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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 29, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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you don't want to miss a moment of "making money." tom sullivan filling in for lou dobbs. don't go anywhere. [♪] tom: good evening. i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. growing concerns that the november election may be rikd. the f.b.i. announcing it uncovered evidence that foreign hackers accessed the election dat bases of two states within illinois and arizona. now the f.b.i. is urging all states to increase security measures. we'll have a full report. donald trump preparing to hit the airways with a $10 million ad buy. the spot hammers hillary clinton painting a dire picture of what would happen to the economy if clinton was elected president.
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we'll take up trump's campaign strategy with ed rollins and michael goodwin. also with us, trump campaign national spokesperson, katrina pierson. we have a lot to discuss including chicago in crisis. the month of august set to go down as the most silent month in chicago in 20 years. we'll discuss what needs to be done by the with former d.c. homicide detective rob wheeler. urgent concerns about potential rigging of the presidential election. the f.b.i. is investigating a series of suspected foreign hacks of state election computer systems and their websites. catherine herridge has our report. reporter: the four-page f.b.i. flash alert was soant officials after foreign hackers targeted
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voter data basses in four states. the codes identifying an individual computer. after its successful breach, voter dat was stolen. >> you are seeing more and more destabilization to under mine the trust and confidence in american institutions such as the electoral system. the same threat prompted homeland security secretary jeh johnson offering the services of federal experts to scan for additional weakness and shore up the voting system. the white house said it's considering whether the electoral process deserves the same safety net as the power grid. that would give experts at the federal government more of a
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role in assisting the administrators of those networks as they deter intrusion. reporter: while the feds would not address that illinois and arizona were targeted, there seems little doubter states will be affected. >> all states must begin with the per tech tough they may have already suffered such a compromise. reporter: cyber hackers successfully stole information from the dnc. a former bush homeland security official says the issue goes beyond november. >> if we ended up having a range of election and there is any question of a small number of votes that could create a crisis of confidence in the entire select early to process. reporter: analysts say the issue should rights above partisan politics.
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and they should make clear to foreign hackers that the u.s. will not tolerate any kinds of tampering. tom: donald trump launching the first of a wave of new advertisements set to air in about thele grounds states. the republican nominee with a $10 million ad bias he prepares a peach, a key issue of his campaign, immigration. carl cameron has our report. carl? reporter: with the election 10 weeks from tomorrow, done trrp plans an immigration speech. >> if i win we'll build the wall, we'll have an amazing border. reporter: trump is off the trail and shooting ads in new york before a fundraiser in if the bay area. he's watching his latest ad buy
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yet across 9 battleground states where he needs to win. a new ad by anti-trump republicans urges trump to drop out using his own words against him. >> if i was dplopg the polls where i say was's going to win, why would i continue? >> reportercontinue. reporter: in addition to his big immigration speech ins *. he will have regular strategy sessions with his inner circle. former fox news chairman roger ailes is an informal adviser to the debate team. and suggested trump's deportation plans are open ended by the comes to otherwise undocumented immigrants. >> he will go after the most
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dangerous criminals first and the least dangerous second. by the time we get there we'll see what the population is of non-criminal illegal immigrants. reporter: trump is receiving copies of clinton's debate performances against sanders. and her debates with barack obama. trump said african-americans will vote for trump because they know i will stop the slaughter going on. there is a warning if trump wins the election it will wreck the republican party and global stability. but say it's still important to vote for house and senate members to protect the majority. tom: shootings in chicago
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capping off the city's worst month of violence in 20 years. the city has recorded more murders than new york and los angeles combined. mike tobin is live in chicago with our report. reporter: even in a city seemingly numb to skyrocketing violence. but one murder stands out. a 32-year-old mother was struck and killed in the head while pushing her baby in a stroller. the short went to prison for among other things, possession and use of a firearm by a felon. both were on parole last friday. one was wearing his ankle monitor, one had a break from his ankle monitor to look for a job.
