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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 31, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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pretty flat started lower friday jobs reports could change this. viewers please watch out fort word expectations, i am sure you will hear from competitors the word expectations refers to in my opinion bogus analysis a lot more to say about that later in the program, now this. europe goes for the's of gold with apple to 40 1/2 billion dollars to stock down to 105.
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question, who might be next in this. >> i think multinational corporations from u.s. that are saying are we next, you got the amazons of the world the googles after starbucks, by the way, in holland, 30-million-dollar back taxes, facebook as well all lined up, it looks couple interesting stories jumping on this saying we're out of the -- horrible regulations, hey apple how about coming to uk would love you all your jobs i think very interesting of a brits have a very low corporate tax rate 15%. >> they do, will drop more to attract big chanes. >> add mcdonald's to list do we want eu global tax regulator. >> do you see -- >> they are bankrupt need money more later. >> two more heartaches for the
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clinton canal state department says about 30 hillary e-mails could be linked to benghazi she said we have seen them all. we have not, there are new calls for special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation. look who is here come in, juan williams welcome back. >> welcome to number one show what i am -- saying, i wouldn't be here iffy it wasn't number one show i am going to give you a hard time. i love a hard time that is why i come. >> i want to hear from you support that hillary clinton and vision of what she would do with america without you mentioned donald trump. >> sure i think number one hillary clinton has strong economy plan, a plan. >> how much is that is. >> i thought you wander you know the number one show i better defer to the
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taking away from a people at the top of the pyramid like you and me, owe a lot to this country. >> i do i agree that entirely we owe a lot to this country i am very loyal to it. >> i think, that is why people who are at top like warren buffett don't have objection to hill's i don't want to go off on the warren buffett wealth not going to be taxed. >> not taxed. >> wealth is not taxed. >> is not taxed in this country. >> no, it is not. >> okay. >> didn't you know that. >> i think. >> -- it is not. >> once -- >> okay income, yes, that is income if you pull out money it is taxed, who is going to tax hedge fund managers more than taxed out in shall i tell you donald trump. >> okay. >> did you know that. >> no, i don't know that. >> you learned something you don't tax wealth in the
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country. we do not -- >> not the minute you use it, it is taxed. yes. that is what i think trump told me how they do it you build up a company, you own stock worth a billion dollars on paper. you don't cash it out and pay tax, now go to a bank and say look at this asset that i've got with a billion dollars, and boro money against that, makes you a load you can spend all you like you get the interest that you pay on the loan tax free. >> what a react. >> this is why i like to see donald trump tax returns, because -- >> i am learning is in a how do you get to it. >> i am learning from you coming to the idea this is why people suspect the man pays no taxes. >> do you wish to spend more time on number one show? >> [laughter]. >> when i came on to discuss, hillary clinton on defensive because i think she is on the defensive. >> too late coming up on a hard -- >> you got to talk to the
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governor. >> i absolutely do, get out of here. >> i am going to mexico like some people on the defensive. [laughter] > you are fun we appreciate you being with us i like your book too ensure very kind. >> what is the name again. >> we the people. >> yes. >> i appreciate it congratulations on number one show to all of you -- >> appreciate it i really do, now as we said so many times, and juan chimed in trump meets with president of the mexico in mexico today then arizona for speech on immigration bold action i think trying to look presidential. governor mike huckabee is with us. a risk here that he alienates core base. >> i don't think in any way going to president of mexico it shows a bold move something hillary doesn't have we can't
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find hillary in mexican restaurant better hidden than "el chapo" was for years, where is she. >> donald trump is showing that he is not afraid to go and sit down face to face across the room from very guy he has said is going to build a wall and pay for it i think it is an incredibly good move on donald trump's part, and you know for all those critics say that he can't deal with foreign leaders, watch him today he is about to do it. >> i want so see if you agree with the theme of this election that this now he emerging donald trump on attack proactive talking policy making speeches seizing political initiative versus hillary clinton in a corner a scandal corner of our own making never answering questions, rarely touching policy a big theme developing in this election i can see you are smiling i think you agree with this. >> well, i absolutely do, i mean he is out there engaging,
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tens of thousands of voters at a time, he does interviews all day long takes the incoming from press only photos seeing of hillary are of her on a milk carton because she has a been missing so long there the reports out there looking for her where is she? i just think it is an incredibly dumb move on hillary's part to presend somehow she can play rope-a-dope all the way to november she can't. >> i i think if she answers questions the press conference grave risk what would she say about scandals purely defensive for hours at a time. >> well i know what she would say would lie the same way she lied to congress same way she lied in rallies the same way she has lied every time she talks about e-mails, talks about benghazi talks about the servers talks about what she did with all that -- money that was contributed to the clinton foundation, look this is why she can't go out and
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talk everything she says, her nose grows an inch it doesn't work for her. >> abc poll out this morning, shows that her hillary's unpopularity rating has gone up by 6 points, and the same poll shows that donald trump is less unpopular i know that sounds awkward but less unpopular with women and african-americans. my bottom line is that the polls are tightening going just beginning to go in trump's direction what say you? >> well i think that is exactly right, he is talked about the problems real families real americans face urban crime educational deficiencies tag nent wages no economic growth means no new jobs when object says i created millions of new jobs i heard one guy say yeah i got three of them that is problem people working part-time used to work full-time all these jobs are poirm jobs people
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have to work multiples make less than they used to when donald trump speaks to those bread and just bread and butter issues i think he is on the winning side got it governor huckabee thank you as always for being with us thank you. >> thank you stu number one show in business almost out of time for first block, back after this. if you're taking prescription medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief. and it keeps your mouth refreshed too. remember while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene,
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so tune in and let's ride! stuart: well, look at this. you're about to see a check blue plane coming in the nurse commercial flight to cuba. passengers to get on a jetblue flight will pay $99 one-way price of $50 fee for a cuban visa from fort lauderdale to santa clara in cuba. ninety-nine dollars one-way, first by taking off a half-hour from now. are they happy to be getting on word. secretary of state john kerry and bangladesh earlier this week
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says that media should cover terrorism lasts. roll tape. >> if you decide one day you're willing to be a terrorist, you can make some noise. perhaps the media would do us all a service. people wouldn't know what's going on. stuart: as you hear that? people wouldn't know what's going on. round of applause. liz: there may be some rationale for what happened with charlie had. the terrorism assault there. train do i do want to be facetious via sebastian corker is witness of the great vote, defeating jihads. he joins us this morning. we have been running the stories for a couple days now but i'm trying to get to grips with it. what is your reaction when you saw our secretary of date they cover terrorism a bit less, people won't know what's going on.
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>> there's only two possible interpretations of that statement. number one come inordinate naïveté. this man who is a senior diplomat thinks that if the event isn't as fast, then somehow the terrorists will surrender. perhaps if we hadn't had the footage of 9/11, fort hood or boston or orlando wouldn't have occurred. so either it is incredible naïveté or the less chance of the interpretation that i'd lean towards as if the media covers the terrorism, then what are people going to know? they are going to understand the rank incompetence at the last seven and a half years and understand why american counterterrorism policy is failing. have a jv team has captured territory and syria, iraq, libya, how they have executed attacks in america, france, brussels. that is i think the more likely interpretation.
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don't talk about it because it will make us look bad and will make hillary look bad. remember, she was his predecessor. stuart: do you have an interpretation of the news broken over the past couple days that the number two guy in isis has been killed. isis has confirmed that he's dead and this morning the russians are saying they did it. they killed him. what is the significance of that? >> well, it could be significant in that isis has been proven to be a past master of propaganda, much more so than al qaeda. if you look at the magazine and the videos they produce within hours after certain attacks, this is a first tier of propaganda operation. how much this man was operationally responsible for those products, hard to tell. now they are going to have to replace them if they want to keep her purging people. so this could be a significant
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blow. remember, they have recruited more than 80,000 in more than 6000 are westerners who know how to use social media. the recruiting pool is still large and still available. stuart: fascinating stuff. sebastian gorka, thank you congratulating us -- joining us. stuart: thank you. see you later. john mccain, mark or rubio, debbie wasserman schultz all winning primaries in their states. by the way, the 84-year-old sheriff joe arpaio in the state of arizona. breaking down after receiving a six-month the moment she found out that she was out. more "varney" after this. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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and this saving applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: how about two sports stories. first off, the moment a women soccer star hope solo was suspended under contract and it, caught on video. watch this. >> terminated the contract. not just the suspension. 17 years and it's over. stuart: do you think the punishment was too hard?
