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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  August 30, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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of this campaign, and tomorrow night he's going to be coming forward with all of it. it could be one of those make or breaks for this election, so again, we'll be there, we will cover the speech, and have full analysis for you. i hope you join me. ashley webster is in for liz claman in the meantime. let's go to him. >> appreciate that. markets kissing off yesterday's gains as hershey, apple and fed heads bring the dow jones industrials lower. off about 72 point. while the market slides, donald trump is trying cash in. the billionaire businessman in california's san joaquin valley at this hour reportedly holding a republican fund-raiser at the home of pistachio grower corky anderson, expected to talk about california's droughts, water crisis and hoping to raise $1.5 million along the way. the trump event comes as a major financial firm releases a report saying the market has already priced in a hillary
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clinton presidency and wall street is betting on a big win by the democratic nominee and foremost new york senator. that comes on the same day that former republican candidate for governor of california, h-p ceo meg whitman actively campaigning for hillary clinton in colorado. our political panel tells us if big business is in the bag for hillary. former governors david patterson of new york are here to talk about that. activists taking epipen outrage to the front steps of the mylan headquarters in pennsylvania. we'll tell you what the 700,000 people who signed a petition are demanding from that embattled drug company. princeton review tells us the best colleges for money. jeff flock is tending to its flock. charlie gasparino breaks down apple's $14 billion tax bill. we are less than an hour to the closing bell. i'm ashley webster in for liz claman, let's begin the
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"countdown." what a difference a day makes. 24 hours. u.s. markets moving lower as the dollar gains strength on the expectation that the fed will raise interest rates sometime before the end of the year. also, snack giant mondelez announced it is no longer looking to buy hershey after hershey turned down $23 billion cash and stock bill, it would have created the world's largest candy company. hershey down 10%. mondelez up 3.5%. trading resumed for for the fertilizer company after they are in talk of a possible merger. one analyst from cowan thinks that merger makes no sense. the deal would generate a fertilizer giant.
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potash up nearly 11%. wall street knows who the next president of the united states will be. apparently it's not a republican. according to a bank of america-merrill lynch report, the markets have decided hillary clinton is going to win in a landslide. since july 5th, the s&p gained more than 4%. based on market history, that means a presidential candidate will win more than 80% of the electoral college if you believe in such things and according to b of a, that candidate will be hillary clinton. meg whitman, the republican-leaning ceo of h-p, gop i should say is on the trail fund-raising in colorado. a strange election that goes on and on. i'm joined by former democratic governor of new york, david patterson, and former republican governor from vermont, jim douglas.
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thank you, both for being here. jim, begin with you. market predictions aside, is it too late for donald trump to raise the kind of money needed to match hillary clinton? >> well, it is getting late. there's no question about it. the question is whether he needs to. he gets a lot of free publicity as you know, and as you indicated a few minutes ago, this is a very unusual campaign. so i don't think all the normal and traditional predictions and rules apply this year, and we'll have to see how it plays out. >> interesting, david, i think hillary clinton for the most part has been quiet and let donald trump do his thing. we've had e-mail scandals. talks about the clinton foundation. what do you think of her strategy up to now? >> well, i think that the republicans who ran against donald trump in the primary might be reconsidering how they would just get into the fray with him and even perhaps
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former secretary of state did at some point, but you know, it's like the old phrase from cool hand luke, sometime nothing is a cool hand. [laughter] >> in other words, stand your ground. we have the first debate, david, less than a month away, a lot of people say it's going to be better than the super bowl, fascinating to watch. i would imagine hillary clinton little wary going into that. >> well, i think it's going to be certainly the most watched debate in history, and i think that at times like that, the most important thing for either of the candidates would be to talk about the workable, sensible, achievable goals that would repair this country, and i think that it's historic, the public romanticizes candidates in the beginning, it's the person that feels exactly the way i feel, as time goes on toward the end, the public is pragmatic which is why you've