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>> these are repeat gun offenders who don't care who they shoot, don't care whose life they take, and clearly, don't fear the consequences of their actions. >> the case made national headlines because aldridge is the cousin of dwayne wade. he comments only over twitter. and the city of chicago is hurting, we need more help. the murder became politicized with donald trump taking to twitter and on the stump. >> the policies of hillary clinton have created this high crime and crushing poverty. absolutely crushing poverty in so many community underdemocratd schools, no jobs, high crime and no hope. it can't get any worse. reporter: as far as what mr. trump said, i don't have a lot of comment on that. if you have a magic bullet to
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stop the lie lens anywhere, please share it -- stop the violence, please share it with us. reporter: this past weekend 8 we'll were killed by gunfire in chicago, 50 wound. tom: 47 of the people who were shot or killed this weekend in chicago were known to police. they have a list of 1,400 people police believe are responsible for 85% of the gunfire. however, a spokeman complained the bitterly with lax gun laws they are unable to keep these individual behind bars when they arrest them. tom: these guys are career criminals, what were they doing out of jail? >> this police superintendent like the previous police superintendent is complaining bitterly about truth in sentencing laws.
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these two individual thanked they done their whole sentence would have been in prison and this shooting never would have existed. they use this as one more ample of guys getting out on the street. they don't fear law enforcement. what they fear are other gang members with the guns. tom: we are coming right back with' more. stay with us. donald trump promising swift action on illegal immigration once he become president. >> on day one i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. tom: trump will give a main policy speech on the issue this week. we'll take it up and a lot more with ed rollins and michael goodwin next. this daredevil is revving up for an amazing record-breaking launch. we'll show you the unbelievable video up next. a lot more straight ahead. we are coming right back.
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a. tom: hillary clinton's growing scandals starting to take a toll on her in the polls. hillary clinton's lead cut in half according to the latest monmouth poll.
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4-39. she did lead by 13 points earlier this month. joining me now, former reagan white house director ed rollins and michael goodwin. mr. rollins, if -- is it wise to keep hillary hidden for 28 days, no press conferences any kind? >> it's become an issue that she is not meeting with the press. in her particular case, she is not put this race away. there have been a lot of of mistake made by first-time candidate mr. trump. i think it's a close day. at the end of the day i think it's going to be a 3 or 4-point race and still doable. tom: michael food win you wrote
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a piece saying that hillary clinton is better at this game than will trump. >> there is another element to this. it's about the campaign and strategy and team and ads. it's about coming out and speaking or running and hiding. trump is all in all the time. clinton does not hold press conferences. picks her moments to where she feels she has an advantage. i used last week as an example of how i think with the huma abedin issue of the revelation that she worked for an anti-american journal of women's rights, anti-women's rights journal for 12 years. the associated press story on how the donors got special access to clinton when she was secretary of state. and the additional 15,000 emails. all of those things should have set up for a great week tore donald trump. in the end we ended up talking
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about immigration which is not something he's prepared to talk about. >> is that stgyf just buy more ads and hope your candidate wins still work? hillary is spending many times more money than donald trump. >> this an unusual year. the old rules don't matter as much as they used to. she has a strong organization. she built on the obama campaign. she is dominating in the airwaves. but you don't learn anything new about hillary. nothing positive is coming out of that campaign. that's hurting her a little bit to my candidate's favor. here is my position on immigration, and say nothing more than that position. and basically he has the black outreach this weekend. he will dominate the free media
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this weekend and that's important. tom: the economy is always ranked the number one thing people are worried about. the jobs and economy. then as ed is saying he will give a speech on immigration. is it too confusing back and forth? >> i think it is. karl rove wrote an interesting piece how you have to be consistent with what you are putting out there. you have to talk about the economy and reinforce this and be one idea at a time. you can spend a week based on 'ads. you give a speech on that. you tweet on that, you particular to a point. you hammer home a point so it's not so forgettable. trump often steps on his own stories and minimizes his advantage. where the clinton people maximize their advantage and minimize their disadvantage. tom: macy's knows when they run
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a sale on shoes. they do shoes everywhere. >> they are selling one thing. tom: that message is all they are going to talk about. >> he need to be selling the economy. it's a pretty good ad. he will define himself as the leader of this race. tom: he says he's looking for a bigger venue because the crowds are so big. do the crowds translate into people showing up that otherwise you have got to work hard to get out the vote? >> i remind people, the day before walter mondale lost 49 states he had 149,000 people in new york in a crowd. tom: that's an upset. >> the problem with trump is he has an enthusiastic crowd and talks to the crowd. instead of the crowd being the vehicle to talk beyond the crowd.
