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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 1, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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trump border pitch, he is certainly sticking to the hard line. but is he drawing the line at bringing in new voters? that will be our question this hour. in the meantime at this hour mr. trump is live speaking. you're looking at him. at a rally in wilmington, ohio. that is happening right now. we'll of course monitor that but let's get stray into our discussion here at the top of the show, fox news contributor in here in studio as is democratic strategist courtney emerson and michael caputo
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also joins us. michael, i'll start with you in buffalo and then come back to new york. the campaign is certainly happy with the way things have been going. not only yesterday but for the last week or so. the polls, we talked about on the network, the fox poll shows the race getting closer. the fundraise numbers we show in the broadcast certainly shows donald trump had a lot of things it seemed to me two different trumps. diplomatic by day and then at night hard line trump. did that speech help in terms of bringing in new voters last night? >> well, i don't think that was the intention of the speech. the intention was to clarify his immigration policy and how he plans to deal with illegal immigration. and make no mistake. that's a very difficult issue for republicans. loons overwhelmingly vote for democrats and only 9% or more of latinos support deporting illegal immigrants. so this is a line that trump campaign has walked very
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carefully because as soon as it was rumored that he was going to soften on his deportation ideas. connell: right? >> the never trump crowd started saying that he was always wrong on immigration. so this is a line that they have to walk very carefully. it's one between the gettable hispanics and the ones they can't get after all. connell: well, after we hear donald trump last night he was hard line double down, here's a little bit of what we heard. donald trump. >> anyone who has entered the united states illegally is subject to deportation. we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. they don't know it yet, but they're going to pay for the wall. connell: all right. lily, is that a good one in your view? because i think michael is right. the intention last night was not to bring in new voters but shore up the base. and his base has been white men in many of the states he thinks pennsylvania, ohio, on and on that he thinks he needs
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to win. right strategy? >> it is the wrong strategy because you need to win florida, colorado, nevada, places like arizona. a city like phoenix, which happens to be 40% hispanic. connell: uh-huh. >> so he had a great opportunity after meeting with the hispanic advisory counsel two weeks before. and also if we look at his track record as a businessman. connell: right? >> he could align himself with the top issue for hispanics, which is jobs and the economy and not immigration. connell: okay do you think last night was a loss? was it fair to say, courtney, though, that the trip to mexico was a win from your perspective picking up from the other side yesterday? >> i don't think so and even if he was trying to go after increasing the voter base yesterday, he couldn't have after 15 months of various other comments, especially about latino voters. connell: this race is getting close in terms of fairness, though? >> it is. the race was about a five-point game as well and obama ended up winning by 10 million votes. we'll see what happens. but i think even the trip down
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to mexico is not a win for trump. you see conflictive messages coming from the mexican president and trump as to what they discussed. connell: about who pays for the wall and that kind of thing? >> exactly. connell: let me go back to michael. you heard the talk here in new york, michael. go ahead. have at it. the race -- the poll does show it within the margin a four-way race. but respond to what you just heard. >> well, i think obviously yesterday was a very big win for trump. the trump campaign has been hitting on all cylinders for several days now. and it was a signal that the trump campaign will probably continue to do so in the weeks ahead. also a sign that it was a victory day for donald trump when you see that the terribly lame spin coming out of the hillary talking points where he didn't, you know, discuss who was going to pay for the wall. that's all they've got. they lost yesterday terribly. and it goes to show even when they do pay for the wall, unless they've written it on a bank of mexico check, the people who opuses donald trump will say it has not been paid
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for by mexico. >> once again, it's narrow-minded when a race is closed not to go after a new voter block that is there for you to grab. and hispanics are not both proprietaries hitting it like a political pe. connell: it should be more about the economy? >> i agree it should be jobs, not the economy. >> he's letting the owe side take control of the rhetoric when it should be economic growth. >> we have a lot more time on the clock in this race. you'll hear a lot more about the jobs and the economy. connell: the question is whether trump can keep any momentum going and if there is enough time left as we've been talking all week. michael, thanks. but courtney and lily, thanks to both of you as well. now, mexico's president yesterday also changed his tune after the trump meeting. in an interview, this is one of the comments from president. his policy stances could represent a huge threat to mexico. and i'm not prepared to keep
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my arms crossed and do nothing. so what's really going on here? and maybe is this more about as lily was getting to, the economy than immigration? maybe more about trade and the u.s. -- the trade advantage as donald trump might say that mexico holds over the u.s. terry jeffries with us. kind of interesting, terry. what lily brought up at the end there. every time we talk about these issues, we're so focused on immigration. many that's the issue; right? mexico and the u.s.? >> it's a huge issue, and i think illegal immigration and trade are related because they have an economic impact on both the united states and mexico. first of all, i would say, by the way, trump's desire to secure the border would not be a threat to mexico and help mexico when one of mexico's biggest problems are the drug cartels that exploit and unsecure u.s. border to bring drugs into the united states and violence all over mexico. so that would help mexico. but it is true that since the
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nafta agreement went into force in 1994, the u.s. went from having a trade surplus with mexico to having a massive merchandise trade deficit. $60million last year. and at the same time u.s. companies like ford, for example, have moved south of the border and built manufacturing facilities in mexico. so you see, a movement of good jobs from the united states to mexico and a movement of unskilled laborers from mexico into the united states. trump wants to reverse that. connell: trump has been portrayed, and it's been talked about a lot either antitrade or protectionist. is that how you see his policies? or do you see them differently? >> well, he says he's not a protectionist. personally, i believe the constitution of the united states may be free trade zone along the states of the united states. that's what the klaus does. the founding fathers set up our federal government to be funded largely by consumption taxes until we pass -- 16th amendment. you could not have a direct
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income tax on people. so a tariff was a principle means of supporting the federal government. i believe that the federal government has a duty to look after the interest of the american people. and putting workers in the united states have to deal with the regulations and tax laws of the united states and competition with workers where the wages are one third of what they are in the united states, i believe is not putting the interest of the american connell: terry, more to come with all of this. thank you very much for the time today. now, the fbi is said to release the investigation file into hillary clinton. this comes as the pay to play questions have been and continue to pile up. we've been talking about them all week long. the house oversight community. and, congressmen, thank you very much for joining us. and on this fbi file, what are we going to learn? >> well, i think one of the things that we already know from some of my colleagues like tray gowdy who have reviewed the interview notes when the fbi interviewed
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hillary clinton that is the they didn't even ask her about the question of criminal intent. and if you remember when comey recommended against prosecutor her for being grossly he said even though the statute says gross negligence, the justice department's tradition is to now, that wasn't in the statute, that was something that the justice department said they needed. which is odd if that was such a critical element that that was not something that was even asked about in her interview. connell: that is interesting, and we've heard almost a daily story about this. that's why i mention we've been covering it all week. new developments have come out related to the e-mails. we had a story i think it was yesterday about mrs. clinton still supposedly sending classified e-mails after she left to secretary of state. that said, the criticism from her side has been that there's still no smoking gun. not enough to bring her down. what do you say to that? >> well, look, all i can tell you is that when i was on active duty, if we had classified information,
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confidential or secret, it went on a special e-mail server. called the sipper net and that was call the high side. you had the low side would be unclarified. everybody knew the rules, everyone that i served with follow those ruled. if people didn't do it, they face consequences. she consistently flouted the rules, she didn't protect top secret information, and she basically her campaign and her supporters are saying she should be able to get away scot-free. i just disagree with that. connell: now, one thing the information shows is certainly having an effect on her candidacy. the poll numbers show that with the race having now tight end as we were just talking about a moment ago. before we let you go on that sulk, give us a sense of how your state looks. give us a sense of how florida is shaping up. it seems to be a must win state for mr. trump, fair? >> oh, without question. florida's always competitive. i would say that the vast majority of voters in florida
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do not believe hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy. so there's a huge lane for somebody to come in and defeat hillary clinton in this election. and i think she has created her own problems, but i think there's a lot of voters in florida who are not happen with her dishonesty. connell: well, previous discussion is that trump needs to widen the target audience here so to speak and go after some voters that haven't come over to his side yet, particularly in the hispanic community, which is a big voting block in florida. what do you say to that? >> absolutely. i think when you're talking about economic opportunity, core national security things, obamacare, all of these things, he's on the right side, she's not. and i think bringing that message to people in different communities is absolutely essential if you want to be able to within a big election. connell: congressman with us today from jacksonville. thank you very much. we're going to stay in florida and talk about the weather for a moment. the first hurricane watch issued in four years for florida.
