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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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whatever you want come on down. we don't have all of these rules. they cannot tell them you can't do that. you can do a test either. we do love that story. what a day here. thank you stuart we will be covering all of the big stories of the day. one more day here really for the rest of the week. we will be joined here for a very busy news cycle. we did not see this coming. he said a lot of things about him in the past. trump has said the fair share about mexico it's a very big day the trump trump campaign
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with the speech out in arizona. we did know about. the special coverage 8:00 p.m. eastern time. this is kind of an added development in the last day and we start the show off today with the republican national committee. it's something we didn't see. on the horizon. we thought we would say the whole day today talking about mister trump's speech. we will cover it later this hour. when he lands in mexico was your first reaction when you heard about the trip. >> attic is an opportunity for him to show his leadership skills that is positive. it starts an important conversation.
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when it comes to many points. he wants to make sure the deals that are more positive for the american worker there is another issue that we are not talking about enough which has to do with drug trafficking. the two gentlemen meeting today are unpopular politicians. they may not realize that the approval rating is in the 20s. most people know that it's unfavorable ratings have been caught throughout this. earlier about donald trump and he said at the time the rhetoric is only a faithful estate. that's how hitler got in.
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trump have talked about mexico not sending the best people here. a lot of problems. bringing in the drugs in the crime. he said on the campaign trail. i think the united states is the one that comes out ahead. as the whole purpose. going to mexico where he is gonna be talking to mexican press. i will remind you that they haven't have a press conference in over 270 days. hillary clinton in the favorable amongst women has gone down and it's one of the lowest. it's only 45 percent. donald trump's numbers in all polls show that he has gone up and he is tied in key battleground states.
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we are feeling pretty confident with our numbers. >> the unfavorable numbers are still quite high. you mentioned the precious. he did not bring his own traveling press. with him to mexico. meeting with the local press instead i guess. he will be dealing with it national press in mexico. this conversation starts on a number of issues. this is done the best way to do it. mexico has very strong immigration. they will certainly tell you that. these are the kinds of things that we need to have. we need to have a proper understanding of what's important to the united states. how does it lead into tonight. will we see as has been speculated some sort of a
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softening from donald trump or is that been misused. donald trump has been very clear that theirs can be no amnesty there will be a physical wall there will be a physical border between the united states and mexico in areas that are going to be appropriate. the speech is not going to be a speech that will be a holistic and totally. it starts where it needs to begin. and it needs to talk about how to deter illegal immigration. that's with the speech is really going to be about. with the get through the visit to mexico first. let's move to the other side. certainly the race is tightening in a state of ohio. look at this. 44.8. hillary clinton still does have the lead. this is the key swing state one that you might say they need. hillary clinton knowing that
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will be there and she is going to speak. this election speaking about veterans issues. we are waiting for her to come out there. like joins us now. hillary clinton returned to the campaign trail. we will address the american legion. clinton's campaign talk to the group about american exceptionalism. they will also receive the endorsement who is a top defense department official under president george w bush. as clinton reemerges the continuing question about just how she treated classified information process. this time of the republican national committee has released an e-mail that it has unearthed from 2013 and it's important. that is after clinton had left her post as a secretary of
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state. this one e-mail which was sent to the former state staff. has since been highly enacted. with the following statement. it was so pervasive it continued after she left the government sheet clearly cannot be trusted with our nation's security. they're taking issue with the fact that she sent this after her tenure. so far no response from the clinton campaign. they had been pushing for special counsel to look into the clinton foundation. that brings us before even ask you about the specifics let me ask you the reaction.
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from 2013 after secretary clinton had left office supposedly a classified e-mail still sent it's more of the same. i think it's my many that's why many of us felt that there should have been a prosecution started with respect to hillary clinton and she should have been the one to initiate that. now we have another scandal with respect to the clinton foundation and we don't want loretta lynch to be the person that is exercising it because obviously she is out to protect someone within the obama administration. where are we and timetable to me is always important because of where we are now. the election of course to get as much information about both candidates before we can the time is an issue. where are we.
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we have to ask them to do that. we are making the request now. i don't want hillary clinton to be the next president the purpose behind this request isn't too influence the election. justice is served. they see that everyone is treated equally under the law. the concerns about her ability to administer a fair and impartial review. when they met with bill clinton. of charges related to the unauthorized e-mails. but then she appeared before me and my colleagues on the house judiciary committee in response to a question i ask
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her if asked her she said she would not rule out applying for a job. i asked her specifically about the clinton foundation and she gave me out insert that led me to believe that it was not a matter before the justice department and as you know there are now multiple public reports out there that the fbi approached her on multiple occasions about opening an investigation into the clinton foundation and so that begs the question itself about why is she making recommendations and following those when they are good for the clintons but not following those when they are bad. keep us up-to-date on this push for the special prosecutor. let's bring charlie gasp reno in right now. we know that she's not taking donald trump lately in fact we are hearing that she's bringing in a heavyweight billionaire for debate prep. is it can happen. we started that back and forth unfortunately.
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i can just tell you this the clinton people they were my sources. they were not inside the clip campaign. there were they were associated and affiliated it there is a big push internally to bring cuban. i understand he wants to be that stand in look at him. you have seen him on air. he could be donald trump. and that's what she has to worry about. we did get a comment from him. i asked him what are the rumblings that you can be playing it in the debate prep and he said they want to do it they can do it. i even think they call that. i haven't been called yet in one other thing that he came
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back. one word to that. >> when they're out being the vp. does he wish he was involved in this whole thing. i think mark likes donald trump. it's a very successful job. donald is really successful with the apprentice. there is a battle between the two guys on that. he believes that donald is unprepared from a policy standpoint.