7:20 pm
tom: i'm wondering if some of these venues he comes to. he's a show. circus is in town. people will come out to see the celebrity. >> i don't even know. do they even make any contact with people in these crowds? do they sign them up? >> i believe they are now. i understand they are signing them up now and they are sending them to texas. >> so there is a data base somewhere. >> it's never like obama. but they are catching up and they have a couple months to get it all. tom: roll the video. one daredevil pushing it to the limit. watch as this offroad racer shatters the world record for the longest truck jump when he launches his truck 279 feet over
7:21 pm
s vegas ghost town. i don't know why you people do that. but i'm glad they do because it's fun to watch. the obama white house admitted 10,000 syrian refugees. what does that mean for our national security? kt mcfarland takes that up next. many people clean their dentures
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what happens to the chief of police in a controlled area controlled by isis? you are not going to call that kind of phone because you don'ts
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but i would add a further thing. if we were this you mean when we leave him in the leave them in their region. build places for them, housing, schools, hospitals. leave them someplahe wre they have the same language and if their lands are reclaimed and given back to them they can move back. tom: can you imagine being picked up from united states of america and dropped in the syrian desert and say there you go. >> have fun coming up in a job. tom: you have no language in a contact in a way to make a living. tell me about this canadian story. there are a bunch of canadians isis members may be. >> makers what is happen. the canadian government has warned people that there were 180 canadians have left canada, gone to the movie stand trained with isis and as many as half of
7:28 pm
them are back in canada so watch out. well that's pretty reassuring, isn't it to know that you have in your midst people who will be willing and probably trained for a terrorist attack. tom: how good is canada doing, keeping track? >> i think what's happened is isis has opened a second in europe or there's a terrorist attack in europe and have now started moving into the next fertile territory which is north america. we know there are isis cells and isis is being watched in all 50 states. again the fbi director said that in the canadian government says we have to worry about it too. it may not be an invasion of thousands and thousands of troops. you don't need anymore in an era of cyber warfare. tom: there was a terrorist that tried to get through port angeles washington from canada in a little tiny customs
7:29 pm
location and a customs officer there, she thought something was up. he was on his way to bomb lax. canada has, it's a long border and i caught one that they have to catch every one of them. >> here's the other thing. i think that happened in 2000 on 2001. what has happened since then? political correctness has affected us all whether it's in canada or the united states or whether it's in europe so how likely that someone that sees something is going to say something for fear they will be criticized for being a bigot or a racist or someone who doesn't sympathize with terrorist? tom: i told the audience in friday you were doing a story about e iranian navy boats that were arresting this u.s. military navy boats and i thought of you because during this reagan administration administration, ronald reagan did not play around and talk about politically correct don't shoot at those guys. be nice to them and ronald reagan would assault a bunch of
7:30 pm
them and say don't ever mess with us again. >> they said they weren't doing it so we just blew up the ships and reflagged other ships that had kuwaiti flags on them. if you want to mess with us you are taking on the united states navy. now what are we doing? we are apologizing and making excuses. >> what a difference a few decades makes. >> and the leader, that helps. tom: we have a leader. >> i'm looking around for the next one. tom: i am too. yankee so much. good to see you. meantime we are coming right back with much more so stay with us. donald trump delivering messages of a new america where the people by the people. tom says hillary clinton wants a country that only works for her. >> she is pledging to abolish a law making powers of congress and assumed the powers of imperial leaders. she doesn't even look
7:31 pm
presidential to me. tom: we will take up trumps latest campaign started strategy with katrina pierson coming in next and best pop is proving that cats aren't the only ones with nine lives. we will show you the video for stocks remarkable close call, up next call, up next. we have a lot more to cover tonight right after this quick break. stay with us. i have asthma...
