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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 31, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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david: an and avoid getting baid by hillary. >> she'll try. but he will be fine. he will know. david: thanks for joining us. milwaukee county share clark is with us tomorrow. >> announcer: this is a special edition of the intelligence report with trish regan. trish: it's a big night for mr. trump. he will lay out his much anticipated immigration policy after his surprise visit to mexico today where he visited with president nieto. donald trump is narrowing the gap with hillary clinton in what looks to be a tight race.
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in one hour donald trump will address the crowd in a major policy speech. there is a lot of speculation he may soften on deporting illegal immigrants. how much room dose have on this issue? we'll find out in just about an hour. meanwhile, mr. trump is showing he can find common ground with the president of mexico. after traveling to mexico city and looking presidential as the two stood up there and addressed reporters in a joint news conference. >> having a secure border is a sovereign right and mutually beneficial. we recognize and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its borders to stop the illegal movement of people, drugs, and weapons. trish: questions still persist
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over who will pay for that wall, mexico or the united states. watch. >> we did discuss the wall, we didn't discuss payment of the wall. that will be for a later date. trish: the mexican president nieto responded in a tweet saying they did discuss the wall and he said mexico would not be paying for it. all this and our brand-new fox news poll shows this race is indeed tightening. trump cutting into hillary clinton's lead in a 1-1 matchup. when you include independent candidates, and they will be on the ballot. trump by just 3 points, proving this race is closer than anyone anticipated. can a serious more statesman-like candidate attract hispanic voters and sceptical republicans and independent voters as well?
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we have a lineup of guests including governor mike huc huckabee, dr. ben carson. david gorka, and more. juan williams. and trump surrogate a.j. dell good oh. steve, what do you think we'll hear today? will he soften his tone on illegal immigrants? >> he may soften it. bedrock principles we can't give on. we can give on implementation. we can be smart and humane and sensible about implementation. the bedrock principles, one is we must control our attorney border. something we have not done in decades. we must build the wall and take control our border for economic and national security reasons.
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the second is there will be no citizenship for people who broke the law. if you came here in a criminal nature you cannot cut the line in front of legal immigrants of people like my taught more did it the right way. those are bedrock principles that are not negotiable. in terms of how we deal with illegals who are here. there is room to shift here. donald trump is not waffling. what he's doilings exerting leadership. what he did in mexico city, today, by the way. he said i'm willing to listen to people and get to our core principles, sensible immigration we control. how do we get there? he has done a lot of listening. trish there are juan, is this important for him strategically politically? there are a lot of independent voters and republicans on the edge. if he wants to bring them in, is
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it important to them that he come across as more sensitive and humane when it comes to people in this country trying to earn an honest living even though they may have gone the here illegally? >> what's intriguing about this is it isn't a speech to the latino or mexican community, it's a speech to the republican base. what we see in the polls, including the fox news poll you cited earlier. donald trump has a way to go in getting 25% of republican voters to back him. those republicans tend to be college educated women. and i think they have some negative feel being the idea of mass deportation or deportation force. they don't like it per se. so i think donald trump needs to somehow say to them, i'm not some draconian harsh guy. i understand about families and i think we'll see a lot tonight
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about fairness to those latino families. >> assuming he does that, what happens to his base support? can he keep the base and bring it along with him while simultaneously bringing in the middle? >> not only will he keep the base and strip then the base and bring in the middle. the theme tonight we'll see immigration as a safety issue. we'll hear him lay out priorities. we'll hear about why we need the wall, why we need a stronger border. they touched on that today. it's not just about immigration, it's about the drugs that come in. second it's going to be the emphasis on the need to deport criminal illegal i will yens. hillary clinton's plan to to deport violent criminal illegal aliens. so people who committed fraud, people guilty of d.u.i.s get to stay under hillary's radical
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plan. there are interests who say i don't care so much about illegal immigration, but this appeals to me as a safety issue. trish: a.j. points out there was common ground between the president of mexico and donald trump. it was a bit of a gamble, was it not? it turned out one could say remarkably well for him, but it may not have. >> i don't think it could have gone better. i'm obviously biased as a trump supporter. one of the doubts about donald trump is he's a political outsider. can i -- can he operate on the world stage? he showed us today he can. not only did he go into mexico and meet with the president who has compared him to mussolini and hitler. he went in and had a calm, rational discussion with this
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man and said we need to negotiate. the united states and mexico, we have a common future together. good neighbors often have good fences. he showed presidential characteristics. the fact that he went and hillary clinton didn't. trump was doing his hectic campaign schedule. trish: why didn't hillary clinton go? >> she decided she would rather sing with jimmy buffet. she was with veterans today in ohio. but when she got the invitation she was in the hamptons raising money. trish: will rerecognize the significance of what donald trump did today. >> we are approaching labor day. this is all about hardball politics. look at the polling with trump