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they know the issues. it would be kind of where mark is on donald and that knowledge of policy. i have to run. i'm glad you sent your trump impression. we have a stocks it's down about 95 points we will dig into that cap next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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a business alert this news just in. the government getting involved in another planned acquisition they are challenging the and the planned acquisition. the equipment line that it was supposed to buy from on santa. we have seen this play out in a number of different ways in different potential acquisitions. this is not good for competition what do you make of all of this. >> i think it's ludicrous if you look back at the history of government getting involved in mama monopolies how they even knew about that i don't
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know they have the hands and everything. it's not so much the government doing the manipulating and is the free market. i look back. they had 90% of the market by the time the government broke them up they were down to about 60% of the market. it's the free market work it out. and it works these things out. they are back up there again. can it brings to mind in some ways the attack and what were going to talk about with apple. any of those deals strike you as somethingthat government should be involved in. even when microsoft continued to control the vast majority of that word processing other competitors came in. it looks like microsoft was there.
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what happened you have competition of a million other computer manufacturers out there. if you could hang out for just one second. with new developments which we will get it now from the newsroom on that. tim cook the apple ceo publishes the open letter about this in ireland what is in this letter. it really explains at the heart of the issue here. the most profound and harmful effect of this ruling will be on investment and job creation in europe. using this commission to terry every company and across europe is steadily -- suddenly at risk under laws that never existed. what other companies did is what do they do with the profits under the european
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sales. you can't just repatriate it back home. if you pay taxes again on that money. if there on the hook for 14 and half plus billion dollars in taxes owed to ireland over a decade there can appeal that. what is the next shoe to drop. how do they pull out of europe. they stop creating jobs there. they're responsible for almost 6,000 jobs alone. they did have according to the eu a sweet hard -- sweetheart tax. they ate about $50 in taxes. the officials are obviously saying that. it is fine obviously and so is ireland. they put in that letter that they were referring to the picture years ago.
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in court city when they set up there for the first time. they had been there for a very long time. the kind of led the way for it. what do you make for in the last few days. >> once again i think i was always for brexit. i thought it was a great idea. i think it is proving how they were that they are planning on leaving. it would be akin to the same to the state of texas you can't lower taxes and the one part of texas to attract this. because it's not fair to the other states and you know what we want the money. i will say what will happen. now you can have more countries with more bonus incentive i think it will be a good thing as to what apple
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does there had to look around and look for the next least cost producer that is probably out of there. that's what incentives are all about. we are all learning about them if we didn't already know. we will get into another story as we still wait for donald trump to land from mexico. that would be the hacking of election day. it would be quite scary. coming up next.
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>> this note for you on obama care. issues surrounding the law have been piling up for many people. last hour in case you missed this. stewart took on one of the people who was a chief architect of obama care. watch this. i didn't say it was someone
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else's fault. i think your bubble -- brother runs chicago. as he pain that much more on the health care premiums because the people of illinois are. how about tennessee. up to 60%, november the first. >> i'm frustrated that you have me on the show and you don't let me talk. you just want to go off. let's just explore because of the system designed by you you will not apologize it's a better system than the one we have before. about how bad the system was before. we play you that now because we could be digging a little bit deeper into obama care a
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little bit later on so certainly stay tuned for that. we talk about the hacking story that has been out therek s homeland security can get involved and take control of things. they talk to us about this. is this a power grid by government to get involved. what they're saying i get that. i really don't think it's a realistic conversation. but something you need to plan out. he got over 9,000 sites. as it is a state run system. so for a big bust to come in and say you cannot take a look at this. it's more rhetoric than anything else. it's highly unlikely. i will tell you why. we had 9,000 sites.
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you have to conduct a consists of an assessment each and every one of them. who is can he do that. how is i can it get that in such a short. of time are you go to the government. i'll have the money for it. what is the risk then. if there are vulnerabilities something with the wrong intentions could get in there. and make something bad happen on election day are you concerned. again the reason why i'm concerned is what we have seen and we have seen the high probability of risk just from what's happened to the theme -- e-mail servers. what are we doing looking at this 69 days before the election. why had we not done this a year out. it's like some event that
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wasn't coming up. those are all affair points. fair points. sometimes you like to believe that they are doing that. what is the big risk this year for this election and that's part one and then should we be going backwards and just using paper ballots every year. were not ready for this. i think it could happen if you can get it if you can get into the computer and say you can manipulate the data. how are we going to validate even if there's any risk of that. if it might have happened. it's dangerous. we know that there in state and nonstate actors. we know what they're looking at us.
