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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 1, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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the wall street journal returning tesla faces a financial squeeze as it prepares to merge with solar city. markets kicking off a new trading month. it is september 1st. futures are pointing to a higher ownershipping on this day. investors waiting on tomorrow's job report, in europe stocks searching for direction as well. the ftse in london slightly down and the dax in germany are holding onto some gain. in asia overnight markets were mixed as well. hang seng and kospi all down. with me fox business dagen mcdowell and kevin kelly. good to have you, good to see all of you. good morning. dagen: good morning. sandra: you look like you're about to say something.
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dagen: i was going to ask how your dog is doing. sandra: september is a good month for the stock market? >> it tends to be volatile but not during presidential years. that's what you're alluding to. sandra: president and ceo of the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce javier palomeros and david and former white house press secretary under george w. bush, you do not want to miss the all-star lineup. he also took president obama and hillary clinton to task. listen. >> surrendering the safety of the american people to open
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borders and you know it better than anybody right here in arizona. president obama and hillary clinton support sanctuary cities, they support tax and release on the border, they support visa overstays. sandra: all right, let's bre in matt, chairman of conservative union and trump supporter. matt, good morning to you. >> great to be here. sandra: donald trump offering plenty of red meat. i found difficult to walk away from. it was scripted. >> what a day going méxico which was a brilliant political move reset the campaign but ended the day that's something that's typical. big high-energy rally so we talked about immigration for the
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full dai. i did think the trip earlier that day was the news of the day. it really did reset the race in a lot of things. sandra: what about the ad libs, though, we don't know yet. >> we should hillary clinton. maybe he'll deport her too. dagen: much made on twitter initially about what he said we didn't discuss paying for the wall and then the president said, i told trump i wasn't paying for wall and everybody was trying to make it out like donald trump wasn't telling the truth but this morning if you look at the maybe stream media the way they're covering it, they're not playing it that way. we didn't discuss it and the president says i'm not doing it, that's not a discussion. that speech got play because he was pretty clear now, he cleared up any idea that he feels like
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it's okay if illegal immigrant stay in this country. i thought that that was the critical point of that speech last night. kevin: and maybe you want to touch base on this. i thought he was pretty presidential when he was talking about the wall and borders with the president because he brought up they have a border problem of immigrant coming up through méxico. so you want to touch base on that? >> yeah, i do think that the meeting with the president of méxico was a brilliant stroke. i do think it is no surprise to anybody that there was a disagreement between méxico and donald trump on who is going to pay for this wall around whether or not there should be a wall. i think everyone kind of gets that. you can't erase the moment, he did look presidential. the question on what we are going to do while here, someone who worked for president bush, he was more moderate in immigration and he said every single person who is here illegally, in order to get legal status needs to go back to home country. they had to leave and go home.
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people don't talk about it in this context. you have this whole conversation, a lot of people on the left said trump is a racist and bad policy. policy accepted by a lot of republicans and people for a long time, yeah, there are a lot of people who we need for economic. maybe we should have more people becoming citizens but they have to start by acknowledging they broke the law and go home to start the process to make it right again. >> do you think more people support it even the ones that are saying that they do? >> i don't think it's the hard line. from my standpoint is characterized because trump's language is so tough. >> exactly. they're kind of secretly agreed but they don't want to come out and say it. >> george w. bush ran in 2004 on the idea that everybody had to go home and he was considered former texas governor. dagen: 44 in 2004.
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>> that's right. forget out of the words and you start looking at policies, this is a policy we can start to build consensus. dagen: i think the messaging that i've heard watching the response, conservative response to this speech, stop liberals and democrats talk about illegal immigrant as the victims, stop talking about that. this is about the laws of the united states and the citizens of this country. i just thought that that was an interesting way to frame it but certainly resinates politically. sandra: get that tweet out before we move onto hillary clinton. that th was the reaction on twitter from the méxico president. he tweeted out at the beginning of the conversation with donald trump i made clear that méxico will not pay for that wall. that continues to be the back and forth of the conversation this morning because it does seem like we heard one thing from him and another thing from donald trump. i want to move on this morning to hillary clinton. the fbi may be releasing notes with the interview with james
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comey later today and new report shows hillary clinton also sent classified emails. can you believe this, from her personal e-mail after she left the state department. is this further -- is this more bad news for hillary clinton? >> she's unbelievable. i call it reckless, james comey called her actions reckless. i worked in the white house for years. all my e ails are there to see. it's the taxpayer's e-mail. we are having this conversation about hillary clinton lying about how much classified information she e-mailed or didn't e-mail. think about this, china, russia, our enemies, terrorists, they saw every single word of every single e-mail. now, it can be proven but everyone knows it happened. that's the thing that's breath-taking, everything that hillary clinton received on emails -- sandra: you fall back on the point that even if they didn't, the fact that she risk
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it had ability for that. >> that's the whole point. that's exactly right. here is the thing with classified information. at the moment when you're getting information, you don't know whether something is real, imagine, just something someone fears or really hard information about a big problem facing the country. he was willing to take the risk that everybody could read that before she knew. you know, that's incredibly irresponsible. >> after she left the state department. she doesn't have to hold the country to continue to put our country at risk. dagen: this recklessness is hurting her in the polls. >> the american people have known her for 25 years, 70% of them think she's neither honest nor trust worthy. at the end of the day they are looking for an alternative to hillary clinton. the question is would they accept donald trump as alternative? sandra: i want to get to fox news polls fresh polls showing donald trump closing the gap with hillary clinton in a
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head-to-head match, she once held a 10-point advantage. now we are looking at a 6-point advantage. are the polls tightening at the right time of donald trump if he possibly looking at a big turnaround in the big of september? >> we will know if -- make sure there's a four-way, green party candidate and make sure the libertarian -- dagen: she has a 3-point lead in the four-way. >> that's all the -- libertarian johnson, his issue is legalization of drugs and jill stein. they're going to be included on election day. look at registered voters. you see that this is a very
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tight race. dagen: 2-point lead and not a 3-point lead. >> donald trump is going quote the point. dagen: he has to worry about the battleground states. sandra: ryan priebus made the prediction that he would be leading by labor day. dagen: colorado are out of his reach which he could lose north carolina. >> he's got leads in florida and you will also see battleground states collapsing but this is why the race is so exciting to watch. sandra: good to have you, speaking of which florida bracing for severe storms and floods as tropical storm takes aim at the state, how residents there are preparing next. and well farceo deal with amazon coming to an end already. details on the short-lived details to offer discounted student loans. straight ahead. take a look at the solar eclipse
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in africa called the ring of fire. we will be right back.
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sandra: five people are dead after two planes collide in midair. cheryl casone has the story and the rest of your headlines, hi,
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cheryl. cheryl: all those on board the two small planes have died. the crash occurred northwest of the village of russian mission. responders at the scene confirmed there were no survivors and alaskan officials say collision occurred just before 11:00 a.m. on wednesday. well, residents in florida bracing for tropical storm hermain, the storm is strengthening in the gulf of mexico and making in thursday night. hurricane warning issued wednesday night for the florida panhandle from the swany river down to mexico beach. hurricane madeline has been downgraded by the national weather service. decreased to 70 miles per hour
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before they need remain in doors. wells fargo and amazon ending a partnership that offered prime student customer discounted student loans, the deal lowered for student loans. the announcement six week ago. subscribers still going to receive other benefits which include free-two day shipping and access to movie and tv shows. sandra: thank you. elon musk plans for tesla to acquire solar city could run into some cash trouble. details on the squeeze next. in one of leonardo dicaprio latest hits, how charity could
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sandra: trouble brewing on elon musk. kevin kelly is here. musk is in the process to try to combine these two xeangs, where does that stand? >> this has been expected for a long time. he would have to go out and raise new capital via equity or debt markets but one of the things that shock it had market
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is with the solar city deal is that it has a completely different business model as well as another significant cash, so not only tesla burned tons of cash, they acquired another company that burns tons of cash. it has the same business model of sun edison which went bankrupt on april 21st. that's a problem. that was reflected in solar city's bond prices. tesla shareholders were trying to figure out what the net benefit was because tesla trades at 300 times earnings, they are hoping to get into that growth. elon would focus on producing the cars because they never made the expectation. dagen: cash crunch that's literally a few months away. 422million-dollar payment that's due to bond holders from tesla
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in the third quarter and then also there was in the filing yesterday and this is in the wall street journal, 15 institutional investors that passed on either acquiring solar city or injecting equity into it. the people are afraid of that company and he takes it on. what it looks like on the surface that solar city was going to go bankrupt and he rescued it in a way that puts burden or tesla shareholder. kevin: he was one of the biggest bond holders, he did a bail-out of himself. that goes back to -- this was all transparent and telegraphed. there was tons of conflict of interest. this was meant to resolve. sandra: he said in an interview on wednesday this is how he envisioned tesla's role in solar energy. so i mean, a lot has changed.
