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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 31, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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maria: good morning, i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday august 21st. your top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump to meet with méxico's president ahead of immigration speech tonight. >> donald trump put the issue of illegal immigration back in the center of the national debate. we are going to solve this issue, a current issue. donald trump is committed to enforcing the laws of this country, upholding the constitution, securing our borders including building a wall. maria: 30 emails that may be tied to 201 attack. what it means to the campaign coming up. a big primary in the books. mccain, marco rubio and debbie wasserman schultz winning.
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latest developments coming up. onto severe weather, triple threat storm systems toward florida's gulf coast. hawaii's big island bracing for a major hurricane. move over to -- uber, we are expecting job's numbers when we look at adp's number. if you're searching for direction, take a look. cac quarante in paris, two-thirds of one percent. take a look. you have the nikkei average in japan up 1% and the shanghai composite also higher. ryion locky with another endorsement deal.
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joining me to talk about fox business dagen mcdowell and anthony scaramucci. good to see you. anthony: good morning. dagen: i haven't seen this dude in a long time. maria: thank you, thank you so much. [laughter] maria: former democratic presidential candidate former ohio congressman with us. joe arpaio, secretary and utah governor michael lovett will join us. donald trump heads to méxico today to meet with president enrique nieto ahead of speech tonight. former rudy major giuliani who
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serve as chairman as judiciary subcommittee on immigration both expected to accompany him to méxico. i want to bring politics reporter at the daily beast, former assistant director at the fbi. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. maria: what are you expecting in the speech in méxico. >> i'm not braced for any major shock. it will give trump approach bullish approach of immigration, while at the same time won't necessarily present any new information. of course, trump has spent the last year in public life bashing méxico, suggesting the mexican government is engaged in covert operation of pushing criminals into the united states. him and president will have a lot to talk about, both try to
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sound diplomatic. maria: specially since he's been saying méxico will pay for that wall. everyone wants to hear what méxico's president wants to say about this. >> i would like to see the body language as well. do they make a joint appearance, singular comments without the other in the same camera shot. i think trump has a lot to learn from méxico. we have the issue of jobs, the u.s. exporting jobs to méxico, how trump might want to get them back, there's also tremendous corruption in méxico and a huge drug and cartel problem in méxico too. so i think donald trump has a lot to learn. maria: interesting that the invitation was even made. dagen: absolutely. i wonder how the optics play because he's going to have to make a show that he's getting tough with méxico. t not just about stopping illegal immigration and building
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a wall. it's also about nafta. he wants to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement. i think that the speech will be more critical in terms of what supporters are listening to and people on the fence what people -- anthony: this has been in the works for about three months. it was done from the méxico side into the trump campaign meaning they reached out through the embassy and, of course, the campaign responded and put this thing together and i know they were trying to get it done before the speech, it seems like it's coming together now for them. >> that's really interesting that méxico reached out to the trump campaign because you would expect it to be the other way around and méxico are not going pay for this wall although a border fence is a good idea, i'm interesting to see how he's going to spin it. the big issue for supporters,
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can they believe anything he says anymore, he's not going to deport people and touch back amnesty and the interesting thing how is he going to get around that he is and always has been for back amnesty. dagen: echos obama's administration. that doesn't play will not with the supporters. >> he's a democrat. anthony: let me push back. here is what i think is happening there. he's a classic entrepreneur, over the course of time, particularly about two weeks ago where he met with a group from the hispanic community on the 25th floor, on that listening experience he started to adapt and started to making -- >> can we hear the tape from the new "the new york times" where he said i'm going to build a
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wall. anthony: i don't know if t exactly came out like that but you agree that a security fence or a wall is probably a good idea. >> yeah. anthony: your country experienced that with the brexit. it's a very -- maria: state department revealed yesterday that as many 30 previously indisclosed emails that may refer to benghazi attack were recovered that was during investigation. the trump campaign pounced on the revelation with a statement that read in part, if clinton did not consider emails about something as important benghazi to be work related, one has to wonder who is in other e-mails she attempted to hide from
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server and is this going to be a negative for hillary clinton? >> i don't see how it's anything but a negative for hillary. this on its face appears to be one more lie becoming undone. she has made the statements hardened in stone about how she used the server and what was on the server. all the statements proven false. this looks like another false statement. the question is the right one. what about the content, i think it would be surprised if there is a smoking gun. i think it's more of the same. it's yet a false statement by her and the question for me how many americans still believe anything that comes out of her mouth. maria: what about that, the fbi is going release notes from hillary clinton's voluntary interview with director jim comey, that's today. listen to this. i want to get your reaction.
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>> i've seen those reports. i can tell you that the white house did not consult with the fbi about that decision or any of the other decisions that that i have made in terms of handling investigative material that they've collected when they looked into this matter. so i will leave it to them to describe what steps they are taking. there are any number of people that are employed by news organizations that would speculate, i will let them do that. maria: will it prompt another investigation or vindicate hillary clinton on the eyes of the public? >> that said, you don't have to be that big of a speculator to put two and two together that this is a real big problem for clinton. since the dnc we have seen the
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numbers with independents get wishy-washy. clinton is not doing as well in that poll and the reason that independents have a less favorable view than in the past. the emails sort of collectively jurnt cut the credibility with voters who might be more interested in character in leadership skills, integrity than policy issue. as long as clinton has to talk about emails it's going to make her less likely to do press conferences and that's a probable for her with the independents that she must win. maria: do you think that it's having an impact on independents, dagen? dagen: i think that it's hurting her. listen, people come to this election 25 years of knowing this woman on the national stage. they don't trust her.
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they absolutely don't trust her. she needs to give them a reason to believe in her and it's getting worse. >> i do think trump has a game-changing opportunity in the debates. he's a good debater. and i say that as not necessarily a fan. what does it even matter, if trump can get her to say something like that about the emails again incident then we could see the polls turn around. dagen: megan mccain said something, i want donald trump to get on that stage and look at her and say, i gave you money because i knew you could be bought. maria: wow. dagen: that's really all what you had to say and how is she going to respond to that. i gave you money because you could be bought. that's it. anthony: i cashed your check and didn't do anything for you. >> can i see your tax returns. anthony: that'll be fun. >> pleasure.
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maria: great, great conversation. take a look at the images from the international space station of the hurricanes threatening hawaii and the pacific coast right now. update on wild weather across the country. google's parent company alphabet looking to take over uber, we will tell you what is driving the competition, back in a moment. stay with us . what powers the digital world. communication.
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maria: welcome back, security scare, francfort airport forcing evacuation. cheryl casone with the headlines. cheryl: good morning, maria. this is germany's largest airport happening overnight. forcing evacuation of terminal 1, a passenger entered the gate side of the airport without completing security check, security personnel evacuating terminals and minutes ago they gave this all-clear, a spokeswoman says passengers will have to go security again. this will lead to flight delays. frankfort is a hub. hurricane center has issued hurricane watch of areas of florida's gulf coast, forecasters say they expect tropical depression nine in the gulf to turn to the northeast towards florida and strengthen to tropical storm sometime today. this storm expected to make landfall on thursday.
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also storm in the pacific ocean. residents of hawaii big island bracing for first pacific hurricane to make landfall in decades. pacific hurricane madeline, currently a major cat 3 expecting to weaken but remain hurricane. these pictures you are seeing, released by nasa and they do show the size of hurricane madeline from the international space station, so we will teep you posted there. well, over to california where a tour bus caught fire shutting down the i-80 freeway last night. it started about 9:40 p.m. this bus was on its way to a casino when the driver noticed flames and driver pulled over but the blaze forced three lanes to shut down. that bus carrying 16 passengers
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but there were no reported injuries and finally a business headline this morning, google stepping into the ride-sharing business. the company going to expand ride-sharing pilot program to all san francisco residents. san francisco commuters use app to join car pools, unlike uber's on demand service, wants to connect drivers going the same direction. the pilot program charges 54 cents a mile. google currently does not take a fee. google acquired ways back in 2013 to it's real-time driving directions based on information on other drivers and used satellite and great app if you get traffic, maria. maria: it is. coming up the department of homeland security posing a
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series of controversial tweets following the 10,000 syrian refugees. why the hash tag controversy. more on what is next from the diagnostic company. stay with us, mornings with maria continues. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls.