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pulling closer. so you are talking about trying to persuade people and reach out to people. consolidate your base, then reach out. hillary clinton has the latino vote. 80% to 20%, and it's climbing for clinton, not trump. this is about the image he conveys to the american people the fact that he went down there, i think it was a nice deal for him. he didn't look like someone on the world stable. it was a low bar. no one cursed him out. he's looking better. trish: it seems to have paid off. thank you so much. good to have you here. we are waiting on that very big speech that will be happening in phoenix. you are looking at a live picture of the podium coming to us from arizona. there has been a whole lot of speculation that donald trump could soften his position
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tonight on deporting illegal immigrants and building a border wall. how much leeway is he going to have with that issue. joining us gop strategist ed rollins and lanny davis. good to have both of you here. ed, i think juan put it quite well in that this may not entirely be an appeal to hispanics, but it may be an attempt to bring in republicans that don't feel invested in him. it may be an attempt to bring in some women voters that are cautious of him. what do you think if that's the case he needs to sell tonight on stable? >> he need to sell a consistent message. he bounced all over the place in the last week or two. he needs to say my first priority is to secure the border to make sure the criminal element that's come across the border is prosecuted and returned. i'll guarantee not just southern
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borderer but the northern border will be safe from terrorists. at the end of the day you have 11 million plus people who have come to this country illegally and they are working very hard. i don't think anybody want to throw them out and move them out, which is almost impossible. to get past this tonight, he state his position very clearly. then he gets on to the economy. trish: if he does that as ed just articulated and follows through on that promise. how much more difficult will that make it for hillary clinton in terms of distinguishing herself apart from him if he comes forward with a more empathetic tone? >> not even slightly. my good friend ed who i greatly respect and you, trish, in the prior panel glossed over the fact that he was caught in a lie today. the president of mexico said you did hear me say we are not
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paying for the wall. donald trump said it was never discussed. donald trump caught in a lie. trish: it's quite possible the president of mexico could have said that and he decided, donald trump that he wasn't going to even gang on it. so in his view they didn't have a discussion on it. i want to move on to the poll that shows this narrowing of the gap. ed, in the four-way you are looking at a 3-point presented between hillary clinton and donald trump. you are going to have those independent candidate on the ballot. >> i caution people. there are a lot of americans who don't want either one of these two candidate. so they find johnson or the green party as a place to sit. at the end of the day they won't be in the debates or have money to advertise.
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at the end of the day i would be surprised if 4% or 5% of the voters who are democrats or republicans don't vote for their party. at the end of the day you have got to have your own base. you have to have 90% of your own party or higher, then you have got to win the independents. i think trump is on his way to getting that. but the independent is where he looks stronger and stronger. trish: is that in part while we hear they are trying to sell a message he's the extreme. he's not your normal, every day republican. >> he will look like a fringe if you say it correctly that he made a flat-out statement that the paying of the wall was not discussed. you use thed the word even gained. the president of mexico said it was. either the president of mexico is lying or donald trump is lying. lyndsey graham and jeb bush and
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john kasich who were called some osomeof -- calledsofties on imm. i will challenge you tomorrow night, will he use the expression he used during the republican debates? i support mass deportation? i say no because he's flip flopping on that just as he is lying about saying the building of the wall will be paid for by mexico. trish: you ran ronald reagan's campaign. you had to take some chances because when you think about it, there are so many similarities between what reagan was up against and what trump is up against. >> reagan was anti-establishment. the key is you had two outsiders. what trump has to do is make her the third term for obama and go
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after the economic failures. today she tried to mike him the issue. he has to get it back to her being the issue. she is the issue with her lack of integrity. if it's about him making mistakes in the campaign, then basically she becomes more credible. trish: would you have been worried about sending him down to mexico? >> you have to take risks. his campaign was a little sluggish the last few weeks. i'm not sure he would make it the same day as the immigration speech. because he kind of steps on his own story. trish: they are speaking ere as the await donald trump in phoenix. the senator mentioned senator john mccain and the crowd booed. in many ways this party has started to shift. i think the democratic party started to shift as well when you see the hostility they feel
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toward the tpp agreement, trade and union voters that typically would have sided with the democrats. drawing this analogy back to the reagan years, is it possible that you really start to see a realignment and will it stick? >> reagan brought everybody together. it was a conservative party and moderate party before that. even when john mccain ran there was a split in the party. i sense we have to do a lot of work when this is over. trish: last word to lanny, do you agree, is there a shut, a monumental change happening now? >> you characterize things differently than i. i agree with ed what ronald reagan accomplished. you he was a nice gay. he didn't make -- he was a nice guy. he didn't make sense of people's
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physical ailments. and he didn't insult a judge. the continues between ronald reagan who was a nice guy as opposed to a mean-spirited individual who insulted an anchor of fox news channel with one of the worst character attacks, a an a misogynist stat. trish: perhaps this is the fix we are starting to see. >> he also rebuilt the defenses of the country. and lowered taxes and we had a great communicator. trish: lanny, thanks so much. ed rollins. we are awaiting donald trump who will be speak any minute from now. he will be laying out a major immigration policy speech there in arizona.