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kevin: they've never delivered on the amount of cars they wanted to. now that they have this impending cash burn and they haven't been able to produce as many cars as they have, it's a difficult situation because now the business model has completely changed. they were making car with left turn yuim -- lithium battery. dagen: one and a half billion dollars in revenue, $3 billion in debt. high-operating costs and that sounds worst than an airline. sandra: solar city needs emergency funds to keep operating and without the debt they issued, they wouldn't be able to cover working capital. kevin: of course not. dagen: the debt issued to insiders, elon musk and his two
6:23 am
cousins at solar city, the chief executive that they were buying more than 80% of the recent bond issue. kevin: bonds were prietsing bankruptcy just like sun edison went bankrupt on april 21st. six weeks later the deal happens. dagen: if i was a tes lay shareholder i would be dog-on mad. kevin: they are. a lot of them are. dagen: a lot are not shareholders anymore. kevin: it's being reflected. sandra: here we are. we are working on labor day weekend. people taking friday out. it's not a sleepy friday because we have a job's report that will it play a parton the fed decision to raise rates by the end of the year? kevin: it will if we get a big shocking number. sandra: what are you predicting? kevin: i'm predicting 180,000 where consensus is because we
6:24 am
had two big blow outnumbers in the last two months. 273,000 jobs added. if we get a number that is north of that, they may push the fed to raise rates in september which is pretty interesting specially given that we are going into the political cycle. now, you had a lot of the fed governors talking about they're not -- politics doesn't play into it but they do know that whatever they do does lead to market volatility which could impact the elections. sandra: by the way, look back to 1960 and only four election years where september, october saw declines, so typically stocks go up election day, september, october, tends to be positive for u.s. stock market. dagen: '08 was a horse show. sandra: that was a recessionary period. kevin: every month was volatile around in a way but i think
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you're bringing up a good point. september is typically the most volatile month of the year. if we go back to 1945 you actually the moves of 5% or more down have happened late august and september, a third of the time. so you're getting big moves during those months but as we alluded to, september during election years is really calm, peaceful market. if you look back to this summer, it's been, very calm. i mean, last summer we had worries about china, the summer before we had worries about greece. this summer we shook off what happened in britain. britain. sandra: amazing. we will bring you live coverage of the job's report tomorrow morning. that begins at 8:00 a.m. eastern. donald trump vow to go end the practice of sanctuary cities. coming up we speak to a father whose son was murdered by and illegal imgrant about the republican's nominee immigration plan.
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of 10-point plan as part of his effort to protect americans. >> there is only one core issue in the immigration debate and that issue is the well-being of the american people hillary clinton talks about her fear that is families would be separated, but she's not talking about the american families who have been permanently separated from their loved ones because of a preventible some side, because of a preventible death, because of murder. >> straight ahead i will speak to one of those angel parents whose child was killed by and illegal immigrant. warning nearly 70 million accounts have been hacked. what you need to know to protect your information. government gets in the way again. the justice department challenging a deal between
6:30 am
monsanto and deer. biggest hits stirring up controversy. how wall street charity could be tie today money laundering scandal. how to make employees happy, believe it or not, not cash, what really motivates workers ahead. changing the way your food is packaged, how the usda is making that plastic edible. markets kicking off a new trading month. the dow six-month winning streak. futures are pointing to a higher open with 42-point gain on dow futures, s&p futures up about 4 points, nasdaq futures up 15. investors are in a bit of wait and see on tomorrow's job's report. right now markets there trending to the upside. in asia overnight, truly mixed action there as we did see the
6:31 am
nikkei and the hang seng post gains and the shanghai and kospi trending down. last night in phoenix revealing 10-point immigration plan. gop nominee discussing building a great wall, catch and release and have no tolerance for criminal aliens. take a listen to this. zero tolerance for criminal aliens, zero. zero. you can call it whatever the hell you want. they're gone. their days have run out. in this country the crime will stop, they're going to be done -- gone. it will be over. sandra: trump highlighting how americans have been hurt by illegal immigrant. joining us now is his father jamil shaw senior. thanks for joining us this morning.
6:32 am
>> good morning, thank you for inviting me. sandra: i understand you had a chance to listen and watch donald trump's speech last night. what did you make of his words? >> oh yeah, one thing understood, i'm not that part of organization, i'm part of jamil's law organization and i really enjoyed hearing from donald trump. i mean, it was very inspirational to me, you know, to hear some of the things that he wanted. we have been trying to get a law passed called jamiel that if you're in the country illegal and in a gang that's automatic deportable. what he was saying was spot on what we wanted, secure communities, 278g, we want ice rolling with the task forces, we want them going into the jails, going into the prisons, you know, doing -- like donald trump say extreme vetting, you know, get in there and make us safe. we want to see it, you know, we
6:33 am
have heard forever but donald trump, everyone knows he is going to do it. i feel that he's going to do it. sandra: clearly jamiel you look what you're hearing from donald trump and i know that we have spoken in the past and the critics say he's insensitive and racist and that this is america isn't the way you behave to america, how do you respond to critics? >> how do we behave in america, sit around and let people murderer our kids, our kids dead. i had to go to the cemetery to see a picture of my kid on the wall. i don't want to hear that kind of stuff. we know that we have gangs killing, we have murderers, rapists, these things are happening. i'm not saying méxico personally sends them over but we know they are here and if we can't deal with that, we don't want to hear all the rhetoric, we want somebody who is giving us solutions, has a plan and implement it. that's what it's all about.
6:34 am
>> hillary clinton not talking about it, i'm sure when she responds to the speech, she will say that's so mean. dagen: has anyone from the democratic party contacted you? >> i'm a racist. in 2008 bill o'reilly had asked hillary clinton about my son being murdered in a one on one-on-one interview and my son shot dead, would she stop sanctuary cities. she said no. i was around in the 90's when they had the crime bills. i was a young guy then. i know everything they were doing. so she can't fool me. shu can't fool -- sandra: and the other aspect that he has
6:35 am
challenges on is ability to implement it. you like what he's saying, words, ideas and policies, how confident are you in his ability if elected president to actually implement these ideas? >> you know, it's all about trying. we've heard from every republican, we will take care of you, give us the senate. we heard that before, trump has my hopes and dreams. you know, i feel like he's going to do what he says and if nothing else, he is going to try, try to implement these things. there are some things he can do on his own and some he needs congress but as long as he goes in there and represents the american people, i'm very happy. i will let him roll with everything else. kevin: it's kevin kelly. my question to you is should this not pass jamiel's law in los angeles, do you think you could go to donald trump and would you want to see a pass on the federal level when gang members in any city including chicago should they be deported?
6:36 am
>> definitely. i remember when i met with donald trump a while back, i had gave him the jamiel's law so he could see it and hopefully implement it in his immigration plans and it's pretty much jamiel's law is there. when i hear about what donald trump is going to do, i am hearing jamiel's law. if they want to call it that or donald -- it doesn't matter. i have people in la that if he gets in there, we are going to help out. this is about america. i have kids, i have grand kids, i have nieces and nephew, when i'm dead, i want to leave something for them not just funerals. sandra: jamiel to remind everybody, this was in 2008 when your son was 19 year's old -- >> 17. sandra: when he was shot by illegal immigrant, in what specific way did donald trump lay out his plan last night to
6:37 am
make you think that it would have prevent it had death of your son when that happened several years ago? >> the first thing bring secured communities back, 287g, this allows the sheriffs and the police and ice to go into the jails. i mean, that's where the bad ones are, in jail, some on the street, the ones in jail, there's no reason why they have people getting out of jail killing our kids, that's unacceptable. you know, ice go with the law enforcement to gang task forces, everything that he wants to do when it comes to enforcement of criminals, everybody should be for that. who could be against that and if you are, what would you do if someone murdered your child, ran your daddy over, i mean, what would you do? >> the shooter had been in jail, got out, no one checked. i don't see how that's still happening so often that nobody is looking into this. it seems pretty basic and not controversial. dagen: there was outrage if
6:38 am
you're and illegal immigrant and you get arrested you immediately get deported even before a trial, even before you're charged, the point is if you're and illegal immigrant, you're violating the law in the first place. that's the crime. >> right. dagen: exactly, jamiel. >> once you cross the border all bets off. that has to be dealt with. if that isn't dealt with, they're all going to be here. you punish them, you put public announcement that we are enforcing this now, the past is the past. today we are enforcing it and trump is going to do it. i believe it. sandra: all right, jamiel, always good to talk to you, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. drop box dropping the ball on cybersecurity, data breach that puts nearly 70 million users at risk.