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but democrats are really beginning to worry. listen to former obama can manage her david plouffe. >> it's going to be difficult because you have to prepare for many different trumps. actually the job of preparing for trump is a difficulty. you have to summon you can play many different roles. they seek we have a psychopath running for president. tom: joining me now from campaign national spokeswoman katrina pierson. katrina the name-calling continues, doesn't it, psychopath. >> absolutely. the gap in the polls are closing and so this is another desperate lyrical attack and i would presume it will continue to get worse as the poll numbers continue to close in. tom: desperation begins to show. tell me about the preparation for the debates. are you doing something now or are you working with people?
7:36 pm
give us the inside scoop. what are you doing? >> mr. trump is preparing for the debates and he's excited to debate hillary clinton. he's going to continue to be the trump he has eyes been, toughen him protectable and he's going to focus on contrast. it will be important for voters to see the media filter and how his policies differ from hillary clinton's. he wants to give voters a choice of his vision with that future and hope in making america great again and hillary clinton versus the status quo in obama's third term. he will be a clear choice. tom: next saturday and i know we are jumping ahead. go out to saturday for some of his critics has said yes he's talking about latin america in front of white communities. he's going to detroit. who is he going to be talking about and what will he be staying?
7:37 pm
>> this is one of the things that has been left out of the discussion. mr. trump met with the black chamber of commerce during the primary mr. trump attempted to go chicago back in march during the primary. yet met with several that -- black panthers group in a black church endorsed him a few months ago. mr. trump is making inroads into the black amenity which is why his polls are probably gone from one% to 8% of the newer polls and he will be talking directly to the individuals in detroit and he wants to talk about the issues of immigration jobs and economy because those are the top three things at a federal level that mr. chung trunk and impact of those communities. tom: we were talking with ed rollins and mike newman earlier about the message and the fact that he's going to be speaking about immigration wednesday but you just laid out a 10 million-dollar ad buy about the economy and it seems odd that they were babies to different messages going at the same time.
7:38 pm
>> in every stage the issues impact the communities differently and it's really important to talk about the economy because that affects all people in the country and it's going to be important in mr. trump distinguishes the difference between his policies of lowering taxes and bringing up his no's versus hillary clinton raising taxes and supporting job-killing trade deals. that's very important moving forward considering the economy under barack obama and hillary clinton and voters will have to decide if they want more of the same order go with donald trump someone they know who will create jobs. tom: is there a shock in our campaign as everybody says labor day is kind of a reset so a week from today are we going to have something new and bigger coming out of the trump campaign? >> i imagine you will see some new things coming out of the trump campaign.
7:39 pm
after labor day people are going to tune in and what they are going to see is a republican candidate who out there and want to court all voters not just a certain section of voters. he wants to do it wholeheartedly simply because mr. trump when he says i love everybody he means that from his heart. he has a light to show what he has contributed to his own community and he wants to take that to bigger scale and make america great again. tom: katrina pearson thanks for being with us. just a reminder it's been 268 days hillary in hiding. since she last held a news conference. those numbers are getting kind of big, aren't big, aren't they? you can't ignore it after a while. meantime roll the video because cats are not the only ones with nine lives. watches this bolivian rally cars speeds around the corner and hits a bump and goes flying over the head of the oblivious pub.
7:40 pm
the lucky dog is shaken but looking around like what was that all about? up next on chunk -- donald trump making his case to african-american voters. >> i'm offering to make a better future for the citizens of detroit, baltimore, chicago all across this great land, inner-city and outer city, all over, everybody. when we come together we will have one great country, greater than ever before. tom: we take up the law and order candidate and the new group in chicago with former d.c. homicide detective rob wheeler. that's next.