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seen very few third-party candidates get anywhere. people need to line up on one side or the other, and my opinion that the public becomes more pragmatic, who is the best person are in country in the next four years. >> very interesting point. let me ask you, jim, to that point. i feel like donald trump is trying to walk back earlier rhetoric, especially with immigration, he's kind of like perhaps softening stance, we'll find out tomorrow when he lays out his plans. but could that turn off some of his initial support at the beginning that was so much. he's talking just as i feel. that kind of excitement. that energy, as he tries to be more focused, can he still maintain his core support? >> that's a very key question. that's the tightrope he's walking. he got where he is because he's somewhat outrageous. as a base of support of people who feel the system is rigged against the average american
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and want something dramatically different. at the same time, as my dead friend dave patterson noted. he's trying to pivot to a degree but needs to figure out what the degree needs to be. a key tomorrow when we hear the immigration speech, it will be interesting to see how much pivoting he does. >> very quickly, you're a republican, are you going to vote for donald trump? >> i haven't decided, actually. >> oh! >> as is the case in new york, the electoral votes in vermont are not very competitive. i'm struggling as a lot of republicans are. he's a very unusual candidate. very nontraditional. i've got a few months to think it over. >> quickly, we have julian assange saying we have more e-mails to dump. are they nervous in the clinton campaign that there will be something released in the
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e-mails for the campaign? >> everybody is nervous about tomorrow. hello to governor douglas. i think they want republicans and democrats to build bridges between each other. governor douglas and i in 2010 rebuilt the lake champagne bridge, that is a symbolic gesture for this interview. >> you literally build bridges. >> and walked across it when it was done. >> literally. >> literally. that's a great place to end. thank you so much, former governors, jim douglas and david patterson. >> stay tuned tonight, "lou dobbs tonight" will get things started at 7:00 p.m. followed by "the intelligence report" at 8:00 p.m. u.s. markets have fallen from record highs. are things about to get really ugly. september is the only month of the year which the dow has been lower on average over the past
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20, 50 and 100 years, and then of course the jobs report on friday, what that could mean to the fed. right to the floor show. traders at the new york stock exchange, the cme group and the nymex. let me begin with teddy weisberg, my good friend at the new york stock exchange. this is probably the quietest week of the entire trading year i would imagine, teddy. but we're also waiting for the big jobs report on friday. if it is a blowout number does the market take a dip because the chances of a september rate hike go up? >> i guess, yes. this week and next week are quiet weeks and i think if the job number is a blowout it reinforces the position of the hawks vis-a-vis interest rates, but there's a lot of folks out there that think that nothing will happen in september, and even possible nothing will happen in the end of the year. nobody knows.
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everybody's crystal ball is cloudy, but the good news, the good news today is that we see the financials acting better and even the airlines. so in a dull, dreary, negative market, there's always something to smile about, and today we're scraping the bottom of the sector barrel, but there is some green on the screens today in spite of the negative sentiment. >> very good, teddy. ira, let me get to you, ira epstein. teddy said the crystal ball is cloudy. i would say so, and for the fed as well. but the economic data seems to be pointing towards a quarter of a percent rate hike. could it come in september before the election? >> if you believe the cme fed watch page or any of the other page us that look at, the answer is no, there's only about a 24-28%. but we were given a number today by stanley fischer of 180,000 jobs.
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let's assume it comes in 200, 210, the finger is on the throttle. if you look at the futures markets across the board, they're in a spiral down today. everything fell out of bed. so i think the market is thinking what mr. fisher said this morning in interviews is coming to the market and i think the market is anticipating that, and building in already that there might be a hike. >> certainly feels that way, ira, you are right. elliot warren of the gold hitting lowest level since june. not look so pretty? >> you know what? i can't speak to gold. i'm more of an energy type and i will tell you right now that we see oil, oil is a little lower today. i don't know about falling out of bed. teddy talking about dreery. you are floating on the highs, teddy. crude is the one with a lot of room to go down. crude's rally $8 last week on air, right? opec saying they might have a meeting, iranians might care about it.