6:39 am
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[music] sandra: think about the city that never sleeps that was bumper to bumper traffic at 6:30 in the morning. the dow up four points in the s&p 500. looks like we will see a positive start. a couple of hours from now in wall street. here are the stocks on the move, monsanto a huge company to watch . regulators say the deal would
6:43 am
suppress for technology to help farmers fast e. the company third-quarter revenue forecast coming below estimates. the software giant says it sees weakness mainly in the united states. all right, to brazil's president delma rousoff. cheryl: this is a fascinating story after the olympics, brazil vote 61-20 to oust the female president, she was accused of breaking laws of management of federal budget. michelle promise to go revive brazil's economy. one of the headlines this morning the online drop box are forcing users to reset passports, that's because
6:44 am
68 million user name and passwords were stolen from the 2012 hack. just last week the company began resetting passwords. the company knew about the hacking but didn't originally realized the impact. tuesday it obtained files containing all of those account details. well, this story hollywood actor leonardo dicaprio urged to pay back millions linked to embezzlement scheme. >> i made $49 million. 3 shy of a million a week. the real question is this, was all of this legal? cheryl: he made a lot of money making that money and now swiss charity calling on actor to pay donations. big story in the journal if you happen to read it. they accused dicaprio on double standards. the -- anybody pizza or money?
6:45 am
>> i would rather have money than pizza. sandra: go ahead. kevin: you can buy pizza can money. [laughter] cheryl: this is fox business. yes, pizza is the big motivator, sandra, so you win that one. 1% the promise of saying well done came in second, pizza was number one, number three was money for employees, 30 bucks. at the end of the week money fell into last play so well done came in second and pizza and like a complement that you've done a good job go a long way managers, pizza --
6:46 am
>> it makes me sleepy. sandra: how much pizza do you actually -- >> not a lot. when i do i need to take a nap. kevin: she doesn't eat pizza because she wants to stay productive. >> i don't want pizza holding me down. dagen: that is a reward when they get free garbage -- >> you know it's garbage. sandra: what would motivate you dagen, green juice? >> do i look like i'm a juicer? [laughter] kevin: how is money not invent -- incentivizing these people? dagen: if it gave you money equivalent of a couple of slices of pizza you would look at it and go $5.
6:47 am
>> i agree with complements. sandra: give the person pizza and not money. coming up traditional plastic packaging for meat and cheeses could be on the way out, innovative wrapper that you could actually eat, hmm, next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere.
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sandra: at the grocery store many foods including bread, cheese come in plastic packaging, of course, preventing from food from spoiling.
6:51 am
our next guests have been working at an alternative type of packaging made from himming protein that's edible. joining us now is usda chemical engineer and research leader peggy and research chemical engineer latisha, thanks for joining us this morning, ladies. what do we need to know about this? first of all, have we been at risk with the packaging that's been in our cheeses and grocery? >> no, absolutely not. you haven't been at risk but what we propose a new type of film that control the objection -- objection again -- oxygen that enters that film. sandra: okay, what is that exactly made of?
6:52 am
>> so they are made of milk protein called casein, number one protein in milk. several different types of caseins and commercially produced. it's isolated from milk and we take -- we use this powder, we hydrate it and put it back in water. we let it dry and have nice shiny plastic. >> do you think this is going to be interest to a lot of american--base companies looking to wrap producting differently. >> yes, it is because we have received many inquiries about it, probably close to 10 so far from major companies. so definitely are interested. it's a nice sustainable way also of using packaging on food because it can be consumed with
6:53 am
the food. sandra: it's not keeping light out which has been a concern for milk and dairy products, keeping it fresher longer and more of the air out from interacting with the cheeses? >> right. we believe that it will. >> that will probably protect from uv's, we still have to test packaging. sandra: i keep referencing cheeses, this film can be used on a lot of different products, like what else could this be used for? >> well, we would like to stick to milk products mostly because it's best on milk products and milk is an allergy protein, contains allergic protein, so what we want to do is stick to
6:54 am
foods that are already dairy ingredients . kevin: what is the anticipated cost? can you mass produce it because it seems like an intensive process? >> well, we did a quick cost analysis yesterday and looks like the cost of processing is about 3 cents per meter square of film that you get. we use casein in our excerpts because -- experiments because we can mix it but we can use cheaper forms of milk to put in the films which could lower the feed costs.
6:55 am
so casein is about $2 a pound right now and add it in film cost, the entire film would be 53 cents per meter square. sandra: wow, you can flavor them. i am absolutely impressed that you can even use this lining for pizza boxes. the uses for this are endless and it could be like a spray-on coding that could prevent grease and stain. i love this kind of innovation and it could be a game-changer. peggy and latisha, thanks for joining us this morning. all right, coming up, historic landmark to open, we take a drive in california incline in the next hour of mornings with maria. eryone.
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6:59 am
immigration and reform our laws to make your life better. i really believe this is it. you've to get out and vote on november 8. it's our last chance. one question still remains. it now extends behind the time. a new report shows that she shared classified information. all this comes as new polling shows a tightening race. florida is now bracing for severe weather.
7:00 am
we are looking at the storms past. medical marijuana card holders can't buy a gun. the big question this will he stand for a military tribute after the national anthem controversy. the stocks are finishing august. futures right now the highest open in the first day of september. it's always a big report when you're waiting for up possible hike by the feds. fence. here are the markets right now. the stock index futures up across the board.
7:01 am
with gains led one half and 1%. a jet overnight. summer is not over yet. walmart is looking ahead to the holidays we have a look at the top toys ahead. kevin kelly is here. yes i stress that. because walmart is making a some new changes. they are putting something on their shelf that normally had to go to very specific boutique store four. people get excited for like three months. i got stuff to do.
7:02 am
she's excited about new year's. thanks for being here this morning. donald trump stuck to his word did not stand and did not stand down on his controversial immigration plan. will this ultimately help or hurt him when it comes to november especially by hispanic voters. i want to 31st. and is this going to work for him. i think what he is doing is working and certainly the polls show that. you're on the fox news poll. he is now tied in the polls what he's doing is working. he acted incredibly presidential. he went to mexico city they
7:03 am
have compared him to hitler and mussolini. we can negotiate as allies and friends. and then he went to arizona and said i will always had your back it will always be america first. we love immigration but it must be done by the rules. and the people who are most harmed by illegal immigration by the way our illegal immigrants are people who went through what is a cumbersome process. people who did it right and got visas and got citizenships. it's unfair to them in every way to say people can then cheat the system and cut the line in front of them. it was a compelling speech it
7:04 am
was attention grabbing. he really double down on his immigration plan and gave more specifics let's listen to some of that from last night zero tolerance for criminal aliens. you can call it whatever the hell you want. their god. their days had run out in this country there can be god. it will be over. what did you make of it. i think it was a compelling speech that played will to his basic no doubt. the problem and the challenge that he has in front of him i think at the end of the day the story hasn't changed. he did give some more specifics into this speech. but the reality of it is it is important.
7:05 am
nobody is arguing about that. but you don't fix it by going out and having a chat with the president of mexico coming back and getting your base all fired up. the system has been broken over decades. that is the beginning and the end of it. 42% of illegal immigrants get here by flying into the united states. do you like anything that hillary clinton is saying in terms of immigration reform. nobody is arguing that point. you don't fix it by hyperbole or shenanigans. they were trying to approach it in a new and a more compassionate and strategic fashion.