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100 national guard troops activated in state helping out with the first responders to deal with this storm. so we have jonathan from fox news with us and how bad this could get. jonathan. >> well, they're certainly preparing for the worst. and, in fact, in addition to this 100 national guard activated 6,000 additional are on standby right now. they're on alert right now. for now, there is a clearing and residents and tourists like a have come back to enjoy what probably are the last few hours they'll be able to enjoy at the beach before conditions start worsening. but out here in the gulf you can see very few if any people are going into the water because of rip currents. and the very first band from this storm again to approach the shore. now, if you look at radar images from the gulf of mexico, you'll notice that the bulk of the rain in this storm extends far east from the eye.
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so yesterday places like tampa, st. petersburg, sarasota, bradenton were experiencing trenchal rainfall, they were getting huge rains. and we anticipate as the storm moves over, we're going to get heavy rains here and also south georgia. in fact, has declared a state of emergency to mobilize any needed resources as the storm moves across and as it scoots up the atlantic seaboard, it could cause even more problems there. classes are being canceled at public schools up and down the florida panhandle as well as universities and colleges.
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in fact, has canceled classes this afternoon as well as tomorrow as a precaution. connell, back to you. connell: jonathan, thanks. preparing for the worst there on the beach in florida. and we continue on with another story out of that state. an explosion today. here it is. it really rocked the launch site in the state of florida spacex, a private space company. elon musk's company. they're blaming an anomaly on the launchpad but not the first explosion we've seen surrounding this company. the first issue certainly they've had. we're going to talk more about spacex and what happened today and maybe have a wider discussion about that. we'll stay on the news as cavuto: "coast to coast" continues. we'll be right back you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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now sparking talk of ireland on the european union, at least on the internet. they would follow in the footsteps of the u. we have former cameron adviser and market watch columnist brett aarons is with us as well. brett, you first. i say on the internet because that's how these things blow up but say, hey, i wonder if the irish will have an exit and start putting a hashtag on it and everything else. but what do you make of that argument of the uk, get out of the eu? will be the has been two questions. whether they should or whether they will. i'll leave whether they should to one side. no, i don't think they're going to, not at this stage. i'll tell you this much. this is a golden opportunity for the uk. people have been wondering, a lot of people were wondering why britain left the eu in particular, voted to leave the eu in particular a lot of sort of educated intelligent people were. and it's stuff like this, brussels is very heavy handed. it can be very stupid. if teresa may is smart, she will unveil plans basically to
12:19 pm
have a 0% corporate tax rate for the uk, and she will attract a lot of businesses who are fed up with stuff like this. connell: right? >> and national governments have to deal with brussels. connell: about stuff like this, we've been talking about this story all week because it is fascinating in many ways what has happened with apple in ireland because you have this two entities, the country and the company on the same side of this. so that leads to the discussion of ireland and its feature inside the european union. it is a low tax company, certainly that's why companies operate there. but would it operate well on its own again? >> well, what we heard was exactly right. the difference of whether they should leave, and whether they will. connell: okay. >> i think they should. i was greatly in favor of brexit. but i felt it was important for a country like the uk. connell: why? it's just not in the culture? or -- >> they seem to like -- connell: i mean my experience would be they seem to like europe more than the british. >> i think money has a lot to do with it.
12:20 pm
because ireland gets more money from the eu than pays into the eu. and that was different from the uk, which was a net contributor to the eu. so that was a big part of the argument in the brexit campaign whereas financially considerably from the eu. connell: that's interesting. you took a pass on that at first, but do you think they should? >> well, that's -- maybe. [laughter] i'm sorry. i know -- connell: no, it's fine. >> i'm supposed to say definitely yes or definitely no. connell: because if i made you doing that, i would only be criticizing myself because that's what people say about us. we're open to having a discussion. maybe is fine. go ahead. >> the moment is what's going to happen with the uk and brexit. if great britain makes a goal of it, ireland should consider following suit. but it may actually be ireland's biggest trading partner within the eu. so to a large extent what
12:21 pm
ireland should go is go into what -- if you're irish, you should wait and see how things play out for the uk. but definitely consider it. i mean i've got to tell you. i think, you know, greece should have left the euro years ago. portugal, spain, and italy probably should have left the euro years ago. it's bizarre that it was the uk, which probably has a less compelling reason to -- connell: that they were the ones that left. i think it's interesting. >> they're the ones who said the guts. connell: you're right. it was. and i would wrap this up, steve, by saying the one thing about ireland is whether they stay in or leave the eu, i found this out going there to cover their financial problems when they had them years ago is that they are married to that low tax. corporate tax rate of 12%. just seem to be any way that will change. they would have changed it back then if they were going to change. >> that's right. a really important part of why their economy has done better than others. and it's perfectly reasonable i think for a country to
12:22 pm
control its own taxes and do whatever it think so. connell: maybe a lesson for us here. >> is in the interest of its own economy. and that is the reason for leaving the eu. so that a country can be in control of its own economy. connell: good discussion, steve, thank you very much. we're okay with maybe. that's what we've discussed as well. okay. the government is challenging a big deal for deere we're talking about how there's a lot of deals now the department of justice wants to get involved with. the money guy who says this won't be the last one is coming up. speaking of deere, jeff flock -- different kind of dear, at farm. of course he is. where else would he be? we're coming right back there's no one road out there.