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>> to use it as a pretext because she's been blasting her coaches, fellow players. they didn't suspend her when she allegedly attacked her half brother and nephew in recent years. if this statement was a pretext for suspending somebody, you wouldn't have an nba season. ashley: i agree with it. she's had a history off and on to pitch in that comment about towers to the swedish, move on. liz: unsportsmanlike for that comment. stuart: colin kaepernick poster at the 49ers last preseason game. but that means he's bashed for this event. so essentially, it he is being dropped in advance that the main season. i want to see what reaction they have in san diego when he plays? tomorrow night. that is going to be the big story.
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stuart: if he does then -- i still say -- they are not so needs a rule. you stand here and got to have that rule. how about this again. "varney & company" number one in august. low euro -- blow your own horn. we thank you sincerely. really, we do. more next. ♪
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>> let me explain why i have a real problem with the word expectations. you hear is all the time. oh, the job market is expect today produce 175,000 new jobs. expectations, we don't use that on this program and i'll tell you why. the expectation for friday's job report is we'll see 175,000 new jobs. okay. what happens if we get 180,000 jobs? everybody and his brother will
9:30 am
say, oh, they beat expectations, isn't it great? no, it's not. it's a lousy jobs report when you get 180,000 new jobs eight years into recovery, that's b bad, but the use of the word expectations covers everything and it's bogus so we are not going to use it. see how you use up 45 seconds? [laughter] >> at 9:30. now, we have to pause because our executive producer likes to see that shot of the board on the left-hand side and the lights changing color and he thinks that gives you a good idea how the market is opening and clearly it's opening down because there's so much red. not much green. can you see the lights change? are you watching executive producer? yes, he is. >> look at that screen liz: covered in goose bumps. stuart: that's pretty good, actually. and that's what-- do you agree with that? >> it's very telling. i kind of like the numbers, but the colors are good liz: like christmas.
9:31 am
stuart: that was 40 seconds and the lights changing color. let's get to the s&p 500, and down .13%, how about that nasdaq technology stocks? where is the nasdaq down .13, ladies and gentlemen, how about the price of gold, up or down three cents? it's down $6. and the price of oil, $45 a barrel, that may count. how about the big name tech stocks? check them all the time. amazon, apple, google, ned netflix, all down except for netflix. and the script says you're watching the dow red-- and i've done that already. shah gilani in new york, and liz and ash of course here on the set in new york. right. europe goes for the pot of gold with apple to the tune of $14 1/2 billion. it's a money grab.
9:32 am
dan, do you think there will be other companies which will be grabbed by this european shakedown? what do you say, dan? >> well, apple is certainly the marquee name and you're getting a big one with all of that cash. certainly, they'll try more, apple, not apple, but ireland is pushing back hard on this, not happy the way it's working and might create a friction between the zone, they might back off. anytime there's money to be had, a government will go after it. >> this is an opportunity for the brits. ashley: absolutely, it's a classic example of the bureaucrats in brussels grabbing money from where they can. britain is saying we have a low corporate tax rates and we can work deals here because we have the freedom to attract apple. they would love to have apple in u.k. stuart: they're no longer in the european union. ashley: no longer. stuart: they can do what they like and the brussels
9:33 am
bureaucrats can't-- >> that's a big mistake on the euro zone's part and if they pursue other companies, and this is going to be a nail in the coffin of the european union. stuart: chalk one up for brexit. >> yes. stuart: look at google. they're taking on uber with a new ride share servicement now, google has ways, i don't know if you use that app, it's terrific, and google owns it and now they've got a ride sharing deal liz: it's going to be cheaper than uber and lyft and google says they won't take a cut of it. they're undercutting uber and lyft. basically go on the app if the driver or passenger is going in the same direction, you can jump into that ride and get your mcdonald's coffee on the cheap with a cheap ride. stuart: 54 cents liz: 54 cents and they bout that for $3 billion. stuart: is that a reason to buy? >> they're looking at pricing in israel.
9:34 am
th they're looking at pricing there and-- >> getting on the cheap here to compete with uber, but who knows what they do down the road. that's an interesting item from google i've got to say. there's cyber security firm called palo alto networks. they lost a lot of money and look to the future and said, we've got a weak outlook and that's a problem and that stock is down 6%. and remember abercrombie & fitch, well, they were way down yesterday and they're going to close 60 more stores, sales continuing to sink and maybe they got 18 and-- you don't like abercrombie. >> no, those retailers i think are in trouble because of the internet shopping and i think the trends, too many trend changes and they have to have a hard time keeping up with it. stuart: who ever shops in bricks and mortar malls anymore. >> those stocks are way too
9:35 am
volatile. >> i had to ask. new menu at dunkin' donuts, apple caramel donuts and reese's peanut butter squares liz: what a time to be alive. stuart: if that's a good thing, why is the stock down? deathly silent. moving on. amazon. dash buttons on the door, and press it and delivered the next day and that did not move the needle. 767 amazon. more free stuff at chipotle. kids eat free. i think is it just on sundays, is that a special deal? >> just sundays. stuart: they're getting desperate. >> they're getting desperate. since the e. coli outbreak and other problems, lawsuits against them. i've shorted, been shorted, made a lot of good money, and if it falls below 400, it's in a precarious shot. if it goes below 400 it's done.
9:36 am
stuart: it's done? >> probably drop another 50%. stuart: really? if it breaks for-- >> yes. stuart: terrible chart. never recovered, it just never recovered. >> and they tried things over and over. in july, they planned this loyalty type program. that's faltering. there's no traction anywhere. stuart: barron's really, really likes alibaba stock. come in lori rothman, i think i left you out in the squares. how much does barron's think that alibaba is going up. >> $130 per share. if you can see on the screen, the shares just above $96. so it's a 35% value adjustment seems like an exaggeration to you, well, barron's, the anl liz they're quoting at mks partners look at it this way,
9:37 am
instead of alibaba as one whole company they're judging some of the parts. in other words, evaluating separately, the e-commerce side of the business as well as the cloud computing business and when you put those two together, hey, it should be trading at $130 a share, stuart. stuart: wow, a jump and and a half. shah gilani is with me, chinese amazon, call them that. >> the pieces are great, but scares me, a huge hop in early august and scary up here. i'd like to see it come down and i'd like to buy it lower, but here, it's too high for me. stuart: here is a sign of the times music [organ music playing] >> the death watch, and they're going to use-- bring paint back to their stores. i mean, on the shelves. they are. >> i don't know if this is going to do the turn around for them, but they did away with paint back in 2012 and they say
9:38 am
a strong housing market means a strong demand for people who want to do up their houses and paint being a part of that. and they're going to have paint in 23 stores, not huge rollout, but this'll gradually add the paint. and this company had a loss of-- millions-- >> they borrowed 300 million from the guy who runs it. and they shut off the stores and laid off people. ashley: they're looking at opening a store and one of the-- >> when you and i came to america, they had a paint department in every store. >> popular, too liz: and last disrupted retail market in 1888 when they sold catalogs to barbers. stuart: that's why we're number one. and watch this, everybody, this is jetblue that launched the first historic flight to cuba,
9:39 am
the first commercial u.s.-cuba fight left fort lauderdale today. liz liz: it's going to leave in about seven minutes and land and come back later this afternoon. it's headed to santa clara. 150 passengers on board including department of transportation secretary anthony fox. ashley: and a whole bunch of journalists liz: he's on it, he announced on twitter he's on board the flight. stuart: senior official from department of-- liz: transportation. the first flight since 1961. >> the jetblue flight, it's probably going to be late so something about that on the flight. stuart: wow, and dan, would you take a trip from fort lauderdale to cuba for $99 one way, would you? >> absolutely as long as i could get the return air fare or $99. and i think that cuba would be an interesting place to go. it'd be nice to see cuba open
9:40 am
up with their own country and allow more freedom, the fact is it's going to be an attractive country for americans to go to for vacation. stuart: i would not going to cuba or venezuela, that's the last word. and here to stay, low growth. >> the u.s. economic growth has slowed permanently. how about that? he says we have an aging u.s. population and slowing productivity. no need, he says, for a rate hike in this environment. he says corporations have remarkably low outlooks for growth, and so they're not investing, reporting this kind of stagnant doldrums. he says at this point i don't see a way out. stuart: dan, isn't that what we've been saying for a long time. the central banks printed money and all kinds of bonds, zero interest rate and the only thing left is lowering taxes,
9:41 am
isn't it? >> well, you know, right in terms of low growth. long-term, i don't know, we'll see growth. but the fed doesn't have much in its arsenal. the one thing about evans that seems to be swimming against the tide of the rest of the officials, we are going to have to see extraordinarily good numbers for the fed to start significantly raising rates and i don't see it coming forward so i tend to agree with him in the short run. stuart: what about you, shah? >> he's saying interest rates would rise anyway and the fed shut get out of the way and let the market decide where it should be. part of the problem with the market having, they're doing it for the central banks. get out of the way and let the natural level of interest rates find where they should be liz: they should have a computer enstead of federal reserve setting rates. stuart: thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. where are we? we're 11 minutes into the
9:42 am
session and down 37 points, 18-4 roughly where we are. look at these pictures coming to us from spain. that's the 71st festival held on the last wednesday of every august liz: love it. ashley: oh, my goodness. stuart: think of the masses. donald trump headed south today for a visit with the president of mexico. meanwhile, the former president of america vincenti fox is saying that trump is not welcome. we'll discuss that. coming up, steve spurrier, college coaching legend is here talking colin kaepernick's national anthem protest and a lot more. back in a moment. ♪
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>> all right. 15 minutes into the session, we're down 33 points. 18-421. that's it, any moment jetblue is going to make history. it will launch the first from the united states to cuba, first in decades. i don't know why those people are getting off. it looks like they're-- i don't know, but that's the plane. it's a jetblue flight plane and taking off any moment liz: maybe they're leaving on the plane to get on the runway. ashley: it was supposed to take flight a minute ago and they're already late liz: they could be getting on on the runway, whatever.
