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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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when you use an approving tone. that does it for us. "risk and reward" starts right now. >> it's a crooked system, a system that's rigged it's a rigged, crooked system. first of all it's rigged. i'm afraid the election will be rigged. deirdre:ed the frieb is warning state -- the f.b.i. is warning states about the risk of russian hackers. the system of illinois was also breached. today in arizona there is a primary with house and senate candidates with me now, blake berman, what is the latest? reporter: two well-known senators on the ballot tonight.
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both are expected to defeat their primary challengers. john mccain is seeking ath term in arizona. he's being pushed hard on immigration by the state senator dr. kelly ward. after repeatedly promising not to run for his senate seat. marco rubio is on the ballot. he's expected to breeze through despite spending by carlos beruff. the congressional fight in the miami area, the dnc chair debbie wasserman-schultz is trying to fight off tim canova who was backed by bernie sanders. >> we don't take money from corporate interests. and it leaves us free to represent the people. >> they want to know they have a fighter, and someone who knows their way of life and has been
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in the community like i have for 30 years. reporter: there are fresh concerns about the safety of our elections. harry reid has sent a letter to the head of the f.b.i. james comey to investigated if russia is trying to temper in our elections. deirdre: we'll talk more about that. blake berman, coming back to you in a little bit for an update. >> i recollection day just two months away. november 8 on most voters' calendars, and before that, millions of voters can vote early. in some states as early as september. no matter how and when you vote. there is a new report that shows rigging the presidential elect would be easy. here is part of that report. the united states e-voting
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system is so vulner oobl it could situate entire presidential election. we have a cyber expert james scott. with all due respect, are you exaggerating that claim? is it easy to rig an election? >> in the beginning we thought it would be more complicated. hewlett-packard security gave us this prong to find outfit' as vulnerable as people are saying. as we got into the cyber physical and technical aspects what he found the entire system is rigged with vulnerabilities from the regional level to the state. it is unfortunately. deirdre: let's just say for a hacker, one being the easiest to 10 being the hardest. what is the exact level of
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difficulty, give us a sense of range. >> a hacker can go in the deep web and go on the market plays. download a variant of malware that self-deletes. put it on an usb drive with acetone and take a razor blade and go into a church basement or school boiler room where these voting machines are warehoused. seamlessly get through the certified audit tag. deirdre: would you say half of the cyber expert out there could do this? >> i think this is so easy a script kitty could do it. from a state perspective if you are looking larger, instead of going in and taking advantage of a local elect, you could go in
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at the state level with more equipped malware and basic spearfisspearspear phishing att. the key logger could record key strokes. trojan which would create a back door. deirdre: we have heard of these through businesses. in a lot of these campaigns, especially at the loyal level, some are volunteer employee, they may innocently click on aling billed with malware as you point out. chances are we'll be talking about this again. thanks for the report. senate minority leader harry reid writing a letter to the f.b.i. director james comey calling on investigators to make any information they find public. here is one part of the letter.
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here is what blake berman was talking about. edof a direct connection between the russian government and donald trump's presidential campaign continues to mount and has led michael morrell to call trump an unwitting agent of russia and kremlin. harry reid is aning that russians are attempting to help donald trump win the presidential elect. and this is a theory some other democrats have put forward. the white house has not touched this, neither has the f.b.i., neither has the cia. how far-fetched is this? >> harry reid or type has had far-fetched concept. i think this is more political than anything with facts. who knows what putin wants?
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would want four more years of an obama-type administration that hasn't done have much. trump says he never met putin, i take him at his word. although the story head-on for someone in the game for 50 years, it's frightening to think you can alter a few states. deirdre: i don't mean to be dismissive. >> is a was watching it, i o i e a 101 -- i have a tendency to dismiss here yet is of election fraud. you are not the about 7 or 8 state that will make the continues in this electoral and that comes down to 20 or 30 counties in those 8 that can make a difference. i hope there is due diligence and i'm sure there will be. deirdre: i'm sure for people who
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remember the cold war, the idea of russia try to influence what we have here is very real. >> the peter hacking is such a part of our life that we they have thought about it trying to transform an election which is very important. deirdre: let me ask you about something going on on other side of the aisle. the "new york times" editorial board says hillary clinton must cut ties to the clinton foundation. the trump campaign says the fact that even the liberal "new york times" thinks the clinton foundation presents an unacceptable conflict of interest is a devastating rebuke of hillary clinton's judgment and broken ethical compass. she should heed the calls to cease. it does seem as if hillary
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clinton at the very least should step away from this. >> i could never understand why she joined the foundation after she was secretary of state. she could make a lot of money doing speeches. to a certain extent she didn't think politically unless she was using that as a resource to take care of friend and allies. to say if i become president i won't take any fund. she promised that when she became secretary of state and obviously violated it. deirdre: from the liberal side of the bench, the idea is this foundation does such good work. if she steps out, it loses. people say hook at bill gates. look at bill gates. there are foundations where she could give the money. >> the clinton foundation has done some good work.