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it's something we can put our arms run quickly. we cannot talk about syria being beautiful we will explain ourselves coming up on this. it is of course a war-torn country. syria has a pr offensive underway we will tell you more about it coming up next. [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. what powers the digital world? communication. like centurylink's broadband network that gives
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. connell: less than a week away from neil coming back and wild weather to talk about today. this is a triple threat with the gulf, the southeast, hawaii facing big storms. parts of florida on hurricane watch, and we've been hearing reports out of tampa that 6" of rain has already fallen there. outer bank, north carolina gearing up. tropical storm there. you have the category 1 and category 4 hurricanes churning near hawaii. all of that is going on. we'll keep you posted. just wanted to give you a quick alert on the weather. chancellor angela merkel from germany admitted in an interview with a german newspaper that that nation acted too late coming to the refugee crisis. this as hillary clinton wants to see an increase, 500% increase in the number of
12:35 pm
migrants coming in here, that has been her campaign argument. we have the former white house national security staffer gillian turner with us. interesting angela merkel would say that after all we've been through. what do you think of that? >> yeah, startling to hear that as leaders especially as hawkish as angela merkel is talking about mistakes countries have made. it's the only thing to do. it's the only way as the leader of the eu that she's going to be able to move the organization forward, move the european continent forward in one piece. when i call her the leader of the eu, in the wake of brexit, germany is the de facto world power in the eu. connell: sure, as we've seen in the terrorist attacks in europe and countries like germany and france, and with the open border policy they've had in place there, we've seen the issues and obviously a big political issue to deal with. we understand what's going on
12:36 pm
there. what about for us? is it different here? the argument goes we're protected by the ocean on both sides of our nation, that's a different story, not analogous to europe. what do you say? >> it is and it isn't. so the ocean is a protectant, distance equals time in this scenario, but if the united states leaders believe that the european crisis is not in the very near future going to become an american crisis, they're mistaken. i say this because you think that the sort of tidal wave of refugees we've seen flooding out of the middle east is bad, africa is coming next. so i think it's important for the united states government to have a really sure fire plan in place so that what's happened to the eu is not replicated here in five years. connell: the argument is the plan is in place, you've heard it, the serious vetting and it takes 18 months, you don't buy
12:37 pm
it? >> that has not changed. i'm a fan of the policy. people here are worried about the idea of people showing up to some kind of ticket take counter when they get to the u.s. border and either being turned away or admitted. it doesn't work like that. we have very stringent policies in place on the chopping block because of the political season but the reality is that homeland security here is doing a phenomenal job keeping the borders, keeping the americans --. connell: it works here? >> so far. i think if we're pushed over a period of a few years to a breaking point like the europeans have seen, it might change the calculus. connell: one issue sounds ridiculous on the surface but that said, syria's government launched a pr campaign, called beautiful syria. and you know showing the beaches, it's from the syrian tourism ministry, and sounds ridiculous, this is a war-torn country, if you look at other parts of the country, they can barely hold themselves together
12:38 pm
because they've been going through the awful civil war for so many years, and instead trying to bring tourists back. thoughts? >> the reality is it does look beautiful. i have not been to syria, i'm not going any time soon. i recommend the american people don't go, too. whatever they're telling you in the ad, it's important to know the u.s. state department had a travel restriction in place for syria for the better part of a year. they tell us very clearly as an american if you travel there, you're going expose yourself to the risk of kidnapping, terrorist attacks, chemical attacks. don't go any time soon. connell: thank you for that. we'll take gillian turner's advice, stay away from syria for now. kind of funny, you have to pay attention to the news. it is a beautiful country. >> i'm sure it's beautiful, don't let that sway you. connell: don't let the good deals sway you. good to see you. dow is down 100 points right now.
12:39 pm
banks are up big this month amid talk of a rate hike next month. but you should get set for a rocky month in september? many times that's what we see, that's what history shows us about the month of september, tough for the markets. cavuto "coast-to-coast," remember, we're waiting for hillary clinton and donald trump in mexico, both expected this hour.
12:41 pm
. >> reporter: good afternoon, i'm lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the fox business brief. stocks are lower extending losses that began yesterday. the dow off half a percent and as we wrap up the month of aushgs the dow and the s&p are now fractionally lower for the month. dragging stocks lower today, oil. the inventory report showed a surprising build. so oil is tanking, if you will, down 3.33 of 1%. murphy oil down more than 4, almost 5%, anadarko petroleum down 4%. chesapeake down 4% as well. interesting note, gas prices continue to rise, up 14 consecutive days now. $2.22 a gallon is the national average. a gain of six cents a gallon compare to this time a week
12:42 pm
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. connell: breaking news coming in from brazil at this hour. you probably know the president of that nation had been impeached, she will be indeed removed from office. she has lost the impeachment vote in the brazilian senate. so the president of brazil to be removed from office.
12:44 pm
and interim president will take over to finish out her term. more breaking news from cincinnati today, hillary clinton is speaking at an event at the american legion, we're going to listen to what she's saying for a few minutes. let's listen. hillary clinton. >> it's also the strength of our values. the strength of the american people. everyone who works harder dreams bigger and never, ever stops trying to make our country and the world a better place, and part of what makes america an exceptional nation is that we are also an indispensable nation. in fact, we are the indispensable nation. people all over the world look to us and follow our lead. my friends, we are so lucky to be american. it is an extraordinary
12:45 pm
blessing. it's why so many people, from so many places, want to be americans, too. but it's also a serious responsibility. the decisions we make and the actions we take, even the e aff millions even billions of lives. you know that. you've seen it. now all of this may seem evident, especially to men and women who have worn the uniform. you may wonder how anyone could disagree, but, in fact my opponent in this race has said very clearly that he thinks american exceptionalism is insulting to the rest of the world. in fact, when vladimir putin, of all people, criticized
12:46 pm
american exceptionalism, my opponent agreed with him, saying and i quote "if you're in russia, you don't want to hear that america is exceptional." well, maybe you don't want to hear it, but that doesn't mean it's not true. my opponent misses something important. [applause] when we say america is exceptional, it doesn't mean that people from other places don't feel deep national pride, just like we do. it means that we recognize america's unique and unparalleled ability to be a force for peace and progress, a example for freedom and opportunity. our power comes with a responsibility to lead humbly,
12:47 pm
thoughtfully, and with a fierce commitment to our values. because when america fails to lead, we leave a vacuum that either causes chaos or other countries or networks rush into fill the void. so no matter how hard it gets, no matter how great the challenge, america must lead. the question is how we lead? what kind of ideas, strategies and tactic we bring to our leadership? american leadership means standing with our allies because our network of allies is part of what makes us exceptional. no other country in the world has alliances like ours. russia and china have nothing close. we stand with our allies because generations of american
12:48 pm
troops fought and died to secure those bonds and because they deliver for us every day. our allies share intelligence on terrorists. they provide staging areas for our military so we can respond quickly to events on the other side of the world. other nations's soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines often fight side-by-side with ours. some of you may have served and fought alongside men and women from other countries. you saw them in action. you know how important these bonds are to our security. connell: hillary clinton speaking today in the key battleground state of ohio. we've been listening to her live remarks. couple of interesting things as we first joined her talking about how we're lucky to be
12:49 pm
americans, the democratic nominee for president attacking her opponent and his thoughts on american exceptionalism. remember her opponent, donald trump, is on his way or landing shortly in mexico today. a surprise visit with the president of mexico ahead of his big speech tonight in arizona. quite a day in politics. we'll cover all of that. also in the markets, we'll cover a big month in september as "cavuto: coast-to-coast" continues on this final day of august. we're down 92 on the dow. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. . connell: we have word in that the irs is under fire for not telling taxpayers that illegal immigrants stole about a million social security numbers. i've learned that information in a tweet from deirdre bolton moments ago.