9:47 am
>> are they going to swim? >> oh, donald trump heads to mexico to meet with the president and the former president of mexico has been an outspoken critic of trump. he's not happy about this visit. just watch this. >> let me tell you, he is not welcome to mexico by 130 million people, we don't like him, we don't want him, we reject his visit. i don't understand why president pena has offered this opportunity. i think it's nothing more than a political stunt. stuart: a political stunt. and boris is with us, senior trump advisor. you know, he might be right. not the word stunt, but it's a political move by donald trump to seize the initiative. >> listen, this is about leadership, right? donald trump was the first to go to louisiana before birmingham and hillary clinton hasn't gone, she's been
9:48 am
drinking champagne cocktails out in the hamptons, nice for her, but not for the american people. and donald trump is in this country, all over the world, paris, brussels, san bernardino and donald trump is responding. hillary clinton gets together, a hundred people and thinks about it, doesn't do anything. stuart: go on. >> keep in mind that vincente fox is-- the attack isn't about donald trump it's about the current president, by a former president from a different party. stuart: do you think that trump loses some core support or alienates core supporters because they see him going over the border and across the wall he will build to shake hands with the president of a rival country who said nasty things about him and a speech on immigration where he'll pull
9:49 am
back from deport the lot. he could lose some support? >> here is the key, the key is not the wall between united states and mexico, it's to keep out the illegal immigrants, and stop the flow not just from mexico, but all of south america into the united states of america. we are going to work to stop illegal immigration all over the world and mexico has a larger immigration problem of its own, from folks of central and south america coming over. that's an issue we have in common. mexico and the united states have a lot of issues in common and nafta is one of them. nafta is a 22-year-old agreement and needs to be renegotiated and-- >> that's going to come up today? >> of course. stuart: more than the wall, nafta will be the subject of conversation. we have to find out what donald trump means by renegotiation, going to suspend the terms while we rethink it? >> that's what negotiation is.
9:50 am
donald trump is agile, an agile leader and somebody on air, generally takes 30 days to put a trip like this together. this was done in about five days and this shows the kind of leader he'll be. he'll negotiate face-to-face and go where he needs to go all over the world and those. stuart: five days, they were thinking about this for five days? a spur of the moment-- >> that couldn't be, there's a lot of logistics. this was a well thoughtout plan, a negotiated meeting and it's going to strong for united states of america having the future leader going over there and meeting in mexico, this is what's going to happen when i'm elected president. stuart: the future leader, election already taken place, a done deal? >> it's a done deal, america can see who is leading them now. barack obama is playing golf. stuart: and you've got the-- where is barack obama today? where is hillary clinton today?
9:51 am
she's in the united states. he's in mexico negotiating from here on out. stuart: can you answer the question, where is hillary clinton today? >> hamptons. stuart: is that true? >> that's the last i heard. fundraiser. >> boris, thank you very much. stuart: tune into the trump speech on immigration, at 7:00 eastern tonight. look at the markets board. the lights changing color. red means down, green means up. "varney & company" in august beat the other guys, we owe it to you the viewers, sincerely so. back in a moment. ♪
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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>> he is-- the kaepernick affair, if he's going to start for the rest of season. jared is here with us. i want a new rule for the nfl,
9:56 am
you, stand for the anthem. that's the rule. what do you say? >> great thought. i don't know if it's very american. stuart: what do you mean? the nba's got it. >> they had it, but as far as-- the nfl wouldn't even take a stand where the dallas cowboys wanted to have decals on their helmets this season to honor the fallen police officers and the that's something bad to say-- something political to say police are bad? and we have everybody in the nfl stadium getting in. i don't think that they'll take a stand. stuart: what are they going to do when one of the first games in the opening season is on september 11th and maybe a player or two refuses to stand for the national anthem at the start of the game on september 11th. that's a nfl problem. they look terrible. they could preempt that problem by saying, you'll stand. >> they do, but. stuart: they should. >> stuart, i somewhat agree with you in one way.
9:57 am
stuart: don't agree with me, what's this wishy-washy stuff. >> some people say it's unamerican, you don't have the right to protest. there's almost an oxymoron, colin kaepernick is sitting. stuart: is the nba unamerican? >> baseball since 1942, and hockey 19-- ments. stuart: are they unamerican? >> no, but assume you stand up. and brian mccarthy says we believe there's tremendous value in coming together to honor our nation's history and remember the men and women who have built and protect our country. stuart, they play in san diego tomorrow night. is there a larger military city among major cities in the u.s.? and they're honoring the u.s. military at that game tomorrow night. stuart: time is up, i'm right, you're wrong. >> what's the overall score? >> i don't know. [laughter] >> wait for it. who would have thought, who would have thought donald trump would meet with the president
9:58 am
of mexico in mexico today? coming up, a trump supporter whose son was killed by an illegal immigrants. is she okay with a softer stance and deportations or the mexican trip? hour two is two minutes away.
9:59 am
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rocked like this. oh yeah, siriusxm is on for free right now. so tune in and let's ride! >> shall we speak plainly? yes. [laughter] europeans bankrupt. neo socialist losers. couldn't innovate their way out of a paper bag. they want america's money. they think they've found their pot of gold. here is the story. apple takes advantage of ireland's low tax on money. not fair says brussels bureaucrats, we're taking it off you, taking $14 1/2 billion off you. how dare you have a low tax rate and apple, how dare you take advantage of it. some points to be made herement
10:01 am
number one, who is next, google, microsoft, amazon? point two, good news for britain. the corporate tax rate there is almost as low as ireland's and at the brexit, the bureaucrats of brussels will have no say in london, the brits are hanging out the welcome mat. point three, europe's grab for american money will surely benefit donald trump. when foreigners pick your pocket, nationalism looks more attractive. one more point. now you can clearly see why europe can't grow. they're mired in a socialist bureaucracy with stamps on growth and high taxes and endless regulation. american, regrettedly is going down the european road, but perhaps this money grab will shine a little light on exactly where we really should be going. low tax, small government, big growth. that's not europe, this is the american way. ♪
10:02 am
>> yes, we'll have more of those pathetic europeans with the cash grab in a moment. look at this, the dow industrials is down a mere 17 points. how about oil? we're going to find out how much we've got in storage in about 30 minutes, ash. ashley: oil is under pressure again. a, because of a strong dollar, but as we say every week, almost every day, we're swimming in the stuff. so we'll see how much. we're expecting maybe a million more barrels in stock. if that's true. oil will go down more. stuart: we shall see.: and shah gilani is betting the stock goes down and they're offering free food to kids on a sunday at chipotle. there's now news of a lawsuit. this is called a wage theft lawsuit? liz: that's what the lawsuit, class action actually says,
10:03 am
wage theft. nearly 10,000 workers and every state that chipotle operates joined the suit. they're made to clean up and attend mandatory staff meetings without pay and they want money for that. stuart: all about the buck. and the european cash grab i talked about passionately the top of the hour. here is next. steve hilton is next, a frequent guest on this program, especially the time when the brits were leaving the european union. >> good to see you again. stuart: forget who is next. do i have a point that the brits are and should hang out the welcome mat for the apples and googles of the world? >> definitely. this is what brexit is about, what it shows, it's a great advertisement not only for brexit, but for donald trump as well. let's take them in turn. i think what's going on here is that apple and ireland were doing something completely within the law.
