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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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a state department official says he will make every effort to release the records by the court-imposed deadline of september 13. charles payne will have more on that. "making money" starts next. reporter: we have new developments about the relationship between the clinton foundation and the state department as more people call for the clinton foundation to be shut down. we'll have more information on those developments. donald trump gets ready to differ a crucial speech outlining his immigration policy. >> on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country.
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including removing the 100's and thousands of criminal illegal immigrants that have been released into the united states and united states community under the incompetent obama-clinton administration. liz: mr. trump was criticized for flip-flopping on a so-called deportation platform. >> the softening is more approach than policy. we need a fair and humane way addressing the 11 million -- we don't even know the number -- of illegal immigrants that live among us. liz: u.s. statistics show 7% of all illegal immigrants in the u.s. are criminals. and account for 75% of the drug
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possession convictions. mr. clinton -- hillary clinton at 48% to donald trump's 42%. so could donald trump's immigration speech help put a dent into hillary clinton's lead? blake rutherford, mike baker and scott miller. scott, mr. trump's campaign has been about being on tv, tweeting, rallies. hillary clinton campaign has been spending a lot of money on ad on television and it's looking like a relatively tight race. >> she spent $100 million on negative advertising against dold trump, all of it starring donald trump and it hasn't moved the needle. i think all you have got to say is her negatives are not
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registering with the voters. i'm just saying $100 million has not worked. this is about where it was before she spent all that money. elizabeth: the polls are showing it's pretty tight. anywhere from 1% to 10 percentage point swing. >> a 10%age point swing is a considerable margin when you look at this nationally. but we have to look at this state by state. hillary clinton has wide leads in pennsylvania and virginia, she is ahead in ohio and florida at the end of the day, those are the states that matter. and donald trump is way behind. i completely disagree, the money her campaign has raids and spent has been spent smartly, it's been spent in these states, and it's making a big difference. elizabeth: mike baker, you are
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coming in as a cia officer. how does donald trump's position on national security with regard to illegal immigration stack up against hillary clinton's immigration policies? >> thank you for having me on. this is, which one of these doesn't look like the others. you have two political strategists and me. if you are looking at this from a political perspective, the thought that he will get a meaningful bump in the hispanic community from changing his approach is unlikely. it's a high percentage chance of colin kaepernick singing "the national anthem." what does it mean from a security perspective? he can't get away from that and back off the wall because that's his base, where your security is. for his base, security means
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build that wall. you have got to do that. all these other things, maybe they are fungible, maybe he can adjust it. hillary clintois talking about increasing from the syrian refugee perspective, 550%. but i agree with the comment that were said. neither her money to impact donald trump nor anything she does herself seem to be impacting his numbers or her numbers. this is not something i profess to understand from a political perspective. liz: mike baker mentioned refugees. mr. trump's immigration policy, a temporary ban on immigration from countries have terror activity. he cited germany as an example of the consequences of unabated refugees. it makes the news that the
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administration has met and surpassed its goal of resettling 10,000 syrian refugees in the u.s. a concern for many, not the least of which are f.b.i. director james comey and james clapper who have expressed concern about isis infiltrating the refugee flow. what are your thoughts about that, mike? >> i spent a lot of time, we worked in the field of due diligence and background vetting overseas including iraq and difficult environments. i'm telling you, it's not a robust program. it's shot full of holes. it's a heavy lift. you want to find out about a refugee from syria or iraq. if you want to understand who their associates are and plans and motivations, you have got to get down to the village level. the infrastructure doesn't exist.
