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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  August 29, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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like my facebook show page at trish intel and tell me what you think. meanwhile, don't forget to follow me on twitter at trish underscore regan. we always love hearing from you here on the show. let's go over to ashley webster in for liz claman as we look at a rally here -- ashley:we can hang up. the cowboy rally after janet yellen's speech in wyoming on friday, the dow jones industrial average up 111 points, 18,507, looking to snap a three-day losing streak. on the campaign trail, donald trump and hillary clinton, well, taking this day slow with no major events but still remarkably loud despite their absence. the billionaire businessman rolling out a new ad, hitting the former secretary of state over jobs and the economy just days before the august jobs report. it comes as few polls show hillary with a seven-point lead nationally. richard goodstein and mercedes
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schlapp will put it in perspective for us. plus, the epipen story taking another twist, the ceo announcing now the epipen will come in a generic form. yeah, it will still cost $300. well, the woman described as the erin brockovich of food allergies, robin to bryan, will join us exclusively to talk about that. and zika-infested mosquitoes taking aim at america. now the race is on to find a vaccine. we'll be talking with a ceo of one company on the front lines of that battle. we are less than an hour to the closing bell. i'm ashley webster in for liz claman, let's begin the "countdown." ♪ ♪ ashley: well, as the markets rebound today following last week's selloff, gold making its
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own comeback after suffering its largest weekly decline since mid july. some of big gold mining names getting a nice big boost, including new gold and gold corp.. as you can see, new gold up 4%, almost 4.5%. and as gold shines, shares of caesars entertainment, well, not shining, that's for sure, plummeting. down 16% after a u.s. judge cleared the way for an $11 billion lawsuit against the casino to proceed with a possible judgment as soon as tuesday in new york. the casino group is being accused of reneeging on guarantees of bonds. and drug developer inmauve owe pharmaceuticals seeing a boost today after announcing it has initiated a study of its preventive seek ca vaccine on 160 people in puerto rico, that stock up more than 4.5%, and we
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will be talking exclusively to the ceo of inovio on that study and the zika outbreak later this hour. a rare quiet day on the presidential campaign trail, but both candidates, well, they're laying low, attending fundraisers on either side of the country. hillary in new york, mr. trump in california. but a new monmouth poll out today shows clinton with 46% of the vote with donald trump at 39%. that's actually an improvement for trump who trailed clinton by 13 points just after the democratic convention. so you could say he's cut that lead almost in half, if you are an optimist m blake burman has been following the developments and joins us now. >> reporter: one way to look at it, i guess. yeah, thanks, arleigh. both candidates are, indeed, off the campaign trail, but the republican national committee is still trying to keep the spotlight on the clinton foundation. earlier today reince priebus
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sent a letter to donna chalet la imploring the foundation to release all e-mails, all correspondence that its officials had with the state department during hillary clinton's tenure at foggy bottom. the letter ends with the following, and i'll quote from it. quote: the american people have the right to see a full picture of secretary clinton's record which she claims to be proud of before they go to the polls to choose their next president. so far no public response from the foundation. i should also point out that we have reached out to them as well. meantime, when clinton does return to the campaign trail a couple days from now, wednesday in ohio, but that most likely will be a day that trump will carry the spotlight as he will be in arizona to detail the specifics of his immigration plan. much has been made as we've been following for the better part of a week now about the potential, quote or, softening of trump's policies. but a new line from his campaign is that the softening that trump had mentioned was act his approach -- was about his approach and not the policy.