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but foreign people have come in and made enormous amounts of money had gotten access to nuclear resources. certain people had a vested interest in becoming part of that. it's getting more and more exposed and it's one of the liability she has. deirdre: you have the email, you don't need a second shadow over your shoulder. >> there has always been a question of her integrity. the clintons always had everything up for pay. the rides on air force one. v what have you. it was foolish of her to get back into it. she ought to clean it up and turn it over to one of these foundations to run and let the good stiff work its way out. deirdre: tomorrow in arizona donald trump is making a key speech on immigration. here is rudy giuliani.
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>> he will go after the most dangerous first, the less dangerous criminals second. by the time we get there. by the time we get there we'll see what our population of non-criminal immigrants is. deirdre: many have criticized donald trump saying he's waffling on his stance. >> he started off being the most anti-immigrant and obviously made distance between the opponents the primary. i would say he has waffled. it's a complex issue and he's finding out more and more about that. but at the same time, 70 days to go. you have to be clear what his positions are. deirdre: it feels like this could be a comparable issue for donald trump. >> he can say it's complicated. at the end of the day, here are the thing i believe i'm going to
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do. deirdre: thank you. ed rollins. be sure to catch fox business network's special coverage of donald trump's immigration speech. fox has confirmed the f.b.i. will release f.b.i.'s interview notes to the public. we'll bring you all the details. the state department says 30 benghazi-related emails were in the batch of 15,000 the f.b.i. said hillary clinton didn't turn over. judicial watch sued the government to get this dat. he's with me next. ♪ ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course.
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deirdre: there are two new
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developments concerning hillary clinton's emails. the f.b.i. is planning to release the notes from its closed door interview with hillary clinton. the state department says 30 emails were recovered, ones that involve references to the 2012 benghazi attack. blake berman back with me now with more. blake, how are these two moving parts fitting together? >> there are two different stories here. let's start with the first. sources tell fox the f.b.i. is repairing a release of some materials contained in the bureau's report of the hillary clinton email investigation. this is a part of 3 1/2 hour interview of the former secretary of state that took place over the 4th of july weekend in is no exact time frame for the release. by the many expected soon. earlier today josh earnest tried to distance the white house from the process. >> i can tell you the white
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house did not consult with the f.b.i. about that decision or any of the other decisions they made in terms of handling the investigative material. reporter: topic number two, this comes as 30 previously deleted emails from clinton's state department 10 europe relating to benghazi will soon be released. the statement says in part quote if clinton did not center emails about something as important has been ghazi to be work related, one has to wonder what is contained in other emails she attempted to wipe from her server. >> when questioned why she didn't turn over the emails, here is what hillary clinton said. >> i chose not to keep my private personal emails. emails about planning chelsea's wedding or my mother's fiewrn ram arrangements, condolence
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notes to friends as well as yoga are you teens, family vacations. deirdre: the state department confirming 30 benghazi-related emails have been confirmed. 367 tom, welcome and congratulations. you had to sue the government under the freedom of information act to get access to this data provide a service to the american public. do you feel you can do a victory lap? >> it's outrageous. they told us they found benghazi last week, and we said how many emails are we talking about? they didn't want to tell us. we had 20 have a court hearing to get that piece of information. they wanted to the end of september within one email a day to review and release them. i'm not even sure all of them are responsive oh can be
5:19 pm
released.e court pressured the r ministration, given the national interests of this material to move more quickly and demands a status report september 6 next week and denied the state department's request for more time. deirdre: let me ask you to put on a different hat. why do you think this drip, drip, drip approach somehow serves the other side? i don't even understd atth >> by delaying, there is an effort to delay. this is july, these are the emails the f.b.i. recovered and mrs. clinton tried to delete. there is benghazi emails in there and they have been sitting on those for a month, and they didn't want to tell us they had 30 benghazi emails. it's obviously a political delay. mrs. clinton never wanted anyone to see these emails because they were deleted.