12:53 pm
we better get her on and she's here. >> just like that! here i am. connell: this is a ridiculous story. sounds like it is. >> no, it's ridiculous. connell: okay, fine, things are exactly how they sound. >> it is ridiculous. connell: why do these people not know? >> what's worse, let's back up to more ridiculous, five years ago the irs was told by investigators that this was happening and they did not inform anyone, the bottom line is we for a tax collection agency. we're not a law enforcement agency. and sometimes. connell: you could have told somebody, right? >> you could have told somebody, they have appointed somebody who is in charge of small business business to the spokesperson, it is a rough few months for her to communicate to people, the one million plus citizens who had social security numbers lifted. connell: did they tell someone? maybe it got to a bank and a changed the credit card. >> seems as if they know, the irs has been unsure as to how
12:54 pm
to proceed with that knowledge. again, they highlight their function, they are not a law enforcement agency. i want to highlight part of the purpose is when illegal immigrants are working here and they pay taxes, even if the irs suspects it's a lifted social security number, people are paying their taxes as far as the irs is concerned. that's the role. box checked. gets dodgy in the sense if you don't have papers, i do. we're related, maybe you use my numbers, i don't flag it or don't complain. connell: we're relateed? just kidding. we're down about 100 points on the dow. let's bring jeffrey small in where he's the president there. not to talk about what's happening there, but jeffrey to talk about next month. september is a poor month for stocks. set us up for the market because things will get busy in a hurry. the politics leading the market, the debate, the g-20 debate happening in september, what do you expect?
12:55 pm
>> lots of external factors but historically september is the worst month out of all the calendar months for volatility. we have to be careful. connell: tell us -- deirdre, maybe you can chime in, too. we've been focused on the election, and that's a function of things being quiet in august. are you saying a hillary clinton win is more likely than donald trump as you make your investment decisions? >> that's a very interesting question. i would lean in that direction, the market has been rising because they favor hillary. connell: do you hear more of that? on wall street, people who don't want that to happen but think that will happen? >> i think the concern about regulation and which candidate is going to be more favorable, in other words, we know the banks said we're suffering from too much regulation, mergeers and acquisitions have been shut down by the obama administration.
12:56 pm
any clarity keeping ceos from make decisions, not feeling confident. they don't have a lot of visibility. they're not sure, they're in a holding pattern. other two focal points i think, the fed, the possibility of rates going higher and, of course, even this friday we have a jobs report. connell: a big one. >> that's what the people i've been speaking with this week are focused on. connell: finish it off, jeff, on the labor market and the fed when they make a move? >> that's another interesting topic, connell. i tell you i don't think the fed's going to do anything to upset the balance of the election and i don't care if the jobs report is 300,000 when it reports, i don't see them raising rates for anything. there will be a retracement to the negative. the market will drop. connell: forget september, then, thanks, deirdre. back to donald trump, one of the stories of the day if not the story of the day, his trip to mexico and his meeting with the president of that country. ahead of his big immigration speech which will come our way from arizona tonight. we're covering it all, plus
12:57 pm
hillary clinton taking shots at him. you saw it live from ohio. we'll talk more about that as she has growing issues surrounding the clinton foundation. lot going on. we're all over it. "cavuto: coast-to-coast" back in a moment.
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connell: welcome back, everybody. welcome to our number to a "cavuto: coast-to-coast." and for neil cavuto who is coming back next week. i am connell mcshane. we keep talking about donald trump because the story of the day today's meeting with the mexican president in the meeting is supposed to be getting underway right about now. waiting for some guidance on mr. trump's arrival in mexico. it is a big story and will continue into tonight because his speech once he gets back from mexico will take lives in arizona. special coverage lined up your lou dobbs 7:00 p.m. eastern followed that "the intelligence report" from a special edition with trish regan 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight to cover that speech.
1:01 pm
let's talk about it right now as we're joined by alfonso aguiar. joining us right now to talk about this day, which i said earlier surprised us. we are getting set to talk about this each tonight. then the trip to mexico. what do you make of this for donald trump? more to gain or more to lose by going to mexico? well, hi, connell. we are all taken by surprise and i think it's pretty impressive. i think it is a nimble move he was invited by president nieto. he accepts the invitation. and he is going to mexico directly to talk to him. he showed respect or the mexican people for the mac and government. he shows he's a player in the international arena. so i think this bodes very well for mr. trump.
1:02 pm
connell: do you get a sense he's going in there and will change some of the rhetoric or soften it the last week or so and emigration or is it going to be donald trump standing up for his beliefs and saying here is what i think. i want to build this wall. you are going to pay for it. what do you expect? >> i expect him to be consistent with what he has said. the adjustment is going to be a lot to do with the undocumented. he still believes in building the ball. he believes in stepping up domestic enforcement by removing those with criminal records. in terms of those who are good people, who from the very beginning he said he wanted those people to leave but then return quickly back to the united states. perhaps he is open to letting them do it within the united states. that will be an adjustment from his initial proposal. connell: he can oppose himself forward as a negotiator in chief. that is his chief scale as a business.