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. connell: so we have new numbers in from the city of chicago, and they're not good. shooting deaths already have topped last year's total and the summer is not even over yet. donald trump has been talking
12:26 pm
about this, inner city problems blaming liberal economic policies for the violence. now, want to point out, first of all, that the reverend jessie jackson will be guest on this show on cavuto: "coast to coast" next hour. so we're going to be talking to reverend jack about this. and obviously the numbers and the problems in chicago are well-known and the numbers are not good. what reasons do you think are most behind this? is it driven by economics, by policing? guns? what are the reasons? >> well, let me start off by saying, collin, that the only thing that can save blacks in chicago is cold winter to get people inside so they quit killing people. look, the symptoms of this and the actual cause of this is pretty well-known. it's liberal leadership. and particularly if it's black leadership. in chicago, it happens to be emmanuel. but emmanuel is not the shot caller on the south and the west side. it's the carol moseley and the
12:27 pm
blacks in charge of the blacks. connell: where has policy gone wrong that policy leads to crime? >> well, where policy's gone wrong is when you look at how blacks have been cordened into the -- which there should be no such thing as a black community. but you look at what liberalism drives, you've got these black people in black neighborhoods have poor schools, not being educated, have no businesses in the neighborhoods because of the crime rate, you've got all of the ills of society exacerbated in those communities with nobody helping. but here's rob emmanuel polishing up the downtown area of chicago and telling how great chicago is as a city. so when you put people into these -- i call them urban centers and specifically into these bad neighborhoods, and you expect a better outcome, you're not going to get it. here's what's interesting,
12:28 pm
collin. if you think about the old crime rate in chicago, and when it was al capone and people like that, the mayors cleaned it up. the reason they cleaned it up is because it was citywide. when it's only limited to blacks because the majority of these murders, these -- not only the shootings, but the murders are mainly on the south and the west side. connell: yeah. >> rob emmanuel says things like take it to the ally. he doesn't want to decrease it. connell: in those neighborhoods. i'll talk to reverend jackson about that next hour. also i wanted to ask him about the changes you see in policing. do you see anything in that that there are fewer stops, for example, being made. and that leads to people in a mind-set where they're more likely to carry guns and then use guns, and that leads to more shootings as well. is there anything to that? >> of course there is. yeah, look, we're talking about a liberal system that wants you to believe that the crime that's occurring in the black community is because of the police. and when police go there for the real reasons, which is they're just a higher
12:29 pm
percentage of crime, is isn't a condemnation of blacks, it's a condemnation of condition, then they want to blame police. so it's a problem that liberalism will never solve. it's always going to be the people in charge to blame. it's -- as i said, it's a democrat mayor using democrat chief of police, democrat alderman, liberals all in charge. and they want to -- they look to the escape goat and the very escape goat are the people that they're in charge of. connell: okay. >> so we're never going to solve the problem that way. connell: reverend jackson, thank you, sir. now, there's more trouble in the news for elon musk; right? another spacex issue. a rocket actually exploded in florida today. this is the tesla shares. the company he's involved in, publically traded down by 4%. more on that after this. and remember this? >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. period. [applause] connell: coming up, why many
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are not just losing their doctor, they're having trouble finding any doctor. we'll be right back ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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connell: it is not the first time something like this has
12:34 pm
happened. a test rocket they had down in florida, the explosion earlier today at cape canaveral, from what we are told, shook some businesses miles away. we are learning it destroyed a facebook satellite. facebook was supposed to have its first-ever satellite. risk and reward with more analogous through the latest issue. >> the psychiatric failure in june was supposed to have the same kind of rocket that was supposed to deliver supplies to the international space station. that exploded as well. the price tag are not cheap. $60 million. the rocket was destroyed and as you alluded to, the payload which essentially a satellite which cost $200 million. connell: what was facebook doing? >> facebook as you know, mark zuckerburg wants to give it to
12:35 pm
the world. sub-saharan africa are cable lines as you can imagine. this satellite was at least one way were people in all parts of the world can be to. so that is completely gone. that is a $200 million price sticker. all total in a few minutes, $250 million have burned up. we do want to know as you mentioned shocks and effects were locally as much as five miles away. no one was hurt. this was on the launch pad and they fired at the engine to see what might happen and it was a test run and the thing exploded. no one was hurt good i know you've been talking about a town close to 60% year-to-date, taking and hates being facebook stock not at all hurt by this especially with earnings. connell: you'd wouldn't think it would be a profit and loss
12:36 pm
issue. >> not will take us a little bit longer. the latest to get mixed by the administration going after it. keith fitzgerald now. the way we've been talking about this since there have been a number of potential get involved in for the sake of saying there wouldn't be enough to competition at the one involving goes through. but if he made of all this? >> you know, this is a remarkable demonstration of how capitalism actually works. if the government were truly concerned about competition, why would they go after obamacare where they eliminated insurance entirely. what about google, microsoft, intel. nobody makes a better profit. the government needs to get
12:37 pm
itself out of the way. connell: we show some other examples. the cisco food company bear and some others on the screen right before that. some of them are very large deals page so it is a trend. >> that is the theme. it is a series of transactions that have gone badly wrong. the market will inevitably get it right. the question is does this in p. if the consumer and the answer is no. there's a lack lack of a better product. you can make the case in the national defense issue. in this case they're simply not another product out there. connell: we were down triple digits, five-point decline. today's coming back. more importantly would be tomorrow in the big august jobs report. what are you expecting tomorrow that plays into what the federal reserve might do in terms of
12:38 pm
interest rates. what job market d.c.? >> i'm not concerned about the number. what i'm really concerned about is the number comes into how to set has a problem to look like it has to raise rates. if the number comes into love and will look like it hasn't done enough. august is always fickle. the numbers never add a period there always survives. you have to take this with a grain of salt more than usual. connell: they hold up in september after the election? the >> that is a tough call. i really split on that. they are going to know they have to lower in next year to keep up with nonsense. they will probably hold that. connell: that is kind of interesting. finally, what are you crazy man? i started asking people this the day before. i'm talking about the presidential election. the the races tighten that up in been the story of the day today. hillary clinton is still in
12:39 pm
debris appeared as to make investment decisions are you assuming anything about november? >> whatever provides the clarity is the candidate most favorite. to the extent that happens, that is a buying opportunity because that is what business ceos are waiting for and they play with real money. connell: no bet yet on the winner. thank you very much. always good to see you. donald trump's campaign, they really liked what they saw yesterday. some have called in and said the trump campaign the best day yet. when it comes to money, fund raising $5 million raised yesterday for donald trump as he visited mexico. are the donors right to be betting on the turnaround? more after this. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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okay! ...awkward. >> good afternoon. live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. in the process of arranging back from much deeper losses. down seven-point.more than 100 points earlier this session. holding that a point. putting weight on the indexes at that hour. the discount retailers. better than 1% on board the lay off 7000 jobs.
