. everyone including around him that he is not to give
11:35 am
interviews and come around and make a and create negative stories for the campaign. on the campaign floor giving television interviews. it has been problematic. this is an explosive scandal with the news out today. he's doing all throughout 2015. and it's really sad for mrs. aberdeen i must say. should probably be asked about this. i have to thank you very much. we appreciate you. >> is certainly when you have a somebody so close to the presidential candidates there is national security implications with someone who puts himself in such dangerous situations. he sent a text with his four or 5-year-old son next to him.
11:36 am
he tried to be a second chance. this was too much, too late to have this go on. >> hopefully we can digest all of this. donald trump will make a major speak -- speech this wednesday. here is a little of what he said at a rally in iowa over the weekend listen to this. >> my goal is to create good jobs and even great jobs good schools and safety to every hispanic community african-american community in the country. but really what is it is to every community. every single community. we can't do that if we don't secure our border. on day one i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal
11:37 am
illegal immigrants from this country. the one that is the important part. i will begin swiftly removing the wrong doers. that is the bedrock of the immigration policy. he is going to build the wall and he gets rid of the criminal element that is the nature of the speech coming up on each. as a strong republican i will have to agree with mister trump on that effort. when you look at the 300 plus city, county and state that we have those it was it was titled walk up to chicago ordinance which allowed for illegal immigrants or aliens if you will to be in chicago and the counties surrounding it.
11:38 am
the police and the federal government could not question individuals of the legal status. thousands of individuals to come meet the many crimes. i think what he's doing, we continue to hear from him within the campaign and otherwise he is going to deport the most severe of those who continue in these criminal activities wouldn't that be popular with the african-american community the wall keeps out those. and it takes the bad guys out of the community i would have thought that was a slam dunk for the african-american community in my run on this? >> i have to be honest. he runs a business in chicago
11:39 am
at a certain point he would often talk about the fact that he's getting under bed and undercut by people who are employing illegal aliens. that wasn't just his business it was other african-americans as well that experienced this and i'm sure other americans would as well. it's a very big issue. we are involved in labor based project construction and otherwise. if you folks that continue to come in you will continue to put other folks out side the workforce. i think it's good he's talking about the issues. there are class divisions within the african-american community like any community may i suggest that maybe more middle-class black folks will be inclined to vote for trump
11:40 am
but they will keep quiet about it. >> i'm certain that there is can be folks of all races that i get a vote for trump. maybe he says something out of turn. and they are neck and not in a mention it because they don't want to be polarized they don't want to be folks that are attacked in some way shape or form. there is gonna be a secret ballot if you will how many of those people well there be i have no idea. i don't think there's anything anyone would know but i think mister trump has to stay on his message and when when it comes to talking about that he is to really look -- really work with these. if the continue to give that kind of advice. sometimes speaking off of the cuff is not helpful. stuart: thank you for joining us.
11:41 am
look at that market. you notice how he said things twice. look at that market. that means there up. preseason injuries. it has the head coach sane do saying do away with preseason games altogether. we talk more football. how about that. here is another one. another item from the florida. colin kaepernick said he will continue to sit during the national anthem. >> the fact that he can still play the position of quarterback will probably
11:42 am
either a starter backup inseam fences golf still exist. i think he has every right in the world to express his opinion as an individual. ea time to do it. verified reviews. another reason to join angie's list for free. this new ac guy is not that good. no he's not. anncr.: need a job done right? search top-rated providers on angie's list. join for free. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
11:43 am
30 actually have a perez. the nasdaq up 14. look at what is driving the tao.
11:44 am
those are some of the best performance. herbalife said he was picking up 2.3 million shares of the company. he was considering selling some shares. he is making millions today. two and half percent. they plug that the one year low. $11billion in lawsuits. start your day.