1:03 pm
the art of the deal was his book. is that part of what we are seeing today, a donald trump negotiating even though he's not yet president and saying here is what i said to tommy once you've got to get on your side and maybe i can give a little on my side. will we see some of that? >> ,, that's one of the most interesting points about this. i think what donald trump has put lord is a proposal if he were to become president that could help out congress, a very divided congress where when hillary clinton said the pat to citizenship was napping, republicans would say nothing. it's not an irony? connell: thank you very much for coming on. what a day. we will pray for trying to get to mexico. right now let's talk about arizona about this story. new deportations about president
1:04 pm
obama could hit a 10 year low. from the hill we have judy kurtz from the trump supporter and the former obama florida state campaign director steve shale also here. thanks to all three of you for coming on. there's a bunch of things and hopefully we can dig into all of this. one would be a shift in strategy or president obama. where do you make of the headline first before we talk about the strategy? >> one of the main talking point main talking points as obama has supported more people and that's obviously not becoming the case. the issue is obama has blatantly disregarded the law and he's the president to faithfully execute the law as stated. connell: is going to get a shift in politics. steve, i will go with you. certainly more then other
1:05 pm
presidents. they gave him credit for that type of thing and would keep up some of these policies. pretty early violent offenders. he focuses on those issues, but a ten-year low sound strange with all of that. >> i don't know what the deal is, but the president has been criticizing for deporting people at record levels. connell: too many. >> i mean, i live in florida where 40% of our population is hispanic and it's a refrain i hear about is the president is too aggressive. connell: judy, what do you think is really going on here? >> donald trump is talking all about this law. we've heard so much about this law within this deportation argument. gene simmons really had it right when he said keep it simple. donald trump is keeping the argument simple, general and mentioning this repeatedly.
1:06 pm
immigration policy is not that easy to understand. connell: keep it simple. hillary clinton was on last hour. i want to talk to you about some of what she said. she is still speaking on in cincinnati right now. when we were listening to her and i believe this has continued since we dropped out of it. she was taking some shots at her opponent as you would expect, donald trump. here is what she had to say today. >> you don't build a coalition by insulting our friend for acting like a loose cannon. you do a type of a man the slow, hard work of loving relationships. connell: she's talking about relationship building. shoot to shot saying how we're lucky to be americans and he doesn't feel the same way. what do you make of all this?
1:07 pm
>> it does take hard-working relationships and not despite donald trump is doing. he is hoping those harder relationships. hillary clinton in fundraising in the hamptons, taking a nap. she was right in that sense. america needs to maintain greatness and that is why donald trump is getting the support he is. he's building relationship with the people. connell: not bad. pretty good. ready with that answer. he does bring up an interesting point. the criticism of mrs. clinton from trump is that he hasn't been on the campaign trail. trump is out to go into a world leader has been critical of. what do you make of trump's trip to mexico? is that fair? >> it's interesting to see first about the secret service idea of turning around a trip in 24 hours in providing protection is pretty remarkable. kudos to those guys.
1:08 pm
>> with west end, with trump everything is unpredictable. i don't know what to expect out of it. it could be a turning point in his campaign. it could also go down and help you get sort of mock so he can come back intact about that. it is certainly unprecedented like a lot of things in the campaign. the real issue issues basically sitting at 269 alleged torah both. in states like florida where he's getting crushed with hispanics. there is no way to wind unless he could turn that around. i'm sure that's part of the goal. if he doesn't, he's not going to win regardless. connell: do you appreciate, judy, making the strip today. if you can win on the margin with some hispanic voters than a few that today, maybe that helps you appeared to think trump is making the right move politically? >> when it comes to trump, people see what they want to say. if you're a trump supporter, you see is a bold move, going into
1:09 pm
the lions den. if you are not a trump then coming you see this as a rabbit, maybe a hail mary, maybe not making the right move. people see what they want to see. connell: what is tomorrow's headline? we haven't seen what he will say there. he will make this speech tonight. give us a headline prediction. >> of it is a friendly maybe it will be trump the deal maker. >> i totally agree. but the coalition site at america. he has had enormous success in recent weeks with this new campaign that getting on board with the latino community. connell: he still has a lot of work to do there with women voters come out but voters. stephen is right about one thing. i know things are tightening up nationally, the state polls are not favorable. he has to win nevada state that are either close or he's losing right now. >> that's fair.
1:10 pm
connell: pick one he could win. he has to win almost all of those. >> i notice far down in pennsylvania but i see once trump caps-on the microphone about the coalition, pennsylvania will slide over to trump. connell: if you look at a map, pennsylvania is a must win, but almost as for trump gave him a go to the foundation question with you. those will continue to pile up this week as well. it has been mentioned 270 days. 270 electoral votes. since hillary clinton held a formal press conference. donald trump has done more to come help 16 this year alone. he has held and taken question from press conferences. these are all fair questions that have been piling up against hillary clinton when it comes to the foundation? >> west end, i love the one in donald trump holds press conferences. i hope he keeps doing none.