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if you don't have a data base it doesn't matter that your protocol says query the data base. the obama administration could help itself by being more transparent. here is what the process currently is. are will gaps or problems? sure, try to address those. liz: there is deep concerns in the polls on what's going on in the european union. why bring in -- this is what the polling seems to indicate, voters are asking, why bring in individuals who want to harm americans and at the same time, hillary clinton wants to ask more from the american people in the way of fax increases but they are being made to feel less safe by the refugee policies of
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the clinton campaign and the obama administration. >> this administration is not bringing in people who want to harm america. this administration has engaged in systematic -- >> how do we know? >> we have a process in place. this administration made it clear -- >> james clapper says we don't have a process. >> the president disagrees. for three decades we had a process to bring refugees into this country. we have the largest refugee crisis since world war ii and the president made a decision to bring people into this country and to do it systematically. >> it is -- we know that we cannot vet these refugees. of course, it's a terrible humanitarian crisis which president obama helped cause by not having a policy toward the
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syri government. but our own national security people said you cannot vet these people. mike just said it. you cannot vet these people. and trump is saying let's wait until we can figure out how to vet them. >> there is no evidence that anyone has come in as part of this program with any attempt to harm america. elizabeth: mike baker, what has gone on in europe with isis being inserted into the refugee flow. isn't it isis' stated policy to insert itself into theing are prr flow. >> sure. we talked about this a decade ago about al qaeda's desire to get people to cross borders and blend in. the problem is the way this argument gets managed. of course, nobody wants to bring in people who want to do harm
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here. that's common sense. and we have a process to vet people. but the process is flawed. and it's flawed because of where these people are coming from. elizabeth: new details about the relationship between clinton foundation donors and the state department. how this could impact the democratic nominee. we'll tell you about that next. it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned,
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>> did you white server? >> what, with a cloth something? my emails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. we already released 30,000 plus. what's a few more.
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i recently launched a snapchat account -- i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. liz: hillary clinton making light of it. not many people on the donald trump side laughing. more emails emerging showing a more tightly knit relationship between clinton foundation donors and the state department. a top clinton foundation official pushed to have donors attend a state department lunch with former chinese president even asking if one of those donors could sit at the same table with vice president joe biden. a nigerian billionaire who donated up to $500 million was
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denied entry into the u.s. over concerns about his ties to hezbollah. that's leads more urgency to that issue. hillary clinton hasn't had a press conference since december 15. much of the story is how the clinton campaign reacts to these revelations. is it helping or hurting? >> i'm not sure. where it all plays out is in the trust ratings. she has been ahead for a little while. they are both kinds of floating this morass. that's where we are seeing the effects. the trump campaign is smart to continue hammering this.
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you can see the clinton foundation as an far as rating and the red cross has an air,--rating. the gop seems to like the red cross a lot. i think brian fallon was right to say they want all the emails out there. but a press conference -- i think it would and great thing. i think she would do well if she did it. elizabeth: there is a brand-new poll that shows 64 per around of voters think clinton foundation donors were grants access to the state department. the clinton campaign says this is just another in a series of teed yuls allegations. hillary clinton said there would be a fire wall between the foundation and the state department. when these issues come up, it
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raise those issues in the voters minds. >> she specifically said she wanted to be transparent and clear there would be a fire wall and she laid out the suppose ethical rules that as it turns out it looks like they didn't comply with it. the clinton foundation has turned out to be a flush funds form travel and parties. the bottom line, jessica talks about trustworthiness. every time hillary clinton makes and statement, it turns out when they drill down, it turns out not to be true. we are getting reports today that some of the emails that supposedly she didn't delete and some of them talk about benghazi. wouldn't that have been helpful to have known when there were investigation on capitol hill? this goes to her ability to be honest. >> if you look at politifact 70%
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of donald trump's statements are rated false or pants on fire. hillary clinton 27%. liz: donald trump spending another $10 million in 9 battlegrounds states. we'll tell you where next. don't go away. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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liz: donald trump release his latest political ad, one of which focuses on the most important issue for voters as the polls show, the economy. >> in hillary clinton's america the middle class gets crushed. spending goes up, taxes go up. hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear. it's more of the same but worse. liz: mr. trump capitalizing on the worst economic recovery in decades. that chart shows what happened