12:42 pm
accounting jobs as the company and williams of dollars to improve e-commerce presence. and manufacturers of costs go down about three and a half% here today. sales grew into disappointing 2% were spent online. let's get you back now to "cavuto: coast-to-coast."
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
connell: another story as the u.s. has secretly agreed to let iran invade a nuclear deal restrictions. that is a new report as ed henry joins us now. >> good to see you, connell. if suggested a lot is having a secret advantage that could make it easier to build nuclear weapons. the allegation comes from david albright, a highly respected former u.n. weapons inspector at the institute for science and international security in their new report out this very hour shows that there are at least two exemptions allowing iran from the nuclear deal to exceed the limits on how much low enriched uranium they can keep in its nuclear facilities. that is the material that can be purified into a highly enriched weapons grade uranium. these exemptions were approved by the obama administration and its negotiating partners known as p5+1 plus germany significant
12:45 pm
because the white house promised on its website there are no secret side deals between the p5+1 and iran. everything the obama administration has in the text of the iran deal, all of its annexes. the white house says insisted it's not allowing iran to any assertion to the contrary is completely false. how they square this two statements will be interesting because as you can imagine congress will have a lot of questions about the report. hillary clinton on the campaign trail defending the iran nuclear deal while donald trump as he now is not to renegotiate the whole deal if elected he had connell: just another twist in all this. good to see you as well. in washington, new fox polling data show that hillary clinton is still beating donald trump in
12:46 pm
a head-to-head matchup. a six-point lead at six-point lead by sam fox did a poll. when you bring another candidate, and it is a close race within the margin of error, just a two-point clinton laid. trump economic adviser, and making the case for the trump economy. voters will have an opportunity to decide for or against a government with cost control in regulation. he says the choice is clear. we have charlie gasparino here. one thing we did it was a good fundraising day for donald trump. the biggest day maybe ever quite a while. the tide is turning here and mr. trump's favors. maybe even a good couple weeks. >> a few good days. last night he raised a lot of questions about a lot of different things at the immigration proposal. connell: we talked about whether that was a good idea. >> exact way. as it pertains to fundraising,
12:47 pm
what is spending his money on it is not as well organized in a key battleground states. he is narrowing the gap a little bit in this post and we'll see what it looks like after labor day. he is still behind, still has a lot of work to do. he's running ads now. but if you continue to do in the fall? >> will talk more about this and detailed is one thing that has not changed is the electoral college forecast which is pretty much the same. you are in d.c. looking into fundraising. >> i was talking to gop operatives. these are people who want them to win. he's had a decent couple of weeks. she's had a kind of crime a couple of weeks. connell: which might be what this is about. >> here's the thing when it comes down to it, when you look at the map. anybody want a game plan, these are people smarter than me.
12:48 pm
i can't do smart people. i don't know that much about politics. the window and the path for donald trump to get to 70 are very narrow. they are almost, by the way at this point nonexistent. if you think about it, even if he wins ohio, he loses florida. he gets crashed in pennsylvania. he loses new hampshire. connell: it will be interesting, caitlyn. i saw 538 down to maybe three or four in pennsylvania. the rnc coming on at the top of the hour. talking a lot about this. connell: if you start taking all those states, the paths are almost -- connell: they are very narrow. nate silver did write a piece saying be careful about this because it's not a blowout anymore. the national polls to start to turn for trump, some of the states will also. >> vacated. pennsylvania is really big
12:49 pm
stretch. if you look at where romney is an election in 2012, they have a much, much closer margin in states like ohio and pennsylvania and florida. the conventions were later last time and all of that. not only the battleground states, but even the poor constituencies. >> here's the real question for republicans in talking to people down there. donald has a couple good weeks. if you can build on this momentum and annexed month or so, the real question is do they divert all their resources away from him are most of them, i will tell you visit erie among the smart guys that they do have a chance of getting a 50/50 tie in the senate if they get a few breaks, the guy who's opposing by indiana -- they are losing
12:50 pm
not one. connell: they are worried about losing it. >> the other one is kelley ayotte. connell: one last point, but i know what you're saying. >> that is why it's so important to narrow the gap in a lot of states. ohio, new hampshire of course. florida. that has a real effect. connell: thanks, guys. very good. 68 billion people who are hacked in the meantime. was it really yesterday? more on that coming up here certainly more politics as well. ♪
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
now we have heard that 60 million e-mails and passwords was dull and. not an hour ago or yesterday, back in 2012 they were stolen. we found out about it yesterday. obamacare problems continue to mount and we continue to cover them. almost a story a day and not in states are limited to just one insurance company. they are even down to the choice in some cases of just one doctor or just one hospital. dagen mcdowell is here and has some thoughts or details on this. >> terrific story in "the wall street journal" goes to the point of a president obama said all along. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. that is just not true. there's a study done by mckenzie. what you are finding is the insurance companies are limiting the type of plan that you can buy through these health care exchanges. pbs, which we've all been a ppo, which is a preferred or better organization with a lot of
12:55 pm
choice. those are going away. the study looked at states and washington d.c. and 75% of the ya erring in those exchanges for the next year are hmos. 75% -- 15% will have gps. only 15% will have access. hmos are even a more narrow option, which is an exclusive provider organization. they are trying to keep premium increases down, but they're also trying to limit their losses. when you narrow in on one hospital by one group of.days, you can really tell her how much are reimbursed as our today's health scares. >> the final thing is tailored down or can it still be fixed. that's too big of a question. hillary clinton versus donald trump. >> it will be a public option
12:56 pm
that you get your insurance through the federal government. it will be like medicare and ultimately that takes over. i guarantee that's what happens. either way, this desert individual people. one gentleman in north carolina in north carolina painting the house exchange and his wife is doing january. he has to wait until october to find out if she's going to keep her doctor. that is the predicament a lot of americans are in. >> real stuff. raking is to mention here. we just heard from mark said three in response to the spacex crash that deirdre was talking about. i am deeply disappointed to hear the launch failure. everyone else around the cotton at. we've developed other technologies that will connect people as well and they are still committed to the mission of connect the never one, keep working with everyone.