1:11 pm
connell: something that not only members of the media but members of the public deserve. isn't it fair to sit in front of members of press organizations that might not be granted access in a one-on-one interview and answer every question. she should do it. >> i think is or it is funny. a lot of people complain how domain tree media with a lot of these are my friends if they make headlines themselves. she's got to run her own campaign. i might approach it differently. connell: it is a long time to be fair. a long time without having answered questions from all members of the media and all questions that might come out. >> yap, listing. it not like she's not available. they've done a ton of interviews. i think a lot of a lot of this the reporters themselves looking for an opportunity to make their own headlines. connell: what do you think, judy? >> people might get annoyed about reporters griping about
1:12 pm
the fact she has at a press conference in nine months and it is unprecedented to not hold one in that time span. at the same time she is sitting on her lead here. she has no incentive. connell: to run out the clock strategy. it obviously could work. she is that the number of the states, but i wonder if it's a little early before the labor day to be running out the clock up his car to stay on offense. the trump people like the idea she hasn't been seen that much. >> 278 today. it is too early and people want to know their candidate. donald trump likes talking to the media, but the last time should a press conference comment it was used in every attack ad, so she's afraid of the media. >> a looks like she will avoid it up and threw the election. if it ran out the clock, is that the strategy would this lead in the polls? >> i actually think this
1:13 pm
campaign has one major moment that is the first debate. the issue traumatized as a large number of people that don't see them as being presidential yet. if she has a good night there, she's probably going to win. we have two or three of the things coming up between now and election day. connell: steve karl is right about it being the first debate. if the polls are right in suggesting how to clinton as a you point, if you don't there is a lead or if you actually have to doubt they'd come you're in a really good spot. the pressure is on trump. >> absolutely. his strength is the debate. people might not like what he says, but they listen. he defeated 17 seasoned political operatives in the debate largely and that's a strong point. people say he's winging it. i think he's definitely preparing and he knows what is getting into. connell: stephen carl, thank
1:14 pm
you, judy as well. one more election alert. the arizona senator john mccain. a lot of people talking about senator mccain as well as marco rubio and their primaries and don't forget congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz in florida. they all survived. they all won their primaries, so a lot of talk about all three of those big names one. what could be difficult general election campaigns in all three cases. apple, let's get back to apple. it is not alone in this tax rate. the e.u. has been targeting other u.s. companies. a question that comes up is not necessarily europe, but us. what do we need to do about iran tax code to prevent this from happening. we will talk about it coming up next. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. connell: okay, we do have breaking stories in the business world today. one would need oil down close to 4%. that's helping to bring stocks down. that is a 3.9% percentage. that is sent in to keep an eye on down triple digits on the dow right now. last hour we have breaking news out of brazil. the brazilian senate has dissed the president of brazil whose an impeached. this was a story that goes back for some time essentially break in the budget laws down in brazil that was behind all of this via the impeachment vote took place today and the president of brazil dismissed, thrown out of office. that has been breaking today. the justice department has challenged the country co. dear
1:19 pm
how deer with my pants. they are going to buy part of their business and they are going to cut down on competition. dear put the statement out saying he would fight the lawsuit saying that the doj antitrust concern was quote, unquote misguided. the administration has put pressure on some others had we talked earlier about halliburton and baker hughes. the staples deal. you have comcast, time warner. here we go. .com humana and some deals have been scrapped in the case by the justice department on the idea that they would cut down on competition. the tax bite is happening overseas. starbucks, amazon, mcdonald's, google, microsoft, facebook has
1:20 pm
been tax investigations outside of this country. let's bring in the national tax rate as union president to talk about this. is there some big names in american business. >> desert they are. they employ upwards of 30 million people. they are being targeted specifically because they are american firms. four out of the five company specific investigations going on and the e.u. right now are american companies. you've got to give treasury secretary jack lew and little credit here. he stated that he thinks this kind of targeting is wrong and violates rule of law insert me. what are we going to do not only to restrain these people and reform our own tax system. connell: is not the bigger issue because not to say if laws are in place urls where they should be followed. if we had a tax system in place here that gives incentives to combine corporate tax rates of
1:21 pm
big countries around the globe and we are at the top of the liz phair. if we had the taxes on the given incentive to do business here, not take a dare, we would be in much better shape. >> we absolutely would. our statutory rate, state or federal as an average of 39% and the rest of the world is more like 25% headed towards 20 and many competitor nations. we've got to do better not only with the rate. connell: ireland is 12.5%. others are maybe as you say in the 20s had what should our discussion be centered around numbers wise? >> we should aim for a 20% or lower rate. we should allow full x and think for business investmen no more complex depreciation schedules and we have to do what is called a territorial system that treats income earned abroad as income subject to the host countries tax. right now we have a worldwide
1:22 pm
system for any company abroad gets taxed at u.s. raids. that is very rare now those three things are actually in the house republicans tax reform. if we follow those and even donald trump's plan has some of those principles will be in much better shape. connell: what will the revenue be like you can as now you have companies avoiding paying u.s. taxes are having a lot of that money overs these. the greater investment, the employment but all the two higher revenues. that's a big many policy makers don't understand. broader tax bases are actually at treasuries best friend. not only to help our economy and
1:23 pm
the air, it helps the public sector, too. train today are not doing the business here to do that. thank you very much. we will go back to the politics of the day with hillary clinton and we followed a big speech that's been happening in ohio has been making a big push for more refugees to come in. are we learning from europe's mistakes, mistakes by the way that had been admitted by the big leaders in europe. that is next.
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
connell: debate number has been 10,000 refugees coming in from syria continues to go up and there's a push for more migrants to come here from over there in the former thatcher adviser with us now. now gardner is on. we talked early about angela merkel admitted meet germany made some mistakes and what are
1:27 pm
we doing? are we learning from that? >> well, we search and they should be learning from the mistakes angela merkel has made. she did acknowledge mistakes made by the german government and the european union. she didn't apologize in her remarks were quite defiant. we need to look at the facts over a million refugees came in to germany last year in additional 250 to 300,000 refugees are coming into the country. this is a massive problem for germany, deeply unpopular and i think the overwhelming rejection to the policies and forthcoming local elections and also in the german general election held next year the large-scale refugee has created a german society to gain significant security problems as well. connell: is your point in citing
1:28 pm
those numbers here in the united states to contrast and say it not as a given issue here in the united states. >> well, i think certainly here in the united states, the 10,000 could rise potentially to the hundreds of thousands. connell: hillary clinton wanted to go up by a lot. she's talked about that in the campaign. it could be a larger issue down the road. >> also, it's impossible to that the refugees coming in. many of the migrants have come into other european countries come from serious and iraq. without a doubt, isis has infiltrated and we have seen the results of that and they have taken a large number of refugees.