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oil and natural gas as well, natural gas floating around the $3 level. they have room to run on the down side. you look to sell on both ends. teddy, don't sell to a foreign market. don't sell a dull market. >> a dull market. >> elliott, how low could oil go? we have a strong dollar hurting. could we retest 42? somewhere in there? >> yeah, absolutely. why not. we were below 42 within the last month, month and a half. we could get back down into the 30s. ns of oil. talking about opec cooperating to drive the price higher, i don't see any of it. i say sold. i think 40 bucks. >> i'm with you. gentlemen, thank you so much. teddy, ira, elliott. thank you so much. appreciate it. on mainly a quiet day but plenty to talk about. take a look at dow 30 heat
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map. dragging along is boeing town $1.94. fall fashion has a different meaning at abercrombie & fitch. the clothing retailer falling out of favor with teens posing 14th straight quarter of falling sales. compsales down 4% and the company says that won't change for the rest of the year. abercrombie & fitch set for the biggest one day percentage drop since 2001. that's not pretty. down almost 21%. and the epipen price hike controversy taken straight to mylan's front door. one advocacy group delivers a petitionsigned by over 700,000 people demanding the company lower the sky high price for the life-saving drug. "countdown" is coming right back.
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. ashley: breaking news for you at this moment. the president has granted commutation for 111 individuals. now that makes 325 commutations made this month alone. the white house blog says this is the most any president has made in a single month. all right, moving on. earlier president obama was expected to meet with secretary
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of health and human services sylvia burwell, obamacare unraveling those 2.1 million people will have to change plans for 2017 because insurers are just getting out of the exchanges. in the last-ditch effort, the obama administration proposing a series of fixes and adjustments to the law. detailed in a highly technical draft regulation nearly 300 pages long. those are a lot of tweeks. mylan, the maker of epipen pointing the finger at obamacare. the company blaming the president's health care law for skyrocketing costs of the life-saving drug. individuals and families who need the critical drug stuck footing most of the huge bill. that's why today a petition with over 700,000 signatures, the one you see on the screen, there they are, was delivered to mylan headquarters on behalf
3:19 pm
of consumers and epipen users. next guest helped lead the grassroots movement and one of the many concerned citizens leading the fight against mylan. director of public citizens access to medicines program peter joining us from washington, d.c. peter, start with the petition, what exactly does it is a and what does it want mylan to do? >> the petition tells mylan it needs to drop price stop the evasive tactics and reduce the price of the life saving device to the $100 mark it initiated when the product hit market in 2007. this is a decades old technology, development was funded in part through u.s. taxpayer dollars. the drug inside is 100 years old and no excuse for the price gouging. mylan needs to cut the price. ashley: so the attempts they made so far, attemptedo tart with a $300 savings card and
3:20 pm
reduce the cost to $300 for some customers. you say it's still too high? >> it's a convoluted mechanism. they're trying to preserve the premium market to continue to sell $600 epipens and capture the generics market and look a little better, but $100 is more than a profitable price for the product. it's strange to have a generics firm make a generic of its own product in the first place. mylan is aggressive in selling as many epipens as possible, they're not contributing to the r&d, but scary thing for families not to have the device stocked and needs to be affordable so families don't have to make tough decisions between paying monthly bills and making sure they have security against their children's allergic reaction. ashley: mylan, somewhere blaming obamacare and the middle costs in the process. we make the product, but by the
3:21 pm
time it passes through the individuals, the consumer, the pharmacy, the pharmacy manages, that's where the costs come from, is that true? >> that's nice but we all pay for mylan's price in the end. we pay for health care and insurance premiums. insurers are ripping off subscribers as well, shouldn't get a free pass but neither does mylan. this is extremely inexpensive product with no justification and all of us pay either through copay or price which could be several hundred dollars if we don't have insurance or through insurance premiums and our system can't bear this kind of price abuse, and there are solutions, congress can act to pass legislation against this price gouging, and it generally reflects the broader problem of monopolies. pharmaceuticals are not a free market, mylan is running away with the fact it's been able to corner the market based in part
3:22 pm
on government protected exclusiveities, we need to induce market competition that can help bring the prices down. ashley: if mylan doesn't do this voluntarily, is it going to take lawmakers to step in? how does this play out? >> well, yes, we think there should be comprehensive action on pharmaceutical drug pricing. there are options available to the president. options available to congress and the states. what matters here is americans organize. pharma announced $300 million lobbying campaign to defend high prices essentially from efforts by the american people to lower the prices. if we stand up, if you add your name to our petition, get to one million names, we can push mylan to reduce the price. and pick up the phone and tell our congress members we demand comprehensive reform on drug prices because this abuse cannot stand. ashley: focused on mylan and
3:23 pm
epipen, are there similar situations involving other drugs? >> well, of course. last year we had the pharma bro and the aids drug hike thousands of percentile, but this price spiking, most companies jack up prices of products 10-15% every january 1st. that's something we can stop through legislation. mylan's case is disturbing because as a generics manufacturing part of the reduce the prices and cost burden through simple market competition, and they're refusing to do that instead of looking to boost the ceo pay which reached 19 million for heather bresch. ashley: right. >> but the general problem here is monopoly power. we give pharmaceutical companies all kinds of monopoly protections, government backed monopoly protections, it's the reason we don't have a true free market in pharmaceuticals to bring prices down.