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in the 30s and what's happening now. the new ad rolls out as part of a new $10 million ad buy that reached five battleground states butting swing states that are new for mr. trump. will the multi million dollar ad buy help close the gap before november? blake rutherford, and mieka, what do you think? >> a cnn poll shows more americans trust donald trump than hillary clinton on the economy. the polls are already tightening. this is preseason kickoff, september 1. in pennsylvania he is within 3
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points striking distance. and we are seeing the polls tightening in michigan. in florida trump is leading. his mess and is resonating with voters. especially when he's talking about putting america back to work, not choking businesses with regulations and not keeping 40 million americans on food stamps. >> it's awfully late for donald trump to decide to get in the paid advertising game. the key to any political campaign is a robust field operation which in my home state of pennsylvania, donald trump does not have. he's not organized on the ground. he doesn't have troops and volunteers and he doesn't have an organization. what we are seeing from trump while interesting will be pretty
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ineffective and awfully late. >> we have been in place since 2013. we have over 100,000 people are registering to vote in battleground states. we have glen these states 1,000 days more than hillary clinton. speak of hillary clinton, why is she hiding? she hasn't had a press conference in 228 days. >> donald trump's campaign has no field operation. they had to outsource to the rnc because they don't know what they are doing. to suggest that the rnc has a field game ready to help donald trump is a fallacy. liz: i want to address the economy, the fact that mr. trump
6:25 pm
is addressing the poor economic growth. people feel it out there. not so sure that hillary clinton's economic policies will spark economic growth. what do you think? >> i think it's clear what we have seen from donald trump, from $7 trillion he will add to the national debt to tax cuts for his millionaire friends, to the number of economists across the country who have disparaged his plan and say it's no plan for economic growth, the contrast could not be more clear. hillary clinton set forth a plan that includes investment in infrastructure and sending more people to college that will turn people around. trump's policies aren't going to get us there. liz: sending people to college, that's on the taxpayers. coming up, obamacare in crisis.
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liz: more trouble mounting for obamacare. according to a kaiser foundation analysis, more than a third of u.s. counties will only have one
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option for the affordable care act. if they don't get understand, they have to pay the mandate tax. what was supposed to foster competition in state exchanges. in certain counties across the country, we are seeing monopolies in insurance. reporter: the kaiser family foundation is pretty fair. on the negative side, take a look at these numbers. last year there were 300,000 people with only one option. this year it's close to 2.5 million people that only have one option. if you look at the state map on this. there are five states where the whole state has only run option. big insurers have been pulling out.
6:31 pm
united healthcare pulled out of 30 states that it was in. all of those insurers that pulled out have done well in the marketplace. they can't make money insuring the kind of folks you are insuring. you let just the sick people come in, you don't get the healthy people. it's hard to make money and it leaves no options. elizabeth: thanks so much for being with us, jeff flock. obamacare costing the american taxpayer $32 billion. taxpayers will shell out $670 billion the next 10 years according to the congressional budget office. in that context you can see why the administration -- it -- you might find it hard why the administration is calling the president's signature legislation a success. the democrats own affordable
6:32 pm
care. they pushed it through a democratically controlled congress without one single republican vote. it's unclear why this has not become a bigger issue on the campaign trail. joining me to discuss donald trump's senior economic adviser, also the author of "let's get it right," fueling freedom. we have king's college economics professor, brian brenberg. what do you make of these findings? >> it's awful. this is what the critics of obamacare said. you get low enrollment of healthy people and insurers dropping out of the market. this is why president obama has been talking about the public option. the move toward the single payer government-funded understand plan. you have to do that.
6:33 pm
there is no other way to arrest the downward spiral. elizabeth: if you didn't have the $32 billion a year, more than $70 billion in taxpayer money the next 10 years, it would collapse, right, kathleen? >> i think it would. but there was a lot of debate before this huge bill followed by thousds of pages of regulations put in place. there were a lot of people who thought the plan was over time this would make a single payer unavoidable. and it to me is such an example of failed counter-productive policy over the last 8 years in the obama administration built on these massive, intricate supposedly logical plans because they deny basic economic realities and individual behavior fail. this one is particularly cruel
6:34 pm
not only with the collapse of exchanges do people have only one option or two options. there are rural areas of the country which will give them almost no option. the collapse before other things happen with alled the interests involved in obamacare. this is hitting directly at people. liz: the next enrollment period starts a week before the election. as jeff flock point out. there are 11 million counts as insured due to obamacare. but 2.5 million see one insurer. is this a success? >> it's hard to say it's a success when you are seeing this pattern. this is not what was supposed to happen. i don't think you can say it's a success. and more and more people are feeling the pain of the higher premiums and viewer choices. this thing was meant to give people choices. that's how it was sold.