12:57 pm
that is the mark zuckerburg response. just got back in. we will have more coming up. if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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connell: donald trump taken his border pitch on the road trying to make inroads with mexico. neil is coming back. he will be back on tuesday, the day after labor day. in the key state of ohio. he's been talking up his 10-point immigration next that he outlined last night and many people say his trip to next co. was a risk that so far according to many pundits out there may have paid off. a lot of positive reaction. hillary clinton's camp called the terms first foreign-policy mistake. to start us off this hour we have from the rnc chief strategist and communications director shawn switzer. good to see you in the video.
1:01 pm
easier to be you now than it was a week or two ago. you must be happy to see the fox: things tightening up. >> the one nice thing is they are all trending in the right direction. the gap has been closing. not on the state level, but the state of ohio or florida, iowa, the polls are closing the trend in on the right direction. that's positive as we head into and out of labor day. connell: i want to go through the data and let me ask you about last night. a couple of our guests on the show today made the case that was a strange approach last night to be as aggressive as donald trump was on immigration after being diplomatic in mexico. >> there's two separate events. he went down with a foreign leader. to his stature at a rally. in giving a speech. what people are overlooking is he's consistent. he didn't flip clock. when you look at her position on all of these issues on
1:02 pm
immigration and how to deal with people in the country illegally, she has gone back and forth on both sides of the issues over and over again. the fact of the matter is he's been very consistent there are people in this country illegally and they have to be removed from the country. he has talked about the procedure and the mechanism on how to do that. that is a very different subject. if you're in this country illegally, you need to go back. those people haven't committed a crime which is the vast majority can apply for legal status after they return to their own. 100% consistency. connell: what you say the political question with trendlines in donald trump's direction which is obvious they true. but he said the political connection to shore up your base which are not ringing in the new voters to draw you close the push you over the top. >> i don't necessarily believe that.
1:03 pm
he didn't come out and say something or do something. he's been very clear about the need to secure the border, create a deterrence for future immigration and make sure we do what the folks illegally. he did all of that last night. he went into more detail. i don't know that i would remark on the hard-line as much as consistent. connell: i told you wanted to talk about data and analytics. let me ask you a question and get to these key states. a report that the rnc told eric trump, donald trump sign that things are grim in the electoral college. >> not true at all. we went through state-by-state, gave a briefing. i don't think there's anything different than what our data suggest, which is the race is tightening and i think we understand this is going to be a crucial 68 days in the election. there's nothing different that you see in public polling that we see privately which is the race is not only closing the trending in our direction.
1:04 pm
connell: we are showing battleground states. we will show that as well because one of the things our panelists have not done today even though the poll that was commissioned by fox, did not change their election scorecard yet. it still shows tillich witness in the electoral college with 270 electoral votes if you electoral votes as he combined electoral votes if you combine the democratic states that the states are data shows are leading democratic. what is the key right now? >> i think we are doing very well in nevada, iowa, the gap continues to close. pennsylvania seems like a tall order. >> look at the trend line at the trend line up where it's headed, moving in donald trump's direction. he continues to spend time there pennsylvania closes and we are victorious in the end. florida and ohio, two must win they apartheid in both trending in our direction, same thing.
1:05 pm
every one of these states again we feel really good about. >> pennsylvania must win. i've been trying to figure out. >> you look whether it's michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania or virginia. you've got to put together a combination. we've got several path to get us there. but in virginia, wisconsin or michigan. some of those big states are medium states have to be part of that equation. connell: what is the strategy to get there? >> it is not just white male. but donald trump is win over independents, low propensity democrat from the union workers. there's no question he's got that. but we need to do and what you see in the polls is a continuation of getting republicans back on board. there's no question the ecs task for either party is to get people home. hillary clinton has consolidation of democrats.
1:06 pm
we've got those people thousands and millions of people into the organization. connell: the trends are going in that direction. how close do you think pennsylvania is now. >> 46 right now. connell: you can close that gap. there's a lot of fertile ground to go into it. it is going to be an uphill battle, but we've got the resources, the data to make it happen. connell: to those #-number-sign trump closed and the fox news poll, this is how hillary clinton, donald trump, gary johnson were all in their comes as the house gop is pushing a new investigation of the clinton foundation. the poll is within the margin of error. the bottom line when you lose those candidates. how much are these clinton foundation's weigh in on the campaign from the daily collect
1:07 pm
tremendous a nation in is with us. we know that the effect is fair. the data shows us that the effect is they are. what do you think? is it enough to put mr. trump over the top has a driven to the point where we could see the next point in a week or two donald trump taking a leave because of foundation issues? >> is definitely a major impact with the "politico" report that came out today shows bill clinton could use taxpayer dollars to pay for the foundation. it's been a slippery slope and all the issues they've had. but the e-mails coming out, controversy after controversy. the irs with calls for the doj. it will be a huge problem. connell: i will point out there was a public denial from the president on matt. that being said, julie, it puts us in a place now where sean was outlining he thinks a bistate
1:08 pm
they are in a place where they have the momentum on their side. what do you think when you look at the conversation we were just happening? hillary clinton still the favorite? >> when you take gary johnson and jill stein, she's got a slight lead on them. there was a poll that came out last week in wisconsin, only a few points behind traditionally a blue state. i don't think they voted for a republican for president in 1984. i think his tactics to get the rust belt days, we've seen a more presidential time with them lately. his speech last night is a step in the right direction for him. connell: that's interesting because in mexico or last night the immigration speech. the two were different. >> those features are registered with the american people. he cannot manage to to harness the presidential tone with the
1:09 pm
rnc. connell: what he think of her strategy tried to run out the clock with all these issues you brought up sitting out there. >> it's been 271 days and she saw a press conference. the american people are going to be set up with it. people want answers. wednesday's debate kicks off, donald trump will hammer her for being above the law in refusing to take responsibility for actions and it's going to backfire in the long run. connell: julie, have your questions ready in case there is a press conference. you never know when that day will come. >> i've got them. connell: thank you very much. let's talk a little bit more about donald trump in the context of a different story. he's been using chicago as democratic policies gone wrong and as we told you earlier in the show today, more shooting deaths this year in the city of chicago than all of last year. the numbers are quite staggering. 400 to 25. august you be the most violent month in the city in nearly 20
1:10 pm
years. we do now have the reverend jesse jackson here with his reaction. thank you very much for coming on. we were going to tell you that those numbers are awful in your city of chicago. what is behind it as i said donald trump is flaming liberal policies. what do you say to that? >> even a simple background check has been held up by state republicans. we've not made a commitment to ban assault weapons by example and they are in the suburb and now they are bringing in by the truckloads. guns and drugs and jobs out. it's a terrible situation. connell: that is definitely true. i've seen some argue that the reason are one of the reasons and even more gun uses because the policing tactics have changed. viewers stops, you are for us.