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an interesting spin from the campaign manager, kellyanne conway over the weekend, we will see on wednesday if that is, indeed, the case. ashley: blake burman, thank you very much. appreciate it. well, one topic sure to play a role on the campaign trail is obamacare. problems with the health care law continue to pile up. after losing millions of dollars, more insurance companies are now pulling out of the program's health care exchanges. that means some health care companies could own monopolies in a number of states. in fact, a study from the kaiser family foundation suggests there could be just one health care insurance provider in close to a third of all american counties by next year. jeff flock is standing by in chicago with the latest on how americans, well, they could be hurt in the pocketbook, jeff. >> reporter: five states in the u.s. will have only one provider in the health care exchanges, and this is information from the kaiser family foundation which is pretty nonpartisan. they just had another study
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which found a lot more people insured as a result of obamacare, so that's ooh a positive, but this is a negative. take a look at the numbers. the number of people last year at sign-up time that had only one possible provider in the exchange, that was about 2% of the population, about 300,000 people. well, this year it's more like 2.5 million people, about almost 20% of population. so not good. and those insurers that have pulled out, well, they've actually done pretty well in the stock market. shareholders kind of liking that limited exposure. if you look at united health care, i want to make sure i got the number right, the stock is up 7% since they pulled out. year to date the big insurers that have pulled out of many of the exchanges -- and not all of them, by the way, they're still in some states, but aetna's up 8%. humana's about flat, but they've got the takeover thing they're going through, and united health care up 16%, almost 17% year to date.
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it has proved to be very difficult to make money in this, under the current circumstance, ashley, and it's going to be very difficult for people to find competing health plans to choose from. ashley: yeah. difficult to make money but easy, apparently, to lose money, and that's why they're pulling out. jeff flock in chicago, thank you very much. on to wall street. markets reunding today since posting their biggest weekly decline since the u.k. exit vote. this follows fed chair janet yellen's speech on friday where she said the environment for a rate hike is strengthening. actually did the air quotes. but does that mean next month or december when we could see a rate hike, and could the jobs report on friday be the decider? let's get right to the floor show. traders at the new york stock exchange, the cme group and the nymex. let me go to scott redler first at the nyc. scott, i asked that question, do you think we're going to see a rate hike in september if we get a blow outnumber on jobs at the end of the week? >> i think we do, and i think
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the market's getting a little bit more comfortable with the fact that we might. fed futures are looking at a 44% chance that we do get a hike, we get a strong jobs report, i think the fed has some credibility, they're going to have to go a quarter. i think today's action is constructive considering the banks are up, tech is up, bonds are up, so they're buying some assets today. they're not getting scared right now with the potential hike. ashley: mark sebastian, have we finally gotten to the point where wages are growing, is good news now good news for the market and, you know, a quarter of a percent hike can be handled and that's why we're seeing the markets go higher today? >> i think the reason why markets are higher is because we had two fed officials actually walk back, stanley fisher's two rate hike intimation from friday. i think you're more likely to see a college world series than a rate hike in september -- [laughter] so i don't think you see that. i think they're going to stay
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out of the election. you have to look at december as their time frame. and be really if you look at the ten-year note, what's the yield right now, 1.6? how flat do they want to let the yield curve go? are they going to threaten it? no. i don't think they've got room for more than one rate hike this year, and that's really all the market is prepared for, and it's not going to come in september. we're looking at december. again, i think the cubs winning this year is our odds. ashley: yeah, but, mark, the cubs are playing great ball. it's not beyond the realms -- of course, i've just ruined it now. [laughter] all cubs' fans, i apologize. luke at the nymex, i want to talk about oil settling below $47 a barrel. i just don't see the upside for oil to. we all know that opec's not going to do anything next month when they get together. the strong dollar also putting a damper on things. where does oil go from here? >> well, we've been saying on the show we think a floor for oil is 40 and a top is 50, and
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there's a magnet to the $45 level. right now oil isn't about fundamentals, it's all about saudi arabia and iran. iran wants to get back to its former position before 201 as the number two -- 2012 as the number two producer in opec which means everyone else is going to have to cut back, and the saudis are maybe yes, maybe no, and the rest of opec has to follow along. the saudis are not going to algeria in a couple of weeks, and the iranians are not going to attend. they don't care what the rest of opec thinks. i think oil is going to stick right around here, and there's a $45 magnet income the end of the year -- until the end of the year. ashley: interesting. scott, are we set up for a bit of a correction, and is that a good opportunity to jump in and buy a few ec equities? >> we went from 2193 could downo 060 -- 2060 on friday.