7:06 am
they depend on this issue. you can't fix this issue. it simply does not work that way. we just head the father of a son who was killed by an illegal immigrant who said listen i have to head confidence that donald trump's plan will work because he's the only one saying the right thing. it's important for our national security that we control our border. american workers they should not had to compete in the labor market with illegals who almost always are willing to work for lower wages because of their status. i want to speak i want to speak much more to legal hispanics. i think they had been taken for granted by the mechanic
7:07 am
party. they are not doing work very well in and this economic expansion is very slow people of color are going backwards unfortunately they live in unsafe neighborhoods. i hope that donald trump is appealing very effectively to those people saying the democrats are taking it for granite. we have ideas and policies that can grow your communities in every way that's what i want to focus on. and as far as the softening stance. a lot of people were expecting going to the speech leslie to head him back down from some of his controversial stances he did not. what are you hearing this morning what are the responses
7:08 am
of the hispanic community. they collectively contribute over 600 first and foremost is not the only issue. we want to hear about how it could help american businesses move forward. small businesses gain access to capital and credit when we need it. 94 percent of the global market exists outside. what would that do to the u.s. economy. building a wall well not fix our woes. we need to move forward fixing the wall as second affix immigration. a lot of the liberals that you hear they say if you start
7:09 am
deporting more so than any president before him. it's getting crater our economy. do you buy that. the fact of the matter is this is a dragon that has been created so donald trump could slay it. these are not the only issues that we need to deal with. this economy needs help. i think you would agree with me to hispanic americans who are here legally which is a massive community whether the immigrants or descendents i think what really matters is we need school choice. we need to get growing again.
7:10 am
they sadly had one tenth the household wealth of white americans. it's neck is a don't work hard it's because a bad policy and i think donald trump is offering some serious answers we will have your travel update and weather update next to. think again. everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here.
7:11 am
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7:13 am
the national hurricane center said the storm will likely strengthen into a hurricane by the time it makes landfall. jonathan can you solve this. can you solve this. i'm glad we cleared that up.
7:14 am
as far as conditions here on the floor we are experiencing a steady breeze it's relatively clear the eye of the storm is still while to the south of us in the gulf of mexico but take a look at the eastern side of the storm that is producing heavy rainfall it's already affected residents. which i can buy the tampa bay area. they are far enough east that they haven't experienced a whole lot in the way of wins they are experiencing torrential downpours. and then as you look at the
7:15 am
path of the storm we anticipate where going to be experiencing that heavy rainfall here and then of course conditions expected to deteriorate as we go into the afternoon. it's expected to make landfall sometimes overnight. we will keep watching it. a federal appeals court pulled a ban on gun sales. the cardholders does not violate the second amendment. that is according to the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals. this can try to buy a firearm. the japanese auto company
7:16 am
wrote recalling cars worldwide. during engine problems. they include the mazda three car as well as the cx three and the cx five cross over. 1.8 million. they make at the little bite snacks. they are recalling an unspecified number of little bites. these products may contain plastic that can be choking or cutting hazard. they have to have a best buy date of october 8. those are the two dates to
7:17 am
look for. september 24 for the variety pack. you might want to listen to this one especially if you had kids at walmart naming its 25 hottest toys for the holidays. they relied on kids ranging from 18 months to 12 years old to find the most appealing games for them. drones some of the big pics. the company said the layaway program picks up tomorrow. you can pay overtime and then also little puppy play stations. >> thankfully i don't have to worry about that yet but will they still like the same stuff in december do your shopping
7:18 am
online the week before like a normal person. thank you very much and thank you to cheryl for the headlines. we've an expert who said he knows how the swing states will sway.
7:19 am
7:20 am
7:21 am
tim cook is speaking out after
7:22 am
they imposed $14.5 billion of tax charges. he calls it a total political crap. it allowed the company to pay very little tax on income earned in europe. i think that the apple was targeted here. i think that it is one reason why we could have been targeted it's a desire to reallocate taxes that should be paid in the u.s. to the eu. david good morning to you here. cook said he would fight to overturn the ruling because it has not been based on law or fact ready think this is going. we know that theirs can be fights all over the world i don't know the law on ireland
7:23 am
but were talking about a lot of money. i think the bigger picture issue here is his people are trying to push back against big government. they desperately want more money. the same is going on in the u.s. the tax rates are just too high. they're proposing a big cut in business taxes. a lot of ceos are all around the world fighting about taxes around the world. he is calling this total political crap. they all talk the reality of it obama is going to china here this weekend to talk about big government. hillary clinton is part of the globalism direction the world
7:24 am
is heading. just explaining we don't have to go that way. and we we can have more production out of the u.s. let me point out one thing in this new ox news poll. he has been crushing hillary clinton when it comes to who do you trust to do a better job on the economy. and this later poll he is in a dead heat with her. here 53% in minutes in may. he is handed over to her. i think this could be improved a lot by talking about it. trump's plan is much better than clinton's plan. she wants more regulation he wants regulations that are effective. and that story has it been told enough i think it can be told more.
7:25 am
i have an article and the new in the new york times this morning saying that. as people look at the plan there can a c that there will be more jobs for them and their friends. >> elastic question. they also pull people on whether or not they think trump is hiding something by not releasing his tax returns. should he release those and will he. the diversion is the country is really hurting and were seeing it in europe as well. the brexit vote was people saying we don't want to be controlled by big government. that is a same story in the u.s. she is can a push him on what his tax rate was he should be able to answer that whether he releases those returns or not.
7:26 am
he has created a giant amount of wealth and prosperity in new york and can do that in the nation with better policies. david is always good to have you here. the weather outside in new york might be fights fall but we won't let that rain on our parade. the bake is on but how much will it cost you. that was the pots and pans getting ready for the lobster boil is coming up. a great part of using the usaa car buying service
7:27 am
was seeing the different discounts. it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
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7:29 am
>> welcome back it is thursday september 1. donald trump doubling down he laid out the details of the immigration plan after his surprise trip to mexico in his speech last night hillary clinton slammed trump on the trail. >> she will be a disaster for our country. her plan would trigger a constitutional crisis unlike almost anything we have ever seen before. she has seriously bad judgment. the last thing we need is a president who brings more
7:30 am
name-calling in temp temper tantrums to washington. the very latest on the were race for the white house straight ahead. the number of the shooting death so far this year already topping the total from 2015. the cyber threat from dating websites. the big question is will he stand. for a military tribute after has a national anthem controversy. the details are ahead. they were currently up 37 points. they're waiting on the big job's report. what will it indicate about the next move. mark is waiting to see. led by nearly 1% gain now. markets right now the other
7:31 am
markets are trending to the down side. we are watching it for you. a new poll finds that donald trump is shaping the lead. in a four-way race hillary clinton maintains a narrow two-point advantage over the republican nominee which falls into the margin of error. donald trump has no chance of reclaiming the lead. larry good to see you here this morning. speak to the trumpet supporters who might be listening right now is this good news that we are revealing in the latest poll is he trending higher? >> first of all you are cherry picking you can't do that with polls. she is up about five when you put all of them together. number two you are presenting the four-way matchup that's legitimate but the more
7:32 am
legitimate matchup is head-to-head. at a six-point lead for hillary clinton. and in a one-on-one matchup. the reason that smart representative is because the third-party candidates tend to fade as november approaches. it also finds that trump has ended peonage with independent voters which has been key in this race. for that change the race in some swing states when you look at how the voters are trending right now. real independence are actually single-digit percentage of the electorate. they're not very many of them almost everyone leads to a party one way or another.
7:33 am
hello to the fine people of virginia. in terms of these polls what is the most troubling for donald trump just looking at the fox news poll he still only has 74 percent of republican voters. is that the most worrisome thing that you can look at before we move on to the swing states i think frankly that is a little low on both sides. if you lose polling averages clintonesque close to 90% support among democrats were as donald trump is a little over 80% with republicans. he needs to get that number up. who is he missing? we already know. he's missing the moderate conservatives is missing the independence helena republican. that is his challenge.
7:34 am
he is good have to try to do that in the debate. cat can't wait for that. let's talk right now about your electoral vote predictions. do you think independent voters as we have just looked at the polling there could change that. i will tell you where clinton is weakest on that map even though she has the states leaning towards her. she's weakest in iowa, nevada and florida. i suppose you could throw ohio and even though i haven't seen much to make me question that is leaning to clinton. those states are critical states and if we see state's which i think those would be the first to switch. how is she weak in the state of nevada particularly with the large latino voting population there.