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maria: welcome back, isis seeking revenge. the spokesperson has died in syria. the pentagon is acknowledging that he was targeted in a position strike on tuesday. death mark it is highest profile
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killing yet of isis member. this coming after secretary of state john kerry suggested less reporting by the med i could combat terrorism, watch. >> if you decide you're going to be a terrorist, you go out and kill some people you can make some noise, perhaps the media will do us service not to cover it as much. people wouldn't know what's going on. [applause] maria: don't cover it as much. joining mel right now senior policy lieutenant tony shaffer. two questions right off the bat, the significance of alani killed in syria and john kerry, the media should not be covering terrorism as much. >> well, it's a good strike, a good kill for any number of reasons, first being prime recruiters of westerners, was
6:23 am
directed to paris and bell yum attacks and he was the guy who encouraged the recent attacks over the recent three months. i think his death is significant. it was targeted as you mentioned and i think more to come. the pentagon is becoming much more aggressive about this. on john kerry's comments it's insane. you have to report on the facts. this is the problems with the maybe stream media. i think this is where they've got to take a step back and john kerry is representing essentially the wishful thinking of the white house where they wish it would go away. you have to report with great clarity about what is going on and what it means to the american people. for american people are not safe and they have to understand that there's a threat out there. if you don't report out there there's no threat. maria: shouldn't he be focused
6:24 am
more on solutions to taking down isis, dagen, rather than telling the media not to cover it? dagen: president obama, they don't really see terrorism as the threat that the rest of this country does. that's the disconnect. remember the interview that president obama did in the atlantic where it paints a clear picture of the president that says that we blow it out of proportion, the media and the american people, that terrorism takes far fewer lives than handguns, car accidents and bath tube falls. that's their view. maria: incredible. anthony: we overreacted to the terrorist attack and that if we were like israel, it would have been tempered and measured. that's the obama plan. president obama's is how they
6:25 am
view this. having been to afghanistan and iraq and understanding what it's like on the ground and what these people are really like, i just don't understand where they're coming up with that. i don't see where the research connects into the thought process. >> really, comparing them to -- maria: exactly. dagen: look no further than him sitting at a baseball game in cuba next to recall -- raúl castro. >> let's have a party. it is embarrassing. the president of the united states is embarrassing the united states. i know that either one of these people would be better much than president obama. nobody could be worse. maria: colonel, what do you think? >> i think you're spot on.
6:26 am
going back all eight years of essentially denying the facts on the ground, we are at war, this war really started long time ago, the radical islamic go back centuries so i think to try to diminish the threat, try to say it's not there actually gives power to that threat to grow. it gives it -- it's like an infection not being treated. so i think we have to recognize there's a threat, if we don't deal with that threat it'll expand and i think that's what we are seeing here. i know some, maria, are trying to push back against this, i know the members of the intelligence community are trying to say, it's time to wake up. unfortunately this white house will not wake up. maria: the united states admitting its 10,000 refugee. refugee welcomes. this seems like the dhs was stirring the pot to try and get
6:27 am
a reaction. refugees welcome when everybody is worried about isis infiltrating. >> the department of homeland security should not be making any valued judgment. they can state we have just completed this task, they should not be trying to convince the american people of the appropriate nature as a political issue. that breaks a number of laws that prevent the government from boblying congress and the american people. secondly, it's factually not right. angela merkel is going to pay a price for a million refugees coming to germany. we are going that direction. i'm telling you right now, there are elements of isis in that refugee screen and we are going to see problems downstream on this. >> it's the exact same one used by angela merkel when she has admitted these people. they are young men of fighting age that are coming in and committing absolutely masses of crimes. they aren't women and children, they aren't refugees, young men of fighting age.
6:28 am
europe is a disaster. the dhs has signed up to endorse the horrific program. dagen: look no further than the sex assaults. maria: you didn't see the media. >> nobody wants to admit that under the title refugee they had taken in a bunch of sex attackers. i find the welcome refugees hash tag offensive. anthony: in addition to to all of that they do not want to assimilate. they want you to change the laws as oppose to my family members did in the 1920's, speak english and adopt western laws. >> that's absolutely right. exactly.
6:29 am
if you do not wish to adopt your host nation's values, then get out and stay out. maria: that's right. anthony: she was super worried about us -- maria: my mother would speak to her in italian and hang up to speak to us all of in english. i regret that because i can't speak italian. anthony: they did not want -- maria: they wanted to assimilate . >> i agree completely. the sad thing social security not actually good for community relations and values. you see enormous divides. if obama thinks he's going to repeat, he has another thing coming.
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maria: good to see you, sir, thank you so much. >> we will see you soon. coming up next it's not all bad news for ryan lochte, picking up endorsement after lying of armed robbery. an establishment sweep at the primaries last night. up next a look at the winners and what it could mean in the presidential race. back in a moment. stay with us (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at
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i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday august 31st. top stories right now on the east coast. donald trump and hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail, trump preparing for major immigration speech tonight while clinton faces new on e-mail server. >> i will tell you this, as i watch this thing, the trump campaign just feels like trump's next big time con. he's hiding his tax return and bill of health, he's trying to cover foreign engagements and conflicts of interest. maria: big primary night in the books, senators john mccain, marco rubio and debbie wasserman schultz winning battles last night. a texas man force today take down the flag on his home honoring the fallen dollars police officers after someone called it offensive.
6:34 am
how this affects the company's future ahead. abercombie&finch. the market is expected to open lower this morning and we will get a first look at jobs when the adp report comes out 8:00 a.m. eastern ahead of the friday report from the government's job report. in asia overnight mix action there. the nikkei average in japan the best performer up about 1% overnight. profiting off legal trouble, ryan lochte scoring another endorsement deal, you will not believe who is backing him now. we will have that coming up in the program. meanwhile we turn to politics now, democratic vice
6:35 am
presidential nominee tim kaine slamming republican nominee donald trump during campaign in the swing state of pennsylvania yesterday. >> donald trump is time for you to come clean. release your tax returns, explain your business interest, start telling the truth because americans, democrat, republicans and independent are entitled to the truth. [cheers and applause] it's like he thinks we are gullible, it's like we think we are suckers, it's like we -- he thinks he can con us. pennsylvanians aren't gullible. americans aren't gullible. maria: senator's comments come to trump's gain. good to see you congressman. >> good morning.
6:36 am
maria: the polls show a narrowing of the lead between clinton and trump, what would you say the status of the race is now. >> when you look at the key states such as pennsylvania, ohio, north carolina, virginia, the race is tightening and i personally feel that it's going to be a close race. i think secretary clinton certainly opened up a lead but the lead that she had was seemingly prohibitive but not that kind of race now. maria: was tim kaine successful there, effective on his trump attack, you think? >> donald trump not releasing his tax returns is a legitimate issue. the second thing is if i was the clinton campaign i would be very careful about putting any attack out there that relate to undo influence by foreign interest because that comes right back at
6:37 am
them with respect to the clinton foundation, the third thing is i don't think that donald trump will be well advised to respond to the vice presidential candidate of the democratic party. he's running head on against secretary clinton. >> this is like a couple of kids in the playground, i know you are but what am i. [laughter] >> all i see here is projection. wouldn't it be great if both sides could be straight with the american people. if donald trump would put out his tax returns. we all know that clinton -- foundation tied to donors are ridiculous, are the trump's campaign tied to russia, including medical records. maria: you really think donald trump has more connection -- >> made antiamerican speech and met with the russian prime minister. that's not reaganest to me.