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this just hours after meeting with and giving a joint news conference with the president of mexico. you know, say whatle you will about donald trump. standing next to the president of mexico. he certainly cut a presidential image. people are saying this is what he needs to do. he need to be more presidential and statesman like if he's going to be in the white house. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk--
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liberty mutual insurance. trish: a very big night for the trump campaign. we are awaiting donald trump who will be speaking at the podium in phoenix, arizona. he touched down a short moment ago. he will be addressing the crowd and the nation outlining his policy on illegal immigration. i'm joined by governor mike huckabee. everybody says he will soften his tone when it comes to deporting illegal immigrants. do you think it will happen? >> not really. i think he will focus on the wall. he will say we'll end sanctuary cities. we won't have amnesty, and there will be deportation, starting
8:23 pm
with the criminals who have come here and committed drug crimes against americans. is he going to deport all 11 million people in the next year? probably not. i suggest he look at some unique options. what i call a virtual deportation or electronic deportation. rather than physically going back, they would electronically sign up. get in the back of the line. they would not be he wil -- note eligible for government benefits. if they didn't sign up, then if they were caught for anything, traffic violation, they would be subject to a physical deportation. trish: the goal would be to have some understanding of who is in this country right now.
8:24 pm
there is 11 million illegal undocumented immigrants, we don't know who they are or where they are. >> that's the point. that's why it would be so impossible just to say we are going to round them all up. if people had an opportunity to get things right. that's not amnesty because they will pay the fine, they will pay taxes, they don't get to vote, they don't have it seasonship. but they would be -- they don't have ihave have citizenship. trish require' -- trish: it's a complicated issue, but he didn't make it seem complicated. because he took a hard line. can he keep his base if he walks that line back? >> i don't think he's going to walk it back. people are angry because they
8:25 pm
know the federal government has failed. the federal government hasn't secured the border. if donald trump gets he atlantic an -- getselected. trish: who is he trying to reel in tonight. is it the minority or hispanic community or is it some republicans who may not feel he's their guy. >> i would like to think if they saw the extraordinary interaction he had with the president of mexico today, they will see that he dehighed quite well, very presidential. he understands diplomacy. he didn't bow down to him like obama did to the saudi king. he didn't make an apology like
8:26 pm
obama did in egypt and all over europe. he didn't try into consult his host or take on the most controversial subject. because they were building a relationship. i thought it was a brilliant move on his part. trish: a risky move. president nieto could have sand bagged him or pulled a ted cruz move. it paid off perhaps in spades. do you think people will come away with a more positive impression of donald trump as a result of that meeting with president nieto, governor? >> the never trumpers will still thereby and the hillary supporters will still be there. but a lot of independents and people worried about donald trump saw this is a person who can be president. what was most significant, he went to a country where he is unbelievably unpopular and he showed he had the courage of his convictions, that he didn't in
8:27 pm
any way coul cower from the bold positions he's taken. he went into the midst of hostile territory, he maintained dig mitt. showed respect to the president in a proper way. it was brilliant. but it was also incredibly bold. trish are'trish: he's definitel. he's laying out his immigration policy in arizona. deportations at the border nearing a 10-year low. what do we need to do to secure our border security and keep our country safe. we'll hear soon from mr. trump.
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plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. trish: we are waiting on donald
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trump who will be speaking in arizona any minute from now. he will be laying out a big policy speech there, telling us what he wants to do when it comes to illegal immigrants. arizona is ground zero for the fight overboarder security. deportations under president obama have gotten to a near 10-year low. what do we need to do to keep our country safe in this environment? joining me, matt welch, and milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. good to see you tonight. heather, what do you want to hear from mr. trump tonight? >> i would like to hear him revise our immigration policy to favor high-skilled immigrants with english skills. and i would like to hear that he's going to start enforcing
8:33 pm
immigration laws, that means enforcing e-verify for employers and remove sanctuary cities. there should be no ability to defy the federal government when it comes to immigration enforcement. if somebody has broken a drunk driving law, he should be out of here immediately. there is no second chance. trish: heather brings up the laws we already have on the books. if we just enforce the laws we have, could we be farther ahead? >> no, because you have to seal the border. i know president obama and mrs. clinton say it is. then how did the killer of kate steinle get back in the country five times. here is why it's important to seal the border. you have homeland security issues. you have criminal gangs and terrorists and guns and drugs coming into the country.