10:04 am
ireland was trying to attract business to its shores to create jobs and investment and of course, the european centralizing bureaucracy hates that because they want every european country to be equally unattractive and so they want more taxes and regulation everywhere, equally spreading the pain. if one country tries to compete, they don't want that to happen. it's a great reason to leave the eu and for the brecks it campaign. stuart: 12% and latest county it's 15% in britain, very, very low compared to the united states. >> that brings us to the trump element of the discussion. the whole reason that apple is in ireland doing quite complicated tax arrangements is because of the insanely high corporate tax here in the u.s. and other countries are doing it as well. what that has led to is trillions of dollars overseas, money that could be invested
10:05 am
here in the american economy for great jobs here. but because the taxes are high. that doesn't happen. what trump is saying he's going to do a one on off tax cut to bring that money back and more generally to cut business taxes to create jobs and investments. that's a powerful argument in the election. stuart: there's more, as i understand it, there's more than $2 trillion worth of profits made by american companies which is lodged overseas. >> that's right. stuart: all over the world and a lot in ireland and $2 trillion and you're saying and trump is saying, you cut the corporate tax rate here from the current 35% level. i think that trump is down to 15. >> 15 generally and proposing, i think, a one-off cut to that overseas money and that sounds low, but 10%, whatever it is, i can't quite remember, 10% of a trillion is a lot more than 35% of zero which is what's going on at the moment. stuart: you're another british accent on the show and you live in america?
10:06 am
>> in california, i run a tech starter out there. stuart: you do. could you start up a tech company in britain-- i shouldn't say britain, in europe the way you've started up a tech company in california? could you do you it? >> there are so many obstacles compared to what you do in california. the labor regulations, i'm not saying that it's bad there, but it's easier here. in silicon valley you've got the incredible culture to bring people together to do great things. stuart: steve hilton, a pleasure. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: politics, pure, straight politics, probably what it is. donald trump visiting the president of mexico today in mexico. we're calling it a presidential move, take action kind of move. that's what we're saying. ashley, what is the new york times saying. ashley: throwing some cold water on that description. the new york times call it the late e-gamble for mr. trump in
10:07 am
his struggling campaign. the headline here, mr. trump to visit mexico after more than a year of mocking it. they say he's widely reviled in mexico and the president he's going to meet with today has compared mr. trump to hitler and mussolini. stuart: sometimes the liberals don't know what to make of it. ashley: they don't. stuart: you've got a presidential style action and a bold move. let's see. ashley: where was hillary? she was allegedly offered the same invitation. stuart: hillary last night was in the hamptons. she was dancing with paul mccartney, jimmy buffett and jon bon jovi. ashley: excellent liz: watch for the gaffes, mitt romney and poland and-- >> i've got another headline for you in "vanity fair," a magazine headline. how huma abedin became an unlikely feminist hero. i've got a quote for her
10:08 am
abideen put electing a female president before her pride, before her son, before disarming the critics shooting at her decision for the last five years. how about that? tammy bruce, how about that? you were the chair of the los angeles n.o.w. federation, the chapter at one time. what do you make of what "vanity fair" is saying? >> it's obviously ridiculous. huma makes bad decisions with husbands as bosses. this is about judgment. this is about character. and i've been speaking a great deal about how even the nomination of hillary clinton is the first nominee as a major party is a betrayal of feminism and betrayal of women. the old feminist ideal we make best choices that suit us and becoming better people in the process. this is not about abandoning everything that matters culturally, standards personally, standards for your
10:09 am
children in order to get as much money or as much power as you want. feminism was about transcending those things. both of these women-- but it's perfect because both of these women, huma abedin and hillary clinton are examples of what not to become, are examples of how not to live your life, and how not to get power. now, there's many different ways to get power, but there are many ways to do it with integrity and with decency, with respecting your children and respecting other women and neither of them do that. stuart: i brought your attention to the latest abc poll. in that poll, hillary clinton's unpopularity is up six points and in the same poll, donald trump is-- i don't know how to put this the best way, he is less unpopular with women and african-americans. i'm not putting that very good, but that's how it is. he's less unpopular after the past couple of weeks. that kind of fits the narrative, thanks are changing and shifting.
10:10 am
>> the fact of the matter is he's actually winning white women who are over 30, i believe. i mean, he's winning a good chunk. women were supposed to be the firewall for hillary clinton, but that's not happening because we understand that, yes, a woman will be president eventually, but we want it to be the right woman and when you talk about who you surround yourself with, huma abedin is a perfect example. bill clinton officiated at the abideen-weiner wedding. this is a close knit group of people. you can tell her judgment who she surrounds herself with. the american women, we know what decisions it takes to keep our family safe, to keep our future in our own hands, that means conservative values, conservative ideal economically. hillary doesn't represent those things. we're not going to throw our families in the volcano, stuart, simply to say we elected a woman. we're not going to sacrifice ourselves to that.
10:11 am
we want a woman who knows what he's doing and mr. trump is as an example, with people who we can trust and know what they're doing. the next four years is going to be a heck of a ride and we need somebody who's got the judgment. stuart: and i remember margaret thatcher. thank you for joining us, good stuff. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: let's see where are we on the dow industrials? a very, very slow market with extremely low volume. ashley: waiting for the jobs report on friday. stuart: jobs report on friday could make a different liz: the report. stuart: now, donald trump, he will speak tonight on immigration. he speaks in arizona. can we expect more of this? >> build that wall!
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> where are we after nearly 45 minutes of business? we're down 40 points. 18-4 seems to be holding. how about the price of gold? we should check that more often, 1313 per ounce. that's what the gold coins for the grandkids are worth right now. jetblue is making history. from moments ago, the plane did take off bound for cuba. jetblue flight 387 leaving fort lauderdale will arrive in santa clara in cuba, central cube yeah at 10:57 a.m. most the people are on board are journalists to record the historic moment. 50 regular passenger and both pilots were born in the u.s. and both pilots have cuban parents. stuart: i have a buck that says journalists will cheer when they land in cuba.
10:16 am
pope francis is making migrant issues a priority. this is pope francis. what he's telling catholic parishes, take in-- >> yeah, the vatican seizing control of the migrant crisis. he visited the camps and he's brought a dozen syrian refugees home with him and he's basically saying to catholics in europe, doing more to help, do more to help shelter. stuart: there are two sides of the migrant story. the security angle that we concentrate on and the humanitarian. the pope is taking care of that side. it's personal opinion and that's where i'm coming from. our next guest will be appearing with donald trump today when he makes his big immigration speech. that's late afternoon and early evening told. our guest is the mother of
10:17 am
police officer sergeant brandon mendoza who was killed by a drunk driving illegal immigrant. welcome mary anne mendoza, welcome back to our program. good to have you, ma'am. >> thank you very much. >> i've got two questions, how did you feel when you heard that donald trump was going to mexico to visit the president in his palace. how do you feel? >> i think it's a very good strategic move as somebody who is going to be the next president of the united states. i think it's important to have great relationships with mexico. we are bordering state here in arizona and we know the importance of that here. stuart: okay. next question, how do you feel about what we expect to be, a slightly softer tone, a softer policy on de0 porting illegals? when mr. trump first started to run it was clear, a deportation force and round them up, they all go. now he's softening that considerably. how do you feel about that softening? >> i don't believe it's a
10:18 am
softening at all. mr. trump stands firm in his convictions that illegal criminals need to leave our country. and he has stated repeatedly when i was on-- in austin with him last week that we will be following the laws. and what americans don't understand is the last eight years, our current president has not followed the laws. everything donald trump is outlined about illegal immigration, we have laws that will handle ever issue he's talked about. i don't believe he's softening his stance at all. stuart: i believe there will be other parents, certainly, mothers of other youngsters and people killed by illegals. they'll be joining you tonight, i believe, in arizona, correct? >> absolutely. you know, there are tens of thousands of us and we try and get as many possible. you know, who want to speak out about their child's death. so, yes, there's going to be six, seven, maybe eight of us tonight. stuart: okay. will you all be sitting together? on the stage? will you be presented to the crowd? i just want to get a feel for
10:19 am
how the speech is going to go. >> it varies from time to time with mr. trump. normally we're back stage and we have private time with him where he talks with each of us about our children and then, depending on time and depending on agenda, sometimes he calls us up, onto the stage and sometimes he does allow us to speak. so, we're all waiting to see what's going to happen, also. stuart: okay, mary mendoza, always a pleasure to have you with us, thank you for sharing your story, we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. stuart: breaking news from florida, the governor there, rick scott declaring a state of emergency in parts of the state. a tropical storm system is expected to flood parts of florida and expected to strengthen before it makes landfall. i'm looking at the map. ashley: in florida, they say it could reach hurricane force before it makes landfall liz: thursday afternoon. ashley: thursday afternoon. the other one is moving away, thank goodness.