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ tom: d'ante performed at this music awards last night in the singer she couldn't resist getting political. the performance showed several backup dancers dressed as angels being shot on stage a reference to the recent police shootings. former new york mayor rudy giuliani not a fan. >> i save more black lives than any of those people use on stage by reducing crime but if you're going to do that you also should symbolize why police officers are in the favorites and what
7:45 pm
are you going to do about that? tom: joining me former washington homicide detective and "fox news" attribute or rob wheeler and i missed the mtv awards last night. i don't know the watch them buta while because there's usually something wacky that happens. this is getting to the point where the mothers of four african-americans shot by police were on stage. i checked all the stories and i didn't hear anything about any of the police officers widows being on stage. >> you won't hear anything about the police officers widows on stage because look at who is performing, tom. jan said has made it clear ever since the super bowl last year and you and i talked about this when she gave in my opinion the middle finger to police officers across the country. she has a lot of money if she wants to express her feelings and her values and her lack of support that's fine but here's
7:46 pm
my question for beyonce. what else is she doing this communities to help these people geback on their feet? beyonce has millions of dollars and i will submit to you tom she hasn't given 1 dollar one red cent to try to start a new program to hire people in these communities but i will tell you what she is done. she's taken millions of dollars out of those amenities. she will get on tv and her hatred towards police officers and then turn around and asked police officers to keep her safe from the bad guy so go figure. tom: rappers in the audience was a younger audience so what kind of impact does this messaging have? >> is a horrible message and that's why i think it's important that folks such as myself and others give the opposite view of that message because that message is being sent to young people and especially young african-american people. it's not the correct message.
7:47 pm
we can lift ourselves up and pull ourselves up and it's not going to take béyonce to do that. somebody has a problem and they need to dial 911 you are not going to get her to come running and you're not going to get colin kaepernick to come running. what you are going to get us some low-paid leaves office are dedicated to this community and dedicated to this flag. tom: speaking of colin kaepernick san francisco 49ers quarterback refusing to stand for the national anthem and in doing so gave a diatribe in the locker room after the game. i got a tip today that his girlfriend is one of the big activists running black lives matter's so it sounds like they're sitting at home when he is getting talking news. >> surprise, surprise. i'm not really surprised by this. let me say this in all seriousness. every time i come down to the fox studios less than three miles from her i'm sitting
7:48 pm
right now in arlington national cemetery and when i walk past a cemetery and drive past a cemetery and i see the tombstones of thousands of people that have ended their lives you know what i don't see in most tombstones? i don't see race and don't see ethnicity but i see this flag and those are the same people that this guy's colin kaepernick refused to stand for and that's his constitutional right but while he is not standing i'm going to stand and i submit to you tom but every viewer right now watching will stand for this flag it's the last thing we do. tom: it's very much of an arrogant move i think on his part but i think most people agree he does have the right in this country to protest. at the same time it's interesting how you talked about he has got a lot of money in beyoncè has a lot of money. what are they doing in the community to try to make a difference? >> zero. they are doing nothing.
7:49 pm
colin kaepernick as far as i know hasn't started training program. beyoncè hasn't started training program. she just goes out there and takes people's money and then she goes and spends it and talks about police officer so until these individual start making a meaningful difference in some of these communities and i'm specifically talking about african-american communities across the country. if colin kaepernick wants to sit down for something sit down for other murders that occurred in chicago this past weekend, nine by the way in 50 people were shot. if you want to sit down for something meaningful but they are not doing that that is their right, if you want to protest that way and if beyoncè wants to continue to hate police officers that's their right but we are going to stand for this flag and stand for what is right. tom: real quick about chicago. the numbers are getting worse if anything. anybody doing anything to reverse that trend? >> i've got to say this
7:50 pm
semi-been having my finger on the pulse with what's going on chicago. there are local community groups tom they're really trying to figure difference. we don't hear a lot about those folks but i'll tell you what the role problem is. the real problem is the leadership in the city of chicago and it starts with the mayor. i'm not the only one saying this so i don't want viewers to think you are just saying that because of obama are rahm emanuel. that's not the case at all. the mayor hasn't provided any leadership and if you look at the press conference and i implore the viewers to do this go back and look at the press conference that the police chief have this past saturday. that police chief is ready to throw in the towel. he said he is not getting the support that he needs. tom: he looked very frustrated, no question about it. rod wheeler always good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you tom. tom: stocks closing higher in light trading gaining 108 points