8:34 pm
you want to control the spread infectious diseases, the zika virus. remember the ebola scare? the third reason you want to do it. you want to make sure you are not taking a heavy influx of people who are nerdowells. it could tax our limited services, schools and things like that. trish: heather was bringing up, she wants to see people who speak english who are highly skilled technologically speaking to come here to help grow our economy. matt, i know you are in favor of immigration. but as the sheriff points out, there is a real security concern here. how do you have a country without borders? >> you can't seal the border.
8:35 pm
i hate to be the one to break the bad news to everybody. half of legal immigrants in the country came here illegally. trish: they came here legally on a tourist visa. >> or work visa that had different rules. trish: but we should know they are here. shouldn't we know if they overstayed it? >> there is different ways to know that they are here. chris christie suggested we treat them like fedex packages. you can't treat humans like things you can put tracking devices on. if we don't treat this realistically -- >> they ought to be able to cut through some of this. they ought to be able to run themselves more efficiently so we know who is here.
8:36 pm
if they overstayed a visa we know that. to their point you do something when it comes to the boarders we do have. we have to take a quick break. we are awaiting donald trump who will be speaking in phoenix. donald trump set to take the stage in arizona moments from now. he will lay out his plan for border security and tell us how his administration would work to keep our country safe. up next, why it's not just the mexican border we need to strengthen and strong borders are critical to our fight against terror. stay with me.
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8:41 pm
obviously they have a lot of frustration when it comes to this issue. you think of kate steinle and her family and the frustration knowing the man who murdered her snuck into this country five times. donald trump's visit to mexico puts the southern borderer front and center in terms of the news flow. but strengthening our border is important to our national security and our fight against terrorism. a lot to talk about, dr. gorka. we know that terrorists are trying to get into our country via this porous mexican border. is that one more reason we need
8:42 pm
to be vigilant and careful? >> absolutely. everybody associates judicial watch with their incredible work on the hillary clinton's server-gate scandal. but they also documented how the kayio tethe -- how the coyote re being used by terrorists. borders are part of national security. so on this issue, mr. trump is absolutely right. trish: this is something i don't think a lot of people are familiar with. i have done a lot of reporting in latin america and south america, specifically in one area where paraguay, argentina and about still meet. a lawless area where a lot of people came from the middle east
8:43 pm
in the 1970s. this is a hotbed of extremism. it's said to be the biggest source of funding for hezbollah outside of iran. knowing there are extremists down there who would like to find their way back up into the united states, what do we need to be doing to make sure we keep these people out? >> we need a coherent policy that doesn't compartmentalize the immigration issue on one side and national security on the other. america isn't just a land mass. it's an idea. the muslim brotherhood and hamas want to come here because the american idea of freedom and liberty is the greatest threat to islamist theocracy on the planet. and it's the best counter to radical islam. then it empowers muslims mike
8:44 pm
myself and conservatives mike lie parent and grandparents who came to america because they saw it as an idea that could defeat radical islam that was destroying the middle east. trish: you saw a motorcade going by a short time ago. those are live pictures coming in from phoenix. donald trump is making his way to the auditorium where he will be speak. what is it you want to hear from him in terms of not just security where it comes to the mexican border. but security overall where our nations facing a serious threat. we don't want to be in a situation such as we see europe in. this is the motorcade, they are look at, of donald trump making his way there to that podium where he will address the crowd.