3:24 pm
there are many solutions to it, very simple matter of congress and our government doing what the american people want in poll after poll. that is to stand up to big pharma. ashley: we will continue to follow this story and thank you so much, peter, public citizen director of access to medicines program. thank you very much, peter. >> thank you. >> the dow jones industrial average struggling a little bit, off about 65 points as you can see. coming up next, tropical storm 9, not very sexy, is it? playing havoc in the gulf of mexico, closing offshore drilling and dumping rain to florida as voters head to the primary polls there. more on that ahead. and we go to illinois where jeff flock is tending to his flock. that's not jeff flock. why you are paying chicken feed for chicken dinner? as chicken prices go down across the nation. "countdown" is clucking right
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ashley: north carolina's outer banks bracing for flooding as a tropical depression nears the coast. this is another storm bruting in the gulf of mexico that is expected to bring heavy winds and torrential rains to florida. the panhandle, northern panhandle, by this week's end. a real mess. the nfl moving the tampa bay buccaneers, washington redskins preseason game up by a day to wednesday, because of the oncoming storm. probably a good idea. oil and gas company hess is evacuating non-essential personnel from the gulf of mexico joining other operators including bell and bp securing their facilities just to play sa not to be outdone, hawaii bracing for possible impact tomorrow of a category 4 hurricane, madeline. the storm would be the worst ever to make landfall in hawaii if it hits. safe to say, surf is up in hawaii. >> rain in florida could have some major implications as well
3:30 pm
for voters heading to the polls today. senator marco rubio seeking a second term and former democratic national committee chair debbie wasserman schultz, hoping to fend off bernie sanders supporter tim canova. florida is not only state deciding their future today. senator john mccain is seeking a sixth term, battling former state senator kelly ward. lots to take in. blake burman is it follow all the developments. blake? reporter: ashley, you're right. three of the big names, well-known names in american politics on the ballot in primary races in arizona and florida, john mccain, marco rubio and debbie wasserman schultz. let's begin with mccain. he is trying to weave past a variety of criticisms from his republican open don't arizona senator, kelly ward. among them she says mccain is in favor of amnesty. she supports trump's idea of a border wall. no local race changed more over
3:31 pm
the summer than the congressional race in miami, florida, area. after being bounced from democratic committee chairmanship, wasserman schultz is trying to keep her house seat from up start tim canova. he is being supported by bernie sanders. she has backing of party officials like hillary clinton and president obama. then there is marco rubio. the former presidential hopeful who vowed during the republican primary on the presidential side to give up his senate seat should his presidential ambitions fall short. since then rubio pull ad 180. he is expected to breeze through his primary today. in an interview with cnn he would not commit to serving all six years should he win in november. listen here. >> no one can make that commitment because you don't know what the future is going to hold in your life personally or politically. i can commit to you this. if i am running to be a u.s. senator i'm fully prepared to allow the u.s. senate to be last political office i ever hold.