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a lot of people thought this week we might be vulnerable and then all of a sudden out of the gates we were up. so at this point traders are trading versus 2160, as long as we hold above that mark, i think they're going to be opportunistic. 2135 is a huge monthly support level. ashley: we're at 2181, so far so good. scott, mark and luke, thank you very much for joining us today, we appreciate it. all right. let's check the dow 30 heat map. lots of green on there. dupont leading the dow higher as you can see up at 70.48. meanwhile, counting your steps just got a whole lot easier and kind of fashionable too, i guess. fitbit updating its products today, releasing the charge ii and the flex ii models with new features including smartphone compatibility, interchangeable wristbands, gotta love those,ane swimming pool. you can jump in and it won't break. the new fitness trackers will be
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available next month. fitbit, it's up about 20 cents at $15.88. after a week of in-depth reporting here on "countdown" and fox business, the company that produces the epipen responds again to all the criticism about its sigh-high pricing. the the woman known as the erin brockovich of food allergies, robin o'brien, she is back with her take on mylan's latest move. "countdown" has that exclusive interview next. ♪ ♪
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ashley: well, st. jude medical trading as you can see up about a quarter of a percent this hour. at this time on friday, though, shares were halted. the cardiac device maker fighting back against allegations made by carson blocks firm muddy waters research that accused the company's devices of being vulnerable to hackers. st. jude calling those claims false and misleading, saying they relate to older products including pacemakers and implanted defibrillators which have yet to receive automatic security patches. the controversy, though, putting pressure on st. jude's sales to abbott labs. all right, to the controversy that is now known as, by some, hashtag epigate.
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following widespread criticism, the company mylan is offering to sell a cheaper version of its epipen which had skyrocketed in price by some 471%. the drugmaker now says it will make a generic version that will cost $300 for a two-pack, that's about half of what it costs now. but our next guest who is known as the erin brockovich of food allergies says that $300 still isn't affordable, and mylan is still hurting those who need the life-saving drug the most. allergy kits founder robin o'brien joins us now live from denver in a fox business exclusive. robin, thank you so much for joining us. okay, we've had some moves from mylan. they offered this $300 coupon or savings card. now they're making a generic version for $300. is that enough, in your mind? >> no, not at all. it doesn't at all address the fact that this company has a monopoly over this device, over this pace.
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90% of the products sold in this space are mylan products. and while this does a tremendous job of protecting their revenue -- and i get it, i went to business schools -- what they're introducing is another product at a $300 price point which keep in mind, that's where the epipen was priced just two years ago. the $300 price point was already at a point that was causing financial harm to some parents, and when you think about the fact a lot of these families are not just buying one device, some families have to buy this three times, one for school, one for home, one for the purse, and if you've got more than one kid with food allergies, some of the families are purchasing six, seven, eight sets of the product. again, i think the real concern is the monopoly this company has in place. the fact that just overnight, after years of parents calling for a generic to be on the market, overnight they're suddenly able to produce this, i think this calls for a lot more investigation and a lot more questions.
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ashley: so, robyn, what is a fair price? what should be a fair price? >> well, you know, that's a really good question. there are a lot of people asking that question right now, and i think probably one of the most interesting places to look is the department of defense which purchases this same product for about $50. and if you look at the price of an epipen set around the world, it is anywhere between $100 and up to $190, maybe $200. and i would say that's fair price. if consumers around the world are paying for the same device in the range of $100-$200, that's a fair price for american families to pay too. if you drive just across the border to canada? you can get that device for about $120, $150. ashley: that's insane. what are you hearing from participants? i'm sure there are many who just simply cannot afford it which jeopardizes the life of their children. >> you know, some parents are saying that the ceo needs to step down. almost all parents are saying there needs to be an investigation.