6:38 am
i think all presidential candidates should have to release their health records, financial records and foreign ties. let the people see it and make a choice. dagen: anthony, you're awfully quiet. anthony: you're really good. the one think about trump and the tax returns is after the romney debacle last time, trump doesn't have the highest tax rate in the land because a lot of this stuff is tie today real estate holdings and so he thinks this that's unnecessary bomb that will go off in his campaign and it's better not to disclosed it. >> some stuff is leaked. anthony: "the new york times" is digging extra hard there. maria: that's what people would like to see. and then there's the hillary
6:39 am
clinton side, congressman. the fbi finding 30 new emails with possible ties to the attack in benghazi, they've plan to go release investigation notes as early as today. so what about that, does clinton need to address the e-mail scandal head on and talk directly to voters about her e-mail server which she has yet to do? >> i think she's tried many times and hasn't been successful, obviously. i will tell you, the real danger here any emails relating to benghazi open up the discussion again about the american debts and frankly the whole libyan debacle because you don't go to benghazi unless you first invade libya and i think the real concern that the clinton campaign ought to have is opening up a discussion about libya because that is not a good
6:40 am
place for her campaign to end up having to explain. dagen: when does this turn into something critical for her, something not necessarily pay -- fatal or critical, 30 emails relating to benghazi. i'm not dismissing this but it's a little bit of information at a time, at a time. maria: you're actually right. >> it has no big impact and the trouble for the republican stuff is that this stuff came out too early, people have processed it. people are almost bored of this. i know she did a wrong thing with e-mail server and priced in the market. anthony: did you play dodge bal? they run up in the last minute and kill the last jock. this is clinton's --
6:41 am
maria: that's the strategy. anthony: she's going to go dark on the stuff as soon as possible, not respond. this is the execution strategy in 2000 to get her in the senate. she goes on television, people do not like her. >> no. anthony: the goal is to stay off television. that's why you cannot get a press conference. >> letting donald trump run against himself. if he ever professionalizes and stops being crazy, then she might have to come out and make her case to the american the people. dagen: one quick thing about the 2000 senate election, rick got up in her personal space and she pulled back like that and won her the election. maria: people did not like that at all. we have the primary elections, four incumbents winning races, john mccain, marco rubio and
6:42 am
debbie wasserman schultz and there you go, the establishments won. does the incumbents winning favor presidential race in november? >> whether or not -- hillary clinton is the establishment candidate because of her long-standing position in american politics. maria: right. >> donald trump is the antiestablishment candidate. the question is whether or not people are ready to roll the dice and throw the establishment over and pick someone who is from outside politics or whether they're going to take a person who is known quantity even if what is known about that quantity at this point has achieved a lot of skepticism. maria: the question is open, then. you don't necessarily think that last night indicates anything because the establishment won last night.
6:43 am
>> i don't think there was any doubt about the outcome of the races. maria: good to see you. president obama breaking record of commuteing 111 in a month. one home owner in tax asked to remove american flag. while local association is calling the act, quote, offensive. back in a moment. a cancer diagnosis can
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maria: welcome back, we are looking at a lower opening for the broader averages. take a look at futures. we are waiting for the adp numbers, the job's numbers, that may very well change things. a couple of names on the move. the stock has plunged 20% in
6:47 am
after hours on earnings, retailer reporting a decline in quarterly sales offering cautious outlook for the year. traffic in malls weighed on the stocks. stock is down 32% just in 2016. another retailer sears in the spotlight. it is start to go sell paint again after four years off of store shelves. cheryl: white house says president obama cut 111 inmates convicted of drug offenses yesterday. this brings the number of commutations during presidency 673, that is more than the past ten presidents combined. about a third of commutations for people serving life sentences, many again for drug offenses. the president has said in the past were too harsh. well, another setback for
6:48 am
theranos, draw request for new approval for new test of zika virus and the company appeals decision and young founder trying to recover from revelations revealed by the journal in theranos. a texas man is furious. it was intended to support the police, rodney which is a suburb of dallas flies the american flag. it's black and white version. he gets letter from the property association, he was told to take
6:49 am
it down because it was an altered american flag. what's the deal, what rules did i violate? didn't get an answer. by the way in texas there's a flag for everything on every street in the state of texas, ut, baylor, a&m. it's kind of a normal thing. maria: up next taking news suspension hard, shows emotional reaction after setback. more of that after the break, stay was ,l
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6:52 am
maria: welcome back, u.s. swimmer ryan lochte back with endorsement deal. this time he's helping prevent crime.
6:53 am
24/7 fox news jared max with the story. jared: good morning, maria. it's getting better all of the time. last week lochte lost all four personal endorsements and got deal to pitch pine brothers cough drops and now device called robo cop. >> it's a good idea to stay safe. i don't go anywhere without robo cop, tinny device, all you do is pull the pin and releasing alarm that can get you out of a bad situation. jared: financial terms of the endorsement not released. lochte announced contestant at dancing with the stars. you do it for a third time. a first a life-time achievement box for michael phelps. phelps is cashing in again.
6:54 am
check out video of solo learning that last week she had been suspended for six months. >> a terminated contract. terminated contract. >> how can they do both? >> that's bull. it's over. jared: it's over, 17 years. keeping score solo, taking the news hard. she cut ties with seattle reigns. what happens when there's no bridge over solid water? the vikings to win super bowl 20 to 1 to 31-1. dislocated kneecap, suffered other structural damage to left lee.
6:55 am
it was so gruesome that players were throwing up. maybe they could call tim tebow. he's trying career as baseball. the tim tebow show case. find out if he has the goods to be a professional baseball player. get this 28 or 30 major baseball teams to be there. tebow smashed several home runs and ran impressive in the 60-yard dash but when it came time to take pictures, assimilated game, you don't know what pitch is coming, he struggled some in that part. some say that he did well enough that he might get a chance. one respective major league director said he worked good enough, someone is going to give him good enough. maria: he was pitting really well.
6:56 am
jared: he's like a giant 6'5. dagen: she knew there were cameras there. that was for show. what's the point that she's trying to make by making a -- jared: is it possible that when you're doing a reality show that at some point you say, all right, this is life, you're getting to see, you might think that this is her affect. how else is she suppose today react? they caught her. dagen: if i think people are watching me, i shut it. >> she's got to find something else to do. maybe reality tv is an excellent choice. maria: all intended. dagen: she already did dancing with the stars and that went no were. jared: how is your arm? >> i through it across the plate. [laughter] maria: i can't see that.
6:57 am
thank you. i will put my name. coming up next we will talk with the ceo of jersey mikes, country's fastest growing chain. back in a minute. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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.. welcome back everyone. it is wednesday august 31.
7:00 am
here is your top stories. donald trump heads south of the border. he's meeting today with mexico's president. plus the benghazi bombshell. they find at least 30 additional e-mails that may be tied to the 2012 attack. see mac hillary clinton said under oath that she turned over all of her work related e-mails. but we now know that is just one more clinton lie another 30 e-mails were discovered by the state department the hillary clinton failed to turn over. these are e-mail about benghazi. it just never ends with the clintons. each winning their primary
7:01 am
battle last night. what it may mean for the race for the white house. a triple threat to report. hawaii is breaking for a major hurricane. we will take you there coming up. protecting people they could be even larger than the 14 and half a billion dollars. were looking at which companies could be the next target of regulators at this morning. they get a first look. the best performer in japan.
7:02 am
they are up 1%. burger king going heavy on the meat. all of the the stories this morning right now. and heath street editor. we are happy that you're with us this morning. >> bring in the heat today. you don't sound as angry as we do. i'm actually much more angry. perimenopausal women we are mad all the time. we have we've a lot coming up this morning. he will talk about his role in the big immigration speech tonight.
7:03 am
7:04 am
she was in the hamptons over the weekend. what about that. i confuse those 1% destinies. obviously the immigration policy has been controversial but look mexico invited both trump and clinton. the fact of the matter is that they have met with him before the is a difference. were talking about 70 who knows all of the leaders of the world stage. they are flailing around immigration. it's intermediate kind of sending out but we've heard
7:05 am
terms like humane. it is sounding like at cialis commercial. was that a joke. this was in a book that i've read. what are you reading. it's about donald trump. she shook them down from money for the clinton foundation. with the world leaders the trump foundation gave money to the sons of private school. with malaria in childhood obesity. the public wants to debate that i will take that any day of the week.
7:06 am
we have another 30 that the fbi is revealing that she basically did not release. her personal account. how would you advise her to handle this news. we've had eight different congressional committees. all of which found no wrong doing by hillary clinton. i think this is a gift honestly whether it's a different -- this network to talk about ben ghazi and e-mails. they want to know what you're going to do to change their life to make their life better. if you think there is any chance that these e-mails are going to move the needle honestly you are too smart for that. i think it's a big problem that yet again she cannot get off this e-mail topic.