3:32 pm
reporter: for rubio, ashley, he received help from mitt romney, 2012 republican nominee. he sent a fund-raising email on rubio's behalf here on primary day. ashley: still hanging in there, mitt romney. blake, their very much. appreciate it. markets moving lower with less than half an hour to go. the dow off 64 points, nothing too drastic. down a third of a percent. college education is rising to astronomical levels but how much can you cut the cost of four year degree before becoming an astrophysicist? not me. princeton review has the article on the best colleges out. rob frank will join us next with all the details. >> fox in the henhouse, jeff flock at a chicken coop in illinois. food prices tumbling across the nation. jeff? reporter: their lowest level, sustained run down in food prices since john kennedy was president. i'm going to tell you one of the reasons why that is the case, with all my friends in the
3:33 pm
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i apprecabsolutely. ing by. the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly.
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multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. reporter: i'm lori rothman on the floor of new york stock exchange with today's fox business tech minute. well the taxman is taking a bite out of apple. the european union antitrust regulator has ruled ireland must recover close to $15 billion in unpaid taxes from apple. so this is the biggest tax ruling the e.u. has ever made regarding a single company. apple does plan to appeal the decision. shares are down 1%. a 157-year-old railroad is taking to the skies with drones. warren buffett, bnf railroad is flying drones in new mexico to inspect tracks.
3:38 pm
this will help faa develop rules for unmanned aircraft out of the pilot's site. this would expand deliveries by amazon and google. mark zuckerberg plans finally demonstrating a butler powered by artificial intelligence. zuckerberg wanted something to control his work and home. back to ashley webster in studio. ashley: i could always use a robot, lori rothman, thank you very much. more and more americans are going to college today, but as attendance is rising so are the costs. u.s. student debt an astronomical levels, climbing to more than $1.2 trillion with more than 40 million americans collectively owing money on their college education. this as prince ton review releases its 25th annual rankings of the 381 best colleges, that focus on best schools for financial aid, partying, campus life and campus food. always fun to talk about.
3:39 pm
we have the senior vice president and publisher, rob franik how serious is the rising college debt problem is and what prospective students should look for in a u.s. university. collectively they owe $1.2 trillion. >> i hear you. ashley: is that the right question to ask? >> i love the truth we're getting to. average cost for public university is $19,400,000. we think about assumptions looming debt, keep prices in line, what real costs for average students. $19,400. ashley: what are the best colleges for financial aid. >> we looked at a couple factors. number one on the list this year is vaster college and deservedly so. sticker cost, $61,000. ashley: ouch! >> heart stoppingly expensive,
3:40 pm
we call at princeton view. the tragedy if you cross out vaster from your consideration what the average costs for average student. $45,100 coming off in grant. not dollar one in loans. bringing the cost to six teen thousand dollars. ashley: from 61. >> they have a $57 million for financial aid. ashley: we have the list. vaster. princeton. these are haifa lieutenant inch schools. >> absolutely. ashley: vanderbilt. i used to live in nashville. great university. great campus. you can get good financial aid. >> princeton is leader of a no loan financial policy. starting in 2001 continuing to today. if you're admitted, 27,000 people applied last year. 5% were admitted. if in the superlative group, cost should not be issue at princeton. ashley: not so great financial aid. who are the, on this list? >> there are several schools, duke, nyu. varying levels, top 20 lists
3:41 pm
we're putting out at princeton review. we've done the homework for students and parents thinking about what those real costs are actually going to be for you, so you don't go into it with blinders on. ashley: we've got them on the screen. top five. always fun to talk about other categories. best campus food. which is very important, to these women and men. >> it is absolutely. when you think about finding a great fit in school, academics will be first. ashley: i hope. >> of course. we start to think about campus culture. what are students like? are the beds comfortable? is the food good? are they nourishing your mind as well as body. university of massachusetts amherst. ashley: amherst number one. number one partying school. >> university of wisconsin-madison. has been on the list for 22 out of 25 years. ashley: go badgers. are they thrilled to be at top of this list? >> probably not so thrilled. some schools listen, we're work hard, play hard school.