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rarely in a political climate like we have today do you see universal call for investigation. you got it from senator grassley, the republican many iowa, you've got it from senator warren who's got a kid with food allergies in the state of virginia. this is a universal call for investigation, and i think really that's where we need to go with this. ashley: interesting. i think we have a picture of the receipts that one parent shows how much she spent on these epipen packs. there it goes. this is a receipt, it is $2,204, and that's for a quantity of six there. i don't know whether that's three two-packs, i guess. that just kind of says it all. how can you afford to pay that kind of money? where did this come from, you mentioned it, did it just happen overnight? how did this sneak by everybody? >> you know what i think is really interesting is that the product itself is actually adopted years ago, decades ago with taxpayer money, and then mylan acquired the license in 2007. at that point the price point
3:21 pm
was about $57, and the ceo decided this was going to be her baby, and she decided to jack up the price 17 times over the last eight, nine years. and all of a sudden we've got a product that has put lives at risk because of the price point. and i think, again, parents are saying what am i supposed to do, what am i supposed to choose, between putting food on my table, between paying rent or buying the epipen? ashley: yeah. it's a horrible choice. you know, listen, has social media played a big part in putting pressure on mylan? >> you know, social media has played a huge part. there was actually an online twitter event last night that i was observing, and it was basically saying the pharmaceutical industry was caught flat-footed here. they had no social media response, no campaign to address this as the hashtag epi gate just took hold, and it went across industries, to doctors, allergists, people working inside the government were using the hashtag and the reason is a food allergic reaction sends someone to the emergency room
3:22 pm
once with every three minutes. it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you're on, this is impacting millions and millions of american families. ash that is a sobering number. unfortunately, we're out of time, robyn o'brien with allergy kits, she's the founder of that, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thanks so much for your time on this. be. ashley: all right. let's check the markets for you. the dow been on a tear all day, i say a tear, it's up half a percent, but it's up triple digits, 116 points. meanwhile, ceo tim cook selling apple's stock as they announce the date for the new iphone 7. what you need to know about tim cook's plans for the future. plus, it's an all-out street fight between herbalife and bill ackman. the scathing new ad existence baby buffett and just how far herbalife is planning to take its battle for redemption. oh, yeah, charlie will break it next on "countdown." ♪ ♪
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>> apple ceo tim cook announcing sale of $36 million worth of apple shares. that chunk of stock, that is a technical term comes from the share he unlocked last week as fifth anniversary of the ceo. he is in the middle after stock option plan that could earn him whopping 7 million shares, which would be his 10th year at company. apple announcing. iphone 7, widely expected to be focus of that event. apple shares meanwhile currently trading just slightly off down a hair at at 106.79. battle between bill ackman
3:28 pm
has gone until to new heights or new lows. the video shows critical quotes from news agencies calling ackman, obsessed, arrogant and frequently wrong and always in denial. this coming only days after carl icahn vehemently denied he was selling his stake in herbalife. if you're keep score at home. joining us man keeping score every day. charlie gasparino. broke the story and the soap opera goes on. >> what we did last week we did good journalism, as opposed to cnbc which allowed bill ackman to take center stage and basically mislead viewers. there were rumors, carl icahn the leading shareholder herbalife, nutrition company very highly watched in markets. huge battle between carl icahn who is long and bill ackman the other hedge fund titan wants it short, go to zero, makes money when the stock goes down. we did what we're supposed to
3:29 pm
do, when the rumors came out we reported that company said they were not selling. how would the company know that? icahn has five seats on the company's board. so he is there. after that the journal did i thought was a decent story about how carl might sell some of the stock that a brokerage firm was out there sort of pedaling it. one of the people they were pedaling to ackman to buy a small piece. ashley: which makes no sense. >> the fact the story leaked made no sense. how i knew something fishy about the trade, block trades you don't find out before the trade. if it was before the trade there wasn't really a trade. ashley: herbalife comes out of this okay? >> what happens, we stick to our guns. we were on friday. ashley: yes, we were. >> i told what you herbalife told us that carl is still pretty positive on the stock. on friday night you know what happened. carl went out there and bought a huge chunk of stock. he is upping his position. interesting to note today, there
3:30 pm
all sorts of rumors flying about herbalife, not pause of this because there was a massive purchase of call o options to buy the stock. ashley: right. >> at 65. there were 10,000 call options, october 65 call options. those are call options dated in october. that trade at $65 a share. so that means you buy it at 65, right? if it goes up, right you can, excuse me, if it goes up you can buy it at 65 and trade it for the higher price. therefore you make money on the spread. has people talking about this thing going private. ashley: 63.29. does that show confidence in the stock? >> yes. we should do a one-day chart if you can because it will show the spike when that -- ashley: when the news came out. >> when the news came out early today. ashley: there you go. >> stock up, binge, it went up dramatically right around there. you see the pop. so that just shows there is something else going on here,
3:31 pm
that people think that, either icahn. this is just a the about, might buy more or take it private or company might take it private. these are rumors. there is an interesting call option purchase. i knew about this from joe fahmy, one. better investors at that watches tape constantly. he watches these things. ashley: right, right. >> the tape that herbalife put out attacking ackman, we asked them for a many do meant. they said bill ackman admitted his short on herbalife cost him approximately $100 million a year annually, just carrying costs. they said it is important to point out those numerous respected journalists and industry experts concluded his self-serving activism and hubris appear to be clouding his judgment. ashley: often wrong, never in doubt. >> not in that category. by the way i couldn't care which way this company goes. i play it down the middle.