7:07 am
it is a complete drip drip drip. i agree with what is being said here. i had been there before the president has invited her in the middle of the campaign. donald trump has said some terrible things about mexico. i met you before. that's insulting. and it's not leadership. >> they haven't moved and we are all talking about the e-mails. why do you think it falls out of the move. the last time we were together the fact of the matter is if you look at the fundamentals the go back six or nine months. after two terms of one party's
7:08 am
president. we talk about the fundamentals of the economy. it all pointed to a republican victory and hillary is now solidly ahead. the polls have moved. as the one that shows 69 percent of the people do not believe that hillary clinton is trustworthy and it's because of things like these 30 new e-mails that were finding and it's the other 15,000 that we learned were destroyed was something called bleach bit. her trustworthy factor is not there at all. i think it is a huge problem and the fact that she hasn't been transparent. we had released everything and all of these that were left were about yoga and wedding plans.
7:09 am
the reality is when we talk about mexico donald trump is going down there because he's not afraid to engage in one of the stickiest issues that's faced america in decades. he is a guy who supports border security no amnesty no legalization because of them hiring illegals and this is what americans want to talk about. that's why he's taken the lead on immigration. she's had no contact with mister trump or the american press. she's going to try to run the clock out here. the least amount of contact as possible. he really ought to be beating her. she is a terrible candidate. she's beating him in the ground you can spend any which way you want.
7:10 am
quite frankly they are tightening. in 270 days and hiding she won't face the press because of the e-mails. the difference between them on economic issues and job creation they are a stark contrast. we heard exactly the list that you just mentioned as to why george w. bush should be elected and at the end of his administration with the republican house and senate we have the biggest economic collapse since the depression and he got his way. he got his tax cuts. under bill clinton most robust economic growth ever.
7:11 am
that is a debate that she will have. regulators were asleep at the wheel. and george bush basically said to regulators look the other way. let me put an exclamation point on it. he is not on the ballot. lou dobbs will be kicking it off. and then trish regan will host the intelligence report at 8:00 p.m. hurricane watch up next. a tropical storm gaining strength. we will take it to the heart of the action with the latest next. with the latest companies that could face a similar scrutiny. we come right back. ♪
7:12 am
[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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7:14 am
welcome back. along parts of florida. a tropical depression threatening to make trouble. doug mcelwain is life right now. doug good morning to you.
7:15 am
>> we will check on the audio there and get back to him in but just a moment. we apologize for that. the question now is who is next. with the other headlines now. experts say that more tax battles are likely. the deck was stacked against apple. they are notorious for shaking down this. they are really up against the two things here. the folks on the mainland don't like that it has the audacity to have low corporate taxes. and i i guess is the third thing.
7:16 am
companies that can be hit with a big tax bills include facebook, google, amazon and mcdonald's. historic flight set to take off this morning. the first commercial flight between the u.s. and cuba and more than has -- half a century. it departs at 945. they are both of cuban descent. there can be up next. and then front tier. in other parts we should say. the latest in the string of a string of changes between the two nations. and florida's major theme park has stepped up the fight against the zika virus. they now operate with free mosquito spray.
7:17 am
it has been dispelled in central florida but they say it is being made available as a precaution. health officials are looking into this.and officials say we e more cases popping up in florida in particular. we will watch that. i want to get everybody's take on this apple domino effect here. like mcdonald's. when we have have a problem with google who had it there. we made a deal. the election is coming up. we just head brexit. they're they are trying to flex their muscles. and they are very anti- business. we are leaving at the eu. if they don't want your business.
7:18 am
we will host you every time. it kind of feels like a shakedown. it goes to what we were talking about yesterday. it is liberal left ring bureaucrats who are angry at ireland. they want more power and revenue. about the very thing today. and they are using antitrust regulations to tell ireland how to enforce its own tax laws. you are not collecting enough tax from apple. it's a shakedown. >> it's part of the bigger plan. you really can't go into discussion about the business without understanding the basic political fact. dublin has a reputation. and it is low in the tax rates. i can really see them
7:19 am
following britain out of the eu. they also have the hq in dublin. they want to be the united states of europe and then it's unraveling as we speak. >> is not taxing people through the nose. who really didn't hope the consequences everyone feared. secondarily this is something that they have to be very concerned about. even 0.2 inflation rate in europe. that means you are teetering on deflation in europe. these types of policies it is can a slowdown and further the process of a deflation. if you get deflation it is a disaster for the global economy because of the way we carry debt.
7:20 am
it will unravel and cause a global depression. why do they all want to merger with ireland companies. you can't have currency without a fiscal union. right now on the italian banks. i think that a significant danger. i think it is a great point. we will take a short break. they may take a huge turd turn in just a few short weeks. and then facebook 2.0. they're joining us live up to talk about the new live streaming app. will they be able to press the like button. is coming back in a moment.
7:21 am
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as it turns out, we have very similar personalities. and this cat makes me make art, because he's always motivating me to take pictures of him, to draw pictures of him. he just is motivating artistically. it's just that simple.
7:24 am
well, he's my best friend, but a lot of people know him as keyboard cat. [playing upbeat tune] welcome back. the ongoing battle opec members disagree on cutting production. it may be a shift on the horizon. saint we support it. will be to see a production cut and how does that impact prices. i don't know forget to get a cut but i think we can to get some kind of agreement to freeze production or at least a negative present with iraq and being on board that's a very strong sign that a major player is in favor of an
7:25 am
output freeze. i think will see other players coming into play. saudi arabia for example they have to repair the diplomatic damage that they get. it was agreed to. they really walked out of the deal at the last minute. i think they want to go back in time repair that diplomatic damage and more and more we are hearing every major player is on board. the biggest wildcard is really iran and now libya these are two players that really won't commit until the last minute. and they were both very close to getting a deal done. we will see what comes out of that meeting. the new live streaming app that could change the way you look at social media. the fastest-growing chain in america is here in the
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
>> welcome back. happy wednesday everyone. your top stories right now at 7:30 a.m. trump is preparing for his major immigration speech tonight in clinton is facing new fallout. on both sides of the aisle president abraham lincoln in very different ways. >> we are living in the season of surprises. most of us didn't critically predict that it would nominate donald j trump. it is a party of abraham lincoln. it is also the party of freedom, equality and opportunity. it shows the unfavorable
7:30 am
rating is actually rising right now. a terrible accident on the new york hudson river to report. leaving one person critically injured. we will tell you all about it coming up and then twitter taking twitter taking new action to reward users. details on that deal coming up. markets this morning are flat too lower. we already have some economic data this morning. first look at jobs. he comes out this morning at 8:15. in europe's stock search. we have mostly lowered situations. it's up to thirds of 1%. take a look burger king going heavy on the meat. plus the gatorade goes organic.
7:31 am
as a latest to jump on the health food trend. will tell you about it coming up. live streaming to be the next big thing in social media. a live streaming app which launched in the u.s. last week. it allows them to share videos real-time. good to see. thank you so much for joining us. you are bringing your talents here. >> worse trying to focus on private video sharing. a lot of people like that. we learned that a lot of people would be much more comfortable sharing. we are focusing on that.
7:32 am
it's the initial idea behind facebook. we are trying to bring it back a little bit a lot of other social platforms they had been there. the people you are sharing with has grown instead of sharing with a small group of people there not sharing to hundreds of people. and they start to become more conscious of the kind of things that they share on these platforms. we want to give them a really easy access to select that. the app is free to download. how do you monetize this how do you guys make money. right now were just using the launch to learn what users are interested in. and what it's going from the models right now that we want to pursue it down the road with megabyte revenue from advertising perhaps quacks.
7:33 am
>> it could also be the storage related. it's something that a lot of people have. and people run out of space very quickly. it's actually due to video on their phones. the cloud -related business has not done so well. in the periscope as well. we are actually thinking of ourselves as taking that on. it's been around for a really long time. it's the most popular tool. but there are all of these problems are created with it. because it gets stored on your device. and also quality. when you text someone a video the quality you get on there and is awful. were trying to add value with sms.
7:34 am
especially since you're just targeting groups and friends. whoever you just want to share the video with. from partners. what is next for the app. it is going to be scaling it out. we really launched in the u.s. to learn and get some initial results and make sure that it is working as intended were seen some really good positive results last week. the adoption is really strong. the young moms demographic is actually really interesting to capture a lot of video and they also want to send it with just a few people. the younger demographic actually believe it or not once want to share more privately. the next phase is get a be good be scaling it out to more markets.