1:11 pm
people feel like i'm not going to get stopped by the police are more likely to have a gun and carry it. >> i don't think police are laying down on the job. the guns from the suburbs and towns they and the drugs following in. we need to have the white house conference on violence, causes and cures, racial spare days, poverty and a plan of urban reconstruction. the banks target people in the community store not. there is no plan for urban reconstruction. connell: as bad as other cities are, chicago does seem to be the worst of it. there's something about chicago run by democratic mayors for so long in looting mayor rahm emanuel now. what is it about the city of chicago now?
1:12 pm
>> it is said that the easy access to guns. connell: what is leading to this in chicago specifically? >> is a theater for the gun market. guns are coming in in great numbers. there must be some commitment. it is beyond the capacity and the federal government has some obligation when there is a killing in orlando inside federal government moves on it. there is no commitment to rebuild the infrastructure. employments about 25% and we've looked at it as normal. it is very gone on to start is. connell: our guest on earlier was making the argument that there was almost in other cities as well, a situation where much
1:13 pm
more attention is being paid by the mayor and others to the places bringing in more revenue with places of higher income in the city in places that have become the black community over the years. the leadership according to this person are just fine with that. it's almost like before segregation and some ways. they are so violent, not doing anything to get them out or help them. >> in so many ways that's true. the communities are the most blocks in on the public transportation of where the jobs are, for example. wages are lower for example. they really have the working poor. people overwhelmed -- connell: i understand that. isn't that an indictment of the current policies, what you're just outlining, an indictment of political policies? >> the mass transit safe from madison to milwaukee to chicago
1:14 pm
and that was the mass transit such as jobs. so long as we are more committed to investing and the far east and china and the like, we are paying a price. republicans ignored because it seems they can't get there. democrats often times through their hands. no one can ignore. we need help desperately. connell: we are running out of time. he said republicans are ignoring it. donald trump is paying attention to this week going into the inner cities. what do you make of that real quick? >> when a public policies. people need jobs and access to capital. that is what we need. connell: reverend jackson, thank you very much. everybody agrees these are terrible numbers in the city of chicago. is the u.s. turning a blind eye
1:15 pm
to iran that shows the iranians could be ignoring some of the restrictions in the nuclear deal. the united states is allowing that to happen. we looks lain in just a moment. -- we will explain in just a moment. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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1:19 pm
the lhasa falcon nine rocket happened as it was being so filled with propellant originated around the upper oxygen tank in that essay. the cause is still unknown and there will be more soon. that's moments ago on his own twitter account. let's get to a brand now and the secret deal over the nuclear deal. a new report out showing the united states secretly agreed to let iran evade some of the restrictions in the nuclear deal. the white house has denied that. united states did not and will not allow iran to skirt the commitments with white house official statement on that. firmly the state department senior adviser christian white is joining us now. they are bringing the story earlier, but what do you make of that? the white house has denied it of course. they just let them out at these disagreement. >> the white house has misled the american people and frankly congress all along you will call recently a lot of subterfuge
1:20 pm
with the $400 million -- $400 million payments which looked a lot like ransom being paid that was linked to this deal in hostages being paid. they don't have a lot of credibility. what is alleged is that the administration basically let a rand have a lot of low enriched uranium eon but they were supposed to have. it's easy to turn that into uranium which can then be turned into not much problem at all. >> the deal had to be done at all costs, is that the only possible explanation? >> well, it shows the iranians were in a strong position. they made the administration is going to give them virtually anything. they seem to have negotiated after the negotiations were done and it also implies that what the administration put before the american people and put before congress wasn't the full deal.
1:21 pm
it was very problematic from a legal point of view. connell: yes it is. christian, thank you for coming on. millions of people are getting ready to hit the roads here labor day weekend just about upon us. at the wild weather can be an issue. major tropical storm aiming to disrupt those plans. at.will have the very latest we will be right back. "cavuto: coast-to-coast" ♪ with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be...and more.
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connell: news alert from brazil that ousted president now has appealed to the supreme court of brazil to overturn the brazilian senate decision made yesterday. that appeal has just been filed by the president of the nose and reached and yesterday voted out of office. wild weather and tropical storm taking aim at florida. landfall is a hurricane would make it the first hurricane.
1:25 pm
the first in 11 years. rick scott said last hour it increases the thread of the zika virus. we have meteorologists kind enough to join sms studio. good to see you. never a good time when we have you on. i was about something horrible that will happen. >> unfortunately it's not exactly exciting to say it will be sunny. >> florida has been hit by a lot of hurricanes over in their history. it goes into an interesting area. it is tough to get storms to hit that particular area. the last one to do it was a category two, category one hurricane. this will have winds gusting over 100 miles an hour landfall but if after florida but things get really, really potentially potentially -- not so much from georgia to the carolinas to
1:26 pm
maybe 50, 60-mile wins. this time it's going to get trapped right off the mid-atlantic coast. the water is extremely warm, so i believe that this will be as strong or stronger tuesday, when day, thursday within 100 miles of the new jersey coast or just pounding wave after wave and tide coming in. connell: what are you worried about? >> in 1962, installed nontropical is warm off the mid-atlantic coast with immense damage to the beaches. you could have the same thing. when you get these things generated 80, 90-mile an hour winds, they are like a giant plunger in the ocean and the way new england goes west and the mid-atlantic coast goes out, it it keeps piling water ran. what we could conceivably see without the storm making
1:27 pm
landfall aides 15-foot waves on top of them. connell: people are really talking about that. in fairness, it's a serious storm. >> my job with long-range forecasting is over for me. it is what is going to happen next because my clients want to have that. this is blocked in the problem is we have abnormally water in the atlantic. this is not going to say it's like a storm if you're over 85-degree water. it is going to intensify. the problem here is the national hurricane center, believe me we understand the science, too. and maybe a time where it's not tropical anymore. then it converts back to tropical and could be a real problem and they take the status and your insurance policy says
1:28 pm
this has to be a tropical cyclone. 24 to 36 hours it's not a tropical cyclone and then it is again. i don't know these things. there's a lot of complications. we've always had the idea to wait till it's completely gone. even if it doesn't have the pure classroom structure of a tropical cyclone, it still has characteristics originated in the tropics. i wouldn't be surprised if be surprised to find back here a week from today and this darned thing is still milling around off the mid-atlantic. connell: neil is back next week to >> i'll bring him plenty of chocolate. connell: joe brought a chocolate bar into seeing me. he's also should point out, this is true, a professional bodybuilder. you can google it. is it not true? >> i've gotten into the pro-back several years ago. connell: remember, it is calm all, not colin. why did you call me a call in?