3:32 pm
ashley: exist that keeps on giving. has so much news. >> we asked bill ackman to come on to the show. guess what his flak said? ashley: what did his flak say? >> no. ashley: no one says no. >> show cnbc a little love. i promise i won't bite, bill, but i won't do what cnbc does which is hand you the mic and allow you to take it away, jack. listen, he has a position. not saying anything wrong. he might be right ultimately. ashley: made the invitation. >> journalists should give both sides of the story. ashley: charlie, thank you very much. breaking news at this moment. oscar and golden globe actor, write err, comedian, gene wilder dead at age of 83. his family confirmed that. wilder best known for his role as willy wonka and many mel brooks comedies, the producers,
3:33 pm
"blazing saddles," "young frankenstein." >> some knockers. ashley: thank you, charlie. comedian richard pryor in four flames. gene wilder dead at age of 83. we'll be right back. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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ashley: donald trump starting his monday off on important note, releases his first ad as part of the biggest ad buy to hit his democratic rival. it hits hillary clinton on economic issues claiming the middle class would be crushed under clinton presidency. it plans to air in nine battleground states, ohio, new hampshire, florida, iowa, nevada, but is it enough to battle clinton's cash machine
3:38 pm
and her campaign? i'm joined by richard goodstein and democratic strategist and mercedes schlapp a republican strategist. mercedes he is way behind on his ads, you say he pretty much has to run the perfect campaign from here on in, smart? >> yes, that is right. i think donald trump needs to gain ground, especially with college educated and suburban mom voters. i think where he had his biggest challenge. one of the reasons why you saw hillary clinton last week make that pitch to those types of, even republicans in her speeches, even pointing out paul ryan and george w. bush in her speeches. so it is very clear for donald trump it is about unifying, trying to figure out where he can not lose his base but build on his base as well as those voters. ashley: yeah, it is not, it will be a tall task, we know that richard, is the biggest enemy
3:39 pm
for the clinton camp by your own admission, looking, complacency is the biggest threat to hillary clinton? >> look, i mean this is going to be a dogfight. i do think if it ends up being kind of a gap, that there was a couple weeks ago, that is a problem. on this ad, ashley, two problems, one on be is stance which is, the last time we had a clinton presidency it was the biggest boon ever for the middle class. 23 million new jobs. most robust economic growth ever. frankly it is $10 million over nine states. that is what we're hearing. he is spending on these ads. that is a joke. one million dollars per state? it does raise questions about his wealth. i mean, one of the things, we all think, i do, that if he released his tax returns we would see real problems. i think what we would see he is not as wealthy nearly because if he was, if he was really 10 times a billionaire he wouldn't just be spending as of labor day a million dollars in every single swing state. that is pathetic.