7:35 am
you using a company like twitter they're going to start selling ad revenue. youtube did the same thing. do you think this will help turn things around for twitter and is that where were going here. technology companies are going to be sharing revenue with the content creators quacks. >> they're always going to go where they get the most value. for some time that was distribution through these platforms. there really get the content out there. to drive audience adoption or users and then they would monetize it through deals. another look at it really spend the time on platforms and investing where they can get the most value. revenue share which they had have for a long time is a big part of that. and now they think that a lot of these other players our realizing we need to create more value for creators to
7:36 am
track their content here and to be able to drive value for our users. i think as possible. i think a lot of this. you seen a lot of this happening in the media right now people are really trying to figure out how can we get more market share in some of that has been through acquisition certainly. >> what is your endgame quacks -- quacks we want this to be the tool that everybody uses to share video and that we really see this as a trend that people are moving to communicate with not just share with video. you see it emerging in a lot of different markets where people aren't just using this there are just sending video messages. >> video is all the rage. thank you. looking forward to your
7:37 am
morning smoothie. they will tell us why we have some issues around that. they have all endorsed while getting a makeover. that's coming up. stay with us. ♪ music for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade.
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>> welcome back. five kayakers were injured when two kayakers collided yesterday. >> a total of ten of those kayakers have to be rescued after the accident. nine of them clients of the kayak company. the employee sustained the most serious injuries with one arm appearing to be partially severed. two men and two women sustained minor injuries. this happened yesterday. there are now at least 40 confirmed cases of hepatitis a that are connected to
7:41 am
strawberry juice at the tropical smoothie star. the hepatitis a virus does affect the liver. more than 500 stores across the country. and then this organic is all the rage these days in gatorade doesn't want to get left out. they had launched an organic version of sugar water. it's called g organic. demand appears to be there there's in about ten to 12% of athletes say they're interested in personage scene organic products. are there chemicals in gatorade.
7:42 am
>> i don't know why we can't get that. but generally if something is purple i would see that. the organic glow in the dark. i'm sure it's organic but there's always a way to sell the product. not everything has to be good for you. no one has died yet. i drink at least six red bulls a bowls a day. i judge no one.
7:43 am
did you drink it growing up. worried about that. it was not organic. i can tell you that. it left a red mustache. that was a huge issue for me. let's check the markets here. we are searching for direction the sporting. we've a lot of economic data coming up this week. coming out on friday. how would you characterize things in terms of the backdrop. i think things are more the same. the president will celebrate it. and there will be no real rage growth. -- wage growth.
7:44 am
certainly not before the election. they're all talking about september now. i think there is a political element to everything. a problem that they have is it's basically okay. they are worried about the retail in the consumer end of things. the incentive to make a change. the job report. they had been created july was 170 died. it's what is expected.
7:45 am
the left is in the celebrate that they are pretty printed roughly 50 jobs a month. i really think you listen to this. people are dealing with it okay. okay seems to be enough for a large portion of the american people. and slightly it has. this might not be an aspirational vote it's depressing but there we are. where is the growth. this year in markets the utilities in and technology the best performance. is that where the growth is. we have consumer stable stocks. they can grow their dividend. they have done very will this.
7:46 am
between the 15-dollar minimum wage. you have the in new york and washington and in california not in new jersey. that is a smart move. i think it will be a disaster in california and businesses will want to do business in new jersey versus new york. a smart move for the bleak political future. is not just that. it's the angry bridesmaid. that will hurt him for the rest of the career. after all of that heating get vice presidential slot. will take a short break.
7:47 am
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welcome back. the hurricane watch in effect. the tropical depression threatening to make trouble in the gulf of mexico. as well as on the outer banks. fox news is live this morning with the latest. can you hear us quacks i do hear you loud and clear. it's a beautiful day here in north carolina. tropical depression number eight has now been downgraded there are no more need more warnings or watches. nobody was boarding up anything.
7:51 am
they are taking it in stride and that apparently paid off. tropical depression number nine is an entirely different story. it is gaining strength expected to turn into a tropical storm there are some variables there with the wind share in the dry air diminishing its strength. but it is a gaining strength and is expected to start into a tropical storm. moving across of the northeast. exiting florida. north of jacksonville. and then the southeast coast towards savannah, coastal south carolina and it could be hitting here again by this coming weekend. one of the major concerns they have and it's true all up and down the east coast. if you look behind me you can see how narrow the beach is here. because of that erosion they attempt to replenish it. if a big one hits here whether it's this new depression or
7:52 am
something in the future there is a real threat to the properties here because they are just eroded away. maria, back to you. will get back to you as a news develops there. what when a seamless chain has been winning across the country. jersey mike's is located at 42 states across the country. the fastest-growing chain in america over the last three years. thank you so much for joining us. the fastest-growing chain in america. how did that happen. we are a product of our franchisees. we had 400,000 franchisees around the country that built about 1150 stores and they are supported by 40 area directors that support them in their business a day day in and day out. it always comes down to is the bottom line which is making money in the stores so it's the business model that works. it's also delicious.
7:53 am
what is your favorite sub. mine is the number 13 italian. the certified and grist -- angus roast beef. let's try a little bit of this. that is just the roast beef with the fresh vegetables that are cut in the stores every day. that is a sweet spanish onion. everything is fresh-cut. every morning. the lettuce the tomatoes the onions the tomato come into the store and we can't turn them until they are ripe. then we slice them. it also comes with the red wine vinegar which is that profile that is unique.
7:54 am
every time i'm in florida i always hit the store very hard. how do you keep it so fresh and how do you keep the quality so consistent over the franchise. >> every time i'm in one of your stores it is fantastic in each location how do you do it. i think any sandwich starts with the bread. that is manufactured and sent throughout the united states. every is sub a sandwich that's the basis of every one. then after that and then we get fresh produce and each individual market. then we go into another cycle. then you need the protein.
7:55 am
the sandwiches have beef, fried chicken patties what are your thoughts of this. would you rather have a creation like that. but it all on one sandwich. i think i would be in a lot of trouble for my wife. we like to be more balanced in our approach. the 99% fat free turkey. i think a subway probably put that on the map. the average tricky subs forever. when the average on tv we get a little bit of the halo effect. so based in new jersey you must be happy about chris christie. news of the day. not necessarily so in
7:56 am
california. as a business manager in california how will you differentiate what you do different in california with the 15-dollar minimum wage where it's just vetoed. we've a core group in every single store that is five to 12 employees. we typically over the history of the business had always paid above minimum wage for us we will drift up that way anyway but his a second to be as big a deal for us that our plane at the lower level. thank you so much. next hour before he takes the stage.
7:57 am
to give up his take on the trip to mexico. and then did he miss the warnings. what they are now taking action. we are back in a moment. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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we are available 24/7. if a new symptom occurs in the middle of the night, we are there to help. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... the last thing any patient really needs to worry about is how am i going to get here, how is insurance going to handle this? one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home. we as care managers want to take as much stress off the patient as we can. meet the care managers at ctca. my name is mena... collette jodi vincent stacy our nurse care managers are with you every step of the way so you can focus on your fight. learn more at appointments available now. wednesday morning thanks for joining us i am maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, august 31 here are top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast.