1:29 pm
connell: we here in the united states has a better job of those coming in over here than over there. what do you say? >> there's no way of properly vetting in the middle east and the german government has stated that. they have been unable to fully check back around of those coming into germany hans the major growing concerns with those regards to more refugees in the country. if the germans can't properly that refugees coming in and are careful in terms that are overwrought bureaucratic besiegers that the germans can't do this. there's no way the u.s. authorities can guarantee that we are not going to the isis terrorists coming into the country via the refugee. connell: thank you very much. appreciate you coming on. hillary clinton has had surrogates and join en masse.
1:30 pm
the calls to cut the foundation ties, clayton foundation ties. even democrats calling in and saying they should cut all ties. we will also talk about zika coming up here at the cdc may be running out of money to fight zika. it is all coming up as "cavuto: coast-to-coast" continues. we will be right back. ♪ with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more.
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connell: and you will be talking about the stories and it comes back next week or the clinton foundation is in the news. the question whether hillary clinton is to completely cut ties from the foundation. not just are public and saying this from the dnc and any relationship between the president and daughter needs to be absolutely severed. it would you not still a conflict of interest here is stephanie williams is here. if she becomes president with the clayton foundation >> i wonder if they should close it down completely. >> there's a lot of conversation around that. new polling comes out today says hillary clinton is literally
1:35 pm
pulling a 66% unfavorable rate. that is as low as it's ever been in his entire political career. connell: the only thing saving her is 62% unfavorable. the number going up, we know that donald trump has been in the 60s. the number as high as it is for hillary clinton -- any of the last couple weeks having an effect. >> registered voters, they are almost neck and neck at about a fifth to seven are da split. that is a problem. that is why you now see erika turn hillary clinton campaign, democrat pain but still a solid big favor, mrs. clinton and step back because that puts them in a better position to make an argument as a stronger candidate. connell: the republicans are attacking, too. curly c. arena is still putting out an ad about how hillary clinton lied and lied. but the idea democrats are talking about this is
1:36 pm
interesting. >> i've had a strong opinion that this is a worse situation for the sense that there is nowhere the same perception is reality is more true than in politics. connell: everybody says there's no smoking gun, no sign of someone pay to get access. but maybe that is not necessarily. >> the appearance of impropriety is a term we use in the law, but it really sticks in politics because it's a direct correlation to why the numbers are as low as they are. double-digit lead in an important state. we cannot evaporate. connell: shares lost three points. she's so does have the lead, but the larger political question is did he not it is good enough for donald trump? in the people out there working on her behalf say make our jobs easier for us.
1:37 pm
you know she recognizes as this is a problem for the american people. connell: put it away. she hasn't been able to do that. >> she's not making adjustments. no one is expecting a perfect candidate. far from it. but make it easier. make adjustments where you see clear adamant that this is hurting you. connell: it is interesting when polls come out because it's a race to the bottom has been used. i am going to vote against hillary. i'm going to vote against donald trump. that's the election. >> that is what is motivating more than anything else. you've got to deter that up for donald trump to your point should be the most unlikable candidate in american history. you've got donald trump giving her room to play with. connell: -- >> it depends on what she says.
1:38 pm
connell: supposed to be there about an hour ago. we haven't seen them there. >> we'll see what happens. connell: we would get to the story we mentioned on the sub or virus. money is part of the issue because apparently there's not enough of it. that is next. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture,
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and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. >> good afternoon. live from the floor
1:40 pm
york stock exchange. stocks today the price of oil falls on the larger the next building ended toy. the dow and s&p today turned into negative territory as we wrap up the month of august. the dow and the s&p. let's direct your attention to the major chemical seed makers. challenged by the department of justice and can turn there. those spots are down more than 1% did the doj trying to stop from buying the high-tech planting equipment unit. the smaller deal raising the other among the larger chemical companies. they are being dragged down on the similar concerns. 1% to six tenths of 1%. lower today they will update.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
connell: two.zika serve at the center for disease control warning that money to fight the sebastian zika virus is running. what do we know, ashley rush and mark ashley: the original budget was 222 million bucks in emergency funding and already they've gone through 191 million. clearly they are running low. the problem is congress has been unable to agree on a spending
1:43 pm
will. both republicans and democrats have come up with a billion dollars package. sounds good, but both of them hit each other's packages pending bills to anyone not from their summer recess in it to you later. meanwhile, the money is running out. the cdc says it is a very dangerous situation. we are on the half way through the mosquito season along the gulf coast as we know, florida in the miami area have been particularly hard hit. ironically the most effect of battle so far waged against this casino has been with the sprayed from those aerial sprayers. traditionally not considered their effect is. local authorities have been very effective. but what happens if we have another cluster of people who are infected with zika or what other case crops. that is the fear. there is not enough money to handle that.
1:44 pm
congress will be debating this sometime next week, a senate bill from republicans is up for debate. $1.1 billion is the overall package to help in the fight. as it pants, did tank is getting barer and bear were. connell: got it. actually, good to see you. thank you very much. let's get back to donald trump as we wait for him to arrive in mexico. his big immigration speech tonight in arizona. the former president has been quite vocal in the past. this is just out from former president fox and how donald trump will explain the annex reasonable now trying to make love to mexicans when he promised his followers to throw us out. former romney aide with us now. i don't know, and sometimes we don't talk about other politics.