3:42 pm
ashley: that's okay. >> that is true. some schools try to discredit the methodology. we go to college experts, current college students and experience. ashley: fantastic stuff. rob, thank you have much for being here. we appreciate it. princeton review sbp publisher. we have to get the title right. food prices are falling. record harvest for corn and soybeans, who knew, mean cheaper feed for chickens and cheaper feed means cheaper chicken dinners with consumers. i don't want to say that with the fine young bird on the screen. jeff flock live with chickens from a family farm in fairbury, illinois. >> that is one of the game cobs, talking about -- gamecocks, talking about colleges, ashley. take a look at these prices. the price of chicken speed has just plummeted. you're absolutely right. what is chicken feed? the chickens let me get in there, excuse me guys, interrupt
3:43 pm
you, that is chicken feed. that is ground up corn and soybeans. if you look at corn prices they have been dropping because of the prospects of a big harvest. sander son farms, one of the top three poultry producers said in quarterly exit saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on chicken feed. pretty cool stuff. look at chickens here, are hens. these are layers. they have meat chickens here as well. and you know, it is a good thing for you if you raise chickens. is not such a good thing if you raise corn and soybeans however. corn and soybean prices because of what is expected to be the greatest harvest we ever had in this country, approaching lows that we hadn't seen probably in a decade. pretty friendly chickens by the way. ashley: yeah. >> that is john lewis slagel.
3:44 pm
by the way. he runs the family farm in fairbury, illinois. a lot of chickens and gets and ducks and geese and cows, pigs, like an old-time farm. ashley: jeff, you know what. seems like the flock has taken to you. when we were with you this morning, they were a bit skiddish. you're fitting right on in. look at that. >> sort of like my third wife. took her a while to warm up. eventually had her eating out of my hand. ashley: rings all too sadly familiar. jeff flock, great job as always. thank you very much. hilarious. maybe not for jeff. dow jones industrial average struggling down 53 points, but only about a quarter of a percent. meanwhile less than a month before the first presidential debate and hillary clinton and donald trump pulling out all the stops. we have the surprising name that hillary clinton is turning to help her prep for the big debates with the billionaire
3:45 pm
republican nominee. fascinating stuff. charlie breaks it next. make sure to tune in for the return of neil cavuto on september 6. "cavuto: coast to coast" airs weekdays at noon. come back, neil. meanwhile the "countdown" is coming right back. ♪
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ashley: you are looking at live pictures right now of indiana governor, republican presidential nominee mike pence speaking in dalton, georgia. make a lot of carpets in dalton. why i know that, i have no idea. slamming president obama's economic plans and clinton just another four years of his dangerous policies. this ahead of trump's immigration speech tomorrow in arizona. there he is. since the primaries billionaire mark cuban has been
3:50 pm
a vocal critic of donald trump. now appears the dallas mavericks owner is helping hillary clinton with her debate prep. we have exclusive details how he is assisting the democratic nominee. charlie gasparino is here. what on earth does mark cuban know about the art of debating? >> that is a good point. let's unpack the story. it has been out there, cuban says he is interested. off the record or on background you would see comments from clinton staffers he may be a good guy with this guy, that guy. we hear it progressed beyond that. they have asked them. he indicated to them he is interested. we have this from sources outside the clinton camp. people that are, associated with the people inside of the campaign. ashley: to do exactly what? >> to stand in for donald trump and here's why. when it comes down to it, they believe mark cuban can insult hillary as well as donald. what they expect this debate to be, not, when, not donald,
3:51 pm
knowing difference between the kurds and the quads or quds, whatever they're called. ashley: yes, yes. >> not having like real sort of insight into nuclear weapons. ashley: he will play the role of a loud mouth billionaire. >> that is not a stretch. he will throw haymakers and personnal attacks. they believe mark cuban, from a stature standpoint. ashley: yes. >> tall guy. imposing. like donald. donald is very imposing. ashley: loud, big personality. he has some more characteristics. $32.000000000 of net worth. -- $3.2 billion of net worth. some say 10, some say zero. "forbes" says it is 4.2. there you go. in any event, they believe he has somewhat of the persona of donald trump. that he can throw haymakers and she can prepare haymakers. ashley: smart thing to do.