8:00 am
>> donald trump headed south of the border meeting with president of mexico today, ahead of major speech on immigration tonight. hillary clinton taking a benghazi bombshell vice presidential nominate thee on the attack on the campaign trail. >> -- american -- before americans fell told senate subcommittee what difference at this point does this make anyone who said that anyone who did that should be disqualified. >> nixon released tax audited, donald trump can't even get over the nixon standard. >> we are not gullible trump is hiding something. >> primary night in the books mccain marco rubio debbie wasserman schultz, each winning primary battles last night we've got details on to severe weather to report a
8:01 am
triple threat hawaii bracing for major hurricane two other systems towards florida's gulf coast outer banks of north carolina taking on zika theme parks to protect visitors, a setback in tests for the zz, what is old is knew details on the move to sell refurbished rocket vacations to be stress relievers but getting there hardest part what you need to know to make your next trip stress free in markets waiting on jobs data futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages in 15 minutes we will will get the first look, at the labour market adp report 174,000 jobs expected in the next 15 minutes we will get the report. in europe stocks are searching for certain draeks take a look as you can see, strengthen in cac quarante in paris but the other major averages -- ft 100 off lotion with of the morning in asia mixed best in japan nikkei up 1% stories coming up
8:02 am
joining me to talk about it dagen mcdowell, wall street week host anthony scaramucci heat street editor with us this morning great to see everybody. >> great show. >> -- jersey mike's subs red for a main had a breathe mint stronger 8:00 in the morning. >> two beautiful women -- >> wow, luis, we've got can't-miss lineup stay with us maricopa county arizona sheriff jo arpaio with us, trump committee finance chair with us as well former hhs secretary former utah governor michael leavitt as well stuart varney will weigh in don't miss a moment stay with us as we kick off this hour, with donald trump's visit to mexico, he is going to meet with the country's president, in mexico, before he delivers major speech on immigration
8:03 am
tonight blake burman with preview, good morning. reporter: hi, there good morning to you as well donald trump much anticipated i immigration speech will take place later this evening, in arizona, but before then, trump's plan plane will fly over that state into mexico making a surprise announcement last night accepted invitation to meet today with mexico's president enrako pen nieto trump trartsdz mexico saying they will send criminals over border they will pay for our we will companies reluckiesting there taxed on exported goods peña neithieto fired back. >> the two will likely talk about illegal immigration trade policy, and drugs, after that meeting, comes the immigration speech in arizona. the major question tonight that many will be looking forward -- for trump to potentially answer is this.
8:04 am
what to do with the 121 million illegal immigrants that are currently in the country, during the primary trump was adamant that they would be as he said rounded up by a deportation force in the last couple weeks in the general election maria trump has been backing off that language. maria: that is why people want clarity thank you blake burman this morning joining us right now is maricopa county arizona sheriff joe arpaio thanks for joining us congratulations. >> thank you, nice talking to you again. >> so you will be speaking at donald trump's event later die, what are you planning to say what should we expect from trump's immigration speech? >> first of all, let me say i really congratulate donald trump for going to mexico. to meet with the president. i think the president will be very charged that is how you
8:05 am
do it when i was a director in mexico city i used to meet with a president attorney general, and you get some type of relationship, personal relationship so i am really happy that donald heading into the -- into mexico. as far as what i say, i have been with donald trump from day one, and i am still with him, will always be with him. and he will be our next president. but i will tell you one thing this immigration situation we have to thank him for opening the door last july, talking about immigration he is not going to waiver he is going to do what he said he is going to do enforce those illegal immigration laws, so i'm convinc convinced, as far as 11, 13 million people he will address that issue he with apts to crack down and go ahead rid of
8:06 am
illegal aliens we have in our country, that have violated a law, that are still in the streets top priority to get rid of them first, send them back where they came from. maria: dagen. dagen: sheriff with a do you expect as are you concerned we raised this issue before are you concerned about if trump has softened his position that it hurts him. >> he is meeting the president. you talk. doesn't mean you have to give in. perhaps some dialogue and he is going to have dialogue about those millions of people that are here in this country, illegally they have violated a law, he continuesously says he is going to enforce the laws. so let's see how that transcends into those that are here illegally, in our country, have been here for several years, what he is going to do with that situation.
8:07 am
>> right. >> isn't he going to basically make them legal by employing tuchback amnesty he said -- that would deport them actually going to do is allow them to go and register as embassy basically just joined the gang of 8. >> well i am sure that there will be no amnesty there will be -- no -- pathway to citizenship but he will come up with some solution. at least he is talking about it not backing down he wants to do what is right for our countr country. protect people. >> isn't that backing down exactly what he said he wouldn't do he may not give citizenship but going to give ll residency -- suckered prior republican primary voting system. maria: has he changed his stance snontsdz what do you think. >> i don't think he changed any stance he is saying obey laws there is ways to -- >> they are going to go out now stay in.
8:08 am
maria: you are on the trump team as well. >> i think the sheriff is more or less saying that this is an adaptive entrepreneur that recognizes we've got to secure the border he is also an empathetic person met with a lot of people in hispanic community trying to thread the needle sheriff correct me if i'm wrong we are enforcing the border not giving amnesty but creating an environment here that i think is a little softer. >> not giving amnesty not a legal way to stay in the united states you know that is giant u-turn donald trump built a reputation on plain talking should not he -- with american people. >> going to do that tonight. >> we are going to get more clarity. >> going to be very happy with speech his supporters. >> we will see. >> one of the issues sheriff i like you to weigh in on this whole primary situation i mentioned earlier congratulations again on your primary victory last night it was also a big night for the
8:09 am
establishment, senators marco rubio john mccain congressman debbie wasserman schultz winning primaries when you see establishment is winning, trump is antiestablishment guy does this hurt his campaign? >> well you know the -- mccain and the others worked hard to in the election they deserve to win i have been with donald trump from day one, and i -- respect him, he is outsider in that sense. and that is what we need to lead this country right now. and i have full confidence in him for many, many reasons. you know i am a former i am a veteran a cop 55 years, that is another big issue. how he sports the police the military, the inadvertency, got to guts to speak out, too bad has to use a teleprompter
8:10 am
once in a while but he speaks out i will tell you he is going to make a great president when he gets elected so i -- have confidence in him. maria: all right sheriff we will be watching tonight thanks so much for joining us ahead of the report and speech with donald trump. >> thank you. maria: sheriff joe arpaio tune in fox business all over the stage when we bring live coverage of trump's immigration speech kicking off 7:00 pm eastern with lou dobbs followed by trish regan 8 welcome. >> south brais for pair of storms could workweek havoc on holiday travel and tourism into the labor day holiday recycle recuse relaunch, next. just like the people
8:11 am
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. maria: welcome back residents in hawaii along florida gulf coast getting ready for severe weather cheryl casone with that headlines now. >> good morning people on hawaii big island are bracing for what could be a first hurricane to make landfall in hawaii in years, forecasters say hurricane madeline expected to bring extreme conditions, within next 36 hours, you are looking at satellite footage tropical
8:14 am
storm warning hurricane watch for parts of florida gulf coast as tropical depression approaches expected to know tropical storm later. >> george washington university hiring former al-qaida recruiters a fellow at university program on extremism will research ideology he once spread he spent three years in prison for threatening creators of south park in 2011 he was thierd help learn about terrorism. >> elon musk has received a major boost -- try to hit traitor has agreed to launch one of the large commercial airspace kraft on refub bishd spacex rocket an endorsement for company. it will be one of the first lower stage nine made engines a rocket through a blastoff previously the mission
8:15 am
scheduled to launch before the end of the year waiting on big numbers, over to you. maria: thank you so much waiting on adp numbers the jobs' report, for the month of aig, the expectation is 175,000 jobs, recruiting in the month of aig, anthony we know the picture has been proving. >> benefito we've been talking about election numbers pretty good. >> 177 is the number 177,000 new jobs created -- >> so a good number so if you go back 120 years presidential election cycles the incumbent president always win in rising economy only incumbent president dislodged when economy in recession this is basically a litigation over barack obama's third term numbers not terrible. >> not terrible but debated if better-than-expected or not we have expectation 175,000 there
8:16 am
were higher expectations as well sort of right in the middle. >> if you look at the private payrolls that are expected in the friday jobs' report it is 178,000 jobs with the total being 180,000 to 180,000 nonfarm payroll jobs expected for august in the government report on friday. this is a slowdown, 178 private jobs on friday would be a slowdown significantly from month of july when it was north will 200,000 so i think if you look at it like that. but may be -- august is a one-off it is slow -- >> july was -- revised up. >> administration declares victory on numbers like this we could be doing a lot better if right tax regulation policies better infrastructure plan, growing a lot faster and those job numbers would be higher wages associated with the jobs would also be higher. maria: you need aspiration to
8:17 am
put excitement into what are basically good boring numbers. maria: not seeing reaction from enacts they are exactly where they were we will watch markets expected lower adp number coming in pretty much in line you might argue below expectations as well 177,000 jobs, coming up major republican hits campaign trail for clinton will meg whitman's message resonate the tips you need to know to keep you calm en route to your getaway back in a minute. ♪ if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window.