10:20 am
stuart: we bring you the weather because a lot of people wanted to go to florida for the long holiday weekend and it could be interrupted by that liz: and two storms headed hawaii's way. stuart: we've got that. up next, an interesting story, pet owners using their pet's medication, taking them without doctor supervision. it's an interesting story. apparently a lot of people are doing it and in our 11:00 hour, a college football legend, coach steve spurrier. i'm going to ask him, if the nfl has rules about just about everything, why not have a rule that requires a player to stand for the national anthem? that's at 11:15 this morning. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it?
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if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this saving applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> i've heard about this and apparently it's become quite a big story, a trend, in fact. people using the medications which have been prescribed for their pets. now, hold on a second.
10:24 am
ashley: yes. stuart: for example, an antibiotic. ashley: yes, that's probably the most popular and also pain medication. stuart: with a it a -- wait a second is the antibiotic prescribed for a dog the same as-- >> no, we have a different metabolism different, and it's how quickly they're metabolized in the body. and it's left over and they save it, i may need it in the emergency and same with pet medication. stuart: and same with pain killers. if i get prescribed a pain killer i expect my pain to be killed. like a dog's pain would my pain be killed? >> it's not metabolized the same way liz: no. stuart: not that i have, but it's not a good idea. ashley: not a good idea. stuart: i find this
10:25 am
fascinating, uber, which i've just learned how to use, is getting a competitor. google is getting into the ride sharing business itself through google's ways app liz: it's a driving map app that google owns. they're undercutting uber, 54 cents a mile and share a ride with other passengers, get a driver going the same direction. and google won't charge any fees for it just 54 cents a mile. stuart: that's it liz: yeah. ashley: that's smart. stuart: and as i was driving up to the country over the weekend if you put the voice on, they said attention, animal on the shoulder, upfront. and they were liz: other drivers are weighing in. stuart: so you've got the lookouts, attention, police reported liz: with the radar gun. [laughter] attention, mcdonald's up the way for cheap coffee. stuart: i put the brakes on my town and country wagon. i did.
10:26 am
i think we'll be back shortly, won't we? yes, we'll be back shortly, i promise you. oh, i've got more to read. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first.
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stuart: now, in one minute, we are going to get the latest on oil, how much oil we have in storage. at the moment the dow is down 25 points depending on the oil numbers you may see a different and the price of oil. i want to make sure everybody understands one thing you on this program, we do not deal in expectations. i do not care with so-called analysts think is the expert patient or how much oil with god in storage or how many jobs we will have created on friday. i don't care about exit patients. ashley: especially when it comes to oil because they are always consistently way off.
10:30 am
stuart: and it is rigged. liz: no pun intended it 175,000 new jobs. if we give 180,000 jobs, this is wonderful. fabulous. it's not. it's bogus. it's rubbish. it's a lousy economy. by the way, precisely 10:30. the unexpected numbers on oil from jeff flock. what's in storage. reporter: your work could not have been more pressured. you don't care what the survey said. he said it was going to build a 920,000. it built by 2.2 million. stuart varney is right again. the next dictation shattered by the reality. stuart: are not bad at all. i do want to repeat that before we go away. the 2.2 million barrels more oil in storage. in other words, is that
10:31 am
accurate? >> is absolutely right. it is grown by double what the expectation was. also a survey they have the same number as the regular survey. so they were both dead wrong. much more oil in storage than we thought. stuart: you miss my point of the expectation. he got the news that they are and price of oil. stuart: i wasn't born in america. the price of oil is down and falling down 1.6%. the dow industrial not going anywhere, still down 40 odd points. oil stocks are coming down. the bottom line is continuous. i've got exxon, chevron, conoco, philips. either way, the ceo the other day said oil will stretch all the way to the year 2017.
10:32 am
i do have it be in my bonnet about expectations. you are going to hear that number, that word a lot ahead of friday's jobs report. that is why trump economic and as there is with me today. can you speak to this issue of expectations? i hate it. i think it's great. >> i think so. people look at the expert patient and shape their own dress up or down versus the expectation. it all centers into a number that may be way wrong. stuart: yuri trump economic adviser. you helped write his plan. first of all, what is the state of the economy right now? >> it's mediocre. the last seven years a startling thing is how we get as bad in the current quarter if we talk about july and august, it will be better than the previous quarter. hillary clinton will talk a lot about the things picking not. you have been asked this for seven years. you've had policies they really
10:33 am
are working. 2% average growth back seven years. it's only 1.2% growth. that is horrible and that's the reality of this economy. profits down, industrial production and so on down the list. stuart: steve moore who also helped write the economic famous on the program a week ago. he started out. 4% growth in each of the next five years if we get the trunk plan in place. you helped write it. you would agree. stuart: of course. we should do 4%. in the past when your after recession and you would have fast growth coming out. the administration is saying that is because there was a different kind of recession. that worked in 2010. you could explain slow growth then, but how do you explain it in 2016? the reality is too much regulation, to high tax rates and hillary clinton want them to go higher.
10:34 am
you can operating. one of the key things is to get that down. stuart: 4% growth in each of the next five years. stuart: you can do 4% average. every year will be 4%. 4% average is easily doable. stuart: the economy would grow by a quarter if you got back. in our mess. >> just making up for what they lost in the slow growth behind. all these people within the country who want to work, who would take a job if there is a system producing jobs. we just have too much regulation, bad trait policies, and added tax policies on down the list. if you start fixing those, businesses start investing. they've got the money to do it. they just don't have the desire
10:35 am
right now. stuart: you helped write the plan. witness this morning. hillary clinton unpopularity, i repeat, watch this. a new all-time high. stuart: registered voters according to the "washington post" poll, the unfavorability if they don't like her, 59% for hillary clinton. 56% of adult and if they go to registered voters it's actually 691st time. donald trump and 63%, but if you take registered voters, 60% chum, almost a dead heat. the two most unpopular presidential candidates in more than 30 years. what is really interesting in its favorable votes for hillary clinton dropping from 49% in july last year down to 41%. where she is failing to listen around as her core support.
10:36 am
women, postgraduates, hispanics and liberals. if you look at the grass, she's starting to lose the support widgets. tristan. stuart: quickly, now we are down 63 points in that puts the dow below 184. look at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. the price of oil is back down to $45 per barrel. we've got a lot more stuff in storage. oil down, stocks down a path that was god at this moment. reports of russian troops being positioned about 50 miles from alaska across the bering strait if you know the geography. right across. four-star general jack keane is with us now. is there any significance to rations, a think they are building a base right across from alaska. any significance at all? >> very much so. russia has been moving strategically into the arctic and the reason is simply this.
10:37 am
a huge amount of oil and gas reserves there. some 40% of the world is located and almost all of them i'm tapped. he who controls the waterways will control those resources and reserves. he has been moving through tediously in the arctic and here you see it in the pacific in the arctic and all about troops setting up a lamppost, being able to bring airplanes and ships and to be able to do that. it is a strategic move on his part. this is a tactical thing he's doing but is thinking strategically. stuart: he is probably not a father time. that is what putin seems to be doing. i know you've heard about this and i this and i may use in it before. we are so flabbergasted by it. i will get your reaction to it. secretary of state john kerry, when he said while visiting england. roll that tape. >> if you decide you're going to be a terrorist and you're willing to kill yourself, you can ask the noise.
10:38 am
perhaps the media would do us all a service and people wouldn't know what's going on. stuart: there was a round of applause there and secretary of state kerry said people would know what's going on. report terrorism lasts. would you make of that, general? >> is a pretty irresponsible and outrageous statement and some in the position secretary kerry has not only in our country, but what the secretary of state represents globally. the reality here is that terrorism has been a floating in the world. we've had 28,000 people killed as a result of radical islamic terrorists in 2015. when we get to number 2016 it will be higher than that. the number before that was 5000 to 6000. we have had hundreds of attacks take place in this year alone already worldwide. there is no doubt that terrorism
10:39 am
is rising. i sit alone is now in 30 plus countries in addition to iraq and syria with bona fide documented associations with those leaders of those organizations. this is a huge global problem that secretary kerry is refusing to deal with. he's trying to minimize it. our audience deserves to know that. they're trying to minimize it because they have no answers. i have no strategy. if not for the a global alliance to cope with the reality. they have no concrete plans to destroy bases in syria we deal with the organization itself as addicts and it didn't satisfy his wants the problem to go away. stuart: general jack keane, it did continue to supply commentary on global affairs and we appreciate that. >> good talking to you as always, stuart gave
10:40 am
stuart: barons like alibaba, don't be china's amazon. thinks it's going to go out. the stock exchange story, please. >> analyst tuesday that alibaba will go up to $130 a share. currently shares trading at 50 cents at $96.49. if you believe in daring, pretty good time cared for you. jpmorgan analysts say we think alibaba shares could rise as high as $185. increasing a price target from $125. what is that this huge revaluation. increase of 35%. if you consider the style of evaluation and analysis, instead of looking at it as an entire company, they are separate and e-commerce in cloud computing side. stuart: glory come what price hikes like that especially, i would've thought the stock would've gone up more than 44
10:41 am
cents. thank you very much indeed. russia hacks our election system did the obama administration's response? at homeland security take charge of our elections. they've got that story. i want to thank you for us the number one business program for the month of august. one of your comments on facebook. stuart, you are the man. all of these be number one. thank you very much, matthew. you are all right. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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10:43 am
ashley: remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here is what she meant. one limbs from our first hour. stuart: i don't want to go off on a tangent, but you realize what about his wealth is not going to be taxed. >> not going to be taxed, no. wealth is not taxed. no, it's not. the mike in common is that tags. if you put money, it's taxed to stuart: who's going to tax the
10:44 am
hedge fund managers more now? shall i tell you? donald trump. did you know that? >> now i don't know that. trend to welcoming you learned some theme. -- something. anncr: want feedback that helps? verified reviews. another reason to join angie's list for free. this new ac guy is not that good. no he's not. anncr.: need a job done right? search top-rated providers on angie's list. join for free.