3:40 pm
ashley: all right. having said that of course there has been all sorts of things said from the clinton campaign camp about donald trump, given all of that, why, richard is hillary clinton not further ahead than she is? >> look, you know, go back a few months, ashley. everybody said is, well, after two terms, pendulum swings back. the republicans will almost certainly take it, right? and also look at the economy, you know, it's good, frankly relative to the rest of the industrialized world, it is not great. that should be an albatross around her neck as well. look at underpinnings of the election, i would say that fact she is ahead by six points in the "real clear politics" average and by a fairly substantial margin in a lost battleground states, if it is true that if colorado and virginia are off the table because democrats have such a big lead, they may well be, man, you know, i agree with mercedes, it is very small needle, or the eye of the needle trump has to
3:41 pm
thread. ashley: yeah, mercedes, we know mr. trump will come out with a big immigration policy speech on wednesday in arizona. at this point what can he say to win over those undecided right now, especially comes to immigration policy? >> i think for the most part where trump does win in undecided voters about the economy. about the fact that are we going to look at a hillary clinton and the fact that you look at her connections with the clinton foundation. her untrustworthy numbers, her lack of judgment, it is really building the bigger picture saying that a hillary clinton presidency is unacceptable because of the fact that there is all these shady deals associated with her as well as possibility of corruption, do we want that in a president. and i think for donald trump -- i think the economy is key. on sense of immigration it obviously has been a very important topic for his base and
3:42 pm
for his supporters. he will make the contrast between himself and hillary clinton. he will be enforcer of immigration laws. insure illegal immigrant with criminal records are deported as opposed to open borders, amnesty immigration policy that hillary clinton is pursuing. ashley: all right. sorry we are out of town. richard and mercedes, can't wait until the first debate. i heard that from a lot of people. must-see television. both of you appreciate it. >> thank you. markets moving up. the dow is still up a 100 points, up 106 points. we'll see if we hang on to that, well for the next 16 minutes. tropical storms barreling down on florida and north carolina. how much win and rain is the southeast facing. not just hurricanes and tropical storms to be afraid in south florida. oh, yeah, zika, spreading across the state.
3:43 pm
what if you get a shot now to prevent the threat of the frightening disease? we have a ceo of a firm how his firm is looking to fight zika head on. interesting stuff. countydown is coming right back. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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ashley: two, count them, two tropical systems bearing down on the southeast. north carolina in the line of tropical depression 8 as it is called which could become a tropical storm overnight. it is threatening to bring high winds and rain to the coast of the tarheel state. tropical storm watch now issued for the carolina coast already. not to be outdown, tropical depression, yep, 9 brewing in the gulf of mexico, setting its sights on south florida. of the expected to become a tropical storm as early as today. it could bring as much as three
3:48 pm
to five inches of rain to the southern florida peninsula and florida keys on wednesday before making landfall end of this week. very busy in the tropicses. huge developments in the fight against zika. op the bydrug administration roche. allowing it to skirt normal approval channels to identify patients with the disease. as there has been more than 2500 cases of zika across the oust. according to centers for disease control and prevention. a new vaccine is being announced for the virus in puerto rico today. where the cdc expects stagger tag% of puerto ricans to contract zika by years end. 25%. we have the ceo and he tells us what to expect.
3:49 pm
>> stuart, great to be here. ashley: clearly speed is of the essence. you're beginning testing on a new vaccine here in u.s. and canada but now puerto rico? >> yes. we have completed enrolling of 40 subjects in miami, philadelphia and que beck city for the north american trial. we opened up trial in puerto rico. the puerto rican trial is very interesting now we have half the people of 160 patients receiving the vaccine, the placebo. we can look at besides safety and immune responses, we can look at the hint of efficacy of vaccine. ashley: why wasn't there a vaccine in the first place? >> until last year no one was really concerned about the zika virus. even though it was discovered in 1947, it skirted around africa and parts of asia were not inhabited by very many people. now it jumped in 2015 into latin america, brazil. spread like wildfire.
3:50 pm
now in the caribbean and coming up to the southern parts of the united states. ashley: we know the threat it poses to pregnant women on their unborn child but you're telling me that the, you know, the dangers of zika goes beyond that as well? it can have quite devastating impacts? >> zika virus is very insidious virus. it affects the brain and nerve cells in our body. especially susceptible are unborn babies but also adults. birth defects, micro seven any, shrunken heads for newborns are devastates but it can cause gillan bear syndrome which is a paralysis and collapse because your lungs won't function. those cases have taken an uptick in healthy adults as well. ashley: if everything goes as planned and perfectly well in
3:51 pm
the studies how soon could the vaccine come to the market? >> it really depends on the spread of the disease. government and regulatory agencies are tracking that with vaccine developers. at innovember yo we're moving as fast as we could. inovio. we expanded to 160 subject trial in puerto rico. that allow us to look at early hints of efficacy. we're looking at early as 2017 to be in a conversation with the regulators to look at the refining of the path forward for this vaccine. ashley: would they put it on a fast path like they have with roche in testing patients? >> we would expect so. i can't speak for the regulators but there is all-hands effort to get a vaccine approved for public use along with the diagnostics we go hand in hand. ashley: hate to put you on the spot but would it be expensive? >> inovio answers no because
3:52 pm
we're very committed in bringing a vaccine affordable and available to all who need them. we're already starting our conversation with various organizations and agencies across the world, including our own in the united states. ashley: very good. dr. joseph kim, we're out of time. thank you for coming here. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. ashley: closing bell will ring in eight minutes. exchange traded funds reaping benefits of all the in flow of money as the fed signals move on rates but which etf will fund a win in your portfolio? that is always the big question. you have to stay tuned to find out. "countdown" coming right back. it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more.