5:20 pm
the ones she did turn over she never turned over voluntarily anyway. this is a further indication that the clinton-obama crowd are allied and are withholding and delaying the release of information about mrs. clintons tenure as secretary of state to the american people. deirdre: the benghazi emails that were recovered. the f.b.i. is going to release the notes, most people were under the impression those notes wouldn't be released. but from the private closed door interview it had with hillary clinton. what do you think we are going to learn? >> we are going to learn what mrs. clinton told the f.b.i. and how half baked the f.b.i. investigation was, given the out come. we have been asking for these notes as well and we were going to sue if we don't get them. we still may sue because there were other interviews that took
5:21 pm
place that were not released. we submitted questions to mrs. clinton today and sent them to her lawyer that she'll have to respond to under oath. trust judicial watch. she up ended the freedom of information act in a way that we are still dealing with today. we had three government lawyers in federal court trying to tell the american people why they needed to wait at least one month for 30 emails to be released. thank you, mrs. clinton for setting that up. >> thank you for the time and for your work. many people points out you are doing a service to the u.s. that no one else is. the eu is trying to get apple to pay $14 billion in back taxes. my next guest says apple and other american companies are
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keeping their money overseas because of a broken corporate tax policy. art laffer is with me. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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. deirdre: the eu is charging apple to pay more than $14 billion in backtaxes. so this is the biggest tax ruling ever for a single company the charge? apple artificially lowered tax bill for more than 20 years without ireland's permission. they will fight the ruling. u.s. treasury department suggesting consequences for the eu commission if the matter could not be resolved with all parties around the same table. some say the issue is a broken u.s. corporate tax policy. american corporate tax rates are near 40% compared to irelands which total around 14%. some democrats in the u.s. want corporate rates to go even higher.
5:26 pm
former economic adviser to pet reagan art laffer is with me now. art, are we forcing companies such as apple, amazon, mcdonald's, are we forcing them to search for their own tax solutions? >> of course, that's what we're doing, we have the highest single tax rate on corporations in the oecd and obviously the companies want aftertax returns so they choose to move to different locations. ireland is the best in the world. very close to it. 12.5% federal tax in ireland, wonderful people, some of us are descended from them. it's just great! it's a terrific thing, and ireland has made one huge mistake, and that's not leaving the eu. it should leave the eu and join the uk, they should be next in brexit, and they could be the center focal point, the
5:27 pm
enterpolof the english speaking world. deirdre: i have to say when you go into the airport, i mean, you see all the big tech companies and ireland made it their business to attract those companies but the eu is now mad. i'm glad you brought up brexit. >> ireland should get out of there. deirdre: the trick that the eu didn't think of first and that group is seek revenge. >> i have an old joke, do you know why everyone is investing in ireland? deirdre: no. >> because the capital is always dublin! >> jokes and economic sense all wrapped up in one brain. but let me ask you this, in order to prevent corporate inversions, u.s. companies from buying companies overseas just to move their headquarters benefit from lower tax rates, both candidates have very different plans. trump wants to offer a kind of amnesty, let companies bring
5:28 pm
money back, pay a onetime 10% fee and move on. hillary clinton is more muntive. >> yeah, hillary clinton wants to punish them for being there. you know, you can't tax an economy into prosperity and that is hillary's model. now donald trump wants to bring them back, he has a very high tax and should be much lower. 10% should be the whole tax savings the companies have gotten garnered over there. should be lower than 10%, but his point is correct. bring them back, let them provide jobs, help with employment in america, why not? deirdre: why not, indeed? hillary clinton is being pushed back in the race, i haven't heard that before senator sanders. >> it makes no sense whatsoever. you can't be pushed left if you don't believe left. i mean, they can't push to you do something you don't believe in. they can't push to you say a
5:29 pm
lie, can they? no one can. if she's repeating this type of stuff, she obviously has some portion in her down deep that agrees with it and makes no sense to me. let me explain, if you have two locations a and, b, deirdre, and you raise taxes in b and lower in a, producers and manufacturers are going to move from? b to a. it's not rocket surgery as larry gatlin says every now and then. it's just common sense! people go to where they have the best situation. that's ireland and the countries and in tennessee in the states. deirdre: art, let me shift gears if you don't mind. 10,000 syrian refugees entered the u.s., that reaches the obama administration's goal. donald trump and republicans are calling for an end to the program. hillary clinton calling for a 550% expansion based on figures that could mean a population of more than 600,000, so nearly the population of detroit.