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stuart: 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has been invited to the police academy. that would be the invitation coming from the alameda county sheriff's office. both boukman dutty. both spoke on jd nelson is with us now. kind of a challenge, isn't it? do you think is going to come and accept the invitation? >> well, we hope he does. we were more interested in just getting the dialogue within. he has made claims about profiling and his experiences and we feel we could learn from that and we know he will learn from us. hopefully it just gives a good two-way dialogue going. stuart: generally speaking, what is the reaction to cops like yourself because you're in a very, very liberal area of the country. i used to live there.
10:47 am
it's about as liberal as you get. how did the locals treat you? >> well, we enjoyed very good treatment for mark tissue and tear. we are in the east side of same disco in alamedacounty. we enjoyed very good relations with our county residents. stuart: do you? really? >> yeah, we really do. he was speaking in my opinion in general terms about the training of law enforcement and it just coincided with the first day of our 157th academy. so you look at those young men and women coming in to the law enforcement profession and know what they've done to get there, to live their life correctly, to be able to pass the test and pass the background to get one of those feet in the academy, which goes about two out of 100 get one of those seeds.
10:48 am
for him to say that, we said clearly he doesn'tknow 100% what hundred% what is speaking up, so why not have them come out here and learn. stuart: menu issued the invitation was widely covered in the local media. what was the reaction to colin kaepernick to come visit the academy? >> we posted this on a million hits just in less than two days. we are just shy of a million. you guys will probably put us over the million mark quite honestly. but the feedback has been nothing but positive because we are not being critical. we are saying why don't you come out and learn and we will learn from you and you can learn from us. we are not chastising him. we are saying i going to be part of the solution or just one of
10:49 am
those men a morning carter backs? trade to where colin kaepernick starts on thursday night in a preseason game in san diego, that is what donald says. can you take the back? >> i would not take that bet. military appreciation day in san diego. probably a rough crowd. stuart: thanks for coming on board today. we appreciate it. congratulations on a million hits to your website. >> thank you so much for having me. trend to see you again. russian hackers compromised personal information of some voters in two states. homeland security might get them all up in a hole of november election. i don't like the sound of this. liz: homeland security same lesson, we wanted to scan each state. georgia pennsylvania singh back
10:50 am
off. this is a federal paragraph saying we can do well enough on our own. for a stuart: federalize the voting is done just like you federalize health care in the bank and try to get power the things and education. this now gives the state sovereign power right versus federal power grab fight breaking out among the states. stuart: just what we need. check the market, still down 60 points for the dow industrial. oil is down and stocks are down. the webster ratio going. boy scandal at the foundation. she is still playing defense. that's the state to play in the election. we will be here in person. why doesn't the nfl have a rule that requires players to stand for the national anthem. they have a rule about socks. ♪
10:51 am
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10:55 am
way alienates the base. it finishes a bold presidential move. it shows something that hillary doesn't have. we can even find hillary in a mexican restaurant. she is better hidden than al chapa was for years. where is she? donald trump show and she's not afraid to sit down face-to-face across the room from the very guy he has said will build a wall and pay for it. i think it is an incredibly good move on donald trump's power. for all the critics that say he can't deal with foreign leaders, watching today. he's about to do it. stuart: the abc poll shows that hillary's unpopularity rating has gone up by six-point and the same poll shows that donald trump is less unpopular. i know that sounds awkward. is less unpopular with women and african-americans. i bought a minus the polls are tightening and just beginning to go in trump's direction. think y
10:56 am
right. he's talked about the problems brill families and american space. urban crime, educational deficiencies, stagnant wages. no economic growth which means no new jobs. obama says i've created millions of new jobs. i heard one guy say yeah cannot grab three of them. that's the problem. people are working part-time that used to work full-time. all these jobs are part-time jobs and people have to work multiples and make money bed -- less money than they used to. i think he's on the winning side. stuart: got it. governor huckabee, thank you regime might best be appreciated. ashley: or take a look at this. our producer christine is filling in stuart on what's coming up at the top of the hour, having a cup of coffee, maybe a donut. legendary college football coach rick sierra to talk about standing up for the national
10:57 am
anthem. at&t does baseball tryout. interesting. one of the architects of obamacare. ezekiel emanuel on what appears to be the unraveling of the health care law. count on it. stuart, back in three minutes.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: 11:00 precisely. now more than absurd it is a tale of two very different campaigns. of course the two personalities, the two styles are widely different and always have been. look at the way hillary clinton and donald trump are conduct in their campaigns. almost direct opposites. more than a year, hillary clinton has refused to hold a news conference. question from the rope line, she often just turns away. trump, his handlers can't keep them quiet. he will answer any and all questions rapidfire.
11:01 am
if apple were trying to figure out, what he would do if you'd like it. taylor walks away from policy speeches. trump in the last month has presented is on the economy, foreign policy, average to minorities, law and order and immigration. how do they actually campaign? hillary or brass a lot of fun raises the law. trump travels big rallies everywhere. today he's in mexico meeting president nieto. who would've thought? hillary is staying home. bottom line, trump stomps all over with vigor. he seized the momentum. hillary defense, forced into a scandal corner of her own making and it shows. her lead in the polls is narrowing. her lead in terms of an popularity is widening. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin.
11:02 am
there's not -- stuart: will get to politics in a moment. two big interviews to tell you about in this hour. legendary college football coach steve spurrier is with us. we will talk about the national and them and tame tivo. we've got the emanuel, architect of obamacare. i say obamacare is unraveling. evidence is mounting. the american people have said to our health care system. we shall see. politics, hillary clinton, scandal is mounting. he doesn't talk policy, just a tax term joining us now, political columnist charles heard. i say this cannot change. the whole strategy of hillary clinton for the rest of the election campaign has to be played defense. don't answer questions because this huge risk. what do you say?
11:03 am
>> i couldn't agree more. look at hillary clinton's position you choose bad the queen in waiting for eight years now and before that when she ran against barack obama, she was the queen in waiting and he really smacked the crowd as they were coordinated her, he came through in iowa and slapped it right out of their hands in october had. of course it was another six months before she finally conceded that he had beaten her so badly. this is the way she's been living and operating for over 10 years now. and so, i think one thing she wasn't expecting his donald trump would come in as you say with such vigor and turn everything upside down. stuart: okay, she is not visiting with mexico's president today. both candidates were invited. she is not going.