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mate tim kaine targeting finances. >> the trump campaign just feels like trump's next big con, his next big con, he is hiding his tax return, he is hiding his financial bill of health trying to cover up web of foreigner engagements conflicts of interest conflicts of interest won't even release credible information about his health. donald trump it is time for you to come clean. release your tax recurrence, explain your business interests start telling the truth. maria: joining me toaway in on this escalating war of words on campaign trail trump victory committee fn chairman lou. >> thanks for joining us. >> nice to be with you. >> is there truth to that is in a what about tax returns. >> i sort of was interested in the senator's closing words about truth doesn't seem that truth at the moment is the issue for donald trump.
8:22 am
he is not hiding a lot of e-mails. that keep coming up. he is truly straightforward man when audited is complete he said he he will release tax returns i believe that will be the case. >> you make a good point because the clinton campaign, keeps facing more issues. around the e-mails dump, the fbi releasing 30 more that nobody knew existed. and they are potentially tied to he benghazi. >> this is no longer a drip, drip of e-mail scandal it is an absolute flood. so what it does i think, that accents the winds of change blowing pretty hard, after 8 years of obama and promise of 4 to 8 more of obama, and now hillary with the drip, drip. i don't think the country will end up wanting to suffer through another 8 years. >> lou she is out there with attack ads raising money a lot
8:23 am
of money just this weekend had three more fund-raisers, and using that money to attack him directly, you are the money guy trump campaign, give us a sense where does money stand are you raising that kind of money. >> here is beauty of this we are raising money daily and significant amounts all numbers will be out again in a week or two. but with all the money that she raised, more importantly all the money that she spent, needle moved the other way the polls as you notified have been moving in -- >> tightening so all the momentum after all money she raised and spent has clearly been hard to say has been helping donald, but the momentum is certainly has favored him. >> what is priority 65, 07 days we are real in happily stretch right now a what is priority for the campaign is it more money raising? is it you know, being on message?
8:24 am
is it hillary attacking what is the campaign -- >> i am hesitant to speak for the campaign as a whole. but i think what you see is pretty much what you are going to get. there has been a shift in the leadership of the campaign. with kellyanne conway and steve, donald is his own leadership package. and he represents strength, he represents candor has a proximity that continues to sell. there there is still record-breaking crowds whatever he goes, the rallies spawned significant amount of help in you fund-raising. >> i want to ask about meg whitman in a second when you talk to these guys who are and gallons who are donating to donald trump what are their big issues what do they want to hear should he become president what do they want to see from him what is missing they would like to see give us some conversation that you are having with as you fund-raiser. >> i think all want to hear
8:25 am
more directly of the message on point. and so the more donald stays and delivers the message, of more jobs, look, i am doing this primarily because i have two great concerns my office was on 67th floor of world trade center 1 on 9/11 that is 15 years later. and i think the country as a whole has a legitimate concern about where we stand in terms of security there is also no question in my mind that it is a binary choice who when you look at the world you see what is happening in every country in the middle east what is happening in europe, the huge migration issues that is over flowing everybody now we have announced that we have 10,000 syrian refugees here a commitment to increase that substantially. >> talking about 85,000 yesterday. state department. >> to me given lack of a really good vetting process donald's promise extremed vetting process when coming from certain places and
8:26 am
countries, look if it is security, donald trump is going to win, if it is the economy, which has been growing 1.2% or 1.1%, gdp basis, we need jobs, growth is what it is all about. maria: jobs. >> donald trump is going to be on message delivering jobs, and there is no question i think to most that he will represent a figure for security that is not present in the last administration. >> he has drip, drip of bad news, yesterday, the ceo of h-p hewlett-packard meg whitman made debut on campaign trail for hillary clinton was in denver yesterday making her first high profile republican the high patrol republican to step out on hillary clinton campaign event alliance bringing the push for campaign cash into focus how -- is that damaging? >> well, actually you watch the flood of campaign cash and i repeat, she has been spending more than money on
8:27 am
negative ads all this swing states than you can possibly imagine what she raised she is spending so if you look what is still money in the back, i think going to be reasonable plea close surprisingly enough numbers have gone opposite way. donald trump knows two things he knows them well that her spending has been ineffective his -- he is frugal and watching the dollars, and they are coming in when he spends them, they will be significant and they will be impactful so i am pretty confident on the monday sided. >> we will loaf it there great to have you on the program thank you so much. >> thanks for having 3450e. >> still 20 come the very you go to fight veeshga hitting corporate world why companies are acting when the government won't, then samantha molly christian a new home what toys "r" us means for the iconic american girl brand, back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. i am maria bartiromo wednesday, august 31 your top stories 8:30 am on the east coast donald trump and hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail, trump preparing for the major immigration speech tonight, clinton is facing new fallout over her private e-mail server benghazi bombshell.
8:31 am
>> hillary clinton has been doing this stuff for 35 years and nothing has happened. just remember nothing happened. >> [booing to shows suffering i say what do you have to lose by voting for donald trump? i will fix it. i will fix it. maria: we will have very latest on race for the white house coming up meanwhile, another setback for founder the company reportedly halting zika test how this affects the future ahead theme parks to protect visitors from zika what some are doing to keep people buying tickets, ready for last summer trip what you need to know to make your next trip to the airport stress free markets this morning are lower, we are expecting a lower opening for the broader averages, things have worsened last 30 minutes because key got adp number out reports show 177,000 private sector
8:32 am
jobs add to the economy in august that was roughly in line with expectations. in europe, stocks are searching for direction, take a look, we've got mixed performs cac quarante best off one half of one percent asia mixed best pro forma japan nikkei up 1% overnight hillary clinton unpopularity all time my in the laifrts abc news "washington post" poll making her one of the most unpopular presidential candidates in 30 years among registered voters hillary clinton has unfavorable rating 59% almost if line with donald trump's negative rating up 60% fox news ed henry in washington with very latest, good morning to you. reporter: good to see you maria what is interesting also the state department is now saying, on top of the pol numbers on political side here in washington state department is now found another 30 e-mails, involving hillary clinton from days as secretary of state that have to do with
8:33 am
benghazi now there could be innocent explanation that maybe these are e-mails where worried benghazi was mentioned people sent e-mails around government news clips other things inokayuous on the other land 30 more e-mails having to do with benghazi when hillary clinton told us several times over the last year, she turned over all work related e-mails there was nothing else there, this will raise more questions of trust, and pick up the "the wall street journal" today an interesting story about how democrats not republicans but democrats campaigned donors strategists saying time for hillary clinton to really cut tie froms clinton foundation, that it is also eroding trust for her, and then you add that to the abc news "washington post" poll you just mentioned about voters just not likeing her not trusting her the environment is there for republican donald trump to capitalize but the problem for him right now is in the other polls in battleground states
8:34 am
she is still winning despite these trust issues despite the fact voters do not like her and as you noted, part of the problem is that voters don't like donald trump about just as much as they don't like her, the point is the environment is there for her to be beaten the question is whether donald trump can actually do it as debates get ready to go in a few weeks. maria: what an extraordinary election, henry thank you reporting live for us this morning, have you ever seen anything like this. >> it is extraordinary and fascinating i have never seen more people engaged in election even people who don't like either one of the candidates jerry seib wrote an article yesterday will people go out and vote against someone, that is a possibility. >> or stay home. >> right. >> whether turnout, i look at these two i think donald trump can improve his image how people feel about him by subtracts, she has to do it by addition so far has been nearly impossible, because again people learn to distrust
8:35 am
her over a quarter of a -- >> a legacy -- can't stand either one of them i do therefore think debates could be a game he changer how many times have we seen is a good debate smash out tournament presidential campaign. >> i think they like trump i just think they don't like some of his rhetorical flourish. dagen: what i meant by subtraction remove a little bit of vitriol. >> none of the above on that ballot it would be a landslide. maria: latest on fight against zika hopes to speed track, efforts to combat this zz, the "the wall street journal" this morning reporting they are withdrawing request for clearance for zika blood test company did not follow safeguards as pressures grow to take matters in own hands theme parking in orlando offering free bug spray. >> former utah governor
8:36 am