5:30 pm
and in february, oddly enough bill clinton suggests that syrian refugees move to detroit and help revive the city, which many people don't understand the connection, but do you see it? >> i don't see the connection at all. i mean this syrian refugee thing is way outside of my candor, deirdre. on illegal aliens in the southern united states in mexico and the u.s., these people are wonderful people here to work, to produce, high-quality labor at low cost and provide a lot of benefits to the u.s. that's people who come to the u.s. for economic reasons, and when you're talking about syria and the middle east and all these turmoil driven by war and driven by attacks and deaths and all, that it's a very different motive set and not one that i can talk to very easily, i can't, deirdre. the southern migration is all economic, all out of nicaragua
5:31 pm
and costa rica and south america, they're coming to the u.s. because we have high-paying jobs, they're needed here badly and they have high-quality skills. deirdre: art laffer, thank you as always. >> thank you very much, deirdre. deirdre: a new report shows the obama administration is taking billion dollar big bank settlement and funneling that money to favorite liberal political groups. the daily caller's christopher bedford has the evidence. many people clean their dentures
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. deirdre: a new report shows the obama administration is funneling millions of dollars in banks settlement cash to approved liberal groups. so big banks, paid billions in settlements after the financial crisis. that combined amount close to $11 billion is apparently being funneled into liberal political groups such as la raza, the national urban league and the national community reinvestment coalition. my next guest says this is an old trick, editor in chief of the daily caller, christopher bedford with me now. so where, coming from the big banks, we showed people where it's going but how is it happening? >> so, consumers and taxpayers may expect that when these millions of dollars or billions of dollars are taken from the bank because of problems with their business dealings, that's going to go back to refunding the taxpayer or some relief. but no, there is a system that is well put in place.
5:36 pm
to get the money to go to community outreach groups, places like council of la raza, catholic charities which is not a leftist group, that's an exception and the urban league. this is an old system. the president got his start before the senate as a community organizer and there's a lot of people, activists outside government and inside government that they funnel this money in, they find the banks, the money goes back to the left-wing groups, they sue again and repudient system where the banks lose and don't want to fight back. deirdre: where do you look for this? >> the old banks, the environmental groups, staffed epa, they sue the government over regulations, things they want. the government responds by finding different groups, finding energy companies and send the money back to the environmental activists groups to start it all over again.
5:37 pm
it's very common, especially in environmentalism. deirdre: the visual of a cycle is apt. president obama meeting with health and human services to put forth a 300-page fix to obamacare. there's a new report out that says nearly a third of u.s. counties will be left with only one insurance option on the obamacare exchanges next year. so that seems like dire news for anybody who needs to buy health insurance? >> it is absolutely dire news and going to affect more than 20 million people. there is one county in the united states, right now currently doesn't have any insurer willing to do this, a large part is because obamacare hasn't hit projections. they're expecting 20 million people to be signed up for obamacare, we're less than half of that. as a consequence, the number of insurance companies are losing money and pulling out of markets and leave people in a bind. when there's no competition in the marketplace, premiums go up, up, up. deirdre: chris, one of the
5:38 pm
flaws that experts talked to us about is the obama administration expected just as many young, healthy people to sign up, the mandates, as poorer, more sick people who need more service to sign up and that didn't happen? >> that didn't happen, they haven't made a number of their projections. that's one example. they expected that business would push employees off into the marketplace, that hasn't happened, and then you're seeing that the white house is trying to spin this, like none of this happened so everything is failing, it's a good thing people haven't been pushed into the marketplace, and you're seeing government economics at their most hysterical, everyone's premiums are rising and rising, and we'll pay more for it, never realizing that the reason everything is more expensive is because they've gotten involved in the first place. deirdre: christopher bedford, thank you as always. >> thank you. deirdre: to have your insight. a new report shows hillary clinton's team is getting advice from psychology experts
5:39 pm
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your ride has never, ever, rocked like this. oh yeah, siriusxm is on for free right now. so tune in and let's ride! . >> i think the assessment was that donald trump would try and do some things to appeal to the middle of the electorate, he's not, basically you have a psychopath running for president. he meets the clinical definition, okay? deirdre: new report shows that hillary clinton's campaign is getting advice from psychology experts to create a personality profile of donald trump. so the clinton campaign is supposedly looking for trigger points and compiling a strategy when donald trump and hillary clinton are one on one on a debate stage. my next guest says hillary clinton is the one in need of psychological profile. fox news contributor, psychiatrist and author dr. keith ablow is with me now.