11:04 am
i don't think she can go. i don't think the optics of a meeting with mexico's president would look good back in america. they look good for donald trump and i don't think they'd look good for hillary. >> they would also be terrible because everybody would figure some way in order to get paid for the visit to mexico. she's on all credibility in that department. this is what has allowed donald trump to do what he did in the primary and do what he's doing now. you cannot predict anything that guy does then it allows him to be very creative. obviously sometimes the creativity get them into trouble and he says something or does something incredibly. people have gotten to the point where they are forgiving of that because he's a beast coming up with something new. people are so sick and tired of all of these politicians. stuart: you are absolutely
11:05 am
right. i just know something is happening in this country all over the western world. a divorce between the leaders and the led and a feeling that it's not right. we don't want smooth and like any longer because it does not work for everybody. what do you say to that? >> donald trump is like an intervention, a political intervention where somebody is addicted to some a&r somebody has a problem for a long time. the elephant in the room nobody's talked about. finally, it donald trump comes in. you think the character is "saturday night live," the guy that lives in the van down by the river and he will show these kids about the dangers of doing drugs. this is a donald trump has done to the american political scene and no one was prepared for it. he's turned it all upside down. people really do forgive him for a lot of this stuff because at least it is something different. the definition of insanity is
11:06 am
doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. let's give this a try. stuart: you are right. it is so, so different. we will see you again soon. thank you very much, charles. moving on to donald trump. he's meeting with the president of mexico today. that will be ahead of the big immigration speech that comes in arizona tonight. he's taking action, talking policy. he is a donald trump surrogate. john, welcome to the program. i woke up this morning and i was really shocked. i did not expect donald trump to go to the palace of the mexican president. you've got to be surprised as well. >> no, not really. this is donald trump. the one thing you need to do to get to that point where you go to negotiate if you have to build a relationship. donald trump is not backtracking on many policies, not akhtar
11:07 am
king on the commitment to securing our border, but you have to build that relationship and he's willing. imagine hillary clinton not willing to come in with the president of mexico but donald trump is. stuart: the president of mexico, president dhl like a donald trump to mussolini. maybe hitler as well. i'm not sure of that. he had a presidential candidate going toa foreign company whose distant left right and center and you say to establish a relationship. what on earth relationship do you think they're going to have? >> think about that. everything the mexican president said about donald trump, donald trump is still willing to sit down with him. that presidential. he's not going to backtrack on putting america first on securing our borders. that commitment is fair to the american people. we will see that tonight in his immigration speech.
11:08 am
>> ethos and in that tone. in the beginning it was all you will because our route. now that is different. it is criminal records. you are out first. stuart: i wouldn't say he's softening. initially we are going to look at 11 million people here illegally. over 2 million of these individuals are known to have committed crimes. let's deal with out first. let's take this step by step and secure our borders. you have a leak in the house. you've got to plug the leak before you start mopping the floors. secure the borders, make american families safe. the commitment to build a wall and secure the borders is all they are. stuart: i'd like to be a fly on the wall when it comes out. by the way, you're paying for it. thank you very much indeed. >> thanks for having me. stuart: this is an unsettling story. the department of homeland security tried to pass a special
11:09 am
role that would allow then, basically a federal operation to control america's elections. >> critical phrase here is critical infrastructure, much like wall street and the power grid. homeland security is asserting the elections, the national election could be considered critical infrastructure and they could be right which could give them control. a bit disturbing to have a federal agent he, president obama appointing. let's be honest, overseeing the national elections. a lot of eyebrows being raised. the threat is very real. a couple states, illinois and arizona being hit by hackers. just a hint of it really does challenge the integrity of the whole system. we have to find a way to make this keep these hackers out of the way. is homeland security really the best agency to do this?
11:10 am
stuart: who else can do it. next up, steve spurrier, college football legend. his take on the nfl players sitting out the national anthem. we've got a lot more. also continuing our celebration. or you are loyal viewers who made us number one in august all three hours. we thank you very much. more "varney" and a moment. he is not -- ♪
11:11 am
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stuart: still talking about it. the san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick
11:14 am
didn't stand up for the national anthem. steve is here, a legendary college football coach and he's got this book. look at this. he i here in new york. is that the correct term of address? that is fine. welcome to the show. >> i don't know about that. i've been very fortunate, a lot of good players. that's it makes good coaches. stuart: you are humble, to. should the nfl have a rule that says you stand up for the national anthem, you show respect. should we have that rule? >> we never discussed it. everyone has the right to express their opinion on said jacks and i think he had a right to do whatever he did. i disagree a little bit that the
11:15 am
flag was the issue involved. stuart: you don't approve of it. >> i don't approve of that, but he has a right to do it. he was trying to bring forth our black white america relationship that america should be better. we all agree with that. stuart: at what point will you start standing up again. when is america going to be so perfect that he stands out. >> i don't have the answer to that. he has the right to express his opinion. stuart: i know you're not used to this. i'm an englishman trying to pin you down of football. should we have the row that does stand for the anthem, yes or no? >> i don't think you should have the rule. stuart: what is wrong with me and ba in baseball? they've got the role. >> i didn't know that. stuart: 10 tivo, you know him. your kind of guy. we've got pictures of him trying
11:16 am
out here that is his workout yesterday. he's trying up for major league baseball. ashley: today. stuart: scepter is very popular with their viewers. an arctic ration, very popular guy. >> i've heard people say when he plays golf he can hit a 350 yards. he can hit it a long way. ginny had the baseball, hit the sliders in the change of pace in the curveballs. it's not quite effective at all. that's what we've got to find out. but he's a powerful young man and he can hit and he can run well, too. stuart: do you stay in touch with the players to coach over the years? >> a lot. as much as possible. a lot of my quarterback guys i stay a little bit closer to. but hopefully we have some reunion. that is one good thing about coaching. when you win championships, and
11:17 am
getting to enjoy a lot of those for now. stuart: do youmiss it? >> no. 30 years as a head coach was enough. hopefully i've mentally prepare for this day. i'm looking forward to watching the game tomorrow night. stuart: you walk out onto the field. you're the head coach. you are a legend or the crowd is wearing. you are the center of attention on camera, on tv. what you say counts and said to you or not there anymore. you don't miss it at all? >> know, mentally i know you can't do it forever. we all have an expiration date. age wise i was actually the oldest head football coach in the sec have her last year. don't get me wrong, but college football is a game of recruiting.
11:18 am
if you don't present the image of either five years from now, it does hurt recruiting. it's sort of catches up with you. stuart: you are right. i'm not going to be in this chair forever and i will retry or if and when i can figure out a purpose in life other than family and profession. what is your purpose? >> that's why associated the university of florida. i got a full-time job with them and i'm trying to spread some goodwill. i've got several charities and solved ways. i tried to make some talks and speeches and get the money out in all that kind of stuff. stuart: and you've got a new book. what is the main point you make in head ball coach? >> the main point that i've tried to explain first of all is how fortunate i was just to be a coach and become a head coach for 30 years. when i was 37 years old i got to be a head coach. there were three other guys 37
11:19 am
years old they were head coaches and professional club all. i was at the tampa bay bandits. the minnesota vikings, jim baker san antonio, all 37 years old. after the first year they dismissed him. jim bates went in midseason. he lasted six games. and none of those guys were head coaches again. i use that as an illustration. head coaches don't last a long time. somehow or another i was fortunate. i was a pretty good coach. i know that. stuart: you are good at it. >> a lot of good coaches sometimes it goes bad. stuart: after coach has been on what to say. i can't believe it. steve spurrier, a legend. >> thanks very much. stuart: i'm going to give you a weather report now.
11:20 am
several storms, to approaching florida. the gold coast and north carolina. the other ones here remain on hawaii. heading in that direction in hawaii. we'll have an update for you. you want to know about the weather with a holiday weekend coming. the first commercial airline flight to go anywhere in america to cuba. jeb blew, the stack is down. we will be back. ♪
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
stuart: wednesday lunchtime. up-to-date with the weather. two systems threatening florida. what's the story? ashley: still dodged a bullet there. the one in the gulf of mexico is going to move into the northwest panhandle of florida tomorrow afternoon. between now and then it's going to strengthen an already a state of emergency has been declared by florida's governor in those
11:25 am
states. extremely heavy rain and of course very strong winds. very quickly in hawaii, two hurricanes. when following almost perfectly the path of the other. hurricane madeline, category one heading towards the big island and a thousand miles behind. you see lester there. that is a category for right now. both headed towards the big island fare. they are both on the hurricane. stuart: i don't usually look at weather maps of the pacific. they've got to bring this to your attention. you know all about this one. fort lauderdale. went to -- it has landed. fifty dollars for cuban -- liz: 60 of them were regular travels and dignitaries on the fly. it should be noted that 10 other airlines have approved the flight to cuba including
11:26 am
american airlines, delta and southwest. stuart: 50 members of the public -- 60 socialists and the rest for the press people. liz: including the department of transportation secretary. nowadays. first of all, look at the health insurance. the stock price has generally been going all over the place recently. the bottom-line here is obamacare is spiraling down. we have the architect of obamacare on the show momentarily. what is he going to say? >> is affordable. there's a reason. affordable. affordable. affordable.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
>> we have to pass the bill seek and find out what is in it. >> if you like your dr. you will be able to keep your dr. if you like your health care plan you'll be able to keep your health care plan. >> affordable. affordable. affordable. >> if you like the plan you have you can keep it.
11:31 am
that was then and this is now. my opinion obama care is of unraveling. they are pulling out of so many exchanges. in the cost still keeps going up. he is one of the architects of obama care and every time he joints as he smiles zeke, i don't know why you're smiling because i think you really owe the american people and american apology i want to know if you get it delivered that apology on this program because you really screwed america? >> first of all i wouldn't hold your breath. i hope we have half an hour to go through the miss misinformation you have just delivered. you tell me where i'm going wrong here.