1:29 pm
>> because i'm 61 years old yet i hide my own easter egg. connell: i'm joking. by the way, neil will be back next week. let's hope for the rest of this thing. heading to china, the senator in the meantime coming up says this trip to china could cost taxpayers billions of dollars. that will be explained coming up. you push
1:30 pm
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1:33 pm
connell: our next topic is president obama's trip to china where he will ultimately submit to the paris climate accord. there is criticism on the right where they say he doesn't have the right to do it. senator james inhofe from oklahoma. what do you say about this, senator? >> well, connell, first of all, people have to understand that this is a 21st meeting that they have had for 21 years now, every december, trying to make everyone believe that global warming is the causing the end of the world. they're having a meeting to try to get everyone make an agreement. keep in mind in paris there is nothing enforceable for anyone but each country made some kind of a commitment. what is humorous about, connell, john kerry, sometime this week will make the great announcement that china has joined in on the agreement that was reached in paris.
1:34 pm
you know what their conditions are? do you know what they have agreed to do? what they have agreed to do is keep increasing their co2 emissions until 2025, then do something about it. who is going to remember 10 years ago that this commitment was made? it is really laughable, and it is something that is not going to happen. now the president's going to say we in the united states will reduce our co2 emissions from between, 26 and 28% by 2025. we challenged that. i chair the committee that has oversight and jurisdiction over the epa i had them come in. they could not tell us how in the world he was going to do it. connell: >> this has been rejected, it has been rejected forfeit teen years now by the united states senate. -- for 15 years by the united states senate. what the president is trying to do, for this case and through regulation what he couldn't get done through legislation. it is not going to happen. connell: the argument i guess on their said side of things, if
1:35 pm
you get the chinese on board with something like this, even if it is in the way which you just outlined for us, that drives other countries to agree as well, that gets other countries on board? >> say same thing about america. three biggest emitters are united states, india and china. you know what india's conditions are this they have to have $2.5 trillion of, that is, they think, all the countries that go to these meetings thinks the united states and some other countries will come up with all of this money. connell: right. >> so it's india, china and united states and even our own person over here said if we pass the legislation here, it is not going to have effect of reducing co2 emissions. connell: where are you on the issue, senator, if i could ask you, is it all about cost for you right now, what the individual countries have to give versus what we are putting into this? or just global warming shouldn't be dealt with internationally?
1:36 pm
>> well, first of all on issue, you can go to my website, look it up, we've shown clearly the science is mixed on this. people don't like to believe that, but it is. unfortunately the kids are learning stuff in school that is not true. this is what bothers me more than anything else. climate is changing and how arrogant it is for us to think man-made gases are causing, in this case, the end of the world. so it is science that is there. it is the cost. i calculated what the cost would be. connell: right. >> to my state of oklahoma. and it would be something like $3,000 for every family of four that files a federal income tax return. by their own admission, they won't get anything for it. connell: senator, thank you very much, sir, for coming on. >> you're welcome, connell. connell: something else we'll continue to talk about next week as well. the next story we'll talk about a gentleman's whose son was tragically killed by an illegal
1:37 pm
immigrant. his name is steve. he was standing there with donald trump while he was giving his speech. we'll talk to him next. the wall debate and money behind it an who will pay for it, that kind of things, trump doubling down in the speech. interesting what he had to say in mexico. keep it here. "cavuto: coast to coast" will be right back. i have asthma...
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12 months free at reporter: good afternoon live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. i'm lori rothman. stocks making a nice turn around only slightly lower with only the nasdaq holding up in positive territory. the pressure on the market coming from price of oil. we have stronger dollar and ongoing concerns about oversupply versus demand out ning the the 500 index. hess is down 2%. i have want to make mention many of workers, bh, and hess have been pulled off oil rig platforms to protect them from the storms out there down there there in the gulf of mexico. my bad. talk about the auto sales. g. up 5%. ford down 8.4%.
1:40 pm
nissan off 6 1/2%. they think the u.s. auto industry has plateaued. get back to "cavuto: coast to coast."
1:41 pm
>> i truly believe mr. trump is going to change things. he will fight for my family and he is going to fight for america [cheers and applause] connell: that was last night in phoenix. donald trump continuing his push, immigration stance in his speeches today.
1:42 pm
now that is steve ronaback. his son was killed by an illegal immigrant in july of last year. he joins us right now. steve, first of all, obviously we're very sorry for your loss. as was said last night. tell us though, about what you're hearing as you were there to support a candidate for president, what you're hearing from donald trump, that you like the most in terms of dealing with what you obviously think is a very important issue. >> well, obviously the, you know, deporting these criminals, deporting these illegal immigrant criminals, that have already been convicted of a crime, they shouldn't still be here. in the case of my son, you know, he was prior, he was convicted prior of burglary, which actually wasn't just burglary. it was sexual assault with a home invasion. he should have been deported. and that is the biggest thing that i heard, he is just, you
1:43 pm
know, they're going to the top of the list. they're going to leave and, you know, it is going to prevent some of these deaths. it is going to prevent them from reoffending. connell: right. he spoke very aggressively last night about those issues as he has in some of his past rallies. it was after a meeting in mexico with the president of the mexico. how, do you believe that he will be able to get done what he says he will get done, building a wall, deporting these people, and if so, what is the most important of those issues to you? >> well, i truly do believe he is going to get it done. connell: okay. >> whether mexico thinks so or not, they're going to pay for it. and, you know, again, the most important issue to me is, getting these criminals deported and sending them back to their country, whether it be russia, mexico, guatemala, honduras. they're coming from all different countries. they're committing crimes.
1:44 pm
they need to go back home. connell: finally sir, before we let you go, if you wouldn't mind, i know you spoke a little bit about about it, i brought it up shortly a moment ago, tell us a little bit about your son, if you can. >> grant was, he just had this smile that was infectious. he, you know, the people that came into his work, the people he worked with, myself, his brother, our family, his sister, he just had that smile that, would, would lighten up any room and, he was always a pleasure to be around. he, he was just a great kid. connell: i'm sure this is obviously very important and personal issue for you. so, we thank you for coming on and sharing your views with us today. thank you, sir. >> thank you. connell: steve ronnebeck. next up, rachel campos duffy is with us, that is tough for what
1:45 pm
that person has been through. >> certainly. connell: what do you make of what we heard from donald trump on this issue, broadly speaking of immigration? very hard-line approach given what happened earlier in the day in mexico? >> i agree with steve, the most important thing he said, it doesn't just play with victims of crimes, it plays across all spectrums, all demographics, especially, a lot of suburban moms he is needing to reach. if you committed a crime in this country and you're undocumented, you need to leave, and they need to be at the top of the list, exactly what steve said. what i didn't hear what we're saying, a lot of people like that he said, we'll put americans first in this immigration proposal. that is fair enough. and i'm an american before i'm hispanic. i think that is great but there is a group of americans that he did forget about and those are american citizens, children, born here, whose parents are undocumented. connell: right. >> there is also the dreamers who know no other country other than america. i wish he had laid out a more,
1:46 pm
his plan more fully. he says he is a straight-shooter. i think he -- connell: we still don't know exactly where he stands. >> this was his opportunity to do it. he said he is straight-shooter. why didn't he lay it all out there. connell: some other conservative hispanic leaders, one who was on the show, quoted by "politico" may pull support by donald trump. others say they will although they were almost ready to support him? does he appeal to the base, some say he does with that type of rhetoric, in terms of broadening it out, i'm not sure. >> the deal he didn't have to tick off people like mr. aguilar. the fence, or the wall, the, you know, securing the border, that is really not very controversial anymore. i think people understand, especially with isis and other things going on. connell: it is 11 million. >>y subject what do we do with those. connell: that have not, i should be clear, committed a crime. >> they're working hard and contributing.