3:52 pm
>> i think it is smart on couple levels. i think mark is a pretty smart guy. he is substantive too, when you talk to him. the other thing is he is kind of a maverick. likes to throw punches and fight like donald does. here is the other thing. certain things hillary clinton is worried about with donald trump campaign particularly some of his new advisors, correct? ashley: yeah. >> i think cuban is someone that gets under donald's skin. say what you want about mark. ashley: battle of egos? >> they ego battle on who gets better ratings, "shark tank" versus "the apprentice." who makes more money. who is really a billionaire. they have gone on fights about twitter about all this stuff. ashley: trump can be a bully as we know. >> right. ashley: we saw in the primary what he can do in debates. i would be nervous if i was hillary. >> cuban has persona, younger, maybe better hair. all depends. ashley: subjective.
3:53 pm
>> subjective. some guy that could play him. it will get under his skin. cuban will get under her skin and you know -- ashley: that is what you're supposed to do. >> let me tell you something, roger ailes gets under hillary's skin. he is advising debate prepping trump. so i mean this is like a game of chess. ashley: all building to the first debate, september 26th. >> roger ailes my former boss at fox business and fox news. ashley: yes. >> so that is the, that's -- ashley: bottom line we can't wait for the first debate? it will be a huge audience. >> here what i would do thousand, i would wonder, i would be worried from donald one thing. you don't want this to degenerate -- ashley: shouting slinging match. no one wins there. >> how do you say you can run the country if you just can throw insults. ashley: that is for another day. charlie gasparino, great stuff as always. thanks, charlie. home prices rising again in june but at a slower rate than
3:54 pm
the previous month according to case-shiller report. up next we have a expert that says don't let the slowdown scare you off from investing in real estate. "countdown" coming right back.
3:56 pm
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♪ david: ash ash home prices rising in june, according to s&p case-shiller. single-family home prices increased by 5.1%. that is down from 5.3% in may. just a slight tick down. even with the slowing prices is real estate, residential or commercial a better investment than stocks? let's bring in the ceo of marcus, a commercial real estate firm. hasam naji. given where you work i guess you like commercial real estate, is that right? >> thanks for having me on the program. absolutely. that is a reflection of what we're hearing from our clients. investors from all over the
3:58 pm
country what they are telling us when they look at alternative choices for investing capital and long-term viewpoint, commercial keeps standing out. you can expect a 5 to 7% yield on all different property types within commercial real estate. unlike past recoveries we're not overbuilding commercial real estate. there has been a natural barrier to overbuilding because of tight lending and expensive land prices and construction costs. on top of that, you are expecting very good rent growth still looking ahead over the next three or four years because of the fact that the economy, although slowly recovering or actually expanding now, is not overheating. therefore there is not a lot of fear of inflation and extreme rises on interest rate side. david: is that one of the hottest areas, essentially apartment buildings because we know homeownership in this country is at lows that have not been seen in 50 years? more people are renting. makes sense that more places to rent are needed? >> exactly.
3:59 pm
and this is a combination of both a consumer preference because of our demographics and millenials having whole different set of preferences than prior generations. also a little bit of an after the burn from the housing crisis we lived through in 2007 and 2008. we still haven't really recovered psychologically from what happened during the financial crisis and because housing was such a central point of that. having said that if you look at residential supply demand dynamics we're creating 2 1/2 million jobs a year. steady as she goes but more importantly the supply side of housing like commercial real estate has also pulled back. construction starts for housing are 60% of the prior peak. we're still way off from the overbuilding times that we experience ad few years back and that's what is giving both the residential and commercial market time to stay in balance and perform very well.
4:00 pm
ashley: very good. you made your case well. we're out of time. hire we go. clapping on wall street. [closing bell rings] markets slightly lower for the fourth time in five sessions on the dow. david asman, melissa francis picking it up here on "after the bell." melissa: i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on the big market movers but first here is what else we have for you this hour. fox news now confirming the fbi will publicly release its support on hillary clinton's email server. agency releasing those notes that were taken during their three-hour conversation with her. we have all details on both developing stories and what it could mean for the clinton campaign in november. voting is now underway for house and senate primaries in key states of arizona and florida. look at those folks on the line. three big-name political insiders fighting to hold on to


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