11:45 am
11:46 am
two players for the baltimore ravens out for a very long time they are injured in the preseason game. the head coach john harbaugh said the nfl preseason is too long here is jackson. a frequent guest on this program. welcome back. i appreciate you bringing me on again. you know you're being interviewed by a guy who knows nothing about football. this is the preseason two players badly injured. probably out for the season. this is too long. you would agree with that what you. they are unnecessary games. they don't do anything for a team long-term in terms of changing their roster or
11:47 am
scoreboard in terms of the games that count. they know exactly his get make the team save about two or three guys. there's probably about two to five places that are up for grabs. for the rest of it we already know. we go through three preseason games. it is really unnecessary. it seems like the weight of the players and the speed of the players in just the intensity of the hits i have an insight here how can you have a longer season when the players are taking hits the way they are taking them now. you have to shortness thing. >> that is football right there. in college he of upwards of a hundred plus guys on the roster and guess how many preseason games they play, none.
11:48 am
college football has never been more exciting. you can play and had practices. you can have scrimmages that are scaled down. the product on the field on sundays that they want to see the game it would be better. we had one suggestion and i will move on. you should consider rugby. no pads, no helmets. stuart: colin kaepernick the 40 niners quarterback. i think he has ended his career. i so hope you are wrong. obviously football is a really big important part of the american past time we love this game. in sports we've seen it throughout history a lot of athletes had voiced their opinions i think it's ironic when you look at mohammed ali
11:49 am
who spoke out against injustice back in the day who took a very unpopular stance and risk it all and then at his death he was reviled by number one loved by everyone and now here in 2016 we have a young player of color who is standing up for what he believes in and he thinks the public enemy number one is overreaction. >> i will have my two tenths worth. i think that is a problem in america. i would like to see america come together i don't want to see it further divided. >> if you are more upset about a young man sitting down during the national anthem then you were of a guy of a mental health professional getting shot while lying on his back with his hands up i think you're probably i'm not talking about you personally but however feels that way is probably needs to reevaluate
11:50 am
their stances in america. this is good debate. >> we just head to get this squared away by talking. we have to talk this thing through and we need more empathy in this world. i want you on more. >> bring me to new york and we can really talk this thing through. we look at this. don't tell me this is solid gold for the stock market. how about this one also. facebook leads. they gave the holy father a gift. find out what it was in a moment. obama care in death spiral. i think that's accurate. this is the primary domestic legacy policy unraveling right before our eyes. more on it.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year,
11:54 am
where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. the obama care is unraveling and more than enges are less than half what was initially forecast. it basically what is happening is we reported just a week ago
11:55 am
one in four counties have one insurer and now they said wait a second it could've been one into three so it created the monopoly of cross a country. and what is happening now is blue cross blue shield wants to raise premiums next year. 62 percent. that is a financial crisis. obama care is in critical condition and what's happening now we have really tight senate races in pennsylvania, wisconsin in new hampshire. it is now back on the front burner for the election. as the health insurers retreat their stocks go up. and as we had been putting up quickly you stuff to pay the mandate tax even if you don't have insurance in that exchange. pope francis has met with mark
11:56 am
zuckerberg and he has not got his hoodie on there. he looks pretty good. he gave a gift to the pope what was it. he gave a mother powered aircraft. basically what it will do is fly around those areas of the world that had no internet connectivity and bement down. in these aircraft can stay up there for three months at a time and they are a big part of the discussion today. it was how technology can fight poverty and that was one of the things that was discussed. they received the model. i think it is cool. they look restrained. he scrubbed himself up.
11:57 am
show me the big one. twenty-two points ladies and gentlemen. were almost at a time but in the 45 seconds that we have after this break we will tell you wife the stock market is up hundred 22 points.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> the dow jones industrial average is up 120 points. while points. why you ask. ashley has been there. >> i think the market is coming to terms with good news is good news. it can handle a quarter rate hike, probably in december. on friday for certainly increasing the chances of a rate hike in september. a quarter of a percent long overdue. let's pull off the band-aid. >> a waffle with a british accent is really waffle.
12:00 pm
the dow was up 120 points. >> everything he just said. that to you. >> goodness on the economy is coming. that means we'll probably get a rate hike at the end of the year and the brokers on the beach say it doesn't matter. did they get it right? your turn, go. >> you have to ask then everything he >> thank you very much. we move on to talk first about the campaign. bright or wheelhouse the campaigners. donald trump launching a major battleground. and listen to campaign spending is $10 billion. this is why it's hit or wheelhouse. the economy. >> hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. spending goes up your taxes go up. hundreds of thousands of jobs disappeared. more of the same the worst. and donald trumps america,


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