1:47 pm
he should have addressed that and laid that out more fully. connell: do you think he softened? do we have to ask tells us we don't know, right? >> the fact that we don't know shows he softened. the fact he didn't address it straight up right away and in that speech and so he could put immigration behind him in terms of policy, things that he is laying out, i think was really unfortunate. i think it was a bad political move for him. connell: rachel thanks. rachel campos duffy. >> got it. connell: we'll talk about the epipen story here in a few minutes. price hike, tied to executive pay. well we have a congressman demanding answers on the very issue, next. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well.
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry ends monday! know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. connell: so the questions that surround mylan and the epipen, those questions are not going away. in fact we're learning now that
1:51 pm
the company offered rewards to its executives for hitting what were described as aggressive profit targets. that is kind of interesting. congressman nick mulvaney joins us. he signed a letter demanding answers from mylan on the price hike that has been by now so well-publicized. tell us what you want to know? >> connell, i have not seen the letter. i'm familiar with it. it was written by jason chaffetz and elijah cummings. basically the letter says we want a hearing and why the price has gone up over course of several years and come down in a couple weeks. i want to know something different specifically in the letter. i want to know why the market isn't working. why aren't new entrants. this market is off patent. this would happen in any other product or market. connell: right. >> we want to know why innings if -- things are not functioning properly for didn't if of the american consume. connell: that is training. you would think you would want markets as free as possible.
1:52 pm
but in effect you are, right? you want to have, you want to know why things are not more free, right? the fda holding it up or? >> right. why are there eight manufacturers of suppliers in europe and one here? why is the market broken? my guess when we dig into it, i hope we get a chance to do that, we'll find the reason market is broken because of us, because of government, because of the fda. the fda regulates this as both a drug and medical device. it takes a long time for new entrants into this marketplace. that allows one producer, mylan, right now to jack up the prices and get what we call excess profits in an economic sense. if the government could fix that to allow the marketplace to function. it would encourage new entrants and drive the price down. why isn't that happening? that is what we want to find out. connell: seems a lot of us that aren't experts don't know enough. i had former official at fda tell us, these things take time, especially, seems a lot simpler, in other words than it is. because, as many parents know,
1:53 pm
you have, the device. unfortunately if you have, you have to stab your leg. seems like something very, very easy to use but scientifically i was told it is maybe a little more complicated than that but i guess we need to find out. >> we get that. everybody is on the side of safety. there is no question. we believe in the fda functioning properly. but i think it's a fair question to ask, are the european regulators not caring about safety but american regulate are? connell: right. >> why are there eight in your pop only one here? my guess we have regulation for sake of regulation and american an consumers are paying for that overregular laying. connell: if they're overseas, why do those work and ours don't. just issue as it is, of a company, an american company charging what it chooses to charge for the product its selling, any issues there? >> none, whatsoever. people are crying out for us to get involved with a price of this product. that frightens me to death. i really don't think people believe that.
1:54 pm
can you imagine a government that set as price for particular product? you might be happy with the price we set now, very unhappy with the price we set later. it distorts the market in ways that discourages everyone. so the better function here is for the government to find out why the market isn't functioning properly. connell: you want a free market. but everybody says you want lower prices, have more competition. thank you, congressman. keep us up-to-date. congressman mulvaney from south carolina, republican. you heard about driverless cars, in fact heard a lot about them lately. what about soon to be driverless trucks? what about tractors? the latest on the super bowl for farm equipment, with who else, jeff flock, coming up. i appreciate you coming by.
1:55 pm
absolutely. the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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: . connell: so people are flocking to boon iowa for the latest and greatest technology in farm equipment, and it turns out they're trying go autonomous
1:58 pm
with all this. boy, it could be interesting, maybe scary, possibly dangerous. we sent jeff flock to check it all out at the farm progress show. reporter: who cares? if i get run over by an autonomous tractor, who cares? that's behind me. this is the farm progress show. i've never seen so many farm equipment pieces. most have a cab on it because there's a farmer that rides in there that does all the work and plows the fields and tills and all the rest. come back here to look at future. where is the cab on that one? i don't know! andreas clauser took the cab away, because? >> we have an autonomous tractor which can do the job independently from a driver. >> reporter: basically, i can drive this thing from my tablet computer, from my phone? >> exactly. you can have the data available, the tractor driving properly in the field, doing
1:59 pm
the proper job in the most efficient way. >> reporter: walk me around, i want to show connell this whole thing. nobody has to be near it. i could do it remotely from wherever. >> completely remotely, camera sense is on it, a tractor can do autonomous work. >> reporter: we have it out in the field. this is not just for show, this actually works, right? >> that's the beauty of the beast. it actually works, you could see different presentations already in the field that does a proper job. >> reporter: how soon? people have been competing to get these to market. how soon can you get this to market? >> depending on the legal requirements we have to fulfill and safety standards, but at the end of the day, within the next couple of three years, this vehicle could be available. >> reporter: this could beat autonomous cars, connell, the future of agriculture, doesn't include a farmer. connell: don't see them anywhere, from the super bowl
2:00 pm
of farm equipment. the super bowl of anchors is coming back, before we wrap things up on "cavuto: coast-to-coast," september 6th that's the day after labor day, next tuesday. so don't miss that. 12:00 to 2:00 on the fox business network and don't miss trish regan, she's coming up next. trish: donald trump on the campaign trail in the critical battleground state of ohio, hours after delivering a barn burner speech laying out bold immigration plan, today he's reaching out to veterans and message is all about putting america first. i am trish regan, welcome everyone to "the intelligence report." donald trump speaking with veterans and american legion hall in ohio today, and his message couldn't be clearer. watch. >> your organization and its members have done so much to defend our country. our flag, and to advance the cause of


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