7:35 am
you have to look at the other side of the equation. not just latinas but white registered voters there. nevada has been through the worst recession of the 50 states or certainly one of the few because it has taken so long for nevada to recover there is a lot more desire for change. and i think you have to look at the population of college-educated voters. it's relatively low there. i know you can't wait to talk about that. she can talk about him and say he's mean and her own speeches but when they are face-to-face and she's forced to handle donald trump never knowing what he's gonna say or do i'm interested to see how that affects things.
7:36 am
how had they affected they affected the outcome in november is there one political season that has changed everything i would cite 1960 when they started between kennedy and nixon. you can argue that a debate cost gerald ford a four-year term in 1976 when he made a goof during one of the debates and then it kind of refuse to correct it for about ten days i have to tell you recently because we are more used to debates and the candidates are trained so much more thoroughly for the debates you don't see that kind of thing very often the democrats to and to cheer for their team and republicans tune in to cheer for their team and actually had just a handful of truly undecided voters watching the debate.
7:37 am
>> were just over two months away from election day is the time for any major turnaround for time for hillary clinton to lose a lot of ground? they said labor day was good to be the day when donald trump would then be leading in the polls do they still had time. at this time in 2008 and you on the business that you would know this better than anything. when obama and mccain was there. no one knew it was can happen at the end of september. there are surprises that do happen that transform elections that's why we watch every day i can't wait until this is over. i still think that what lost
7:38 am
it for john mccain was it sarah palin it was when he said i'm suspending and i'm going back to washington dc to fix it and then he ended up sitting in the corner he was not a participant he was a spectator rather than someone in the center of the action. he would've been better off actually denouncing the incumbent republican administration and saying he would do things differently. >> it is important to point out issues. trump and more voters trust them. she still has a three-point lead there. and the two candidates are tied on the handling of the economy.
7:39 am
we were just looking at that september to october time frame typically that is not a good time for the stock market but he got hit 25 percent in his september and october leading up to the election day. thank you for joining us this morning. it is a labor of love but white putting effort into online dating might be putting your bank account at risk. ♪
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7:42 am
♪red roses too ♪i see them bloom ♪for me and you ♪and i think to myself ♪what a wonderful world ♪music ♪oh yeah and alarming statistics out of chicago.
7:43 am
a violent year there. there has been so many shooting deaths that the total title has already suppressed the total for all of 2015. four and 25 people have been fatally shot so far this year in the windy city. they are stepping up the efforts to confiscate illegal firearms in the streets. it seems that nothing is slowing to here is the question for you. if you do you need to be careful if you use online dating websites. they're being used to fleece people out of savings accounts. they lost nearly a hundred $20 million to these romance
7:44 am
scams back in the first month of this year. the iconic incline reopens today after nearly 17 months of reconstruction. it is a 1400-foot long bridge that connects it to the pacific coast highway. it has been featured in movies it was also the 2000 movie knocked up. among other things he does on freeways. this bridge was demolished in april 2015 during earth mac -- earthquake concerns. here at city engineer. about four or $5 million or
7:45 am
the projects was to basically include what we call soil nails they're basically nails that penetrate and help hold it back. and not risk it. the new risk meets all of the seismic standards we have a much safer bridge than we have ever had here on the incline. it will feature bike in pedestrian lanes. santa monica a very busy part of santa monica. another the first to tell you how healthy they are.
7:46 am
speaking of food if you aren't it could be costing more this year. what should people be looking for when buying their seafood how do you know which was to grab when you go through the mall. this is something that has a nice bow to it. those are the things you like to get. how to get the most for your money when you're buying your seafood. find fresh good stuff. that is just a little simple. everything you need to know.
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7:50 am
the san francisco quarterback could drop even more backlash tonight. i hate the conversation as we kick of the season is about whether or not so much can a standard for the national anthem. hopefully the store is going to go by the way of some of these storms. the tropical storm hurricane hermine the final night of the nfl preseason. after he protest protested national anthem by sitting as
7:51 am
he did last friday. the charges are hosting their 2h annual salute to the military. the united states naval officers will be singing the star-spangled banner. another 240 servicemen and women on furl a giant american flag. he has a great deal of respect for the men and women who fought for this country but that people are dying in vain because this country is not holding up its end of the bargain social media they have found some support. there is no additional security and military rich san diego. one day after tim tebo held a workout
7:52 am
by the bridgeport bluefish and independent minor-league baseball team these guys have a shot they could get to the majors. he will be called up to the roster they sent out this tweet yesterday. they have formally offered hip contract. you know what let's rally around bridgeport. a scary moment at the u.s. open. the player of the great britain collapsed during her second round match. then she left for the restaurant. some questions being raised whether she was given lung too long to recover.
7:53 am
how about the star attraction last night at the u.s. open. they spent a hundred $50 million to put this up. there's been five men's championship finals that have been pushed back because of too much rain just under seven and half minutes ago. there was basically no difference between playing under the roof and no roof. with the roof close all of the sound was trapped. there used to going to baseball games you could really hear that once the roof was closed. were very loud people. i can't get off of this colin kaepernick story. there can be honoring veterans at halftime and yet he still is neck and a stand in front of those military veterans he may stand i will honor the
7:54 am
people that are here he said is to continue his protest. the reason he is allowed to sit is because of those people he doesn't know what the word oppression means. if you keep sitting until something is done about the oppression where you stand up and do something about it. what are you doing to make a difference are you going into inner cities are you becoming a mentor there's also a top 25 college football tonight. fifteen preseason games.
7:55 am
you know where they can a spike on the charger scheme. after he throws the ball a couple of times. they are in san diego bridgeport is a very economically troubled town. but everyone else from fairfield will watch them come in and play. all right. next hour she denies but will the new news on hillary clinton be hard downfall. we tell you what to look for when you're buying your labor day lobsters and into claims. you don't want to miss it. together on one number.
