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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 31, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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making money. right now david asman is in for lou dobbs. stay with us. >> good evening everybody. i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. a big day for donald trump who showed he can find common ground with world leaders that he doesn't agree with. the republican nominee flight to mexico city to meet with president enrique pena natco. his remarks after that meeting trump emphasized cooperation. >> a strong prosperous and vibrant mexico is in the best interest of the united states and will keep an and help keep for a long long period of time america together.
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both of our countries will look together for mutual good and most importantly the mutual good of our people. mr. president i want to thank you. it's been a tremendous honor and i call you a friend. thank you. david: all feel of the handshake or he will take the impact of trump's meeting and preview a speech with former reagan white house political director ed rollins and cohost juan williams. a lot to discuss tonight including brand-new "fox news poll" is showing trump gaining ground against hillary clinton. a four-way race clinton is virtually tried with trump 41-39% and in a head-to-head matchup leads trump by six points. earlier this month clinton had a 10-point advantage in the fox poll. more damaging revelations tonight concerning clinton's e-mail scandal. the "new york post" now
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reporting clinton sent classified information to her private server after she left the state department. oversight committee member congressman ron desantis is here to discuss it. our top story a pivotal day for the trump campaign. we are now less than two hours away from trump's long-awaited speech on exactly how he would tackle illegal immigration. it comes hours after child met with mexico's president to talk trade and the wall in september. she put a correspondent karl cameron has the report. >> mexicans are just beyond reproach. dawn taubin hillary clinton were both invited to mexico last friday by president enrique pena nieto. trump called it a very productive meeting. >> i shared my strong view that nafta has been a far greater benefit to mexico than it has been to the united states and that it must be improved upon
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ending illegal immigration. not just between our two countries but including the illegal immigration and migration from central and south america. >> chunk of the trip and hope for a joint appearance on the international stage. the mexican president to compare trumps rice to hitler and mussolini was a nomadic. >> we may not agree on several issues but your presence here mr. trump shows a fundamental coincidence. our countries are very important. i fully believe that nafta has been good both for the united states as well as for mexico. >> enrique pena nieto acknowledged dawn treader and offended mexicans. >> i have voiced the grievances that we have felt in mexico because of the statement sediment issues. trump accepted the invitation
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for his speech in arizona clarifying his reform goals and which for several weeks trump is appear to be wavering. the meeting had a more broad agenda. >> obviously immigration and trade and drugs drugs flowing of the portents very important to show you were willing to work with the neighboring country. >> trumps harsh rhetoric hostile or mexico. warmer president vincent a. fox voiced it loudly this morning. >> he is not welcome to mexico by the 130 million people really don't like him, we don't want him, we reject his visit. david: tramp respond on twitter former president vincent a. fox invited me when he apologize for using the f on. not to be outdone fox rapidly return fire quote i invited you to come and apologize to all mexicans. stop lying. mexico is not yours to play with. show some respect to fox said there was no way mexico would
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pay for trumps while. trump and the current president to discuss the wall but not who's going to pay for it and that's one of the things trump is expected to talk about in the speech tonight on immigration reform that is a much bigger spotlight because of his trip to mexico. david: karl cameron thank you very much. meanwhile hillary clinton spending much of her day trying to win over republicans and independents in ohio with the newest polling numbers showing she has not made any headway with voters in losing ground. "fox news" correspondent jennifer griffin's traveling with the clinton campaign in cincinnati. >> after days of fund-raising the hamptons hillary clinton return to campaigning in the swing state of ohio as republicans launched a new line of attack keeping a running tally of when she last held a press conference. december 4 according to the rnc, that's 270 days and counting. >> we are ready to express. >> at their national convention in cincinnati she continued to try to appeal to republicans and
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independents. >> i suppose there is some of you that have never voted for democrat before. i get that. >> she is terminology favored by republicans when talking about america's leadership role in the world. >> part of what makes america an exceptional nation is that we are also an indispensable nation. my opponent in this race has said very clearly that he thinks american exceptionalism is insulting to the rest of the world. in fact, when vladimir putin of all people criticized american exceptionalism, my opponent agreed with them, saying and i quote if you are in russia you don't want to hear that america is exceptional. >> another example of how our appeal may be working in some cases. today clinton received the endorsement of james clad the top defense department official