6:35 pm
if you like your plan you can keep it. >> we have seen flat lining gdp growth, consumers struggling. the spending is not coming in from the u.s. economy from consumers. how do you think the trump campaign will capitalize on these findings? >> i think as you mentioned earlier, we haven't talked about obamacare. the country, the major media as we gid did for so long. this is the time to do that. it takes a while. these grand big new laws filled with, you know, plans made by supposedly brilliant experts don't work. but it takes time to show that. i think there are all kinds much examples. many people, middle class family, health insurance costs have gone up 25% to 50%. we talk about shrinking middle class incomes.
6:36 pm
we also used to talk about how the obligations on employers of small business because of obamacare, more employees were put to part-time work or fewer new employees were raised. this isn't having the impacts we were hoping to see. liz: amazon on track to become the country's largest retailers next year. i have asthma...
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liz: amazon may be you are
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passion its brick and more tarp come get towards. but fashion sense is an important shopping block. analysts see amazon as the largest retailer by next year. but due to amazon's reputation as a discounts, it could leave an opening for brick and mortar stores. let's tell the viewer a little bit about you. you had two that you sold through facebook. >> it's an online rental service
6:41 pm
for women's sizes 10-32. liz: what percentage of the population is not being serviced by retailers in terms of their sizes? >> typically you will see 7% of american -- 67% of american women are size 14 or above. if you include the lower end of that spec actual you are talking about 75% of the population. liz: you are saying women can rent clothes for 79 a month? >> there are a couple of different plans. our three plan allows you to have three items out at a time and you swap them as much as you can during the month. liz: women know people really don't care about brands in middle america. they are not going to go to sex
6:42 pm
and the city metropolitan fashion gala. they don't care if you are wearing a calvin klein or donna caron. >> i think with amazon what you are seeing is a heavy move into private label. the part you mentioned in the beginning where brands are hesitant to work with amazon, that's been there from the beginning. they have been focusing on apparel, but they have been doing it mainly from their own private label, making a bet people don't care about brands. liz: am zone is developing its own labels? >> yes. liz: i think that women there and don't see great selection in terms of the clothes. you are stepping in with your own rental of clothes. >> the problem with amazon is
6:43 pm
the selection is overwhelms. no one wants to go through a catalog of tens of thousands of pieces of clothing. so without personalization and recommendation algorithms servicing up to you what you may be interested in, it's overwhelming. liz: you see what women want in terms of their retail and fashion sense. do you think amazon -- they basically doubled the number of different retailers on their site within a year. do you think they should cut that back and that should help them? i don't know if women are going the amazon to even buy shoes and clothes. people buy socks. they start in a little way. i think amazon has a weakness with female shoppers. >> they historically have not
6:44 pm
done well in the apparel space. clothing and food with the two biggest necessities. if you want to own retail you have to own those two categories. no doubt they will do incredibly well in apparel. anything they go after, they do that. but is it more on a low cost model which mirrors their commodity goods or higher end which they have had a hard time with. elizabeth: they don't like to be count on amazon. >> and you don't have control over the aesthetics. and you are mapped in with things that are $5 and $500. thank you so much. coming up. stakes high in all battleground states. there is one state that everyone is saying will make or break donald trump in november. we'll tell you which state that is when we come back.
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. liz: the presidential election could come down to the state of florida the democrats have an advantage in heavily minority community which have experienced significant growth in the state since the last election. but there is another growing dem graph nick florida that has kept things competitive for donald trump. white retirees. florida key to the presidential race and the senate majority as well. senator marco rubio poised to win his primary tomorrow. but democrats are ready to put
6:49 pm
up a fight in november. joining us, scott and jessica. what do you make of this? >> what's wrong with old white people? all the populist state will be very diverse and all the populist state will be important. this is not a battleground state elect or issue elect. this elect is about an insurgency of the people versus the corrupt elite. the people versus the establishment. the people versus the status quo. that quotient in florida is the same as pennsylvania,. jo ling: and california. it's 84% of all demographic feel an elite group of corrupt individual in washington rigged the system for their own power and prestige.