8:45 pm
>> i grew up in the able of maggie thatcher in the u.k. i'm now a proud american. the gipper ronald reagan remains a model to me. he had a simple message. reinstill the good feelings, the patriotism of the american people, feeling good about themselves. resort economy and defeat the soviet union. just three things. we would like to hear mr. trump translate that simplicity into the year 2016. i want to hear more on the wall. it will be real. it's going to be built. i want to hear him talk about fixing the economy. and i want to hear one thing. we have to destroy isis. if he speaks to those three things he will have spoken to and connected with the majority of americans that want to be reassured we can defeat the
8:46 pm
jihadists and our children can be safe. trish: i want to talk to both of you on the other side of his speech. you are looking at live pictures coming to us of donald trump's motorcade that just disappeared behind that building. he's en route to the auditorium where he will be addressing the crowd and addressing the nation and addressing the world. everyone is watching this speech tonight to see exactlyl what he will say, what his immigration plan will really be. there is a lot of speculation he may soften his stance on deportation and on building that wall. will he actually do that? and what is the goal here? will he bring in independents? will he bring in republicans who are not swayed by him yet? we'll talk about all of it coming back with trump's speech after this. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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trish: we are waiting on donald trump. he will be taking the stable in arizona in a couple moments. a lot of speculation on whether he will strengthen his stance on immigration or the wall. but we are hearing perhaps a little bit of a softer tone when it comes to deportation.
8:51 pm
the question is if that's the case, dose run the risk of alienating his core supporters or are they with him no matter what. joining us within former colorado congressman tom tancredo. i know you are hard-core on strengthening that border. you believe illegal immigration needs to be stopped in its tracks. but you said if donald trump softens his stance you will still back him. explain why. >> certainly it has been a hallmark of my entire political career, that is to strengthen the borders and i am nate, reduce significantly the amount of illegal immigration coming into the country. i would go beyond that and talk about that. but i will tell you this. we are at a point where the choice is clear.
8:52 pm
i was relationship nally for cruz. that's not -- i was originally for cruz. that's not going to happen. it's donald trump versus hillary clinton. there is nothing more important for me today and the preservation of this country. that rests on what will happen in this next election and what will happen to the supreme court of the united states if hillary clinton is elected. it's all the marbles. everything is gone at that point in time. if we elect her and she is able to establish a court that will do what obama has started and wants to do, and that is thoroughly transform the united states. i don't want it. it's the most important thing. it's even more important than the immigration issue which we can fight out. and we have a chance with donald trump. i don't have a chance with hillary clinton. trish: is there a message you want to convey to never-trumpers?
8:53 pm
in terms of the policies each of these two candidates put forward on immigration, the economy or national security, then of course the supreme court. so many never trumpers say i don't like trump so i'm going to sit this one out. >> sitting it out is not an option if you care about the country. you can have personal opinions and feel slighted and feel he was insulting you or some group. i know all that. do you care about america? are you a patriot? you call yourselves patriots. are you really? if you elect hillary clinton and any vote that is not a vote for trump, a non-vote for a vote for somebody else will help he elect her. if you do that, you are not a patriot. i don't ware what you try to say. america is at stake. and hillary clinton is going to kill the america that we love. she'll finish the job that obama
8:54 pm
started. if that's what you want. if that's your real purpose. don't give me any of this rationalization about why you are not going to vote for trump. you don't like america. that's the only thing i can think of that will make these people focus on what is right. trish require's a passed plea. we appreciate you joining us. thank you very much. congressman. we'll be right back with donald trump and his big speech live from phoenix, arizona, right after this. you push and pull and struggle and fight and love to run your business. and when you need legal help with that business, we're here for you. we're legalzoom.
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trish: donald trump set to speak any minute from phoenix, arizona where he will lay out his immigration plan. there has been a lot of speculation he may soften his position when it comes to deporting illegal immigrants and building the border wall. joining me, is the guy who knows, chris, can you give us a preview? >> i don't think you will see any softening of his position. i think you will see him lay out a series of steps that need to be taken for us to get control our immigration problem and control the sovereign tough our country. you will see him talking about the wall. you will see him talking about increasing the level of enforcement. trish: the wall is for sure?
8:59 pm
>> absolutely. a real physical wall. some people talk about a virtual wall with sensors. we already have got that. we don't -- that's not a wall and it does very little to stop illegal immigration. it is possible to use leverage and try to compel them to pay for it. is it a guarantee? no. but there is a good chance if we shut down the demittanses that go to mexico every year from illegal aliens and legal aliens residing in the united states. trish: that would be a big move to say no more remittances going to mexico. >> under the patriot act there is a provision that allows the united states to put conditions on certain accounts and transfers of money.
9:00 pm
so we have the authority to issue regulations to say that's a financial transaction where you have to establish you are lawfully present in the united states before you can wire that money overseas. trish: so mexico would say it would cost less to invest in the wall. we'll be watching. thank you very much for joining us, chris. donald trump is going to be speaking there any second in phoenix, arizona, delivering that big speech where he lays out his immigration policy after a surprise visit to mexico where trump and the mexican president held a joint news conference and said they resolved a lot of the misunderstandings they had. look at the visuals. it was quite something to see where you had donald trump up next to the president of mexico. it really almost seems


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