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under george w. bush. joined 50 other republican former national security facials he recently said they won't support trump. the continuing questions about clinton's relationship to her family foundation and secretary of state have led to trouble in the polls. a new "fox news poll" shows 66% of voters think it's likely the clintons were selling influence to foreign contributors who made donations to the clinton foundation. 43% of democrats polled believed the same thing. clinton used her speech today to critique donald trump's trip to mexico. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up her year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. >> overnight the campaign said it received an invitation from the mexican president and looks forward to meeting him at an appropriate time. quote what ultimately matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona not mexico and
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whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions. according to the new fox poll 44% say both clinton and trump are quote terrible candidates. only 35% said trump is honest and trustworthy. 31% say clinton is. david: jennifer griffin thank you very much. the fbi is preparing to release highly anticipated documents from its investigations into clinton's e-mail scandal. their release could come as early as this week. "fox news" chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the latest on what we can expect. >> what the clinton campaign told reporters that some if not all of the 30 benghazi mills were covered by fbi are duplicates and all posted on line. the state department is not reach the same conclusion. >> we have not confirmed that either they are actually responsive to the benghazi related requests were they are
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duplicates of the material we are of already had. hillary clinton signed a statement under oath last august telling a federal court that she handed overall her government records at the 30 e-mails recovered by fbi frantic experts from clinton's surfer did -- personal server. >> they can put a man on the moon but they can't release these 30 e-mails more quickly is absurd. "fox news" was told some records come from the first week after the 2012 attack the same secretary clinton was that the air force base where the caskets of four americans were flown home and she publicly claimed it video for their death. state department first got the e-mail six weeks ago after the fbi criminal case closed and director james comey confirmed thousands of new e-mails were recovered emphasizing. >> we found no evidence that any of the additional work related e-mails were intentionally deleted in an effort to conceal
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them. >> clinton surrogate downplayed the idea that their new e-mails that will rekindle the benghazi debate. >> james comey, they often listen to him when they said she was truthful in her interview at the fbi and she didn't inntiollywitold ny docunts >> ste eparentawye aske d.c fedal crtjde fo etber30 eadlead at heudge an obama administration appointee ordered an update next week. >> these are obama judges who are looking at secretary clinton and her team and saying you need to provide answers and you need to do it on a timetable that the court wants not what timetable suits you or the election calendar. >> the campaign on the benghazi e-mails tonight said they were neve that david: thank you catherine herridge and we are coming right back with a lot more. stay with us. as the general election enters a crucial phase donald trump set
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to deliver one of the most important speeches of the campaign on illegal immigration and border security. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. >> we will take up trumps critical speech and more with ed rollins and juan williams prebeta in may and expert also check out this daredevil nailbiting ride that's sure to put you at the edge of your seat. we'll show you the heart-stopping video up next plus a lot more right after these messages. right back, stay with us. if you're taking prescription medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief. and it keeps your mouth refreshed too. remember while your medication is doing you good,
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david: donald trump set to deliver his major siege on immigration and listen to her as his running mate governor mike pence earlier today saying we can expect a strong commitment to ending illegal immigration but also compassion from the republican presidential nominee. >> you are also going to hear the compassion that donald trump has four families in this country that the compassion he has for latino and hispanic and african-american families who too often have been paying the price of illegal immigration in this country both in lost jobs, opportunities lower wages and too often heartbreaking violence that has cost american lives. duda journeymen out the former
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reagan white house political director and great american strategist ed rollins and cohost on "fox news" channel juan williams. good to see you gentlemen. ed, this was i think a moment in the campaign where we saw donald trump in what has to be called a presidential moment. he was on equal terms with the president of a country. >> i think it was one of them most important days he's had in his campaign and certainly the most important day since he got the nomination and i think he has now preferred, no matter what he does in the speech tonight he can talk about when i was meeting with the president of mexico here's what we talked about. i can sit down and negotiate with these people. may have helped his confidence. the american public saw him in a different light. the speech as an afterthought. david: wong, clinton was having a lot of mileage from this saying this is a dangerous guy
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who does not deal with either our allies or our adversaries. here he was dealing with a foreign leader who he has taken shots at, very friendly environment talking about cooperation. >> i think for people who are concerned that someone would throw shoe at him or throw an egg or there would be a shouting match donald trump crossed the low bar. he crusted and i think president enrique pena nieto did a good job of being very much a good hosts. i don't know that he agreed to pay for an awol for example. david there's little to disagreement about that. during the press conference itself donald trump said we need to talk about who's going to pay for the wall and later on the present of mexico according to "associated press" in fact they did talk about it in the mexicans said they wouldn't pay for it.