1:45 pm
president adriana are rivals in mexico. maybe that's part of it. he's been outspoken about what donald trump has said. as we wait for trump in mexico, when you make of all this? >> i think just hours before he's going to meet with the current president of mexico is great if you are trump supporter. his base is going to love dissonance really smart really smart optics to be frank. to make all trump look like the fighter he has, especially in contrast to the fact that hillary clinton as the same opportunity to go to mexico. today is a really great opportunity for the trump campaign to get past the question about his policy and make himself and play to his strength, which is bigger than the moma, presidential and strong. connell: no risk here, no possibility in talking to president nieto today.
1:46 pm
>> it is a total risk. one of the most fun day for people like me. connell: it is actually. i said earlier we are all thinking we will be previewing his speech tonight. we'll be just another day. what do you expect in arizona. it is a surprise. so what is the risk? >> well, the risk is somehow an enough for her to seem strong and presidential that the current president and discussions with the current president turned sour and his visit is marred by protests and strong wars in an attempt to rebuke donald trump. but i think it's a risk if you're the trump campaign you're happy to take care of what have we done today? donald trump single-handedly overnight changed the conversation about the fact we may be no little bit less about what his plan is today than we did a week ago. connell: i asked him an earlier but tomorrow's headline will be.
1:47 pm
would he think think it will be? not only will we presumably have this meeting but will have a speech in arizona tonight. >> my hope is the headline is trump can 10 years to talk about building a wall. connell: not that he saw things which could be part of it. take out what you said is the risk in mexico. something could happen there and that could overtake everything in arizona. you don't think it would be somehow his stance on immigration? >> if you look at the electorate, is based is going to be with him no matter what he does or says no matter how many been sent to a fox street. the one place, the one way they may raise their alibis and 50 seems to be softening on this front. the trump campaign is grappling with it. my it. my hope is he will be tested strong. maybe a little bit articulated how he communicated that vision
1:48 pm
and that will help him go a long way. he said 20% of hispanics it is that no place to go but up. >> you would need to in states like florida and others. thank you very much. it is a fun day as we watch all of this unfold. thanks a lot. let's get back to obama carry shoes tied the knot. one of the architects of the law was on defense earlier today here on fox business. let's watch. >> the people are really, really struggling. tell them. >> i agree they are struggling. would she let me finish? connell: that was earlier. we will have more coming up as "cavuto: coast-to-coast" continues. we will be right back.
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connell: back on "cavuto: coast-to-coast." a lot of fun earlier today. on the "varney & company" program, one of the chief architects of obamacare was on. here is a little more about. >> no americans don't fail because cost of health care keep going that and they will keep going now. it is important to ask the question are they going up faster or is lowered. they are going up much slower. >> we wanted to lower the stress on trans health care and we have singularly failed. what do you say to all of the people out there rushing mark >> if you listen to me carefully. if you listen carefully, you'll note i don't they lower the cost of health care.
1:53 pm
that is because we are not going to lower the cost of health care in this country. we will control how fast it goes out. >> right now we bring in lesnick donald in the studio to talk a little bit more about rob emanuel, ezekiel emanuel saying we never meant to bring down health care costs. liz: this is obamacare they need. i made it up just now. so back he not on what deke emanuel said. they are collapsing. here's his quote. they often do collapse if you get a selection of them. he said we've got to get more people enrolled or that is what they are trying to do now. he wouldn't really address that. the fact is the obamacare costs have been going up and the taxpayer cost for obamacare is going up hundreds of billions. connell: not going up as much as it used to be.
1:54 pm
liz: health care costs not going up. he was talking about health care costs. connell: tedious claims they're not going up as a faster rate. liz: the point is that they didn't have the taxpayer backing, it would've collapsed a long time ago. when frank sinatra's publicist refused to show up at his concert, taxpayers have to pay for people to get enrolled in these exchanges. i'll tell you something. when you see 2 million people now need to find new coverage right now and we have but to a third of the countess, obamacare has created a lot of monopolies across the country and insurance. liz: i will say neil is coming back the day after labor day. taking shots at a time like frank's a notch or will be no longer permitted. just so you know. liz: forewarned. thank you for the warning. train to the next topic. the company deere has a plan.
1:55 pm
the justice department session do that. it takes the competition. we've seen a number of other deals with scrutiny. what is going on here? >> you got halliburton, baker hughes. i am not sure if the antitrust guys are on top of market changes. you can stop a deal like this. remember hollywood video and guess what book both of those cases with netflix. the markets can tell you which mergers will work and how you can find the best prices. i'm not sure if we want our tax dollars going towards justice department official.mergers in the open marketplace. connell: good on the hollywood video. rent a good movie this week.
1:56 pm
the countdown is on. neil is coming back. the reaction from all of you, the hash tag for bhutto returned disappointed. some more comments about neil's big return. "cavuto: coast-to-coast" will be right back. ♪
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1:59 pm
. connell: and, well, soon he'll be back. neil's returning next week, and you've been responding to this. we told you about september 6 being his return date. a few of your responses coming in on our favorite social media platforms.
2:00 pm
that maybe someone who works here. hashtag is cavuto returns. trending all over the place. the countdown continues until the 6th of september, next tuesday. trish regan takes over on a big day and a big night. trish: lots going othank you so much, connell. donald trump making the surprise visit to mexico where he's meeting with the president of mexico. all this coming hours before he is set to give a major speech on illegal immigration in the battleground state of arizona. i am trish regan, welcome everyone to a special edition here of "the intelligence report." we're focused on immigration. donald trump reaching out to hispanic voters today, meeting with president enrique nieto in what is sure to be a tense meeting. trump is not exactly popular in the country. vowing to build the border wall and make mexico pay for it. but the surprise visit is


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