michael leavitt, thanks for joining us. >> has government dropped all about on this forcing private sector companies step up. >> i would say two things one in any should expect the government will be the solution to everything in a situation where there is a pandemic risk, everyone needs to have a plan, to make certain that they protect themselves. now the government does have some unique responsibilities, one is being able to establish credible tests and the other hopefully vaccine some point. >> well, we have fears of zika, taking a toll on communities, we have primary polling station at miami beach botanical gardens had to be moved to city hall authorities are about inspecting for zika in the area could that tlaent voter turnout in this swing state? >> pandemics are part perfect natural life they happen periodically we have not had
8:37 am
one, for more than 40 or 50 years now at one could say we are sort of overdue when they happen there is a lot of things that are disrupted the they endemic strier uses don't care about elections or anything else. maria: right you think it could. spread are on. >> will it impact the election. >> well -- i think that would be a bit of exaggerated headline i do think it is a credible threat to human beings. >> because -- the british come to be i know it was he researching a kind of mosquito doesn't reproduce you release in population they cut population unable to reproduce like a knee -- work on dogs interrupt that life cycle i think the government has to look at all kinds s responses not staying in florida we have to live with
8:38 am
it taprecautions a geshd issue to no offense to the secretary men have a different reaction than young women of child-bearing age, there is a seated fear could turn to panic if this is not handled, handled in a way from government down, not from the -- >> just so governor i have a quick question for you from the 1934 when denyidenying ga-- think we should be more aggressive in our response to what is going on related to zika. >> i do i think there is always a need to be aggressive when there is a virus a pandemic potential. the problem with pandemics anything that happens in
8:39 am
advance of pandemic seems alarmist anything after is in an kwet in that are period of time when pretty clear we are going to see zika on this hymn is fer rather in this country and people are beginning to feel properly concerned about it, i do think it is at this moment, looked back congress failed to act to fund this there is debate about that could i just say i think it is i ridiculous that we don't have in this country a stockpile of money that says when these things hit we can being deploy them we have debate every time there is a virus, the congress needs to create a long-term plan to deal with this so they can respond more quickly. >> good point let me switch gears ask about presidential nominee transition teams politico reporting trump approach governor chris christie a fund-raiser to get insight on transition team plan you read mitt romney transition team what is your
8:40 am
take on trump's approach? >> well, just a little perspective. there is a law called the presidential transition act 2010 brand-new law acted under it 12 for the first time it requires the candidate essentially fund their own transition plan until they have won the election, at when time there are some government resources, cash that goes into the transition. so they have to raise money the law requires that they do it in proportion no greater than 5,000 dollars so there is a fund-raising effort involved what undoubtedly is occurringive no unique insight into this i suspect both campaigns are meeting with people who have maxed out on campaign and saying here is another one you can help and describing what is happening in -- in the transition simply a fund-raising process they are going through. >> is there anything in terms of transitions that you think is vital most important should
8:41 am
be said ahead of this taking place? >> transitions are he normalously important countries are vulnerability during periods of transition the scope of these is just massive you have to put a team on the field you have to be prepared with -- that involves as many as 4,000 people overtime but a big job it needs to be done needs to be done well. maria: governor good to o see you thanks so much for joining us, michael leavitt mr. trump heads to mexico potential implications ahead of major speech and meeting with president of mexico palo alto network stock taking a big hit early trading back in a moment.
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. . maria: welcome back 45 minutes away from a opening bell for a wednesday, we are expecting a lower opening things in last 20 minutes we get adp numbers they were -- pretty much in line could argue below expenses 177,000 jobs created for the miniof
8:46 am
august, couple names on move mattel making moves to expand reach of american girl dolls, start selling the american girl products at toys "r" us across the country until now could only buy american girl dollis the only and it's stores. >> cybercurtain firm reporting a wider 4th quarter loss than expected first quarter guidance below sxpgs soaring expenses weighing on bottom line a loser this morning. presidential candidate donald trump traveling to mexico today to meet with the president enrake aye pen nieto. >> stuart varney joins me. >> who with would have thought? you know i woke up this morning i was really surprised. because if i am not mistaken president nieto has likened donald trump to mussolini and may be hitler as well a former mexican president famous for foul language to describe donald trump here we have it
8:47 am
donald trump going to fly there go directly to the presidential palace no questions there will probably be a handshake picture, i think donald trump has seized the political initiative and trying to look presidential, meanwhile,, hillary clinton stays home and defenses hers against scandalous accusations wonderful stuff isn't. >> it interesting you have to look at it as victory for donald trump the president of mexico invited him to mexico, to have this meeting. >> i would say so offers donald trump an opportunity look presidential. go down there, meet your rival shake hands look like doing business theme seems trump attacks seizes political initiative hillary plays defense forced into corner a scandal of our own making that is beginning to affect the polls, looking at latest abc poll out this morning, it
8:48 am
shows that -- let's see now it has hillary unpopularity has gone up by 6 points, but trump is less unpopular with women and blacks work that one out, my bottom line is that the polls are moving in trump's favor. a little bit. >> i have a question for you she is not only only defense she is in nowhere zone if wanting to go to press come on olls tighten what is her strategy in your opinion. >> i have no clue i don't see how she can hold a full scale press conference, i don't think she can handle it, and i think the risk is too great because all the questions will be about the foundation, about e-mails be benghazi, one thing after another, it would never stop. i don't think she is going hold a press conference why she is spending so much time prepping for the first debate on september 26th. >> what is it dagen 200 days
8:49 am
00 plus days has not given a press conference. dagen: since last year. >> -- >> may be overpreparing for that debate. because again, too much prep the opposite what donald trump is doing, is will rattle you if you are not careful. >> she is trying to rattle donald trump i believe has psychologists onboard talk about his small hands. >> that is some strategy now bring up stuff like that. >> -- richard goodstein brought up cialis i thought to myself you know what that is really i didn't say anything that is really low and if somebody did something sim to similar to hillary clinton on national tv would be comufd and excoriated. >> i don't think voters want to see incivility in these debates. >> i am staying silent i wish to draw from cialis debate. >> stuart you are wonderful
8:50 am
see you in 10 minutes thanks so much right after "mornings with maria" 9:00 a.m. eastern stay with us for stuart top of the hour staying calm during travel top tips to keep you sane all the way to your destination pm back in a minute. ♪ ♪ let the sun shine, come on, sun shine in ♪ ♪ let the sun shine ♪
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welcome back airline industry hit hard past few baking bankruptcies consolidation, competition from low cost carriers to save sprinking margins air lines adding fees
8:54 am
charging for amenities once free as cost of flight rises size of seats shrink how can you enjoy that stress free flight want to bring in sr., project editor consumer reports thanks for joining us often you think a stress free trip getting there is a nightmare, what should people be thinking about when booking during the booking process to make it stress free. >> you want to get the best fare book early if possible when tickets go on sale 3 months in advance more choices less restrictions if you don't mind connection flying early in morningable flexible about airport lower you pay good idea to check early, and set up price alerts kayak airfare watchdog whatever you like to use this you will let you know when prices drop you have to book immediately. >> that makes a lot of sense, in terms of of the physical
8:55 am
flight being stress free anything we need to think about in terms of of the actually flight. >> if you are going to be stuck in airport for a while consider an airport how long you might have to today a small fee if not frequent flyer don't have the airline are card independent companies are setting up lounges all over the world might pay 30 to 60 dollars free wi-fi free feed beverages won to help with flights a tranquil environment could be great deal you also want to start to look for seat even if you booked a seat the flight about 7 hours of about you take off start looking for even better set too use seat debenture map to help struck best seats on your flight, frequent flyers tend to be upgraded might find better seat check until flight takes off. >> good advice, what are you seeing right now in terms of what is out there best deals, best situations? anything strike you from the consumer perspective? >> yeah there is great deals on summer travel now available, again you know try
8:56 am
to plan your trip book as early as possible. so you get the best rates, sometimes fares drop when you get close good to keep checking. >> to make your entire trip stress free, anything that you want to point out that is better than another whether hot ls airlines for the consumer? >> you know a great idea we found jetblue has most comfortable seats more leg room, consider jetblue if flying your right seat comfort big indicator consumer report polls how happy people were with flight. >> good idea, seat guru tells you the pitches and width find most coverable on your flight. >> good news thanks so much. >> my pleasure. >> see you soon, final thoughts from all-star panel after short break, back in a minute. ♪
8:57 am
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