7:18 pm
>> anti-trump's credit he took questions, dealt with the mexican press corps in a way that i thought was quite effective. for all that he has success with today he's got to give a speech tonight to explain all of the flip-flops and card will see spending on immigration. david: there are people and we have heard from trump supporters who said they are disappointed that he is pulled back from his call to deport all of 11 million illegal aliens. >> the bottom line is obviously he's going to be more effective than clinton was if she were president. the wall was symbolic. the wall was going to secure our border. at the end of the day we have got to get the wall built or some form of securing our border. the vast majority of americans, carpenters and gardeners and nannies and restaurant people who are here not legally, they
7:19 pm
don't want them thrown out of the country and i think our poll tonight shows that. the key thing is how the sicker the border and make sure the criminal element isn't here and one of the things he hasn't talked about is to shut down the sanctuary cities. david: juan your friend bill o'rielly has eyes told donald trump you can't possibly, you can't round up 11 million people. he wouldn't be feasible or legal. they would all have legal recourse etc. and maybe after hearing that message, what's wrong with that? >> nothing wrong with it. the question is how to see package it tonight? given your concern to talk about whether not to have the hardliners. you know what i know donald trump or? build a wall, mass deportation force in this country and rooting them out the people will say gee be like that. david: i talked to katrina pierson and she's already on board saying it's impossible to
7:20 pm
deport 11 million. >> i'm just saying that's what donald trump had to say so the question becomes we saw it in the papers this morning folks who were saying hey this looks like barack obama's policies. go after the criminals or what about jeb bush and what about marco rubio? >> there are so many criminals apparently according to the donald trump and rudy giuliani who will be his enforcer they wouldn't be able to carry on the illegal activities that they have but i have to ask finally is there anything from what he did today in his speech? >> a terrible opportunity. he didn't say in my meetings with the present of mexico here are the five positions we had. they have crime on their border and have they have a problem with illegal immigration. he talks about common goals and getting people back to work giving them resources and an atmosphere. i thought it was a good speech and a good first step. david: together we will solve these problems both trump and
7:21 pm
the present of mexico said that. thank you very much. roll the video. one adrenaline junkie feeding his need for speed. watch as the daredevil takes a high-speed tour using nothing but a small parachute. he flies dangerously close at speeds of 75 miles per hour. juan do you want to do that? >> i think i will stay away. david: hillary clinton certainly has more debate experience than donald trump hes debated more than 40 times over her career but none of those debates compare to the one she's going to be facing what donald trump had to take up clinton and trump's debate strategies and speak with media analyst howard kurtz. he i hernext your insurance company won't replace
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david: you are looking at a live shot from phoenix, arizona. it's 4:25 in phoenix in the
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afternoon. that is of course the trump lane it's hard to mistake that. they have just arrived and trump is about to disembark and go on his way to the phoenix st we hag for on immigration. we are less than one month away from the first presidential debate and both candidates are doing their best to cite one of the rapid strategist engaging in a lot of trash talk clinton reportedly analyzing trumps debate performance anything listening to trump's co-author associate the guy who wrote the article deal with trump for insight. trump in the other hand reportedly boasting he doesn't need that kind of referring instead to an unconventional approach rejoining the host of media buzz on the "fox news" channel how we kurtz. it's great to see you. before we get into the debate stuff let's talk about the optics of what we saw today in mexico which i think was extraordinary. talk about the importance of optics and perception in a
7:27 pm
presidential race. this was a key moment to. >> it was a crucial moment. trump took a gamble of the kind that his democratic opponent almost never takes. it all paid off. he went into a country that's been criticizing for 15 months. he looked like a negotiator at dealmaker and don't take my word for it. some of his fiercest critics, charles krauthammer and steve hayes both of them said not only does this work you as trumps best day of the campaign. i think it's going to have a lasting effect regardless of what he says in phoenix. it won't be overshadowed by the way which he was willing to take the risk. this is the showman in donald trump going down there on short notice and i think he pulled it off. david: hillary says he doesn't look residential. he can't act well as a present for allies or enemies but if you look at the polls, kerry was in a setting with the president of mexico our closest ally and the
7:28 pm
22 podiums where they are on equal stature. there they are before the two gentlemen spoke. it made him look like another president. >> it's just a small thing but when they got done with her opening remarks drum started calling on reporters than he was in control. usually the present of the host can country takes the lead on that so trump president enrique pena nieto seeming not to want to anger trump and trump looks stronger. david: let's segue to the debates because i wanted he could use what he used in a debate and hillary will pursue that same line that he's not presidential that he's a loose canon who can't be trusted. he can always point back and say i talked with a guy who once called me a fascist. >> you will use it when the subject is immigration and when the subject is foreign affairs and it will be half ring there
7:29 pm