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e. sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith maria bartiromo has morning off it is thursday, september 1, can you believe it? top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern donald trump doubling down laid out details, of his immigration plan last night after his surprise trip to mexico. >> president obama and hillary clinton [booing] have engaged
7:59 am
in gross dereliction of duty by surrendering the safety of american people to open borders. >> one question remains, who is paying for the wall in trump says mexico. mexico president says not so fast. meantime hillary clinton e-mail scandal beyond time as secretary of state new report shows she sent classified information over her personal e-mail server after she left the state department all this comes as new fox news polls shows a tightening race we have numbers. >> florida bracing for weather transparence hermine to make landfall on gulf coast day bringing of heavy rains gusting winds flooding looking at storm's path, going over the border for epipens americans flocking to canada to get the devices at a faction of the cost here in u.s. galaxy fund rave reviews you
8:00 am
have to wait to get it the tech giant is delaying shipment, update we have all been waiting for, instagram finally letting users -- relief you can zoom in on photos, apparently people have to spend applyibuying. >> click it likes photo i sclenlt li like things i should not be likeing. >> blurry they have to work on it. >> markets -- slight lose dow snapping 6 month winning streak futures indicating a higher open, right now dow s&p nasdaq futures higher fractional percent gains tle investors waiting on tomorrow's big jobs' report in europe searching for direction there we've got mixed action in some overseas markets but europe ftse cac, dax higher in asia overnight nikkei a hang
8:01 am
seng up other markets down all that coming up with me fox business network dagen mcdowell recon capital cio kevin kelly. >> and "national review" reporter thanks for being here good to have all of you. as far as markets concerned i would like to know you are kicking off a new month september 1 historically speaking you can't look at this like any other month or year it is election year we are sitting up near record highs next couple months work our way to election day what do we expect. >> volatility strl lowe i think investors should expect market will be still less volatile starting to see ipo market clear up, and, that is really good for the markets, the companies feeling confident, issuing not only equities but debt so it is the calendar is open. >> two months, i know, in an election year. >> less volatile, yes, exactly. >> less volatile typically positive for u.s. >> exactly we've got a
8:02 am
can't-miss lineup this morning former white house secretary will be here host of vai"varney& company" will join us. >> donald trump stance on immigration last night the republican presidential nominee laying out his plans on the border wall handling illegally immigrants in the u.s. blake burman. cheryl: . reporter: hi so much for potential softening a raucous prime time speech in arizona last night donald trump doubled down much of the tough immigration talk has become a staple of his campaign, trump vowed that anyone who entered the country illegally would be subject to deportation, he said president trump would triple number of ice officers neither up a new deportation about task force to go after the most dangerous criminals, however, trump also downplayed the immediate need to remove millions of undocumented
8:03 am
families otherwise law-abiding residents the speech after surprise visit to mexico met with that country's president enrake aye peña nieto the tony more civil pressed by reporters trump said payment for proposed border wall was not discussed, but later in phoenix trump receiptpeated a famous claim. >> mexico will pay for the wall one hundred percent. they don't know it yet but they are going to pay for the wall. >> however sandra mexico's government strongly pushed back wednesday is? that peña nieto told trump meks o cowould not pay for the wall to that end the clinton campaign said trump quote choked at that meeting. later in the evening they called trump's immigration speech his darkest yet. >> sandra. sandra: wow, blake burman
8:04 am
thank you. >> joining us former white house press second under president george w. bush ari fleischer in house good to have you here. >> good morning. >> lot of people talking about that big speech last night we were kind of joking get up early -- >> he was full of energy really got into specifics about his deportation plan he said he is going to build that great wall on the southern border, it was a passionate speech. >> passionate but i am afraid also narrow odd path to presidency donald trump's biggest problem college graduates and college educated women in this country it is no it hispanics not he has african-americans he is going to get mitt romney like that bottom of the barrel numbers among hispanics 25.7% only path to the presidency is to have a huge white vote not turning out for him right now getting mitt romney like numbers among noncollege educatedwhites mitt romney won by 18 points trump up 19
8:05 am
points, noncollege educated whites. >> there is a big difference. >> audience in the room not enough for him to win. >> okay. let's talk about this -- this action, this effort that he just went through to go down to mexico meet with mexican president, about talk about that wall, he says they don't know they are going to pay for it but they are. talking about in his speech clarifying his immigration position, talking specifically about his plans to deport illegal immigrants currently in this country he said he was softening stance then sort of doubled down in original approach. >> i think path to presidency much more than visit in mexico president a.m. image cutting through bombastic donald trump to be a lowered american people can see him in the oval office the problem i have with proposals when you say you are going to tell every single person in america came here illegally you need to get out of the country turning off so many could vote republican it is not practical not going to
8:06 am
happen, i met somebody from -- a waiter at restaurant said donald trump doesn't want me in this country, not even affected by the wall, that is the image donald trump is he projecting for many people. >> the kind of police state you have to have to actually do something like that is not very conservative one issue i have with that kind of thing. >> talking about his image and whether or not this is a man that is presidential enough to be president, that has been a criticism. but did he look more presidential than you have seen him on that stage. >> speech last night -- it was specific i will credit him for coming out with abundance of policies in that speech, far more than you heard from a hillary in any of her speeches on immigration to trump's credit but policies themselves in my opinion go too far. >> he had nowhere to go ari, right that was -- roughly where he started, in terms of his immigration policy, and that was his base, so he got into the situation where he
8:07 am
risked potentially losing his base but 1/2eled too much. >> my point path o to presidency that space can win a primary what we saw in mitt romney almost impossible to win a general election, and donald trump is going to do worse than mitt romney among hispanics has to have a high percentage white voters not happening yet. >> so from donald trump to hillary clinton. we've got this newest revelation surrounding the clinton e-mail scandal dominates obtained by rnc show democratic nominee kept sending classified material on her personal e-mail after her term as secretary of state ended ari just seems every day there is something new but -- more, i don't know republicans can't really make their case when it comes to really very clear evidence on lack of legitimize judgment on her part. >> they can make a case donald
8:08 am
trump has to shorten define it better they converted government property into permanent property you can't do that two endangered inhabitable spusht supposed about national seats to china, iran, three to sick kum ventilator laws this is a character flaw we have seen it through hillary clinton throughout her career a lot for donald trump to goat not e-mail themselves it illegal behavior and pattern. >> going after her on this though is it enough to broaden the path rather than narrowing it is that enough to offset what you just criticism of the speech last night. >> it is one of the reasons donald trump still has a chance because hillary so is weak, the primary reason so weak most people don't think she is honest or trustworthy this rein forces it republicans with donald trump -- he has to be more specific what is wrong republicans say benghazi, base reacts most american people go what does that mean you have to be specific what the wrongdoing was that is what he has to do
8:09 am
deeper level you have to watch -- >> complicated than their saying trump is racist a jerk more complicated i think kind of makes it more difficult to do. >> i think narrative for donald trump to portray that hillary clinton has run in best interests of you herself not best treasurer of crunch consistently done that over and over consistent will lie not held accountable other people are held accountable he has not come across, i haven't seen it come coos from donald trump. >> talk polling, because we have this latest fox news polling out showing hillary clinton lead over donald trump h narrowed, 48% to his 42%, among registered voters ari the poll also focused on who voters trust the most. want which is obviously a big question in this election terrorism and the economy, clinton holds slighted lead on terror two candidates tied on economy is your take.
8:10 am
>> four-way race two point difference between trump and clinton what you have to worry about if a democrat when donald trump stops hurting rhythms creativing citizens, going after khan family when he doesn't race starts to resettle very close between him and hillary so if trump can stop making mistakes he has a chance. >> hold on i thought we started this interview with you saying there is like he is not -- >> narrowed his path a chance hillary so is weak that is -- >> what path to victory at this point september 1. >> i think simply he needs to be less bombastic. the trip to mexico, if people see him in that presidential light if they say i can see him sitting in the o oval office, do you know whether or not scare me he can beat hillary. >> is that -- >> how unprecedented was thated a that podium yesterday next to mexican president everybody said wow have we seen that before? >> i can only magic how you furious democratic party in
8:11 am
this country is at mexican government how can you give him that stage aallow him to do that. >> now hillary has to play follow leader because donald was down there she has -- >> more press conferences mexico than she was anywhere, this year. >> really good day yesterday he went to mexico i think frankly lost some ground last night in his speech. >> wow, because that is contrary to what most people are saying this morning, but that was a good -- stuart varney would you say that was a good moment for donald trump. >> i come from republican wining george w. bush a solution on immigration reform believes in compromise i recognize i am out of step with base of the party on that, i also recognize, the base of the party will never win a national election again if this is all we are known for. >> strong words. >> tried with her in terms of who would do better job with economy a dramatic change since may again that is about his messaging, he has the ability to message that proper
8:12 am
say if you are not happy with this country's direction. >> you know last friday we got second revision on gdp showed 1.1% growth never heard about it from donald trump, other issues. >> good up and down tpoint. >> still to to come florida bracing tropical storm hermine what you need to know about the path of this storm. . as it heads for landfall. plus if your dream house includes oval office in situation room we've got just the place for you the price tag it would take for you to call 1600 pennsylvania avenue home. next. ♪ ♪ planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel.