5:43 pm
dr. ablow, welcome back. how would you evaluate hillary clinton? >> listen, first of all, after the psychological profile of donald trump, i can save them time, 30 seconds. the guy's addicted to the truth. he blurts it out. he's inelegant at times because he wants to address things in unadulterated, straightforward way and gets him in trouble sometimes. he says more in a dramatic way than his heart really means, right? he's a good and decent guy who goes overboard and says extreme things. okay, psychological profile is over. now for hers, we have somebody understood as wanting one thing and only one thing, power. she was willing to have a sham marriage to her husband which was riddled with his affections for other women throughout the marriage, and she was willing to demonize those women, why? and to stay with her husband, why? power. that's the only reason, that's
5:44 pm
all you need to understand for hillary clinton is for some reason i leave this to her psychologist, god willing she gets one and her. some reason she feels disempowered to such an extent in her soul that she must get power in any possible way. hence, when she's secretary of state and people say, man, your performance led to the death of american servicemen, she says what difference does that make? but she's telling you the truth because the question is did it diminish my power in the world? no. deirdre: such a different perspective. >> that's all that matters. deirdre: let me ask you this, speak of power and speaking of political couples that are in the spotlight. a top clinton aide huma abedin announcing she's leaving her husband anthony weiner, following his third sexting scandal. donald trump connected it to hillary, put out a statement
5:45 pm
and said hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing wiener to have close proximity to highly classified information. who knows what he learned and who he told? obviously the implication is that huma abedin may have left a phone, a blackberry or files around that her spouse may have had access to. do you think this shows bad judgment on a leader's part? >> well, it does because who knows what this lunatic was told, in other words. this is a woman's husband, presumably, it's not something that you know you live with a wall inside your home, such that there's no communication, so we have someone who is very vulnerable who at any time can feel his political or journalistic or business future is on the line, and that somebody holds the keys to it. we know that people can be hacked. here's a very vulnerable person getting information or has access to information that may be classified or that may be
5:46 pm
misused and lead to americans being in harm's way. of course that's crazy carelessness. but again, hillary clinton, the question isn't whether it's careless, it isn't whether we might suffer. the question is, is it going to lead to less power for me, hillary clinton in the answer is no, i seem to be doing well in the polls, could get the corner office. i have been willing to swallow this horrible relationship with my husband, willing to tolerate the deaths of american servicemen. this is nothing, a separate server? i think i can get the corner office and be more powerful despite all the negative detracting things for the american people. we're going to pay the price if she's elected for having felt tremendously disempowered at some point in her life, probably early in her life. deirdre: she's even spoken about that. dr. keith ablow, thank you very much for a different perspective. >> thank you so much. deirdre: conservative radio host rush limbaugh calling out
5:47 pm
national anthem protesting 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. more after this. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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. >> it's ironic that we have now a quarterback who was adopted and raised by a white family, who was scouted and signed by white scouts, was employed by white owners, the national football league, decides now to steal the stage of the national football league to ke personal statements during the week he is about to be cut. deirdre: conservative talk show host rush limbaugh on 49ers
5:51 pm
quarterback colin kaepernick, the qb wanted to make a statement by refusing to stand for the national anthem. my all-star panel is here, richard goodstein, the "weekly standard"'s fred barnes and radio host david webb. welcome to you all. richard, do you agree with rush limbaugh? or is this unfair? >> i don't agree with rush limbaugh on much of anything. here's what i agree with. there's a time and a place for everything, okay? when colin kaepernick signed with the team, there were certain rules and presumably he took his paycheck and went by him or he didn't. where i disagree is donald trump's reaction which is always looking through trying to pit blacks against whites and see through things on a crass racial prism, it would never, ever dawn on donald
5:52 pm