11:32 am
five states exit. one health care coverage. seventeen states wait. i have seen you so many times smile your way through this failure i am insisting on having my say. seventeen states. if you want your say you don't need me in this video. so tell me what you explain there's five states with one health care coverage and their 17 states where there's one or two. that is accurate isn't it? >> let me explain something first of all let me make three points before you interrupt. the first point is we have ensured 20 million people so whatever your version of failure is that's a big improvement we now had less than 30 million americans
11:33 am
without insurance. the second point is in many of the states you identify where we don't have enough insurers that is a long-standing problem of rural areas and i totally agree we need to address it. it is not escaping. is not a problem that the affordable care act created. it's about the volume of customers for insurance. it has not come down. it has not increased. in fact the american public the cost of healthcare keeps going up. are they going up faster or slower. if they're going up much
11:34 am
slower they are actually doing better. we wanted to lower the cost of healthcare and we have singularly failed to do that. what you said all of the people out there about $7,000 a year and deductibles what you say to those people. >> you will note i don't say lower the cost of healthcare. and that is because were neck and the lower the cost in this country we are can control how fast it goes up and we have done that. >> the massive deductibles. what do you say to those people. millions of people have in my on a conservative show. it's an idea that you should have high deductive plants.
11:35 am
that is a conservative idea. now you're complaining that that idea is being realized. it sounds like hypocrisy. i want you to address that. they're having six or $7,000 deductibles who are really struggling. tell them. i agree first of all that they are struggling. first of all i agree that having high deductibles is a problem and we probably should've brought the maximum down. the affordable care act has helped those people in a way the republicans never work because we made preventative care visit without the deductible or co-pays we made primary care visits without the deductible. so that people can actually get very important primary care without pain does deductibles. those were ideas that democrats put in there to protect people who had high deductible plans. they are republican idea that
11:36 am
have caught on and now republicans are complaining about it. shocking. it is spiraling down out of control. the administration. >> the people of illinois i think your brother runs a chicago is he paying 55% more on his health care premiums because of the people of illinois are. how about tennessee up 60%, november the first. and notice i'm just frustrated that you have me on the show and you don't let me talk. you just want to go off. let's just explore as i said. i'm representing are viewers who are mad as hell about what has happened to their health care system because it was designed by you if you can apologize it's a better system than the one we have before.
11:37 am
it's just so poor about how it was before. i think you should apposite --dash apologize and if you can't were done. the affordable care act is a big improvement over what we have before. we will leave it at that. what we have before it was pretty terrible. no in the framework for going forward. we need moderate reform we are coming up against a hard break. you have to go out with a smile. it's the usual fox. it just cuts me off. i had pointed out that we had have some important successes not everything is perfect and we need moderate reforms. if only the republicans in congress would pass it. thank you very much indeed.
11:38 am
smile it's over. the obama administration planning a series of tweets. >> he said 20 million are insured. 9million people are on medicaid. in $672 billion worth of tax credits over the next ten years just for the exchange that's a lot of money. they are scrambling to stabilize it. they want to get younger healthier people into the system. to roll out advertising. they will crackdown on people who get last-minute coverage it remains to be seen how successful this is. we had 2.1 million people who need to find new coverage or there could have to pay the mandate tax. >> sick people looking after sicker people. as you pointed out there are exchanges that had one or none involved in providing insurance. nearly a third of counties
11:39 am
have insurers they said it is collapsing. by the way we've head that contact us. the two people that got a plan with a $9,000 deductible. $9,000 deductible. that's not insurance. alright shall we all right shall we move along. come down stew. how about the market we are down 70 points. mostly in the red that means we are indeed down. the reason largely the price of oil. i think we dropped into the 44-dollar per barrel range. down about another one and half percent. the stock is down and oil is down. the next case nobody expected this. donald trump surprised visit.
11:40 am
can we get rid of that please. earlier today he flew to mexico he's going to meet with the president of mexico before his big integration. who would've thought. ♪ guys, what's happening here? hey nicole, this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you.
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11:44 am
donald trump surprise surprise is meeting with the president of mexico and the former president of mexicohas been outspoken about trump he's not trump he's not happy about today's meeting. he is not welcome to mexico. i don't understand why the president has offered this
11:45 am
opportunity i think it's nothing more than a political stunt. they seem to be going after as much as he's going after trump. he is part of the other political party. let's not forget he was the one who dropped the f bomb against donald trump. and then donald trump tweets today. this guy is a railing about my visit to mexico and he invited me when he apologized for using the f bomb. it's always politics at this stage. i'm just trying to make the most of it. i think donald trump looks good. not the enemy but the negotiator. i think it works for him. more on trump's immigration speech which will be tonight where he will further explain his plan.
11:46 am
welcome. you just won the election. you are now going to be a republican candidate for congress. for the open seat. we had eight people running some long state wide politicians and $3.2 million spent and we came out on top. i think all people for the support. and before we get to the border and immigration into trump i want to ask you about your county. there isn't a single obama care carrier there is no insurance or health insurance in my right? >> my county the a population is approaching half a million people. larger than the state of connecticut. we have 10,000 people in subscribers to this program that are left out in the
11:47 am
cold. another broken promise all of these things that have been promised by this administration we have out right lies. >> in your county even though there are no health insurers within the obama care exchange those people still have to pay the fine because they don't have healthcare insurance that is outrageous. there is an a list and election issue for you. this is part of the reason why has to be stopped. this is when the federal government thinks they can solve the problems this is the most important issues and look at how badly the federal government under president obama has gritted up. but you will look to the federal government to build that wall. i also served 20 years in the
11:48 am
army as an army officer i actually helped build double barrier fencing in california. also here in the state of arizona and that's where it works. not the entire border at certain portions of the border that donald trump is talking about where there is historic proven paths of smuggling. more important than the fence most of us forget about this. it is the enforcement of the law. there has to be consequences for breaking immigration law and today under president obama there is no law. there is no consequences. donald trump will make a big speech in your state tonight. we understand that he's coming back a long way from his original statements on immigration which were rounding up all of the illegals and ship them all out. he's not taking that position any longer he is gonna focus on the law and getting rid of those with a criminal
11:49 am
background. do you approve of this slight softening in his approach on immigration? >> i agree with him 100 percent. we should be focused on the criminal element which is small minority of this group that are dangerous criminals and president obama has led the largest prison break in american history literally 84,000 criminals illegals who are here who have committed everything from what he has talked about before all kinds of crimes and they had released them into the community and what do you think this can happen. they will commit additional crimes. he is prioritizing and identifying these criminals and in shipping them out of the country. >> have you seen criminal illegals convicted or charged
11:50 am
and then released back into the community countless times. there were hundreds and hundreds released right in my county i have every sheriff in my state. half of them are republican like me. we said together that the system is broken. they released in one day to murderers and another that was convicted of that and we did this to showcase not one of them was hispanic not one of them was from mexico. they released that russian murder in my county and then tell me the sheriff after the fact. and i have no idea where this guy is. i intend to be one of the speakers before donald trump and we will be cheering him on as well. thank you so much for joining us.
11:51 am
remember donald trump to make the major. foxbusiness network coverage and we begin at 7:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. we will be back with more. ♪
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11:55 am
we have a friend in you because it is you that made us number one in the months of august. here are some of the nice things you said to us. i've been watching him since the show started. about time you got the right recognition. you are so worth it in so many ways. a true patriot and i'm so glad to call you an american.
11:56 am
here is some of your response. bobby, what insurance policy does he have? make the president and our senator ticket. let's see what he has to say. great job with that healthcare. sticking up for us and holding them accountable it's appreciated. thanks for taking the heat in giving it. i am not sure that our viewers like a shouting match. it doesn't feel right to me. here's the thing your show has been about common sense remember that line they lose their common sense.
11:57 am
it's common sense. you said this six years ago that it would happen to obama care and it is happening more after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
okay here is a story. the irish had very low corporate tax rate. that's why the apples of this world locate in ireland so they can take advantage of a lower tax rate. along comes the bureaucrats and say you can't have a low tax rate like that. and the irish our turning around say no we want to keep the low tax rate look at how they have come back with the low tax rate.
12:00 pm
whatever you want come on down. we don't have all of these rules. they cannot tell them you can't do that. you can do a test either. we do love that story. what a day here. thank you stuart we will be covering all of the big stories of the day. one more day here really for the rest of the week. we will be joined here for a very busy news cycle. we did not see this coming. he said a lot of things about him in the past. trump has said the fair share about mexico it's a very big day


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