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>>. . . sandra: florida already feeling the effect of tropical storm hermine charlie d'agata has that and other headlines this morning what is the latest on this storm. cheryl: tracking it this morning, sandra so national hurricane center says the storm is likely going to strengthen into hurricane by time makes landfall strong winds expected to reach florida coast along panhandle happening tonight, the gulf coast is already being pounded by rain, more is on the way, 10, 20 inches you go predicted guys governor rick scott saying widespread power outages are expected is in a we're going to have downed power lines a lot of wind
8:16 am
downed power lines utilities are prepositioning themselves around the state backup. >> we're getting this into fox new developments in iran nuclear deal fox news confirmed, earlier report that get this united states world powers reportedly agreed in secret to exemptions for iran after nuke deal was made that country iran was able to dodge some restrictions to meet the deadlines to start getting economic relief but not being connow confirmed by fox news details as they come in to fox on that, meanwhile, watching another for all of you i want to go back to the storm looking at what is happening in hawaii. because right now in hawaii, that storm is actually been downgrade right now, so looking at that right now, luckily folks in hawaii getting an easier storm path from that sfef hurricane we are monitoring also looking at headlines this morning i want
8:17 am
to bring this to us romanian hacker targeted ambitious family others scheduled for sentencing hearing going to happen today the 44-year-old hacker you know him probably as "guccifer" hacked e-mail acting of bush naem member vealing private photos connected to er former president journalisming buc and hw. bush he claimed he hacked clinton' e-mail server, the prosecutors seek sentence at least four years. and i am going to leave you with this real estate mogul running for president how much do you think it would cost to buy the white house? well the actually for sale experts say would be worth a cool 250 million dollars. that is the estimated value of the white house 132 rooms, 18 acres of land, about 750 artifacts one that helped put number together you can't
8:18 am
value the white house, it is subjective but fun to do great for dinner parties. >> bowling alley, too. >> would i rather know tlef electricity bill especially in summertime. >> washington, d.c., built on sample so humid. >> pragmatic mid midwestern girl there. >> one thing to own the home. >> security is highest cost all that security, has to be very expensive. >> coming up everyone wants facebook friends how does social network know how to suggest it. >> surf up for labor day tips you need to know picking out our weekend feast. >> ♪ id like to be in octopus's garren in the shade stho♪
8:19 am
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8:22 am
. e. sandra: for facebook know too much about -- psychiatrist suggests facebook suggested several patient as emulatual friends despite no common interest she thought they were using location data for suggestion facebook is a says that was used a short period of time psychiatrist believes facebook is using her cell phone number the patients contact list to create suggested friendships you are on facebook you know a lot about this stuff does this concern you the access this company has. >> absolutely talking about you don't really think about it, in terms of accept button okay button they had contacts in common locations checks and okay you can use my location i want to check into this with
8:23 am
friends you really don't think about how that is going to affect you, in the lung run or if it is too much information, of course, it is. sandra: like rule of thumb using cell phone turn all location services off, except for -- you can say, only use this when i am using this application. >> yeah you can, but, again, you don't really think about it, you can could be too late like i was saying earlier that is problem app wide phone knows everything about you uber app nose everywhere i have been kid caught cheating on girlfriend playing pokémon go saw he caught a pockman one place ex lived click a button so easy -- >> listen to they also are able to see where you are, because if you log in to certain wi-fi networks they can locate you that way so to privacy permission you give up a lot of times can access your photos turn on microphone can
8:24 am
they have got a lot of permissions not only just facebook app but also through instagram a messenger a lot of ways -- >> people you may know i don't like it either i don't know hymn or i do there is a reason i don't like them. >> -- -- you have been. >> bit homogeneousbiemoji, by t facebook, a lot of the personal information that is in profile is just lies i make up stuff -- >> sure they are. >> my age is completely wrong. >> [laughter] >> i was born like 1985. >> facebook -- hold on we got to get to this zoom on instagram breaking news so happy, right you ever been maybe just me you ever been
8:25 am
like, you know, like if ex-boyfriend has someone knew you want to see if she is hotter doom? accidentally like it really bad affects a lot of people. >> i felt stupidest i tried i've got caught a couple times trying to zoom it out, and really -- they are like you can't zoom. >> and it is like they are going to know i was looking at your picture from where 2012, makes you look a little crazy. >> don't come in to focus, like a -- here is what happens if you break one go to like them all send a message. >> wow. >> i think that is bad. >> here is my advice don't follow people on instagram you don't like in the first place. >> i will go from one person to the other. >> how. >> investigation. reveals a lot about yourself. >> thank you. all right.
8:26 am
>> still to come the epipen price tag outrage continues controversy that is forcing some parents to look for other options even north of the border, but billionaire elon musk reportedly struggling for funds at two of his top brands. ♪ ♪ i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix.
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a.m. eastern, donald trump, doubling down laid out his details of his immigration plan after his spray of trip to mexico yesterday. hillary clinton slamming him on the trail. >> we take anybody come on in, neighbor just come on in. not anymore. you know folks it is called a two-way street it is a two-way street, right we need a system that serves our needs, not the needs of others. >> hillary rodham clinton e-mail scandal beyond time as secretary of state a report shows she sent classified information over personal e-mail server after she left state department all as new fox news polling shows a tightening presidential race, saving money by going over the
8:30 am
border,mens now flocking to canada, to avoid the soaring price of epipen, a combining medications what you need to know if you are one of the mills of americans, who take painkillers. and a stock to watch athletic wear company to report earnings markets kicking off new trading month finishing august with losses, dow snapping six month winning streak futures indicating higher open hour on wall street dow up 26 s&p up 3 nasdaq futures up 12, waiting on tomorrow's jobs' report for direction in this market in europe, stocks have been searching for direction, there, with the ftselog some ground cac quarante in france dax in germany higher, in asia overnight markets mixed with gains on nikkei hang seng, all other markets were downtown skyrocketing costs of epen penn causing people to look
8:31 am
north for solution plying lifesaving epipens in canada cost of the drug around 200 dollars compared to more than 00 dollars for a pair in the u.s. as mylan caved to pressure from to some consumers lawmakers this week announcing it would make a generic version costing 300 dollars for a pair, surgery and physician dr. kelley powers good to join us this morning, so i mean that is the situation that country is in if you need one of these can't afford it you are getting in the car and driving north of the border to buy epipen? >> -- nice to see you thanks for having me, the sticker shock of epipen has been looking for means in particular not just driving to border but online pharmacy based in canada if you have u.s. prescription for epipen you can get only they will send to your house krits the parents of the allergy advocates are saying, hey you know this might be easier. >> the reality for somebody lives close to the border but
8:32 am
if you are in a central united states, you are saying to yourself i can't afford to apply this my kid needs it when you go to the doctor, your a parent say i am just not able to afford it this month, i am not able to afford a new one expires what does the doctor tell patients. >> i know pretty sad, about 15 million people, in america have a food allergy got 20% have drug allergies really serious thing, and they say i was reading about one in 13 children every two children per classroom has a drug allergy serious concern more of an epic issue, and -- >> this is why mylan stepped up saying we are going to if rurment the income in terms of low neck family reimbursement is a family of four 90 some,000 dollars annual income, that is -- not for
8:33 am
nothing -- you are making 90 some thousands a year annual income you can causatiough up a hundreds dollars for 2-pak epipen for a year. >> appease are not people making -- 10,000 dollars a year. >> actually there is another factor expiration date epipens have shelf life just one year factoring in you've got multiples, so say your child has allergy, you have to have one in the house, should you have one at school day care may be in the car mom's purse these are all factors because you don't know when it is going to occur what is the trigger if you have multiple children i multiple allergies the price goes up. >> competitor not actually pen, the tennis different, so learn how to use it go to your doctor say i am not paying for epipen teach me how to us i wouldn't it i know harder the issue is the medical device. >> that is right. >> auto injector.