7:51 pm
s&p up 11 and nasdaq up 13 a. you can do that on light volume. this was the lightest volume of the year 26 billion today. up next, newly-released e-mails show the clinton foundation donors were routinely given special access and favors while hillary was the head of the state department. taking up calls for special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation. my business was but with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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tom: the clinton foundation scandal growing larger tonight with newly-released e-mails showing huma abedin and that band discussing efforts to get donors seats at an official lunch with chinese president who gentiles back in 2010. the list includes executives from ubs and western union, rockefeller foundation all those organizations that have donated millions to the clinton foundation. these newly e-mails, as an obama poll shows 56% of voters say the clinton foundation donors receive special treatment from hillary state department that the interim head of the dnc donna brazile is -- those concerns. >> this notion that somehow someone who is a donor says i
7:56 pm
want access and i want to come into room and meet people, we had to criminalize behavior that is normal and i don't see what the smoke is. tom: joining me now is former u.s. attorney for the seven district by an executive director of the foundation for accountability matthew whitaker and "fox news" legal analyst leaf. donna brazile blows it off with a document about it's a networking thing. we all know people can you get me into such and such? there's a difference so when you control millions and millions of dollars in government contracts that my company just so happens to get or you pay me off whole bunch of money for a speech. >> she also said the words smoking in there and legally what you are looking for is that smoking gun to take it away from that's how we do it and that's business as usual.
7:57 pm
prosecutors, that's what you're trying to find because you have to go in for that intense factors sort of getting into the mind and what are they intending to do. is it an official act just for being nice and playing along. you take it out and make it that official act in the newer looking at not only a civil but a crime at that point. tom: i'm not a lawyer but i know that. speaking to another lawyer, how does the process go and what do you think the chances are of getting a special prosecutor to dig into where all of this is? >> the call for a special prosecutor is ever-increasing because what you have is the president who hasn't forced hillary clinton as you would expect. the attorney general works directly for the president and had that meeting on the tarmac with bill clinton and it sounds
7:58 pm
like there is a tacit agreement that she will continue on in the clinton administration say really look at the independence of the department of justice which is very important to the ongoing success of our country in jeopardy and a special prosecutor as we saw when scooter libby and the valerie plame situation was prosecuted by colleague of mine out of chicago. he was a special prosecutor and i think jim comey appointed into that position and that is what one would expect. we want somebody that can look at these facts and circumstances especially on the public corruption front and make a prosecutorial decision. tom: you know there's a lot of people that go the justice department is not going to do anything as long as president obama is in office, political influence on that so that they won't do anything is there another way to get a special prosecutor? >> the special prosecutor would have at least a taken one step further and at least part to the grand jury which i think so many
7:59 pm
people were upset about last time he comey came out and said no reasonable prosecutor would have would have taken this. no reasonable prosecutor would have done anything with this. wait a second. as much respect that we all have for the fbi in the chief investigator on this case, he is the investigator, not the prosecutor. the investigator investigates and the prosecutors are supposed to prosecute and bring it to the grand jury who is supposed to decide whether or not to -- that is why everybody including myself as a prosecutor, as a prosecutor, former prosecutor so frustrated. tom: we have a few seconds here. what are the chances of getting a special prosecutor? >> right now it's zero. it's too bad but the department of justice is not going to seek any kind of independence in this investigation. tom: vote is sarah-2.
8:00 pm
matt whittaker and lis wiehl would love to talk to you more but we are at a time. robert jeffers is among our guest tomorrow night so i will be back. i hope you will too. please be with us. in the meantime have a wonderful rest of your month. goodnight. good evening i am tom sullivan in for "lou dobbs tonight." growing concerns that the november election may be rigged. the fbi announcing its uncovered evidence that more hackersaccesd access the election databases up to states, illinois and arizona and now the fbi is urging all states to increase security measures. also tonight donald trump preparing to hit the airwaves with a new 10 million-dollar ad buy. the 30-second spot hammers hillary clinton painting a dire picture for what happened to thc economy if clinton was elected president.


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