trump to actually address what colin kaepernick said which is why the weekly standard talked about outreach to the black community as being cartoonish. i understand rush's point. deirdre: hold the thought. we have donald trump's reaction, here's his comment. >> i think it's a terrible thing, and, you know, maybe you should find a country that works better for him. let him try. it won't happen. deirdre: so fred, by donald trump's standards, that was a muted thoughtful response, many people say, even his critics say, you know what? if he wants to find a better country, let him go. what do you think? >> i don't think donald trump is the issue here at all. kaepernick is, i'm not that upset about kaepernick because you have to put it in perspective. go back to the olympics. remember the 12 basketball players standing while "the star-spangled banner" was
5:53 pm
played because they won the gold. 11 african-americans and the 12th biracial all with hands over their hearts. remember the gymnast gabby douglas got so criticized, she was standing there with gold medal gymnasts didn't have her hand over her heart. she said she wasn't protesting. she was proud to win the gold. deirdre: she clarified the comments. >> when you see those things, the basketball players and gabby douglas, i think this kaepernick thing looms pretty small. deirdre: okay, looms pretty small. david, what is your take? he seems to be a bit younger and greener in many ways in the kindest of terms. there was a scuffle he had last year with teammates. >> where he called his teammate the "n" word. deirdre: yeah, and apparently was screaming. he's just looking for trouble? >> i don't know what he's looking for but at some point you're a grown man. i agree he has a right to do
5:54 pm
it, those that have raised their right hand to defend someone's right have the right to do. this the issue. nykea aldridge is killed in chicago by two black criminals, the sorrels brothers, 22 and 26, beyonce black lives matters on stage, beyonce calling kaepernick and the mothers going to the funeral of nykea aldridge. there's the fair question. what's the action that follows? how invested are you in the truth and the reality of dealing with this? so richard can try and make it about trump. let's make it about the issue and talk about the issue of what's going on in black and frankly economically disparate communities. deirdre: so richard, david just brought in beyonce, the fact she stole a bit of a production line from the dnc. she invited the moms of fallen citizens, those who sometimes,
5:55 pm
well, let's say, had scuffles with police, ended up dead, some cases were dismissed. >> two were outright criminals. >> two were outright criminals. what is your sense why this is such a big part of the conversation? >> well, i don't think it is a big part of the conversation. look, i think donald trump is actually trying to put the focus on the question of who's better for black community, democrats or republicans, and the fact of the matter is we'vee bill clinton administration, we had the biggest increase in wealth for the black community ever. under the bush administration, the biggest collapse under obama, 77 straight months of private sector growth. >> i love revisionist history. who was in charge of congress under the clinton administration? what was that guy's name? newt gingrich. it was the republican program that dick morris convinced clinton to sign as president
5:56 pm
because congress had it in inset, that led to warfare, that led to rise in poverty in the black community and a rise by 44%. let's stop assigning the false narratives. >> bill clinton was president, you will concede that, right? >> yes, he was president, but it was a republican plan he signed. >> wasn't a republican plan in '93 when bill clinton decided to raise taxes. dick armey said we would have a collapse and we had the biggest recession ever. >> the biggest issue is kaepernick, it's not trump or clinton, it's kaepernick. we'll see what happens to him. david stern, when he had a basketball player, chris jackson in the nba, wouldn't stand. you know what he told chris jackson, look, you don't have to stand, you'll get fined every game you don't stand for the star-spangled banner. you know what happened? he started to stand. >> fred, richard, david, thank you, we're back in a minute.
5:57 pm
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. deirdre: fox business network has special coverage of trump's immigration speech tomorrow starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. in the meantime, my colleague liz macdonald in for charles payne. "making money" starts now. >> tonight more new developments in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. i'm elizabeth mcdonald in for charles payne and you're watching "making money." fox news learning earlier today the fbi is preparing to publicly release portions of its report on the investigation of secretary clinton's use of private e-mail server while secretary of state. we'll get to that in a moment. first, is russia trying to manipulate america's election? the fbi issues a nationwide alert about possible breaches into state election offices after foreign hackers broke into voter registration systems in illinois and arizona, and today, we've got another report


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