but you are mentioning the way in what they are playing engaging and psychological warfare. these new leaks to "the new york times" and "washington post" about the different strategies the one that gets the most headlines if most headlines as hillary clinton consulting with psychologist to figure out donald trump's insecurity so she can get under his skin. i'm thinking if that's your strategy when the world would you telegraph it by leaking it to the press? i think either they want to get it in his head and get it into her head to use a sports metaphor or its complete fake out and they wanted to think that's what they're going to do. david: it's so sportsflight. the for a mohammed ali fight that's what was going on but hillary knows when you paid him you can get him off message and make a personal attack. will he take the bait? has at least gone far enough to prepare to say and know she's going to try to do then i'm going to stay on message. the hillary clinton foundation
7:30 pm
etc. i won't take the bait. >> you were times during a primary debate when trump did take the bait when he was having a serious performance in the started beating up on marco rubio. i think everybody around him will be telling him don't do it one of the main questions will be canny discipline himself to stay on his message and not play your her game at the same time is she going to react. everyone knows she knows the facts and figures but what about if he makes an unconventional attack on her. this is going to get a huge rating and its one remaining game-changing event. david: media buzz host howard kurtz, thank you for being with us. we are coming right back with a lot more. stay with us. donald trump is cutting hillary clinton's lead in the polls. trump campaign sees a favorable trend for the republican nominee.
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david: donald trump's meeting with mexican president enrique pena nieto. the republican nominee touting five shared goals to increase prosperity mexico here at home including ending illegal in the christian having a secure border, stopping the movement of weapons across the border both ways improving -- in keeping manufacturing wealth in this hemisphere. joining me attorney former contestant now i trump surrogate aaron and chairman of the conservative union matt schlapp. it's going to be hard for trump to trump today's performance in mexico. tonight. does he try or will you just stick to what a conference today? >> today was an amazing day for the campaign. it reset what the media is talking about and made republicans and conservatives hope that he is in this racing can win it so it's hard to
7:36 pm
overstate the importance of today. it's okay that he finds out how many bass like him today because he needed to get on a path where he can start talking about the issues that matter to voters which is basically the economy, terrorism changing the way washington does business and hillary clinton. he is but on the back of heels too many times and we are going to hillary clinton on defense. david: arana show something you know very well. he's a great businessman and he gets great this is advisable on thing that all business people know is that you have to deal sometimes the people you don't like or you don't agree with andy show that he can do that today in contradiction to what hillary clinton says about him. >> hillary clinton runs around and says donald trump is in presidential. he stood there side-by-side with the present of mexico on equal footing and was nothing less
7:37 pm
than perfectly cordial. it's a great performance by donald trump and i think it's going to mobilize voters to get everyone voting for him. david: even some of the republican stalwarts that he has talked to have come out and said he did a very good job today and we do have that letter from 15 republicans from the state department suggesting that he couldn't be president. i'm wondering do you turn around the group of never trump or set all? >> i share and talking to conservatives around the country talking constantly and i see a steady movement from people who are rested about trump. there's a steady movement toward strum. days like today it makes echo quicker and i think he realizes that. look when he got this nomination i think he felt the conversation with republicans was over. now he's going to have that
7:38 pm
conversation and we have got to get that percentage up of republicans and conservatives who support trump and some of those bernie sanders people. david: erin again the people who are for dramatic radical change will always be with trump and maybe that's the third of the voters out there but he has got to pull into that midsection that were susceptible to hillary clinton's charge that this guy is dangerous. do you think he has done that today? >> today was a huge step in right direction. there's a small percentage of voters who do know what they're going to vote for. days like today will make it easier for him. a lot of american voters aren't a particular important demographic and i spoke to her friend in the latin american community and she said a lot of them vote as generations. people woke up and said hey made them going to vote for donald trump because i saw him working with the president in such an
7:39 pm
amiable way. david: was this an attempt to pull over latin american voters in the united states as well? >> i think you should respect and what came across to me today was the fact that he respected the head of the state of an important ally like mexico and that speaks to the constituency. let's remember this is also about ringing home those people who like you said a little bit more in the middle who are concerned about donald trump and what they saw today was a leader. david: do you have any behind-the-scenes information? the mexican president must have realized there would be a huge bonus for a guy. he knows that the relationship the president of the relationship the president of mexico knows his relationship with america is their most important relationship on the globe and donald trump has set out -- sent a lot of messages to mexico that are unnerving. i think he was really anxious to send the message that he is the
7:40 pm