8:34 am
>> dangers of pain kirltz in conjunction with sedatives antizie medication should people be vigilant about combination of drugs using even if prescribed by doctor. >> absolutely, i think this has been around a long time -- thinking it has common knowledge do you not want to combine certain administrations for many reasons one overdecomposing over liver toxicity. >> drinking alcohol with on yotdz n-- with opiodsnot good. >> everyone known as don't mix antizient medication vicodin. >> a doctor the first thing they tell you do not drink alcohol. >> i guess, in back of your mind somebody might think it is a tylenol i am going to be fine if i mix with something, or people really not supposed to do that with alcohol even. >> people throw that to the wind do it. >> percocet is liver toxics
8:35 am
you have got opiod, acetominiphen tylenol you are taking overburns end up with toxicity. >> pol by kaiser family foundation finds nearly half americans are wary of traveling to places where people have been being effected with zika are we over dog it with zika fears right now. >> -- battle right obviously paramount pregnant women trying to get pregnant we know this the biggest issue there is kind of unknown or debate in sicommunity how long does it last, is in it sperm six months std does it stay in body two to three years we go to cancun we get zika, then we want to get married have kids, three years is it in the system, the point to know it
8:36 am
is eradicated but there is a chance it can still be in the system i think unknown is scary. >> i was in pediatric office the other day doctors have he posters on walls trying to answer questions because i am sure getting bombarded with questions, quite frankly they don't have answers to kind of like here is what we know here is what we don't know about zika. >> wonder list -- >> don't travel to florida if either you or your spouse are want to have kids period. >> it is. >> don't go somewhere. >> a -- got first case with pregnant woman with zika global. >> the problem. >> tropics subtropics seems creeping forward now that florida cases are apparent. >> thank you. >> thanks so much, still to come trump's top moment toleratest from the republican nominee's trip to mexico. >> big news for samsung fans delaying shipments of galaxy
8:37 am
note 7 smartphones for extra quality control testing after reports batteries in some smartphones exploded while being charged. not good they say it effects only south korean market shares fell about 2% we will be right back. ♪ . >> a at a of upsets two former wimbledon finalists out early brian took out the big upset so far in the men's. 24-year-old second yes, sir win over top opponent 6-1 fourth set, elsewhere, spain's back biggest casualty in woman's side the number 3 beaten impressively, of
8:38 am
latvia. she was far from her best. don't forget live u.s. open kicks off coverage thursday 9:00 a.m. eastern, are mae u.s. open daily at 11 pm. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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>> welcome back we are about gosh do math 45 minutes or so from opening bell along at stocks on the move, cash crunch elon musk "the wall street journal" report being musk's companies are facing a financial squeeze tesla saying yesterday look to go raise additional was by the end of the year. stock under pressure ahead of opening bell this morning, not really that much anymore prep unchanged, today's session, investors watching lululemon, expected to rise from a year ago amid signs turnaround
8:42 am
taking hold, the stock is up more than 45%, so far this year. all right, turning to the race to the white house this morning donald trump taking to the campaign trail, in mexico, yesterday. meeting with president neither nieto he returned to arizona doubling down on promise to bill that wall along the border concerns that he is softening stance on immigration stuart varney joins me big moment for donald trump yesterday? >> yes, 16 and had a minutes to "varney & company" top of the 9:00 hour i did the math, yes. look i think trump had his best day in weeks if not months, yesterday. as you said sandra, he went down to mexico i think he looked like a visiting president, he had a cordial firm talk with mexico's president restrained q&a session afterwards then he goes to arizona, makes a dynamite tough speech i mean
8:43 am
if you read the media this morning, you don't know what he said at that speech, in fact he said, catch and release gone. get rid of criminals with a deportation task force, that is what he said that is very specific stuff. and they don't mention all the people the relatives of those people killed by illegals lined up with donald trump last night i thought a powerful tough speech from donald trump wait a second what do we get from a hillary clinton yesterday what do we get in the fact she was exchanging classified information, after her term as secretary of state. >> what did we get from hillary clinton? we got a tweet saying you know, did he plomacy tough not easy as it looks all we got. >> ari fleischer on early i told him you were to come in say donald trump had a great day ari fleischer was saying it doesn't matter believe me getting a lot of tweets he had to say, but he was saying that
8:44 am
he the percent garnering hispanic black minority population to in minuscule would have to have a white voter turnout election day it doesn't matter yesterday didn't change anything. >> you know, ari's math on voter turnout almost as bad as your math on timing. >> thank you, sir. . >> i don't think that trump had a very good day yesterday because he won over black or hispanic vets i think he had a very good day yesterday because he looked presidential stayed on message, stole completely the political initiative. i think it is showing up in the polls, they are narrowing allocates fox news poll you showed on program tied statistically tied in four-way split the i think he had a terrific day i think going places i think this is new trump i think this election is still up for grabs. >> very interesting, one last
8:45 am
thought from you, if i may mr. kaepernick nfl player on bench national anthem big preseason game tonight military vets on field at halftime what do you make of all this is this outrage you -- >> very simple i think booed off the field very next morning i hope nfl has a new to rule, hey, you stand for the national anthem or get out of here! . >> very good. >> does that help -- >> my point of view. >> well said we cannot wait until comlour show starts 13 minutes 22 seconds from right now. >> very good. >> every day 9:00 a.m. eastern we love him next from the perfect lobster to top of the line shrimp for your bash this labor day. ♪ ♪
8:46 am
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . ♪ ♪ welcome back you planning summer bashur want to make sure getting your money's worth for what you have and with a about what you make seafood prices to rise this hollywood weekend have in other fare dover caterer's president here to share lob str bake chefs in the house good of you both here executive chef chris here as well get us starting here. >> i want a lobster bake i am going to pick out lobster with a am i looking for obviously a beauty. >> a nice lobster female preferable.
8:50 am
>> how do you know difference between he famiemale and male, broader tail inside you can see. >> i never knew that. >> yes. >> you are going to tell me yuk use all kinds of delicious yummies. >> part of the lobster great. >> i have heard the bigger "the lobster" not always the better, good to have big lobster but bigger too big can be. >> the shell is hard when shell is hard -- meet usually tough about he believe preferable, plenty of me meet -pounder shell soft not as hard as bigger lobster. >> why is this lobster red this blackish. >> this is cooked this is live this guy ready to be cooked. >> a live one, all right we don't have a cook yet. >> -- it cooked yet. >> a lot of people like to do this a lot of people say i wish i i could have him at my house to do this. >> no problem. >> you are telling me pretty easy. >> very easy. >> you need a big pot.
8:51 am
>> chef to explain. >> one lobster barely if one pot. >> flavors going. >> how much does lobter like this cost. >> looking probably 8, 9 dollars a pound. >> look at claws insane. >> probably 25 dollars -- uncooked. >> a main lobster. >> maine lobster, beautiful lobster. >> so talk to me how cooking you babies. >> flavor most important you are going to use corn, use potatoes, shrimp in there clams in there. >> i love it that is the true lobster bake, all right, so let's seafood here looking at fact prices are going up in labor day what are we looking for -- supply and demand. >> shrimp, the most popular you can get clean did he veined without the tail, or get it like this all you get
8:52 am
frozen go to supermarket they tell you fresh it is fresh frozen. >> 16-20. >> pieces per pound that is this size you can get this size under 8th of a pound. >> a jumbo. >> -- >> cocktail -- very good. >> okay. and i see prawns, when you took them also, big large shrimp you been unbelievable. >> talk clams, a tough one for me how are you picking these out usually buckets of them. >> a lot of meat inside kind of tough smaller one top neck used for bake clams you can eat them not as tough as larger ones, the little necks, are the most popular ones you get clam bar,ings. >> do you want a cheap seafood bake or boil should we go to
8:53 am
clams shrimp lopster gets pretty expensive you can go this inexpensively. >> some not that expensive right now buy before holiday weekend great to go lobster apply put in refrigerator cook over weekend. >> frozen versus fresh big question. >> except shrimp. >> you should ask they don't always -- >> that is right. >> are we missing anything over here, spice picking out seafood. >> smell test. >> what do i need. >> also a want to know as far as slifrm smells aammonia fishy walk away from it. >> case with all seafood. >> live lobster good shape a lobster dead don't buy it. >> smells fishy what are you saying you will know when bad. >> how often does that happen. >> it happens if you don't get fresh it happens often you want to buy in a by these
8:54 am
store busy restaurant you want sweet smell of the ocean you know fish is fresh. >> good stuff thanks to both of you joining us good tips for your labor day bake or whatever it is that you are doing, thank you. >> your final thoughts all-star panel next, stay tuned. ♪ ♪
8:55 am
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are you on it? the makers of videos may interview in people in a bumble bee mascot uniform very hot and uncomfortable. string to uncomfortable. sandra: we love you. tune in for that. >> tomorrow jobs numbers. big day. if the jobs numbers does very well, you may see the fed have to move in september in the market is not anticipating that, so that could bring the
8:58 am
volatility. we haven't seen as of late. sandra: dagen mcdowell. dagen: trump needs to do some serious work on the issues and how people respond because he said in the wrong direction when it comes to trust an ability to handle the economy in terms of terrorism. hillary clinton should not be winning on the economy and she's tied with him in a way to do a better job. that's an area of focus and the swing states will be critical for him. and the swing states where he is struggling. north carolina, pennsylvania. he's got a little bit of mojo in places like florida or major work to do in virginia, wisconsin and colorado. sandra: thank you to all of you for doing the show this morning. good tuesday morning. that is for that is it for us. "varney & company" is up for us. stuart varney, it is all for you.
8:59 am
stuart: what do you mean, is he there? >> sometimes you go like this when i talk to you and want to make sure i don't catch you off guard. train to catch me off guard? are we good, very good. you're using up all my time. let's go. donald trump had a very good day. that is an opinion that is not shared by the media. good morning, everyone. in mexico and cordele joint statement with henrique pena. the negotiations on trade and the border looks like they've begun. hours later in arizona, a tougher job standing firm on depo
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