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ashley: if you're looking to find a 30 hour a week job, not bad, amazon may be the place for you. the tech giant piloting teams that work far few hours than the standard 40. let's go to new york stock exchange where lori rothman has details on this. lori?
3:56 pm
>> hello, ashley. according to ceo jeff bezos the traditional full-time work schedule may not be one time fits all. amazon is experimenting with a 30 hour work week. they're doing that with dozens of employees. working on a tech project with the human resources department. they will still receive full benefits but only 75% of the pay of full-time workers, still with the option to transition back into a full-time schedule if those employees should choose. now amazon shares are up today. believe that is another lifetime high and this announcement interestingly enough after "new york times" was critical of amazon, work culture there, saying the company forced 80 hour work weeks and little vacation. but amazon is not connecting the dots on that one. so we'll leave it there. back to you. ashley: 30 hours, lori rothman, thank you very much. one area of the market seeing huge inflows are exchange traded funds with assets increasing more than $280 billion just this year.
3:57 pm
what is the benefit of investing in etfs and where are the opportunities more importantly? joining me is global trends investments president tom lyden. tom, okay, tell me about etfs. why are they such a good investment. >> well, 77% of active managers, ashley, have underperformed the market so far this year. so if you can't beat the market why not join the market? as the market is hitting new highs there are really great opportunities to step in line at very, very low pace. at low rate as well. surprisingly, most of the money isn't going into u.s. stocks in the etf world. gld wishings is the largest gold etf is the winner of the most assets, almost $13 billion so far in year. also emerging market etfs have garnered almost 23 billion so far this year.
3:58 pm
you have central banks not as confident in their own securities and people buying into gold. david: what do you like, tom, most of all? which etfs do you get to pick? >> well in the u.s. dividend growth, oriented etfs have been hugely popular as people are looking for stability and also low volatility. so one of the most popular is the proshares dividend aristocrat etf, nlbl. you're getting nice dividend and -- david: what kind of dividend, tom? >> almost in line with the 20-year. that is little bit over 2%. if you're feeling like yellen's right, giving you as far as messaging and rising interest rates, here is a way to get the income where you're also invested in the stork market. ashley: what else do you like? do you like the spdr? >> well, s&p 500 you can't beat
3:59 pm
it especially if it only costs you six basis points to be in there but emerging markets is the place to be. if you don't have emerging markets, it has been unloved area for the past three years. you've got eem and vwo which the expenses are only 15 or 16 basis points. you can't really get that an actively managed mutual fund or separate account. you've got the diversification and tax efficiency. so the word is, make sure you diversify. ashley: always. lastly, tom, we've been talking to a lot of market people today. if we have a blowout jobs number at the end of the week, does that raise likelihood of a sent rate hike? >> that might happen. so the key is on the fixed income side knowing rising interest rates can definitely hurt bonds, make sure you're diversified. people are shortening up on treasurys, buying more active etfs on the short-term fixed income side than longer-term
4:00 pm
treasurys, yes. ashley: thank you very much. tom lydon, etm [closing bell rings] they're clapping away as they should, snapping a two-day losing streak. david asman, melissa francis pick it up "after the bell." melissa: stocks ending the day on a high note. the dow, the s&p and the nasdaq all closing well into positive territory there. i'm melissa francis. david: and i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on the big market movers but here is what else we have for you this hour. democrats on defense. the head of the dnc saying clinton foundation donors demanding pay to play access is, well, normal according to them. our panel weighing in on that. donald trump out with a brand new ad blitz targeting hillary clinton's economic plans as opposed to his economic plans. art laffer is here with his take on that. it has been two years since president obama sign ad $11 billion bill into law.


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