leader of these country of mexico in the country of mexico can work with either a trump or hillary but hillary was too to jump on the imitation. david: i'll bet she's regretting that move because even if she doesn't now believe -- it will be second fiddle to donald trump. erin elmore and matt schlapp thank you for being here. and i buy the guest bringing to get to the party. my wife might want to cover her eyes to this. that hot blue part of family barbecue with a large snake in tow. they weren't hanging round with you at the stake was going to do. without warning the snake drops the reptile middle of the party and family members scramble to get out of the snakes way. i'm sorry to my wife for showing this. she hates snakes. donald trump hammering hillary clinton's track record of lying and corruption. >> the only way to learn the full depth of her public corruption is to read the 33,000
7:41 pm
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david: we are now learning that hillary clinton continued to send classified information on her private e-mail server even after leaving the state department create a file obtained by the rnc showing that in may of 2013, clinton sent an e-mail to diplomats discussing what is known as the one, 23 deal, the nature of the e-mail exchange unclear to direct direct actions that the one, two, three deal referred to a 2009 agreement with the united arab emirates to share material and technology for nuclear energy preacher denounce congressman ron desantis of florida a member of the house foreign affairs committee as well as the judiciary and oversight committee. congressman hillary clinton talks about the recklessness of donald trump but here she's talking about a nuclear program on an unsecured private server after she is secretary of state. does not appear a little reckless? >> without question. anybody who has ever handle classified information would no
7:46 pm
that anything of that nature would not be shared as an open-source and the fbi director did an investigation showed that she sent or received hundreds of e-mails that were classified at the time including eight separate e-mails with top-secret information and those are e-mails that i bury -- as a member conflict review. i'm not able to refute because it's classified at such a high level. clearly she has a disregard for the rules and regulations and the laws regarding classified information. she put her desire to shield her communications from accountability above the national interest. david: i just wonder why she's talking about nuclear deals after she is secretary of state and perhaps with information that's top-secret. >> it may be they were building on things that she had worked on and i don't know that it would be in approved reducing proper channels to be able to provide an insight for the new regime at
7:47 pm
the state department but you don't do it on an open source. she wanted the clinton e-mail and that's what she did and consequences be. david: the fbi notes that will be released on wondering have you seen the ei notes? i know you aren't allowed to copy them or even bring a notebook and to talk about what's in them. >> i have been briefed on them in the unclassified portion. i will do that when i return to washington. david: i'm wondering what is more interest to you what she said or what the fbi asedher because a lot of people criticize the line of questioning. >> congressman gowdy is a friend of mine and a good prosecutor and he said the fbi did not ask about hillary clinton's intent and that's important because director comey's entire recommendation of not prosecuting based on the idea that yes she was grossly negligent which is all the statute requires that comey said
7:48 pm
she didn't have an intent on the united states. that's not in the statute but you would think that that's what's going to guide the investigation that your investigators would want to drill down on her and tenth when she set up a private server. david: a strange line of questioning from the fbi. their questions about the clinton foundation one of which concerns a swedish ranch of the clinton foundation that not many people knew about. they were collecting money from swedish companies, swedish lottery systems etc. at a time when the state department was looking to whether swedish companies were violating the iran sanctions. those state department investigations were dropped at the same time that $28 million was funneled through the clinton foundation arm in sweden to the clinton foundation of united states. it looks a little like money laundering. does it to you? >> you know that there's a
7:49 pm
documented example in the state department of them going to back on behalf of the swedish companies. maybe they thought this was good of policy but they did it and you look at it and say okay if you wanted a way to send a lot of money from a foreign country to the clinton foundation without the donors being traced this is one way to do it, so that the subsidiaries of the money is flowing from the subsidiary to the clinton imation and the actual source of the money is mapped. this is one of the reasons you need a special counsel to look into all of these allegations regarding the clinton foundation. david: it certainly appears to be money laundering. congressman rhonda santos appreciate it. while we are with awaiting donald trump's big speech on illegal immigration speaking at the phoenix convention center in arizona. moments ago maricopa sheriff joe arpaio celebrating after crushing his primary challengers yesterday. self-styled america's toughest
7:50 pm
sheriff took 66% of the votes. on wall street stocks closing lower falling 53% of the s&p down five and the nasdaq five and 10 points. volume 3.7 billion shares. for the month the dow and s&p posting tiny fraction of losses. the nasdaq, 81% for the month. coming up next we are just over an hour away from trumps big immigration speech and judging by trumps earlier remarks cooperation will be a big team. >> illegal immigration is a problem for mexico as well as for us and drugs are tremendous problem for mexico as well as us. it's not a one-way street. david: tommy st. and tom weigh in on what we can expect, next. e put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula workin jt 3 nute llin99.9 of or caing cter. foa clner,resh, ight denre ery d.