6:50 pm
liz: poll after poll out of florida shows that bloc is for donald trump. >> seniors are not doing a lot else usually on election day. any day, no offense. i love seniors and my dad is an old white guy. but they are reliable. they work the polls. whenever you show up the vote, who is manning the poll station? a very nice old person. they have decided elections while the democrats will be relying on millennials to show up. the framework is saying this election is about the insurgency candidacy much donald trump. donald trump is the business establishment. this man gave over $100,000 to the clinton foundation which he says is pay-to-play oh i'm
6:51 pm
wondering what he got out of it. he just hired the guy who masterminded bridge gait. so you want to talk about rigged. he has rigged bridges against the arm american. >> when it comes to corruption, i believe hillary has cornered the market in which the clinton foundation has broken new ground and established a higher bar, probably and olympic record for pay-to-play. $1.5 million for a speech, that's getting up there. liz: jessica, scott, thank you. something else to watch for this november. voter hacking. the f.b.i. is finding evidence hackers outside the u.16789 broke into data bases in illinois and arizona. authorities say russian hackers are on the list of suspects and in a possible attempt to
6:52 pm
influence the u.s. election. an illinois official said 200,000 of its voters had their personal information stolen that shut down their system for nearly two weeks. the f.b.i. says it's not just arizona and illinois. all 50 states need to make sure there are no similar attempted breaches and tighten security. the latest in the anthony weiner sexting scandal. his wife huma abedin, the long-time hillary clinton aide, separating from weiner. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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6:56 pm
announcing she is separating from her husband, anthony weiner. this is a third scandal he has been involved in, sending sexually explicit messages including a half naked picture of him in bed with his young son. who knows what he learned and who he told it just another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment it's possible our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this. we have the media report for the hill. what did you make of mr. trump's
6:57 pm
statement? >> you talk about the character of the people around her and obviously anthony weiner *. though i don't think he's sharing state secrets, he's sharing other secrets, clearly. liz: you have got a lot of sources in washington, d.c. and new york. is there a concern there is a national security issue with anthony weiner being on social media and being married to huma abedin and being so close to hillary clinton? >> it's a hard connection to make. she could be really chief of staff when -- if hillary clinton is elected. this is somebody that unfortunately if you want to go to huma abedin and ask her what did you tell your husband, what do you think he said.
6:58 pm
she doesn't do any interviews. one where she talked about how great her family was, and the second one with the f.b.i. in may. liz: it's not on the radar screen right now. but donald trump raised the issue, this could be a national security issue here. >> it could be because he cannot be trust bid his wife. liz: do you see him as a danger? >> you mean a real danger or carlos danger. >> i have a young son, i can't picture myself doing something like that with the kid right next me in the bed. he's profoundly and patently sick. huma will never meet anybody. i think charlie gasparino said she'll meet anybody with abs
6:59 pm
like weiner. liz: i think people haven't connected anthony weiner with huma abedin. overall if you were to ask 20 people on the street if they knew who huma abedin was, three or four would know. liz: who do you think would hire anthony weiner now? >> to blow this not once or twice, because he was getting a lot of media time. daily news just fired him. elizabeth: they shut his account. >> snapchat. elizabeth: thank you for joining us. next up we have tom sullivan with the lou dobbs show. thank you for joining me. i'll be back at 6:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow. set your dvr. you don't want to miss a moment
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of "making money." tom sullivan filling in for lou dobbs. don't go anywhere. [♪] tom: good evening. i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. growing concerns that the november election may be rikd. the f.b.i. announcing it uncovered evidence that foreign hackers accessed the election dat bases of two states within illinois and arizona. now the f.b.i. is urging all states to increase security measures. we'll have a full report. donald trump preparing to hit the airways with a $10 million ad buy. the spot hammers hillary clinton painting a dire picture of what would happen to the economy if clinton was elected president.


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