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today even from the never trumpers. does that mean traditionalists and outsiders could win in november? >> absolutely. this is like a game of golf. every race is different. every individual is different. eric cantor lost because we were in a reform mood and he abandoned his district. he was not liked. he took it for granted. what we are seeing now with mr. trump in mexico, each individual with each day has a new opportunity. trump proved what everyone was wondering if he could do. could he be a states man and be diplomatic. this is a fabulous opportunity. he acted on it and it's good news. for the establishment candidates that won their primaries, they
7:56 pm
obviously communicated to their districts, they won those votes, and trump endorsed both rubio and mccain and he will be a help in the general election absolutely. david: ron * used to talk about a big tent. even as he was ridiculed. it turned out you could have a radical outsider like ron * and traditionalists in the same party. are we approaching that able again? >> i don't know if you can glean anything from these. they called them the establishment for a reason. they are established. i have already forgotten who the incumbents beat were. debbie wasserman-schultz, i thought shed a crawled under the rock. the fact that she can win an election after the shenanigans they pulled with the democratic
7:57 pm
party. david: the reason why it's important is trump was supposed to be a drag on all the traditional candidates. that was the line that he would ruin the chances for john mccain and marco rubio. it didn't happen at least not in the primary. >> it's theater. every time there is a new argument about what the problem is with mr. trump, it's proven to be false. so americans are realizing it's their futures that are at stake. there are these games weren't establishment. these wins prove that being an incumbent helps. attention helps. mr. rubio's opponent spent $8 mill of his own money. money and what you spend doesn't matter. the message matters. jeb bush in the primary sent $150 million for three delegates. this is about the mood of the american people.
7:58 pm
they are beginning to watch closely. they like what they see with mr. trump. they may stay home but in that balance thought booth they will think we have a better chance of something happening with mr. trump. if they were going to vote for hillary they would have already moved into her camp. david: hillary clinton is recognized as an insider traditionalist. and debbie wasserman-schultz, despite having insulted bernie sanders, the outsider, shows that perhaps the bernie sanders people will come to hillary after all. >> these were local races. you don't need that great of a turnout to win in these elections. the whole mystery is can trump turn out the people. they are coming to his rallies, they are very excited. and you know what happened to mitt romney. the voters stayed home. if they stay home begin the many over for trump.
7:59 pm
if they come out, it will all change. >> when it comes to the wasserman-shultz win, it shows how low the bar is for democrats. what is the option, right? al capone? david: maybe they liked her hairdo. >> there is an enthusiasm gap for the republicans, double digit, more enthusiasm for whoever the nominee is. the debates will be the main factor as well. david: tonight what does trump do to outdo what he did today? >> i think what he did today, he was so calm. we were looking for that bluster. we thought he would be yelling at these folks in mexico. he was very calm. all he has to do is be presentable and presidential.
8:00 pm
david: an and avoid getting baid by hillary. >> she'll try. but he will be fine. he will know. david: thanks for joining us. milwaukee county share clark is with us tomorrow. >> announcer: this is a special edition of the intelligence report with trish regan. trish: it's a big night for mr. trump. he will lay out his much anticipated immigration policy after his surprise visit to mexico today where he visited with president nieto. donald trump is narrowing the gap with hillary clinton in what looks to be a tight


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